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Estate republican
, br inlor otherwise, per year, t 1
e!PInieVw on address, " 0
jfrnv-r - tt .... I4
;etf .,rMi..lHiex'Mv in advance.
J. Job-work prompUy and neatly executed.
rVfor Printing 'd Binding of e-ery des-
.solicited- In connection with the
v , the facilities of this establishment ar
Tlat' AlTertilnR.
i ef lOHca,l forth Brat Inaertiuu, an.l
? ','?1foeub,u,,l,",l''iel,W,,,fu,", ''riod
" JatoariM-
(i MOIf HI
30 50
211 30
Ii I
tCiaa yi
' i A jvertUmit ! prmb-ae of thre
fk!l,erfc.Tarly rateaapplf to regular and ordinary
!TjYJtwti;ninU, onlj. -All othera charged!.,
tft .
TifJJ MornlBg, Jnne 11,1859.
.1. (J. Ramsxlell, Esq , lias
:.It1e office of C.tyt lerk.
I'ctebson's Mazixe. This maga
tyt designed ra,V particularly for the ladies, id
i-W Charles J. Peterson, 3m; Chestnut
1'hiU.klliia. We have received the
jjt itnmVr. It "n well edited, tastily executed,
piconifai'i'-J it'i '" engraving. Terms,
j yi-ar,
in advance.
! Improvement. Tn-lor the suporintcnil-
1 4 our City Engineer, Mr. Stafford, the
1lf endes lav l'' recently established, and
. wa ' f improvement we irust 'fairly com
anf""! We advise men who are snt.jtct to
t.VH.-tftiou t' be a littl r uitious, when prom
.!in our side-walks, or they may inailrert
tt!cdunp their rorprnsities on a pile of dilt or
;-:to i litt'h.
, Tun LtxMi Sax-Horn lANr This
Fan!, under the tuition ol their able and elli-
rjf at leavItT. Mr. WiNoii, i really becoming tlie
ijfitL'of our young city. If old Okcinos were
i jtifcj, he would Im compelled to admit that
heir music l.eatthe war-whoop, and this would
y enough fr him to concede. Sucees to tin
jjnn Sax-Horn Rand. I'"-i, ciiim ii
ril (wat'-r, f couri).
Tun locRTii. L'ist WVuii.liy cw-
jin; a meeting of th. ritiem h.-M fur thi
arpoM of Oiaking arrant-uu-iits to o h l.ial.;
the Fourth of July. A comniitte w. r nnpoin-
J to solicit uljTition, nrnl we understand
4y Lare succeeded in raising upwards of
Ibre will be a meeting of the citizen thi eve
aiiij, at the State Hoiw, to hear the report of
:be fonuuittee, and to fake sucli further action
; shall !e deemed proper. I t there Im a full
: ittcntUnee.
Fever and A:ue. l or the Itonofit of
tbose of our reader who are or may hereafter
I' become acipiaintetl with this i ver unwelcome
10J utipltasabt visitor, we take great pleasure in
bringing to notice a medicine which we belie to
j well worthy of a trial, called "IR. Stromj'.s
Tirr Fcter Destrotiu." TI04 remedy, a we
; bow from eiperienee, trill jtrnuiinrittfif enrr,
t M ntcrely arrest, this much dreaded disease,
j 1 ho!e 1ki i warranted to prixluce a cure, or
the money will le refumled. Price of a whole
K 1 25; half bos, $ 1 25. For rale in large
if mall quantities by R. Thayer V Co., corner
Wasliin?ton and Michigan avenuea.
TuK Frost. We Iial somctliing in the
nj of froft here, week before last, but it was
! a nibble around the edge in comparison to
that we have had since. Last Friday night was
ttler on every green thing of ' tender age."
It mm not merely a jrosl it was) literally a
fmzt. Ice was formed of over a imurter of an
inch thickness. The corn crop can now be con
tJereifas harvested. The wheat crop, wo fear,
considerably damaged. Apples are falling,
ut in price, but from the trees; cherries ditto.
Currents share deeply in thia, as in all current
onU. Potato tops Lave gone to drink. To
matoes are " nu cum rousi'." 1?m are among
she thiii that litee bttm. And, finally, not
itkstar.Tiag the possibility of war, there will
proliably not Ikj grape enough raised iu this vi
aaity tu load a Hn-giui. All Au7, king Fro-t !
Uitmmmiit Itranin'i fur not flitttllni;.
Mr. Samuel II. Hammond, in a letter to a St,
Louij gentleman, dated March 3d, 185"., tell the
!v3uing incident of his editorial experience :
While I edited the Albany Jletfltter I offended
1 hot-blooded memltor of the F. F.'sj of New
York. He gent a polite invitation, through a
fciend, for me to visit' Baltimore. Having 110
bisine.s in that direction, I dec';ned. He again
through hii friend invited me to visit Canada.
iuiog jiut returned from a halting exclusion to
tte ititerior of her Majesty's colouy, and having
ao occasiou to go that way, I again declined.
Ut! t!ten, in direct ternts. invited mo to name
tries-! and time, weapon and place, to indulge
me pleasant pastime of cutttni; caca other &
throats. I thouglit the tnatUr over, and de-
vnea a third time, assigning the following rea-
I. The thing wa contrary to law, and I had
a uire to bo bung lor k-lling bira ; or that he
'awn tie hung for killing me.
- I had a wife who loved me, and who wuld
Sara for Uie if I fell. II bad oidv & mistress.
ho would rejoice at his) death, a relieving her
Too tiie necessity of flying from hi protection
'a that of some other titan.
3. I had three children, for whoso education I
id honor and by nature bound to provide.
ie ua.i none.
Nx-iety bad no elate in his life. Hi con-
unnance would be no Messing, and hi extin
5"iiiment no lo.. Societr had claim on me
"pon him it had none. I had aome claim on
cietT he had none.
5- I'd see Lira d d first.
