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fcgjdrire powers,'! PPJTed APril 8' 1 8:,lt
"wlwiowte a Board of Education
act to rerise the charter of the city of Yp-
"irt to amend certain sections of the Pri-
a"? refulate fire, marine, life and health
TLwMiDaniea and their agents, asaocia-
Jt -hiD9. and individuals doing fare.
c Hife and health insurance business not in-
by the State of Michgian.
JJtW diminish expenses m circuit and oth-
"ifit to incorporate the city of Owoaso.
act relative to the incorporation of the v.I-
MHiudhorize Supervisors and Highway
ijjMOoeri to purchase Nathaniel Potter's
hin lor improving roads,
i ct to amend an act entitled "an act to re
tbe charter of thecity of Detroit, approved
tat toimend an act entitlee "an act to Yon
Jceruin poers Pn IninS companies," np
,teJFeb.l3. IBM.
'la act making an appropriation in aid of
Michi?" Ajylum for the deaf, durub and
act lo provide for the laying ou. and estab
Kkz Sate road from Midland City t St.
rvk. Si-ffna county.
. ., t to make appropriation for building lfii
in tie ea't "'n ,uc Stte l'rl'u,n "d
mLw purposes a recommended by the Board
la act to authorize the lint and Pere Mar
i..,!wv t-oiLiiaiiV. rijLts anil franchises
Vih Gene-see and Oakland IL K. company,
la act authorizing the commissioners of high
lit of township to establish water courses and
ditches in certain ca-e.
ia art to amend certain sections or the act
rttJrd "a" art to provide for t!ie incorporation
J Kilroad compani'."
ia act to provide for laying out a State road
bo tbe counly of Meeo-u to the county seat
Oceana county. .
jn act to re 'juire l.'ailroud comparm. within
jState to cut and destroy the noxious weeds
Jack pro oa !',e c''
ia act to finish he geological survey of the
''la act to thai g tlie iiaiiie of tho village of
isnton, Ingham county.
la act to legalize the tax roh ol the township
.Midland fr 135.
l3Kt to extend the time for making the first
Atwnt on swamp land pre-ciupti.m under sec.
Yof art SI, session laws of 1 S.'."'.
la act to change the name of Ahnira E. Thalli-
laact to change the name of ileiilwii Irani
Id act to change the n me f John I) Thuin.
In act to change the name f CharJes H.
in . t to amend an aet ciitilh d "an act to m-
japonte the villaze of Kalamazoo and the acts
adatory thereto," approved Apvil 1, 1
la act authorizing the Kalamazoo ami tiraiul
Jjpids Plank Road Company vacate a portion
in rt to amend sec. v. chjp. 'J ot U- act
titlrd "an t to revise the charter of the -it
4 R troit," approved Feb. 10, 1 ."7.
in irt to erovule lor tne improvement oi me
Sfidgeport and Forest ville State ro;td.
Aa act toaraen! an ar eimneu an ci nr m-
oorporat'uijf the boroiih of Mi;hillima kinac,
jdopted April 6, 17.
la act to amend an act entitled "an act ap
jropmting certain hihway taxes f'r the im
jrtmerit of a State Koad in the counties of
Ijotraiin anJ .Meeoia, !' oi me w-..mi
i of 1SJ;, approved Fi .. 1 , 1 HO 7 .
la act to ornai.ie the township oi t.a-i i nma
i St. Clair county.
la act to incorporate the city ol .M.i'S.
la act appropriating certain highway taxes
ir tbe improvement of a rid from the town
pof Bliiigtnn, Tuscr.la county, to White R.x k
Huron Co.
la art to provide tor laying out n Mate i..-ol
iloaia, Keit and Dairy counties.
la act to amend an act to ineorporaf.' tne eity
linn Artxr, approved April 1, ISM.
la act to authorize the townships ol siarsnai.
!Grt and Ypsilanti to hold annual and special
ittiona in the cities of their respeeth e names.
la act to piovide fr the trial of onVnces upu
la act to change the name of th.i House of
la act for the relief of fractional school dis-
wt So. 5, in the townships or beio an-1 et
ta, Washtenaw Co.
la act to amend chap. 4o o! the revised stat-
ioflS46, entitle-l "of timber and lunger
iaanc upon waters, cr carried upon a.ljacent
da, compiled laws see. I
la act relative to tne x nivernj uuereM
la act to amend sections 5 and C, chapter
5,ewnpiledlaws, relative to township burying
la act to amend aot No. 21. of ePsioti laws
i 1S58. bein an act to amend No. 63 of sea-
wks of 1857, entitled "an act to lay out and
subSah a State road in Sanilac and Huron conn
In act to repeal joint resolution No. 31 ses
ttakwg of 1S57, ei titled "Joint resolution for
aidand relief emigrants from Michigan to
Territory of Kanas.n
la act to" renew internal improvement Imd
wnnts issued by the Auditor General pursuant
ia act entitled "an act to regulate the issuing
f certain land warrants," approved March
In act to provide for laying out and establish
a; a Ste road from Itoyce's Landing, m called,
Lake Michigan, to tho St. Joseph River in
knien Co.
la act to change the name of the township of
m Lake, Marquette Co.
la act to make an appropriation to aid the
tchigan State Agricultural Society. ,
la act to incorporate the city of Marshall,
la act to amend an act entitled "an act to pro
file for the organization of the Supreme Court,
rwant to ec. 2 art. 6 of the constitution, ap
wdFeb.l6, lvS07.
la act to authorize fractional School Dis
So. 1 of Vassar and No. 2 of Tuscola to is
ubooda. la act for laying out and establishing of a
tt Road in the counties of Saginaw and Gen
. aa act to lay out and cstablieh a State Road
ton Portland,' Ionia county, to Albany, Isabella
In net to furnish the State Normal School,
agricultural School and the incorporated col-
within the State, copies cf lawa and public
la act to amend sectiou 1 of an act to incor
the village of nilhdale, approved March
'. 147.
