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From tb Albany Evening Journal.
(' t'ui Hurt. ami ScULk U-ir-U '')
Soil balmy airt throujh bursting bud,
Arro'inT languid temple" creep,
And wliiepcr o'er mj s!u?gih vein.',
A auniinoi.. to the aiigeifeleep.
The iin ponrj through, niy window blind,
In lines like broken, sabre-blades ;
In Mhiniii tieri they baruih-iH stretch.
As if npported by their shades.
The .Irik-laU path that ppans the Street,
Look filareed between the bars:
frail lace-work wove in silent loom,
ISy frost J Gliders Wath the ftar".
And strewed aJ thick in insecU swarm
When dantir.g Win the summer beam,
fi-oIvin;r in the smile of morn,
I mark the pearly frost points gleam.
Above, f.r through the clear blue air,
Flares, largely-deep, the bnriiihed hky,
Anl shadowy forms with jests of son?.
Are flitting, spirit-like, ever by.
A lif", it is a bh-ssed thing !
We lie all night in dreamy bliss
And, (struggling in kindly aim-",
The morn awakes us with a kis.
And d light is a (exit of gilts
Where all are dear invited guests;
Where IJeuuty rays her .sweetest smile-',
And Humor rharuis the hour witti j-el.
We notice l-ss the pool than ill
Just as we notice le. th word 4
Of kindly greeting from a fiiend
Than accent nl" reproach, when heard.
vw', i screene'i in mi-'tj rob.-1,
S'ct gr.tin, nut weed, grow on the hill'
l.l-t s. mi-lie tields ol life.
Hear more of godt by f.ir than ill
The gushing tear, the cry of wrong.
The wVilings of a broken le'sit,
When heitrd in Nature's fuir domain.
Are sent, be sure, by cruel art.
TIi song of birds the bursting bud
The gift of sunshine in the air
All .shouts of joy to me have been,
The language of a thankful prayer.
l, -till ill rippling tides of ortg,
My prat etui soul to find will ri
in fervent breathings to prolong
This heaven, to me, h'ntath the skie.
Iaminviii E, April 2"d, I.,'..
what ski: ttiASOl.S!
TLis iiucstioii iuuy L; worth answering
at present, wlien every on is looking with
interest to th commercial status of Jreat
liritatu. A risio or fall i:i " Cuti-sols"
invariably tak 11 as a sign of commercial
prosperity or adversity, yet few have a very
definite idea of what is meant by " Consuls."
Vc find in the Uoston Herald the following-
explanation of the term :
It is) not expected that everybody should
know what Consols are, or if they do that
they bhould constantly Lear in mind what
an important element they arc in the af
fairs of llrcat liritain. We propoc to
urike a simple, explanation as to their im
portance, by remarking that a permanent
fill of ono per cent, involves a loss to
holders of, in rouud numWrs, thirty mil
lions of dollars.
The national debt of England began
with the relinquishment of the old custom
of extorting from the eople and substitu
ting borrowing therefor to meet public exi
gencies. Charles I. borrowed largely from
his partisans; but all his debts were extin
guished by the Involution Tr wj under
his sons, Charles II. and James II., that
the foundations for a permanent debt were
laid in England. On the accession of
William III. the debt was 004.Jt):i.
During his reign, however, the system of
credit was expanded throughout Europe.
A large part of the annual expenditure of
the government was del rayed by borrowing
money and pledging the State to pay an
nual interest upon it. At William's death
the debt was -15,730,431). From his
time to the present, the process of borrow
ing has been continued in all exigencies,
such as war, the largo payment on account
of Negro emancipation, c. In periods of
peace, and when tlie rate of interest has
been low, the Government has redeemed
small portions of tho debt, or it has low
ered the annual chanrc bv reducin?. with
the consent of holders, tho rate of interest
Tho debt then consists of several species
oi mans or tunas, wnn uiucreni uenomtna
tions, which have been, in process of time
variously mixed and mingled, such as Con
aols, i. e., several different loan? consolida
ted into ono stock, per cents. Consols
new ' per cent?, Ac. Tho public debt
continued to increase, until, at the acces
sion of George I. m 1711.it was 51.
1 l'.3f3. Homo two million was paid off
during this reign, but during that of his
successor it was greatly increased, so that
in 1 1 0-5 it nad reached t be sum of X 13?.
805,430. During the peaco from 1703 to
1775 ten millions were paid, but at the
conclusion of the Ameiican Revolution it
was .'249,851,028. In the peace which
ensued from 1784 to 1793, ten millions
were paid. Then camo the great moral
and political revolution of Euroix?. in the
course of which England sided with des
potism. Tho fomented nuarrels caused
coalition after coalition to be formed, spent
more irceiy to uphold every absolutist, sub
sidized every despot, and was the eaemv
of the people. L'urius this insane career
bho contracted an increase of debt exceed
ine six hundred millions sterlinrr. so
that, at the close of the war, and when the
hnghrh aud Irish Exchequers were con
solidated, the total funded and unfunded
debt, in 1817, was i.8 10,850,491, and the
annual chareo upon it was 32.0 15.941.
From that time to 1 S3 4 there was a con
tinual reduction of debt. On the 1st of
April, 1851.it was 709.644.249. But
then camo the Crimean war, and afterwards
the war in India. Immediately following
ranw toe necessity ior increased ex
penses in placing the navy and army in
preparation for a general European war.
Ait Crimean and Indian wars have in
creased the debt more than all the reduc
tions which were made daring forty years,
and to-day it cannot be les than 850.'
Thia vast sum, reduced to dollars, is four
u0 tW0 dred millions, most of
which h Consols, bearing interest at three
per cent The ordinary price of the three
per cents U 95, because people investing
at such a low rate, will not pay par when
money is worth a higher per cental. The
last news is that Consols had fallen to 89
and 90. This fall i3 enal to two years
interest on four thousand millions dollars
U holders were obliged to sell now. the
aggregate loss would be $240,000,000.
Aa it id, only these who have money en
gagemenu and must sell out to meet them,
will be losers. Already we hear of the
felon of forty stock-brokers of this class,
and others will follow unless Consols improve.
.Mere luuiU'Innwr ne Compaiiyof Il.irtforl.
On the 31 st day of Dece niter,
Amount of cai.iUl of the Cmi.an-,...
t J(O,t)0 )
Amount ! Surplus,.
ToU! mviiiDt -f C apitil a 1 Sur.Iti,.
A S S K T ! .
Amount ( h u ' -'z J' '
Amount ..f C-.h iu Inn 1 t A.nt-, J,.-' '
Ani't nf in luit.r (Mi. Hunk i v-i
A-Tat m)ut f Ch-U lt-m-,
Wkf unit . in-'? -n" t "-
Mil' !'' r.lh't (.'- rf-JI.
ilk th' i-ir iin-l
m. M.i.k. t a!
SoH-Ara. Eo-hiue B.nk. N Y. ' - 0 ISOrno
M M. tr..i-I t in liti.k, N. V. &.'X-M
. 1 l i. . i. ii . . .. 1 r ..m ittt ft 11 I Ml
rir-rOak Ifcrik IUr:l r l, 5.'i '
l.vlmng . ivuik, ii irt.i'r i,
.ttni liank, Hir'.r. rt, !, .
Ir. & r.tuk." ' .'"
I'liwnit lUnk, INrtl'-rt, '"
ic lstl.r l: ,t"n.5.o K
.i..V.i i
;'i.J. 11
1..4 IH)
1 l'-.ii.l.l,i'o.-li Lst' M i-"iin l' '
l' 1." " Stat'- Mich., .'i,t M
I l ' i'r 'i Hait
i .t.j, 1 1: p. i in ) r,fV'M
, " Jl.iKMir'trli iU il HuT-
li.r.l . I'.rl. I M
tiler) '
j1':;.;,!! oo Si",.:;tt.ti
ASjptt mirki-t Tt:: f t ti.f atx.v -Lk W, Itt1"
rt'xki an l H-n i kHI.v CoMimtw as. t uritif i J-fc
.', n'h thr fuir m l M-irH rMv th- s'M", an-l
I'.rvjl. Mark. .! Am. kuuM
I'll .-W- Koik lint
f.rl '., IUrtt.ir.1, i'.Joti.'-l
7 !-1. om Mr.-'f l!S " T '"l
1'. M. r. .V l I'l ' . '.'l
7 j ' II... -ki.lv I! k. 7i
l.i Irv n ii k S V , Ti'Mw
j HrttU ilft ii'li,
iti Mi-oiin, -"
7 .'.HI. ml
7'.t.! tM
1 ,7 'i'l
l,"'i ii
.('i imi
;'i.. ml
it-J(l Inl
.. 1mhi JlT.'ilO 0l 11.7Vil
A.-r'-t :im t l 'i.'-1 ! tli wrim!:-., ll ,7'Vi .Wi
Ad. unt '! ,iin i"irl b M-irtirnrv.
iiiir lirl l-o -t rt-C'til, .u nn-nciiii.lr i
K- l K..t.-, ..rtb t l-.t i V..IMI
An.iiiiut l Stock N..i".oo InO-n-.!. .1hl
on l, ;n in 1, i-1rn f I..re !, f ii i ir
l t.y 1 1.. !- ..f tli- St.'.-k
Amount ol luN-f-t nccrue.l, tut 0"t ilu",.
