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Today Woo
Why I Cave
To The Community Chest
pd Mi par cent It dm dr***. aMi: IMMM mM
W AnMg* § Ml da,. MJJ* JChew. *
AaaMa. MY Vataap rtrtu pad OMffeMOi m •
aatedady a Mr * aMi:
*Wg mmO gam • li <w*i pay. i *• haUar dmdwoy. and iww
*** §••• ******
Mn A#bm ■ tha aftm Judga Jl*y amd
oarhart, whae dm mki:
*‘Phaag>. I domomd H dm ahaai a Ml dot* O*V Iwwi ll
Mi Mm mm at Ml if dowMaw M Uw #w My Nut Mi. Km-
CoMHuitv Chest Campaign To
Be Extended Through Dec. 4th
4S PwCpbl
Of Ctal l
Wmmti TmU%
tm *m i MM ''-Tn-i-rnr
Biii • m Mmh cuvm Mi
K. II vaa annomcad today
m B. n feed drive
Mm tom mM Mil • hMt
M vac* • MU Amen vie I)
to wM at
•at up m*R MMtoy, mmM 1
M S,**4t or JI par Ml
at Mm Qm gaol at MUM to* I
**o lha Iwi at latnmtoeta rt
CM wrton B hu*M
• tovt Mtod ripiiti m
•Mji Pocjjrtjrt t*M car* pe
ttTshstod*"* raM ** ■"• toil ***
the ‘wr— to
**F Mtor* via an attar 7
Brad ar atofomptaym to tonr
* ttaajSrtttaTJto! ST
**—toauig Oa Pape rival
Man Jailed For
Rape Attenpl
Mb Atonry. to. aa itom
~U *—M *■ “day. *tor|to
tott omPtot vtt totem la rapa a
totow Bmd *m tat at ti am !
Ma arrested Alton via
latar vat turned aatr la Uw tier
BT* department heading to
WpAtoe, AJta.rt attempted la fane
M Imrto girt A Aaa ring offl
—*• *mwt
O&n .to* t+mOm
rVY&wI& Dm i4 ■ *-x
I TO F P j*.
-s? H-oitns *
Cam Manna Pali*
w C 4 Farcy (Mrmg Cartel
• In Ml rtiuM Stew
Fteteom by MAM CO SHOT
IMhDM, DbmM Irautjr Shop
®fce Km Mtdl mmcn
Golf h Al
Top Of Ike's
Agenda Today
AUOUfTA., Ga.to Prntidmt
graadrttima and ad
Ha fat to a nto to aril al toa
Latttow tttototo Nattato OaM
dtototoy alter toMtort, gad
too Mto unMla •ttHalr > toa am
*-• aMtonai totogi *j I
Mra Kaaatoiar. arto > i!i*tth tot
Praildtto. toa hmma actually to.
•art mate toaa a cartage Tiara
art ne hajrd figures tutoto to
Amu to faa.aaa toa togioat
fUßtoi luma to toa taw Mia
via Bate had a chance la toaveet
tta place—al beautifully load
aaoped any too bigger ftgara to
far jrtoaac la ham r.ght toaa toa
toa omtoa
plma. and tea maatar iadroanii
each wtt aa adjmrttop draaatof
tPMgmm. mare Urgejmd
(CaauMad On fag* ftea) j
Ike Gets Tam
i : I
ifl s jpH
■r jV i M J
il iAr
~ Jr
[ - **"*
“ ' i„
AUGUSTA. Ga*—Prcvtorrt ftornhaif (ha M tM (;v , n
• Am bgr • traup of Moi cfcilteM at a Inm rMI
m V m 4 K Immlt arrtrad Haw mtAt to spend th*
IWAkagiviAg holiday* -vf> rhtit
Native Of K.W.
It Set To Be ’
Miami Mayor
Wf Jeffry**
MMy M Mm mm <er mm
£.•. --,4*
AmMtti, eha la prvildaM
MM Ky Mt Kamal CM*,
ia the hreiher a* OiHh Amm
•MMi nnaUy ratcadhoaa
M, Mi Mvm M Kv Mm.
Tha AraMaMa MmMt m
Canada Seems
Willing To Let
Gouzenko Talk
Smtl Meetto*
ito >
Far Q—li— Mj
Of Fartoto Rato
OTTAWA Ito-Canada appeared
to to
C p^ > ltJtotorLMto Vufr
rant, la • gUtommt to PnAimttl
ntH tapir *•
a •eeeMMufmMt fte* HUI
baggy totoi via ihmM a Rtt
toaa top rlag ipiraltog to Caaada.
