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Key West Whips North Miami, Hialeah In Legion District Tournament
Lefty Thompson, Hurls One Hitter
Over N. Miami As Conchs Advance
Kbo Arthur lawyer Fort JB bese
fadS teem bet advanced to the
AM round of the District it Am
ericas jhmNl toanajr
with two ridoriss mr the mask'
fad over (to highly tooted North
totem! sad ate* ia Mis*
Ike Ceacks tods la a S-l victory
flatarday am Marik Miami behind
flto ooe-Ut twirling of Lefty
Thompson and than sjuoksd by
floaday to a thriDsr avar ths Hie
|oa|| KaiaKdfldPt H. A
Tba double win sends them into
Mtimi again toright at Miami Flrid
against Mkai’i Pen dmarttaa
Vast Ike gaaM is listed to gat
naderwsy at 7:S p. a.
Manager Fan! Davis vfD sand
Lady Fariiar to the wiwod tonight
against Am Fan Aatericaas. A win
frit tat ths stage tor a battle to
morrow sight against tba wtonar
ad the Caret Gsblee- Hialeah Feat
tome ha tba doable
Marts mod. Tba Concbs mnet lose
two gamm before they are ousted.
The Key Vest basehalers Me to
tap ifcape tor tonight’s t-rPr it
torti FmrtAd
W www •
Thompson had tba North Miami
atoa adlacttvriy Saturday
arbaa hf gave up but ono safety, s
itogla to ths tonrth taring.
Kay Wait scored enough nme to
Page 6
Cuban Qub, Mike’s Plumbers Gain
Wins In Baseball Action Here Sun.
thavlnmbmiarihdN nines adp*
treed wtoe to Ike eggplng dan-
Me header Ip tom tfi#i CNy
Snmlav after
wnet taeWkhert Fieri Sta*
The Cubans weNeped Iba
tons N fa 114 score and Aw
ptomhsrt wkHewaatod Cheek's
Seeded* Ship, 74, In the rib*
sen ■
The Cuban Ctok seered a fat
m„. |— l i u,i fnm^m
fITW Wto HI mto HHWH fiAwA
ۤm% |tnf{#
eeuntert in Am aeeeod, IhM
4MNNI (bi
a# vans to Am stalk aWntosd
Am baApeme Mid Am anly
000000 Ik ||ib tKK
mound tor Am Cabans far Am
np but seven MtaFJve Over*
At bet, C. Veldes, Fiat and
€n InMtfM f§MI CalflfeiMfc
® 00 ijjii 00011
vMIk heme
0000 o|| 000 b
Awun bits.
In Am Arid. Retorts, Rad.
All-Star Summary
JWtowihf is the complete box acoro on tho recently completed
•orke between the American and National Little League All-Star
Player American AB RHSBSBHR SO W Pet 1
Solomon 30 7 • 9 0 3 0 3 .300 1
Valdes 10 5 4 1 0 0 i 1 ill<
Santana 30 8 6 0 0 3 1 3 .150,
McMaben 33 611 0 0 0 1 0 .500
Holland _____ 11 3 0 0 0 0 30.000 j
G. Mira - 11 8 3 0 0 0 4 3 .1831
Bonner 33100 1 2 1 .333
Dion —.■ , 1141 1 0 M 300
Xsquinaldo 13030 0 0 t s ill 1
Coaly 430000 01.000
Brennan 33 0 0 0 0 1 1 .000
CarboneU . 431000 33.350
A. Garcia , 0310 00 13400
Gutierru lOOO 00 00.000
Pitcher American WLSO BB DIP Pet
rioonar - 1 0 14 3 13 1.000
Valdea 0 1 17 0 13 .000
Conly 0 0 3 1 4 .000
CarboneU 0 0 0 3 0 .000
G. Mire 0 1 1 3 31/3 .000
Irion 1 0 3 1 33/31.000
Gutierras 0 0 0 1 3 .000
Player Netienala AB RHSBSBHR SO W Pet
Brienot —■ 13 8 0 0 0 1 3 S .403
Vfldeeteqai 13 041 00 03407
Martinet 10 710 3 0 3 04430
Pbie 10 3 8 1 1 0 1 1 403
N. Garda 18 5 0 1 0 0 3 1 .333
Cervantes ~ 17 7 0 0 0 1 0 3 .471
R. Garcia 41.0 00 0 30.000
A. Mire -—. . , , 010000 43.000
Iriaa * .... 13 SOI 00 31 .403
D. Garda , 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .000
Hughes 13311 00 44.003
Brieves - 301000 3 0 433
Rodrigues 300000 00 .000
Bay 000000 03.000
Pitcher National WLSO BB DIP Pet
Martinas 0 1 • 0 11 .000
Hughes 1 33 0 8 433
Paso 1 O 14 5 92/31.000
Irienea - 0 0 411 51/3 400
tba epeniag frame whin three ran
nera crossed the piste. Thompson
struck eat tone and walked bat
Tim Conchs bad a rougher time
ef A Sunday when Amy broke a
sixth taring deadlock with a stogie
counter to break Am Aa and gala
the win.
