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The Lansing state Republican. [volume] (Lansing, Mich.) 1855-1874, March 29, 1859, Image 2

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m.JJ wLo never wriu,, but to the poitX A portloa C-per. before the P.eWer of the city of Iv v,,lr.. Marc,-. :',. for u.e purr-., - ---a,- t te.. you w Lit y,a f.ve au ... ,n,rlo,,i in tr.e hsme ,1 P - J-J f" ,t,y ,,.,, cf i
VC5B7 rl'VnCT tf,;;iJl cf f : . n.Irr .a. cLv... Cl.Monltwinthbc ifyouhv, ,,,,,'one of th, oo.viot, nulr. .,.v.c , to th, U -U.J,,
JOiUlSU Xt iA the law, m fArticaUs htre ;t wa mn - lt "c 1--T(l J " ' - t ). . , t . .ve oslUt-r a:,! thrctoix.-l th.-ir hv. T:,..Ur.i- A'-ut o-.e n.a, hr.rh of oarwU-5.
b,JtthedrIhofthcmis AZAln,t the abv cone fifVri::,?i! v,:.:,. c ! ..-i irro ,: - w.r 1 I.. ;u. -err.'iary. , , . f ? ' J Mr. Klrktrh-k. In -d. f. .,v. va-d-Ivea j che!y a. Lo I by ,t,a:ucr,. uan, anJj
TlM,)nM..UMM..Ml(Hn.. I ,.,rd u-iou, .nd Lpulo-i. iWk u; .,, ! Ly Tho.ua, M. 11::, of t! - - :,-. ror.rett:on F roe.;W w ba-t fiUlt ,ry Krpub.oan . M.aa kao. t0 . r,, anv,n. 0.fr,,...ry r,,:,. T-r...f:le 'iC:,!, day. cr,w I ,i:U
' .. . . . , ' . , ;,. ... .... :.- a c.d.-Ure I r M..v. -.tn tr,.- f..l,o r:4-n .iutr to be t.. fur tue caJ.d.dato Rlt.:, ;. i tVart-.L i.rc torullv w.n;:, i -M I. v '-' rs a:-' ' ' I' .v h n .th f.-.-;I.t. OurZr
IUpnMlc.il Jadlrlal State TtKt.
ip. nm.r jr-vsr. -i ".mf. .-r.-Tt.-. o vr:i
o ko r? o k ma i rr i x.
ft K'rit ('untj.
KKPt Itl.KAN I1V !MI.TIfi.
For Mayor,
Vor I: cri. r,
i:phkaim loxcykaii.
For tltv (1..rk,
V-jz City Trt vjr-r,
FliAXK F. IirsSF.M..
! l.jl l:i-;- ctor-.
,,r .).., r-i of th, T'KT,
i:i.mim FAKMLKY.
i l.r.. r K.lx tioK.
Th, K,pt.ba' ri ciiart. r ti k- t i- i.i th, !:,!J,
nd an excrll. r,t it . T!..-: ;l t'..'t: n d
r.l u 'J , la i 1 1- e ; , ... it,.a . ;
an -B'j.t irt ruH-it." wh:,h .ill coinbi'i, al! th,
workup powt.-r of th" party ia Lar.-iri
l:.-pijb!i,-tn ! th firt .!,-. f. ii, t i:- r.-a't,
t!l lix t!i rfaiiij tiiii i'iy fit v.-isr-f j
t,;i.-. L':i vm j.-N win '?!:.
r d' fiat. Tlir tirn, eoi-i !;., ! I - ' J :iM
y ahm-it.-", rl..-th-r I ( i' t j.i-rni,:ii I (.;..' r
ii.jra and pn-jn i if 'iy 'jf!t Uw; t ii-ii.'l,
ami Tiinkc it ri.i:.-.:i i a'. n 'iturn'i-i
ot.t it. y.
i-liMiM it ."t abroad that i.aiion;' h.n i:, itr. r
atid r fki-ti-.H, n a city, t.y I... t!i
lUt k b.tii.i-r -ia'-ory, air t-ri' iii;.-n vm.!-i i -u'
far aiid i.-ar, a: d l!;. ;U'- .t. iv-o;; -1 out th,
M' will b, fi t.-1 witr, .l.aui... 74 rit-t-l'l
must f.f ,1. ff.n,. (I;,,-, o;:-, atid il v;- r
ij'lin dd'il.r- llm tfurt .) r,a"fi. w!.i-'ii it wi!!
tike v, h.Id ir. To 'i.o thi, -tb-rt r--.ir..--
lilltlitV .f Illil'ij-T. I:. LT. jf li f ;!!. tl:d
.4r:i'- iii.t f ti, j r,r .)-:.! iv. W.itk i'i.- iv,'!.
. :.! . .. T nt ii'rt'. , .
J''i.-i V't' I ? :i i. ..in rn..s inap-
uf Mirh.::t.., b-It.- . ( !,U ii;,d, tf.r.-w bit..-i-lf
fro-i, )... !.;,!. y of Va:V FLi-jii'..! i
I-!r'.i' l.i-t Th'li- hi v -v-i.iii', ri',1 ,l'.d ii: ti
U'- lia hi.-. a I. !.. :. i ..v.-i-d a '-:! ari 1 loun,
arid with li:nv ,i ( ; : i , K, ( a I ...f... x-
t i.--t i.l t ) . :ict.-: . !.'.- j. i. : j t'
jjT",Vfi at d .-.'i: -ir.ii a-. I !li -!ii.
il'rati tH, o.i! i ; .. 1 -J.'in to i - .-:!.;.
lie picked hji ttn- .' nj.ip:itr. :t.i-l l.v ir
a,juir'd A fortu.ii-. If-- M fr.lt!, ,t-.iipT:tt,
and a;!f ib-nyin'. I'-uif. th- lafe m'-m.j;i, h,
, alli-d at ihi-i othf,, ainl whi. i.'-r-, c.hibitixi
of d.-raii'.-iiicit-i. Krofu ih- vtrt.it J'f
'inn, a, l.-arti .! I .!!.;.:' (iarti' ti!ar- of l,i-
i:f, '
Mr. Kur.tiir a-.i-r.i in tin' tji !U;f
Mfwiii, Stratoa t uiinry, .". V., February V, 1 7'..
He n .novi d to 1i tioit in lv.il, and tuk el.ar',
of th, !-li .? t1'.! :i L,.t iri tlie M Fnivtr-ir
building, r. t-i-n.iy .ii'tiiuhkhed, which -ln-d i-i'
Bate Mtr.-t. Af t'iat tiiil." t!iU the ol.Iv
HchtvJ ki-.'I in lh.- city, O'd in my , .,.-i. wia,
are imwr activclv cn;:i' 1 ii th, j.u.iiiti of lit.',
and ii!;;rty in who have x-lired from iic'iv,
bimI.i,-!, will r,.n,.iib. r with j h n-inre that old
H-hoo! at:t it t,chT. as thv .lac wl,.-r, and
the person from whom ti'fv oMuii-d th, lirf
and IaJt of their dacation. Mr. Frtii.-r was in
char.; of tliat M-limd two yea-. (Oi th, ;.tli of
April, l".'r., he wan niatriod. 11, nlwavs a
diligent scholar and a har-l worker. He had a
panion for map-drawing, n'. l e-iily in Iil, tnrr,d
hia atteiititin to that bu'inc". I i 1 J h, draf
ted a map of th, ?irv,y,d porl oii 1 Michigan
fir Mr. . Kid,.i, copies of which nr.. Mii! ex
tant and ar, known m Kisden's ni q.. In the
followi.i" year pub!i-hoil on, of MichL'tn
tin own nam,. Iron, that tun, h, e.iiitinu. 1 .
lo deeply intcresfod in th, frvnraphy nf Aliehi
trati, and probably .nor, tian any other msn
contributed to a perfect kuow h.-.!, of its soil,
refoiirce-s an! points of interrt. For thirty
three years he Las devoteil rate powers of mind
to th, prosecution of hi-s cho-aeri pursuit. S
ardently did he deot, hiir.,if to this labor that
he early impaired a pjod cotistitution and indu
ced that cad malady which h.us ir. happily l en
the caue of hist death. Farmer' maps of ilieh
igan have obtiined a wide-'-prca 1 rcpulation, and
hAe been for many years been looked upon a
the most authentic and reliable maps of the
Stste in existence. 11, has aNo published, at
different times, maps of th, city of the city 1 1
Detroit and of the different c"'rati s f the Stat,
flis last work, weich he completed about th.
tirftof January last, was a map of Michigan and
Wiscorsin, cmbracmi; a!-o a r at part of Iowa,
exhibiting th, sw amp and mineral liimb. This ii
the liet of his productions, ari l l a alreadv
la?en eitensivelv circulated, and been received
with much favor.
Arrist w a HRa Case. The (irand liapids
Eagle says thst altout lo o'clock on Thursday,
officer Bowen, of I'lainficld, arrested an old con
vict by the name of Chilon, who has for a con
siderable time past been the terror of l'laiiiti.-ld.
