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We envy not the princely man ;
In city or hi town,
Who wonders whether pumpkin Tines
Run up the hil. or down ;
W rare not for his marble hall.,
Nor yet his heaps of gold.
We wouM not own his sordid heart
For ail h'u wealth thrice told.
We are tho favored ones of earth,
We breathe pure air each morn,
We sow we reap the golden grain
We gather in the corn ;
We toil we live on what we earn,
And more than this we do,
We hear of starving millions round.
And gladly feed them, too.
The Iiwycr lives on princely fees,
Yet drags' a weary life.
He never known a peaceful hour
Ills atruosphero is strife.
Tli merchant thumb hi J ard stick o'er-
'irow haird at his toil
He's not the man fiol meant him for
Why don't he till the ("oil ?
The doctor phid throtizh storm and colJ,
PIols at hi patielit'd will,
When d -ad and jrone lie plod as.iin
To g -t his I-ngthy b::i.
Th printer (M-.-s hi noble oulj
I!.- :a-p the mighty earth ;
An 1 K';i'iips it on our welcome sheet
To eti.M r the farmer's hearth.
We -iii the h'nrr of the plow.
And honor of the press
Two n-ible in-truni.Tits of toil,
With each a power to bless.
The bone, the nerve of this fis-tag'',
True wealth of human kind
One tills the ever geuerou earth,
Tlie other tills the mind.
Kr..m tii- !:-'l Wii.; (vtn ) S-ntinr
iiohicium: oiTur;K.
On i'ns.iv lir :i . rm ctitvrel tlio
resiil 'ne of Mr. An In.?, in ttV Valley of
Wf.lis t.rceic. in thi cunty . -'Ir. Atelr
bf.in :hr:it, and, JtfttT th; lit .-t d K'ratti
res-i'tnio; on thft pirt of .Mrs. Andre, un
rin wli cli her c!o'!i".s wer torn almost en
tirely tff her person, one of hor thumbs
uisl';at-'l, a:iJ htrselt !?itco almost to in
sensibility, violated her per n. Mrs. Andre
had b?eu married hut a hliort time, and hnd
recently been conGn d. IIT Lite was
also nearly kill-d in the 4trii;a!e.
A n-'ihhor entered sioii after the con
ii n in at i-1 n of the deed, and reports the
scene as most horrible, the furniture bro
ken and strewn all about tlie room, the
mothr and child covered with LKxhI, ar.'l
botli shockingly bruised and injured. II-
itnm.j li itely. afrer c tiling in the assistance
of several female friends residing in the
vicinity, rai?.l the whole neighborhood to
search for the ravisher. The whole coun
try round about was scoured by arimnl men;
but, it being late in tlie diy, they were not
able to du;Jover hitn. The search is s'lil
continued, and parties are stationed at all
the river and many of the interior towns of
the Stat., t watch fr him. lie is tleseri-
bed as bein very large and tall, with heavy
black whiskers, his front teeth gone, and
about o yenrs of age. lie was ein at
this phce the mor.ung before the comnns
eion of the outrage, and a!s at Waco ita
about daylight the next morning. II
probably got over into Wisconsin. Should
he be taken, in tho present excited state of
the coimiiiinity, his lite would be destroyed
Mr and Mrs. Andre settled in the valley
about one year ag . 1 iiey arc very much
respected by the w ightKirs, and their for
row is shared and the outrage resented
equally by all.
How Tiut:v.s auk Made. I luring the
past four months Mr. l eter rcuehes, silk
dealer -f N. 1'2, Walker street, has missed
at various times about 'l0i) worth of sew
ing silk, which disappeared in a most ox
Inordinary manner. The deficiency at
length itccame so serious that he applied to
the police authorities for assistance to detect
tho thief. Klisha II. ildey of the detec
tive force, who was deputed to tako charge
of the matter, succeeded in tracing thedis
appearauee of the property to a boy of 14
years named Kobert Turner, in Mr. Fau-
ches s employ. I p n being arrested the
boy stated that a in.m named Louis Clark
(a well-known receiver of stolen goods),
who lived next door to him, coaxed and
teazed him to take a pound of sewing silk
from the store and bring it to him. For
this bundle, which was worth Ss, dark
gave him lio cents. The boy, f.ightened at
hi9 crime, did not want to steal any more,
but Clark threatened unless ho brought
him jut what he required he would expose
him to Mr. r cliches, and cause his arrest
The little fellow thus intimated, stole sever
al other parcels, aud took them to Clark, re
ceiving for each package "2o cents.
At length he removed to another part of
the city to escape his tormentor ; but Clark,
Fagin-Iikc, followed him thither, and com
pelled him to continue robbing his employ
er for his benefit. leeoming rallons in
crime by the associations which Clark threw
around him, the boy after a while crew
weary of Clark's exactions and fearless of
bis threats, bome young thieves now in
troduced him to a pedler named Bernard
Miller, living at Xo. 53 Ludlow street.
For him the boy stole about ?.i00 worth of
silk. Miller paying him ti cents a bundle
for it. The accused parties were arrested
by Mr. Wildev yesterday, and the stolen
property found in a bnndle and arpet bag
which Miller was carrying. Justice Kelly
held Miller in $1,000 bail, Clark in a $1,-
000, and committed Turner for examina
tion. A. V. Tribune.
The Pennsylvania Democrats.
There has been a split among the Demo
crats of Pennsylvania, which has been wid
eninr ever since the Lecouirton Bill. It
is one of the natural fruits of the Presi
dent's double-faced policy. Governor Pack
er. Col. Forney's "Press ' and a large nun
ber of the party have been frowning on the
Swindle while the Pennsylvanian," the
tide waiters, post-masters and other office
holders were throwing up their hats in its
favor. The recent Democratic State Con
vention, (held at Harrisburgh to nominate
an Auditor General and Surveyor General,)
brought matters to a head. Ihe Buchanan
men, having packed the seats with their
own delegates, nominate 11. L. Wright and
John Ivowe for the respective offices, and
then adopting a platform endorsing the Pres
ident's "policy" in fulsome words. The
Anti-Lccompton friends of Governor Pack
er tried to insert a plank endorsing him,
but it was contemptuously rejected ly the
platform builders. In consequence they
have called a Convention of their own at
Harri-burgh on the 12th of April, where
they will hoist an independent flag. Of
course tbey will have the help of ail that
portion of the party which does its own
thinking and has the sagacity to see that
Lecomptomsm is suicidal as well as dishon
est. Oa the other hand, the Administration
will strain every nerve to "crush them out
by the power of threats, patronage and money-
Albany Journal.
BUY Y O U li
Boots niu) Sljors,
And trill sell than for Cash
1oi: to oitinjt.
7 ork Warranted
csive .tie a call
I will pay the HIGHEST Cash Price rfor
i:. i ksvi;ll,
Ojjfifr the S'att House.
L-insin, Mich. ISO
c "n , "-c i
IXM TO It II o r I. A . I ' s
Wil l. KHJ.CrTAI.l-Y tTi:K
Jjumlir, Ckruttir nr .VfOMii W.i'i.i. Iisws of Ihr
A fcirr , ..' -ii' dii'-if't ariin.j Jri-m a ilts ir.t- r-A Ltc
tr or .Sfri4 u A.