; 1 :; m
I . K ) .' M I IHI
Air r amoiiut f A-"!''
ncl'4 tin.; t'aji
8 j:V.i.7'. Ki
IJalaitVf,.r I...-.- not tlim
H.7.HI O-
Noo'li'T ri.i.iu- .'aint the t '! inv
j:. Hl' :. l.i;;liK! I., S.-, 'v.
STATK OKI I'N Vmi' l T. t
l.tMi-iKoiittt' :, Uaici. hi. .I.in . I ."'!
I Lfrfl.y -ertif that I iin ex.Hiitiifl the mil
vcauti.-"t.f the M.Toliafit' lnsuroi.i-e '.Hii!iy of INrt
for 1,1'oiiu., aii. I tin.! it A -ot an 1 t'on.lit.oii s et L.rth
in the tort-Koinvr Ma'einent, an I I l.-'liev it i-ntue la.i
tal i rafely iueti-.l an ! er.ire.l
iKjuUi.K Kol'.INSoN", It-fiultjiumu.
The uhcr;ler U .lulr auihori?-.! to Uke n-k an l i
n i-.heie, in th aN. KKI.IAI'.I.K INSl'R AXI'K I OM
I'AS V, at a low katkh of premium an the uature .f the
rik will a lmit. Ise i.roioitly an.l e..i:t. il.lv a.tjust 1.
lyill JAS. TfKVKK, Airent.
doctor noori, irs
WII.I. rKKilTTAU Y ffl'.K
Jitttn-lirr, i'knmic or AVrniM 'l.ii.l. Iht-f i f Ikr
vt.iiirv, an-l all idi-.iA-'- art. irt'j tr- it i(i.-.. ; r.i .i
rr nr Stomtt' h.
urh a t'on:imptioii, Inaarl l'il-. ruin-' or Ifhx!
the lleHil, A'liiT of tho loluirh. N in-e, llarthmn.
iAut for r 0t, l'ultieor W,-.ht i:i the M-Miiarli. Sour
Krucation, Stnkinu or Fluttering at the Fit ..1 the :-i..in
aeh,Saiiiiruiu ol the llea.J, lint rie.l ami IiIVk'ii!1 dreatli
hi, Fluttorin at the Heart, iliol-in or Sutr.x-tii;r
.itmn when in a lyiu H,ture, I'muie f Vision. I-..-
or W ! txlore the 'l.t. Fever ul I '.ill .:nu m il'
ll,-a.l, IVttciency of lVrp;ration, YelloneM of the kiu
an.tKji-, l'niii in the Si.le, Hack, t het, I .mil., .V'- , So. I
K-n Hushr of lh-nt, liuiuitii; in th fl-l., t'on-t nit
Imijuiin.' ol Kvil an 1 irn-it lviirei.?i of Si.iriu.
The r,.riet..r, in rall.n tl.e att. ni.on f the public
U this preuaralHu, ! o iih a leel.nir of Mi u'.m.t
eonfi.lenre is its virtu anl a.l i t.iti'.ti ! the ,l:-eae
for lurli it i reroniiueDM'l.
It is m new an.l nu!ri;.l arti-le, hut "i.e II. t h i f...l
the tet of a ten jcars' trial bef;e the American e..le,
an.l its reputation au l al ar uiirivv!-! ty any similar
pref.i ration extant. The testimony i:i it t.iror ifiven by
prominent an 1 w ,-il kiiowu I'liy-iri.iin st. I iu liTt.tii ils :n
allarts4f the cun'ry i-- iitiiueue, nnl em, f.il ei u
al ol the Alin.in ie, pnl.li H'- l aiinualir l.y the i rot.r.e
tor, an i to be h.vi cratm ! any of his Agents, cannot l.'it
til the most nkeptical that thi renieily is r-ally Je-
rerfinz the irreit ceienrily it has olitaineU. 1 t I '
Foil THE SPKKtiY ffl'.K OK
Couijlii, Cold, Influenza, Croup, Hoartenert,
Bronchitis, PiieumoHoi, Dit if t of the Bote
eltari$inj from Colds, Iucifieut Cvhwh
tion,and for the relief ami (if ul nil po$i
hh)enre of Patient in iiinmm $!itje oj
the latter ilinta-fe.
Thi celebrated preparation, hk the HittT, may be
rnutiileiitly relie.l on. It M le-i.Tunl t. r a i la- of iieas
es more -neral aud more fatal than any t.lle-r to which
the (sph of tiiis couutry an subject thu-e tpriUirinic
from a "Hlight eol'L' TUia emiD-nt anth-irity, IT Bell.
yi : " 1 will not nay that CoMs are t. nr iDbab'taot
what the riAfitit anl Yktiiw Fr..itK ar to th.e of other
countries ; but, 1 can a-r cu fi jntly tiiat they ithr iu
,liea- of grvitr complicity an ! m irUitiy thaa th,-
A further proof of tli tenlble faU'ity of UMae re
sult fioia a '-cuiumom cM" may be seru l y a glance at
th f.'llowiii' stati-t.rs, talen from the re,,rl of th-
Boar. of Health 4' I'iiil.tdflphia, cafesl;y one .f the
most healthy lc.i!ltis in the union :
lV T.tl .!., l.s in PI.ilia.lMlril.ix,. . lil.-J'.t
lh.l ,.f l ..-iimption 1 nt
' ail otiier iii-.eae. (-6o in nnm-
ber.) ! r.'.l
li... l.tal iVath, !,7 lil
i'e.i . (.onsiimptioo 1.VI5
all other ll-eaes, ,Ni4
1J4 1 tal .!.atu., tl M4
I.e. of G'0mp!ion, 2,171
ail other Jieaes, S,0ol
11, SI 4
From the S.-.ire, it will seen that nearly ue
fourth of the tout deathi in the country are raue-l by
eon-uiuption, to say nothing of tie nimr..ua other J.
ease nprinrin frr.m a lilit c.l.t."
IVi m.t tntle with your health : but. if suff-rin fn m a
ouli orol.l on the Inn?, buy a bottle of HOI ir LAMi'S
BAlJAMICOrUilAL,au.l you may nafely count on a
cute. TbouaoJ.s har done 40,an t bav cerUtie.1 to iu
wonicrful effects.
0"urh aometimea prnceeil from a llsorJered or a dya
peptte state of tl storaacli, in which case th German
Bitten ghouM be nsej. la c f wiakae, or si-n
eral debility of th system. rea:tin from a protrac
te.1 coujh, th German R.trers will be foim.l srreit
Pre parti only by Ir. C. MJicUm, 4i3 Arch Street,
FhiladelphTs, anl for sale by Uru?.-etj an 1 S:rekeeper
throuhirot th United S'utea an.) faixaia. Pnce 75
cents per hottie.
For sale by ii. Thayer f.i., E. Ii. BaiSotoo, au 1 New.
bo Jc Bro , linsmit, anj all repecUble IHugL-ts ia the
l"nin. i,i.3
CJouiuiistwiouor's .otice.
TIIE uudorsignod having beea appoint ly
the JuJge of Trobate of Inghkiu county,
yichirran. coDiiuiisionpni t.i rcoivo (T iming an.l
adjust all claims and demands, against the estate
or ueorge Aieecri itoceased, hereby gife notice
that they will meet for that mimosa at tha niVa
of II. Pratt, ia the township ot Williamston, in
sain county, oa me sua day ot June, the 21th
day of August, and the 17th day of October, A.
D. lS5i. at 10 o'clock A. M. of e. h ,ir n.i
tliataix nrontha from the ISth day of April A.
3i, are aiiowea ior creaitors to present
their claims. All persons having claims against
aid estate are notified to present them for ex
amination and adjustment at the times, and place
above mentioned. May 18, 1S59.
2 1 w6 Ccwnmissioner,
EaOoZs EEesre!!