Bowen had followed Chilson into th.e city, and
overhauled him near the foot of IVarhst., where
he attempted to read his warrant, but Chiliou
snatched it from him, and tore it to pieces, at
the same time striking the officer "utae severe
Mows in the face, thai set the claret to rur.niar
quite freely. Howcn went to work with a w id,
and soon had hiaidow n, whenChil-on attempted
to u so a Urge knife which was secreted ia the
back of his vest, bat was frustrated by Mr.
Charles Tierson, who snatched it away from him.
Chilson was finally subdued and carried over the
low Stock. The Waverly (Iowa I ll-pulli-ca
of tho th nc'iccs some tine sUKk. It sav
Mr. V. Britlen has a short horn Durham calf
which, at one year and fifteen diys old, weiched
eleven hundred And eleven pounds.
Such facts trpeak well for the enterprise And
Agricultural progress of our younger sister State.
Mr. Briden formerly resided in St. Joseph coun
ty, ia this State.
Turik Crimixau lie ar Once. At New
Orleani, March 13, three criniinala, Hcr.rich
Haas, Teter Smith, aad Joseph Lindsey, were
hung to-day, all on one scaffold. They all con
fessed their crimes just previously to the execu
tion. Am Impostor. At Fort Edward, X. V., the
committee who were recently appointed to watch
Mr. Hayes, the woman who pretended to have
IWed two years without foo I, have reported thAt
she is ad impostor.
. , ,
AppropriAte to the ason, will be found upon
the Cm page of this- day's .ut.', two .;
. t;,i .1.,.;. I. )...-' ta ! it-11.. .v t .ir
Avura:.ce. Mr. Howard strips their bugbear of !
every rag of reason, ar.d hives it to .hiver ar A j
fhift for j:,:f.
Mr. f-i'' ' s, it would seem is aVa? to r!ve the
ut roost LOtor'tfy to the evM.-r-i e .'; ;,. 1 upon
his own trial. Fro;a acorre-7 o:.M of the 1'hi!
adrlphia li-t'bt'm, w'-.o 4 a, utderULdit-j-ly
its a-iy of the pre- writers or editors, we leatri
that. Mr. Skkh-s lia-i e:ap'..jt!d a:: etperier.ce l
Corp- of jhoto.Tapl.:, writ- r- lo r port hi- tri tl
v-rbar'rn for pablien'-.-r. f an.ph!. t form. It
ah! eomprii-r a ."- .ry f th, h' - f Key a':d
Si- k! s up to t!;? dy of th- trardy. T!i, p!:i
of th : j,oj,,,tiorj from r r-p:-sri..: rib!,
aat'.r'y, w'.I be f r th- I:.-ri-1 "A:? rn-y :o
fi pr..V, th, Li'iir- of Mr. Key, and th-n r-st
tue act, treUiCAta upon Known iaircntxxj. j '' - i . . .... . . i M,.. r t' . .' -.. t : t tv
ptedbv certain b..M of the Leat,rc,ii.rb : , 4... ... .... un th, Ju:e:al tt. a mau every, ay a: ..rt ; A. i .VViV;! VuVf'r
andr the truisf? of ' A Ktr-ocrAtie .VlJre in 1 1. hau- 1,-M a -i-in in I, .:ro!r Cu-,, . . - ;V 4 ' . ' ! tr.y t- bar t.e h-:.ori a::M do lajj-r.M d !r.h7thUr ' Tl, m M -r a-'l 1 ! hi diy by the rlv. r. trIuLcoVSr cl
th- c.v,. Tied fnce wiii then b-.n.-: probvl,.; ...j ..
b'y, t make tli- clrae j'.'tiL ib1-, a; 1 to !-.. th, j tv t. ,juv ; "th.-r, w
-vi !,!), of chart"- :-r will h- H'hi.irt. d, it. v. l:r sr :iv, ot tr . ir that
: cir-i.jnitai:,.- t.-f t'., jl!i,i'. conta-ctiori, whhd;
a il; -u! ','-t wit:.. --- to a r;.' 1 'f .-.s '?a:iiint-
ti'.r:. It win th-ti b.- ts,h,..t on J . p'oS.-C'S- j
tv. i ;. .1 tro-nc-.- t v:.J,.'.e, r. ihi: 1 !.ara,
t. r o! th- d- f.-Jant.
Ther- are a ho-t of r-potters ar.d ctrrv?pord,r.ti
!.-r- fr-.i . t! - !'.-fi:.t or.-s-, who intend taiurj;
not-- ft:-.- tri.I. Not ,;,- ., r,e:a be
a r ...ii;... da 1 in th, iiiy-arrar-.;"! '(.-; i....js. ,
a ..! t'.--r, i-i an t vi l--r t n j-itioa on rh,; part ot
c.i'.i'n . !!i-ct- i-i ;.-' 'ot;r; to o.-t :if y if
lh. V!.- fad :l:a dir- d as best it Innj.
t'., ! ,. i, t't. :: ; t b ii u.'i I; t ons'antiy. to
.-:.. a'i i:.;.r--ii-i r, M,. l-i.k'--- f.tor.
TL. r. ! o-a . i-: , a . tion i,,r, :n p J.ii .n
t':i,n t Itiio t' p. , !, hi: ! ; rt-.
Th" I'i-t: '-1 A :'. y i, b-.-y t oiiec'in in.t
rvd I :,: ( i .;!.:..,, a. d i- : to b- 1, i: tied :
t . ti'ai hv tl.- i'l.tii-n- aria, of c..ii-.i! n.n'vv-
-I bV Ml . .".' '.I-.-, I I i i-!l.-, It- il do,-J, t o h -s
lh a . -i i Lvy is. ail f.f !'.. a; -p. ar.-d thisaJi-r.
, 'i) h. h' .I-.:, l- ria:. I a tria! ;u '-.n .-e
tl.e ia i: :..-: t is -atitten fv. t1- pre - ut:. j
..ad, ,.k ! y t! ,;..n i J-ry Th, rnv-' t !
Vj".,- is t-'of ,.!:- withhohf. th'. a- I I j
t I J! t f .. do.
i line li .-..!;.
I';, - -. t. . t.., -:.a
. . t -i.a.., II vine
.i.i- tU.it- rarity and e I tr h it v ! cm
i; c, oi.r 'a-t publit a'i'-i, in which at-
:-.!t;ot. was d.an tothe 5nbj, t, a y.ait - c' - r - v -
it. -in f.o!-..'ij his wlf, i'. l'.v!.-i!oi.;i farel.t-
tvn-, ;!,il,ih of !.!: dan;-: ! - by . i.,i.
c 'telly it. l!.i!t;:ni.r. a f tthcr, John II tt -, kill -
I ills u .:t. hrii'- f.t j.layit, card., at F'.ho;.,
Tet.n. n la:-band -'o-t. 1.: :! finm th'i-v
. . .... . '
irire tt. n-,) at t. i.'-ns a omart ki.:- ti-rs. 'l w,., ( ..(,,,,.
lhr..i;-h r-ne.-s-. .-.t Ct.a'l.-tt,. Iljton ty j ,., .,r.. p .r-o- -. a
Th-'iiiH- U-.-s, an hn1' il, and d fo'tn, i v.. ,fh, 1 I" a hie:. wa i i
. TC.-edir,-!y t.-d of ll.p.f.r, w a- re . T.rly killed"""" - u t i -i.-n
in At!-!:-, Ala., b' -. pit.r of .d-oh..l ad:,.;. h-t.-r- '"' 1 ' I "r : "
- 1 j to p. a .. .ft . .i.
, ! to 'on, , .la.:,. -s Chariton a 1. ampiih . -r 1- ! ;,,.(,...,, ,.;,;.'. ,.
.,. r..!,! .hot and l-.'hd at i'.ttl-:nn.i,, .; ii.- in j I'.. n't know h,...,r
ihej ursnit of hi-t p-a-, f il ocnp stion. A .,. ai;V ' ird ;
ond 1 .u-bi.nl hh.M.ts i.-a wit, f:..ti, j. uk-u-v ,f i "'-'l' r-'.i e':i "
, . . . i t' e ' T- f:, tW't. ,h
Lot.;;, and ponto. ). ace! - an. I i.t il t Vl,..r. v
w r.-futnlti'T fo ri: the theater on W. 1 : iy lh:r .... tbb-tt-, .:
ni-'ht wi'i. hi. wit',, vtas ! icked by four men ; Van V-o-r, f..;..i:d
nd i-hot; at Bo.ro., I. .V. K,niu-!1 ta"k, hi- lif, i !-! t;:- l "
tn.ois rh a mill at lea wif". ; a. lo-hp-.r', li! . j''"' .o.her .. .