George Lastres, who handled Am
aMcad duty lor Am Kay Westers,
was leached tor sevea hits. Key
Vest pitted two runs hi tbs second
taring, added two man to tba
fifth aad a single tally to Am sfacth.
But. tour Key West errors to the
fifth taring allowed the Hialeah
aftae to score Saar runs aad tie-op
Am game.
rstrhsT Julio Hyp rigors eras Am
ben of .the day at Am plate when
he pounded eat throe bits in three
tripe jdatowerd including a scream
tog double. Dick Selgado had two
hits, both dinHff to aid Am Coach
Scores ef Key Weston were ia
Miami tor tba fray, eotnamtoriag
Am Miami fans to atteadaacanat
the tiita.
Tba finals to Am tourney are set
tor Thursday night with the winner
Mated for a crack at tba Satte
tide and a spot ia the Legion Little
Word! Series, which will draw
from •& over the nation to
Monday, July SI, IHS
o|oooo 000
winners nddto Cheese Fernen
dee and Creeps sheas tor Am
to toe rightssp. Lefty Pedro
Rodrigues save up nriy seven
hits in toe Mike Ike Pfcwnker
win. DM Terras M tort# solely
to tour tries Crua^mswt
A. Sea Sena Masted out a
eu4 m Immmm mJI
tor Aw Is sera. In toe fteM J.
Rodrigue, A. Aeavade and Ques
ada starred fsr
tori Pile R* Lastres, D. Crus
and Tarrae for iaaars.
TuuSiv night
IWV A AAgAgf .g^A^^^fge
at Mm Stadium wfcen to toe tke
PWndm wM uni di| Ctik#fi
Cly® Chuck's sc*hdwlch
Stop wW areas bats wHk tke
gemee taAl
at ItA p. m.
CHICAGO (ft—Two guards were
•amid last wash to tba growing
Ust of football players for tba Col
lege AO Start lor their game with
the Detroit lions in Soldier Field
Aug. 14.
Newest members to Am college
•Sued art Joe Petrel of Navy and
Bill (Tba And) Shalosky of tba
Unhrereity of Cincinnati.
Bobby Santana’s ptach Maria hi
the sixth faming enabled Evans En
terprises to come from behind aad
defeat VX-1, 5-4, to the second
gaaM of a f"* l doubieheader at
Bayvlew Park last night In Aw
opener. General Electric romped
pest Am Dairy Queen Blizzards,
IS4. behind dint Warren’s two
Warren, who had a no-hitter un
til A1 Faso stalled to left ia the
sixth, coasted to Us second victory
of the season against four losses.
He struck eat three aad Walked
1 five.
After spotting Am Blizzards a run
ia Am first on two walks and aa
error, General Electric cams back
1 with two row la Am second on sin
i gits Iqr Mickey Wertz and Carpen
ter coupled with aa error aad a
1 wild pitch.
They added two more in the third
> on singles by George Karcher and
Warts aad two errors. Ia the fourth
> GE clinched the wla with a seven
’ run rally 00 two errors, three wfl#
1 pitches, doubles by Lucy Gonzalez
1 and Rizao, and singles by Karcher
and Warts.
Tke Bllsserde picked up en
etase unearned run eft Warren
to Am flfto when Vide! walked,
tegl* ABnlawK n
ground eut and scared an an er
ror. They eempioted Awir seer
tog to Aw sixth with another run
on Peso's stogie, e peeeed bell,
Kerr's Infield eut.
Pilots Agree
On Sox Threat
In American
CHICAGO HI - Managers Casey
Stengel and Paul Richards were in
agreement today: You can’t count
the Chicago White Sox out of the
American League pennant picture
despite their loss of e clutch
double-header to the New York
Yankees yesterday.
Stengel was dated after 4-2 end
34 wins by Us Yanks dropped the
Sob out of any immediate leader
ship contention. The Chicago dub,
had ft won both ends, would have
been only two games beck. Mow
the Sox are six games out
“Those were big ones for us,”
grinned Stengel after the double
victory. “Wo were playing our best
and the pitching was tremendous.”
Bd Lopat won the first game,
allowing eight hits in recording Us
10th victory against one loss. Vic
Raschi won Us seventh against
four losses in the nightcap, hurling
a deft two-hitter.
“I’ve said all along that the
White Sox are the team to beat,”
declared Casey. “And I dill say it
“Yon can’t forget about them.
They're going to keep playing good
ben because that guy (Richards)
isn’t going to let them get down.”
Rickards and Us players were
disappointed over the *Vn i ) 1 t loss
but were by no means despairing.
