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i -M;n tim for the duration
'f contract.-. Mr. fwojer did not like J
: ,.r thi Lill luaKiri tuc i mine
we iiruMwiv
. i cr ... ..,..., th.- aceri'tatce ot stocknol
v;...... I... i
1 Ltd ill. n d a!rea iy be amen-
dinS tharu-ra. Mr. Muixy poke to Lis
moiiou to refer t- comiLi;u:e ot tl.j wbole ;
.1 .. t: , ii.,.n .ht that he "smell am to"
lm ; l" - T, fU. ... . tLc meal "
-there wa, tvidcnly a tat 111 the meal.
cttU a joint relutiou V
JlrW ti i'lwl of State Auditor to K-
exiuiirc tin- aw-unt.s of J.as II. Titus,
a tat'- Iriv,u Kuildinjr CoiiiUiiwioiier.
Mr. Cr-lx- intr.-l'ic-d a bill relative to
. . . '
'Mr Uer intretlud a bill to re-
...r.v.o.t.r land wirrant
XH-W iiitt iii.il iiiipro iu!.l una w.trrams.
Mr. Ur4.dh.-ad inttoduc. d a eoncumt.t !
r. .-.Ui:i't f';f tlf- jH.intiin Ct of a s.-!. et '
th Senate and
,i . : .1 . :
,h,e,- tro.o tie- H...WM-. -xu.,u..- ... ....... .
lr-a-ur. I
Mr. Ci.jo r moved to amend by in ikirig
thei.u'i b. rip -in iho . it:.- "v.-n" in-tfi..J ,
of three. All oieili,. I.' J r v :.i I. d, a. S 1.
na 1-! :
Mr. Ilrd:i tid moved t.. ree. n -id. r.
Mr. t 'oni r tli..tit'ht that a li e iie.v. r '
Vf.Jlld 1 4 chairmiiti. he w:n di-p--d to h v- .
tlie S. na'or n e..nij anied hv o'h'-r Thi
inotion ia r. n. iv il of ti e old "Kanti in.i;" !
p-d:.-. lr i- t! "d ory r a.-iio i j
.!ii.:!i th: p. .,j le had 4-noiih hi trail pii-'n
The -.iiiMiir:-.- w-u!d hive 1.0 hiiMi.- t
11 the vniit", or wifii t!o- ii.' iuy, m - i -
the ii-oii'ii cl.oo.d pa
Mr. I!rod!ie:td w ii t- d t . ; the fi:one
im-ney is sc-.ree, and we wnr t to s-e it
Mr 'Vit uoed to lay . ti the thb!c.
whi. h 1noti1.11 prevailed, aye-4 J', nns 7.
!r llari moved up I ill to provide fr
drain:ij'e of wim:p land-, by a system o:
State ra.N, and in.id-; th- sp-eial order fir
tomorrow at J l-'J .,'eh.ek V. M
Mr. Ur-lhvad moved to ehatij'r the ord-r
..f b'l'iiief.-, -iih.'itiitiii " nr finished hli-i
nrr-," !ii i.! si-cn J ins-i-fnl of ixth
Mr. lViinoyer moved to adjourn lost.
Mr. I'i kinn.n ittr"lue-d a bill xnf. rin
certain r.tl.ts nj.oii owm-rs of real -?tat in
villa:?' l..-
Mr. Urowu iiK.v.-d frm the table Si tiate
bill to tinn-n 1 the villajr; incorporation act.
Third read.Pt:
Mr. Havden inovel from table and to
third rcndi'ti- Paw Taw IUiIr..ad bi!'
Mr. r'ai.ticld moved up lb ine bill t-
amend pr law
Mr. Iiiire4n moved to except the city of
Detroit. Tabled.
Mr. ll'irns nioved from table net to
anund charter of letrit Yotit ? Men's So
ciety. 'I bird reading.
Mr. H irt.s moved from the table bill to
repeal act authorizing subscription to Mich
igan Journal 4f Kdtication.
Mr. C'anfa-ld thought the ?ubs-.-rition a
judicious one, o far as he had information
Mr. (Jorham thought the matter should
depend nit n thc-r upon the expense. If
not to" expensive, he thought the bill sho'd
H4.t he repealed.
Mr. lbrney ui"V"d to refer to committee
of the vh !e.
"Wtdntsdiitf Murninz, Fef: 2.
tu cede jurisdiction to liht house
sites was parsed unci r supeiion 4f rules. !
Mr. I!:irii3 from e .miiiift. e on State I
aTairs repoit. d advers.ly to restor the death i
Mr. Trowbridge pri'st-iited a petition
ttirc 'rnin a road in Avt.n ntid Troy, Ok
hid. Mr. V'arn-r from Kd-ct committee,
made a report as to the organization of t
new c Mimy from Wayne and Washtenaw.
Mr. IVrtcr offered a substitute fr Ib-u-e
bill to authorize Circuit Judso, to approve!
offi -ial lends, in ca.' the Mljiervisor refuse
to ae'. Tins bill is dvsiirned to meet the
llrand llapidti ca-e.
T Or iVnno.er oljectcd to beii.jr cull-, liquor law. lie moved to refv-r to con tut-. point "nl eo,,.n.;.,ioncrs i - to pur. os- a.ore
i r i,v Mr IJjrns. Mr. Mirny ; tee on expiring law lost aes 9 nayes ..). ! ? ' orucr to h- enure o-. tl - j .,un
v d tC I !l icoiutuitttC of the whole. j State aff.ir-. ' i ' ftl court without d-lry or eva-i ... ; a...! h
y i , ' hoM-d that tli-j till would te re-! Mr. Crum pave notice ot a bill to change i shall be th- duty of th- Ut im-m ,. , i ctnua-
.MT.tloM-.s i , ,r. , .f ..,,.,... i '.M., ... .-,, ' .:n,T, :- o nr.r.oh.t-d. with-nt ,i liv to .is-
t i. Uilllitttt? 01 IU: VHIOIC. luiCi UUUJ a .iiitunuiai vwiiv--. .- -,i- j .
Senatoi Muzzy, Pivis, lower andoth-j The report was accepted, the committee dis
er?, taik part in a debate Upxn the ques- J charged, the Hinendiiieiits concurred in, ai d the
tion. The design 4f the supervisors i.s to bill ordered to a third reading
keep a certtiin lioct f.a-o ex-county treasur-! Mr. Por-er, from the comrni teo on incorpora
er in 4 fTiee, by .-orruptly refusing; to act up-1 tioi:, to whom was referred a bill t amend see
on the botuls of his pr-deC4-or. Hill r- tion 1 of an act to incorpor ate the village .f H.
dcrcd to a third reading, ayes IS, nav-. S tine4 approved Feb. la, is'.;; tt!i. a bill t in-
Mr. lhldiieoti li-tiV. d ttt ( ointntt to judtria-1
ry coiiitnlttee. .Mr. Jones rats d the point I the f.ill liack to tbe Senate, without amendment,
tf irder, decided iti order. Lost, ayes . j recommended ihvir j.a-aige, and asked to be !:
nay? Utile suspend, d bill passed, ay es chat ge.; f;..tn the further consideration ot the
21, nays 7. Immediate effect. I same.
Bid to imvrporate tho villnpe t-f Mst- The report w is aeeepte.J, th- rommittee ui
VJtiette. Kefcrnd to -l inltrtt e on 1 ank c-'urir.-d, a id the bili ordered to a third r. a t-
and ineorpvTHtiot.s. yr.z.
rrt'IL 4Kl'KU YOll It 1 '2 4Vl 04'!i. ! lr. Couger, tioin the 1 orr.mitlee on the jui'.ici-
Mr. Trowbridge in the chair. Ibli to
organize ihe county of Mu-keon
Mr. lVntii'Ver moved to striko out the
third section i-f the bill, because the region
of country which is to form the new ci un
ty, doc not contaiu the retpiisnte number
of inhabitant-. Senatera lVrter ar.d Pavie
advocated the ineasurn. llev IVnnoyer
returned thaj.ks. Mr H'din had co ol-
jeetionto the bill. If a meu,ber should ;
C4ne up, faun lcsi tfian a const ltuttoual
constituency, he could go h.tne again.
