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fl?e Kry {first Citixru
iw* t%>* t^SiiMr^LJSssSf*
CWM Bum *4 *• |tr**it
(■•f MV *r t* Kf Waal Ml
ISo* c Cwrty
~a*eu mM W as*. ftorkto. asasag ataas mhw
Fm2 .ariaZhraL tritM W
a l af *ll •••• UH><k* *4HM
• M w Ml MMfan* r4aa4 Ml tIM M> *•
■ MM Mai saw* mMmM ItN.
— l.' J'LL-il"" —— ■
jsr mTmi — —— -
?%!-•* n—m ~,...-.- kj
m *•** - - - - - MJ
■*•* i* _ _ - ~ , ,-i **
lmZwXi'SSr HUM
imm imi •**
an raatosw • tbaa**. raaalstla**
• # UMmmrr |omm. mi, will M
mm* * *-4 * a* tk* rat* f i cast* a Maa
.* i * nmM ky . varrfcaa fr*
•Ia a r4**a bM M 4aria4 tr easts a Ifae
te* t h Ml m aa 9M **4 laaita* *•-
■a— m a* a* MW a. aM Mllwt* at >*a •
#aa *M Mil ft will aat rabtito MnyaM
Mnaiii a4tona
lirnrral J*rok l„ IK* vent,
of the Mvth Army llroup in Europe. call*
att morn to the lime. some *i\ yean* atfo.
when akta. Poland. Be If mm.
Holland Pram e. China. Enfiand. K a
and the t'nited wtate* were “trvinjf to talk
reasonably. quietly and intelligently" ami
that “in the end ail of u* had to
f*f ht "
The accuracy of the irenera!'* ob*er
vati-m rann*t l*e questioned. It complete
ly d|Mae of the contention. often ad-
VMM'td hjf pacfi*!*, that the way to world
p*a e lie* in disarmament and an effort to
treat other nations and people* fairlv.
The*e factor* mtirht help keep the
yea<e if all nation* were anatom* to avoid
war. hut the atfflrre**on, (iermativ. Italv
and Japan, have yi\en the world a lessen
who h hould teach it# that peace i* impos
sible and the nation will* warfare
Tin- general say* that there will he
dot or of a -wrw world war if public opin
ion become* rots rut* ed that “war will never
roan*- upon u* strain.” II•• u>nf**<t* that
• h**n * some ambitious Rian” ar,*e* some
where ti* the world to *tar* aatrre-non
ar* a. that there will be no peace uni ***.
when challenged. we *an lav down a win
ncif < .m to nation of power Otherwise he
*ert*. and accurately. <u mat aik vour
head *df in the intered of |eace. bu* “all
talk a w*rthleie*
It mat iartis some American* to h* ar
that Central |P*\#r avs it mav require a I
4 **t* man American armv to injure world <
peace Ms- predict ton i* mewhat in line
with the \iew of other m.iitarv anti naval
leader* althou/h rat h apparently a**ume- i
that the deyeb*pmeftt of the atmn bomb '
haa made more ttm .it \ than e\er he (
peed tor ht* Mprta ular branch of -ervice
Hurt* racking naval officer* have *ug
rnsUed that the nnlv |Hs*ible defense
*ramM the atomic boaib t* to i*e found in
a f**weiiul naw. able to keep ’he o-a* clear
of enemvr ve-**eU and to maintain ba*-*
from which to take effective action againd
arm > or* <r anv nation ’hreatening the
use of atofua warfare
Kr*m the Air * orp*. min h the -ame
pred* t M*n i* made, with greater efnpha*t
• p***i the use of air* raft hi connection with
W’*taulao*ouj atta< k- upon an\ ar-a trm
• ho h stoma ism I
kr**n the Arm , comes t h*- 'tatement
fi'a* the only wav to end the atomic jh ri!
when H* rtwti, will Ih to occupy the tem
po upon which *b- menace i* base*! and
that the ocrnpat ii *an be effe* t•-! onl\
hi the use of dVMlpil r*M.p*
Smile, whether mu have won or !o*t
heep i iir eve- open before marriage.
