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Tuesday, June I, 1954
iSp bH 55 ' i
mm " By ing
I/ (J jeannette
Well, hello—and how are you?
And you’ll never guess where yours
truly is at the moment— thinking
of—as usual—you all and my be
loved shops.
The copy paper is folded in the
accredited and peculiar way used
by reporters—and it is balanced on
one oiled, ‘‘getting sunburned”
knee and. I am all over gritty with
sand. Uh, huh—am at the beach—
“blissfully so”. Am afraid I must
confess to a passion for beach
combing—and after a day in the
sun and water, somehow or other
we’ll—never even feel useless!
No, am of the firm conviction
that idling time outdoors is not
wasted—for there is so much beau
ty to behold. Right now, for in
stance, the water is a mysterious,
“churned” light green shade and
then, it changes abruptly to deep,
black blue and remains so indefi
nitely out to sea.
Sounds include the whirr and
purr of a motor boat as it cuts
back and forth within a small
/adius— kids laughing, yelling and
splashing and occasionally a tiny
rear end is spanked lovingly and
maternally so that the young fry
will realize he can’t stick his head
under water with his mouth open.
Yes, it’s all pretty wonderful and
an important segment of living in
Our Town. ,
Sure hope everyone of you had
v an opportunity to go sunning and
swimming this weekend, and now,
let’s go shopping.—again, “bliss
s w 5 se m
Other day yours truly wen* out
to the Poinciana Center and
found "Bill's Supermarket" in
that block of shops there. This is
a fine grocery store—newly open
ed—Clean and neat, well stocked
with the known brands of food
stuffs and, glories of glory—an
old-fashioned "butcher" counter
whore you can buy as much or
as little—and any cut you wish,
of fine choice meats.
Now that you've boon Introduc
ed to this swell neighborhood
grocery—lot mo tell you a bit
about the personal aide-of 4b Bill
was a "medic" In Korea and he
hasn't been out of the service
tee long. Also, ho hasn't been
married too long either.. And, he
and his bride, Sheila, lust open
ed "Bill's Supermarket" this past
„ April 1.
Yes, "Momma Jerry" is teach
ing Sheila how to make that
good, fresh macaroni salad they
sell out there, and "Poppa
Louis" is lending his vast mar
keting experience to young Bill
(noticed they carry Cuban cof
feel). So, yours truly was glad
to moot thorn all and see their
pice store and came away with
the thought that again in Our
Town, young people have gone
Into businoss-at "Bill's Super
market"—Poinciana Centerl And
this is the way it should bel—
3SB 33
DIAMONDS TO: Julie Eckert,
my genial red-headed friend at
Chuck’s for being of so much help
in the preparation of a roast beef.
Also, will try not to forget to re
turn that towel and platter!
—The ladies who responded to
“BB’s” call for volunteers to drive
the polio victims to the hospital
for vital treatments to aid in their
recovery. Couldn’t get all their
names, but know that Minona Sea
grove is one of them and believe
Dr. Westfall’s daughter is another.
bss s s
Bocauso I'vo boon tolling you,
and rightly so, about that magic
KonPlox Plastic Tilo, at tho Koy
Wost Floor Covering Co.— y'know
it's lovely—easy to dean—install
it yourself well, decided, I'd
probably been on the floor too
long so, let's get up on the
walls for a change!
While at the Key .West Floor
Covering, looked at the beautiful
and practical formica which is
so perfect for drainboards, table
tops—and tack some in back of
your stove to protect your wall.
Then was shown that wonder
ful plastic tile for walls. They
don't chip, stain or crack. Just
a damp rag cleans them shiny
bright. Here again, you all can
install these and have an inex
pensive transformation of your
bathroom, kitchen, etc. When
renovating don't overlook the
Key West Floor Covering Col
s s ss s
My Red Shawl doesn’t care for
the beach—says she did that in her
youth, and she frowns on such
shenanigans—but she did tell me
some news. Helen and Bowman
Cutter are definitely visiting their
mother, “Miss Nora” Smiley next
And, My Red Shawl, in great ex
citement, told me also that next
month the book. “Hurricane Road”
ty Louise V. White and Nora K.
Smiley will be out. It was men
tioned in the N. Y. Times Book
Review section and know that we
are all anxious to read this story
of the railroad that went to sea.
