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The Lansing state Republican. [volume] (Lansing, Mich.) 1855-1874, March 29, 1859, Image 1

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VOL. 5. NO. I9.-WH0LE NO. m.
& Vn Rrr "Tsar tt- a
k3 jl JL j12a
v;,a.. if- in "' "f -"! 1
LV.n V.v h. art iii. l in ll.v nu.-J,
p., .";-r!r!" wonls oiil. l ;
it- r,.ri;r..-' ro:-;'""U- gale,
ruii! Ive 1' l ,r
, iii ...ell f iT'l I i'."
'... j j..'.r th' ' ',nn
' 1 a re ii'-a- ft:: J-'-rar.-I :
i:.-ir- .'eVaiai, t a.i-1 ..ail,
i . 'r!.:.. ' -' l'i,,,r.T "" anJ
.. 71, a-,i word as fail."
: nor does u provid- that any .articular t't- ' rr.n would be resardcd a, a rettif.--r or to r.e,-.-d 1 .1-, . -rd p i,
a,s, MiHh etmstitT-te a tribnn M to defer- an i-liot who r!:.uM .l-nv tl;.' t' c cballcr.- tothecfVo va-, h'i--
ruine the ju- '! t . In this the e-.iHtirntioa'is legal, and that the r-Vctlun of the vote. 1 c, lirrtv i .: ;i - ro ' - '
; is wholly sd.-M. plainly leivin I, to lc de- . if the- oath is not t;l on, i i-.pjaily h-cul, c. mi lainin- f r.pp.i,r:.
: coded l.y the L -gi.-hiiiire iu what way, l.y a.d that th puhi.-hm.-t; t'.-r f, savearf..'-' may t 1 .'w,.r- "j . .. .' -.T
jwhat rn.. I, and U-(.,T: vhat trlhanil thh i.j-nlly Ial a!-o. At.d y.-t if the ri-ht l.-a-t .-.juallv i-V.r!..f:t t..'
; riht shall i;i any p.rticnlnr n:- ho a- Lo -f k-i'L an al.K.lut ii.mr that th- t-j hju, that ho h iM -;
. Cf:ltri1;1"1- trisUturo ir,av r,.t n-.riU the fwd.&c- d-i:-? a's. th ,t r. v r 1
AHthH tl.;arly Tcrni'. t, the L-'Ma- l,y whicli it. liko tth-r rL'hu may L a- t-r in-tai.. V - ....
t';r.; T-crJvrH ch-ar!y as that th-y may . certaiac-d, then k f.'.Icw that th'j :u-t of m.i-v l.-.v fv-. r.-: hi-' .,-.
r . h- vi! . I--.T,rr. .: Jf nnu.i t iionp n t ivohts. ;-.nVOr there is l-t ore crop of wheat.
, . . TL ' Irol. i? ah' .1 e. hl i;. v i .v; l!l !,:tl-r tr; .-re to ir mow
'J T; ' :" : i"'r7n P..r.,. t v. 1 W:-r..-r.--.. lVr'.T. r f -hnt -nin. !!.:.., i: re.jv.ires fur
..' . ::r..v : ' o a...e a f.w ,,rvi)rj,s i . v .. i. .., ... j : .0 ! t: r Ian 1 : rarjy tN : i-t t. I'.oth.vN
'- ' '-''t-'r !:-: ' :'V-''- ;tT card t. "A :Y-ev:r:.;-:-;t:. aV-ft'o ,',,t''f r"!'-' n t,::?t t! '" I'Lc I ;;:-!. :U is
;,;Vl ; : , "l 'X-' r"nJ :- -- : - l--t he:W; - : '-l': J-raetie.
I t. r d.fi'erei.t er..- 1 v. i'.i oak . :i an.
.... . . 1 i e r i ti-'i - . n' v : .. v i ;.. ? .
ti;a laW-S l.y w L.ch a may, riz'.t and title i yoid f wat.t ,.f ct.tlt.tlvt.al t,w:',: ip. lie !,h l,,:n i. I ft ,r ..C; J. : vv,! :,w a;,l ;!.;, walk r:.t illy j . MTI T-, ou r.
t t::ni, his i.rr., r,r iiis rcafca r.iay he rh'.nry. hu-ii--i a-1 r--- v- t. . i--: - - , r - V . ii- aud d..wn th- room. trK-: 2 msidly hu..-'
aye-rt.il. Tm- eMitu'ie: .I.-Hih " the That set merely 1 rovid,- one kitid or d- l..an it to..i:...M-'r viJ w t t'vl .'. ; , j , .. : , , ,''ri. " :: V Y d' i V 0 i!'t ! ,'f 5t !" 1Wi 1- r! Th- irtf l-ed u denuvra-
c,ns-,h:t jt d-cs not declare that A. H. .etitk:i of evid-r.ee up..:i wlieh t deeide t--i'i. ai.d !.:h tak-n a .!'.!: i. ;..h'o ti.'t 1 . ,.:. d'.' r - '..r- Lu'! 5"u-?1 1 u;'ll :" l 11 -: v.v 1,1 1 - 1 artirati ai.d jet,
Catrl !, f.r ::iy cte of t'utu in .articu- the .ju-V.ion whtthcr the right in f.-t exi.-ts. pa" uj...a Lor c-w a- -i-uritv. '.,'.:- : . : . i!:.!, w. th.'t "a -Y.'.tif-li. the 1 ir u'-'; "'- i-i ' I'1' dw:i.'!:h jh.rin h..-"Ti-:. 1 ey Mijj.it v.
T!.' '" ,r.v '
I1;.; t'-"
A A '
l..r '
l"jinlii! o'er
; . : it!. it i 1 -,
f.'i ih ir i Joi.r,
:.,l t:li !.. !.-raill li WIIi :,
- ! ; :-: ,
. 1.! t':- !m 111! fTl'v
! .-; !i wor'l a.4 fall."
. lar, ba.iu ie a voter ; f.n-i it i-j -r tsro-ly of.- . It leaves the voti-r to i-irtish Kts or a !& tbt charr.-l mor'aj.- i- fl !
; vio'i that vltliou the exertion f the f,o-' fj.r upon his own oath. In odu r wxr ls, ; toni'.Jp eh rk's ..fl-o.-'"' : t .1 !.. ; th-
. gi'Mve j '1'.v-r. tn'-re wen'. I m.t oi.iy l.e it mat' s lum tin- i-i m.-I e-.t,-. i-:v
rja a;is .,f proving or a.-c. rtainiiig who is , witnesj in his own a- ; a j-f.wor whieh it f-.ll the c'W
th r mecssiti i-f th." vr':d-..r
a '
! ,r -
r r.
T!. . ( V-i ' '. t! fl-h of: !-.-.-rl
" t r: T t ... ! f!f-.l -lia ;
n .'. , ... l . .:.. - . M Of f..illl.
A::'! ia !
;' I"'., i-ii i'.V ;
i.-t -. i tj:,-t f:ih:
mj o.eft.r, l.at that t lit re w..ji!.j h no (!e. , u easy to h-o i-jay m- aid ry ffr-ni w.-uld. and'r 'he law. :.,-.-tn':r.-
L.o.-.-:y auu-.u, .1 n.r-i a j. r a. way.- . . I tf.e cw. f. t'se i!.;-irv t t:.-- ia..-
It la f-virily f 'uOvcs that there rn'iv he t r human nature wa-. never fmd t. he : f ., to th' :n; ni.t ..f t.-.i ..h'-.r-Jiflurs
tf the Ulrrt'c.yt, ., .-rv-r.s a-; stronj; enough and jaire enoa-a to r.-sh-t q'i-i.tlv th"ii-i-y , f... af..r--i'd
1 Miiiitcd hy law to d'-termine w!io has and the dominain; influence of self-intero-t r wiMioiJt delay t the f-wi.d : V
' uLo ha, t those '..ii:t:tut!f nal ri:diCea- pa-h.n. ' and ! s Lis":aoit:Lr.. n r.-':,.f t .