And there th matter La rested ever si.ice,
ASOTHIR Hir. Roi.mvo is rue Hi st
Amongst the first appointments made by the
present illustrious occupant of the White House,
that of Hon. Sam Clark, formerly member
vongrcN irom the Kalamazoo district, a Ko
P?ter of the I and Office at Buchanan, in Min
eota, abont eighteen miles from Superior City
inere rieing no service to perform during the
'bter, he found Lis Kalamazoo Lome more con-
fflial to bis taste ilurinir ira iImift nuvnthsv
Thw Mvrinr be started for bis fiM.l nf Uhnr lrl'h
J first Iike Superior Wt, but bad the bad
wck to be frozen up in the ice for two weeks.
out after mnch tribulation he reached bis post
duty. But it would Lave been better bad be
rruiaioed in the ice, for he only arrived at bis
destination tn fin.l mte fr,n W.a1.:nnn
informing him that Li services were no longer
ttquired. So all he had to do was to set bis face
homeward again, and he reached this city in the
st boat from above, brooding over the uwtabil-
'ty of all snblinary things, and the ingratitude of
nepublica, A Mr. Watrous, from the Wcs
HrTT1 Reserve, m bis successor. A ueerti$er.
va ..
State Convention of Pennsylvania, which met at
Uarrisburg on Wednesday, nominated Thom4ta
Cochran for Auditor General, and Wm. R.
Keim for Surveyor General
Union School.
The Annual Examination of the Union School,
Lower Town, City of Lansing, will be held on
Thursday and Friday, 2Sd and 24 th inst. Th.
Scholars of the School will give a public r.-
hcareal on Friday evening, commencing at juarter
before eirht o'clock.
W. EMERY, Pnnrlj..,!.
The Pt-ws of the 1st Presbyterian Church in
thia City will ! rented for the coining year on
5atunlay the 18th in?t., at 4 o clock I . M., at
the ('Lurch.
T Ii'R KkR..rr, cf l-trit, will bviu Owit U -i
ontlw lli!i,Kjt..uIUL;.lnou tl. Utli, M.4ou 13th n l
at tL I jm-in uw, I-amin'.', .o thw Hth Jii' c;
fry titoutb.toatU'iil to i.atw-utl mtllictl with rl.r. ui.:
or linrUig tlumne. S.- a.herU-nuU
l:rf. tiik MKi.H ALTiofnftNV. A dintiiiiiui.'.he.l i.-v.'.ical
iutl-man a', ia a Iwtttr to the proprietor- " It m
ha a little irruUir far roe to iv aujtliip ia fjvor !
p:it-'at mt.lipii, ; but sti'.l I must bear wittier t tl.c
ffiracjr .f Ir. II'.KI."S B.I--"AMIC ri.Ijl.' fy wif.
bal l- Di beu nullriu U0'!er ilolcut .!!, nbich !e
tiel all tberurativo iiip.iiiii nt my eommju l ; l,. n, itb
out my luo !!)(, nh pufba-fd a bottl-of tli Tor.lial
an I to visibly r-1ivel tht I my-lf proeure-1 a e
imh! l.oftfr for ber , on til.:D! th cf.otcot'. ..f mbich .he
i ri.liclly fiiretl."
Tbi imaluaVe rmy, to tb ttrry .f vhirlj i ther
nH-'tcal men bae testified, as well a : the writer f( the
abie, U prepared only by Dr. r. M. Jek.oii, 4IH Areb
Str'-et, l"LU U-lphia, au l foraale ly Liiugi-t penerallj
throuboiit tli I'uitel State ao'l t'uni.l. Trie T."i
e"n! r bottle. IJM
(ten I Cure attt r tlic !! l Innn KmIIoI.
Ri .u viitk, Ohio, Jan. I, l .r.
I'r C M. Ju te-ox, it- tr Sir: We wouM in'oim
that ue are out of II.Kltnn-lM llerin ui R ttrn, uhirh ate
very leady mV. I 'ue our neiiln.r ! i-h .! ti.u
fortune time, (Hethitil about twi teaiy, ci'V o'l
lit ton in th roimr ) all if ri" a--il. I I . I , .I
much like , i l uixu k alwut iomIIih; ; i .11
Compare him to. .U-e- ipi' iir l to le auoxerlim
inn lit the )rall. With l.ir.l pei-iu-i 11 e iri,le.l 011
him to try your bitter', itli tlii piniu.i 1 1 loin, il it
no woul l clitrire tum oollun l -r it, pro. he
t'k ' bottlen arc.irilin to tl e .'i ectii iif., lm h he li-
looe, o l r now entirely rut -l, hi" Iwome ell
luau. Illi CUte li: 'iete-l a prut ill II.H ll'lh-
bolll'ioj."' I.'iuwtfullv,
UiWAlUK i:l:i.v
Ak for IIik Hinil'ii (iei uian Hitter-, ao l tnke nothing
ele. 1-V that the aiirnatar ol t . M. J.trkou in m the
mrapier fea-h lxittle. The-e liittetare iii:tnnt t:tnrrl
by lr. C. M Jai-ktou, No. 41H Aich Stre.-t, I hil i lel, bin.
anl ate w.M by ilrU'-'LixN mi'l -toi. keepers in eiery
town ati'l village in the. I tote I States, Cauul o, Went
luil es au'l S'uth America, at 75 rents per lx!tl-. -J.v.lo
I'rorlamatioii lo IV4I'.
Ilrrrlrk" fill..
hxiiu-ici weatiier, surd as tl i..
fIU forexeroi-e of rue,
t ol l nor heat nor h ilt ho vi jou
As a -11. Men rhnnre of air.
Though yiu have a constitution
ultjert to all human il!".
You may brave the rst of rliiuite.".
If you u-e thene f-iijfur 1'ills.
Thousands uow are tron ami rohu-t.
Who but lately wrillie.l hi pain,
Ever ac'aiu, eier growling.
They have lotin-t their health ar'ain
Xow wheo eoM mieceeils hot weather.
They've no fear ol ;-ud chills,
t or they ue tho-e le-tltb pre-s-rvets,
II:ki;i-k's Si oak Cixikii I'll l J.
More than l-n).H0O c-e of Ji-ease hue )iel.!ej t-
llteii e -'uriii the pvit five years, loiny of which have
been pronounce.! incurable by ii.-tinuieei! physicians.
As col I weather is now approaching, let eery one
cle.tn-e their sy"teiu with a few d-wes of these I'ills. No
re-.trautt in Ue-t is necessary nhile u"in them. Full li
rections go with vsrb bov.
