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DOROTHY RAYSfER, Society Editor
Saturday, May 9,195S
Earl Adams Addresses Students
Of High School On Career Day
Career day was observed yesterday at the Key West High School
by the upper Junior and Senior classes. There were 76 separate
requests lor various careers, some of which were grouped together
lor discussion groups. Townspeople who are actually experienced
in the fields about which students wished to know were asked to
speak to the different assemblies. For example, Dr. Delio Cobo held
informal roundtable discussion on dentists and dental technician
work as a career. Jonathan Jackson spoke to those interested in
The list of career interests took
In a wide range: and when one
field is mentioned, that category
includes.several branches. The out
line list itself is highly diversified:
radio, music, art, auto mechanics,
teaching, beautician work, nursing,
telephone operation, electrical
work and electrical engineering,
construction and building trades,
all branches of engineering, dental
wdrk, coaching, acting and reli
gion, tor example.
Clerk of lfonroe County Court
and former newspaperman Earl
Adams, addressed the general as
sembly before the groups broke up
into individual discussion sessions.
Said Adam in the opening
phrases, “I want you young men
and women to think of yourselves
as being part of that great army
of young people who are marching
step by step into manhood and wo,-
manhood. You are now in camp
and being trained and drilled.”
He said that standing still meant
stagnation and that participants
have to keep marching if they ex
pected to be successful. He doted
that education was only the begin
ning and that when school was
ever, the student had to make his
own application of what he had
Adame said "You must rely
more end more on your own ef
forts. The success of your chosen
life's career will* be due to your
own initiative.” He emphasised
that planning for higher education
must have e definite purpose, not
just a social reason. "Select a goal
and work toward it with sincerity
and eirnastness," ha advised.
To those who had to begin work
right after high school, he said
that purpose of aim was just at
important He put cards on the
table frankly end said that the
most important decision that most
persons had to make were the
"selecting of e wife or a husband,
end the other Is s career." In
either a hasty decision can be dis
Refering to manual labor,
Adams said that working with the
hands could bring just as much
satisfaction if the job were well
done as in doing a creative job.
He pointed out that everyone does
not have a creative mind or the
mental faculties to be professional
people like doctors, men of sci
ence, lawyers, architects, writers
and so on. "By the same token,"
he said, "all of us are not possess
ed with the ability to work with
our hands."
Adam* underscored the feet that
students should decide on careers
now and take an apitude teat to
help decide whieh career Is most
suitable for the individual ability.
He did add that new careers were
Those Much Needed Repairs
and Improvements to
Your Home...
anew roof
anew point job
a now bathroom
an oxtra room
a •crooned or jolousiod porch
structural repair*
and any of the many other things
that a homo always needs to make
It more livable and up-to-date.
Let us help out with an FHA
Improvement Loan monthly pay
ments, easy terms.
Any of our Officers will be glad
to see you and discuss your particu
lar improvement problem with you.
The Florida National Buk
At Key West
MKMftCft Of* TNI feiC
Your Frioudly Community Bonk
opening up as time goes by. He
said that the best aim was to find
a field in which interest end uti
lity were matched and then to at
least begin the selection of may
be two fields. In that way, a
change can be made if the per
son finds out through further deve
lopment that other talents ere de
Adams said that just being e
housewife is a career in itself but
that there were also all aorta of
useful careers for women now in
science, art, medicine, teaching,
Industy and business, and other
He said that soma careers which
did not pay as high financially
brought greater returns simply be
cause the selection brought greet
er enjoyment to the worker. He
refered especially to teaching ca
Adams said, "I admit that in a
small community like Key West,
.careers are limited. Tills, how
ever, should not be a handicap.
You have your own lives to live.
The interruption of family ties end
dose friendships to go elsewhere
to pursue your life careers is hard.
Your parents might even endeav
or to persuade you to enter a
career where you are not suited
so that you will remain at home.
