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Warmest City In Nation
Today Was
First Atomic
Sub Will Be
Launched Soon
“N*utilu M To Be
Christened By
Mrs. Eisenhower
GROTON, Coaa.,—ThsrsTl bes
•plash beard 'round th* world
made at this Connecticut seaport
an January 21.
On that day the "USS Nauti
les," the werld'a first atemia
pewertd submarine, will plunge
down the ways e# the ileetrle
teat Divisien ef General Dyn
mka Cerperatlen ard Into the
frigid water* ef the 'fbames Riv
The “Nautilus” has been under
construction at Groton since June
14, IM2 and since then has caught
and held the eyes and imagination
of people everywhere.
The mystery and glamour at
tached to this great vessel have
added prestige and honors to the
United States Navy, to the Atomic
Energy Commission, to Electric
Boat, and to the Westinghouse
Electric Corporation which has
built the nuclear power propulsion
plant for her.
When Mrs. Dwlsht O. Risen
hewer smashes the traditlenal
battle ef champagne against tha
"Nautilus" grew to send the
ship Into the river here in east
ern Connecticut, history will bo
made in more ways than ena.
For the "Nautilui,” more than
being the first atomic aubmarine
in history, is, in fact, the very
flbt nueiearpowered means of
transport of any kind. Moreover,
tyr*. Eisenhower will be the first
wife of a President to sponsor a
In Miami On
Short Vacation
MIAMI ÜB-Vice President Rich
ard M. Nixon relaxed here today
from his world tour, happy over
word that his ailing father no
longer was critically ill.
Nixon gave autographs, posed
for pictures with bystanders and
went swimming in file ocean Sun
day at Key Biscayne, a colorful
island connected with Miami by
tfae Riekenbacker Causeway.
The island has been developed
In the last three years as a resi
dential and resort area. Prior to
that it was America’s only com
mercial coconut plantation, and
the thousands of coconut palms
give it a South Seas atmosphere.
Nixon said he planned to re
main at an oceanfront hotel on the
island for four or five days, and
expects to see the gigantic King
Orange jamboree parade New
Year's Eve and the Maryland-
Oklahoma Orange Bowl football
game New Year’s Day.
"I’ll root for the best plays on
both sides. I wish both teams
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Aid Application
Acceptance Has
Been Postponed
ORLANDO (A—Charles O. An
drews, chairman of the State Wel
fare Board, today said acceptance
•f applications for aid to perma
nently . and totally disabled per
sons has been postponed indefi
Andrews said funds to finance
fee program, set up by the 1953
Legislature, are impounded in the
litigation over the additional tax
levied on dog tracks.
He said a case testing the con
stitutionality of the tax is now be
fore the Florida Supreme Court
but added the court recessed for
the Christmas holidays before fil
ing an opinion.
Therefore, he said, no steps will
be taken to put the program into
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Tickets Note On Sale at
New Year's Eve
and Floor Show
2>l)c Krtj RJrst (ttififen
“Prodigal Son 99 Addresses Conch*
P P V Wf
HTy, # Jpn I MM*"*
.Jt ♦ Jr _A; 1 a s t gfjrjJ^^L
V“ **
MIAMI MAYOR ABE ARONOVITZ, (standing) addresses Urge group of Key Westers at luncheon
on his honor at Raul’s Restaurant, Saturday. Aronovitz, a native Key Wester, returned to scene of
his boyhood, along with several other "Concha” for opening of Key West Kennel Club, with which
he is connected. Shown with him are, from the left: Rear Admiral George C. Towner, Key West
Mayor C. B. Harvey and Ramon Navarro, local automobile dealer.—Citizen Staff Photo.
Julio Cabanas, Jr., Is Re-Elected
To Post As San Carlos President
43 Persons
Are Saved
From Icy Sea
Dramatic Rescue
Is Made Alter
Swedish Vessel
Splits Amidship
NEW YORK (fIP) —Rescue ships
plucked the last of 43 persons from
open lifeboats on icy, wind-lashed
North Atlantic seas yesterday,
hours after the survivors’ freighter
had split in two.
