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ly CAM. i. LALUMIA j
GROTON, Coon, tfu-Alexander
the Great, who pined for ftore
worlds to conquer, would gasp if
he could be around here tomorrow
to see what has happened to sub
marines since his time.
The world'* first atomic-t>ow*r*H
submarine, the USS Nautihu. set*
Ms shower of cfaampagw
from Mrs. Dwight D. EiseaWnr
at the shipyards of the electric
boat division of the GenerriDy
"vaiPL mm
reputed to be the biggest c lus!
ively devoted to submarines and
you team that recorded history
gives Alexander's name as the fim
to he linked to an undersea craft.
By Mautiiw standards, it wasn't
much fa boat. The Greek phU
owpber Aristotle described it i* a
diving beß. It was built for jS.
•Oder (356-323 8.C.) and usedfo
repel attempting to lift the
The library ataff, headed by
Donald Shepard, has come up with
• let of other information pointing'
fiEwmskrs 1
§ Only 3 More Days ]
January fo 31 / I j
The Use Of Your Card Table(s) For One
Afternoon-Tuesday, Jan. 26th, For The March
Of Dimes Card Party At Casa Marina
Won't you HELP that OTHERS MAY WALK by
lending March of Dimes your card tables? If you are
willing, please write your name and address on each
card table and deposit it on'Monday, January 25, at
the City Hall Fire Station (Ground Floor—to right of
entrance). Care will be taken of your tables and they
will be returned to you the day following the card
party. Or if you do not have time to leave the card
table there yourself, kindly Phone 2-3991 and someone
will stop by your home (or club) to pick them up.
Here is a chance to SHARE you don't have to
sing, dance, or be particularly talented just be will
ing to help those who are not as fortunate as we are.
Be Sure To Attend Beta Sigma PhVs
Card Party and Fashion Show
. at the
Casa Marina, Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 2 PM.
Benefit for the March of Dimes
Space Contributed by
City Electric System
[up the proud heritage that stretches
'behind the Nautßns.
For example:
| Leonardo da Vinci, the great
Florentine inventor and artist of
the Renaissance, planned an under
water warship. But be kept it
secret because be was afraid it
[would make war more frightful.
King James I of England re
putedly took a short ride in one.
It was distinguished by an oil
soaked leather covering and pro
pelled by oars. A Dutchman,}
Cornelius Van Drebbel, built it a
century after Da Vinci’s death.
Americans made more sub
marine history during the Revo
lution. A Yale College student,
David Bushnell, discovered how to
explode gunpowder under water.
To go with Us discovery, he built
a one-man submarine—a tiny oak
vessel called the Turtle.
Great battle plans were made
for the Turtle. With Sgt. Ezra Lee,
a Connecticut volunteer infantry
man at commander and crew, the
Turtle set out to destroy the Brit
ish fleet lying in New York.
The idea was to screw a bomb
; to the bottom of an English ship
and set a mechanical fuse.
But unknown to the Americans,
the British ships had been sheathed
in copper to protect them against
barnacles. Sgt. Lee couldn’t pene
trate the copper to attach Ms
primitive torpedo.
It was left to a Civil War Con
federate craft, the Hunley, to be
come, nearly a century after Lee’s
failure, the first undersea boat to
jsink an enemy warship in combat
The Hunley, equipped with a gun
powder “torpedo” attached to a
15-foot pole, blew a bole in the
Union corvette USS Housatonic.
The Housatonic sank. But so did
the Hunley.
It was only in modern times that
the United States Navy bought its
finyt submarine, the Holland.
Uncle Sam got a bargain. It cost
John Phillip Holland $236,675.43 to
build it in 1897. The Navy bought
it in 1900 for $150,000.
Today’s conventional submarine
costs 10 million dollars.
The price tag on the Nautilus is
a secret. But Harry S. Truman,
who came here as president on
June 14, 1952, for the keel-laying
ceremonies, put it at around 30
million dollars, exclusive of the
atomic reactor being built by the
Westinghodse Electric Corp. She
is 300 feet long. Her submerged
speed has been predicted at more
than 20 knots and she will be able
to travel underwater indefinitely.
Her crew will have 90 officers and
But if the Nautilus is something
to bring a gasp from Alexander
the Great, you wouldn’t know it
from the many craftsmen working
to get her ready for her dip.into
the Thames River here tomorrow.
