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PROMINENT LEGlSLATOßS—Representative and Mrs. Bernie C. Papy had as their guests at the
Hospital Ball. Representative and Mrs. George S. OkeU of Dade County, and Broward County Rep
resentative Ted David and Mrs. David. Also in the party were Dr. and Mrs. Lance Lester, Jr., and
the Papys' daughter, Mrs. Norman Wood.—Citisen Staff Photo, Finch*
Mrs. Herman Changes Mind About Hubby
NEW YORK (fl) Mrs. Dyoll
Prather Herman, 67, wants to
withdraw the complaint against
her new husband, whom she ac
cused of running away with $303,-
100 in jewels and cash.
The couple was reunited yester
day through an attorney for the
husband, Percy William Herman,
49. The lawyer said Herman had
‘‘good reasons” for disappearing
March 5 after his marriage was
but a diay old.
Apparently Mrs. Herman, of Palm
Beach, Fla., agreed. She chatted
and laughed with Herman before
and after his hearing stemming
from the complaint she had filed
in Richmond, Va. She told U. S.
Commissioner Edward W. Mc-
Donald she now wanted to with
draw the complaint.
McDonald ordered Herman held
in SIO,OOO bail, however, until a
check could be made with the
U. S. attorney in Richmond.
Herman’s attorney, Daniel Ja
cobson, gave this account of the
husband’s disappearance after the
couple drove to Fredericksburg,
Va., following their wedding in
Palm Beach:
They reached Fredericksburg
after a 20-hour drive during which
Herman kept himself awake with
stimulants. He left his wife at a
motor court and went to find a
garage to have the automatic win
“Mott Courteous Lous
Enforcement Officer**
My nomination for the most
courteous uniformed officer
Officer's Name—
Whot Law Enforcement
Agency? —■ ■
Courteous Act, Where and
(Pleas# sign your name & address)
Return ballot to nearest
AAA office, to The Key-
West Citizen, or to the
AAA, 2898 Biscayne Blvd.,
Miami, Fla.
March 31 is the deadline
For Wednesday Only
8 A.M. till 9:30 P.M.
Lot No. 1 Lot No. 2
Tel. 2-2242 Tel. 2-7886
1950 1948
Fordor Convertible
$891.00 $691.00
dow mechanism of thedr expensive
convertible car repaired.
While seeking a garage, he felt
he was being followed by people
in another automobile. Fearing for
the $243,000 in cash and $59,600 in
jewels still in the oar, he headed
out of town.
He left the car in Paterson, N.J.,
took a train to New York and went
to a hotel where he slept for 48
hours. On waking, he oould not
remember what had happened to
his wife until he read in news
papers that she had filed a com
plaint against him.
He surrendered voluntarily alter
the lawyer brought him and his
wife together. The money and jew
els were intact in safe deposit box
es, the attorney said.
Commander Brett
Is Retired From
Active Service
Commander William P. Brett,
U. S. Navy, formerly Officer in
Charge of the Seaplane Base, U.
S. Naval Air Station, Key West,
Florida, retired from active ser
vice this week, after a 30-year ca
reer of naval service.
He enlisted in the Navy as an
apprentice seaman in 1924.
Asa farewell gesture, Command
er Brett reviewed personnel of the
Naval Air Station at a formal per
sonnel inspection. Following the in
spection, he told the assembled
men that his 30 years had been
happy ones and he wished he were
beginning them again.
Commander Brett is a veteran
Navy pilot He received his
“wings” at the Navy flight sehool
at Pensacola, Florida, in January
1928, and was an active pilot con
tinuously until his retirement. He
was commissioned an Ensign in
During World War 11, Command
er Brett served on the staff of
Commander, Naval Airship Train
ing and Experimental Command,
and also with various units of the
Naval Air Transport Service. In
1950 he was Operations Officer on
the staff of the Commander, Fleet
Logistic Air Wings, Pacific.
In 1931 he was married in Hono
lulu to the former Violet Elizabeth
Kuroda, of that city. They have a
daughter, Patricia Brett Blavin,
who is now living at 25D Sigsbee
Rd., Key West.
WASHINGTON (41—House lead
ers have tentatively decided on a
10-day Easter recess from April
16 to April 26.
Disguised FBI
Man Helps Nab
agent, made up to look like make
up manufacturer Max Factor Jr.,
helped trap an unemployed man
accused of trying to extort $30,000
fronj Factor under threat of blast
ing 'him and his family with a
time bomb.
Wendell Martin Ringholz, 47, of
Northridge, father of three chil
dren, was arrested yesterday as
he picked up a dummy bundle of
money in an orange grove in San
Fernando Valley.
The arrest climaxed week-long
negotiations by letter, telephone
and a newspaper ad and marked
the third time the package had
been planted at spots designted
by the would-be extortionist. The
first two times he apparently had
been frightened off.
