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DOROTHY RAYMER , Society Editor
Thursday, March S, 1953
Individual Merit Of Dinner Settings
And Miniature Box Arrangements Told
The table settings in artistic arrangement at the Flower Show
Which dosed last night could have been entered in e photographic
layout for any of the smarter home magazines and win, plates down,
goblita up. One of the most striking was the blue ribbon winner,
*Tih Supper,” into which Mrs. C. M. Downey introduced crystalline
tilabow huee with Venetian glass carp objects d’art, Italian plates
in the shape of colored fish, with the entire display set on a char
treuse end white cloth. .
Silver Aaaivarsary table, which
•Iso won a blue award, was en
tered by Hr. and Mrs. Ralph Dick
eon. Dazzling white linen and or
nate silver plates, bowls, dinner
ware and 'Over candelabra,
gleamed around a centerpiece of
Vose-red hibiscus.
Modern note was sounded in the
dinner table setting which won the
•utstanding ribbon in this exhibit.
Mrs. Irving T. Duke utilized tones
of ember, deep topaz, gold, fawn
and brown with white on a brown
cloth. A brass basket held gilded
fruit to point up the masterpiece.
A vivacious breakfast setting,
arranged by Mrs. Joseph Toth,
captured a blue ribbon. A plain
green doth wes in effective con
trast to the butter-cup yellow at
the breakfast dishes. A touch of
red in the green centerpiece was
provided by earrissa fruit.
Mrs. Joseph Bettinger was giv
en e winning ribbon for he.‘ Ha
waiian motif table. A finely strung
flower Id wes draped below e
woven coconut straw bet with e
pineapple in it. Bamboo end sil
ver knives, forks and spoons and
Hawaiian designed plates were
pieced on fishnet over tan cloth.
Rad ribbon want to Mr. and Mrs.
Gene Otto for “High Tee.” They
used e gold and white Empire tea
set. Roses and begonias enhanced
the period white vase trimmed in
gold. Intricate accessories of
bowls, littlo dippers, small jugs,
and plates in blue and white were
featured in the Oriental display of
Dr. and Mrs. Aubrey Hamilton. A
pair of chopsticks accentuated the
Chinese setting and the tree flow
er known as "Key West orchid”
floated in a shallow bowl.
Delicate pink coral vine and
pink blossoms, tinted pink sea
shells in a fluted shallow bowl, or
Offer Applies To Any
Child 6 Week* To 2 Years
Variety ol
Pom Taken...
Selection o! Proofs
AfF Portrait* Mod* Wlfh
or Your Moony Bock!
Limit 1 CMWrw H e PirnKy
nate rose end royal blue luncheon
service on an ashes of roses hand*
made cloth, won a second prize
for Mrs. H. J. Steinbreder who
chose Venetian inspiration for her
table setting.
Less elaborate, but with keynote
of versatility, was the display in the
"For Men Only” exhibit. William
Braddy took the blue with e cor
nucopia straw basket forming a
mask-head. Eyes were made of
grapes, the noae was a small
squash, the mouth a radish, and
long earrings of squash and rad
ishes dangled from the basket
handle ears. A pineapple with a
flaunting hibiscus crowned the top.
The necklace of radishes was con
tributed by Neil (Tony) Certer.
George Renne supervised the
The miniature shadow boxes
created much comment. There
seemed to be some difference of
opinion as to whether these en
tries were to have or not to have
highlighting accessories. At any
rate, the judges must have been
in a dither when decisions had to
be made, for the exhibit, both in
tricate and simple, was based on
a wedding theme of bridal bou
quata and the anniversariat of
wood, crystal, pearl, china and
silver. The various categories
were expanded so that sheila, fib
er, other metals besides silver tad
pottery could be used.