A General Dynamics Corp.
spokesman says:
“The men, of course, know
they’re working on something
never done before. But they’re
pros. They are matter of faet about
it and do their job as if it was
in ordinary one.”
Embarrassed Query
DANVILLE, Va. (B-The voice
at the other end of the telephone
line asked haltingly: “Can you tell
me who is the secretary of the
Air Force?”
A reporter at foe Danville Reg
ister newspaper office gave foe
name: Harold E. Talbott, then as
a matter of habit be asked who
was calling.
“This is foe Air Force recruiting
station,” an embarrassed voice
said. “Somebody phoned us about
it and we weren’t sure.”
Ike Thrives On
Challenge Of
Big Job Ahead |
WASHINGTON <B - Pwfofcot
Eisenhower started bis **cond
year in office today, and a close
associate said “he’s thriving on
the challenge” of foe big job
fob ahead.
Cabinet members, RepuMkan
party officials and White I base
staff members arranged to pefoent
a surprise gift to foe Preside* *
a ceremony in his office commem
orating foe first anniversary of foe
Otherwise, foe 63-year-old Chief
Executive’s day shaped up pfctty
much like scores of others during
foe last 12 months.
He scheduled a breakfast eager,
ence with Secretary of State Dfoes
who flies to Berlin tomorrow for
foe Big Four foreign ministers con
A Cabinet business session pas
listed just ahead of foe anniver
sary ceremony. These meefogs
ordinarily are held on Friday, |ut
this week’s was planned for today
because of foe special occasion
People who have worked ufch
Eisenhower in foe White House re
port that’ he seems to be in lop
physical condition and in a cheer
ful frame of mind.
One aide who sees foe Presidnt
many times a day said Eisenhow
er “probably bates” some of the
detail of bis job and that be im’t
very happy about having to attend
ail foe social function* be does,
This aide, who asked that Ms
name be withheld, also said foe
President chafes somewhat undar
foe confinement of the presidency
—although be has traveled 38,474
miles since bm inauguration.
Navy Hospital
Raises Funds For
March Of Dimes
Spurred on by the presence of
two youngsters, A. S. Toy (3), and
Oiarite Johnston (3), patients and
staff of the U. S. Naval Hsopitei
donated $250 in the special pay day
drive for the raising of funds in
the drive for March of Dimes.
During tins past Fall when polio
was making its effects felt in and
around Key West both children bad
been admitted to the hospital as
victims of that disease. Later they
were transferred to the variety
hospital at Miami mad are current
ly receiving physiotherapy at tbs
Stars In “Oil Town UJ$*A”
i MB Mk Mr
- Jj
■ A'* ‘mr- ~
k. ■
& *iT-. /i;> . 4
■ / j
m■ y w
m/ \
COLLEEN TOWNSEND EVANS will Appear in Evangelist
Billy Graham’s film, which will be shown at Harris School audi
torium, Friday, at 7:30 pm, and Saturday, at 3:30 and 7:30.
Local churches and Youth for Christ are sponsoring the show
ing, for which no admission will be charged.
Before putting your vacuum clea
ner away, wind the cord looedy.
Tension may cause fine wires in
side the coid to break.
HI Duval Sft. Dial L4M9
Page 8
THI KRY WIST CtTtZCN Wednesday, January 29, 1994
Rabbi Schwartz Receives Note
Of Gratitude For His Prayers
Rabbi Abraham Schwartz, of foe
congregation B’nei Son, has re
eeived a letter of thanks hum
Max Rabb, one of President Dwight
D. Eisenhowers’ top asaistonu to
appreciation for two prayers which
ha r~mrn J td and mailed to in
Rabbi Schwartz composed one of
the prayers at the Mart of World
War U and foe other at foe end
of foe hostilities in 1945.
The latter, entitled Ocw Daily
Prayer, foßews:
“Our Lord, our God, and God
of our fathers, renew unto us this
dey, this month, this year for good
and for Messing.