Mr. Conger was opposed to the bill, lie
did not Uiieve that the pet p!e of that ter
ritory, as a whole, desired a new county or
ganization. A bill was passed by stealth,
at the close of the sersi-u of 1S37, in which
the people had no privity. He read a me
morial from the H' supervisors of Ottawa,
asking to be set back to Oceana of coure
they don't desire a new cvunty. AU ', pe
tition of 105 inhabitants of White Iliver
township. Ottawa county, asking to be set
back to Oof sua. Also, another with SO or
40 petitioners to the same effect. Also, a
memorial of 2TS citizens of White ltiver
township, Ottawa county, asking to be set
to Oceana county. Forty three petitioners
ask for the organization of Muskegon coun
ty. Also, persons of Muskecon town-
ship asking for organization of Muskegon
county. Also, resolutions tf Ottawa super
visors of Ottawa, asking for a new county.
Mr. Warner spoke against the bill.
Mr. lit rney advocated the bill, but was
in favor of striking out sec 2.
Mr. Ihvis advocated thj bill, and oppos
ed to striking out. He said the motion to
strike out was made to defeat the bill.
A good show of fuc was in order at the
openining cf the afternoon session, as there
were no Secretaries present, and Mr. Pen
noyer having been elected Secretary pro.
Mr. Canfield moved up Senate bill to
amend Saprem Court act. Tabled.
Mr Poni introduced a bifi to repeal
provisions ca to If quests to licliious
j Scci-
Mr. Hojt introduced a bill Vj repeal the.it
uutte of practical tanners.
CUJ'" , , 4t t .,,
Mr al70catcd tbc
ThuriJa, MurHmff Fb. P..
Mr. Jonea, from the conm,itt..e on finance, re-
p0ru-d m follows:
J e committee on finance, to whom wai refVr-
red the .-pecial in-s.-.ijr!.-ot the (I iVtrt.or. of the
situ of Janua-y U-t, recon in-.-din;: a l.wn f..r ;
WT "f r"""n tl" ?w: Mf";!
. ; -aI .j ht UVt. , r. j,rt tiaT f, ,4Vil.; ;
UJ u,,,.r ..y,,,;.!.., ,,, ;i,.d p,.ru d the '
,,,, .iu ,t the Attorney tine a!, tian-miite I to ;
tthe li e;.- ot U. pr.--cnta-.ve- on Hie nr in-i..
in tavor of the e MisMtutioii.tlifv ul ii' h a loa:.. a
. i . w1r j
colli.li.ttre a e tnhy per-i;a.Ie. tliat tlie Ineaorr j
tt.iH r. i.!nii...iid.-d hy the Ki-emire mht to b- j
.id KiO-d. Kiotll 'h'- oi s; ii.tor'iia iiifi tlmt ;ili he j
a.tained, th. re w..ul.l w in to te 110 lo:it.t a- to i
tfi 1,. ot t!i.-i-..i.t inplat. d repair- Ti e j
Mate ti h Viilu'it iMiy aum.-'l toe trnt 01 1.11,1 1
n i; a-;d pr.--.-i vii.i' thi- irreat ik. It it the
O'liotCtii ' Iii.'k ot w.tf.-r t.iltitu'l'iii a io.i h.-tecii
t!i - At'.iiitie I e. an uiol th-- h.-nd te4 of I,ke '
j.e i'.r. Not eidv do the int.-ri st of o ir . n j
,.!., Old ' eei.ii'v tli"-e of the I'pp.-r I'eiiin-j
!a, !...j.iiie . f 'is the utmo-t vi-iiam-e in pro-:-.ii;j
It, t.Ot tlu; coiiKii.-n-.. ivf tl.e whole I'rii-
I Si.U calls ll.'jolj V., i 1 1 1 Ita hllm.Tt eqnai j
ii.ha-i-, to i ir no r.-u-o. aoie . :l..rt to t tl I
I Your eoiiimilt -rtina.t doubt th power!
I 111.- l.-ei-!.lt'.'e IO U-e lleet-a.V lllei: to
erlnrni .i- d i iti out the Ir i-t l.ieli the Slate I
aj-'i.ue.t to im. 'I in neeeptin ti e piu.n made
bv li.'- Lniud States in I'jjJ, tor toe construe
lion .f the 4-ar.nl.
The borohi: of money for that p:irpoj.; is
one of the ol.vn.u and reaoiiab!. in.-lr uin.nt4J
ties, and the committee aecoidmgly report a bill
for that p'lipo-e, pled.'ii. the nett jtrix'eeds of
the canal t r the redemption of the bond, mid
iruaim.tet-ii'jj the payment theieof i:i Cae t!ie
i r 1 1 , u 1 1 of the Iru-t f jnd siiould at any time prove
10 I)'- iiisniheiet t.
From wfat the commin. e i.-arn, they i re kat-i-!i.-d
of the propriety and n.-c 9tity ot ii.ereas
in the rate of lolls on the cnrial, with a tiew to
meet cooling. 'iicii s. Surely shippers and own
ers will not indjlife in any iiiir-Hoi.uhle eom
plaints t...ii th.-y are told that the State itself
derivvs, not a dollar of income from the canal,
Leit that tl.e whole amount is expended in re
pairing and operating it, and that an imperative
neCe"-ity demands an increa-e in order tlmt their
commerce thiougri it may te a-sured for the fu
ture. A nci'L-s-.ty so tll ascei tahted and so
u:. !.l will, h have no uj;: to dubt, tte pub
mitted to l.y them in the same cl.eeitul and be
neficent nil it l.'c!i pr..mptei the 01 iit.a! irant
and which now aetnates the State ia u-ii-r its
credit for tln-ir benetir.
The report was accepted, the committee dis
charged ; th. report with the communication of
the Attorney t -neral, and the bill, which was
read t nice, ere 1 tid on the table and ordered
Mr. Ilayd.-n. Irom the comniittee on claims, to
whom was referred a bill for the relief 4f Chris
topher Voorhei-, reported the same buck, and
recommended that it be referred to the comniit
tee on finance. The report wa necepted and
the bill so referred.
Mr. YVi'iianw, from the committee on internal
improvement, to whom was referred the petition
4t the '.oard of supervisors of Oritonajron comi
ty for power to borro- money for harbor im
provement, ami the remonstrance of A. Coburn
and otle rs, of 4rmna?o.i towt hip, reported
the same ba'-k adverse to the prayer of said pe
titioner, the e.etimil'ee bi-injj t.f the opinion
that the situ itioti of the harbor at the mouth of
nntona--4n river hcs not Ht pre.-etit r.-tjuir- any
P-nI ! Ma'.i.ni, and the eomnurtee u-ktd to
," di- ha-sr.-d from the further consideration ot
the abjeCt
Report aercpted, committee d"ic!iared, Mnd
petition laid on the tablo.
Mr. Ihuter, from the 4-otn-nittee on ine rpora-tion--,
to whom was referred a bill to amend sec
tion of an act to inco.-poia.e the cifv of
1 Jack -on, report the bill back to the Senate with
an amendment inline 'Jl, Insertins: after the
word ''three," '-not exceeding rive vtars," re-
commended in passage, as amende !t and arked
to be dichared from the further consideration
1 of the subject.
corpora e the vi hge cf Ma-pie te; reported 1
ury, to whom was referred House bill No. 4-J, be
ing a fell to amend section 1 of an act entitled -n
act supplementary to an a-t to d.-tirie the limit,
juiis.iictiott and power of circuit courts, approv
ed April st l S5l, at d to repeal an act supple
mentary to said net, approved June -J7, Is.,,
approved Feb. 1 I, 1 (eoinpiled laws, vy!. -g,
section G.lSj;)
Also, Hoti ; b 'i Xo. n, being a bill to amend
' a: act to define the limit-, jaris lie
tion and powers of circuit courts, approveJ April
S. 1S.M, (coinpih 1 laws, vol. 2, Section fv.tlt;)
Reported the same back, without amendment,
and recommended their passace.