An net to amend section 57 f chapter 153
"Bpikd laws, relative to writs of habeas corpus.
la act In nmri.fr f.ir atf ahinT oeetii)nl 1 and
w township 6 south of ranse t east in Monroe
""J to township 5 south of range V ea-t
A act to amend an act entitled "an act dlsDO-
fof certain grants of lands made to the State
, aifa tor K. R. purposes, approved Jun
An act to amend chap. 194 compiled laws i
tio to bail in criminal cases.
CttO-Sta'Jiah n.t hah vl.rxk
a art relative to brokers and exchange deal-
j a ?tortain tbe annual cereal products
j"" to amend section 21 S3 compiled laws
j"t to g-'fts, bequests and legacies to re-
act to organize the Michigan Asvlum for
iaeanainore effectuallv to provide for
M maintenance and recoverv of the In-
k. . . to Mthoriie Bar countv to raise uonev
1. . .
rf rV?0 ' honds to aid in the construction
eoBi u chP" section 1,11
tk. "oinorue chool District No,
1 of
ray and toweshin of "il
' to prorWe for the drainasre and recla-
J amp lands ia township 6 north of
JTVV1Dn5 west .and to aid tr. tonhin
Sm. "UDProTment of btwbor
T Utb of Black Rirer iu said town-
volunteer uniformed militia,
An act to authorize the 1st Congregational
Church and Society of Jackson, to borcowTmoney
u av.i iu uiunuc iuuutt innn in in f
u.r ai,uUail.j Eiongage to secure the
par men i iriereoi.
An act to accept crants of lands from i K rr.;. I
ted Sutea to this ute for the benefit of aricu!- j
ture and the mechanic arts. " 1
.ail nc. 10 aiuenrj KiCtlOn 1014 rnmr, U t-a
i,- ... . . , lo'n!
n act 10 lay out and establish a State road
from Lamont, Ottowa county, via. Whitnev's
-uis u ewaygo.
An act to provid.j for the election of officers
of School District No. 11 of the citv and town
ship of Ann Arbor, and to define the powers and
duties of aaid district and officers.
An act to provide for the repairing, preserv
ing and operating of the Ship Canal around the
falls of St. M.-iry, and to perform the trust re
specting the same.
An act to organize Isabella county.
An act for the protection of
of Michigan.
An act further to preserve the nuritv of W.
tions and guard against the abuses of the elec-1
tive franchise, by a registration of the electors.
An act to anientl sees S. C. 7. R. 0 nl 1 o
of an act entitled "an act to provide for the I
urainin 01 awamps, marches and other low
lands," approved February 17. 18.17. and tn
amend said art bv adding thereto gee's '" 1
Tl, 2:5, 24 and 2.5. "
An act lor th-. incorporation of Insurance com
panies ami defining their powers and duties.
An act to provide for the payment of the ex
penses of the State government.
An act to provide for settlements and compro
mises by partners and joint debtors with their
creditor or creditors.
An act to lay out a State road from Saginaw
City to Alma, Gratiot county.
An act to provide, for laying out and establish
ing a State road in Sanilac county, to be called
the Fremont State Road.
An act to provide for fraudulently removing
or embezzling property under chattel' mortgage.
An act to provide for admission of clergymen
to vi-.it prisoners confined in any jail or pison in
this State.
An act to amend an act entitled "an act to pro
vide for the formation of companies to construct
plank roads," approved Apiil 6, 1n.1.
An act to amend chap. l.Vj of the revised
statutes of 1S1, being chapter 17' Compiled
Laws, and to authorize the salary of Judge of
An act to amend see's 0, 2" and 3. of an act
to incorporate the citv of Monroe, approved
March 22, 1837.
An act to amend section 2.', chapter re
vised statutes of 1S13 being sec. 5,73" compil
ed laws.
An act to improve a certain road in Newnvgo
and Mecosta counties.
An act to incorporate the village of Orion.
An act to amend an act entitled "an act to
provide for laving out a Sate roid from Saginaw
to Cheboygan," approved Feb. I, l?.r8.
An act making appropriation for construct
ing, furnishing and coniplet'ngthe House of Cor
An act to organize a eemip township in the
county of Ma niton.
An act to provide for laying out and estab
lishing a State road in Huron a-id S.mi'ae coun
ties, to be called the St. Austin and Swilae State
An act to organize a new township out of the
towns of ColuTuMa, Napoleon and Leoni, Jackson
county. ;
An a t to restore certain sections of I uid to
town north of range 5 east. j
An act t prevent fishing with seines and ev
ery kind of nets in certain counties in the State.
An act to prevent the adulteration of uklio
l.olio liijiiois, and to punish all persons who fdiall
sell or otter to sell adulterated liquors, and other
adulterated beverages.
An act to encourage the manufacture of salt
in the htate of Michigan.
An act to amend an act to provide for laying
out and establishing a State road in Sanilac coun
ty, approved Feb. 4, 10$.
An act to provioe for laying out and establish
ing a State road in Midland, Bay, Tuscola and
Huron counties.
An act to repeal see. 2') of an act disposing of
certain lands tor railroad pnrposes, approved
Feb. 11, ls.17.
An act to fix the boundaries of Union School
restrict No. I, of the city ot Jackson, and to
a-ithotie said diatrit t to raise money by taxa
tion. An act to amend sees, ly, -jti and 21 of an
act entitled "asi act to provide for the incorjora
tion of railroad companies, approved Feb. 12,
IS 50.
An act to amend an act entitled "an a'-t to es
tablish a State road between East Saginaw and
Bay Citv," approved Feb. 17, 1S.'7.
An act to authorize the Board of Health of
Spring Lake, Ottawa county, to disinter and re
move the remains from an old cemeterv to a new
An act to uuthorie the President, Directors
and Company of the Farmer's & Mechanic's Bank
of Michigan to issue preferred stock.
An act to authorize certain towns in Manistee
county to raise money for the improvement f
the harbor at the mouth of Manistee river.
An act to provide for the establishment of
School District Libraries.
An act to provide for laving'oat and establish
ing a State road from Port Hope, Hio-on county
to Saginaw Bay.
An act to provide for the organization of the
town of Fairbanks.
An act to revise the charter of tho city of
Port Huron.
Relative to postage.
To provide for an amendment to the Consti
tution in respect to the sessions of the Legisla
ture. Authorizing and requirin'' the Board of State
Auditors to re-examine and adjust the accounts
of Jonas H. Titus, as Building Commissions of
the Mate Prison.