SPRING of 1859!
TiEG LEAVE to uotifiv their Friends and Lus
J) tomers that thev are now receiving direct
from New York, a lar?, coniph to, and well so
lected stock ol"
Jt ? if ri Vv u h Sn
(Jf every J-erij tion, suitable to City and
Our Slock Consists Of:
Ir Sjniii ami Su!itmt-r.
A ( J rent Variety.
Supertme, Meiliimi, :uil Coarsi
I )( )MESTTC. Dome?tic;DOMESTIC.
A Lare Stock.
1 1 ATS, 1 1 ATS, 1 1 ATS.
For Sjnini; ami Summer.
Fine ami Coarse.
lMnsin, Miaft L, Is.'.
. i. . is a ii i. i: V ,
ILivili H.'ilenis!K-'l l:is Shirk l
FAMILY (i'R 00 lilt I. BS,
With a full an 1 choice j; Li tioti of every kind
of gimds iil th;it line, i:ivit'S the xatlnuatiiili f
hou-e-keet-ers, before piiiilyliig tin involves. It
is his -uin t.i keep i,i article l,uf the Ia
addition to the CiKOlT.RY TKADK, he will, a
usil il, keeji a enti-t.l.it Siljifdy of
Fresh mill Cured Provisions,
srcii as
Pouftrtf, Miirlrrr! and Wlnfrpish.
He h:is in store, the bt :irt : l. s ii ib line of
jSIMCKS, i .
AI?0 a choi.'c article ii d; i.d Primes, a eood
substitute for Apples.
He has a I.ir usso: tiu.-tit of
oiiio vk)m:. iti:,
forming, together, a stock l.ieh Hotel teep, r,
Hoarding Hou, and priv ite f.imiiles would do
well to give attention.
lie lias think ti give for pit p.itroii.i .', and
strong hopes of still greater for the future.
Ijtnsing, Jan. 1, lS.ri'..
furniture Warehouse
Couaiit ICIork, 111, Jffcroii
A v vn ii v.
To all Furniture Buyers,
I ofler to tho public by far the largt and most
complete assortment ot
lAHkhy-(r!.i$gfet milott-War', dr.
That can be found wet of New York city, all of
which was selected with the greatest care, and
with paritcular reference to the Material, Manu
facture, Quality, Style, Fashion and Price.,
1T The same will be sold at 25 per cent, less
than ever offered in Detroit. JgJ
Tarlor, Dinin?, Bed-Room, Librarv and Office
Iu Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Maple
and Cherry, with any covering, plain or fancy,
that may be desired. Also,
Painted Enameled Bed' Room Sets,
a great variety of style" constantly on hand.
Bedding, Curled ITair, Mos, Husk, Cotton and
Sprin? Mattresses.
J5?"To the TRADE, every article in the Fur
niture, Chair, Upholstry, Hardware and Willow
Ware line, with a good variety of superior var
nishes, Japan, Veneer?, Mahogany, A:c, Ac, are
offered at a tmall a-leane from cott.
All Good Warranted aa Represented.
N. B. Goods bought from this esubliahment
for Shipping, securely and properly packed for
transportation. J. W. TILLMAN.
Detroit, 159. 195.
Sheriff Sale.
BY virtue of one writ of execution iuedout
ot and under the seal of the Circuit Court for
the county of Ingham, to me directed and de-'.
livered, I have levied upon all the rinht. title and j
interest of iIhamT. Johnson, in and to tae
following described lands and tenements, to wit:
the entire block number eisrht, in the village ot j
Stockbrid, and county of Inehaiu and State ;
of Michigan, which I shall e xpose for s:ile to i
the highest bidder, at pubhe vendue, at the
Court Hou, in the tillage of Maon. oi the !
li'lli day of July, 15'., at 1 o'clock I. M.
KUV ISAKKK. Sheriff.
Dated, Mason, May 7th. A. D. 1S5 . '.w213
Sheriff feulc.
BY virtue of one execution issued out of
and under the seal of the Circuit Court for
the county of Ingham, and State cf Michigan, to
me directed and delivered, I 1 ave levied upon ail
the riiht title and intere-t of James M. Clem
ents, in ami to the following desoriled lands and
tenements, to wit: the south east quarter ot the
eouth west quarter of section twenty-one; also,
the south cat quarter of the south west quarter
of section sixteen, in town two north of ransre
two east, in the county of Ingham and State of
Michigan, which I shall expose for sule at public
auction, on the 23d day of June, 1S5'. at one
o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the Court
How-e in the village of Mason, in said countv.
EDY BAKER, Sheriff.
Dated, Miy 7th, 1S5.. rtw-Jll
DEFAULT hating been male in the condition
of a certain mortgage executed by tleorge
W. Derr to John Sample.bearing date April U.'-th
A. D. 157, and recorded in the office of the
Register of Deeds of the county of Ingham,
State of Michigan, Augtist f.th, A. D. 1.j7, in
liber t of mortgages, on page ;', which said
mortgage has leen duly nssigned to and is now
owned l.y me; upon which there is now claimed
to be due the sum of sixty t ight dollars, and no
proceeedincs at law having been institnted for the
recovery ol the same, notice is therefore hereby
given, that sai l mortgage will be foreclosed by a
Fal? of said mortgaged premises, to wit : the
south half of south-west quarter of section three
CI) in township one (1) north of rang one west,
(Leslie,) in the county of Ingham, Stateof Mieh-
I'jan ; at public vcn.tue, at the I ourt iiouse
M ison, in said county, on the sixth (th) day
Vu"ut next, at one o'clock in the afternoon.
JOHN W. PHELPS, Assign...,
lUUM.S .V. Hl NTINGTOS, Att'y.
Dated. Mason, May 6, A. D. 1S.V. tillwl.
DF.FAL'LT having been made in the conditions j 1-. tr
ot a certain mortgage executed by Samuel H. i j 'J;'
Fisher to me, V ilhatii N-ott, bearing date the
lVlh day of May, A. D. lvr.6, and recorded in
the ollice of the Kegister of Deeds of the coun
ty of Ingham, State of Michigan, on the 1st day
of July, A. D. lS.'io, in Liber t of mortgages,
011 page upon which said mortgage there is
now claimed to lie due the sum of one hundred
and thirty dollars, (i I So) and no suit or proceed
ings at law having instituted for the recov
ery of the same, notice is therefore hereby given
that said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of
said mortgaged premises, to wit: The north
ea-t quarter of tho south west quarter i f sec
tion twenty one, in township three north of range
one west, ( Alaieden) in the county of Ingham
and State of Michigan, and containing forty acres
more or less, at public vendue, at the Court
House i:i the tillage of Mason iu said county, on
the lsth day of August net, at one o'clock in
the afternoon. Dated, M.iv l::th, A. D. 1S.V.
WILLIAM SCoTT, Moitgi-.e.
IIai.nks.V Hi'ntiV'.ton, Atty's. HwJIJ
tlorlaa' jiaU.
OF. FAULT having been mule in the payti;. nt
1 if a certain luortjrairc, fxecuted bv Willi. 11:1
P. H.i.elton and Pcrmelia, bis wife, of Michigan, 1
to Ira Davenport, of New Yoik, dated January j
third, Is.",:;, and recorded January loth, 1 .."".:; j
in the Ingham county Kepistcr's oflice, in Lilar j
of mortiratres, on jiages '!'. and lo, upon j
hi-h mortgage there is claimed to be due nt 1
the date of this notice, the hiiiii of lour bundled 1
and t went v-cisrlit do'lais and twelve iifs, (rl- i
I'l) and so suit or proceeding nt law having
U.en instituted to recover any put theieot, mi
lice is therefore hereby giv n, that on Tuesday,
I... i.;.i;..ti. .!,.. .".f..'ji is'. i. . '.I...-L
P. M. of that day. at the tiont d.wir of !- in;
ham countv t'ourt House, in the village of Ma-on,
I .--tiall sell at public aiii lioti to the liii:l.e-t bid-
der, the preiuis. s leSci iU-d In aid mot t.i'e,
(or so much as shall le lieeiss,iry to atilv tin
ail, 0:11, t due on said luortsM !;.., t g. tlier w it It in-
tercet at ten per cent., oosisj and eip.'i.scs allow-
cd l.y law, together with a i attorney fee ot
twenty-five dollars) that is to say, the rt l.aif
of the north w.-.-t ijuarter of s.eiiim thirty-five
(:'.:) in town two (') north of range to( j; we-.t, ;
(excepting ne act.', ill square form from north
west coiner of said huid I containin-; seventy-nine I
acre, more or less. Dated June "rd, 1 .".'..