(Am sure, my friends Janice and
George White of the Bookshop will
have copies of this book which will
be of special interest to Our
3 a: === Z S
Let's go play in our far-off
spot for today—San Juan, Puerto
Ricol First, to Simono's Tours,
510 Southard wharo yours truly
loarnod a bit about this enchant
ing spot. San Juan has one of tho
two natural rain forests in tho
world (Thas what I said, and am
confoosad too, but it sounds won
derful!). It can bo soon on a
side trip to El Yunque and Is
fabulous I Also, another interest
ing excursion Is the continental
drive—cars leave tho hotels at
1:30 and return at 4:30. This is
through tho mountains—you can
so# the "midget" trees—wild or
chids growing all ovar tho place
—tho archway of royal poind
anas—gorgeous waterfalls—
Wall, lot's leave lovely, exotic
Puerto Rico for a second and re
turn to Simone's—whore this
trip can be sot up for those who
"don't like to bo arranged" when
they are vacationing. Tho faro
of tho flight (ROUND TRIP)
from Miami to San Juan by
Eastern Airlines Coach (Who ini
atod this service) is ONLY sll3.
plus tax.
And— now you'll pack your
bags and bo off for sure—THlS
INCLUDES side trips to tho Vir
gin Island—St. Thomas and St.
Croix I So first to Simono's
■Tours to learn this wonderful
way to gat a lot for your money!
33 EES 33
KEY-notes: Driving down White
head Friday evening, saw some
cooking taking place on the side
walk by the St. Stephens church,
at the corner of Julia Street. Many
of you perhaps have noticed this
church, ’cause the windows are
usually closed with the hurricane
type board shutter.
Talked with James Butler, the
rector and his wife Marjorie. Also
found out from Vernella Thurston,
Sarah Farrington, Lily Davis, and
Shirley Jones who were cooking
hollos, fried fish, hot souse and—
the most marvelous conch fritters
(two for a nickel) yours truly has
ever, ever* had! that the reason
behind it all was to raise funds to
buy windows for their church!
They said that the plan was to
sell these delicious snacks every
week-end (Friday and Saturday
from about 6 p.m. on) and as I
drove away my mind’s camera
had snapped an indelible picture
of the church—with its boarded
windows propped open—and inside,
flowers on the altar, and the soft
glow of candlelight and the won
derful colored people who were
working to raise funds for windows
in their church and here’s the
heartfelt wish that soon they’ll
be able to also raise the win
335 33
Hare's word from Princess
Nine Cerracciele, who is now
giving ballet lessons at the Ar
thur Murrey Studio, 517 Vi Duval
on Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday in the morning (10 e.m.
.12 p.m.) and afternoon (2 p.m.
-4 p.m.). Sho is also forming a
class for business girls. Why not
phono for moro details—remem
bering that ballet Is wonderful
exercise for tho figuro end
teaches grace end paisa to
Also, don't forgot that In this
delightful air conditioned studio
—you can learn ballroom danc
ing—the Arthur Murray Way.
Must learn how they are doing
in tho "Dancers' Derby",
335 33
My Red Shawl must have magic
carpeted out to Hollywood, for she
produced this item, quoting the
following which hangs on the wall
of one of the executives of Walt
Disney’s studio:
"Blessed be the man who goes’
around ih circles for he shall be
known as a “Big Wheel”!
- £5533
Am real pleased .'cause so
many, many people have boon
tolling mo what a really nice
placa tho Bamboo Room, 422
Smith Lane (a littla straat amb
ling right off Duval batwaan
Flaming and Southard St.) is!
This is a quiat lounge, with a
charming atmesphara, and yours
truly was imprassad with the
quiatness! In air conditionad
comfort, you can sip one (long,
or short, but good) and watch
TV at that hour 'twixt work end
dinner when relaxation moans
so muchl '
Or, you will bo wonderfully
Page 3
I w JffSE&BuL '•••, . .'.-yv.; • ■ .' 388 :
"ALOHA LUNCHEON"—at Fort Taylor Officers' Wives Club last Friday. The Subron Wives ware
hostassas for lha luncheon and fashion show. The unusual decorations featured coral pieces hold
ing native graans and flowars. The clever Hawaiian dancing dolls were made from crepe paper.