PI. Laaravt was toated la *oab
at about t’to p to. BT
Unofficial Mfm speculated
that arrangements engirt It aada
tor a aaarat meeting htovem
represents ttvt waiatow to Can
gtoltappvraatU waned ho up to
ran tow rtoi at npaara Ip attend
Caaadua FanKga Bar ratary Lea
aaaAa ragairt yvaterday. He toM t
toa Uirtlad Nat too* Carraapavdaata
Aaaaciattoa to New Yart Oiaiintoil,
ntod. g ha wished, ga aay place
to toa United Btetee ar Caaada to
tali la Amarteea mverttgeterv
grmm mm Immmmv tomaaaadam
l MSWi ill Pto mHiJTI |AIBHwT
Mg aatatp ar tort at its (amity
C anaemia, toa mto aaa three eiA
aaeamad aaeia aad toe prateetlea
at Caaada • famed mavatad paltoa
autre it Aad toe teaman Irh.*,
(Continued On toga five)
Monroe County Freeholders Vote To Retain
7-Mill School Tax Rate; 3 Trustees Chosen
Samed To School Trustee Posts
A jK
i WOL i a
Casadesus Performs Brilliantly
In CoßUßunity Concert Recital;
Juvenile Court
Takes Baby In
Neglect Case
ll vaoitod iahy tooMp Jnaonße
*i Wamor Oftnou, to
iad natoagtod toa ctoU and torn
to rvatedy to Jn-
"T*vtort' Tito
Wool flMttr* 11
li ioon e pn3tetma"toT aaaanU
• fo ttnw and **amto that hanae
•tod tt aparhtea aad to heap wt
to too etroota **
Jaeaaula aatfeortotoe art aom hold
tog toa vamaa t torn small rid-
Area. Her tomhamd to al aaa aad the
chddraa vfi ig Md natd he m
-1 Jndfr Ctheaa varaad toe vemaa
that her aaaa vtß ha rtoarrag ta!
Criminal Chart A toa JavanOa
Cmnt'e ardara era net feUevad.
H<ks Sawyer’s
Condition Cood
After Rerent Fall
Aaaa C. Sawyer, tta to! tot too
rato to too arv arhato admtotolrt
waa raporiat
lavyor. arrardtog la Horace O*.
•ryaat. lapartotaaiaai at pvitte
Inetrnrtkm. vaa aa the rato at the
halldtog la taapart toa air raaH
ssk on mnu
Tcic|*aar 34044
Thanksgiving Greeting
from your DAIRY QUKgN
EifMf Smsss b Hart Ap*
crod w# Hart tbi BEST
- : WL' A
Captoiy Cittd
PWfcrtttt.i la
n rtei tontocrt mtirtomn teat
Heal young pnatot appeared at the
Ottottl Andtoirtom.
Ha gained toa acclaim to a
capacity tomato to mamc Wear*
dtopjay pna
hy ly ptotot m lay West • can
Hto pmßrnmjrM notahte In that
that clearly demonstrated the art
tote ability aa vaß aa charming
hto listener*
M year tod etotoeee tar fia Are*
CuadMui to ptotoly aapaaia
•t mitof intoi tog tott Oendard
if hto rememuad pareato. Ha to
a dtoamputolmd paatomnar la hto
Bato recmead to hto program
vaa tie Beathtvia "Pathrunwc
Somata in C-miner The artwi draw
tram thu mntoc toa ton dramatic
tContnwtod On Papa
C Of C Closed
For Thanksgiving
I TV Chanter of CMutertt of
B te tosoad tomorrow.
T r£* t>tm9 ***
tbrwfh tte tl M
■ TV # tear In a N*| tea art
gjJijQb mrnm temteny,
tea Ihv tte eha->er #"
Cat te Hit it I Ii
Osaati m tte fret |r an rt
tetrte to rag tirr at tte c tester
aAc ate alaa to tet eantoras
tter* Start Oct IS. ton tte ten
toartte. ttert ter* teas Ml rhtea.
Rjk ' 3 %fcs-,&* ! ' : ' '"
it *M
Grand Larceny
Nets Man Tho
Year Sentence
Jadpr Cam Seta
Tram. Hran Pica.
Of .uiltc la
Crtmiin ■! Cmmrt
Kannato lira, 21 year -aid Nav
Tartar, today vaa *avtaacad to
tva year* to aUte pnaan vim it
Pleaded guilty to a grand laraouy
Judge Thome* S Cara, In CYtoi
after hearing testimony hy Vataao
Aopar. Jr., rnauaal lovattlgatar
tor the ahenff • department
Mpar teaWtmd tea* Bice hrshe
ajtomtow pteaa to a leahert car
amd teah etastong, a rartia,
wrtot watch and tern mHtttt
wrth a total #tva ef U7S The
that* aacwrred at tot Annua H *t
■toara hath Bice and Janas had
Janet also testified to the theft
Jadga ram. deferred sentence aa
a second charge against I tea
that to mjarmg county property
H*ca had attempted to eerape from
the count* tail hy picking tho loci
af hie roil with a wire The wire
lammed the tori aad a toekamtt i
was called m to free Rico trorn
hto soli
Jooato Btomato Btopar It, to
ton Antanm. Teas*, had tosa
hoan charpad In tenntrrlen w MI I
fCoatUHMd On Papa Fi*ai
Queen And Duke Letire Asembly
gp®* m 3j .