“Give us a life of peace, a last
ing peace, a life of good austen
ance, a Mfe of bodily vigor, a life
to which there is foe fear of Heav
es and foe fear of am free from
shame and reproach. O Father to
Heaven bUm and guard rad pro
tect, and help and exalt, and mag
nify and extol highly our land, foe
United States of America and all
nations that dwell thereon, and
foe President and foe Vice Presi
dent and al foe counsellors of foe
Government and Ms officers and
ail branches of the Armed Forces,
and to His Mercy preserve their
lives, and guard them from all
trouble and sorrow and tout, may
they be delivered safely from all
troubles and make their deeds al
ways with greatest success in
whatever they undertaken. Bless
all people to this country, and all
people of the universe who practice
justice and help to promote bsppi-
Strand Film
Is Spectacular
Sea Story I
“AH the Brothers Were VaMaut” '
M-G-M’s thrill-pecked adventure
romance in Technicolor wifi open
Thursday at the Strand Theater.
Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger
and Aim Blyth are the stars in this
screen version of Ben Ames Vffl
tiams’ bestseller novel, most *f
which was filmed on location in
1 Jamaica in the British West Indies,
i Featured in supporting roles are
; Bette St John, introduced to the
screen in “Dream Wife,” Keenan
t Wynn in a role of cut-throat vil
lainy, James Whitmore, Kurt K’me
nu, Lewis- Stone and Robert Bur
ton, together with a large group
of actors composing the crew of
the whaler, “Nathan Ross.”
Filmed in the tradition of the
memorable “Captains Courageous”
this spectacular story is replete
with action throughout every red.
It indudes a tropical island ro
mance, a nineteenth-century whal
ing expedition, peed diving, fights
hi Mm Haart af Mm CRy
Rib Pershing Miller
mE. Plaslar SL 2M N.E. Ist Ava. 229 N.1.1a Ava.
M 2 Raama 1M Raamt •
Elavatar Elavalar Raama
Salarium Haatatf Elavalar
ness and peace for all mankind.
The earlier prayer, entitled A
War Prayer:
“Gracious God, who givefo sal
ration unto nations, courage and
strength unto governments, may
ert thou bless and safeguard our
country, the United States of
America, and all people that live
thereto. Protect our president, our
vice-president, our government of
ficials, members of congress and
ail our people against sickness and
“We beseech Thee, O God, shield
and protect our armed forces en
gaged in battle in the air. on land
and on foe oceans. Bless them that
with savage, spear-throwing na
tives, a mutineermg crew and an
unusual love triangle involving two
toothers and the young girl one
of them marries.
Taylor and Granger play foe
rotes of the seafaring toothers of
opposite temperaments whose dif
ferences are resolved in the story’s
thrilling climax of mutiny. Each
comes to foe new picture with big
bite behind him Taylor’s in
“Above and Beyond” and “Ride,
Vaquero!”; Granger’s to “The Pri
soner of Zends” and “Young Bess.”
The screen play of “All the Bro
thers Were Valiant” was written
by Harry Brown. Rhe picture was
directed by Richard Thorpe and
. was produced by Pandro S. Ber
, man, who scored together in a aim
} Mar capacity with “Ivarihoe” sod
, “The Prisoner of Zends.”
A coating of old wax and dirt
may be built up on floors that
have been inproperiy waxed. A
commercially prepared waxed -
floor cleaner, mixed with water
and applied to the floor, is effec
tive in softening and removing this
coating before rewaxing.
“Well, there's one thing
they've got that wa
haven't . . . credit at
Key West
524 Southard St
fora mv emerge vtetoMras frown
ah foeir engagements. May they i
return quickly and safelv to
homes and foeir dear ones.
“May M please Thee, Our Fatter
to Heaven, speedily to remove the
ma of tyranny and cracky, to
establish foe Kingdom of Right
eousness upon foe earth and te
cause Liberty and Freedom to be
proclaimed unto all oppressed na
In a letter from foe White House,
Rabb who met Rabbi Schwartz on
a recent visit to Key West, thanked
him for sending him the prayers.
He said: “R was very kind of
you to send along the prayers
which you competed. They are
beautifully done and I am delight
ed to have them. Thank you very
much for remembering me.
“Please give my beat to your
Lets All .. •
Key West Venetian Blind Cos.
/ 7Xj{ % • ]r<''s£S K S HHi'
. m jv, m
tmm Jv it 'Am
Space Contributed by
Overseas Transportation
Company, Inc.
Fait, Dependable Freight and Expreaa Set vice
led? 8 AH • m
• Spec* Contributed hr
Thompson Enterprises, Inc.
(Ice Division)
lfe and yra may he neteWd 1
will call on you on my *®rt
te Key West, a communMy which
I cannot help but regard as •
hvored spot to this country.
“Sincerely yours,

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