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The unterrified slave-democracy, bare fairly
cutlived fear they Lave left themselves nothing
to be frightened at. Township after township,
county aft r county, and State after State, roll
up luajoritits lor the Republican cause, and their
returns arc received by the Locofoco leader in
btupid, starir. silence. If perchance an editor
of that fraternity summons resolution to com
ment upon tht so occurrences of the past week,
it id not to analjic the returns, but to belch forth
anathema sgainkt Black Republicans, Abolition
ists, and Deii-ociatic traitors. They are given
up to much cursing, and hold fuith through the
limited spate devoted to flections, in a blind,
impotent, uu.J lavage style, fitter for wild Indians
who paint i';-iu.-lvos, go naked, and torture
their enemies at the stake, than like respectable
IHofocos, wh wear Buchanan broadcloth, drink
his Bour4 i'., .in I cat his beef. Now and then a
tiendi-h, u;.iiiiMial Lujh, breaks the painful si
lei.ee, a ii J glance at the awful summary had
driven some editor mad. It is indeed a dreadful
trial. It is ringular fict, that among the things
which hav-- dun? ail this work, not a word is said
of the great moving cause the pen defection
of the Locofoco party, under the debauching in
fluence fci the Ni. hol-on letter is never mention
ed. The party, common and pn-atitutcd s it is
to the luls nd avarice of slavery, put on airs,
through if ' '"!", and wonders why this, that,
and the ot!i. r good h.ch, is not respect: ul and
fri-inliv as ,f vore. Tins'- We adviser and
MCOphantic friends, never dare fi-r once to hkow
I...- ln:.n lel-lio-i and filktl Slate, but treat her
degrada:ioii us if it were a secret.
Kut wh waiste words in vain comment or
censure th'C i voir no Stional le note rati e
partu th:it 'M organization, g!.iiou for its
Strength ct -:uibcrs, the I ah lit of its leader.
and the tr'.t.i:p of its tl gt lies to-day prostrate,
in all lb.! flee Slates of the I "nil 11, except Culi
fortiia. New England, once al.ti long its strong
bol l, upon wln.se granite battlements, that fl.i
was never struck f-r a quarter of a cent my
New England Lmws her i.o more. New Yoik,
Peunluia and hio, o!n-after the other ha
tl...kwi. il.ut hl! L'i.mee to the wind. The old de
fended 4.f that fuith, as lime and age have Cuu
ed them tohxwtlieir hand hold upon the active
deeds of hfe, have sunk, ?! by one away, hav
in no inheritance of faith to their swim, and the
men jet active, whose powers are still in the
fierce strife -f polities, have deafened their ca:s to
the rharnw t-f the Democratic liiitne.
To all He,. ul. i-ns, a future opens, more biigli.
and glorious than ever yet iLed its lustre upon
the head of an army. The campaign of hOo,
to be mad.- f.iinous by first the full national demon
stration for freedom and free labor, is upon us.
Already the ro'e t f prefa:i Jon resounds. Al-
renlv are we warned to be on the alert with or-
jraiiization, to the widest extent, and in the most
thoronrrh detail. In all the essentials of this or
ganization, how do we exceed our discomfited
! ton .ues of sncikiivr tlooiicnce. which
in the heat of conquest, shall ring like the trum
pet of the leader giving no uncertain sound
in press, which works, while others sleep,
quiettv issuing the weapons of reason, ready to
the hands of millions of men in the counsels of
sagacious men, who acting in committees, pre
pare all things to the end that action may not bo
lost nor energy wanted in the hour ot nee!, but
above all, beyond all, ami lettcr than all, in the
well grounded confidence of ultimate triumph,
in a cause of which all are proud in the merits
vi which all are ready to work to spend ami
to be spent.
Our f'HS ih.,t now take counsel with their
foam. N'oi lor Republican cars are tales of
doubt, of discord, or of apathy, but looking
steadily at the bright Polar Star, whose rays fall
alike upon victory and freedom, urge on the col
umn to every entrenched line of slavery. While
we cannot expect to "carry the war into Africa,"
and bring to our standard the men of the South,
Saint Louis bids us not to despair to find those
over the line, who feel and recognize an emulation
in the cause. Republicans ! lot us stand together.
Let a generous confidence in each other, super
cede doubt, t-uspiciou, and a anted by the wretch
ed fate of our adversaries, who broken and shat
tered as they are, are yet divided among them
pelves, let us go into the Presidential election
of 1S0O, with many hands, but with one heart.
Sliupljr Itltllriilou.
To those who live in Lauiug, it is only neces
sary to point to an article headed 44 A SkrioCS
QcehTios," in the last Journal, to raise a horse
laugh. Eailey, the Locofoco candidate for Mayor,
notoriously usod more money at the charter elec
tion, than ail other candidates combined, lie
used it until he was mad and disgusted, and
swore ho never would spend another cent at
election. He put it into the hands of his friends,
rich and ror, to spend for him, in getting votes,
yet his organ the Journal, ami Mr. ISuchanan's
organ also, is sitnpiy ridiculous, absurd, and
weak enough, in howliug over the result, to say :
44 Is it not time to stop and reflect upon our
duties as citizens, when a whole family of voters
openly put themselves in the market ? Who is
going to support this corruption of a moneyed
aristocracv ? What man can get office, however
worthv, it he has not money to buy hi way
through the polls?
llow long can how long ought, a party to
lire who will inaugurate and continue such a
wicked policy.
We put these questions to candid men ol ad
parties rich and poor high and low. If the
public mind is not ready to put down such pro
ceedings we might as well follow old Rome and
put up for uU all public offices aud allow them
to plunder the people to their hearts content."
Uand him a hat he wants to blush.
Shall Dick B-armtt hold his Siat Last
August, by the grossest fraud that wa erer per
petrated, Francis P. Blair, jr was cheated of
his seat in Congress, by the "handsomest roan in
St. Louis." The frauds by which this was ac
complished were
4n a mountain .n, jlbl.'
And transcended belief. Last week St, Louis
herself spoke to this question, by giving two
thousand Republican majority.