Reason with them. You will even
tually win out These same par
ents will be proud of you if you
attain success regardless of
where you may be living. You
must make your own decision."
In conclusion he said that the
"same ingredient is needed for
success in say career - ambition;
it is the desire to accomplish a
goal. The wfll to succeed in your
career should be the moat impor
tant thing in your mind and if
this will is strong enough to keep
you marching in step in the army
of life, you wfll be a success in
your chosen field of endeavor."
Movie Star Gilbert Roland wIN
be heat to 91 students of CMI
tonight at the Islander, drivo-ln
theatre. He invited the young
guests to sot • spottsl thawing
et "Apache War Smoko," o Ms
terlcal Western fan which ho heo
the main rote.
Roland Is hero on location
wiYPi • wviiiivin wnrvry rix
making "Twelve MMe Roof."
Siibaerbe to Th© Citiseß
Page 5
•y RAYMIfc
I see by the papers that lusis
McAvoy knows how to converea
with cows. She had an exdurivc
interview with the visiting bovine
in which the cow mooed up some
thing about being "Just friends"
with a prospective suitor. Bully
for Betty, the Big Pine heifer!
Have you heifer seen a dream
At the Key West High School
Friday afternoon dropped in on
the dental discussion group being
Presided over by Dr. Delio Cobo.
He said a B plus through A ever
age must bo maintained to even
enter dental college. He also ad
vised thft pre-mod daises should
be taken at the same school where
quired. In another grarpf Jonathan
Jackson was tailing tha stags ca
reer minded young people, about
letting experience in little theatre
groups, like the Key West Play
ers. He alio told about TV, tha
frantic work it
ample shooting if scenes in 24
minutes, and also about tha new
Cinemascope process which 11 goth
Century Fox*' development of a
it year old Frenchman's idea which
they recognised. The old Trench
man first fried out tha invention of
a 60 degree camera spread to
be put an a screen two and a half
times as wide as tha ordinary one,
way back In 16M, but no ana had
eyas or ears tor it untS recently.
"Twelve Mila Hoof’ is being madp
with the process. Which reminds
me that it is a good thing they
don't have 4 D movitf, in Which
the olfactory sons* is alfo tingled
along with ear, eye, etc. That leva
in the fish market scene! Add
have you ever really been to e
rodeo or out on a ranch?
sails for Europe today. Latter sent
from "The Caabeh" at Province
town, Mass., said that ha had a
wonderful trip driving to New
York. He got his passport in Wash
ington, D. C. and wiH sail on the
new Italian Line ship, "Andrea
Doris.” He expects to re-visit
Italy, Austria, Germany, Prance,
Spain end Portugal. . .1 want to
go to Cuba for my vacation. . .
which reminds me that Consul and
Mrs. Oscar' Morales are perfume
•electors with distinction. "Sai
gon” is ‘superb!. . .Everyone is
cautioning Aquflino Lopes and Cur
ry Morano about sending cards
from Gay Pam. . .They leave
leave Tuesday. Charlie Taylor
must have taken a slow boat by
way of China to gat to the Rotary
Convantion in Franca aa ha la Al
ready on the way.
RASKST MAKER and decern
tor assistant whosa namt was not
glvonto motor thorecento. W.C.
lunchen at Ft Taylor deservsa
credit tor her help. She is Mrs.
C. W. Schwarts of the NavSl Hos
pital group who ware hostesses...
Movie stars wart under the sign
of Sirius, tha Dog Star last night
They trekked to the track and
watched the doge tier. . .Brian
Reynolds celebrated Ma seventh
birthday Wednesday (R’a pro
nounced Wtn-as-day by Key West
ers) evening with n hot anchflado
supper, angel toed cake with can
dles which ha Mow out with ana
big WHOOP. . And by being al
lowed to stay up toufl • p. at.
visiting with toe guests. HU par
ants, Jeanne and Ski Skewis en
joyed the gifts too. Ski and Rod
Kenrick fried out toe-wooden ped
dle with hell en elastic. . .Jeanne
filled the living room with toe bub
bles from one of thoto magic ring
gadgets. Brian fiaally got out his
toy trucks and I ran these around.