Hora.-e and Frank Mop-,, father ..,.! sn, fi-ht '"'',' "J-' ;'" i" H:;T :
with pitehforki. clubs and zi till rl -,. , J '-ta-d p -p , coi::d rv
-hot ilowii u! South .!. tb r.oo Pit'..!,',, ,.,r i " !r'! i"'" 7
a vounir and beautiful "iri take .fvchrJne a..l
hi-. Al Ba!ti.....r, over on, huruhi 1 ji..,i..n- 1
, . v- v- i '
are da!ii;eroii.:y in a not ; in .New l i.rk, a vou::
U.lr .ie,rl,.l bv b.-r l..r,r .lo-a l.r l...r
- - - .- .. j . .. ... . i
and thai far und n,r, day by dav aii-oi.t; rich I
and J'Oor, oil Mid youii!, i-ar'-iiinary eriin, riot.
in ail vaiie'v, in aii i eklcn-
,, . . . , ,, .
l ama l.;t not b.-,n taken to eoiia! noucc. t i
ofner bloui.-s ami misdeed without .ld,r, for-
,ei ie, tlie;.., .in';a.euiei,ts, liu,i. i ii.. f.t!'b. i
ia all variety, go on with i-ijaa! pace.
A natter lo t 'orrric.:iie in c-.
T-1'.f..r.f....r Tl., .ir..il Co . ..' I
' f " " I -' " I
ir:tli;ence, is to -etintoa t nrr. 1 with ,-.-. . b..dv
... . ." .
.ho standi a eho-.c to i-f.-e.v, a lioiiiinctr-on.
and th-r. threa'e.i belo-e l...rd o h-.!. ,t ihey at,
tiotilinatt. i.
Ill in-
obi th Tho b.-t test ota'-inc.r, i.-m-!
o, rt U t.. r.-f is, to t.hv f..i I.
' -.i. i .. . i
, . r , " . . I
t-1-ct.on-for a I. doe., cot..e;,r,c,, th is
'io.AiV; lit.' !..vh-r."
Ilafon Kapi'N The repot t pri-v tilin- afeoad '
that I..aniii i " mend:nt its way," rt-l-ife to
lh, reli-ious revival, and not to the -id-w-tlks. I
ot-r Th, r ason tht th, newhw i-t-tjair, '
a " Register," I. to ad..w th, heat o '.'. on j
election day. j
Con-riet'ee A s, n.eihod to proeur, a full j
, .. , , . . . . . . ,,
and perfect development of itn-thnl t to allow
1 ' I
caca nT.on to conie-s n;s rfi.-;u.i-i iin. i"- '
lead of his own. I
Abroad Laiirhiir is t:oi on the on! ski't.,
thouch it- female population .?-'. th, whole
region round about.
ido-aheA I Th, reason w hy th, l' pper-Tow n
inilh-eat is not improved, is because it-- proprie
tor do not consid.-r it worth a Jar.!.
F.scelsior If your tli'rst for nororietv is verv
great, invent some came which has .tot b,,n
commilttd within the past thirty davs.
Soap-lock It Matilda won't ran awav with
ytu, after agreeing P do o, com, it ever her hv
le.avin, without her.
Ih r; air Keing allowed to carry a toani: la-KV
suti-shad.;, is nor irrctra-'iMe cvid -ir, that -he
is ia love ith voa.
Whip The stage lino from Landing to St
Johns is call-1 the "Hercules,'' be,aue everv
b-ady is called upon to " i,ut ."icr -n' &r t-y tht
(i.irdeaer Kariy vegetable are si called b.-
cause they are generally al! stolen before the
fami'y are up.
Accountant For young rn,n confined dur::.
the day, the best tvgbt esercie for the Iln'hs is
the removal of signs and barbers poles, tearim
down fences and piling dry good boxes fa frot.t
doors. For the lar.gs prolonged howling;
St. Johns Iog-tights are not the constant em
ployments on the east side of Washington Aven
ue occasionally the men get at it.
Pendulum The clock-face opposite liillf.'s
iadicatei the t:me of Rath eo: the dav of
Apothem The reply to which you allude, is
that of Senator Douglas, when told " honesty is
ih best policy" replied, " I never act from
Kobbirt. Hon. Henry A Shaw wa robbed
of 3t:.if at his house, on Satarday tight. i
Death or Ex-U. S. Sknator Smith. The
Hon. O. H. Smith, an old resident of Indianapo
lis, and Ex-United States Senator, died oa Sua-
la? ninbt
I Hery WW .vw i j
w,,. ,,t. i . v- :-,n r ,.: FVr-'a-'
Whoever dvitt. ...at Le...an n.eu, a l.-C- ,
try Law, T . t them re-.
,.. (,,,V,V(! ... ,t II..4ri
House. V . L..-..:. a t'etu.y I .
an 1 u have f..";r- I '.I'-'-ly u-:' :. I
a Loeofy-o l-kr. Ti.: Torn Howri.- iu i- o:.e
lot t'.e t.rs. wi::,.yes TC.-i,a y-roii-.a'-r.'-e ,
to .
v.. i , ... , 1.., H.v.. i
fi. o. II. t'.v.p,r, w! o
pro-s!aTery Ixie-.-fv'O car.:
a. L'.;. s wl.'i!- 4 '..-.va.-M. u
the rkr-
i . i ' "i i . - r -. -Iiut
it is i ') 'ir;, ..-.:r
t r 'M i. f ! -
w :;r 1 ' ft': - ci'J. of L.
K.h,.-1 of ,v.ry lh pui
,..,d W.trj of !'
tlier, :: t), 1
k,pr ab.v:, :; i.,u-
f N -i;h
at' ' l"t
f-.r 1
j ,'
-p. r
' hi:
...f ti.-.a lot-.r i
t. k,T in trcT.era. : th
us tand. lale ! r K p-. - :.:.,; . .- U: o. -on
fi-- ! : i r ,.- t . ,.. t t:.a. -.va ..-.: - .
the a.::- on thj.f d.-y : to .!.- b. -: of n.v .
vdre and h.-'.i-t iiwa-of th, t'ek-t tho
vote.;. I i::d....,d t':,-ia ai! 1 .-.'.; : v. a
t'c'i in, t t th' ri.-a let;
t. .'!'. H..-V
by u.y ;. s-i.-A-.:-t-i
:.t t! t;.-
of a Ur. dav-.' j
to I.-.-; T 1 ! f
w ;
.;. f
, ,,n.,l
1 :.-y oh:;.c :;. to :o.i' 1 w .rn
a it. i tu, un 1 .-i .-fsrii-v i'..'.' f..
d-moc-a-.:-: -.hk.-t . I v.. : . I f
l i. who w.i- -.-i- j; ro work a
i a: y
-t f.e'
cai.y. I ; r-t- l -v. lh, po", .
ti.en ; h . v .-..t tin ir ta-k-t-
w . c -Ira:-: t d -rt.'..i-raf iv t. ket-, i::;.d
the b. -.! ef mv !. to.-, v.
t'.at I i th-t . . I d- u 'hi ok
-tan;-.- Kt:a.r il ..-e a! b.. :r
ho-:,, that del ! Vvt, I. - .:,:;!..-.
w h,n th.-y -d i -i.
th- v..f. w. re la-. .-n ;
t' e b.n ox, nd in ; !
un t.c
!- 1
A-I-.lh :.
I h.v
p-e-:oi.s -rev.
of il .vr -.,-,
! ., -v i,
I '!- ,;r"" ''
i ' ,
I i-c.r.:,:- d a w !.
j t u :, :l . .
i five ! !' wit:.;;.
ti,i -
t - n!'
.Ir., ;
o.i I.,.- - I
.. : .,
w. ? -" b.
" " .:. o w,i. f
r".',''"!l ', ' ' ' '
' pa: i m f-r 'h-.
'' '
'' ;
'' !
' ' '
iafo- s, f .r T :.
h'wri.;n ha ! n
'a l- buri:.... i he I
'-V ' '
1 -ylve.i. , La e-i .sh.
( is. ti., .1 ne 1: .-ii tl ,
po'.'s. Th v sv :
ih pnhie.t' s could not -..: v.- !.: t:.:h;.n-.
, ' . .. .,
triij S-uii, r.-.te,r.!,:, li.'in .. ra- ' ' a-iV
wil!.. v;,:; tl,.-v ..n-v,, t-d o:n
tiuh.; : t1
; .a --- -
; t;
j Ifoa.t.'Ht.'. puny, ai d i . u i'ne's party, a'
'' i .! oei.it - ; I,iie.tT.t! - c- ! ' ' I.. .11
t . . 1 ,
.- t-i-y !: ih, afiei no.-', w-m-n I . ; u : t r.s .i i!
! not - th- t fl rt on t:., r ,o: ( f t; , r -vui. s wa
t,. r,.,.i-,.,.l I' ,,! tv... .u t L-.ei V .
I" ..
'-" unl.u ; mi g-n -ra; v a .-ipui 1 wu: U t vo-. i
I'.oii!, I',,, ward- I'm. a;,, i- .. .. v., - .