The entire exhibit, ehairmaned
by Mrs. Lee Goddard, won e tri
color ribbon through Mrs. Paul
Miller’s pearl anniversary artis
try This featured an upturned
shell filled with tiny white blos
soms placed on a wooden carved
stand or table a few inches in
height. Tucked under this were
white satin streamers with three
pearl beads on the ends. The back
ground was an embroldarad cut
out with gay flowers in rod and
bluo with poarl studded contort.
Loo Albert designed i piece of
ebony driftwood outlined with
shells and pearls, Mrs. James
Foresmtn entered e simple piece
of ailvor-gray driftwood with
fringe of poinaettia end white
periwinkle with red dot centora
for the weed dess.
Mn. Let Goddard won e first
prise in the silver or metal dess
with tastefully done end spritoly
flower arrangement in a metal
container with e simple box lining
of seagreen rough toxturad fabric.
Mrs. Hugh Bredin was given
red ribbon for phlox flowers adorn
ing e sliver ship on a silver eee.
Third award was taken by Mrs.
Bruce E. Bradley. She lined the
Rhadowbox with purple velvet and
Coral Vine spilled out of a silver
jewelbox. Mrs. Joseph Lazarovici
exhibited a rich creation of tapes
try background, emblazoned medal
container and flowers in matching
hues to carry out the brocade pat
In the china anniversary divi
sion, Mrs. Deiio Cobo captured e
blue ribbon for her picture study
of e Victorian room complete with
period table, lace curtains fram
ing e window, flowered wallpaper
and a vase with clustered trum
petshaped flowers, which looked
like tmy tuberoses. .
Mr*. Guy Carletnn won a first
in the wooden anniversary display
with dried grass and feathery pos
ies in a wooden container poised
on three scarlet match boaes.
Second ribbon went to Mrs. Har
old J. Reilly who created a har
vest effect by filling a small fibre
basket with varitsated blossoms
and miniature fruits. The bo* ltn
inf was sheer black velvet,
Wood roses, libce lining and
shades of red. brown, beige and
yeilow were blended for Mrs
Frederick Butler's warm-toned en
In the sparkling crystal exhibit.
Mrs. J. Edgar Willing won a blue
ribbon for her crystal and silver
urn filled with a green and white
vine. The floor of the box was
’ billowed in white satin. Second
prise was woo by Mr* P. J. Rost
who piaced e spungtsss ship de
corated with etimaon sptkey Row
ers on a mirror. Mrs. Featoa Boat
took e yellow nbboe for puds roses
ta e crystal brandy snifter. Two
little crystal svsahoau with eorgl
via# in IN hollowed backs and
tulle for the draped *tdag brought
honorable mention for Mtu Ger
trude Laohscber.
Wedding UA*t*ts were exgvu
sltely created. Tappet was the aid
fathtotted omega* ta ace paper
circlet, arraaged by Mrs Albert
B. Stem Red nbbua badge we*
: give* Mrs Joseph Toth m dost
*r*d *arrv pewias bnugoet with
lace and tulle : tmpoata* the
redding theme.
Lack of apace prohibits further
Page 5
Bevy Of Models
Will Arrive Here
Saturday Morning
Whmt siren* scream an Satur
day morning, it won't be Harry
Truman returning to Key Watt,
but there is e poll** eofert pro
mised for the 14 tusciaue pro
fessional models arriving Areas
paints north for the fashion fhow
being eponoorad by the Officers*
Wives Club an Saturday night at
the Case Marine.
A eeveleade of private cars
will take the girls to the hotsl
If they arrive by plane. If they
come by special bus, the bevy
of beauties will be met an the
outskirts of the city and the
caravan will go directly to the
Casa Marina.
Tickets far the dazzling event
which will chew Sjphie's of Saks
Fifth Avenue gowns sr# going
rapidly and era new available In
limited numbers at four places:
The Key Wester, ftinchfield's
Raul's and the Sun end Sand
■each Club.
It is emphasised that the shew
is not iust for women. . .that
husbands ere fashion ceafcleut
and here is the chance to get
a pre-view of the trend to style*.