However, his new sports outfits
don’t fit anyone hut Brian.
CP© CLUB, hero they earn#...
too movie company en ieturday
night. Navel Stattan. Hope there’s
• cameraman there. . .from toe
Navy. . .that la. Also toe Cuban
Radio Qutens will bo at Soetoiad
do Cuba tor too big danco on too
aaaao eve. And lob Yenmons la
an too list tor a H manta nastier
In tha night at too Casa Marina..,
*l9 Si. Am 24385
Special For Tha Weekend
FRYERS ~V<* $219
Freak Killed. Brewed & Drawn an,
•wv naiun tow un un
FUnlx •/ Frying m>d Dmii lmg Ckirkm
i*Y CONSTANCE LA VANCE w.. th. m..t net nt winnM
in a baby photo contest —a aeries of runofft being held weekly.
Bmpll Conftance, daughter of Mr. end Mrs. Roger McClure of
554-C West Poinciens, is four months and one week young.—
National Studio Photo.
American Legion Cancer Benefit
Dance Proved Highly Successful
A gala evening of dancing and entertainment was enjoyed by
everyone at tha Cancer beffit dance sponsored by tha American
Legion Auxiliary held at the beautiful Legion homo on Stock Island.
Louil CarboneU, popular master of ceremonies, did en excellent
job of introducing the evening’s entertainers end program.
Highlight of the evening '* eater**
tainment wea the appearance of
Hudson Smith popular pianist and
sinf or, currently appearing at the
Tradewinds “Pantesta Room.”
The popular Eddie Peyton, X. C.
at tha Preview Lounf e was enjoy
ed very much for his jokes and
storie*... Eddie Introduced Ernie
Bill and his orchestra who playod
for the beautiful and talented sing
er Lee Tayler. Lee's songs will
long ho remembered by eU pre
Patrons showed their own brand
of talent In a waits and a rumba
contest, the winners of each con
test were determined by the Ap
plause of the audience. “Horsie”
Horaclo Castillo Jr., and Connie
Darby were the winner of the rum
ba. Billie and Charlie Canon won
the waits contest. Doth winning
couples won a bottle of ehampagne.
The champagne witfs donated for
the contests by tho Bamboo Boom
and Logon's Ooean Patio Bar.
Tho American Legion Auxiliary
wishes to thank Bit following firms
.whose donations made tho door
prisea and raffles possible: Rubin
Appal, Bahama Chib, Beachcomb
er, Broadway Cigar Store, Ditty
Box, Firestone Accessory Store,
leldier’s Woman's Apparel John
son’! Jewelery fltoro, JnHan Appli
ance, Key Wool Parts and Springs
Ce.Lsng’s Furniture Cos., Leona
Dreea ttop. Maxwell Cos. Mer-ld
Dross Shop, Noble’s Ait Conter,
Overseas Radio Store, Bep’a Auto
• Rmvß IN die WrWmis
Music lor the occaaston was far
nlsbed by the U. S. Navy’s Fleet
Steer School orchestra, which
everyone said was autstandtag and
greafly enjoyed by afl.
Chairmen Jean Mardk and Lou
ise Mffier with in Bumk everyone
lor their help in making thia can
cer benefit dance a success.
•Are. I Men tenebee wM dleeet
the St. Jeeenb'e flmergswsr tow
mMW nafinnel BfeJinalan Mnn
ts at a p. m.
yiana Min R* mfii nmnsnl nmn.
•O I’m gonna be a busy weekender
Copy on movie stuff is abort three
days because me spengebests ere
landed to the gunwbalec with cast
and egntponant and are*. . .and
Bure’s no way to get out on the
set to pick up taetore stuff.