S),S.M hv all Ihe ilealera tbrom;hont the worM
l.aiu.e boxes o.'i IVuts See Atlvertisemnts on S.I pae.
njnj t in I
unfailing it the cure of Col ons, Colks, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Son Throat, Hoarsen tss, Dirri-
cclt Breathino, Iscipiknt Consumption', and
IMSKASES or Tin Li no. They have no taste of
medicine, and any child will take them. Thou
sand have been restored to health that had
befori despaired. Testimony given in hundreds
of case. A single dose relieve in tkn mi si te
Ask for Bryan'a Pulmonic Wafers the ori
ginal and only getiiune i stamped " Bryan.'
puriou kinds are offered for sale. Twenty-live
cent a box. Sold bv dealers generally.
JOB MOSES, Sole Proprietor, Rochester, X. Y.
For sale by R. THAYER, & Co., Lansing.
Olchralcd Fmal .'ill.
1-mREI'AKE! from a nreseription of Sir J.iiue Isrke
1 M. 1 , I liysiciau f.xiraoroinaiy 10 me en. nm
uvaluabU Meiliciue is unfaihii!' in the cure of all th.-e
painful ao l iLtiiveroua iliseast.s mci.lent t- the female
It moderates all ee.s, removes all oo-ti uctums, an-l
brinirs on the monthly pvrio-1 with regularity The.-e
I'ills nhouhi be u-e.l tw or three eeks prevnn..s i.. con
riuetiient; they fortify the cutitntioii, and les.seu the
millerin-? luriu Ubor, enahlins; the mother to peifoim
henluties with natety to her-eii an 1 ctiii.t
7 I'dUtluml l n-4 I takrn in lr.i.Vi aurntif ri
FIKST THKt'K MnS Ills 0 "miim-c j, ' 9 '
hrtn'j an Visrarrnity. .mi ft ih Aer na th'v ar-
In all cases of Nervous an.l S-piual Allectmns, pain in
the tU--k an.l loins, lleaviuess, rat.irue on Muht t ier
tiou. Palpitation ol the Heart, U.w'iess ..f Spinls, ll
teries. Sick Hea.lache, W hite".s.ot ail the puinlul .li-iea-eii
oecasione.1 by a li-or.leie.l F-tein. these Pills will ellect
cure wheu all other means nave ianei,an-i annou ru
tiowerful n-meilv, ih not contain iron, calomel, a nt ituoiiy ,
or anv other mineral.
l ull Jireclions accoiiiptnvitt er.-h package, t nce.m
the l uiteil States an.l t an.ala. o; lailtar.
Sole Aent f.-r the I'nite.l States ana i .in:i-l i
Jol! MtiSK-i, (I ate i ' IUl lwin A. s. .)
UiH-he-ter, V. V.
X. It. One Hollar an.l d po,tsi:e stamps en.-lo-co toany
Buthorire.l Ajent, wiMen-ure- tM.tlle,containin ti pill:,
bv return mail
For sale by R. Ttiaxra, I-ansinr-. i.iovi
noAKiici iioi sr.
M1LJAMHS R. CHI LPS woitl.l.respectl iii
invite all persons wishing Board, by the
lav r Wek,to civ bun a call, at tne t'lllt'
IIOCSE, on Washtenaw Street, opposite the
State House Square, line Loom and Good
Board can b obtained on reasonable terms.
Lansing, June 1", 1S.'.. 2 It'.
xkvf;: bevoke okkerko at bkiaiu
A I KAi ri','AI. I AMMY SMVIXo M I lllNr. Ht; M.
V. BAKfl.Eir, Futeulee, 4
1 rroa!ay. New York.
W. BARri ET f. Chesnut. .-t., I hil..
K K Hl'tiOl.N'S, Aeeot. 4o ssth t . i mcmnaTu
H. Hl'tifJlN'S, " f-Xoith 4th St , St. Louis.
t.riK. K. l EiilirTT, K o.Jt.:i.:c l--troit.
Asrencifsareb.- niie-tal.'.i-hed in every t'oantv throu,-b-out
the United States. Apol cmts tor anre- wtll ad
dress either of Ihe above ti'i. which are prepaid t.i
fill PRojiPtLt all order f r Macbmes.wb.-les! teUtl.
Send for a eireular, with cuts of MachiM-,and s.uiplea
of w-rk
All letteti. to ensure atteiitn, nm-t co-.tjin return
THE combined Map of Inyhain an-l Ltnf
rton Com, tits is mtw ready for delivery.
Subscribers w ill please take notice and act accor
May 10, 1S50. 211 a
"UTALL PAPER a spWndid stock
ot fpnu
Stvles, just received at the
Great Chance for Bargains
Of the Late E. P. Boswell,
At iSaraiiis that will suit kvluv jcr
si.tii who will irivt tho Stniv a Call.
The Stork lias lo he CIomiI Out!
th! all wanting (mmjiU in tliis lino
of tra!(can savt?a lar jut tvntat
ly purchasiiiir faun this Stuck, whicli
is ni-wanl just ojt neil this Sjnin:.
Ih.nc, as hcrctut'urc, by 'i.crieTicoil
liAN-siNf;, .luno Rith, lS"il.
Gr d O 33 S 9
Ski 5 IT-
Cheaper than (he Cheapest!!!
. ISraggiiig Tlivy !:. k for
TIlS'lllM'IVCSi Won't ! I lKlv'r-
oll.a tliey iniis.1 ! So
O O Li
T. IK Illl.MM'sS.
L.nsix, Junf, Is.jO.
.i:v &. pavokiti. ihh ti;
East and North
Detroit and .llilwaukff Railway,
(Open to L:;ke Miehig:in.)
SwJft fftn-Prrsture hrxt-('!ai Sfaoiers,
"t'tty of riev-liiil," nml 'levrltnil,'
(Thorou.'hly refitte I for this route.)
1SV., Passenger Trains wi'l run as follows:
fLIoiiiK Vsl :
j Mail Ulnel' N,hl
I I I Kipress.
I l- W I . M. I .. M.
I 9 -.1 I V" lil j l
a r. m e. m
7 OO 1 ,'jl S (HI
l-l Ml -.4" II ol
e. m x
I . In :,;, i
A. M.
:i loi ...i :i o:
: ou! I uoj I Ui
v h J Noon Visin .
J.Ml 1- '"'I I-
Snp Bi-i.lire, depart.
, depart,.
, 3 wo e. . .
liran-l K.ipi.ls, ariiie,.
iirau l llneu, "
M Iwaukee. arii e.
aoins l'al
,t.pr si I I xpre.
a. :, . M. e. M
:Vo .lep t s ::o
j 1
1 1', 401 .&:. 1 15
I 7 .v. 11 -m
11 i. - t. -')
! r. M I A. j I. M.
