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Order for Printing and Binding of every des-
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Rate of Advertising.
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Tuesday Mornlnp, May 24, 1859.
Purti H The new Episcopal Church, in this
c:tT H1 he coiisecr.ite.1 by the Rt. Rev. Samuel
A McCrosJ-ey, Bishop of the Diocese of Michi
gan, on Suiid) next, TJlh mst, at L-alt past ten
o'clock A. M. A collection will bo taken at the
am time to assist iu the completion of the pay
ment f.r said rhurch.
jESUL Mr. PaviJ Wait, of Delhi,
Locofco School Inspector, hag notified us
that "no Mi? orth has l-een inspected'' by
the Delhi Board, nnd that " no one has refused
to pre a sentence n h' he -m j.rtnent." Wc
may be mistaken in the u i,t of the young lady
eiaaiined, but we believe the statement we mado
to be sutHtahtially correct.
plRI. On Saturday last a fire occurred
in the first ward of our city, which resulted in
the destruction ol a t-o story dwelling house,
owned by Mr. Boaidmaii, ami occupied by Mr.
Fmcry, princtpul of one of our 1'i.ioti schools.
Torrent company No. I, were prompt and en
ergetic ia their effort. to extinguish the flame,
but for the want of decent hose were able to
render but little assisteiice. The Hook and Lad
der company were on hand, and did elT-ctivc
service. The loss is estimated at .
Distressing Accident. On IViJaof
hat week, a distressing accident occurred at the
Lower Town, in our city. It appears that a
number of children have been accustomed to
muse theiu9elviB by riding on logs as they are
brought in upon trucks to the saw mill. On
this day one of them took along a little girl, a
daughter of C. P. Ten Eyck, to enjoy the ride,
but carelesoly letting it falI,Ofie ol the wheels of J
the truck ran over it, crushing its Lead and kill-
ine it instantly. At the same time another of
of the children had a foot severely injured iu
the same manner. Lot children take warning.
A KrmurltaM Ititok.
Hints iowards Physical Perfection:
or, thk Philosophy or IIcmix I'factt; show
ing how to Acquire and Retain Bodily Sym
metry, Health, and Vigor; secure Ing Life;
and avoid the Infirmities an I Deformities of
Age. By D. II. Jacques. New York: Fow
ler and Wells, publisher, o3 Broadway; SI.
This is a work which, if we mistake not, is
destined to command almost universal attention,
and awaken everywhere a deeper interest in the
physical improvement of the race than has yet
been manifested; as it shows hew certain and
easy this improvement may be made by the use
of the perfectly legitimate means therein pointed
out. Its revelations of the laws of human con
figuration, on which symmetry and beauty de
pend, arc not less interesting and important than
they are noTel and surprising; showing, as they
do, that the form and features of even the ma
ture man or woman (and much more those of the
child) may be modified at will, and to an almost
unlimited extent that we have the power to
change, gradually but surely, the shape and ar
rangement of bone, fiber, and fluid, tints grow
ing, day by day, more beautiful or more ugly,
according to the direction given to the vital forces.
It will be found deeply interesting to both sex
es (but especially to women) and to all ages; and
wo earnestly commend it to all for whom health,
strength and beauty have any attractions ; to
parent, as a guide to the right performance of
their all-important functions and duties ; to teach
ers, who may learn from it how to develop the
minds and bodies of their pupils harmoniously
together; to young women, who will not look iu
vain ifl its pages for the secret of that womanly
beauty and personal attractiveness which they
very properly desire to possess ; and to young
men, who will find it a manual of rules for the
development of those high qualities of physical
tigor and manliuess which will command the ad
miration of their own sex no less than the love
of the other. Illustrated with twentv plates and
large number of cuts, executed in the highest
style of art.
XXD0G3 AXD SLITS. Samo.-J 1. Te Common Cowii
eifft CVy r Laming Acrtfy onlain. That all owner of
dtp withia the limiu of thia eity ahall pay a tai or pea
alty thereoa of one dollar per annum, and three dollar
a tj tint owned by them or in tueir pe-Kin
8e. It ahall be tho duty ol the eity treaauier to call
a erery owner of a dog or alut and demand of him the
fWiiakl tai or penalty ; and if aid owner baU neirlcet
lefuw fer tire day to pay aaid tas or penalty, he ahall
hable to forfeit aut pay tea coot per dav fer each and
7 thereafter that he shall to neglect or refuse, the
awMoat to be sued for in the name ef thi eity, and that
aid treasurer shaJI he entitled to receive for inch eollea-
a tea per eeut- of aU money so eollectei!, which nam
aall W in ben of all other ehanre avainat .aid citv.
See. S. If any iog be found lighting in the etreets of
alJ vne owner or owners ef mid dog or dog thau
e taed the lum of two dollar for each and every time
aU dog or doa ahall be found nrfhtimr in aaid atreeta, to
e reeovered same a other flue are collected, nnlea the
v owaer of Mid dog or dog kill the name within
threw day.
8e.4. It thall not be lawful for any dog 1o be allowed
ran in the tttMti of ki. itv nnla the owner .hall.
ft the Snt day ef June, in each year, to the fifteenth
-wywi September thereafter, cause the mi roe to ee mux
w in each a manner that the don cannot bite, and fi
g feond rnnniog at large, w thout a muule, the
wner thara.( .K.ll r.m tVia n.lt of ton eent. fivr verv
7 be (hall neglect to eau-e uch cog to be mun'ed
"w ne uiau be notified by th ninwhal, or any watcn
awreontabl,that uch dog I running at large with
eat a nank
8m. ft- AU dog found running at large withowt any
aer, or for which no owner ean te found, are hereby
"elated a nuisance, and it ahall be the duty ft the niar-
wat,wr any watchman or constable of thia city, to kill
U each dot.
fctvw. T&ia ordinance haU taV effect In ore day after
t rabneaUon.