S'urli :tH l'iu-ililltlin, tllr l Fllilu's or Pl-r.J t
thf llifa I, A-'i'li! "I tin stum .:li. n.i, ll-.irlu ini,
Ih-Kj-t fur K 'l. KuliiffHfr '-!lit in ttieSt:ii.tfh, sour
Krucli"ii-', sinknii.' "r KiU'.t-r;n itt th IM of sioiu
rll, Siminili 1 1 H.-.i 1. H i: r.i-1 Mil 1 I'Uli.-u t rtf-Htn-i
iikC. Kliitu-i .n at Th" H-aTt. tliok iiaf or s.iilocatuiit -n
sti. m-. wheu in - lyiu (Hxtti'r, l'.in:i"- of Vi-ioti, I Kii.j
or ttflm N-fore 111" stilit, r'evcr an l linit pam m Wve
llal. Ik-Hc .rufjr of l'-r:r:i!ton, V-i!oue o! th Sin
l bvi". Tain in tti- si.l, HicU, t lif-t, l.iinfw, s'a'l
"ten Hii'.Iif of ll-4t. I-irtiin. n tht Jit-sti, I'ouMant
Iiiikic tui'sr "f '''"'I n'' l-or--.-.on of S)'iii?.
Th jroirn-tor. in (-iI.itj The ai't'utti!! ol tht fuht!c
to tliii pr trtHn, ilo with IWI;n of t!it- niir-oxt
coaU'!-iiee in lis virtu-"t an 1 it'iaptat.oa to tin
for which it n rrroniiii-nl-t
It in n n-w n'l untri--l r!n-V. lut oiit that l.i "too.l
tli tfr-t of t.-n ji-ar'' trml b-to.-. tin Awncm I"-'1,
mi l in r'(uta'Hii an ! "iti- arr ucnvt lo 1 y anjr ssiinUr
rt-.rtion extant. Tlo tf- itn my in it-. f.vor C!en Uy
lroni,ii-nt an 1 well kn n I'liy-i'-iarw an I :n tiviiuai :u
a t paitt of til-' co.iutrv iiuiiif n-, au I a rarrf-.il
al if the u in ;, fitihlilir I annually by tho j roorie
tor. au.l to l-e ha l zra: i of any ot hi-. .-ut. cannot but
satisfy the raot kt-piii'Ml that this rem-.'y i? rea'ly i!e--rnn;
th itre.r cvle'rit it h f Mme.. ll'i.'t
iu. iioon.nirs
Ki i; TIIK sl'KHtY tXKK OK
Co'tfjtts, (?., Inifnenz-t, Croup, If-ireH',
liruuchit!. Pneumonia, IHnxixnof the lioic
els ari!n:f from f '-..!. Incipient L'muinp
fi, and fr the f'lif and if at all oti
ble)eure f I'atienti in i c.iv. tt-vje$ nf
the latter diea.
Tir. crlet'atel reja'ation, like tlie Rtier. mijr be
pouti lent!y relied on. It ih !en;:ip.l tr a clat of di.-ea-e
ami' t'neral an 1 mre fatal than any other t whicli
the jwople of th" po jutry ar mihiept the pr;niu
fnim a'ltfht Poll."' TiiU eminrnt autiiotity. lr He I.
y : " I will not a that Oil' ar t i our inhah.tHnt
wUat the fUk.il k aa l Ykii. ) Kkvkr a-e to th"-e of other
pountrie ; but. I rao aver pontiitently that they uher in
ti-eao.- of gr--tr emil.pi:jr an l raort. t.jr thtu t'nee
A further proof of tli terrible fata'ity of i!ie re
flit fiom a pominom c mav Ik? seen by a irlanc at
thefolowm i!atitirn, taken from the re;ori of the
It-arl of Health ot rhila-lelpli a. p.i;f-,e.I y on.- .,: the
tnoit healthy .pjallt e in the tin on :
lji Total deaths in Phil'a-ielph'a li Uil
IVe.l of ron.umpt.oa .il'2
ail other iVea-e. 'ZiJ in nuin-
Kr.) 9.34
1S3. Total (Vatli-
liied of ConNumption
all ether d;.eas-s
154. T tal d,nt'w
Red of Con'umptiiin
" a'.l other Ji-ise,
From these fi;ure, it will be seen tht nearly one
fourth f the total death in the pountry are r:jse.l by
coaumption, ti ay nothiuz of tSe numerua other !i
ea--e. sprinimii frt.in a '! jht po!d."
Ho nut tr tie win your health : b.it. if u.?r:n; from a
pouli or Pol I on the Line, bur a ottieol HKL.Wl''s
BlAMK'0i;!'lAL. an 1 ;oa may fel count on a
care Thoiitud hare .'.ote ;, an l hare CirtiSe I to it
wonderful eifeot.
Couc'i onitroe pro-eed f-om a diordred or a dya
peptic state of the toineh. :n which rae the terrain
B.tter hou!d N !;!. In pa-e of wetin-!-. or gen
eral deb.li'y of the rm. re,il: nc frma pro:rap
tel pouh, th tiormsn Utters wiil tx found if great
lYeparel oaly by Pr. C. M J nckson, 41 Arch Street.
Plii'aite'iph'a. atid f -r ! ey Pw-l. an! tore'ieperi
throughout ti:e I'mted S'jit'-s an 1 Cana-'.a. l"r;pe T.'i
cent per bottle.
lor br V. Thaypr Co., E. P. I? iSn .n. aal New,
b o t Bro. , Lan-in, and all respectable Ihuffat in The
Inn-n. Ii.i3
I'uiimiioioiK'rN .otice.
"ITfE the having heen appointed
if Comtnissionors upon the Estate of Daniel
G. Tobias, of the Town of Leroy, Iasrl am coun
tr, Michi-m, JoceaseJ, for the purpose of allow
ing cl:um aja'nst said estate, Notice is there
fore herebT bfi), that we wi!l m-'et forthe pur
pose of auditing accounts ajinst said esure, on
the 9th day of May, and the 11th day of Jiily,
and on the 8th thy of August, A. D. 1$39, be
tween the Lours of 'J o'clock A. M. and 5 o'clock
P. M. of each of said daTS, at the house of Paa-
icl G. Tobias, (Lite deceased i in the Town of Le
roy, six months being the tirue allowed by the
Judje of Trobate for presenting claims against
said estate. All persons are therefore hereby
notified, that unkss such claims are presented up
on the days above mentioned, they will be fo
ercr barred.
March 2 1 , 1 S 5 ?. Commiriioacrt.
10. Wl
... l.V'5
,.. 704
... JMT
... .-;
Look Here ! !
SPRING- of 1859!
31 THOMAS k 11
71F.fl LEAVE to notlGv their Friends and Cus
13 tomets that they ate now receiving direct
from New York, a !;r:e, cotuplete, ati 1 well so
lected etock of
Of every descrij.tion, suitable to City and
. rr 1
Lountry iraae.
Our Stock Consists Of:
For Spring iuil Suininer
A Great Variety.
Superfine, Medium, unl Cuarse.
A Lare Stock.
For Spring and Summer.
Fine and Coarse.
Lansing, Mink !",
nkav 3tore!
ni:y riti'jEs v
Have jur-t opened on Washiogtan Avcnve.
ono d.xr South of lurr "t il rove's
jllardwarc St ire,
Groceries, Boots & Shoes,
CTj L5
Sic, iVc.
To our friends, and the public genera!!, we say:
Stop ami M'c on i flood,
Examine our Prices !
As we have
ot Time to IimiiieraU' Kitlior!
Iut wc will sliow you one of the
n't Selected Aortiiieiit.
And at piices which will d. fy competition,
for Ready I'ay only.
Lftnin7, Jan. 2 , !S5-.. IP'.
Micrill ale.
BY virtue of one executi -n issued out of.
and under the seal of the Circuit Court for
tlie county of Ingham, arid State of Michigan, to
me directed and delivered, in favor of Addingtoi.