The report was accepted, and the bills ordered
to a ihiid read-ng.
Mr. Conger, from the same committee, report
e3 back House bill entitled a bill to designate
the holidays to be observed in the acceptance
and payment of oil's cf exchange and promisso
ry notes, with an amendment, and rwcomra.-nded
its passage.
The report wa accepted, and the amendment
concurred in.
Oa motion of ilr. Muizy, the bill was further
amended by inserting alter the words "this act,"
the word, "also for the holding of courts."
On motion of Mr. CanSelJ, the vote concur
ring in the amendment recomnieiidod by the
committee was reconsidered, and the Senate re
fused to concur.
On motion of Mr. Conger, the word ' fas:"
was stricken out, and the words fasting and
prayer" inserted in lieu thereof.
The bill was ordered to a third reaiing.
On motion of Mr. Tower, a LIU to lay out aad
establish & State roai from Portland, ia the coun
ty of Ionia, to Albany, ia the county of Isabella,
w taken from the table.
On motion of Mr. Tower, th fourth section !
was stricken out, and the following inserted ia
lieu thereof:
Sec. 4. The commissioners appointed by this
act may nuke application to the circuit court of
the county of Ionia daring ar.y session thereof,
for the appointment of three comrnisaloDers.
whoso duty it shall be, when private property is
to be taken for the use of said State road, to as
certain the necessity for taking such property, i
nv is claim-,
ed, " x the compensation thereof ; una w her
J ever such a: plication g!
ever sue?; a: plication sha'l be nia-ie, a atoreaid,
-h...l be the duty '
.i! circuit cw-rt to ap-
nf-ee-nv ot tAl:i' s,
i if by l!:etn d ::. : l-
a?.d evi l i
rv, they -i.u.i appraise t. f 1 ui 11 ig--a"ard
the eofii.en-a-.iei tV-ruii
bv la it, ordinary ca- ,.f !.:!.-.. .: h
in tl, offic of tho to.t,:-, el,,k in th.
toh,r, nh-re the pw-p.-rty tak-:. m-iy . M,i
M dam.-.- ai-d eoii,pei..at ,.n .aH U-c- e a
k'J c,,a'jr- S!5,"t th, r-"'-rtiv ,,)'v a'
pr..vi h- l in oid.nary ca ot txms ..t I ).''-
v.f . The c impeii-atimi t f th- r:i.-!n.n. d
c.m.li;.4.i..r4. ;,,..!:,,. -.1 :tf ... i t...
-IK.,-and fiftv cnt, ,.. r ,i.,v
na.!y r;. nt hy th in ... th- o --..a-.- ! tn.-!r
.htU-i undr this at and the u;.;. .h.'m. h!.v-
sai-l, wtiieli !ik.I r.e aii'i.-! a:n! p 1. 1 i;i llii'M'Bi'
manner a lh- ti Tt f -Tit i .- 1 :iiini--i.i!;iT- ar
allowed an i p"--i."
Bi-in v moved to ihiid ri aiii 2
,luthoi ie 1'. ,v c
o rv to r-a'se ni'-ri. v f r :
Third r.-a!i-.e.
SejiaOT T 1 :i hrii!'..- moved 1 "!
tat. le joint
a:.d :..
r--i !,l
ndi:.- the vol.-
mae u
d .ed-rfor 1 m '1 lock lie daV.
Senator 'Jai pc iter introd iced a bill to i,ni. t .1
conip'l. d laJ relative t- c: iu.Ii.a! p'oeeeiii..'
b. lore jutici of the ptev
Sei.u'o-r .!:.- call: 1 the rei-trv bill nnd to
make it th.- spe order f..r l'e!.. at.' 1--J
o'c'.oik, I. M.
Sei.ati.r I!ro Ihead ,;i 1. s e, i..rn. lueed a bill
and appraise the damage tr.ereon, it any iscum!
! errUi i t:
to more eiloctually guard the purity ot lecti )fi. 1 ti.,11, whieh he Sai was a resolution oT. red I J
Tabled ana printed. ; (...!. It. utou in ti e 1. .-. Senate, in Isj.',. The
Senator Mil! moved up bill to lay out State 1 , v (,.j et e'.iiin d wu- drahiing and reelama
road in Sanilac iMuritv. Senator Car.fi .1 1 all.-1 , t;,,:1. l.ilsj, Mr. I"i.d. r oo.i, of Ky., t.tri
f r the r.u lii.g of the bill. It !i tabled. ' da. ed the me -ure into t'ongr. s-, an.', it waso; -
Seriator Muzzy moved the b.ll to amend bill as ! ( h rational nndertakin, and by consent
to the selection and de-igi aiion of ;i h..m. -t.-ad. ,t was conelul-d that ti e States could drain them
Third reaiing. better than the tretieral government. lb- said
A lengthy discussion grew up at this stase, in j our own member of ' 4.tngres had taken tlie
which S'.-fiatorii ('otii;er, Mu.ry, Ihrt ev, Maiden
aad Uarr.s t .k part, upoa the p:etio:i of -trik- t harle, K Stuai;. The State, be said, was cuil j ni;4,jt. H rx.poit upon the establishment of wi emi
ing out " whieh failed. j tv ..' ol.ta'nii g property u;-on fals.v preteiiees ; jr-ant agency, aceotnpanied by a joint resolution.
Senator I'orger moved to amend by a Id tig j ,vtl .f Mchigo. were an individual, instead of a j Tabled. Also, a repoit relating to tho liouor
the word '-Httachm. nt" before levy. Tarried. tj,t. ,.. eouM be in.ti. ud and -. nt l- the pen- 1 j an,j adverse lo prohibiting domestic wines
He also oil -red n amendment -.'iving a right o!" : i,,.tltiurV It i due to etihrs who have iron.- ,,nd b -r. A Lo, u report in favor of reinstating
appea .
Senator Mu.y thought b. th i h-S sl:ou'd
have a right to appeal. Senator Tonger's amend,
inert was aiopl.-.J. Senator Cong-'r moved n
"trike out the provision as toeor. b.-in -eetion
S. He thought that the lijht of the party -eek-
ing exemption -hoiiM be perfect, and that th-
arty should not tie harr i--.-d or subjected to any
manner ot expenst s in regard to his iim-s'.ead :
a vexatious creditor might otherwise ii it ter :i av
the homestead in co-ts.
Senator Mu.y objected, and wi-hed to p ursue
those nu n who g-t in debt and take shelter u 1-d.-r
this la. Senator Trowbridge caheil up the
special order. Waived.
Senator Conger moved to insert. ' a!t.-r tav
tion," Ac, s. tliat costs may f.dl upon trie credi
tor, utdess it appear- that llu- parly claiming tu,
homestead i fmiidulei.t Tbl
S. na or H.-odhead withdu-w i.-e;tir , jj
Senator Riri.ey in the t'haii
. A ..
lead by eeetion-.
Senator !oiham wa- a ii.-.s. to changing iho
h;ll. Tlie bill had b. en -ubmrtt.-d to practical
men, and to lee.il i:elille;i.i.ii. u:id was b.ii.-ved
t be what i wanted. Senator (;,n! .ni male
art amendment providi;)'' that the publ eatlori of
the i.petiing of the institution b.- ti;a.h- i t on
liewspapei in Lansinir. and two hi letroit Price
in the '.ill, fixed at f 2 j,..r w. vk. tor , :ch as
can pty. The d 'ieti of the bill i- o ftr practi-Cabh-,
to make the institution self., uta:i .ine
Trustees receive no co'npen-ao'.
Senator Conger moved an a-t.ond:iic:,t s -;! i: -h'g
Ti u-tees to verity ih.-ir aeeoij. t bv their
Oath: which prevailed.
Senator Pond moved lo !rt!;. on: --r.m r.!i:j-.
poor,' as the statutes know such p.M.r.
Senator Tihri.lge lhou''-i' ihnt the dr-t : c
tiou hud tu t been aboli-bed. Lost.