Done at the common council room, thi ITth day of
a, a a. ibo9. 11. IL r-Mini, Jf.iyor
J. 0. Ra&iMlx, Cirri .
THE removal axn untiAi. of nevr antmaia
tecnos I. Ik it onUiineJ l- tKs Omtmim Council the
"fy 9f Lmiimg, That any dead animal found nnhuried
hin tho nmiu of the eity of Latiog, shall be removed
w boned, either within or without the citv limit, bv
ba city narwhal and at the espenso of the owner of aaid
wtad aaiaaal if such owner can bo found, and if inch
war cannot be found, then and ia that case the apene
wea removal ad burial shall be paid by the city,
oec. 2. If th MMmfMi and nnhnried animal
und a atom within tho city limit. ahaU refuse to pay
to aeeeeaary eipeaee for ueh removal and burial for
thre day after demand shall be made by the citv mar
!, the earn may be collected of such owaer. with cost
ait, by action of assumpsit er tre ass, in the name of
the eity ,f LaSUng, Ml x .hall bo com pete at for nch
clt7 aarshal to tewtif as a witness in such suits.
.. at too cosnmon council room, this 19th dav of
lav. a. DlIsm
H. H. SUTTB, Jfctynr,
an ordinance to restrain
TABU.-H AMI KEGl'LATE A Kl'M. &ecno.i 1. The
wmmnn itiuacu oj me cug of Lannng ker.Ly ovJUiin, That
it kball not be lawful for any twine, hog, shoatsanl pi-t
to go at Ure witb.n the limiu t,f .aid e,ty, and it ttiev
ball be found running at large within th- lim.t ;f raid
eity, it kbail be lawful for any person, and it .hail be th
duty .f any puu.d ma-ter, or the marshal or aoy an. ta
ble of aail city, to drne the same to pound within aid
eity, or eaue the Kime t be o driven ; and Tor diivicij
the aaine to pound a af..raid, the pound master, or
manbal, or aoy per-on employed tr that purpje by
them, kball loeut.t ed to r-c-ive the ion of five cenUf r
every ung, Hioat or p-t tiriven tu bound.
NfC. a. It haU be tlif duty ..f the marshal to provide
a luiUble pound within naid city, and it hall be ti.e duty
of the pouod mantrr t. receive and aMy k p therein
ueh animal a may t- driven there under thu or any or
dinance, until the iroTiaion f the ordinance tn'ier
bleb they are iniouiidrd khai! be eomLhed with.
tee. ii. the iobud muter who ilixll rem n nl i'n.
eliare any aniina! a f jre-aid ahaii be tntt ed to a fee
therefor of nit cent- &,r each animal, and f r kepinir and
feeding the uiie, a um not oer ten eentu fur each day,
which unw fer dn.n t pound, receiving and Wpinr,
and all other um liai.le to be paid, ahall be paid to tne
poun-i tnaaier Deiore ail tiogxtiall be re!ea.-ed, and i! tiaid
fee nhall not be pai 1 within ISTe day, then aid found
master may tell Mid animal at i.ubnc auction, at uid
pound, givio at Iet live days notice thereof, by posting
u nice at aaiu poun-t ana one notice in each ward in
a:d eity ; and from the money ari.B from raid Bale to
retain hut fees afureaid and t-o cercent on the amount
of .ale for aeilwi; and iiin notice thereof, and return
tne iuruux, if auy, to the owner l aid animal, r if no
owner apar in ix montht, then caid turplut fhall tm
pai.i inio me ciiy ireaxury.
pee. 4. Any ter.o who ahall relea.se. or attemtit to re.
lear any animal from laid pound, without Complying
with the prov:niou.i of thia ordinance and contrary to the
direction-) of cid pound master, ohail, on connction, be
nned not more than twenty five dollar, or impriMined not
eiceedirif ten day, or bth nuch fine and imprinoummt,
in the rimeretiou of the court.
Kor every hog or animal so driven t the l oimd.
the owner ahall pay, in addition to all other eipen.
provnlel Or thm ordinance, the turn of ten eent.t te
paid tu the pound masUr, and by him pant into the eity
treaiury, and the pound master ahall Le-p a correct ac
count of erery animal driven to the pouud and shall re
port tii the council every month the number of au.maU
and the sums received.
N:c. . And it vhalj be the dutv of the round master to
furn h nuitable amount of teed for any hog or oher
animal imfoundod by this ordiuance.
ec. Th:saet nhall take effect w.tlun nix darn after
it publication.
lkiie at the common council room, thia 1 Ttli dav of
May, A 1 1SJ. II II SMITH, Jjor.
J. O. rUMiui., 1 Ifrk.
CITY I.T IIIUAWAV LISir.lCT-. n-n.is 1 77,P
Wm I 'Mtlri ilht city if Ixt. imo -r.l, i.r-l i,n. I ilut
each ward dit'i t hll If a l.th.. v .i.,:,i-t. an I tl.:it
d highway d.'lr'ts h b .(in !-.! :md friinl.-r-f ss the
aeveial warN rep-riv. ly a e t, .uudt-l oumiwl,
and tht one or ni..ie iii-j t r Iw s; j-)iiifed l..r each
highway diitricl, w li liui t it .'hail te to aopei inten t nil
Htreeti, bridge., rulv.-rt- nud di; iii, undt-r the sui i viniim
of th ci'T nnr ha'.
Ilone at the ctiiiiii n c uncii rmra, thi lrth .f
Hay, A l. 1N0'.. I! ii .JMiri, Vt-nir.
In this city on the th ins.. Iiu AntLLf. ot.lv
child of Caasius P. and Euphuni iTen Fyck, aged
year, 3 months, and 25 days.
tjlfu K:iuirrr, of tH-tioit, will beiu Out ndaa
on the 1UU, Eaton Rapi.Uon the l'.'ih, M.im.h nth and
at the I-aiwiDij l..Use, tanning, on the 14th days of ev
ery month, to attend to patient alllictel w,ih ch" ;
lingering diwaaej. See advertUment.
unfailing it the cure of Corcns, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Sori Throat, IIoarsfskss, Dirri
cci.t Brkathino, Incipient Consumption, and
DisKASKst or the Lcnos. Thev have no taste of
medicine, and any child will take them. Thou
sands have been restored to health that had
fore despaired. Testimony given in hundreds
of ca-es. A single dose relieves in tes hinctcs.
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers the ori-
nal and only geniune is stamped "Bryan."
purious kinds are offered for sale. Twenty-five
nts a box. Sold by dealers generally.
JOB MOSES, .Sole Proprietor, Rochester, X.Y.
For sale by R. THAYER, k Co., Lansing.