•sol woe Hen I'raiiklni. and half *hut an

President Truman is retting a lot of
advoe mom the duties ..f .h. president v
ar*. most i*( ’he ailvice * *me* from tho*
wh . evpect to profit ,f ,i „ followed
There ar* very lew A meric an*, who
•Uled Horn, from *hr war*, aho have not
a • wmulate | some saving* They stand a
* 1 1 i
the* Hm in the battle agamst in flat ion.
Ail the anxiety tf candidal-* ia over
nnw: winner* and *mer are known.
To the winner*, congratulation*; to
the loacr*. ietter luck next time.
And to the people of Key West, in
eluding the winning and lotting candidate*,
i *ne object and one only ahould he enter
tained about their city: to make it a better
| am) a more attractive place in which to
II ever there ha* been a time in the
history of Key YVe*t for all of us to pull to
geth* i, tfiflay * that time.
The election j* pa*t and wre have our
five iommi*i<ner to conduct the affair*
of the city government. We are operating
under a plan that i* new to u*. but which
ha* proved *ucce**ful in hundred* of citie*
throughout the country -
It ha* been demon*trated beyond que*-
tion that tb- cimmi**ion-manager form of
government i* far iietter than any other
type that ha* been thu* far devised. One
of the chief rea*on* for that it hucau*** ihe
responsibility for the way the affair* of
the city are conducted rent- on one man.
who*e aim will lie alway* to try to con
nerve anti promote the interests of the
I'ndoaiitdely. he will meet with many
stumbling block*, a* other manager* did
at the beginning of the change of govern
ment to the commis-ion-manager form, but
they overcame the difficulties anti our
local manager. whm*vcr he mav be. wili
)>e able in time to attain the same objective.
Hut we mu*t le patient; we mu*t not
expect miracle* of efficiency. Efficiency
will tome with experience, and. mean
while. let all of u* *trive t* make our new
government the dawn of a better dav for
K y We*t
B!e***-d are the innocent fr they ha\e
lot* to learn.
I.et'* h>pe that the highest fixe will
prow the best five.
Professor Albert Einstein, in disus
ing the effect of the atomic bomb, -av - that
the secret -b'uUi ie gi\*n to a world gov
ernment. w huh -houUi be guide I bv the
l mted Mate*, the Soviet l nion apil tr *t
fhe di*>ingui*he| *cienti*t i* not the
only leader who ha* come to the c*tn lu*ion
th.lt the pease of the World depend* to a
laige degree, upon ,*nic effectixe world
organisation, with power over all niildarx
lie admit* thi*? he fear- “the tyranny
*.f a world gox rrtment but. he -ax-. * |
a ’
I'h* *ci**n* *t think* that there ar*
•nix th“e power- wth great nnlitarx
-tr .'t i i> th* world ar and 'h.*' h*-x -h**jld
go ahead and organ is a w tld go; rnm id
wh* th* r *mailer nation pun or not
fiv !•*. - n*.f bdu v*- tha * thi- mtii*' vx a i
■Will tiu.-ia h. - the -a me * omlitc o- of t* * •-
d>rn trial ar* to )* found in th* Engii-b
-p* .kt g|h ..f•!* * am*| a Id* that on* mu t
bar • mind K ft. jh pb- In Russia did
not hav* a long p* itu al education** and
that < hang*-- hail ?. f. art Mul through ' x
a mn only for the reason tha* there vx.i*
no majordx capable of iloing it
W * an aM for -holier w.< \*-. t
’ f th. * .(S 4 h ' ♦!•* r. ,i! ..
a rnai I :*u ertinie.
!♦ might -* rx- a lo t it purp. -e t• • ,
public attent on t. th. ta-i that. -i\te. n
;**ar* ago. the nation wa* witn*- -ii;g th*
|mm ait SWial •)••* i t. i th k value- -v * I
-*•■ hi *h*- hi-'-tix *>f the country.