Ann Yt Thkrx is Room ! ! We arc reques
ted by tle State Central Republican Committee,
to State hw the benefit of al! compunctious and
repentant Rucbanan men, that the Republican
ranks are not full that story was a Roorback,
and that the Committee are still ready to receive
alt food, sound, able bodied Democrats, of a con
trite spirit, who may deire to lie? from the pop
ular wrath of 1S60.
FrstriTE Slati Casein Philadelphia. The
alleged fugitive slave, Daniel Webster, was dis
charged from custody on Wednesday, the claim
ants baring failed to make out a fair case of iden
tification. It was shown that the runway slave
and the prisoner differed more than three inches
in height, as this discropancy was too strong to
Victory on the 4th of April, was so perfect
and thorough throughout the State.that it ii diffi
cult to commence the detail. The official can
vass alone can give the exact result upon Chief
Justice, but it is certain that the majority will fall
little if any short of 15,000,-enough ia all con
science to convince our enemies of the folly of
their past hopes for the future they have none,
Jackson county gives Martin a Majority of 412.
Soperrisors, Republican 15, Lococos and hybrids
8. Calhoun gives Martin 800 majority, and elects
all Republican Supervisors except three. The
estimated judicial majority in Lenawee is twelve
hundred, and the Board of Supervisors stand Re
publican 1 6, Locofoco 5. Ililladale gives one of
her usnal, tremendous majorities for CLief Jus
tice, Board ftrongly Republican. Glorious Branch
elects a full Republican Board except one, and
gives Martin 1033 majority. Kalamazoo elects
15 out of 10 Republican Supervisors, and gives
Martin COO. Ionia gives Martin 650 majority,
and elects a full Republican Board except two.
Oakland gives Martin 173 majority, and elects 14
Republican Supervisors. Lnpeer gives Martin
200 majority, and elects eleven Republican Su
pervisors out of sixteen. Eaton gives Martia
4'3 majority, and elects a large majority of tho
Board Republican. Washtenaw county elects
15 Republican Supervisors out of 21, and gives
Martin GOO majority. Barry county revolution
izes four townseip.s, electing a strong Republican
majority on the Board of Supervisors, and giving
Martin 5"1 majority. Saginaw county, which
went Locofoco lat Fall by US, has redeemed
herself, giving Martin at least U'0 majority, and
electing a majority of Republican Supervisors.
Sanilac county gives Martin 4'.S majority, and
electa all Republican Supervisors but three. Liv
ingston elects a Republican Board, 'J to 7, and
gives Martin l2l majority. Cass county has
given a majority of or '.:i for Martin. The
Hoard w ill piohahly bUnd 11 Rcpub!i:-r.as to i
ltcofocos. Allegan county has sne.ihcd into
the Locofoco rai.ks. Kent has elected 17 Ile
publican to eleven Locofocos, and gheii Mat tin
.rM m.ijority. tit-nesSee l:as elected a majoiify
on the Hoard of Super isors, and gives Mai thi
r.io majority. In Wayne, Detroit city gave Mar
ti:! 237 majority, and the county ha nol given
Feleh more than 2'o majority. St. Clair is on
tho gain, electing a majority of the Boal of Su
pervisors, and giving Martin 310 majority. Ing
ham county gives M.utin 20 majority, and elects
one majority on the Board of Supervisor?. From
these teturns, it is s.-ife to put down Martin's ma
jority at 1 Ji.ixMi, with more Republican Supervr
aorsi than ever before was elected.
Aoattrm 1 o t orm'MMKleitt..
Vaicludinariuu Wiite to Uy.m lor a piop
er consideration, he his influence enough
wilii liic t Ulk ot liie weather, to sei mcyoii just
Mich a season a vou desire. We have lot our
authoiiiy in that quarter, by speaking disi expert
hilly of the spring equinoctial.
Side-saddle. It you mo some reason for rid
ing on hor-e-!ack with the feet on the off side,
and sonic for riding with them on the nigh side,
we ad ise a roinpiomiis: one on each siiie.
Philandci It you can't play a flute, and your
Matilda don't like a fiddle, serenade her with a
bassoon a solo will be a novelty, at least.
Flora Don't h-nni to .pel! at all, it v ill prove
that you are splendidly and fashionably educated,
upon the principle that tho dog mu"t be good
for coons, because he was not worth a cent lor
anything else.
Pati tot No doubt you are disgusted with cor
rupt elections next time, leave it in doubt how
you are going to vote, till late in the aftcinnou
your disgust will vanish.
Victim your enemies lie about you do they ?
Let them work at it wait till they begin to tell
the truth about you, and then if you can find a
club, you will not need to ask anybody what to
i elisor Tho world is vtiv wicked, and it it
affects you as you represent, you had better leave
it strychnine can be had at the epothecaiys, and
"forty-rod" at ull the greccries.
Measure The firt discoverer of coal in Mich
igan, was the great Indian Chief I.Ik-Bio.
Cui Bono The present buin s of the City
lathers of Lansing, is to get up pap, and rock
the cradle f their infant Municipal Phenome
non, and to mado herb drink, soot-tea, and pep
permint decoction for the prevailing w ind.
Bio Dr. John Knox was not n ancestor of
the celebrated Dry Knock.
Health The best spring-nicdicine to lake as a
mater of course, whether anything ail you or
not, is air, exercise and occupation bear in mind
the old epitaph, 4t w.it veil, fur tftUr,
t'H'k jthni mid hrre am
Sort. If you wiah a quiet evening's eijooy
ment, spend the day in getting light-wood, get a
leaky canoe, a spear weighing aln;t fifteen
pounds, and paa the evening from 8 o'clock till
12, racing up and down Grand River, looking for
fish that would have come up stream if it were
not for the dams.
Clio Piccolomini has determined not to come
to Lansing her notes arc not sivure J by State
The TotviiOilpa.
Meridian did well, and but for th rascality ol
the Board of Inspectors, in shutting out three
Republican voters, would have done liettcr.
This warning show s the need of having Republi
can inspectors ; as it wa, the Locofoco Supervi
sor crept in by one vote, the remainder of the
ticket, with one exception, being Republican.
