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flOSHKIl A KElttt,
Jae eopj, by mailor otherwise, ' year
EeTencopi.toone.dJre.,, 44 44
r-sr- Job-work promptly and neatly executed.
Prhitin? and Bindinp of everv de-
llfuC 1 r . v - f-j - . -
rmtion are solicited. In connection with the
B nJerj, the facilities of this e?tb!ifnm i:t ar
llnte of Advorli-lnu.
mre of lOIinm,! fortbi f-.t in-rtioii, ami
3 )Ta. 6 vr,1TH4 1 Hl
. !-
ijre- ".h 3
l'l 15
Ter!y A lTti""Miti liav ti e I-riTO.-ge of ilirt
TbVr!r-Pp!y to r;rii'ar and
V.. A ,rtiuii-iit, ..tilj. A I: otl.er rh
rju'ar and or bt ry
Tuesday Morning, March 29,1S30.
TIiirI Ward :mu ii.
The Republic a: of Third Ward will met
. UVlnesdav evening, the li'-th instant, at the
i.iiriL' House, t 7 o'clock, to nominate candi
dal for ard oilier, and to trat.rai t other
ntct:") hu-in"-. It hoped that u!l w ill turn
out vrT "" I"t i" th.j reliable
By o'd'-r of th ommittee.
JolIS A. KERR, 1Jtt' mom.
Accii.ent. Mr. Warren l'rig;gH,of Lin-
ting, broke ' 14 '" :' rairinglasi week, fit
iWkfK-ld, Eaton county.
Tut IIailroui Tim contracts for tlx-
gnvling between 0'so i'd I. i:..-iii were h t on
Friday, a:d the ro-ji. f. of n raiJrosd tu UM
M within a yai ar-; f'.ittii..
New Mt'ic LV-ni K t .v (.'ady, frcu
eral Nw deid.-tH, riiifat.n, w-havo "The Song
J firet-tinp," f,"ii" a"'' H i i f t-ft.- rhonn -r,y
Wurt L Or . rs hy hii.!ivd a 'i. d.
Ol'R MCSK'U. KkiKM 'I'llH ITlMHicill
r! i u.n our t'i'.h: : our l,dv rvd-ts v.-ill do
well to ol.TVe the adv't t!! :nt:t, n:. ! "':j'J'v
t'lciD-f-lvt ttt th.- rhe-ip '.U-i wish ;-rHi.- t;t'i-ie.
The A;rn;'i.Tt r ai. 'oi t.iv.r. J'lio
i,eittrni of the Ai'riei.If ural ('!'. cj.. u
iii Wednesday, the oth of Ajid. Yonn ia' n
desiring to inter th" I o-titution fdiotiH te j.t
it fr exmnilialMHi on lh innrtdn? l tii' dv
j mor.ttn cost s!'io, exc'iMive of t. iiic-', . ?
Kf.F.'RM ScikiOI- Thr! inttiatci of t w hi. h will be procured at St. Joep'-, Mo.
this iiititiitiott were dlcharpe.l dm ii.j the p:it j The Vile pip. r pivo ititelli.'-nce- of the e.
wfvk. Lavinp piven ?troip eidt !iee of th.uonh p" d departure of a .iiad t.om thut p'aee.
reformation. Two wero went . tb-ir pnrei.t, j
mid the other fii-nUh.! if.h a home .! I '
mploynient. j
- - j
The Kaui - .1. .M. Shearer, 1 1 f.rrn-oi
er landlord of the Lin-tup House, ha-? re lit?. I
the (lateH'oliiinbus II (use, ;i"d I a opened it ..
the Kaple. Vr. S'ie:i-,-r v.as a p"puLr I am !!!, ;
nd his exertions aie beinp p'if f.rih f -rcur,
hii slart- of public patr..impe. The l..,i;e (,ys j
undergone a thorough r, lit, and l...k n teat ,s j
new pin. j
TllK ATLANTIC. This .K'HtlM literary i
jucce-w is prompt ai usual. The " .Mitii-ie?' i
WoiAuiT rontiii.ied in this number, as uu-.l. I
Lavinr enmnienced in I Vcenibcr. Th Atlant:e
now hs 4o.mh subset ibcrs: ami is tanhilr in-
creating. The interet attet.diap Pr. Holmes'
contribution ii unabated. The Poston
mjj: "At t!ie prern-ut time two tluiretit iioum-s
in London monthly rc-puLli-di the " Mitiir-tcr's
Wooing," by Mrs. II. It. Siowe, and it, circula
tion there almost exceeds the same here. We
bare hoard it stated that the editors liavo rcceiv
i and approved, tip to the present time, sufli
rient material fn.tr. American authors t furni.-h
wveral nunitx-rs fully e.pial to any that have yet
appeared. The April number is looked for a
one of the tery tet yet issued. We repeat
?ain, that in chronicling the p:tcces ot the At
lantic. w arc extroin!r a nntlimnl feelinp of!
something more than pleasure, that we have at
lart accomplished our desire, a:.d that our liter
ature has H.icb hii in anient us the Atlantic
Mr. rRo Ktketn:nmfxt. That
fTening entertainment of Living Picture, Char
aJes and Music, at the Hall of the House of P.ep
rMentatives ot Friday evening, though it fills on
April-fool day, is no April-fool matter, I tit a
p!eaa:it and sultantial thing, gotten up by the
young ladies and girls, to help along the noble
project of helping to pay for Mt. Vernon. T!o
fill! enterprise, modest .n it is, appeals to the
patriotism of young atid !d, and thmiph the ef
fort and mean be humble, yet the aim toi l mo
tire is as high as that which dictates the mot
Runiticent contribution. The following is t'..
programme of the evening :
I. tiuartette.
i. Music by the P.ar.d.
3. Tableau The Nations.
4. 44 Lore at First Sight
3. 44 Strikirg I.ikene
6. Music by the P-and
7. CT.ara.lJ.
8. Tableau Saturday Night.
V4. 44 The Throe tlrace.
l'h Music by the Hand.
U. TaMeau The Post Mife
11 44 The Seasons
44 Trial of Fiv'h
U. Music by tlie Hand.
15. Tableau Scandal
16- 44 The First Far-ring
17. 44 The Villape School,
li. Music t'uartette.
I'. Tableau Fortune Te'linp.
20. " Hrst Si-rape.
21. 44 Fiit KfTons.
1 Music by the Hand.
-3. Tableau Frepalring Mes-s for the Fair.
44 Cupid.
25. .My Fye nn-1 P.ct'y Martin."
24. Charades.
27. Music by the Band.
23. Tableau Secret Discovered
" Verb, to Love.
' Grandpa s Watch.
51. Music by the Band.
s2- Tableau Popping the Vaeio:i
44 Cried in Church.
55. Music by the Band.
U00r open at 7 o'clock ; to commence at
Tickets cf adir.Lsion, 2.'. cents.
PJRiotic. An actor in Georgia, hi the
re of a play, kissed another actor's wife once
than the authorized version ot the play
tured, and was thereupon aevertdv whipped
jy outraged husband. Having Uen a 'star'
?rtand now being provided with the
.r h thinks he is entitled to represent
w OH of hi country. .V. I. 7V, .