I '.I....? 4 HI, 150
M lusnkee, .Voart
:r.nd listen. .1, art
Orate I Kspi.U, arroe..
St. .1 din-, atr ve,. .
oo o,
Siis lhidi;e, arrive.. .
Itefre-hnients Hotel in liepi.t at Orand Haven
Boat will b-ae Milwaukee ou S ATI'KOAV S at C M
for Satur.liv Night Express pa-enu-vrs we-t. hut 3 A
XI train will vn 0 OC o SfM-s.
Ti.i:n- leave termini daily. Sundays excepted.
THE TEl.EoB U'il I.1XE is n-w -n L r rt'it.e l.i-i
.VI l'ETRoir tireat Western luilway f.ir all poiuts
iM. , l.i.'.iii Central and M:hi 'in Southern Basitoads
n 1 Cleveland t ine i t Steamet
A f lUIANIl H AVEN With "llur..n" S,.nier t.-r Chi
ta r". .V-e. if.
Al .Mll.WAl'KEE With the M-si-irpi. Ucrt-.f hi
c.ait". Wat. rtown. and Itoriccn Bail".!-, f. aM imr-.it-ant
points VVet an-1 Northwest, and on the Mississippi
River, and with Steamer- for l'orts on lke Michigan.
Pas-enters forloeat Western Biilway (i ou the Bail
r Kerrv Steamer, at 1'. A: M. B. I'Krfc. leavin- lss-k at
S oO A. M.. VI X-n. and "..1 l". M
The Compaov'a Time Ttbles run be had at snv
the Stations
W. K. MI TR. C.en l Snp't.
D. .V M. R. Office. June, 1-Vi.
sL'oimiiiwioii'r Aoliee.
INSTATE of Wm. R. Thompson, d.- ased.
li Sute of Michigan, county of Iagham, ss.:
The undersigned, having been appointed by the
Hon. Wm. H. Pinckney, Judge of Probate for
said countv. commissioners, with full power and
authoritv to receive, examine and adjust ad claims
ar.d demands of all persous against the estate of
Win. R. Thompson, deceased, late of the Mateot
Texas; and six months from the second. day of
Mav, A. D. loV, having been allowed by sa d
Jud "e of Prolate to the creditors of said estate.
to present their claims to the undersigned, com-
missioners, tor allowance: notice is mereiore tJie null pond, thence r.orta unt.l it sha,l be ten
hereby given, that we will meet on Satnrday, the J pn A thence west to the place of begin
second dav ot July, n-I on Tue? lay. the econd nTr.,. CXcept a ccruia piece out of the r.ortheast
dav of August, next ensntrg, at the office of
Franklin LaRue. in the citv of Lansing, in said
county ot Ingham, at lo o'clock, A. M., of each
of said davs, tor the above named purpose.
Dated, City of Lans'icg, June 6th, 159.
2l 3 Ia 2a 22.
I F. RATH has jast received a larg.-an 1 ell j
JLJ Selected assortment ot Jewelrv, at his
Oue door South of Coryell & Jeuisons, cons-.-ting
of ail the latest -tyles of
Jewe!y,Go1rJ &SiWer Watches,&c.
IIaviuj purchaj-eJ 111 y Stock en
tirely in the Eastern market, atid fur Cat It, I flat
ter myself that I can sell Genuine Jewelry as
cheap aj any ejtab:.?hnient west of the citv of
New York. I J--al in none but the
( hoictft Vari'tif awl mot Aj-j-ro-tJ S?u!!
H iving La i a long experience in the business,
I am thus enabled to purchase the osm i.m: ar
ticle, and consequently none other are oll'ered at
my counter. Knowing that I tau sell a better
article for a less price thau any other establish,
metit in the city of Laii3ing,I invite all who wish
to invest in my line, to give me a ca'.l before pur
chasing elsewhere, lieu-tinier ! I). F. RATH,
one door South of Coryell Jettison, Washing
ton Avenue, City of Lan.-iuj;.
I keep a tirst class workman, and one who can
not be beaten at watch repairing by any work
man in the country. His work is warranted to
be superior to that of any other ever employed
in Lansing. Watches and Clo.-ks repaired
and Warranted. I. I HAT II.
iVy rf l.iitin!, Mau 1.', 1 ;,-..
'lianxry Sal.
BY VIRTUE of a decn-e of the Circuit Court
for the county of Ingham, in Chancery,
mad? on the 23d day of Iei einl r, A. 1.
in a certain cause therein pending, wherein Era
I 'avis is complainant, and Sawyer .1. Lkwood,
Hannah H. Loikwood an-l Johua l'hilo are de
fendints, I, the su'seriU-r, Circuit Court Cm-mi.-sioner
lor the baid county of Ingham, will tell
at public auction, to tho highest bidder, at the
Court House in the village ol Ma-on, in mi l
county, on Friday, the 15th day of July nest, A.
I. 15'., at one o'clock in the afternoon of said
day, tho following described lands, to wit : All of
the north half ol the i-outh half of section eigh
teen, in town one, north of range one cast, con
taining sixty-eight and one-hall acre, according
to the I.. X survey, Ini:h.iiii county, town of
BunUi r Hill, and State of Michigan.
1 'ifiiit C'i'urt t'vtioitr. Imihiitii i V., J'.Vi.
(inti-i.F.v . Conklv, Sol rs tor Coinp't.
I'at.-d, Maim, May 2, IS ".'.. 0w2i;.
C'liaiK-t'ry sale.
Y virtue of a det retal order of the Circuit
-) Court for the coutitv of Ingham, in Chance
ry, ina-Ie the 2".d day of Iecemler, A. I.'. lsoS,itt
a cans.! wherein John Stephens is complainant,
and Horace Smith and Harriet N. Smith are tle
fendants, I, the subscrilx-r, the Circuit Comt
Coiiimis-ioiier for the coutitv of Ingham !id State
of Michigan, will sell at public auction, at the
Coin t House in the village of Mason, in said coun
ty, on the? o2d dav f July, A. I. nt o"e
o'clock iii the afternoon of that dav, the lands
mentioned and described in said decretal order
as follows, vi.: In the town of I-slie, county of
Ingham and State of Michigan, comtucucui"; at a
point twenty-four (24) rods cast and thirty-two
(.'12) south of the quarter post between sections
twenty-one (21) and twenty-eight (2), in town
ship No. one (1) north ol range one (1) west,
running thence east sixteen (hi) rods, thence
south six (fi) rods, thence west sixteen (10) rods,
thi tii e north six (') rods to the place of begin
Circuit Court Commissioner.