The dramatic rescue operations
hampered by a heavy sea, were
completed by the U. S. Military
Sea Transport ship Bluejacket and
the Finnish freighter Orion.
Both ships then continued toward
their European destinations. But
the Bluejacket went only about IS
miles before huge waves made it
pull up to ride out the storm.
“Hove to due to mountainous
seas and severe storm,” the ship
port Service in New York.
The Bluejacket was first on the
scene after the Swedish freighter
Oklahoma sent out distress signals.
The American vessel took 36 of
the survivors aboard and reported
all were in good condition.
The seven on the Orion could
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Swedish Freighter Which Cracked Up In Atlantic
U|L$S IfH H fcSfc,&.,V'
THIS RADIOPHOTO is a stock picture of the Swedish freighter Oklahoma which cracked
apart Saturday night 375 miles northeast of St Johns, Newfoundland. Ail 43 persons aboard
were rescued from the icy and stormy Atlantic, 36 by the U.S. naval cargo ship Bluejacket and
seven by the Finnish fieighter, Orion.—((JP) Wirephoto via radio from London)
Opening This Week
Nail Saunders Announces
Complete Neon
Sign Sendee
Making It A
Advertising Service
A special meeting ef the city
eomr ,i**U ha* Bc.~ a : !SSflß|fi
Tueeday at 4tJf p* m„ it was
—•—— - - ----- SjkjJay
Purpose ef the meeting, it
Wes seM, is to consider bids
for the remodelling ef the iHy
Rumors that e meeting ef the
city's "decency committee"
will follow the commission ses
sion could not bo confirmed.
The panel, investigating vice in
the city, has promised former
city commissioner Louis M. J.
Eisner that they will give him
e public hearing in the near
Radio Amateurs
To Hear Expert
The Key West Amateur Radio
Club, has announced that on Tues
day, Dec. 29 at 7:30 p. m. t Mr.
|A. L. Budlong. (WIBUD) general
manager of the American Radio
Relay League and nationally
known speaker of amateur affairs
will be the guest of the Key West
Radio Amateur Club.
The American Radio Relay Lea
gue is the national headquarters
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A-La-Colonia Cabana y sns
Del Club San Carlos
Feticita y Lee De Lee Mas Espresives Gracias. Por su
Eetupenda Cooperacion ea las Elecienes del Domingo Pasado
La Directive! Oficial
‘Official Party 9
Sweeps Election
Here On Sumdmw
A five man elaV of of
ficers, led by incumbent
president Julio Cabanas, Jr.,
was swept back into office
Sunday to guide the San
Carlos Institute through the
coming year.
In addition, 14 members
of the Institute’s Board of
Directors, were named to
serve the 82-year-old Cuban-
American patriotic and cul
tural organization for anoth
er term.
Re-elected to serve with
Cabanas, are: vice president
Juan Lopez, recording secre
tary Ismael Negrin, Jr., cor
responding secretary Jose
Villar and treasurer Frank
The directors include Evelio Ca
ibot, Ismael Garcia. Jose P. Fer
nandez, Sergio Hernandez, En
rique Cabanas, Nestor Dole, Man
uel Fernandez, Argelio Alvarez,
I Jose del Valle, Oscar Cuervo, Ben
jamin Fernandez, Ramon Ybar
;mea, Frank Hernandez, and Gab
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Miami Mayor Aronovitz, Native Key
Wester, Honored At Luncheon;
Lashes Out At Bad Representatives
Bowen Favors Pay-As-You-Go
Plan For Gty Improvements
City Cemmissiener Della Ca
bo, who was named By cruaad
ing police officer Bill Gibb at
one of the two city officals who
attended an early morning
mooting in a Duval Street res
taurant last April, which alleg
edly resulted in Gibb's transfer
to another beat, said today that
he will issue e statement in
connection with the accusation
at the next city commission
Cobo, who was at the bedside
ef a serious ill niece at the
time the charges were hurled,
said that they were "complete*
ly false" and that his state
ment would clarify tha matter.
The other man named, form*
ar-commissioner Louis M. J.
Eisner, has askad to appaar be
fore a public meeting ef tha
city's "decency committee" e
clear his name.