Minnie P. Harris
Assigned As Aide
For Convention
Minnie Porter Harris of Key
West, will serve as side to the
president of the General Federa
tion of Women'* Clubs at toe C2nd
annual convention of the General
Federation May 25-26 in Washing
ton D. C.
Presiding et general sessions at
Constitution Hall wfll be Mrs. Osc
ar A. Ahlgren, Whiting, Ind., pres
ident of the GFWC.
Among the speakers the club
women wfll hear win be Ovett
Culp Hobby, secretory of Health,
Education and Welfare; Mrs. Ivy
B. Priest, Treasurer of the United
States; Senator Everett Dlrksen
(R-lll), and Mrs! Hiram C. Hough
ton, former president of the GFWC,
now with the Mutual Security
The convention program haa
been planned to allow delegates
time to visit Mount Vernon, to go
right-seeing in the nation's capital
end to visit their senators.
Pythian Sisters
Enjoy Party
For Mothers? Day
Pythian Slum's Mother’s Day
celebration was held on Monday
May 4th at tho K. P. HaD.
The highlight of tho evening wea
hoooriag both the oMce and young*
cot mother. A lovely corsage waa
presented to Mrs. Fkrrie Mflkfll
ae the eldest mother and to Mrs.
Ann Davis as the youngest
Mr*. Louise McCoy Past Su
preme Chief from Jacksonville
was also presented with n gift
Each guest was given a white
or red carnation and a very en
joyable program was presented
by the following:
Piano selections Mrs. Clouds
Silas, Mias Deanna Sawyer.
Plane end Violin Mrs. Samuel
Drudge. Gerald Saunders.
Vocal Duet, Mrs. Victor Berg
strom. Mr. Gerald Saunders.
Vocal Solo. Mrs. morris MikJU.
Reading, Mrs. Lena Sands. Mrs.
Emma Thompson, Mrs. Charles
Pantomiac, Mias Gail Vania.
Louie Crus.
Last but not least, were the
string ensemble composed ef Mr.
Merton NeHogb. Everett Riggs,
Victor Watktee with Charles Fei
ton ae their soleiet who gave ver
tone adctkwf and ended with the
"Lord’s Preyer.'*
The shall was IweußfUOy de
corated with local flowers. Tha re
wtth a lace table deth. aAver
Amang the*aM*y *foeeto wen
toe Rev. and Mrs. Otoe. X. Moot
Thrift Bp: When yen mafee n
package pudding, nit evaporated
dk diluted with an efoal a mount
of water for tha mAh called Joe to
Um package drfeetim*,
Start with e smelt ammo* ef
wetet. when yen ere ewaamg (re
tea vegetable* and add aure
water as n t ended.
Now Hear This
Dear Dorothy:-
This to a little en toe late aide
but did want to aak if you noticed
the decorations at toe Officers'
Wives Club Luncheon? They were
most unusual and vary beautiful •
a lot af thought and work went In
to thorn. Thooo dainty doUa ware
hand-dressed - even to the wee
painted shoes. Orchids to tha
gala who askad (believe it or not)
to do too dooorattooa! Mrs. Lewis
was the chairman and bar faithful
helpers ware:- MeedamoS Sweats,
Walls, Bernes end Parry. If Is one
luncheon that will linger in every
one's *H
Things aesmtogty have lat~P
t little. Had f bit of trouble with
my grapevine tola week. Do you
tupposo everyone is watching mov
ies in the making. What do ftovios
have toe Navy doesn't - after all
what Navy man isn’t teat gal's
leading man!
News must have gotten around
that thire Is a Duplicate Bridge
Session at Port Taylor each Tues
day! Six tables played last Tues
day. High tor North louth wga
awarded to Lt and Mrs. L. J. Pat
erson: coming second was Mn.
Irving Duka and kiss Terry Duke.,
East-West winner tor high wai tha
team of Lt. and Mrs. CUnO; sec
ond was Lt H. J. Seifert and Lt.
J. A. Cross. Keep coming you
bridge players and tiring your
The Pleat Training group are
having a Coffee at tha Officers’
Pool on Wednesday, May I|. Mrs.
