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DOROTHY RAWER, Society Editor
Tuesday, March 14,1153
Farewell And Surprise Beach Party
Honors Retiring Chief John Volkmann
A surprise party honored John Volkmann, CKRELE, OinC-lab
tltory, on Sunday, beginning at high noon and lasting until sun
down, at the Naval Station Beach. The area was all set up for the
party with quantities of cold drinks available the moment the crowd
at about 70, counting the children as well as parents and guests,
arrived. Introductions were made over a loud speaker and dance
and song records were played to add to the fun.
The invitations were clever little
cards with a puppy wearing a pa
per cap labeled "Farewell,” since
Volkmann is retiring from Navy
service. Chief Volkmann, in charge
of the Fleet Sonar School, is one of
the best liked men in his branch of
the Navy. Special printed napkins
were made in hlf honor and guests
were allowed to keep some as sou
emirs of a wonderful time even
though the occasion meant goodbye
to Volkmann.
While “Auld Lang Syne" was
played aa background music, the
bosn’s pipe was sounded and the
crew summoned to quarters. Mr.
Kaczuwka made the presentation
of a special "citation" and a pic
ture of the men with whom Volk
mann worked. Aa tha citation read,
the men were happy to have*‘work
ed with" rather than "for" their
respected chief.
After the tokens of appreciation
were presented to Coikmann, ha
responded with a brief sincere
speech of thank you. AH hands then
sang "For He’s A Jolly Good Fal
low,’* and gave a united cheer.
Grilled steaks, baked beans with
molasses, tasty potato salad, beer
and soft drinks ware served buffet
style. After ft suitable rest period,
some-of the merry makers want
swimming, others took sunbaths,
some played volley-bell and .others
joined in charades. It was one of
the most delightful informal par
ties of the year. Even the small fry
had ft good time. Late in the after
noon, fried chicken was served
sizzling from the grill end as the
■un neared the horizon, the fami
lies began the homeward trek.
The list of enthusiastic guesta
present besides Volkmann and his
wifa and son included Cdr. and’
Mrs. G. J. Whelan, and son, Mr.
end Mrs, H. E. Moretti, Mr. and
Mrs. Verhoven and son,Mr. ami
Mrs. E. Schnecker, Mr. and Mrs.
M. Kaczuwka, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Me Jan net and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. T. F. Purcell, Mr. and Mrs.
F. G. Skewit and son, Brian Rey-
Holds, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Harris
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. F. E.
Pagel and son, Mr. and Mrs. T. E.
Branch and children, Mr. and
Mh. G. G. Fabik, Mr. and Mrs.
R! D. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. R.
G. Rugar and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. M. T. Eadie, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Curd, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. C. Curd,
Jr., and family, Miss Joan Terry,
Miss Dorothy Raymer, Miss Ai
leen Bernett, Don W. Kerrick, I.
J. Simon. R. Galipeau, George
Pryor. J. E. Hughes, W. W.
Hingst, H. S. Ruff, C. H. Town
eend, W. E. Walker, H. Sillcox
end Qua Summers.
I ISO Committee
Meets Tonight
Thera will be a maetlny a#
tha USO Cammittaa at I e'alack
an Tuesday, March 14, at tha
tHy hall. All rapreaentettvpi
ara urged te attend.
Cornu Southend
.4 nominee*
Mr * Sam Price and Associate
Will Ba In Our Slor#
All Day Saturday
Fitting and Consultation
Bring the Children
Proceeds Of Dance
For Cerebral Palsy
Clinic Announced
$316.90 was turned over to the
Cerebral Palsy and Cripples As
sociation after the recent benefit
dance sponsored by the Galey De
Poo Hospital Auxiliary it was an
nounced by Mrs. Thomas Linar
es, chairman of tha dance. Work
ers with her were Mrs. A. De
Poo, Mrs. M. Stickney, Mrs. Jack
Swift, Mrs. N. Hjort, Mrs. N. Ha
ver, Mrs. Truman Amy, Mrs. V.
Riggs, Mrs. Everett Cox, Mrs.
Daniel Braxton.
Hostesses for the event were
Gay Lou Barrosa, Vita Barrosa,
Madeline Curry, Sarah Bringman
and Miss Riggs.