Antiocii Cum. ege. This IntitutIon i for ;de
.! mortgage. Mo. 8 II. Grinn, II tn;.tee.
Sair. B:iii.iiit. is NV.v JiR.Ky. Wan
have been ft It that New Jersey might not show
ben-elf tru- ia the e! ctiori of a U. S. Senator ;
but these fear have pas?. 1 a ray. Like Mlchi
pau, New J.-!r..- t)(,d faithful. The Locofoeo
dropped tii.- nariif of Senator Wright, and agreed
in cation on Lx-G.v. room. Bit they Jal'.-d
to eoo;;itlih
ir p.irpo-e. T! Ovpusitlnii
united on Hon. J-.hn C. Ten Knk, ho
elected ori i!..- 17th hollut bra vo.o of 4? -t
31 for Vroom, J f..r Hto-ktor, and 3 f.r Wright
all I).-RioTat- l..:t Mr. Ten Ktc V. hr U a J:,.-
publican, a-i t w'.il tako Lt4 pl.tc; i.i the r.est
Corsrre?" with t!. -e w.ho believe that th Cv-
er:ii'c!.t was iiiyrltut.-l fir pom cth.-r -!:-p--e
than tob:i!d riavery.
Khavato. Ti.o South will do cvervtUr" f.,r
Cuba t-xcfj.t f-l.t fur her, and fur thU t-u t the
Albany Evenliiy Jnrvnl give pood re.t-on-i.
It U a!! bo-h about t! o Soutli l:'v. -i;!!j to
A..' for Cuba. Kverv slaved.old -r ktro-i-- t'
k-i of war too f r th:;t. At tizht of t?...
!.,te nans of a-i ei;.-:ny"H ti. . t o:f Charh-ton
harbo-. l.Ij ti.'.i.-.il d-hiihir .h ;! ".w ut...!.! " ,
I'.wn the t-i.ovl :n.d the lioo," ar;d c.t an 1 run
toward-' the i! t- that tTOfiiil freedom. From
I iy an invading forco I.u.d ,-d on tht? Sotitli
' h- would have t!,r? enernv a!a4 t
lii.-. eloov : ill tilt laborer-, of 1 U e..rr)-!'..-;( i-i
the b..v that blacks hi-t lnf.', in l!;.; i,ur.-j that
roeki the b.il.y'd crad!..'. He would have to bar
ricade hi.-" h'iu-e u rninpt lii-j own m-rvai.t.. He
would vl.-i j utira-.il wiiii a revolver u:;der hi
d"o"V. V." hat father of a fifnliy would t-houl ! r
Jini-!. : Htid " march to th; tei.t..d ie li, '
1-tiortin- t.it hit denarturt: liil'ht bo the s:'!.a!
f.r hiri too! to b'iif, anljiis vsifo and chii ).- en
to have their tl roU cut? No! ti.o xl.ivc-hoM-ci5,i::t(Vi:;,
b'.t t' -V d'!i't i H:t i: ; 1 . ....; ;!,
to r
a v;,r I 4 i;. il.itl ; ti a.
price, they vvo.i!! . t!i I -I..:. ! .
totn of th.- At!a'fic O ., ,. Vi:- '
r a:.y
w I
i M.ger of war a'.out il i:;:j.-rd, th
such a l.nt Hup hi of !.!v . ,je ik I(.J
oir platform, :rh n -. i hk-.i -repv.
inch a ',;, ci.,! '.-om 11 r d,;
fldvc-ton, ii ha l ol heel. wit:i. 1
day wh. ti the v-'i u t - of .1. .!
ran away bom " , Ie . n i.i. ii i:i be i.
three m'-l .';-ott.. :i hi-.av. in II. :. Id . .
lie,; t'.c
K.r !l Ur't .i' ,
A'hio.-t, iv.f) eehaiipe pap.-r l"
P-'liCe of deont Itllc fo;- I' ke'. i'. ;il.
pi v.; :i;n.. In V.'e hiesdtv t-v
I the Ieti-.it -nt'i-r, a party of
i: men
lelt for Pike' Peal.. Some of thei i are well
knoAii to iiii'iy of our citiei.s. Their i.,i;ii-k
;re : Chaile M Wallace, Hei.ry Ihirtti.'i., IVnrv
Uufter, formerly in the Pr-ip' t e'lice of the M.
f. l. l , Samuel F.irijuhar, San:'.!,-! Phc!jm nnd
A!eander Ko". The outfit ol the party for -ix
ht ad. d by Hon. Warren ('Icoim ci, one of tiie
pnealiic'.? ;,i,-t: of II. rri.-!i ; mid the F.h ' up-: :i j
.'.'.-.-.f. annources th.it butler liirik, oil
H-.w.-ll, :i.. .b.hn Uniley n:d Luth-r S'cpli. !., j
c.u vu,-t. i r th,. u.: Iior.i h !.-' M u-j
' iv
Ivtioi' . .c,r..r leanw that two jr-r-
s'", l"i t.--: !y icilinp :it Troy, iklaud county,
'ftur I. a .-boil tiote since, ftoai Ii!;e"s Pck.
hie h.t i l ei i.. i.i from Troy iox months, atid
I'rouehf buck ( i.'i'.uvs of gold ; ni.d t!ic
other, who w.i aoe.;t leit three month, !uii!rin
I'l'i oo'ie. f.c iot.il amotint beiup ralued at
?',T.V.. Th, iw.. p. r-.ns are about returuiiip
T"' mi'" , i.h 'h. ir- familir. They re-
T"rt l'l'"-?" ' l'!" 'v r ?'ld to be good.
ll " 5
t iu r- fe.-. i,e to the amount of
pr-fiou m. t
brought hack by them he
le, M.h-tt'ihtiati the h!t. merit.
,,m.e, eery lap- , tue Mate, per
rroiu iilin.ir eerv .l!ape m tno Mat
sons re starting', w i'h a icvo benetit them-s-
ivo, no in a contingency which, under the
liint favorable? I'ircumvtat eeS, W'l! probable not
not lead to a realization of iho hopes of otio iu
ten. Kami labor in haying and ha: est will be
a cash article i i Miehigati thi year.
We received oil Monday hem Prank Postet,
a former residetit of Lansing, the following ii.te
e!i'lo-iifg (he letter wliicll We ptibl'sli below :
KnssTh; , March 17,
h'-li V. r !'' ?.'"c.i
Sir: Within 1 send you a letter jut iiilih
ed. It wss written by a reliable titan, and yu
can place co-iiidetn'e i i every w ord of it, a I ro:i
personally aci.i iltit'-d with trie jnr:ie-( know
thoni to be men of truth. It yon s. j toper you
Can pti'h-il it to- the befelit Of tiie .:fl-i;:p
folk. Very resp. ctfi I'v,
KiMNi IS ; o-THi;
Sr. Vi;4
Ckkkk, Rociiv Mr., )
JatiUnry 1.', IS..'.'.