Gibb was suspended last week
for "conduct unbecoming on of
Big Three May
Press For Big
Four Meeting
Russia May Be
Trying To Lessen
Chance Of France
Joining The EDC
States, Britain and France are con
sidering their reply to a Soviet
proposal for postponement of a
Big Four foreign ministers’ con
ference, amid signs they will agree
to the delay and keep pressing
for the meeting.
The State Department indicated
this is the U. S. attitude, even
though it implied the Russians
might be maneuvering to lessen
the chances of France joining the
European Defense Community
A British Foreign Office spokes
man expressed confidence the
three Western powers, which had
proposed Jan. 4 for a meeting in
Berlin, would accept the Russian
counter suggestion that it be held
Jan. 25 or later.
French official sources said only
that the note Russia sent the three
Saturday would have to be studied
But in Bonn yesterday Chancel
lor Konrad Adenauer of West Ger
many, whose future would be high
among the subjects discussed at
any Big Four meeting, predicted
the proposal would be accepted.
And the Soviets, in a broadcast
yesterday that could be a prop
aganda prelude to the conference,
blasted away again at the Western
plan for free all-German elections.
Moscow radio, heard in London,
aired an article from the official
publication Izvestia saying “false
talk about Tree elections’ is needed
by the Adenauer clique and its
patrons to screen their endeavor
to get full control of Germany for
their aggressive aims.”
The Izvestia article repeated the
Russian idea of East and West
German Parliaments joining in a
temporary all-German government
to supervise elections—a plan
which the West says offers no
guarantee of freedom in the East
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Key West Blinds
12# SI MONTON, near Ceca-Cele
Cite* Need For
New Gty Hall
In His Report
For November
Finance Director Craig Bowen
has told the City Officials in his
financial report covering the month
of November that the he favors a
pay-as-you-go plan for financing
any capital improvements that the
city may embark upon in the fu
"The subject of municipal cap
ital improvements has been force
fully thrust upon us by the recent
rapid physical deterioration of the
city hall. Those of us who work
in city hall are aware also of the
fact that in addition to the physi
cal condition of the building, ad
ditional space is sorely needed for
the purpose of improving work ef
ficiency,” be said in his report
Bowan added that a time and
motion export would become
"neurotic' if ho attempted to
eliminate time wasted in foot
steps alone duo to the depart
mental arrangements end lay
"Much talk has been going a
round about bow a city hall and
other capital improvements could
be financed,” he continued. "There
are. of course, numerous ways,
aach of which have certain ad
vantages as wall as disadvantg
"The main disadvantage in any
case, is that it costs money,” he
pointed out candidly. "Starting
from that premise, the problem re
solves itself Into deciding which
method will most expeditiously and
painlessly raise the necessary
He pointed out two basic con
cepts of financing which he said
should be taken Into consideration:
1. Spread the cost over as wide a
base possible so that no one has
to carry more than his proportion
ate share oi the load.
2. Financing should be done over
as short a period of Ume as pos
sible to save on high interest
"I personally prefer a pay-as
you-go plan so that interest charges
can be eliminated entirely,” said
The city has already received
bids on the removal of the city
hall tower in the wake of reports
that it is in imminent danger of
Bowen also reported to the com
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Federal Funds Repay County
r- — —
• - !? r ’ill
i*,.. 9 , %■
1 r-if- - : -^9
It’ ' 1
SHERIFF JOHN SPOTTSWOOD (standing) hands $3,104.22
check to Earl Adams, county clerk. Check is from U.S. Gov
ernment for Federal Matching Fund Program. The sum re
pays the county almost ope-half of the amount the county
•pent to install a two-way radio system for the sheriffs de
Luncheon Televised By WTVJ;
Key West Way Of Life Commended
Key Westers and former Key Westers Saturday aft
ernoon, at Raul’s, paid honor to a local boy who made
good in the ‘big city’. Abe Aronovitz, the son of a Key
West pioneer merchant took the praise with the humility
that is characteristic of him. ,
The Miami mayor and the other ex-Key Westers
all told of the pleasure to have lived in a city like Key
West where snobbishness and caste system were non
No Accidents Mar
County Record
While Americans in other
parts ef the country wore kill
ing themselves with automo
biles, Monroe County racked
up a perfect record—no traffic
In fact, th* Stat* Highway
Patrol had no accidents to re
port sinco 2: if p. m. last
Thursday and that was not a
fatality. Tha recerd was still
perfect at naan today.