The Auxiliary and the Associa
tion wish to thank all those who
helped, the Case Marina hotel and
the entertainers. A 12 pound ham
donated by Fausto’s, which
brought $98.50 in auction, was
prasented to Lona Allen, baton
twirler by the winner, Judge Le
vine from Chicago.
The door prizes were given gen
erously by the following business
concerns: Altman’s Furniture,
Appelrouth’s Shoe Store, Beld
ner’s, Lee’s Orient Restaurant,
Benny’s Cafeteria, PoUock’s Jew
airy, Sun and Sand Club, Sun
and Surf Motel, Superior Plastics
of Chicago, two tickets, roundtrip
to Miami by tha Greyhound Bus
Company, and two round trip
tickets to Cube by Aerovias "Q"
Bake Sale Scheduled
By Gold Star Mother*
The Gold Star Mothers have
plenned a big bake sale for next
Saturday afternoon beginning at
l p.m. in front of the San Carlos
Proceeds of the goodies avail
able to the public will go to the
fund which the Gold Star organi
zation la collecting to erect a
memorial for the loved ones they
lost In war. Progress of the mem
orial project will be announced
Garden Club To Elect
New Officer* April 2
Officers for the year 1953-54
wIU be elected at the meeting of
the Key West Garden Club Thurs
day. April 2. The list of nominees
is posted on the bulletin board
at tha Woman’s Club library.
Nominations can also be made
from the floor at the time of the
meeting which begins at 8 p. m.
and will bt held at the Woman's
Club. *
Object of balseria, e game
played by Indiana in Panama, is
to disable an opponent by burl
ing • heavy six-foot pole at his
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jff •• •' & L-A
MRS. G. B. GILLETTE, representing Fleet Reserve, was named
Mrs. Key West of 1953. The regal crown is put on her head
by pretty Gloria Muniz, who holds the 1952 title of Miss Key
West. The trim brunette matron succeeded Mrs. Robert You
mans, who was Mrs. Key West of 1952.
New Key West Art
Exhibit Will Open
Tuesday , March 31
An all- Key West art show will
open at East Martello Gallery
next Tuesday. The pictures shown
will be by artists in the area
whether or not they ar mem
bers of the local Key West Artists
Painters are asked to bring
their pictures in beginning today
and through Sunday since the
hanging of all work is to be com
pleted on Monday.
The gallery hours are from
noon to 5 p. m. daily. Elvira
Reilly, program director for the
Key West Art and Historical Soc
iety pointed out ’hat artists should
bring their work to the gallery
as early as possible so that all
arrangements can be properly
made in advance.
Any media is acceptable, oil.
casein, scratchboard, pen and
ink, watercolor or what have
Indian Princess
Weds White Man
former Indian princess and her
white bridegroom Mho took the
tribal vows in South Dakota plan
to get married again Thursday.
Bernitta (Many Horses) Marie
Bad Wound and Edward A White
Jr. of Charleston want to make
sure everything is legal under
West Virginia law.
W’hite. 30, met the 29-year-old
raven-haired, black-eyed beauty
after serving with her brother in
the Army. Their first marriage
took place three months ago on the
Pine Ridge reservation of South
Dakota, scene jf the Wounded
Knee Massacre in 1890
Most of South Carolina’s cotton
textile industry is located in its
piedmont area.
i jfe
' ■ .... L ' , Hn n 1
1 H| ~ mt. *
Ik j * - ' %
LX| ilßg 5 H * ? #
COURT THEM!—"Yep* TWetv art tow cMkMt oft®* cftha. That* bow many yu*m K t 1*
announced Ruk Alien sen of Mr. and Mrt Kushman. who celebrated Mi Barth Mrft>
dsty t*h* r" r * • -teuj. Vtrdl lA *t tba tutor* tf Is frnadparesta, Hr, ml Mm C
Percy Cutty.’ 3*l Pt.s n Lanft Game* w pi*yea and prmaa woe by Demua Key. Loft Canton,
Dunne Curry The • * gwr ai t- r*d amdurlrbsA ata. toft ertftta. and enter *d wuea
given puj ty fgycs of hotg, and Wlto©***.