1UA DAVF.NPOUT, Moitg-ige.-.
Wm. .1. WaTFRMis, Att"v, Detroit.
2iii:'. " -
.'lovt ;;:);; :tl'.
ILFAULT having been nude in tii: p:iym.-iit
1 of a certain sum of money secured to be
paid by an indenture of mortgage, U'aiing date
tin twei.ty-lifth day of NovcioU r, A. D. l.s"il,
executed by Aaron Norris and Louisa Non is his
wife, to David t. M Clare, and recorded in the
oflice of Ilegister of Deeds fir the county of
Ingham, in the State of Michigan, on the 10th
day of December, A. D. 1 SO 1, at ft o'clock A. M.,
in liber heven id' moitgages, on page Oil and
t.l.", by which default the power to fell contained
iu said mortgage, has become operative, on which
indenture of mortgage and the note promis-ory
to secure the payment for which i: was given,
there ii claimed to be due at thed ;te hereof, the
?um of two hundred and twenty-one dollar and
seventy cents ("2-l ), and no suitor proceed
ings having leeu instituted at law to recover the
debt secured by said indenture of mortgage or
any part thereof; now, therefore, notice is here
by given, that by virtue of a power of faie con
tained in said indenture of mortgage and of the
statute in such case made and provided, the said
mortgage will be forcclHed by public sale'of the
mortgaged premises, therein described a-i fol
lows, viz: all those certain pieces or parcel-of land
situate in the township ol Landing, and describ
ed as follows, viz: lots number seven (7) and
ei;ht ( 5), iu block nuuiV-r twenty-one (ill, in
the village (now city) of Lansing, according to
the recorded plat thereof, being town t noitli of
range 2 west, county of Ingham and Stat." of
Michigan, will be sold at public auction, to the
hisrh.-st bidder, at the V'.nirt Houre in the village
of Mason, in the county of Ingham mid State of
Michigan, on Mondav the f;r-;t dav of Augu-t,
A. D. 1 ii'. , at -2 oY-WL P. M , of s aid dav.
II. P.. MeCLUIIE and S. S. I'OliVF.LL,
Executors of the lat will and te-t.ni. ht of
DAVID t!. McCLlT.K, Dttr ased,
Wm. H. PiXCKNET, Att'v for mortgagee.
Dated. May 1 A. D. " i:;wll
It I 1 M) I ii
1HA E on hand and for sale, a large and well
selected pfK-k of
Embracing a'l the different thicknesses and qual
ities in general ue. A large lot of Sized Hoards
for tiothic houses aa J barns. Any amount of
first, second and common inch, inch and a fourth
flooring, which I offer very low for cash.
Alo, Si.tro0 feet ff Scmtlin and Jvlnti,
of all lenglhsand sizes. Roof Boards, Boar land
Stick Lath. l',i0 choice Shaved pine Shin
gle. A large amount ot Hewed Timber. Bass
and Whitewood Lumber, Ah and Bassvuod
The above lumber will be sold rough or dress
ed as desired, as I have
A I'lainiits .Tlachiiic
and can till all bills ot work and material for the
entire finishing of houses. All common taiz-.-s of
Pine and Whitewood Doors for gale low.
Those ia want of houses or building maierld
will do well to give me a call, for I am bound to
compete with all competiton, let the price be
what it may. AH kinds of produce aud occasion
ally a horse, wagon, watch, cr good cash note
taken in part pav for buildinr or Houses and
LoU. " " C. C. DuDGE.
Lansing, January 1, 155. 1 '.
ITOUSEaad Lots 1 and 2, oa block US, city of
11. Lansing, and a Farm in the township of Au
relius, being the north half of the north-west
quarter of section two. Terms easy. Enquire
of the iubscriber, at mv place of business.
Lansing, May 1, 1S5'.. 210
Old fyrr.
B u T n a
Krt B:,
C c n t r a -
ti. n T tl e
M utclc.
Ufillif )
t ri e
J.Mnt Pa.r
-a-3. l:'.,run:.t
t"!; it'U'.i.'. I..ir.;. iis
J. '.i. , I. .li rr.risl rM..s a itrrat r. luiit .n a
:eri.-l ai.a:lO! fur r..en ati.l auiniaU in t!.e ;.b.m
' nt S-t. J .'.n's Lin
!! !. i: -I :! .i curat: pr. i rli, a . ' ii j i .-.ii
. t. I -it I is rv.-r .!!. with. ii ilv k!...l. i!ii- I tir.t
ii..!.- u-. . f it :. r ti.r rt.riim.tt ! wWi 1 I :,4 I-. t.
uij l t r l:i- r- t'-in ?rtjr Vrar- 1 w 4s II u ci..''r. .!
t., r !!. o l.i!f'.rs Cat 1 r. u-l ri.-t :irn iuy 'f. l.ut
. insflr't-ly rurrl ly t!.i I j::in.rat. 1 ajphr.1 it
ti..- r iu-'. U' .r ir .irff t tr!. ruM irm it In writ wl
li.- ! ii. l. tirit.l ;i:imiiation j rT.luor.l. aal t! 1
Ih.uikI -n l.i.'!.!!y vunu r! .itm.-l. I lut i.-..ii!H.-i. !,-,:
1: i. r . .t.y . i my fr:-n-1s .r trver' r;.? ,f i l.etir::..T im.i.
ir.. hrui- rte.. an.l tt.t same wn!.-f ftil ..ircr- Irn
, .r:.M: l.-.i it, u A tr.et:.! ! f t ... I....1 y
I n t 1 y 4 pi uc'i t r , t it w.s t'.ui:!.t I i-a-t ! it.
II- w.tsti.t l.t- ti:ss. I.iiUm i-r'i- liy cu t .! I y l'.?
u-.-l t ! I.i:.m.iiit. Aii my lri.-n.i- t ... u- I it
ur w .!, bir u. the l li. f ll. it it i I" -' Uw- '. -.rue
t! km i in t:.c w. r .l- AUIll N U H.
I l.HN. Ailir it. W.
-,., .1 XVr.iUf u !.'; ..'? .' ".
I't-tiSiii: 1 !!. j- i riij!.!.:i au :-t,rjr I re
f..r i:. : ol ur l.inini, nt. I I ;l.i:l Ir I. ,r-. a
I. - .!.. ili-. .j l.tmr H ,-.ir. : V L. I"' :.l.e t w I
s-i.i t O-iiuiiil-u. an.l irii-ur..l a l-.tile ! y..ir l.li.i
lurl.t. .1 Is-w :i 1 1. 1 . -.. r 1. 1, s ,.( i.-li ,T.. t l a -iii,. I
c .11-..!. r it i r.-f. rat. e to any li:.im. lit 1 I. .-vt-r u. .1.
an.l jN .ul l I.- k! t.l t.. l.avr it k.j t I., n- f..r mV. r.. t! ;.t
I may a: any t.uu: Miu-UdtJ i.4:n a-i-n-v. It w.il
,r'l t.n.l.iy. i.lollt.l. .-I'ONH:
WuiimuLr, Kr4!.k'..n cunty. d
Pain and Weakness in tiie Back and Cidc of Six
Ycarb' Standing Cured My -!mai.i.'itm jet
tiid frt t:.r t-m.-1. h-r Ih-.I. . 1:1
M i! i;;,- l.iiinn. ti. m..i iri. u-. ..!:rr
..l.ta.iir I ivl . f ui.t.l rlie iiia.ir ii-v i f
1.!- 11- .. t'.
h, !.. .. Im
-i. J .I t. l.i:
L.i. -M. wlii. li 1 flivtrl a -p. r.ly
Aum. Ol.i... April 1. 1-'."..
li:Ht ::i- HKi.-i 1 1:
I rn:.lr Si
.'l.n"s l.il' .-i' nt
f.ir -ui vi r t.. i. v
1 11... I
.?-in. .t.r. I
I true
i-t. ,
i IM-IUI.I.OI-S l.l-
t. It waa Mi....-.-.l t .
''V- '"
I l.y
i-t 1w..iiU w'ltflv If've l' ! li .r I.
..I. I. ut tl ir'.t it.-..u! l i.'.t .Ii..-. I
..lul l, it 1 1 . i. iy lonilv t. liP Oi.s l l i. I I
-i li.i.-.-l l'.-i!-rs aii-l ..tt.rs l .v it
.1 ci'V. v. n'.l Ii ..fi. im v . i..-n. 1 . I ' '
t.. 1 . ,.'. :N.IMIN III 11-1 I.
f ,1 M.-lin. i.-.
