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VOL. 5. NO. 5. "WHOLE NO. 213.
Europe, soon established a friendly footing, wound, but from which Le always came off If ladies who take a earriage to do their
'state OFFICERS.
u,j -5 WIS FR, iinrmnr.
Hii! B 1 AlKHfcl'. luaant
vattA O ISUMJ.. STtr ..f S!
'tl,IA T110tfis0. frr"' .5.
PANIU. !. AE, Au.litor .irl
7Jl JoM-S iputT J.j
. ,H jl.KINxfcY, Mi' Tmwurrr.
Hfi 4 RF. lit "STfcR, ln-i-uty J..
lrorn !. r,,. l -., ; ,.,.,. TIIK M(;oiKtt." .-rvin? -
The officers, who were a! wa lofikisg for first lst. At length, hamssed by the en- shopping and make thi ir calls would only to the Curt i?ArVaN and when trlt-J i'n ti Mr iur ' , . "
some new object of excitement or amuse- mity he had thus unwittingly incurred, Le lav aside their pride and ostentatious love t -is ..rrt ..f 1 .... . i.. ..,1 e lnJln "at r tot, which, it
Id my native town, a quiet little seaport tncLt. express a d-.s're to wit::-.s the peeu- followed the advice of a few frieLds, and of display, and take their exercise on foot that each t art v will" 1 rw-riVtU- 1 wsuld be superfluous to state, is on of the
of ew hnglanJ. there lived a certain old liar qualities of the I rave L'hcrascr, de- A -it the island for throe years. He made Low much mure good it would do ihciu. with tben.s. Kvs and the rest of the world. knJ i-f doughtac organs, contains
xrenenman caoeu .iurru:t-, a vi-rv cianngmai ii woum le lew-r usnaccrn-
' quiet and retiring kind cf person, who. in da de torros bull gLt
spite of the prying curiosity of a Yankee This exhibition, however. the owner of
village, managed to keep his own concerns L'Ecr&ser objected to, knowing as Le did
to himself, and though occupying one of the the danger attending so fool-Lardy a sport,
; fna.:t racajr-a in tlA rririr.lv street rf nr,A rnJtiroIr r.fii.n) i l.i-.jy l.n n I 1
tt5rrt.NiB '.TKB3;ss.iry the town, living a very secluded kind of Ut the j urpose
i.JU W A'Bs.. CmoMwnfr Si-.- IaoJ OsSc. J yr II, ,a .,. fft l,rA wel'-tri- TU mhVIj 1 ,-,.-.u.r r.tnltl
"'-.. ..7.f It 1. .In
i k i "ci'Kiixit's, A y miy. ! do coffee t.Ltnter of the Island cf Santo Io- this refusal, were determined to see the
-TlfE OF SUPREME COURT. m,n? wno during the negro revolution, performance cf the gallant animal, and he never permitted him to leave his p-oss- is what ev
xesurt: Oiif Ju.t.v. i being protected and assisted by the black had already sekeud a I rave an 1 active s-.I- ession, or to be mounted by another ; and. thrifty and
iirV. cii.4:sTiANCY, Avon- J i patriot, Toussaint L'Ouverture, escaped ! dier, who, for a email reward, ha I xpros- when he died, after a good ld age, his their own i
u, ve iown w wmpvrarr rcsuence u ilo weatur is at au unpleasant, they 1 he j arti t . this uit are tuih and all of tollowic erv compliruentarv and hi.-h-
Atter tae expiration cf that time, learig ueem it suSeiett reason frremaiaicg with- them men ,f v,alth The dvlVni.t ly fiatteri,' notice of the Uerklieanrof
tna; Lis enemies had been replaced by oth- m d vrs, all dy and even f..r days to-other. Urown is ov ,.f the ;in -t men and Invt the eountrv
er tn.fs, he returned to his estate, where i en in reality if they would but believe lawyers in M Lawret.e- cm tv r i,
he continued 1 3 reside till eome vears after, and trv it, a walk even in the rain or enow. Thecal ha I '? n 1 iji-W'-" i vt' 'he 1-7 lf K'in ,iaJfr ta
when he again revisited our fcwn. and ever if they were properly eh.thed. would I far merit, no t.ehnieal ,,uv X "havh-'rver i u f ,an4 fV,UDt V1 the Irial in
after remained with us. more canducive to health and activity, k th len raised , r mMste l u-,.n a-.dt' e Zm. . , , Un ?" h aided and
.Monsieur Morricc was frequently offered of lody and mind, than tia.e spent smA tWYn has exited I tt t-i tlv t nr't iov ai"i" i T.1"0 1tu?ll,,ve !avo a&ct
large sums for the gallant L'Ecraser ; but in close heated rooms. Out-Jy,r exercise ; Ti w i-. f .v-.r ,' ' 'j l e Frt'olI.v hornhed at the fact, that ot
14 1 lC
witn nis movaMe weaitu 10 uie
l.tll-L KIAr:i II. .
f J I. H W1THKTJ-.1J.
j.,.NK'j;ii .Kti-N.
1 1 4 1- S. HI.
h.avhsj iiniiJoiJN.
w u.RtK r w- i'W(i:m.