FaifM. NoKTos : Vout of IVtvmb r j.-.th
wis received t! is evening, and in coi.f.rmitv
with your re-piest, I immediately v-it. down to re
ply. And !iit!y, if yea have arty ooetidetiee
"!.v ju 'g'iii'tit an I act ici iv.y advice, yo i will i n
mediately abandon the idea of eori'cip out h. re ;
without seme othei dUco'enes are n.ade than
have been made thus far. My imp: -os-eon of tiie
mines is, 'h i' f'i- ; .;r- o h..;'-"j I w isu that I
could wiite otherw'se, and p irt'cularly on mv
own aecount, as I shou'd be el i 1 to ee yoil and
ls. N. here, and it would be such a good op
portunity for my wife to come out. 1 have nl
readv written h.r that if 1 st ivcd here I .hould
--nd' tor her.
Where we are wintering is about twenty mile
troith of tiie mouth of Chcny Creek, and in a ca
non at the foot of the Rocky Mount, o- I .la. k
Hills; wo have found hero the bos; icn'ity oi
gold that has been di-eov cred, and Cat:t:ot Make
one dollar j.er day. Puiiey Moore, To.n and rnv
self are working together; wo have built a good
d.n i across the Creek, and have our Long Totn
set, (the or.'y Pong Tom that is sot arid worked
in the country,) it works beautifully, so ti e old
Cahfornians say. There are six old miners in
eur settlement. I don't think there i another
company that came here !.it fall who have done
more work , r have d ne more exicn-ive pros
pecting th.an we. Wo have pro;e,-ed fo- sotn
twenty miles soutli of the mouth ot Che-ry t'l,'
to the neighborhood of Lot.g's Peak, north. Be
sides, we have pr s,.ccted . f ir iut. tire loont:
tiius a we eoi.l get on account of snow. The
onlv hope 1 have now, is that whi-u spring comes
we vi -l'l find something to pay : ia the m-en-taln.
SliouM w lx o fortui.vo, 1 will imt;: -diately
wiite you.
1 juv oseyou hare i .c this, leane d that Mart
ha- !rne back, 1 K. Muir, S:u'V', Faith an!
Dr. 'Mathews. 'fiiis I send by Capt. Yountr, of
Archer, N. T. Jim, Aiken, San.uil Aiken.
(R.vkp.'rt Company,) L. D ivenport and S. Stam
bau, of St. Stephens, N. T., leave for home in a
few davs; and were it not tor the dread of cold
weather and the hope that we may discover
something in the spring 1 have no doubt bu:
that nearly the whole camp would leave lor
We were ipi'te surprised a few days Knee
when wo read the plowing account in the Mis
souri river papers, of what the miners are doiup
here. 1 pronounce them a p h-1: v.'i', written
and reported hick by a set of petty ,,i' A.r.
r.tra rf,-cu'tl- r, and are calculated to ruin
rn.inv a poor devil lie; les your humhV servant.
That there may he go'd d;eovorod to pay I
will not deny hope, it will. I am he-re, and
treiv as w. 11 sf-iv urf iNatisuvd. Should anything
turn up. I will inform you, and shall depend on t
mv wife coining with yo-i;. otherwse, y.-u ;:i y
expect to ee me on the leg Mti-My by t' e 1 J
of liilv next, ccrtam.
Accept mv
best wishes to vourself ar.d iKdh ve
Yours, trulv,
FiscrLia Accii.f -v r. TLe Troy (N. V.) 117,;.
r:iatea th- folio in-' i.art!cuLtr of n ...:...?
which ha;'.e:.ed on Sunday cveiiing, a: the !.,:,.r
U r brev ,.ry of Ceorce Kobb, on th. Hollo j
Koa i, ilPiir the Tee-t-.i kill Creek. Ti e breae
a yf un- i a-.,... Cr.ar!e Hotnans, was er
cac'. ! ia .nrepan.i.' a flv.-.yion ke- to be (.il,-, !
witb h:cr. i or this j urr.o-v? he place a quanti
ty of roila ia th j y. frf,nj Ai e caujt.
t'k fire. Hoii.:., i.tar.r that the rwiu 1 ad
united, It..
-3"aII::p up t!
a short time,
the brewery.
tieir.-itl:,- t!..
in 1 : hand-.
1 the burp h.to it. p'ace, thus
ca-k. It j:, tf.l conJItion
wl-eu ho to-,k It u;. to carry it i:.;o
t e!Ii.p that i: wa a:::i. a:: 1 an
da: .c. -, i e -i ir'v J tj run :;';! I:
J' -I -it t:.i t: oiT . T . the keg hur-t
U.p n -iu 2 s red over He -
a!: i the l,.,n..rip r -.iu
n. a:.'.- head, br.-at a:.d
:i.-sl-, and burned !. I;
bad'y that it i f.- ire I '
hot' "eye.
TiiK Last i'.it
idi'.'ery I'.-mocrat ha
K: p!a?'d in the I'nlt-d
Aih n, .d New Hamp' Ir
an 1 ! 'v i., t. the . r. I
TVie':t d01I!.fa"e.
. I: -
i: ii!a:.!ier,
'.' thcrL-h?
S. . ! -
tbs ! T!:e j ro-
M Kit' 1 i-Tll .New
:a'.-s r.,te. Phillip
. w ;- the laJt aurvlvr-r,
a iu..t f i-;!- r.. Fub-
! '! IV f.iV t. Ore-u;!ie
that AK.-n ili he fui;!.. r di-i
the !;Hl ina'l C t TU l!!;C. V
h.-d '.V Lei;;.'
i-, wie-ia N.' K: p!....:i
k-': h. r lii-t. rv and i n-ive-hohhn-
PVh-t:,e in
ever j e
viitioi.s bv
the SeO'lO-
.t t'
it i a inoi.nui.u.t t up
:iun'-i propri-4, to i: i n:
and t:o;'!o victories i !i
vindication of llie
which i.s lutrous with pr
Ji-t.-jit Trilnnr.
ia t: e j :tfi o: our : a-
tii" a-'a!;'.u:i J...wvr
' pftalplf!. ! il i.- u
' "i !r ui !i and ju tlce,
.U.;e f.,,- the f.Itl.re
S I K C I A I, N () T L V. K .S
Caf.:. Wolk, Prof, of Ma-ic, d. Ip;,, if
I .'se ts with fui'Ic:c:;t i-ncourap, un-nt, to n.i i
n.ci ,co itntnediately a courso of instruction, in
the city of L-.r.;tip, on the Piano Porte, Vchdi-
c., Guitar, an.i teingmp. Al--', th .roup'i Las
in I lianuoj.y. For pa: t'cul irs ctioiiire at the
I rh t'l pollie,-.
Our Musical Friend:
i j pa;i:s ok poprr.Ai: Mi'sir fk i ts.
" Ol'R Ml Sii'AI. p'liltNo'' i f.Iled vv'uli the t.e-:t
Piano So!, Ib.ct., Soup;, peratic Aria, Polk
as, Maauka-, (Jur.drille, Walt--, andev. rv oth
er r-'pei-ies of HiUi.-al rompo-iiioti t r Voi. e and
Piano by the best American and Farop-n '..m-po.-ei.s;
jui.'ited on f ill full sized nwsV ::;---r,
it, 1 adapt.-. to every grade of p,-i former.