: ti..t.s. This rin'-'j-d-1 and this r.iaericor, Vow the regi-try act sim.Iy creat s a::.-; and r r.-v.'r.t s s r: aas a :-.r.
ae.-l ra .-.-r-riiy mnht - mevr.a! in e-.?t:. r and further te.-r of this rijrh. Itrcjaircs travels, say .x 1 ,il s, ji- the :
; aj-rnities wic-r.' the i:oot1. yote. Ir is tru. the elector to have hi.sr.ume repiftered in a , thiu feare's ti:h , and J - ii r
i corf Tat:-!!, whether jaat.jic r j r.- ik which the law provides t:-r that ur happy tint the law hi ; r h .1 '..
. aad thtf.:-:. a 'itth- e 1;-. rv:it - v. wiih..t:t !' r I'hi. t v the Sarren-.e
..:-. ; ,.i ' .t ... , : s-' i'- an ' 1 the :iot! ..r w ;.! ; i--.. n..- ( ite l'ro-.t it. :.k. s the
. , , ; . , , L'ir.I-:., ii, r ml. ta.;. t-ta- --r :.. r, t .-vtii trifh' a! :: ..! 1- v.. ..vu
' .j ..' ""; "V' !'::i"d"" ,.r w teh. ...-klinj (i;.- uh;!-. l!- nnf,! h..-,i. .1,;..! .Marl:, au I !hh.
:: . v " c , ' ' "rr a 1 f r ti,. . . h, f... j :
- ' 1 ie . vas ! - - n tnat .a.- . , . .
: , j . ii rv t-:!-.!. r f..;e. a nawra it at. : : ' " 1 as I, t-n M-r. t a rnro r.e-
:rv :d ee,
A v-! ea. i rlv t.
r:ii i
Tin: u'a;'-
(., i.l !i !.
yr ar- ;i' :"' 1
rniv i.a.
i . : t -r. ;t A.',
r, v it, t oM iii
t.; i v.
i vate, eeause the r'adit of e .
' fh.- corp..ra,:...;i are h j. t . i ! n;
' a, is ivtU hnowti, e-'-'.ris a.
i.f OMtrty ir:te. re t I -. :,- t
i.-..ifo.- Mfomtiiitiir r e;-..'s wli'-u ar:
1 The .-:ri;
: !f U po-.siUe that .Iial s t. ;
tl. r a ling pahlie ,n .iir r'c.-;i.n
a n r : j---e, aau uoe; leave k exetuMVt ;y to r.ai :e ana eriete!. means , t r.-'-cti a.,
i it : nr. his an suj ported oath, whether he i- n v.i r ami d .es net rn:m!:e that ;.tt:t- tht:-.-w.
: :- rot. i lis registration is wri'tea aitirri. a-. sav, s hita ten h.!i;i. V'i-U wh--
! !.' ie ti n, scaring hi, eo-e!ect;.rs in the f. u;i- then, cua he e'r -nr t' r-::trv :.. r-
i -tj i i sh'ii r ward that he has reii.d there f.r fu- t re- rd l.i- r.nr-- a- at. . i--t--.
at h-at ten day, and that he pwn.-es-es. tin-: lie r g" r t!a- ii. I a a- :hir ; w. .-t', '
,.f ..'.:(.'.i;.!!f.g th.-r n-nstitutiviial ijualiiieati.e.s; and tl:- : We ewald mc-s- i.t " - . ' . '.' .
th lih' a. -rted la.v thus ceased to he tti-fied of this iai- the sata l a' irv. in! i; j- v.-.r, . -tv
.) a . , -t .ia ad lre:-s jointed ,i(.vid. -. althoufh he :..a', he a tiuaiifu-d taken in the eunfu,i..u of an rhj.-t
.'y ja rtant fact upon his mere per-- ral oath ; Ai: l it s--e!i.s t t. ' ii::-. -d:
on. 1: 'ev r f eh c-tiv-. (! :m! h.-iti
ia the '" V-vi.f ih- I-' mi.. purpoit- eleet-.r, i.s ehaih i:g-d .at th-.i -i'.- and rila- is ia fact merely written preliminary evi- who i-i:- uj.-n th- rk-!- t .ie i. a
in : i.i'.e i . e.-d ! te a " 'i.minittet: tak-.; any ..i:" of tii fiv f. r:e'- of dtitce that he H buch resident and poses:.--.-: light wh. rer.rd- it a-, t':- j-.,,! ..i;u:a
!ii. e,-:ti- ni er- t . r. iegis- at Ii (. a. h ..! whHit is a s-tat-t-i-: t :ht h" .-uen na!tl:cattr.M; or rath-r it is his writ- j..nlar liht-rtv ami r, ii'-.r p: v.. r - i id 1
i.! ;- .. ! l.y Ah-.vii. h i V. Jiu.-l, hch,!; tj or.o of live rla- .-.) b t,n ten assurance of that fact. mak a hae A :-' rd. .ut t!i, .Hr r-
.) !i. II. 'i h :no ;:, u, h. lan- jrhtiftoi to n.fr. 1 h r- the "t-t. whetht r ll'.tt the ohjiet of the law is hot li.nit.-d ! imc if r.-p-t-rinl: his i,.-:;a . ,
: d is
r t'. T
h r hi- he is a iju ihm-d fleet .r, is t.i I.-i:.Lila!:rJ .solely to thi.s written aSraiatii-n. It gtie.-. him not lung. Ail he h to do is v:.i,
I ... I ,: p i'. ri of simply aid .hdy hy his o", ot'h
further. It p:cs.ryes the right i f iLa!!cii ! t- the t.iwihip
! I.'g:-'itn!.-. I'e.t I -.t pre- j.-rted ly at y other witnes r any othi r as at present exis'ing, and it ci:.Me.s the write it. r rhav- iii- t l. rk . r aj.y i:
-ua--. tha'- :o ' r-. in tiies. i n li-tics' tc-t ; f.r tl Sr.-i'ii' provide ih-il " if -ei-h eh.a!h-i!g:ng party to ct nsalt the A. of, Lcr of th- hi-ard vrnte it f-r him. A . : ia-
! ir.'t-. v.-: d a-.l A r-ig'e iif' ,:,'h . per-.a so !:a!!ePg d will take t it1:- r .,f the registration, U-f-re the e!eeti-i: takes j.hce, has th" whvie y.ar to d. it 'to, r.:-d wh.-!i
th-live heavy and .ark "nhi-i.n- whi-h this av oath hi.; v(.t shall he r vcivod." to csevrtain whether A. li. C i r I. i.s i:s ,nee djia h is r.t U he r. peavd mail o
Jd.ri.::- :!!. s ca.prt--. l ee than If . th? oth"- h ui 3, he she.il.1 r-.-fas , a1 trutli 4 re-IJect of the ward c-r t..wn.ij., ! vchiatariiy : e.a s infos..!,..' . th-r
!s- th;...:gh fjiiaiihev. as an e'eet r, to t '.ke ''me ctainnr.g the right to vote ; ai.d to f:n:e it - -hi'.. The . . is th.' a-e la the- w..rd
" ; oae oi the llv oath, he is l.ot permitted to ' formation frcu any other -trees. whedier ef eit'e.--. f-r i.. ; e-.u.-i:n-.,!..! ,hv-5
IT., ei.iti:;.'.
i-ea 1 1 ih'
aJ - w a
t : i ir'titf-l to til-- iti
-try aef . f'h- !a-t
in .
m! re; r- --ro
ta. r- i:
:!-. ih
n h . r v-.t. Thus a man fully ijaahm-d hot n- :n fact they poses- the e.ii--it':;...;:al riht. ! the Stare with i.'f. r--:ee txh
a u i: -i.-i-i i e l.ar i t . c. i rive h:m 1 1 . . . , , . , , ... . , - . ,
i- . i ,i . . th:ii-:i t.:- :.::, p. h-tttr -ma: . - 1 . r th-' ' a-t tie' v. ar- .1 ud-e M art I -as
!. ' M..I e 1 -e.(r, nt'V t.;e aet glVt S ' , , , , 1 , ,, , , . ,
,. ' , ... f r , -' hes.:, ; ' u: v ,l-i ah::.; tie 'at- (.:' l vi U titts 'i,,-r. It we no -
, . . . , . '1', 'i t-,r A -;:ii:.' ern-r .. I read av i. t Jx iL'- l;ot a . next r he I an
it- ' -, : i d t i aa. e it j .r tt.. mtt-re-t 4 a. , . i . . . ,i , , , , , .