Reed and Ferdinand Reed, againt Austin A. Kir
by and John M. Gibbs, I :ha!l s II at public auc
tion, at the Court House in the villace of Mason,
in eaid county, on Friday, the 'z.d d iv of April
next, at oi;e o'clock in the afternoon, the follow
ing real estate, to wit : the north-east quarter o:
section twenty-two, (22.) in townhip one north
ot range one west, in the county of Ingham an
State ot Michigan: and a's liiat parcel of land
described as follows, viz: commencing at a point
forty rods west of the quarter post, between sec
tion twenty-one and tenty-e:ght, in town one
( 1 ) north of ra: r one (1) west, in the State o)
Michigan, and ru oing thence north twenty rod,
thence east twei ty-tive rods, thence south twen
ty rods, thence west twenty-five rods, to the p'ac
of beginning, together with the steam saw mil.
and fixtures situate thereon.
Pv I. H. VANPERCOOK, Under Sheriff.
O. M. RaKNts, Vll'i Att'y.
Pated. Februirv 2"i. lvv.J. Twjr 1
MAKKlAOc lli'h D I'tv M LU,
MARK1A1.K L.fIlE t" im MM. YOINU.
MAKK1A1.K GlIhK b l'R. M. VOlMi.
MAHKIA(.K til"IlE .t IK. MM. YOl"N..
m.kkia;e ;riiE b vk. v m. vi m-,.
ESCCLA PIUS. Or Every One his own Poctor,
by Wm. YorxG. M. P. It ii written in plain Ian
Caage forthe c. .eral reader, and is illustrate?
with upwards t i Iim eniravinrs. AH young
married people, r thoe contemplating inarriasre.
and having the 'cast impediment to married life.
hould read this book. It discloses secrets that
every one shoul i be acquainted with ; still, it is a
book that must kept locked up, and not lie
about the hous . It will be sent to any one or
the receipt ot twenty-five centa. Address PR,
WM. YOUNG, 15 Spruce street, above Fourth.
Philadelphia, JV lOOyl
viurleaue sale.
DEFAULT Laving been niade in the condition
of a certain mortgage executed by Joseph
P. Cowles, of Lansing, Ingham county, Michi
gan. ( for purchase money, ) to Rosel I. Bnggs
and Ensigu Biiggs, of Smyrnia, in the State of
New i ork, bearing date the 24th lay ot Iecem
ber, A. I). IbLl. and recorded in the office of
the Redster of Peeds for said countv of Ingram,
on the h th day of January, A. P. 1S5S, in liber
eleven of mortgages, on page 61, upon wmen
indebtedness of mortgage there is claimed to be
due and unpaid at the date of thu notice, the
sum of four hundred and Btxteen (f4It h j
dollars : and in ad lition thereto, an attorney fee
of thirty (( 30) dollars, was provided to be paid
bv its terma, on foreclosure ot said mortgage ;
aid no suit at law having been instituted to re
cover the same, or any part thereof, now, there
fore, notice is hereby given, that by virtue ot a
power of sale iu said mortgage contained, I shall
sell at public vendue, to the highest bidder, on
Monday, the second day of May next, at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon of said day, at the Court House
in the village of Mason, (that being the place of
holding the Circuit Court for the county of Ing
ham,) the premises described in said mortgage,
or so much thereof as wiil be sufficient to pay
the amount due on said mortgage, together w ith
the costs and expenses of foreclosure and sale
which said premises are described iu said mort
gage as follow, to wit: the east half of the
no. th east quarter of section No. thirt-two (: 2 ),
in town.-hip two (2) north of range one (1) west,
iu the county tf Ingham, and State of Michigan,
saving and reserving from the south west corner
of said east half of the north cast quarter, ten
(lo) acres, deeded heretofore to Marshall K.
Walker, containing seventy acres, more or Kss.
Vm. II. Tixckset. Att'y for Mortgagees.
Liitisine. February 1, A. P. InVA i'j"w!2
fJiiaiK't'rv fealc.
Y VIRTUE of a Decretal Order of the Cir
) C mrt for the county of Ingham, in Chan
cery, male on the Cth day of October, A. P.
lis")?, in a case wherein John W. Phelps is com
plainant and Hotnan A. Lacy and Julia A. Lacy
defendants, 1, the bubscriber, the Circuit Court
Commissioner for the county of Ingham, State of
Michigan, will sell at public auction, at the Court
House in the village of Mason, in said county,
on Saturday the Soth day of April next, at one
o'clock in the afternoon, the lands in said decre
tal order contained, and described as follows, viz:
The north half t f the aouth-eait quarter ot soc
tiou nine, (9,) in township one (1) north of range
one ( 1 ) east, in the county of Ingham and State
of Mic higan, containing eighty acre of land.
U.itcd March 6, lbb'.K
Circuit Court Connixioner,
n20Gi4 w. lufjiain Co., Jfiehijan.
Geo. M. IIcsTixrtTON, Cotnpl't Sol'r.
C Iiain-4-ry sale.
BY virtue of a decretal order of the Circuit
Court for the county of Ingham, in Chance
ry, made the eth day of October, A. P. IS.-, in
a cast' wherein Ezia Crawford is complainant,
and William Voice, (Vila Vorce and Richatd R.
Low are defendants, I will sell at public auction,
at the Court Houso in tlio village of Mason, in
said county of Ingham, n the ll'th day of May
next, at o::e o'clock in the afternoon of that day,
the land in said decretal order described, or so
much thereof as shall be ullicieiit to pay the
amount due the complainant, with interest and
cost, that is to say : the south oa-t quarter of
the noith west quarter of section twenty-two,
(22) in towi.hip three (S) north of range two
2J east, State 'of Michigan.
Circuit Com t Commissioner.
H. L. IbNnrrtsos, Sul'r for Com. 720J
Dated Mr-mmi. Va'ch2t. 1 "'..
rillLA KLPJllA.
A Hfnrr-Jmt I t.'t . .-.'ioie. ' y .; rill er,.f.iei
iflw A'l'l'l i(.t.V.f. lH.-tr:l, nlt,i i
I iiuVttt it ft f.j oV'U'- ''.
'J'.'IE Ai:l A-.-oCHIi-N, it ven i-t l:eaf:!'le
stnn 'ion of h .iii.ii i t- , ...uv l by -ai iii-ei-e.
in ! tue te' epnon i r-.r- re l 111.011 the in.'.... 1 1.111 e no
linii 'f Huch il sases ly 'j-iai-k. oeral rear. il.ree
tf.l their '..n n'.i ir Su -u, a H'kl'.l fALIr. -i'l
worthy of tho. r name, t 'ua i'l-peit-aty tor the treat
meat f f tln e.a of a--s. in aii tin-r t'.rii's. an-', to
irne Mr.lilCAi. -nVl.r t.llAlH to ail who appiy hy : -ier,
with 'leM'riplion of tlieir e .ii liiion. 'ae, erupa
0 s , I f,.. ,) an l in cae cf xrem oi. r
ty, to FURNl-il MEPICIXir1 HH.b. oi C lA.'.K. I;
......1 toadl .i.i Hie .t-sor:.l.oii eo:niiai..ls t'.e I ii -
e-t Me.lo a. -till ol the ae, an 1 w.'.l l..:u s:i the inohl a.
(inivcl iii -li ru treatnieul.
Tlie.tirectora .f the Association, in their AfiDual ilejort
upon the treatmeut ff S-xuai ii-ae, x.ress the ln.it
est atifaction with tl.e uncress which lia atten-i.-.i
Ihe labors tif tlnnr Fnnrei-u iu th cure of Spermat. r
rtn-a, .-enin-al Weakne-s, lo norrhea, tileet. tlie viee
of tiiianisin or Self-abu-e au t or-ler a coutiiuianrw ot
ihe same .Un for Iheeusuii ear.