HooflaiiiT (irruiin Hitters.
repair.! r.y isr. I . M .:.u k.v, will effectually cure Lit.
er Cinjitint, lypep.ia. J.iuodice, Chronic or Nervou
IVhihty, Iie,i-' of il.n Ki lnej, and all Iiea ari-
miijf.ipm a 'lis irdvied liv-r in Stomach
eiy family houl l iriv j i lt'l of thet-e Fitters in
the house
ONE IiO.- will iu-t.mll re'irve a in k stomach.
ONE ISiE will rare tin ino-t distressing heart barn.
t)E IHISE will allay any airit .t.. u t f the nerve
ONE rSE taken an hour before ni.'.N. will give a good
ONE IXNE will in mny c-es cure U:e unst n?Tero
headache, when procx-diiit; from iliror lrti.-d ktomarh.
Tlie-e Il.t'e; can tie obtained tan I'riiCi.' -t' or seller
I'atent Medicines in the I'mt. d Milled and ('aiiitd.is.
rice .0 rent per buttle, pve that the H:(ntiire of C. M.
Jack -on is on the wrapper of each bttle. Uw.'li
Notice to (he Klrclorwot tlir Urst Wunl.
HE Comm in ("ounr-ii of the City ol I an r hi v.-
oinird a SiMrUI Election t Ih. h !d intliMi-' Wmd,
aid Citr, on theUOih da of My, 1 vV, f.i- t,e purp--
eU-'in an A!Ierm:iti to till the varaiu-v k-' a.ioo. il bv
the resignation of .1 lenn.in W.l lain II. Ilae.
J.V. KAM'I'fl I., f.'v l-rk.
cash! mm mm
Combined, ami within the roach of ALL!
ladies and Gentlemen.
Apply at lr.KMMjLi J examine
Goods and Prices, and sec whether rvKitv-
body keeps the
it i i wv,l ii... i':... ""
AT lii:KM)MK.
Lansing, May 2Gih, lSi'J.
Sheriff Sale.
BY virtue of an execution issued out of and
uuder the seal of the circuit court for the
couuty of Ingham, to me directed and delivered
1 Lave levied upon ail tne rignt, line ana uueres
of Austin Paine, in and to the following descii
bed lands and tenements to wit : The north part
of the north east quarter of south west quarter
and the north Part f south cat quarter of sec
tion isn thlrtv-one: also, all the right, title, and
interest of B. M. Clark, in and to the south eas
quarter of the north west quarter of section
3U thirtv-one: also. aU the right, title, and in
terest of John M. Hudson, in ami to the south
part of the east half of the south wesi quarter
and the south part of the west half of south
east ouarter of section (31) thirty-one. All the
above described land being on section (31) thir
ty-one, iu township (1) north of range (1) we
countv of Inzham. State of Michigan, which
shall expose for sale at public vendue, to the
highest bidder, at tae court nouse, iu me iui;
of Mason, on the 7th day of July, A. D., l$5i
at one o'clock P. M. Dated, Mason, May 17th.
1859. EDY BAKER, MienB
. 213w7
THE combined Map ef Ingham and Zi"ri:
ntjn Counlie is now readv for delivery.
Subscribers will please take notice and act accor
dingly. UEIL, llAKLfci
Mar 10. 1S59. 211tt
Chancery Sale.
virtue of a decrttal order of the Circuit
Court for the count? of InLaai, in CLaLce-
ry, made on the Jeth d tr of April A. D. 1S5S,
in a cause wherein David Gould U complainant
an-J Mvphen S. ln.iney, K';za idLey, George A.
Wallace, and E trot us VV. Uirties, are defendaxits,
1 will gtll at public auctior;, at the Court IIou.se,
in the village of Mason, in ?aid county of Ing
ham, on the 7th day o( July iiext, at one o'clock
in the afternoon of that day, the lands in aid
decretal order described, viz : lots two, (2) three,
(C, six, (6) and seven, in l,lck So. sixteen,
(16) in the village of Stockbridge, in the county
of Ingham, and State of Michigan. Dated, MsV
2 , 1-59. GRIF1 IN PADDOCK,
Circuit Court Com. of Intr'nam Countv,
tilSwT Mich.
I'robale .lotire.
STATE OF MICHIGAN', Citmty ofIngham,s.
At a sc.-ssion of the Probate Court for the
county of Ingham, LoMett at the Pmh.te Office,
in the village of Maion, on Monday, the ICth
day of May, in the year one thousand c-igt
hundred and fifty-nine. Present, Wni. if.
Pinckney, Judge of Probate. lathe nutter of
the estate of Oliver B. Rice, deceased. On reading
and filing the petition, duly verified, of Doratha
Rice, (widow of said deceased,) praying nmong
other things, that letters of administration may
be issued upon said estate to the said pet'tioner.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the
2'th dav of June next, at 11 o'clock i'ti the
forenoon, be assigned fur the hearing of said pe
tition, and that the heirs at law of aid deceased,
and all other persons interested in said ctate,are
required to appear at a session of sai l ( o-irt,
then to be Lolden at the Probate Olhce, in the
village of Mason, and show caus.', if any there
be, why the prayer of the petitioner should nt
be granted: And it in furthtr order''', that said
petitioner give notice to the persons interested
in said estate, of the pender.cv of said petition.
and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy .l
this order to be published in the Lansing Aii'-
l'utn, a newspaper printed and circulating in
s-.iid county of Ingham, '. successive weeks, pre
viou to said dav of hearing, f A true copv. J
:5wUl3 Judge of Probate.
Probate .otiee.
lTHEREAS, application has been made tome.
If the undersigned. Judge of Probate lor th--county
of Ingham, praying for the appointment
of commissioners to appraise and ditide and set
oh" the real estate of which Win. C. Leek die 1
seized, being in the township of Alaiedon, in srrd
county of Ingharn, notice is therefore hereby
given, that Monday, the ::ith day of May in t.,
Ht 11 o'clock A. M., has been designated for
hearing said application, and that commissioners
as above will be appointed upon said day if there
shall be none of tho heirs or others interested in
said estate present to oppose such appointment.
Judge of Ptobate.