Tho-iu;e i;ua:i!lty of nuic,p: .c;-ed ft.u.i the
regular pub'.i-hers would - -t t: o ,- ib-d fn
tim.s n hat w e rharcr.-.
JjgT A yeai's .Oibie: 'pi;, :l to "n. . M: -ica!
I'utrJM'," wil! .-ecare to-vv u: id f i h ioi- ib!e timic
wort'i at least T'-vi. HlMUlKii I'ol I ;fid
firely suflicietit fr the I .m c:rc'e.
1'ilre Tra (i i.i,. Y,(. j
Vearly, .1 ; Half Vea!v, . ..-; i-i;.rf.n!v, I
fl,'J5 cetit.. The volume eui-e r,-. d ti e
1st of IVc, tuber, lv.s. j
'. P. SKYMtii'i: .V Co, IV.i.-i-.iMo.;, i
ti!'Mvv.j PI, Frank:-.. !rc.-i,
I.-. Y,
5';i ": !
tt.i rJ. !.S
- a .tiui!-R riu ' i
Tli.iiiitli v . a I .it- r .
-lO. e,-t t.i H, 1c'I:ioi i;
'':i nil y t.r .ve '1." i it .
Ii )uu lle tlifw ."-.iiir l':'!-
H '"Mil 1. now are trei)j nu t ret i:-i
W:;. luit t.i. ly wrilii.- l in J i i.
r aeiiinf, er rew l.iuj.
T! t-y I.A.e t-.uti.l tl.e r !i-.-,iOi r,.'.,;n
.v-w when r..!. miow.',. hot etli r.
T-iv 've in. l.-a r l a u e'lill -,
tliey ue tho- lu-ultli i.te-.-rxer-..
I 'i i:ti' I, S' -. . t I'tMTvu -.i :
.M.re thill lin.ll Cil M ,:f .! :.:,... hi.- vieli.-l tu
th- tr in .bi: n,- the j.i.t !i .e y ar- . nwi-v ! wl.ieh 1; ive
!e-a r.n.iiuHno.1 iiienra'.:.. I.y .'i-t jr.' ii-:'-, ! hv-iivo,..
A tell weather ii iiev." Kpri.aliiu.', let i,.-r, one
cleau-' tt.e.r syim .t!i a f'-w .f..i i f then- Vi-. No
r.-traiiit In diet i nrceimry wl.: u inr then Kuil di-re.-tie.is
;-o with t, .
f.S..!'y.iU ti.- 1...,!, rs 'ho. ::.-.. lit th- ..:!.
f.-rci.K v. . ;...;- v.. -e, . ....,:;! .
V n I ,
I, -l.e 1 I
'I e 1
U tl.e
!.ri:IK Is TKN M!!"Tt-s! '
unfailing it the Cine of Cot'..!!, Cot. i s, ATHM,
P.r.oM uiTts, So.: T-:r:o7, H,.i;.k;.s.s, Pifn
c: i.T Pki '.tuiso, Im ii':vf CoN.rrTio, a;
D:skaks OK TllK Ll v-:s. Tiny have ; ta-te of
me !o ;ne, aii-l any child will t il. .- tie m. Thou
smds h ive ( n refo-cd to h :i!th that had
b-forc despaired. Testimony riven in lnri-hcd
f ei-i sing! .Jose r,-i.-V"iti "'. lis.
Ak for Bryan's Pu'rn mic Wat.-rs ;h.-otl-p'ttal
a.t I only p-oa ::e i stamped 4 IJt-vun."
Spurious I.'. i 1 h ..Herod for a: -. T-v- t'tv-tive
cent i bo. Sold by de tl-es gener.i'Iy.
JOB Mo-' IIS, ri .1, Biopri.e.-r, Itorh.-i.-r, N. Y.
For J,. by i;. TilAYKi:, ,'i Co., Po. :np
''!i'r;itsM! S''n:0
l'io tTK.'Tt I' Vc, I.KTI KKs
'Ail- !. l.-:n a ji--
.io:.l l
1 1 l
an! il-
' I-r-v... to cn
mi. n ! ;l -
ir. r t- er'..- r i
rl.il I.
fKa.'.J i.'-:..!.; t.
'i'-y. ii' r'i-i l tarr
' V r tif.r t j nr'
r;i;sT T'lh-rr v
! l lO (11 ! -
.Vrr-un f e,J A '
!. li.-ai :le-. ( :,T
'-. fi:TI 111
t t' e Ii -art, I..--: f Spii !S Jit
-'.e. 'A ho,-.. n-': :.!!'lr fH n-'ul -! n-,.
; . r re-'T' iive : i 1-1. m .ii..;-
. r'l.-W ll-
;-.- 1
.'I. -
- le
hp '. I'ir-i ia.
!-e u ::
- t
: -rf"-
e i. i
3 l,
r. N.
v :t .i,.e r .a'. ;..
':tVer 5 --ert. -:'rr.--:t-ty
r"ti.-n mi l
' K.-r i1'..1 t K. T-uvsk. I
sr.I.M.M. OFF AT t'OVr !
Young American Clothing Store !
Making rHni fo- a 1 ug
1 Stock
f-e-e of-
of Spring and Sapper ;.hk!s. We i!;eref,.re
f.-r offer our po.;. ! at e... f.;r nt'i.
Per M. (IsiJKMItL
Lan-ing. Jan. 2", 1'J.
OOR .Ti CK-BRF.F.IE!L '. Tee -:bs r hCr
I wot:'-! inform the public tint he ha -:re
h';h br.
h-' w rll
Devor.shlre BalU I' d lb fe' , wV.-e!;
!! at r'eat'v uced ptievs. :,:! -ti
t-rms to suit pit'-"' is.-'-. Apply to S. B. Day
ton. or on the pr. ro'e, s;x imies the citv
of Lacsing. E. S. INGERSi .PL.
Delu Mills. Fa 'on (V. Ms-ch il?:.
Take them and Lival
S!rriik KM St r'im t Im-oi n .
rr r. i :
t k ..;
Ir. Cutl- .''I.iiiiiolia t nii-.rili
His t4in 1 a: i ri.i Ui'.i'. t.'.,.- i. n t' .
'irrn, i. vi V' O-, ifc-i-,,,.
-. i. : tie -e '
!.!' a-.'-t-Tn..!;.!,nt
i'1'. :t!i t ill !ir':t;,,os. j
it h a n,.7'i! .n i:t it r.u:,..t
i :: 'K .'
ll!tVKMS 10IIIT10 lHUI)i:it.
T!-- !J . -.t.n.'.ei r, ...,r, ;n,.rt. ,;,
! -L.- I-'. . ! J.v. e ,. ,.-, . Y. r. I m It in u:.! i. :..,
,jia!it t thr .iiii th f.-rn . .. ,r ..,
t-t y-:ir. C litii' ;.-t , e-i h I .ein-r k !i :-
!,-.-.-i r vj ti : r j 1 : .;r .-.. .': . ;i ,. ;. , ,. ,.
e;.-".l .-', -. cut:, i: - :r., .,.
"t.-eiiil I'JH Im rk- 1 -a : lie , t;.i:i n.-l-
:(:- w.t:. e:,.h ,,, I. j ,. , 'I.., .,' , .
