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VOL. 5, NO. (i.-WllOLE NO. 214.
M'K-J? WIS KR, t'-otrntr.
UOIl ! il. KAII'.HKO, 1 jeutriuiat i.otvruor
vk j -iiV I. ISl.Kl.I.. Se-fUry of SUI.
nana . r:i ii'V.ix-fuir
lltVlU. A':. :"1,l"r
UHlJ"Nf Irputy ...
j, .1S V'-KIr i . Mj. TrH itr.
H'li: !. li! NT.- K, l-.utjr
Al-ifiM. II U'Af'.t, AU ti-j l.iifrl
JOHN ! l.KK.'KY, uperiiitn'Uul Puh. In-tlruetioo
JlMH 'AVI! N, C'.innii--i..wr S'tatu I.an-1 Otfj.
JOlIN H ilSP.inr.i.i.,
IKr.l'. J;it fi W. t'l Klt.MIS, A '.j. aul yr. Milter Orn
s,o v :.r..ili V.Aio-i.t
jio.sv v Mt-i:. :i i., "
Ju-t .
..AN i
I t Hi t I
... .. .
r;-' VI lit' U IT CO II UTS.
il V.lrl A"M
!.. v.i r ii uinimi i.
i.-l- I. iV.'i.KNrK
Ar..i:n M t.Khi;
t.i-i ;i :i ..nVi:
. i I - S l.'.VH I..
H AVU'- I I ll'II.MOi.V
u-ii: a w iivn,:iii
, i, !VtH i.o!M
I rti."
KH..... t
l,K iKi.t Ull.i. il l'. -
wirrn: ' im.m. k.)
i.t i'.t
H vi i t: n-:
j f UN Xi
n w iti-ii'f.
I.AkIS l::'.i ,
jim:v wilinv..,
i ll. tl:l m-.O l i'
fAi-.s a v. aI.:;h:. v. ..
i.i'VUWIN l"lr.-.
I !. I K IMi', j ' '.,
i'.KV. II M KAY. !
A-Uuiiif- r kit, lni:ai. I
r ff -t ylum
'. (tnl llliwl
Jtr.VMUII V W ;!.. UV.
HfM'.V 'ri.l I
M iii-;: li i.: v-K, i
I SA I il' Mr U,
ft itlhtlH
i ii r:i ksc i.(;i- u m i..
itAMi.i. i.. n: rr.
A ll.Rl I T IllU III - '"
J4MK-. il i:VKf.
ill I l I hi l! il MC
l,Mi!i.K Vi. I
t.t '..r.i 41
iiuy.iM immi;. :.i.r.. i
t HA- a ii:vi!!:i:-;K, j
l.j.K W. 1.1 K,
vii.inu. v M i-.!:,
ilii:Uj 1 ixn', )
V I. SIMTOV, A will .f lliSUt I'm-
.1 iii;i:Kii:Ntv,-bn lis. .n..
AMosi:oir. 1
l.l'THKi: II i;::k, - 1. .. .V
MM N V. Cl.ffi, )
S.VMl'Kl. P MKVO.S.ii.t. St Mir . K1U S:.i ioihJ
OIAKI.M Mi'Kt Y, I'r'l S-f Ariru'lu-al H-t. t-.
K I. JmMXs'ioVS, sttrui; .1. i!.i
I.. R H--K, lr-t'l-fit ! tni".r, IVor t.f riiiui-.lrjr.
I AI V1X TKA Y, .'. f .Oh-mi
T C. MX ft. 1'i'C l Ki Vli l..r.-.!.ir.-.
n.RVKLAl AI!!!V. l..r r.i-..r Civil I .i'i.. rii.-
K. V. JollNST K, . i.pi J Suirt-riiitritt-iit ,l- rrm
rv j. !.shi:i:i:i:,
I.ANSI X(i , M I ii 1 1 I c; X .
S'U-, f- SI. .I.l.ii, J.rk ..ii,IWO;t nnl Uir4i.ll,
tliU 1. ..- .I. lv
I .Miisiiiir, - - - - Mihi::m.
n. ih imv iMtoi'itiirroit.
S'U'i-s I-;ve this house daily for Jackson, St.
JolniJ, Ivtroit, and internieiliate jilaces.
Lansing. April 1. 1S.V.. It
m:v i.ivr.iiv st a ii i.i:.
StatcofSew York. OJiceorerRailevVBank-
!njf and Exchange OlBce. 5j
i. L. la.ti:i:ti
0:aceat!iis.-,vM,Miceon ftrandtreet,eiactiT !
astrtfl)i. 1'i-a:;,.1 '
Lnusing, JUae :;0, lS.T.f,.
woonuoi si: a. ki ti.i:ic,
Will f irn.s!i Al.,trsrt t.f T.tV t.i Heal Elat in Ingliaiu
ta'iu'.r. 1 ll-u 1 to tiirt l'iirpha,i an.l Sli vf Krt K
Ut.-4t.ii- U. .nfy 1 A.t Warrant, lli.l.lln? ml Un.1
t In S:i'.. Kvtiiiiiiin. Title-., liK-uriii lU-le-wn irf
Uo.t..ll f.r rkx. Hoi UkA lienwral Suirvi!oo
t 'il ljr,.: nOr.iitl . tliir rn.iri(.
ti.-u'i.ir iitnli.io .;o t. Hie p) inutof T
liinr'.i H m -1 4.. .
t'oanv!!.ir at Lar, Innsing, Michigan. Oflice '
- - . mih-b mBm uuiiirr aim i
o:i? J(or south of the ost otlice.
vv: ask aT fu llEk;
Jihbrs r, and Retail nealersin.al'ikintl.s of
Sntr llaii?in4,
ojfi; prrp. and pk inters' ri'RNisiiiNo
210 JeaYrson Avenue, Uetroit, Mich.
11. ELDER,
Willfiiruish I'lansoecificatiousand Estimates
u tLe be-i style of woikniauship, and designs
or Cleiri hos Court Houses, Hotels, TriTate
-)ellias', ic, and will contract to furnWh ma
ttrLtls ami huild anything in the line of Building,
w superintend tho same on reasonable terms.
n.-a-v give me a call.
Lansing, January lt. 1S5T. t0
dnte :llTlXrot.
B STANTON' Jk TIFF AS V. General Stage
0:5r? at this Homo.
k'B .. a.m. . .