... , ii i . ar.d a :: a- . : w.m-. ar- hr.."."ht n 1 v :. to- r trnm a i ida-ial . Iji- hat he tl.t- it
n -r t-. !-!. - -a--.'nal.!v. he is ie i v , , . , . ,. . .. . . , ,
, . ,. - , . . d-ar t-a -d han-.l ; Let iv w.-r 1 is s...k.-i', v, t r e:-t t v. .r i . -l he ter'amlv l.a s
i!;r'i! IV U"-X: "a!' l' Jr"V ,,flt,,:.' andth.-d.arlai.daedh.ar'd;-: -af. Ti.' t '
v"?''!" lr V",: - 10 t;.r:',r,t',:!'.werk--r.5.i T..rw-.r.l..-,.dl-:sat;:..t !a K.D Mr. IV. U :-...o d ,!. .:,
... , , . .ii - . .sm:d-t.:'. . !: 1 t. i- d-!-h. d n-ah- a 1 av a. c-m m Hiin :,. ;. and eiKi'.trs
...iv - -vt:-'s s-.o in til. -re than th-, e .- moa-1... iii..t. i r. ?(:-. a! a i ..: n j. m '
: - -: a- a t!v: I - I -jev ac ins etate- . . ,- ... . , i . . t . . e ,
.... , .. ,,. . , are vriKe;., and d.-pa'u.' d ia tie !-:. aid j"hti-a! im.-Mn' , !....!. i ; t. ;h ; u the
it. - t t i ! ; tin," V ,:. nt tn:-daitinnai . . ., 1 , , , , ., , . .
, , tnen agaai :t '. the gap!, n i !te t..whs;.-:.d :i -1 ti.e e!r;-nv pi- - .ur- ti tnneo'.
. .-.a .! if! " t:.r, .' . t ta'-e '.'. r urd'tiown c . . ... ., ... , . , .
- . . ... ,, I'tgeie.., ato ii.tct;; a v .-t js tai.it., tl- ti: ia. t: wait w a ta i..' . - u .:a a. An...
- tree ta--, m;-'.t rn-.t to tl,e Toils, ' , , , . . , ... ,.
. , ,i , ' h r- and e .w; th-a a? .-'.ia r '': - tarti -iatv ot Vi, .i'.i th- p.e t Mvh'gat.
a ; . ? .ur y eaa-e their t-ml-.s t le .... , . . . ' , ,.' , , . . . ' ,
-,'-, , , , , aiaiit -i th. lawi ; at 1 r a w.to a at tl.r.t time e -rdv m:'.-.- eomt-ai.v m d
: ;'' it .-a the e et.oii div, ami thus . , , . . . i , .-, . , , 1 -
-. . j ... .,i ,. oht 'ime, in t!. - t-i.i. un... r th- m-d t:i:.-. . h:.- , . . 1 ,'h-h wa.s thu,
',' ' i " ''' ' "'I'-'--1'. '3 " "u ''' 1T ut:: :ag-'. u- muioem -tr: . i'rh-.aii dr. !''' .nd, .'..1-- Maith '.. as t ir-iiiiii :i
h ., th- re-j-.tt.v.ti of wUs. Ami - , , m i-. . '.-, ., .. ,
, 1 ... m, :.r,; t.-ia Jv rr. 1 1 :ti t.i-tt A o . wo. i:-a.u .1. t en:. t. .- ai tti- .. m-h.
.-ti. iv i v i v t.C'i..et rf-:Je:.L wtor ot a . , ' r. t . . v , m . i- t i "
t.-wt- .in or w..: i tviT not oe v totally un- ,i , , :k , , .
! ,, , , , ,-. there is a ..-anv w. h-. :i.e v.-r tl: ' .-a- at.-.r. t -.'aaia.-!!-... r to :. ' lai.d riaitns in
h: i n t a .-1 t:,- i th--j a- not t j I ? ao.e to , ,, .. - , . . .. s. , .... . , ,, . . . ,
. , . -i . . tallo, jjai .s . t all i.m.i :.t eiir.t.- r. No t.!! rn.-.. and ..; ih .....e he has Kan
i r.,,i j - .-ti-'a a w.i!i.-. Ies! ies, sueu cas- t i t i . , .i i t
. , . . . fner.d who l;.: i a; : . t n, .-r. :. i:i w, wt:l thti- t"agta. ..; ,;..-.- !.:; U tijM.a
c- m ;.- i e . t:'.j.reouc r.t o.Mjrrence, he- , .. .. . ., , , .
. . J , i , make mi; ti!h-n nee a t:e e.t-.e. r- tti-'' i.e-eh t. !..; :-a : . ..-.i--,.. "i j.t.o-
-a ;-- it I::"'-; tt.e sw-ra uofyet t..e h tl,x j-Jn :.,..v j... cx:. ;J,.. .j , .. t;:,. u,.. r : , x,a ,,..., ln . t
''r'h'.r'-vl,;::":;' Uh"!1 ,!: ' ' . 1 jr-;r stane ki.ah . a the 1 4W JIa.t.n - t:,e hear 1 :- 1 . on , I-! t v. ars e,. ' ','v' m:.. e .,, ....
n. e- - tn-y e-.a ohtaa,, t regis'er tae v ,, eI :l , r;,it t,, j.,,.1, Mania rvef a h'. -d eh. or mh.gl.d
,:an.e t ,-.erv i.eet t t.m -t..er he a; parser J;ri ... .j,a.4..r a(.?ivrlv i, tea?;-; if' . d. h- w o. r
: tl. .r th.-'tu-l a.:,aS, e.-npt.-.y re-., aUltj.,r w;.ii k,t..,t.. t..,ek"t ha di.-- wh"t W- m an U a ... T:,rv.,..
;v-; tm- j s;,t.y ot u chiefs, t.-thvir heart,' on:-1 . The er-wm L-): a:-, to th w . - : -. h :;,!, ,:,.,
:.,,;.v. !.e l-.ara ln:Lui;? .. (,cir du-' - foutu... ,f ,,,..,.1,. , u-nim; wa- ioat-d t!:e :v m-7. . - Mft.n wa.
.: t,;
-.viivw i.-t-;:n i i ' ii-i- .'!'- i t.-ing iron: wnat-vcr eause im r e snt i a j mis u pievenns i:ie ia:.-e vol r ir 'a pia". ; " towusiar, ar.-i " war-:
M-i-e!- and mi- iaf.-n a-nt. th-m to too oa-.h, is hy :h- j resei-.t Stature under tising a mirprise upon the 1! aid . f It e i ... ,1;0 j-roeetd.a :s i!
th- i re.-ent Cor.stituticm at.!'.iely d. nied tors, and from defruudirg- the r.-n- .i-r !', Th. i.i.ard iroeures the t
r' j'.t to de,is;r ins T. t-. Ii !u! f ng-ti his just share of jrahu-t'ce m eh. a ''.:,- c.-t I wtin h Will j,.i-., v
-t t . to uri ti tne -..em.'! :t o: .-ween.t petstinj who are to maue mi- a ja.oa-n r
.to. n- ot th" fit- "..::H ..f a'.. If the law. Thus, ia si...rt, it t.-nd-. 't. ::-
ti.e 'a - '.
n,tl..r.. t
re, t -j-.va
r. t: : I
tv.e t-j-i-,
as a Jin ha.
v n t ti.
ia til-:
f t the
f r, i i
H-!fT, :e--ir::"-, in ta- th
.:? Is ;:ne. n-t itiehinai ; I..
