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The Lansing state Republican. [volume] (Lansing, Mich.) 1855-1874, June 21, 1859, Image 3

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r-Job-work promptly and neatly executed,
ft&rtfof lVintinSnd Binding cd every d,,
uraerr connection with the
Itsttv of AdwrtiHlug.
. ...,t llinc,l forth irt insertion, and
-,jer t I' month.
Owo-ma. d-viiia v"
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iir' ,J :
i''"!u,r"- -V. m 3
X ,7 r.
S ' s""'..'.."m '"
Yearly Al rtinneriti liar- the .rii' ge of three
"VTS.Ve,,,, rate, apply t re-r.ilar an.l ordinary
A lrti'f.if lit, -nly- All othera hargt-dbj
Tuesday Moniinj",, June 21, 1S59.
ArroiNTi:t. (Icorge A. Anntroii,
F.., t :'!F",;,;t,,', r;,.r r''rt' "' 1 ,,,rnc''
An?. !I City M ir-hal
A I.aR-"- S i n iwixr.KV. A few Jays
riiirewe received -in" Ftrawltenics from Mr.
Fr Jones, Deputy Auditor Cnra", 0110 of
ahieh measured four arid thrce-eijrhths inches,
tai wciK 'i tl. --- i-'its of an ounce. They
ere of the IIvi-V :-oe.i!iiig variety.
1 ,Kr' l'tAKi'll' IlKTI RNEt TIlTC" of
our riti' i.-", Ch arl. s I "- r, E. D. Ihiilingfon,
mil A. F. Prig.'", have returned from l'i!i-
Yeik. Their testimony ii that Pike's Peak is it
. humbug. We an: L.-tpfiy to learn by ocru-
lar proof that tliir rumor i.f Mr. lei fii niton's
death was totally nnfo lti h d.
Cei.f.i;i: thin. At a tr.roting f-f the
titi'ns l.k-t evening, tin- following gentlemen
were appointed a Committee of Arrangements
upon tli d-l.-loatioii of the ltd of July in thii
city: A. C. Winler, Ce... K. Crove, I II. Mar-tholoiii'-w,
A Cornell, C. C. Doig-.
Commit!'' oit I", ifinf Col. A. W. Williams,
S. I. Pingluiil, C II. II I'tisoii, .1. i: Price.
AnTii.if r: ( ."Mi a v. A inny Ailiih-
rj Company I :- h-cu li'-ly 01 -i .' . I in this
City, called ' Company t ', William's (hi mm
Light Artillery." Tln-y :oe i-omposeil --liiivc-y
of our ; rm in rilii-n-", lln- fo'I-oviuL'
officer: I. V. Unh, '':iitii"n, I ..ry t! !j':iitii i-,
Licutcnuii, 'loil. iS Srnil, l r t S'. :tt I't ut, i'i:t.
WiMt, fi iori.l S-Hr:i!i, A. Wi l.lv, tliii.l S.- ii
want, Adii'li Str;tjl, fourth Sc;tlr-:tnf. W lili
J.TBt.i:l'l t!. 7 fV!itt trt h:V- fiiir Iii.t- It.
for thrt routing III: J'lly,
The SVilstihi: Amcuh an. 'I'hc j.u?-
lishers of this vi-.-ly t iici.l.tt.- I ntnl ioml.ti- il-lutratp-l
we-lIy jomri.tl of in-ri.r:!i H .itA si-i-ciice,
aniioiiiifo that it w ill ! .1 011 ih.-
first day of July, and ollici nis rn iit!y impro
ved, cont.iiiiinjj B'xfcon iti's i:itid i.f i"ht,
the present ic, wliieh wt!l m:ik it tin- I ir.'-t
and f1nMci ciMitifir j.nr:il in tht'wotl.l; ir
is the oidy jii.nnal of ils rl is thnt lias -v r
ceedt d iti this Country, n-id liiaint lii.s .1 h-irric-ter
for authority in all inattci of ni'-chanii's,
science and tliearP, which is not excelled t-v
any other j eirnal ptiMishedin this coi:itiy or in
Europe. Although lh jmldiliers will ii.eur an
increased evja'nse of ,"io" a year ly thisfn-largiut-iit,
they h'v d.'teirnint-d not to
the price of snivel iption, reiving ito:i their
friends lo indemnify ihein in this increased ex
penditure, ly a eorrepoiiilin increase ef -mio--rilM-rs.
Teiins Si a year, or 1; ei.pies f.r l 5.
Specimen copies of the paper with a p:impl1et
of information to inventor, furnished prat is, l.y
mail, on application to the pisn'i-lcis, Munn .V
t'o.Xo. "7 Park Kow, N". Y.