The Itnectors. on a review ff the f.xs;, feel as.ure t that
their lalx.ru in thia HpCeie of ber.eiolet.t effort hae t o-n
of preat lH-t.etit to the aiihete.!, e-iecially to Ihe jouu.'.
ul tiiey hane resolke.l to cI-o e them-a-ltes, with le
u eii real, to tltia very important aii-t much .iesji.se'i
An .lmirabl Keport on St ermtorrh.. fr SVinitjai
Weakness, the rice of 'uaiiisin, M.tsturtiviiou, or ,-eif-buse.
and fiber d.Keaeo! the sexual onraiis, by the
0 .nsuilinir Surgeon, w.ll be wot bv ma. I ('n a ele-l en
1 elope), 1 itti. OF 4. HA tili K, 1. n reoe.j.t of IW'iSTAMi"S
for tairp Other IU'.rt.s and Tiacis on tlie iiatuieau'l
treatmeiitof exual disease. tliet, &e , iecoi:-'a'ly be
nt published for gratuitous Jisril.iit:f 11. an-l will l sen'
to the afflicted Smieof the new remeihi aud method
.f treatment dineovernl during th last year, are if great
Address, for Report or treatment, :r J SKII MV
'iol't.HIoV, Actio Surgeon, 11. ward Asu.ria'i.ui. No. "
siutli NiutU Street, I'hi.a ielphia . I'a ! f r b r the Ili
rectors rV.tU it. 11 KTWl.i.., Cies nt.
(.to FaiKfUliH. fcr.tarv. fel 1T1
Dr.. J. W. Kermott's Celeuratkd
VtoiTaPi.c MiniClNCS, iiianufartuted only hy
Dr. J. W. Kermott, for H. M. Gidman Si Co., at
their store, No. 14 Congress St., Detroit, Mich.
CoMPorxn Extract or Willow, a positive
and never-failing cure for Ague, Chill Fever and
Billious Diseases. It is .1 mild yet powerf ul tonic
in all cases of debility, indigestion, dyspepsia,
and weakness of the stomach.
Compound Mamt.ake, or Aperient Anti-Bilious
Tills, the best purgative now known. These
pills combine power with mildness of action, and
in no rase produce subsequent constipation.
Extract or IJi.ACkr.HihV, a vegetable Summer
Complaint cure. The only rcrtain remedy in
Dysentery, Dloody Flux, Cholera, Cholera Mor
bus, Cramp?, 1c.
Vegetable Pclmonart Balsam, a safe and
certain cure for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bron
chitis, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, ic.
Eor Certificates, Ac, see Circulars, to be
had of Druffgists and Medicine Dealers sreuerallv.
For sale bv R. THAYER, Asrent."
Furniture Warehouse
Coiiant Block, 111, Jeffervon
Ave rnie.
To all Furniture Buyers,
I offer to the public by far the largest and most
complete assortment ol
Looking-(Jlafe, IVillow- Ware, d'c.
That can be found west of New York city, all of
ahich was selected ith the greatest care, and
-ith paritcular reference to the Material, Manu
'acture, Quality, Style, Fashion and J'ricr.
The same will be sold at '! j er cent, less
ban ever offered in Detroit. flr3
Parlor, Dining, Bed-Room. LiLrarv and UfSce
In Risewood, MaLogar.y, Walnut, Oak, Maple
mi Cherry, with any covering, plain or fancy,
hat may be desired. Also,
Painted Ernmelcd Bed-Room Sets,
zreat variety of styles constantly on hand.
3edJing. Curled Hair, Moss, Haek, Cotton and
Spring Mattresses.
1ST To the TRADE, every article in the Fur
niture, Chair, Cpholstry, Hardware an 1 Wiilow
Ware lifj, with a good variety of superior var
u:hes, Japan, Veneers, Mahogany, Ac, Ac, are
offered at i mall adviuce from ;oi.
All Goods Warranted as Keprea-iilesl.
N. B. Goods bought from this establiahment
for Shipping, securely and properly packed for
transportation. J. W. TILLMAN.
Detroit. lvo.
Vl'nERYAS cy wife, Betsey M. Corwin, has
left n:v bed and board without acv just
cause or provocation, this is to forbid all persons
trom Laibormg or tmsittg her on my account,!
I ha"l pay co debts of her contracting from and
after this date. w ILL. I All V. COKW L.
Dated, Icgbasi, Iaghaa Co., April 7, 1SS9.
; t
u Join's Cough anl Consumption J J
TVi .:t:" of yrupcure.l Mrs. K. I. F.fe. lixvom.
O mi. .f a coauii aal fa-.n m tier si'le of three year'
ue !.: cu- 1 the :fe of C. Ziaimerinan. lq .
i n n .-i m-ri'f Sn. a roui:. Ot;i. a c ath a:il
l i n i i I ..-r .i !e an ! r. at f fiw Te'' trn1 r.
s h-iri'r- cu''l Mr. Ji'in Ii i-lc. Wihor--k t wn
;. ' a uk'i. ii ii evi re p.na 1:1 her side a:il breU
' 11 1 v- ir-" Man.l.nir
f .jr h .:',. curr-1 Mr. . W. Zitfti-r. F.-rt S- ne.-a.
ir, ... . ' 4 r i,ik!i. ptin in tier i le ana brrt. an. I n-u-t
r .1 ! i;.:v. ' f -ar yr.i-i' iaii i:n. S"ie iia 1 Ikvh 0:1
t'ff re f fiv e pt.y.ciaa. all f w'.i'iu prvuounoeJ
i.. ' i-:- :n--urtf'ie.
1. . e.Uf.l Mr. S-n ,11. of F rt Bntl. Ohio. ..f a
0 M i tw-'ity - :rs' yt I'l lmit. S'.e t' k it ahea a
'i .(. .nre.-'lviter liavir.a- lia i t'ie ma:--.
I"iwf carl a ynunic l:Iy in the fami'y cf Mr.
J.. 'v e'. K ie:i t" i!ii. St-neoa Co.. O . of a o".iitti
'i ! ; ! ") th h art. of aut k vrar l.t.iJlnK.
S'i- i i.Mi--M!:v uj.n tlie vrrze of the grave, ll'-r
(. v . .1:1 ! fr.npl ept !e I !ie woulj u le. ari l
. . .t .1 le t.i:i--'ifi r.l t be I.-.4 I.
1 1 r.- b .-tl i"ir.-, r t'.i 1 ite:!i t" impbe'.l. an M
li'i .','.:::t)'ir nf a.--. vi-K-. OVo. of a cua"i
i'. ! ) !.. h ol l ee:i a:fi ni r sevrr.tl v. arn.
ri.rre i...tt -ire. C. I.. J W: -n. KQ . '..ierf tt.e
Per.r.-1 l".ia:.rv l!j'.k. o' a c.iii-'i .iti i :e:ierril lrti!i!y "f
t- i' 111 :i:ii' H!i.liia-. winch it ww frare.1 woull
V r.n 11 l!l .-..:iU'Ut"l HI
i:ie I... it! - i-.jre.lt.' K W .fi n. M-mer f C rurr. .