In Onondaga, there was a rumor of some lo
cal discenion, hut she is coed for s:tv Republi
Lansing covered hersilf with glory, city and
township, though it was painful to observe signs
of rebellion in the township, which is strong Re
publican. They will correct that. Locke is a
glorious Republican townh!p, al! right, every
time. j
In BunkerhilT, as usual, elected a Locofoco
Ingham did not come up to the mark on Su
pervisor, but allowed their enemies to elect a Lo
cofoco by one majority, as they did in Meridian,
the rest of the ticket however, all handsomely
Aurelius, true to the faith, as ever, by uual
Alaledon did cot do the fair thug, and lest
everything except Treasurer and Justice.
Vevay did nobly.
Leslie was true to herself, but not quite as
wide awake as uual.
Locofoco Delhi falls off a little wi;h a good
sound Republican Board, that township would be
all right. Reduced majority this year three.
Wheatfield and White Oak, Locofoco as ever.
In LeRoy, about five or six Republicans were
disaffected, and made all the mischief they
cfeuld. They succeeded in electing the entire
Locofoco ticket.
Williaruiton, Locofoco as usual. When will
the light shiue there ?
Stockbridge, upright as usual.
Upon the whole, Ingham did weil, but not as
as well as she can and will.
Retakes. Robert Fuller of Ana Arbor, the
aHedged murderer of Holden, who escaped from
jail, was recaptured after a fierce resistance, in
Chatauque county, N. Y.
States and Cttlca.
Where shall we find room for Republican vic
tories ? They crowd upon each others heels by
States, Cities and Towns.
Tho Lut, all over Republican State Officers,
Senate, House, and all four Congressmen a net
gain of two.
Then corn cities without end
Everywhere within the boundaries of the free
States, wherever the people, whether at tltc
plow, in the workshop, at the counter, or in ti e
highways, have had a chance to spesk, they have
spoken for Freedom.
litghiim Uoaul of Supervisor.
The following is the complexion of the Board
of Supervisors for ISS'J-t'iO:
Lansing City, 1st Ward Wm. n. Haze.
2d 44 W. II. Tinckney.
' :; i ' John A. Kerr.
Lock Truuia:i Spencer.
Onondaga Joseph Pierson.
Stockbridge Duncan McKenxie.
Vevay Joseph Fuller.
Aureiiu I?. . Davi.
Lansing Hansom Everett.
r,,.s!;. j. . Woo-lworth.
A !aied ll Joseph H idT
Bin:Lerhill Henry B. Haw lev.
Delhi P. J. Pi ice.
Ingham Sam jel Skadcti.
LeRoy Win. D. Ilorton.
Meridian M. W. Barnes.
Wheat field -I. Gorsline.
White Oak A. Hayner.
Willirouston Nathan Leighton.
'frarh.ru' tu.lll ufca.
Our active Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, Hon. J. M. Oregory, is now busy in attend
ing Toirlfr Iuttitutf in different localities in
the State. The fir-t of the series closed at
Kalamazoo last w, ( k. We leuin that nearly 2"o
teachers were present, and much enthusiasm was
maiiifi ted. The people of Kalamazoo are wor
thy of a!l p'aisc in opening their houses to those
in attendance free of expense, which was really
a donation to the cause ol education, equal to
five or six hundred dollars.
The Institute was held under the personal di
rection of the Superintendent, assisted by Pi of.
Sill, of the Noi mal School, Prof. Kellogg of Ow os
m, foiiiierly of the N. Y. Normal School, and
Prof's Ohier and Graves, and President Stone,
of Kalamnoo College, and Prof. Abbott of the
Agricultural College.
Another Inftit'tte commenced last week, at
Tecuuiseh, which wa largely attended by enthu
siastic teachers, and the libera! encouragement of
the citizens.
Another Institute commenced at Noithvilie,
Wayne county, yt-teiday.
The Republicans of Michigan weie peculiarly
fortunate in their nomination for Superintendent
of Public Instruction at the last election. Mr.
Gregory bungs to the office a good experience,
a cultivated intellect, indomitable em riry, untir
ing activity, and what is quite as impoitaut to
success, the peift et confidence of the great nr
mr of teachers on S," strong, throughout
the State.
During the absence of Mr. Giegory, the affairs
of the Department are well administered by the
Deputy, C. B. Stebbins, l.Mj , whoso whole at
tention is given to the duties.
OIl T InHy t'ltnrrlt.
For more than half a century, the name of
Trinitv Church, New York, the edifice of which
stands on Broadway, lit the head of Wall-street,
has been looked up to a tho fountain head of
itmiiiiioehr.' by the weaker Episcopal Churches
all over the laud. Thei f is scarce a t ity or town
in New Yotk, having an Episcopal Church, which
has not been aided by her. Her landed posses
sions, even in the city of New York, are mano
rial, atid long ago attracted the avarice of Aaron
Birr and many other unscrupulous and adven
turous lawyers, wLo sought to direst her title
thereto; but she foiled then, v'l, a. id went on,
prospering and to 'prosper, under the cramped
title deeds of her old Dutch benefactors, dead
and gone two hundred years ago, uutil now it
appears t'irjt 'lwr great prosperity has been her
grist danger.
A committee of the Vestry, appointed to re-
poit on thu condition of their finances, published
in 77i Churchman, presents tho views enter
tained by that body upon a question which has
excited a good deal of public interest. Accord
ing to this report Trinity Church, iustead ot pos
sessing that endless and boundless wealth which
some, both friends and f..e, seem to imagine, i
in fact at this moment spending far U-yond its
means, nu 1 is undergoing a rapidly consumptive
process which, it" not arrested by a change of
policy, must speedily red nee it to poverty.
What vast, countless, and apparently inex
haustible fortunes, will melt away before the
wand of the demon uuthrift.
What Th- tay of la.
The New Yoik Republicans, notwithstanding
they have enough to occupy themselves with at
home, have an eye to Michigan, nevertheless.
The Albany Evening Journal, than which there
is no more saga ious no more true no more
able Republican newspaper, says of tbe Republi
can of Michigan.
'It was quit- unnecessarv for the Peninsular
State to furnish any additional evidence of her
devotion to Freedom. Her past political history
is as brilliant as the future prospects of the Re
publican prty. But, as it was necessary to vote
tor a Judge of the Supreme Court, the true men
of that State could not forego the opportunity
afforded them to reiterate tneir devotion to the
principles and cause of Freedom. Ann they
have doue u wn i an emphasis.
