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FretB the National Ft.
2ThQ politicians of Keutuckj of both par
ties arc playing a most uupr ndplcd game
for th p'i!9. The sham Democracy, for
the siko of keeping or wukiu terms with
the atiti-liecoupton Northern -Democncy,'
U-xt e?.t ire 1 t j take th.; p.rtitio-1 that Con-gres-
bhonM not infrTvcrt-j to prevent the
Territories from e xcIuJin Shvcry ly "un
frienil'j leSMation." This position falls
uhort in liberality of that h.T'jtofjre occu
pied by the "American-," auJ Whigs.
But the latter, with unparalleled prostitu
tion, have sei d the opp-irtunity to outbid
the Democracy for the support of the 6!avc
interest. The American cr Whig candi
date, Bell, takes the ground that it is the
duty of Congress to protect Slavery in the?
Territories ; and the Louisville Journal,
the old organ of Henry Clay, and defender
of bis anti-Slavery-extension views, comes
up squarely and fchthu.aitically to tlic
support of this ultra Southern demand.
From the report of a debate between
Messrs Bell and Magoffin, the candidates
of the Whirrs and Democrats for the Gover
norship, whieh took place at Lebanon, Ky , (
we quote as tollows irom te kouisviiik
Journal :
"As fr iny-4-df, said Mr. Bell, I have no
ooiiceiluieiils to make. By virtue of the
Constitution of the Lmited States, Slavery
goes into the Territories as soon as a Terri
torial "Government is organized; and as
huou as it is organized, the Constitution
flings its protecting wing around it. The
power of Congress under the Constitution
is ample to protect and not to impair any
right. Slave property stands on the same
footing as all ether personal property, and,
as a northern man has a right to be protec
ted in any species of property, so a .:uth
eru man has under the Constitution the ful
lest guarantee f.r the full protection f his
uhve property in the Territories 1 b- thou
would ask Mr. Magoffin :
1st. Has Congress thf Cou,tif tit tonal
power to protect Slavery in the TVrrito-rie-t
2d. Oiight Congress to interfere to pro
tect Southern property in slaves in the T r-
rttortes : t
Mr. Bell answered U.tb th- sj itii.ns j
full? and fiirlv in the affirmative, cad in :
serted that it was the houndiM duty of
Congress to protect not only again-t any
actual prohibition but against any 'unfriend
ly legisli'ion' on th part nf t!io Territorial
The same report continues :
"Mr. Magoffin, in his half-hour reply,
took the grouud that Congress has the tow
er to pass laws to protect Slavery in tin
Territories, but if the Territorial Legisla
ture refuse to pass protective laws or legis
late unfriendly to Slavery, ho was on the
ground, broad aud square, of Congressional
non-intervention. We had the Supreme
Court of the United Strifes to appeal to.and
that was the last resort,"
The Louisville Journal referring to this
debate in a leading editorial, says :
"Who docs not turn with an exalting
sense of relief and a glow of prido from
this rickety and slouching heresy, to the
fair and manly and statesmanlike position
of Joshua F. Bell ? Rejecting with inef
fable scorn, as every candid inan of ordi
nary seue must do, the Statesman's cher
ished fallacy that the power to protect im
plies the the power to destroy, Mr. Bell as
ert?, frankly, at once the power and duty
of Congress to protect (if necessary) the
rights of the South iu the Territories vt the
Union. M)a the new question of prutec-i
tion of Slavery in the Territories says the
Democratic authority from which we have
already quoted, 'Mr. Bell assumed a bold
and decided position. He was in favor of
the protection of slave property by Con
gressional legislation, in the event of the
Territorial Legislature's failing to pass pro
tective laws.' How nobly does this posi
tion contrast with the cowardly and faithless
dodge of non-intervention, as now interpret
ed by the Democracy of the State, whether
resting on a denial of the power of Con
gress to intervene, or on the alleged impol
icy of exerting the power ! It is as light
compared with darkness."
We confess our surprise at finding Mr.
Crittenden ardently engaged in supporting
this alii FivCIotci j oeeiiouul ticket.
From the editorial columns of the Journal
we again quote the following :
"lion. John J. Crittenden was present
at an Opposition meeting in Franklin coun
ty last week, which appointed Congression
al conferences, and addressed those assembl
ed in an earnest, forcible, and eloquent
The idea of a co-operation botweeu hon
est Republicans and such an "opposition"
as that of Kentucky, is utterly preposterous.
Henry Clay said that no humn power
could induce him to voto for tlie spread of
Slavery over a foot of free soil; and here
are his degenerate followers in Kentucky,
proclaiming their readiness to legislate the
institution into all the Territories of the
Union, however revolting it may lm to the
Ha Cas't Bear Noise. A good story is
told in Washington in reference to the
cannon fireing of the Republicans over the
Conneticut election. The Mayor of the
city decided a year or ago, that ho would
not allow such political demonstrations
within the limits of the corporations. So
the Republicans dragged their field-piece
cross the river and planted it on the point
of the Virginia shore which runs in close
to the Presidential mansion, and there fire
ed their hundred guns into the ears of
James the First While engaged in this
business, some gentleman crossed from the
White House with very anxious looks, and
supposing that some one was drowned, and
that the firing was only to raise the body
eagerly assed:
is any one dead ?"
"Yes," was the reply in sulomn tones.
"dames Buchanan.
The stranger soon learned the nature of
the joke, and laughed as heartily as the
PaiCK-Crass5T Mixrn. Mrs. Terkina sava
he neTereso understand these 'ere market re
ports. She can understand how cheese can be
Every and pork can be actire that is before it
b dead--ud leathers can be dropping that is
If it's raining but how whisky can be steady, or
hops quiet, or spirits duu, she caa't see ; neither
bow lard can be firm in warm weather, nor iron
unsettled, nor potatoes depressed, nor flour ris
ingless there had been yeast put into it ome
times it would not rise even then.
Shot. At Rome Centre, yesterday, while two
boys were scuffling and "foolin?," a gun ia the
hands of one of them exploded, and sent tw
buQets entirly through the body of th other
bey. The boy who was shot is a son of Martin
Care, aged 14 years. He was alire this morning
Ml what bis prospects are we could not learn.
-Adrimn Watehtowtr.
S T A T i: M K X T
or in ro.v'MTioN or the
M r r liai i t M i ii r a i i r c C i a 11 j- o I" 1 1 . I f orl ,
On the ?st ay r-f D'cmle,
c A I
Ani-'imt ,fc',. t il of U.
$1J,000 00
T itai am'njrit
i.f C.fitil ui. l.-uri!
a s i : r s ,
Am. un of C'.t-'i ii i
Amount ot I'uli -n I.
Ain't of Va-U in
. in 1 t -i !
.nto! Aiit. f,TT- "
."r i. i:miw."Tl vl
WL ill"' '""
I'ar vl. Mi'ket rat
!i:fiAia. Kc!ii:; flinlc.VY. J j
t. tr..;.M-.o l'..i,k. . V. 5
Otur'rrifcik l5.itik.Hartt'r-l..1
' i vl'Htir- Rill, liiirtmr !, 'J
A.-r. t llii.;.. II irtf- r.l, 1'
.V V--ii. i: it:k . -- .'
" i'l.vii.i li.t.k, iirtl..r.l,
!!. !. .1; I.-vli-r i:'k.Jt.M.
,11 a IH)
R 11
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f.l.V IW
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s.7t in)
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ty .1
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l.'rujato nt.trL.-t
.!. M l''. t. I
f r i nk
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f r 1 "'. .
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A,!!'"' -ini'l 1ii I '
A:a.ii.nt .-f 1 n- .h- it
ini fer-t l:i-ii . f ri-.'.'t.
'.I T!
K.mI K-nt.-. '
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on .l-i.i n I. s
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l!,.. u, ami
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viriti.''..f !! .;.
Cf t. C.Tin . K.l ! Il :
ill t :i l.i .v i:.' S':
r:. (i u.it .i:l.. .1 1
i;r..ii:..K i;o:t:tK. i .';
Tin' ...l.-.-ri!,...- it .1'ilv a.r I t.. t.k. u-k -ii.i i-
wlt. in th at- .'v HKl.i Al l K lVl i: WCK COM
I AN V, t HI l.l BAT: .f 1'IVTIl iliiK till' TUtlllC I if lllf
ri-k wiila.imit. li -i nniitly .in.i .fi'taVv j5 ;n-t-l.
lv-ni ja. T i:M i:, Aimt.
not ro ii o oi l.
