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KT Went, Florida, has the
most equable climate in the
country, with an average
range of only 14° Fahrenheit
Bar Owners Are Fined $l5O
For Serving Minors Beer
Jail Sentence
For Offenders
Next Caught ,
Judge Caro Says
Jail sentences for any bar
owners caught serving beer
or liquor to minor service
men or civilians will be levi
ed from now on, Criminal
Court Judge Thomas Caro
stressed throughout the
three hour and a quarter
trials of four barowners yes
terday afternoon.
He wound up. giving light fines
to the three venders who pleaded
guilty, but expressing displeasure
at the mistrial of bar owner Don
Ortega, while doubling his bond to
Pleading guilty and receiving
fines ef $l5O plus costs for ser
ving bear to minors woro Joseph
Gild and Mona Dot Monto, bar
fonder and bar owner of Lo
Congo ber on Duval Street and
Ida Kaplan, owner of Cecil's
Pleading not guilty, was Don
Ortega, owner of Two Friend’s
Bar. The jury deliberated half an
hour in his case and reported that
it could not arme at a verdict.
Judge Caro, generally mild and
lenient, expressed extreme dis
pleasure that the jury had not
brought in a guilty verdict.
He showed his feelings by rais
ing Ortega’s bond from $250 to
SSOO, despite the pleas of Orte
ga’s attorney George Brooks, and
despite the fact that Ortega was
ready for a retrial today.
It was State Beverage agent Joe
Russell who could not be present
at a retrial today, due to Miami
business. Ortega's case will be
continued till next term of crim
inal ’court, because be could not
be present Friday
The bar-owners and their attor
neys blasted the practice of Navy
boys using the ID cards of 21 y,ear
old buddies to get into bars.
Attorney Will Albwry defending
Mrs. Kaplan, said that an the
night ef the raids, March 27, the
miner sailer had shewn a card
stating he was ti. When picked
up by, the state beverage agent,
however, he shewed another
card shewing ha was 11. This is
common practice, according to
bar -owner Den Ortega, and Al
bury, tor sailers to swap ID
cards in order to get into bars.
Albury suggested that the Navy
revert to the practice ef stamp
'rontimtr<i On Page fhreei
Mad Tinsmith
Kills Family,
Shoots Self
tinsmith butchered si.d shot to
death seven and possibly eight
members of bis family and then
killed himself yesterday in a
seven-hour slaughter
Peter AkulonU# to. took his own
Bfe last night as police closed in
on him outside his heme in neigh
boring Methuen
During the drain spree. Akukmis
-cd a carpenter s ax to kill his
wife Madeline Undents, $2; son
Mtehhel, S; widowed n other Mrs.
Mary Akukmis. Rf toother Al
phonse, 32; and two nephews,
James. 5. amt Paul. 2. both sens ef
’ Iftjfcnree.
He kilted his brother Raymond,
IT, with a blast from a 32-caliber
ride before turning the gun on
A second scat, Peter Jr.. 9, was
missing and feared to be another
victim Akukmis took the hey out
nf school early in the afternoon
Police said Akukmis apparently
planned the wsntesalc murders
They aakt hi* suicide may have
saved the Um of several other
relatives living nearby.
Three blood-stained antes were
found in the kilter s pockets
“Damn all the rats.** one said
‘ Thank* to the tin gods." said
The fuß contents of the letters
were withheld per.jf.ng a complete
Invert igttkm
The bodies <4 to* mother AS
plans* and 4* Utter * two mot
tCeotmeet Os Pag* Three i
O’Bryant Says Firing Final;
March Attorney Says It’s Not
Ferry Venture
Still Unsure
On Cuban Side
Consejo Consultivo
Differs With Batista’s
Views On Operation
Citizen Staff Writer
Although President Ba
tista has stressed that he
feels that ferry service be
tween Havana and Key West
would prove beneficial,
there is still doubt that the
ferry will come into being at
this time.
AVter recent very hot discussions
in Cuba’s Consejo Consultivo (the
body which succeeded the late Cu
ban Congress) the members of that
group unanimously agreed that the
transaction between the Atlantic
Gulf Transportation Company of
Jacksonville and the Cuba Banco
Agricoia y Industria (BANFAJ)
constitutes/a great risk to Cub*,
They based their agreement on the
fact that the GATC is responsible
only to the extent of the value of
the boat which would be used in
the ferry service.