Johnson k Hior.r, Sol'rs for Com.
Dated, Mason, Juno 1, 1S.VJ. Cw215
Sheriff Kale.
1 Y VIRTUE of a writ of execution issued out
of and under the seal of the Circuit Court
for the county of Ingham, and State of Michigan,
to me directed and delivered, I have levied ujon
all the right, title and interest of Edward Elliott,
in and to the following described land and tene
ments, to wit: the buildings on tho south forty-
four feet of lot six, (and the lease of the
ground thereon) in block one hundred and
eleven, and lot seven, in block one hundred and
Irrrn airl trn. mcfit-i l-'o lira blos-U ecsr
entv-three, said property being situated in the
city of Lansing, county of Ingham and State of
Michigan, winch 1 shall expose lor sale at pui.iic
auction or vendue, at the front door of the Court
House, in the village of Mason, on the twenty-
third day of July, A. D. ls.V., at oneo'cl. k P. M.
of said d ir. l'.ited, Laniti2, May "J'.th, 1.V.i.
EDY BAKER, Sherilf,
7w2i: By II. H. DUNKS, Deputy.
I'rohatt" .oti'
hani, s-
kJ At a session of the Probate Court lor the
county of Ingham, holI- n at the Probate Oiuce,
Mason, oirMonday, the Soth day ot .May, m
the verr one thousand eight bun-bed and lilty
tiine. Present, Win. II. Pinckney, Judge f
I'l-oiiate. In the matter of the estate of Elisha P.
Boswell, tleceacd. On rea-ling arul tiling the
petition, duly verified, of Elizabeth Bowcll, wid
ow ot saw H'Hcaseti, prnvmgtiiai a jiimii-'u.iuoii
mav be granted upon said cstnte to said petition
er and Jos. phus Woodhull.
Thereujion it is ordered, that Monday, the "Joth
day of June next, at 1 1 o'clock in tlie fore
noon, be assign.. d for the hearincrof sai l petition,
and that the heir at law of said deceased, and all
other persons interested in said estate are requir
ed to appear at a session of said Court, then to
be bolden nt the l'mlnte 'mce, in the vill u'.i ot
Mason, and show cans.', if any there b-, win
the imver c.f the petitioner should not be trratit
ed: A i l it i further ord-rrJ, that said peti
tioner "ire notice to the persons interested in
said estate ol the pen-leuc of said petition, mid
the heaiins thereof bv causing a com- ol this
onk-r to be published in the Lansing Republican,
a t.ewsi ti er printed and circulating in said roun
tv of Durham 3 successive weeks previous to
said d.iv of heatin-. A true copy.
P,w21l Jtl !' of IVohat
'liaii--rv :.!.
JY YIUTCE of a DecV. tal Order of th- Cir
) cuil Court tor the county of I itghaui.iu Chan
cery, mide on the 21 at day ol April, A. D.
lso'.., iu a cause wherein Alonzo Bennett, admin
is! rater of the estate of Allen Bennett, deceased,
is complainant and Barney Johnstone and Sarah
Johnstone, bis wife, are defendants, I, the sub
scriber, the Circuit Court Commis-ioncr for the
county of Ingham, State of Michigan, will sell at
public auction, at the Court House in the village
of Mason, iu said county, on the 2J1 day of
July next, A. D. 1 '., at one o'clock in the
afternoon of that day, the l.md in said decretal
order contained and described as follows, to wit :
Ihe southwest quatu-r of section thirteen (I::) in
townhip oue (I ) north of ranze two vl) w. st, in
the coutit v of Ingham au-1 State of Michigan, con
taining one hundred au-1 sixty acres of land, ex
ceptitiz and frever reserving bom the above
tleserilK'l land forty acres oil' from the south side
ther.-of, heretofore ! deeded to Marcus Johnstone.
Circuit Court CfmrnitionT,
fnJl r-.f.w. J .7ii C... Xrirf;pi.
Ik CiiArMAN,SoVr for Compl't.
Dated, Mson, June .".-!, lSV.i.
" 'liaii4'r' alt.
BY VIRTUE of adecretd order of the Cir
cuit Court for the countv of Ingham, in
Chancery, ruade on the 21st day of April, A. I'.
ls.V.', in a certain cause therein pending, wherein
Peter 11. IOoinis is complainant. and Henry Jack
son, Sarah E. Jackson, his wife, and Peter Lin
derman are dteu-lants, I. the subscriber, the Cir
cuit Court Commissioner for the said county of
Inchatu, will sell at puWic auction, to the highest
bidder, at the Court House in the village of
Mason, in said county of Ingham, on Friday, the
22-1 day of July next, A. L. 155'.', at on-! o'clock
in the afternoon of said day, the following de
serif -1 lar:d. to wit : Commencing at a point
twenty-four (2 4) rods eat sl! twenty-two (22)
rods south of the quarter post between sections
twenty-one and twenty-eight, in township num
ber one north of range number one ll west, run-
nicg thence south ten (10 tods, thence east to
corner, four fl rods eastand wet and three 31
ro.'.s north and srah, and. also, a certain piece
out of the north-west crr.er, two 2 rods north
and south, and three 3 rods east and west.
Circuit Court Cwn'r, Jnghain CoMlch.
Ecgem raisoLi, Sol'r for Compl't.
Dated, Mason, June 1, 1S39. 6w215
Condi & Jenison
ARE now receiving direct from New York,
Boston, anl Philadelphia, one of the largest
stocks of
Groceries, Boots, MioeS, Crockery and Hard
ware, ever before offered ia this city, to which
they invite the attention ot all concerned.
Knowing that mon in the grtat crcr or A.
m. m .ir.'Vn , and tLat people think more of their
"dime" than they do of anything else, and that
the great absorbing question i. '"Where can I
trade the cheapest, and thereby save the most
money " we answer in as few words as possible,
thnt this is
'X llH ITJia,CE,
Where you ca:i inve-t your money ainl obtain
or. 0'e for a dollar than at any other Store
in town. We have adopted the ready pay sys-st.-m,
am! we are determined to make it an ob
ject for ALL who wish to pay down for their
go. to tra l. with us. A ditlerenee of at least
twenty -live per cent, (in favor of our customers)
will readily be. seen, between o-.ir prices and
those who trust. We mean what we suy, and
will satisfy all who call on us, that it is a fart.