it it
every woman t.t e.N. Even those at al
v-v. u'm 4it'Pii who uo oe aiv .;T e i't:ii. tnus -t t'r Hi'M t.i cs
work, need th -t t-t of their ex- or attomrtii -mo eol!..-t .ls . ,.. ;'
Island of ed a willingness to act the part of a high- master erected a monument over his grave, ercise, should be in the oj -n air. m.t t" .1 lltt!;r.wiv . 1 eity i
, wayman, and attempt to am ?t th. dn- at.d caused to be recorded upon the marble Hunnin np and du n stairs, f-wet-rir" the a u.n v ft r tho K.-t,i
Mon-' cerous animal, while beins ro'.i i ar a des- his extraordinary exploits : and whoever. ' cooking, Ac., do nt alt.e:ler meet the "
sieur Morricc I had learned ; jut enough, ignated point. on visitingthe (Jueen of the Antilles, chan- requirements of the sy-t.-m". because women, '''ui",' Vi'tVmV mi? '-',V I'K
in fact, to excite my Yankee curiosity 1 3 Ajrain the cflieors rr-:pd the xtcri-' ces to ride past the "Cafctal Santa Cata- like r lauts. need s;iu a:.d air to develon
know more, and I would have given all the ment to Monsieur M.rrLv, a.-s,rt d the im-' fina,' in Lagunillas, cannot but observe them aright. Their exeieixj hould le 's - J -i i- w
the beautiful little obelisk which stands nn- such as will bring all the muscles into play, negro hired man, an 1 who i now living
der a cluster cf drooping bimWs, nt the expand the lungs, quicken the circulation, with her !i hn.d at Wii.Uor writes a ht-
- . , TH.rv uirr TTtT.M.M.i.l -M-ri
at ak.r.t .. and c t ther w.m'.i ' 'V-. . " . "
.v.. . ,.. ,. ivuHerat. c nave no douM teat tbo
. w .u. U'lf I ilii
xantA J. 1!a'uli:J
U-irU of f t.:.
Ut tvt. B.AJ I . i: vXTi i:.
24 - J KA-1V4V J..h-.xi
8th " l--Vl ! M-IMV;.I .
6th l.kWi 8.V,
tub fite.v wiunv...
lh i!.Ut I -( Al l '
JAVf." Jt V. Al KfK. T u 4 if Jkim
J J. LIRA". j P'af. l'..u.'t aJ ITin.l
RiV. B M AY. I'riiic.i
Alomf-ir !', I'ntiN :i ! t! :i ' - 1 1 nt
JERF.MIAH t Wi c -I ''-t P. V
IUMULU i Kvrr, J
AT'itinj fir tt Ina&e
books and toy boati I possessed for the pri- possibibility of the man's being injured by
vileare of freely questioning the taciturn the trial, as Le would of course be up. n his
ana mcommunicame rrencnuian in reia- guara; ana to mase ttieir assertion tiie
tion to Lis past life; but it wa3 not ti!l stronger, they preposed to wager largely
years passed away, and I became a young that the soldier would not only escape un
man, that my curiosity upon this especial injured, but that Le would succeed m
subject was gratified. grasping the bridle and checking the tWco
Jjike many a New England lad arrived animal.
entrance to the estate :
"And ti'.I the moustaia tops grow o'J.
And cease the storms to brave,
Tbo con'Crfttcd pot elU hold
Tho brave L'Ecraitr grave."
ter ti th I'.u.ti.i' (.::.' v, pitehin into
the Fnr Pr.s with i;s: h'rab'i tiereeuess
As the brli.rent piiti. ur eibn.tU
iif A jit"
at that sanguine and hopeful peri- d the
teens, tordering on the twenties, 1 longed
to test in my own pers in th wonderful
scenes of those tvr i ? !iores (f which I had
heard so many exeitii g stories, and I f-und
myself one rammer morning entering one
of the harbors cf Cuba in the capacity of
eupercargo of a Cue ship, wi'h permission
to travel over the beautiful island wherev
er inclination might direct.
There, amid the scenes of a j irti'-n of
At length, being too closely yre l, the
Frenchman, who justly prided himself up
on the courage and intelligence of Lis
arouse tne train, ana revive ana reanimate
all tLe powers of body and mind.
Our delicate American women, are so
i much afraid of their complexions being ru-
; ined, that they would rather l sick and about e.jml in t!e and
it- nancu UJH.-U an lueir liie, man io gain oi.e ii.i i:;e uivn'iVi i
the publiiviti.-si if a i..
it may 1 in r.-sting t
see L.w the !" niiioi. '
weip,ns Tli. -ugh ftw
huai.th tiiu vital PRINCIPLE or health and strength by working in the gar
BL,,S- den or any other active out-d.xr exercise.
Few of us are solTrtnr.n 1 ,n. cf tL ollif CKts tf Micces in
horse, was forced to accept tho wager, and tirdy exempt from sickness and we Le-t ur 'at''r -ure establishments, is that wo-
aprinted a day when the trial should be : real,ze the blessmgsVf health, and theruth ' men wbo f !ac.e tbo utider that treat
made. ',( .!, tM1frt .,..:.": trlr, meet are obliged to take exerci..? in the
I he spot chosen for this dangerous sport , selves dt rived of that clement mo-t con- rn a,r- Many women go there without bo moh that she i -was
upon the public jiasco, or promcna 'e, j dusive to our happiness We violate the a Partii,,e of k,cal &ce them, but l.ing nr.- extra. :.
which ran upon the margin of the t-hcre, " hws of health and life, and abuse our phys- 10 ne"heieM are the victims ot those
Umnding one side of the harbor of Matan-! ,fr-n nA iUn -V .l,., !?...,,. worst of oil dis-rders, imaginary ailments,
il. th
zas. At the extremity of this ride sto d : turai consequence of such self-abue
.i . . i ro... c r i e' . .
and "nervous afflictions.
s i-j;e rea K rs t
i.! .rat ucs hi r
will :..?n:ire her
Lus' :i'.;d, i wiil
JYs f.d
ii le r Ml. r :
' I eanm t li;t.-n I t g r t. th- :tr.ei.-u.
falsehoods which the ti wst :' ers !i;ive ori
i hot in if
statement is true. To Lave allowed a lie
publican ujon the jury would Lave l-een n
aree it would Lave Ken a crime. A
lUpublea:i Las no un.ro right u-on a jury
to try a ease under the fugitive avc law,
than ha any n..tori-U' thief or burglar to
ii.arri.-d her f.ther' st UIK.VJ H'0 tmI l'1Mlr of Lis fiai1
lor violating the laws against theft and
To this cordial and whole-souled certifi
cate, tiie Msdivj Journal thus handsom
ly respimds :
" Fr:u the aU-ve it appears that cone
but the regular orthodox members t f the
I'emocracy are to be allowed the smallest
pstt or lot in the great business of nigger
catching. A Republican cannot even elip
in m the jury. It is purely a Pemocratio
business. Republicans mustiut interfere
To the great, undivided. Lormoniou. Fn
i n-levir.g. .K ffois. nian, P.mglas. Fuchansn
The - Penii-crriey, the th vating and exhilarating
spirt of eatehir.g i.iggets and convicting
aggers is exclusively reserved, m hat a
r. although
the t irlit whi.h
jvr gives him,
jr. set
AJJ.unj !