The election on the 4th, for Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court, passed off quietly. The re
turns f svm the interior show considerable Iu?pub-
lican guns, and indicate the election of George
Martin, the Republican candidate, by over 10.
i0 majority. The Republican gains in Detroit
since last fall are nearly '0. The voices of the
East and of the West blend in pleasant harmo
ny. The days of pro slavery arrogance are num
bered. Pisitintiau The editor of the Buchanan
organ in Detroit, tbe Herald, offers his services
as a singer of ; alms, in view of the political
condition of bis ;arty.
SriirrrALis. Elder Sapp is controverting
the spirits at Ion;i.
An Appeal.
The N. Y. Times, albeit not given to the melt
ing mood, gives the following account of a scene
after the regular Wednesday evening lecture of
Rev. II. Ward Beecher, last week, in the case of
a slave mother ia Virginia who had been freed
with her five children by the will of her deceased
mistress but whom the heirt, availing them
selves of legal technicalities, had again reduced
to slavery. A humane slave-dealer had bought
them all for $1,000, and had offered the mother
their freedom for the same amount at the same
time allowed her to come rorth, with one of her
children to raise the money takiug her word of
honor that she would return. She had collected
i00 in Philadelphia, aud now solicited $500
more. Mr. B. called on her to stand up. She
roce as white, as free apparently from all taint
of negro blood, iu hue or hair or spcach or man
ner, as any membor of that congregation! And
her little brown-haired boy was as sweet a child
as any mother fondles in New York. Over f 3X
were collected on the spot; f7e rtmaininj $2X
ire tantiot Joult, (says the Timft) vill be tent to
Mr. Bttther early this tnorniny. It is in ail its
aspects one of the most meritorious appeals
ever made to the charity of a rich and lienevo
lent community.
Criteral Condemnation.
But one expression is noticed that of unmit
igated abhorrence at the sentence pronounced
by Judge Wiikins in the case of Ty ler, U. S.
Dep. Marshal, for the murder of poor Jones, his
neighbor. The ow dollar fine, imposed for the
killing of a human being, seems a wantonly de
praved thing an open insult to justice, and a
mockery of humanity. Imagine the widow of
that murdered man, who lives within a mile of
the place of holding the court, reading to her
children from the city papers, the fine of on k
I'OLLab, for making them fatherless! If the act
was involuntary, why the dollar, and why the
thirty day s if not both are wanton slurs upon
justice. Elsewhere, the same opinion prevails.
The Buffalo AV.rc says :
4The result of the trial of Deputy C. S. Mar
shal Tyler, for the shooting ot Cupt. Jones of
the brig Concord, has resulted very singularly.
He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter,
and Judge Wiikins sentenced him to jny jtne
f our dollar to the United Staff , and to be '
lrioi'd in the jail of H'tivw County for thir
ty day ! What mockery! The accused was
either guilty or innocent of a grave offence, but
this result turns the whole aflair into ridicule."
The Cleveland L'n Vir, in noticing Judge Wii
kins' sentence ot Tyler, rather pertinently says :
44 If any one w ishes to commit murder, we ad
vise him to go to Michigan, it being the only
State where it is considered an offense ol a lesser
than technical assmilt and battriy."
The Detroit Adrertier adds:
44 The llnien ought, injustice, to add thi; u
is not our State tribunals which disci iminale in
favor of the greater crime. Michigan dise'aims
any responsibility in the action ot the Court
which has been placed here by the Fedmal Gov
ernment." Had Tyler been a black Republican Sheriff,
State Prison for lif.; had been the lightest ward.
So much for being a Buchanan office-holder.
Mr. Ciiaki.k.8 Wkf.ks. This gentleman was
an actor, became religiously impressed, studied
for the ministry, could not sustain life, and made
a plea that his mother and sisters were depend
ant upon him, to go back to acting. To acting
ho went, when it was uliedged through the pa-
pei a that the mother and
id sister story was a'l
bosh. His step-father also so stated. No his j
mother comes out in defence, and says : j
"I have taken care of my family, five iu num- j
ber, done all of my work, except washing.
twentv-hve men s smrts. tweniv-one iaiies ai.i
misses oresSe- sixteen sKiris, twelve jiairoi.
"cuts' pants, ten coals, t,i vests, besides tea-!,-
h." a class of nix children Ull each week da,,
and a class all dav, the whole time, , to Oetobe, !
Ut. During this (im I have also done a la-e ;
amount of Jwi.-L' for inv husband, shoo cusin,,,,. f
inattresses, &o. Such facts a- these were what
troubled Charles. I have seen him appear to
feel very much grieved over my toils and care.
He also nu.ke ol his stcpfuthtcr. who he said be
thought was too much
online I in his shoo, at
his advanced ag
44 1 have asked, and received pei mission bom
inv busbaiid to semi this for publication. I have
written it while king in bed, wneie I have been
closelv confined for the last four weeks. The
gold of California could not have indue d n:e to i,R.,j tbe United States troops. The stop
do it, but to see inv son wronged, perhaps rum-) . f r , , , . , , r T ,;.
ed bv falshood, is more than 1 can bear."
"Ark we joi.lv, oh auk we sor.' Dickens'
hero must answer that question for the Lanig
locofocos, tor it is pat their comprehension. One
swears that for a dollar i:i money he will agree
never again to oiler a vote in Lansing. Anothei
pledges himself not again t j vote the Jot of.-
ticket,4' iiocauso the party hae c'ot to bo -o hi -
., . . . , , . ,.
femallv corrupt, and insists that the KepubU-
; , . . ,
eaua deserve their success because they w.ik
i f i . i
well and suck to the ticket, mad or j.icasi-l. An-
, i , i-
other still, savs that everr locofoco ha Ins price,
" , " , , , , ,
-...,. fifi ...itu miirir, uii. I fl.ul l'i.' Io-.V-lin.-fil
' 1 ' ' j
our are liie mo- nuuin vis au-i uun. no .i-i-. n,
outnumbering the high-priced outs, tvv to one.
Finally, all but two or three Landing Locos have
concluded that "a' ur ."