Lansing, May 2Sd, A. D. 185J. lw-JIS
F. RATH has just received a large and well
. selected assortment of Jewelrv, at his
One door South of Coryell & Jetton, couM-ting
of all the Litest styles of
ewely.Gold & Silver Walcties,k
Havinp: purchased tnv Stock en
tirely in the Eastern market, and f.r ( '.ixi, I tl it
ter mvself that I can Pell Genuine .1. e!rv as
cheap 83 any establishment v.e.-t ol the eirv oft
New lork. I deal in none but the f
L'hoicnt Varieties and moxt A-rir-i .V'..'v'i
Having had a long experience in the hu ini ss.
I am thus enabled to purchase the usntink ar
ticle, and consequently none other are otlered at
mv counter. Knowing that I can sell a better
article for a less price than any other establish
ment in the city of Lansing,! invite all who wisii
to invest in my line, to give me a call before pur
chasing elicwhere. Jlrtnembtr I D. r.RATII,
one door South of Coryell & Jenison, Washing
ton Avenue, City of Lansing.
I keep a first class workman, aud one who can
not be beaten at watch repairing by any woik
man in the country. Hiswoikis warranted to
be superior to that of any other ever employed
Lansidg. rg? Watches and dock repaired
and Warranted. I. I KATII.
City of Lantinij, Matt 15, 159.
rire IiiMirancc Eitliiirfl .
Chirt'r I'rrfrt'itL
C.t'H CU'IT.!., jjoo.uiMh,
H AS.-KI ir-M.'
S. I. I 'UVIS, IV-s:He!
II k:.I.!.'i.:. see V. .iv
i a i-eh otic,.;; s W. :1 St . C.ncm
M 'I vl.ll I .ll, n. rit v.,t
Aetit in the pone:pl I ities ar l I -ns i.i II i ok n
.i ( li-atioo- veeeive I. an rlt-e !--o-i1 an I '-: -. lv
.fl .lillflKOV'i..V.1ll ,
at I.iiisiiii' l.il-
.vlorlas-i' Sale.
DEFAFLT having been ina leni the conditions
of a certain mortgage executed by Saiiiiu I II.
Fisher to me, William eott, bearing date the
liuhdiv td Mav, A D. 1S.!', and recorded in
the office of the Register of Deeds of the coun
tv of Ingham, State of Michigan, on the 1st day
of July, A D. ls.io, in Liber l of mortgages,
on page ":''., upon which said mortgage there i
now claimed to be due tne sum ol one i.undred
and thirty dollars, (13o) and no suit or proceed
ings at law having been instituted tor the recov
ery of the same, notice is therefore hereby given
that said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale ot
ail mortgaged premises, to wit: The north
east quarter ot the soutn west quarter oi sec
tion twentv one, in toanslup throe north ot range
one west, (Alaiedon) in the county of I: ghain
and State of Michigan, at: I containing forty acres
more or less, at put-lie vendue, at the Court
House in the village of Mason in said cor.r.ty, on
the l?th day of August next, at one ocl.H a in
the afternoon. Dated. May ;:;th, A. D. 1 :'.
Barnes & IlrsTiN.-.ios, Attv's. 14w2l2
Mu riff Sale.
BY virtue ot or.e execution issued out of the
Circuit Court for the county of Ingham,
State of Michigan,to me directed and delivered, ia
favor of John Ray nor, against il urn I . Haz
zard, I shall sell at public auction, at the Court
House in the village ot Mason, iti kiM county ot
Ingham, on Friday, the 15th day of July. A.
D. 1S5., at one o clock in the afternoon it that
day, the following described real estate, to wit :
all that tract or parcel of land situate in the
township of LeRoy, county ot Ingham, tat? ot
Michigan, bounded as fonows : beg-nmng at the
south west corner of section seven 7 in said
township of LeRoy, and running north thirty
S'VJ rods, thence east twenty-three ..j rods,
thence south to the south lice of sa d section,
thence west to the place ot beginning, containing
four and one half acres ot land.
EDY BAKER, Sheriff.
Bv I. H. VAXDERCOOK, Under SlieritL
Dated, May 23, lS5y. t'wilS
01 SEand Lots 1 and 2. oa blot i j. C;tv ot
Lansing, and a Farm in the township of Au
relius, being the north half of the north-west
quarter of section two. Terms easy. Enquire
iJrVa. 'Oil i"w"HMffi i-7N
of the subscriber, at mv phco of business.
Lansing, May 1, 1S59. 210
Condi & Jenisoii
RE now receiving direct from Xew Yoik,
2. Bo-oii, and Phi adelphia, one of the largest
stocks of
All fiOOOS
Groceries, Boot, Shoes, Crockerv and Hard
ware, ever before offered in this city, to which !
they invite the attention of a.l concerned.
Knowing that monty i iff prtnt Itctr of .a
win art'-on, and that people think more of their
"dimes" than they do of anything else, and that
the great absorbing question is, "Where can I
trade the cheapest, and thereby save the most
money ?" we answer ia as few words as possible,
tlu.t this is
Where you can invest your money and obtain
mor tr'oo-.l for a d-Alar than at any other Store
in town. We have adopted the ready pay sys
stem, and we are determined to make it an ob
ject for ALL who wish to pay down for their
goods to trade with us. A d.llerence of at least
twenty-five per cent, (in favor of our customers)
will readily tie seen, between our prices and
those who tru-t. We mean what we say, and
will satisfy all who call on us, that it is a ?.
We particularly invite the La lies to examine our
stock of beautiful
Silks, Gloves, Shawls,
Challies, Gauntletts, Skirts,
DcLaines, Mitts, Embroideries,
Cashmeres, Hosiery, Linens,
Merino's, Trimmings, Undersleeves,
Muslins, Ribbons, Collars,
Gingham, Parasol?, Cottons,
Cambrics, Hoops, Flints,
And cerds and stacks cf other good, too numer
ous to mention.
To the Gentleman we would merely say that
we are doing tome in the clothing line, and pro
pose to clothe a man all over in a shape and style
that his shadow won't be afraid tofollow him, and
To the World at Ijargc
We say give us a call and satisfy yourselves that
there is one store in town where you can get the
best of goods at astonishing low prices, as we are
determined to seil goods cheaper that they were
ever before sold in this market. No grumbling.
or charges made for showing poods.
Store in the Holmes & right block, one d nir
south of Burr & Grove.
Lansing, May In, 'of.
l'or!iilc lor C'aIi or lAcliaue.
rpW0 Melo Icons, one octave single reed.and
X one Ti octave double reed, from the manufac
tory of I luld A: to., Cleveland, O., the best in
the V. S. For particulars enquire of Rev. Mr.