jaue.' r;?.M k. )
III LBl'RT B silANK. liti-t ( f
.HiKi;l V. li t-, ) '...ff
Hf V)M i HAVI'.f P.LIN. )
(HW. A TKoWlJ.-:i!.L
lil-O-OO. W l. K.. I
Ul.AlUi.s n;!PP. j Kn' -'IO
WU.litKt isTiK j
m.;iu.M l'iN, )
U I. sf vT.e;. .Aot i.f 'ii sut.- Pri-
J ItuFAK TKNM Y. Stat- L..rr.a.
i l. 1 i .
the history of our Monsieur Mortice. I was the castleof San Savcrino. around one of takfS u? we bbi!t the blame from ourselves mu"U,as lift a l-roomstiek, or open a ; ;)u - ' x r;lM;f
told many interesting incidents of his f..r- the bastions of which a bridle path contin- and call it the result of outward eircum- d.r ..at ,j0m?' Lut wLen thJ arc :nt l? demand, thnt I should ik WhVtevr
uea pormwara towaras tuc i.un there. dances, as a disj.ensation of livine
ieninu una oatuou int soiaier was 10 place
mer life, one of which I will relate. Hat
it will be necessary for me first to revert to
Lis residence in Hayti.
The beautiful estate tf Monsieur Mor
rice, a coffee plantation, lay in a fertile val
ley, some four or five leagues from St.
amo-j ryr.
1.1 Til P. 11 1 KA-K.
;.j.,.'..r ill 1 ut t'rt-.w.
(i.VH'FI. P. VtKAn.S iit st Mftr l:lol.ip
HRIJ.' l'lCKtV. I rr. t S t. Ajr,,. u'tu-I .-.! Tr
II. Ji'HN-TuNK, sret.rf .1-
L. R FlsK. l'rq.l-i.t j.?o tfinf-orr, 1'ruf -f n.'in-trv
AIA1N" TRACY, 1'iff. f M.'t.eni in--T.
C. ARImr, fof. of f.nif!h lt'!'ir.
CtiVEL.AM AKI1K, Inrirurfr id Koui-rir
R. F. JOllNsT ..K. i.-iir.il Si.f r nn.Wt i-' tti- Frra
DY J. M.ttllEAREK,
f..r St J.l.n-, Jrk-nn. TVtio.t n 1 I.tr-?;il!, Wt
Lansinig, - - - - Aliohiiran.
n. in n.., ikoikictoii.
Stages Uae this liouse dailv for Jackson, St.
Johns, Detroit, and intermediate places.
Lansing, April I. 1959. It
i:v livi:uv staiui:.
.- . the "Cure," they are plentifully treated with : . .,. i . - . .
me 1 rovi- ' ,. J ' , . . , , he may Lave d.ni t- miure me. I cannot
True, manv r.eisor, nr tb riw : CVV1 W3lcr uve on a moaerate ana wmpie ; 'i.nt ot . , -, , ,
himself, in readiness to spring upon the tims of hereditary disease, and such are the : dK t ke1P regular hours, and take plenty of . faK,,v
path and grasp the bridle of 1Eenser : ,i2Ltful objects of our deepest commissera- i O.ut-dot,r cise and the result is, that m .. Jun(.r tuli,zht h:l
he dashed rapidly past. ' siccc tLey gufrcr nct lortheir own mIs. ! the course of a few weeks, they are mate-; fim W3J) ri bt li:t n t,jM.r j,anUt
According to the arrangement, the A l,,,t f.,r tl.. f,f t!.H- l,,t .e, , nally improved m health and spirits. Hut ' i.n. ,,, . . ,ir , . ,, ,
: March, southward, in the direction of the Frenchman, on the day ar pointed, made his are t',nv exceptional cases. Many of us, if Tnj UJ7 utot Lavo leen 83 mttch i intermarriage of the bla-k and white ras
mountains. I rota its isolated positun. appearance at the castle, and proposed to we regard our Lealth frufficientlv to take . the same course of treatment, I , harJ,v know what to think of the editor
ana oemg in tne rouie 01 preuaiory j-ar- the oiaccrs to select one d the jr own mim- care :t mi-ht eni v that blessln-' almo-t 1111 l'ecn "dopiea ana maintained ai .
ties of negroes and nimattoes as they ber to ride the Lcrse, di
came down from their mountain rendez- witness the dangerous
vous, this place had been frequently threat- this part of the program
ened after the outbreak of the insurrec- ling to take, and it necc-ssa
pleasures, which, after all, are but sorry , ; I should judge he must lo the son of the
substitutes lor the priceless gifts we so rock- aeuwu , l's TJl 1 "fither of lies." and had learned his fath-
i sv souander sanitary csianiisnmems, ana iorinai reason
lU -Ve American women, envy the y submits to the regulations
.1 ,u Juers of merry England, their robust , cu,f'jrce l tbom. who would n-t at any
e-.u-itniK.ns, and ruddyrhealthful complex- othei; te admit that her strength was
..-i: ; and yet we have every reason to be- c,fal TOcL n' anf in
Lev. that if our manner of life wa differ, i "luvr ur yumsuiueea uuiu i-e Wu;
on the Fcnchman
The roads and bridle paths were ex- A large party of the officers and .-.Mil rs
t re me ly dangerous for small parties cf of the garrison assembled mi the w;ii!s of
horsemen, as they were continually watch- the castle to witness the 1. ar. and. all U ing
td by the marauding maroon negroes, and u, readiness, the horseman st iit- d f invnt-I
murders and robberies were of hourly oc- at a rapid gait. He Lad dot.-. in. d in in
currence, own mind, to lose tLe wager r ith. r th u
Notwithstanding this state of things how-: endanger the life cf the col-Li r. Ti e p-.iti:
ever, Morric- fjund it impossible to sus- beyond the pasco, where it turned the ai
jnd his customary ride to town
ghriiu privilege! None but lVinocmtn
can set as Marshal and pote Nnc but
lVtn.icrr.ts can sit An a jury. None tut
Pt mi-orats can jcrform the interesting fi r
malitie' that d. voJve up.m the .fudge in
such ca-s. Who would not li lVuo
rrat Tilt-: vti.i.KV or MllltOV
The senior editor of the New York 'i
. .... iv,.:....