.-1 tu t--t their i.rta-. ! i ..' -e ,.-' .... .;
l.;:uK Vi K oK-'. :.,(vri.
hI-.tm !.tt.; ar- i. M I,, .
c, at -A'-oe-j-i.,- a'' 1 t -e iV.-Vl-Vr ii,'.' j!,!"'.'
e t:e. Hr.;:!.i. k i;i: o i:ni-,
oj 'l ! '.., . .i,.:fi .V. i
S.'-l at b.i. ii- f.v all ,V er- ., ,.. ,
L)r u r M. ! r 'i.!i,ri M -n ', ii,:s t .-.t-. a t.-r..
k. ti. l-Ai V .K, u :,',, .1 .. ,
:iiiLr, - - M i,-iitr:m.
si8Tm., I'HOiMJir. t ;:.
w.r. p. iiorcK, ri.Ki;j:.
Stapes le:tTe thi-i hoii-, daily for .1 1. kco;i,
Johti, D.-troit, nndujterme-li tfe j. !",-:.
I a: inp, April 1, IS",.'. v
l!-o!'U!' Notice.
OTATi: OF MICHHJA.V Coumy of l:i-h:,m,.
O At a Pesssiou of the Probate Court for the
eout'ty of Iaphaui, ho! 1 :i tie: Pto'.afe o;"e,
t:i the villape of M iui, Men iav, tie -Jsth
day of March, in the Via- one thoiUmd ,I-.t
hundred and lil'ty-nin . P:ee'.t, Wt i. 1!.
Pitickney, Judpetd rp,t.tte. I: the i:.a?:,-r of
Cie estate o V m. li. 1 liO:ui i!i . e",..,,., 1 1 I i
j r-:.,iifip and fiiinp t!:e f.etthei, du!v . titi-d, of .i
jCii.i-les Thayer, a credW .ftld l,, ). p. iv. L.
I :;e' that let ten of admiaiatritlon mav nut," 1 ,.
j up ... :.id cua'e. to some s.uble pcis-.r. h,,,f.
! ! --.natcd, i tot:,j j ,t:t...:e i . U
j ic'.- p.. . i: i orde-ed, that M-.nd.i.. ! i,
! th d iy ,.!' Apr'l nex", ti'
: be as-ig'n-d '. r 1 V..
't; -a, at.-! th it the h. i a- 1 1"
i ! -t'.i ther p.-r-on- i:.t, .-.
tc.j tired to app -a- :.t a r i.-
thcti to be bold.-n f l'l
vili tgi-o! Ma"1), :itu! l.o ( :i
be, why the pi aver of the p.
bo grant. -d : .l'.,i' . Vr.V.-r
p, ti;iorer pive notice to
in said estate, ot the p. iuh dcv
arid the heiri.ip thereof, l.v ,1.
this order jo be publi-hed t!l t
iViCi, a liew -paper 'lint.-ii .
aid county of Ingham, r-mv
vioiwlo s.i' I dav of he n e.g.
:!." in t-.e
gOf MUpe.
! i -. -'.
i --'.;e,--r..
' i C.-.:f.
r-e, ,! v fe-r-i-i
ii.-ii'T fleiiiid r-.i- '
.r-li f"f, tli-it said !
r-ons iiiteresto-1
of -ai l p. :i:ii.:i,
i;ii.p a c pv t
" 1 Vhili; .";. .,.-
"l. i'..iiiL' in
A truer..,.- 1
WM. It. PlNCivMIY, "
du lge of Proba. .
i ; i
o nil;
a,-1 '
i m-r,
1.1..-I I :-
, f ! IV:,r i:i ti
j; v:
!:' SAI, aOTK L
I. subscriber's ScSkh.1 ;:!-. -.ce on ."'I'Hi
:;iy 11m- I 1 1 ! In ot Ajirti. ..n I v,
would sy to strangers t! a: our S-. col I!..u-e
situated in a p!easant put of the t-.wn, t!:e wa
ter is excellent, and the private rooms a:v fir-nii-h.-d
with Bedsteads Stoves Ta -hs !
Chairs. The i:oue is d. signed f .r th. who
pre for boarding themselves, and th u- av- .i !;- g -.
high board bill. Our arrange'::, tits r.re l.-r boh
holies a. i I gei,;me a:i 1 no fl'.,:t sh ill ! e
wanting to in ike our school b t!i .'' ' an !
th..r:';h. We teach a p-r-vral eo:jre 'of , ,!'
fneiitary ar.d hig!., r Erp'Wi i.rar he I i:.a-..-
t:achi''?Hl? f!.'rt btj.-iness, at:d dcVol IV ire -4-
many hours to those who are :i.-e..'-.- p. .- -!
to that cla-s by teaeli, rs in fM.erak
Mrs. Tayior will teaeli a pri-na'v dc'-a: ttie.-t t.
commer-ci'tg on M -ndav, .'! it g !.
Lansing, Mrch '21st. 1 ... t tejo l -jv.-.
'4miupHionTs Aoti-.
WE 'iK nnders:gt;ed. Laving been ar-p-.:.;.,.
If Con-tni-shirers ujoa ti.a E-tat..1 ot Die'c!
G. Toi ias, of the Town of I.e?.y, 1: e'- .i-u eoi.r.
ty, MIci.igan, Je.a-e-J, f .r t!,e ..rj.oe i f ali.e.v
ing ckdiiis ag,':.: sod e-tite, N'otie,- is there
fore hereby given, that w. will meet fort1 ; ,r
po. .f auditing u-coutits agait:-t sai l e' i':', on
the i-t'i day of May, and t: e 11th d.tv of Julv,
and on. the ?t!i day of August, A. IK it',.', be
tween the hi":- of -.' o'cl-'ck A. M. k:. I o oV'o k
P. M. of . aeh of said dav ft: t; e 1 -.,:.. ,-f rn-
iel G. TeblaS. (Ut- d-ee j) i;, te Tjw:; cf I.e.
roy, six neecth being i:.e tiuie allow..-' 1 v t! e
Judge of Probate f-r jr..- i.tirg ela'n.s aa"r-t
said estate. AH pt ro::s are theref-.re h -re1 v
rot'fie.L that urihss s xch chilms .4re p-c--:.'ed -:p'-on
the days above mot.th.t.ed, they -n il! bo- for
ever Liitrred.
March l'l, 1 Cor.:t,:-?!cr.er.
!itritt e;ilr. j
BY virtue of a writ of e.xee it' r. :; I ut '.
ar.d un Jer tie .;al ,f the Circi't IV::: f.-r!
the c-v.:r.ty f Ir.g!:am, to me directed ar. i .!:! v-!
ercd, I have levied nr-on all the r;g' t t:ti- and i
inter, s: c f Luke B. Willis rv d A-:-ti:.A. KIrby. ;
In and to the f-'How -; j rc d e :t..:e, t wj;: t'.e '
north ea-t o lirt- r of -e!..-, twenty-two . gg 1 1:.
town one t-orth i. f r-.y ge e ne wt, s te of V:'-. ' . '
igi.u, wh'ch I shil! exp - f-.r -.!. pub'V; v. --!
due 4,n Ftilav, t! e .' ! iiv cf A- ri!. A. D. i
I ", at t!r..'fr...r.: d-r of't' e C.-.-;ri lb
ii the vi'l g - f ! is,--i, u.z cr.e If k P. M. -. f j
saldd.iv. " ELY BAKER. Shj-riT.