Senator Mc.iy r.q ii-i d if the l:ieeor ..f lb.
Poor had ll"l b.fi abolished, rl i- v.i v dtv.
Senator Catdi- ld -aid tlmi a b':l :..r that ' j t
wu in the order o! third r.a I ;
Senator Co"e r m..e. d t. utn.-nd by st-ikir..;
O lt. "f.atTii all -erviee i.i the eel Ivi." Citric 1.
Serial .i- I! od'te id m ; e "nrnitt.-; rei-ott it
biil back ar-d r.-comtn. 7 d its ;
Senator Conner tu. ic I that lii ;
in k''os. Carried. Third leading
Senator (7...rinn moved t. p i
it final f a'Pe, when th- I. li wis
.'i, .avs 2. Immediate -iV.-.-t
House b l! to -..v:e the harte,
came n;, p iss. ,) i amen !,d
S. t ft'or Yost moved that the S
Carried av. s .;, .;Hi s i
Semite bill reiving t i n.ir.'t.
cane., i.i ; amendment as to sj,, , :a
fed c.-n-pju i Senator Iicki:-:
tf Yj-ih,
c irpora'.ion,
Hy ir eoi'pora
i ni -..d t'-.a'
a i:ed ae -7.
nays .i.
ih'ti. an i
Also, biil to t.-ir..!,:.- . ).;,. ;,... .
niari: e in?. ranee comprcie. Pa--,-
A.s to amend act to ii
Chapter N. 1. if I;.iv.,l K,
e M-.nr...
o s ij, J),.
tro.t. !
Seuator Brodhta 1 cplalt ed the iine-nJni. 1 1. ;
and moved to pass the bill, which was cirned.
Senator Parns v in favor of the b '!. The
motion to put th.c bill on th-rd r- adir -Vi-.
carried. '
Senator (Ires ve nor, from e'tr.ri;it.e "n nrc" '
cd bill-, reported a co-reet'y enrolled seveial
Senator Iloyt introductd a bill to r. pea! tt e
corporate right? of the Por.tia.' a id C ov. laj d
plaiik-rosd company.
Sena;or Muzzy introduced a bill to authorize !
Ruth A. Spencer, a minor, to cor vey real ct..te. j
Third reading.
Senator Uayden eiplained t!i merit ef the I
oi.i. ana urgea its pnsssge. li.il Paie.j. j
A considiirable discui..in here crew -r ca a '
motion to reeonstder the v.;
Jay, au-;
thorizing the committee on State aJihs te
ploy a clerk. Some aspersions were thrown out j
by Senatcr rennoyer. about emr.iovi:, sns and
other rnV'ivis; to which Mr. Bir;,s, who wa
referred to, replied with rnu.-h wa
tion. Sen
v.v luui i. u;. i or a. t tne meu'ters :
of cornrnittee t work. The Senator n aie an '
atuck upon Senator Barn, wbo replied Urtly, !
and defended himself. i
The reso!uti,n of vttrrday w is moved to be :
j a-nendei, so as to a'J ow the employ merit of clerks j
j for ai! standing committees. Lost it,.? ?, r aT? i
The question then came up on the original j
mo-ion, to which an araesdxent was raovei by
Scator lavi. S,ritor Cocjer, chairrsaa of I
thought it impner to mike any d stxc ; Legislative .-Ss'..r.s came r a -parate sec-I S.-t.at.r Meacham moved to Dc.tnor. tie bill 1 'f I :l-v ln ublican State Convention, lobe j ,.h,.V(yt w:,b'r,;.Xr. cv-rv sto-kholdcr j
Senator Hivd.n thought it the best econ-1 tier. ;-. n. t . he.d at Detroit on tne i-ih int, to noio.r.ate a j , .... .t& j
i i ...11-:.;. -,s. n;Km t nays it. raid'.btle. f..r i'i'.r J,-.tV,. if t.. ,. t l.il.i iri'Lvi.;.. n.r ... i.ir
to emclov clerks for all imnortint omrst. ! Senator Dnd-eor. ..o..ri to -rer..i be r mri.'. . it a ., ., . ' -u.c. i.. .p . - .., ... ,. ii W
w v" , 1 - - - . r , .-ei.it.o; io i moveu io rcconsi Jer vot rjv j Court. i; i- t, a'.'J recotm.ei o t.i tney - , .
, w.. ere they are needed. ' Ir.g f. .r a bS-nniel -slon ( i" day. SerAtor s0T)at.r Croud's atxendmett waa It-1' Th Con tr-.. mi-,ti am'., c... .w. I H ,.fr,. on ion to the an -.:.t cf tl ' u
tor rennoyer was epposed to etcoloviag j Barr. moved to amend with biem i 1 sessions. r ...r . ... z . I. . .
th.it committee, did not wi.-h such a clerk, lit
Lai heard language and recrimination which i
unwoi thy of the senate, ana !.:cn t.a i n.-ver
before tufct-a piace m thicha:ii!.-r. lie bviiere-i
that the .'n.iivttce on S:ate af! xi: need a clerk.
a:.d -'.Ouid have :ie. Il is not U-Jt' to rt fi-- a
i!.-rk to a committee. ei:h-r sti:.dit-S cr Select.
.-!.a'"r Tower tli-M.V ! that t-.- mac'. bu?'.ne
had t.. -n niv.r. d to the committee on State af
f.iirs. Sc-.t i' -r CunSeld a t;o o--Ca:o:i f..r heat
ar.y c
ti. '.nj; ca'
'if Ul:iht Vote fiihet J
1 to a-.- ' Sei.atr Jo:
ro-. to
Vn.-l aM t'l. t.i;-7. '
Seru'or trosvi-no', t.on. con.tn.tt.-e on e: .o..- .
ed b'i re-.rted Certain hills ai c.i-r. er'y re- j
Ti e ar
the ;.e,i.,l
lit. ! hi'.!, as it i-called, he'u 1
der hr :. oYl.-rk IV M.,
lloil :i'M in ti e e:.'r.
Si;..' .fne!..!ri-!.:- w.-re n; 1 h? to the hi:!, !..:;
the c..:ii;i:it' aller !.ic!i, in S. r.ate, en
the motion to po-tpote mdrflfltely.
Senator It ri..-y thought it u-.'.tfui t. divert
'.. -.vr.i.t 1 !- from the r:'::..il p :rio-e o'
the Tl.i- biil wa 4-lear!y explt'n.id l.y the
Senator, a- to ;! tr.iine a'.d i( i;i t-. a intt-t.ded
lb- purpo-.-, ..f I'oiijr. atid the
ihi.-h trie grant waa accepted by the
to i-i.rry 1
t-HII- lip
I Mate.
S.-iiator M;iy hoped that the bill would not
be itid. Saitelv postponed. Senator Ilavis wa
..r ti,.. k. .;., ...,,1 Kt,f,ke at some lemrth
a to the merit of the iine-tion of devoting thee
! l -..I, -o fir as needed, to drainage. II
to ke.-p i. j:-!a:io!i to the line of the r
not fiiit.-r tlx in aay, n..r
10 educational purpo-,-.
!ii eo!,br a. u.ev, fo- he wa
oj ha 1 f. w or no - imp
tor the J. State.
Motion to a fjoi.iu was 1
Senator Mil - e i'l-d the
ui to dev.
Me did not speak for
; g-at.-fil that .iet.e
but he -p..k.
utt-t.tion of the Sill-
to t!
:i of the t-WHin'.i
mine v in an
lli. ial report, signed by li. c.
t ahead of popular :i, that t .. lands sh.tuld b-
. d. voted ueeor lim: to the franl.
j Senator Warner hop. d the bill would not be
in Vlinitt !v x-o-trion.-d. b. aue it wttiihl ..; di
rect in-uh to th. Senator who introduced it. It
the bill had no merit-, lie would not so j.ct. The
; t, i ,ad merits, and iie desired to preserve thetn.
I Senator Tow.-r -hd not intend to insult any
itber the author of the bill nor anv one
!-. The bili reminded him ot the appropria
tion of .ai.o.oo 1 acre-, whien w.,s ali Mpiandere I.