VJlill ilLAiN 1)1.1 LXJlliJ,
wii.i. r.i-Ti err vi.i v n;i:
JiiiU'fi., (. -ni.-f.r .Y rr"i.c li'l iU bi. i'.v kci tf the
Kilnri, and ad i' .'.. .i.-i-i ij It m a tiii..-.'v I.u
f or .Sf .m i' H.
S'H-li . ('nimifiiii'.i, I:. Bar 1 I' ii-j. I ul:v r.r :;.. V t'i
the ll.t l, Affi.liT) ! Hi- .'I..:!) i r!i. .,:l,rd. llaltbuin,
liust f.-r Ko i.1, I'ulii .r uctfl.t i.i ill- M"iiri..'h, S.ur
Krucatii.n, SiuUuii; it ITit'eriii a! tli I'-.l ! ti e .-'t.nn
c!i, SaiiTiniiiirf I the li '.i l. I i 'I i rn' 1 att.l I lili.ns'T riientii
m, ITuti.T.D'.; c' :!. II :nt, Ir.l.iii ; '.r .-:.!!. .fatu, S. n
satmii tiiri in a lyiii I inmi-s- . f Vim.iii. I.iU
or HVb htf.,r- t!i 'i.-lii. li-v.', ml liuil j a 11 m
H'l. Ifc-lic.fiirv f I'.-. -L-iv.t. Wiimni.- .f tti Skm
auii Kei, I'aid i i t.i.' S..!. I'tri,, li-t, l.im!.-, ..v , Su.
ilf Hiiih" of lif.it. Ciriiai m tl..- K :i 11 1
linni n:ni;i r-t !'. .1 in.i ithi l-;iri'-i"ii .1 iiit4
Thff pf.nir i-ii r, .ii . .;i.n ;j ttn- :itt..,ii..ii .. (.iih'i.
"i t!iW pii'i.rii" .i. il. - i i!i a l.inij in tl.H ii?nvit
I'.iuii.'vuri' i:i it v i tui n l i'l i i' ...ii
f..r wlin' ii it rfci'iiini-ii 1
I I H' si an ' (Hit! i".' uriirk' I.u I niw t'ii; I 1- vt.N
tli V.t i.t' t t.n ji'ir." 1il.il Iv f.r.' tin- .inn n,' in ti.f.lf.
An t it n'tiiiturii't! mtI -. it .ir. uiir.v t- t.v hiiv Mim'itr
pri-parati'Ti ' nt. Tin l :.m..i-v m i'- : n.r ivrn l-v
j r mi. neat n i l . :i . i uv-in'.i. n 1 :n liv..ina'. :ii
Il prt of tli.- C"jnir i . M ii,ieiiv, an ! a ran-r.il pi-r u
1 i.f t!i. Alaiiin io. j.uK.i-ii.-1 ami.ialiy l.y tl.ii r-.r.
t.r, aii-l t.. ln im.t jrraiis i f an in A.'-iit. c.tiuiot Imt
! Iht! tlii. r-mi'.iv n rsltr .!
ervin tin cr.it ifWiriiv it li-
.ni".!. lvl;
!u. noon, ;
Co-igh, t'.. 'irfufDM, f'ro'ti, IIfirs(nesiit
Bronchitis, Pncumotn t, Itlncurt of fhrio"--c!i
ari'tHtf from Couht Incipient. ', t),ij.
t'on,atl f r t" rtticfVnd if tit nil ;..'.
bltcure tf i'li.'. '!' in .i .n.v. f,i'ei nf
the latti r dl tea.
Iliii cltr;t"l . ... a:i-n. lik.. : l:tii r, nay i
onli.li'ni!y rIie 1 en. Ii i f..r a rl i. iliM-.tv
mure inor.il nil I m..r l'tal thin m.jr nt!ir tn hieli
tb p-ii nf thi o.'Uutiy urn mitiji'ct thuK i.r;nnii?
fruiii a "niiijht culJ. "' lliis im.nent authority. tr. IJt-'l.
say : I w.il not y tliat O-V. r t ..ur inh .b tan
wliat tli.- I'lvu-k aii.l Ymiow Kkhr to t!n i.f uiln-r
muiitrm ; lint. I uu uwr o. riri.li'atlv lint tti-v n-lir in
.iiKia.i-i of n-vsl'r c..rii;.ii ',: mi l 1:J a ; th-tvt Ii, .--.
A furthiT prm f i f 1!i t.'rti' W.t'ry .1 li.a.f r
iilt fnuii a 'v.niiii"ni -..M" msy I si--n by kUih at
tlti fnla:ux tatit;c, tAi.ni from tlii w.ir.t- ..f thf
B.Mr.lo!" lle.il'ho! 1'hiLi l:;.'i i. c .. 1 ,.f niV
ru"t h."t'.:iiy icca'.it e in t!i' uui-mi .
Ti .a! .li'!i;s in riiiiia Wi li:.!
!:l f ".iaii"i(t;.in
ail i.thir , J !n nuiii-
IVl i
.( ('. Il-illllft .
nil i.iiitT '
f t'..n
;Vr .1
jiwainfrtfjiw, i; ui rv in-i-a mat n.-arlv en
1'Hirth of t!i t.'Tal Jfatiis in tl.i. c.'iimrr art cu.l bv
c..nanipti.'n, t. .iy m.;!,:oj .f t! ou:rvroa ot!.r .5i
ean- "piiainj ft-"m .1 "oiijiil r- ."
1J n;it trifle wr.a j.mr lira it Ii : but. if ur;n: fn.m
f-.uifti or pol l on thr iuo v. buy a bo'.'.ir of H H.iH.ANU S
.u-.imil uil.l'lAL. an-i x a rn naf'.y r'.urt on a
eur. ThoaanJ h.4ir - an 1 h.T? ctTti'ir.l to iu
won..rtnl rt'ect.
Cnth .niitmiM prijri fun a i!:or.irrr 1 or a
ppt:e tt of th st.Mn.icii, in i.:rh case the 1 ermaa
B.ttrra hnu!-i t n.l. Ia c- of w.'isur!i, or (t-'n-eral
debility of ths sytm. rea"! n; from a fnitrw
fil cough, th (irrmaa H:vt o f. un.l i f grit
Prrpir.M only by Ir. r. V. .1 i"k.Q. i'.s Arch Srwt
I hiia.Vph'a, anl f r sV.r '-v Oru-jt'.t j n,J torr'sppr4
inruiiiuoQi rax 1 u;r.i ut.' an t unaJa V rici 75
en!i per bottle.
Foraie by R. Taayer C., T. P BaSio -Ton. an! Xew.
b'o Bro , Lausiag, an.l all rep'.'rt.ibie I'ruj in the
fninn. 1,13
Coiuinitioiiir Notice.
TI1E undersigned harin been appointed by
the Judge of Frobate of Ingham county,
Michigan, ronimLioiieis to r?ceire eumine arid
adjust all claims and demandri, against tiie eute
ot George Meeclt deceased, hereby give notice
that they will meet for that purro,? at the cilice
of II. Pratt, in the township ot Williamston, in
said county, on the 22d dar of June, the 51 th
day of August, and the 17th dav of October, A.
I. 159, at 10 o'clcxk A. M. of each dar, and
that sii months from the ISth dav of April A.
D. 1S5'., are allowed for creditors ta nrT!t
their elainis. All persons having claims against
said estate are notified to present them for ex
amination and adjustment at the times and place
above mentioned. Ma? IS. 159.
21 lw6 Commissioners.
Look EEesre ! !
I Vl Vl
SPRING of 1859!
BEG LEAVE to notiGy their Friends aud Cus
tomers that thev are now receiving direct
from New York, a large, complete, aud well
lectcd stock of
Of ever)- description, suitable to City and
Country Trade.
Our Stock Consists Of :
For Spring and Summer.
A Great Variety.
Superfine, Medium, and Coarse,
A Larje Stock.
For Spring ami Summer,
Fine and CVaive.