Authorizing the Auditor General to discharge
a judgment.
lor the relief ot Alexander Terbusli.
Relative to the militarv instruction of the uni
formed volunteer militia of Michigan.
For the relief of Alfred P. Sloan.
Proposing an amendment to sec. 2 at t. Is of j
the Constitution relative to the action ot Com
missioners of Highwavs.
Authorizing the Commissioner of the State
Land office to convey certain real estate to
school district No. 10 in the township of Onei
da, Enton county.
To provide for an amendment to the constitu
tion concerning banking corporations.
Authoring the Governor to issue a patent ot
certain lands to Geo. II. Richards.
Authorizing the Commissioner of the State
Land Office to convey certain real estate to the
township of Hartford, Van Huron county for a
burying ground.
To authorize chool District No. - in tne
township of Hudson Lenawee county to loan
Relative to the contract for constructing the
Canal around the falls of St. Mary.
Relative to the school laws of the State of
For the relief W m. Davison.
For the relief of Asahel Beach and Elizabeth
Rogers of the town of Emmet Calhoun county, j
Relative to a donation of lands by tne iederal ,
Government to the State of Michigan for the '
support of the State Asylums for the Insane ana
deaf, dumb and blind.
In reference to the pending appropriation be
fore Congress of the United States for the in-:
provemeulof the St. Clair Flats. '
In relation to tne publication ot a manual. j
Authorizing the settlement of the claim of;
Wm. M. Johusonand Peter McKinley, growing j
out of the alleged destruction of their property j
bv the mormons on Bever Island. i
'T authorize the binding ol certain buoks be -
lonsinff to the itate Library.
For the establishment of a semi weekly over-
.a(.M.S. M innessita t. Pile, t
Relative to printing certain reports.
Re'uiTe to the procarini and preservation of
tbiPf . rX,;n Uw-s
journalj and documents of the
the rear 18i3.
Relative to the compensation of firemen for
Senate and House of Representatives.
Relative to the act entitled an act to . Prov.Je
for the drainag.e and reclamation of swamp Unas
by meanaof State roadsand ditche..
To encourage emigration.
A n s .-.s.-T.t . Mr. r . . . -
i -v NKW 1 oiustm. Jecmes the First,
r1"'4 rtD10V'cd Van 3Iur;hy from the Post 0;!ice,
" has supplied Lis pLc- with Griswo! I e ditor
! of the .WW.
Van like the wifL. of a dis
tinguished Illinois Senator, "was susptcied cf
having strong Douglas proclivities," hence he is
called upon to walk the t.Link besides C.rl-
wonl.I In nu.,,.,.. - u : . m .,
- -j,'ti , 1.- irwi wriier, wlj.o
an is a man 01 letters, oniv in one sense.
an has been a good and obliging Postmaster to
all, and has honestly and faithfully performed his
duty we trust Griswo'.d will do as much, if to,
we shall leave Locofoeos to j.iarrel orer the
Churches ovt of Pook. PassiDz
the Capitol gate on Sabbath morning, notices
thick as the leaves,
"That tre the Irook hi ,dla,llbro,',
saluted the eye, announcing at what place pub
lic worship might be expected by the Methodist
E. Church the Baptist the Episcopalians the
L niversallsts, &c Jl and singular of which had
receive.! notice that they iuut 'M.scoiitinne to
be about the Capitol," as of old the v were wont
to assemble. This step has been made necessa
ry by the occupation of the rooms in the lower
story of the Capitol, by the Trea-urer, as
Banking department, where will be and are kept,
notes of circulation, Stat sc.-uriti.-s, plats, r.
ords, and other valuable matter.
Ipon the whole, is it not a good thing for the
churches themselves? Will thev not lav about
them to build edifices, whereas, if futnisltcd bv
the State, free, would they do so
Each church has its lot, a gift from the Slate,
costing them nothing, they are nearly all coiu
dused of persons well to do iu the world, when
ever they build, they expect, and receive aid
from other sources, both at Lome and ubroa !, so
that on tho w hole, it is about as well as it is.
Charter Election. On the first .Mon
day of April, the residents of Lansing will be
called upon to choosa their iirst officers under
the City Charter. Let us nominate good, thor
ough, judicious, and energetic business men, for
everything depends upou a right start, and that
can't be had, unless the right mar. at the helm.
A Slight Mistakk. The Eaton Co. L'rjmh
limn states that the Stiervisors of that county
w ere just closing a negotiation for a oordioiie
Farm, when it was discovered that they were
not the proper county authorities to transact the
buinesj. The Superintendents of the Poor are
persons designated by statute.
Thinks. We aro under considerable obliga
tions to non. D. C. Leach, M C. for valuable
documents, among which are the official report
of the Secretary of the Treasury on Commerce
and Navigation, and the message of the Presi
dent, with the accompanying documents.
Iu Lansing, February ! lib Is;,-... Siirn Bar
ker, aged to') year.
In Delhi, onthelth inst.; A. II. Hil l 1 w;;.,
son of E. 11. Hilliard, Esq., :ig-.5 27 wars.
" Friend aflur Iriu.l tirtrl.
Who bath not lost a ft iid
Thre ii no union l:e ' '. h-ait.
Tint finds not her- aa ml"
' Hope lonkt beyonil ttie b.iui i-t ..i tiiu-.
U'h.-n hat r now d.!orp,
Miall rie in full imuxx tal Time,
wl bloom to fade no uiore.'' K.
Aorici iti ral Coll eoe. The Examination
at the close of the Fourth Term of this Institu
tion, takes place ou Tuesday and Wednesday,
lasting the entire days.
The public are invited to attend.
iTvnJ.xy, Feb. 21, 1$51.
Carl Wolf, Prof, of Mu-ic, designs, if
he meets w ith sufficient encouragement, to com
mence immediately a course of instruction, in
the city of Lansing, on the Piano lotto, Melodi
on, (luitar, and singing. Also, thorough bass
and harmony. For parti. ulars enquire at the
printing office.
Ilo l.xlu C.ootl mill (rl '-Paid for It."
