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DOROTHY RAYMER , Society Editor
Monday, March 9, 1953
We keep on griping around here
about the condition of the Key
West Streets, and it is so possible
that we are entirely right ... I
gay as I climb out of a pothole,
but when you stop to think that it
was only this date in 1806 that they
first started to build a national
highway, our streets would prob
ably look like those within the
nearly gates to the folk living ’way
Back when.
This is quite a month too, for an
niversaries and such, and say
there, did you know that we are
going to wind up this week with
another Friday the 13th? I am in
vited to a party on that date, and
• don’t know whether I should go or
pot. Maybe it would be better if I
stayed in bed all day.
Weil, this being Monday instead
of Friday, and the beginning in
stead of the end of a week, maybe
t’would be better if we just stop
ped worrying about everything and
started shopping.
♦ ★ *
There are a couple of roal
craiy Joes out at tha Sigsbee
Snackary. Thoy put an ad in tho
paper Saturday that says as fol
lows: "Want* buy a duck? Well
wo don't havo any!" or words to
that offset. Of course, the cube
steak sandwich they lator pro
claim tc havo la quite something
to waddlo horns about, but why
mention duck in the first place?
Now, I know quits o few people
who don't like duck, and quite a
few mera who are rtal duck
fanciers. You take the ones who
don't like duck. Thoy wouldn't
ovon look further on the od. Then
again, the duck fancitrs would
road eagerly on and find out that
all they could got for their duck
money is a perfectly delicious,
old cube steak sandwich bun,
simply dripping with butter, and
a loaf of lettuce smack dab on
♦hat. Besides that, thay throw in
, a faw franch frioa and a dab of
cola slaw.
Than, tho crowning bit of inani
ty In this hara now production.
Thoto character* proclaim that
♦hair ico cream is HOT STUFF I
This Ida not sea at all. Who's
craiy now?
★ ★ ★
Chocolate being my favorite
flavor, I was clad to find In grand
ma* acrap book a few tricks with
chocolate to make it less pesky to
No need to nse a big saucepan
to melt s’ little chocolate . . .
there’s a much easier way. Place
chocolate squares or-pieces in a
custard cup; set the cup in a strain
er across the tflp of a teakettle of
boiling water. Or let the cup in
one inch of water fid a pan and
To make curia or alivers of
chocolate desserts, use a vegetable
parer or sharp, thin-bladed paring
knife to shave off thin slices. Soft
fresh chocolate curls when sliced;
harden chocolate cuts into slivers.
★ ★ *
Surprise, surprise, here's Den
eld's Beauty Shop way up here
in the cetvmn again. Well, they
ere beck with the Bske Wave I
tetd yeu ebeut last week. Hey
new girls, this Is e wave can
raining protein which is generally
found tnly In meets egg* *nd
dairy products. New yeu can
FEED your Heir ee yeu curl if I
Another thing, when I was In
there Saturday, I saw the start,
middle end finish ef an ISKA
wave, end new I'M cenverted
tee. It was dene an the smeller
curlers, en Iren grey heir, and
that heir came out as soft end
smooth end natural leaking as
any real curly hair I have ever
seen. It we* levely. I den t knew
who the lady was, but I'll bet
she's tickled with It right new,
end she never leaked better.
The last and meet Impertent
bit ef newt ebeut the ISKA ie
that there will be an ISKA spe
cialist In Donald's this week te
give these new end revehitienery
permanent waves. Here's yeur
chance gelt, te have yeur wave
by e specialist.
k it k
It s getting so that now a days K
Isn't safe to send me out alone
A>thtog l tarry along, l a liable
to leave some place or other If H
tsn t pencils and notebooks, it s
liable to be my giants. Well, this
time iTs real serious. While out
shopping on Thursday. 1 tost a pair
ef shoes! No, I didn't have them
en etther. id just bought a pair of
Dr Poster shoes, bru convent
itiordt lor daughter Call, and ah
teat mladediy laid them dew a
somewhere and walked off with
m? note pad It kit bad enough
Ip stand the W of the price ef a
fair of shoes, but Mrs fact kindly
ordered them special because her
store doesn’t regularly carry Pos
ner shoes in the larger sizes. So
besides the loss of the shoes, it
will take about three weeks to get
another pair. Unless the kind soul
who picked them up returns them
to The Citizen office, Gail will have
to paint her feet brown and go to
school barefoot until another pair
can be ordered. Please?