!et w eei >* pt* ?> * f J.!• -1 \o \• n i
* ! •. t It* a •*, '*• u •• t’ h • '< I
itig *i i trial *t- - *t th* \* xx \-rk h.x
hang* dropped tr-Mi #ds| 17 1 4 * fl't*
'F h* pr* * r-t threat **t inflation mak •-
h* '*• l gnr* - im|***rtaut. In !‘*2‘| th* a!
an- ot th* nation had b* * n directed b\ the
ma*t r rtiinfl- **f bu-iue. mdu-tr\ an I
liliatue to a dwpree never epiaMel in ’h*
hi-f*>r\ *t th * nation \<*twith ta mi ■
'h* ir "ktif*w how. th* -*tt*MTi dropped it
, t *h tfiaf k* t atnl n%tio' w*Pt ’** a
'ad ptti whuh ptodufed the great*-t fle
prvf-n.n ** t all tint*-
Smart imlix uliial- who rea I *h*--e fig
ure* ami reflect upon what happen *| -,\-
** n year- ago Mill be -**fn* wh.tt cautn- i-
Th lure of big prtifit-. whu h acv-nip.*' ic
a ri-ing marke t sttra* t- maw indiv dual
but <*nl\ th**-*- uh g**t f*ut qu-tk. ’.ikuig
a part of th* pr*>fit*. manage to c*m*- out
with nt*r*- dollar' than th-v tarrv in.
*5, 1
Ch.'ptcr T
question hung ruspendsd
in the iu tsrtweeu them.
Anne s heart began to hong again
altar a mmumt qu-ver*-*gbr •tar
tied. Wayne r-kased gcr arms
and Stood before bar. pkwd ag tus
“Oh, I know it** an asrfbl thin*
In ask a girl—when wa can't o*-
certain of any *htng omptml to
morrow* But. ch. daring. I Want
yrsi so! 1 waat to know that
you’re—aiy wile*" Hi* vokv grew ;
tender on the word
Anae began to breathe exr ted
ly But 9Ta> r -can—euuid *#—
si quickly. I mean’ ’
“You mean - you'd even con-.
skier SV*
“WetL I-Wjynt. ! Imre you—t" ,
The word* eecmed *o inade
quate to iearrtbe Uu lb ry burn
ing white flame that was coursing
th lough her v< n*.
"And I love vou. httle dsrlirg*'
So that'* all l*i.it nm Uui).
isn't it* Look pronoun—torn mw
we U attend to all tne prelim ma
ne*. then we car get ma? 'ltd the ’
day after And that will leave u*|
two whole days lor a hooey ,
“People will say we're erarV" (
"Sure they w.u. but what do i
we care what pt<*pk say.”*
U’HEN Wayne had An Hy gone
home, having aura: ged ta!
meet her cm th* morrow to per - ,
feet the :r plans. Anne f. jlj flew
up to tell Eve the lu w* hifh 1
into the room without th ikine to ‘
ttnd Eve curled up in tied ld i
a.Urp, the letter from Garret
folded cluae ag..m<*t ha* heart A*
the sound of Anne * r. *uy i
trance she **pcn<*d her e; eh
'Oh. darling." Anne cried in
'puck remor-e. "I m an sorry to
disturb you when y-c haven t
slept for weeks* I sh**uld *w mur- j
>k :ed an*f <ut up .n little pic- • •'
But-hut oh. Eve? Sum that vou
are aWnke. I I may a* well t !l
you* I— I'm going t * be mirri* I"
Ex’c sat up and bi ttked at her
stupidly for a m*<o*et “P- d-n
me. Anne, but t c* uld h ,vm t i,r r
that you *a‘d you w re going to
be marr led’"
Ann*- U II oe the Vm-.1, r* nvulscd
v ith h< lote ? t .* ■ ’ l*o *
or NOVCMBCh 7. If 14
J J Trt voi. C*r rri.uxfh'r of th •
I Arthui Hrfwx*r P< t *f the
Am* man L* gi->n, ain*> .n**-*l *•*.
re**r rung tha* adder *|! |.
m.. l* F: *Ja\ ill ! h .
■ * r,4 • <
C’ltx Ckik A a., r.* *l. i
-aid t*idav rh* h,. !*•■* a t it *
in ahaent** %. * •• , • v
• x nun tn b -i \ ii*r 4 • u*
alw* nt* • allut* r In ’
G* *i g* Si .in
li-hmg camp * B> ~ < *
m*tn, Lu*h* I*..