Take an Agency for our Publications. The
the terms are such, there can be no ibllitij
uf ... Every Family will le glad to obtain
some of them. For Particulars address,
l.!sw4 No. r.'rs Broadway, N. V.
DOCTOR 11 O o F L A N 1)
aTJ I? X' . V it I 1.' I tat
I repared l.y r t. m. Jak.n, Thiladiphia. IV, will
peifefrtly cure I.ivpr Conpl.cnt, Pvi.p! , Jairnlieo,
Otronic or N" rvo.is PSililf, I f til Ktdne!, Rod
ail di-ea-es aritiii from s 1ior-3er.t l iver or Stomach.
trirt Ihrm a Jri.i, thry ict( rv .
K.ir at 75 cents j r tn.ttle, t driiii-1 n 1 fre.
keeer in every town and u the I'ni-ed tt,
Cn das and South America.
re rjoicil to Imd tht the ren-ne l 1 l;eiu-
ist of Nw England, Uxt. Man. has at length turnml h
attention toth- disorder which liint- 1 k a !ii,-lit on om
communitj. Our Mrtin i- s h!t)iy any "Iher
w iih one .tule ired)ou,Mtid that i the Keerim 1 A ie,
hi. h tmun'-. ll- ou every tide. I'.i:l his remedy l"f
cue, at w liou!d knr.w it mu.t, if he iniole it !
this baleful distemper from mone u. met oins m on
the lovelie-t HiK.t in the went. Slinrl, t'.tii l'i.UI.
M.-.oss M. Wikl, I'L.a ,v Co.. w hole
er Yrk city, are the eastern acuts t.'
l'e l',.J-,t
St.. I. tiTl.l null
agency f.r t'-.e
"1 r""-';''"" "T '"
weste-n S;tes is Ht Ti:ho 1 itr, Ohio. Tbe f..Iloir wi.l
show the very esteem in whirh tics ine.liciu is heM
hy rominiH.t citii ns of that plp. Abel Rawsen, who
for thirty er-thas t-r-ii at the '.-a-1 of th Bar in north
we-itern Ohio, an 1 bus n w retire. npn a hn is-m for
tune, says he hs never hen s. sj-ee-liiy relve-.J ef a vi
o'ent au-1 Jeejjly seate 1 ciiuh au l c..'J, a t-y the use of
this Svmp. A ien .-r Ju -1e Ingram w.is rouHne-! t h't
j tw.l with e.-ah, :i I apparently rapi-Uy hstt-uin to
the grare. Mr. IUwsen, an intimate frien 1 of 'ho Ju lie,
when trarehn; in I- .wa, hear-t of the .aiiierof the viud?
man, ao l iuitue-liateli wr.te to the JuJe, a Jrisinj him
toa-lminister thioyrup without Jeur. Hsalvire was
folli-we-lan-l is-siilte-1 in hi ruf-i.l restoration t.. health.
Dr. H. Kubs.a gratuate of the lUHim rr Meiical College
aa I f -r t!or year at theLea-t ..( his pr- esi..n in north
! western Oiii.., nukes fe,ju,.nt u-e of this me lii-ite iu 1.
I family, an J tveoramemU it t.) hipatiet 'nr fonsijt ij'tio.
' an-i obstinate t'aujh. Judtre I.an mo, he h"l U t?i:s
' Srrrip ia very h gh esteem, an-t wishes t- keep a supply
I eoiistwatly in his tmi y. llr. i.eo. Kupp, l-tma-iter.
j say. !,-, atllicted .Hi a .leeply eat. 1 eouih an-1 coM.
; h a:seTess. su-t pain open h;s hreast, ao-5 was s.s n mr.l
. hv th use of thiov r-ip. I rotess-r r l. of lli 'ei'r?
I Co'!ei-e, ay he h o-e.l tlii me-lieia- in his f.m l ati-l
' tjke pleasure in bearing !etim ar to it eftio. . Pie
j IXe. E. B. Be'nent y. he has iu-e.1 thi Sficp l.-r s
j ere e ufh dJ e.'.l. an.1 it hss au a iia.-rh e:feet
1 The hte J. W. Wiicuu, f .'inerly of tlie hio State Senate
1 s,id St. Johns mej'cioes tUai to thnt ina'l cla.s
i roeilwioe that ar eatirelr f r j from ..ucki v.
RKLlfcF IN TES lrTs! !
1 ..-rtitn,. ; Hp rnre of I'lirr.ii. Toi r. Unrni
n c.,o t,.., n.,.r.-c. n- r. I
' . ' . " " '
' PiSEASts or ins Lrxijs.
Thev have ro taste of
; medicine, and any child wid Uke them. Thou-
hT? W(Q jfored to hehh that had;
i bef d,r,ire... Testimony p in hundred ;
I .-
Legia'ature lor ot cses. a ?in!;;e aw rciieu, m iu m-'iiw-Ask
for Brvan's ru!nor.:c Wafers tlie ori
' nftt aaj on;v geniune i stamped "Brran."
puriou9 kinds are offered for sale. Twentv-flve
, br
, - - .
j JOB MOES, Sole Proprietor, Rochester, N.l.
For sale by R. THAYER, & Co., Lansing.
Z"It you are sick, the probabilitv is thatlmi.-.- ft T i I 1
tl. ro,,t of your suffers is in tl e s:on a 5 - 1 UOOd J OUmalS FOr CiPST' -
iVo:;. a c. k stomach proceed dys?-;,.:S. I ,a. 1 O S O . lihflT n;fW
headacl,.. nausea, bodily weakrs, dim:. of- r !',FI; ' LLl'TRATI'D j T iJc J oPX
-- .!, -irtburn, co?tivers dysentery, j.-i i a
legion of other tormenting diseases. Ind'ges
tion prjIucce tliiu blood, ai.d therefore destroys,
the stiength and vigor of the system. To re-
Mure ti.e tone cr ti.e stomacn, ana er.iMc it to
throw of and di;io.'sa forever all these toriu.:
ing a:M dangerous complaints, nothing is neces
sary but a persevering use of Ilootland's Ger
man Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson,
Philadelphia. There is no n.istake, no failure
iu their sanative effects.