We particularly invite the Ladies to examine our
stock of beautiful
Silks, Gloves, Sliawls,
Chal'ies, Gauntlet is, Skirts,
IVLaines, Miit, Embroideries,
t'a-hmeres, H-.-iery, Linens,
Merino's, Trimmings, l'nder!e.-ve.
Muslin, Riilons, I'oliars,
Ginphanis, Parasols, t'ottous,
Cambric, Hoop-, l'lint.-,
Andcrds and eta. k of other goods, t o numer
ous to mention.
7yn'oi'woi k,- uniiM tiienlv F.ty that
we are doing . in the clothing line, and pro
pose to clothe a man all over in a shape and style
that his .shadow won't in.-afraid to follow him.and
To tlic World at l.aro
We say give im a call and satisfy yourselves that
there is one store in town where you can get the
licst of g.iod-s at astonishing low prices, as we are
determined to sell goods, cheaper that they were
cv er before sold in this mat Let. No grumbling,
or charges made for showing good.
Store in the Holmes A: Wright I1h k, one door
south of Burr k Grove.
L'tiisinr:, May lo, V..
rirr liiwiirnurr i:chi-i cl .
i'h'trtr J'crjdual.
CASH CATITAI f.-mt.iHi'i.mi
CA-H ASSEIS ll ,o4 ts,
S. U 1KlMW, I'resideiit.
II. KEI.1 Sii;, Secietaav.
I'raorh Oflice, CI A: i'l W. ".I St, C.ncinuatti
M M Ai.Il.l., General Airent
Agent in the principal Cities and Towns in the l uion
Applications received, and Polici-a ismied and renewed by
1.M). A. AKMSTrtuXti, Ak-ent.
at l.sn-inir. lv-l J
Mierilf Sale.
virtue of one execution issued out of the
Circuit Court for the county of Inzham,
State of Michigan.to me directed and delivered, iu
favor of John Ravner, against William P. Haz
r.nrd, i shall cell at public auction, at tne C ourt
House in the villago of Mason, in said county of
Ingham, on Friday, the 15th day of July, A.
D. 1 S.V.i, at fine o'clock in the afternoon of that
day, the following described real estate, to a it :
all that tract or parcel of land situate iu the
township of LeRoy, count ol Ingham, Stat; ol
Michigan, bounded as follows : beginning at the
south west corner of section seven "J in said
township of Lelloy, and running north thirty
:;o rods, thence east twenty-three J2" rods,
thence south to the south line of said section,
thence west to the place ol beginning, containing
four and one half acres of land.
EDY BAKER, Sherilf.
By I. II. YASDERCOOK, Under Siieritl.
Dated, Mav ::, lsVb owii::
Lansing City Foundry!
Vl Iron Saw-Geaiings, Woo-1 Saws, Building
li ons of the most
Isiiprot '! faltcri!-,
Ma le to order on slim t notice. Also Plows,
Cultivators, and all kinds of
r a i: ii i i ri, i: ji i: rs,
On Land or made to order. Engines and Thresh
ing Machines repaired on short notice.
J All wotk warranted charges moderate.
lv-212 JOHN T( HIKER.
Midi if Sale.
y Y virtu.- of to writ of execution issued
out .l and under tho seal of the Circuit
court for the county of Ingham, to tne directed
and delivered, I have levied upon :t!I the right,
title, and interest of John McKaugh, in and to
the following described Ian-Is and tenements, to
wit: the east half of th-; south west quarter
of section nineteen ( l'. J, in town three (?. J north
of rang-' two g) ue-t, iu the county of Ingham,
and Stat. of Michigan, which I shall exjiose for
sale, at public auction, or vendue, nt the Court
Hons.' in the village of Maion, on the 2d dav of
Jnlv, :it one o'cl-ick I. M.
EDY BAKER, Sheriff.
By II. il. DUNKS, Deputy.
Dated, Lansing, Mav lth, 1 "'.. 7w2l2
.i4rili a:,...
I)Y virtu-' of an execution issued out of and
L) ti'ider the seal c-f the t ircuit court for the
countv of Ingham, to tne directed and delivered.
I have levied uoon all the right, ti'.l jand interest
of Austin Paine, iu and to the following descri
bed lands ami tenements to wit : The north part
of the north ca-t quarter of south west quarter
and the north part of south oast quarter of sec
tion ("1 thirty-one ; also, all the right, title, and
intere-t ot B. M. Clark, in and to the south east
quarter of the north w. st quarter of section
(ill i thiitv-one: also, all the right, title, and in
terest of John M. Hudson, in and to the south
part of the cast half of the south wet quarter
and the south part of the west half of south
cast quarter of section (:1 ) thirty-one. All the
above described land !e:ng on section (:;1) thirty-one,
in tow nship 1,1) north of range (1) west,
county of lrjgham, ltate of Michigan, which I
shall expose for f .i at public vendue, to the
highcit bi-ld.T, at the court house, in the village
of Maon, on the 1th day of July, A. D., 1951.',
at one o'clock P. M. Dated, Mason, May 17th.
15-j-... EDY BAK ER, Sheriff.
Mieiiff Jale.
I)Y virtue of one execution issued out of
3 an-i under the seal of the Circuit Court for
the county of Ingham, to me directed and deliv
ered, I have this dav levied upon ail the right, title
and interest of Jo! Ji Pollock, in and to the fol
lowing real estate, to w it : the west half of the
north west quarter of section twenty-eight, (25)
and also, the east half of the south easi quarter
of section twenty -nine, (2:; both pieces of land
being in town three i ) north of range one (1)
east,"county of Ingham and Sute of Michiean,
which I shad expose for sale at public auction, at
the Court House, in the Tillage of Maon, ia
sai 1 county of Ingham, on Saturday, the COth
dav of Julv next, at one o'clock ia tlie afternoon
of "said dav. Dated, Mason, June 1st, A.D.lfcifl.
EDY BAKER, Sheriff.
By I. II. Vandercook, Under Sheriff.
HI. K V lik (111 II D 1-
SalST Utt SSM VsjW ummV LW
We havo recM our Spring Stock ot
wi: KiiiM. mki.i, THi:.n
Than anv nthor Stun- in th, Citv.
titlicr at rppr.r Lwt Town!