?i- .-ii H.j. II- wrote 'r un a!itr.Btn C ty to hi f tm
i;y ::i " S. ti 1 m-- exprf-s oii- l.. tt e ..f St. J M.'
f.. ix'i a'.l ni'i i"pt. .ii svrjp. r!.i.!i I w.mt f r a
fr . -. I. 1'i.e h to- I ol.: n i t!ie .1 iy 1 '.eft loon.-, f ue l
mv V v. re .-,. .1. 1 a!... t :t I ., frieit ! "
1 ! ' 1. e i''t'e r t ov I t-iex.vllent he:;!i. a
;.-r ..f M t1.-r. K-q . of i:.ti'om. l. S'i- was a:Ki. tr- l
it!i a ery strtiv 0 ;ti a:i t pun in her si le al ut . x
K nr Ure h..il.- rtr- ! Mr. J St.iT.-r. re ir ir- r-t-.t-t
! . I'.i . '' a .ii-' a-- f t l inT yr ar-' r lo.iiti.'. w n-ti
p-.-a . ii' l 'n il fr n .I h ir.l work. oe p'-yu-:fi
.... tor. ! Mm l-r Ov-p-p-.a. a i l n..:i. r f r e :i-n ny
ti ..11. a Mi. '.it ;itr ir !:i i I V r.-'.,f'.
t John's Cinifii aiil l'..tiU'nptin fvrup." siy t'.e
?aTnia-Wv l--.n H-r.t. "n an eoel ent rciiu.ly '.ifMOK'n
ai.. col. I-: in fart. - ! 'o t k:i .w itM-nu.tl. Niini-r.iiii
oae have eoine timt-r our ol-erva?i"ii. ii wh.i li t'.e
patient, app ireot'v Mtii.n-tC UtJ.ler 0 'iiMi:npti..'i. h
hrefi re-t.-re I t tie.il li r y n-n-e. Vc have u-eJ It
(feat ,io-h in our ..wn Mnnly."
Sit Inttle i-uif. Ir. Sro-f.-r. 3 resperuhte oi l .-ti !
p!iy-i i.n. of Or - n. U no- II- .n oi:io inotith i-.n:-fitir.i
to hi h- .l with a itieae of the lunrs. Seveti
pl.y.uM v. le 1 li-.ui. an.l axrefi .n tin: briief that t.
coii'. l not recover.
Connecticut Mr. KIwaM H. K ivh.r. . TTa
C.'tine licu'. wp.te lec. 1 ". I-V- : liavir.ic tra. . ii. i
throUK'i a Kteit p irti-oi of t ie Western cuutrv. I I--fame
a.-.j.n n-el with v -'ir p .p iUr ' iiit i a-i t O. ti.
Mj nptioti Syup. whi. 'i i rv extensively u-r l iti
tl.r rti-.!-Tii nori.l. I wi to kn .w if ..i: l ave
ageney iu New-V .rk Cty : if ' have. to.e inf Tin me
bv return nnii. wi 1 ir ;i(.-rit. mil here. a. 1 a fit
.".tiie tor my-.il av l fr. Mi.l-. who are -u ! noi; w-th
c-'ii! aii-l mI Ii I'yo 1 . 1,,. atf.-tn-y 01 New V-tk.
1 nl -n I the i i..::ry t y .u !.-r a f .e. Tie i-e ri .n.i
in- wh it aiil lie til expeu-- ..f t n r it 'i n uiaK t. :-tl.-.
.l-hv. rel ei e V'lkt'i'v Mv h i-i.e.. , n l
ro.liii( 0:1 the New V.-t ati.l ew ll.iv, 11 It t-lro 1 I. I
thin u S) rnp the jjr-.'ite.t .r- r! i-i ti ea-.i ' l for
(..::!(!. an l My wtle - i v- l - atio it v. ! h -r
life nice m Mi.-h ir iv. a-. t -a . '.: i-t,'i ant t-. K wall-
;t it in the hou-e."
I0W1 Mr. F W. llr.. V,. a w, l:-kr:o:i we-,!0-y - ti
I u of Ncf t .'1. low t. .1 I to the pr. pnef.T o! St .1 In. j
C.oiiih an I '..!iU'iip-ue rup: "loi h y-n. wool 1 e-
t:tll.-h iitl .ie'l'J 111 Ur pi.i.-e ;..r the .-.lie of V - il' M 1 ..f.
1 ,- i.i.ler it i. itiy r 'i- ir I i at.y p pratiori ,:i t ..
w i M '.T .t mi. i I ir p ;rp. -r. It ins mo.I my 'i a: i
restore I in.- I.is 'iln.l a i I rolxl.t 1 c.i ti.. ! e I 4i
fir ic 'ii-- it ii eoii-.iiiipf.'ti a. t ho e-'ti-i'let e.l lo-y.. .1
ti.e re k !i o' iin-ln-iar. It von iton't e-I '.h i-li a'i intern y
hi our pi.n e. I carry lurk ai'h in- a siipp v f r :i v
Self ail 1 S'Ver,,, ..I tr.y iro'li'ls. V"U inu-t ll 't e;i I .,
than ;i uro.s of!i,c I ire hotiies. 1 eu!'t s. II ll; f gi tti
t,:y ::i.vel:."
Illinois -Me-,r. W.i'Um A lain-. (.' II .trie. I '..
wroie. April 1. i..-: " ,-e i I ns a siiiip'y "f ' it ' i4;
ami 1'-"i uii.pt ion vrup. e aie entirely i. It i. ' oi
vj i. re.l l y ih -e wtio li iv- m-.1 i; a- t'.- very ' -t
ri'ii-'ii ni -n. mie ri.-w in us- ."
Mr.Jot.n l..,ilni.l. K. en Vowtship. Sen-c i ('.... i. ,
em. .1 of a rouu.i of ten ye ,r-' st t.a.i.ri l.y . n- f
J. .tin's Coinrh iniU I'onsiinipti m sy. -;;p.
NCW-York 1 is tr nih; ! w P, a v- y s.-v-i-. . .
ami r-... an-t w . - . t. '.-e a, f . ... i ' l.i . -t.
a'H.ve my l.re.a' I. I tn i ie u f -f e-. n i--:t; -of
I. I. S: J .: ii 1011 . :n I '. n-'.-op ' :i svi'.p. !
w is .li reil-ve I. i i . 1 l -i. 1- ..f -. ik l.-:."f
af -r.le I in my ..wn ea-e. ::;! in.- ro r.il h ' t:" t- i- r
of tin. ine.l:. ir.e. I t iko p i-- i:. r - .:o u.-!. i.-.a t -A!i
arti. Ie of r. at v . I". Will -.
IV .n N. .
K II Ir ail Me.li.-i;... ,-.-. w! ... w i' fir..-, -J.
John s ,iinatie Kraijs I I.. Sf J h . t '-. I i!':n
Clty.O..ieaerl . r.t- f. 1 t'.e - . . .-
Havins removed to his N tr ofiJ ''on
modiut Store, on t't corurr f li a Mut
ton and Jfichhjan Ave it urn, d,r icily
oj-f onii' tii Hankiiij (ijii-c of
J. I '. li.iilfil Ji Co.,
I 7',"t''-I':t!iii.i ii:e.- to the eiti.ns f Lansirp
f and vi. it,n , ti.at he is pretuileil t ) suppl J
them with the iiiit coiiiplete ?tH-k of
Wall Taper, Fancy Goods atid 1 1 1 umei i'-a eer
brotlirht into this market.
cntsfie. Miseelliiiieoij?-. ami ail tin xaiums
kinds of SoIhm.1 and Blank BHik in eoin
nioil USi'. Letter. r.ti,ciinriietci ll mile,
and fancy Stationery, envelopes,
cards, card-t usi's, poll am'
steel pctis.re ward of mer
rit, penholders, pe:i--i)s,jMirt
w a I lets ,
M rrtrs, hair and cloth brushes, slates, li.ioring
extrac's, cologne, hair oils, pomadtts, hair dye,
fancy toilet soaps, black, blue j.tpun and
rarmine inks, mucilage Ac, alliums,
fans, lith: graphs, steel engravings,
gilt moulding, cord and tassel
for 1 icture fiatnes, cur
ta ns and fixtures,
t.i! canvas and
Materials for pair.tin A!n, cheap publicatin
of al!kind-; Hatj rr, Goley, Graham, Peterson's,
Mrs. Stephens, Arthur, Knickerbocker, Emer
son's A Putnam's, Ec'ei tic, Frank Leslies, RnllouY
Dollar Atlantic :.nd California Magazines, Yan
kee Notions, Nic Nax, Bro. Jonathan, N. Y.