Shown putting tho final touches on the main center piece are Mrs. W. R. Colegrove. general chair
man, Mrs. A. E. Barrett and Mrs. R. N. Whistler, decorations chairmen.—Staff Photo by Sybil.
pleased whan you hear Don Al
bion sing end Jock Hendricks
play the Hammond Organ at the
Bamboo .Room. They are both
mighty good' entertainers and
Den reminds yours truly so very
much of Rudy Vallee as ha was
years age—both in* manner end
stylo. Frankly, I think Don is a
bit batter as ha strolls around
the Bamboo Room, singing soft,
beautiful ballads and popular
songs. Really, you all will
love this spot—also, Jack can
truly play tha organ. BOTH
LENT! Don't fall to hoar them
some eve! You'll really miss
something if you don't!
33 33
Then there’s the little kid who
wouldn’t eat the Cuban cut of
meat—“palomilla” because it was
horse meat and Palamino made
fine dog food!
335 33
My goodness! The shoes at
Globa Shoe Store, 510 Flaming
era just WALKING OUT
they've GONE ON SALE! Thera
are soma terrific buys to bo
found here I
Flats and wadgias are on tha
$1.50 and $2.00 tables—and you
know that this is a savings! BUT
on tha $4.00 table which has
dressy shoes—tha values run up
to sl2.9s—and soma cost much
more than that originally—and
oven though there might be some
who do not beliovo this—lT'S
One long, long table—stretch
ing the length of tho building—
(insido Globe Shot Store—not
out) has an excellent choice of
these SALE SHOF.S on it. Thero
is a good soloction too in both
style and sizes. Would love to
toll you more, but my itchy foot
is taking mo pronto to tho
-335 33
Have been watching for the
number of cars with out-of-town
license plates—those travel-stained
ones with' clothes and luggage
showing through the windows.
Have seen quite a few and so, My
Red Shawl and I want to say
“Como esta” or is- it “Hasta la
Vista”. Sure am gonna take Span
ish! Anyway "hi” and WEL
COME TO all the visitors to OUR
TOWN. Sure hope “BB” helps you
find where to go for entertainment,
meals, clothes and gifts!
335 33
Speaking of good meal*—may
I call tho attention of visitors to
the A end B Lobster House, 700
Front Street where the catche*
of the waters ’around us are
served—and cooked se very well.
Lobster, shrimp, turtle, little
fish end big fish-fillets or whole
are routine things op the menu
In this excellent Seafood House
—but you will find them differ
ent end delicious.
Your enjoyment of the breath
taking view of tho wharvos with
the ships passing and the shrimp
beats plus the warm hospitality
of the Stones will forever be e \
highlight of your vocation in Our
335 33
Thought someone had given El
sie Keyes an orchid the other day
’cause I saw this gorgeous bloom
sitting in a little glass of water.
It really resembled that tawny,
orange wild flower and imagine
my embarrassment when I discov
ered—it was a poinciana bloom—
from Elsie and George’s very own
Ail of which is apropos of—not
climbing the poinciana trees in
Our Town for a closer look, to be
sure—but when the blooms first
fall—pick one up and look at it—
and you’ll be astounded at its in
tricacies and beauty—and they are
—all around us.
Love walking down William
Street where the trees are so plen
tiful —and there is literally an
orange snow of fallen blossoms—
on the streets and on top of the
cars. 'Tis a grand sight!
Every now and then do you
look ot your family—and catch
a certain expression and think—
Golly, I'd sura like to have
picture ef that? Wall, Poray
Studios, 404 Southard Straat ora
professionals who know tha dif
ference batwaan a plain picture
and a handsome portrait —one
which will always be loved and
admirad—because it will please
not only tha parson whose pic
ture it is—but tha ones who re
clave them as gifts.
Gifts—ah—Father's day Is June
20 and you might sea about giv
ing him a lovely colored mine
ture. Than, whan tha wadding
balls start to ring—give Peray
Studio a ding-a-ling first (2-3088)
to bo suro your ecstatic mom
ent is made permanent with pic
tures of tho festivities by—
335 33
My Red Shawl tells me that
Dolice Curry and Ida Gellrick are
going to start a “Not New” Trad
ing Post in Our Town soon. This I
haven’t been able to verify. Sorry
—just did and again, My Red
Shawl was right! More on this in
teresting and novel service at an
other time!