efficiently to take ! i i i IM "B,e1C0U, w ireatmcnr. , harJ, know wLh, ,o hiljk of - - - .
rk'h valley of Shnroti ;" but the re. is not
now to le sen, or, if sni, is net kuown
The wandering Arab now Las here bin
thicks and his herds the true .uecessors of
" the herds which fed in Sharon" in lavid'n
reign. Net a tenth part of the vale is now
I ..... .. i :. : . .:n . i !. - .
nc ii iiiiiiuim, hi winie ii. is iiiiiu, iuc viv-i-a
ie hiiowing is a speci- , . . .... - 1
now decked with my riads Af flowers the
Itoautiful red tulip, the K'arlet anemone,
.i... i.i,,., ,i .. i -. ii
.1 . J , i 1 t llir Uiur II 1, HIV liCIU9, I'UVUCII,
a .-i , -. i i.i "i ; lilies, Ac , all ravishing to eyes like our,
t1,- nr?iir in. til ntlir it liil f-iL-fn t ' ... J .
of lLo - iff Press ii li.n sten hlv ii.
e iniivg himself to uninterruntedlv. but we waste our energies, i 1101210 ' 03 he dulythanklui u-r N ater , m ...,,, in ., ;t 'x
amiiM.i.i.t F.ut ' stnhtfvfrtir intellects, undermin r.nr enn .1 Curt9 anJ 1 'ninaiums, for there is a cor- j , . . 5 .... ,; -T
. ... 1 . . .J - - - - - - tun ..f irn,.,.in tliof .- Iir.-.W.l I.i- ! . '.
m ni.n.t.f wa. w.i- titiitums. and fan tho foiind?ition r.f 1 f. 1 v " " 1 ' vu, n. .,rH11t,,,,Vl,, ..... .ll:.rr , ',,, ,.
riiy devolvt d up- it,elf, in the pursuit of useless and frivolous ! ihem' wl' cannot rpauM m 5 ot,u r facility w ith which he propagates filsehood
er s iessons well.
men of h:s stories: 'Mr. Warren says
U'ldly that Mrs. .Iuds..n knew all al-ut it.'
" Now that statement is false ; neither
"--! ... .i . -t . u - i !.... , , , , . ,
cut from what it now is. we miht vi with i "US .w "5rcise. lu? uivineiy appo.meu , tL ,istrU!itcd such a thin- I am i ".u "V . vu . ,
gle of the castle bastion, was Muite narrow, .i em :n tv0 tv6Sf.:rtn ff ".ui., 1 functions of a body that should I natural iU, , .... r . . rt . to.t ' lnra. , irora the CA.id north ct Constantinople ana
One morning being on the road, within P0 narrow, indeed, that carriages could not ; eiaslic frames. e are Winning to imi-' y- ' res t. have averted the evil, (a they ' th 1 t-vh. Vi0 f lam " , n . "
ni . WUV Will OUr VmeilCaU WOUien . v awm uunu uinrn viviu, wu uniii i"n-
a few miles of M. Marc, his horse, a Span- pass along it. and on the riirht hand a : t,tl ti,.,;r ,mT.l in ti, ,;B
ish genet from Cuba, which he had had ; growth of thickets enclosed it.making it the j .0ica shoes, and if we had boun earlier 6UCU . j51 obedience to the laws.
on which the watchful animal had fixed his Hut the man,' knowing that the cyesof iraYO Our coughs ad coMs ind eon- Prtions of that body which should le thi
. excited gaze. Before ho reached it, how-; the officers were upon him. and that not on- cntm,th.ns r.re tuVoffen the reu!f r.f vcU- ut and beautiful temp.e of the soul .
ll..,.n c,...n,..ul rr..n. ll,aAnr..ArV1nn.. ll,nl. .1 1.... 11. . , 1 1 , .. ...
lri, Him. .-j iau iiuui mi- ivtii u iuc . ij was luvii uiuuii at piaivv, out on ii expl'SUTO, tXV.ll VUlCioe, 111 i - lit l0 T:l
as many long, with the Mediterranean on the
It vi .11 .1 it. .1 a fiuiwt f.nrcll.- rrmr ii'iia
' - " - t -, , . ... .....l.n .f
a lew in.nt ns.gavo notice ot danger oy very spot, ot all others, tor a tuccesstul am-1 -m- f-Ar .rtrl .t.u ; r wmcn i asnioa imposes upon mem, auu ar iS r,nv!ui1:tl(, fll ti,A -iir,i fr, ,;.. ,e. .1.,. c .
peculiar snort, and disinclination to od- buseade. This point Monsieur Morrice in-1 i,0'r family and friends, now 'sleeping m the I lHm0itim? di"ePjVnd ta,!s atJ circumstances of every strange oe- Jfcon eother. V-ta-re u.d m.t
e. iut. .Hawing nis pisio;s irom me tended to pass so quietly that the soldier j valley." n.Ijht l. still livin- to cheer and ! a"u. u,g", , uesia m ; currencc, you should iHwitively know where-, , - . , -7.7
ers, the Frenvhtnati drove the spurs would not have a chance to make the con- j uv th. r. Thin snicd sh.shc l,m..4t wf Ood V hJ Wl11 they restrict and de- f flffirm. ytM 'u t, ' ..laM. W,n,. elory.of b" w- . 1 i.4 hive writ-
his flanks, and dished towads the snot tmnlated srrm- towards Lis bridle. 1 .1 .e f. ...i. ' "t face by their follies, the fair and noble pro- . :, t, ,.1 .7 , . .. ., . ten that he woul 1 iut n .. u.-. a pnauut
1 1 "
is h:i
thicket a paity of half a dozen fierce look- reward depended upon the successful result
TVT . 5T. ID A I" X E Xi JS , j ing bandits, armed with knives and clubs, 1 of the trial, wa equally determined th-.:t
T70ULD 1NT0RU THE CITIZEN'S OF ready to seize his bridle, should he attempt the horse should not escape him That h s
?T Lansing, that he has onened anew Lirerv to pass. At the same instant, an e-iual limbs might net b? uneomiin .! d by hi-
Suble, with a full stock of fieet, well broke j niiimVr f the gaug tilled th rath in his uniform, the soldier, who was a l ir-e and
Horvs, corufortaMe Buggies, Double Carriatres
and Sleighs, and by rlose attention to business
hopes to merit a fair share of public patronage.
