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Tomorrow Is Deadline For
Conplianee With Hotel
Cowussion s Heating Law
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Oct. 31.—November Ist is the dead-
Itet ter ann |han 300 rooming houses, motor courts, raartment
laiMHand hotels in Florida, said Hotel Commissioner James T. Lan
mm today.
1 explained that his Held inspection tore* had kerr
•d t*lH Legal Notices to lodging house operators: which
would cause their license to be revoked after Novenlber Ist
uelees thee haw* complied with the Commission's regulation
wslh i4f*r.n#tr geTbeatem' ** - \
* tendon said that the regulations required all gas raatfers in j
skwfctaC rooms to be vented to the outside of the building, equipped
With automatic cut-off
S connected with metal pipes.
rotnmiasiom: emphasized
the fa* t that the drive against
unsafe heaters was still on and
ommM i ntisma throughout the
water. He said that he was con
fident that there were many hun
dred violator? who had not yet
bees apprehended. He urged the
UteaSry to comply with the regu-
IWttesis and avoid having their
The CotmruMioner stated that
•MM* starting the drive on August
HNA hi* office had been flooded
wMk letters, wires and phone
liter. Mostly of a complimentary
***** The p^.s^l^don,
Attorney General Ervin Says
Littlefield Not Enforcing
Florida's Gambling Laws
Warrrfli Aakrd 1
krvifl io
TALURAMte, Oct 31.— <JP).
Mraey General Richard Er
rey* if* his opinion that
Mtertff Alex Littlefield has ne
glected hm duty of enforcing
Pww*v*r, Ervin told Governor
IPM if# up lo the Governor
e determine what reports to be
fit* Attorney General said af
hdtevtts submitted to him by his
iteMleater* and. other persons,
m ly the Governor, are
MKmmi W show that lattle
*JM and Constable W M
ttfeughter of Oelar.d have “shut
Hmr fes to. or ignored" viola
■Hmm trf gtmMmg laws in the
Ervin included numerous affi
davit# cilwm open violations of
tjEt flam.ht>ng laws in the county
mst *#•** in support of Little-
Mi and Slaughter m his report
XWWaw had asked Ervin to
flMda an investigation and deter-i
djft# if thawe was sufficient evi-j
dips* at gambling in Volusia
•MP*?- fh W|est was made
4011* i the Tampa - oune pub
teitert mrtMim on wide open sales
si'lmtita tickets and operation of
tM not immediately
dtetetebie for comment on the re-
Death Toil In 1
Puerto Rico NW
CtA | s,m *
*£** WAsi t Oct. 31The
dplffc tell ronton ue>. to mount in j
Ptearte Rm*o‘s an*s American re-!
kteß*****. lid worst in the ' island’s;
Yte* t#6 now stands at about
& did M Wounded, and it
il expected U> rise further. Gov
*!®*®tet troops are heading for
town of Utuado. still held by
rebel Spree*.. after driving the
insurgent* from their stronghold
'• * *
ma nan omt| '
is very definitely interested and
supporting us in our efforts to
make the State as safe as possible
for the traveling public. Landon
also stated that his Department
had received excellent coopera
tion from the industry itself. He
said that he believed 90% of those
offering rooms for rent were mak
ing an honest effort to comply
with the regulations.
The enormity of the Commis
sion’s task is indicated by the fact
that the State Hotel Commission
now supervises over half a mil
lion rental rooms throughput the
State. |f?ss - ,
County Com. To
Meet Tonight In
Special Session
Monroe County commissioners
will meet tonight in special ses
sion at eight o’clock in the
courthouse, YHuxenead street
Purpose of the meeting is said
to nominate anew general man
ager for the hospital, "
• Willard M. Albury former
Mayor ofthe city of Kay West,
wiH ha named by the Welfare
committee. It j* expected that
rote ’ confirming him will be
unanimous. * •* % •
William R. Warren, present
hospital head, has already tend
ered his resignation to the board
of county commissioners.