' e vi ;- (! tiiat it !! he. in t
::, ..: r :.i :d. ja
.:! -.p -n-.thii lp. i. y
'. ; : id..i.r. a- t-'t-illy iiav.r- r!i
a . d.-m:.'-'ga- ry a:d t;va 1-
t - ah -a and r-niei.e. lavs, am
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:" to v.. to at. ad ; Ami to ,i7 that su'd; an f.-e :o.
.-V-! t- ::nt in .pit'. ' t!i' ehall-ng", then whhdi ly no means assumes to n-td :
h-.r ti e !i V-h-.tnro no power to eieate detract from the con.stitati-.md .p'al !"..-. :i v.-
r-i' , exceed one d- i1
.'I..:"- Til'. S' r-. ie. S (f ,'.- );-!'
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i.i; ::; i I..-: s, and :!"t-r lie pre it y a'
a-,1 ; e-essart'y h- ;ni?- --mti!, i,.-e;ia-.- it
1 pt.haWo tl.r.t in th" e. t,re of if tie'
tn vtw-r jo c.rry j-ueti aa ac mto cai-Cu- f,n jlJ)v.,.1K.;., tu .j... .d-rd-a t'.-..t whieh i hm.I feth t.. th- I" V- aj -,t i', m. ri's
t,ai, a i- ..i V.,arse i.-.-ary that l.,:.as tllt. , e Uhinj le. i No parfirin a; peals va made i.i the. ,,.a
h..mdh' ..n,x.otoM.e..ns if :t. I lie at.,i ..f: a Vvrv ,,nt responMok-edit., i vei.ti, u. an 1 i... prlo ,-..h,:i,.:. , w. re
-ea-di-ia tt.is. Matnt- are mo .--a'e. jar j r,.w ,,,., r ,:. J, ;;;( pv.W(T ' pa-ed a- a platfoi m f-.r ' ! !. ht md uj-m.
.v-r- s; th.a Kmmtr iv,-;;!. in j;U:-t (( r, tr, .V(. lKl!.rai .joa. ..-,in: In the iVtuooratio St.- i ,...vei-tku Mr.
Sf;'..a:.d f.r more ota..-it:..?'-. m ne'aa; . f umh.-r eaav:.,. the hoar- I-VL-tt was nomir-.t-d ' ra sr-i.lt.-d o. n-
t-:.a m. ev,..t.-:u. r ...rpr.-.a t .ma ,y ,, ? Nv;.h ,.t, :, f! ..r;,.s f-t v i'h s-v rd . -f th- - i -v.-:. d d ; -
Avt w- e-mnnf oi miaan a d..;:!it that at;.-r jV,.-,... yr. .di.) yiT. Ma-t,-idy and fc.f -.Aevin th;.t e..ry in ti.-tate
,h- :,.-t -:::'! have he-n ; . iidy pat in opera-. j,.-, M r.jrv.t,.r i;,b:,,.i i,. a m.-tm live Al'ttr his a-.dna'i. -t ?. ak rs in the
m r, at:d tn-d nj-ai us own merits, ti.e .... ()f h ai-fro th-' ha-kt heiag re.jiiesl- coim ntion, immidii g '! m st it.miei.tial
rtglu ; th-ii must it h- left . of a v. tor is void, f-r uu?or.btitut:)!il:ty, ! i.am.-i .f the voter fil fenrra'iv re-T-
inahtled or n. t, to u -t-. rn-it.e is in th- same breath to assert that the act : isteicd.
- it, and ;f i revolted hv 1 .a lal.and indeed every other act pa-sou jt ,,f C0,,rJ... ;,anr.o,
and r-o-e f..r the future to he without it ! h., r,;,, , ; f f,urt4n Niv. r wt're : as a partir.a dad---a . i
. At--la r advantage wn! 11. w from m A j(lVS .,,r,. oonad. t'.iv sses-a.d hy the .-i ir- nrat. M. s-rs. I, h-t rv
e-r.v ..f the- r.- :-t. r of each town and ward ' n " ..i.' ..' i this Atv --t..-,.hlK- -.Io a
!, nr s;tl S. at,- i -'ita- r., a. ? . f1; ,.; voting, he ly notwith- to proteet the same right, and to puai.-h in-1 ,i40 a1(Vr.m amount o!' .-m-h e .j,-n. ia tV e- unty will he filed with the county ; unJ rijltiiml the rdaxers t'od hrn-h- t- ri-e-- ' ohjeetmn' to .1 ..d
:a- r sn.ti.v ..Iv oi.- ..... -taraig tu- -gc ana not vr.ti,aaimg traetmns ot it, are yoia mr me same rea-1 Kverv man van in ! - f r idms- if. and pan- ' i' tr:, n'..l w.u be l.isthly uIul to business ,it(lc f.,,, n,,(J d-is dt rroid that he w.i.s a Kepuhm-aa ;! a
ry to th- .h-positiiar t his itU ,.wm. ,--f.;-,d n. t .U th, r u, . Wo fc4, L.nc.o. , h.,. the , :Ujt IaU t that -;,s- .h.trii.t md all m-u a, a ,-rt of directory in Peking out . , ;. a . , , :;f 1; t ; H rt of lr ,Vi,?. , ,..,
;..cr.rd-d i wnM.u eane ,. a -ta a i .r d tmage agamct ta, In-. Courts of the Mato will ever adopt such an OV(r tl)0 State, the pranoi ,. r.-,hler,ce- f pem-ns with whom they j.j ! v.rr, '' ' ' tilouvh V.nt thi- -
p.-r m r.r'i .ii. 'i tit-..... i- sp.a-i.irs wm na - ' i.-es act may reiu-o 10 a.isuru jTiuvipuT, auu itaiifi i'urscit: , ;aj j,, t.,,cj, townsaip Wi.l t - T-.-j'. .?iv :n
f imrt-t.a--.
l"n-i: h
) f : th'. Is the snhianee and point r,.c. Ve hi, i . t-. I a-': this eommitiee if1 whenever thepo " Democratic" Comnittee- i S;,Ta;fc-atit e-enr are d with th-
t.-i';;f". Wh.at is the right to vote, they are prepared to tale thi, ground f ' men nielli hrirg their action, at hw against ; c whieh the Maii;fe vil'i'.
th. r .v .rd , the eh. etiva franchise ? - tJ.olr j.-t-.h-'-, e l hh-as of natural rights the Inspectors of election for rcfiisng to ,.f excluding fs- v. tr v ;V..n
! .no ifArt 7 of the Con-titutloo nad eon-tittiti-tat liglit-s.;!h r them to step receive their vote on the pround that their ' l.V.-.rv cnhd-"t" ai d a-.r- '
c'ealv d. -fiat s i; Ii h'.donjr, to five classe, .,:-.rt .f thu hiin and ui-tim-t line ? Will name? are not registered, they will walk an ; "tore- in the Tea' :
of iwa'e p-rs r.s, ail of whom are repiired they face the eu'ise i'i' rea -, of this, their ar- out of Court with the valuable privilege r.f f.t..jtp?)j ;i ,., . .. ,,(- ,i... r .-.
ta ' t.v Mitv-e.ne years old, to have re.slded panmnf ! f.r it seems t.i ;ne as clear a, 'taking nothing hy tle-ir motion.' and pay- .t , ., V( rv ,;...r .(.. ...
in the ':!!.' th:eo ni'-n'h-. and ia the Town- Ji.lit, tiiat if, as they e -ntend. the lective ing their "Wit it sts; that i-to say.vitii . ,;.t.k. hiv.. l',r I., f. re li e i.
ship or Ward ia wleh th-? Vote is ..fTer-d, frar.chhse i.-. t -tally K-yoiid tho rea it of the their gaudy f. at hers .-.eni-whal dr..oj'ng q -.ire into th junl l'i-i i- ;
teh da i. x". proeeding at election. a.see rial nine ami pr.teeti.e pi.w-r of tiie At all evonfs. I feel a hv-aevo'.-i.t auxi-ty 1 ...;1V vt to, t to I- '.::."r'.!':i --.