335 33
Speaking of things new—bey,
I want into "Nan's Book and
Magazine Shop", 425 Flaming
(La Concha Hotel) and was a
.little startled to sea just shelves
and empty showcases. (This was
of a Saturdayl)
But Nan, who is • vory nico
parson, explained that Wednas
day—tomorrow sho planned to
open and her stock of magazines
and pocketbook editions would
arrive Monday.'
So, don't forgot—for tho latest
magazines—any and all kinds—
and that idle and inaxpansiva
summer reading pocketbook
literature start Wednesday
(thas tomorrow!) to drop in at
Nan's— La Concha Flaming
side I
335 33
can look at Our Town today and
get a genuine chuckle out of our
New York Sun Man’s writings of
“With the advent of Northern
capital and enterprise, this key
might be converted into a famous
resort. The people here will never
bestir themselves. They must be
boosted into fame. The place
needs several first-class hotels, a
road around the island, sidewalk*
and plenty, of trees.” (ho, hum—
Mr. Sun Man—you all should see
us today!)
33 53 33
At tho J. R. Stowers Cos., 533
Duval—plugged in ono of those
handsome Zenith dock-radios
and had a cup of coffee! No—
I'm not kidding—you too can
have piping hot, freshly perco
lated java ovary morning when
you awaken. Just plug tho pot
in—set the clock end that's it.
Also, these shinning radios ore
a handsome asset to any heme.
They're small—perfect for night
tables—or to carry in the car for
those of you who travel so much
and want music in your motol
when you stop for tho evening—
and coffee in tho morning I
Many color combinations are
displayed at Stowers Cos., 533
Duval—from the exotic black
and rod—to the chaste white—
with shades ef groan and gray
also included. FOR MUSIC—
—At Stowers on Duvall
335 = =
For Beauty's sake—
Save time—save trouble
Go to Donald's on tho doublet ;
As you all know—enjoyed over t
Nurses To Have
Meeting Tonight
District 25 of the Florida State
Nurses Association will meet at
8:00 p. m. tonight at Monroe Gen
eral Hospital.
The local nurses extend a cord
ial invitation to all registered nurs
es in the area to attend this meet
All members are urged to be
present as this may be the last
meeting until September.
Hostesses for the social hour
following the business meeting will
be Mrs. Lois Lindahl and Mrs. Ida
Lake Erie is 240 miles long and
57 miles wide.
The first Bible society was
founded in Great Britain 150 years
so much my time in the sun—the
shoulders are a mite sore—but
(and here, a rhyme perhaps?)
Shall say am looking forward
to seeing you all—in each and
Every'store! SINCERELY, jean
nette (Adv’t.)
p.s. NO—I haven’t forgotten
have you? Am sure you haven’t
because you all have been ever &
wonderful in all the help so very
many of you have given yours
truly! And—again—thank you.
Opening Wednesday
Lo Concha Hotel Building
Printing ...
Engraving • . .
Rubber Stamps
Arlman Press
Groan* Street Phono 2-5681
Mr.&Mrs.Wise fa y HDHIRS DBIRV
___ • f "■II
, 'O need TO worry- UHIHV
this excellent milk ,
* ALWAV9 OKP ~~ tc!
..(Cciu- j_y ** %
Throughout our babyhood and youth the yf ’ 11
elements contained in milk are essential _ • jY^
to sound growth. , JX* for health
f "
ADAMS DAIRY 2401 Seidenberg Are. Telephone 2-7542
Subron Wives Hostesses At Fort
Taylor “Aloha Luncheon 99 Friday
Subron Wives were hostesses at the Fort Taylor Officer's Wives
luncheon at Fort Taylor on Friday.
The theme for the luncheon was “Aloha” the Hawaiian “hello
and good bye.” It was beautifully c arried out in the decorations which
featured table arrangements of native coral filled with trailing
greens, alamanda and hibiscus b looms.
Each of the tables was centered'
with a coral piece and flanked with
attractive little Hawaiian hula
dancers made from crepe paper.
They were complete with grass
skirts and flowers in their “hair.”
The name cards were decorated
with miniature leis, and the place
cards with hand-painted dancing
Mrs. W. R. Colegrove was gen
eral chairman of the affair. De
corations chairmen were Mrs. A.
E. Barrett and Mrs. R. N. Whist
After the luncheon and short
business meeting, a charming sel
ection of vacation clothes from
Mar Ed’s Dress Shop was modeled
by Subron Wives. Modeling were
Mesdames Wm. H. McCaughey,
Lowell F, Fitch, Jesse A. Naylor,
Ernest R. Barrett, Thomas H.