J . 4T. J. It A MS l i:i. I., Attorneys
id foiinsi-llors at Lair, and Slicitors in Chan
eery, Lansing, Michigan. All business entrus
ted to their care will be promptl attended to.
Oifice over E. I. Itswoira SIkh Store, seennj
loi North of the V. O.
8. J.S. WOOD, late of Albany, X. V., is now
reaJy to attend to any call in his profession.
vt. W. his had an experience of more Jian twen
ty fire years in Pentestry. Charge moderate
call and see.
. K. B. Village Lou for Sale. Also, IZ'J acres
parcels to suit purchasers, half mile west of
Ue city, office and Residence on block fifty -six,
tnrpT of Seymour and Saginaw, street. lyi9
pANS, Fans, at the
ASPLEXDID assortment of Bibles, Schoo
B(Mk W.n r.ru,. rSirfaln Vtnar floth
des. Curtain Fixture,' Fancy Goods, rertume-
13 mm Touet Soap, just receiTed at The
IV . . V . . . V I "eiil. A u.-j an nmu iiiui, au in- '-.. oe oreaeueu i.i, u.mii v, .oi i . iioiu-i n- i n i.i.oi j-im oe .r, in. .iii.-i- . . . . j j . ..monr. ,.f f,.t.li.r evisls in the esferii
TT Lading, that he has opened a new Ijivery 1 1, al, is soul WM as as St. Kave you now forever ; but not till I take'tiian c.nn..n that l,,,m, upon Sardinian was hit by the -ido of tho engine and ' j, and r.ar icula Iv n i h ZZ
Stiitjle, with a lull Ptoi-k ot fleet, well broke ; r, " J -.- . ! -n i . t i .i i. ,ri :.i i .,.i,,.i ., i c.n..... 1 ., -s,. "d Iarticuiariy in .vsni.tlmli
ilorsi.;,co,nfort:ihlo Iies, Double Carru.ee- Paal ,. , ,.. .ir i vengeance on my new military acquaint, soil will sah. to the freed..,, ot the Italian wh.rled completely around, falling un; b-r c OIl ,h Uj-ct of the Olrii,, res-
Mii Sleighs, and by rkise attention to business " A hat are you thinking. I red said 1. J 0es. Where are they V j I Yn insula. 1 i.es is not a war that can be the front wheels ot the baggage car. this co f (Sutju.ri .Uiij
hopes to merit a fair share of public patronage. Caroline," he answered. I " They are here," she answered. i decided by a hasty inarch, h-jwever prion- in my opinion, w.u the way iu which the ('clltra M. ir;4 () eomi.arison t
Lansing, Xovemlr so, 1S53. " She who sailed yesterday for England ?" ; The door was thrown open, and the two! rily successful. What Austria h .Ids in It- i a-cident happend. When I first saw Con- uwtj, resolutions wi're al. t-te 1 de
J. V.c i:. LdMUIKAK, "Ves 1 loved her." officers with their i,ipnni.r .ff, were aly she owes to the mutual jealousies of : ductor liifford he washing under the nounom,r j,,, i--,,,,-.,. SrlVe law and
LAW AND t'dl.VNCEUY BCSlSKSsl.Lansiug, jjj fiUC r lt.arj ci.f,Tling and laughing in a mod un-1 European lowers oiniating at Vienna in , truck of the forward coach, at the rear end. r,rti ,. " iti.,J . , ,'. -
v. velopc. It did iook preuy. l.ui i equal anguisli and shame wun yourselves, . surety uus cannot w in j,.iey oi a .engine, e-r me puipo- m .ruruiwnj: , committee had reported tho rcsol-tions ' ' , "" f"-'
ff?Z-r: ir 1 " 1Ias Caroline pucu V,'iht liair " i " releiving a share of affection, though ! prudent lYwer? Kuilt up by alliances, by services of the physicians residing there, j Mf p anJ j f(f j(i' '"t? uu l towelling. W ith sorghum sugar
hfft?f"-UU:7 2 asked I. " I never knew I always thought j they do not possess your destx.tic power in j marriages, and by treaties, she seizes a mo- and of telegrahiug to Syracuse for aid j '. .J. r ."..i: ' .ol'.-hi, ' n;n,, ' f"r wtening. we don't s.'C anything to
UmVLJ 1 " ' -I wasobserving only yesterday that- extorting it. The slightest deriliction of a ment ot quite exceptional military pnpon- Arriving thcro, 1 o-k a cone, from a j fr'U,11 Xfllt '"rTT T f" W'W
I t i .?t ......:,.!.,: ..P . .i . e .:. ... i j . . ii i.., i .i...i.. ..i fr.. i,i t,-,;:i !,-,f wi i n.r i ritr, v. - .. . . .. . ciieap ciioiigh, if that will make men more
Uae of my peculiarities is a strong ten- j
-... ' iiiivua uuuimua ilu-
u,u awu.jat eery suujeci. i never ,
moutu ia me matter 1 come out roundly. ;
i nave no uoubt the reader is lond ot ;
roast beef and plum pudding. Now I de- j
test them. Nothing could be more gross,
earthly, stultifying. Besides no man fond ;
of such stuff does, ever did, or ever can t
.1 1 :.t ..... !
, u'Tii in a ujtai wiiiiuuL running mio
excess. I hen comes custard, ice cream.
fruit, almonds, raisins, wine. You rise i
with a distended stomach and heavy head. !
ana htaggcr away with brutish apathy. 1
I differ from everybody in another thing
I belive in love at first sight We ought
to bo able to tell in a week whether a wo
man would do for a wife. The judgment
of true love is intuitive ; a glance and it is
d. nc. A man of reuius is in bis own im
, 7 "o"1 uiu. nee, iruu, wuci, , meuiiaied a journey oi two uaj. but was ' may be taken by the ministry cf a lmnori-. i.n . ,v tf i : m .r l , . -. tl" the cireiunstan.-. s of t! e s,-,,.. , f ..
harmless things of nature. Xo lambs called by an anon.uous note, at nine the ; ty. We believe that if English criuion ' 1 1 tut 2n St e from a gentleman , . In . i hoi
b.ead for me. Xo stately ox slam that j the same evening. j could now make itself knowntbrouSh the cxrct to' see the 1 V mention.! In ,ur VL
Imay feast. Old mother earth supplies j Tall women ore s soaree ' We hired i usual Parliamentary medium, it would 'J. open Lis parcel I-i i "t insnces ' l'or a IUo,lt' "r two a-i". "f the fact if
my tender appetite The deep, deep ; the uniforms at the tailors i .peak so loudly to Austria that even at this uv r would h, 1 o, -u 'l ee the sit' Lis city.' lie was seen here
spring, clear as crystal-the innocent veg-! - last moment her cnterrrisc would be star. ' Deputy City Marshal M ,t. who .r .