W. B. Ronan is taking charge of
arrangements for this morning
"Qab-Ffft”- Mrs. J. B. Carroll,
Group chairman, will taka chabge
of too business moating.
Nolo - you Naval Stottm wives.
Your Luncheon Is earning up on
Wednesday, May IS, at the Port
Taylor Officers' Club at 1S:SI p. m.
Election of officers wfll he tha
main business of toe luncheon -
all you gala come out and voto tor
tha people you want to represent
you. Hostesses to groat you will
be Mary Reel, Blanche Riot and
Key Roberta.
Mrs. Merten Stork will be the
guest at the coming Book Review
Meeting en Wednesday, May 21.
The place is Fori Taylor at 16:06
A. M. Mrs. Stark wfll review Mar
jorie Rinnan Rawling’s "Th* So
Did yen knew that Katharin*
Boas, daughter of Capt and Mrs.
T. D. Boas, is a girt to be proud
of? From ell over these united
States are chosen only SI stoisntt
• these tow ere given a six-weeks
course at Northwestern Univer
sity in redial Qualifications art
high tor this honor - Katharine is
one of . the ones who came up to
these qualifications. Congratula
Do you Nho dining under the
store to the sound el retttof surf
and the nutting af palm Bents?
Thl* is tht setting along with asp
will tester* roast peck. Why cook
en Sunday? Come en gut!
or food (at n lew price) every
WOdneedny nt Pert Taylor. Than
is even a lower price on children's
mnnls! Next week barbecued beef!
Don't forget to atop it Em Lsuncn
gyA sL*!
donations are wrissmsd at Em
Thrift Shoo? Net caty Navy - every
gns. Childrens, men and moment
clothes are needed* In feet every
type cf thing it a ceded tom thing
you dent Mg hut wneM Mho to
kaew of some an* that could nag
R - bring R to the Thrift Step!
New Hear This! Newt an tea
progress sf ear new baby in teg
Special interest Groups • tee Sow
tog Group. Th* tittle ana haa grown
so rapidly teat instead of eng rises
there wfll he two. The day to every
Tuesday at the heart af tee chair
man, Mrs. Richard Baynstds, at,
Tl C Arthur Sawyer lead. The
time of the desses: 6: IS e. a. to
11:66 a. m. • afternoon dess begins
at 2:66 p. m. and unttenis until
and the bast way to remember mother is to take
her out to the cool, pleasant atmosphere of
RauFs Restaurant for one of our delicious spe
cial Mothers Day Dimers, which indude a glass
of our fine dinner wine.
Sunday dinners served from noon to 10t00
PM. You get the best when you go to RauFs!
• For Bwrratioo Pbo 2-5251
Youth for Christ Rally, Fleming
Street Methodist Church, 722
Flaming Street, 7:90 pjn.
Gym desses tor 0.W.C., Sea
Plane Base, 10 a.m.
Alcoholics Anonymous open
matting, Hitt Duval Street,
• p.m. __
D*Aolay mothers Circle, SL
Paul's Parish Hall. 7:10 p.m.
Gold Star Mothers, V.P.W. home,
Key West Art and Historical So
ciety, • p.m. .
Wedeyan Service Guild, W.S.C.S.
of Pint Methodist Church, 7:90
Circle n, First Presbyterian
Church, 9 p.m.
Poudgna P.T.A., at school, 8
Onto m, Women of First Pret
byterial Church, Ip.m.
Bowttog tor Officers Wives, 1 to
S!lM.n., at Naval Station
bowling allays. ,
Pt Taylor Duplicate Bridge Club,
nt PL Taylor, a p.m.
Youth tor Christ Bible Study, at
Service Men's Christian Cantor.
117 Pleming St
CwMned aerial and handicraft
hears nt K. W. Yeuth Center
dvwf Toes, evening. Open
home party. 9 p.s.