£■ F^Blf; IL4I
' jt ' %
* "* ■^B®® hhi
QUECH KUSABAIri Q aal U . ; i
pit u ted and photographed at they lint tot P
tof Amnkif in T ava/ Udktm+4 um*r to tao
•Uaal aotoAtol pariteAMM a too IriiNh fiptn Folate
tte royl (toplt n tenmoda t foaraor, ter flliraiten Haag
Tinder, Yates And Roza Are
I oled In At School Election
•v *" Mtioa
By an overwhelming majorat of 454-to-2t, Monroe
County freehold or* yeaterdat voted to retain for another
two year* the seven-mill school tax rate.
Voter* howed much more interest In the orheol
election thia year than they did two year* a#o. The 477
peraona who turned out yesterday were more than four
tune* a* many a* in the lnat *chool election when only 104
Motel Men To
Ask Gty For
Fishing Pier |
City Dork* Are
Prwpaaed Aa The
Site Foe Presort
sanauaa *iU aah the CKy Cam
MartlM f dm CUy dacha he t
aa a free fishta* he hr Km
demon and • tartar* I* tha (By
| Ndta Levitt. preatiaal f the
locftettitLMtsoekI ocftettitLMtsoek iadej AM Mb
hub he Mt aside and tfeat gaard
K* aaweai md id repays h
dm dock m w*U aa to aaaiim-
aadNMh* dom
ha a Mn iM li odemdodm dm
£** a ***• asWar. Loom
He added Mat CaptlM Jaha
Worn, prwilni at the Key WaO
pet Mb stamp at aperaeal aa Me
*1 the local Chaohar at Caaarm
alaa Maced awntil at Uc pee
“Thera to a real need tor a cine
hy fishing facility aa that viator
visitors will not have to ga aa the
hay t to Mad goad fishing sport."
ha aato.
A committee compoaod to Levitt.
Harry Mrtrhati aad Ran Eiplinger
have devised pi am far the pro
ject which they viß prsaato la the
commmaaoa at their east regular
Bteauaf Pmda* night
They also suggested that Aw rrty
roost reel a rmraartm stand tor
the sale to rafroahamanta aad hart
Rental from that aaurco wotod pr*
rrty. they petal mto.
The madai mao soy that they arc
aot * stung that the rfty amharh m
•Continued On Papa Ptea)
Pot Qwc* f— no i rating
roac* buyor* and ooilor*-
DLAL 2 SMI or Md*2
persona voted.
Beraeaa Uu. Wed lea emaly
Mia** am • u*M nU • apart*
art at Uw mate WfwiatuM parous
tha Meaty • IT prvrwcl* M ha
raoMped ot* the paßang plate*
TMa aavea the laapeyer* weary
O reeul at mum eaduaM aed
o pay to pah attaedaeta
| Tha prarterts ear* reoMaat a
live irhad MuMoga - thraa m
tha ty and tee oeta>da Uw my
ho da
The m*om alee named Ami
Mdtu. aena pf
Tha oaw WeaNaa are Mplmlai
B. PMdai. Bar* S. Talaa aed
JPaaoh A. Baaa.
■pm a hee Uw velt eeel at Bw
Am pent** plataa
yea pad aa a*, ula
US; Piadrr Iff.
TMP*. BiTUMt 1 **
Bna. m. Imm, m. Ptadsr, tL
fatal Bern School, PUatjia*
Idy BO omayr IS PoWaaa
"• Beat, M; Talas. M; Hod*. U.
Par Uw plm ML
Agaleat tha B
Tata* pad Bam ham mm |p
haßal la raptace Baa Pmdar^aeae
oeSap 4 ** *"-* M # ,ifcwl
POdar are aal rviatad
Tha treahaldor** aha* am aam-
Mnaaaaa at fha larea af Ha
iCMtwaad Papa Phral
Final Inspection
Of Truman Srbool
Addition Made
Twa Federal ropr m seta lives are
ham today tor a final hmpoctsm
to the aav HUM add it wo to
Trumaa Brhaai. Horace O'Rryaat,
lupanatandeat to putts .aatmr-
Am. said
Tte adddMA. IwH ate Federal
JJJJJ. wniplHoi .tea a
That# tea la toapatf tot a4O
- af Jarhroavflt ate fete
Mora of TaJtahasto#, npemtai.-t
*• *te aaftiMtm rttaa te tte
Fateral Dap trim tto f Neal* Si
aratlaa ate Welfare VMtoa H.
M#rrto. roaat* artel teoH arch
a. • P m to— o* t**v
* *A
I Fraatel,.,
Mratote hr W Hatha
|r t V t r
tot ttt# to*orti

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