ctables-H.therial food.-thus I am keenly ! " I am thunderstruck," exclaimed lien- ' ed. All that Lord Derby said to IVancv, ' '"au Z7, 1 tiL. from the r V i d ,t I
suseepfblo to every moral and natural ; rj to me The world is at an end. The , and much more than LordVrby ventured raaK, t i I a 1 ' .-gro, tlL het,d
beauty, which few enthusiastic beef eaters ! huh is out. What! Kate! n.y dear Kate!" say to France, the voieo of the wuntrv : bv his
1 1;
agination a standard ol tli ol.jeet ot Ins ,ay be a mistake." ; censed than endangered by the handful of
love an unexplainable model the proto- We opened the duor softly. In the next refugees who were gathered under the Sar
typc to which exists somewhere iu reality, ; rom sat Mrs. L5. at her feet a richly j diniau colors ? Is' she abjut to prove
although ho may may never have won or dressed young soldier, who kissed her hand, i Europe tho necessity of her offensive move
heard of her. This is wonderful but it is received from her a h of hair, swore he ' mont. and the formidable nature of the
true. He wanders aUut the world, im-; l,,Ved her, and hft her with an ardent em- j attitude of Sardinia, by annihilating at one
pervious to all delicious, thrilling, soul-mel-
ting of beams of beauty, till he reaches:
v. -j'---' ;
TZrl?tl lti u,-e1' ,nt i,:,ri
lhcro are black they are piercing, but his
heart remains whole. At length, accident
flings him in contact with a creature he
hears the tones of her voice he feels the
warm streams of soul shining from her i
countennnce. ( Jaze meets gaze, and thought j
sparkles into thought, till the ma-ie blaze
: l.:.lM 1 it ,.i ll : i
i ia jkiuuicu, anu luey iau in ioe. j tnends. tiic lrontier river; slio may destroy or dis- i
I It sometimes happens, that for one model j I held Fred with the grasp of a giant, j perse tho Italian army ; she may drive i The Syracuse Journal contains fur
i in the imagination of this man of genius, j That I love you, I cannot deny. A j the broken remnants into the three great thcr particulars in regard to the recent
there arc accidentally two or three proto- j woman's soul loves just as sho happens to i Sardinian fortresses, or up into the passes accident on the Central Kailroad. Wo
lyiiofl in real me, or rather, ho has two or
i three uitterent models. i
i It is a great misfortune for a man to have j
! more uioucis man one. iney lead him j principle.
astray. They involve him in difficulties. " Loveliest of her sex." said h-r eoia
They play the very devil with him. : panic n.
And yet metaphysicians and phrenolo- Fred burst firth, 1 -veling both pistols
; gists ought to know that it is no affair of at thecolouel. He pulled the tiig-ers, but
his. It a school-boy has the organ of dc-
i strut ion, you may whip him for killing flies, j
but you must not wonder at him. If a!
youth -Iut this brings me back again
. to my subject.
I never could tell how many of these j
Mieis i red. nad ; a greai many, no uouor. ;
He was a sad dog a Don Juan a sort of j
(Jiovanni in but that was his business, j
( Mi ! the sweet woman ! It is almost in
credulous. He must have dealt in magic.
It was a perfect blessing to bo near him ;
to catch the light and heat of the thousand
glances which fell upon him, and of which
he caught a few stray ones, though only by
I an accident. Lovely women fell into his
mouth like ripe plums. He had clusters of j
lie roso and opened
Is it not pertc'tly Ieautitul :
The sweet relic ot golden sunshiny hair ,
lay curled charmingly in a rose colored en-1
the paper, Julia : " t
Fred, hastily looked agaiu in me i it no
! pigeon hole, and drew forth another rose !
' V . .1 ..... 1 .1
colored envelope another and another. i
I smiled ?o did he.
" What vile narrow prejudice it is," said ;
I.-, i ;
1 rcd.
" That man can love only once. I have '
y, burciy juu iuik m.mi. n.. hhuav . luuuinii, uu me jmu vi . ua, njiiij .i m. .. .i,..,.. ... .mum, ..j. .................. .v. .v .. ... r.... ....... p ol me i tri it oi ino .-suns oi i.ineny in .,,,.., ,i .... i t t r '
e what is that written at the lnittom of, forever with ignominy and ruin ; while the ! rights, and to trust all to tho power of force . with which I wont back to the scene of the , F.m-Lind an or-'anizod ln.lv of the . l W,U"'K
n.r. ! loved twenty fifty nay, a hundred times, j iuclined to an Austrian view of the conti
,7; ' I ahrays love unite one. Sometimes two . nental diffteulties, speaks as follows :
at a time sometimes twenty.
" Heartless," exclaimed 1. " This is not
love! love is soul -absorbing, pure, c instant,
" Hark ye," said Fred. " I seldom
l.-vvn A ild ?n r nnothcr an.f el to
the list does not infer the striking out of
any of the others. There is no limit. A
man of soul loves just as he happens to be
placed in relation to women. 1 am warm -
ed by them as I am when I stand in the
llecaiiso I have a carden here,
when the beams of the god of day fall or
my shoulders with a pleasant ardor musi
I not feel the warmth when I stand in tlu
garden yonder. It is the great principle
should the ohiect of mv early love die
must I be ever thereafter dead to the most were drawn up m opposing lines. i,m
exquisite of human passions? Death is England, especially under a tory govern
only absence. I know twelve pretty wo-' ment and gently influenced to (Jcrmanie
men. They are better than man. Nature sympathies, is a prudent friend, whoso a 1-m-.le
them so. They are all different all " vice should nut by lightly thrown away
I excellent-all divine Can I be blind?
Can I be deaf ? Shall I deny that their
voices are sweet their hearts tender tht ir
voices are sweet iueir neans icuuer iuvh
minds clear and intellijicnt ? No. I love
tuem an. ium, .'um, i aimj, ..no., in.. -
11 ti:- A T I'.. r. iiM.n ii.-.n.
rietta. Eliza. 1 never think of them with -
out sensations of delight."
Frederick felt a hand upon bis shoulder
He looked up. It was Mrs. II., his wife.
auc w.111, ..v.