He did not wi-h to commit a -imilar error.
Motion to adjourn wa- lo-!.
Senator itrodheni wa in favor t a u teri li'-e
to a la-ire spe.-i.il committ-e, eotupo...l .t Senator-
of ai! shades of opinion.
V. .if. ''.. I.
Se.-ia'or .bint-. lt..;u i-oinmitlee t.ti f.nai.ee,
111a ie a report upo-i the State Capitol, reeommen
liug an appropriation, w ilii a bill. Tabled and
p.i-.t. :.
u motion ot Sen. Tiowbri dee took up third
reading of biiV.
4 "I. arlcr of Mar.iuelte pus-ed. av es -J.;, .is.
4 'fratter of Paw Ptw j.a d
R.ll to amend charter ot Monroe I.odje of
!:..yal Arch .Mason- '! p.-troit. Senator Tower
moved to commit Cue b h, wit'i insti uctlon-, o
that the Chapter pav taxes withdraun.
i'.ill put oti its pa-saire.
I 'all ot' the S.-l ale absent liorhum a. id I'a'--kei
; were p'oduced and a'l lurt.icr proccedinir
w u-.lisi.etsed willt airs -J.'.. 1, ays ..
lull to in. iirt.o'a'e vilia.'e ot lia-thej Pass-I
"d. aves -J... n.-iv ...
lt.ll to ado l..w-hiti ..f Ypsrhmli, to .boll
clec;iofs in tne cite.
I'.ill iiiakii ' I lii of J u'v. Tl. adki-giv ing. 4'i.rist
nia and N-w Y mi-, . r-t-'-t'i' and non-juiL--.i
. il, pa d ave l:o, ..ir ". .
l! i! to oru'snie 15 iv co nitv to borsow ite.:i. .
P i av.-s js. t I. Imri.ed ale .-Sleet
il I! to a ii.-n 1 sup-.no cotrrt l-w, pa .d ais
"js, ni. v s .
P.i.l to -. fin- poe.
Immediate Ih ' t.
lt.'i to amend 1
t circuit
ot. p..
. Jackson, j
r ot iniaj.
s, ti'ivs
n l ad t
. Imtile jiife '!!. !
defrt e j.e. rs ... ci-euit
nay "
institution i i'h law s a 5 I
;aji'nt-v cuLti, passed.
co irt. p is,"i .1.
H e ... fu-ni-h Stat,
p-.biie ioi'urnen.ls, y .
To lav icit ro.id in
Joint re
Smte land
to o i.ship
u'i.ei luthoriittg i oiurnis-io!:. r .f
tli e, to Miv.'V III')!!'; jjronrjd
of Hartford. Van Huron eoun :v.
, .. . , , .
Kill to ani.jnl eniiif. iled la r-Utive to s -
, , , ,. ...
port of poor, passed. Immediate . fleet.
, . ' , . ... f , ir,,
Joint ref).titjon to author-!.- Mate Audible
... . f i I.
to 1 vuiaine and adpi leeonnt ot .b i as H-
Tj( . ( (!
' , " s;-K 11. ..Bio r.
Cotll'l.i'.t . ihe wle
'.-nalor 4. t penVu
Iftin-ciia-. j
Jo'n.t re-olution t-nc-. i:i-ii-i:thrrl nmendmet t. ,
Senatu" Trow bride.. i:;t; o.luee-1 as a:: ar- i-l-
'r.. :r, m.ikh z the Lability s.i'eubie aceor'h!: to
the ati.ot.nt ..f stock btinz the V. Y. pn-v'-.n
S.-:itrs Trowf.ri ! than., Oi ;. -v. ti'r. Har.-is,
Mil's, W.V-ii. cruu-i.
The substifife as ad j te.i.
N'. ttt cam up .vnef.dtr.et.t relative to seI-r.s
of the I,.v: serf u-e. S'x'ydiv rr .end mint was'
Ser-ator Uayden or po. o ar y I'mlts
He wi.hed to Vave time to I- r:l it- and did not.
war t to be crrs'ib-red on" of a et t.f d -d
scoundrel. Senator Ihici, wrv t f t'.e saatf '
oritiio';. Senator Il-olaoid ws i-j favor
a- a
Senator Pe't l I'UK
f to f 'T.-r to ti
two amendnn-rt.
Ser.iitor M.:z7v ? iid th'.
sit Ce the Ci.rstifi'
,rri1 -
, ! C's'atiof. In I
efni"d v
He a-isbed hVrtnie! ??
Ci-nruittee re at 1 2 o'ehx-k 4'
AiTvKNO... s
ena'c in committee of t
wnnout i. senator Murzv er.p;rf rt
amendment. Sen. Towor th.vr-'st H ir
enough. Sen. Welch proposed biennii,! sessions
r.f s... day, i-r. Ily ien wished to he ar one
gcod a-gument for limited s-siot.-.
Committee rt
In Senate.
rose, having tnvde no p-cg-e.
r.. Pro-ifieal introduced a re"Iu-
fcf annual sssior.s of r.-. dij. Sen. Dudr-!
eon coved to amend, an 1 for tienniel sessions.
The question was then taken oa biennial sessions
-m::.. er.ator Senator lirodn.-a.i !: nm.eiicmc-r.t for i eu r..r ,,,,, ,,f t,n t :.. a .v I .f gelv-ctlnc bit delegau U r.rr-.-i.t It gban, ; , - , r v., , ,n., noa of t I
poke, .
when the question recurred on striking "annual
i i : :X::n !:er.ji,a:, wi;;oft wa carnea. ayca
Sen. ll ijA.n moved to it; ike oat t'o at.J insert
Sc.ator Trowhridje iatroIccd a uTs;itute
b'li to
for biot-tii.il ej:ons, unlimited, lo tu w
be introduced atl. r dav-t.
Iud 'eO!l ac- '
cep'ed the suhrtitu-.e. Sin. Trobride mov
... j '
hi- t-u r -; I ute hi a operate section. Setii;.:r
MX ui.tved t ?trike oit the sixty day provi-iois
- 1 umt n.ove.1 to stroiL- o't o. ...
to t
Senator Tvl,r was 01 posed i
Wi Oppo
Sen. It.:ioye-- was op-
poM-d to p':nc ba.-k. Sen. IHy.K-n was r.ot fer
tr'.kin out. S.n. Pari et;t f,r l'ctnse. The
notion to trik ' out No. was lost, ayes 14, nays
t'anSel.l m.oed an amendment that ,
par WailoHed to members ufn-r hrl ixty .hv,.
avt. j y aa
r m ovt-d to c all f ir avc
id i.avs
1 1 h prop..iri..n separately carne.l.
The four propositions were then submitted
l era'. Iv, arid No's 1. 2. vnd 4 were paid to
a third reading, the third having failed,
' Sen. Toio-r moved a recei-idcratioti of the
vote, by whieh, p-opositioti No. ?, as l( license,
I a not ordered to a thinl reaiing withdrawn.
Senator Iudg-on renewed t!
Muzv sr-oke in lavor. S. n
. Peimoy r a
p'-ed to recor.sijeiiiig. lie liked tl.e pr.s. 11
Se: ators Ilavden, Muzjv and Pavis
lesired ; la, at.d wanted no J.c. nse. e have tlrur.keti
it, ut:d j ties eliou-h, and si. onl 1 have more under the
i lieelate sv-n ill.
Tow. r hoped th..: th.
' oh;tl n would not be reinstated. He spoke with
rcat wurtnpt!:. Se:r. Carpetiter hoped the mo
tion to reconsider would not previ'l. Sen. Mui-
7V .a! ui k. d the 1 o.-iilio;. of Sen. Pennovcr.
Sen. t'oncer moved to recommit, with itlctrue
liotis to repot t the four proportions .p.rte'y
1 ar: i d.
A.lj jut tied.
XarWauv, Ftl. ll l-'i tVV.'oci, J'. Si.
I till tu incorporate ci'y of Nilei. Referred.
Salary appropriation biil pa.-od a amended.