Polk, Raymond C. Jordan, Howard
S. Crosby, Earle V. Scharff, Don
ald Henderson, H. C. Hartzel, D.
M. Snyder and Thomas Jones. Ca
mille Stark, fashion consultant at
Mar Ed’s was. commentator.
Mrs. H. C. Spicer, chairman, an
nounced that the “Country Fair”
sponsored by the Officer’s Wives
for the Navy Relief Society had
raised $1358. She read a letter
from Mrs. Stuart Whiting, of the
Navy Relief Society, thanking the
Wives for their splendid coopera
An appeal for a temporary mo
tor corps to provide transportation
to the Naval Hospital for polio vic
tims who are still in need of treat
ment was made by Mrs. Jenner
of the Red Cross.
It was also announced that the
Advisory Board had approved the
purchase of flags for the club-spon
sored Brownie troop.
Mrs. Pat Towner, daughter of
Adm. and Mrs. Towner, and a spe
cial guest at the luncheon, drew
for the door prize which was won
by Vera Schoenfield. The ticket
prize was drawn by Mrs. R. S.
Simpson and won by Anita Perry.
Bookmobile Route
To Be Discussed
Plans for the route of the Chil
dren’s Bookmobile and for catalog
ing books will be made at the
meeting of the Children’s Book
mobile Committee at Poinciana
School tomorrow afternoon at 3:00
p. m.
Members will be asked to report
i —-----n
| By Popular Demand We Repeat This |
■ ONE TO A FAMILY / . ' / |
* MON., TUES. and WED. / /
■ SB.OO Value
• Beautiful Platinum Tone I %Jb I I
TELEPHONE. Citium OIH". ,06.1
Ihlh ,
* dn i iiiMßßpi
Miss Clara Gard mar. whoso
marriage to Alton Catos will
take place at 8 o'clock in tho
evening on 12 at St Paul's
Episcopal Church.
Clara Gardner ,
Alton Cates To
Wed On Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Gardner
of 1206 Watson Street announce the
engagement and approaching mar
riage of their daughter, Clara, to
Mr. Alton Cates.
* The wedding will be an event of
Saturday, June 12 at St. Paul’s
Episcopal Church at eight o’clock
in the evening.
The prospective bridegroom is
the son of Mrs. Thelma Schuck of
513 William Street, and Mr. Wil
liam Cates of 800 Caroline Street.
No formal invitations have been
issued, but the bride and groom
cordially invite their friends and
relatives to attend the wedding
and also the reception which will
be held immediately after the cere
mony at the home of the bride’s
All of Indochina has heavy rain
fally, varying in different areas
from 72 to 221 inches a year. -
on progress in fund raising and
book collectiohs.
It is hoped that all PTA’s and
civic groups will send representa
tives to this important meeting.
All rogistorod nurses are in
vited to meet with the local
(District 25 FSNA) Nurses
group et Monroe General Hos
pital, at 8:00 p. m. tonight.
Tea for Miss May Sands at
Truman School library from 7
to 9 p.m. Miss May is retiring
after 45 years of teaching. Ail
her former pupils and friands
will want to bo there to honor
Social Agencies steering
com mi tee meets for lunch at
USO tomorrow.
Girl Scout Leaders Club
meets at Wesley House et 8:00
p. m. tomorrow night. How
about some of you committee
members coming, too?
Grey Ladies Coffee at Naval
Hospital at Thursday morning.
Better get your tickets for
the JeyShees "Dip and Dance"
et the Key WestOr pool on Sat
urday night.
The Children's Bookmobile
committee will meet at 3:00
p. m. et Poinciana School to
morrow afternoon.
Girl Scout Leaden To
Meet Wednesday Night
The Girl Scout Loaders Club
will meet Wednesday night et
8:00 p. m. et the Wesley House.
All leaders, co-leaders, com
mittee members ere asked to
be present as summer troop
plans will be discussed.
This will be the lest meet
ing of the season.
To the many friends and neigh
bors who were so kind to us dur
ing the illness and after the death
of our loved one, Manuel Varela,
Jr., we extend our heartfelt thanks.
To the senders of flowers, mes
sages of sympathy and to the pall
bearers we are especially grate
Midiown Jewelers
Watch Repairing
3-5 Day Service

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