.I'. r.l a kt -it ! :il it!.
I ni.l M.-1J- th i s that
tit In m il. i;;it ,1
hri's l.iieiu. ill. a f. :-
..r'.iif" .in
II Its T'.x i .
HorM Cured of a Frightful Wound -Ti i- -n:
t my l,..i-.- 111 ;.ii I r:.i a i.ai r..w I ...:r. ti i. in-r,
I ' or I it w . -ii.l ruin 1, 111. I ai p!,-.l M J -l
. :o.. , .-i V. t .-nr.- - . -t, . ', . !. I.
M. II I'.l I.M-.. Til'in. 1H,...
Wicdgalls ar.d Sf veroCut - I lia-t a i...re t:.ai
I i.l -i !,ii,'.--iM.!u.l: up -n .'l. t I t t h p. ah. nt . y.-i.n
I 1.1 Ii- III ii il. 1 n- i.-m. ii- t!,-m tl ..nt :!.
.-, . I In, illy :ii pii.-.i : :. .' !,' I. n. 11, rut tl r. r t i,.. -
In-l. f -r .ll..ut thl. r lu..itl,,. I !.;.. I . r t, 1,111;!:
IV. -i -I !i, r i-hi-Ii ;.'ii'i.ti.tii I rat, . I in t I .iii.iu.-iif
A.tlia l...t -! -.v. I tiiiltl i,y. tl liti'i ci;r was .1
f.--t.-.i. i.-w il.,.i i tw. v.-iir- s i., ... mi. I tl -i- li:i. I--, ii
Ii.. ll:.li.'ti..'i r.f tl :r l.-lilr l.-l K I. .i."tl !" sva-...
I I II V a r l 11. :ii. .-'It 4 k':i-li ill im V t.i "' ll.l' C il.t lirs
111 I imtli an, I ..ii- 11. t l. in .irpth. W.- t 1 up the W..UI..I
a-,. ...11 a. p.. I.l.-. si ti I l..it .-I .:!. il.r l.,nn,i.-i,t. l-y
wii.. l: 1 v.-, y i i... I -itr n t-tr.-.-r, .1.
J. M. Ml X. W i t -. .1 : M .1 .n. Ol.i..
Lui:p removed frrm a Horse and Lameness
Cared. Mr. J. I.11 lir.r.l. m-m rul.n. ol.i... I. i.l a I,.
11 . 1 1, 111 p inn. 11 h.s l-i! h!...ui t:..- - ur ,.f a In n's mu
II.- fit .! I ri-n ir la i.m ti.-it .-.-ii'. I l . t 1 Uf-.l
ii!..l ..-.t-.-'.v I w .11 Mv l.-i.iii it w-.i :ip
.',... e. l .... y.-i ti,.- I.inp ai-. .t-n..l :, II,.,
K.ll. .-III.-
v : i i M-.i .- 1 ..- i' .1
J. i.m - ... ... ,. - u ,-, I I
1 t.iriiil. St.
t I 1 ... Tiftui
luring iriiini'it tt his A' and d.n
. .it Stre, on th eorner of ! '. 7
t';i ami .M'uh'ni-nt Arrnne, dir'-cttif
f,j,,s;fr thr ;.,,, .';,; OjTi.-e of'
.1. i:. jta.tf't a-
TOl'LD aiiiiounce to the oiti.cie of I.:iii-in:
and vii-initv, iliat be is prepared to -upply
tits -tn with the tno-t oiii,!. !e -to, h of
Wall Paper, Fancy l!oods afd Perfumeries ev
l.iouelit into llii-i iiuikel.
HIS STofK t'uVSISTS K .'II.l.KHolV, Sri-
clitffie. Mi-e.I!a i-v iind all the .alioliS
kin-Is of School and Plunk Bool.s in rotu-
inoii iij Letter, cap, i iinereial i.ol--.
and I on y Si iiionery, tivel..p.-s,
cards, card-cases, gold alio
f-teel pens, re ward sol me
rit, pell holders, pe-
ils,port monies,
wallets ,
j Minor
' ettraci
hair and lot!i bru-hes, i-l.i!e, fl.;eili!g
Cologne, hair oi!-i, pomades, l.air i!e,
fi'icv toil.-t roap. bl.u k. Mile i.it' in a;. I
Cat mine inks, imicil.ig. e., :i!!m-!c,
f ins, lithographs, t-t. -el i-ngi avins,
gilt moil'. ling, Col d and t t--i
lor piet'iro fi.tTneH, cur
t.iius ud fixtures,
oil canvas ntel
Mat. 1 ials for fi-iilitillga. A!-o, cheap public-.: ion
of hi! kind i ; llaiper, t!o L-y, (irahaiu, Peterson's,
Mrs. Steplieiis, Arthur, Kiii(-kerboei;i-r, Km. r
BOIl'si Plltl.iini's, F.ciei-lic,Flalik I.e-Ii.-s1!.il!oirs,
llollar Atlantic and Caliioritia Magazines, V.in
kei Xotiolis, Nic Xas, Pro. .loi.all.an, N. V.
Ledger, Meiciiry, N.V. Weekly, Harper's Week
ly, Frank Leslie's, 1 Dillon's Pictorials, Picayune,
Police !aett', Sci.'iitifie A mei iea;i, i!pp.-r, Por
ter's Spirit, Flag, Novelette, Ierr:i.-iii Leslie, Spir
itual Telegraph and Waveily.
Thankful for past favors, we hope to receive
a share of public patron ig. J 1 ', j
.1'U I It'll.
M1H siibsi iibers h iving recently a- i.ile.l
themselves together under the !l inn ol the
Lansing Planing Mill Company, for the purpose
of manufacturing Sash, Blinds nn-I liix.rs al.-o,
Pl.iiliing ami Matching all kinds of himlier, and
filling all bills of work for the entile finishing of
houses, would rc.-pecifn!!y invite the attenti.m
of all having business in our line, to give us a
call, as we are now prepared to leCeiv all oi -dt'isi,
and do the w.uk in the best .os,i(,,. uiaii-n.-r.
Shop opposite the Pie-bteiiaii el, inch, on
the river. Middle T-iw n.
C. C. IhiIiI.K,
1 1
Lansing, June J, '
in:, j. iv. iti:i:uoTT,
Cclft'tic riiyMcian and Siirron.
Would liio-t respectfullv anin.une. that he will
vi-it Lansing on the louiteeiith day of ev.-ry
month, fir tin purpose .f meeting patient at-
riiete.l with Chroriie or Lingeri!ig Diseases.
IrjOMS at the Lansing lfonr.
Dr. Kennott has in his p.ss. s.;.,n certificate?
from, and is permitted to refer to hnieh-'eds of
gentlemen of high Man ling and re-peet ability,
in Detroit, London, Toronto, at;. 1 other cities roid
towns, who, having been r.du'-t,I ti the border
cf th.- grave from Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia,
and other di-ea-cs, and having tried in vj;n th ir
physiciaii's preicriptions, and most of the quack
nostrums for the cure of tho-e diseases, are now,
from the uv of his V.-getald M-dteines, in the
enjoyment of perfect health.
Dr. Kermott hr.s, iu the cities of Ioiido,i and
Detroit, "hiring the la-t seven y.-ars. admirii-tered
the different remedial ag-nts of the Vegetable
Kingdom to thousands of patients, in almo-t ev
ery variety of disease, with unparalleled success.
His medicines are exclusively vegetable, and such
a are safe and eSicaeiou" in the cure of disease,
without entailing on the pat Wit any of those
miseries experienced from mineral poisor.?.
Chronic or lingering Disoaei of the Lungs,
Liver, Kidneys, and Scrofula Cancers, all impuri
ties; of the blood, and all diseases of Womei a;d
Children, treated sucesfu!!y.
Dr. Kermott has had trreat eiperietice in dis
eases of the Chest and Ner-ous Sysu-ia, curing
hundreds c f rase? pronounced incurable by other
Pr- Kermott's residence, Detroit. En
trance to Dispensary, No. 14 Congress street;
entrance to othce, firisivold street, trst door from
Dr. Kermott w ill also visit Onondaga the 11th,
Eaton Kapids the 12th, and Mason the K,th of
every month. 1 fi
.eiv hook stori::
WM. M. CAER, has moved his stock one door
north of Bagley'a Grocery, on Washington
Avenue. Fapr?, Magazines, Books andSution
ery. Call and examine before purchasing else
where. 1 6S
? 'laf
T. (ItMT
l.l.- t I tl
.-ll.i I.