S. : n'or Ra'ns presented memorial of common
come. ii of l troil. Referred.
Sina.or Coiijrer preented memorial of Hon.
William Woodbri je. Referred.
I Sen itor l'.iin.s, from committee on jjtute affair.
lice'i-e-! Also, a report with a bill, to repeal
i..e present liquor Isw. DrdercJ printed.
Senator I'u "geon moved to strike out all, ic.
Senator Conger moved to trike 1 ut second
Senator Jones moved lo refer to committee of
the whole. Lot. AU after emcting clauso was
struck out.
senator Crosvciior. Jrom enrollment commit
tee, repi tried bills
Senator Pot ter, from talt committee, ma-Jo a
report w.tri a i.ni. 1 sole una prmteu. 5'Miex
tra 4-pies ot the report ordered in pamphlet
Senator Hoit reported a resolution fur a bill
to ti pool the swamp land act. Lost aves lo,
n.iv 1 1.
J Senator Carpenter moved from table Senate
j bill relative to brokers and exchange dealer,
j P.ih re-pectii'sr common earners came up,
j aiiu-nded.
j Seiiat' t (itidgeon moved au amendment, to
'prevent railroad trom doing drav ing business
w;'.h..ut a Jiivti--. Adopted ayes I J. nays lo.
I Ai.ol! . amendment was offered bv Scnttor i
lU(k'coi', "ivini: the coinmo'i council power ova r
; ihe c.j-pnra'io' s; which was lost.
1 uator 4'ardield moved to reconsider the vote
j by vhi. h lie ti'-st aniendrneiit vvas ad ojiti; I ;
i wi i. li pr.-vailed aves So. tmys lo. A smart
r-partiut here got up between Me-Prs. Harns and
Ibnk'eon, in which th.- merits (f the old .irav
mm c uitroversy were overhauled.
I .Mtiiror lost vustieU to Jo nottiing to iiuure
j Petroif. as it would be a smart place if it wre
,' no' so t car Ypr-iiahti. Th- amendment wga tJniti
j i..t aves lo. imi a 'JO.
Senator Muzy lT-.-red ati arneti.iinent if refer
; ence to thj r jt.'.nsibiiity of stock subciibers).
i L..-t
M bil ctitrie ut.. Senator Rarr s moved :
i to pos:..r,c ir.dehuite'y. Hill read. Senator j
! Hudeeori ar d Senator Harkus obiect.rd. Lost, t
iiHtor bar- ( Sb red an afijcnduient to perm t
iiisami rs to furnish th. ir on ti.tri- : which'
Senator Cm ir.r mov-jl to table lii- bill; which
, prevtt-l-d.
! The H.tues.ea 1 bill came up. upon w hi. h the
j discussion a e. ntu uvd by Setrators Muzzy nti 1
M'..t. g.-r ; when m... bi'l was ord red fo a thin!
! reading
s.-nat' t- I'i rii i.i.-t ofTer. d a resolution in r.
ittot' e Muk goti flat Jio.iino Bprroptit
i fori, re-piiiitig informetevi :t unv De ti b.-r of t! e
j , , . i i , " ...
, I.ei-.at:.re ha i ta..en am cu tr-et , whiff, pre-
V.l..e!-aves If, ,luys i.
,. .
Se aior ( rocs... ii-...vf..l up Senat.: h:l! to er.ttig...
,. . ,
control ot Agti-tdtural o.e-e. H, t. .ied t J
I '"'"''?u' "" AL'-icullure.
'piititig it.formetioti if unv De n b.-r of t! .
.. ..,. Vf,.,..- .! ... s.- . . r-i . .
". e ' -'i i io am- i.u
-.Jgan Vr.tra liailroad cha-t.-r. Heprojo-t.-l
an t)
numct.t 'o t!..- amemiii g bid, to negative
the i'nplieati. n by w'.V-'j t'.e c.-m; ar
.' ;s i.l'. tv.-i
tonnie rontra.-s c;l ft t;,e Sts-. . orator
Muzy fUT-ssed h:mse.f vatl.ficd wit!, the g,,
faith oft! e amet drm-T.t. A doped.
Setator Muzzy rnrve.i a seen ! ani..-:i.jrr...-r.,
makhi- the biil gneri. Withdrawn. Third
senator Hrodli-d trave iiwtice of bill.
-n ,.to- H.rtf j n.ovc.l up biu to establish
gra b i:i high-SchcK,:-.
Set. .tor Muzzy moved to 'r.ke out section S,
because he beueved the bili hostile to the infer-
e-s of con m.in .!..,:. Tl.e bill, he fedrtd,
: would introduce .J-ffieuky and .j.vi, or. into'
i :ho.,l. Third readit.ff. '
enator ijorLam moved from the Ubl, ScLate
bill to ascerta;n tne annual cereal products t f
Michigan, and moved to strike out o:j, barlev
,f : a:i
fVnatyr Ilayden . pp.',sd the bill; he said thit
the oijr' t of the btii is uje.esj. Senator Gvr-L-tm
hor .J the bill would pass.
s-er.af.-r Cot ger moved to add, iuriug the
year felt prtc-dtrg.
,;rrator Crou;e u-.jved to add tun-bercf busb-
Ser.atvr Gorhara moved to itrike out, ia the
State," and insert oue at Lansing, and two at
Ietroit. S-r.aar Muzzy objected. Lest.
?enatir Crouse moved to recommit tl bill.
with instruciior.s. Motion to strike out ail after ' Chtpp !!, A. C. Wir.t. r. G-.. Kid. r. P. C! ok j Sr a'e Koad lrt -n Sgin t to Cheboygan
cactinir clause. lost. Third readier?. ; P. C. Atrw. I F. Rath. I The bili m am.-nd th chjrter of the cH?
e-ator Muzzy moved np bill to Isy ou: State
road from Boyce's Landing to St. Josephs river,
: Senator Muzzy made a speech of the custooiary
j length, upon" the merits of the bill Tis bill
1 appropriates rtldett uzes. BIS iuaBd4 Ij
inserting: the word nou-rc?:aent. ena:or,
Ve.Tr tnovtHl to strike 011: ot: . an 1 insert t0. !
rct i 1 .
.IAoo ii,, '. M.
Si-rator K.-odii.a.'. otfVtvd a resolution to
jjr:l11 Monday i.iit at 1J u'cl.x k, V.
Set.ator V .upel.li r niovn 10 i.i 0:1 me ie.'--
Can u-:. Iiet.-rrcd to t:n coa.m.ttee en Mate
; at'a '-.
! S::avr Jot-e moved fro'n table the n-i-'fy
! hill, which the Senate coti-idore i a- in comnii:-
bill dr.in w .tl
treat care i. u.- ....-..-y e,.v.u.. .....
hy eC!ioi,. a:.d various amendment were etter
ed. Manv m nat- r th..u-ht it h cun.bet.t to ot-
far aniendnieiits, but S, i,a' r Jones su;.-' -tc
that a the hill had been .1 aan with cr.-at ere,
atler n.u. h -h lineraiioii hy the Aitoiuex li, ier-
at, ana was near.y 4ir Mu.o-
i -nat..r .Muzy - vi:esie,;. i.v
j that in ich eae, p. rhap the rr;i l.!i: ot the l.i 1
' ':nt 'o-p.-y.M wita : i which ao-.t
j Jones assented. The reading however wa ca-i-!
ed- The tiiiuoritv appeared disposed to make
all the ditheuhies p,. 1 t.le, tlo.fiirli they did not
j di-p'ay any remarkable tact in that direction
! Senator H-odhead 11. ved to amend hi atta. hu '
1 the manual. 4 iiin.ittee ro-e.
j S. hater Cai Si. Id moved the bill to a third
i readine. Hnd Ser,st. r Jones fi...ved '1 e p-.-vi -u
j ipicstioli, which ptevaihd. Aves nai S.
I The bill was ili. n ordered to a third read.
i -s.-nator Canlh Id moved to put the b 11 ..ri it-
Senator Prodhead mid Senator Pond nu'V.-d
arn. n ltnel.ts. Seiiatir ('of c r inov.-d the pr 1 i
ous ijucsiion. S, l ouih d.