For sale by druggists and storekeepers iu eve
ry town and village in the I'uited Stit. s, Canada,
Wert India and Socth America, at To lis. per
Uottle. loow-i
-I:T ik KfkM.n. cf Iietr. it, will be at M..n n
Le 1 :h, at tl e Ijh.10 none. Ian-'iiz, on te H:h of
every iii.jnth, iosteid f the tirt an.! sec c l, an hereto
f ire, to attend V' patient afflicted with e Hron'c ! ner
in dix-.-es. advertisement.
Celebrated Female
ISKPAf'.Er from a prescription of ir Jime Clarke,
M I , i'hvsiman fctraoi linary to the vjaeen l hm
uvaiuabic Medn-ine i uu.ail.i; in the Cure of all thine
pa'uful and d.in,'erous di-eases incident To the female
It moderate all eiee., remores all obstructions, and
brings on the monthly period with regularity. These
Pills should tw used two w three week. .reiicu to con-anement-
they fortify the constitution, and lessen the
s itferimr .lurinit labor, enahlinif the mother to perform
her duties with nalety to herself and child.
7Ae.e 1'iUt. thuul-l n4 l bikrn by frontlet during thr
HKT TUlth.E M (AT '.." Ve-mdw-y. m ik-t ar. furc
n hring an Miwarriaj. tut at any tikr Umt tk'f tr
Stl I'.
In ail cases of N'ervou and Spinal Affections, pain in
the lU.'E an l ljiin. Heaviness, tktv'ie on M.irht Kxer
tion, -al(itHtion of tlie lieart, Ivrnes tpf Spiritx, lit-
teries, Ssok lieadai'he. Whites . and all the paiiHul diseases
tecasioned hy a ii-rdered system, these 1'ilN will effect
core when all other means have failed. and althouzh a
powerful remedy, do not contain iron, caloniel,antimny,
or ony . trier mineral.
Fu!l directions aecompanvin erch package. 1'iice.in
the I'uited States and Canada, One iN.llar.
Solo A?ent for the t inted States and Cana l
JOH MSt, (IjUe I. f. Baldwin i Co.,)
RtKthester, X. Y.
V. I! I n I.'.!i;r and 6 ristaire Ntamps enclosed to a nv
uthoried Aent, will ensure a ttottle, containing 60 pilla,
bv return mail
Kr sale hy K. TiiaTKR, Ijinsini;. 150yl
Sheriff Sale.
virtue of a w.it of execution issued out of
and under the seal of the Circuit Court for
the county of Inirhani, to me directed and deliv
ered, I have levied upon nil the ri;ht, title, ard
interest of Ephraim Meach in and to the follow-in-JT
deserilx-d lands and tenements, to wit: the
south part of the eou'.h west fractional quarter
of section ( IS) eighteen, in townsnip No. (a) three
north of range No. () two east, cxceptinitwen-ty-five
acres on the south part ot the above nam
ed fractional quarter, in the county of Ingham
and State of Michigan, which I shall expose for
a!e, at public vendue, at the front door of tho
Court House, in the village of Maon, in the
county of Ingham, on the (1-) twelfth day of
April, A. D. 18;'. at one o'clock T. M., of said
lav. E. MAKER. SherifT.
Dated, Mason, Feb. 17, l$f.?. 'JoOwC
Chaneery Xotiee.
V virtue of a decretal order of the Circuit
)Court for the county of Ingham, in Chance
ry, u:nle on the Kth day rf October 185H, in a
ia where William A. Kill, Charles II. Fargo,
md Austin W. Kellojjw are complainants, ami
Walker T. Nichol Amelia ii. Nichols and Ed
ward J. Moore, are defendants. I, the subscri
ber, the Circuit Court Commissioner for the
county of Ingham, will sell at public auction, at
the Columbus Iloue, in the City of Lansing, in
said county on the 1st day of April next, at one
o'clock in the afternoon, the lands described in
said decretal order a follow-4 vi- Lot number
eight (8) in block number fifty -two (.J) in trie
ri.u-.qa r ionising according to me piat mereoi.
Circuit Court Commissioner.
Oko. I. Parsons, Sol'r for Complainants.
Dated, February 'J-Jd, 1 S'o. f. "'-''
Time ami .Money Saved.
A SIMPLE, cheap an 1 expeditious Delineator
for cutting men'., women's and children's
garments, by (ieo. Wilson. The delineator will
enable every family to do their own catting at
but 1'ttle expene. Full instructions given to
those that buv them. For countv, town and iu-
iividual rights, apply to
E. VAN SAND I', Leoi.i, Jackson, Co., Mich.
Wm. M. Car. i. Agent for Ingham Co. lo.in-4
'liaii'4'rv ul'.
OTATE OF MCHUJAX the Circuit Court for
O the couptv ff Inghatn, in Chancerv. John
Raynor, coinplaiiiant, t . John I. (I.irdner, Ann
K. llardner, D.-niauiin L Hart, Kuniee (iardner,
Fileg Saur, and Willi mi W. I'pton, ilefendants.
l?v virtue of a decretal onh r ma le in the
above entitled cause, I the subscriber, the Cir
cuit Court Commissioner for the countv of Ing-
niain, will sell at public auction, on the second
(it day of April next, at 01c oY!.ck in the after
noon of that day, at the ( ..tirt Mouse in the vil
lage of Maon. in said county of Ingham, the
follow ing decribed real estate, vu: tho outh
half of the north west quarter of section No.
seventeen (IT), in township No. three (Ii) north
of range one we;, containing eighty acre; al
so, that other tract ot land described as follows.
vi. : commencins at the south quarter post of
section seven (T t, in township No. three (3
north of range No. one ( 1 ) we., thence running
we-teily o tl e s. c'ioii line thirty eight (r,) rods
and nine links, theno? north thirty degrees, west
one hundred and twenty seven (iT( rods and
seventeen links, thence north eightv-nine de
crees and fortv-ti.'e ininutt s, east thirtv-cight
rcls and seventy-one linbs to the north and south
quarter post line, the ice southerly on the quar
ter post line one huteired and tweitv-five rods
and tweiitv-three links, t the place ol begin
ninrj. containinsr thirtv-five acres and sixtv-six
an-1 a half rods of land, be the same more
less: all situated in the countv ot Ingham and
State of Michigan.