Lansing, March l.YA
oTnu iTv "saTTrs
A . B
H.viim He;
li A H
la r. V ,
his Stock ol
With a full and choice selection of every kind
of good in that line, iiuites the examination of
house-keepers, before supplying themselves. It
is his aim to keep no articles hut the lent. In
addition to the GROCERY TUADE, ho will, as
usu il, keep a constant supply of
Fresh ;uk1 Cured Provisions,
sren AS
Poultry, Machrrrl and WhltrFish.
He his in store, the be-t mi fields in rh line of
ALSO a choice article of dried Prunes, a it-mh!
substitute for Apples.
II.i has a large autiu.'nl o!"
01110 toi:-w Aici:.
forming, together, a tm wliie!( Hotel keepers,
Hoarding Houses, and priv.it. funii'es would do
well to give attention.
He luis thanks to give for pa-t patronage, and
btrong hope- of still greater for the future.
Lansing, Jan. 1, 15V.
C'oiianf Rloek, 141, Jefferson
Avon 11 v.
To all Furniture Buyers,
I offer to the public by far the largest and most
complete assortment of
LooLinp-&!ascc, Willow-Ware, dc.
That can be fou: ! west of New York city, all of
which was select J with th greatest care, and
with paritcular reference to the Material, Manu
facture, Quality, Style, Fashion and Price.
9?" The same will be sold at 23 per cent, less
than ever offered in Detroit.
Parlor, Dinin?, Bed-Room, Libnrv and Office
In Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Maple
and Cherry, with any covering, plain or fancv,
that may be desired. Also,
Painted Enameled Bed-Room Sets,
a great variety of styles constantly on hand.
Bedding. Curled Hair, Moss, Husk, Cotton and
Spring Mattresses.
J3TTo the TRADE, every article in the Fur
niture, Chair, Up' olstry, Hardware and Willow
Ware line, with a good variety of superior Tar
nishes, Japan, Y aeer?, Mahogany, &c, 4c, are
offered at a sma I advance from cott.
All Good Yamn ted Represented.
N". B. Goods bought from this establiahnient
for Shipping, set .rely and properlr packed for
transportation. J. W. TILLMAN".
Detroit, 1559. 193. I
Administrator' .oticc.
PURSUANT to an order issued out of the Pro-;
bate Court fur the county of Ingham, on the :
2ih day of December, A. I. to us Jil
ted, we will expose for sale at public auction, on
the premises in the township cf Landing, on
Saturday, the eleventh day of June next, at '1
o'clock ia the afternoon, the following described
pieces or parcels of land, belonging to the otate
of Johnson M. Hay ward, late of said tow nhip f ,
Lansing, described, viz: t.ie ea.-t side it t:;e :
south east quarter of section s!x, ar. l the i:o:th ,
fraction of the north east quaru r of s. t !ioii . v
en, in town four north or range two west. 0-1. -;
taining ninety-three and titty one-hundred:!.? 1
acres, invantoried at f 2,0' to be r"M s;ib-'
ject to the widow's right of dower, and ail e! tiu.s 1
that are a legal lien thereon, t ouu:tintis, t he j
quarter down, and balance ia 1, "2, an 1 ' yeais. j
The aboves aa an improved tiruber-lai.d I.u 111,
lving on Grand River and coTivenier.tlv ?it- j
uated within 1-2 or -4 of a mile of the City S
limits, with about 42 acres cleared, set-ded to
grass also, a fcnia'J orchard, fair dwelling, good
water, frame barn, etc. Widows' right ot dower j
ana lmmeuiaie po-sefsion ma ne u:iu iur "
1-4 down, and balance ia 1, 2 i 3 year.-.
Lansing, April 21th, 185V.
s. d. n nwr.no,
20V wu Adrninistratoi-s.
Sheriff Sale.
BY VIRTUE of a writ of execution issued out
of and under the peal of the Circuit Court
for the county of Inghani, and State of Michigan,
to me directed and delivered, I have levied upon
all the right, title and iuterest, of John Pollock,
John B. Decker, and Myron J. Pollock, ia and
to the following described lands ai.d tenements,
to wit: the west half of the north west quarter
of section (2S) twenty-eight ; a'so, the east half
of the south cast quarter of K-ction (2V) twenty
nine ; also, the east half of the north eat quar
ter ot pectioa (2V) twenty nine, in township (..)
three north of rang (1 ) one east, in the county .f
Ingham and State cf Michigan, which I shall ex
pose for sale at public vendue, at the front door
of the Court House, in the village of Mason, in
the county of Ingham, and State of Michigan, on
the ninth day of June, A. D. 1S.V.', at one o'
clock P. M., of Mid dav. Dated, Mason, April
Uth. 185V. E. HAKF.R.Sheritr.
208 w 6
Atlarliiiieitt .li i.
J Take notice, that on the first day of Jan
uary, A. I. 18V, a writ of attachment was issu
ed out of tho Circuit Court for the county t
Ingham, returnable on the IVth day of April A.
D. I80V, in favor of the said lilisha Collar, as
plaintiff, and against John T. Collar, defendant,
for the sum of three hundred and twenty dollars,
and as appears by the return ot the Mktiu to
said writ, real estate lias been levied upon l.y
virtue thereof, and that the said defendant couM
not be found. BLAIII & (ilUSON,
I'itfV Att Y
April 2"th, lSo'j. i'".,
BY virtue of a writ of execution Nsm d out of
and under the seal of the Circuit Court fir
tho countv of Iii'diam. to me directed and d liv-
ered. I have levied upon !1 the riuht. lit!.' and
interest of Arnold V. Phillips, in and to the fo!
lowing described lands and tenements, to wit:
the east half of the south-east quarter of 1!..
north-west quarter, ot section eleven, nnd ten
acres off the west side of tho south west quart
of the north-east quarter of section eleven, town
three north of ranjre two west, in the countv of
Ingham, containing fifty acres of l.tmi. Slate of
Michigan, which I shall expose for sale, t public
auction or vendue, at the Court Ilou-e in the
village of Mason, on Saturd.iv, the leveruii dav
of June next, at one o'clock P. M. of said dav.
EDY P.AKEK. Sheriff.
!;H. H. Iil'NKS, P. pnty.
Dated, Lan-ing, April 2 ', !."'.. o jn 1
Sheriff ;!
) Y virl
I J and 1
under tho seal of the Circuit Couit l.ir
the county of Ingham, to me directed an. I deliv
cred. I have levied uiion all i!ie riht, ti'!.- an d
interest of James Ihnc-, in and to tl e full.
inir uescnlicd lands mil ii-neiiiiii!-, to wit:
the west half of south west onaiter of Si eiii ii
(:io) thiltv-six ; also, the n.ntli . i,t ij iat'.-r '
south east ijuarter ol seeiion '.':,) thirt-tive ; .1
so, the north west quarter ot section ( 27 ) t .vri.t
seven, town (2) two north of iange (2) t e 1 ,
in the county of Ingham, and S'at.- i f Mi h
igan, which I sliall expo-e lor sal- to i!i"
highest bidder, at the frontdoor of t!i ('..nit
House, in the village of Maso.i, in Mid county
of Ingham, on the ninth day of June A. D.
1S5V, at one o'clock in tho afternoon.
EDY HAKFii:, Sheritl.
Dated, Mason, April II, m.'.v. t.wi"s
Sheriff Sale.
virtue of one execution issued -n r of
and under the feal of the Circuit t'oait l .r
the comity of Ingham, and State of Michigan, to
me directed and delivered, I lave levied upon all
the right title and interest of Jaine M. CI. in
cuts, inutid to the following described l i:.d- and
tenements, to wit: tho south cist quarter of the
south west quarter of section twenty-one: ai-.,
the south east quarter of the south we :t quarter
of section sixteen, in town two north of r.M,i','
two cast, in the county of Ingham and St..t- ot
Micliigan, which I shall expose lor sale at public
auction, on tho 23d day of June, 1 o', ul one
o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at tin- Court
Hou-e in the village of Mason, in said county.
EDY BAKER, Shoriif.
Dated, May 7 th, 1 35V. 0 w j 1 1
Hortsagc Sale.
1AEFAULT having been made in the condition
If of a certain mortgage executed bv lo-orge
W. Derr to John Sample, bearing da'e April h
A. D. 1S57, and recorded in tin ofiice l the
Register of Deeds of the county of lnghum.