The Late Frost n tin who., tlic
people of Michigan have suffered no worse- than
those of tiei;hlMrinj; Ht ttes, under the visitation
4 the lite fro-a, and not as Imdly as snie.
Those of tin d and Ith inst. were liiuch lighter
in our State th 01 in others of th- s ini. latitude,
and even in localities much firther south; while
that of the loth was certainly no more destruc
tive here than elsewhere. While apples, peach
es, prapes, &e., are very much injured in pome
localities, in others the d amage is Imt slight. A
few fields of w heat have lei n nearly or unite
destroyed, and, wo understand, in sonic instances
plowed under Hut we are convinced that seiious
damage to the wheat crop h l.y no means gene
ral, Where corn has heen " cut to the ground"
it is aain s!iootinj up vigorously, and if no other
ruiihap K'Cur to if, tht of the 'st will hardly
he reinennVred at harvest tinn.
As to vines, smell as melons, cucuniliers and
the like, there is still rhanee -nongS for some
thing of a yield; and as they ae not reckoned
anion' staple crops, the daiuago to them is ol
minor coneUf!ire. On the whole we are in-rl-.netl
to the opinion that the frwt lias not yet
jeoparded the production (.f pretty fair trops;
and in fact, ot a much larger yield than that of
the two or three past years.
$f" James Ma lison Jefferson, a nediew of
President JellVrmn, died on the 'i'.'th c May
list, at his residence, near F.lkton, Ky. He was
said to Lave leen the most promising young man
in Kentucky.
S 1 E C I A L X ( T I r. E S .
Kx.vo mi Uoi i Ti.sriw.iw . .'i-.tmni-lievl n.rtiical
(rntlrican . in a lf-.t.-r t. the pr.i , t,.r !t nia
t littl irrv-Uj f. r u'.e t. .- amtlni s iu fr,.r l a
pat nt me.licioe ; hut -till 1 must lnf.ir uitors 0 the
tSrwrj ..f fir. Il..i n-,i Pise.-Cioi -1 My b-hall-Dbtt-n
sul-T i: unVr j nt co' l, uhi. h ltr
6l all th rurato nw.nn t my roiuin.ni I ; hen. ith
ot y knnWci, i poo ha-e l a Sotll-of th. t'r.lil.
Bl a Lih!y r l.tr-t tht I nio'l prorurc.l a trc
o4 b'tt for hrt ; on tal.ini? tl. t-'a1.-Dt hirh -he
M r.lica!ly un. "
Thi iavalubU rea.r,y. t- th eili.-ary f nh.ch -thr
tir.tcal awo ha U--titi..J, a we I a- th writer of the
ab.m. ii rpartl nl hy I'r. C. M. Jack..n, IIS Areh
Strvt, ll-.n-oWphia, anil for a ly ! ',-iioMi -!irra!ly
thriii;Uout til l uite.l UW .! t'ana-la. I'lif T"
nU per N.ttle. U Je,
lrorl:tninf ion to tli lopl .
llrrrlrk'- I'llU.
1.an:n-i weather, ch a-, thi..
"ik for xerei of rare,
nor neat norha'f n tm-mmk
a miit ten rhanre ef sir.
Th.ii.rh you hate a c.i-ut.ii o
Snl. sect to all human ilN.
Yon may htave the went of rlimotr-..
If yon n tl.ee Snr'r IVil.
Tt- i.siu,l now a.i tioi: at,.l roh.Ht,
VVljo hut Ltt.-ly writU-t m p..u,
K. er ar'iiii, ever crow linj,
Th.-y have funi tl.eir hel:h ajain
Vow when nAA ufeee.?-i hot weather.
The ve no fear ot a;n chilN,
Voe they ue those heslth t.re-re
IJikkm-kV i r. r foerro Iuus. I
M..je tl.an 1i.!41 case-.of tineas have yiel le,! t- I
their during the pat live year, mauy cf which have
keen pronnuaeeit Incarahle hy litifii(uie.l ph jti.-.ac-i.
Aj coll weather U .w approarbini;, let eery ne
cleaner their yitera with a few iWn of 1'ie-te 1MK N-
rastraint in diet fc ne-eary whil o.ne them. Full di
reetioiM fro with each box.
.9ol.lby all the .lealers throuchout the worl l.