I lia.l Withdrawn. tl COUrse. 1 aiU a
- ... I T
bachelor myself. Curtaiu lectures are not
- I l.a tri-.nl.1da nniifh (,( tnr
in my way. .v. -e
r, l .i;.l tw-vI oom. dotrn tii din-
Mr 11. did not come down to din-
OWD. 1'irs. s.v
ner. j.'ir. i. uiu uoi. wiuc -
not get up the next morning to breakfast
Srt 1 iiU not know what was the result.
Mr. 15. did not come to tea. 1 did
Mrs. B. is one of the loveliest women 1
ever met. I believe I have two or three
mn.lda mvdf It is pleasant enough, but
then every rose has its thorns.
" Only think!" she said to me, her eyes
j moistened with tears, Lor checks crimsoned 1
with shame, herjljesom r alpiratin with dis-
tress, twelve I he l .vcs twilve he .av?."
A whole jury,- said I.
w monstrous, iau sue. :
" .Monstrous indeed . cch-K d I
" What if I should iw lve offiers ?" ;
sad ho.
Tit for tat," sai 1 1
"Or six," .-aid she
Tim ,lr., f,.r bin. '
il. i. I
....... .i-miij; ..vi .
i ir l nroe h.-ii.i :
wroue. saia i. urawin.r ilt-r tuwarii
l. ... II ..'II I I . I!.
m, .n.I H,, U -..ft tin. I
only Bister, and I always loved her
The plot was arranged. Frederick had '
Tears gushed from his eves
" 1 saw it myself," said tho servant
" Kissed her !"
" Six times," said John.
Frederick caught the pistol and pointed
at his head. I wrenched it from his "rasp. ;
" Come with me." I said. " IVrhars it
brace. j
"I am suffocating," said Fred I
iiusu. i eseiaimej. .-see mere is j
r - ,cv Uo: :i,y l ,,im,,,
beside her takes her hand" :
j I shall strangle to death." ;
j 1 atiencc.' j
Tl.. -.!.. . . r . 1
whispered John
j. iiu uiii". 1 n.i.-? t.iii tiiu 1.11 'in 11 1111 ,
Dearest Colonel !" said Julia.
" I
, ,.
!, placed in relation to men S is warm-
ed by their noblo characters as sho is when ;
she stands in the sunshino. It i -i the irrent j
thev did not fo off. Fisfols loaded with ;
sawdust seldom do. j
The Colonel uttered a scream an 1 fled. I
Madam," said Fred, swelling with in-',
dignation, "have you any more of these j
affectionate friends .'"
"Only c
Only eight, my dear husband. Why
w hat puts vou in such a rao ?"'
Perfidious wretch
"Hear me," said Mrs. 15. solemnly.
' When we married. I intended to devote !
my life, my actions, my heart to you. the Congress of Vienna, will re-enter into plied that I did not know. Ho said he
From you 1 expected the same. 1 can sec the full rights of belligerents. What right thought an axle was broken. Upon exam
no distinction in our relative duties to each ! shall we then have to say to Sarbinia and ; iuation I found a cow lying beside the
other. Love must exist on both sides or ; her allies, "Thus far shall ye go and no J track, dead and mangled Her head was
on neither. Whatever may I; tho opinion
of a heartless world, ' a man of soul, and 1
0f virtue makes bis wif.
I am not to 1
military maimer. i
Fred sxu discovered the truth, and I ;
read him his moral. ;
Husbands, all remember, that wives have ;
ansurd customs oi s.X'ieiy anew a man a
creator latitude, in siightning, neglecting
and deceiving her whose whole happiness
- - 1 llf .1 . .... . .1. .
is in his kecriin. Of these customs the
"man of soul" will never take advantage.
t At vriti
The London Times, which has all aiong
AUstru sun stands in me same aumi ie,
her armed hand uplifted, but the irrevoca-
! ble blow not yet dead. All conservative
Europe presses around her to stay her arm
; England is perhaps the only didinterested
! friend who. for Austiia's own sake, and
: for the cause of humanity, and for the pre-
j volition of bloodshed, and in the hope of
j peace, is honestly anxious that she should
' not do a madmau's act, and set lire to the
four corners of Europe. Other powers
have their owu imiicy and their own inter-
j There has been time f.r
j strong protest to work.
i If Austria stands re
1 uere nas oeen time ur Ijom .uaimcsnury s
I ..Irl'L-n .ir.1I.
.-.....-. . ..n.., . .
1 nia no less daur.tlessly otl.-rs herself to the
1 rii.-.w ,i .-..iTr ipu ir l tv .im in i linn
1 .vn. .............. -
, that the aid-de-camp tt t.cneral i.yulu
i had conveyed to the Lourt a summons to
j disarm under the pressure i t an Austrian
, army, than the Parliament assembled and
; the Chambers voted hs plans votes to
i the ChamWrs voted us vie ins ijuvoirs to
.1. - l . I" .. .I....; ...! . rwrr. I
lUC IVIU. uuu?uuuuuai ivi uij "vit ru:-,
j ponded under the force of immediate na
! n.itiojiil ilan'er : and. that the rower of re
- -r i i .
sit:inee niav Ls? concentrated, an absolute
. j - .
; dictatorship wxs created
There was noth
j in
ing like flinching iu tho conduct of the
Sardinian Chambers, and there is no like
lihood of submission on the part f f the
King. We have no h pe we have never
' entertained any hope that Sardinia would .
; yield to this menace ; nor is there any in-!
j Uuential class in this country who would
j have seen with patience so tame a submis-
rests. Kussii can scarcely have yet taught .,n.,-;r.,..A ii,,,,,,,!.!.;,,!.!,,.!;. thvu'i the t.M-e mut ve slow.
t herself to look upon the events of 1"7 ai , cllt:fic renoits. and his aeloevvments in the ! -"lr- K.nWd. i f Chicago, f
; ' ancient history. 1'ruMsia is a rival as well .,.-.. i,:..i. i..t ,i. ,.,...r bi tter, th eiirh he suffers great 1
as an ally, and it is n-t ton years since the p; ,., ri,,M has been the mean of "1::,r :in,J un ,f LiS nV!
troops of the two great tiermin lowers , .,r,n;'0(T i!.. l.;.-,.s W e f .-.ml hi:u sitting up. Mr
sion to unreasonable f jr;e. .Sardinia can
make no other a-wcr to Austria than to
LM him come ar J take the arms he de-
mand-. If the peace, if Europe sh u!d be
saved unbroken, it must be by th retrac-
jt re t.y th- retrac-i
tioa of Austria, and n-t by the su! -n.in 1
of Piedmont.
is again remarkable, as an untoward :
I resu.t of our present minister s ne.t.es,
I J"uo'--j ,-
vv.wv... ....... :
y at a groat crisis to
its 1 aruauicnt, nJ
devoted jatn.-tism, j
aiiuj iu juruic in ivu'i ul a j;icai ei..a iu
, spea by the voice cf
to resolve ur-on acts of
rin t r.i.r .t n i s-in.tituti.lnti t'.r..n.. is 1
I ..... . . . .