State of Michigan, August 5th, A. D. Wi7, in
liber 9 of mortgages, on pae 57s, wh;. h s.nd
mortgage lias been dulv asined to and i- 1.0. v
owned by me; upon which there is now daime I !
to be due the sum of sixtv eight dollars, and i;o I
proceeeding at law having bcenin-titiited lor tin
recovery of tho s.tino, notice is therefore h.-itby
given, that said mortgage will be foreclosed -v a
sale of said mortgaged premises, to wit: the
south half of south-west quarter of ctio., three
(") iu township one (11 north of r.uue one m-t.
(Leslie,) in the county of Ingham, St iteof Mi.-h j
igan; at public x-cndiie, at the Court lbu- i i
-Mason, in said county, on the sixth ('.th) dav
Auut next, at one o'clock in the afternoo:"i
Bak.nks i IIcntisgtox, Att'ys.
Dated, Mason, May O, A . D. 1 5 2 1 1 w 1 2
Eclectic Physician and Surgeon,
Would most respectfully announce that he will
visit Lansing on the fourteenth day of ev. rv !
month, for the purpose of meetimr patients a!-
dieted with Chronic or Lingering Diseases. j
Rooms at the Lansing Hohm -.
Dr. Eermott La in Lis pov-esslon cerf;:ica !
from, and is permitted to refer to Lu-jdr-ds ot ,
gentlemen of hiirh standing an 1 respeitab-litv '
in Detroit, London, Toronto, and otln r citi- and ,
towns, who, having been reduced to the liorder
of the grave from Liver ComplairLts, Dyspep-:.i,
and other diseases, and having tried in vain their '
physician's prescriptions, and most of the i.ick 1
nostrums for the cure of those di-ea-es, are now, !
from the use of his Vegetable Medicir.es, in tl.
enjoyment of perfect health. j
Dr. kermott has, m the cities of London and :
Detroit, during the last seven vear. administered .
the different remedial agents" of the Vcetable ,
Kingdom to thouancs of patient, in a!rao?t ev-;
ery variety of disease, with ur.para'iele i succe. !
Uis meiiicmes are exclusively veritable, and such j
as are safe and efficacious ia" the cure cf disease '
ithout entailing on the patier.t anv cf t!io !
miseries experienced from mineral poisors. !
Chronic or Lingering Diseases of the Lunrr, '
Liver, KMneys, and Scrofula Car.cers. all irnpuri-;
ties of the blood, and all diseases of Women and '
Children, treated sucessfuliv.
Dr. Kerraott has had trreat emerience in dis
eases of the Chest and Ner-ous System, curing :
kundreds of case? proaounced incurable bv other
tS"Dr. Eermott's residence, Detroit. En-!
trance to Dispensary, "o. 14 Congress street;;
entrance to office, Griswold street, first door from '
Dr. Kermott will also Tisit Onon dara the 1 lth
Eaton Rapids the 12th, and Mason "the 12:h of
rery month. 29 I
1 r- ------------w----ril
H i
-"-- -- i- w
. ; ; r TBi rss or
? I
S:. Jz's Cii ad Czztzz
: t ;
-- . i 1, x . .j. 1
,r - I I
' !
s v n 1: p
s: -1 f Sv-up i- i-.l Mr K I. F:f-. Bi-oni.
1 cy-.g-i t!. l i.ti:i :n t.rr l.ti? of ti.re jear,'
iV rjrr ! t'" ( C. Ziratl.Tman. Kq .
'::- ! 'vci rii:. (Jtiio. cf a rv'Jirh asi'l
-r -i 1- i. 1 Urm-t ! :hr.-- v?artan.i.i.ic.
tV- , a . 1 Mr- J ,' n 11 iu. . W' .lvr-'ic t .wn
'.' . '. 'fv I-- p :i ci ! cr : ie na l t rca-t.
1 ','
r. FrTt S-tic-.
ci i i'rt-.i. .in 1 a-.-a-
l Sir iiu-i l!l a:i
b:i..:u pr.iru uru-r l
r- !V
r ,rt r..i
. O'.i Vf.f S
as. S'te t ' It WJirn
'i. r irtvi .p ! : 1 t'ii? i;i1-l. .
r-1 -a-. l.i if 1:1 t!ie family of Mr.
:i t.-tr: --.in. S-ticri Co.. O . of a cuirfh
' t ,ii r. i: al-.t jrnrV r tu.itiiK.
1 v,v .ti I ,--r;v ..f t'. ir:;vr. ll--r
r u ! fip'fl'l - e ma i 1 ...m : 1
: ni i ?. ! 1.,4 1.
i-i."i Mr. i: t Cami)t.rll, an .,'.1
v. .- ..: a.". M.-.c (I'.io. of A e -Uiri
I. i 1 -r: .). !-!!, -i-vrril W:r.
r-tn- ! C. 1. J l.a- .'i. 1 j.. C t.-Mirr ..f t'-ir
! . . ot a .-.i :.-.-! K-:.''-il .ler.iii'jr f
.' s:;oi:::;. w.aoU it wai fcaro 1 u-il.l
I'j'V. kAv.tso. M-t::l"Tof CoTiir .
r.i-.. r in V a!.'.r.c:,.u C.ty t.. In f j.'ti
n 1 i.'.- l.y t-xiri' i i..- lMtt'r of f t. Jolia'.
i. iii'p : ri pvrap. nl.irh I iral.t f ir n
1 I i.I'M !i ' 1 tti- ! iy I lrft l.oiar. e irv.l
..'.. :ia 1 ifurr.1 a frifii I."
-mi- 1 t .i r vlient tifstt'i. a ! nmh
r. t 1 . ' IU-.miu. O. S." wi ictli. I'.l
. r ni I jit.a in l or :a at. .u; :
-t r..
M-. J. S'.a' r. r.cir tirrHn
r-r v-,r' oi.la.i.'. w'.i -li
!. u I work. !' i:.ti.'tii
i i.
11V !
. a:, i !i .tlirr
'.-t J n
Si-,.: .. ...vl
a". I,- : 1: .
ni i i!.ii .tiiumpti'in f?rnp. ar t.-.
,. r .'. "U t ,-. i r nt rr:i. ily f.rcuiijfM
i. t.v. t i. : k:i .t -,i a il. N'mnrrnai
i. a:, i. r n ir oii-rvatLin. ia wl.i.-ti ll.e
-.t'v i.l :uit in. l. r o..iiuii:p!i.ni. 1.
i I .'ti V l!- II-.'. Wc li.vr u-'. it W.tli
Jul..:.'. :ii.;.o--.
M r t .re in
KT it -!;;;' -
i' v-; h'i. . ro
.......1 !.. U-
. i.i. -;.
.-i.l i" -v.
rp ! ,Mi ,! 1 .'i-...l
u i .ni' nionrS: i-.ni-
. f tii- liind-. S.'V-n
r.l ill t...- t-U.-l thai I r
!.:..- li
ii .!;-.-,--.
Mr. 1. lu tr l If. Kivlnr. N,.-Hv. ti,
i.. l-'- "IUvii.it tr..l..
' I r;.., i , t t'-ic Wr!mi c..uc:ry. 1 I r
-1 i'i v-ir I' -jKiUr t' .u:'i au i "..i
.'. '.ic'i i -' terr -vt. n-.vr'y uJ-J in
!!. 1 w-'. l.i Lui. if y.iu 1 ivr an
V kC-.v; if y a 'i i v-. pVa.r i:if..n:i u.r
: i- v e- i '!.. .-.u l .ii rr. :n I ,',
i i V'w V,.ik.
i-1.--. l'.. a.' .til n:i
Hi i'. - ilvZ. ii suiall t, .1
; v I.h-.ik i4 ra I
1 .' llav. ii Kclrna I. I
! nr rlr in t.'.i' ir.,r.l r .r
' j -1..' kiini it iv,'.i h. r
-!:;!, n't win; t-i ..'W'!li.
N- '
-11 !