★ ★ ★
The current publications arc
making a graat daal of tho fact
that tho dollar has shrunk to 52c.
Mrs. Boor at Ideal Togs evident
ly doesn't road those publications
because in her store ere some
wonderful cotton seersucker
blouses for boys or girls with a
knit waistband for only 98c!
Also for just 98c, seersucker sun
suits in smart styles and colors.
Donim shorts with snap gripper
crotch too. In fact denim shorts
from drooling age to also 12. This
too for 91c.
Than in tho 98c success line,
seersucker pajamas in nursery
prints in sins one, two and
These are only a few ef tho
bargains at Ideal those days,
it's like 58c bargain day at Ideal,
and bettor yet, you come homo
with 2c change ... at tho cur
rent trend, that Is.
fir fir fir
So many folks commented on the
shortcuts the other P. M. thought
you might like to cut in on some
more. And thank grandma she
liked to keep scrap books.
Use a child’s marble as a minia
ture darning egg for a glove finger.
Use the revolving stand of the
electric mixer as a Lazy Susan
when frosting a cake. Set the cake
on the stand and turn it slowly as
you frost top and sides.
No brown sugar in the house?
Add one part molasses to four
parts granulated sugar; mix well.
Use like brown sugar.
k k fir
■very so often. Globe Shoo
Store over on Fleming St. re
minds us that wo musn't forgot
tho distaff aid* of tho family,
and takes ua Into that big and
complato Men's Shoo Depart
ment. This tlm* thoy woron't
fooling about a complete lino
Get reedy for warm weather
with e pair ef John ■. Lucey
sheet. These ere the ventilated
shoos that aro so popular up
north in summer and down her*
ell year round.
John Lucey ohees are dressy
as well as cemfertsbls. I saw
toms of woven leather In the
manner ef th* handmod* shoos
from Moxico or Spain, but tho
ones I liked best wars the new
spring shoos of calf and nylon
math In combinations of brown
•nd whit* *r black and white.
Thoy rosily looked cool as any
Clippers puts out a white buck
skin loafor that looks lik* th*
sporting man's typo of footwear,
and the Ponelecat Trampeze
sport shoo in natural calf was
beautiful to so*. Of course at
Glaba are always th* wonderful
Magne Arch (hoes in the latost
stylos and Glaba Is tha head
quarters for OfHcor's whites.
Then for that dress-up Eester
Sunday finery, tho Slicker dress
shoo. This is tho only store In
town that'has tho Slicker shoo
featuring the "Dime Solo," that
extra thin sale for dancing and
strolling in your very best.
★ ★ fir
This town is a nice friendly little
town, with a good majority of
merchants oho ere wonderful peo
ple to do business with. Take for
instance those famous gals in the
famous little shop across from La
Concha who have done this column.
The Citizen, and this columnist
personally so many nice favors.
We appreciate it, and will do our
•11 for them whenever we can.
That’s why we are so glad to
welcome newcomers of the same
calibre. These people started p a
place a year ago, a nice friendly
Utile store, but people being peo
pie. they fell wit with their part
ners, Now l understand everything
was Bottled, everyone got their
torn, and now one-half of the part
nership has started anew stole
tt the same rid stead with the
-ante old name. They used to be
neighbors right here to the column.
and they have com# bsck too. But
better yet 1 tee to to is there,
because it is a trlendiy place. And
better than that t was convinced
the other day that these are real
tamest folks whe* they returned
money to me on mferhaadi** be
cause they found there * at similar
merthsiKiu* m town at a lower
Page 5
*- —... 1 f •/. ■'
•-- —- • % ’ Mi. vHI B H
CASA MARINA THRUSH. Betty Madigan, goes native for the
moment in a cocoanut straw hat. She’s one of the featured enter*
tainers at the Red Cross Victory Dance, which is being held
tonight at the Casa Marina. The sparkling floor-show is aug
mented with two dance bands. Last-minute goers can buy
tickets at the door from the Beta Sigma Phi hostess sponsors.
Red Cross Victory Dance Scheduled
With Show Tonight At Caa Marina
Tonight is the big night of the Red Cross Victory Dane* at
the Casa Marina sponsored by Beta Sigma Phi sorority. The fes
tivities will begin at approximately 9 p.m. Tickets have been sold
rapidly, and the list of sponsors expanded every week. Lest batch
of reservations to be made were by Mr. and Mrs .Harold Laubocftor,
Mr. and Mrs. James McManus and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mulberg.
