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Mrs • Norma Dopp
Jayshee President
* Hr*. Norma Dopp was installed I
M president of the Jayshees last
night at the Ocean View restau
rant. She succeeds Mrs. Anna
Delaney. Other officers installed
were Mrs. Flora Rueda, vice pres
ident; Mrs. Edith Sweeting, sec
retary, and Mrs. Marie Pinder,
The new board of directors
consists of Mrs. Clella Ward,
Mrs. Kay Faraldo, Mrs. Doris
Knowles and Mrs. Delaney. After
installations, Mrs. Delaney was
piesentcd a corsage from the
Thirty members attended, with
Mr*. Doris Knowles acting as
mistress of ceremonies. The en
tertainment was arranged by
Mr*. Doris Knowles and Mrs.
Marie Pinder, and included a
ballet tap dance by Gail Wallace,
an accordion solo by Jerry Hen
riquez. and an acrobatic dance
by Colleen Moore, and Mala
guena by Ernesto Lecuona, play
ed on the piano by Jerry Hen
Mrs. Delio Cobo gave a sum
mary of the club’s activities for
the past year, which included
gifts to the County Home last
Christmas, donations to the Red
Cross drive, donation to the
Municipal Hospital, erecting a
"Welcome To Tourists” sign on
the Boulevard, and several other
The Jayshees’ membership has
ireleased to almost double what
it was when the club organized
last November, and they offer
their assistance to all charitable
and civic organizations.
The name, "Jayshees”, was
spelled out in a floral display of
pink oleanders. The table was
decorated with chrysanthemums,
hibiscus and oleanders. A special
menu was at each plate.
Representatives Of Girls’’
Groups At USO Dance
The Jackson Square USO was
the scene of a gay dance last
night at which three organiza
tions of girls were represented.
Among the representatives were
the Misses Marian Pickens, Dol
oves Young, Dorothy Wagaman,
tfeda Thompson, Vivian Garcia,
Gloria Sawyer, Shirley Smith,
Oneida Ramos, Carmen DeAr
mas, Rose Dingal, Carmelina
Cuesta, Nancy Reyes, Gena Pena,
Henrietta Carrera, Shirley Rob
erts, Amelia Boza, Hubelina Nor
cisa, Gloria Acevedo, Ann
Ovide, Alice DeArmas, Carrie
Gomez, and Joan Lanier.
AP Newsfeatures Beauty Editor
YOU don't have to be an expert at the pirouette and entrechat
to get a kick out of ballet. Many women are studying ballet
to limber, slim or develop their bodies. Because of the tre
mendous interest in the ballet, night sessions have been inaug
urated for business girls. Stenographers and models as well
as housewives love this new way to trim and build their bodies.
In these exercises, Frances Rainer of the Ballet Theater
illustrates how to use the various movements to best advan
tage. All of the port de bras (ballet exercises) can be done at
home, she says.
I - * . v ■&mv£&)&', :-.<•■ £g <.. ft. |<% :/ M ftv - f&VL JsfsJ/r&Jy' />$
I&fc&vwfr, y••: : -; : imK'%?^fyjaß'.-.*£#- v > * <?> <&' . ,/ \.// ■ ;'. y. ..ijsL4pnjL
i'i: liiW
f^l" • |k' : >v - -
SsliPHr ■RF. • %^^HB^h||vm// v //JAgm MMPMMffi y .. $
' -gfi : ■*<*#>£ •• '~jM^Bnr 1 rT|p|7 raPBlSE™^^ :::.y;:%
-ilfii ' %>J %-.:
is considered an excellent exercise for reducing the hips. Frances
Rainer of the Ballet Theater, who posed for these pictures, says the
lunge will also give tone to the leg muscles and stretch the back
muscles tor suppleness. Spread-Eagle ... Is designed to whittle the
(highs to size. Thigh, wide and handsome is the motto here, says
Frances. Here is the way you do it: Sit with legs outstretched, bend
body forward touching one leg, then the other. This is also a leg
and arm exercise. Back Lunge . . . The gals like this because it is
excellent as a conditioner for the waist and upper torso. Your
USO Gives Show
At Fort Taylor
The musical comedy ‘‘Best
Smile Forward,” will be pro
duced at Fort Taylor, on Tues
day, November 26, at 8 p. m.,
by the Jackson Square USO.