. n r:ilt,v .t.
iri..r of .-!. j..lin'
-ti you ..i.l.l
1 t i !l.r
svrap :
I. : - ii. M-'.'i.i-y .ii ...ir el '' t-.r tl." salt' : y.'iir syriip.
I .a i !.-r i- l'i. c.v .,pri.ir i i unjr pi i-pirati-m in li.r
. : ! f..r u ..i: -p . It l.a .v- .l lay l.:r Ha i
i,-:.. i in- f. ..:i!.. a'i J ...ut N.-aln.. wlifii I r.i y.
f.ir !i" v en ' T'-aoi'iti'iii a l- i-i.ii.!.-ii.1 l.ovon.i
I . i. ..-fi . in.-.! .'.:i. It .ni iti.'i i i i.ili!i-h m.i h.;.-ii.-v
a-.i: i i'.'. I i ... fa r r I' ., k nil n:r i Mippiv t r n.y
-.la, I . v. i't' '! i iv .r.."'i.-. m.i-t n I T, 1 I, -i
t:. ci a t-, ' i ir," : :. -. 1 o.iui.l 11 t'.fi' i'l ti.
t v n - l:
ili..l')l- r. W.ilMia A.!mi.of Huutiv. 1 1..
.v. . Apr;l 1. ;--: "Si'ii l ti- a Mi.;.iy of y .ur I' uiri.
ll.-l I ' .'i-il :.,,ii..i rup. Ur iirerntin-ly out. I' i- r .fi
-! r.. I I II Wii'i lia" U.. It it" tl f vi ry l.r-t
r I. ' . Mi.-i'ir n in ii-,.-.'"
M ..I.. .!. I.a:li!i.l. K.ir I .vvr..i;i. S.-n.r , I' i.. r
.. n I'.uia ot' i.-ii t"ii' jii i "j? l.y I V- ii ..' r-t
I mi - '..i;;'i aii.l !' li-Mii pt:.-!! svnip.
V; r.Yce-'.: -! ,.r...!.:..l.ti,,trry...y. . ,
, . I i- .1 I. ..'.! w I. i, t.. I - u:i ,.!. ;.. -o ,
I 'If
i: ro t
.' '. V
.. 1 :!
k. J. VIELE,
lliuiti? -' i:t.f(il to his Xt trand Com
,.!.!' i S'nr- nt t',e c.rnfr ' H'i-i
'i I II:. I .1.. ;..,'(( II Al'eitlirs, O.li-rt-llll
,..,'.. ."r ... ;.'.;;. y,e f'
.'. r. :.,;,-,, ,(''...,'
T'PM,.'i!'it,it.- to tin citt.et. of La'isim
? tird iiii .ity, thiit In n ci:iri'il ti nip!y
tic in i:h li.i noi.t i-o'iijih ie .-t"ck ol
iIOev. IAlsi. STATIi:rtV,
Wall i'apcr, I'ltu'V (I. ..!-. and IVt t'lini'i i. i ever
bioi:i.l.t ii.t i (;,:- iu.i:!.c'
HIS STcCX Ck..-1-T J-' Rlil.KilorS, SCI
-i.t-t.c, M.-i- II i-.i .M-, i.li'l ail IIm vailous
liin.ii ol i n.i! and :i..:.I !!.., ks in com
moil ii-.-. l,. i'.':-,.-i.p,c.iiii,in rci i! rioti',
ttlcl ti.icy S'aliolicrv, envelope-',
e.ii'i-. i.i .:- .! gool mi'1
rt.'. ! pi't.s.i.'w.ird-ol'nicr.
ril, p.-ii lioldi-rs. ieii
( il-,pnrt niouit"",
Miii'ors, li.iii andil.i'.h lr liIn-J, ilati s, t'avt.ring
extrao, i..i.-t, o, :;.,r oils, pomades, b.cr dvc,
f-ttiey toilet so.lps, l !aek, bi-.ie japan nn j
ciniiin.' inks, mueiiagi' ic, itUiiiii.s,
t ins, liilogrsiphs, st. el engravings,
gill moulding, cord and ta-s 1
I t picture liames, cur
t li'is and lixtnres,
ol canvas and
M .tel ials f -r pah, tings. Also, cheap puhiU A ions
of all kinds ; Harp r, fiodcy, firaimm, Fcters in's,
Mr. Stephens, Arihur, Kiiickerbocker, F.iner
son'sA: I'siTiiain's, K' Icetic.Fr.ti'k Leslies,!'. ill mi's,
Dollar Atlantic and Calitornia Mitga-ine, Ynn
ki'e N'otifiiis, Nie Nas, Pro. Joirtihaii, N. Y.
L.'d-er. Mercury, . Y. Weekly, Harper's We. li
ly, Frank L !i.''j, Rtllou's Picu.rial-, I'icaM.ne,
Police Ca.'.e!t", S.-i.-ntiLc American, Clij.p,T,Por-t-'t's
Spirt, Hag, Xovi l.-tte, fi.i man I,e-!-.-, Spir
itual Ti I. rrraph find Wav f ly.
lhanl.tid tor past l.ivor,
a sli.i'e ..f i nlil'c patronage.
r- c-iv.
i v i : 4
IS t: I ! li 8 C;
I HAVIi on h'.', I an ! L.r .. l.r-. -- 1 ..,!
1 s,-, 1 .,,, ,,!
X ; I. V M B ll J! .
rn.'-cai-in:' all the ditlerent thi. 'r.n. s..s ,.
ili.-s in e'-ia r.d ll-e. A iir'e Lit of Si-d 1 .ards
for tiotliic lio:;-i s mhJ b.an.s. Atv :i 1101m? ot
!,:-!, s. eond and eoiiin.on it -.ch, it.cli ;u.d a S'Cilh
ilootiiiir, which I !.!! r very ! ev f..r 1 .-U.
A', ,' '' . ' ...'.'.., 1 A .'.'-,
of !! l. -iL'i' s;,;,.! ):.,.,( i:., ,r.!., 1:. . .1 .... i
Stick Latn. lo I,.-. . .1.,'. . .-.'nav. d nine Si.in--!-'.
A li.--:i-....i!..t..t Hewed Timber. Hi--and
Win vi-.l 1 nt.,1, r. A . :.n ! It.si.
T e ; ii.n:'.. r .il - i.l 1.. .1 ... .l...,s.
e ! ii-.h -ii. .), s J (...v..
ll:ti:iiiiu Sa-ititi
and en. Ml nil bii.s ot work and i.i.it. i . .! i..r tl..-
Mire l'.iii-!.".u ..! i...-is,.-. All en nne i.
Pi-.e and Whit.-wool Doors f .t s ,!.. ;
T- '--. in w-'ii.r of hoijs. s or ! :,i! ii- - 1
iil .! ..-ii to give in.- coi, t -r I am b
coll.t.i ! v. llii a:! ci.it, -.peiitnn I.-t ti'..' ;,
what it m..v. Ail k::.ds ol prod U- i.r.d .ce ,.;:,
ally a l.r.rs--, ai''i.-i, watch, r good ca-h r o!.
taken in ytrt pay b.r I -I'ldii 2 or H m-.- s Mi
!'!'. C. ImIk;K.
L;i. J.. ..1 .ti y 1, I-.".'.'. J.oJ
.f'v I'iriit.
Till) i.Wr;'1..r!. having r-c-nily .--r-.cia'. l
tii. ii, s..'.ves togetti-r uud.-r the" 1: ;ne ot the
La:ir.-; Pi.inir.'r Mill C.-mpany, lor the purpose
of ir.an-.if.ct:irinrr Si-h, Hiinds and Doors also,
Plaining and Matchlt gall kind, of JmmVr, and
f.l':ng a'i bil's (,f work f.r the -n':r. tlni-hingof
Louse-, wc. I i res&ect: i!'v ir.v-te tie." attention
01 a;i Mvi:,.' tjusiTierS n our an.?, to give us a
call, ii e aie ::o-T prepared ti recive all or
ders, ar. l d i the work in the b-t pi.'s-il.le man
ner. Shop oppo-'teth.' Pre-bvt.Tiin church, on
the riv.-r. Mi i ll.- Town.
C. C. I'(r'C,F.,
Lanf.iiij-, Jjr.e 4, 'iiT. lr.S
Mi'-riit !a!f.
X) V virtue of a writ cf evc-cution is-ued out of
J aiid undvr the .-al f f the Circuit Court for
tin? county of IrigLam, to ru-r directed and deliv
ered, I have levied upon ail the n'rht. title, and
inter'-1 of Bamev Smith in and to the follow,
i-ii-.larh.-. li-i'--!. I 1 .;, . .1
ea-t half of ti e north oat quarter of e.Kti'm
!) ten, in towns'iip () two north of rar.r- 121
to tail in th.' cemtv of Inharn and State of
Michigan, which I shall expose f-jr ale, at pub
lic vendue, t the front dx-r of the Court House,
ia the village cf Mason, in the co'isty of Ir.g
l.am, on the seventh dav of June, A. If. IS.'', at
one o'clock P. l. EDY PAKER, Sheriff.