Circuit Court Commissioner.
P. M. Kekn a v, Solicitor.
Mason, Feb. 1S59. Twliej
Ol'ATKt'r Mil flHiA,t. .juiityot tngnaiii, s.
KJ At a session ot the 1 rob ite Court for the t o.
of Ingham, holden at the Trobate Otfiee iu tl-e vil-
b;e of Maon, on Monday, the Tth dav of Feb
ruary in the year one thousand t ight hundred and
fiftv-niiio. Present, Wm. H. Pincknev, Judge
ol Prol.ute. In the matter of the estate of pan-
i. l i. Tobias, deceased. t n reading an-1 filing
the petition, duly verified, of Tolly Tobia, wid
ow of said deceased, praying that letter of a '
ministration mav issuea upon said estate to
William D. Barber.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the Tth
dav ot March next, at 11 u clock in the forenoon.
be aligned for the hearing of Faid petition, and
thai the heirs at 'aw of said deceased, and all
other persons interested iu said estate, are re
quired to appear at a session of said Court,
then to be holden at the Probate f Sice, in the
village ot M a-on, and show caise, if any there
be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not
be granted: Ail it i turtl r -vhrtl, that
sa'd petitioner give notice 'o the persors intere
ted in said ctate, of the pendency of said poti
; t.on, an-l the neamg tnereot, or ca::.r!g a co.
ol this order to be published in the Lansing .
; .n'.'iV'1'i, a newspaper printed and circu'ating in
j said county ot Inghan .5 successive week prev
i ous to said !ar of hearitig. A true copr. 1
1 1 w 3 Judge of Probate.
sr. i, mm; off at cokt
u a r n tim re
1 1 1 ' 1
rj fj fj J g G HEAP
Young, American Clothing Store !
Making room for a laaire and splendid Stock
of Sprinc and Supper Go.ls. We therefore of-
j fer offer our goods at et for rath.
Per M. GurssriELP.
Lansin?, Jan. 25, 159.
ss i icuirui Fdiuilv Pner t..
Literature. Sci. nee. the tru- t.. r.
tjlnni.'t.t. Improvement, a:id Progress
i 1 w.-cklv at t a vear.
Tin VatrCir r Jf mi ! .
I Hydropathy, its Philosophv ai l Practice: Phv.
lology. Anatomy, and the Laws of Life and
u can 'i. i a year.
Tin Phroiiuloiriral Journal :
Devoted to all those Progressive Measures for
the Elevation and Impro ment of Mankind. Il
lustrated, f l i vear.
lor Three Dollars a!I th-ee Papers will fent
a ytar. FttWLER WELLS.
o.'s Drojtd tav. New York
C 11 A BEIt Ift V I Ir V It K.
I llt' siioscniKT has issue.: a circular u
rerrv aiol US Culture. w ill
mem to a.I who send a post-.tiiip, to prepav tl,
portal:.'. Also, has tf.e platits :.r sale and will
forward them in a fresh state, by ex pre t all
part oi the I nited State.
lielliiipliain, Norfolk i-oun?
a . 11 . u A c; is 1: V ,
Il:ivuiir ReTenilul liis St.oL ..f
With a full and choice Selection of ,- ,-rv kind
ot goods ia that line, iuvit. th. ..Qn.:r.-..;.,n ,.r
house-keeper, before sapplving thetn.sclve. It
is Ids uiin to keep no articles hut the Ui. In
addition to the GROCERY TRADE, he w ill, s
usual, keep a Constant sutii.lv of
Fresh and Cured Provisions,
rouftnj, Mackerel and WhiteFish.
He has in store, the best artiei. in tna lini f
ALSO a rhoicc article of dried Prunes, a good
substitute for Apples.
He has a large assortment of
oiiio sto.i:-wai:i;,
forming, tojrether. a stH-k which Hot. l L..ei..-M
Koarding HoiiseS. and Private families wonl.l .hi
well to give attention.
He has thanks to give for pat patronage, and
strong hopes of 6t;ll irreater for the future
Lansing, Jan. 1, 185;.
Furniture Warehouse
Coiiailt lllok. 111. Jt'ffrrson
To all Furniture Buyers.
1 oiler to tne public y tar the largest nnd nio
conif.Iete nssorttnei t of
FL i:rrr ; rf.ii:s. ma rru-:ssks
Iy)Mkiti(i'filiisxf, H'llfie- H'.rre jr.
That can be found west of New York citv all of
which was s. l.-cied with ihe greatest care, and
with paiiteular reference to the Material, Manu
facture, Quality, Style. Fa-hion ai d Prift.
T. The same , ,e sild at 'J-'i per cent, less
than ever offered in Detroit. 3-"
Parlor, Dining, lt-1 liooiu, Library an 1 Office
In Kosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, (bk, Majile
and Cherry, w ith any coverinsr, phln r fancv,
that mar be desired. Alo.
Painted Enameled lil-Rcxtm Sets,
a great variety of styles constantly on hand.
Bedding. Curled Hair, Mos, llu-k, t'otton and
pnng Maltreses.
I3T To the TliADE, everv article iu the Fur
niture, Chair, CphoNtrr, Hardware and Willow-
are hue, with a good variety of superior var-
nishe. Japan, Veneer, Mahogany, ,Ve., A-.?., are
offered at ii malt wlrturr frm ...
All f.owl lVnrrnntei a H r i.ti t.
N. B. tioods bought from this establiahliietit
for Shipping, securely nnd properly packed for
transportation. J. W. TILLMAN.
Detroit, 1S.V.. ;',.
AliU lIOOKTCritlT!
"lir.M. M. CAKI!, has moved his stork oiie diKr
1? north of B igl.-y's tlr.Kcrv, on Washington
Avenue. Paper, Magazines, Book ami. Station
ery, t all and examine before nurch'-in!oIse-
hcre. K3
An a!rr,liht, Rilliard ICoom, with two
Ta'des!, botii newrand '"First-IJate." A convenient
ti orderly, well MJppliel ?uit of
Where i!l be found all the delicacies of the sea
son, witti a constant sunr.lv ot i-re&li t'vsters.