The Cuban Bank's investment
would be mere than $3,900,004
while thet ef the GATC would be
Only half thet emeunt.
In the event the transaction
shou id prove successful. Cuba
would receive only a small profit
for its big investment while the
GATC would, with little risk, be in
position to obtain a large profit
from a small investment.
If, en the ether hand, the ven
ture should foil. Cube would lose
•bout $3,400,000, with the less to
GATC being only the vetue ef
the beet, which is estimated at
about $1,200,000.
Because t& the uncertainty of
success and the money involved,
the Consejo Consultivo declared
thet it feels that the ferry venture
is too great a risk for Cuba to take
at this time. They indicated that
at some future time they may a
gain take up the ferry project,
giving attention to a proposition
which would be more beneficial to
Cuba’s economic interest.
By The Associated Press
Committee on governmental re
organization sent administration
bill to set up supervised purchas
ing system to subcommittee for
Received bill to boost dog race
track tax and earmark proceeds
for teachers’ retirement fond, but
governor’s version stSI unsighted.
Passed without debate series of
insurance regulation (rills and sen*
to Senate for consideration.
Received bill to make high school
children buy own textbooks.
Committee on Miscellaneous
Legislation revived oitter fight af
past sessions by voting to sponsor
bill to give Gulf stream Park tat
ter racing dates
Received proposal to amand Con
stitutkm and let legislators caß
selves into special session, i
Received powerfttHy-backed trill
to put SUte Livestock Sanitary
Board out of burinero and let gov
ernor organize anew one House
got same bßi.
Recessed until li a m. Friday
Sent to House and Senate tee
introduction bdti to let Cabinet
dr* up uniform luit* foe state
employment, promotions, salines
red vacations and recommend
permanent system to IMA Legists
Board Can Still
Save Employees
Fired By Supt.,
J. Y. Porter Says
The smoke of battle hovers over
the Board of Public Instruction
this morning following last night’s
three hour fight on retention or
firing of Leland March, General
Supervisor of Instruction and Ran
dolph Russell, principal of Harris
Superintendent Horace O’Bryanl
satated emphatically to The Citi
"So far as I am concerned tho
matter it settled. The board hat
acted and the attorney hat ruled
that the two men could not be
hired ever my objection."
Flatly contradicting O’Bryant
was J, Y. Porter who is repre
senting March in the battle.
Porter said:
“In my opinion that is not so,
because is I understand it if the
Superintendent makes a nomina
tion which is not approved by the
Trustees, and he makes second
and third nominations which are
not approved, then in that event
the School Board is authorized to
elect persons of their own choice.
If this is not so, then obviously
the school board and the Board
of Trustees are simply rubber
stamps.” *
Sam Finder, Sr., chairman of
the Board of Trustees which re
commended continuation of March
and Russel! said:
“Our recommendation sticks.
you can quote me on that.”
Porter cited the following law
which' be said backs up his con
tention that the School Board can
act to keep March and Russell, if
O’Bryant’s nominations are not ap
proved by the Board of Trustees:
Section 231,35. Florida School
laws, 1952 edition:
“Appointment of employees of
the Monroe county public school
system shall be appointed as pre
scribed in chapter 230; provided
(Continued On Page Fhree)
First Of Sick
And Wounded
Only Six More
Miles To Freedom;
First Exchange
To Be On Monday
MUNSAN, Korea UP—The first
group of Allied rick and wounded
from North Korean prison stock
ades arrived tonight in Kaesong,
just six miles from freedom. Com
munist staff officers said half of
tta first 100 to he traded Monday
are non-Koreans.
] Allied reconnaissance planes
\ spotted the first Red convoy mov
ing into the advance Communist
base at Kaesong just before dark,
the Fifth Air Force said.
Tta trucks which entered Kae
song actually were foe first tore
convoy s, which Had joined a few
miles to the north A third convoy
last was reported 79 air mites
j northeast of Pyongyang, foe North
: Korean capital.
; U, N official* were hopeful that
*s many as SO Americans will be
freed at Panmunjorn Monday. The
Communists have promised a total
of 1 Americans are among the
609 V. ft prisoners to be returned
this week.