Ti;.! f.r.-t e; eonsNt, of white male e'f- Lepis'ature, they must ad.e t the aLsaid . to have them try the expetinvnt, and trust rr.,'.,r,t( . n f-.; .;.,...::
izet.s; t'.t? h'lt-ml i; wuit ' male mnaoa- (vn-'e.inenee, to whin 1 hav. lea taem; that our i"puta..vn irui. ts w.n mi. rp..;v ji, t.n,,;
.... , - :.. ! .. C...... .... 1... . lt. 4 I. 11 .!... .!., ..l...w.l.. ........4 .....
an. s ! -lOiua i a t i.o -' ..- "n un; -n.i nin-v iioi'i itiiu tMo ie-iei;uuio i i.f h- oi ..t--- .-j iim . . - iu-.j -..I-., ii. j- . t.a": mi . te-f i:-; arv
Ju.ie, 1 vo. ; ih- tiur.I, oi tue .!( in!..a!;t- power to a rtani or pre; who ja-s -s.-a-s I say ui f It em, " go it.
a:.t. r :-'.iu Ia th St tto oa the iir-t of th? rig', an 1 em-a- jyaitly tltat thrt a--t f
Jin-.a'V. Is"'1, whoh.ive r- gaiarly deelar- ls.il. is me an-! -ti;ti.nal and void, fira article secom.
e l th. ir ii. -ntioti to heeome eitir.ens of the the ehm-e j have .pn-Vd is e -ne r.i. h Nay, i La my first article I considered the
l'tiit-1 S- t. s -ix m.-afhs h-t'ore an election; they mu ;t go farther. Th. y iaas la.ld that ti. n raised hy the Kmoerutie l.-gh-hitive
ct. f iota, wh lev- r.-.i h d in thi, Stat.' the legi.-datnre have m.t t.idy no j ...vv. r to' Committee, rs b the constitutionality .f th '
two a;d half e :r-, -md .I-ehir. d tin lr in- a-e-. rtain thi- invaluahie riuii I y na-a of reg'-try law.
terti.-'i a-i at r. ; a id lh:h, i vory civili- jadg.-, .f e'eetii-n, h it n.-eo w-iafa-vi r tu . In this article I profo,e to examine- the
zed iii'' mo .'at-in! of Indian descent, a p.jtd-!; fa!s- sv.-- aring or i'a's ' T ;ng at tlie s'c-ni prcr-esition r claim of tl:e lenv-
r.a!;ve , ft1,-' tt'-d State--, and net a mem- ,-Ireti tt ; t'-r if t:? p:--s. n oe. ri-L' to v-t- eratie addres, which inshts that the aet H
I-r f any t.al ". 'l he Ct.n-fifation d adarcs i, the final jnd-e , f iiis " n -i '.life; tioijs, njrrssirr," tyrannical, nialiei.ai-, e.-
that eaeh i' fi,e-a e..1.--es s!i ill 1"-" ele -tt r s th.n ji., oae'i em V- re piired o-' ham ar d pel s ve ami extremely tring"Tjt tow rds
and t'.ti'h d t.. vo.. Thus th. rirht is n, ,v i:rt ean rev. r-- h-'s deei-'om j'c.sr y(.ters. If, authors wi!i of erar.-a ::d-
eir-f' i!!y d-'ie, -d rod ex; re.-.-ly granted. Iut this ah-.:r I a -lion m"-t h ri-,va i;p mit that the right to vote is cue of trail-
Wh. 'l!. r without thi detinitiou an I grant, tl,e nainient it i-- ex:imit:ed, and it must he seendent value ; otherwise they would r.ot
the -?me r-r- ns. nd they tdy. would admittel tint the lieyi-lata--.'' have author- r ibahly ma1;- u?!i a elamor ahout i. If
live t'r-i rght. is n. t mat. -rial to the argu- j.y to provid- mean- and in-tT'umeiitaiit.cs it ho su-!i (as al! will admit) t'iea i- there
meat though a caim-t ha a-umed that f."r the ascertainment of the riitht, otherwise any rea- m wliy it -hou'd ra t as earefu'-
npea nr.y j rinolp'e i p alii. law. that aa aa ehmti. a wa'.!! he but -utt-er name f.r ly protee'ed and guarded ns any other ror-
In'h-.v. w.. I have any ri Jit to vote .r to ,: !:u,h, and vi.denee at:d hu i:n'. fa'se .nal right Of ei.urH all will admit that
rarr.ripate in ahli ad'dr-. It I, satneient Vt ttmr, detihle voting, trihle ..n, w.mM there is tmtit Cornnainity are s di.-itoas
that tre CotisMtuth.n create, atil dotlae, ho ne ord r of ta-.-u.tv, and noa-r, -id. i.!- f.?r the protection an.3 vindication of every
Vint th' ehvtivo fraae! ise m ti.is tlte ae- f tl.,. W;,rd ir the township, miners, wild right of every human heing. I' r this pur- trir,t .,.. ft t he .h-rtt.-d :
tualty is ; and i' fV.kv.-s. that . other per- Indhe..,, and resideTU, of oti, r States, and pose they ena-t laws, they give nathoriry to fj,,, o'. r . v- .
?cs hut t!i'-e to wh ta it .rants it, can ,.Ven if !'t. i;i; i- amtri. s, m;ght rn-h i;i puMie "iheers t admitii-fer them: they '" ,y. t ' v-t , , . ,
liwfaiiy i xrre'-e it. Tlte o-o -ct of the in- ami convert aa e'eetk.a int i a titer- tai.a;!f. ereet courts of jutioe, o-Tah!i-u rules of ev- ". ; ' j , j ' a ,..t.ff ,j
tniaant nlandv was, to d wh;t the L-iris- aoJ make th-a hr,'I..'-l-..x as :etf 4t a moeh- i h-aee and other proceeding, therein, raid '' ' . ,' ' .. ' ,..-,- ', '. . .
... 4 .. : i .1- . . . .- . . w i . - . . ..I . "y ''''! ' "
Mwti-sa i:;any ciare-ar.n ta trine sotft ery, a, perect an m-irtimeia ' i trauny ename tue .nuge, 10 pronounce iu iao
f their l-gidtthe aatheri'y, empowered and iatracen., it was ia Kansa.s.Ci'.in.rnia. f rmofa j 1 1 jmer.f, order er decree, the
to d ; tint is, to say who shall, and who or ta a more ree-att in-:a:ae in '! : ..uri. vt rein will and decision of the whole
ball r ' v. te a . lections; and thu, hy in- " rij-e-layiui: ::.-! .-and x-h' in. : ' w vd e n-manity upon the disrated point. Tl.ry
P"rT-arair. the r -strict ions in the fundamen- !- a.cre trill s eu-pud w'f't t-.e hi.-s -d earefally provide what .-hall bo, ia numcr-
tal hw, t-. plaee i' ley or. 1 the pow, r of ihe re, drs to w !:!-' the wi-r-e t!-aa h .rd r ruf- .as case, the evidence of a n:aa' r:hf to
Lo;'d ;?ur- to admit to that right, any per- fiat, r.rg i::n-.t ( f the " I'--: a ernti Cimtait- his wife, hi, children, hi, Iar.d, and ail h;-
not :a";hf!X within th category. -.r t tee of the h'-a-ihttuiv" waei'd lead. It is ..th.:r pr eperty. a right existing net mere-
fxehid- t, ni ir 4.-vs, wtio da. plain that tt-.o l..--g;sh.fuve wall hare this ly in virtue of the municipal law, bet l.y
It :, tVm a C'-.n-t'::titi..:rtl ri-ht whleh p.wcr f pr. '.. efion and .- i.tr 1 without tl:e law of nature, indeed it Is for the pr-
onr. t t.. rv id d hy the ly'islature, hy at.y -p" -ia d. kcati.n f i: in th- Con -thu- teetior, prcervatien and vindi-ati--i of all
the nnrxatka to ir oi any ijaaiiileations or itt. Hut th" in.-'.rumei.t i:- If i i the the rights . f a person ia civilized society,
(Vr.d'fion-: ...- contained in the imtrnm'Mit. -h -v.-tinn of tle sr:i ' arrh-Ie. rh.itnlv for which h .verr.m-a.ts are f.rmed. aal
nvr .v
th" p. ,
r- ri t-
P'.e,;- wa!, with one accent, approve u. . , in any ..Uran tw'.H.eimv" . detimeraS ia the State. . 15 . -mie.e,,.!. d hi
a . i ia I.:.!,!,' ileia-
! Walker. :
th'-V ei'tlhl in-
i.d-- M.ttiu h it
:.- t: t! ir
.;''. i 1
put up by the convena-v '. 1 1.. mi 1 1 -hasing
th" pr-'- :.t j r ' , i . ruipt
.N itae.-ii .'e:tiii!:-:r i ' a
htr.-. h'j.iaesi transact ton. An-i a, a
.norms of a-ocrtaining the numher of e'ee.