Wo can show Iho l.a.lios llaulsoinor
M$ MI)!)!,
foimil at
the Citv.
anv Sioiv
Wogcll Kcailv Matio (Mothiu '
We sell Cloth's.
We sell Domestic (iootls
We soil ll:its an.l Caps.
We sell I toots ainl Shoos.
We ell Yankee Notions.
We sell Hani ware.
We sell ( rooeries.
We take in exchange lVoiluee
We ilo anything our Ciistouiors wish.
We shall not he umlorsoM.
We shall receive New Goo. Is weekly.
We shall have every article called t'."r.
We shall at till timos li:iv-e I he
to select from.
WE SHOULD like to have eve
ry jiersoii call ami set? our stock.
We know we can please every luxly.
We shall sell more Goods than any
other Store, iVcause we shall sell
Cheaper. Call at
A. TORlIER&Co's.,
Lower Town, and see."
Lansing, April 21st, 1S50.
(ViuhiueJ, and within the reach of ALL!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Apply at INfJERSOLL'S, examine
(Jtexls anJ Prices, au-1 see whether every
body keeps the
brwst Stock in tlm Oily."
AT i.wI:ksolis.
Lansing, May :Stb, 1S.'.'..
Anairy.hght, Ifllliara Kooill, with two
Tables, both new and "First-Rate." A convenient
An orderly, well oupplioJ otiit of
Where will be found all the delmcica of the sea
son, with a constant supply of Fresh Oysters.
An extensixe Grocery Establishment, witti
Stock, Confectionery, and other articles usually
dealt in. iu that line.
The public are respectfully invited to call and
examine for themselves. Iv-i
Probate Xotiee.
STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Ingham, ss
At a session of the Probate Court for the Co.
of Ingham, hoi Jen at the Probate Office in the vil
lage of Maon. on Mondar. the 3oth dav of May.
in the year one thousand eight hundred and
fifty-nine. Present, Wm. II. Pinckney, Judge
of Probate. I a the matter of the estate ot w m
Phirips. deceased. On reading and Cling the
petition, duly verified, of Peter Phipps, father
said of deceased, praving that letters ot admin
istration may be granted to eaid Peter Pbipps,
upon eaid estate.
Thre-upon it is ordered, that Monday, the 2- th
day of June next, at 1 1 o'clock in the forenoon,
be" assigned for the bearing of eaid petition, and
that the heirs at law of said d.-ceased, aad all
other person interested in said estate, are re
ouired to anrear at a session of said Court,
then to be hoi Jen at the Probate Office, in the
villa? ot Mason, and show cause, if any there
be, war the prayer of the petitioner should not
be granted: And it ii further oT'Jered, that
sai l petitioner give notice to the persons interes
ted in said estate, of tne pendency of said peti
tion, and the hearing thereof, by causing a cof y
of thi onW to be published in the Lansing J:
puUican, a newspaper printed and circulating in
said county of Iagham, 3 successive weeks previ
ous to said dav of bearing. A true copy.
2Hw3 Judge of Probate-
Take them and Livo !
HS eCleot ihoui mad Die.
Hkkkicv tscoaa Caato lua
d Kan Tau.-TUEii Buumuia
tkh. Thee iiBaurpwJvsvl rewta
die have, by common cwtuent of
mankind, bee a placed at tbs heaj
of all imilar preparatHHia. ller
ncf V ceUble fiUa. in univenuU
p-wincw, safety and certaioty r
lb cure of the vanoua datvajwa fit
man, excel all others, and their
awl arqueti.iaMy u treble that
s auotbsr kinds. In full Joeea
.tbsy are active Catiiartic. ua
mailer d.wea 7i.stu-.aad caoitur
in aft Biluoua A.wnplmiota, Sicb
tteaaacne, uvr lheaea, kidaey
.vraufTmrata, po-aaack IKeor
r, and Skin Adecnons, they
ure as if by sauiA--. TLe
Mia are purely nyiatir, caa l
al.ru at any tiiu by er tsxtaf ,
siUiovt cban in eiupe-ytuent oc
'act Mer-tiry is a p..! nesliciu
vhea ptowrlv wed, hat wbew
nnuioiinded iu a IMIferuntverul
iix, it titstHst. of hraeo
in; t!ie pain-tit llerru-fc a Suar t - aed IML uae net I
rr been ia -a-s to ;-r,iu. r.'t mouth ard a.-lonc joiut-.
hin- - ra I'tlii M. Therefore. srons in watttol a
fanidv IMI, p'ea-aot to tait, reita a t euie, and usl by
nu'li. ii-. a .11 certaiu'y I lr no other 1 De-.-IMls are
rmerel eali oatuu; of pure white Miar, no ta-le l
tue-h.-.iie al-.jt them. Iut are as easilv tnl. u as bits if
coi.le.-l oerv t'AVll.Y IMES. g. IEXTS : it P-lXr.
Ilairi'l Kid Mlr'iii;lliiiiM
la. -e r u n.d I'la.Iers cure (si "is. elne and dm
trr. m O.e lca, i.les aud hieast, iu toe A r. Iu
hsrd.Mieerta.il ale they t- .hi thin that tho I ropth lor
s ir in;-tlieni Sn a 1 f r m re-.iis, ha'ains and cums
it lieautitul Kid letl,er, ren.'.er them r-s-uliarly adapt
ed to ti e w ant-i : " .i.j au 1 . theis K t.-!i I'U.ter will
' -m oue ! . uioinhs, an I in rle-sinatc com
pik.nts, pe. ,ii, and (.ri.ij. treu.ut-utl ell.-cl c.e,
whilst ail other reine-he fa.l. d V nil d.tei-ti..u wilt be
rmia.f n the laek ol e..s. I'tikVie -fs-aWer. H-a!i-U,
tuuii-teis ot tt1(....e,l and other, will treulhew tLett
i .nf- 1 .nil. one "" T i.'fi t v.-ai.iii; - hii. on tin
i-'. ruH'K I, t n rs.
( astlr'a l .tlli ( alwi i U SinulT.
lias ot.ia.ned an em ,a!.le repatatiou u ihe cure ol Ot
tsrrli, I s ,.f .,e... k-..n. ss, Watery and Inriame i
Eee. and thoe disac .eeahie noi.es. re.eiul.lius tie
w tmi.i( ! -team. .Iistnnt at. it. lis. etc , pu'lv e,'et
ab;. comes w ith full diiectioos, and .le,i,;l,t.ll tiial uo
-t . a-a mi-. n. smi'f it rtmu.t Is- r.i:ui!l rKICK
IIAItVKI.I.'-i lliriOw IMIWIIKItw.