Arrangements have been faci
litated through the active co
operation of Special Senior Of
ficer, Lieutenant Carl S. Ebbert.
Corporal Victor Hartman, thea
tre manager, will assist with
lighting and props.
Last week, at the Boca Chica;
Theatre, the show had its first
try-out before an enthusiastic j
audience, and bookings have ]
been arranged for Naval Hospi- 1
tal, and the Seaplane Base, NAS. j
The program includes tap, bal
let. and comedy numbers, and a
notable array of vocal and terpsi
chorean talent.
Singing stars of the show are
■ lovely Diana Ohmie, Doreen
! Cruz, Lingtee Scribner, Veda
j Thompson, Edna Phelan, Jack
Crawley, and Ray Darling.
The terpischorean artists in
clude Joan Lanier, Betty Canova,
Marge Sjursen, and Gerry Pin
der. Chorus, Rose Dingal, Vivian
Garcia, Shirley Roberts, Jeanne
Reynolds, Beverly Curry, Hen
rietta Carrera, Euphemia Ma
loney, Charlotte Putan, Fran
i Watson, Marian Pickens, Phil
j Goldberg, Hank Leonard, Joe
Galinsky, Alice DeArmas and
Carmen DeArmas.
The entire cast has been in
vited to participate in the danc
ing party that will follow the
; performance.
Study Class Scheduled
The Study Class of the officers
and members of Fern Chapter
No. 28," OES, w'ill be held tonight
at 7:30 olclock at the home of
Mrs. Irene Adams, 2401 Seiden
berg avenue. All members are
urged to attend.
All-Day Session Tomorrow
The Ever-Ready Star Club will
hold an all-day meeting at the
home of Mrs. Doris Rivas, Wed
nesday, beginning at 10 a. m.
Lunch will be served at noon.
Members are asked to call phone
213. All members are urged to
attend and bring articles to be
worked on for the Bazaar to be
held Dec. 6, in Masonic Patio.
As e r arly as 1543, Ambrose Pare
adopted the pressure method for
inducing anesthesia —by pressure
applied to a nerve trunk or ar
Baby Shotv Judges
Announced Today
Judges for the Baby Show
which will inaugurate the an
nual Bazaar of St. Paul’s Epis
copal Church on November 25,
were announced today, as fol
Mrs. H. M. Cooper, wife of the
Commanding Officer of the Na
val Base; Mrs. W. A. Saunders,
wife of the Commanding Of
ficer of the local Naval Subma
rine Base; Mrs. O. J. Ellingson,
wife of the City Manager; Mrs.
Clifford Raines, wife of the Safe
ty Engineer of the Naval Sub
marine Base; Mrs. Robert Pol
lock, Mrs. Paul Sher, Mrs. Art
Meska, wife of the director of
the Civilian Beach Club.
In addition to these judges, a
local doctor will participate as
well as a person selected from
the guest list of the La Concha
Hotel, making a total of nine per
sons to judge the children.
The Baby Contest will be held
in the Patio of St. Paul’s Epis
copal Church. Should the weath
er prove inclement, the Parish
Hall on the same grounds will
be used. Mothers may bring
babies in their strollers or may
have them sit on their laps as
chairs will be provided. All chil
dren in Key West are cordially
invited from four months to five
years, inclusive, provided they
have not reached their sixth
Hicks-T arrant IT editing
Headline Is Corrected
The account of the wedding of
Miss Belva J. Hicks and Private
First Class- Ray W. Tarrant,
USMC, reported in yesterday's
paper, was erroneously head
lined. Miss Hicks is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Humphries,
1206 Duval street, and was wed
to PFC Tarrant, as. the article un
der the head said, not to Mr.
Civil Service Exant i\ext
Month For Police Aspirants
| Another Civil Service examin
| ation for candidates for the Po
lice Force will be given about
’ the middle of next month, Jack
Murray, city personnel director,
said- today.
i Members of the force or candi
dates who have failed previous
examinations are eligible to take
a second examination, Murray
said. •,
k I* | :
The parihf Stones on the porch
at Mount Vernon were imported
from England by George Wash
, ington.