Lansing, Xovemlier " 1S08.
Mich. J. V. Lonc;year,Commis!ionerforthe
Suteof New York. OificeoverBailey'sBank
:nfcand ExchaceOftice. by
f . L. Ij AXTKUTl AIY,
noble-looking Vizcuino, wnstri p'
d to his
vi n on t ie teti.i .-u ne i i many a woman.
!.i n we sin against our bodies knowing
ly and vvitli ''m dice ;if,.ret!ioitght," how can
we expect to 1 e well.
Another thing cviKiantlv productive in
damp weather, of Cold and s re throats, is
It is u shame
i no ki.owiedgc
peak .f my ie-
i.t widi a -hi-.d- r. o
t m abuse nc whit h
e.f the a thai r. The papers
turn t.i try hu-lni.d. but i-ilo t tie v know
nothing altfvit it. The f.i ' i my husband
, came to 1 1.iicshiirgh, 111. (-.ii..-re 1 wa liv
ing.) after in., and I returned i.j;,,
Mi;s. s ak aii Vv'm;i:::
vogee. I know that much Una been already
It was not the first tune the tearless ri- drawers and shirt, with hi belt buckled
der had been in a similar position. I5ut Le tightly about his b ins As he sod thus,
had never encountered danger f t any kind with Ins head stretched L rward, upon the t. u this subieet, and perhaps no new ar
before with the sam animal Le was now : lookout for the advancing horseman, atid .-i-nieiit can be added to set forth its dis-
riding, and therefore could nut act with the ; evtry muscle braced i.t the desperate en-; ..juf.-tt and danger, but still, the repetition
! same coolness and confidence that he could counter, he presented the m-. st bennlifil j , f .j.. rote.-t is'iint idle for it is .1 irotest
: 11 ne uaa an couuaenee in uie courage
his horse. However, to turn back
I ,A.t.-r. 1...W..I, . f Aoen r.. .. l
iy 1 1 ineir j.rivneges ana can jouaiy i.t
their lights, but how many there are among
them, whose lives are absolutely aimless,
who have no higher object in vitw, than
that of giving the most slendi-d parties.
Why will tle y ailuvv Fashion to 1 rey
like s.uue uonstrous aropiro upon their
lives, dwariing and stunting their intellects,
crushing affections and sympathies, and
sealing np the sweet fountains of charity
and love, that should flow unchecked, to
gladden and refresh their hemes
The women of this day prate unceasing- 11. 1. 1 rcri:, rm: im ihvi h
XT KTI tit I rKAI. Mi.:; I.i:
AMI All.( -lt:VVillS I (!
.ge of specimen of manhood the Frenchman had ; whi Ii every woman who has the welfare of w?r:"r !h, ,m'vt "l'v,1;lve.
would ' v.r e.ron 1IU fill .?irl- -v, a t i i. - being looked no to as a 'leader ot t he t n
" - v ....... " -' 1 1 - 1 io m r. ri: I'tTiri. 10 n t ritTitnsi
Offlceathisresidenceon Grandstret,eiactlj ' wi their drawn kniyes. maintained their
astof the Capitol.
Laasioii, Jane 3o, 1 $56.
l-o out 01 the question, even u there had lashing with excitement, measured the rap- f:, wicked in its extravagance f.l;h
not been danger to encounter from the roo- idly decreasing distance between him ai l ,5i j s utter iiseles.-i,ess, and danerou in its
1 hers in the rear. 0, urging Lis horse on- the fierce animal, and with clenched hnnds 0o-i stai.t exposure of the feet and ankle- to
lift Mil rSS& j ward, at the top ot his speed. Monsieur and comrresscd lips he await, d trie no-; Jlnipios-s and cedd Vou can see, every
-v3mV- , Morrice charged upon the ruffians, who. me r.t for the desperate attempt. f.!,...i,,t l,r.MJ,.t 1 l.,Mrr m.'.
So completely fascinated was the rider , '...,,-s . trailing their cctlv length ah.n.'the
stand with a determined ferocity. Ashe with the gallant bearing of the noble ft 11,. w, ,i:r!v . nvements m.l cr-.t., rln us thev
1. . 1 .1. .1.1- I .1.1 '. I - 1 .1 . ' .. ' . I". . 3 J
appaoaeueu mem nearer, 10 iTencmnan as lie stx,j inns awaiting nis arnvas, ti
WOODIIOrSE & Ul'TLCK, rapidly discharg
LA VSJN'fi, CAPITAL OF MICHIOAS. ""' hv 1 vl 1"-'" IO ci'iuioi liie im-uou o. i.is ji.i-i- inoiii ( ,,-. j rogrCSS ot the t.lir SWOOpe
waifumuh Av.trf u r T;t t. Ri Ftt in irKhm , at me noise oi me nniig, and the threaten- this instant the stidier leaped t-rward into tjie -i-ibilities and neatness of anv order
Cointl lnlitilt.ilK,l'..,rh....t.l .lai,f R..I I.- - .( I" :l ... . If . ., 1 - 3
ityV itVu4 w , DS auuuae.H vi ni, as as nis master the path, and made a vainatten.pt to seize :y female
ai i t.im;nio? T.!i, ir.unnf Keint t expecicu, caugui me on oi nis triiiie i c- the t-riJie. i iMT KlIOVV, it wa I lie" last a.'t
lr.UuL Suproo twpcn h;9 twih ou,j th(, feroc. cf hu 1;f. TL;. ;ivn,v lni,0i Mmil;nilfu1
ity of a tuer upon them, n it ti oi luted
paoached them nearer, the Frenchman as he stood thus awaiting his arrival, that a m"'t!ey collection if sticks and stones, sha-
ddly discharged Lis pistols.and laid two of he was abreast the bastion bef.Ta he began x,y papers and refuse i f all kinds, that
i negroes dead in the road. His gallant to draw upon the reins, in order the l etter onAvnu'.d think, would seriously impede
:le genet now, instead of evincing alarm to control the motion of his l.or-e loit at th,, , roress of the fair sweeper and shook
What a vain pursuit '. what au igt.oble aim.
