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Ihmmk • GwW • Track
IMarister Explains Problems
Of Scheduling School Sports
Vllgd ttw gagwraf puhtir
CMS' SWW* SM IWglfeW Ml thlt bSS
featoaß pun mml bawlwtl
gNtow SPM wSutwh'il month*
sAtodl dt RAto
MNwt f (hr irinduiw are
Mffto *g Ml to* sswrtws rnttimit
Mi festotomww A* 1 task wwr full
Amsw mudkmc AMmhi at K W H
A Ml N**#gtolw* M was utumliy j
taggatoMli for MMI So attend tots
Eton 100, SHMo Mb* <touM*hra-i
Nft (Mr 4mMMRM KWh fr uMI|
tfetowt At Ml fetott to (N’lMudr |
tsdto to mmi Mx*n hen* with
MI toy ng MtoMM m enormous
HMMMHOS of >MMIt After they play'
441 Mto wnolt toafc*tb*H cnuft j
ami ary MOM wsduwt 4 ** * t***>
to fetor lIMMM harfe
fetaß at tot trig high school# m
HffeHMg ato to aoaar sort of row- 1
iMRMHgr MM# MWNI flit mnfersnre *
Red Raider* Play Two Caines
In Miami Coming Weekend
Rad Ranter*’ baaefealt team wifi
■mMb m Nton due weekend
tot gam** with the Miami Kuo
H amt Dthtoto Reach Flamingoes
m ttfei Florida interna!unto 1 *w
toß _
flktolms wstt to w-rhing their
Ami Wto *1 (few ntod trip Enturday
atotoWMMt when thdy meet the
h Ran at Miami Ftotd. Tt.*
totals toe aMtofeutod few a night
(Atom Rfetoday Mamet ttw Fla
mwagee el <h Beach
Rife tto Rawed to the Ph’ld*
dtipfewt ttulhto of ute Nation.*l
tgmgue (ML Yueadev et Itiai m,
*Rd ttw Ftatottßpm heto ttte same
idhtwe htopw lot> T-l the peered
to mf*
Vtomwe wtR to up epauiat
featotfh tottfepettNtesi M the roeJ
Stop had it w enperted they will
Ntotw a gawd dhewmg is both of
RaAßies eamwid a couple *rf days'
atp after tttoW sweep of a threr
Icnx Coming Back To Florida;
Ron-C. Had Time In Race
Here* g '* I nothin el Marts
-toew toe* may mseeaat you.
itoSM tt*4 ne 4 *.W Amort*
’ Rpfefto wo wMuttfe-tg
t totoPe* ef ttw Atoet .< an la-ague
lin# >ng iimniflit
m hhi ■.
Mdfetoid tfearehaii. ef the New
Rtoh (iwstta. tww fual been die
Predict Big Hays In Baseball
Ottre Wore For Cayo Hueso
fetfemwttwi Rtoihim n Flag'* r
tototow R Wring put m (tret-claw
shape and tofewe haag we wilt
hgto saw at ttw hsat ft* Ids n
SMK dMP fep Rngmeer KofeeH Ump
dtofe Red Ctormg m ehorgr o(
(R* swrhesn
Die CiHtmitti e
Nmi ripnl (nHßiifclß HiiN
few A feesg tins and urns it w
tt|ay feejH going'
rape# It g paatthtttfy that we
LmDri Ir Second Slot Of
Baiting l.incuj) For Tampa
Yawyn •maker* ,|| pfey ,
Mto igtonia with the Lakeland
Mtos fetol Bonday will play an
etito* RMto wtofe Ida same et n.
IfalMßto Untoll baa already
m feto touting Utornp fear tV
pnitoj Pttotfa ’—mat) iml
IJipto game m Apra t: aafl
dates first so K. W. must take
what ia loft.
Naturally, 1 try to schedule
games on the weekends, but I
have been in a position where I
have to take what I can get.
If we had been able to have
SO basketball games I'm sure K.
W would have had a much more
expei lenced basketball team.
But I was faced with a financial
problem and we did stay out of
the red thia year.
During my stay at K. W. I
have had no complaints from
p.ut nta of basketball or baseball
players. . <4 I
My practice sessions have been
arranged so every boy arrives
home in time for evening meals.
We have had no night practices.
1 hope everyone understands
ou> problems and hereafter
makes fuller inquiries before
jumping at conclusions.
game series last week However,
thn began practicing yesterday
afternoon at Municipal Stadium
for the upstate clashes but were
*i>•it'. and by Roy Hamlin. Stadium
•utter member, who claimed
ttw Haider* had not made ar
raaßcmcnts for use of the field.
Raiders weqr than forced to prac
ticr teniporarily at Baj'view Park
tnit it is impossible to hutd bat
ting practice there.