Mv'lion to reeomlnrt w is !-!. Rule not sirs-
1 pended.
The bitter and niahgi aM h. stility shown to
ward this hill by the minoiity, evir.ee. 1 clearly
etrouch wlit,: tht; thong' t it fleets arc lik. lv
to be upon f.c-r ardoof thetjue-tion at the poll
Thsv fou-ht the hill at all ta
1 1.. :. .0
men bv lucti,
.1 .1. .1 r 1 . . v.. 4.; He ... it... ,.r..
iiiuuii ur; .io.es-.-.i iv ...v. t . ;
ciple of the measure, for which hvp.vriey they
were soundly dressed down by Senator Conger.
The ue t.f the T vious question was clearly
muiiifest at this stsge ,f proceedings, as there
was a n'.anilest determitiatioti to talk the -esfeioti
out, by the minority.
The amendment of Mr. Carpenter, to make
the bill apply to cities ami incorporated vil'vres,
whs U 9: ayes 1 1, nays lib
Senator Jones moved to suspend liie rules, to
pas the bill. Lot ay.s 1", nays IJ two
thirds not voting for it.
A point of order came up. wh.cn Senator Itrod
head uppealcd from the decision of the chair ;
when the chair was sustained. Ayes ii... nays 7.
Senator Pi nnoy. r moved a resolution, cu'.ii g
upon the 4'huirm-tu of the Hoard of State Audi
tots to report the allow at.ces ma le rinee Novem
ber Is.'.. Tiiis was another Kaiil. r, whose
mat.lle I.hs recently fallen upon Senator Penney,
cr. Senator ("antield moved to lay on the table
Senateir liirniy explained hi vote, by reaiing
from the journals of lali, when Senator P.ui
noyer voted t indefinitely postpone a similar 11
rpiiry, by his o n partv friends. Sciiat.it Peii
noyer caved.
Senator Porb r move i up the bill relating to
the rules of evidence ani-nding the compiled
laws. Third reading.
Tl'Ir:l 1 M'ftM.. I-'KII. IV.
Itrpulttlrnit 4 ii.tt f niiiimli.11.
v ilejeitjr. o .u' v .'
Co irt il....-' in tt.M v. I f
1 vrl.l
1 11 st-.t lv. I.1
f-.r lti .tir .
i ry 12ui, liit, t trn .. cl.H-k V VI
tt twtii. t 'it-!. c
I-pubi.co Stti- .
Ii-.r..it. u The I' tti
- t' f rr,rllf Iflbklll IS...I.IV -It t!j.'
in.l .'ll, V. ! I.'i l III tl. C ) f
f li-'ilinn nrit, au l I" trtisel
urh ..ll.r
j mat en .. I f .0: tli r n'.tftitxin
"rll t t, nr
1 t.
. l.itH'n'.r
Aln.l.'ii 4. Intl. am . I" lo- . V
lav. i 1''. v; ,.iii. 4. W I r't f!3 .
1 C On. D . i W 4. I-u'l
i.O.V 4. w"i" "t'
T, Ai.r. l.u ' .
I.lrrl. t: ... ls-
I-r..y Z M.k
I 14 K V". il i.
v wuiti:
M K.N U I ...
s. k ::.:
s ! vi. H.:-'
t M V I I.i Ws
. v inkrt.
l I'itKJ. l Al'.lvbK.
Tin: rsr.sviov.
Tne prospect f..,w Js, the gr. at l-nding m. a- i A tnc-,ii:e wms tecuve i from the Ser.?e con
t:r st,fthe .;. in :!1 f.r the m..-l pa't l av.-1 m'jnl.wtin the pa s!-e.. t.iu,.fry bdU, aid it
becene lav., before the cio-e of this w e.k. j turning several House bills w ilh cundry anKlA
! The t'lundaMot, . the nniiroreetti,,.. biijs J.,r i,e
: allium. Ac ,!- la d b- the pas-ne of tlie ui-!'
; a'd a .juarter ta bill ; aid w ithout .l-.nbt ad.-
ju tte nrJropr..uio?iS wi l bo made tor n. atly '
' ,,f tne ob-cc' r. oinin.-iided in the t .
.y it h ..f Ihe I, f the I.e-1-iature, i:
i rbr.oi. b I.i. I.. . t. i.bs. tli.-d b. ..ttetiti.e.
Tl to
t .iv.e bills tho-e of inf.-n-t .edv to n f.-w
individual, or ' I c. ta'u t... ratio- s
It w..iiid Se. tn that halt the people of t he
; u.- ate d'-atis!i..d wi'h their nam.-., and h.v-
npf li.-d for a i.r. th.-r ' .
Tl. 'arly -rai-. of the .-..;.,:, n.n. t-.k.-.n t;p
i ' . ,.
ni ,ltereli:" the t me ! r re r.t.!ecti.-j '! I..e-1
in a v.-ry iur'e t umb r of town-hit.-; and a!t.-t
ritarlt t vcrv s. j ar.ve towt.s,:r. d-sirous ..f it
en s.-rv.-d with a a -t. urate ex.. ,,-Ioil, f'-.e
f , ar :t,.t son..- to-vnsh,. n.iirl.t hav.- f.r
lo ,.t;t t;.,, v ,......1 u ir - . te r .1 ar-t.
; The Jog;trv Ait i,,...,. i,nU
1 ;t ,,.,..;, i)yi i.
; XF 'r- Angel!, fet the Seymfe.r lb Low-
! er T-.wn, will give an titertainm.-r t oi Th jr-djY
'. viv.-r.irg A!l I.i f. lend ar.- i:.'i.-l. If w 'l b..
the bull f the -v,:,, an 1 cr-n thi- g that can
be done to u akc hi eu. s happy. w!'l dot..;,
w know.
pr 1 u'--N -rci.i Pursuant to a cali by
the Town Committee, a ne.-ef.ng of the Ipubli-
t ts " -a:..rp. was neiu ai ine i. fon s rjn..j
: Uys- Middle T'.wr. on SVurd.y. the .'.th
' 11. 11. I'Uf i.: w its spoon. J Us rtt
i Ruberi lb Wv..ks Secretary '.
j On motion. It ws ;
i . i. That a c jm-ni::ve f.f three : p. j
, pointed by the chair, to r.ty,rt the names of 1'. i
: ptr-otis a del. gates o att.-nd the County Co-.- j
v i t:e n to be f.ld at Maf..n. on Satur-iav, th.-j
12th inst , at lo o'clock A. M., for th.
! gates to the county Convention :
' A. W. Williams, II. Arge!!, . IJ. Sh
! Ii. Pric- I. M. Cravat!.. I. M. Big Vy,
1 Wrth If H. Savaie. IL Ever, tt M. FH.-r C. o
j A Good vove Al! of the public hou?.? of
; Charlotte, Eaton county, have abanivrei the
1 aal of Uqso-S. Senator Will aras ' jfortts u, in
ascordas-ca to public opirJon of tba place.
i ti'IPE. Squire Sirs, an ,,' f,
1. .-ti, tt,,, ,- ,.-
i '' Metidiat!. in Ir-h.-n- cui.ty,
.i-...r iav. t;.ivi:h the Wit, 4,4
r-ber an 1 rc'peCUUo, l.ut tJ
,u .-r. : w.th hi. so:,. ia rwpeo,
.Iters. ;.e a-l
a. r t.f the ,i ,.f
, hut n-li:
. cc niU bad n
on.e money u
dier ai. J pi
:rnrT 4.i Maidav ait,-
t oon,
! pro :li.i ter a la t a in.
',.,'.. . ,ir
'.'W J.s.
j eo. lie approp .at r to t:e Ia.