Istoge to 2i rent. JrVe Ajrertiemnt on 5.1 page.
oioi i ia )
JPocroa kuui'TT, f Detroit, wilt be iu OivinJa j
m th 11th, Eaton RapiJs 00 the l-tb, Mawn 13th aal
t the Ijnin H-xj-e, laasio?, oo the 14th iji of rr
ery month, tu tt-U't t pat-nts alTlicVl with chr-nie
r liocrr iu- ihK-ase. .s Jvrtimeut.
tirrat Cure mIk r tle Ihyli lan liatl Fulli il.
r.i sn l-.iitk, diiio, jn. m, iy.
lr C. M. Jiiki'l, 1.- Sir: UV wal l in'oini yu
Unit .-ari.ut of il '.Tin 111 U.lt'-rs, ul i'-U rt
very rra')y :i n 1 f nii iM-ihlx.r h l i-o il:tor:n;
fir M-iiH tion, ( '-tii!ii!. about two ye&n, a:: 'lw
ihi'un in ),- r,int'u.) .t a, rf n a i. 1I lK..e 1 a
evict! l.ke a ! 1 mn p'-ini; al-ut anything c:in
roinir- Imn t. Il l .;;-i-a e spi arp.l to J an ovrr1!"" -intt
t!i -.!! V. it'i lur l per-ua-idi Wf rv.t;! l on
liiia t try yt.ur kit:T, ith tiie promise to Lmi, if it !..!
o-.l, we wiul.l c!iare him Dotliin for it, prox l l.e
t....k -iv lix.tt I ui it din tn the i!in-cti"ii., wliu'li he l.a
li'U. avl i . ir.i:-!y cul'-l, aa-1 !; Ixvoiat' .1 Wfil
r.1111. Tl.I- i nt.- I. a : ei.-itl a prt a! in tlu-i ie-ih-l-.ih..t
KiiVVAi:lS .v :;i'iN.
A-L fr II ..if ii I s ..-ti,ian l:.tler, art.l t.-il:.- u.,U.iu
i!-e. s1. that tli ii.a'.Br f M. Jarkion is on the
r:ipp-r of .i-!i ltt!-. Tlif-1 bittern r niajial ietur'l
y It C. M J,i. i.n, Nf. 41S Arch i-"tre-t, Miiivlelphi:!.
an ! ar I' l l t.y 'lru:".'ist- an-1 tor l.f-irs in rj
t -fc'i an I vil!a;f in t!. rnit' l w'tati, ("ana !..-, HVt
l"1' .''O I S-Milli Anwrici, at .5 ent.i pr tmttl . a
nKl.tlK IM TKS VISTTts! !
unfailing it the cure of Cor;;i.:, Coi.i.?, Asthma,
ISp.ox inris, Sork Throat, Ho.r..FSKs.-', Dirri
rn.T l!iti Tiusi, Incipient Oonscvption, r
Iisk.sk.s ok tiie l.t so. They havu no taste of
me. Heine, and any child will take them. Thou
sands have lecn restored to l.cahh that had
It.-fore despaired. Testimony given in hundreds
of ra:e.j. A .single dose relieves in ten vim tes.
A-k for Pryan's Pulmonic Wafers the .,ri
g'n.d and only geiiiune is stamped " I!iyan."
spurious kinds are ollercd for sale. Twenty-five
cents a liov. Fold l.y dealers generally.
JOP. MVES,Soh-Propri. tor, K. ! ester, N.Y.
For sale l.y Ii. TIIAYKII, k Co., I.an-it.g.
OI'fr;it'l IVni:il I'ill..
HY RtY Al.
prescription i'( .r .l.nn-'
Extraor.liietry ! tl: .!..
M. !.. I'!
iliVMt'l.ll.l. M.ln-ini. in lil.'.iilio
in lie- .-.! 1 I
painful a 1 . 1 l.iiir,ns ,l:- ; : 1 1. .. 1 1 , t ! tl,
ri'iii ,t)iti.,li.
It mii.-ri!. -i all rn . 1. 'i'i. .; iil ot, :m
o-. aii'l
Mnr- i'ii t'. ii,',n:hly p.-ri..l v,,!!i r :!i: !. ! .
I'ilU nil. .l.l'l ! I1N...I t s : or th I ,,rii..ii. t" r !
lini-nii.t, tiiy fortify tin' . '.11 ilnl:on, ar l n , ! ...
r ull.Tiu .Iiiiiiii l.il.'.r, . nritlu..' t Iil- li.olti.-r t'. p.l ;tu
h-r .! with ;il-!v t.. . If :u. l . I..M
Ih-f r,'U sl,;l t ,v ' - I,'!, n I 1 ...iii ; ..
Hh'sr Tllh'fK .Wo A IIK-f I' .;,. I. ,.,v f n-
!.. i'H M, . in t-i-l- , l.ut ' lit: J i.t ',,., ,....- th. ,,
I't .iH i-f N. rv'iiH ria-l S.:n
tliH It.irk aii'l I .'ii 111, 1 1,. ii iin- s. I il
ti'.n , r...!pit.itioii .if till" ii j.t, I ....
l.-r-,.S,-k If.-n I:.,!.,-, .r. s.uill
1. .M!.-r1 on-, 1 . : : 11
u- 0:1 .Si,..lt i,
,r.- ol .- 111!-, H.