. , ., -.' ". ' , ' I
! m the w ft ; l-a : i i e ' iv .-i o-;l ,..Lr ,!.,..!.
, Kr . .A:i. , T ji..;.,...
'. ' . ' ' ' ' t I;
;la'g: poirt..nof tn..' boiv.l.-i.! j..-v.-;- ... u .r-- !
av. in th, ward;
tin : Th-r- .e-re i..
V't.-.., '.. t.,.
,,. ..
n. a t . .::
r, A:-. I':,:r,
k'l'iwl,.-.!-,. i-iri-I.t Il- Wfl
T;....lia4 M. JIwwr;...,.
.-Scnr,'- a !
a id .,th,is, who, ma... -
'tiak'r.g the : -turban'
1 "','' Th.".' ''
and sr.a'c; a. K,pab. - ,.
f v ,., , , . ).: wn a
t los-d , at one iin.e r -
ore at the. lector; t,
, :;1 '"I' 'lK,lJi V"! "
he was al.,nna.u; I w ..
, T . r, ,
tn window ; 1 a I'i; !
- 'I
i .;; i
g f
i ' a,
. n w cnt aw .
a"t n . t: h
t-:. :- t i-o
i ,. '
jj Hj J;i t., nlt,ri
enou-h ! i .i-; ),. ,
r ja.n t ..on-.
lh p::bl:car.s of W-h. o- , J ,. ...
itsgifo'i, th-s, cut-thro ,- '.. r r ! .-..Ir
th.e eTpcim-nt f - Tv . r :
have bet. t.,M that a i: uri-t-y l.va- is
or if , only r,,r c;t;L . , r ,
I out from cih rs. how !o; z tin--.. !;'
In f.ndiiU' th. ir war into th, c
Loso-riiRKaTL-SH'. Tie f '. .! '. a
i"t..rferet.-e of ccrraia a Iv. ninrcr-, in
po-up.,.-. the s-para'..n -f t'an.'. ii
Imperial G-'Crnaient. A hc-i: '!!,
circulate 1 hi Canada, rt f. : s, ..p- -i,vle
actio. i t.f these Colonies m. h r -hnila; t
-a the
to t: -a.s;aa-
aUac-s, an 1 ;s:ts tn.'. th.- tin., i- :,t had
wson Ilk- action ehou'd and :u ;-: h-. tak-r. bv
the people cf Cr.ad.t. It la.-.-s i..vu !.- r
of Parliament of th; te t';-I:T ;::. ..Ms, to ;
pose in the Jlouse tha. i: is "exp-iiv:.f ltd-.
Sc-ive all C..jv,-T-a.or,fa! ii.nne-.Iou with (treat
Britain, that th. Ion between Tpp-r and I...w.
er Canada be el .-olved. r 1 that it-rac d'.ate
steps b-' taken that Upper Ca-.a ft n-.ay b..-c...e a
State of the United Stat. Ti e elreilr Is
addressed to "Th Iloa-n-ahle th- Attvrticv ::
cral of Canai.i West," and a la-ge tiu-r-U-r have
been printed for circulation.
New Patents.- Vine ty -five pat.-ats ware regis
tered on Satur.ty, Mareh I.', l'..r iss-, next
week, being fifteen above the usual avera.e.
This increase is regarded as r.lr- a suspicion as
to the eaerclse of proper cr ttir-v '.: , :' e re-th-era-.-r
t of Mr. Ho!:.
Montcalm. A special meeting of the Board
of Supervisors of Montcalm county is calh d, to
be held ir. tire- ville, on Thurlav the "11
jnst. The oHec :s to act upon the Vroposit'oa
to plede the cr- iit cf t! coumv for rroTisior
for the relief cf ve destiiute citizens thrr.-c :".
Death at ti; rlartDs. John I'aiiy, a ptril
ytic was burned to death on Wednesday, ia the
conflAraticri cf Lis bouse.
' "
Pur-'aait to to-ice delegates troai the several 1
- . ! , .
!..'.! house ia the second wrl.ou !.:. lay J
H. i;. :.irJv,
A. II. Har:.
' ' '
i ,. : ur r.'.ii. :-.y t.oa..r.a,e-..
I;, fee t'n, baV.. ti'.z c--r!:':.fi..'e I C'. I-:rr au
i !,. :; ! that J. A. K- rr d- elir.-d b. inz a can-
I h d b-h re th, co! v,r tio. ar.d
:-r th, thirl
; ! t""t withdiC-V h.a owfl I.atli,.
1 Fni.-.i'm Lorrvear w-, r.n!t:e-l for K-er-r-!
In th, f.rstbV."'.:.
j J.c.u'har! i. Ka-n-i il ws- I omi .at 1 o'iv,
!a:I F.F. II'.--. ii, T:-a-;r-r, on th-hr-t bihot.
I j'.,"... ir- r.-'.niii:atior;s were taad. ?
!,,.-. F. G. Ihis-.h andWe-'-y Kia-ty. Vh.--.l
; I-i -,r- ; Ii avid M. Hiv a id F !.,-. od I'arr.-
,rs of ih, IV-r.
I.,-.. 1. '. I.-rich, V. Kii-T aud A. r.
i..-t, a: p..int-d a cotT-:ni'l.'.; f teprt
, .. i.Ka..i f-..?i. each w ard to net
, "':'.:
' W t r
j .i- a 'y i'oii.miKc, ot Vi-'.Li.ce f-r the eiu-
! :r ' v-h'. 1 r,.n:i:?;. , I. " 1 th, t .lioarii
! 1... V,rl lh . fiarn, .. 1. Mead.
i; t Ward I. II. i;artho'.i ,w, Y. II. Ih'a kn-y.
j - ! Ward-J. J. Wh::iia::, J. S. Harris.
W: :. r.-ort wis a.cpted ui.i a iopted,
I .-. t! .'-.-.. n'i -n al 'Ura-d sb-e dk.
j J..0 LFACII, .-her. t.rv.
J...'-n- F;-nn;tiS. i'roni lii-r 7 r-ic!. r,
:ir? a th-; t.-hi--i at th ; tnu!h of th,
' "' , ," ' " .', , theta to ;-o into tho C'eat l'rcM h nlial con
... l:,.t oai.ei r.n: "Tu.r- were al lea.-t . " . ..
a-' I, Oarivii "., 1 here d:.r:n la.-1
val ,d ..t thirtv thoUfaad do-a-) ; a ,f i.
i.-s-t th-,:-n-i d!h'S wt.ff'i p-ukod in ie
a:.d r-:.t '';', lo f.o i'h:,aifo r-ark-t.
i.-t Th'.'sMi' M'. Marphy bn i:d t in
f ,-. t ;....:.. '.' , t!;, product of one ha .1
.ith-.-.t I ".'( barr. Is bW... th, li: -i ot th..- -ea-oa,
Iton-i a - .n-oi'-o !.. t iwo t.lirhts. Our
:;,-; r !.. u ar- :.vv .-I C-.E-'d ::i li:akin pr-pa-a-ii
.; s i, ro-,e;.rifi- the bu.-i:,-.-; this ason on
i n . it--,r.- r? tc!'"", a-a1, than het.-t'.f..te.
' - i.s-, to a i .'.-eoi:.s
! V. .-;y-: Thib.
-ii l " i., v i' - w s'n I ad
! fr-'fi 'h- m;.,"s.u.;;. 1:,.,
j-tl:a. .ln:!:h,,.ph-ol, -
I'Tilf R I iU The N.
of a r'.'i.h in .' in
, a -ho. t to.!. .1: c
., k-t- w.-tp ...,:..! :
,; y , n- boii h--Kti;Ie : or.e
iKv i-; ot,, -pi tch of S r;a-
. ; .t. !'-.
, , o x- ,opy f T- A'..V-. ha,,..,
f'.j-!.- !.! ; 'hi-, cop! - ,.f '-,. IV,..:
. 'ip! .n M..a.e; a photograph., . p-
. I 80 ahi.'i'T d -v-..rh - an .-u.'!.
to b; tl., piovh it! Mi-' ippi in
-' tr-- un ! -t.;;i...."
v i O f: r:
Far n t I . i, .,
.,-.! cly pnMi-hed
w.uMjr of Nor a-.,.!;,
! i- b'-.ekberr v wine.
1J bth.-U ol N.-W
.. t..iiit"'-! oi r-ii-e i
...!;, .-- i.f Whi. h
v. v. ';v'-' .