The Reds said they wank! reveal
Sunday tta exact cumber of pris
oners foom the ti. S. and otter
Allied nations to ta freed Monday
For the second (toy Allied re
eanftatasuce pitots reported the
Reds were auag foe stuck free
route of POW convoy* la shsrid
) stream* ef Commaatat supply
truck* headed far foe free?
Al a staff officers meeting Yhur*-
day the Allies risfarmed the Reds
; that foe first group ef Communist
I rick and wwmdsd would leave Pu
san aboard a If tar train Sunday
* (Creuaucd On P-ge Stare)
March And Russell Status Still Uncertain
After Confused School Board Discussions
Key Westers Missing At Sea Since
Saturday In 32 Foot Fishing Boat
Jimmie Garcia,
Broward Saunders
Sought By CG, Navy
In Florida Bay
Coast Guard and Navy boats,
planes, blimps and helicopters are
searching in Florida bay for miss
ing Jimmie Garcia of 1214 Packer
Street, skipper of the 32-foot Wasp,
commercial fishing boat, and his
crew of one, Broward Saunders, 42,
native Key Wester.
The two man have been ever
due since Saturday, according to !
the Coast Guard, which began I
its search in the direction of tho I
Dry Tortugas because the men j
said they were going to fish in [
40 fathoms of water for rod snap- I
Today, however, the search was j
shifted to the Florida bay north of I
the Keyst on further information
given officials.
Mrs. Garcia, mother of an
eight-year-old boy and a four
and one-half-month-etd girl, told
The Citizen:
"My husband is a good skip
par. I hope he's all right."
Both men are said to be ex
perienced boat handlers, and that
there must have been structural
trouble in the Wasp. It was known
that ber bottom in good
condition. ,
The Coast Guard wait not nptk
fled cff ffie ihisslhg Hnat Aotil Taw
day. Thompson Enterprises and
Mrs. Garcia had not thought it;
unusual that the men were over )
due, since fishermen are often
later than they originally plan.
As soon as Lt. Clem Pearson, j
Coast Guard commander, was noti- j
tied, he asked for Coast Guard
planes out of Miami to conduct the
search. The local CG 40-foot boat
was sent out in the direction of the
Marquesas and Tortugas, where
the “Wasp" bad supposedly gone.
Today with tho now informa
tion that thoy might hovo gono
fishing off tho Boy Koys, tho
Ceott Guard dtroctod that tho
search bo shifted to tho Boy and
sant out its tft-faatar for tho
missing boot.
The search is made more diffi
cult by the rough seas which have
sent small craft warnings up again
The men left Key West last Fri
day at 3 o'clock in the morning on
Garcia’s boat. They have no thip
to-shore radio aboard. Their sole
aim was to fish for red snapper.
Which Lt. Pearson said they plan
ned to do in deep waters.
Saunders, who was born and
reared in Key West, live* at 400
N. W. 49th Street, Miami. The
Saunderses have four girls.
Private boats and planes have)
joined the search.
In a telephone conversation,
Mrs. Saunders said m Miami that S
she “live* in the hApe” that her j
husband is safe somewhere in
the area of the Florida Keys.
Sabre Jets Slash
>At Frontline
Red Positions
SEOtit American Sabre jets
tagged one Comments! MIG and
fighter bombers slashed at Red
front line positions today as hun
dred* of Communist supply trucks
merited toward foe frost down an
I attack-free corridor
For foe sercad Jay ASied recon
aauuaac* pilots reported trucks
moving almost bumper to tamper
an North Korean roads down
which the Reds art sending sick
and wounded U. X soldiers for
■ exchange at Paomunjorn.
On foe ground treat Chinese
Com mutual* struck twice In Cen
(Contieued On Pngs Three)
OtAL 2-7991
MAYOR C. B. HARVtY winds up for first pitch. Hia Honor
tosred the ball to open officially tta Florida International
League season at Wickers Stadium last night—Citizen Staff
Contract Given On
School Expansion
Parter-Wagnr-Russati war* law
bidders at $171,139 an tea new
expansion af Truman School, at
bid openings before tha School
Beard last night.
The busy firm nasad cut M.
E. Bennett and four ether can*
tractors in thoir taw hid. AN hut
$5,209 af th* contract will be
paid for cut of funds granted by
Llj,..• n . rwl fcAjMtere K tnagpa
tIB rtwwaltqp Vtiw fTwiHw • *t*wwg
agency. Tha $5,299 must ba ap
propriated by the School board
ter tho installation a* a round
and clack system at the school.