o? in the Sta'e, and iu each township and
w.rh i" e ;nVi!v u ful, f.r it r- i;v,.r-
a i:m:i fit !'i!'n:u.
Mi. r,
-a. 1 'ty h ard to r j 1 1 a. r- s i
'.'i"-. a-o y .,i ,-': (' tne ag- ra avh e
V 'e-,1i;i' "d e tive t: a-u.l t'., ,..:.;::..r aid th- It.-; d-i-...
' Wi'. ii i- in - : arat- larni-
l..v:r. lb
i I.H -i.i -t int:: !!:" ,
that i. is a parth-u
nd ear.l
rr vf v. n w;.. a -
ia en "a u ru-!i h-ir ;., ,
hv savh -r..wai, f r.i ki-.dper,.n-
:- v- h -v-tr
:i and - ii- r h:r- e u ,
Ajram- th . nay -'
.,, 1-ougi.t in hy th r
foe. w'-.o i:i this : i I .
in :iv, it we' y.-ra-- -We
a-- taV a a- -ist,
:' : 'tt :n c'.ta - th.
t-.we--, f .r tie" ph.in t --s
ter :dmo ev. rv m:.a
utoii their re- k-"-ps ahn at 'J .''" S.-u'h l),.va si p. f-n- ,.,... ,,.;,,. ,i '. r,:.... ,.r ,,.,...
-''. i- ! 'ii" he-n:a!'.n ..f crvle. many h- . -. (-id) ' - ) .a- - hn- ;,.,., j, ,r.rv ;.. ,- ... ., ,, ,.lir,.
:-d t ven-hip,. and .a the !: stavral hi-od oat '.Mrr, o '..-ta -,,' .......j i n-.-t'- l: - i tda ia-
' ' -h ':- fV-e-iswiii - of gr-:.t idoo-I dian. tht..- year- .! !, an ! - ;. . ry ,,., ;;, . , ,; -x, . i, ",,,.. t ,
f , i . , :: 1- t'v Jo'-ai a.i'h.ekks. i-nt y;o; y f He work - a w; Vi'h our c-oaio-rnry
' L-g-'a :;r- ot cattl? ol ttie Imtch l -eed !' .
. .. harnos-. d t t!:e plough, eat', r wh
they ar- to tlraw, i x-t'-'iy : .' t- -t
a hors- yit the rppljciti-ia '1 '. '
riav :..,- taike-i :.f. It aWv. . . i
si '.if TV M'.W ??;i .
Vi'hd- V v: y. xi-.rean'ned a Mexican
iV -. .-'!:'. ry wis pr.'h'.leted ly the
'iw; r t:. I:-:.!.-;-. W'U. n t-m-ferred
n- a-,1 r t' ' Tr vy ..f Cvt hth-un- 111--:
':; ':. ' --. n- ' -t -hi' in th- I'oiri-
;-. i - . r ( '..n.a-.- . r rat. r-1 a 1 -rrit
: ' I ' '. :.., t,i r-. .-a 1 a. a h- i a prt
. t :' - - .:: : mi- f Kr," lT ih-
:: . ' Tv 1 i .. ,.(, t,, .j;,-
Ti.. !' w - -tr..:,f
!-e - a h a man -h. h- d f v.t-d. a id
' v-'.. ii.-.. p.. ls .j,.;, i- J.
I ! ; . W hT'e - ' ' t : . '. d 1 h" t .Vo Tt'en la
' da ir rVhiea! ril.ti.r:- lit whit ha'
: 1: "" '' 1 ' !" 'ir 1'. hdi r t..i. a-'ai,.-t t:i- stores .4 Ie-
-ui-d to a." i j.,k Th-y g. hy lit a:- ...p,,,..,. ,.,,. uul :,,., : , r?...rh.r...4.,
r, i:., and d i!o ir vv-.tk uiy e:.a;. i... , , , , .,: ... . . ,..;..... -1 ,b,r.
nr-atiinir, h-it'taig or t'trr-s onir.
ivi t vr-r- thV
f.Mr. l-'e'eh)
h-.r.-- are n-'d entirely. a M-. , " t ,A. r' ,r. , r . ...,r;v .
'.'s fin.i I .il l la-ts.- 1,-s tn-tn f ur te:,; i, , , t ,itr .,, .( pyi V::i. :,t ut,;h!v
in a at it." time e,-h e' t,-,.--;-:..; :. . v f hip.. y r,;n . ,p. ,(. if,,
jair .f h.-res atd oxn ea his jo .-i- a.. ; ,,f .... .;,, Jt.--l"of
it.g is nt hoyi-iid six i iii I.'- .hep. Ih- ., ,',.,, ..... r,.,.-v.. th.-- I'.c, and
lev:- r-oe.rrs more tle-.n t v.. ia '-.- i-r , , i ., j , i t:,, t,t n, ,. i ,..),
. ,' ' :'r , !' ha ni-i-.g nr.. I lis hte-l i-m --t y v-ry bra',
ft... '. v -.r'!...t) I",.) W lie'l V.-i- , , , r -
-' i -, . ' -andv loan., iind ,-o-i."' of jr ;s v-rv p"or.
e.-ia. l a ir-i-e
w irh
t-ays : l'i lv- "J. it w;! h- rnender-
whfth-r th-y ar' vomr ,
it citu-o h-dei i-d tie t th
which the ciT-iTe ; a::
oaently .. vur in e. v "
town, wu1! Ii arti'y e-.-
as d w irh ea.-ii o'h"
iaw m j.eraaon, -a -ng
,: t
77:l-r77 pvi'rh',:i tni-f.rcrtaia crops, la f.,ot tp,; tj;i, ..,,,.,.,,. J .-, tl r...