“We've got • longer way to go,”
ptiilosophlui the taU manager of
Am Sac, “end well juri hive to
get et it'*
He pointed oat that at one time
tiw Sex were 13 garnet -off the
Yankee pace aad that in his opin
ion they were capable of moving
Bp again.
"We’re e good solid ball dub
aad I’m confident well held up
through tke stretch. The fuostion
ia: Can the Yankees?”
Racing Career Of
Count Turf Ends
NSW YORK lit—Another Ken
tucky Derby winner reached the
and ol the long raring rand today
when owner Jack Amiri ordered
Count Turf. Ms greatest race hone,
retired te the rind.
Aariri, who would rather collect
shiny cups and trophies lor his
horses victories than bags of grid,
sadly signaled an and to Count
Turfs career after Count Turf gal
lantly wen the S*,so Questionnaire
Handicap at Jamaica Saturday,
than limped painfully from the
track. A bad kg, always trouble
some, finally gave way.
Amiri, a New Yorker with a
Broadway restaurant, hit the loaf
chance jackpot with Count Turf,
a son of tho groat Count Fleet
and a graadaaa cf Rrigh Count,
both darby wknors.
Count Turfs greatest day was
May S, MSI, whan ho earned
Amiri's green and-gold aflks to a
four-length going-away victory at
aneiant Ctarehffl Downs.
Ha was a 15 to 1 riot Ironically
ho nevor wen another stakes race
until Saturday, when he boomed
through tho top of tho stretch and
won tho Questionnaire by almost
four lengths. And ho was 15 to 1
in the aantnria in has final painful
Wertz, with three singles in five
tries, and Karcher. with three sin
gles in five tries, led General Elec-;
trie’s attack. The Blizzards suffer
ed another loos when their star
Utter, Kenneth Kerr, was stopped
by Warren after hitting safely in
eleven straight games.
Team— R H E
General ec. 022 713-15 9 2
Dairy Queen _ 100 Oil— 3 2 .7]
Walker, Lewis (5) and Lewis,
Kerr (5).
In tiie nightcap, Evans Enter-!
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low prices.. .WHY
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|BBBk for the
—-=== MS=g==== uTirAlQS- \ \ -4
H* ** My" ,outh ' \1 Z* \ \ UHTtni
11 \ 1 0 \u— \ v%iflv
Bml „ irotk tires <<bJLss
Palm Service Station Bayview Service Station
prises took undisputed possession
of first dace with the 5-4 win. but
they had to come from behind to
do it Trading 4-3 going into the
last of the sixth. Evans began
their winning when Lefty Aritas,.
I Evans outfielder, waked VX-l’s
{Dave Gamble for a walk.
Gene Ramsey, pinch hitting for
Bobby Lastres, on a hit and run
play drilled a single to right with
Aritas stopping at third. Aritis
scored the tying run moments lat
er on a wild, pitch and Gaude Val
dez, next Utter up, bounced to
third and they trapped Ramsey be
tween third and home and was
finally put out on a run down with
Valdez gong all the way around to
With one away, Santana came
up to hit for Joe Castro and VX-1
decided to walk him intentionally.
With the count of three balls and
no strikes, Gamble’s pitch came
within reach of Santana's hat and
he drilled it into rightfield for his
game winning tingle.
DeWitt Roberts, although touch
ed for seven hits, gained his<
seventh victory of the season. He
struck out 10 and walked only one.
VX-1 ato te Rebate ter twe
runs in Mw first inning en a walk,
two errors, and beb Edward's
stogie, but Evans came back and
tied It up in their half ef the
first en a walks and tingles by
Al Acevedo, Retorts, and Aritas.
They made it 34 to Ike secend
when Claude Valdez walked, was ;
sacrificed te secend, teak third
an Cssade's single end scared dn
Acevedo's long fly. VX-1 tied it
up in the third when Edwards
tripled and rede heme en Wayne
Fief's stogie te left.
In the fourth. Gable deckled to
help his own cause and he caught
one of Roberts’ fast balls and drill
ed it deep into right center to send
VX-1 into a 44 lead, but this lead
was erased when Evans came up
their game winning rally in
the last of the sixth.
Edwards, big VX-1 flrstbaseman,
led his team’s attack with a triple
and single in three tries. Jumping
Jack VQlareal. Evans thirdsackrir,
snapped out of his hitting slump
and blasted a tremendous double
to the left of the light pole in left
Renter. The ball which landed a
croas the street missed being f
home by about three tori.
Teem— IHI
VX -1 201 100— 4 T •
Evans 210 003— S 8 S
Gamble and Parker; Robhrto
and Castro.
Team— W. L. FcL
Evans 3 S I.SOS
VX-1 1 I .00?
General Electric 1 S ASS
Dairy Queen 0 3 JOB
S $ S $ SAVE till
wnd Cement Amte K>yUr
% % % % SAVB | M

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