11 tl -i :.
.--.tsii.i..'. l.y a 'li .tr-lcrc.! h-!.-iii, tin-v I
a 011 re hen 1.11 olln-r mci ris l .ie ! !!. i:, ai! i... i -!i a
p..,'iful iinnlT, 'li not rout. mi non, r .1 1, ih'-moiiy ,
i.r -my i.thvr m:. n-r.il.
t .11 I'.ir.-r'.ion-' a''roi,i;..iiiv in ; i'i . !i i -o-' : i l' i, c,i.i
tic I isi'i-il St.i. an I I n.V-1 a. On- 1-.
I -.-sit r.ir th." I nit". I Sl.iti'H .-net I iirola
.liii: M'Mis, (I ai I. '. U.l.l n ".. .)
K.kIi. -t.-r. N. .
i! - i l:if IkiJI ir an-l i.p.i-t.ii" tajmp-i f-u lu-i .; t...iny
,i.i?i, ri -. I Vt-nt, iileiiur a iM.ttlc. c:il4.nisu.-Jo r.llf,
.V M-t.!. i;..llt
t..r at- I y It. TiMvyu, l aiiMi. . l.'.O-.l
thv latnit!ilrfs.
' I 'UK .i , teal puriti.-r of thr M-wi 1 in fxl-'f-nr. . K..r
I V.-.I.. I t .-r Vour;. lliil.l:.-i ho :.. S -r..fu
I vry person kio-w-.-.
...v, a'l tlii
that i I,
l-r'-f -s
: I'SI A
i '-:ei
NO ARsr.MC '
r ii-'
ri virus i in i.iK i.w
hln.r I l-i VS'.
' M I I
fl'. s!!-, , -.-J
It Is V.'uri ! .1
No I'iKIN K !
VI HI .I'll TK MI' '
lr.oN" :
Nil MiNt'RAI. !
1 1. ;my kic-l r nature in it
1 i N.. r.-w.pip...- J..!.,' .., t
pd-on Ironi wl...:ii i-e.t !W" 'i
li'ltll r : ll' ;-l. I i f
l.y in. 1 mil fa!;- y t!i.-m--!.-. V
A y p. r ti i h.itri.-. Hie -vi ti
i it.! ., nr.-l i.--..n;t.i. ;i 1 it Ii 'iii
in ..!. an-l i.ol hi a mii.'Ic i-i.-k h i
p -r-..ii-...i.H- THY 11, nl j..u
ln 1,lr,' p.-,.p:.- i.ii t,.i!t!- pl.v
w ill nth".- it r.-.jiiiii-s tut" ..r --r
i5i-.,t-ii.-r,i iH-iot. W
1 tov.
i lio'.itii.i inm.-s' K.v.-rv
.is l' --it their nam.s an-l
i :-.:! .-in :i t-!r- i them
.1 on 'lisenvor it-i
' I i only ju-t int'o
' i! I ul.- I .' t' W- lklv
ol i.ol t i! .-r.-t
le-e-. li.-i i ! '- :
i- . -TUY i i.i:k s syi:i t u, . ,e-,f it a i
for t 'hills aii.l terer
raTRY n irks sy!:i r. th- .-i u is ... i r,
for lyapepi;t.
-Ti:Y fl VKIi ;' lil'l1, I .r anr I
i. teTi:v i i.kks arc i .r S i..f.i: i
or a.iy h!.i i .!i--a-e.
liiMl i:K' S'Yr.fr. -n ai: c.,-i- ..i :
,r.,:- IVma
.1 1 nio'.ir.-. A
ity, or .i-se:i-e of ti Spei mil K-.li i to -.':. t.
fry it.
I. U.rv S Yi:l l eh.ir.s th-;,.. ron.lit
th l.ii o I, an I ki!U the p..i--n nhnti !.-,' II,.- ti-e
.1... ne .
.,-! r.KS SYlll I" n il f-.'et .'.- i.i..l no i,--.et.-i
an I that n what the hiiui an l.'-.s! n,
t. fl.AI.'K'S SYr.t T t 't S-re Ihr -it i- n.i'.-.l
i'tl.Ar.KV sYKfi' f. r we.ikU , IVin.!-s. .
HI. "klv, p.lllV t'hllilieil, -Mr..
t C l.!:K S S iM i" ii i.1! .10.I 1... M n- rV
f.'ion w.l! lie ifiveu for any i-r ;,i tonn.l 'i it .