' -.'.ir (';,;.t,ri the land l.-r every cr-p is pr. par. d as a ji..r ,,,, ;,.; ,.. j., .-o)!i,:.lTI T...r
" '."',',.,1! market gar htaa w-, ill pr-p ir-it. Ma-a J, ,Tl .,i;.t. ( ir,:ai a. ' y whi'di th- Aton-
...t...et: .st....o. XUViKT j, :d, CMi-.th:.. a:a..-t. h viz , . w,,r,',, c;;. '. w- rd.. : nd the
rti.-a ar.y r.-.,iarkcd t.,o j,... ftV, Pl,pi, t!1,.s.ts draw;, ly tir,sllll .J , ,;.. The
Ward, t : tl - rr, .ew rs of th
the I.e-isl:iave powe
eaactn er.t of .atute t to mait.tsin which, sue'ti t -)yernnierit ar-.d
ire is e.-pec;a..v
h!e. in that :e.ih
to ::u:;rd v 1
wi:a h In.i a'i :..
at-! ir.sTru- ti a,
Kuihaa Natr.-na
-.. .'-.' f i-d; o. . -
at- id -ea-.-a 1 Wh - i - - ;
i'eek. . r.e , f t'-e : ..
liT'iir.st thi- ait, h u
to the- frauds j.:. lt r!
eandaan- f. r ,-.-.-
r.. t l:i:ew that ll.a- fxtr-i:
tl-men and
ihitM, the I.e-islu-dve power cann-a de- (Vi,semi hi:
t.itt mit..-r. a m.Ti-rcsi.iet.t ot the preserve the j unty ot elect;...!.- ani guarel an tie ar agents are pant ty tiie cennr.ua;- ,.,,.,-.... the !.':,-r. t
t.wadJp ward, aa alien, who hid m-t atrainst the rthus-s v the ek-cfivo t'ranehis"." fy. And what right, let u r-sk, p. rtair- rr..taV, lt.y.' -.-v""m-'
da-kred h:s Inteiioa at all, m a non-chili- Certainly this chia-e i nrtwitieut moanirg' ing to a citizen, hat which is disrated by p...' & .J.'T t ."'.'-'
l la.li.-m, h id hive th- ri-ht to vote, ruidohligV.tien. It do sin t mc-ia to prin t another, i, allowed to he established hy th- v h t ip"'., '.p ' h .' ,.u.,-, 'd t
wtnro l,.'!f:-l hv the r-trietion, above set a nan to vote where lie j lea---, ar.d it de-e, i:njie ass,atioa or oath, or amrmafan of .. p.. j'.r-'.
rrican thtt ir is t! e ditv of the li---ish'i-jre the t-artv claimiii it ? Where d we find . . ' " ;v.. 'It " "
i:r,d z
' r. I'ivm. I): fis.ov i a ,,r i ::i at . ti.an-
H-I'.anan , 'i lite b. avi'v L should iade . ,........ , i t . '.,..
,. " - ' . . .', -.'-- .. ..i,,.,,: ,...,;. ,.r ,..,,t (oris t-r :.er-. or
T - : C- ' 1. '; s.e u. j t. , ,
-' v.. r- -a--h
Wi '--: '. i arii.-u
' : , e : a t r.e ai o; it tn. r- w alu n- .
. t . . .. .... .i i.... , ( : -
. man i . te b ;aro mrm-r. ..ere-g-n- ..,..,..., it..:-ri;, I t rr in He; I n.t.-.i
:v- te- a.-h-re wa- :n fr-grcs-'Uet ,t..,..Vi, farmer, -o called, ( tt. 1 they ar- States I i.-tn-t C.titt. i- Ohio, f.r damag-
' V'v -dei..i held a c -n-atution- , .,.!;.olH:1 and f r;:er-.) mu-t hae O: t llr-t tn.l i...- ,.. is , the
-,' .- t.a :. and t-rned a .Vate '..u-tru- tt. r..,..i;te,. which w.a!d have mad-him i.-l, s1,, .J, fec.,v.-r,.d A .';..". d.iTi.r.'
'i a: e, n-M..':r.' a.e .!ev-:-..niaa I'rova.-i -f ,.,,u ahv a g r.t! -man me.-chant. lie tnu.-t "to ti,c I ,-o,.... c;r7-.iit
N pf i m Th y. nt th- e .uirut; "i to 'l5;C principle, and ditai', of farming. nx,i- .Uz M.d-an. r.K-r-1 ti,"
." Wa.-hia and .t w rri-a.t-d :n t.,e :,, xveii a, r.nyof ni, men, hat he work the j.,. ,t.,',.,.t and pv.- th" .a r--. Wr.rd i". -
r.v . ' v Mr S-.warh Aft- r a warm d. - ,rH:n r.-her "thaa the hand, and exen is. s ,,im, damn.
; -t th- ' re to r f i- 1 to e'.r.std-r it, '.-- -i"ral and eon.-tant super. i-l-u. T! - "as.- wa tak'-n by : ; p -d to the
v-vi'-:;. '.'u- n - naVInr a-t" had 'Mr. Cri-p k-op, Gv ml horses for his T.r,..o'ft r, t;r. ..t Washii. n' It was r.r;"i-
I'--"' -y C a.-rr'-.s a-ithor.zmg a-h wn driving all jr-:-d He is fr.- J ,j , n,i, ,,rV,iT by .1 ,.,.-; St-.l Ih ;, . f 'hv.-
f a . r ''at r-a-y brcvise the proh:- .ltlJtv rida-j from .morning tlil evening. jVl, ..,,. H," rv r-trtud -'rv. '.f hr.'-inre.tt,
;,. -f ry :'-t ' -f-r-. 1 whh thi pr- v.0 !, !y,-.v raaay ajrie-.tltural kor-.-s f ,r ,,wv.r. If th- fr .,',-,, ind
: ' - -i ear -a.isn he kej.t He rtplic-l that L" did let kr:.w, vv j n N. II Snv--, : '- iv: hov O .
,.' T- i'.ri.I ' .uv:rf:--:i w-:.t ir.ta hut s!e.n!d mi-s or.- if g-!;. Iti thr.; ..; ..-.,. Xw' rr r . 'f 'id" city,
'-. pre', d -''i.u't v.'--.';-';,' e--r,meac-d tl.-'.js I n-'.-ticed twenty h -rs.-!; aalehght ox- f.,r tv.A ,.-(r. of tic A'-r- w. .t the V-na
- - . : h-' p.a rf the p-3ti-r and en nt work, in two iiield ve Uaxs taeli, - w..r.r,--... V,r; .;-: ! '.'-d Oa
. ) -! iv. h r, f T.-xa- and Loui-him, to r.r.d in t. third, f-ur team. Hew rksonlr -:.ttir,;.7 t'c S-'r-?a- r "rt af'rm"d the
"; -i'-.-r-.. Ti.- Soathera yrrs ' f the SulToik treed. Ho showed m- f.e ,.,; i:,.r1"t.t th" .'"Ut i -: '' whi'-h r;vea a
iii.s tight j ii;.. any ,.hor corsiitutional to rever.t such an a use. To this md they the law. where the prmclple of pub'.-..? pV- p p.... ;.r r . .... . ,
r'$x le.'-st io . riant and sacred one, may ena-t any law which, in thv'r jud- :ey, which allersthe c!aimai't tilek-'h pyjit;,'' 1: ;i md .. "a -ii 1 a-.
acd therefore i.tv-tlit'tr spoeiil rotection. ir.iut, i, ncf'ssary l i re certainly to a-ar- witness and judge in his own cause ? hr-.rs t; " v i. a: aa - i.i" " -'. -.'
o i:P jr,,:, -,d by statute Can the taiu who have the rigl t to yote ia" tbc town-. And hew numerous are tV h'3 in J"n. jer ', ,u- ..-'.-j : ,':t .'T, ' ' .-' ..:.-..",
?:sat.jrt. enact a law" for the mere perfect ' ship, or ward, r.nd to puni'di the. for va tin- which the law absolutely f-.-rhi 1 .t party m j.'.jj, , p . .. .i ' J i", . ' jt j ',' -.e'
3rti:.ci'.Ki.t of the lirhf ? 'I his i, the who have it n t ' assert a r.cst clear ri-tt, nnlcs? he d-x, so -.u; ViA ti1-' v I-.iian p .' '
.j'W. Will the I'eaa-.-ratte C tnmifce deny its a particular form and within a pauhm l,7i'hSi7:'-i-:iy ':
ttitlonr s.,..t. a prvttCliV(. statute, ! leg . ;his . Of curse they cmrot. Will they Inr i-crmd . Take aa ir.star.ee cr two. ',.,..1"! j !:i-iV..-.'.-'i.p - h:;' P
Vs stt'.r .rs ,-,t this lemiNratie address to then infirm its ahmee t-e Legislature de- A. i the owner of a met it lan 3 and cor.- . .' .'".T p 'p.'.h.
lt!.rru tl... pahVt.- how that right can Ik- rhvd the power to aatha-iz? the ':u-i.'.'".ze vey, it hy a regular deed to I As be- j ihe f .r'-ts . -f Wi' V's'r.. Mirr !
xnxv. a ai; ; It is tratiie constitution that is, t pn hihit lu m v. tir:j a ijaaiiiied tweeu th-parties and a, between tke:r. "vi-n C '"-o';. ani ' ' V'.t t
.,. . ,. v,. l Ti. :-. vo-rar. ---I the ' niaril'"-t-t '-&A -tallio:;?. A two-years :.. ,:51,.T .t ,n f.vor if K r I r nd '"-
Ade.i:.-T!': -fhn. I'i r- and Mr. ...ievit was the llnot cf his a-e lever kp i')r.:ii.-v, ? ahv. ' '-1 - 1 '.