Ledger, Mercury, N.Y. Weekly, Hatper's Week
ly, Frank Leslie's, Ballou's Pictorials, Picayune.
Police Ga.elte, Scientific American, flipper, Por
ter's Spirit, Flag, Novelette, G.-imni Lcslie,Spir
itual Telegraph and Waverly.
Thankful for past lavors, wo hope to receive
a share of public patronage. Iyl74
It Ii I la U i a
HAVE on hand ami for s;l -, a large aiol wel
Si lected stock of
Embracing all the different thickiiessi and qual
ities in general use. A large lot of Sized B .v d
for Gothic houses and lart.. Any a t.oiift
first, Se-cotid and Ci tnti'on ineh, ii.t ! nn-J a fourth
flooring, which I ofler very hw f..r ash.
AUo, :',' ,li'i't fret of Sr.Vitlin lfd Joints,
of all lenirlhs and sizi s. Roof Boards, Board and
Stick Lath. 1 .o,hk choice Shaved pine Shin
gle. A largv a:iout:t ''t Hewed Timber. Has
and Whitewood I.uniS. r, Ah .vi 1 I'.j-soo.j
The al'ove himher w.'l be -.I I rei-)i : .ir. s
ed a- desired, as I !, iv.-
A I'laiiiin Jlaeliine
andean tiil all bills of wotk atid nut-ria! fr tin
entire hni-'hing of l.oti-e-5. All o ntuon sie of
Pine and Whitewood Boors for s.i'.- lo.
Those in want of houses or buii ii. g maUri'
will do well to give me a call, for I am Sound t
compete with a'l competitor;, let the -rice b
what it may. All kin ds of prod u e and occit--io:;-
a'ly a horse, wason, watt li, or good ca-h nott
taken m pait jmv for bunding or Houses anc
Its. ' ' C. C. DoBGE.
Lansing. Januarv I, Is.'y. lt!C
T.iki; L l
BY THE SUBSCRIBEIi, on the "J ".h irist.,s
Brown Mule, about four years o! 1. He is ii
god condition, and is a pretty nice animal.
The owner is requested to prove p:op rtv, nav
charg. s, and take him aav.
Larisir.s, (3d ward,) March rjol "w
.olie to Ilie lntlie.
I ENl'INE Liquors, imported from ;!.. Bonded
vT Custom's Warehouse, at Montreal, can l
had from the tavcling aent at Lxnsing durin"
the ses-ion d the Legislature. Tho-e intending
w purchase can judge of their quality at cithei
the Columbus House, Benton House, or a: EI-
gnrsSalcon. Further comment would be un
necessary. N. B. Prices in keepicz with the time?.
1 9.m3 Moatre-d As-.Tit.
Col-tmhut Howe, Lintiny, Jan. 13. '5a.
If ew Firm.
THE subscribers having recently associated
themselves tozethc-r under the name ot the
Landing Planing Mill Comnanv, for the purpose
of manufacturing Sash, B.mds. and D'Xirs also.
Plaining and Matching aJ kinds of lumber, ana
filing all bills of work for the entire finishing of
houes, would respectfuL'v Invite the atter-yo
of all having business in our line, to give us a
call, as we are now prepared to receive all or
ders, and do the work ia the best possible man
ner. Shop opposite the Presbyterian church, on
the river. Middle Town.
Ltaclcg, June 4, ':7. let
THE undersigned are prepared to furnish at
short notice,
Stationary K n S i n v
2lill Gearing. Ware House
I Joist ins Apixiratus,
And all varieties of Iron Work. Repair-Work
on Propellers, 'tea:ner and Saw Mills executed
prompt'- and thcroughlj.
tilt A MM roi.MMtv.
YITE are prepared to execute order of any
M size for Drasa and Composition Castings,
07 Glol-es, Oil Cups, Valves, Journal
Boies.Ga use C och s.C il i nder C m is,
Steam W'histUsfor Steamlxxits,
Locomotives -lills; Hells
for Ftu tories, Steamers,
and Locomotives.
Iron Kailinr A: Vc-rniiilali.
"llE are prepared to execute all order lor
II IRON" RAILINGS, for private Imildings,
Churches, Public Spiares. a:td Cemetery Lots.
t?f" I orner of Filth and oodbrnige streets,
opposite Machine shop of Michigan Central Kail;
read, Detroit, Michigan
f 1LI.ETT still has n hand a tine assortment
jr of tine Gold and Silver cased Watches, tine
Jewelry, Cameo, Mosaic, Florentine and Gold
Stone Brooches, . locks ot almost every descrip
tion, w hich canttot fail to suit customers.
Yankee Notions,
of all kinds, which will be sold cheap for ready
Walolics Clock, V Jewelry,
repaired, and warranted, on a scientific principle
GII.LETT has now in his emplov, Mr. E. W
BAKER, late from Jackson.
All work entrust d our care will be promptly
executed. Respectful! v.
1. GILI.F.TT, Jr.
Lansing, May 1st, lS.'.H. US
KO Ii" TlTKKAi7L ,YlL l)K.
itoous A.i statioi;kv.
rPHE rNI'ERSIGNF.D are dailv receiving a.!
I ditions to their toek, ami are prepared to
sell at
Wholcsolo and Retail.
As large and comprehensive assortment of poods
in their line as can be found 111 the est.
Their stock of Books embraces:
Scientific, Medical,
Clas-ical, Lcgri,
School, As;ticukura!,J
Theological, Historical,
Juvenile, Miscellaneous, 3
Works of Science and Art, aud Siandaid Poet
and Prose Writ rs, in every variety of style and
Citizens and strangers are respectfully invited
to call and examine our stock.
We havealfo a large stin k of Letter, Cap and
Note Paper, Envelopes, Ink, Slates, Blank Boks,
Fancy and Staple Stationery, in qualities, styles.
and prices, which cut. not fad to please.
Our arrangements for oiil.tining stock from
first hands, and on the most l.txoral.lc terms, cii-
a'.des us to oiler tonntry Dealers, Teat In rs, Li
brary Committees, and others buying iu qtianli
ties, liberal discounts from retail prices.
In connection w iih jur establishment, we have
A Hindi rif Blank BaJc Alanufartury.
Lsingthe best of materials and empIo mg com
pctent woihim ii, we are prep.ireil to fill orders in
this line, atid can saf. l v guaranty satisfaction in
loll '.'ti Woodward Av.. D. tioit
lmjoi'iaiil (o I'riiialrN.
FAMIL Y MO V 7 1 Y 1 1' DEBS
f.:'-' '':,7 ? ( NT. of the best medicines
..v 1-:": "'I f 1.. tit..... 1.. ...
I 4'V'.V ' IIMl.
i .71 J1' "."A ities and Painful Menstruation
K.-??X - ? j 1 he coiiiliination .f inredi
flitfSA iV C!.t in these Poi' d. rs is the ic-
siilt of a long and evtensiv
practice. Thev are mild
f correcting all irregularities,
Painful Menstruations, removing all obstructions,
w hether from cold oroiln rwise, headache, pain
in the side, pa'pitation of the lieart, iistutbel
sleep, which atise from intentiption of nature
TO MAlti:ii:i LADIK.S
Those powders are invaluable, as they will biing
on tlie inrtntlilv r.eiiod with regulantv. Ladie
who have lictn disappointed in the use X other
medicines, can J lace the utinet confidence In
Br. Wat soii's Pow 1I1 rs doing all they rep resent
to do.