Truman Face Is
Not Deceiving
WILMINGTON. Calif. (JP-Harry
S. Truman enjoyed an encountar
with a San Francisco resident who
discovered the matt he thought
looked like Truman WAS Truman.
The former President told about
the incident last night.
A chauffeur was driving Tru
man, Mrs. Truman and daughter
Margaret to the home of George
Killion, president of the American
President Lines, in San Francisco
Sunday night. The driver got the
wrong house.
Truman went to the door but the
unidentified resident said, “No,
Mr. Killion doesn’t live here.”
Then he peered intently at his
caller and said: ‘Say, I hope your
feelings won’t be hurt, but you
look exactly like Harry Truman.”
"This probably will disturb
you,” replied HST, "but I AM
Harry Truman."
Lt. and Mrs. Martin C. War
math are the parents of a son
born at the Naval Hospital Fri
day, March 13. The new arrival
been named Martin C., Jr. The
Warmaths live at 71-A Arthur
Sawyer road. Lt. Warmath is
communications officer on the
USS Gilmore. Mrs. Warmath is
the former Miss Nancy Sterling
of Key West.
WASHINGTON lC— The Agricul
ture Department proposes to add
more beef to school children’s
lunches to help check the year
long slump in cattle prices.
The department called yesterday
for bids on unspecified quantities
Maid 9 S Night Out
BEAUTIFUL" at Urn Carte*
The entire MGM stable ef atom
is trotted out for this drama with
Kirk Douglas heading the list ftftd
the imposing array running
through Lana Turner (she gets
the top billing in ads, but be win
in a walk) followed by Walter
Piegeon, Dick Powell, Barry Sul
livan, Gilbert Roland, ft al. Then
are more in smaller roles. Even
Vanessa Brown, who makea a
wonderful clotheshorsft, is sneak
ed in as a troublesome woman.
And yet, somewhere along tha
line, a connection is missed. It
will be on the list of the 10 best
films for next year, but it won’t
make the first three, possibly be
cause it is topheavy, tries too
bard and has aa unjustified end
ing. The story Is about a film
genius back in the lata ’lo’s who
comes up the hard way and steps
on toes, hearts and earners te
getting to the summit. 12m pic
ture opens with” a conference te
the studio of e movie tycoon,
played with nice shading by Wal
ter Pidgeon. A movie queen, turn
ed neatly by Lana Turner; a
writer, done with admirable re
straint by Dick Powell, end a
thwarted director portrayed te
fair-to-middlin’ style by Barry Sul
livan, are gathered in the execu
tive’s office. They refuse to make
even one more picture for Dou
glas, the producer who is known
for his hard driving methods and
ruthless character.
Pidgeon pleads with them and
as he does so, citfa careers
through the pest K years. In
flashbacks, each one’s story te
Moat strenuous te the Turner
background. A dipsomaniac who
has enshrined a dead actor aa
idol, she is rehabilitated by the
genius of Shields, played by
Douglass. His method te to make
her fall in love with him. Of
course, he established the emo
tional overtures just to make h#r
a great actress. Then, at the mo
ment of her triumph, she discovers
his affair with an "eitra" terl,
who has known aU along and baa
said, "Love. . .that’s for the
In the case of the writer, with
Powell as the professor who te
driven to success, Shields gets
him to work by taking his away
from his interfering wife. Ha also
instructs, Gaucho, a Latin roman
tic ace, played te tot hilt and
with amusing cariestura by old
timer Gilbert Roland, te keep the
wife occupied so that her husband
can turn out dramas. A plana ac
cident kills her and tea escort.
Barry Sullivan is cast as the
director whose play was promot
ed by Shields, but who is betray
ed when the producer selects a
big-name men to elt in tee covet
ed driver’s seat. Erie Von Stro
heim in this bit part te scene
stealer de luxe. Loo G. Carroll it
another one of the old experts in
a minor role.
And so in the final soeqo tee
embittered trio refuaa to listen te
Shields plea although te mast
viewer’* opinion, they are ft lot
of ungrateful pawns who couldn’t
have gone anywhere or done any
thing without the Simon Legree
technique administered by the
producer. Maybft that Dl Holly
A pontoon bridge carrtoa traf
fic across the harbor ef Willem*
stad, Cuaeao. Dutch Weal indtoa.
of ground and diced bate end bone
less chuck, all frozen Supplies
would go to tbe gevemment-fpoe
sored school lunch program.