; t I Xl.lv'S S Yfiri fiiw an- w-a'. - .11 1'. in i!e
i-iiliil..U4 t'hil Iren, nm-ir.il!y.
t ,-t .Ai:K-.s Yt'.l i' Hi-s wm.l.-iiii . o ition
.rkinj wonder-. ! ov. r the -. ir..i. nu.l !-r I in-
WrtnitM or Setoi.u! '..m:l iint, an 1 Kema'e V.'e il,iie.es.
leneral r-h'l.tr, it is pet ! !r m:i,ii-al I'ut hi. 'a
jnart iM.ttle. au.l 11 1 ke :'ie to ink
n-Kr fa!e in I.111 in: l I M. .V II. P i!ir!l.lo
mew. ".'IT ly
JAMES TURNER, A.;kst to Immmm Co.,
insure a -a-n-t by tire, t t'.- I we.t p- -il.l-ra'
1. an-l a-l..ii-t tie I.- -- pr..i;i t v. p.ir: .-i !.r at- n
lioo wi'' ke e.ven toiLe ,n; VUM ll-'Li's a-..'. I'jin
Rn an.l ih tarl e t .l-ae'l-n .
Aj'i-ftt'atl'tii to (r,ins,t-t thr ..''. .1 !,tt.
runr", i" r the art f ft hrv-xry 1."..'., lvv.i.
7 . t'f II r ov-, i't' ?-r, ' th if IVXi-v . r V,.-'.- .,-1
rpHK M tl li'AIIoN .f Velfl,..n!
1 ot II irt or.!, ! tl e S' .t of C.
.il!' l-.n 1.
I .inpany.
-si e.-.u'iv
n- - , 'c
how- that they are an lu-nraai-e I .tnr'i" . -".V 1
l-yaiil i'n.!.t the Uar. it the Sta of I" -i-t c! ri t an !
thit they are now actuary en,.ire l in tin- b - i- 01" In
.i"u.t. An I th-y herehy a.piy lr a ce. ,"1rV anthnr
1 in th-ni t tr.iri-.ift the bi.- i.-. of !nn:an. e ia th-St.t-.
. M vh ;an. a ptov :!e 1 f,.: an 1 actli.V f I - l ti e
act enti'' I " an a -t t,. rvj.iU". I- -e. Jf.ir'ie. I ',- :1
lUattii In-uram-." I'Miit-ao . no 1 to. - a-i.t-. . :
ti-n. pat. ier.sh;v an l !-' v lua's .'.iip. . . e. 'x. ue.
I i'e iel lit th I t-ii-aiic-bii-; t-s ii..t v , 1
e Mile t t ' cb ,.in." appi.-ve.t February l'th.ly'
They farther aver n -le a J' iu'Vwn, v
lit That the natne of -ai-l .-.enivanv M. ' rl.-nt .'
r.m.-e C tiu any . of Hno'or-1, an 1 f. at the r
tn-'nes ;s in ' 11 inlool. "1 tai-i S te . f t t-i oicut.
where th.-f k e;i an-l ma -it i:,i tl';" . r.t-pi! . S e.
J.I 1 .at the amount ot thc;rcipiii ' -i-k :- o e su n
t" liun.r-. th.m-an l .h ilar.
S.1 Inat 44 :.! c-.pi'.I ck. tli oi-n . ! or.e I "n.'-e 1
an 1 fi..y lh.ni -an t ant o:lie' v .h.'.l .r It. - ac. ai"v h-en
up fv the st vckhi.M. r of rv.l cranny.
4lh : t,at the as-e- of -.1 rop.ipany o-n--!
1. f r ali on han.l at tb-ir ;ii.l pl.ire ..1 1. 1. n, the
mini of three huu-losl ruH't- en an l ev.-iity !-ot tne bun
Ire.lths ilollar. fash, in the lian.I- of ihe assets 4 a J
company . the '-.m of thr e Uion-aiol f.ur l.un "ie.1 t- tv
even ami fi 1 T-ne one lmrelie.ths .toll tr, cah iahati '
of person otlu-r than the agent f ai.l cempanv , but
incluJin-i lunk an l hniker. the "im of twenty-four
thonsan-l eiht LunJreJ tletty nine an.l 1 :uiy ..ue ltHo-
id )f real etate. which U e-ini-cmhereJ. b-mi
, V "V - V -SB
l iv . IS.