, ti.-l a ..iiu'.'-of
l-i.l, h.l..' I-I -
blacK'n-rtie a f '
. ' to th i.e'-c!. u lihi- wafer to -ii ike -in . n..cjh t - a'd the hid, of a public
i t;.- ip; int'n . Th: oi:de is onlv -! v iicntf,-I func'i e .iv. c ;p .bi -.. b-ii:er d-frn !. . i by a sve
! .,; h Will: :t wo--'el ...- a d-iit-o'l eo ii ,h j "p! at t ... n, tuki.h bv : iiypociite d. ban, :,,
j If v. is t-.-', . bv tl,, ..er...ti it t,t. . a- . ;r,.r .,' ih- Wa-hin-fou .'.,;.., h
bo- -i m n and ''-
1 it tho..-'- '1 ;il
.-1 v,jv ti. ic!: a On r- t. i 'nu-.ri.-rio-
to .ii-n- -' a'..- ' w ho
w;n,. ..... .4,,.t -I by Mr.lVo.-o.t 0f Wihi
j F-v.:i a' os .iik lli i'-"S. Tii, lrp. Loom
i j. :iv.o- !it ii. Falls l-rok, on Monday, a id the
! t.recaia, ilowtt v.j'h se.eli fit-., a i b.ake t'n,
j a a- Sialy fl.lt. Th, h.-- are pas-i:.- o . r
r'h-.'tlie don .t h, r'. of tu-.f.: than ,'. hut.d.-,d
'-." Ii.innf,. Th-lo wi:'. b, very heavy tolh,
j !umb-rm.Ti, and must rii;., unny of them, :is
th. r- ar- two year', stock of Io,s note in th, riv-
A'i tnovcabi, jif.iperty was taken frixtl the
;i' at Sttidr II' .1. V t,r etiil rislne.
W;i,;.r. !- t". s.i.i; Co! srv. Anion- the pen
. lli.-s ..! tit. Farmer.' 'Int., it pp-t's thai
Tl.oatf .b.u-s of renter c-'it.fy. Mich.. vant.. Stnith Hag tew f... sad hai fitted up the
to il oth-: - h -v- lo rase radish-- without their t .l,hn-o-'. Hotel," oppoite th, Michigan
d with we.-.b
r worm., it n .-im-
.... . ..........
' ;- ,
ti ' t' -a ! '.M.l' from l;iat d-pt.'i ben.w in,
. .
,c.L. . ir.cn we-.-d e i. r.t'd w ot n,-.
... , . , . .
n,e-- : , ein ic. t:.e '-o".n I 1th l,pi.d inati-
" . ., ..
, ur". !i -..Vi toeii-a o'cir.-il ; totn i-otu
'''-in.r how iv.-i! th-.' plants
i th-o i'. of a !'.
Ih.ss-vi van Po; inc.; Mr. F..m . ',
of -.".s coi.titi: -d a c t ! for another Ib-tnt. rtt'e
Cotiv. t.rion a Uarrl-hu-r, on th- 1 2:h of April,
to vhi.h, t, C v -rr , Paek-r IV en the :.--in!i
of ii.- S; it, r..i,v.-t rion, at F.-l -t al die-
t-ah:; t r--tss..-tr ti..; prhi-ipl- of Poj.ula.
S-i,r-t ntv, h 1 t i vin !'-.r- U-m. -:- prin.a.
j N.o-v Coii':' is I'KTKiur Th, I'e;ro't Tn-
i -iy- 'Th? wovk of building Si. . I..d. t.s'
i. 1. lie',, f Cj.'-e-'pa' and lh. Pa: SoL-ag-. on Wotid
, w ti A v,iia,, was en.uui-nced t'.is morr it g.
' We :n.h r-n,n i that i1., !o, ..;. k I'w.-hin
-.poo '.., premises, is to h- deUioli-litd itnu.t di-a-.''v.
to t'.ake roOTU for thy lie-W bull htiL'1
t'':-W!;?El.s tl M AT,'. ETTK. I'j war-Is i.f
1 ' w!.,,!s have !io been mad, for th, Uty de
Noo-.vt and Manptette II. li. Co.. which' has
rec-i.tly purchas,. tn. Iron Mouittain 11. II.
Lake Sap- rio- i-..;, i. to b- No 1 f,..r tf is
Fi lots', Can:.;:. Am Trce. The Chhngi
l'-ra'- stys: ' W- . j j .r he.-itat, to a,krs-v!
e t! at C - H-'nocat'c party in thi- at- h
tt pre--tin a orj I'th-i by ro rneatiS envht h-'
Th- Jrar.k-c? of :'-; -r-r I U o-'v eon-d bv
:. . ,...i r i.-.,j
Wjik'.u is the ArosTRorHk ': Mr. P.k, h-ts
r.-eerilv spoke a a speech iri CIncitinatl. There
'A i-, it i-sij, as in'j' h ai'Siety amor g Pike's
friends to hear Pike -peak, as there i. a-v-r.
x .e to s-, r.ke's p.-nk.
Fox PiKi-'s TitiK. We understand that a
company ol tig teen per.-on-, with teams, passed
thro-igh our city y.-.ter-lay for Tike's Peak goli
dl.Ings &nl Callfonaa. They were i:ks; of
ihera from the up riv.-r country. Other ccrn
pAnies are forn.ir.i, i.i alaiOst every r.,hhbor
hool, to try their fortunes ia the new- EI I'ondo.
Crr-ii J idi l ;.V.
PcrrERMiNT. St. Jo. COUt-ty i Ceht'tfed for
the growth of pepptrtrai.t. The Three River
Il'ralJ, savs: " L. B. Rich has purchase 1 over j
. i r t
the Lst three week?."
Another IToEEin Death i t BrENTN FLrin.
M-. Andre C. Weir of Uillsia'e, was buT.ed
to death ty a fluid lamp on Saturdty evening,
March 1..
The text i-ae of the weekly j. rvss a'l ot;r
. r. ... .r-v:,.,
your ireVd. s, net ex? o-ting yo: wi at
fur . ror.or t a', ka ra:r thaa uaS-.v
so iu r,pcct to b-ai-r.- it is tr,:e that to pei
i-ral excitenie: t ! been raise 1 amo:r the rot
. r-, t :t th-v have beer. co:rta::hr li-d lro:a
I -tr--it, br a v.ek pas, ly h-tter. ts-H-ret circa
it's, ar -1 d.icametits, t. i::di: tf.eiri to make
cer rr-o:; caa-, ia a ph-t t def-at Jiir-r Msrtln
I v war-;.::. of! a y an i a".' the cari ii i.tcs on
their ;. ti'k-rs, ia th, respective towr?h:ps
ar.d wa'i. i, Kepablican. have been fore
warn.vl of this, and , i should be forearued
: be . rcj-iirvs ia.p'.i.-it r'Ji'it; t !i'-r
t-'-.''. If you vsy " I am a: ihu- for the eioe-ti'-:
of o-.r S it tv;-.,r ii'.r Clerk .r Trea-ur-er
a tew v.'t- - will .-ave .him, and I can pot
tho-.. ve-4 by sappii'5 th,, carsd-Jaf, br Chief
.Vr.'.:. ,, whi.;!i few V"i- wii! rot b, ir.:.--cd,"
v th.-r. b-f-..!-e : spirafor with Jour pro
s'avery ctieaiy, t defeat your own cause.
Whi!- i,n, is plotting ia one towr.-hip to elect a
c-rtain o;h-er. ariotlier raay be al c:k ir. an aM
iacent twnsh: to elect au..tht.r, and so on,
Th-on-h the State, and nh-n the voles are c-uM-.1,
it may turn out that by ba:terit!p a few otc-
to save a f: i ud h-re, or to pu:.i-h a p.-r-onal ea-
rnv ther. to acoaitnodate a '.'Calitv ia this
p'a'',, or to hun;L!e a rival ia that to acconimo-
d..te a i.ci-tibor or to t'rat.ty a p.-i aa a.r.-
C-ite c-l ini.-chi.-t has b-cu accon:p!i.-!i,d suf
cS-i 1 t br;n t:.a-'ei' und c-raco t;poa t!ie
ticket to weaken the cot.li.Kt.c, of the i
who h.ve ben iti body-puard lor yeats pa.-t,
u:. i civ, a bo! 1 confidence t its f-e.s, it.sj.irinu
test Oi I . Il is t.e.:cvJ t.ual t:.e i,pui.iica.i
r.arv 1 a.i a f ;tu:v t f uti'.itv. of honor, and of
er. hirauc; ; but all th- i-li-ay b, destroyed, I.uU
ralized and cut .r by cc-ect, an 1 --till n-,, by
tr-a-he:y and bal la'lh.
It eat.t.ol b, baid that the preiu-tit jancture is
ot , t f ii o lt!nir or vi'.al iinpu-tH'.cc tin-net:
of tho IV ..idet.t of the L'uit-d States, Ins de
m i: ds uj.oa Congress in aid of human slavery.
and ;f the extension of its bloody tl-'d tl e t n-tinu.-d
ho-t'l":y to K..I:-.S as a fre- Stste, e.-ti 1-
f.-t-d bv C..:-re-., aud fro'!v the total ui.rc.
g.tt-1 a d i p-n -u"-it:e.. of the inttre.fs ot t! .
.North, tlis-.iawo.! .v i on.'te-. as w-l! a Pv the
i.ve-ut.ve, t i.-ai:v mat as rj.-twt . avetv.
the i.ateh.-t is n-t b'l.'i.d th, war i- to th,
knihn and lh- knife to the 1.1a.