The locals will hold final
Ml todayst the Park. *fhey wil !
have a brisk infield practice and
! the m i field will be given a work
out l.igfe( rxercises will be held
iM for> Ihcwgimhark for Miami to
ow row mpt.
Art ngements will be made in
the future with the Stadium Com
mittee for use of the field when
the Raiders are scheduled for a
road trip so that Mr. Hamlin will
not have a monopoly on the only
b iM-hall park Key West claims.
ch.rg*d from the Marine Corps
4f<i will join Mnaager Mel OU’s
x% few days . . .
the 13th apnual St Peteit
tfeaug M.ivana yacht race, the yacht
. Doo E Von had the best correct
totoi. although it finished seventh.
Sea Gypsy made a record for the
2) 4 mils course with an elapjed
time bf 35 hours and 50 minutes.
The previous record was made by
(i.hni News in 1940 and her time
‘ was 17 hours and 16 minutes.
i may anon see some very goed
g*"cs with teams from Miami
Tampa and other Florida citi,3.
When the ferries start operating
between here and Havana, we will
also see some of the best Cuban
i amateur teams on the local dia
I believe baseball will come
back to Key West, for we have
one of tho best baseball towns in
Florida and with Rood baseball
Iw will have the stadium packed
t evdry game.
Key West's Danny Lastres h-u
brought up to second slot in
tlw batting order in place of the
seventh position he has been bat
Palm Beach Indians. Miami Sun
Rm and the Miami Beach Fla
n ngoes. along with the Havana
Coach Reveals Difficulty In
Booking Miami Baseball Tilts
In order to be eligible for the
state tourney we must compete in
10 games. We have been able to j
Schedule only 5 and Ponce de
Leon, Andrew Jackson, Miami,]
Miami Edison, Miami Beach all,
are booked up.
Our record to date is 1 win and
2 losses. Both of our losses were,
extra innings affairs. The first!
to Lauderdale 3-2 in 12 innings]
and the second to Redland 7-6 ‘
in eight.
it ★ ★ it k k
B. M. Duncan Named On Board Of Engineers For Road
the fifth in a series of articles
tracing the history of the
Overseas Highway, a $30,000,-
000 project, and the means of
malting the Florida Keys a
tremendous tourist area.)
A month’s delay ensued; then;
the members of the Toll Bridge]
Commission were named by Gov- ]
ernor Sholtz. They were Nor be j
Thompson, Leo Warren, Faus- j
tino Rendueles, Key West;
Frank B. Shutte, R. D. Freeman,;
Miami. Later Mr. Thompson was'
compelled by business to resign
and his place was filied by Char-'
les R. Roberts.
Seal Is Adopted
The new commission met and
adopted a seal in the following
resolution: “Resolved that the
seal of the District shall be cir-'
cular in form and bear the fol- ]
lowing words, viz: ‘Overseas
Road and Toll Bridge District, a
Political Subdivision of Florida, 1
seal, 1933.’ and that the impress-1
ion seal now submitted to ihe
Board be and hereby is adopted,
and the secretary is directed to
impress same on the margin of
the page, in the minute book
where this resolution is record
ed.” (
Thereupon the following res- 1
olution was unanimously adopt-'
ed: “That the board met regular-’
ly on the first and third Mon-'
days of each and every month
i at one o’clock in the afternoon at j
the headquarters of the district.”!
It was further “RESOLVED that’
special meetings of tlje Board
may be held on call of the chair
man, or vice-chairman upon 48
hours notice thereof beihg given
by mail to the members of the
Board.” Mr. Thompson. the chair
man then directed that the ad
dresses of the members be Sup
plied. Thereupon the following
addresses were supplied, anti ap
Frank B. Shutts, 1438 S. Bay
Shore Drive, Miami, Fla.
R. D. Freeman, 20 N.W. 47th
Terrace, Miami, Florida.
Faustino Rendueies, 416 Flem
ing street, Key West, Fla.
Leo H. Warren, 412 Elizabeth
street, Key West, Florida.
Norbert Thompson, 1319 Duval
street, Key West, Florida.
Further Resolutions
The following resolution was
unanimously adopted:
“Resolved, that no compensa
tion be paid the general' manger,
secretary qri assistant -secretary
The following resolution was
unanimously adopted:
"Resolved, that the district
proceed with the building of toll
bridges and toll highways to
complete the uncompleted sec
tions of Overseas Highway U. S.
No. 1, State Road No. 4-A on the
route and location as described
in the MacDonald plan and under
the plaits and specifications as
prepared by B. M. Duncan, Er
nest Cotton and P. L. Wilson, en
gineers and which said plans
were filed by the Overseas Bridge
Corporation with the Reconstruc
tion Finance Corporation, and
"Resolved, that B. M. Duncan,
Ernest Cotton and P. L. Wilson
are hereby designated and named
as a board of engineers to serve
the district in any and all mat
ters which may be expedient or
necesary in order to carry out
the project and bring about the
construction and completion of
said toll bridges and toll highways.