3i Of bonis now owne l by sai l company, aruoaaticz
ii. .-lu.i iuii vi 1 i.r mm 01 mi leaet otty-avca thou.an 1
-rn i.uii iie.a an.i ten .yi-iars, trie rate or int-re-t cp- 11
Umliu . perrei.t. Iknla now owne.'. by tin-
company, t:z
l':.r ral. M irk, t tM
..Iiiv.un ta!-o ;a r -t il'1,000 $-.4 i
M.rhij-m ' " ' l'.,ii 1 5 ..';.
Ohio ' ' sum S.l.ji
K'en'ncVv fi .'. iai r, .(
IlirtS .r-Hi.ty, - (;!. i; t 1 .", j;, i",..
Hirtiorl I "ty, - f arkl .. 5 "il
Total hodls i."i S'lTJlot'.T.Tl-J.f"!
4l1,Of ,h.bt- lra::y ,1-i- t , th- ...i I fonj anv.an.l 'e
ruret t y mortja-,orher tl.an th-.-.-.-:n.rri-e 1 in" the f,.r.-.
io.n mum. rti. Ul:he uni -.f a: lesi tl. rt. .-ii th'-ii-aiM
;.:h-.f .Vhs l. ..:,l'r .J.
oth-rwi-e tl.ai hy m-'r!
the u.n of a.t i.t m.
en an I eighty two one lom
.. !- f.-ur-.. Inns on t'-e
i-l c-rr.r any, cure-!
I u-.t .!ue f-r pr.-!ii,i,ui-.
aa-1 se- u h.ia-'.re-l sn
il'I';ir-. iiel.t, other
Ain't J
I-. r ...I Vir. il. t!.. r.-oti
l'J". kI U.o'. of II i- i -r-l
' onuty, ll.trt!..r.t
7 h. M-rean'.iie I; k, lln. T
::i h M-'rt-h ac M inula
tnrer" !!'k, II it t i ! , ". -i
l-l.-Krfivnlle ; k, I- -!,. I: ....
I'. ' lrv.n.' liank, V. Y , 7:.n
l'l " .K'na :..-ik. Hart . 1 ,"0 1
" K.irm'-rs' .. V-.-l:.a
ic 1' i:n.'., li.ir-'-r !,. . ."..Hi
r,-:,. Ph. f ..:.! , II..:t , i..i
f .:;ri 1 .0
1.T0-, n
4",i 1 ia
To-.il liii.!i;i' loine.l 011 tl,.-ab-ve -! ck fl". Tn ---i
I !L. i" .leh! i lej-nliy lue t-. el ri!..lt.y f -r pieoo
Oiis. t'.e niliii i-f at lea-t seven In 1 I o n i- -',.t m l
forty eiiitone hun.lre ill., .lol'.trs.
.tlx ! a! otlier ieriiri;u-i an.l HMt'. th.. s:,m of nt
1-att im- huti-lre l twenty tV.'i'.in I or. i. u-lir l
i-nty seven air! th 1 ! y in h
''I.i' -. -V 1 .
-.-urit..-- are :
1-t. Hank -to':l t ov n 1 l.y tl. companv, ';..
1'i.r .il
Mtr. vat.
."- PleiT.-i Am. Ki. h.in.-e H.i.k- Y.
r,i Me'r. I tan I'. ink. N. Y .
no $ "t.-e. 1 im)
"O ...Tootii)
O-i " th.oter0.ikIUi.k.lla!;:i.i,.,i,iiioi,i
i'l " Kx.-h.nik'" lin.iv, l!.i!i.T., -J,; .)
Ion .Ktna I'sink, llutfor.. ln.ooi.e i
r." o far. - Ve,-'i. l:n, k, l!,ir! , itn.at.eii
1.11 rhieniy ii.ink. Ilarf r !, C.Ooii.ui
.', : Mer. Mn. Piui.. ft .0. 1. : 1. .
j.i .ty liink, lUrt'or I. :..tH t i
-1 Ih.le .v leather Il k, li.-t,.ii.,.i.O'Ht.ii
" 1 X.it onal Itviik, I'.Mfoit, i, 000 1 m
VI Sif.-'y l-."i I I" I' t-.n, 5 000 01
$ 7,.'hi i.'i 7i ."Vi
Xr-ji-a' valurt of the nh-.ve s'-ck, 71,'' "
:k notes 011 V. -r.- t, for h.i' iu.-e ..u- 011
I. si
ftock, -l'l.'. 1 1 o.
I Int.-.-. t a'.-r.ie.l hot n .t .!;ie, I.:; I ; :.
si-0.1:;: 1
'. Tiie am it f lah'tilV of f:t', 1 ronipany. r.o t'.ue
lo -ai.l Ci-mpaiiy to hai.k.-, or to other cre-l -t-.rs o! ai.
ei.fnpany, none.