Dated. Mason, April Uth. 1V. ii;6
4 SPLENDID assortment of BiOicS, Sch'.
ri. Book?, Wail Tapr, Curta:n Taper, Cloth
Shade. Curtain Future, Fancy Goods, Perfume
ry and Toilet Soap, t'uit received at The
rpilE undersigned are prepared to furnish at
j. snort notice,
Stationary E 11 s: i 11 e
Mill (.leaniL. l are ll-mst
r "i '"
And an varieties ot Iron Work. Repalr-Wor
011 I'ropellers, Steamers and Saw Mills executed
1 promptly ana tt.crougnly.
I I- art' prepared to execute order" of ai.y
I 11 sie fir I!ra-' and Composition Castings,
! promj.tly.
: 07 Wolies, Oil dtps, Wilcts, Journal
lioxtsfia use dxis.Ctfl inder Cocks,
j Steam histlesfor Steam Inxits,
! fyx-omotiirs Mills; Hells
for I- af ones. Steamers,
and JM-omotices.
Iron ISailiu A; Wramlali.
lrii are prepared to execute all orders lor
11 IRON' RAlLINCiS, f.r private butldii gs.
Cliurches, Public 'juare-, and Cemetery IaHs.
f Corner of I mh and oodbridse streets,
opposite MaeJiiue shop of Micliigan Central Rail
rend, Detroit, Michigan.
1 ILLKTT stiil has on hand a fine assortment
VJT of fine (io'd and Silver cased Watches, fine
Jt-welry, Cameo, Mosaic, Florentine and lu!d
Stone lirooches, hM-ks tit almost every descrip
tion, which cannot fail to i-uit customers.
Yankee Notions.
of ail kinds, w hich will be sold cheap for ready
Watches Clock. V Jcut'lry,
repaired, and warranted, on a scientific principle.
(JILI.F.TT lias now iu his employ, Mr. L'. W.
bAKhU, late lrom Jackson.
All work entrusted our care will be prompt! v
executed. Respectfully.
Ltiii-ing, May let, ISf.S. l.'.S
koii thk Tall tkadkT
ltOOIiS fi ST ATlO'VIiltV.
r IMIK rNDKRSIfiSKD are dailv receiving ad-
1 ditions to tlieir stock, and are prepared to
sell at
Wholesale and Retail.
As large and comprehensive assortment of goods
in their line as can be found in the est.
Th ir stock of Hooks embraces:
Scientific, Medical,
Classical, Legri,
School, Agricultural,
Theological, Historical,
J uvenile, Miscellaneous,
Works of Science and Art, and Standard Poet
and Prose Writer, in evfry variety of style and
Citizens aud strangers are respectfully incited
to cad and examine our stock.
We have aln a large stin k ot Letter, Cap and
Note I aper, Lnvdopes, Ink, Mates, Plank Rooks,
l ancy and Staple Stationery, in qualities, sMlrs,
and prices, which cannot tail to please.
Our arrangements for obtaining stock from
first hands, and on the most favorable terms, en
ables us to filler Country Dealers, Teachers, Li
brary Committees, and others buying in quanti
ties, liberal discounts from retail prices.
Iu connection with our establishment, we have
A Bindery Blank Book Manufactory.
Using the In-st of materials and employing com
petent workmen, weare prepared to (ill orders in
tiii-line, mid can Safelv guaranty (satisfaction in
all cases. RAYMOND k SKLLKCK,
I'.o '.' Woodward A v., Detroit.
important to lYmalr.
ON'K ot the best iiiediiin.n
(or Obstruction. Irre'ruhir-
ities and Painful Metistru-ition
V r used.
The combination of ingredi
ents in these Powders ith li4
st.lt of a long and extensive
iJi v TBI practice, llu y re im
'flTll II heir operation, and cert
JHf l.rfr ,.,r. eiin.r all irreguli
Tin v are mild in
rtain i.i
Painlnl Menstruations, removing all obstructions,
whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pniii
in the fide, palpitation of the ln-art, disturlied
sleep, which aiise from interruption of nature.
These powders are invaluable, as they will biing
on the monthly peiiod with regularity. Ladicd
who Lave been disappointed in the Um of other
medicines, can place the utmeft confidence In
Dr. Watson's Powders doing all they represent
io do.
There iaone condition of the female system in
which the Powder cannot be takin without pro
ducing a PKtTLlAR RKSl'LT. The condition
referred to is PRKfiXANCY the result, MIS
CARRIAfiK. Such is the irresistable tendency
of the ruedif in.' to nstore the pcxuhI functions
to a normal condition, that even t!n reproductive
power of nature cannot rcpir-t it.
Warranted purely vr-gi table, and free from
any thing injurious. F.xphcit diieitioii, ul.ich
should be lead, accompany each j.ae",;l....
Price, -,sert bv mtill to anv ti.tr t of tin;
I'nited States, w.-etir.' from dangerorobs'-rvation
A i l.es, V. R. WATSON", M. I.,
No. 7, lia-t fi.-neseeSt., Syracuse, N. Y.
The Golemau Farm Mill.
uu wusni.:: am .: ! it 1 1 n i uu: .m.k
tivcrv I'iiiiiit'r Iii' rn .ilillcr!
ll,f aUj sHrren"tll .!?.( Mill rwr iurenfrd fur
m.il.'ni.j Hurl, .tie, it and I'aiitili ilnvr.
IT em be inn by Hot-.-, Steam, Wind r Wa
tel i'oWer.
I't i'-.-, wit h i.-ve atranged, for sifting Coin
M.- i! toi f itn Iv ii-, while jrritidir.c f '.o
Pii e. vttli I. il'iic? Machine attaehi-J, f.r
ic tl.in Fiitiii'v Flour, 7.'
I'ciii'the Ci" uiirs tun b- h id, 01 the Mill
i call t S'-en in Operation, at the Olbe of the
1 "Ci.l. nj.::! i'aini Mill Conipitny," Tribur.e Uuild-
:: si 7 Sjiruc" St., N. Y., h.-re a'i older
i nil lee.'ive J.ronipt n't. I.tiotl.
j u.l; l MARTIN" THATCHI1K, Sec
I I r.-r '..' 'i',.'i ... .r.-:Lh"1 tl tj., ill ..... me
t "" C-U-f f " - i-1 lK4re, .-(. fit,, 1 I
( v-Wt liri,' i.l l Mil'ir .,yjv.
rf'.iK !;:".:tt A -."s ! Tlv. in i.-..t t:.- -
1 'ra-?i n : I. iu.ti -ii- ! I r .ul ',t-
t -i'i l r. i'..'.'j.,".n i.'i hi- n the U'i!,.. ti.r;' tic
j t.in- ' t corli i ..- la V .ai T-rl -.ir i:rt-c.
I t..l :f,.:r 4.n.a!'i. S .rz-u. . K ' H AjllT.U'.l.K A'I
rtl.v.f tl..r r,s::.. t a I' .-i.-irv ! r tl t'st-
ci-nt , f th 1 c:- '. .l.-.-ii-. ,n ii '. i-r ! ,r:r. are! t.
rt Mr 1 'li M. .'. I Y! 1 i i 1- t .. ... ml,., .(.jiv l.y Wt.
;rr, w,t',. a r.j '...-ii : i.,i l.i.'.r,. i , i.rr,:;.
t.'-ii. !.a'. t.f 1 V. !.r. . 1 :, I u r i--. ,.: nt:rir, j-.r
ty. 10 I i"i.!- i Vr .'ii. .'r. HIKr 1 IUI-.i.r. !
W"'.--- to 1 ! -i. ,t ' - A ;. r. T.ili ll . 1. iU-
"'.)! -i!.t ..' t:.- i.:-,iil .:; f tl..- i.i'-t j.
jr',Tl ra'rti I . a ti.ir-.
H.e'l:rcrt',rs ..' ! A ;:. io tl..r Afiti!fp.f1
u(-.n Thf tr.i-:i.-Lt i ? I iil i;.. ;.r., x'. f hi.-h
e-t --"i.-r: .u m :.. ti... ii- !i 1. . a'.ii'i
ti." ii r- '' t', f S,.r.- -n in 'At c .f s'-rtnaV.r-r!....