f -r a being lilted by Nature to be the ne st
perfect and p-owcrftil agent, in the progress
and improvement of the race, a "provi
dence"' af homo and an eir.onient to society
abroad' Ki.r.KCc..
From the 0-iwo,z linn-.
an i !iiiiii.i:v ntti.i.111 i.wv stir.
We learn frm a genileioan i iri fii.m
Wesfpoit, that ei.ii-i.b table excitement p-n-vailed
in 1 1 tat place, in c."'iioq;ionce of a
d is .'i Airy that 11. Flay Fate, the veracious
Kansris correspondent i f the Missouri AV
puHiciin, and tin- ren wnod hero if the
battle of I Hack Jack, had sh.leti a negro,
thepropertyof Ir .I.T. M -rris,. f We-tport.
and (led the .v".i- with I .i.
I,at September, Pr. Morris bought of
Fate a cob red woman and three children,
f r the sum of 1, .!, Ut which he j.aid
him i cash the balance to be paid
i;i Trit'itv After the t urcha-e the IW-
-- i - i . .
4ylrtiruUr attioti.a ffirea ta tiie r.rm.'nt .f Tiie.
dm ciircnon oi cnx - . a l' -.1
qui w. arrtn. m. w.oDBor. nostrils ana eyes n.inmg wun anger, nc
Ueorsc A. A matron:;. Attorney and became altogether unmanageable; and,
Coansellor at Lair, Lansing, Michigan. Office with ears laid back, anl distended jaws,
one door south of the post office. leapt upon one of the negiovs, an 1 dashed
PKAvSK fe FULLER hitu beneath Lis f.et ; at the same time
clutchin. him bv tho throat and teuriior teotL lil-c i Lensf t f r.tor
SrCCESSORS TO J. B. RLOSS. . . - . . . . . ..
Jobbrsof,andRetailDc;ier'.in,allkindsof ; open the juglar vein, he killed him as in- with this awful mutilation, the maddened
D imi m t n v r n xr ' tantaneously as if he had leen snot thru animal, in'ircly leyond the control it bis
lAlbli bTATIOAEuijthe brain. Then turning Suddenly upon rider, pawed and stamped upon the body
dross is well cniurrh. when exercised in
of the de-perate cff.rts Lis master was ma-; moderation, but when its demands are r.t
king to favor the man, leaped up.-n him, j war with common sense, and injurious to
and, dashing him fiercely n the oround health, they should not be complied with,
with Lis f. .re feet, aof::.lly t .re the fl- shand Worn,-.,, sh uld have a hizhr standard,
bones of his face from the head, an 1 el-amp. whe reby to measure and adjust these mat
ru u .c o.eiu.i. i.mpuiuu.n i-eiwiiu m.- erj iiin f.eiisole;.; and capricious Dtliie-
Among other
Ni t content
In August, lib 5, tJcrg. Smcades pro
cured an attachment before :i Justice in tor diseoven d th t the n- grM-s were under
Ogdensburgb, and attached and sold the mortgage, and were liable to be taken at
nnehors. chains and sails cf the schooner anv time bv their h-ral owner- Not wish-
IT - .s M, -r-r'i- o.-.l 1 . . 1..1 I t.rlr ill .tr klletl irllMl-
t . or.formitv to la.-hion m the matter if ' c..n . . . . i . i .1 . ...i i
j liennett i l mis city, io recover a ueoi oi .i:iniv. ii ni'i.voi mai i ;.e mimu.u
eighteen dollars, which the vess 1 owed back bis mortgaged iiegre-os and return
him. Smeades recovered a judgment le- him the uiwy pai-J ; but Fate bad no s leh
fore the Justice, and the Ilennetts appealed intention He hamb'v.zli-j the l.etor with
from the judgment to the Court cf Common promise to make it ail right, and gave him
Fleas of St Lawrence county, where the a bill cf file of m- negm man Austin fr
Dennetts succeeded, when they prosecuted Sl.OoO as security f-r the payment of the
the bail bond, signed by Mr. Urown to pro- money advauced by the lector on the lirt
cure the attachment purchase, l-cides his notes to make up l
A d.-teticc was put in, involving as isue ..imi, whereupon the i xtor mane aoe
Paper Hangings,
No. 210 .Jefferson Arenae, Detroit, Mich.
his hind legs, the maddened animal struck so long as a spark i f life remained
down another ; and Laving cleared the way The excitement that prevail d among the
before him, fiew at a rapid speed along the spectators cf this cruel scene was indeserib
road, bearing Lis master from the scene of able, and the comrades of the unfortunate
innnTTTPT ti tJi iTmtrrewra-w la a feW Wt tll5s aventur. n' officers, as-ailed from the castle, and with
ARCHITECT & DSAUGHTSMAN, s-,eur Morrice. in visiting a neighboring their weapons made a dash at the French-
w-nr . .I1TS:i,!5!, M-IcHIA5' . . . . . planter, whose negroes were suspected i f man. who was stiil endeavoring to r ur his
WuIfarnishrians,pecifieationsand Estimates . ., 1 , . . . . , , , " ' ,
la the best style of workmanship, and designs ta"n2 the insurrections, was waylayed as infuriated charger from the spot One cf
for Churches" Court Houses. Hotels, rrirate before, and again his horse r roved his tight- the soldiers, with a fixed bayonet, Lad
tins cf a Far is milliner
practices sanctioned by cu-tom, but subver
sive if health, is she keeping cf such un
seasonable Li nis. Look at onr fashionable
women, de voting themselves night after
- i . . . i 1 '. . -.i
utgni io liie pursuit ci amuscmenr, witn ar, - . ., , . . . i i. n .1 . v,-. .n t,.