Said engineers to serve without
pay until further order of the
Pertaining To Manager
The following resolution was
unanimously adopted:
Cubans, are ready to open the
league and when some of the
boys play in Miami there are
many local fans who say they will
be there, especially when Danny
comes with his Smoker team
Yours truly will be one of the
first to make the trip.
Both games were very well
pitched. The Lauderdale game
I saw Meador strike out. 15, only
to suffer defeat because of our
j error and “home town” umpires.
. In Redland, O’. Cruz did a good
‘ job but again we were playing
against 11 men.
| Our next home game will be
j April 30 against Redland at the
1 Stadium. Game time, 3 p.m. See
you there.
“Resolved that the general
manager be, and that he is here
by vested with full and com
plete authority and there is here
by vested with full and oompleie
authority and there is hereby de
legated to him the performance
of the folowing duties and pow
ers, namely:
“Said general manager shall
take all needful and necessary
steps to determine the cost of the
construction of the toll bridges
and toll highways* contemplated
to be built and constructed to
commence and institute negotia
tions with all state and United
States employees and authorities
and or any other source seeking
a loan for the purpose of defray
ing the cost of such project; to
institute and negotiate with the
federal emergency administration
of Public Works and all agents,
employees, officials, and persons
acting under and by authority of
said government agency for a
grant under the act of congress
entitled “National Recovery Act”
in aid of financing of said pro
ject; to make, execute and deliv
er all documents, contracts and
other papers touching the sub
ject .matter of his powers and
generally to do and perform ary
jand all things which may be ne
] cessary or needful and usually,
conferred on a general manager
[ not inconsistent with the terms
of the act of the legislature of
I Florida creating this district.”
Regarding Loan
The following resolution was
unanimously adopted:
“Resolved that the officers of
this district shall forthwith pre
pare, execute and file an appli-,
cation for a loan and grant ad
dressed to the federal emergency
administration of Public Works
for the purpose of acquiring
fuhds to build the toll bridges
and toll highways to be construc
ted by the district and that the
secretary do attest any and all
documents, including said appli
cation and affix the seal of the
district thereto”.
Mr. Porter returned to Wash
ington upon the completion of
these actions by the board to join
there Mr. Shutts and Attorney H.
H. Taylor who were in that city
on matters of vital importance
to the bridge proposition.
Thereafter for months on end
the battle continued to the very
doors of the White House to se
cure funds with which to build
the long bridges and the neces
sary fills, and this fight was go
strorjgly as ever when
something else happened.
On the Sunday previous to the
Fourth of July in 1934, Gov. Dave
Sholtz and Federal Relief Ad
ministrator Julius F. Stone, Jr.,
of Florida went to Key West to
confer with the officials of city
and county whose backs had been
figuratively thrust against the
wall of bankruptcy. Those leaders
came to the Island City because
the authorities there had asked
for a New Deal. The city and
county were turned over to the
Governor who asked to adminis
ter for the situation as he saw]
fit. Advising with Gov. Sholtz,!
Administrator Stone determined]
the Federal Government should ]
rehabilitate Key West. The ob-<
jective was a resort city second!
to none in the country.
A thorough renovation waS|
planned and begun without de-j
lay. Money poured in the relief
work which was aimed to make
the Island City more attractive
for tourists. And just about this |
time another wrath arose and re- ]
ality—for the bridge proponents.
Veteranr Besiege Capital
The National Capital had been:
under the siege of hundreds of ]
World War veterans out of a job. i
A short while before Fort Jef
ferson on the Dry Tortugas, 63
miles west of Key West, had been
declared a national monument. It
was an historical wreck filled
with rubbish and steepdd in
gloom. The Veterans reached
Jacksonvile from Washington on
TH2 &£¥ vF23? CTT t ZER
Widow Receives
Tax Exemption
Mrs. Julia A.' Knowles was
granted n widow’s exemption in
the payment of taxes at the citv
commission meeting Tuesday
Attorney Caro pleaded Mrs.
Knowles’ case before the city.
the understanding they were to
be transhipped to Fort Jefferson
to rehabilitate the ancient fort
res and get it into an appearance
of respectability that at least re
sembled what a National Monu
ment under the Department of
the Interior should be.