If you find you need something to balance yourself, use the
back of a chair which is weighted down with telephone books
or some heavy object. If an exercise seems too strenuous don't
try to take it all at once. It may take several trys before you
can do a spread-eagle to perfection, but don't give up. The
benefit you will derive from whipping up your circulation and
concentrating on muscle control will be of tremendous help
to you.
The important thing about these exercises taken from the
ballet is that they add some interest to the otherwise dull
1-2-3-4 stretch routine which a woman with imagination will
find dull and tiring.
weight definitely won’t go to waist with this one. says our ballet
model. Just retain the position illustrated for as long as you can
and slide back in regular standing position. Do it as often as you
can. Arabesque . . . You don’t have to attempt to get your leg up
as high as Miss Rainer does in this one—not the first few times any
way. After a while you’ll notice it will be easier to lift your leg
higher and higher. This is excellent for the back, leg and hip
muscles. Statuesque . . . This is tops as a tummy flattener and,
simple as it looks, will be difficult at first. Sit with legs out
stretched, arms in position, pull knees up to chest without moving
your body. Wonderful for new mothers
People’s Forum
Th Cltlifn nneonea expres
sions of the vlevre of Its read
ers. bat the editor reserves the
right to delete any Item* which
are considered llbelons or unwar
ranted. The writers should be
fair and confine the letters to
300 words, and write on one side
of the paper only. Signature of
the writers mast accompany the
letters and will be published un
less requested otherwise.
Editor, The Citizen:
With heavy hearts we turn
our eyes heavenward and pray
for God’s blessing and under
standing on the loved ones who
have answered God’s call in the
recent accident on the highway.
We are thankful these young
people had given their hearts
and souls and their everything
to the love of God, and the ful
fillment of His works.
The Youth for Christ move
ment is an inspiration to all who
belong to the church of all
denominations. In youth there
will be a rebirth similar to the
old time revival. These youths
are friendly, God refreshing and
part of every day living.
With heavy hearts we give our
prayers for the recovery of these
young, courageous, Christian
youths, and with bowed head we
pray God will make them well
quickly to carry on where they
left off.
Knowing these fine young men
and young women, we know God
in His wisdom knows best, and
may me pause a few moments in
our own lives and reverently
say a prayer, if only ‘‘God bless
them, one and all.”
(A FriCnd)
Hubba-llubba Club (wives
Entertaining Program
The regular weekly meeting
of the Hubba Hubba Club was
held recently at the Division
Street School. Program Chair
man Eziquio Vidal presented the
following program:
Lillian Russell sang “Blow the
Man Down.” Edyth Hampton
sang, “Symphony.” Louis Curry,
Thomas Gibson, and Frank Bal
tist acted out a few jokes. Yvonne
McCardle sang, “Paper Doll.”
A short play entitled “Blondie
Buys a New Hat” was acted out
by Richard Perez, Edyth Hamp
ton, Lillian Russell, Yvonne Mc-
Cardle. Sharon Shannahan, An
thony Niles, and Murphy Cates.
Early experiments in dive
bombing were conducted by U. S.
Marines in 1920 in Haiti.
Mrs. Key Honored
At Birthday Party
William Key entertained his
wife, Mrs. Muriel Key, with a
birthday party Saturday evening
at their home, 918 Pauline street.
Games and dancing were en
joyed by all.
Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. George Sweeting, Mr. and
Mrs. Hamilton Knowles, Mr. and
Mrs. Arnold Key, Mr. and Mrs.
Cleveland Knowles, Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Key, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Carr, Mr. and Mrs. George
Key, Mrs. P a,iu line Pinder,
Miss Mary Teresa Knowles,
Charles Pinder.:
Everyone reported having a
nice time.