Chili Killfd a Hokse. The Detroit I'm
Trent says that a little chill two years old, be
longing to the family of Mr. H. M. Lacroix, was
killed last week by the kick of a hore. The an
nual aras tm nod loose in a yara wineti me cnmi ,,ul a j,u;t.iim:m f.11.ct,.,j , tilU).i, tctt,.r BJ a
attempted to cross, and being foiii.-what vicious ; y.,,.j.,.0 Ili v,.r Tv. j0 ,,ril. , ai),
kicked at it as it toddled along unconscious of j ,jcV ,..., vaj ,,;c,,t j,..u..r n yo-j m v . e.
danger, and inflicted such injuries, that it died in i r"v o:itl twodo.-n, a'l so nice ;'aud if you pe
a short tiiue afterwards. The ease was a very j :vVtN j,. wa M Ut,ai:vx:t, d.tt I cat six,
distressing one. I seven, fcight of dem hams pcfore I found out t
.. ,i- r- l i dev as Oi l lo of W Oud."
Hohrip Wii-r.-MrRiKR iv Detroit. Ednardi
Benedict, a respectable man once, and formerly , . . ,.
..." ir , c, . , A Istrt'L Invi-mion. Accor-hug to the t oii-
a lad officer of Detroit under Slieriu Andrews, . . ,, ...
J ' I itantme Mereurv, the iuvi "who struck liii'v
but of late clven up to drink, brutal') murdered ; n ,. , . .. . ,. , ."
i . Pattrrior, did not ttiat tame ( ffecualiv, for he
his wife ou election dav stabbing her to the , . . t . j "
has recovered, and has just completed an inveti-
neart wim a pocaci aunt. i nt- icinn w;ia a ;
daughter of Mr. Haggerty, Supervisor of S;ririf
wells, and a fine woman. Rage and peevishness,
arising from no cause but drink, led to tho tieed.
c m . .. , .
SnocKis-i Homicide i Coixmbvs M i t.her '
or a Torso Mas rv a Torso Womas. A ter-j
rible affray occurred soon after 1 2 o'clock !
Wednesday morning at a house of ill-fame on i
the corner of Mound snd Pearl-streets, in which i
a young man named Tallus Rupreet, was shot ;
and instantly killed by a hag named Frances j
MiIler thc n"trea ot ih" tlou'"'
. r,
A Mas Bcrss his ow.v Child to Dlath. I
The Wabash (Ind.) Intelligencer of last week, !
describes the trial and conviction of a man named '
William Joy, for burning his own child to death, j
The wretch was only sentenced to IS years' :m-j
prisonment, probably on account of the youth of i
the principal witnes.
little daughter of the
; Joseph Loug, and Jsnies Mimis. We w--i-h
Scas. Mao. The Duke of Cambridge, Corn- j ti1ir0 health, prosperity, ai.d a safe journey.
raander-in-Chiet of the Brliisli army, and own i .
cousin to Queen Victoria, ii threaten! wiih a ' Ftiic.HT-IIorsE BmsED. Tbe fi eight-house
suit for damages in the sum of 40,0w, by the ' faf thc Michigan Central Railroad Company at De
husband of a lady with whom he has of Lt bee& c.atur was entirely consumed, together with its
too intimate. ' coatente, on Tliurs-Jay ruirning, at shout two
1 o'clock. Loss to company, fSXsi.
Eiohwat Commissioners. By a charge f -
the law last winter, the annual meeting of Com- Ti scola Giva Martin ISO majority, and all
missioners of Highways, takes place on the ; Republican Supervisors.
third Monday cf May, for tbe purpose of asses-1 Mimasp Gives Martin 105 majority, and
sing Highway tax- elects a Republican majority on th Board.
.ximi ;makii. iaiiy is iukuuuiu j
agus axd peck of pess we have bought of that
old market woman, and for years we had suppos
ed her poor. She is uncouth in manners, rough
in deportment, violent hi language, cross-grainud
and ugly, but w ithal, she must have a kind heart.
She has given a tract of land, in the heart of the
city of Detroit valued at f 25,'x) fr a Hospital
for aged protcstants.
Nancy Martin is rich, lside this, all of which
she has earned by standirg early and late, sum
mer and winter in Detroit market for twenty-two
years, as a vegetable and fruit huckster. She
was born iu Pennsylvania, and is a model of
strength., energy, industry aud thrift.
The gift of land is for a site- for the Harper
Hospital, the erection of which is provided for
by the will of William Harper, who is an ictaate
of Nancv's familv.
The Cabinet. Old Buck boasts ot health, for
getting that it is his province to make everybody
else sick ; the N. Y. T ribuue says that Judge
Black is eo indisposed as to be compelled to go to
navanna to recuperate his health and strength.
The Washington correspondent of the Philadel
phia J'res says, rather ill naturediy, that Mr.
Buchanan is delighted at the idea that any mem
ber ot fiis Cabinet should get sick, and is in the
habit of taying every day : 4'I never was in bet
ter health in my life ; I can take my glass of old
Monongahcla, dine heartily, indulge in MaJcria,
and sleep soundly, and yet my Cabinet is always
The President has directed the Hon. Howell
Cobb, Secretary of Treasury, to act at Attorney
General during Black's abscuce.
One ok tiik Toaists wi Run Or. The N Y.
Tribune says that the Hon. R. S. Ryan of Iudi
anapolis, recently appoiuted Minister to Begota,
was honored w ith a complimentary supper in In
disnapclis on the 2'.'lh ulL Mr. Ryan made a
speech on the occasion, indulging in the following
peroration, in which a 4 'playful eternity" reminds
the reader of that lady in "Nicholas Nicklcby,"
whose character is described as being "playful,
but severely proper." "I give iu conclusion, as
a sentiment," said Mr. Ryan, "The bright and
spotless administration of James Buchanan of
Pennsylvania. When thrones are crumbled and
dynaMics forgotten, it will stand the landmark of
our country's history, rearing itself amid legal
ruins and nations' dissolution, a political pyramid
in the solitude of Time, beneath whose ahade
kings shall moulder, and around wtioe summit
Eternity tnvtt play."
AroLonics ami Explanations. The Frre
Press for the few pa-t day s, has been filled with
apologies aud explanations one writer undcrtak
ing to tell how the "untcrrilied" happened to ge
whipped in his locality, ami another iu that.