The tnougjit came to some
body, “Why not get material and
machinery dqyn on the upper
Keys and start something in the
way of fills and bridges for the
Overseas, Highway? Let thf Jack-,
sonvflle s'X-wgr veterans do the
work.” < The—ldea was speedily
adopted, ' ailroiflli spurs were laid,
bunkhoures built like cabins in
a hastily plafnned army canton
ment, and equipment and sup
plies moved ih by train and
truck. Tilings Were looking up,
with the fight for funds all the
time waxing hot at the National
Quite a settlement grew up
around the Lower Matecumbe
ferr yslip and a few miles further
Nbrth or the Key, all to the
northeast of the Florida East
Coast railway extension. Drag
lines and dynamite worked the
marl froni the bottom of the shal
low waters below the ferry slip,
and what was said to be a start
at bridge abutments heading to
a point of survey southward tow
ard Long Key began to rise in
the waterscape for several miles.
The expenditure of this money
bringing about this particular ac
tivity aroused the flagging en
thusiasm of Key Westers who had
begun to see red as the days went
by and Mr. Porter telgraphed
back, or on returning to the city,
reported, no progress with the
Reconstruction Finance Corpora
tion as to securing funds for
bridges and fills as planned.
is thr ciHc iti' roi nt of the
EI.EVF.VrH JllllflAl. ciim i it
IV CriAV^fßftV.
V'd. 10-074
Defer) <ia.nt.
or urn of pi hmcatiov
TO: Henrietta Minerault Peelert
17HO Jaeksoh Street
San FranclSeo, California
You are hereby required to ap
pear to ihe bill of eornplaitit for
Divorce filed against you in 'he
above eivifled cause .<n or befqre
the fith lay of May. A. D. 1946:
otherwise, the allegations of the
said bill of complaint will be
taken as. confessed against you.
Done and Ordered at. Key West,
Florida, this :}f>d, day of April, A.
D. 1946.
(SEAL) - Ross C Sawyer
Clerk M the Circuit Court
for Monroe County, Florida
By (sal)' Florence E, Sawyer,
Deputy Clerk
\Vm. Roger Watkins,
Solicitor for Plaintiff
- ——* i (
i\ the cmcrlT roi RT or the
of the state Op Florida.
Ca*e No. 10-1,75
<• Defend an*.
To: Madelein Elizabeth * ole
Howland Springs Rd.
R. F. 17. No. 5.
Warren, Ohio,
c/o Mrs. Neva Stephens.
You are hereby reouired to ap
pear to the Bill' for Divorce filed
against you in the above styled I
cause oir or before the 4th day of
May, ' !>. V‘4'l: otherwise the
allegations contained therein will
be taken as confessed.
Done and Ordered at Key West,
Florida ’his 3d day of April. A. D. !
1 !• 4 6.
(Circuit Court
Seal; Ross C Sawyer i
Clerk of Circuit Court
By: Mary K. Woodson,
Deputy Clerk.
William V. Albury.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
apr4,11,18,25,1946 ;
Case No. 10-K4O
To: Stanley Rahmings
Residence unknown.
You ar,e hereby required to appear j
to the sworn Bill of Complaint filed
against you in the above stated!
cause, Oil or hefore the 30th day of ]
April, A. I>. 1946: otherwise, the j
allegations of said hill will be taken
as confessed by you.
Done and Ordered at Key West,
Florida, this 20th day of March, A.
D. 1946.
(SEAL) (sd) Ross C Sawyer
Clerk of Circuit Court of
Monroe County, Florida,
(sd) Raymond R. Lord
Attorney for Plaintiff
Regular Type
Advertisements under this
head will be inserted in The
Citizen at the rate of 2c a word
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minimum charge for the first
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The rate for blackface type
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Greatly increased wages for clerks
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Union. aprl -tf
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type organizations with an ar
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drive-now makes many men
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! I
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Key West, Fla. marSS 13 %
Wanted-—-Automobile, ft aofiiit>t\
- priced. Call at HUB Otivi.i M
or phone 453XJ. aprt Ms
(Know America)
| Congressman Adolph J. Sobsth
of Chicago, born tn CzechtwW
vakia. 80 years ago
1 Robert E. Sherwood, famed
playwright, born in New RnrhoHj,
N. Y., 50 years ago.
Mrs. Ralph P (Jewell WI
Swofford of Kansaa Citv. ch>.
man of the U. S. Employee* (L'.m
tpcns.it ion Commission, born at
Atchison, Kara , M years aRn.
Morris A. Linton, president of
j Provident Mutual Life, PhtinßH
phia, born there, 50 yean ago
Prof. Frank L Mott, dean t 4
the Univ. of Missouri’s S.
Journalism, born in K<-okuk C
lowa, 60 yean ago.
Maurice Holland of New Yart.
noted industrial rrssarch adviser
born at Wickford. K 1.5$ yeslg
Dr. Julius S. Bixler. peeaMhrtM
of College, Main. t*. m at
New London. Conn.. 52 ycats ago
Pierre Montrux. conductor-mu*
suwin, born la Pari*. 71 years ag
sT.aOO,ooo,goo, new high, spedl
HJ by nation s drmtora.

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