An eitensi.ve tirocery Kstahlishment. with a
Stock, CoTif.'Ctitnerv, and other articles uua'lv
dealt in, in that line.
The public are respectfully invited to c;l and
examine for themstlves. l
lrolal' .Xoliro.
OTATK tF MICHIGAN", County of Ingham.ss.
O At a e-ion cf the Probate Court for the
county of Inhntn, hollen at the Probate f 'ffice.
in tbe villace r f Mason, on Mond.iy, the Tth
day of February, in the year one thousand eight
hundred and tifty-nirie. Present, Wit. H.
rivekney, Judje of rrr.bate. In the matter of
the estate of Edin Sturtri, d-cea-vd. On
readins and fi'in the petition, duly verified, of
Sarah E. Sturgis, praying that an intrrment in
writing pur rring to be the last will and testa
ment of Mid deceased, and heretofore ti!ed in
this Court, may le admitted to prove.
Therenpon it is ordered, that Monday, the
,ta dav of Mareh next, at 1 oc'ock in the
afierni-on, be a-ss-jrue-t for th
tit'on. and that the heirs at
and all otVr rtron interest
: i. . - .: .e : r .
rfiuirr i i') ai'irr l b r--i'' n "aiu win,
then to t.e ho'den at the Trobate Office, in the
village of Mj'on, and sh-jw cause, if any ther j
kk Kt .a n-.r tt V. a r.A.:.;AnA. e.,-trl tirtt '
ehearngot saidpe- 4Lt ! Jif'V
i. ' "... i . i. "i .-.-. ,i....:ii.'Ai'p rt:!!:rt-a' ?tor. where he will
petit-oner ptve cot:ce to the persons inter
viousto said d iv of hearinsr. TA trne copv. J
Zl-j-3 Judge of Prolat?.
in said e:ate. of the pendencv of jaiJ petition. ' tr.tns in r.;s ime w mmi-- v i ; .;.
and the hearir.- thereof, bT us':ne a copv of : feelme assured that he can re coo-I satisfaction,
this order to be""published in the Lansing Rfwb- Also, constantly on hand a sj,;. r.did a-ssortment
liean, a newspaper printed and circulars:: in of Gold and Silver Watches Ereat I m .Brace
aid conr.tv of Inffham, S successive weeks, pre-' le's. Ear and Tmrer R-.r., Ac. kc, w! ;r h can
t KLttiiATCD
w.l. iitKUrTAU.Y t l i:K
sW;,.r, n,r yrr,,.t ;,lL,I,( r tk
At nr.,5. uu -ova, - ! r- m . .iw n.Vrf" .,.
rr or .Vv,iuj. A
Such as f, n-aiaj t
the Head, Acid tv :
ll.ust t..r t'.s '.
Krueations. ...nc
r ! !':s
I uines, or Huksj to
the M. m..-! . Sausra. Heartburn.
.. : ,.r W :it m the S..in.:i-h. S..ur
r.-rftutreia-.-atthe l'it t the Stem
he Hea l. H i r e-iaod KS.-uit Hrath.
ach,Siuin a
in. Ki.jtr
1 1 i me iirart. L -Liriir or Siii..-.!,.. ...
.Itfiimi iti. ft --.u.. , n.maes.,,1 V..,n.iK.t
h -''" - f'sht. Mr an t Pull ,.,-a ... the
. -e. 1 eri-ir iT - n,
:M t-. 1 . i a. t e ; te ii .. -i 1
..f the
irn H,..:-,
Itiinirn tirs
I he j.r. ; r
t.. this ,.-,
.e-t, I .
1 irent 1
ot ll
a t . tne .!:-
"i t1.-: 1 s
e inn n
'l-i hv inr s,
Plej. -It;. :, , .,
I r.'""l: :'-!
a.I p.ti i i , .
t ti e A ,
O r, n-l t,. . 1 ,.
Mtlst, tne , .1
ern.w' the ,.-rt
- . t i:n .
Ml tl.sT t'
iit. .aooi I. AM'S
: 7 ri - si-tM-v t
If i..im tt'ia,
t ihr r,tr-
y.o -;...,
tl irv.';.
ti"'l, .171.
(! ) c irr
th- ,'a't.r
Ti.,s c.-:. -ti
es i,io-e c.-ii.-r
the (;:. tl. 1
fiom a kill;!,,
say : '!:!
what tl -- I'i.n
coutitr s . I 1.
'lM-.e ..
A fu'tl.r t.
suit ft. 'in .1 ' r
the I"! ..w iij
fr, 1
f !;;
..ro (.
. U-l-'.
.1 oil
fl X,', !,,-.
' I ,.e
: tt.-i
- SU--.1 t- 1 . rb lll-H,
than anr othrr to whieh
r suVeei th.e i-prinin;
i-Mi.iiei.t aiithoiitr. Or H.. I
sji.i inoie f4
C---UI.O r ai
.-'Ii" This.
that :j -s ar.i t i .-ur n.hah tan:.
1 n 1.. rl.H ae to tli.- .
'"ii;-i--in ! in,. rt.i t, t",i
: t'i t.-r. i Me uit',:i
mi r..l i" inv l.e
tu-s, Ixkn Iroin thi
l"t ill. .teii hia. e.... fe..
lv a tt'i'iee at
re.-.r.ls of the
i J one ..I the
H.iar.1 ol I
:h -
... i..i,..u cam i 111 11, e un km
lvVJ. T..t,J Vil.. . ri.il :i.! l,.h;.
! e I ,,f I .-:iitni-t in
to! "ther .l.eas.-s ,.11
I. t.il ..
Ihf 1 . t
Iv.i. Tola! .'e.tl...
11. M4
iiiii-ti.iii, . . .
the; .hs.
Kr.llll the-
Will Is- ,
11 ti.it nearly
lourth ol tl,
!1 -Vatt
- Mi t lie eouUtl V
i ot tl e I..1TI1
hi'ht .-.! 1.
hea.ih : li.it, ,1 ,
', :y :. -.-tl.-o
1 -ii nut '.