Lottos Golf Tournament K. W.
Navy Thrift Shop, it sum. to
2 pm. *■
Unit M, Ladies amt, FRA, meet
ins nt riubrooms, 8 Caroline
St., S p.m.
Truman Elementary PTA, 7:SO
Catholic Daughter oa American,
St Ann's Hall, S p.m.
W.S.C J., Pint Methodist Church,
7:18 pjut.
EX-11 O.W.C. coffee, Aeropelms,
Id e.m.
Karris School P.T.A., S p.m.
Southernmost Pistol and Rifle
Chib, Legion Post home, 8 p.m.
Special interest Sewing group*
ltd a. m. to 11:18 a. m. and
8 p. m. to 4 p. m., homo of
Mn. W. B. Renan 8812 Ave-
Navy Wives’ Bowling Loegne.
Naval Stattan Alloys* 1 Rat
Mooting. Jfcdar €h* Commerce
nt shrthiiM, S p.m.
Mani CHy Navy Wives Chto No.
IB* mooting at White Hat Oak
. Leung*, if non. ■
Gym da sees tor O.W.C, Son
Plant Base, 18 a.m.
Naval Station O.W.C. luncheon,
12:10 p.m. at Ft Taylor
FAWTU O.WX., coffee, at Aero
palms, to a.m.
Float Training Group, O.W.C* at
Xebec sis, 10 a.m. e
4:66 p. a. Next Tuesday Mrs. Roy
nolds to going to instruct the dess
es en th* u*o of sewing wieebjne
attachments. You gels who have
Sewing machines and are confus
ed about attachments • come en
out - you dent have to attend any
terihqr daaees untoes you to do
sirs, wueu men u *u you sewers:
Smooth tiit*g
“Hi iWwB Kn■
mas sum ... usr mmi
• £d£d
Csmute today. Trade ue your rid vswTiJlto^
DIAL : Citizen Office. SS66I
Stephen Mallory Chapter. U.D.C.,
4:90 p.m.
Monroe General Hospital Aux..
at hospital, 8 p.m.
Scottish Rite Bodies, Scottish
Rite Temple, 8 p.m.
American Legion, Arthur Sawyer
Post No. 28, Legion Post Home,
Stock Island, 8 p.m.
Junior Debs, Woman’s dub. 7:30
K.W. Order of Don, meeting ata
‘ Elks Club annex, 8 p.m.
Key West Art and Historical
Society at East MartnUo Tow
er, 8:30 p. m.
Navy Wives' Bowling League.
P.UL, N. S. Also open bowling
Key Wed Liens, meeting, s .aa
p.m. at Lions Den. Seminary
Monroe County Hospital Worn
aa a Auxiliary Sewing group,
at hospital, 2 p.m.
Ceramic Classes, 1 to 4 p.m..
West Martello Art Sdmol.
County Beach.
Alcoholics Anonymous, dosed
meeting for members only,
Hstt Duval Street
Rotary Club luncheon, St Paul’s
Pariah Hall, 12:15 p.m.
Jayshees. meeting at hone of
Mrs. Newell Pinder, 2624 Har
ris Ave., 8 p.m.
Gray Ladies Corps, coffee at 10
Susy Bee club, 8 p.m.
other Club of CMI and St. Jos
eph's, convent aauditorium,
7:20 p.m.
Executive Board, K W H S. PTA,
at high school. 8 p.m.
V.F.W. Ladies Aux. Post 3811, at
V.F.W. Post Home, 8 p.m.
Ladies Aux., Arthur Sawyer Post,
American Legion, Legion Post
Home, t p.m.
Dr. Felix Varela Lodge No. 64,
616 Elisa booth Street. 8 p.m.
Greyhound Racing
Key Went Kennel Club
Solon of Boouty
421 Ptominu St. Phono 24269
Mrs. Walter Pries
Piano and Theory
.ms * c*
Phene 2-4371
fnsi Uui l* rnutm ft*.

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