After all, it len't the woman who
always pays and pays I
Top Officials
Nat*l Sojourners
Will Visit City
The local Chapter of the Nation
al Sojourners will entertfin some
distinguished guests gt a special
meeting next Tuesday. Msj. Gen
eral John K. Rice, National Presi
dent of National Sojourners will
visit the Chapter and (lvp the ad
dress. Acoompanying him will he
Past National Presidcit frig Qen*
eal Robert H. Dunlop and trig.
General Harry R. KuU, Trufte# of
the National organisation.
The three national officers will
stop over at Cocoa Monday night
where they will participate in the
organization of anew chapter of
Sojourners made up of Officers
from the Air Forre Misfile Test
Center PAFB. This chapter will
be listed as Missile Test Center
Chapter No. 336, National Sojour
The meeting of the local chapter
will be held in the First Presby
terian Church Tuesday evening at
eight o'cleek the lteh of Mareh.
All Sojourners Is this area should
cell Col. Ralph Regers, phons
3-0464, for reservations for the
dinner. This win he e Ladips
Night since thf three National of
fice™ ere bringing with them their
Friends and Masons who sight
be interested in meeting end hear
ing ”Rickey” as Gen lief if
familiarly known, will be wel
comed with their wives providing
reservations erf made- The Pre
sident, Lt. George Yeung. U*N, of
the local Chapter is autoea to
have n good attendance.
Pictured abeve is Dr. Harold
M. HiU. noted AuduMn Screen
Tour Lecturer, and Redlaadl. Calif
forma, who will preseat lug ex
citing eoler motion picture ’’Wings
! end Talons ’ as the fourth event in
the Audubon Screen Tour Sanaa
at Key Meet High School text
Monday night at aigbt a'eloek.
Dr. Hill who ii makiag his
first trip to Key Meet, ender the
auspices of the Mentne County
Audubon Society and tha Mttieoal
Audubon Society, hat spent many
years on foot and horsnhaeh, In
•the mountains of the Weat Coast
range*, and by neat to the ehae
nel islands te photograph end
study the Uvea of the hawks ea
gles and ewla and other predators
The film ”Wg and Ta Urns’
■ate jointly by Dr Hill sad Dr
Telford ft Woeh, who was a
Screen Tour speaker here fear
rears age, gives new tottfht and
understanding of tha pradatery
bird* ta maustatemg a biases in
I as tore
Dr. Kill will oregret his film
sad speak t* aa audience and scheoi
! children is the matinee at two
i s'clerk Mends* ah* moot m the
awUderhtei of Tn>m*n AW
delated 4e script** of the hfiti
Ana! merit evtdeet in everv tec
lion of the shew The kt* f Hthm
*er* will apeeer when the
, complied listing is enmpWed.
W oman $ Club To Buck
Detention Homo Idea
Acting Secretory of the Key West
Woman’s Club, Mrs. Grace Crosby,
makee the following official state
ment concerning recent action
taken by the club:
"At a regular meeting of thf Wo
man's Club, the following resolu
tion was adapted:
“Whereas the Woman’s Chib is a
civic-minded body specifically in
terested to the development and
maintenance ef programs, activi
ties end benefits for youth as well
Ss adults and,
“Whereas at 4 regular meeting of
the acid elub it was deemed that
the program of the Monroe County
Juvenile Council wes a very worth
while and practical effort for the
protection of children and youth in
Monroe County, the Woman’* Club
resolved wholeheartedly to back
the program tor the procurement
of e proper detention home, or
quarters, for juvenilts in Monroe
County who must be placed under
the custody of the Juvenile court.
“Therefore be it resolved that
this action wgs to recognition of
the fact that no facilities are
aveUahlf at thf present time,
either suitable or desirable for the
detention ef minorf.”
Coming Events
CAP Cadets. Key Wfft High
Auditorium. 9:M p.m.