S-tn r.i; ..vrri. . '-'. Ii, ti:
"f Or.n:-ia nr i'.i. a:,-! or !-r a -n'.ij -ai.r
.L -:v j Linfi..r 'i .'ii' iz yr.
Tl. I'.rf.-v:!i. '-n fi.nf ti. t-' ,'-! that
th" r !iV. .; ;q ;L.- "'.-r.' f li,rv;M t .rt l-n
i! gr-Al b"Lr,t '.i, ti.w .!.cV.l. :.;. y ' ti. '.'.t.if.
an 1 ti.-T l.ai r-..i t.. ili-ive Thi.m--ii-. tli ra-
n- ( ia!. It, . i-'i- ii, j-nai.t ai.-i r.ei-t, eie-y -l i
An a lti ! K;
Wkt.r-. tu
ab i-". ai 1 .'.!
Ou.uitipr m. -.- n.
c nni'',rr!i'.. f.r ---inioa' I
an.-rn. Mi-ar5-'i', - '
ti. I'litln-.'iiiv t i t , 1
enr- ;.t f T'.V o -TAVi-S j
sL't Tr.r'. f.n t r. .u- n t !
:, Ke . -,r .-tfcf.t j
:.- r r.;it "ti . si. I ..; h-'t.t j
L"w r.ri'!.- an i n.'ti'.i I
r 1 th U- '-r. a- ' t r-at
fr-taj? i'.i,irt:
tr. itn,-r.t ,,f s-i-;ai.
inj t uh.i-Iii f..r .
to ti.-sfi.tc l S a.
cf tr-ati-K-nt ii-it.e.r
j Ai'r f - f;-:t ..r t.-.a'n.-r.'. :--t 2 rKIIJ.iv
! HOl'i;!Tu. AC.n ' S.;r r.. li' wit ! t.at ' o. S. 2
e-. FAf.fwiii.. s
!. . 1 !... 1
ii H f.
It. .rvr ll, In
r.IX, 'r -t-Lt.
Wall IaMT, Wall Paper!
Jl'ST received a fine a-.ortmerit of Paper
Har.?ing. which will be old cheap, one 1
door Eorta of DagW"? Grocery, on WasbirjgroM j
Avenue, at t' e Bck Store of 1
171 WM. M. CARR. I
1"ALL PAPER from o eta. to IS cu. per roll 1
0 YOC WANT Window Shades arid rn-
turrs You will &d a ce itock at the
Ague Cure,
l .. I I.L M l r.OV It'KE op
I. It
r.nlll. ill l'...r. .. I'... . .
Itcmutciit 1'cmt. 1 hill Tever. Dumk
iouacar.or Ulliowa
!(i:td.ichr, and lliliou IVters indeed
for Ihf whole clav of Iisctse ori-j.
nati'ig in Liliarr dcran-cmeut, r,.
Ity the lalaria of mintmatic roBatric.
N- one nraody i- louder called f. by t
te, exilic f the American people than ,
:.d s.ifc i-ure for lcvir and Ague. Su, .
t tiK .lv we are nov cnulled to offer, wj'i
vn'cct 4-crtaintr thiit it w ill eradicate the di?
.c, aud vith nssurauce, foundI on Vr
l: it m l.atni can at:e from its us ia Jt
Th:it"w!ii,di rr"t'!s fnw or prevent, tV
L nli r i:u:t le ol immense xnii-r in t.
vnimut.ities wlnie it j nva-i'.s. ;Vr.,,f()4 j,
cttir thai cure, f.r the patient tH-apc th-
ii-s. n:in a i..- iiiu-i iuii in violent attack rf
tl i- b .bful di-tc:r.per. Thi- "Ci ue" cxpt!,
th" lu'.asmatic pi im:i of l'tvtu ANr, Af
fri'Tti th.' svstim nlid rn Vititt tl. .1 .1
ment of tin- di-cu-e. U t;;ki n on the fitvt an.
pr..a.h .1" its pr. -m-vrtory ymptcm. It 't,
not oti'.y th. bi-st rin-.it'.v i vir yet Uiac.nvr d
for tins i'.as i t . ltiii'.ajitts. but alj t'lic,
t hci-wt. l ii," laic 'niantity we wpjU i't
a ilir l"i. g it within the reach i,t rtv
!i'.y ; n-.d 11 1 i!-." ihtrii t, wher Titiu
. A i i prcxaib. 1 very Im.1v should Levc it
and t.v it ii.ily loth f.r cure aid pr..t.Tti.4i.
It i-. h ; t d th j ri e will j !.n-p it within th
ixa. b i t . 1! -the poor u well as the rich.
sr. a' s'.jcri. iity of this rcnudv ever anv
etb 1 . .-r ih- 'Virci f.r the MH-edv and ret-
t.nn ;re S Ii t. riuitti nts i. that it o.utam.
no t.b:i:.it.e .r unlit -ial. oil-, .picntly u pt
d ns 11.1 .jioni-ni ot oth.i irjuiinu. cthvi,
v.h.,', vir np.11 the eon-tiit.tl.m 1 !. euti-d
bv it nr.- L ft as i, iilt J v as if thrv Lad iic(t
bill th-disease.
a I i I wh 1 h, wbi-ti originating 111 t!ii i'ie,
j, a 1 11 the intermittent type, or become per-Lai-ii
:i!. 'Ibis "t'tni:" h!s tin eiso"i tr. -ii-
the I !,h1. ntd roi-."iUt ntl V litc tla ni ai!
It Is 101 1. iv I'.n.l.l." .,"..!. I,.., 1 I.. 1. .
::i.i!its :n .! 'its.,n- tiateilini or t, nijx.lai.K
I: -!.btl' i-. th." l::ahiri..lis disltii t,. !f tskeq
; : ,-.. i. 1 :':!y r t' ..ly while fTpi" d t-J tl- it.
I . t'.oti. tt.,.t . ii! 1 1 i'i 1. ti-d In. 111 tltkV-Mii,
and c:n 11 t l. et nu.L.te i;i flitiieitllt 'n;e.l.n
(oiitiii intit tl-iasc. Ilctue iti(iii iti.itV
:.....' ' for j .ot. et urn than nr.-, and it w will
. : - ..tl- r fi.-m li tiiniittciits. it they ava l
tii I.,- Ins if the tivteclioii this len'wdy at
1 r.K.
Ayer s Cathartic Pills,
m all the rufiroscs CF A FAMILY PHYSIC.
:.' :nj ovt ,1 lh.it ilise.r wjib'.n the r.i.n;-f
'. 1 i.. 'oe'i :n 1.01 !y ifh-t;-ini i t ti.nV iLiic
ll.eii pi n tr .til. 4 j n j'Citn K M'.ifi h, i.iel tlenw,
:; 1. ! in w ;et..te . t v petti. .n i f tie l.i.n.un eT u,
i-iit. ii.i",tltn it i il'si-'cd to I ion, ntirt rti"in
it i I.i :-.!'', it iiil.1 k. As a ci.tiMijiieni e .f Ihrv
.tliis, I1." it.vr.li.l v'.u it bowiil d'iu tailii
I .in or pl.v-i. :d del iU'V 14 :s t,isieil t' Pril tut
I.e. l ii 01 ncrj."v n-t 'H.l h a 1 mini v lit nti.
. i i.!.- i.t. i i'.rinf.
N.il 01 - .'11 t'i. n.lell.e I ti -.'..it, li.tl..l u.U
if" ti iv li.'v, lit a!-' ii,..ti l" :e.i,l.i'-V i4
.i . ".iins i s. 'll,,. ji,ei:t I- '.. 11 in.r.) 1,
I ;. , 1 : 1 t -n i li i.ialis tn v Ani'vi. ,.n Aliiui.a.',
. t '. M it t. itili s ol t!.i ir 1 no aii.l ii.it-. t.e.vi
I'.. 1 - t f 1 it u -1 ia the t .v ii iaipi.iiiit 4 iff.
i', ' '. I ! t', m ll, ll mini i,r t.i 111.1 ni'W MJ.t
. li, .".m 1. tin ,-, -tu n, I'mi'I ih ai,il M.iiiii
I .... ' ( .' '..' .We s r:.:t.i ,., 1. vt .b'.".s
t t. J.n.dn, ai.il other fc.l.'lr.'il leleplaiiitt,
. fi'tn a low st..t.- of the led;, n .l.trn.-ti .1,
. ' ! t I v
iM I I - j. it o.T l y iitipritn ijiled I .1 er -.li
i.t...-i pili lli y l:i il.e liioii po t't oil. Ai
I i '.".II . I'll ! S. : l .1 lake nolhii t ebi"
Aycrs Cherry Pectoral,
r..i: T.M. Ii.l"i 1 hi: ol
Vil li,, olds, Illl'.llCIIll, 1 1 11:11 Mil.'..