. h:-T'." -ait t'v-ir- ail. C'-r.froll- .-:aw. I don't wexd-.r a maa is iiiOoi.ed t : 1 arv j,;, a-ir: : t. t. ..a Mot.diy
z 'a' ''r.tn-. tj th. ar.d g-r.ers!- sreril mor.ey. if he his it. and ia-te with- ...j.a. M-r. ': aa.U'I in .' he pre-
' .-.'' t . 1 -ds.. tl.r. Territorial eiee- rI, when suea auima-s are she wu him. j rjr t ri ..f tne N ath-rn . . -r'-rtai-.-r! (V.,
i :' t- - 1 c ..-n; tiov rnmer. wield an 1 1 i3 black pig, arc very fine, an ; .-eem .,t ,p prir.-ijil de,'-r-d .-. rr: Mi mi..
;:.. e--i - :;! '.--a in a ::Aw Territory, and to h taking the lead i i thi, variety. Mr. w;,i1 -.p..ati V,hr ' .t.-is -', ati
a i- . t -Tar y- rhnp, that tie eS.-rts C. L.cels mere of thira than of tk i whae ;p f..r.r, i:.t . f th? jad?- w fuhy an
p. r-:-'t--i ia f r v-1 ar-. have so f.r saceeed- h'o bi a good number cf the latter, tz.-i K,.;,fnf..ri:j r.rrdr.i:-i.
i ! a- t . , ht en th: p.i3i:e c f a law hy the frr, thetu I have fie-ctt.d a Ipir pr yi. yhu-, afv-r -ix was . I a hf.i: of !.i:ga-
i'---r:.'. ri':i hf-' ":'" pr---t ? rr slave at..ut tea months old. iie Jj a I.r.e t;,,,: tt, I rr- rt..; :. . 1.- 1".?; broight
t-vr-rv " oae aal Irvther to the ore which t-vk the (0 t-rr.r ? :
' T-i'i-i.-ia'ip-i, no: -.i the do- tirst pii- &t CLeter. Mr. C. pirsuc, j T Tf-.iS :. v ! : I.I, -.s are of
" -..- a.-:r e-.-..:a:r.t. bat utile- sti-aa- diihhreat our- ;a hr-e iisg irom that K- ,v(J ;r,,.l.,... ;r;,. .- . :h nav:gjtm:a
'r 'i-- -v . Wa-'-:n a n -nl NW OrXr.,. h-wed by many in my c.jutrr. He -refers f .- t:.e Lik's, arid 't. a th-Supreme
ii.,.. iu' z-1 -,. tp Terrivrv Is hv lh.-d- hrecdiuz st-.:-: cf tw:. aa-1 a Uh' to f:x t our: Tf;w 0-:t thi- 'r' i a. w- shaii tako
w- belicT-, n-'-:w:ths?iL-J. jcars old. to that c-
i-5S S20.
aai raore thrifty
The pr-ge- ,.,.', n t:i p-.iip, i: a. p;;.
ip -t-.-eio-as to t.e lici'i Uiat i--, the eieetcr wbes- nht uen-.e.i by .-snorter at ana k ranger?, tu'.-'..no j a.-s-- .4..,.-w-f--p: ,-.pnTi , n r. .-.--:r . - a -
Ct-cthas- .it which these classes are or.ti- tbe p0lh-- lly'what authority do th-y say 1?. bat here the law step in an 1 dp'.ar.s ,i f a i-; i-i. a: i r - V- t
Jfl to v..t?. lba it is t-tal'y sh nt a to that one elector r-t.v ab-ately prevent ac- thr.t unles 1 sha'l reeeri li, dec 1 ia the i,''rr,. rir'rin. nr I 7"- ii r h'-Ie
!1 ta de . :f a-a-tahiir whith-r the per- r.r.r from yir-- Vv d -t vie"; his r'cht to Registry of Peed-, and A afterwards eh- a' Ctp;p, T,-'V- h:- eV ----- rr-e-
oirrr??.. Vrr, brli.r t my we of tp, u:a'e, theht r -hall b;!:- the rre- the tnc't to C. C is the ahsvuV . -7-er. al- ',.:, ("'.'; ,'v, ,;.."i,A-..;7h,p ...
tvC,V T::N ! co:taH J- lv. not say serihid oath ? Ard whence do they J2rivc though B may have raid an h: nest an 1 fell V; '-, , iivj ' ,-.-,; ..:. . ' .
i.at lhe t arty cSI-rirj shall I. allowed upon the rower t. loouire t! i, ' ath '. Ard coDSidei-itioti. an 1 no one ever d;-pvted toe u '"," ' ' '
?;sn c:.th, to jade ar.d determine f-,r trheneo th power 'for punish!.:- the fa! power if the Legislature w to prKilr O: and pnv,rt t .e wr rg. A- .
fwller he has thi, right ; nor that swearing? None of these thtLig, aw ?ran-. coarse V dec-tn, it no Lardihipthat the Iit espe-a.-y eor-mer. - ta: 5ta-.tte t? ...
prove it hy parole or by writing; ted in terms in the constitutiom' i and still a requires him, in order to protect hi, t:t.e, o.;,, z ;n t:ja: jatrict, wh is i:;t
o u .r.r- .-.f ;..v-,t.1.- witiM sv j, strer
, .( : '.:,:.;,, toe-rabii-a slave- On Saturday mortairg Mr. Crisp t e-ui j. r,, .r;cr, :.- - - p.-. rr er-c--i tr:.
t-i". - , - o. i; f.r. We w:-r n ! " t a'. 8- ta- ".--ia C"o;r?. : -. ia o-, J u Jr-i
-v. :: n w.-re f':t.m:-tea to them. H it to wa.n r.y.r tu. . - -- . t. ' t: , , u.t tv.
"p a--', ni-'s d, ret intend to giro frcm me o cloeac m tae m:rr. mg t.a txo..i ..y . i . v, w:.:th i;.
vi . .nanifv f.r. Their h-p-e ani fur- the ?ftern:or. ar.d I shou:i jage ma. k-:; p. t'.s'vt- '.-.tUTta
, . , j".,.- .t.A .-:-.r-ti.-,n of -'av.- have walirel at lea: ten mae,. n.-i-T ever , ,..;ik-, , nn , ,;. ; . i: .. 3 -:.tor.-
i.'i'-s w-hVpToprty.'' in- the ploughed g-oaad. He the f ar- ecl :M, raa, t, .UZVZ?
t :.. -..o..:.. i, n-1 r,, -h ft v-tem. In th: mIe cf rotation r-r- .cit t :.ari uv.r. f . ........... l..
-'.':'-i "7"t --r-i-'avery cor.Ttitutbti cry piece cf land beirs the sime crop L at A ?LIOiIT vAr.:i: -V -in 3 a-kei
rv wa'the';ime'e.-mes f-r almiion A!- once ia f.ur years. Tie dif:,rerae be- :f .h? d,',a-i.-t ".-t-..--1 a f- if. z-U r
I "" a "r 'twn th a-d th 'ix-'Litt is. that a the "Ko, U- ?t.l o:. a .-ach i'-J l-tM taedsnl"

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