Birkle, opposite the German Lutheran Church,
Lower Town. 4w211
li-rilt al4'.
1)Y virtu
I) under:
irtue of one execution issued out of and
the seal of the Circuit Court lor the
county of Ingham, to me directed and
delivered, I have levied upon all the right,
title and interest of Charles W. Ball and Elliott
H. Ball in and to the following described lands
and tenements, to wit: beginning at the south
west comer of the east half of the north-east
quarter of section twenty-three, in towtship two
north of rage one east, and running east on line
of said lot five chains, thence north twelve chaius,
j I hence west five chains, thence south twelve
eh tins, to the place of beginning, containing six
acr.M of land in the county of Ingham, and
State of Michigan, which I shall expose for sale
at public auction, on the 2Cdday of June, 1859,
at 1 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the
Court Mom..., in the village of Mason, in said
count. EDY BAKU, Sheriff.
;(s. May P., 1650. Cw21 1
Prohale .otiri'.
I F. OF MICHIGAN, county of Ingham, ss.
O At a session of the Probate Court, for the
eoiiii'y of Ingham, holden at the Frobate Office
in the citv of Lansing on Monday the 1st
d ivof May A. D. 1S.V.'. Present, Vm. U.
Pinckney, Judge of Probate. In the matter of
the estate of Eunice Bryant, deceased. On read
ing and filing the petition duly verified of
Chas. D. Bryant, an heir at law of said deceased,
praying that letters of administration may be
granted to Tho. J. Ratnsdell, upon 6aid estate.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, tho 31st
dav of May next, at II o'clock in the forenoon be
assigned for the hearing of said petition, and that
the heirs at law of said deceased, and all other
persons interested in said estate, are required to
appear at a session of said court, then to lie hol
den at the Probate OiTije in the viii igeof Mason,
and show cau-v, if anv there be, whv the praver
of the pot:t:":ier should wt he granted: .-1ml"
'.'" f'lr'h- r ir-J' cd, that said petitioner Cha.
I I), llivir f, g've notice to the persons i terested
in said estate, ol the pendency id said petition
and l'i.' Hearing thereof, by causing a copy of
th: order to ! published iu the Landing .
y, .,','. vt i, ,i newspaper printed and circulating
in said c.iint v of Ingham, for "sucees-ive weeks
previous to s i'-.l d iv of hearing. A true copv.
;,w 21 1 Judge of Probate.
Morlsa.e Salt'.
DEFAFLT having l-eeii made in the payment
of a certain sum ot money secured to be
paid bv :.;i indenture of mortgage, bearing date
she twe ntv-tifth day of November, A. D. 1551,
executed liv Aaron Norris and Louisa X orris, his
wife, to David G. Mo 'hire, and recorded in the
oiiiee of Register of Deed for the ColltltV of
Ingham, in the State of Michigan, on the 10th
.lav of Docoriio-r, A. D. lSit, at u o'clock A. M.,
in liber seven of mortgage, on pages C14 and
15, bv which default the power to sell contained
in said mortgage, ha become operative, on which
indenture of mortgage and the note promissory
to secure the payment for which it was given,
there is claimed to b due at the date hereof, the
sum of two hundred and twenty-one dollars and
seventy cents (22l 7'), and no suitor proceed
ing having been instituted it law to recover the
debt secured by said indenture of mortgage or
anv part thereof; now, therefore, notice is here
by given, that y virtue of a power of sale con
tained in said indenture of mortgage and of the
status in such case made and provided, the said
mortgage will be foreclosed by public sale'of the
mortgaged premises, therein described as fol
low s, viz: all thoe certain pieces or parcels of land
situate in the township ot Lansing, and describ
ed as follow, viz: lots number seven (7) and
ei.ht (SK in block number twentv-or.e ('ii), in
the village (now city) of Lansing, according to
the recorded plat thereof, being town 4 north ol
rang.-. west, county of Ingham and State ot
Micii gan, will be sol I at puM.e auction, to the
hi"hest bidder, at the Court House itithe villag
of Mao!i, in the county of Ingham and State of
Michigan, on Monday the tirt day of August,
A. D. ! 5 '. nt 2 otlo k P. M., of said dav.
Executor of the la.t will and teta::ient of
DAVID G. McCLURE, Deceased,
Wit. II. Pickr.Y, Att'v for mortgagee.
Dated, May !, A. D. " Uiwgll
Lansing City Foundry!
VT Iron Saw-Gearings, Wood Siws, Building
Iron ot the most
I in pro veil Pat fern,
M i le to order on short notice. Also Plows,
Cultivators, and ad kir.us of
On hand or made to order. Engines and Thre
ir.g Machines repaired on short notice.
rSf" All work warranted charges moderate
lv-212 JOHN" T00KER,
Miciiit Sale.
TY virtue of to writs of execution issued
I3 out ot and und-r the seal of the Circu
court for the cour.ty of Ingham, to me directed
and delivered, I have levied cpon all the right,
title, and ictertst of John McKaugb, ia and to
the following described lar.-is and tenements, to
wit: the east had ot the souta west quarter
ot section niEeteen 10J. ia town three S north
cf range two 2 west, in thecouatv of Ingham,
ard State of Michigan, which I shall expose for
sale, at public auction, or vendue, at the Court
nous-.' ia the village of Mason, on the 21 dav of
Julr, at one o'clock P. M.
EDY BAKER, Sheriff.
Bv H. H. DUNKS, Deputy.
Pate I, Lacs.ng, Mav 12th, 1559. 7w212
Wc have recM our Sj.rinr StK-k of
Than anv other Store in the Citv,
either at Upper or Lower Town !
We can show the Ladies Handsomer
Than can Le found at anv Store in
the City.
We sell Headv Made Clothinir.
We eell Cloths.
We sell Domestic Goods.
We sell Hats and Caps.
We sell Hoots and Shoes.
We sell Yankee Notions.
We sell Hardware.
We sell Groceries.
We take in exchange Produce.
We do anything our Customers wish.
We shall not be undersold.
We shall receive Xew Goods weekly.
We shall have every article called for.
We shall at all times have the
to select from.
WE SHOULD like to have eve
ry person call and see our stock.
We know we can please every body.