(pli- n! one, tnor,, K 'n-if.!ic a'.s of Michi
can, .-: d a' th- ni ! thro.v oil your upathy dis
card ah .r:r,ret,e. s, w helh-r Ln-a! T pJ-oal,
and int yo ir to. h .nd to hand. Let there be
tin Pa'ih- r, o ir-o rchat,-' Uo swapping oi
v,.t. . at tr e polls. t f,.,rl.! f. ..f."
ih-wai-,, ,-p,i-i.i'!v, td union tit k. t.. In ut ii
of Iri.-eb is t ; b,:i hi pt t-l.d. d union
..! bi -ti !. at d fo. .. at d -. p-tco,d und bitter a
lit::.-,, th. re N ot U -d.n. s. .!'': oi a:
Ma. .
No .-un.
- . ,ji ., i in ,.: a r , ,-n- ..: .,,
: '.r S'..;i. ,x .ntuer-i .- ci:..r,
' t . - ik the truth iu N ew Vie I. :
" U- think thai S-nVor Lhowt.'s ardor -- t
th Lett. r f h;s jodjui-tit w !i. n h, a; l that we
wutti Cuoa for the purpo o! etendit.g slavery.
Mr. lio te ,!iou!d not th'ii-t ilaveiy so
mncli ii.io th- ! r.--to.in I ot American politic
.!,c,!d n..i n.ie, 'hat in-t'i :ti'!!i k t;,.,n. . r.oli-
iUoo's HollL. That w. wont to be a pleas
ant sound to p ass-! i,rs on the old Hullalo and
Albany .ta', la,,, wh.-n the coach drew up for
the i Iirht al 1'tica many a traveler of ari earlv
day will rc-coi!eet that hon..; for th, weary and
huntrry. I'.-tr'iit l.ow has a " IJajg's Hot' !,"'
tiw ;ed hv ti kin-man of h'm ! I'ti-a, atid as jen
i d, i.-o..-1-h-at l-d and lopulai as h:s prototyp,.
v etttral I'. pt.t, in Wet.. .it. a-! ma t tains it in ai'
r .... ... .1 i
i . .. .. .. .
tii itu. M'sn: l,.w,n, the Alncan
Mis-ior un und Kpl mr idefitified the "corn
-ot.g'' ot t!ie i at'vcs of Afrea w it!i t! e n. -ro
d.-t me'.odi. s m liich .o wid-ltf kriowtiand pojm
j i.ar in o .r court ry. St is r-Uirkabl, that the
: otot in-.s. w ro.-i i.as Oeeri tnoair' t pun-'i. .tri-
can in it- or:-:n, llois appeals to hate h-eti
broil jhi ovi r t -nt itie. .-tto from Abiea, i;i th-o-t
!. liliai hold ol lh, -late-, hn!
Wio.K i.N 1 ill. Is-tSK AsfLI M - The Kali
iniA.io Ttjr'i-h iv.t:...t work r,; this ...,':,!,
in-tltution ;. progt ,.':,- a- rapidly ... j.......i.l,,
and . cr r-.-a ler n.---d have m, fe:- th at it wi 1
-:op. Tho South wing wll! ho r,aly for the -e-C'
ption of of the t, no ilt-s f pa'len; this
s :t I i; ir ; an I without doubt the m.tln stneti;r;
will !, liui-hed within th.- '.I.:, - r.-p orti 1 ' t tl ,
Hoard last want-r.
WlILtl WtST'. A Uli. Ti." who'll I- I.-.k'l.g
finely in Allegan. The ,,..- ays : '' Th- k
tf wheat oa hand is estimated to be far !.. !,, w
th- a'.'cr iire 'pisr.tdy. S tn, far.a. t in Mov'e-r-y
are still ho! ling on to cribs of corn, i.o'.aith
standi: il has been as !.!- a-- s-t-i- -hhlh -i
p. r h;i-h..' ia this vlila,."
A (i'i')i' Fs-Ttn,-!'.'-:--. Car It or., form. t!y of
th- Nile 7,..'.h ..',, has -farted o g..r
calh-d th- 7W-',sou:,d K-puhliea", ofcu-..
at St. J ,, the month of Hlv.--. The first
-, tae. t .-
e ! e.
Is a Hai- Wat. Late Paris ios!p says that
the Ernperor Ntpol.-on is ;o!ky and routy, at. 1 is
ci.hg-d to jiut -o much water in Lis . it... that
drop.-,- w 'i! probah'y supers-d- the c cut, va!:u
dinariaa p-ave usurp the h-- of g-irn-C-air;d
w i:-.
A U.-Ert a. Invcnt.ox.C. S. Wh-eh-r, of low
f.rville, in th;s S'aic, has p-tt.-r.tei an apparalus
.'ur evr,po-a-ir.g tlul is. The invei.tioti is more
I trtieular'y applicable, we suj po-e, to ir , a:.t
of the maple : -jar-maker.
School A.;ciMar. A sea of Il ram Stoddard,
f.f Monroe, had l is leg b-okea oa a -prmr-bov'd
e'.e dsv last week.'
Drcve IiaI'. An IlIIau, dn;r,k, r.araed
S'l'.a: lo, say? the Ow,.o American, wis killed
be the cars five rni'es west of that cifv.
n ,. .
I.a:lfoais in Ip.ance. Tj
r.rri,-.f f-M.
!'" n ' . W
" "i
. .v t .
k:Nn.-Mrs. Pet.d.eton, a et-ter cf the Iae
Mr. Key, has Uken hii four chdd-en to her boras
in Ohio.
Outbuak nt Aumr.i l'tlon.
T-., rri$wr A'.j.Vv li'-.-.W ...
. .'f Aru.--.: Thr-.it.-'l i A' "' '
We kara from a letter from Aub .ru that tht
t to restore iUietru.-. It i a s vur,
remedy, but 2 g-U.e-...:y i - ;-y when d
rate ct'ea have to be dc&'t wi;h. Mr. Kitkj ai
rick b-ha. d 1 i:ne'f with f-eeornir t-ren pt: e..
and courage, ia pnttiair down the oatfircak : md
! i cea 1 :ct i t'uorou !.Iy a; proved ar.d ju!i::ed
bv the people t-f Auburn,' i i arr-.:. what
threa',:.,d to be a fearf-d riot.
r Tn V'iftar.i.
ArifRs. Mi-eh I in ' .( t ., c,n : -t s em
ploy e.l ia the hau, -ho!, f , !: ui":'y. t' - 1 , ;d
Keeper, Mr. Ai:-::u, or : re 1 t: .a to t , taen to
the dtit.vn. The 9hop-k.-. pcr. V . Ilub' ar i.
privc de l to -cute the order, rd while ia th
act of ui.lo-kin-: the tail t! r. th- -is. an r
broke away !'-,-:, hint .-.: 1 ran ba-k t th, i-hep.
calht Z upon th, oth. r cot vic' f r .a-.i-'afee
Ti c head-keeper lhi-l u't.-r.'J t.-d to - t u-e ! im.
when th, cot.vht r-track h.ta w:t;i a bar of iron,
ir 1 drew a w. -spot: a .ouu t tile, ':..rpe: d t a
,,;,,r which the kt'i ','er wr. -ted fnna ! ire. A 1
t: e convict in lh- -r op then to . ! a ru-h. a: i
foa-.tm ttced t'-row ir- hauaners, plat ... -., wt
t! e otlie, r-. The A,;;t t.hci- otdi r.-d t.i- jua-.i
U l.re upoa iheai, and two ot the cvtai.-t, w ,-r,
aioilahy ,n:.ded aud one 11 r'ht!y. T:..-y were
th-i: lu'arched li t!..i: . ells ;.t th, poll. i of t:.c
hay. Ia t. t'n, of then;, a ieri!:::i, i- nrai- 1 v. 'la
a knife, and declares that 1 w n! kill the !":r-i
man w'uo attempts to open his e-ih The I, a I
k. 1-pt.r has a! a; .1 l.hn-e'f and pi;;, to s. e l.iia.
Th- l'J.lo:; letter, troui the W.i'.',-n h .s
e rcf ive l in thus . i.v :
WaH. o.sh, O. . :i .:, A. i.rr.s l'!..-. , I
An ; f;s. M-feh I .'. 1 -'..
l:irS.r: It Kvatt.e my ptiilul duty tils
atierao 'n to put down, th- hk- . - a in th,
Hinie Shop who were in re-:-:.-.!.. - to the ,:h
c.-rs, and in .h-lu- -o -h..t ihr of th, c i:i-t-.
me t f theia is j.a'ia-d Loop a. .other iiilh. 1 1.
Ih.tli of li .-.:,, I fear, ar, m... tally vnt led.