-. . - '. ... . .. Ilennetts linir hnalv beat-n. it wns ainin intended to sell the negro, he ran that in
assiduity worthy i't a nttter cause, and then . , " , . , c - -, . .-r . n- i .
from the Sultan, impoVi t .-Ited F.ih-stine.
Large wheat fn Ids are l(J nb eit toe in th
d is? sticc and meadows, h'.iw with thvks
a:.d herd, and dotted with Arab black
tents "
l'he une wr-'. r has to -iy of the rot i
to J-Mls;i!etil
" S.ich roa-N ' Such track, rather ! 1
looked at th-m. and my ye pronounced
them in.pas-ib!e f r f .ur-f..otcl beast, if
piss.ihle f.r man And this on tho high
read to.Ieru-alem ! If I had Hot ecu others
lead eft" with their horses, and tho Mire
footed animals go safely up and down these
pas--. It. ,r sh.-uld have deemed them
pa-sable. 1 nevi r sboiil 1 have ventured on
hofsehnek ,ver th-'in Hut this was the
track where Solomon hauled up the cedars
of Lebanon f. r the Temple ; this was the
track if Salalin, and Richard Orur de
Lit i. and thi- is the track over which
can. el, hois-.-, and !..tik , Like up all th
necessary pn-duec, utilities, und ornaments
of the modern Jiru-alem. The people cf
this country rattle over the rocks on a gal
lop, o('m the camel patiently taking enor
mous burden, without flinching. For cen
turies and centuries now, it is the track of
the whole w.rld"s ilgrimagc. Thinking
thus. I go on and l-ar it. and shut my eye
to it Mid go on "
Till: OUTII I'M".
The Citu innati Uazttte br.s a cunfully
prepared articV, lowing hw rapidly the
States called usually the North-we-tem
ones Lad incrcad in population and
wealth, and claims thit, by 1 the..
North western Stages, will have the man-
Dwellings, 4c, and will contract to furnkh ma
te rials and build anything in the line of Building,
oi superintend the same on reasonable terms.-
Please giTe me a call.
Lansing, January 1st, 1S57. i'O
Iving in bed half if the morning. I'cw of
them ever witness that daily miracle and
ever m w wonder, the rising of the sun.
No morning nap ever refreshes or invig
orates the sy-tem. A7gf is the time to
sletp and we cannot reverse the order of
Nature, without lriarv to ourselves. I his
...1 of ty of population a tho I nun. In all
- . . .. i .i . i
of law and an issue rf facts. The issue if his property, valued at Sl.U'M.I t , Fate proi.ao. my. ju-.g.og ..u.u .... r
law was noticed f T the Court at Kocbester, The latter bad not got things in prer suses taken j.nce J K the j wJ
i vrl- TI-. .1.,,. ,,.1 ,,n,Wt,n lir.th.it the Doctor prent the folkwing result in 100, wh;
v tua, .-v., , s -" - , t, . .M. fr,lln ..,..
gam intended to sell the negro, he ran that indi- "" -
at Oswe-o. liefore f.ur iudes. in vidual off to W avne City, la-t 1 riday night, jny
'ACKSON. Mich., opposite J . C. K. R. Depot.
Office at thia House.
J. U.iVT.J, R.mSDCLL, AttorneTS
and Counsellors at Law, and Soliciiors in Chan- when one day ridi: g out if the city cf Ma
tvrr. Lansing. Michi?ati. All business entrus-; lan2a3 towarjs t,e 'Partid , in which wns
r . . ' ctnatpil lii nir et .f.- h ins aicl'iiil In-
Office orer E. P. BosireU'a Shoe Store, secon
Uor North of the P. O
ing qualities lie now oegan toappreciate reached the horseman, and had drawn back trvin.. hmUi. i-.. in th nmminnlm! r.r.e
his value, and shortly afterwards, when the his niUsket to thrust it to his heart, when, Jas 1. st in the wav cf sleen and natural
with characteristic presence of mind, the rest, is a vain endeavor. We rise with gid-
Frenehman. drawing his pistol, shot the fel- dy. aching heads and unrefreshed bodies,
lew down in his tracks, and l-cfor the oth- totally unit f.r the performance of our daily
ers had reached l.im, succeed '"d in urging duties.
his horse from the place. p kco tni n.nT1v f;l.h
Although acting only m MIt-deten.e in
killing the last soldier, and the entire af
fair transpiring under the eyes of the whole
garrison. Mens Morricc that night f.nnd
himself an occupant of the city prison,
where for many weeks he remained await
ing his trial tor the manslaughter cf the
At length, bv bribing the
negroes had carried their successes so far
that it was no longer safe for him to re
main, even with his stiil fiithful slaves,
and Monsieur Morrice was forced to fly
General Stage from the Island, he took this r.e ble animal
; with him.
He had not been long a resident of Cuba.