Ann Aiboi excuses herself for going against hci
ow ii townsman, by saying it was the town, and
not the city that did it Grand Rapids, on the
other hand, excuses a majority for Mai tin, by in
si'iiug that it was the djing of the city, and not
of the township. Truly are the invin ible dem
ocraey driven iVom pillar to pot, to get up ex
cuses for their shameful overthrow, aud for want
of a better resmt, they lay tlie blame upon each
Tiiki:k ens Giants in those Da vs. The
kclcton ol a iri.int, i -lit feet h52h. has been x-
l.umed from the farm of Mr. Colvin, i,earM
j;l 'i,v, pn The Pittsburgh Chronicle
"Fiom the position of the bones iu th vault
u:eh r the stom, it is s:jtfWed that tbe bodies
were liiiried iu n sitting position, the tkull hones
:" l'"e? ol irie U lll.K lielllg ull III S tieap, Willie
it H,e !cps wi re KMttcrcil along towards
- - --- -
the, gsav, werr found various a. tides of
-"-. ; -v,u..ile workman-hq. denoting a
-"":' l nu -J.v helomr to tho Indians,
'"fMu'-r "ii' 7'" U,. '"'" """Clients,
gra.es in ti e uni.iiy number sevc-ra! hun-
i '". J" w lUt 1 :,t "r
! n-,ve bury n.g-ground.
Fu iu'stkk;n; Tin- Tribune $ Vahiucton
; correspond.-! t .v that the aimed expeditions
now being organized in New Yoik, and other
cities, with the o'.elisit.h; view of emigrating to
Arazoitia, will not be permitted to enter that ter
litorv special ord.-rs to that effect havmij ln-en
j . ' . " - "
to New Mexico, in order t prevent the entrance
tbesi' ba:idsof murderers into that Territory.
The troop" now in New Mexico will be removed
Ir.ti Araijt-eiia, it it should become nrccstnrr,
and I hci:1 places supplied by others from the
I'litte c. it::. IV.
! A M RK Siflx. "I nU ivs know a helpless old
(.,,., , ,',,,. ,
I bachelor, avs a clever Iadv, bv looking at the
; , , ' , , .. .
COrnctS of bis poi net lia'!fketc!,..-f. It I notice
. , ,. . . , , .,
' ill tf.ei'i an v htt!- pieces of red, blue, or el.ow
- ,
i w wiled sue?i tis a ws!ier-wcinan ri.n i:i to
idci.t:fy the irop.-rty of each
separate curtolt el
I know at once that he has no on at borne to
mark his liner., and that lit must be a poo-, piti.
fu', misanthropical, friendless, helples old bach
elor." YNMK TkW.ES. Yankee
I i.i.icr-a'!y th--si arp ;
tiiil;s am not after
l.iilf.ilo Dutchman
'You may tit'k pout your Yankee sheet in-;
. f i , , . i ,i ,i - ..
being particuia!iy ilcs:gncl lor tiie useot wagon
j makers, in fitting boxes into the hubs of whe Is,
i for which purpose no machine of l.k- similarity
an-1 perfection has before been d.-ied.
Efnoj'E The New York, from Southampton,
arrived wi h three days' later advices from Eu
rope. A Peace Congress is said to be agreed
noon bv the r!vr riOWeis. to In hell in Aix L
ch ;,je- The arrival of the Neapolitan Exile,
jX(I,jon ;3 10i;ct;,j ith much interest. Under
the favorable news from the Contir.eLt, the Erg-
lish Moi.ev Market had shown decided irnprovc-
For Pikes' Peak. Sixty-seven persons passed
through Detroit last week on their way to Pike's
pcak. They are from Utica, Macomb county,
and hal their wagons with them. A smaller
band left Shiawassee, among whom the Owasso
! Jfrtiu r.ticos, R. II. Naon, Janes B. Terry.
A FoKuOTTFX AfcT. Did it ever strike any
body that schools have done teaching spelling ?
In New Eugland occe, it was an iron discipline,
that of spelling, carried on, and inculcated with
all force and perse verrnce. Tin re was no dodg
ing it boy and girl big or little, must spell.
Within a mouth, we Lave seen words of ordina
ry use misspelled in letters written by men and
women teachers. There is not tne half tho "ac
complished" scholars in high-schools, who begin
to U'.k of 44 taking German," who can spell. We
may be making gigantic strides iu belies lettres,
in philosophy, in the classics, ia mathematics,
but we are lamentably retrograding in spelling.
Orthography is at a uiscouut, and the prevalent
school complaint is "poor spi lis."
Dkatu-Bed CoxrtssioN. Two years since, a
young school teacher by the name ol Surah J.
Gould, of St. Lawrence county, was murdered
by James E. L'.JriJge, a young man whe was
thought to bo engaged to her in marriage. He
was tried and convicted of the murder ; but a
new trial was ordered, w hich was soon to have
taken place in Saratoga county. But he died of
consumption iu the Canton jail on the 24 th tilt.
He left a written statement of what he called the
facts in the caao, w hich is to be published. It
said that in his statement, Eidridgc admit having
administered arsenic to Miss Gould.
DkaTU or as Old Pkijitxi;. John Dciiio, of
Albior, Orleans county, years of ago, the old
est editor in the State of New Yoik, died a few-
days since. He commenced his apprenticeship at
Greenfield, Mass., in 17'.3 published a paper in
Vermont in Imhi, returned to Greenfield the
next y eax.and published a paper there until 1 27
then went to Albion and printed the Jforniit
Chronicle for two years ; went to Rochester iu
lf32, and to Medina in 183S, and lately has pub
lished the American at Albion. He was an lion
cs man, had leen a member of the Presbyterian
Church for about 3' vea.-s, and has always beei
a faithful aud onsistciit Christian.
A uiuth os tiik 44 Ocean" Wavk. The De
troit Adcertitrr states that whilo the Ocean
Captain Dick Evans, was on her last trip from
Cleveland to Detroit, a passenser Mrs. Hallftw
ell gave birth to a child, while the steamer was
off the "Clay Bank." The gallant Captain saw-
that the mother and her babe were properly car
ed for, and on arriving at Detroit, the mother,
father and captain agreed that the child shoul 1
be called 44 Ocean." It was imgcsted by some
of the passeng- r's that the boy should be named
44 Dick," but to this Capt. Evans objected. The
bov is a fine littht feltow- and with bis mother is
doing well.