A *'*.i ..at
-a " • ii,
u m< !Ujf>a m 4| , {^,.m
i -*utb A Pgp-.
iv ihi ssm •rv ii mi we uu
"Mi uh ii dm hi *aiiir
••• IHI 1t M mi ||, miiii
• v xmi uu iixm>i u*i xii
• \ • It X X* . M *
• - - . *****
I ’• X MU • f
Xlll HI 111 **l*| M
i% vm. < in* i it i hi nt or tMr
1.l 111 XTM II III* 111 I lilt | 1 r
or riir tin **r i.*tti*,
• v %v II von MOV not Mil vn
I *4 V•• f* l i
•• iiiimh r.
"Nlll M ••• ri HI •• XI l*V
V 1 ar* V..
(i'ii <-t • *rr
Haa'l R .44 C Maw-ar
WM.I.IAM V Alt' rr
sH over Ton know dam well
that • whal 1 *a*d , “ tkm cried,
“And oh. Eve! In as esettad I
could just—luat about die*"
Eve bent over and kissed the
tremblin- Ups. a took of anxiety
m her own eyes "Anne." the
qokr seriously, be venr *urtr
Anne t c ye* were full of dreams
•Oh. 1 mi! So eery, very and
i There was an unfathomable
look in the depths of Eve's dark
J eves, a look which Anne did not
even notice in her csediment.
; Then HI say hlsm you darling." j
Eve said luietljr. "ttoly. only, f
Anne, you're such a baby! 1 hope
—I hope vou re not letting your f
! self in fur anything like heart
THU next day Wayne cam#
• dashing into the udtt. hi* face ;
aglow, hu voice high and excited
“Ai.d h<rw w the future Mr*
. Wavne Mcf>"weH*" he beamed j
Anne saw Lola Cheeter * eye*
growing ever wider behind the
th. k lenses of her glssseu Jane
i Thr mas *t**med m the rnwhlle o# i
j wh.itex-er she was fllrng. her
rum th wule open.
| ’ Sh*“ she warned, trvlng to die- .
. ng .ge the hand that Wayne waa •
h *i rg possrmivelv But he was
r >t to be repressed
“I wet t be shushed, madam' I
Snow take great pleasure m Mi
' forming you, Mtm Chewier." with
m elaborate how. "and '•<.<. Ml** ,
Thomas, and the who* m* evudj
, o '-rid in tieral that vou see he- J
'with vour approval mv dear*!"!
| Anne giggled as she *w Lota |
r* lo in asbetjdtpvmt Then she
f* It her sp>ne tmg! as at the mo
-ent die **hnerved Mr Parham
t mdmg n the doorway to his
te office He was not smiling
"Wavne, w it nrrsar for vou
♦n make so much nouw and
• 'isturh the workers in mv of.
•***•" he a*ked tifffv then added.
Suppw -hj md Miss Winalow
-♦cp mside There rmw to be
.eirthint we mu* diaruan *
A"P*' the- ght th d-smay “I feel
•jst Ike I 1 <1 orce at srhool when
I was rsllrfl into the pt incipol’s
. w, * ft s to feel guilty
*ut th s \f- Earh.im’s Ho->nd to
*v*w • >o Bit I •* -h Wayne
hadn't be- n so I
cola Th- renter. n*w ISO mil
f 'trr* th it city, i* i xpHlnl to
t n inil in that xH inity some
time txnight.
A politu al radv will be to ld 1
F d.ix night in Baww w piri
Ad n*li*ft* - hax* been mvitt-d
• i * ik -h*>rt addicxata.
K< x W*“ terx arc tl!l awaiting
v >.ii lusr W * htng’-Nt aiMMit 'ht*
f a‘i**n f**r a luat) ?•> const!uct
m * <>■ i***•*'i Oxeie a- HiKlu.il
11 wig* SL
t.' untv rmpiiidb will !y p.*;J
* iu) t’* untx Cl* i k R•- c
S *x* i ui thi- fr**,in ng t<*r
tf < i Align \ MAIS. .i •
T wlax Th. ( ‘.'i/ n mm in an
• ii'* .at p • *uh
I*•* n-*t f i. t t*. v*t, n* xs
T•* -lay iH.n * !*.( t **. v*t. t .