Holiday Takes
Toll Of 681
Accidents took at least 681 lives
during the nation’s Christmas holi
day weekend.
Leading the death parade for the
78-hour weekend beginning Thurs
day at 6 p.m. (local time) and
ending Sunday midnight were 495
traffic fatalities. Another 76 per
sons died in fires and miscel
laneous accidents caused 110
Belated reports were expected
to swell the figures and the 510
traffic deaths estimated by the Na
tional Safety Council remained
within possibility.
By early Sunday the traffic toll
was moving at a rate of seven
deaths an hour and experts feared
the final figure would exceed the
three-day record of 545 deaths set
in 1950 and possibly that of 1952
when 556 traffic deaths resulted
in a four-day period.
The toll by states (traffic, fire,
Alabama 14 38; Arizona 6 0 0;
Arkansas 6 2 2; California 41 4 13;
Colorado 2 0 0; Connecticut 8 11;
Delaware 2 0 0; Florida 12 0 11;
Ga. 19 0 0; Idaho 1 0 2; Illinois
26 2 2; Indiana 12 0 4; lowa 13 0 0;
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mm ■uaamumHHgßaßHi
For Quick Communication.
Ust CLASSIFIED Adel You 11
reach buyers and sellers—
tenants or workers . . Just
DIAL 2-5661 or 2-5662.
Said Aronovitz:
"We in government must
be humble, and when we
have positions to fill or pen
sions to be awarded, we must
not take the attitude that we
are giving something, or
have a man because of eco
nomic necessity beg it of us.
When you find a representa
tive like that, you must
‘stamp him out*. Some of
these representatives think
that God Almighty had an
notated them to hand out
jobs. You must ‘stamp a man
like this out’ because this fil
thy understandment of gov.
eminent can only bring hav
oc. t
“When we feel qualified to sepw,
we mutt give of ourselves like
soldiers on the battlefield. What ia
two-years or four years st?rvice of
a man's life in return for what
this country had done for him.
“As we look back today, we get
one of the greatest and most beau
tiful of rewards, memories. Key
West has many distinction! one of
which is that it organized the aec
ond Boy Scout troop in the United
States. And that brings back to me
a memory of a trip to Fort Myers
; that we scouts made. It was a
Sunday and Charles Sands our
scoutmaster asked who wanted to
,go to church. We had been quart
ered with some cattle, and aome
hands went up just to get out of
the surroundings. But one hand
didn’t go up. That hand was Mit
chell Wolfson’s. When they asked
him why be didn’t want to go to
church, he said T want to go to
a synagogue’. That’s what I mean
about a person practicing his re
ligion aa he sees it.”^
Mayor C. B. Harvey waa the
principal speaker from Key West
and his Honor told of the progress
that had come to Key West in the
past yegrs. He related the time of
the great fire in Key West when
the city’s ordy fire-equipment waa
in New York being repaired. He
was asked why the equipment
wasn’t sent to Miami for repair!.
The Mayor aaid that couldn’t be
done because Miami was then a
little Seminole Indian village.
The Mayor introduced all the
Key Westers present including the
working press, and at the and of
the affair which waa televised
handed out small Conch shells
saving the “Biggest conch of them
all for the Biggest Conch of AO,**
Abe Aronovitz.
Host of the affair was Business
man Dan Navarro. He was given
a rising vote of thanks for having
initiated the affair which may be
come an annual one.
Other* who spoke were:
Joe Plummer, Miami attorney
and member of Dade County's
school board: “It ia a pleasure 8e
always meet the former people I
lived with as a boy, and grew we
Ernest Roberts, Miami attorney
and sucessful businessman: "Whew,
ever I talk about Key West, a tf
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Red Lion Cab
Set. Since 1928
Telephone 2-9450
(ed) O. CAMPO,

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