Bv I. II. VANDERCOOK, Tr;- r Sh..r:5T.
Da?.I. Febnss-T 2tth, 1 -.:. '."1.-T
. r .'t-tfa .. - r- iii :: :
''O.I I'..!. ' r i- !Ct to 'x -, l-el.l 3 t ! ,,.
i.i. i. ., U ct!i u y -. :--r & !. r: ,
''iff I '.: a r.: v.-t: purr :..: -
-.i..-.. -,. rv. t-AV'iv :: i: . , ii i
'.'l 1 't.:..v::.
Sro!:Ur .ttjice.
STATKOF MICIIH; AN', County ..t Ingham, s.
4 -"-sieu '.f the Probate Court h.r the Co.
. Inith iiu, holden ;,tt!ie Probate Olh.-e in the vil
lage i i M io.i, ou M.m l iv.the a 1st day of March,
i:i the y. ar one thousand light hundred and
lil'y-nine. Pr. , i:t, Wm. IL Pinckney, Judge
of Probate. In the matter of the estate of Will
iam Webb, deceased. n reading atid filing
the p, thiol,, d.jty verified, of George Webb and
Joseph Wilson, executors of aH deceased
pv i ving atuotig.t other things that an instrument
in writing purporting to be the Iut wi'd and t..
tii.ierit o: said deciascd mav be a.imitt.-d t.,
Pi el at.-, Ht.-l t!iat letters testamentary may i-.-ae
upon sai 1 e.-late to -aid petitioners," and Marv
Wc't.b, widow of said deceased. " I
Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the 'Ju l !
d.y of M.iviti-.t, at 11 o'clock iu the "forenoon, j
! e a-igtied for the hear'ng..!' said petition, i.;..l i
th:,' tlu-h- ir-at law of -aid .!. -c.-ased, ami all !
.- r-o!!. it.ter. st.-l m - n-l ,-tat.-, are re ;
.'. t appear ;l a session . f r.od Ctut,
to in' ho.!, a at the Probate Orihv, ii, ii;,. !
of M.;-..n, atid show ca-;.e, if any there!
h, the juav. r of t!-.- ;. titl.mei- -hould not '
era;: ted : ,! it it 1-tti.t.tr ur'i-ft-.i, that i
r i: 1 pi lili ni : S give l.ot ice to the person. micros- !
I - i 11 Said estate, of lie- pendency of sai-l pctt- '
i:o i, an 1 the hearing tin r, of, by cau-inp a cof v
of this ord.-r to be r,.jMMi.-d in the Lati-ing V. -
', u in M'Sjiipcr prin'cd and circnhitliig in
ce, y of Ingham, :; s.ieees-ive weeks p-ei-1
.: .-! -! i it i .-! le--iring. j A true copv. I '
-"1 Judge of Probat
Mi. i!i.;i Sr.! t. Lami OrricF, (
Lantivj, M.irckl, ISu'j. J
VTOTD'E 'm I'.ereby given tbat certain State
il Swamp t ami-, t-iutiraciug One IlunJrad mil
Tu-if 'i 7I'('-'iio .P-rr.s-, more or less, situnt.-d in
the tow ns ar.d ranges mentioned below, will be i f- j
fi red for sale :.: Public A a. ti t. a this ollieo on !
n .r.li , th- l!h !,! M.,u ,.-.-. at ten ..'-
clock A. M. .1 th it day, at, the minimum price j
i.-l o: e dollar and tweulv-iue cents per Here t. . ! j
f,e terms . -tal-'i-h. I by lt.v. I
j il?" i'" .a h 1 i,i the. it are those lands ore- !
."i''i ua tin- .en r-.-cimti oi Act ;ji, apjirov
el lert-.aiy Uh, Ie", on which no payment
; ha be, n ,i.;1de, atid Hii nicii pre-ctnptions on
j which paymt-,t ,c reju:re-l by law phall not be
j mad .-ti or li-V the fourth -lii .,f Mi-i n'st,
te to -!:,!, M,d th.s Ian-Is will beotb-relfor
1 as hbove ineiiuom-d. As tins is the first
e that any of the binds embraced in the list
' ' ' otl. red by Cue St-Ve, having been
red frotii sale t.tice lf;,.() tl,,.y embrace ma
Vuhl.lb'e ph-CCfi in the now thickly Settled
ntic... of Clinton. Alii-'am Ottawa. N'ew ivi'.i
j ai d others, admirably adapted to farming purpo's-
jesa-ef itMlo-e proximity to markets, and w ill
j offer a fine opportunity to persons of Hind!
I .-i.-.it.-s oesn-nip :l home, as by Act M, id Is.',-.,
j th. lite i : 'itlcd to purchase aspiuw lcl in Sec.
j - '. s -iid Act, which provides that 44 Any person
i oV. I t .0 gY-o! e Vev- d upe, w ho -ha!!, -it tin
I tii.iecf pur-h;, -e, either at ei1.;; , or prii ate -.tie,
j m.ik-- i.-i; la. It b, : ,i ;. Hiid Co:,imI.-,-in::cr of hi
I or lo r in', ntioii t become a.i uctual and vo
j -ett'-. r upon -;iid lands so pureha-e !, tind
1 1'it n.shit.g a'.ijfltci"ry eiidi tice to said Commi
I '.o;i. i that s .i l land I-: ui i il le mainly tor agti-
I i ultutal pu"p.s.-s, -hali be allowed to purchase
t',. ..-a bv paying at the time of such pu-oha-o
I twenty-;; ve p'-r cent, o! the purchase price, an 1
j the ti ili:ce of ptinclttal, at the option ot the
j purcha-er, any time within ten years thereafter,
..a-' paying i it. re-t annually on sai l balance oi
principal; and said Commi-sioner phall, upon
t'.i- payiaet.t of sni-i twenty-five er c, i:t., i-ue
to -aid purc! :i. r a certificate agreeable to the
i rnn oi s.il 1 aie, hieii certititat,? shall he void
it -aid purchaser or his assigns nhall tiot, within
one y. ar t'-.ereaiter, -..ttle upou and becott." an
.e t : al an 1 t ' r, ;--rt i lent th.-r.-on and c .Iti
Va'e a".d iiii; i-jVi: the -,tme."
" his appiie to th --.. only who purih.i.-land
f'-r t' e purpose 0; juaking a K -i. i f I an-l j t-
-n '. s- iih-nu-M thereon. In c-a.-e th... p.lr
chase do, s not make th.: rcpii.-cd alli hivi; of
-!;'. ; i;t a-. m.-:.tio: el in ,-rtion the fa!!
amount of purchase money w ill bo reipiired to
! purcnas
.1 AS. W
l '.fi-,,nfT.
ita n.- W
1) P.
i THI SrPS'F:iBE!i. on t' e '.'"th in.st., a
M o.-. ab'.-.f four vears old. IIo i in
! c e -tit'or, ia a p retty nice ar.iraa!.