?ane Alut:i at Kalatii.i. oo, hi d to ti
I'eaf. I'un.h a; d Ui.n ; A".uai at M.nt, puj
i the lloue al ti c s.nie ti-. .
s tmo of ins li is evpeetej thi-
i tlie s-!-ioii ili close t iim.-i. oil Moiaiay text
l l It It: Mit ll.tti.t .it lltrMiititr4
lion., met pursiia'it to aojoui ntnet t. '
1 rarer
bv Rev. Mr. Pott.
; A couiuii.riie.i-.ioii w a- 1. c. ived fnmi the Attovr-
nev (i.ii. r.il in ai -w. r te the tcs,.',iiti,.ns adopt
i t.y the IIone v. . r.ljv. , aii.i r -ipon ,m fa f4
pinion as t., ti ,. i-. t.s'..nlt...!.l,u ,.f x t;tfr.
; :.t-'s r. . onini. i .i iito:. in ! ,..r , f
j lb- a loan to 1. pa 1 the Sauh S;e. Ma-i.-V tVul,
which was in t. nor o!' the coi.Mitutio.i.t! titLt,
j the L. ei-duire to aiohoiie -..eh I an.
j P.lti.-is w. te pt,-u.t. d i:p..u the uti il aV
!.! br ui. a -t o.--:o..g 1. gl aHiati.KwU)
j aid ibe i lin e's . f i i-i.c. , Oid belli ;he V.nf
tor , t th. Pav Jv N.e.j 1. .. R..ih,..l
I Mr. Ses...!s, tro-ii the I'.uuu.iriee 011 Edu'i-
, ti.'ti, t p I ti d baik, without tecou.mei .Ltio-,
j the bill Tela itc to d'.-tri, t litu.sMes; also, ,uaj t
, bills i i ree i'd t,. s,-l.,t,d d -ti i. ts.
! Mr. Mus-cy, from the committee on j iJieii'j
I- ....I I... 1. ....r... ... ..r.. .1 . i n 1 .
leeoi iei u i.ii.i'iix no- 1, a. rfiaiiTfj la
1 . "
,(... .... 1. :.. 1. ...1 I- .
'"" ""--. .....t...-., oairi.
alo, the b.li to amend chapl. r '.'"a of Compiled
laws. r. la'iie to costs of Justice' Courts ;
so, the b .l reiativ.; lo llel 4 on ships, bofclf iij
The same commit t.-e als leported bivortbh
the joint t olu:Iou for the relief of Al. ttrl.T
Mr. PtUter, bom the committee on educaftoc,
repotted a bili authotiirg a certain School div
t.-ict in Kalitma7' county to borrow tnoti.y.
Mr Ijttotnis, from ihe eommiitcc oti bnls r4
ir.corpi.rKt'o-., repotted ba.-k de bill io tiioci
tl:- fh:ttcr of the v. Hag-- of Kalatnaztio; alt,
he t.ill to am. I'd the general railroad act.
't. Hal i I Carpenter l. potte 1 luck with iaa-d.-v
amctid-iietit-, the bill rcht.iie lothrrity char
ter of Monto
Mr. S. s-ion, from lite coiu-nittee on edict
lion, repotted back the L'l: lo authoiize a beard
of education lor the village of F.ist Sagina.
Mr. Mitchell, ti om tl... i onimitt. e on Oeolefi
cal Siirvei, ri port- d fen k me Senate revtlulioc
ii 1 itive to piuilili' tho pupeis ! the Lite Pr
Mr. Monroe, from the committee on public Unit
repotted back, favorably, the bill relative W
sw amp Ivids. uterrc.l to s.-o.J eotiuuitt.-e ycSttf
day. Mr. Allen repotted buck the t.ill to JocaU til
Kalamazoo and 4lru.nl Kapals plank read.
Mr. Ch i.,', bom the tomtnitlee 4-:i roadiiai
bridg. s, repotted with amendments the bill tti
tive to the Port S.vmilac Slate road ; i!ho the II
relative to a Stale toad iii I ma, Knt and otLe
Mr. I.oomis, from the committee oa binb
and incorporation, the Senate f.U relative to
the Iblroit, Chicago and t'anad.i Jrsnd Trui
Mr. Pratt, fiotn the rn-umittee 4 ti e'Joitioe,
made ininoiity rt pott on the bill rtltir tt
M-h.H.l disiticl l.braiies, mid reeoiiimeLilcJ ia
Mr. M M thon, from the committee on Stat
afTsi', r. ported against making ihe rnperiiittnl
etit ot the p'tor all eli ctive nfliee, and tobolJLi
ollu e three vearv.
Mr. W. Hu. l, frota lb- committee on coustiu
tioi al amendments, the main feature 4f tick
are a n commendation of the continuance of be
Ill.iui -esffUH.s, but iu-l.-ad of confoiiiig tl.MB
a period i f forty .1 .vs, it I urn the lei pth of ttf
session without limit, and provides as a avars
of j r vent in g cn-lless s. -ion, and at the
tine to secure h cai.'u! cois'd.raoon 4 V
ti.-11-ur. b.ot.fl t b. f..' it, that no bills h3b
iM.-odu' t d fter the . xpiration of nitty dyiih
ha e 1 pirt d.
j ment-, in all t.f which the Hon- r.iicuirril
j Ut. 4 'b-n introduce 1 a jott.t resolution l
tiee to the improvement of th y uk. p. rie
Mr. Pratt iuttod n ed a bill rcO.'.i-iiig tb
i "'"fi to rp..rt njKtn the annual cet' of tb
S'Kte, t-. ; a'-.)b '.li r r.e pub!iet:onii t-
' lb i d I' V i-S of the - i ,.ri,l rount.es ; bX ftT
to . 1.4-H,'' and M.f ll- e.,i;ntV I. Iks OlUCCf w
.r g in
........ i
M' K tn-l Is in-robie. 1 a
. . ',
HI erin..!.al ra-
Mr. Mi-y in'roduc-d t
...... . ..
i ' ' of ihe Iron M .u.,rhi.i JU.
' Mr. lUyue l,d ir.t.odueed a
M- K -' tiolls in-.r..d...-. .1 ab ll rlbve to
ill confrniir f W
bi l to ametJ S
-, chap. P.' f r.,.j,il... law
On motion of Mr. Ilirbv. ihe judicarj coo
I tee w. r,. j, ,i( te l to U.-piire whether MlO
! e.i: 'v i- t ot attaeiie l u. the l'pp-r reoitsv-
! f.r judi.i.l f.'i'poc s, ;.T..4. f.r the pttffe4
I -h.y.Vr.g a -t Ve S- r re, -.
': i;, notion of Mr. A. W !!uf-I. the rW
the bill allow ir.jr mining o'r.pa-ae wholda
j tain amount of r.-al ..ute, was reeonderti1-1
j the bill i. i.nar.itn'.i:-!y pvs.-d.
j M-. A W. H e ! ii.tr ef ic .J a bill ft
! .... eha-f.-r .f M-.nroe i.'i.ap'er of Maort 4
! tie t ity ,f I.troit ; al-. a bid relative ttec
i r anivs b r the rni.kii.' at.J smelting of WW-
j 5rcn Kc
j y y ;C, ,3 w:, fld tb
conipiad laws in critii'.iil prjCf-ed:ngs.
Mr. Wf.h.o.g'u ffr. r.-d a roohitioa t&i
:po-i the crrml-.t e t. whotn wis referfJ tl
peiit or ,skir g for a more trr.geftt prohitB
or law. for a r-f
. not he ni J . t--
i . . - r.rf.Vlfi
I pvuperi-ra.
M-. CVr give t vie- of a i.V.l for a ?U' r
rr'.rn Mi iUnd to the v ;,g., i f St. CI at 1c.
Mr. H :. 1 fto-it'- r-o .-tltuiiot al
b"! to reguli-f f.r, marine,
icalth insu-ar.r? con.pi'.ie, not crgan'xw K
he State ' f VIchiga-.. was read a third time i
I r.a 1 : s'o. the bill to amtv! the act io?
! fet-oit, be cu't:ng f T a jrortioti of the
nl Tenth Waul-
:d a ur
when t! e hour arrived f .r the meet rg
joint convention to receive and act upoa
nostinatioaa to be suhaittad by the Cove

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