I I . t-rMi.-, fl it 11, y "ii
t -11 l.-t-l mI.oiii I'.f.rn v irs
. i -. c 1'. nlat.-.l I, a't .r.l tr
,t I II. -.!. Il-e ..I I I. St .1.
I'. .-it,...,s ,.t whi.-i, , .V.-t. . a it
M r. k i i ii.vi .1 1 c . ihi...
THE undesigned are prepared to furnish at
short notice,
stationary V. u ? i n v
Mill Gearing, Ware House
Hoist iig A ira' us.
And all varieties of Iron Wor!i. Kepair-Woik
on Propellers, Steamers and Saw Mills exectucd
promptly a:ul thoroughly.
auAws foi mcv.
V"E are prepared to execute orders ot any
It size for l.ra-a and Composition Castings,
Oil (i'wV.v, Oil Cups, Valves, Juurmil
JiojresXia use Cocks.Cyl inder Coiks,
Stcati Whistles for $tetri?Hits,
IsKomotiirs Mills; Bells
for Lai-tones, Steamers,
and Locomotives.
Iron ICailin? V Vrramlali.
are prepared to execute all orders lor
Y lKtlN KAII.INCIS, for private buildings
L'hi:rches, Public .Squares, and CYinctery Lots.
i orner of i itth and oodbnde treets,
opposite Machine shop of Michigan Central Uillm
read, Detroit, Micuiiiiii.
GILLKTT slid has on hand a fine assortment
of tine Gold and Silver cased Watches, tine
lewclrv. Cameo, Mosaic, Florentine and Gold
Stone Brooches, t hn ks of almost ev.-ry descrip
tion, hich cannot fail to suit customeis.
Yankee Notions,
of all kinds, which will be sold cheap for ready
V:iflir, l.rk,A: Jt'Ulr),
repaired, and w arranted, on a scientific principle.
GILLKTT has liow in his , mplov, Mr. E. W.
BAKF.B, late from Ja. kson.
All work entrusted our care will be prompt!?
executed. Kepect full v.
Lan-ing, May 1st, 1 .'". lis
'IMIK r.NDKKSltJNKD are daily receiving ad-
1 diiions to their stock, and are
m il at
d to
Wholesale and Retail.
As large mid comprehensive assortment of goods
in their line as can be found in the West.
Their stock of Books embraces:
Scientific, Medical,
Classical, " l.egri, g
School, Agricultural,
Theitlogic.il, Historical,
Juvenile, Miscellaneous,
Works of Science and Art, and Standard Poet
in id Prose Writ.-rs, in every variety of style and
Citi.eiis and st ranger are resp.i-t fully invited
to call and examine our stock.
We have also a large stock of Letter, Cap and
Note Paper, Envelopes, Ink, Slates, Blank Books,
Fancy and Staple Stationery, in qualities, styles,
and prices, which cannot fail to please.
Our arrangements for obtaining Mock from
lirst hands, and on the most favorable terms, en
ables us to oiler Country Dealers, Teachers, Li
brary Committees, andotheis btiving in iiianti
lies, liberal discounts from retail prices.
In connection w ith our establishment, we have
A Under if t- Hank ik Mumifactinij.
Csing the Lest of materials and cmploj in g com
petent wotknieii, weare prepared to fill orders in
thisline, and can s.if.-lv guaranty satisfaction in
i:;o '."I Woodward Av., Detroit.
I in port an I to l'Vitii.
family m.' pou iu:rs
iCt CNT2( NF. of the best ln.slicil.es
r 5ijf3rV. I lot Ob-I. uetioii, In. e,,r.
r!t0 vl iti. s and Painful jlcustrtuitioii
i . r useii.
The conib'ttation of ii,en-di-
f iCl ' '" ll"'s' Powdeis is the ri
ll V II k"!t 'f and citi-n-ivc
practice. They .ire mild in
their operation, and certain i:i
corrccliiig all irregularities.
Painlul Menstrual ions, removing allobsiruetions,
whether from cold or otherwise, head ache, pain
in the sM,, pnlpitatioii of the heart, distill bed
sleep, which arise from interruption of nature.
These powl. -s arc invaluable, as tho will bliti!
on the Monthly Kii"d with regularity. Iadic&
who have beiu disappointed iu the- lis.: of other
l.'1-.heines, can place the l;ttiict colili l.-licc iu
Dr. WaNi.n's P. w.b-r- doing all th.-v repres. i t
o .! ..
Tl. re is one col .litioli of the f male f-yriU In in
which the P..W d.-r caniK.t be t.ikeu wiihout pro
ducing a PEbTLIAU KF.SL'LT. The condition
referred to is PKKGNANCY the remit, MIS-
' BilI AGE. Su'.li is tlie irresl.-table tendency
ol the I.iedii in to re-loie the Sexual f'ltiCti. .!is
to a mutual condition, that even the i.-pioductivc
power rif nature cannot resist it.
Warranted purely vegetable, and fiee Srum
ariy thing injurious. Explicit direi-uons, whi.-h
hould be lead, Hccoiiipiin v each package.
Price, s -, si-t ,y mail t'i any part of the
liiit.l St ttcs, M i iir,. from il.ing.-ror obs. rva!iin.
Addies, W. P. WATSON, M.
No. 7, East Gcii-see St., Syrirue. N. Y.
The Coleman Farm Mill.
lav. v". i '.' i ... ; ; .v s 1 1 a t !M kii"'K nii: t:
l'.vr S';ii-tu'i liiw tii JIilI'r!
Tlie i.h' i ttirrttf.tl J. t.i! Milt rvrr infrntrd fi.f
iii-iltx'f I'"i (. irlifiit mid Eiiiulln Hour.
IT can be run by Horse, Steam, Wind or Wa
tcr Power.
Price, with Sieve arranged, fur sifting C.un
M.:d fur finely use, while friiiding, ..ll
Pii'-e, with Bolting M ichitie att.'idii"l, for
making Fami'v Flour, 7.r
D'-. rit. live Ciiciilars m.iv i. had, i the SI III
": be seen hi ojm r itioti, at the Ollie ol tin-':C.l.-iiiau
Farm Mill Company," Tiibune Bi.il 1
ings. No. 7 Spruce St., N. Y., where all orders
Hill lecei. prompt ;,tc utiou.
f.ml"! V APT IN T II ATCHK P., Sec.
.1 . r,, .,. In. 'i'.a i'.'i h- t 1 1 r;. i..
t..rii,.- li.ii. f ,4 !:. ri!. an' f-tr-t, e-t l
w' '.-..'.... r,,.l,,.r J.t.i.i
M K I ! i AT: I A-.-- lAllf.S, iti r l tl.- ru! .!
-?t.irt..a . f ! Il I.l--, r.ijs... t.y nn!
.til 11. I t,-n nn'.,r I ny it ,. ui,f..rt .Ii.'" C
tun- t i..-i ri---. Ly Via-i, rrrl jnri , C.r"c-1-I
o..,..;ii(.j .-.'irjr. ,. I Al lJ. A7
h r: !.y f ti. ,r i:.r... t-"si "i-ry !-.r th-1 -ir.ri,'
-.' ti . i -..f :, I--'. m l! t!,-r :--rii... r.r. I t-.
c-y Mrf i AM i r.f.RATsjt-iaU wli i-tiy hv Ir.t
fr, s "i '.-..-ru'- u .1 tlw.r c.i..l.n..i, ( , f'ni.
''tl. I. If- ...-..! U I in -- ..I -i'--lllr J-.vrr
it. fi -:M-il :i!'. in.. I i:i nl ;H!..r.. it
T!-r ',r. f!.t iti ,t t! A VS- tl,:i . - Tltjlll'l 1 . l.i -h-
-t Mr : .-.I t.:5 . t' i. 1 !l !.jrn -li ! ! '.' .
I'."- I in- -.! u ' r'-:i.-v!