: ow--er is r .:u..'o J to prove p-opt-rty, I ay
n-ges, an-1 txk Lira wav.
Lar.-'cg, S-I wnrL) March '11. 'ZV. r.2 .4:7w.
laook Here!!
C x m& v --5 S.
SPHXZT& of 1359!
ii mmi & a,
F-; IFWEf. n itifly P , :r Fri. t.ds and C--.-1
9 t :--. that t.y a-e , rcceiv!! , direct
fr m N,.--v a Lug. c: --h-t an.-l -
te I -! n k !
Of' o. iy .1 -. rij fi,.!,, S iltaMe f., Cty ;,n,l
' 'outitry 'I'trule.
(Mu- Stock Consists Ofj
i.adiks di:i:ss (joons
i.adlks di:i:ss ;otDS
ladiks d!m;ss ciions.
LADITS di:kss GiiOIis.
Fit Sj.iing- :ui.i Su:ntnr.
KFADV MADi: )T11 L(;.
A Cr.'Ji! V:.: ie! .
('!.( mis, (!.( )THS, CLOTHS.
ci.( mis, c!. tiis. cu mis
cu mis, ( u mis, cloths
ci.t mis, via mis, ctotiis.
Suj.orilfH', Muliiuii. .-iinl (.'..arts...
1 )( M I-:STIC, 1 JoiiicsCc.DdM FSTIC.
IX t.MF.STlC, 1 ,.!...-;, -.IK M FSTIC.
DOM KSTK D. .i 1 1. st ii-. Do M KSTK '
D( M FSTIC, I h.ii.v.-tir.DoM FSTIC.
A LarL'O Slock.
Fr Sjiiino- urn! Sihimih t.
i'.OtT AND SIloKs.
I 'iti.1 ati.l ( .ar.-i.
OF iiVl t
.arising, Minh I.i, Is.".!'.
An airy, light, SSitltri nl Uooitl, with two
Tables, Imth new o. 1 Fit-t-Rate." A ceiv.-ieent
U'LI. ewAM.V.
An cnlerlv, supj liel uit of
Where will be found all the delicacies of the s,.4.
on, with h constant supi.lv of F-c-h iiy-'eis.
An -t.-i.s!xe Grocery F.tah!i!imctit, with u
j'uovsiox srom:
St... k, Co ,f, -cti e ry, and ot' .-r :ot;ch-1 n -:,!!
deah in, i;i that line.
The p iMh- a-er. -p. eif,,'!-. it.vited Jo call and
examine fir tli.-ms.-lv, s. Iti
1859 .
g yr.w v I'AVoSaiTi: itoi'Ti:
g iiKTWIIKV Til!:
East and North West.
(Op. ti to Lake Miehigin.)
.'vn'rf h-,r- I'vxt.r- J-'irti-I'l-is .''-ft.fr. tf
'Otj- or Ira t tun, I," n o. I . In. ,l
(f'. "- .-:.!, ' ! t .t tb- r., ,t-.)
ON AM) AFTER MONDAY, M irchllth,
1 s'-i, I'asi,. .!..,. r Tracts will rut: a fillows-
M v- ' Wt ' : Wo; M,.i
I ,,.. v.
sti-j. fi f.-. -it. , ! .'. I", ! ! -,
I . . I a I I- w i r.
IV-. I-. I't.. . -. A'. 'j -; J j 4-.
r a I en j !i
. ( arr. " .V- j I j !'. 1! -
i I.'.f. 7 '-, 2 4.
. , , f i rr ! 4 J.'. .1'. - "-: 33.
r-s :...-. j.-,., V.i, 1
. , . atr. I i bo I !
: ..M
Orant l!iv-r..rr " ' 7 '-; ! 7 4)
v:,a.;.,-r i !V,:.; I
taoiiiK II:iC :
'- , iTTi M I" I S Mi .
L'Jx-.. depart I ' 1 1'-.
ra Ii,
. '. V. i
. t-i t a.-:.
I a-r
( '-
f af
' v. j ' r-, ii.'oV
1 ;- V. l'i 1 45
i : n l -vi
2.1- IHV. 2 4'.
l .1 - J
' i
c, l.' l"! 7.'-i
II-. M A M. i f. M.
I -e - i 4 4.', i I S 'i
Scr.. Br lj
THf. Ti :.'-'. .IA l'i LINK ii d..w ;-3 fi-r JT-rje Beat-
O -N NFT. N's.
AT r Te' iri.r. it tfe-r-n P-a l,t fcU yyiU
rji-r ei Tn ''i-titral an i f.cb .-id Sutbrro i.l.-'a'ti
ar. i .in ! I. n :'i-i!rri
T or.AVI'II WK' eijjr, ,n- StvatrT f .r CUi
'-. :.
at v A' .KrT Ti-a .b y :--:; j-b Iact', a.!-
fi..-,. Witi-D. 'i J if -t f n I'.i"r.:, ' 1 itr.r'rt
ar.. i-j.r '. 'A -t i N'ortJ -".. ar 1 i o t M,.j im
1: .--r. an i :r. -T -:-- fri' rt '.n J-aro? V.r1 -in.
I i-r.."-r. ' f 'lr'. T-m l a ' a r 'n . Rail
war f er-T tv r. at I'. AM II. leal:v I at
to tr, A. M .ar. V. H
f.Ait.'i.t-- ao ' f t: T7.KJT AT'.rT,
a- f.rwar U-l r Vtf i' ' Tj.:a-. ti Vtsxr M l-f-
T1." C- zr't Tcae TM-i ?a Ik Kal at ar. t cf i
" ' '" ' XV. K. ytt?.. .nl ?-'
i". -t Vf. If. .--. yar'i,. !.', .
VFARM of .'2.ic-(-i Pi aere in. proved ; up
on which one c. p of wheat has bee-ri rain
ed. Situate 3 n-ilc 'e: of Un.vigO'i the Ba:
tle Cro. k road. Lv- 1 nrsi rare arid w..:i watt-red.
I'qui'o ft the S u Jiv-r General's 0."5c.
iwwi A. C. WINTER.
a iKo in ixr ,
"i -eAOAi'
j rr a t i: m i: n t'
Mrr hti Iii.uranrc (',iii.an) of Itartfortl.
f' the (jy if Dccem?r, 1 ,.
t AI'IT A I. .
K: -:."j:it . f .-;.;'1 ,1 t'u l n:a:.v ff.MiVOal ,V
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mi- v-t ro-W ,'V -rr, f.
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Vftrof..:.'n lUnk. N. Y. -
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lA-haiiO IU.:k, HaMiert, -J
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a, k (.' j-i-.in I nirt vaiur . tk iac, an-i
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I'ar tab Mara. al. Am. Liau'J.
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Mer. , Man " Tie IH
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1,74 M.
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Aian.nt of lean-, rrut-1 hy MarWaca, tm
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Keal K.Sate, north at U at t'.W.iaai $: J,i0 o-J
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ou .lrinaiij. tr..iijl u-terw:.!, an 1 Mvur
r.l ! le of Hi., SWk I'Hl.iaX a
Am . in. t ot u'-ip1 a.-ciue l. tat ix.l duo... l ikllll
i.rt.-atB amouut ,-f AmrU l lu l,n 4 a
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I. ali.liliei. f .r I..,-- dot ili., ..
j..l:.. rcl un a.-aimt II. .iu.aiiv.