I..e amount of liahilitiet heiea.-r to le-n pie thte bv
i -I company, t'i hank- or other ereilitora, i.one
h The amount of lo- c - by kiM rwinpaity now a !.,i.-t-1
an.l now lue, none.
7!h The aiin iiiit of I.i a-ljn tt I Imt not vet tine, none.
- Ii Hit- amount of lo-ve-i of i rut ii:ti y, utia.iist-.l
at tin' piev iit time, .l.e-s uot exeee I Hi- 0:111 i.i ltt-lve
hiiii.lie'l ilollar-.
'.i.h Tiieain mnt of In i-. ;a tnpen-e) .iit'ii f f..r pi;...i.
toil. The an.oi'".; il "!her r!.ti:iM a.'i'-i-t t.;i;.!r,.i,t
-any i!o not ailment to m-i e tli. 11 li.e ii .tit. ' -. -I ,i.,' ,r
I I 'h All iiuthent cnte.l copy o! the 111.1;. I , i.r ! . 1
lor trpoiat.on .-; .a I romi 1 ny or ,1 "f i lin .,
;to-.e-.i-l. iiiail.t-.l :' hi-lv'e A . atol :i' a J c. i-oi y . I
tl..-r I'v I aws o.ul.e.l s-, i..! 1:
iMr.MH It t'i- roinjuiiv I -a p m ..-i 1 "p or .. :
sto.-k e--li.iinv, e'r-ke t.t the I t.-t o'ae e ;.i. i- iy )
l!'!t-A tiae copy of 1 e A'tic,.- ..! -i. i.,.rf..i!
n.-r hip Agreement t : I .-,-i- ,.tuv :,hei. . .. - ' .
ina;l.e.l S-he-lnle A.
r. . frt.-..'!' ',V .' ' -i' r'.i r .. n s n
M i rv: ot- ('..wf.-ii.-i 1,1.
I Iki i'.orJ ..nut y, 1
V. I i.-.'.. Ijih-le", h-ir .iii'T f 01 ,. on 1 r. ith .!. 1 .t .
iiol .iv that he has re.ol tl,- lor.-o i- ;i J -uiei.t , :inl
I ii - i -. th- eon' -nH tli. reo! II, -it t! s .!. (,o:ieu; i .
s-t t. l.iry i-f the f 'inpaiiv ! A- tli .n t!n-n-:n 111.11
tiii.-.l, an-l i- e!l ue.j.i i'-it -I u. 'til- a! ' . tl.it
h- i.a it". A -a"n t i-,;e.-, .... I l , , t u ' . i-ev. .
-ai'l -t.ati.-m. lit to I e tru- i III' -. I 1' !! il I ' .
.s.iorn ant sub-ct he.l h-f..i- ine. a' lln, r'. 1 .!
Si t- an 1 i-oiiuty, tl-M n -li t -mil '.y i f 1; . i
Aa.l I .!. lurtli.-r c-ri iy, th:.t I ii ire !!,
I -! siiial exa.n nation M t!.e i .-a t'-e ,.
M- -ion of the "ai-l M-r.-hnutH I i- ir.m ' 1
.1111 Inllv alisiie.!, ti., 01 -oe'.i j, o t-iil ,.i-
:i i I .111 1 -HIV aie th- '-.Ita t-1- l.-.in.-i . :.
the several stock ,1 -n. .11 i'.i 1 it
ol u ii; -Ii ai'l t ni anv is : - 1. -en. ! '.1
in !!:n f-re'tiiii- ht it -ment an-l e- l.e
1 0 .t
tiiti ie-ral loans l.y eul i ni.:n. .i ,! --i.-. '
t!..-H-!'..r, are as nhnye -til 1 ul.i.- , .
! i'l :ii.l am pi fur th rer-pecliw- ....i, .-,.!,. 1', r-, -i
Witness my h.in.l au.l teal i l t.i'o e.
! 1 ! lll.NKi U. W. tt I 1 I I,
t'niiim'si..lier of tin- .-.a -it M .-,..
in an4 tor the St ,' .f ' .101. e' nl
..l.i an-l utciibe.l I for.- me, at llirt'-i !. 1 -a
i .on v an.l St-ite, ties twenty l.nii !h .htv ol Vi.tv, A i
Is ' .!: !.ii: S. i;U M.W, S,'.t-ry I n!-'
I n-1 ,- In iirun, - A-t ff l'Kr,ix, j l.Vi, l.'.'i.