The Weather^
Key West and Vicinity: Partly
cloudy and continued cool this
afternoon and tonight. Wednes
day partly cloudy and slightly
warmer. Moderate to fresh noith
easterly winds today becoming
east tonight and decreasing to
moderate east and southeast Wed
Florida: Partly cloudy, little
change in temperature in south
portion today, tonight and Wed
nesday. Over north portion,
mostly cloudy today followed by
rain Wednesday and in the Tal
lahassee area tonight. Cooler in
north portion today, little' change
in temperature tonight and Wed
Jacksonville through the Flor
ida Straits and East Gulf of Mex
ico: Northeasterly winds, moder
ate except fresh over extreme
north portion today. Moderate to
fresh easterly winds tonight and
Wednesday. Weather partly
cloudy over extreme north por
tion and occasional rain over that
section tonight or Wednesday.
Jacksonville to Apalachicola:
No small craft or storm warnings
have been issued.
Key West, Fla., Nov. 19, 1946
(Observation taken at 8:30 a.m.,
Eastern Standard Time,
City Office)
Highest yesterday 80
Lowest last night 73
Mean ’ - —‘ 76
Normal - 74
Rainfall, 24 hours ending
‘Bf3o a.m., inches 0
“ Relative Humidity
Tomorrow's Almanac
(Eastern Standard Time)
Sunrise 6:46 a.m.
Sunset —L_- 5:39 p.m.
Moortiise 4:01 a.m.
Moonset ... 4:01 p.m.
High Tide Low Tide
Naval Base
(Eastern Standard Time)
8:12 a.m. 1:35 a.m.
7:55 p.m. 1:30 p.m
Additional Tide Data
Reference Station, Key West
Time of j Height of
Station— Tide jhigh water
Bahia Honda —Ohr.
(bridge) 10 min. 0.0 ft.
No Name Key -)-2hr.
(east side) 20 min.
Boca Chica —Ohr.
(Sandy Point) 40 min.
Caldas Channel -f 2hr.
v north end) 10 min. 4-1-4 ft.
Minus corrections to be sub
tracted. Plus corrections to be
We wish to extend our sincere
thanks and heartfelt appreciation
to neighbors and friends for their;
many kindnesses during the be- (
reavement of our beloved father,
James Norman Saunders.
We also take this opportunity j
to express our thanks to those
sending floral offerings and to
those donating the use of their
novl9-ltx THE FAMILY.
During the illness and follow
ing the death of our dear one. |
Caroline Rodriguez, friends and
neighbors were very kind and
sympathetic. For every kindness
shown our household in the hours J
of anxiety and sorrow we are j
truly appreciative and thankful.
We desire also to thank friends
who sent flowers to our home.
novl9-ltx THE FAMILY.
f* A 1 New Treatment
2 Gets Real Results
Don’t let your child suffer the torment of
Pin-Worms! Today, thanks to a special,
medically recognized drug, a highly effec
tive treatment has been made possible.
So watch for the warning signs, espe
cially the embarrassing rectal itch. Get
JAYNE'S P-W right away and follow the
directions. These small, easy-to-take tablets
were developed after years of patient re
search in the laboratories of Dr. D. Jayne
& Son to act in special way to remove
Pin-Worms. “
It’s easy to remember, P-W for Piu-Worms!
VFW Is Planning
Dance On Nov . 22
An evening of superb enter
tainment is being planned by the
House Committee of the Vet
erans of Foreign Wars for the
VFW drive, Nov. 22. A handsome
ticket barrel, constructed by the
VFW’s Quartermaster Smith, will
hold ticket stybs.
Music will be furnished by
John Pritchard’s orchestra and
arrangements have been com
pleted to secure the services of
Albert Boza, Key West’s Rumba
King. Mr. Boza will present one
of his famous floor shows which
includes such favorites as dim
inutive Buddy Chavez and
charming Alice Rivero, rumba
specialists, demonstrating the
Cuban rumba to the finest de
Also present will be Ivan
Baggett of Ivan’s Photo Service,
to take some of his now famous
"on-the-spot” photos.
Contacts with Rogelio Gomez,
part owner of the Aerovias Q
Airlines, serving Key West and
Havana, have been completed.
The second lucky number
drawn on Friday the 22nd will
entitle the holder to a 3-day all
expense trip to Havana, Cuba s
gayest city.