K. TH-S. "lJ.lIi.U.I.,.WV
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I b, ret-v r-rtit t!.at 1 liavw v(aiiii,i. tli- I.M.k a-ij
riirLtin of tli Mi-r.-nanti.' lni.ir.io.-r I .ii an; ,r Halt
to,. !,c..i, i, , anl lib I it Ai- ti an. I C.w.litioii a, m-1 ,tl,
In tl.v f.i--,f..i,itf rt a'euM'iit, an 1 I bel,,. it- ,-ntirr 'a; i
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Ol iil;..!-. KolllV.-siV, '7u.y ,;..
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i , - '..-i.-i. in tU ati.'vr IU I 1 Altl.K INSI KAM I.
i' AS V, at t-. oiw liiifr. 1 .r-.iuiu'ii a t!i natuie nl tin
i :-k u :ii a.ii.i.t. I ".i"i rui'ij tir an.l -.) intat.lv ifj-i.1,1
'-' I JAS. 11 KMl;, A.-t
4 .V-yi-I-tit InfUi'v a ef'.i!i' t ly rj, ,ji rnLmrm.
f -r r'r Kri-'f of Hr ,s'i. k at I J'.Ji'.ul, 'Ki. fr.i
ri k I tri.lmt .in 1 f...i l.-nu- ;.rli
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1 .t-M'-o.-a . f lito.ta.i 1,1. -. ra. 1 l.y --.ial .!,--..
a.il tl. .l.-.-r-t...u .:-t-.-1 i;;-ii ll, nnt-.rt nca'e IR
t-in - t Mi.-I. -I M-i. I y ijaa.. ,.i..l i'ii, if, .1,1..
W tl.e.r '..niiltic f'ur.u, ai a II aKITalil I- A''l
..r"l,y i f t.'ieir namr, t m ;i:, a lhij--.iar for tl,r tn-at-lie-ut
of 1f,i rra of di-.- it. , ', 1 l,e,r f ., i- a,,. :..
VlrdlCAI. Al'Vll K l.ical I- '.. . .I,., a,...,', i,, . ,
t.-i . with a tiri , t.on i-t tlir.i r ... .n ..i.. ( ..,;
ti- ii, liali t ot l:V. Kr ,1 an I in - of r,-. ..,,, :
tr. H HT.MSM MUMi lk Hoi. .K iiliiro o
ur-!....i t.. a l l tl.at Uf A. h ,ai:oii ro lin.il -1- t!,r l.U
-l U. -.rat rl.il of tli S', an I w,; I,.,., ... I.. ,.,,.-: ...
(.rm- I in .lrrii tieatu.i.t.
1;... '.--t.. i..f t'. Ai-or at o,i, i n,,;, A,.i,u .l il.--,i
tl.e tt.-a.i:i.'tit ol r-! ual I '.-.a- . i rri t Inei,
rt Mi:.-f -t.o:i th a.ir--M bu-'.. t,aa attu Ir.l
t: lat-ri of r .Juion in tl.a cura of .-iTii.at..r
r..,.a. S-iii!ial Wrak'iai,, n,,irL-a, -", th ,e-
' ':.j:. -in "r vlf :. an! ofVr a c.io niiatir t
l". line ,.an f..r tl.tiu.'i yrar.
l"h-l.r--rt..r..iii a ra of tbr a-t, f. l aur I tbat
tbe r !a' rs m tbn ulir of ti,--lDt ,-ff..it l.a tavn
..f ,'iri' .iii'! (m tl.a a!Sifliit1.fii!:j to IU yuiitf,
n 1 tUy 1 i I'vli, I t .Vio'a IlK-tiiMlfaa, a,ti t.
n 1 r -a!, t- lt,: tTy iii.p-'rtaut an-l inurl. ,W-.. ,-,.!
An i tiniialila l'..rl oa S(rnit"rrb., ,.r ."Viiiiual
'Vaakm tl ir ,,f i Hi'iiti. Vai'ur l ali.-n, ,.r -i(
at:.e. an 1 .t!ir . i,"-i i f th i.il erirana, . II,.-
iltei Sur n. will U muI l ma, I ( ii a amie.l o
.. ! .,), m.i ,,. Ahi.K. ,.n r.'-,t of TWllsrMi
f.-r I '.iUe-. '!.i-r f-U,;" rl, an t Trarta on tl.t natiin.ai,a
rr-a'iii.-nl of c .i.al il ,'. i! t, , a' e- Uitantly U
in . -I ! 1 ,r irratiiifoiia .t.Or-.l.utM.ii, aiet a ill l at,t
t.. It.a- at'!.. ', -I S-,i.. t!. nw r. 'n-!.,- an I ni.-tl..-).
. f tr-a'im-tit .Uae, .r 1 ,) t1 , i.fymt
1 .
A I !r.-. r lorl . r tieatnin.l. In. J. -k II I IN
II e ..lir-iV, Ati.i S Ii. a-l A-.--iati .n V. 2
S. nt'i Nail., -ut. I'l.r.a.::- lea. I a. It i In t'.r lh
r-rt'.r li.l! . i. IIMlIW I I.I , l'r-"..li.t
l.m V K,ni: I.. SVo a'f. trl.t.'.fl
Taken I p.
Y the fub-cribT, in tho township .f Lm ke,
i Inghant ciiunty, Mi h., in Novcmtier la-t,
a pale r, d ox, five yearn old thi -prit The
owni r is rcpiested t. prove property, pav fliar
ge" and take bita awav. GFoRGE FISHER.
1i.cke, March I, IK'.'. Zv2
H U l(!K S A I, KS
a . i: . it a H i, i: v ,
Having: R'i(Iofii-lj.l hin Stock of
Wit!i a full atid choice e-aection of every kind
f g-oI in that line, invit 9 the lamiiiation of
hous.'-keejiera, l-forc niii'jdying thems. Ives. It
i hi aim to kep no artich tut th Iftt. In
a 1 litlon to the GROCERY TRADE, Ls will, as
uua!, keep c"mv.a:.t 'Jpy of
Fresh and Cured Provisions,
V-ndtry, Mtickf.nl awl WhilrFixU
Mi ht) in .or-, th t-it rti'-ls in the liri f.f
SI'ICKS. & .
ALSO a choice artichj of Orle-i 1'ninei, a YfA
iubtltnte for Ajipk.-.
His: Laa a !arpe aayrtmer.t of
f)rciL'.g, togttLer, a Uxk which Ilotcl kee;er,
Boarilr g Hou.?, and rtv famillei would d-
wc-U to give attention.
Ho haa thanks to five for pat patronage, and
etrunr hojKra of tH3 greater for the future.
Lansing, Jan. 1, ls5'b
WM. M. CARR, has moved Lis sk one door
north of Iarley Grocery, on Wa.hingn
A venae. I'aprs, Magazine, Books arid Station
ery. Call and eiataine before purchasing eke-
wtere. I It

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