! r, m 1 i.L kIZ:; " J 7 ,i. i vli:. .V i
people have representatives to promt ana-1
tional nolicv. or to control the course which 1
would now say to Austria. Has she vet
ears to listen? Or is she even now abou
, in a few hours to demonstrate to tho world
how hollow were her pretences of fearing
the Sardinian levies by driving them lc
fore her in hopeless rout .' Is hho even
now showing Low much more she was in-
blow the army tho affected to dread, and
by moving ur.n Turin by rapid inarches .'
iui Austria nas ouisinr'pod nor enemies :
ac, hM urM ,rranco :h t!ic :vr r 1
urcly putting on her armor, and she has
come upon Sardinia like a strong man upon ;
a small noisy rioter shou'ini detianee to an '
adversary whom lie believed to bo at a dis
.. 1 1.,... 1 . 1 .!:. 1 1 . 1: .
tance. It is clever, and it is promptly done. ,
Au-tria has the opening of tho game in her !
..v. ....v.j '"v
of t hn Western Alns: she mav cover t he ',
open country ; sho may inflict upon Sardi-
nia tho mortilieation of occupying her cap-
ital ; and she may teach the inhabitants of
Turin what arc tho habitual sufferings of j
the inhabitants of Jjombardy
Hut is this i
ill ? Is this all that is necessary for Aus
tria to accomplish I Not so. Slw will,
when ail this h:n lioen done. hav onlv fiv
en the signal for the real conflict. She
will have done an act of stupid force. She
will not only have put herself in tho wrong
with the conservative powers of Europe,
but she will have destroyed the only grounds
upon which they could have given her as
sistance. With General Cryulai at Turin,
where then r the t.retiosf I.Slo? With
Austria in nnssessinr. nf Sardinia, the Jio-
uapartes who even now pessivcly repubiatc
further!" The first Austrian pick-1 that
passes the Ti,Mni will tear tie; seals from
all th
uiler whieh Au-tria n-w
1 "!;; by
stroy this her only title, and throw all
chances of .utn m power m Italy up -n
the fortune of arms.
j ana to a ngni py coTique.-t ei io oe ae-
quired, iins seems to us s ni'i.-n more
' like an act i f iicperati'ii tlen a policy
L 1 1
bas-jd up -n sound ixuii-il thnt we canti'it
even yet abandon the bopa tint sli-; may
stay her hand before she casts this terrible
die. If, however, this hope should be d;s
npiioited, then we can see but one ultimate
consequence. Europe, whieh was ready, up
to the time of this fatal invasion, to i:nk a
hard bargain, perhaps ts hard a bargain,
for Italy, will thereafter be content with
ne.thin less than the
rt treat of tho An-tri-
ans behind the Alp:
Coi.. Lam.ku's Sinvi.v. The
party of Col. Lander's company
f..r the
further prosecution of the survey and con
struction of the government road from the
point reached last year, left thi city n
last Friday, to be followed ir: a few days
by the Colo u. 1 hiin- 'f an 1 his wh ! f -re.
With the Ctllel it ii.O exi.olitl ul I'.e e.-un-
pening to tho enrerpi
H iring their stay ::i uur city wo hav
113 1
opportunity of making tho
anee of many of those who are to hi h s
comrades inth scenes ofb.il which lie be-
fore them We eonzr.,tuhte the Co!onl
up-.n hi- success in calling around him such
. '. . .' 1 . .
mater.! l-..l:iote.l .rr.r . nTnn. .tw.
they will ail hini m aecmpu:-h;ng what
rr,.P i,u ctem will nn.l .L,re ,-.- !...! l.im
....i., .1 ...
) unurtaKo m me wild region wincu in-
trvcne k.twCi:n t!,e borLrr.f civilization
o our Ka,to,u an.i Vestcrn rentiers
j h u, , Ur p
' ; ' J
! T , .
i lav op hie HEsrr.rro n ti - iloriu
... ... ... ... .
nate husband, residing cut est, having
- . q j
- 1
i mg we
i medium
" Mv wife has left nr be 1 an 1 h
F r a few d ijs -few d it- ;
She eloped fro:n here of her own ac
While I nxi awayf-o'n horn.
" I wam the world that no amount,
No-a-Jay now-a-dajs.
Will I pay oa the jade's account.
For home she'll never come f
ise treaties u
f , . -, f ' 1, III il, is u a viii.it.ai
.... oi iu.; in, -n.i ,i,M r.,r
fe, who h? i let: tor parts uauuown, - a it;.
. . .. i rua mnammation. Her senses
r:s iv ii i un itviiu.?, iiiiou' ii n.- .-. . i . .l . -
t.t 4 r.ii1.i;.i a Irrrfiror.f ! " .1" i. I "
" - i- Mrs I'riscilU Brown, cf Uswego
.rl. I
1U WU lArLAIHED It (.'..'. K.
.,.r..-.., f-.l. . 1 1 1
this city, that caused no little merriment, i
and any amount of cuasrin. I refer to an !
,.;,. c,uf.f, ,nMluif ,i-a i .n-;
Aium, rTr.Pl,-4 rV,.r."v 1 ' Tt' ?r.',.V... !
lv;,,. Y -.r ... li
... nr ni,r,,,ft,ii,,,;..n,f,0,!.,,i,.i, I
cUIimIateii, anj removing into new offices, j
u.c agent was desirous ot clearing out. Ac-1
cordinly, a goodly sto.-k was advertised to j
bo sold at auction, conMting of large trunks, ;
Loo, cart ba-s, small pu-kagt-s, c, as j
t!iC agCht WM desirous of clearing out. Ac-!