- U.fyMjliMVl
- l'.lSO.OUO
l-5', and the Uennetts again beaten, when having bought a p-.ney f:-r that purjose, for ),;.,,
they appealed to the Court of Appeals, and which he gave t,00 f"' t of lumber ! Un In.Jiatta,
it was tried at Albany, when the whole the next mornirg. and bef -re the absence Ulinoi-,
case was decided in their favor. of the negro was discovered Fate abscond- Michigan,
This only dispDsing of the ejuestions of cd, and made his way to Kansas City .where ' Wisconsin
law, the trial of the dispute if facts was he took passage on the bteamcr. When riw,
tried &l the Oswego Court, and the V.?n- the boat arrived at Wayne City, the negro MiLnes.4s,
netts succeeded. was taken on board by Fate, where he had . Kansas,
l'rown appealed to the leneral Term ; waited his arrival. Fp n the loat reach- Nebra-ka,
heard at Syracuse, and a new tr ai ordered, ing Jefferson City, Fate and his companion r
TLe cause was tried bef-re Hon. Judge t,x,k the cars Ut St. Louis. When they Aggregate, .o00.UU0
Hubbard at Watertown.in l-eeember, arrived here, Fate left orders for his pony T)j-i, --t . one tLir l the white pop.ula-
where the liennetts were beaten, when they to lc sent by express tj Norfolk, irginiv, . - twenty years from that, these
appealed to the General Term ; heard at and decamped with the negro to parts un- ixc a majority of the Reprc
Utiea in January, ISoo. A new trial was known although it is supposed he is ma- Qtt.g ;n Congress. The following is
ordered, and the case was again tnea ai King tracts ur iu ei aouiiu.vu. the decennial increase oi me bwvc uiw.ii-.-v-..
: iv-...,,V I.o.i iU U'in.lJu. ti.lrMT.li 3i in active OD- . i. . i . rr.-.wn Inrlndini? the
1. nr.gmg away the intervening time on a t. . '....a t;, A-.cd ti r,,t the nnrhnriiics of the vari ,1. -,,J.i,,i.lL.r;U-
OLiiuvit; Buv.wtrv.i-v, uuv v.iu u.:4iujiu, ..t.4uu, x-j (.v.. - - -- - WD'ilC iriili'.i, -.-. s. ....
nable women ig
nore the existence of daily duties, cr at
- , . , . " , ordered, and the case was again tried at king tracks for
dinner, making a few ca. Is in a carnage and .... i trr t .t.- -i- i i- .t .
bandits in a piece of woods, which had al
ways beeu thereseirtof aesperate persons;
?. t. Mf'tl'iTI. PhT4ii-i.4ii in.) Surcon
haTinj perraanentlr located in Lansins, will ; and for the third time his brave little stab two soldiers
attend to all calls in his profession. Office in ' lion bore him safely through them, leaving courts. Le was p. rmiti ed to give bail for
K. Thayer A Co. a Drug More. oue 0f tjj0 rc.L0ers in a dying condition up- his appearance at such time as the authori-
X II E T 11 E T II . ; on the road. . ties might demand him. Ilis money. Low-
IR.J.S. WOOD, late of Albany, X. Y., is now extraordinary cLaraeter of his horse ever, enabled him to defer this period fr ro
tr ? a"end to aP-T cal1 ia hii Profn-. which he had christened "L'Kcraser." -i-ne to time.
v., n,uu inn wi nucuciitc vi uiurciu.iii.rii- . ... a 1 i.i t-it i r 1
t fl in nntLtrv rw, n,rt,rt 1 The Crusher soon became known among In the mean while, however, be found
. r-' thev arraled to set aside their own jugd-, ous towns through wmcu lc migai pass, vu
them however, well meaning women in the tl, , - . . ... , A.f. . , : n . . r -v. an 1 deliver In I
- . . roent. The ar peal was tried at W atertown, their guard, j as to nn mm ana ueuvir
main, w.v.iid cot ) fritter awav the golden , , T , ,- ... -i i :-.;-- v nmUr.ti-.il that a re- la 1-,H',
, ,., . . ... e f, and the Bennetts succeeded in setting aside Lioi up to justice. v e understand iwi -
hours, and their opportunities for usefulness, ' . . . , . . ., ,-. -:-:; ;m i. m-.de nr.n fhercrncr W ie n l-0,
.-1.1 . V .1 t i i . their own judgment. A new trial was or- quisitun wid t-e mde upon novcrner t
did the v not c..nsid-r themselves tiund to , , r . ... i , . t - , . , iu ,Mti,-,rt:r if M a- n !-i
, , - . , , - - .... dered, and the causa was again tried at for Lis uoivery to the ajtur.i.cs ci .iissou
do so bv the mexor-.ble -chims of ..cietv " ' , - , - i .i...tn.:.,.i:...i.m.Wi. In I0,
, - uswego, wuen juagmeni neing recovereu n, 'uoji-j w ruuna m n.aw.Ui . ... ii-j
nd custom the" Bennett-' favor, Brown moved to set BspuUican please copy. . n l .
IU I -
In lGiJ,
his neighbors, and from them it reached himself implicated with the pan:h cScers
. . . . , .i . . .i . . . .
ty five years in Dentestry.
IIaal tee.
X. B. Villace Lou for Sale. Also. 13d acres : the ars of tho e.fS.?ers idling about the in ouarrels. in coneoucnco of the unbarrv
ia parcels to suit purchasers, half mile west of j cjt Theso njen iJ to the troops affair ; and, justly feeling bimselt the oSvti-
ana amongst mem Monsieur -uorrict, w tnem cut at ice point ci me swe-ra j-'uei
the judgment aside, at the Court in Her- Democrat.
Eut whit a pa try excuie this will be, kimer, resulting m a new trial which came. A cArl RrL.ColoreI, wLI you kni tae
, a-3, tans, at the STORE. had lwrae arm9 in the wars of Continental ! followed duel, in which he received many , prolific source of incapacity and disease. ; favor of the Bennetts
W iU im. ....n-.ii.i rpnd.-ran .winrf rm nt W atprtnwn. m Ann . l'.),,. endmz h-;r.drvd t.V.iT " "Can t DW.blT do it, ;r. 1 .
cf the energies, moral and physical, the in a judgment in favor cf the BennetU; . never loan a money the nd time wh
tahntMimeWresFn,ibilitieUmmitted and on "appeal by Brown to the General JZe
to onr keeping 1 Term, and heard at Syracuse, m January. w . - . K V j neter ui it I?. . , . :t mnst be.will
The want of Proper exercise, is another loy. when tbe ludment was amrmea in i t.i.
! torrr to mt, l caa ao fa priuc-iic
80 'r.. rr z-yj. t -. m.ooo ooo of ropie-

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