DivoRn: ir Ockuos. It would seem that Or
egon and Indiana are atrout on a par as to facility
of divorce. At the recent m-ssion of the Oregon
lcgi!atn'-e, Elijah Dohsou was an applicant for
divorce. Thc bill passed the Council, but before
action in the House, a member received the fol
lowing note:
44 At Hove, Yamhill Corner.
Dfak Sir After inv be-t respects, I wish to
inform you that my old woman has returned, and
I have found her ad right; and if our petition
has not been taken tin, lw o good as not to take
it up, and not proceed any further without my
lurtfier order.
Yours, respectfiil'v,
Ti e bill was tat.led.
rsoossciors Jistice. The liiand Rapids
llernld ays the following involuntary tribute to
the personal cxctlleiicirs ol Judge Martin, though
it is nol needful that the Judg should feel
at ail grateful for his kindneris, for the words
slipped out eviitentlv in Ins KiimI t airrnu s to
account lor a defeat :
'irand Ri jiids has been his iilace of residence
for a gre.it many years hence, i.s his competitor
was not pcrsor.a'lv known to luanv ol our citi
zens, Judge .Martin received the large majority
lie obtained.
Pakaui av. According to the Albany Jur
mn', 4icn. Urquiza, the President of the Argi-n-tine
Confederation, has gone up to Paraguay just
in advanci of our Fleet, either in order to oiler
his mediation to preserve tcacc or his aid against
the Americans in the approaching hostilities.
Montevideo has also sent up a mediating envoy
to Parng'isy, a Mr. Mender, who pxs on one of
our Steamers.
Ail Harvont. The Flint liemocrat dou't
like Detroit leader-hip, and says, among other
bitter things "When the very stronghold of tin
party in the State the point where are congre
gated the geheials and captains ol thepaitv
surrenders without sr, much as a show :' battle,
it would i em to bo time 10 annul the c-m. niision
of Mime of tho.- officers, and promote to their
pliers more efficient men."
Cam-ih rok a Locoroco. It is pi city well for
a Iicof k-o to admit hall the truth the (iiand
Rapids lh raid, Buchanan Locdoco, aays, "To
day a lull vole in Michigan would not exhibit a
republican nnjority of over ten thousand."
That's just nbo-U one half the real Republican
Sni ArrAiR tv Jackvjv. The skeleton of
William KnowD, a young man, son of George
KnoaN, if Parma, was found l t wi--k in the
wo.nl-, one m'le from hom-. lie ba-1 be-n mi4-
ing ilice August !it. Doulitl'-S siiirib ,y
AiickCarv. A pretty name that, but not of
a pretty girl, if "hand-ome is that handsome
does" for Alice has been at irand Rapids, re
ceiving money as auiit foretrtain Magazines.and
thereby ha !e-n arrested f.r fa!e pretei.res h
('tr sot Good. It was a smart loy who
owned up, that he liked everything good, but a
good vhijinj. The same boy like-la good rainy
day, too rainy to go to school, and ju-t aut
rainy ncugh to go fihirg.
" PlI'.iite: Faith imi Reokes Vows."
When Felcli was nominated, Ithrop, i. V. N.,
of Detroit, pledged that ancient city for b'rt ma
jority he went 2:;" for Martin, ''azainst sure
tics and pledges," will Ixithrop bring a Replev
in Camphise. An outright explosion of a burning-fluid
lamp took lately place in Dr. Hoyta' of
fice at Adrian, by which that gentleman was se
verely injured.
Tnrr. Esoron. Mrs. Fantadiing says, if it
were not intended that women should drive their
husbands, why are they put thro-jch the bridle
ceremonv ?
Food ash Experience. The man who ate his
dinner with the fork of a river has Ix-en endeav
oring to spin a mountain top.
Ji-Nastic. The l-oy who lot his balance
on the roof found it on the ground shortly aVr
ward. -
ThetRijoice 4'to she the Cress Removih."
Cheney, P. M. of Jtckson, gives way to make
room for shoeradier's brother notod sorry.
MaH DoOs. They arc having mad dugs at
Grand Rapids. A Mr. Thomas bitten last
speaks of a class cf "sensation
winch we are not without specimen, ttkiy "
the Atlantic:
"A murder is committed, and the mn
becomes famous! 'lie tuLe$ cyr: 1''
instant, a hundred goose-qui re gir lW
The&SMssia cats one, two, three tiicea
and butter; and one, two, three sliwaawr
fully registered by the historian of Uooi 1?"
murderer smiles, and the ever atchhiU7
instructor makes inventory of the IkHdll
pic. The mau-tpullet talks unwr.cr..
the light chit-chat of ti e etanguineTS
served up for families at tbe Sunday Uhk-sT t
miscreant fieri ; but is be hit in "solitude T
no ! for the press, a bar ridan gossip ,;u f,
pallet of the man of blood, and count LUtW
h:s groans; marks his convulsed limU tnjf?
hweat ot agor.y'ciKm his C-ain-brandisl brow .
straightway rends her tahtte to all Isirer.' V
take bum., l-l is terrible; but is there Do -S
in mora! murder Is there no crin fr,
matically killir.g the fiMet sensib'.liii,- ofoJ"
ture, by d.tily and hourly farmiiaruUir. thea.t
atrocities." "
A Vou e rruK tub I'ax-Hasi.u.U'b
evidoMly w ishos she w:w o.noh(re elsfly
Intelligencer discourses as follows ui the Rraajj
the o! 1 lady who was glad tho Missouri Ca
changed, so as to bring her fana into t
State :
44 Si riou.lv, wo hae always tl.ougl.t that fi,
itr:p ot irmma noil, niuning up north Wta
Ohio a.d Pciui.-yUas.ia, ought to be bi.
iu the boundaries -f the latter. Tl tu
oral boundary of lVimsylvaniaon lie men, frw,
where he it atrikes that t-treaiu s.utl.wxrd, th
Ohio river. On the Kmth it is that direct Ut
from the Delaware wcM, running on llirwi, to
the Ohio river. This is the wav the W
have Ven wi when the iHumdari.- beiM
States were fixed. This would have ptn
Wheeling to Pennsylvania a free Sutett4
she would now have b.-cn as tar HticaJ
present self as she is to da ahead, iB p bt d
energy and wealth, of the old dilapidates citi
on th easti rn shore, that htve suflewd r.i
more than we the paralyzing intiutiiee, uf ti,
policy of the State. W heeling, a live rit? ! Jg
think of it, citizens, mechanics, men of brir,
hearts, stnmg muscle, and boiuat purpiw.
merchants, inaniilaetures, owners ot proprtT
think -f how much it w .mid enhance tour inur
ts, if t!ie line could to-morri-w he run acna
the Ohio on the boutli, and Whefliiig fan
erred to Pcnnsy lai i."