Last Thursday night Factor,
head of the cosmetics firm found
ed by his father, his wife Mildred
and their son Donald, 19, left their
Beverly Hills mansion after a man
telephoned that a time bomb was
hidden in a wall. Another son,
Mark, 15, is in private school.
The FBI quoted Ringholz, who
came here last November from
Cleveland, Ohio, as saying he se
lected Factor after reading about
him in “Who’s Who.” Ringholz
was swiftly arraigned before U.S.
Commissioner Howard Calverley
and held under SIO,OOO bond on a
charge of using the mails in an
extortion attempt. His preliminary
hearing will be April 8.
Factor said he received the first
extortion letter last Tuesday. He
was told to place an ad in a news
paper, bundle up $30,000 in small
bills and await further instruc
tions. He notified the FBI imme
Last Thursday, following publi
cation of the ad, Factor was told
over the telephone to drive to a
vacant lot in nearby Reseda in
a small red British sports car
and leave the money behind a
small white fence.
An FBI agent, disguised as Fac
tor, carried out the instructions
with a dummy bundle of money.
After the delivery was made.
Factor got another telephone call
shortly after midnight Friday tell
ing him a time bomb had been
planted in his home and was set
to go off at 1:30 a.m. He was told
that if the would-be extortionist re
ceived the money, he would get
a phone call disclosing the bomb’s
location along with instructions on
how to disarm it. A search failed
to undercover any bomb.
FBI agents watched the package
behind the fence for 24 hours. No
one tried to pick it up. They re
trieved it. They took it to a park
in Santa Monica Sunday after an
other phone cal] but again it was
not picked up.
Yesterday Factor received a
special delivery letter and a tele
phone call telling him to place the
money on a white sheet he would
find in a certain orange grove.
His impersonator drove the red
sports car to the grove and the
money was placed on the sheet.
Several FBI agents were hidden
in the area.
Minutes later, the FBI said,
Ringholz walked into the grove
and picked up the package. He
w T as arrested immediately.
Agents quoted him as saying his
family knew nothing of the plot,
that he was deeply n debt.
Marshals Instructed
WASHINGTON (tf-The Justice
Department has told U. S. mar
shals they must not interfere with
news photographers or other per
sons trying to take pictures of pris
oners on the street or in othe
public places outside federal court
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WM m Pjfl mf 0/1 ■!
/rk W-* 4 oflk
ENJOYING FLOOR SHOW AT HOSPITAL BALL—Among the large number of Key Westers who
attended the Fourth Annual Hospital Charity Ball were the Joe Pearlmans, the Edward Baylys
and the Dave Kings.—Citizen Staff Photo, Finch.
Electronic Giant Unveiled Today May Lead
Science To New Discoveries In Atom Field
AP Science Reporter
greatest thing yet in atom smash
ers—a mammoth machine which
will lead scientists onward into
the exciting mysteries of the
atomic nucleus—was unveiled to
day at the University of California.
With this electronic giant sci
entists may turn up some more
surprise discoveries such as those
which led to the atom bomb. A
vast new field for deriving energy
from matter is among the possi
Although scientists had to learn
something about the nucleus to
make the A-bomb, they still don’t
know much about it. To find out
more they must bust the atom
more thoroughly than ever before.
The new machine, called the
bevatron, is designed to do that.
The bevatron, a part of famed
Prof. Ernest O. Lawrence’s radi
ation laboratory, is a racetrack
shaped affair of steel and copper
135 feet in diameter and 14 feet
high—the largest nuclear research
instrument in existence.
It weighs 10,000 tons, about the
weight of an ordinary-sized U. S.
cruiser. It cost 9 Y2 million dollars
and was financed by the Atomic
Energy Commission
Six years were required to de
sign and build the machine. The
actual construction required four
A month ago the machine was
cautiously started for the first
time. It whipped up a thin beam
of atomic projectiles to a feeble
20 million volts. Gradually it was
accelerated until on March 12 it
produced atom bullets of five bil
lion volts in energy.
The previous record was 2.3 bil
lion volts, made by the cosmotron
in the AEC laboratory at Brook
have,, N. Y.
When scientists were smashing
atoms in the days preceding the
atomic energy era the only known
nuclear particles were protons,
neutrons and electrons. Out of that
limited picture of matter eventu
ally came the discovery of ura
nium fission and the bomb.
As the atom-smashing machines
Misguided Miss L
Is In Service As
Recreation Boat
Showing trim lines and a recon
ditioning from stem to stern, the
old ‘Grace G,’ once the proud pos
session of Commander William J.
Hansen, was recently purchased
as the recreation boat of the Fleet
All Weather Training Unit here.
Built in Red Bank, New Jersey,
in 1929 and powered by a 110 h, p.
Flagship marine engine the new
fishing boat has an overall length
of 32 feet 7 inches.