K lotio, irni liiti, Incipient t i.i.siiuiij.
Ikhi. ;ii, l lor the relief of iuiniiitite
I'.itiitil in i.ilvaiiccil t-tair ot lUr
a;-, w.
t m i, llii lii !! if its 1 1 m billies, all Mill
1 i 0 s if it.c irse (,f it cures, licit hUihmI
. .. : . : . I.., 1. .f (oiii.try ahont.iU in x-foi.
; . ! , , 1 ... i . v. ho l i.ve I cell l t-U'ti tl fmiil aUtttit
1 '.... dl -plate l'.isi:i'(S if the ln:.j.' ly il
: . ti t.n. t'ii -bits f.uicri..tiiy ,i 1 etti
. .1 . , .;. .1 1 . . .: l.ii . is ton :i jiaii nt tarvlK
. ., e l.ii- i's iiincM an klii'HO. t!,c
. i :. . I-ii . . t I..-: wli.it atitni..lr tii eii.pl. 1
i . 1.1 '... -:.;' 1 'i r. u ht'ri tint'tiif t! '
,':! .', 11 , t . 1 : 1. n.i i.li i t t' our din.atr.
i.i.'-. ;i:'i:i, ; i.e.. ,,'s thl.M HI"! tm
. ...i;.'.i..JV li. k'' I n!. it l.d I-." It tlliM Mli'il, lt.l
. . ii :" 1. i.i- ! t .uu t:..,l,ioiifetil tirtMlil
,, ! . t , t'.. 1. I., v. l I UL' l. l"l I"-
,1.., . , . - t ..1 1.1... . 1 , . ,i,'i I'M' I. lu4lklUc U
' . ' .1 . t-. .1
li:i I till H
an. j. r. t vi;k c i-o.
I.u lil.L. MASS.
K. THAYER. L1msi1.fr : J. W. rLflra t Co.
Mason; N'ath. Champ, Onondaga; Kraneh k
Son, Stockbridze ; and all dealer in Uedidiaf
cvervwhere. Wholesale by Farrand k Wheat
on, Detroit. ljlll
t New Work PLBxinnLy ili.itatu (win ulabo.
uri niaTi!iia,i or aaKLT 3uu rasu raaaaat
0 biMaaaa or tbi (.saiTaL tiauaaiirtK irrao
rmrutulMrtj aatix uwv
4 bulii him, Lv-fc tomnkm m
Flaia Emum ail that la wr
mrf to kumm prt&iaiB( t UA
Uatntiit li,rlni bom
tnrtai lb influaiK UJt
dan spoil Blind ana body l
il penoo iu toi4 thMa, uA
it Vumj mtm to aafortaua' aa tt
tar cbBtmctod nrt bum,
hmm to Bk"I m CJ -taiarnr.
laiawiaa, it vnlMim
ma i.y important Llot BBiCB ul
U f.,ar.f mmafU totUstta
Bismrd III, eatoBtlBa' r7
iVJe-t known loth calalorn of buia Ilia, as
r .".'ir i.te of th (vaitaj tnui
M SifrT, MiacBiTBir, lBipitDoB tA bai naaaaf
tr.'.r.jr c'h'r tnpien, ar trtad vita all ta wiBliimaiB
rhicb V-f iT in.iHirtai lD,an3a it liE l lrt. k mm'
f.'t'.t ani p-artiraj wrkn tli Fbyalolof mbJ JlTttBrtBl i
tti mile acl fml rTam, aj)i will to aaailM ia bw
wraptra. toantr1 lf th mntit at tb BierB&BC m
r ri of 1 WKNTV-HVE CENTS, or tm p
A'JEVTS WANTED in ry Put. eooaty, diy bb4
U?e in tiiB t nit5 Stt an4 Caaavdaa.
lr. KEVN'iUi.S khUdim to ditM" BalaaH
ramodi.a to afflirtnJ with 8rrt Pi , anth tfca
a'ir-aa att-tiajt ep,o thirty yaa of funoml
r-.-r.rt and practic iu bit protaaaioa. Nob !
traUnot La-f ctirL U aivaya pr tfaa tortaf ati
faeuon. ;.nf.rrbopa, Giort, tfrphuta, SUvrtora, Scapraa.
ai'.n i t tba MDa ia feaialM, t, auuuaamfuliy raa.
Vouc? B.n, who ty iixlaljriB la tomt habtta, aa
c ntraoi that aool-aaMainf, Biia4-protratwi. 1T"
atr'.Ting vie, ifaouM apply to In. Futolm without at
'io t2ia. unutll otter caaa ot m priratB
Dr. HetsoliiI -.tniLatiU aa aariy ap ieatioa; a4 wita
c it ar,y TaniT cr aapiration, dfodoitT Mm Jf
c- within Ui rtachof Bjortal aid ahaJ ar Jaa aiai
without a enra or aatiaiartioa riran. . .
liewara of empihea and itioraot aJ-lfl profaaaoiB,
w tt ATTmrT curn, Iwt Drr nrfi- lr. B-- tL o
lr rpoaibla Pbrfirn in thia dty wh derolaa t
whola tim- eBi'rif to tba trtirot of
r.n't nator. Tu affljctl woo.4 io wJ to BU
a .n-i. DQttiri'. Ufr tin:tiBr tbowa adrblnf
ti.ia e;tr. j Vt. B.' prrtitB yp3a Ukronjh wry Eta
m th t c:on and tha Eritiah VTiDea.
N. B. Dr. fTBo:!a ii Ajnt for Dr. irfcoia! -mx.
Mr.oth:y Piila. Among tbamaxy tbooamnd
. annaa:;y ar.ld, rot ona eotnpiaint baa ywi : Ba
rr.a!e ajrajnat ti.m. Ijniif ia a rr-a r.'.vx y
not n thm; tha rrjcular of whirh "21U
h Jir.rtioiMl ar.Bipi)Tiii ch t- rW
U mail to ar.r jrt of t. world. Bawar of Onatarla"
T:,r are L' t on ala at any ttr 'f.
ljtrt- ieeriiAtis a, tnnpVimt. oerBpatKB
prr.pr!.r attDiid to, atd m4icinei atira!y aaalad fw
o?-rra'ir)n, rt to all ptrXa of tha worI4.
Xo ltr, wi;i 1 ar.rarl ot!aa tby coctala a r
t-.rax.e of ca dV.llar. -iu M
All rmmnniratioBa ttri to E. 1. T?fa'"
D, Xo. 1 Eichor Flvs, RiKhtar, X. , will
w.-Ii prr-n-.f.t atVBtiB.
..S-sab'.crifroraT A. Vto9P.M.
P. r Th an-tiT)f tt tb ba4 of thU aratnM
ii a l.irt. r.f It. P.. Bwr "f tthr adrrtlaaa6
w.'.h a Li njrrriD.
Kiiiiday School Books.
TII0.E wishir.tr Sunday ScbocJ booki or peri
odicals can be supplied a ihort notice, oj
applying to the ntscriU.-r, cr Li ecretary
corr.er of Capitol Avenue and Lapeer street.
a. s.jntiev-
Lasalcg City, Fei. 16, 1659.
oei .110111- loeeoiiM-Citietlea
of the mia-inat'c pajsoii. eri;,t niut ia'
d.- t ". 1 ; ::ii-c from i:- iriita'ion, ainot'i; hi,l,
ar. N '.r. ij' i, Lh. u'i.iiti-:;i. tletit. Ila.l.Hrf.
I''. 1 " Timu'1 1. he. l ura. Lc, Catarrh, Ath
inn. P..'.pita;i, 1:, I'ainlul AtriHtion t th(
Sj.l ci. Ily-tuii-si, Pain in tb.c p.,.wilt t -Xi.-.
Pnralysis. an 1 1 i r:r.i;i meat of the Stoma, h,
1 . ...i ,,.-. -t .1. . ...

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