Neyy Wives' Bowling Leagno, .
P.m.. N- S. Also epen bowling
Sm west Liens, meeting, l-.ao
P-m- at Liens Dfa. Vemtoary
Menroe County Hospital Wom
an’a Auxiliary Sowing group,
at hospital, 3 p.m.
Handllralt group, every Thurs
day, feeend Peer library,
Navel Station.
Ceramie Glams, 1 to 4 p.m.,
West MsrtfU* Art School,
.County Beach.
. Circle Two, First Methodist
Church. 3 p.m.
Ladies Aid, Grace Lutheran
Church, at church, 7:30 p.m.
Continuation of new art show at
East Msrtello Tower noon to
I p.m. Cireus art and New
Jersey prints end drawings
hung to eWblt
Rotary Club luncheon at St
Paul's Parish Hall, 12:15 p.m.
Lions Club Minstrel shew, High
Sebool auditorium. p.m.
Old Fashioned hymn ting end
fellowship program, Poinciana
Baptist Church, -
Laadffsra (lay medium) end
beginners ctosanradS n.m. to l
P-m. Hand weaving, <1 <to 4
p.m., West MestaOb Art School.
County Beach. *4* -
KnutoU of Pythias,-Pythian HalL
BMchttßJFSji P T’ylor.
HB-1 group haotosMs. Mrs.
Jonathan Jeekeeo wiU be
Slst speaker. Cocktails at
IP p m.
Jayshee Charity Dance, Fash
ton Show, beginning • p.m.,
BUta Club annex.
Tie’ Chib Fern Chapter No.
0.1.5. I p m.
K. W. Amateur Radio Club, Na
tional Guard Armory, 7:30
Caye Hteso Grotto, 411 Amelia
Street, t p.m.
Yeuth far Christ Bally. Fleming
Street Methodist Church, 755
Fleming Street, 7:90 p.m.
Children's Classes. 10 A.M. to neon
West Msrtello Art School,
County Beach.
Officers’ Wives* Club fashion
show and dance, Casa Marina,
• 30 p.m.
Libraries Have
Problem Keeping
Up With Issues
Übnmana had a Hint problem te
wort out bare- how tn save tha
height Maas of humanity from
death by disanuag ia a vast ocean
of painted matter
VehsiWe thoughts in print 31
he leet forever In the sheer vß
eme ef pubiieatie**. they were
taM. nntees spa sly machines can
replace enr sluggish minds end
RimhHng headt in library indexing,
ceding end eiasstfyis*
i The problem was posed at John*
Hopkins Cpivoretty Tuesday by
Dr. LetreU J Reed nee president
el the Jehna Bapkms University
and hospital, In aa address s® a
?m pee mm an “Meehspe Tecbai
•tei et fctotufie Detumettatioe **
Aa if)h ef the bawaderag
pavU ad wnfnohia punt mfce
astern wee supplied by Venter W
Clapp, chief assistant Hhrartan of
I'ongrem ■ Waihagtoe
Qapp mid there are between e
■dtine end •* aiithea aeseutrfk
gruriea ■ grist that the lArir* of
Cphfreee he* net bran able t#
<taW rtf tha U< i of a p4|
at the rate ef .ahm* git am per
B* that ha MM the
- them ■eterei journals carrying a
Cleaning up the Elks Annex
after the Garden Club Flower
Kiow is a Herculean task. On the
laat night spotted Joe Toth toting
loads of gadgets away from the
exhibit. Behind him came his wife,
picking up things that dropped
from his load. Someone who knows
orchids and how to steal them
without injuring the plants took a
thousand dollars werth of the ex
otic blooms from Mrs. A1 Mills
garden while she was at work in
the annex. 1 hope the thieves have
allergies and start sneezing their
beads off. . .and that reminds me
. . .any old gold dealer and jewel
ry ebops in the area can be on
the lookout for a weddingband
which belonged to my great-grand
mother who gave it to me when
I was two months old, saying this
is for “Little Roundhead” ... I
was nicknamed for her husband's
regiment. The plain gold circle is
engraved inside “S. N. Douthitt”
.. and I believe has an 1865 date.