Saturday morning SOte Finch,
our staff earnersmai, wad my
self went ever te tee drees
grounds te fit a Oder story- Fro
covered Ringing Brefeers-Bar
uum end Bailey end damns of
less magotiSceat shews and I
know that strews life isuY at *ll
what tee pwUte sees. But I was
•tffl unprepared and quite
shocked by tha aobwp of tea awa
which straggled late Key West Sat
urday. First af all, there were
the neglected bones end ponies.
Only one soemsd te fair condi
tion end even be, n blade with e
blaze flea, tooted as If he might
stumble in a toot All were un
earned, toil te the point of show-;
teg boots end most of them were
very old. They stood tethered in
tbe hot sun with no teed, water or
shelter. Calltef "Cope, hoy,** I
approached the pathetic little
group. The big hitch, a range;
horse, whinnied softly. I looked 1
at toair hoofs. Nona wan
trimmed or abed.
The elephants had tattered
ears, dirty hides. . .and . then
wen aa bates af hay for team
te muoeh. Tha two amen ones
won te hotter condition. One ele
phant was Worikhaf with tee crew
Rtyttag up a tent. As for the help
ers, they were te the earn* flea
bitten condition. . .hut after all,
they were human beings who
hart a choice af some hud. Tha
animals were helpless. Even the
cirtus dogs looted done out. They
slept under wagons, opening list
less ayes at tha crowd when
noise and aoafrutet roused them.
DOWN, shivering in agony, was
a sabre with a bloated belly. 1
thought it might have foundered
from eating moldy teed, hut was
told it hpd soma sert of poisoning.
Later, we teamed teat at Home
stead, when cropdusting Is done,
tome of tha walking stock had
barn taken cut te gram end that
tbe sick zebra was probably the
victim of arnnte compound. The
potak is, good dreuaos don’t
have te live off tbe lend! A sec
ona nyonu animal wtti flun col
ored Mdt and brawn stripes on
its legs, possibly an Onager from
Africa, tottered where it stood.
Mineral oil was administered and
it was saved from the convulsive
stage te which wo found the se
bra. As the salt water antidote
was poured down tee zebra's
throat, and strapping young red
head sat an tea boast’s head to
keep R flrpm injuring itself fur
ther. It already had a bloody
mwrite and monte. He asked for
• terpeelia te put wider Us
charge’s bead, and finally a
roustabout brought cue ef tbe old
tattered pieces of canvas. We
teamed teat tea feted redhead
wasa't a regular circus emplo
yee. Da bed been picked up
somewhere eu mule. Probably
Us short term with the outfit ac
rftuettd hi Us kumeae feeling
and mere healthy appearance!
TNI CAMBLf looked motivat
es sad strips ef pelt hung te tom
remnants from cue ef them. A
little Barns bunched te the sun.
Three miniature burro# stood re
signedly near a tank wagon that
proclaimed "a sweating hippopo
tamus.** I ham a* doubt this des
cription was unenaggersted. The
entire setup was beggarly, ratty,
and a picture af neglect which
bordered on cruelty. I don’t know
who is urnssri te so* about ra
gulatioes ter dreus conditions .
bet authorities eavtataly ought to
tral tea Kitty-Morris heads and
how* them tete detag something
for ttelr gaimels or dtsbendteg
them aamyftilT
IT! AM MT ay kata cheat, I
cm tab* deep breath. . bet
that It m&tt pa*MM! I played
vftUeybftS lor a Wot M boor nt
Chief Ms ToitaM (separate
Mary It atm* c edh • Sunday
tibrnnei. • Jtl fpftte tot that
inf mutate* mm certainly pot
n a mill Anybody hr uddtey*
MM? SWuM bar* Mat* la the
chart dee • pUyad after coa
fuaaWf tjut ouasUnes of molas
aaa bahad team, fatal* sated,
•teak tad Mad afefcben. teer.