.......1 1.,
the." .In-
11 . t- sy 11 .t
iiij fiom a
I'..- ith .r
ea-.- siitir.f
Is. r.- t tr
11 oil the litii-.
1 H mn.nn .
-Ik c.-i.tit on a
eertilii td ila
HAlA!( C .H.U.. .u
cure. lhon.i s hive .t.
won lertul eti ls.
an t hs.
I'euh- ioni.-t in.-s i.r-.-ee 1 from a .
case th
r a .in
pe.tie taie the tiimiili, m whVl
H t t.-r s(-mI w .e,! In case of
-li.l .ieln'i'i .,1 ti
U- .,1 the s. t-ui. re-nit n - i1( .
'tn a e...i ic
uii l . ! cret
le-l eoii-l;, t,e ,-rmatl Itt'e-. sbk 1 1 1 f
I ie,re r.l, hvir. f. M .1 a. 11, 41S Arch Str.t,
I'hi'.oie'i.h.a. r.l t..i sal,, hv lriii.'.-e.t an I St..rel-.-...r.
thr.'i.-ii. lit th I luteal S'ates ai .t .. -'.
ents jr ho't;.-.
t .1 -a'e hv K. Ihiver 1..., K l llultii.ton, aiel New
" '. I5o. . l.tniir. ant 1. t.'..iL rui.'st in the
Have jns .. ii.-rl W:ih:;jof:i!i Aienv.;
'ti'? 'I'.r Soutii .f JJurr V irov-'..
Il.irilwarn St. to.
Groceries, Boots & Shoes,
HATS a ii tl
Ac, .V,-. ,
r out friend--, fiii l tl,.- j. lit. lie fi. ti. r.tliv, v.. s.v:
stofi and !'' our diooiN,
Mxiiiniiit our I 'rices !
A - W . ll ive
'I'itiK to I'iiciii4-r:tl I'lllicr.
Hut wre wi'i .sli-w von ot;- of (!
llvt &vvvivt A-orlinrnlo., j
And :i r-sie. .. nhieh will d.-f-,- r ..tin..-til ion. !
. nhieh will d.-fy t
r R.vidv Iav otdv.
LiHuiu-j, Jan. -J.., Is;,'.
1 V.
ASI'LF.M'ID assortment ,,f I;;bles, Scho' !1...
Uook. Wall Paper. Curtain Paper, Cloth i e av.:
Sli.ad., I'urtaiii Fixture, Fancy (iood-, Perfume-j
ry an-1 T'.ilet Sj,i, jnt received at the I
it i ii. "irr u
T HAVE on hand nd for sale.
1 selecte 1 st'K'k "-'f J
PISE L I- M 11 E R,
Embra-;n? all the d'rTerent thicknesses and q'ifil-
it;eJ in pen.-ral us. A larjre lot of Siz.-d I'.rarls
for iiotlc houses and barns. At.v amount of
first, sec. d a:id common inch, inch and a fourth
rlxrizip, which I oS'er very low fur cash.
Al'o, :;"ii,n'i j"t of tkantlin and Jvittn,
of all ler.hs and -izei, II Kf ISoards, Hoard ard
Stick Lath. li.i.tn choice Shav.-d pine Shin
gle. A large anour.t ot Hewed Timcr. hi-
and Whitewcsod Lumber, Ah and l.a-sw..l
The a'mve lutuVr w'.'l be sold ro'igh or dress
ed a- de-ired, as I have
A Plniniiis .narliin
and can fill all bills ot work and material f'r the
entire fini-hinjrof house,. All co-nmon size of
Pine and Whitewoo-J Dooti for wale lew.
Those in want of house? or buildir g material
will do well to give me a call, f x I am bound to
compete with all oompetiton, let the price be
what it may. A'.! kinds of prrxluce and ocea-Ir.-n-allv
a horse, wnon, watch, or goo-J ca-h note
ukn ia rart r"v building or Houses and
to, C. C. DODGE.
Lanring, January 1, 1-
I inf rountrT. that
he ha permanently located in
: r . l - , f
Unrin. and opened a fhop for the Kepatnn of
Watch, Clork. Jfiaelry, V.
! one door north cf Elliott's IlarJware Stoiv-, and
' dlrectlv ophite Diinrgs' Store, where he will
be happv to aeeomair-Jdte ail troe wishing any-
Va hid wt the lowest rro-tsiUe rv.' s
i D. F. RATH.
Lansing, April 2:;h, 126.
nir mtrt'i lV IVT IIJI I v' II 1 L" V I
!ar r,f,i.l,!,VM--.l riinr. unaer-isnie'j irT-"""J
law ot aani eceae.a, I - . ty. .r,,.
Moots nut) S)oe$9
And trtll sell then for Cath
ai, '. J3ALL K1N0.S OK
!l0i; TO ORDER.
.7 Work Warranted.
I will ray tho IIIGIIKST Cash Price for
Oj,j,o$ite the Stat Jloutt.
Ianhing, Mich.
Pl.t., U . loa,, .l.rilts ii-ni In Hi,. .acr lli
this shape. We have the mo-a ati-factorj vi
lence that
.KHSOIJS stork
1 4 the ii-oit Pcfimlar, nnd the tuowt
Extensively Patronized
KriMisliiiu nts in the Cotititrj.
ith this we are .satisfied, and La uoiLtog
more to sv, except to tender our
Thank to our C'utoiiier,
j For their Literal I'atronag?, ami to imraro
them that it will continue to be our object
to keep the
ILarge8t & DBest
An. torv ll the
iiKi.le Anothen Allitioti to our
htisinoa viz : a
Merchant Tailoring
' I,erartnir"nt "hich under the taper-
vision tf Dowsf, the Tailor
Hat at I arrived. Ovr assortment nv
tr teas ttetter.
Aii'J we have never felt more dUpOseJ to sell
Lansing, Oct. lt, 1858.
THE eubwcrber has taken tip at Lis premitea ia
the township f-f Yevay, in the county of Ing
ham, two ftray heifers, past one year old. One
of them i of red color and the other one ii of
about equal proportions red and white. Tbe
owner is requested to prove property pay charg
es a take them a wa v. A. E. "STEELE.
Mason, Jan. 4th, JS5. l4w.

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