Warren, a Major in the Air
Corps Reserve, may soon be call-*
ed to duty.
Navy Chiefs Find
i Cabin Cruiser;
Want Owner Told
Ralph Berling and Alvin
Crockett, two Navy chiefs from
Boca Chica, have found a 17'
eab*n cruiser five to six miles
west of Washerwoman’s shoals.
They were out fishing at the
The chiefs state they have a
The boat was towed by the
chiefs to the naval air station,
Boca Chica.
On Tamiami Trail
With Private Bath and Shower
Formerly at Poinsettia Hotel
Just off Brick.ll Iw.
and tih Sreet S. EL
Adm. Commends
Comdr., Units Of
Navy Base Here
Commendations for Captain C.
C A dell, commander of the Key
West Naval base, and six of the
base components, were received
uxiay from Rear Admiral Frank
T. Ward, USN, chief of the Navy
advisory group of the Air Force’s
Air university at Maxwell Air
Force base, Alabama.
More than 180 Air Force offi
cers from the university were in
doctrinated in submarine and
anti-svbmarine warfare between
Aug. 13 and 6ct 15, the corre
spondence revealed. Expressing
his gratification ioc the, outstand
ing manner In Which the Indoc
trination was planned, coordinat
ed and given, Rear Admiral Ward
“These field trips by U.St Air
Force officers are considered to
be a very valuable part of their
instruction at Ihe air command
and staff school and afforded
these officers an excellent oppor
tunity of increasing their profes
sional Background knowledge of
the US. Navy. Commander, Na
val base, is to be commended for
this outstanding performance of
duty which reflected great credit
upon the Naval service.”
Individual activities, which
were commended by separate let
ters were: Surface Anti-S^bma

Mrs. Ruby C. Nunez
Mrs. Ruby Christine Nunez. 38,
died last night at her residence,
1024 Virginia street Mrs. Nunez
is survived by one daughter, Cla
ra Maria Nunez; parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Albury and one
hrother, Harry Albury, Jr.
Funeral services will be held
tomorrow afternoon at 5:15 o’-
clock from the residence.
Father Gavin us Egana of St
Mary’s Star of the Sea Catholic
church, officiated. Pritchard
Funeral Home is in charge of ar
rangements. Burial will be in the
family plot in city cemetery.
Vandals Damage
l£sPontiaf ;sJ . t -.
I Donald w Hogg, 706 South
street reported to the police de-,
p&rtment that his ear a 1950
Pontiac was damaged while park
ed Saturday night Fender and
aerial of the car were injured.
Hogg attributed the damage
V> vandalism.
Other cars have been molested
by misguided youths as part of
their Halloween pranks.
it It fs
w* if ff , | 11 —~T
Tragedy, heartaches, crises,
happy endiags - important
NWS Ifl th® iflBJ of fROBJf {#H*
111 this mm ‘ sir® re*
corded & our iptscratiai! files
Every description we've com
pounded since first opening syr
doors for business is recorded
consiiiyic an uhpisjitjnea ns*
ty of your community.
And that, after ail, is oar busi
ness - community sendee. We
want yon to knew that, what
ever of whenever tfn need,
mifeeUM dft jIHiS rj a—
™ PH
i _~ ' • ; -**Ss r
1114 7HOMJUI tWH j
!, l
Flood Strikes In Oregon, 2,000 Are Homeless
, * . j.i J||gg
m £ '^lW r { '
s|jl[ , v j|B
m Wirephoto
hamette. River al Eugene, Oregon where 1,900 people Red their heme*. The crest moved
northward toward Portland through rich farm lands and drove about 1.000 more residents from
home. Two persons were drowned and one QUUS IS
Dr. H. K. Moore
Awarded Radio In!
Scout Contest
\ A radio donated by the Chief
Petty Officers Mess of the U. S.