T': r :.-. t.. r- . ii,. A--. : .1- .. ':. t'.. r Ar.r.'ial Ii. i- rt
i. ('!, ' !, :. tit.r'it i f ss-, jal l --r-, i, rr-1'. Liti
r-t v,'.-rt,;.., u ,' u tie' Mir.r- ,,rl. j. :.i,.j.-1
tt,-- Lt'r.r. .t t:i.r S ,r o in tl.i fut f f' flout. r
r .-. ta.t.sl V ..':.... j.-w.rrt. . t.l-.-t. ;i. .
f liiun -th . r ss u i . 5i,.l o. !-r -jt .,r .!
th" .ata- J '.is f.-r t! ns yrr.
r . !' r. ' r-, ,.ri r tl t. f, ;--iir I that
..; ! f:..- ..f r:.-ii.i.-r. . f . 1 1 hf :-i
,.t i-' it I" ! t" t; ::i.r'( j, e-,i.!:y t ti.- j-.i.,
r.J ;!. i.a.r !' !-.. :r, o.vy.-e tl.'i.---. w.tl. rt-
ii. -.t ;,!, 1.'. IL- n-ry :rs rt tr.t i.u. !i lrr, w1
ia .1 !.'i'r:',i- -r l uu Sru..! rite. r c.i.ai
tViirr.. 1 ! usDis.a, jy-t jrhit.-.a. or .s-'.f
&-. 3 1 '-.l.r '1 -.-ii ti.r rx.i! ..r;-.Tns, ly tv-;,t-ri.-
-i:-.n, w.:i I rit br ni.t ('ft :-.! n
Trr.j r ,. ,11.1 ,,f ( H.lla.r:, oa r-'.-s-t of I '.Vu sTAM
f-r t.-t-.- nh-r li.ns ao-l Tmrt. ,g tli uaurfnt
Ir-a'rrirnt of i-iti ,n.,-., ,-. f-f . -..c.:it t.
inz fr.'j'li-h,! fr srrtu t..u .l,-r:h j'd. iil ill er.'
t tti atll.rl. i s.,in".f I. cw rtii.l.-- ir. I iwl!,ili
t tra-ntit .: -i,yr I li-rr..' L l..-t icsr. r r.f rfat
Ai:r-s. f.r Rriy.rt tr.-fu.rr.t . rr. J. .-KllilV
H'lt'i.Hr.iN. A'-titi,. Sr(T..n, ll rJ cii'.t u. N.. -sV'Slh
NiutL Mrr-t, i i,i wr.i.L.k. 1 1. r!r ..r-lrr ti.e It
rt..rs i2.K. I. U AKTffiJJ., lT"..-.-nt.
('y.-i ra:R'ieti.. ss"--.-irT. M.l.'-il
Wall I.- r, Wall Iairr!
JI'ST received a tine a.-ortmor;t of Paper
Ilanginga, w hich wld be sjI1 cheap, one
door north of Eigley's Grocery, on Wa-hington
Av. nu at the Ii xtk Store of
171 WM. M.CAP.R.
ALL PAl'KIi from ct. to 75 cts. per roll
O T0C WANT Window Shades and Fix
ture? You will End a fine etock at the
Fever and Ague,
Ir.im which mankind suffer over a Urre eLt i
the globe, i the consequence of a diseaioJT'
in thr pvstcm, indueej by the roisonotu taxts
vcgctahle decay. ThU rihalation u rn'.Tfj i
ihe action of solar heat on wet Roil, ar J riHs '
the watery vapor from it. While thr bus
the hori7n thu ai.r liugcri near thr carta's ,
face, ami the vim is taken ith it tiroo.-h ,
lutis: iiito the 11hk1. There it atj a an Httat:i,
tiots.in tm the internal i.vra and firming or
of the IhkIv. The liver lircomrs tirpii and f.u. ,
sc rete rn't oulv tlii iru, but alo ttr te frJ
the Wvm. lVth t :ie viru end the bile (ciumU,,,.
in the ciri-ul i'.i.m. und roduif violent cwussitu.
tinual ilis.irder. 1 lie s;i'.ect'. the kidiu v s anj n
sMni u-!i syin.uthi'e with the liver, anj Ivo-c-..
,h. ordered .'.lsj. finally, the instinct of our
.' t iis-ii. as if in an attempt ti vc thr noxi.t.-;
... '.i,l.ii- -,,i,i-eiitrlte tho vri.it IJ.I . '"
" . nc BOv.,
ii t'.ie internal t .Titnes to f.r.r thotn t j v
...i'. Tin t.lmid leaves the sutfa.-r. and nxh
the central oriin with cori:rtivc vinl, n.v.
is tl.,- Ciitl.1.. Cut hi thi ctf.irt it fill. ITi 1. 1
i-'i. vi ii fal' m. which tho M -od l.avr thr vi,.
tr.il ori; ii an 1 ri-h. t.i thr am fur. i if jn
iu-.:!..-r i it 'll t.i c;cl the irritatiti;; p.iis.,ry tt.nM
Ii.l oi her .t- t lAcret.irv thr skin. n t
ai-o .t f.ils, ami thr svxli-iu a!ui.d ii-i the atlcm:
eh iistl. and wail t,r the rrc.niry trf metv'tt
t, i !n-it :h - h.j.le cif.irt another' Jav. TvL
ir." th" t'fi or p.iryv!n of I evik tu Auv-Sn.-'t
c.v-stitii'i:evil tl.s--r.ler will of ciurn. uaip
ii i . th- li.-.'.l:'i :f i is not renin, e.l.
.. lux. liU.ie.l t.i find, and have f.iir.J. i
-..'i : -tc,
Ayer's Aguo Curo,
h r.e:i:i ilir thi tiwhition is.i,n m fli
l. . . I. .ii .1 -tun ;! '! the Ion to c ,t fr,iiu ,,'
!.1. As I' s'uml.!. j i ii.n-, i i'c this ,t!' ., ,
dis.nder with . rf.vt icrt.iinty Anj it !,,., '',"
ftr r th.-r d-e what is ,f mine m huv t.i lh..se u
jci t t ) this if",-, !i hi. If t iken in r isni ir , V.B ;,
it fr.iin the y-:tn a it i ahirU-d. niij thus a,, ;.,
tli.i-e v!i,i u -c It flee lioiil It a'tj.-ka; a.-.-i t .
xvsteiu ill he .hit -ill'.e.iih i p..M! I thr jis, , ,
I '.inwispirnll V it rot nnU ct.,T-, l.ut protect friH
the creat v.ui.-'.y l ;iii-. tions win. !i .ir. i;,,lv.,j
l'V 0"..- I'l.i'.iil I'll ii.tl leu.-e, --i.Ii .is Keii,it,-i,
FeV.T. Chill l'iii-', P un'., el M i-Vi I 1M.
r.ri.idi.'.d H i l l he. et I'.ili.Kis Uen.l.i. l.r. I;,1M
levers. N. Hi .i'.-i.i !Ih. inn itisin. t;,iiit, ltlin,,!P.
I'.Mitlri. he. I'.isi he. f.tii.S. .'hiiu. I'.ilj a ,'
tins. Taitifal All . ti eis ..f lh.-,.!.-,-ii. 1 1 r-t, ,
lie. IVfaivsis, .ml l'.n,('.il All., li.t.s (, t;,
S'l.lil.iill ail 1 llov.is. i.l, -if n In. Ii. win ii :.i,,,.,
tVillll thi ..Cl-e. t'i' f.,11.1 to lsii ii,.,..,,,
Ws the interiuiiteiit tipe. I'hi Aui r t'i n
l.-iiloM's the . .in . el l'i -, .
the .tisiMse.
Thi it a.-citii;.Ji -hi-s I
folic to I r. t'le Villi-
i i.e . lit. tits, ;in.l
I.a.a'.illi.i.' t'.;
ironi I lie H.'ri
'Iu se iTaii tj. -n i s I,, . -eiiu Ii il.ilisj t., thi,
th. ir i.Jti. e of th. .1 on ,i. , , ,i.l. ll. i,.-.' aiis. s nltl
teiiii u .7, HHtf.ith ii. I in,, m i- .i ,-..:i'li.li V.,r
s.eiie end, but i.t't. u life is t,..t oi. cuoui'ti, ..j i,
n riticvd in the iiltctm.t. wlule this ...i I. I t i.g"
.1 ies it at i.iiee, ami villi vif.-n . We h.,r f:nt
tiasoitt.i Ik-Ii.-ic tins i a Mir-r a, welt a kjf.t
ictiifilv fat the whole l ias ,,f il.s. - wl.i, U iIT
. .us. d ty the iui.isiii.it;.- inf. i lion, th in it ct,,t
whiilllia le-n ilisi-incr.sl ; ami it ;.y still jincth.f
illllMirtulit advaiitae to the m' 'i. , tu. h i , tt.it
it is ihi-r.,; :;s t 11 as ei l.