- . . CT. '
'h'"' received, uu-pened and contents j
.i tCAur 1 1 . . . "1 .3 ..Z
" ,i T '7 V .i . f i . , , " i
i.,.J !.: .1 1 1 1 -
small package nicely seahd. which on 1 -
r.,,n;n :t r,r;,,v,i , 1 rimi11 ,,,M witel, i
? ,,..-... lje 1 5 ., T, . !
was a perfect sf, for all similar packages
were run up to almost incredible amounts.
After a Lot contest, a parcel similar in ; .,l,aillJ. a!! tt'"'l t' p i-s ov. r t,. the
sizo wis purchased by a gentleman for $!: t ,no,n'w '' the f- ir) -!m:.t cmn.aud
:, who with energy owned it, exiKwing to i a . 7 "I'1 A'r. that C-,pt. Air . x
tho crown a small daguerreuh 1 of a sen-i anuueJ lJ W,,"K,, WM '"r': t!'
timcntal y.-ung gent, which originally cost 1 W ? ,r'- t"'an the pa s gtHi.t-
.,J.,,t M, ,..: T .,,r,;;.,,.l..;cJt'' : by I,h ,.,ter. ai d In-in.?
aires were sold at $7 .rl each, which, on
" , j ntn
j'r jamo .wJi0
,ed each twn littles of
ands of life have near-
i . . . ..,i;,:n, .i 10.. tTirir
l'iXxL rt,
VMtl , , i ....i,;, i,,.., i i i ,f
i,t:imod f,,r J aWt foUr Joliar9 in
,.i., .iJi 1 .,, .1 1 1,., i., .i..
' " " " 1 ,D
for restoration.
V. O ('on tyt't of Hosts n I.rdrr.
xill-l IIXTIl.1. It.II.ICO.ll At'CllKT.
CoPV tho lollowin'? statement ot II. M
ilcn, engineer:
" On Wednesday morning, May IS, at
-10 minutes past I) o'clock, as my train was
passing a crossm
, one mile west of Jordan,
I felt a sudden jerk, and immediately whis-!
.1.1 i, i t. i. ,i. :... !..
around, and saw the cars rise one above
another and fall from the track. 1 stopped
the engine as soon as possible, and baeked.
say twenty rod. to the scene of the acci-
dent. I found the baggage ear and two
passenger-cars off the track. The baggage
car was not injured; tho trucks of one of
the passenger-coaches was torn off; the oth
er was datnaired but little
A passenger came to mo and asked mo
what was the causo of tho accident. I re
cut nearly in two from tie; top. I upj
. J .! i . .i . i i
t he c .v a- oti t!io side, ot the track, and
. . , lit . , I
that, :n sh. train approache-1, she sought'
, - ,
The passen
gers stated that when the sho.k came, iif-
ford was in the acL of passing from one car
to another. 'T started for Jordan with the
disaster, ami iook uii wounic i 10 .Ionian
. 1 . 1 .1 ....... 1 1 . . 1 1 .
station. Affrward, those wh
Wl' ! 'l
inian 1
e ".1 . 1
for the bag-
same manr.er. I then went
unhurt, were brought to this city
Ml. . 11 1 C .. . .1.
hot -!s at racws;, where they are attended
ill.- nn;.iii.i n.n, i i . w i ivi
by the various resident physicians. 1 heir
con.jit.. is stated as Ki.ows
Mr Moss.. of I i.pii, Ohio, at first re
ported laia.i) njum. is improving, auu
hopes are entertained ot his recovery He
rain- .1 uus morion- suuicieiiiiv iu so 1.0,
converse and take nourishment.
Mrs. iNosson is in great pain, ner nee
is bad'y brmscd, and it is feared that her
..t t r 1.
spine 1- injured Mte cannot be moved
without fiihtin. Will probably recover,
eels much
am. ins
are broken.
l Kimball,
his sister 1:1 law, ot m iioui, with ner
, , . 1 . 1 . . . r
i ,J lugnter an 1 sister, nave gone on to 1
, llir' u, ."" -. '". "
i J"S C-Jar k'nl m fne-
: aDl,.th.' I''1' " He,
, ? wuen wc caned
i I l,!.n. ... fU1.....nt;r..li. a .rt -t.l
; -'ti.-- i'iv.i Jisuian, it
- 1 '-'--- J ij vjiuwik:,
. though t:ey experience great pain and
.. .
: n.-.c j tp.-,m t'i.-.;r f.i-ii .-.-j
-Mr- ". ihc-ter, .Mr Holmes,
Mihersburgh. hio. Ir. Kellogg
; Un Jgwater, ineida county. Mr. neiaem
eister, of Toledo, and Mr. Clark, of Cov
- mn. Ohio, have resumed their lourncy.
- . ' . ... . ... "
' .T CTARLEs -MisS Hewitt, ot .uoa-
i , . . ... v,.
of dan
are per
, exrc-
torates b'oM iu.te freely. Her shoulder
' b!a li is dislocate-l, and her person exhibits
several cgly bruises. No bones brofcen.
Mr. iFatchins, of Fayetteville, is doing
well. His neck and head are badly bruised
Johanaah Kisel and Pauline Seyra, of
New York, are as well as could be expect-
lieu 10 iiraKe. ji iu;n ny nioiui. hoj nut an ni "iuvi u-re;u icr, caci-ih i iicv were ipi i . P ., , , ,
engine separated from the tr in. I looked j in the company of their masters, i tho ,J J lLJ rL"larb- ru
around, and saw the cars rise one above j conductors, as in this case, would always .roWr a "n 8 eo "
' .... - -!...--'. J ' IlIO' rves 14 tll'lf if flfl.ir.lj iimiI .iian.
. ...1 "i 1 c 1 : 1 1:
- " 1. t 1 y Act Commissioner, ingersoll, to resign his was sawed, when 0:1 the surface of the re-
tion I then returned to Jordan, where I ropl comiuion - anJ afri.rwRrj enacted inrt;,jitl. r.,rf,tm of the limb., left in the
hiund h o extra tram from Syracu ,n thft . vn T,.a ,. ; iCn mUult,
; 7lt" ff, h ' -un led passi.ng.Ts were pu a CoMStitu,iu f(T fu,h a ,,ly, and after I Cp i full canonicals, his right arm extend-
,hnip,( t i!ilriin :ml ivi: li flu ise vi lio esel riei I ! . .... - . . . ' r . .
" ...s. - Oiinniiiff if i.'ins. ii mviteii otners fo .i low i i. i. r. . .1 ,i. r.i.i ,.c i.:
4.4--i ,as i;lal ni,s;, ,s torn
ft-,!,,, I,..- I ...1. 1 . I .