Work an the contract svM be
gin IS4 days after th* signing.
It writ include eight classrooms,
four toilets, twa offices and *
Katharine Boaz To
Give Talk For
Elks Lodge Tonight
Katharine Boas, daughter af
Cay*, and Mrs. T. D Boaz, tt foe
Naval Hoapital, srfil giva a talk on
foe l-atted SUte* Cwlißligg t
the rogalar aseeting of Key West
fxfdffO of pita
Mm Bern, a High school junior,
is a member af M2*. Marion
Stark’s speech class at foe High
Cemmittoe appafetßMMto be
made by Exalted Ruter Earl Ad
ams and delegates to foe state
ronveuthm to ta taM to Bt Aogua
tiae May 8 to S attain wfll ta
Tta apgesraare af Wm Ban at
foe mretfog tomgbt wfo mart for
tint ala series ti wtaritWl red
ta foe foftgan foe Mp for foe
Ammo Shortage
To Truman Men
WASHINGTON ufi-Sen. Byrd
(D-Va) hinted today that top-terai
policy makera *ll tta way up to
foe White House tinder Harry S.
Truman may yet be found to
share some retponstbiittv for ate
munition shortages to Korea.
Byrd based bis position on foe
argument that a directive from the
secretary of defease-—than Gen.
George C. Marshall—on Sept 27.
1950, amounted to a virtual “slow
down” order to tta armed services
in the war effort. That waa just
three months after tta Keren
War began.
*i assume that potiey vn mi
Jk a-ithruif tka WtkMm *w
OfCWfO WIUNHii UN wmw tsow
being cotetdted “ Bjrfd said to an
oblique reference to former Presi
dent Truman “We wfll da nB w*
can to 81 *t the facta."
He and Trnmre ware long at
adds politically
Tta Vteftaun made hia stato
ment in an interview before n
tee resunaad Rs mguify aodny into
the shnrtaam. Tta witness called
for greet inning was U. Gen. W. 1.
} simer, in charge af Arns> supply
XV. -■-- i— Him .till.
re enciiTC m sacMios waa
signed by Gan. Marshall, jut ais
day* after ta tanh ofliea as de
fense mu ralaii ancraadtag Laate
A Johnson U ardwwd flto arreai
to “gsanaw for budgetary pre
pares” that fo* war waaht ta and-
time after he feeh effHa. ftnt Byni
added it waa ranreneMn fo arerean
,thst Mar*fcail sad the JeAal CbMfo
MarritsS. ana tamg flt Lee*-
Schweitzer Continuation OK’d;
Dismissal Of March And Russell
Not Recommended By School Bd.
The Monroe County School Board unanimously ask
ed Superintendent Horace O’Bryant to submit new names
for General Supervisor of Instruction and Principal of
Harris School.
The motion by Earl Duncan came 10:30 last night
after a three hour demonstration of utter confusion, ig
norance of school and trustee law and Robert’s Rules of
Order, before a courtroom packed with teachers and
parents. '
Tha aniy claar-cut fact af tha :
antira thraa hour discuuian was
that I. O. Schwaitzar is dafMto
ly In as Principal af Kay Wast t
High School. O'Bryant axplainad \
that tha principal's Mma and
that af Painciana Principal Al
bar! Caray wara I aft aff his ra
cammandad list to trustoaa sole
ly bacauM thay havo continuing
contracts and as such did not
naad W* racammandatian.
The trustees recommended re
tention of March and Russell, des
pite O’Brysnt's expressed desire
for their dismissal. This leaves a
deadlock which can only be re
solved by the school board, it was
said by board member Earl Dun- :
O’Bryant took the floor and said !
he failed to recommend March:
and Russell for reemployment
which would lead to a continuing!
contract “and you’d have them
around your necks forever.”
Ha castigated Marches' "lack i
af loyalty" saying that tha tot
, tor |pd called tha school board
I "Cheap, stinking, rattan organ.
* tyatton w
March jumped to Me toot and
shouted, "That's a lia/*
O'Bryant proceeded to &lva In
stances of what he termed March's
disloyalty winding up by saying
that Tallahassee of offidaJs want
ed him to fire March.
As tor Russell, "He la a friend
of mine and this hurts” he said,
but he said Russell is not “quick”
to respond to suggestions or to use
the specialised assistance ottered
by his staff.