All ticket stubs should be
turned in to the VFW automo
bile, parked on Duval Sfreet next
door to S. H. Kress Company, im
(Continued trom Page One)
eral Tom Clark and Secretary of
the Interior Julius Krug.
A plan was worked out then
which resulted in the injunction
which a Federal Court issued yes
terday restraining Lewis from
calling a strike in the federally
operated soft coal mines.
The President talked with
Washington three times yester
day up to 5 p. m., Ross said, once
with Krug and twice with Clark.
The attorney general informed
the President of the injunction
which Federal Judge T. A. Golds
borough had granted shortly be
fore. The press secretary men
tioned that the book which Mr.
Truman is reading is “Alexander
of Macedon” instead of "Alexan
der the Great.”
Some discussion arose as to
whether the President was bath-!
ing in the Gulf of Mexico or the
Atlantic Ocean when he took a
beach swim yesterday, but it was
quickly settled by Rear Admiral
C. W. Styer who attended the
conference. The enlisted men’s
beach, called Reservation Beach,
on the Base, is on the Atlantic
Ocean, Admiral Styer said, and
maps bear him out.
~! S- 0- S !
Turn In ALL Tickets and sss
to the VFW Auto on Duval St.,
Next Door to Kress'
at Bayview Park
• Light Hand Fishing TACKLE
• Mullet, Shiners and Crawfish
Also A Complete Line oi
• Yeilowtails Jewfish
• Snappers • Groupers
k J
This same statement can be made /
by each and everyone of our bus driveis.
Safety and courtesy is the policy of this <4, '***‘
We make every effort to keep our Sucs tun > 4
on schedule- to get you to your
destination comfortably, safely
and on-time.
Co-operate by having your FAKKS
fare ready when you board a
bus. Downtown Bum*. -
Rout** 2 *nd 3 R* I
"A City Is Only As Progressive . “
As Its Transportation oincian* and |||
System" N *’l IWf
City Hotpiul.
Key West Transit Co.,lnc. stock ui*ad a*i -
J. W. Sellers, Manager Boca Chic* I*M*
Phone 1057
Division St. P.-T. A.
Holds Big Meeting
The Division Strsrt S<
P.-T. A. held its swsai SMMMtKg
of the school year recent H w lit#
school auditorium. £♦*> H
Curry, vice prssideat, prrwded
in the absence el Mm preeMtesi,
Mrs. Leonard Curry, who ♦
tending the P.-T. A. c>nl< m?* • m
Group singing mun enjoy*!
An operetta mMM “The M
ventures of Goldilocks w*** t**v
nicely presented by Mm B*
nold’s second grade pupil*, with
little Catherine H**dg*-* m
dilocks;” Penelope R mmm sss
Goldilocks’ mother; Rav B><
wards as Pan, the W<**l Ckal
with other membei *of th i.*
as flowers and friends **f Oddi
A large number el parent*
were present A count f •>*
showed ll out of the 21 class
rooms won half-das holiday* a*
awards for one thud oi mote el
tendance. The door pnae mm
won by Mrs. Watson RrNdk
ments consisting of *.ndwi. he*
and punch wen served in tfce
lower hall bv th- hespnntlty
committee. A social h<ut •*
joyed by all.
The Answers
(Questions On Paps Tmoi
1 In 1930
2. Oct. 14. 1946
3. The 80th
4. Bi icker. Dew • > Vai*let
1 berg and Warren.
5. 1284.
6. It was knocked i>v an earlte
quake in 224 B.C.
7. No.
8. It is a synthetic co*l • Mr
9. • 1914.
10. Three.
The French settled in New
England before the Pdgi > >*
Monroe Theater
Coming: "In Fast Company
Strand Theater
"Janie (*el*
Also "March of Tun#
Coming: "THK HI HKI N>
u-drive nv?
* Phone 39R
North End of Grin null St mm*
Tw Huy coptvi> (••** f r%
known to be estentnl to humwi I
! nutrition, plu* lvi xj.J nut !j|
j 72 * $2.59 . y
1114 Division St. Cor Vati
Phone 177 Froo Doltvv*

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