TLo .tcit m.-vomont causes her
great rain. Mm Sovra is , ot s,.ri...lv in.
SVB,rr.r n. - . ... r
1.,, in;....;. V". . a
and sntr,r- .,r-.ir ; t
McCoy is but .lightly injured
- "
-'irs. K-.u-lm and child, f IV tusi. Wis.
nsin. are doing well,
conductor, .i!h.rd. wis bmied on
Sunday, at lU-hester, by t!i yxw order
-Mr!j- and child, of iVtosi. Wis.
r i i -.
u wuieu no was a member.
A 1..iiuk-.lavk S, ,r h u K
rresumrd ih.it our r..-,.l..r i, ..-.. ,
tor. and therefore ho i.asM .l an,! n j. i. .l
,UI w",,,.M1lt, ?' l"'M- a' h" new 1...
Lotler Ul',1' '"t arrived. Iming in
his posse:!,.,, a printed hand bill off. i in-
reward n tint, k,i lus approlieis..,
1 he
' .
iile hero, asvrt aine I that
! somewhat in doubt, und r all the circiini-
i d... ... I . .H... -.v . . .
Bi.iui ok, m: n ai i. .,ri reins,' ! l i uii.nv
nun to cross on his boat I !,. own. rot
tho negro subsequently became informed
that the runaway passed over the Kentucky
Central Kailroad. arriving iu l'oingt.ni,
aud he consequently brought suit against
the Kailroad Company to recover the full
value of the slave, who probably escaped
through the facilities offered by the I'nder
ground It ii! road to Canada, the d Mil of
fugitive slaves.
,1 . I' 1 t I i o 'i...uni n pu"i, lb Will
f.r rP.r iT V I' ,,r""n" : vary the strength of the wino in the same
for Cnthiana, summoned by too defens ;. ,.rolMirtiot,. The pure juice, without water
to give testimony m the ease, which test.- mak,.s a v,ry Ar wj b 4
mouy will be in relation to the pass ex- f .,1T Ui oacl Hon .. J
hibited by tho negro when he undo an at-i w'.' ,i ?i , ,
tempt to cross the Ohi., at our ferry. If .fmrt yuujibA
the result should be that the suit wJdoci- -J. Wackl.erry.juiee. elder-i.i-
r .i i .-m - .. . iTry juii', gooseberrv-iuice. or anv other
ueu in iavor oi rue ruaintiu, u would insti-
,, r..v.,;rt ! .e p .m
road Company for them to refuse to trans-
,uvv Kill llll. '.&ll. III1T lill-
i ....... ii i r. . . ..i .
: conductors, as m this case, would always
j be liable to be imposed upon by forged or
j spurious papers. The fact of s, much
time having transpired between the escape
of the slave and the appearance of the
;n ..r.:.. , . 1 V - i , ..
' , ' ,: ' j '
uoiiiii cuoii n il ii iu(3 peculiar papers suown
to Cant. Air by the negro, may havo the
tendency to decide the case iu favor of the !
Kailroad Company, which scorns to bo en
titled to such a disposition of justice Cm.
AsilTAIiiri.A ON TIIK Ol KKI.IN Till
We flud ill the Cleveland papers tho pro
ceedings of a largo meeting whieh W.l
"eld at .Jeitcrson, tin county seat ol A-
. ... , , . . . . . .
tatiuia, on Saturday nii ht. to declare in
., ... ,
vor of Mate nights and lYrsoiiil Liborl
held at Jefferson, the county seat of Ash-
judicial relief was not ultimately afforded.
no prison shouhl til ftr.i ."' Senator
4 1 II It I.I i-
(. adwcll addressed the peotle in a srieech of
, , . .
, f i ,..,,1,.,: in t(, .inri.. ... ,1.,,..
i lri,,L'4 "f free government and practice pro-
; leiu f'f t,,e r'i-'ht. They were the men.
I. u. -i .,, 111.ii..i ,1,.. it, :;.t. s'l.-r..
". ".. ..i-v. I...... .
i los I'Vimr.le irhrti nritrln il luimlml
. 1 ' -- - -- .1 - -
r, .1 1 ...1 . ... tl.e r ... .1 ' '1!...
j hc:t, fr0l). va want
; , . ,T..;fi..r r.f :n ,...
! tor, wo notice that among those who tojk
- j t tiu are tI)(J namM tt MIK
wbo arc tLe Inoal Cun,,rvative ;n tll0 com
J mtlIlitvau . 1,1 Whi? of Old Whi-s st 1:1 1
1 , ,1 i,. 1 . e ,1 . ,,..:.,.,. .... r..o...
, iu - a. mi, .i...-. v'..iuu.n v... . -.
mg at
Nearly all the county officers j ar
. tjtfj K, j
; t rn
.s.-nator W a b; was absent from
I A IIatup.k Thin " IIammu..'' Jones'
r 1V'I ?T .J.-iMII.J, . 1.11 ll.T I -....,
ll,..l " r.r. .. I! ... 1 m r.,1 . I..
: rt.aJ, is ornamented with a hostler, whose ,
tun is as fearless as tus lace is uiy. ' .ie
1 day in January, while twenty or thiity fat
1 . 1 1
the front bal -
1 1. ... tr.
lalrode upto
mortal eyes
! gentlemen were standing on tho
i cony ot tite liotei, an individual
i .1 . .1 . .1 .1 . I ..
. ; me pain, on iii luiuuesi uors.; m -iuii ij
w ';' ir'"S ." - 1
torn steed, the equestrian d, turning
; t..e hobtler :
uere jonn, give my nors,-
.-ir . eaia wua, won
I .-.ntindr.
i ,t
Lorse some water thua
j "ij.ve my
. .irf.i iiia Mraner.
7. . e ... i i rt ..n
j lour porse . ejtcuiatea -oi.u, too
of more surprised
- les you iooi. my "7
- stranger looked savagely at him, and Com
i menccd arawmg mo jjsu oi uu wu.r
through his hand.
T..1.T, rlt-A.1 f.itt-ird him m t brill ih
would demand an explanation, and had
- j taken about Eix steps, when he suddenly
stopped liKe one surprised beyond expres
sion " Bless my soul I" says he ; " I ax your
pardon, eir ; but your hanimal was a stand
in on a line with that ere hitchin post,
and I didn't see him !"
The owner of the ep-ectral borso tried to
frown, but a roar from the bilcony male
him change bis mind.