Dr. Ol -imty.-The North American A'fn'or,
iu an article on D. t linccy, thus lcrribet tht
figure of this icmaikah'c writer:
44 Iii jH-rsoti he is anything but pn'pucft-wj.g
being diminutive in itaiure and awkward ifl
movenietit, w ith a uivehil, j-cUow, parrliuitot
skin. His head, however, is iiierb, anil Uii Uct
remarkably sensitive and expressive ; the r
sunken, but biilliai.t wiili the fire if geuiiu
the illuminations of opium. In manner ht it t
model of decorum, inljauity, and natural, uuf
l cliil gentility. He is a magnificent ttlkrr.ud
a line reader which Ltt quality he notes uu
accomplishmcnl, w hether among luen or womcs.
He is genial and hospitable in his 1iouc!kiM
He pel foi ms st tusks i f walking, day bv dir
in his garden, and marks his progro Ly di-p-iles
of stum . He has offered his body, aft
death, to the surgeons, fur dissection, as hit m
Uibutioii t p'ny biological science. He s-iimiflr
believes that the dreadful gnawingof the sUsn
ach, wliich aris,-s, perhaps, from the collapi,
and impotency of that organ, through the uttof
opium, is caused by the ravages of aliviiiriai
nul. He is insular in his habits, often dtsap
pears from his home for days together no inqat
ry being made after him by his Ii iends and ir
turns as mysteriously as he went. HehaMto
daughter, one of whom is maniid to aa offinr
i i the Indian army ; and the other and cities
presides iver the bouse, and act as Li aautw
The Plain Tki tii. Whatever men maythit
of John M. Butts, it is clear that he spraktwt
in all occasions, without fear or favor, fltaat
written a letter to the bmoud Eqiret, 't
btought ngainat him, tint he would "unite til
free nerroca to put ihiwii the Dcmocracv " that
i the spcci h referred to ho said only
44 That if theie was State in the Union
iMMed entirely of free negroes, and the CoostiU-
tioi. gave tliem the right to vote, I would k
much obliged to them to belli uu; to lieat tW
Democratic party ;" and so 1 would, and Ir
Letcher and ail his parlv would, a all kww.
make every effort and sacrifice to secure tbe
votes to keep them in power."
HroKL ami Arrra. On Sunday, the Jit be
fore election, the Detroit Ire 'im'Said:
44 These local q lestions will serve to hrar
ut a large vote, and thev, together with the re
sult on t.'liitf Justice trill be a fair index eft
piditirn t,f the State?
Iu the next isue, which is on Tuesday, (tl
Free not lioiug issued on Monday,) thti
paper says the Democrats are priueipsllr fruo
the working cla-ss, a i l could not come ost,
therefore the election 1 no tct of strength.
Forn Peksoss Brrsm to Peath. Mr
Pattee, an oil laly, her two sons,
ami ..5. ami a emml-cluM srren l'l jesw.
werr liurned, with their houe, in jre, nesrBsn-
gor, vjc., on Hcl.n jUr. Tlicy proHaWy sns
caled, as they ma le no struggle. Another r
saved himself by jumping from the attic wiado
They w ere they the only occupants in the bw-
Kt T i s-orr HErsrr! Four of the IVis
crat Apjtraisers and Atarit Appraiscf
Philadelphia, had their official hads takrSJSf
!t Friday, having In-en ronvirted of M
Popular S iven-ignty," which was consider!
as j-rhnt facie evidence if opposition to to
ministration, and bympathy with Furwy.
A Sr.i..Esnos A Mr. Ilawk-y, described
a traveling agent f.)r the sale of Co'lou s map,
I'lKiiinceJ in the IHrgia papers for having '
ken disrrepectfully if the instituliou of Slaver?
A proper regard for hi safety," says
linn, ";il re,.,;rc a prompt exodus fre
A IIoi.i.ili. r. Sioi'T. Vpp, 'iamljell, f"
rie, Cyprus all for inurd- r, were Lung at 1
more ori Friday 1 1 on one gallows, in lgil
rKi men women an children. CroppsaW'
Confessed his fjuilt.
A Si.sr.rLAR Oc t anisr s. At Uie tire
Michigan aveune Tuedav iiicht, EngiM Cr'
nv o. r, toik wat-r from a I'V-lraM hwk'j-
Ward, their l.oe cro l a nimer of theSeeor
Wank and the nine w in the Firwt Ward abrr
the burning building was ;tnal d. f"och an
renco will i.ot pn bat.ly take place Sa forB-
nv vcars A4-.
Liters rv. Charles Dickens annoareti I
new periodical to af:iear in the Sotbw?1.
with the singular title. An Rooiid la
A new ftriJ ule bv Mr. Iickens win w
merited in the fr-t nun.V-r. Tbe last dbbw
of Hou-ehold Word will apfar on the last s
ur-Jay in May.
For Tike's Pea, asd CaijroRMA.-Tt"
Uams, with abut fuen people, from I1"
parsed throush our streets v.-surday sfttrBSCB.
bound for Pike's Peak, where, if the
for making a "pile" is good, they will remai.
not, they will push on to California
men who came down to-day upM L
from the icv regions, as well as by mid
frtm the Sa'-it, we kam that Saut river zj
mains bridzesi with ice, almost as soLd as a &
winter. The ice is from ten t twenty aj
thick, aud there are lo sict s
of breE-:p "
present. It ii certain that no tioat kaving
before the 2.th. can by any powbility r
through. IM. Trib.

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