There ione condition of the femah system in
which the Powd-T cannot be taken without pro
ducing a PF.CPLIAR RESl'LT. The cond.iion
referred tois PREGNANCY the reult, MIS
CARRIAGE. Such is the irresisUble tendency
of the medicine to restore the sexual function
to a normal condition, that ctcn the reproductive
power of nature cannot re.ist it.
Warranted purely vegi tabic, and free from
any thing injurious. Explicit direciens, which
should (. read, tici otnpatiy each p kne.
Price, sent by until to any part of the
lni cd States, secure from il.mceroribs.-i vatioti.
A Idres, W. R. WATSON, M. D.,
No. 7, Eattf G. nesi-eSt., SiraeuM-. N. Y.
iiVj 7 riTiTit n trrT
Cflp.lic Flijsirian and Snr'on,
Would most respectfully announce that he will
visit Lansing on the loiitteenth day of every
month, for the p'.rpo-.. of meeting patients f-
ilicted with Chroiiie or Lingering Di.-ca'cs.
lhxjjis at the- Lansing House.
Dr. Kermott h,ts j., ),is f.(.sC!i.. certificates
from, and is permitted to rel r to hundreds ol
gentlemen of hi'h standing arid rcsjivetabilitv,
in Detroit, London, Toronto, and other cities and
towns, w ho, Laving Teen n duced to the bord-r
of the grave fn-:n Liver Complaints, i sj.j,sia,
and ol!:er il:se.i-. s, n.i :aing tried in va;n tin :r
physician's pre-ci iptione, and most of ibe quack
tio-trums lor the et.te t, tho-e di-ca-es, aif now,
from the u-e of his Vegetable M-d:i:incs, in ti e
enjoyn.ent of p' lbct health.
Dr. Kermott ha", in the cities of London and
Detroit, dutini: the !.i-t sev. ri Tears, adininistt red
the diff.-reiit remeilial ag'-nts ol the V-L'etab!e
Kifigd-iiii to thou-and f patiofits, ifi alu.o-t ev
ry Tariety of il:s. ;i-. , jt!, unparalleled su ces.
His medicines are en dusiely v.-gctable, .fid such
is are safe and efheacious in the cure of disease,
without enUiiir g on the patient any of those
.nis.-rii-s experienced from mineral foot!S.
Chronic or Lingering Diseases the Lungs,
Liver, Kidn -ys, M!l, Scrofula Cat.cers, all in.puri
'ie of the b!H, J, an ! a'i di.-is of Won.ei. and
Children, treated suce-.-fuIIy.
Dr. Kermott ha- had rre.it. exjieri-rice in dis-
ea-:-s ot tlie t. n-'st ari'f er-ou M'stem. curint:
Is of c i--s j.roomifed incur-ible bv othf 1
JfSf" T)r. Kermott's re-idcr.ce, Detroit. En-
tra:;ce to D;speri-arv, No. 14 Congress etreet;
enra-ice to oflice, Griswold :reet, fir.-t door from
Dr. K-rmott willaTso visit Orndsgathe 11th,
Eaton Rap! Is the 1-th. and Mi-,n the i:th ot
everv month. 1 2S?
rT"IIE un d.-r-'gr-d would respectfully inform
JL the citizens of Lansing and the surround
inz country, that he hts permanently located ir.
Lansing and opened a shop for the Repairing of
Watch. (Iwki, Jealrj-. vr.
one door north of Elliott's Hardware Store, and
directly oppo-ite Bii'irrs' Store, where he wili
be hapj'T to accornmo'late all those wishins ar.y
thinr in' his line of business on short notice,
feeling a.-ured that he can give good satirfaction.
Also, cor rar tly on har.d a splendid assortment
of Gold and Silver Watches, Breat Pins. Brace
lets, Ear and Fin.-er K:n?. Lc. Lc, which can
be had at the lowest possible rates.
Lansiric. April 2.X.h. 1"'2".
Wall I'aper, Wall laper!
JUST received a fire assortment of Tajer
Hangtr-g, which will be hAI cheap, one
door north of Bagley'a Grocery, on WasLingtOB
Aventie, at the Book Store of
171 WM.M.CAB.
Ague Cure,
rot THE frPrnnv rrc. - J
- - 'f
Intermittent IVver, or IVver anf Ar.
Ilcniitlcnt IVvcr, C hill Tctcr, 2
Asu, Periodical Hradachc.orBilioJ.
Headache, and Kilious I'cvrrs
for tin whole class of dicae r
nating in biliary derangement, ratvj
ty the Malaria of miasmatic roantri
N. one remedy is lov.dcr called f.ir U
r.c.Tssittcs of the American rcotiloiT.,- '
snd safe cure for Fever and A sue. Sv"
remedy w are now cnal led to iiJer, ijjj
trial certainty that it will eradicate the dij!
case, and with aura-uc. founded c-aj,
iuai i.u ii..ii.t u;i iiox- iron 114 tsf
';'.i:-.fitity. y
That vhuh protects from cr prevcnti t
dUortKr must le f immense httL-c ia t hi
immunities v here it prevails. Pftr''u
better th vi cure, for the patient esca'v, a
rMi vliich he must run in violent attVljJ
this baleful distemper. Hi CiEt" cxifi.
the mia-matio rxivi of Five Axd
from the sytetu and previi-.ts the devd'
nient cf the disease, if taken tin thetirvj ,1
proaih f its piemon-.tory symptorav. It'j,
:i. t only the Kt reniodv ever yet ditwrorr
for tins el.iss; .f comj.'.aints "but aLi
cheapit. Th? largo quantity we MnV. tr
a l'.iar b:mg it within the reaeh cf cvtt
i dy; a-nl in hi'iioti listriets where FrvrV
w:I A .i r pnva'ds. every 1h.1v should Live it
md v.v .t fr. ily both f..r cute a id pMevtii-n
It is h 'pod tins jriee will place it wivhin fa
n aoh of tb.e sior a w ell as the riih. .
nat Mi;eriority f thi remedy tinr tr.r
other ever discovered f r the speedy and cer
tain euro of Intermittent is, that it cvntaim
1 IJuinine er mineral, t onwpicntly it pr.
d ucs 11. quinism or other mjuiunu fffci-ti
whatever upon the constitution. 1ue cured
U it aro left as heJtl.v us if thev had ncTit
had tho disease.
lVvr ami Astici not alme the con ucr;c
of tho mhi-matie oi.on. A great lanett i
.lis. rd-t- arise fn-m its iriitation, ainoiij hUa
1:0 N. ur-.oia, Bh. uniritisfn. Gout, HeaJjeS.
Bliti I e ss, T.anhailio. Faraihc, C 'atari K AtS-'
mi. Palj'it.i'i.'n, Painful Aflection cf thj
-pi v:t. llystetics Puin in the Bowels, Celf,
i'.i'.aWsis, ritnl lerai.gcment if the MotuavL
i.l tf whith. wlicn oiiginatirg in thi cm,
jet t'ti the inteiiuitti-nt type, or bcvtuue iehod
:i.i'. This 'i i:e cxihN the j.i-on fan
ho IiIoih!. and t or.spuntly cures thcra
lolvc. It is an invalaa'.le preteMiua to irumi
.ratiis ni.d persens travelling or tcniporuj
1 siding it t he malarious district. If" takri
ei :i.-i 1 ally or daily while txjxssd to the ir.
:c. 'ion, tl :it will be reteil from tl.Ofvstim,
if.d cannot ft( uim.hito in MiflieiiT.t quantnv
oiij in into I s ase. Hence it is teu nu re
al'iuMi- for pn ti etion than c;.re and lew ml;
r s(.,:r.r fiom InteiiuitteutN if tlxy Kij
thi nisi Ivis t f the pti textinn tla remedy af
!..r.I.. Ayer s Cathartic Pills,
ir s,, conipDsed that '.i-ct.e wiihin the nrce f
": t I'.cli. u can ran ly withstand cr tai!e tbm.