We shall sell more Goods than anv
other Store, because we shall sell
Cheaper. Call at
Lower Town, and see.J
La.vsi.xg, April 21st, 1850.
Frobate Notice.
STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Ingham, ss.
At a session of the Probate Court for the Co.
of Ingham, holden at the Probate Office in the city
of Lansing, on Thursday, the 28th day of April,
in the year one thousand eight hundred and
fifty-nine. Present, Wm. H. Pinckney, Judge
of Probate. In the matter of the estate of Chaun
eoy Culver, deceased. On reading and filing
the petition, duly verified, of Jesse P. Hall,
executor of said deceased, praving that an in-
trument purporting to be the last will and tes
tament ot fcaid deceased iiihv be admitted to
Yobato, and that letters testamentary mav issue
to s aid petitioner.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Mondae, the 2-'.J
ay of May next, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
ssigned for the bearing ot said petition, and
that the heirs at law of said deceased, and all
ther person interested in said estate, are re
quired to appear at a session of said Court,
then to be holden at tho Probate Office, in the
illage ot Mason, and show cause, if anv there
bo, why the prayer of the petitioners should not
tie granted: And it in further ordered, that
lid petitioner give notice to the persons interes
ted in said estate, ol ttie pendency of said peti
tion, and the iiearing thereof, iy causing a coj.y
ol this order to be published in the Lansing AV-
uhlitiin, a newspaper printed and circulating in
said county of Ingham, 3 successive weeks previ
ous to said dav of hearing, f A true copy. 1
21nw: Judge of Probate.
Stale I'riwoit Contract.
yi.'Vi'i'i' ioios.ia w m u.- n:vrm:u .1 mc .?u⁢
O Prison Office, till the 7th of June next at 9
r 1 1 l-iv i.........!j -:n i . : i .. .i o....
o'clock A. M., for the Labor of 25 to 60 con
victs to be employed at either of the following
branches of business, to wit :
1st. Manufacturing Tvpo, Pails, ah tubs
and Household utensils.
2nd. Saddle Tree, ll.tmes and Hirness Trim-
."..L Mechanics Tio!..
4th. Baskets and Willow ware.
5th. Threshing machines and Grain Drills.
t'.th. Screws and Door Trimmings.
7th. Rations and Combs.
Contracts to continue five vears.
WM. L. SEAT0X, Agent.
St'ite I'riwn OUce,
Jackson, Mich., April 6, 159.
Chancery Sale.
TlV VIRTCE of a Decretal Order of th Cir-
J.J cuit Court tor the county of I ngham.in Chan-
r, made oa the 2d day of December, A. D,
, in a cae wherein Jahial W. Toles is com-
plainatit and George II. Abrams and Elias Hall
defeiidanLs, I, the subscriber, the Circuit Court
Commissioner for the county of Ingham, State of
Michigan, will sell at public auction, at the Court
House iu the village of Mason, ia said county,
oa Saturday the 25ih day of Juno next, at one
o'clock in the afternoon of that day, the lands
mentioned and described m said decretal order as
follows, viz : commencing on section line between
sections twentv-ntne and thirty, at the south-east
corner of the north half of the north east
quarter of section thirty (3) runniag west
twenty-three rods to a stake and stone, thence
north about forty rods to a white-wood stump
w ith stake and stone, thence cast to section line
south, to the place of beginning, being ia town
two north of range two west, in the county of
Ingham and state of Michigan, containing near
ly five acre, with steam saw mill on the same.
UK1 1 t'ADUOLl
Circuit Court Commintioner,
r.2K:6w. Inghaia Co., Michigan.
& Ilrunson, fc-oi rs tor L-ompi t
Dated, Mason, April 23d. 1S59.
Sheriff Sale.
TY virtue of one writ of execution issued out
D of and under the seal of the Circuit Court for
the countv of Ingham, to me directed and de
Uvered, I have levied upon all the right, title and
interest of William T. Johnson, in and to the
following described lands and tenements, to wit
the entire block number eight, in the village of
Stockbride, and county of Ingham and State
of Michigan, which I shall expose for sale to
the highest bidder, at public vendue, at tLe
Court House, ia the village of Mason, on the
l?th dav of Julv, 1S59, at 1 o'clock P. M.
EDY BAKER, Sheriff.
Dated. Mason. Mav 7th. A. D. 1859. 6w213
X man, just received at the
MOilAV, 18 APRIL 185.9.
Trade has Commenced
All open, and
Our Stock is much Larger, and
more Attractive Every Way, than it
has been heretofore. We oiler most
kinds of Go-hIs at Verv Lw Prices!
East and North West.
Dftrolt and Milwaukee Railway,
(Open to Lake Michigan.)
Sieift Lote-Preuure Firit-Clttt Steamer,
CItjr of C'leweliii, a til ClesrlMiul,'
(Thorouiflily refitted for this route,)
1359, Passenger Trains will run as follows:
Going Wet:
Mail iMive I l leom I K.re t
I i- I I .
Sup Kridie,dpart, go J Z lii.'.M
Ti r a v. . r. m.
letmit, depart 7 ' 4.45 B 00
Kea'onville, arrive 9 3o 6 .' 7 :ii
00111, il. lO&o 7.4o 11.15
r. M A.M.
St.Johne, do lg M, Ig 15
1A M.
ti.'JO 2 Zit
a &u
I a m. I r. m I Ira.
Milwaukee, arr 6.:M' VI.XW lglS
Ooing Cant t
j I Mail I Nixbt
I A ceo iKipr'siMne I Kxprem
Milwaukee, depart I i 1 1
I 1. A Ml e. M
oraul i4tvu,..dt p 4 io s 4i
lirant ti.pidi-,ariie ...I S -.'n .'. J In 3d
I i "
St. Johns, do j 7 9 j 100
Owos-h do.... I Co 1 1 'JO 'J oo
. M e. a
Fentuuville, d. .. 7 ! SS g Ii
I e. a
Detroit, arrive, d. ...I V 40 ! IJ IS Coo
i". M r. M. A M i r. M.
Susp. Bridge, arrive, ' i 't t T.5 j 4 (to 4 Ml
eKi lre-.liin.-iit! Hotel in Hw,..t t loir. 1 ll .ti-n
R.t will h've M.lwaokee u SATl RU.lV- ' s I t
for S.t.ir.1 iv Might's Ehr-s pa.-M-n." r e-t, l.i' ! 1
M tia.a will x T Lnnm -im.io.