Rasaeil got up calmly and said:
"In plain words, Mr. O’Bryaot
Is saying 'l’m dumb’.**
Ass refutation of this charge,
Russell presented a dozen impos
ing diplomas, certificates, letters
af recommendation given by tha
State Board of Education, colleges,
and summer schools. The Faculty
of his own school, 21 members,
presented a letter signed by them
urging the eootinuad imptoymeat
of the young popular principal
Tl* icho#l b+ari vat ad uimiv
mswdattona of the tehee! trus
tees which, oantrary to o*Bry
ant's props i al. ashed far tha can.
af Maaatt atal H aaaaff
as srsN as ether top sehasl pur-
Duncan Aon moved fog specific
that only haresay, not charges
that only haresay, no charges tad
had been leveled against Mm.
pasad saying ha trusted 9*flry-
B. Clear#, Jr. said:
"H la my spbdsn that tha
Baaed has ns right to wtt an
KuaasK and March af this time.
H can anty ash tor names to KM
It was than that Dunes* switch
v> oil pßimpi iwfl munrew su
mutton to aah merely that the
tngsrtHiafiat submit games to
the Traetoe* jar sew Caaarsi lap
arvirer and Frtoeipal
After Mb was unanlsasusly
j sparse id, ha MM The Oftsen
' foataaaaedtag to tow, since tha
dents, namely to aaafoam Me rah
fortiy nf ton Baaed, ft la bsdfotl
ad wM auto aft fofo ttsna tor
aa .a. a.. a- a— -a ... .
MIXCI nH wf V WmjWHm WW *• 081
in a Hast tost tot atrk flsparth
mend, Cnad top.
•m3 M > tftantaa y Sto!ato li *Mf
OMryam she wad yarn bsdgsmsm
• forms March to tor first Mm*
(Caanaead 3n Fags Three)
McCarty Bills
Introduced In
State Purchasing
Measure Shunted
To Sub-Committee
TALLAHASSEE t*-A couple of
Gov. McCarty’s governmental re
organization bills made their ap
pearance in the Legislature today
and one of them—-i plan for co
ordinating and supervising state
purchasing—got shunted off to a
He also sent to the Senate and
House his bill to let the Cabinet
Budget Commission work uut a
uniform system of job procure
rtlitghsyrtot nife.s#?'
stole employes.
b The Cabinet would be author
Ized to put as touch of the system
as possible into effect by ha own
order and recommend s more per
raanent system to the 19*5 Legisla
ture. It werik! btve an appropria
tion of $75,600 to finance a two
year study of the long range prob
Leon County's three legislators
joined in sponsoring the measure.
The supervised purchasing bin
was brought to the House Com
mittee on Governmental Reorgan
isation by Rep. Murray, Polk
County, for consideration as a
measure to be sponsored by the
committee and put on the calendar
immediately for debate.
But tome who prefer creation
ef a central agency to da all state
purchasing objected that supervi
sion of buying is not enough and
it was seat to a sub-committee
for study and possible revision
One of the bitterest legislative
fights in recent /ears was revived
when the Senate Committee on
Miscellaneous Legislation voted to
ft to sponsor a MB to cut Gulf
stream Park in on some of the
choice bom racing dates to the
middle nf the tourist season.
Since Hialeah Park get through
a bill giving ft the best dates sev
eral sessions ago, there has here
a biennu) tattle between race
track lobbies that has tapt the
Legislature tied in knot* for days.
The House received another MH
to give the state a bigger cut af
dog race track profits at the wa
tering play terreaaas, but there
•till was no sign nf tta plan pro
posed by Guv. McCarty.
Tta new mac, by Rap. Ayna nf
Marten County, would earmark
the twa mfflkm debtor annual re
ctapta to tta teachers' retire wrel
! fond. Another ha* tare introduced
to foils tta money beta are the
McCarty props m earmarking *
for mental taaJfo faefottoa, tat
(Creurere On f w Ikrwi
Deadline Passes
For Auto Checks
Mere fore are tiwrestrf Key
branch for fadaretojiiUfa An!a
*CMy Tta Catena* AireTta
tarts anii today font a total af
f do** f bretoree Wadaredtip.
wf mm WV Mvlf
.foam # he m> ectawfon f for
Tta inwpsutswM are areda at flto
’burg Atus ai Ufo fltoseC

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