There will be two bands for
dancing, Larry Lloyd’s combina
tion of the Casa Marina which
plays smooth rhythms and Gus
Ayala’s orchestra which has
proved its merit locally.
A varied floorshow will add
to the fun and frolic. There is
Betty Madigan, singer; Ricky
and Veda, dance team; Lona Al
len who does singing imitations
and a unique baton twirling act.
Joe and Bonnie Swan, well
known in Key West for their
ballroom specialities will also
dance. The show closes with Ra
vena, billed as “Queen of Panto
price. Welcome to Key West Jean
and Jack, we like people like you.
★ fir *
Seme time age when the
Calebrity Club was lust being
born, so te speak out ef the plans
ef o lot of ambitious folk, w*
laughingly started colling tho
joint * "Saloon." "La Ceng*
Celebrity Club" seemed like an
awful long nemo for an intimate
little cocktail joint like that, and
besides by th* time you get all
that out you would forgot what
you wanted to say anyhow.
Well, Mena Del Monte being
Mona all tho whilo, "Saloon"
seemod to be a word that just
plain slipppod Into the conversa
tion with no troublo at all when
ever we spoke of tho place. Folks
listened end folks laughed too.
No on* ever cell* a drinking
place a saloon anymore f'heavina
takes! "Tavern." "Inn." "Cock
tail Lounge," "Bar," anything
but a saloon, please Maryl
T'other night however, when
John Carbonoll and his wife and
all his relatives were In the
piece, he summed up the way
we all felt'about it, end I decided
H should be duly reported here.
John said, and I quote: "Yeu
knew, this is e real friendly
saloon." And that’s exactly what
it it, a roal family saleen.
Just thought you'd liWo to
know, end that you would liko
♦o gather your friend* and rela
tive* together and go on down
to the saloon. They'll gush a tow
choir* around a couple of table*,
putt up the spittoons and you'tf
bo off to the nicest evening you
over spent anywhere.
* ♦ t
Well what do you know' Of an
things. Key West now ha* its first
saloon? And I thought they had
one all the time!
Seems real silly right now to get
back to shortcuts or recipes so lets
just let that ride until Wednesday.
Besides 1 have to bust my brains
over another one of theoe Donald
things. Let s see tuner . . ,
* ★ dr
there's e Head Specialist of
Donald's who will put on CSKA
wave on yours to moke you fool
i* t eur
* * *
Well now I hope you had a very
pleasant week-end. If you haven't
any plans for the one coming up.
after this next 13th one, make ar
raageir.ee,is to go to a bail for
Charity and our Monroe County
Hospital will benefit.
In the meantime, shut up your
black eats, pull down the ladders,
lighten up the salt cellars, and
make all precaatnows foe the aw
ful 13th Do ymar 13th precaution*
early, bed dent for set to go shop
ping. Lav and staff, Jason, Advi.
mime,” noted for hilarious rag
Six lovely door prises will be
given away.
Tickets may be purchased a*
the door. Beta Sigma Phi hos
tesses will be there to aaatot h*
any way possible.
Future Teachers
Will Attend
FSU Conference
The Future Teacher* of Amer
ica chapter at Florida State Uni
versity will be host to the first
state conference of FTA high
school and college chapters Fri
day and Saturday, Mart* It and
14. The FTA is an organisation
o fstudents who plan to enter Hit
teaching profession.
Among the speskers win be
Thomas D. Bailey .state school
superintendent; Dr. G. Ballard
Simmons, University of Florida,
Gainesville, who is heed of the
Florida Education Association
FTA committee; JL B. Hender
son, executive secretary of the
Florida Education AsociatioM,
and Dr. Doak S. Campbell, presi
dent of FSU. -> ■' a
The executive council ef the
FSU chapter hat planned the
program for the state-wide meet
ing. announces Margate! Aan
Nash, Miami, president. In addi
tion to Miss Nath, others on tha
council are: June McMillan and
Suzanne Tindall, Miami; Charles
McDaniel. Freeport, Fla.; Nanet
te McLlain, Tampa; Betty ZoO,
Dania; Jean Williams, Lakeland;
Callie Econo mes, Bradenton, and
Sarah Whitehead. Tallahaasae.
The conference will open at •
am. March 13, and end at noon
the following day. Several Kay
West students will attend.
Mrs. J. T. Etheridge and saw
Wayne and Timmy, have left te
join Major Etheridge la Pert Heed,
The Etheridges have just re
turned from spending torse yean
in Japan where Major Etberidgs
was stationed.