Trami leave Winini d.itv. Siinlar I
THK I tl.Ki.lt A I'll LINK is n-w ..pen f-r l' 1:1 It. w
AT M-Titiiir loeat IVe.t-iu It.iiwav t r all -..nl
f'jit Miciii'.u (Vntral anl M . io.n .-..utliei u IUi!r.ali
and CieveUn I ljne ot Steaiueix
TOKAil AVi.S With -Il ir....'' si...u.r t .r hi
AT MIIAVAI'kKK With the ...inpp.. I ci. hi
txf'i, alnrtowo, an 1 II ric u hi;l-o:i, r r .1. import
am poitit. We-t and .Vulbwrst, and : ti e M --i-.,..i
It.ver, and wi'ti Stini.T- h.r I'. rt. mi l .Lt- il.c!i.n
Pas-e-iiei 'or iie. W.i.r P. a , ... u u.e nn
wav IVrry StniiK-r. at I. IV II. It. I , Ww.i. fck al
) A. M . 1 o-l P. M , aud 7 : I M
Mi.lir TKAIN.Soo the i.. W. H have s.lIM.
( Ak .tttohe!.
The ('..nii.nnv . Time TsLle. can ! hd at anv of
the Station-.
W. K. VI IR lieu l Sup't.
I. k . K. Odicee, April, lSo".
M. M. CARR. has moved histock one dKr
north of Baglev e Grocery, on W ashington
Avenue. Papers, Migazines.uooksaudMation-
ery. call and examine teiore purcnahing else
where. I
Shciift Sale.
TJY virtue of a writ of execution issued out of
JJ and under the seal of the Circuit Court for
the county of Ingham, to Hie directed and de
livered, I have levied upon all the right, title
and interest of W ilimin IX II ail, in and to the lot
lowing described lands and tenements, to wit:
the west half of the north east quarter of g c
tion (33) thirty-three, in towinh:p (2) two north
of range (21 two ea.-t,in thecountvof Ingham and
State of Michigan, which I shall expo for sale
to the highest bidder, at public vendue, at the
Court House, in the village ot Mason, on the
seventh day of June, 1 fro'., at one o clock 1 . jI
EDY ISAKhls, Stierttl.
Dated. Masou. Ann! 11. A. D. 1S5. 2 nmf.
Railroad .lectin;;.
AT0TICE is hereby given, that a meeting of the
lv Stock holders of the Flint &. Fere Marquette
Railway Comnaav will be held at the oflice ot
said Company, at the city of Flint, on Monday
the 5th dav of June next, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
for the purpose ol Lolling aa election of a Board
of Directors, and to transact 6uch other business
as shall come before them.
By Order of the Directors,
April 19, 1S5. Cw21'J
LL persons indebted to us on book account,
il. or note, will idease cad and settle without
delav. A. TURN ER & CO.
Lansing, April I.
An airv. light. Billiard Rooitl, with two
Tables, both new and ''First-Rate. A convenient
An orderly, well supplied suit of
Where will be found all the deUsacies of the sea
son, with a constant supply of Fresh Oysters.
An eitenaaxe Grocery Estabuecment, w;tn
Stock, Confectionery, and other articles usually
dealt in. in that line.
The public are respectfally invited to cH and
I zamiae lor tnemsctvee. i v i
Take them and Live !
lSeglect them and Die. .1
Hiixuca'a ikiiAK Cuarcs Ilua
tEK& these uaanrpeaeed renew
die have, by eocuiMin cenaeat of
mankind, been placed at the b4
.'! all similar preparations. Her
nrk's Yegetalir I'Lls, in universal
pxminess, safety ana certainty in
the cure vf the vatwus disease vt
man, eirel ad e'hers, and their
.a'e uimetKiably is treble that
ef alt O'.her kiods. In full dosaa
thev are active Cathartic, in
nia'.Wr J.e 2ii '.acd eleanti
in all Iti 1kus t'aiplaicts, S-k
teniae I.e. laver Ioae, Kidne
VraB-renmtits, iUisaach IVvr
tr, and Sia AiTeeums, tbey
ure as if by wu,.-!.-. TLe
Ml are purely vyri.vir, ran he
aken at any time by fid er pmy ,
without chsocf ia enip'eymeat wr
:v( .Vtrrwry hi CAo 'njediruM
.hen po'iriy used, but when
vuipvunded in a IMIfor universal
it tir'reev. iWJrti.l of benetit-
in-t the pa'n-tit Ilern.'k's Su.car l.'sted IMls have nev
er been twoir t "i v sere in-'ulh and aohio-r j.aata,
a. have some others. Ttiereftire, person, m want of a
Uunlv IMI, p'eaviot to fo.r, rerlaia to cure, and usl by
mi lion, will certainly K-k I r no ether. Iaee I'ill. are
covere-l with a e-watiiii; ot pure white sufar, no ta.le vt
i-.i--.li.-aie at.'ut them, but are a es.ilv tak.'a as bit of
c.nte.-t.o.ierv. KAMU.Y i:.Xli. tii O X IS ; & HOI !H.
oK l.U Ait.
Ilerrick liitl Sireiistlieiiiug
Tlie rvtu-e ii-! ri.!.r- cure pains. W'akne anJ d.s
're-1, in ti.e back. i.te. an I bieast, in Se vn la-
lerd. crta.ii are they to do tUi. that the I'reptietoc
warr.tn!. them. S-r. a l from ie:u. baSams aud (urns,
i n beauti'ul K i-l lenttwr, r.n-lers them pt-ul.arly adapt
r 1 to the nit- .! f 'rm.i'r au 1 other. kach l"tj-.ter will
we-tr trom ,-oj t t ..r tii.m'.ti., and ia rlieumatic eoni
pia.ut., .ora.n. and ei.. fre.iueut!y e!Wl cure.,
li!Ut aU otht-r remedies faded I all directaon will be
f.'un.l -u the Lark of m l 1'ubl.c seakers, vocah.U,
uiiinter. ot tU.kipel and other., w ill streu-ilhea tbetr
Int..--so ! mirm tiieir v.4v-. I v wisr.tii tSm tne
i iiit i it..rs.
Ir. ( wktlr's M4piolla CwiarrU MnuIT.