That, my Aztec mesh necklace,
which Is only plated, and a big
rimmed modern wedding ring
which was locked around the heir
loom, and hung on a chain, and an
enameled pin, are missing from
my house. Whoever took the things
can have them all and no questions
asked if only they will Return the
old family wedding ring. It’s
medium in depth —and can’t be of
too much value except to me.
. . .spring desk cleaning is again
in order for the disorder of my
desk. . .and I find the darnedest
things. . .a note that Norman Lob
sey of "Quick” magazine and Mar
ilyn Darrell of “Look” magazine,
spent a honeymoon at the Casa
Marina, for example. This com
bination of quick look ought to
add up to something for “Life.”
. , .Found a jotting that David
Shavin whom I used to know from
Miami Daily News staff days, is
in town and live* at 421 United
Street upstairs. . .There's also a
scribbling or so about Johnny
,M<tyera’ recent appearance at the
Ov W. C. luncheon when he in
advertently selected Mrs. Boaz
and Mrs. Bradley as objects of
his attention when singing. - .and
the creek was made that he prob
ably -was expecting to enter
the Navel Hospital. Also, that
when be asked for e drink. Betty
Boyd handed him a tumbler of
water. . .which he poured on his
CRYPTIC smudged words on
ragged paper also turn up to re
mind me that e recent slip In the
galley proof said something about
parking in “Towns and nities” in
stead of “cities,” but that one
ain’t tor delicate eyes. . To Maids
Lazarovici way back at the time
of the opening of the new bank
addition goes credit for her re
mark to Jerry Trevor who re
ceived hugh floral tributes . .Said
she, “I certainly enjoyed your
flower show.'*. . .Ask Ir* Albury,
J. P., wbo turned out to be best
man at the wedding and recep
tion at e local tavern. . Aside to
Grace Croaby. . the lady who was
not to the picture as guest for the
dinner for Frances Maule was
Mia* Loretta Grahms. assistant
State Membership Chairman from
Illinois. . Larry Karns wishes me
to not# that the Key West Artists
do NOT have an association, they
have a group. “They have no
presidents, no vice, so you need
no presidente. . they have only
a stqtaramente ano Boardo of
Directoris.” That's his Spanish,
not mine He adds, “An associa
tion must be businesslike. The
Key West srusts srt haphazard
like ” Organized or not. they are
pot pseudo-abstractionist copyist*
Judge Lopez Back
From Conference
rtmttt Court Judge MuiUn* (
Lope*. Jr has returned from the
annuel Judge a Conference called
by the Attorney General,
j The eooclave was held ta Ocala,
Fla. with that city’s hers associa
tion acting at boat.
| Legislation to be proposed at the
coming session if the Florida an
ions >• dtmmaaed at the meet
m*. Judge Lope* *4af Of the 11
Circuit Court Judge* a the state
41 attended the conference Eater
utsnest et buffet and
a eockta- party was jwnted by
the heats
■agger'4 1, M articles were j
being puhitshed each year.
The symposium was sponsored j
by the medical index mg project a {
progress et the ttepfcft' Medical
Library eadtr tha wiecttoh ef Dr
hemwcd V. Lerkey, the l*frj
gtrectgr in tuspere tart ah the
Mary-sad mutt ef •* American
' Chem-c a* Society sad the 4n*f
can te* la*ticnce.
SoJtoenfc* !■ Tim Cut— <
flsy : .r
' .A' ft
Bp ajßy .. !_
BY-THE-siA, by the way, waa
a different scene to 1113. The
beauties on the beach were
dressed in outfits like thf one
shown above. Model to Mrs.