I l.eir pent tr.ifni! pn.pcrf.tsi m ar.h. ai.d elrit v,
..inl in i ;..i.ite i very j'.'ilioii t.f tl.p Imiuan tirjrin.
:u. t'ir. ciinr il iliM .ised actinii, ami nMnt
its I t -ihhy it .'.ilie. A a coi;m-iI.i tire tif Sm
II i . 1 ties, il.e it.ealiil who ii iaiwrd tlimn viU
' .in or pit) steal tlel ilify i astoiiisltrd to find L
hf ;h!i r n i ry rstind by a remedy at otxe w
:.: 1 ! liti:! ini:ii p.
Not t.t.h do t!.i et.rc the iy-i!ay rtirriiiirfi
f oiri lo.'i, I i.t s. many ffuhdnlile u.l
ho t: 11. us i:j ( a-i s. I t e ii'-TUit la low tlll,ri a
1. .-i.l I ft n i-h t..tis tii y Anieinaii A!niti',
t 1 tii if g ' it i ).: ti s t.f th. sr t Mies imil tlirtntnr
'i II. t r e-e in t!i f..''..i'.v in 1 i!ii;ia.nls : (ifn
. lit -ft' (.. Hi iK-'.t hrn 1 liioijUoiH dinudtr,4
' i' .,,, li, .V. ft .. Iiw'i;i , '! t n ami Korid
I,- ft t.'.c I'.oi'r's, toilu'tinu. hat of Avy-
' 1 . J'. ,i.,!. 1, an. I other Liueicd coii.plim's
1 - i - ft. tn a low Kl ite t f the body r i alnirtio
: :; fmeti I .
1 1 of I...- put olT ly unprincipled Dealer uk
t hr 1 ill li.ey 'niaUe more piotit u. XA
t .Wi n s l ii.is. ai d take nothing !.
lyers Cherry Pectoral
i. u Tin. nru eruE or
fe.tds, liifhii'iiz.i, Ilonrtram,
t t)iip, IlroiH hiti. Incipient onsia.
tMsti, mill lor the relic! of 'outkUnjifiT
I'.iticnts in udvanced Mnjc of b
.v.t.;.'.r i ihr full of it list full ndo
: 1 , ie the rase il its cures, that liwat
1 1 m . tinu 1. 1 to'ii.tiy nloniaU in jhtikw ji
' ! i.owi., who l. i' i-lK n r st.in if fioni lifiu.-
1 t ttii ties.! lif !iseas t.f ihe lung Ink
e. V u om e tr d. its superiority 'rr nrj
r tut t i. 11 cf i's ktt.rf is tn apparent toetrv
-en : li e, ! I:d win i- its eiitiit s i.rr Lr.own, It
' Ii.- 1 . ! 'i r l.sitaie what antidote to ee.jo
t' c i'i-fr '.s:ir; : i.il tii l; rt US iilfeCttnti tt tt
'ti 1 1 ry org-1 that j.p- ui. i.leut to our cliiutf.
tn", 1 y ;tif. rii r r-1. k'!. thmst tpm tf
. 1:1 ii v Ic.ee f..;:td at.d la-e-n diaranlei tL
s ...t.i ti fiieo.is I v T trial, runfrtrcJUteia
. t :e a'i'i. !d thtV ran' wur fir.;t, nd p
.-. .i turf. t. t, it. i rot.s and text retuirkali to
fir "tteii.
n:i l-.i;i'i PV
J. f. VAt & to.
Ii. THAYKK, I.nnsii p; J. W. TtelpilCa
Mason; Nath. Charr.p, Onondaga; Braoci
sf,. Slfi.f U.ri.t.rt. at..! all tit a!er b IficiS
even where. Wh'.lt sale l.y Farracd k WUV
on, I't troit.
Nf.w Wum net aM.ii'1 T ilu irmaTa- (wiTi Ha
an ?ijkavi.a.) or utaaif 3"J0 racaa TWI
woi.a tt Mftaxaa or ra ttwutat t.at. un t
ttcciu to T n -ai-ic, ia I'a ku" Mrtical
t.,.. ...1. uuu4 to tmtm
,4 kulliMUS wTitefc
pi.i kuum liui
mrj to kiHw prttaia t
(raltv twHir- o
tmetant tlt !!) tT
ttut ata B.m4 aod buty-
ail MrMiua ea sbaav
if tLjr r ao aitiuff 1 J "
Lav otraM a"'
'J V M u no a pt-7 -
taia rura. Iaa. H taJ
f ff o.ant iB.pnalii tre -
ul.jert known in th eaUlt.t-M rf bnnaa ilii,
rt-l. t.r t!br d.ia t.f th yiW! org
M. !wirT, M itsrraitr, luiptto M
n.or.? t.tt'r Xrm, ar Ua'a i itk alt trrT
alii, it tt.ir iii.t.rtanr tiniaDtl t I!!
i,te ai.J j.raru.l t,r t.o U. '7'n',alriZm
t.. Uiiie ani f-ma atatrm, and will te
a ra. ; rr-. t-. anr tl .if tli "tH at tb VVZ
rn.-irfTttfc.STV-IVE CENTS, r irtfaW "
" AfiENT WA.VTEr inTTTr!u;.et,ityMr"'
f in ti. I'nCMl ri' anil taaia. i
Ut. l'.KVN'.JiS f.tinoii to dwj" "htii
n-f atntUitt ui".n Utirtj rf FJZ?Li l
r rur and p-arti- in bia prwtsoB.
t'Htiwtt half rur0- H sbt
faelitin. ..t...rr.. fyvh.l. S,'A2T
a,.,r, t f tl.e V r-M-. to fataa. utI'JJ-Vo-iiii
ti.n. wli by ititliilcii. "".a
c t.tn,t J t!.at a'.oI-mW.iin. BiiotJ-frortraUn. .
-r",m Ti-.-, abooM aj ply to Ur. KTJoU 'r
'"n t;..w, u :i t'.r of JilTZ
Ur. Karaour. cs-UiH-nxU ao arly rplKtf; "7.
ojfaoT UDi'f or aajiration, tlmJ-J:y t"1r m
ca '.fiiin tii' t-a-D J mor1 aid attaJ
vitii'iut cor or atrffaetmo (:. , Mmt
Brware t,l etrpi.-ir, and iuwrant ;-'-t11 fTT.
mho aTIfcrr cur, but utr uecs,4. vr.JLmv
It r.,..x.o.!,:. Pl.v-i-.an in th.. cty b?.f.
...r.e en'iqirtea lrr e.ltia
rta . M .r,-f.!T lM:a. Ahk,d? tLe iravy
t:.s J'.i.a ar.ntly ...Id, O'.t f;M ?JiA
. ..-ainrt tifm. IM in fmwli
n..t o' tf m; Ui rrfjrt,:ar of birH Jh"f j s
li'-ti.,n awmfanyitif eatk r77
v rr.ii: to an rt .tf the -rld. B-f c'Coc"
T!.r are n t on al at any other f fee.
rp,r'r at:i.'d and m'.nn " J
' vLnati"0. H-r.t to all part of th , rr
X.. '.:t wi.l t anprd nnlM tny to"
All ts-t.'.-'it.nitati-na to V'rma1
.-.-Ti er.rrmrir 5 at the bead -tl
I, aloe.,'.'. -fiT- I' -- of
with a r-f-a'i'-
- . .ti a.
SlllKl.lf ?CllOOi -gj.
frKO?E wuhir. Sunday Z
1 odka!cbe applied on hort
api-lrin? to the W"" gattt
corxerot Lapito: ''"JrPSOX.
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