Mrs. Etheridge is tot fensar
Miss Kathryn Johnson, daaghter
f Mr* Raymandltem
legion Auxiliary
To Nominate
Netv Officers
of Artinr Bowym Data Mm
tete-Tf Moral? ?wa.*sfS
Windsor Laaa towtgta *1 tote
o'clock so select So me ef
fort* tat tiw earning rintfin
.msmtalfi taraaßlta fifi— m .A w
TSoe. rnmmittoowoenOM.
Benefit Ball
To Be Given
Next Friday Eve
Grand hanafit hall af toe spring
season will be given far to# Mon
roe County Cershgal Pelp anf
Cripples Ateodatlen ftfm* ©A
March 11 at tha Caag Marina Mfo
teL Tha affair is spaawlpsd by
tha Gelty-DePoe Hospital Wom
an’s Auxiliary.
The hotel management Imp
promised a gala evening with
continuous music and entertain
ment Doer prises win he
aw arded..
The proceed* wffl gate tha
Key Weak • ***** *
caß Mr*. Mar State el PWI
or Mrs. Linars* at Mffl. Da
livery of the tickets wfll he
CWri Shorm Mari .
Raparts On A* f*%
Tva rsprassstiatfraa vara sod te
ths Student Librarian's Arad*-
tin netting Marsh 4. Tha rare
sanatativas war* Mary Thants
Atom, Assistant Ltorarish and
Aik# Alloa, Hoed Librarian te
Carte lhaiaa febssL There wav*
to* step repreratativto ftp*
Mean* Center at ton moetiag.
New tea char at Carte Haft* Is
Mira. Carratt, whe has bra teach
ing at Waste tor tea gnat toy
peers. Mat. Canal raster ad Bar
degree at Heaton stew Iterate
Ths atewai ragrata to* Bara tote
toe Center gqpartelanganl te
toboahyWantsCThynte. DM
Cdr. Jack Engttth,
Sylvia Kramerer
Cast In Play
C*. M fefM* art fMt
Kramtrar have joined ton anal
te "Otr Town," tor (vt al to#
main roles. English wfll play
th* newspaper publisher ate ad
iter. Mrs. Kramerer wtt tabs
tits part te Mrs. GMt tha team
doctor’s wife. Tho atey part tw
ees! is tint te ton village ecu
Rehearsals w continue to
night, amd through Thursday.
Tonight 1 * wiA la toe initial
M*Ai*g ml cstobltehmcnt af
tha third aai Tamonan, ml ana
“111 Ira wraH EEEEMoEEEOtm*
ariaad. On Tuesday, tat two and
an Wednesday, tat three wfll bp
dent tor th* line*. Altar tote
Mocking te aetisn and tha pol
ishing wifi begin.
Jtate Htnka te tontof tor
top Hams
Apply Fa Wed
----- gferf m ran:
ttHHtt last rH tftrra Wtr
•tote VMtir. V, Oratw jted,
have a maattoga^B-
Raymeni X. herd.
Warren Clark. U. to, DIB Cam
and Norm* Lariat Boil*. U. m
BUaahato Street have applied tor
t license atom
Wert wa matted here e( Me
birth of a baby boy to Mr. end
Mrs. Philip A. SBvoriov Jr., who
litre gt MM PaQstk Tames,
PbfiadMpbia * Pa. Ito ehiu
weigbod t Ms., • ob. ami bee been
at ttiiuf w Pebrugfy jf.
Mrs. Sflvorio Is the fbrmor Mbs
Jepee Bradley, the baby** great
grandfather is C, K. Bide el M
Dorral ttrwst
•or pob BOBiBTs
Mr. and Xn. WUtom E. lab
eng, M WBBern Mmt. are the
pereats el a bey ban Psbenatg
n. Tbs baby weigh** t Bg, 4
and eaa Bel ana. and Baa Bart
MiMdjnrtm H grtrt^lr.
h Rfcß krM JMtfftflßt
Tk* Ckmrim Mmkan
The Bow. mad Mss Pbeoy W.
Dawn el PtafMlrt, VW L—dm
tedty. TV? ere rmmpeSag*^
y srida, Mia Bse^amf
! > Srt
Order Of DOES
To Give Show
And Card Party
TBs rpeatter argarisad Banam
tote Pitririli Oder at Data Ns
. fl apaosar t benefit card
S£fSSTSy** ,,,fc '‘**’
BUtf wto he dene liy Po&y
Caritenifi, Fatal load tad Jeans
Eraper slang with atoar numbers
tadnltag toe baton twWtog iptd
aUty te Lean Alton.