. ...v.....4 ... 1'. it;ih I .-I Uk VII II li;il, tll.lL II
-"r-. r ...... .. hit i u iiei.ax: r'j iu hi. ioijii hi ui.i
Ithnbarb Ylnt w to Mk lu
' f ' ; ., iT ' ;ul'U!,lloJ
! V Z fT. IPt w rhubarb.
i tl"Ja lasiea by a number of cood
J,JJS who did not know its source, and
judges, who did not know its source, and
i renounced it a very fair sanirle of wrta
' IurrJ- wrtainly did resembl that
wine, Uih m apcaranco and tate. It not
only deceived wme-dnukers here, but a
Kimi'le nut to Cincinnati wag tasted by
men .-killed iu the art of tasting wines and
detecting adulteratious. and called a good
sample of American sherry, only wanting
:;e to l-e ixcelleiit. Uasing au opinion
upon our own judgment, wo have and do
pronomuv it as much nurerior. as a bever-
p-. w i. an rue costly wine ttold in this
city, ih pure ota.d brandy is superior to
" tigbtiiig rum," uch as is manufactured
in New ork, and which in its turn manu
factures demons out of human beings
Now fimv mankind will have Hounthing
simulating, and much it is fashionable for
a!l wh. can afford it. to drink wine, and
miioo : eiy abuudint .ju:intity of some
thing tliat. at Ka-t will .serve as a good
substitute, can 1k made from rhubarb
stalks, wo rojvat our recommendation of
that kind of juice.
Ib'w II in u i: i Wim: is JUhk. Since
our fust notice, our letters of inquiry,
"How is it made I" have Uvn Uh numer
ous to answer, if wo had known how, but
as wo did not. we wrote U li. V Cahotn,
of Kenosha, Wis., who, so far as we are
informed, originated thu rhubarb wino
iii:muf:ic.uro. from his remarkable seedling
pie-' hint, which grows larger than anv
.1.-1. .. . J
oi:mt kiio.vu yarn i .
The following is Mr Cah on's reply:
" Herewith I send uu a sample of pie
plan:, wine,' made last September, by rail
ing e.jitil quantities of water with the juice
of the stalks, and to each gallou, lbs
fair quality of New Orleans sugar, put in
barrels, filled full, and lined with isinglass.
and allowed to remain in tho barrels till
Spring, and then bottled. liy adding or
Imiiiiis'im.r t !- ..it-.iOlt.r ..t ,...-- : :n
: ; i " tt ,
J'. wh as has long been used in fami-
f , ' r m ' - lU manuuo
i:., ..11 .v.... .i.., . e .1 r
, i- ; ., . .
i "t , ,l f? 'lV
j JM . iiV ulSuib
; tLsn ft jut . . I
a s i - - iumi-
! 7. K' M-ju.eo ,or u,
ture r domestio wine. Of course it will
afford, also, an abundance of cheap and
i . , , , .
i . ' i "
all pie-makers aro aware, is deeidedlw
The Chastity or Knnur.i! Wixe ron
Usk. In our former notice, we gave the
product of rhubarb wine, per acre, as MM
gallon- Mr. Cah.h.n sajs:
" This estimate is very much In-low the
matt r of fact, as tested here. Mr. 15.
Lewis, the purchaser of my plantation of
pie-plant, made last season from one-eighth
of au acre. nu jr-iU0,,s like tho sample 1
send you It is a fair estimate that l!,ft)
gallons can lie made from an acre of well
cultivHtcd roots of my seedling. Th wine
costs lo re aUmt ! ceids nr gallon to the
According to this statement, instead of
SMi) gallons per acre, the product is over
M barrels, and almost tho entire cost of
the article wou'd bo the price paid for tho
...r l,. . 1 ..
n. im....ji. iiiniu a iiu ".air, uiu
, u n it .i ' r
cents a gallon would pay all the exnoBM of
Nku i:i n vi-.rt. There is ahorse chest.
t tree standing in front of No. H Vernon
. e t-t . .1.... . t- .
a; ,iroui wiucu a iew uiys since a lower iimo
-.1 .
- fi.r .1
The tree was sat out many yearn
t .. 1 . .' 1 . l . -.1 t-
' ,.7;i;..riciuj .1....,.!, . St I'.l-
: ,..."..: i r " i .
king figure of lli.-hop I'ass, fonnerly rec
; f p , f fl , fo mhfm
- Val waH mt devotedly attached. Any
- l...v;,.,. , I.e., f..r tL eri,.,M in na.
: : . -n 1 ' 11 ... 1 . 1. . .!. . IV'
' lUie. Will !' Will III l il &U' H"W.
- ,avc 1,,-ar l of human forms and faces, furra-
,., ,j tranches of trees and trunks, and by
! ricks, and fie face of the old man of the
White Mountains, but we have never seen
or hoard of a likeness so strange as that.
... . .
Ltk I.EsTi.r Ti'. "Patrick, thewid-
' ow Molony tells me that you have stolen
, p . 3 . . . f. . ,,f
of her finest pigs. Is that so ?
y lfJ0T..
, M .f ?..
- , y nvc oa j.
: Killed it and ate it, ycr honor !"
to, .. 0!) ,.Atricki iatrickf wLen yoa ,ro
,J brought face to face with the widow and
; y.T ; on tU j.jjeut day, what account
, ... 1. .1.1.. rt mr.rt(
will you lio able Vi give of yourself when
i the widow accuses you of the theft?"
- ; . - ,,i i.
j 'i'j ou nay ill; iig wwiu w mjv.v.
' ver nverence ;
- u y,
Well. thin, yer riverecc-i. I'll say. Mrs
t Molcny here's your pig !"
- . I If
VinsiTrr.cit nr FoETria. Sam four Tears
' t70 a youug man came north from New Orleaot,
Lo' l..'mnmhk l.tm n irihpriln tit 70.000.
I To yeara of the tine he spent keeping fr-
eery in tne northern portion oi inaian, u
place which shall be nameleM, daring which
tirn-s be loit tlie bulk of Li fortune. For th
past two rears L Las been ia this city, and du
ring the first year of Lu residence in the Gardw
CUt, he maiiaed to dlasipaw the balance. He
ia a fpleDd d arcountant, and, would he but keep
sober, coulJ command any salary as book
keeper; but rum ha been his foe, and y.stor
da we m hina pon8 l""'1 "P011 h
street corner. TWs the way the money goe.
Chutgo htm. May 12.

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