The ol'uer one. th, can., t f th- d!-t :rha: i
theneo W . A. lV-ar, who is ,.. t thr.. i-h the
thi.'h. !'. is a i untottanate afh.lr, ! tht-r w .
tn. oth. r Rt.-tua!Ue. W, had t ith. r : -ive up
a'i control of t'-eta, at-.I p rt..';t t' -.a ? ! v.-th-a
nwa wav, or tor--.'. t: -'n by I Wc
eho-c th-' la't-r. I ha'.eno opj'-t inity ... ::i
m He, tor we ar, crowded wit1- t it' -t.s, wl
h-t- to .ti-l-h; an i in -t.lv t i i:n: t .' a', . v- : t
Ve--'. .'en
i'io J. K . k " r; . o ..
..' ...Ol' J.,Ulrn It.
So i ran us 1 1 a ok l'a:i am a m "i ' .1 ,.
ni.nvill, il'iad "'!" ot.i-h .
Th, picking t p f a t.v-o oi ..i.itc b o
and ,ii!t in the ?re ts of New Votk, ar-l tra 1
IV.- t-M V. , -t, i- t p'..:..: ft
pi. kins up ot a c areo o! 1
-s Hm t ; 1-
,ra . i re I.i
p.et Afri.arst.ih, an! e,i! it'n r:d. h i- nh
' l.osh," and whlpph.4 th, tUt'I trou'.d t! c
.tun p. I,-: tit" laws t.-.-ulii, lh tta lc, ad
I ; li e t,t a n ii'i-
a -t I roh.b.t it, and fi..v. tt,- ! .!." - ol it voul 1
IL.tJ p tr ; li lab 'ti. wa! t-d it 1. 1 : -l. pp. '!,
and t.:i tht I a i. - in th- wot! S c-.i.t-.t p-- e-
its , ii.:'..it;.'i,."
I. sit as , lie; ..'Cos La .'. --.'. U . To.:
K-i , of Pi .oil,, i d t ar J; h I.i: !.
w.-. k, on 1 ;s ,y to co,!,!:.. . ii.:.: i .i ur t
hue, of Ih, Sw-i-i:. La:, i to- '. f;.,i.l 1 mi l
11 jn.-t-oti I.h'v.. 'dr. Ton.- f.a- r. it .1 .
app" iutnn a I iri pl.e - of Mr. Tl".!.: id-,, .', '.
Und, who has no.'-. ii d. Mr 'J om. 1. a 1 i
njon tia.el r, u- d to ; he a.-tds, and w. .' .td .pi-
ed t ) do J! J.l-tice in 1 is pr. Set. i .; it hy.
I't;: ! I ns:. -Wit' - o ,i ,i... , . t
Hit: i- .( it ,i;:o-i t-r:fty p r.t-i:i the
Stet". 1 b y f n:!d th-r, with t t-'- at.-l p.-rma-
i. em e, th-y ai, w! i- aw,'.- ,-ut'y i i th- tci-r-
ing. publhpiri-e 1 and ti -.e-.f .'. n-v .h.ny
r.at.er ha -l-t !,...-. -tarte ! th, r, I v t) , c t. ,o -
to-of th"
smart h-.k.
Tnt liuttr Id:: i nr.:. Mm a A d'spi.r.. ha
groa up betw. . ii th, c-ombafa r. jh to th, .ip-pr-'prlatioa
of th" pro, 'ci!s of th- t';.h,s of f-itiis-ioa
to th, cr,.,t Sen in. r and Phelati unteb.
Phi !aa w:.her to g:e th, m .n, y to the Mf. V. r
t.oa Fund, ar,d Han, to th- I'ctroit rt hvi As
sy htm. No. ng' vi':-', the gam- wi"; b- en : t.
iitiv-lv p.IvVc, nt.d tio ticket wi!! b. - !
V it :s:Tt a i . to T 1. 1 : . . Comatcrce ha
ftratig" f:eiik-. It is only last ,ar that tii-ti'i' d
rpirits were t-hipp.-d in ij tnatiii, to I '.art,,, to
b, m id- into br.tt-!y : hi d tot a cat -oof ' a.
Iron: I ta.nc-, i. eji,et-d at N . J . . , I -hat
i:--' be.-n to-nt -on - t'ui J., , . ....
of i. -h d ..ne'. j.rh-,.
I; sn:i:o o 1; num. Si. t v i s. 1 (,.. :,. i : -i;y
t i!., (.'ouiniaie.j on Fed-inl lh latio; s i.n t'n,
Ms-a,hiicctts L'urlrlhriite c a Fii liy n. poitt ! a
bill fo pr. v.-i t iin ! pu;.i-:i any ntt.-i; j to urr.-.t
fugitit e -l.ivi s it, that S'nie. A mlici'v r. j
agti-.-t t! - bill was ,1,. j-re-e-nf. d.
As A s v . y t . ..
L.tU-h on F: i lay
eiin i.- of ra'- '.. :
1 - happen, ! jv. -whl
.. ;t -ire ."
-No ii
n . h. d
h -o !,,
d . to " in .V
I. .o Vi.ci'...-r,;.;.l;:. ii.,: ;. i::.
I :' e '. to ! tie I --Itil.T Of t! . V,
: v-i' T", dl. ! iit Wyah;-iu:-, I';., o , :! .". f,
t'f t, at th, ::;- of h- -:i--.
i ; -
Uiavsj., ro I'Kiro. Mi,s FI ar.r
bnrticd to d,att a k 1 i-t S a.diy, ur
on. 'niawt-."" toun'v.
i iAt. Ali as otMKsi--. Ilya r-pi'-r thro'
the Kahirn. -o T- -r h to !, t-ir;, ! .t K
KcU uns... Kev. W. Ih I.nr: Jl, !
f" :-, the S-.'ith to Inula, c .r" 1.
K i.i y Soa;n.,. Air. Alouo He-nt f.t. of th"
to::, he. th's wc k -own a !', Id f fi'S. Wlno
i- rth-al of him? )..'..',' ll'ri'-l, '!.
oio.i T.E. An a'.h.-hodl' 1 un i f
iudivi i i'f w: , it p. il he caul 1 i.eith
write, kr .-" t i n. ; h t . :en;a'n I
I a i
bo' I
passed ov. r th, riv r r.t th's pohnt a f..w h.y
n.' i, having e.ah- hi- e-,.;po f-'-m r'vry in
Ker.iuihv to free 1 i.: iti Car i hi. in a litt'e
than tht- . days. II- wa I'.'ht :! ..' In cor., -
ph. iort to ir.i'. !, .. v :. hi K-r.t-kv, a v. h.
man, an 1 .:r.c of his ra iv - ture wj 'd he am . -
ir.j er o.::h to pu't.h-h, cv;! J i' he d . , wi":
-.'"..r Tb. ..e-r'-r of t' , I'i ,'. r--.c- ,' IfV.
road, however, " a.u-t be prr--rv."i.""
Ti.E Mii?Li.S. We Tei ime there have r.ot
been l-.-s- than our hur.d.e ; c-i-. j of the tu,:ih.-r
ia this city aud vi-ir.lty will in four m-u-ths.
They hrs: commence I by a ioy - 'r,o c' ., f.-oii.
Chlcdiro r:i a visit here, a: I .bar- rone from
hous-; to ho us.; all winter. The Ui.ion S hooi
ha many time, had bu; l-,w -.holarr. la en.
rtxra we e arn that over forty were taker. at
with lh, d'aa Th-y have r T.-'a'y I -em
light. They seem revtohave ah "Ut run th' ;
course, neadv everv one l-avlrr- ha 1 th.tn who
I never had the m b. f or-. .V;" .''.'-' t
Wot s Sror-pr:.. Mr. Jordin, tl -; Su-r'n-
) t.-r.de,t Of the N".?w Pot :!.e.. t Ut'.j'T. to-ijar 1
received criers from W-ishinr.ori, to d:se.jT.tiuu,
,;.,t iA Ju,r JU w.,rk.
Eie Wl. understand, ar- to b- d'-eha-g..d at
! once. Dtiroii Triune.
From the Si;-.- i Democrat, ifh j,-,
The 'raii.l lnivh t. th Vtt,
It I. l..::.T.-i by Co- bet .tie to jaj. ,
?t'" :tvr t?'" :t;oR Sv?
W.-twa:.! cJ...U Is thtt t at.t form. Zi
1 !, s.cilloi or -.t
ay. aul the re$c't j.
, r,w'h -U -,.
r. atN,. : lis! a'.. ut- vt r-ise:r,na,vt
!,'t ,f wl.na oi-V1,',r,f,i,;,.l:erw;l)b
" V:ru"- r':'hv ;'rt ;-hV-earor'kt,
1 tatters, i :.ey ar,- f.-.-u. : .n .... W.r.sia ej
olh-r St:.I -.
.v ! ota M i it:.