The-e old e.tatile-he.1 -..w W is, s. .l twovsa at the
i.-nv t.i.iii i.t.f i , an t Mi I ;n itiiiiMi.-e
uauTiis thioiirh tte Mid li- and Ea-lera State for the
Pt seven e..rs, continue to eaeel all other Liu Is , in
di.esM-s a t i viu i ,i.'.l, their rv.cK. use i acluowl
e 'ired i ii ( rr. Tlief contain ti-.thitiar iniurwus, the
lean he wet Let while feed-in; them ; amide dtree
t...us !.' w.ili each pt. I.l-r , ant (k.t li.r-meii .te in it
d to test their virtues an t ni.U-e J the.r c ''
I.A15-.E I'At K Ai.E. l. I S
jVjTl.e a!.'e attu les are eld hv '.'T.tSSl av-enta
through-. ii! the Tinted States. Canada and S.uth Aae-ri.
k. at wh'd.-sale hy all larje I h ainriata in the priucipat
lies. II1.KKI. k . IIKOII1EKS.
I'ra foul I'arMt.sV, .4'.iay. .V. 1"
aV S dd at Ijiiis Hi bv ad dealers in Med dues. uJ bv
llrucifi.ts and cuutry Vlerehant even .here.
K. II. I'AI.MEK. rllia A i nt.
Du. .1. W. Kkbmoti's Cei.kbuatki
Vnikramr Mnici:s. mauufactiired oulv bv
Dr. J. . Kermott. for II. M. todmaii k Co., a'
their elore. No. 1 t'ongrt-SH St., Detroit, Mich.
Courot i r. vtr it or Willow, a positive
aud never-failing cure for Ague, Chill Fever and
Billion Diseases. It is a mild Vet powerful tonic
iu all case of debility. Indigestion, d tips-nisia,
and weakness ol the stomach.
CouroiMi Masorakk, or Aperient Auli-Bil
ions Pills, the best purgative now known. These
pills combine tower with mildness of action, and
in no case produce subsequent constipation.
Extract or Bi.aca iikrkv, a vegetable Summer
Complaint cure. The only certain remedy in
Dvseiitery, BI.xulv Elm, Cholera, Cholera Mor
bus, Cramps, Ac.
I.1KTABI.K I ri.atOM A RT lUl.SAw, a Safe and
certaiucure for Coughs, Colds, Hoarsen., Bron
chitis, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, kc.
t ?y lort ertilieates, Ac, Pe I uvular, to lie
ha-i of Druggists and Medicine Dealers generally.
for sale by K. THAI Lis Agent.
- iSX , iii i 5?v 'sPx SS t
9 y. 2 i
U ' E V&
Sold bv D. L. Cnisstnan, Ingham; Thaver &
Co., and S. D. New bro, Lansing ; and 0. Gratton,
Wiiliaui.-tou. Iv-2u7.
I'aleiil c;iiuriis and awhiiit;
WARRANTED to give purfrct satisfaction or
no sale! These tnxehines suqias all oth
ers now in use, lor simplicity, durability, utilty
and execution without the Bhghteat injury lo
clothes. We will ceu-I these waah.-r for liisl
to the bouse of those wishing to purchase, a
they require to be used to be rightly appreciat
ed. Also, constantly on ban ! or made to order,
all kinds of
COUP E K V o It K .
Trass I loo;.. Cisterns, Tacking Barrels, Butter
Firkins, Wauh Tubs, Well Buckets, Sap Buckets
Ac, at prices to suit the times. One door north
of the Episcopal Church.
Mich. 2:t
Alta'liin'iil .1oii-i'.
Take notice, that on the ivth day of Janua
ry, A. D. I vV., a wiit of atlai:hmeut was issued
out of the Circuit Court for the county of Ing
ham, returnable on the I'.Uh day of April, A. I).
lvV, in favor of the said Truman Bacon as
plaintiff, and agsin-t Daniel M. Dunkle defendant,
for the suin ot live hundred dollars, and it ap
pears by the return of the Sheriff to aai-1 writ,
real estate has been levied ujm by virtu there
of and that the said defendant could not be found.
GEO. I. PARSON'S, ITff Ati.'y.
May Uh, 15'.. w:i!L
' alMTllI Sale.
1)Y virtue ol one execution is-mcd out of and
) under the s-al -f the Circuit Court for the
county of Ingham, to tne directed and
delive'red, I have b-vied upon all the right,
.,.u .n.i it. t. rest of fbar'.es W. Ball and Elliott
II. Ball in and to the f iIowing dcribed lands
and tenement, b wit: liegirming at the south,
west corner of the ea-st half of the north-east
quarter of section twenty-three, in township two
north of rage one east, and running eat on line
of said lot live chains, thence north twelve chains,
thence west five chains, thence south twelve
chain", to the place of beginning, containing six
seres of land in the county of Ingham, and
Sute of Michigan, which I rhall expose, f jr sale
at public auction, on the 2';dday of June, ltsS,
at 1 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the
Court Hons, in the village of Maon, in said
couutv. EDY BAKR, Sheriff.
Maon, May C, 1 f.wil 1
Chancer)' Sale.
BY virtue of a decretal order of the Circuit
Court for tlie county of Ingham, in Chance
ry, made on the 2Sth day of April A. D. ISS1,
in a cause wherein lavid Gould is complainant
and Stephen S. Gidacy, Eliza Gidaey, George A.
Wallace, and Eurotus'W. Barnes, are defendant,
I will sell at public auction, at the Court Hou-e,
ia the village of Msson, in said county of Ing
ham, on the 7th day of July next, atone o'clock
in the afternoon of that day, the laiels in sai.
decretal ot der described, viz : lot two, (i) tbree,
S six, (6) and seven, 17) in block No. sixteen,
(16) in the village of Stotkbridge, in the county
of Ingham, and Sute of Michigan. Dated, May
' Circuit Court Corn, of Ingluim County,
213w7 Mich.
OO JJm to employ an active reliable man
in eTtry county, to travel and Uke orders by
sample for
AND TOBACCO. Will pay a salary of 500 to
pr year, payaWa nvmthly. For wunplw
and full particulars, address
KRl'GER PRESTON, TobacconisU.
5w214 It William street, ew YwaV
CCt e-S

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