An informal contest was held by
FAWTU to find a suitable name
for the new fishing boat. The win
ning name, “Misguided Miss L,”
was submitted by C. J. Ringwood,
Aviation Machinist first class. In
return for submitting the winning
name Ringwood receved a $25.00
savngs bond, presented to him by
Captain L. S. Price, Commanding
Officer of FAWTU.
Captain Price was instrumental
in laying the groundwork and au
thorizing the purchase of the “Mis
guided Miss L.” Because of his
foresight more than 125 officers
and men have, to date, enjoyed
the fishing parties, and the daily
schedule points to many more en
joyable trips.
GENEVA, Switzerland UPI The
Soviet Union and Communist China
are seeking living quarters for del
egations of 150 persons each at
the Geneva conference on Asian
problems starting April 26.
These delegations are each more
than twice as large as the dele
gation expected from the United
in Berkeley and elsewhere in
creased their power the atom was
smashed more devastatingly, until
now there are some two dozen
know’n nuclear particles.
And the end is not yet. Many
of these particles have a lifetime
of only a few millionths of a sec
ond, then they change into some
thing else. Or one of them changes
into two or more others. There
is no certainty as to what the
really unchangeable fundamental
specks are that constitute matter.
The bevatron may settle some
ill viY / ,a.
W- •• > piglg; > 7k<:4 'A M <
< ‘<*"** / ••'vS|Hk£' •■'s'4 jJav
?*r aHffll >■>?'■¥' '•<;
• * •
• ft Speaks a Universal Language!
Pictured above is the most eloquent motor car ever to
travel the world’s highways.
It’s the great 1954 Cadillac—and it speaks not only
with great eloquence, but in a language which is
known and understood wherever there are roads to
travel... and people to behold.
First of all, it speaks of its owner—jthe minute its
beautiful hood comes into view.
“Here is a man,” it says—almost as plainly as the
words are written here—“who has earned the right to
sit at this wheel—by his industry and deportment and
enterprise. Be he merchant or lawyer or businessman
—or doctor or farmer or financier—the odds are great
that he’s a credit to his calling and to his fellow men.
“Accept him accordingly—and you’ll likely be
right in your judgment.”
And then, as it comes closer, it speaks its special
Comer Caroline Street and Telegraph Lane Dial 2-6743
of this uncertainty. When the
fundamental parts of the atomic
nucleus are know'n, researchers
will know better what they can
do with the pieces. With the beva
tron they now are entering an
“anything can happen” era.
For the next three weeks or so
the bevatron will be given its
“shakedown tests, then will go to
work on experiments.
Its main job will be to produce
cosmic rays where they can be
studied under laboratory condi
Father Sentenced
For Cruelty To Baby
perior Judge Thaddeus B. Tavlor
sentenced a young father for child
cruelty, commenting that “it would
be right to punish you at a public
whipping post.”
Robert J. Schwander, 21. was
given one to four years for beating
his 10-week-old son last December.
The boy was hospitalized with
body and facial bruises.
Schwander said he was trying
to “disciplined the baby for cry
A $26 account deposited in the
Middletown, Conn. Savings Bank
in 1844 by Frederick William Hot
chkiss Sheffield has grown through
interest payments to $3,077.05, now
owned by his grandson.
Page 10
1 We Print to Please!
|| skilled crafts
manship in eve*
ry detail... de- 1
feß livered right on
the dot of our
, promise... and
priced RIGHT. 111
ji|!liß For anything from a card to a catalog, see
W our samples, get our quotations.
"Mlfß Printing . . . Embossing
: : mKm phone 2-5661
message for 1954—the story of its own advancement.
Its beautiful silhouette—graceful, free-flowing and
dynamic—announces a whole new era in automotive
design... “expect me to be copied for years to comer*
And its smooth, silent, easy movement—a trua
symphony in motion as it glides past and on and away
—says with clarity and eloquence that the world’s
standard for performance has been raised again.
And remember—the wonderful “voice” of a 1954
Cadillac, with its significant message, comes as A
bonus to the man who sits at the wheel.
It comes in addition to all the priceless funda
mentals which make a Cadillac a Cadillac: unrivalled
endurance and dependability—incomparabls com
fort and handling ease—and unbelievable economy
of upkeep and operation.
Better come in—and let a Cadillac speak for you!
Strong Water Gun
LOS ANGELES Uf Scientist#
have created a water pistol ca
pable of shooting a tiny stream of
liquid with such speed that it can
penetrate four inches of flesh.
The University of California at
Los Angeles disclosed yesterday
that the device may someday be
used to shoot medicine into internal
organs and tumors.
Liquid is propelled from a steel
chamber through a .005-inch noz
zle by an explosive which is det
onated by a small heating ele
A full-size electric eel can dis
charge up to 600 volts and about
1.000 watts of power, but it is not
clear how it generates electricity
in living cells.
Tuesday, March H, 1954

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