Imparted gteta tosm Cuba will
to* riven tvs t daring to* caerse
te tba avatetg tad to those who
score higtoot in fin sard game*.
The pßMte to aaadtolp Invited,
Of hHM MU Amt
TU MM mm Ml ■
pate?, Mto Lam Atoery and Mrs.
Bag BUm whs teetotal toe boat
tea, Mtot Batty toiggard. te toe
raeate Shawm gtvae fir bar atetcr
to-law, Hr*. Jtmaa B. Sheppard,
war* toedfiertenfiy emitted. Guest
Mtos Addle Mart was ttot enlist
ad. . .
Psrmnal totatoi to extended
tor the gtaatona arifimn te the
Naval Station
O.WjC. Group
Slats* Luncheon
The tote Stafim Officer*
Wives Cteh wto heM torir monthly
tofiSam Marsh nit toe pall* te
toa-Cam Martas beta! at It*
to •
, n gnrfß nfiggg • Mem
ttachim and a eery specisl pro
gran bss tora srrsagsn,.
Hostesses Wto be Mrs. B- O-
Martin. Mrs. j. t...Mawmaw tad
Mrs. B. F. Morrffl.
■■ I All. ! —I
Coming Events
**S£ Mbrtataw Pteritad
atoas, te 4 **., taste Mar
tafle Geßary Ait Ctam*
: - ceetey Beam.
•ra riataaa tor O.W.tL, Bat
Flaaa Asa, II a.as.
K*ms atedk-Gslery. tpmtaf
me m pa ate pnhtoh by Brito
' jflgiiraak te SL - FatarSfeurg,
Fit.- At day and tally evra.
tom> fT flito Bevel Stotah.
AudUtan gerem Tser. Pr. Bar
f p.a. Atariwg 4 town
vOTI TOT* WNif* m wWm
fhawh* b. Btt.
' Ihprii. e< ftori
VtoriStogtat Charm, l pm
W . y*r** . .
, vt, rwn meamnms mm,
V;l p.m. ‘
fieri Bier Mtehar*. VFW torn,
K. W. Art and taatarksl Sadaty,
. DaMatay Orel#, 1L Pari * Par-
Ish Hall. 7:30 p.m.
m a ■ - flhtofi - - ..vq — m„ m
rilta n ml
Ctolas sahsal, • p.m.
hnmaf Lsdgs Ns. MB Mssaric,
- te dssfitoh Bfig famgtok a
Bed cress victory Bra* eng
toe* to Cigt Marina, I pm.
■to. l mm.
•Mr’**; Mr dflNfi Wirt*, 1 to
MMI at Weeel Stott*
ft “ ~
BWitov CM Chart toactort
Ctob, T:4t pjn. at La Couchs
'*wSm '
•.Sowaatf*! _*T
"•■5 wrtni "*
rtjjMRRjM 9 4
miSfi’ **
A* (bow apaa rtjEl Maatohs
inay. | rt^l^a.^
etc. arKfT^v^ti
Tltrtaa Sfemaktof t. Y. A.
■ uwa, LM softs
art to rtrtK
-ja_ _
* • "13*Mrt?? * iTIZ.
Mb rt pm.
Wife Of Jet Ace
Just Wishes He’d
Be More Careful
MCKINNEY, Tex. to-The wife
te the nation's top Jet ace doesn’t
htva any mac* advice for Col.
Royal N. Baker of McKinney. Tex.,
who toot down his nth Communist
Jat fighter yesterday.
- “I just wish be would be careful
and mti* on home," said Mrs.
Sarah Baker.
Baber brought down the Red jet
at 17,600 fete over Northwest Ko
rea to equal ths MIG-destroying
record of Maj. George A. Davis
Hr., the Lubbock. Tex., Sabre idiot
who holds too over-all record of
U MIC* sad tons Communist
light bsmbafs destroyed. Davis was
shot down sad believed killed Feb.
It, MSS, m his sstk combat mis
sion. Ho- is Kited as missing la
Baker has eoty five Red stars
painted bmctth ths cockpit of his
thbrs because Sarah has warned
him ate to be a "hem "
“Oh, Fi okay,” Mrs. Baker said
late night te bar husband’s record,
and she indicated Urn victory string
didn't carry too much weight with
th* couple’s four children.