I'l. I I VI I If I
ni:. .i. r. aykk .v
t.OWKI.!.. MASS.
ll;H T. OVK I'olltn ITtt lbmit
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
li.i. won for itself such a rnnnvn for thr run .if
cci y.iiuty i.f 1 hi. i.i I und l.iiin; t'ouiplaiut, that
it is ci t.nl iiiiiin .-ss.iix f,.r us ti n.-ouiit the
i-videiice of it virtui , win retir it ha U-itinu-j
h.ycil. A it lias lour; l-ii in rotistai.t nv
ihroi.hollt thi m- tii.ii, we in d li.it do luotr tli m
assure the p.i.le i(s .ju ilili i ki pt up to the Ik
it ever has Ui-n, :md that it may In relied on a
thi for tin ir relief all it li t m r been found to dj
Ayer's Cathartic Pills, t
Pun Cos 1 1 lAr.s ;
I'oii inr. l'i lit: it Hisri ii ;
I'ult J At Mili'K ;
1-H im: Ci in: or lMiiiinoN ;
l'i i it llrvitv nr. ;
1'olt THUCl TtK of lMStATF-BY;
l ull A l ol l. SriM H ;
I u im: I I I I. 'l ri;Vsll l.L;
I'o it Tin: I'li-M ;
l oit nit: Ci in: i ir mitt l.a ;
I on ai i. . i;ort i oi OmrLAiNU ;
I "oil 1HC t'i l:K I.r lillfl'M Tls4 ,
I'ok Oistvsr.s if mr. Ski;
l'ou ml. till: or I.IUK CoVlLAIM ;
I'm: DiouM ;
Ton the Ci iif or Trrrrit, Tt ioks ami Sin
Kurt m ;
Ilt WoUMs;
I'.ui thi; 'i nr. r U.ict;
Ton a IdvMit I'm. i.:
1 oil Tiir. Ct iu: t.r Ni i Iiaioiv ;
I uu l'tuiiAiNii uu: Liouu.
1 hy arc h.itrnr-coai.-d, ' ih.it the n:.i.t mn.
five can tak fhi-tii ple:is.ititlv, and In-iti pio!)
veoct.iLlr, ti'i hanu can arise fiotu their use ui any
Price 25 cents per Box ; ft Coxei for $100.
(ii.at IiiiihIh rsi.f Clcrifim n, rii)'Mt'ian.Stat
.m n, and initii,t crs.ii.i" , have l. ut tliiil
i.:iin s tu certify the uiijiarallf h d iim fuliu sif thfsf
i :iiilie, Irtit our bia' bcrcwill not jH'nnit tlif
ins. itinii of thi in. '1 lie Ai l.t i Ih low iiaiuiil ( j
iiish eiatisour A v l l:o n Ai m n u in whi L tln-j
:i:e .;';m n ; with :t!i f'lll leiTiptitiH -f thr aboir
1 1 .nils, and the ti. atnn lit that bhould bt ful
tl lor their uic.
1 1 1 i.ot U- j.ut uir hy t.riiriii i hJ dealer with
I h.-r 'ri jurat ions they makr more .rotit
I !:, ;,i.J A) l.U's, and t ike t.o others. ILr aii
v nit thel.c't :iid th i is f..r thM,uiil Uityahoull
h..e it. -
All our Ki tufdie are f.r Rule by
11. TIIAVKR, I.Mn-it,-; J. W. rhclr.- A V
Manoti; NhiIi. CliMinp, t inoiiiUra ; Ihani-h A
Son, Stotkbridtre ; and all denh-ia in X'cdiciiie
everywhere. Who! :ile by Kjrrand tk. Wheat
on, letr it. lvlil
A St.tr VVoka" iii ril.ii.LT illcitkhtiu (ih uii'f
mn iir,Kirii;a.)(iF mT M r oil thi kit
w.kK o. i.imaoTBBii!Ttoii.ivrii i-t-tt
. i.i nt th rrnLie, ia tin. ky'.Li. Uab.cLOi ii:
l'rtroIarly a.Ul 11 to k
X3Vs bbUi M1H, vlitrti itr,kr
? I. rUiitwuniaUUiitaiwH
Jt mrj Ut kbw ynXAUutig to !
m ri liKWlw litfoim !. p-
1 I 111 D.lnln.nMllHW
lmr Dpiti mind and b-rJr
II yrnutia iu aTvJ Uia,
if liy .- o r.lortaf.s'
eatrartd Hi d. .,
how tn fl-t riC-T "!
Una cur. luknw, il ei'iiUiM
o,f'T iBirsirUnt I mt htrt Jl
m I und mnMl.i 1 Urf
ov J"t Vnown in tl. ru:i,)ro of tnii LI;
r. .!. r ..'hr d mrn i4 tu yniUl omn.
M !irilnr, 1! i'rrii-, liMln i Uarrnn
o..t -g oti.'r Inpira, arc troawj iUi aii Urf cuuOrU
In. Ii tht-ir iii.p.rUor dp aoo it liu in 1rU
.;rt aii't r.rrt.raj work on tb llif l"i'l Wt't
th b.1 ai.d (-m: ia1in, aii't will ! iil4 In
r;.-f. ttri jart .if tl world nt tL Iiw4it !
t r.rs of TWKNTl'-UVE I'tNTV, r ;t tor rr
AKNT3 WANTKH inTrr Rut.eoBot.ti'T n4
1 1.- in t:. I i.itri s) la Ira attd'CaAM-
lr. KKYN'ilJ'S r..!itinu tn Atft k inralaa'-s
rrn,- li- to th' l!iirid wi'.h Sswt Iiia, iUi tw
ucfi BtKL'iiirit ojsn luirtj J wi of rroT,al mte
ritif and i-rtjiw in hit j,r'iiion. Nona l-ar t-
tr-.trnnt half rorl. Haiay rira tha twt ofrt.
fartjr.n. lir.n'.rrba G;t, Sy'l bilm, Sti-tir. orr
in of ti. iifiift id frmni, Ac, aatrawrfaliT mr1
-.iVt mn, who by indaifiur ia rrerat tt,
r..otrfr:l tLut a!-atljinr, mind-f.rortrtio. Uo
r.jir,? Tir, .r.i.uM j pi to Hr.i0Ltm mitomtir
In th, as wa'.I f all cthar r t.t a t h a
Dr. IUT'Lis;rtnrriid an aarly applkatioa; and wita
r.itariT rani'y or af;irat;on, frmiriif VAte that a
rv wiltua tba -vara of mortal aid LaJ rr Ja fc
with'iat a enrw ur aatfartion r-
Hwa- of mpirK-a and itiosrant o!WW prtfvt,
w'j'. aTtbmpt rrjn, but t,Tr o-r(i. Iir. B- ia ttt '
ly r.pr.i.sib: i'linifrian ia ta.a t.:j bo lecta I.
!!! Urn tWm.V to t?. trrf"tt r,f dirar 'f
) riv tain iv. Th fBirtd woaW doH Viinak
'.b. r Wtiirira bfr c bkoIUtx h adrwrtir.f
tl.i t.tr. j Jjr. R. a f,rvrt,r iiV-u U.rrjO-;b "-7 ":
in l', t"r.i'.n and tL Eritr-h ProTiLri.
.V. P. Ur. RTnld if ,! Arn ff Dr. rifboi. F
ma "ntiiy 1'iil. Anion? tt mztj tiiouwA
ti.-l.,; auDoxl y f M. ct od wntlaii.th Jtk"
ML.i.lr.t.m 1 in a rra.B tiatina i-'''1-
b .t u thnr; th tJtrtiiruiara of wbi-o will t t" "-1
tl, ti.rwniona arrrircyiiacb bna. trie L
tr rna.: to any part of ti. world. Bewara of O.urirfc''
Tr,r ara n t'r.n nl at any r'.ltT t ia.
I.ttn sil-Hr,f a, rxmT-U.fna. r-ir'ii, 1
j.-f.jrl v a'.rndd to, and mdiin rB?!y tra cd f
ti'r.vj'in, rr.t to all parta rf t!. wld.
So lttr wi:l I ar.wr4 or.lfM thy f.8tain a f
n.i:'fir of or d'-llar.
All cmraaiunti'ffM addr-wd to E. J. Rr""hJ
I', .So. V Erctarra Hw, Kitr, V. V, will
i i'li r rf-rrT't anli"ti.
l.t,- hnrfrorn 7 A. M-,to P. M.
f. s--Th nirrarin'-at the bad it thiaadrtirr
! n. l,rrn-i f f In. V.. .' fMhr af!TrtiiBo
l.t .rtyir;.
Sunday !"liooI Ilook.
Tlffi.-E wishing Sinday Rhool toks or per''
odicala ran he iurf.Iied oa eliort notice, by
applying to the subscriber, or Lis secretary
corner of Or.Ito! Avenue and Lpeer street.
A. CTS0.V,
S. S. Jfi't rmr
Luwisg City, Fek. !, 1854-

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