Naval Station on behalf of the I
Roy Scouts of America, was!
awarded Dr. Herman K. Moore, j
Carlton F. Smith, finance
chairman, of the Monroe County j
Council of the Boy Scouts of
America, commended Chief Pet
ty officers of me naval station
for the interest they are taking
in the local Boy Scouts.
A. D. Morrison. Jr., ENC, of
the naval station has exhibited
leadership in the furtherance of
scouting activities which reflects
most creditably upon our Island
Carlton Smith said todays
“Because of the interest die Xavw
has shown and the efforts of
naval personnel under Recreation
Officer Lieutenant Roy_ Duke,
USN, chairman of the district
scouting committee, and Com
mander J. P. Conway, USN,
chairman of the court of honor, a
considerable portion of the Boy
Scout Council's budget has been
met”. . .... -
Between 40 and 50 gold mines
operate along a 50-mile stretch erf
South Africa’s “Band,”
' : , ' - S. ■
tS,p- Vum*
i x <#> \ t/
■ - w
* wsanww • £ W and a 4 M.W i* m
BFl! , i .. I jfcjL
* v /jit ♦( I . J/m L ' - II '..
1 I
_ *WI ■. I i *>of f
1 ~ W : v, \
B■HH BK K B B BfIEK wB re itere > rew
m= WHITE STREET . • ‘ ' ’: : • WBLjaHte.sj
Al 8:30 EST
k- —' —— -—■■■" ii —■■■■ ■■■——■
Atlanta . : •
Augusta : , :~2*
Biffings _ JJ
i 8051011 ' 55
j Buffalo : =. _ - - IT
; Charleston ■ 57
I Chicago 5g
} Corpus Christi 7j
Denver 55
| El Paso _ sg
| Ft. Worth _ 68
Galveston - - 73
Jacksonville 56
Kansas City __ 68
Key West Airport 74
Los Angeles ... , # _____ 61
Louisville ... 59
Meridian 55
Miami _ 57
(Minneapolis _ 53
MwaßMit — m
New Orleans - _ §i
■New York ~ .. ;4q
Norfolk _ _ 56
Oklahoma City 65
Omaha ___ 60
Pensacola _____ ' 67
Pittsburgh 55
Roanoke 1 62
St. Louis '. 67
San Antonio 66
San Francisco ~, . 4t
Seattle 4|
Tallahassee 1 66
Tampa ' I fg
Washington ___ 55
State Can’t Pay
Any More Bills:
Funds Too Low
Tallahassee, Oct 31.— up*.
—The state general fund Has bat
suck bottom and there’s aat
enough money to pay the Octo
ber bills of roost agencies.
Comptroller C. M Gay told
the cabinet today that only five*
million. 281-thousand dollars is
pn hand.
Normal payments to schools,
welfare and salaries of state em 4
ployees this month will take
more than this amount.
Gay said that beginning to,
morrow “we’re just going to have
to quit paying buhl.” He added
“we’re going to be very fortunate”
if we can get through January
and meet any more than the
monthly payroll, allocations for.
welfare and county school dis
However, the cabinet looked
far into the future and commit
ted itself to set aside 146-thou
sand dollars from current ap
propriations The money will be
spent 18 to 24 months from now
to furnish and equip new dor-mi-1
tones at Florida State Universi
. The Black Hills of South Da
kota are covered with dark pine
Real estate safes m tmm *
shown by seven waS^rtewfej
Cfcfk Earl ft. Adams {
The deeds were Lied as 3te- i
E. and
mi E. Ciairmont, let 81, of bteek|
and NeU M Hastfy •
to Charles D. and GenMse & I
Riggs, partjf tot 8. tract 12. a*|
for 65,000
Clara Fekh to Made!tee M
Re hill, lots 1 through 16. mdu-i
sive. Lots 12 through 17, mciu
save, and Lots A 5. and A f Sq :
has seen Thl
r oriulte ** 1
h kntl fMnteiij teM MtecA |
oMl9pp *~
tohedat. Qcmmm m, mm
Zfwmtk, hm sk Wmm I

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