“They*r* more interested in play
ing cowboys and Indians."
Baker is commander of the 4th
Fighter Interceptor Group. He has
flown 111 combat missions and has
shmt ten more te fly before he
is due tor rtaatim home at tha
mdtetois month.
Dying Mother
Asks Divorce
LOC ANGELES to - A dying
woman, too mother te right chil
dren, today win ask a divorce from
her husband te to years.
Atty- Bari Gordon said Mrs. El
eanor Bonus, S3, seeks n divorce
4* legato* a property settlement
it tarar ef bar children.
• Gordon said Superior Judge
Georg* A. Dnckwriler has agrend
to move his court to Mrs. Bonus’
bodridt tor to* tearing. Doctors
•ay she is a victim of leukemia
tad hml maty morn weeks to
Charging enmity, Mrs. Bonus
seeks toe divorce from Fred Bonus,
N, an aygUnace rape inn at. They
separated te May. IMS. Under
terms tea property settlement, the
toaßy tern* voted go to the chil
dren and team voted te required
te ftp g a Booth for support
if too youagoat ehßd, Barbara, it.
(Oriteti from Fags Om)
flrasaa te toe "Variety Chib te
Grater Miami,** Trumbull wrote.
Is Key West, holders wore listed
M “Arthur Sawyer Foot 38, Ameri
om Legion, gtoek Island," nod
"Fteri Beoorva Home, be., Key
Tra—‘s story ceotimmd:
"IBs Stas stiß are listed ter
not UveOak, Bustte, Palatka,
agwttee, Lota City, Losaburg
Mi Nw Smyrna Beach
"The American Legion still holds
Borate at It dead. At Daytons
•oath it’s listed te toe name of
tho American Legion Holding
"Th* Gsteesyflle Golf sad Coun
try dab awd the ‘Roektedgs Golf
Associates, Cocoa,* one license
each. Tin Mount Dorn Yacht dub
tlm took not om last November."
BELGRADE. Yugoslavia iM-Fre*l
dent TM*. accompanied by mili
tary. sera ml* and political aides,
eras an rente today to Britain, pre
sumably kg son. ter • five-day
Custom Wpfc Dene In Our Own
DIAL 1-3316
ra plbming rr. kbywsit
fifftNOTAttl JH
l ja- a / fWla^J^
4 y we must 1
AtlLjalHl ihv;rt dam- /
'*’ s - •' * IPPPWi WOV TUAT MAM \
(Wi wvrtu 1 J
3s. mVMto I bm! sftraK
corrc in or mom mw
Opart 10 AJL t* 10 PM., Sl7 Dawal few*
RaOrt CaMlator Air Cmdmmtd
DIAL: Citusen Office, 2-5661
AT 7:30 AJt. f EST
Atlanta 1 36
Augusta - 41
Billings ... .. 33
Birmingham , 36
Bismark 16
Boston ie
Buffalo 22
Charleston - 41
Chicago - to
Corpus Christi 66
Denver 32
Detroit 22
El Paso 49
Ft. Worth - , 46
Galveston 61
Jacksonville 47
Kansas City 35
Key West Airpert 71
Los Angeles 52
Louisville 30
Meridian ..... 43
Miami .. S3
Minneapolis 27
Memphis 39
New Orleans ——........ 55
New York 28
Norfolk 30
Oklahoma City 48
Omaha 31
Pensacola 65
Pittsburgh 15
Roanoke .. , -- - 27
St Louis 29
Sen Antonio 52
San Francisco —„ 49
Seattle 42
Tallahassee ■■■ - - 4S
Tempt 54
Washington ST
Noon Stock
Market Prices
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IS—A. -' ten Warn V TM SMS
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(Continued from Part One)
quarter*. Ed Quinby who has booe
acting agent bag already moved
■on** of the kennels to Stock
Maud. The Homings. who were
agents previously, era rtpdctai
hack momentarily.
The Society hop— to add mart
kennels as it raises more funds,
aa well as improve the whole op
eration of the Society, Mrs. White
€ kHmk if
■ ® r °ww WwvSftM my WtoHpo yWm
is esc bossed and you oooost stood
to lake a ebsaos
Croooaslstoo Wends booebwood
himii2 mrtTk
to ploose yaw or dmggiot refunds
■a—T. OooomWm too stood dH
ton of momr ndbooi of atom. (Ads)

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