' t .1- .* itgarding in*
*j* *' ~p
Ship ahoy!...Have a Coke
... refreshment joins tlye family reunion
It i :ir cry fr"m 4 :phoarJ to the tumi!y But in kxh pUccs
j l\^ c I
T • ' r.'rc •> i > Tho-parklinn m3kh* £
• i a r x*Hcv ’- 'he 1 !C”J'v Amcruan -pint
puux* t : rc/rohti a \aticicul custom. anj^h
v*uts 3* 141 C 9( C3i cowpamt SV ato *• Ralnv-xaBHU
O iv. c <
By Huipnf 1 L 1 4 Wmm
W->odword CJfyj
Mb EARHAM tonb ht* seel Mb
hind th* heavy dtok end
Ann* and Waane rtend en Urn a#*
puaute sol* J and "Übe prfeHP
rntbs bar fln ImAww." Ann*
U nmm ABm • muoumi Wayns
lighted a dgawtto MBl tohk etto
a Kims a# tiki bsl as Mr Ear
ham no domed Aoo# to the rhaif
in whuh sbn tmi to tgfti dkdntim.
, “I think I tosder stand ** rvstly
that you rater ted Id this /<***•
aroman aa th* fotuid Mfa wayne
Mil Jewel I. dhl I sdT
( Wayne had not tost asm kda of
hts rosy assurance He seemed •
i little aiouaed that Ann* appeared
I flustered -Rtgh* you Sre Unde
Nathan I supfwia* ym m i*mi to
give us your bkwsmg*
Mr Parham waa silent for a
moment hts while blows drawn
together. h hands moving mm
< hank-ally among th* papers on
( hi* drib Then sud* lento hto kesm
1 gaae net Amie sand t thought
■ X* detected a twinkle to the blue
depths of his eyea And m that
moment she knew that whatever
ithe reactmjsi of Waynes other
relative* might he. she had an
ally in her employer He turned
now to Wayne
“I suppose vou know sha's
much too go*id for wt’*
I W tyne untied “Certamlv sir*
Mr Ear ham got up and came
around the dealt to stand m fr*mt
'of Anne When she roae he took
her hand- "You v* been with me
: how long. M s Winakrw’*
I "Almost two yearn*
Mr Ear ham roughed a little
’ nervously “Shall I tell you what
t I’ve thought manv times in those
two vear* a* I’ve watched you,
mv dear’"
“Please do Mr Parham *
Tvs mid to myself—why can’t
that nephew of nun# pick out a
girt like that inste ad of one of the
little flibbrrtv- gihbets he runs
around with* O course vw have
my Mewing, and good withes,
ad to vou Wavne. hearti
est congratulation' Er my hoy.
er have you told your Aunt
Wavne out his arm around
Anne "Indeed ’ have, tir And
•he ha* mvted us to come to te*
at flve this afternoon She wants
to lone no time in hecom.ng ae
quatot-d with mv hi*o e wife*"
I T* to rwMsart
CLEYEIANU. K>bina. now
! usjiilix half tarn* aid preferring
uat*! ban to luM-Rf iif* naxe be
'**'• stupid aud lagy in many
- Orator SELLS That GOOD
Tty A Eeund Today!
Eye. Ear. Naas sad Throat
Also Glasaes Pitted
tHlirv 7 In 1 prn . and by
\pp*m 'rr* nt, flxon* I<*. al Dr
(i.iii t -i > tm- Ii? Eat h S'rret
Mt<iltLTN-Pbiicam WJM
rja •Tyrng 1 ’ 'mT IVI lean# t tk
Hdami ate protortod." dmwrtoi
1 t- -- a.tsM-M man MiJtoßgtoß
ryovuvn &
mill \ yjw
At AU. V
% l*f.
Hies to
2 lim its. 25 MINI TES
•n iv—eto. \
and rsssrvaitsna.
call IU Southard u A
% &mee uuggv tank Jt f )
of the
Thi* Kiectrk* S>*lem Dor- Not <pmnor
\n> Particular Itealer
Aa **rl| aa ItW the pukh
vided rdueatom ter mdtgen* bd
* ± _ , A m : I
20,000 PAIRS
Offto# Nsursi Alt M ya
Adtfrws PMH

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