Robert Dopp. the to one ef the
JayShees who are aponsortof
the dance, fashion show end
Calvalcade ef Old Fashioned
Bathing Suita,” ceurtefy of Cata
lina, tomorrow at the Elks Chib
annex. The evening unfolds at
• pm —Citizen Staff Photo.
Subscribe to Ha Chism
dial i-rm
Boogie and Blue
Shine Parlor
326 Southard Stroot
S Doers from Goto Berber Shop
phons i-ms
■MR* • ■amp • **• w mamr p neemm •
Iff Flwilng tom K*r m Ftotote
Tram te Mutei V.a, Om fttovu et to ME Firm St
JayShee Charity Event Tomorrow Eve
Promises Fun, Fahions And Dancing
A gale evening it in store for everyone attending the Jayshee
Charity Dance end Fashion Show to be held at the Elks Club Annex
tomorrow night at p.m. Appel’s Store will present a beautiful
line of odvancod stylos in the latest fashions, and Donald’s will have
some stunning heir styles.
“Cavalcade ef OM Fashioned
Bathing Suits” will be the high
light of thi evening.
Tickets may be purchased from
any Jayshee, at Apnri’s Store, at
the Cube Shop, or at the door the
night of tee event
Dorothy Raymtr will be com
mentator for both the regular
fashion parade and the lineup of
bftiung costum as which begin cir
ea 1371 when ladies wore penta
gons under “bathing dresses,"
through the gradually revealing
years to the present mode.
Thfte will be 35 different en
tries to the fashion display start
ing with playtime clothes, swim
suits and shorts sett, followed by
casual afternoon and spectator
sports ensemble* and dosing with
more formal wear in cocktail
gowns and dance froks.
Local beauties are modeling.
Thf Ust includes Gloria Muniz,
Lavoada Sawyer, Gay Lou Barro
so, BUlie Canon, Romona Stampfl,
Betty Cooper, Mickey Renne, Bet
ty Roberta, and Jerry Sweeting.
The “fetching” bathisg costumes
of the old days are being worn by
Mitizi Fisherman, Jerry Sweeting,
Betty Roberts, Mickey Renne,
Mario Finder, Billie Canon, Jean
ette Launders, Gey Lou Berroeo,
Betty Cooper, Norms Dopp, end
sn unknown Cinderella wbo must
ho rate to fit into the slim sil
houette of the 1333-30 bathing suit.
William McQunmgle waa the
ftoft maitoger of the Dodgers. He
piloted the club in 1130 and led
thf tffm to a pennant
St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church,
Truman Avenue
FrtfCher: R. J. McALLISTER, S. J.
Come Up and See Vs
Tropical Fantasies
MARCH 6,7, 8 nod 9
Adults , SI.OO Children, 25c
DIAL: Citizen Office , 2-5662
Magazine Editor
Honored Here
By B.P.W • Members
A group of local residents, spear
headed by Joan Mardis, including
State B. P. W. officers, Wilhel
rain* Harvey and Grace Crosby,
local B. P. W. officers, Blanche
Miller and Carole Netties had a
dinner in honor of Frances Maul*,
editor-in-chief of “Independent Wo
man." natural BPW magasine.
Among those present were; Lo
retta Grahms. Asst. State Mem
bership BPW Chairman of Illinois;
Mrs. Margaret Cox, Pres, of Cere
bral Palsy and Crippie Inc.; Mra.
Larrenza Levesque; Mrs. Willie-
Mee Simmons; Sunny Finch and
Sen Per Rodriquez*
Mr. and Mra. Armando Rodri
quez of K-i George Alien Apts.,
are the parents of a baby boy who
arrivod at borne. February 37 at
10 a m. He weighed I lbs., and
has been named George MtoueL
Mother and child are doing nicely.
Mra. Rodriquez is the former Miss
Alba Lopez This ia a third child
for the couple.

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