aad aaft dmabi. Oft lotarday. my
ittte tomjtotettal
ate mi tedtr. 1 jm vast la
tvaM ffftlte. peft bate la get
to tramtoTw Md imam ke
aria hate a Kadi Mr patter
punas tenth rd better adept.
laUeria • TW Gitin
CAM 1 TtOtol "
IhMtoti aad Crhmii ml as-
Avtac tte inti
••dteEteffta daaftTeor be*
laaftd Mha MAI aad te fteea
Maftda ma tete to efttotod write
aad aaprUaaa at
aympadbr ate capaauliy da a
tohto li tfmaft %m ftha aaat
■ ’ " -V '* vV
',M. -BM ffi
BjMp BP Pit- a
Mil m
I Tr *
: ■ I' ’I
I Iff
"• *" 'jw '*•■ *■' h||
v |-
mm m
i . , i

MIBB KEY WEST OF 1953 is Miss Nancy Brooks, sponsored by
Overseas Tranaportation. She is shown being crowned by Miss
Kay West of last year, Miss Gloria Muniz. The crown and
trophy war* presented to Miss Brooks on Saturday evening at
the Elks Club annex. The annual contest is sponsored by the
Elks Club.
Key West In
Days Gone By
The Citizen Files
The Citizen la in receipt of a
latter from Aquilino Lopez, Jr.,
son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Lopez of
Duval Street, who is a student
at tha Univarsity cf Florida at
Gainesville, showing where the
Athletic Council has compiled a
list af the boys who have made
numerals to boxing events at the
institution, included in which are
tha names of two Key West boys,
Henry Renedo and Delio Cobo,
who art also attending the state
Senator Ferk Trammell,
chairman *f the committee en
naval affairs, elves his assur
ance te tha Chamber ef Com
merce that he will de ell possi
ble te reopen navel activities in
Key Watt.
Mbs Ileen Williams, secretary
of tbe Chamber cf Commerce,
and Mias Minnie Porter Harris,
prasidant of tbt Woman's Club,
returned yesterday afternoon over
the highway from West Palm
The tee announcod ter Sun*
dey afternoon at the Country
Club hat teat* postponed, ec*
cordtea te otftiouncomont to
day, and Ma naat event tchodui
te at this resort will bo o Do*
praooten or Tocky Danes on Sat
urday ni§M, April I, ter which
priaos will ba swarded ter most
opproprloto costumes.
Kay West was assured this
marahif that It win get Its fair
•hart at foodstuffs when the
“efftattastteft” plan, announced
Key Weal Keaarl Club
Ladies Admitted
Custom Vhfl Bans In Our Own
m HteMS ft. KBY Wilt
ootrpuu designers
” J. BCD'S
Maw of Beauty
and totem mg ft. ftast tnm
DIAL t CMmem Office, 24661
by Prentiss Brown, head of the
OPA goes into effect on April l.
Peter Schwtt, manager of La
Casa Marina, today cited as
two of the reasons far the cleft*
Ing of that Hotel an April II ee
the mounting prices of food*
stuff* and the labor situation In
Key West whtcn makes It prac*
tically Impassible far him te
keep sufficient help.
Eight of the better teams in
Key West are entered in the Key
West Independent Basketball
Tournament, which will open in
the High School gymnasium to
morrow night. They ere: Air Sta
tion Officers, Navy Commissary,
Section Base, Boca Chita, High
School, Fort Taylor, Submarine*
and Naval Hospital.
The Firemen's Tropical Park
continues te be very popular
with the amusement seekers of
Key West.
Calvin Coolidge Cates, no of
Bertram Cat**, of Petronia Street
has been accepted in the U. S.
Naval Reserve to take training
at the Ntvsl Air Station Machift*
i*ts School in Jacksonville, Fla.,
for a period of six weeks.
The Red Cress Chapter Heed
quarters announce Ihit the
City Council's contribution of
slll hat swelled the local War
Pond te approximately S7, MI.
gS Vour
| Letterhead
I About
K Busin****
Your Irttrrbrad to your
ftilrnt spokmltUNi . . , .
Rigtbtly designed . • • and
printed • . . R eni* tern*
hanre the importance of
every letter.
DIAL 2-5661
Arhaaa Prws
*ooot nwan iuix

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