" 1-o-t No. ..-Fr-m I. ..: - ill,, Kct.Uclv, kl
o;,r : lunar-.; a: d f. :v j. T.per. Ore
t - : ' 1 !' -so t.av, .:....:. cattle, d,.;ra,fr..
n..! : ia.; h n . , .. .,t 1 -e J t0'tL u
te-.. , Ki t e A' .o:-;, . hole i.unr
., r :;:;: oud o - .'un, tno.e than tM'
or twei iv .- . s. . 1 t
i - . : ' '., h -1 -
. ervar.j.
" " 1 ' ' '' tana l,xj;i.
-:.n 1 f v t-- !- n the !;..
. -! , :..-,: -li
r .-. r. ,;..--.. -! :
.ire i 1 1 tn ; ah It'ti t
;.!:..! N.
- w ere .-o tftt
-'a p'T. th,;
r 'nnta s t Ktu;-
f. thy, 1 Vc I. w '., a: 1 atthlcSof out;'
u :: : ' :.. th. :- p. -. :-, b .t s,,,,;. ni;t .
u. n. .ot-, a' ! .on their .,.. W,
... l-C,:.i, t.-.-a i-lncltnati, a:,d ...
.w..::, w,t:. I a hundred trc
;y .;..t.rant. w.r. :n ! . : ..'.-. and on Ut dec'
Ff y .: t. , - ar, be ...i ,.,,!,. iJsJ
Ki: -i-, by way ot I., re. j ;!, ....J Kn,
Ih'.y.and ..! :. h..0 t re.l.ip, a the l;
.ocs or. u, tue M.-.' iti. Ti -. tif'y cuniprv;
:!; . o. 1 'in J wi.hh w f.e rald in
V rio a. !!. !.' :eky : ! IV: t.-y h ania.
!' N". to ' l . 'l-v.i!, , Kv.,
ty-tiree pa :: r-, . : Iv t, -.. of .!,.n trv
dp.- t.i.:,.,! M . , - , -,. i-.ke's IVak. Thf
r-, e. . ph: p. thap- t;t.e p i-.'i.s, are etui--'a
as f.-oc; o.; -!a e S; t' to this. Th-y
oi. a t . t . -. .;.t h i; pi!y h ,v, a ptvl .rr.i;
' . g ., ? . .. i . .. .re.., ui farniff
in-i. n .
wo t r t; , oil : !. .... wt-te due la-t ee
:.:., m l it t- i. u:e !.,' i -dar, from tl
i. o i.,i - .. i 'I,-: ;. I; w r. a.,d the I'pjH-r Miiv
: . :.. -- i ! " fants lor Missouri
t: i ha'-.- 1 : - i n t h io re croaJed
F,,:. No. . o .i.vit Imii rftJij
. mi lover, i.ud w. ton led lht one CHlld
witn a '1 enhv i. i'-,, i ;. w , n;. to. und througn
h, , .'.i... N... t i t , .,, i ,.n h-e I twocty.
fi .e Fik, '- I'-.'.', r-. w! . w;'i oat at Leave,
wo: th tr. 1 I. ..!..- C. i. 1 ! , crtil.-rv.ts ou No
ir,- l-.o.-ly f oni i'e':e 1. r-'-y U sum, V n
' - e , i ,,; , , r rStjtc!..
li. . i n.
-.,n, Ihi:.,
i vi F rr: ;es. La- JYa
y eie tepi- SentlntJ th Mult
'' a- h p.-nd o l upoti the ii.clin
i p
;i ": '' '!"'' " ' ":! ''"''' id''esion as
t'-c n-hj'M -r.: - .v,r.t.-s t:.n make in f.vor oi
ji....-.n If ; . a: a'e delayed .ith.Klt
r. H
. tn - i ;a. -on iiitiat r, turn, or
he i -.: !..:. el. The Al'Blailtra
h i.i- to ., il.-e it. ' i-h underlain
I , r
J ' .
I '' !"
l.ipe . A'.ti'ioVat
. : -i..w. a igoroii
,; i A1 hi ;gh report
. trctti-rahy winter liSeJ,
' l a; . r. tOi th con
- t pi , -'d At the tat
1 ! "pi s ate ent'-rtaine'l
i ll
f a .ro.th t.'-t.;- b. 'ce sitnis,.j. tioed
timers f 1 j : L'' - - i) a b-i.n'.if il hartrrt i
i r? -ho .! I th, . ei;ht r ; -ove au-'piciou.
l- ' '
j ':l ' '
ar 1 Vie
r T- - I- !,':.:.:! -: J,. fVk of mv
-i-n nii e.s t ,ee. tl-NovaSro
'i.("l-!al in proved at Purls, Lon.fut
nt. '.ielpnhhcconb l.r o,. Ja the liiniti
f ptac-, I ai mf ife-tly i:iiT,aed.
', - is I.os. e.. A t h. -- m.ich was p0
-re--h'- 1 i Pari ? tw.-.-n Paul Murphy and Mon--ra-d'.
ii. Pn h i t of th, London Chrs Clab.
Ti e hit. st -.-or, v. : four gatuf played, a'I tron
by Motphy. 1 he winner of h, fit t wtm ytroe
is t" be hc vh . r.
Mir.ion iv a Maniac. At Harrs, Wiscon
.; , on Sv.t-I.ty, J. h'.atl'Ati Pot, a Hapttft
pr-io ' r, and wif,, run- kh'-l yt rlrday, l
thiir-i.o. The mu-.h r, r is about thi.fy yAr
of A '-, r.tid i t- b, .-i a,, an, S'-tersl yesrt, bat
hftrt'.h-s tin' 1 t' ; ' cci'tic... , tttsd Mff.
f ,t 1 ."'yn-.
Wi'c.t. W..-:T'VaI.!.. Th- wheat is loolitj
ht.e'y- j., .:;. - ,n. The .v.--.r.f. the st'jrk of
w ).' oti l...nd is -tin ,t, i to 1 c fti below tl
iin rn?-;: t:'t. St ! otc ts iti Mol.t.-rej Af
-r.it to" 1 : : on t.. crib- of era, tiotwlthsli'Iir.p
i: bit, I..-, n 1 ;- -..e..M .b;;!j: c-s a bni1.! in
I ...:. 1 i c Ci-.ts..,. M. ri'i H. Cark, Uj.,
for eh t,t ytn- the- pid.'i-h. r .f the C'omtot
..,.,., r.r', i . retuoted !- t. orrn: r.a to N
l---ki T'-rrltory, h. d i- b.-;t to tt-C4.me Of
of th- pn'.i'-c .-r i f a ;-.-. j,.i. t -I at tlTA
fl;, . , ,.. Th.. ,1. -t:, ,,f Jm.Ci W.
Mv , .i .. . f Pr- h t 'la.-h, of IJirliirtoO,
V? . I r. : o-t. ! a h... ." - .. n I t Honokla
in Ja: ua-y. Ii, ! ctahi.VieJ
0 t i. -;.v er, :,i dial h " j a l-t iiiig rjieD.'-er
' f IV; tm- r t.
K:it.n i. a I.-. vro:n ;.. Mr. Wright, i
r:i,o b,.r of r , i. unsyh a- it LogVature,
ran oe.-r un i ' ' : I n S.,..l iy P. M , by A loeo
:io: !.-,, ;o If tl "f,t, II. " a e.,..T, IV Ilistt
i l. Ni! A . if ; sf . Th, edi'or of thfl X
H.f.;s y ft tosy that he is I
rot. 1 -'n-e'f. If 1., d .-, ! e I now a'0'itt!.
- f. a,, j-! N.'W ! ! " " -h i H".
L . ". . r Vi . Th- a i- - of MltS UJ
. ',: r. un ! h.-.c--.1 i,. d the li.j lor seUeri of
,7,.;-.,. in nbcrir? tV
A Vtirtsr A:;.. Sen.. ,r WiV-n w th
:-.p in '.: ..-t' : Tr, '- work t-bdoce
rr', . 1 n v ' ha.' r f!.t,d f,r it t!-Aa
- Wi - :..
! - ..
j ..
j '
! .'. v iv
V.'.f i .-. Sa-.- -N Bridge wt earrk-i
M -: h,v rr."-t.;.-ur 1 y the Hood. The
r,:..r, o.o.tiy d. -nol'-h-d. The water lets
hi", f r. rr. '. .f h v ! to IliSHtt's Lock.
L:ai:i!..-Ih v Co. Wilarl, Hxtof of the
Fpi-or ti' :ch at Haiti- Cr-ek wa prtr8tw
by hi f It.nl, with a ,a-!, fgoll wt'h Itt
we-h T.e-dav fve. i ".
I'roA-l -S K Lo--. TiiZ O KAN.-'; P.. CfcOTge P-
M-.nls, h ; port, has bftt appointed by M. B
. m, C- n- ;l at If tvre.
' A I) rr i f Lo s Mr. Ib.-r.ry Tn:-mA3, of-J
I f. r -.a, ' :1 his b-r- ar;d l.orrf tv"
File. The d -cilia-bouse, i f Mr. John
of 0:!seo, Iotila county, was burred while tb
fail!v were at C:urch on Sunday.

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