IU. ' ts.ue 1 sn envis'.l reputatioa ia the cure el l a
tvrrh, 1. of o.ce. iesfne. Watery and In1e-d
r.r'. sol thoe 1i.eebl nm, rewiuMin the
lurai( ! team, iti.tant w aterfail.. ete ; purely ecet
able. come, with full .rert.on.. and delight. all that use
it : a a .o-eoin .uuif :t cnuot be roual I'l.lCK g
llllVKLI.-4 i(lITI) IHUDKIM.
Tn--e oi l ett.li!ie-l I'owdi., wil Unnit the
1 c,i Ulan I .'.. C.'urtt, V V . an I l I -n iniqieuae
i-iktiti(ie. thM'tiL'ti the Middle and Katerti Mates 1, the
p.. I trim tr io, roiilmue to eicel all other kind. , ui
diws. of - sil t I'j llr their evcelirtwv t. aokaowl
e l.-ed . efyieArf. The contain nothu- injurwus, the
si.iuial ru be worked while fre.n thu ; ample diree
t'..u. ir-i ith each 1 kr, an 1 (o-l horsemen ar invit
ed to i: their virtu-, and ju -fwof their y uferM
I.AUt.K I' ll KA-.K. -j I'KMS
C, I'l.e al.e i:,.-l,, ate . bv 'J7,iiit imiti
throuk'tiout the t inted ::ei, t'.iisda. and .South Aiueri-
, at wholesale by aillartfe U. u.v t in the i-rinriJ
j V .'nil.' imiil:, .l.'(.in. X. I'
y .Sold at I Jin- UJ i.f all d-sler. in Med-.-.ue.. and bv
Dru-,."-!-. an-l C'luntry Merrhauts etrryahere.
II. II lAI.MrK, r'...wrf Ait.
1r. J. W. Keumott's ("elebrateu
VkUKrAiiiB MinuiMS, manufactured ouly by
Dr. J. W. Keruiott, for II. M. Giduiau Si Co.. at
their clore. No. 14 Congress St.. Detroit. Mich.
Coui'oiMi Extract or Willow, positive
and tiever-fitiling cure for Agile. Chill Fever and
Bi!lious Diseases. It is a mild yet powerful tonic
all cases of debility, indigestion, dvspeisia,
and weakness of the stomach.
Compoimi Mamikaek, or Atx-rietit Anti-Bil
ious Pill, the best purgative now known. Thest
pills combine power with mildness of action, and
in no case produce subsequent constipation.
Extract or Blackkekrv, a vegetable Summer
Complaint cure. The only ccrtai-n remedy in
Dvm'iiterv, Bloody Flux, Cholera. Cholera Mor
bus. Cramps. Ac.
certain cure for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bron
chitis, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, 4c.
3$ r or Cerliticates, &.C., m-e l irculars, to be
had of Druggits and Medicine Dealer generally.
rorsaloliy K. TtlAiEIs, Agent.
Sold by D. L. Crossiiiiii, Ingham; Thayer A
i, and S. D. Ncwhro, Lansing; and C. G rat too.
Williaiustoii. lv-2o7.
HECoiiimi-sioiicrs of the lxington aud Mint
L River Swamp Land State Road, will meet at
the Lexington Exchange, in the village of Lex-
ton, in the co'inly ot Sanilac, on Wednesday
the tirn day of June next at lo o'clock A. M.,
for the purpose of letting all that portion of said
roal in Nitnlae county commencing at the
north eat corner of wction t'.f, township ten
norm or range kimcch , tl. u wot t mih-a
through said county. Said road will be let iu
Svction of one niile each, to lie completed within
one year, ineroa iis to n-e i.inu asioiiowi:
To Im; grublx d thirty feet wide and cleared of
all loose timber, brush and stones four rods wide,
aud all that portion ol "id road which is laid
out six rods wide is to be chopped out ithree
rods each side f the centre, and the wholu road
is to he turnpiked in such a man in r that the
center of the roi l will be thirty inches higher
than the level of the ground on either aide. All
caueways to be built ol timber not Ies than t
inches in diameter and 10 feet long and covered
ith earth one foot in d- pth, and all culverts to
be built not b's than four feet wide and twenty
feet long, and to le covered with 3 inch plank.
The tiumlicr of side drain on each ncction, the
length of each, the num'icrof rod of causeway
to be built, the number a.id pile of each culvert,
together with all necessary information mill be
given on the day of letting.
At the eme time and place wc win proceed to
let the building of a bridge aeros Black river,
oti section five. Plans and specification of the
bridge may be seen at the store of J. C. L C
Wat rbury, Icxiiigtoii.
The aoye work will bo l it, ft far as can be
paid fr in Swamp Land iu pursuance of "An
Act entitled an Art to provide lor the drainage
and reclamation of Swamp iAnd by means of
State roads and ditches," Approved Februry 1 1th
jw-i Dated, Lexington, April ilet, 1659.
20''w CoHmiioner$.
I'atent Cliiirn and Wawliin;
ARRAXTED to give perfect satisfaction or
no rale! These machines surpass all oth
ers now in use, for simplicity, durability, utilty
and execution without the slightest injury to
clothes. W e will send these w rubers for trial
to the houses of those wishing to purchase, as
they require to be used to be rightly appreciat
ed. Also, constantly on Land or made to order,
a'J kinds, of
C O O I E It W Ul'K,
Tnss Hoops, Cisterns, Packing Barrels, Butter
firkins, W ash Tubs, til Bucket. hp Buckets
otc, at price to suit the times. r.e door north
of the Episcopal Church.
TiiO.Mr0 ii llL.Mfcli,
Lanriw, MUh. Iy20
Attachment Notice.
Take notice, that on the lVth day of Janua
ry, A. D. 1S55, a writ of attachment was iawued
out of the Circuit Court for the county of Ing
ham, returnable oa the l'Jth day of April, A. D.
lsl'j, in favor of the said Truman Bacon an
plaintiff, and against Daniel If. Dunk le defendant,
for the sum of five hundred dollars, and it ap
pears by the return of the Sheriff to said writ,
real estate has been levied upon by virtue there
of and that the said defendant could not be found.
GEO. I. PARSONS, PTff Att'y.
WALL PAPER splendid stock of Spring
Styles, just received at the
1 -1
J 8. Rajudiu, CIcK-.

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