tll-Tiei! of iilK KfRKTliiY of r1i:,
Lannii, Mich., May -J.'.th, ls.V.i. )
T 1 l I. TO V. Il iM Ti'E-K rKK-I'VH Sll ll I, 1'OMK :
II'.'.-(. l'nrsintit to the proriMons rf an A -t if th
s'tite of Michigan, entitle.l "An Act t renlaf Ire,
Marine, I ife an l lleaith ln-.nrao.-e (' impaiee-. ml their
A.'t-n's, Assoeiatii'iis, l'.ir!n-r-hi h an I In livi ln i! .!.,,nj
f ee. Marine, l.ije and ll-a!t!i Iinurince t.u- r..". not in
rorporat "I hy the Mute of Michi-an," approv. I 1 ehrnary
I't. s.,-i,th.-r- v.a on ti.- twenty li:!h .lav . 1 Mav, A i
1 .'.'. I.imi-he.l to tie- f -cretary I the State of V1.-i1r.7m.
an.l lili -1 in lin lHln-e at I.ans;nz, a statement 1 I the I,,.
finance Cotnfanv known as tt.e Verrhau-. In 'iraric
t'.tinpany ,l II ir1l. r.l. nliirh i' impai.y i au inroi j-o ,i. !
f -iipai.y i.n-lei th- laws of H i- Stat of i't nmetit-itl, a.
-i.i!,,iih ii;' whi.li 'i:-m.iit, .tiel con-til hi in ' a at
lh-re. . mi . u Vn, - sat -lo t, ,iv to -a .'. :V.-,".. .,v .,;
Si " th- nue-ti-i .i.t re.i.ii.-1 hv -.il A.t. I ..-..rl.er
IV. 'il . le-.lntil II till !el tke rll II -anl I '. .,11 1. inv . r, 1
i -.r.l It - ii.l A.!, aiel Ivanni .!ate the t. :,. t-ei.t't
'iv-. l Mil, , !. s-.-i. ,,;!. ,.r, Mt.(. H;nr.
a A .-.tit o! .- v 1 r tiupiny. t t -i-kno.i !-,! ... ...r..i r ,
f' -oil .1 ! -I ua',..in "i tie lei It ol f.o. I i::i an , a-,
pr.-. i -l h. ii.l.Art.
V-" " " . '! nat th i .l lif.tir.oi-4. t.i a'.y, ae'.'n
hy i.nl ! !.r..ii-i JIAHIOS S KIM.-r, i - A.-ut al. ,ve
n n..e.l. a-.--.r.).ii to th.- prow-ion of m ,1 Art, an-l tl .
nl A tent, wine acting sun-It f.tc i.i. (iii..u . (,
li'iel'i-antlioti"'l aiel ni.iiv,. re ! t ti.ii.. ' ln.,-r.in,-,-I.
sine.s in th.- Stat- ..f Michi.-an. as no i !e 1 l.v n,l A. t .
nl.'.-rt to ail the provU-M,,-, le . rvali. o nn.l lor'ta i'on
in -ai l Act n'a ii.-.l.
hi f-s' niony V Iter. .-f, I have h r-uut.) et mi
hanl, an t ca.i-i-.l tin ilt.-tt :Val i! th- Sttt-
-ni to I... .n! -., t'i- .'iv an-l vr fit -t at-.-.e
"lit' ii V" i.. 1SI: I I.,
.1 . Tl ltKK. As;, nll.tr litv,hiiu (Vitinty.
olii ' lo 4'oiilr;t4'i'i.
1"IIK C.iIllIli'-siota-i.J ,( the l.ei'i-;t,,n :i:i.l I'llut
lliver Swamp L u;d Stat.' Il'-a-l will me. t at
dohti Fl.lii'ierv's Hotel, ill llio v '?:(''. of p ,x I--.
iile, in S.milae eouiitv, on Weil'ies-iav, i!u Ji't'i
day ol duly next, al lo oVI'kI, A. M., lor the
purpose of letting ;' that poitiou !" sai l road in
Similar county, comtnein-ino; at the nci i ti.-n.-t cor
ner ol si t tion :u t owns! 01 In noi.h, ! ramie
10 east, tin-nee West eighteen lti;,es t''-on-it ki:i
A'-'o. at the old hM ,.l of I.-.i;.i'i Huth-r, :u the
town (t Aliison, in the county of Lapeer, on Fii
d iy, the -lli day of July next, at lo oVIk-1;, A.
M.; nudnUo at I Vast ley's S: uc, iti th.- town ot
North llratn h, hi sa'.l coiml y, i.n Satiir.hiv, the
T.'A day of July next, at l'M,V!.x k, . A!., flr th
purpo of lettipj ji'I t'i .f p.itf'oM cf s.'d road
j and l.i ides in -n"d coutity, cui'ioetiein-; at th..
northi -t cot tier of s, et'on ::.',, :u t.. a u n,tri i.t
of rane 12 i re t, th. rice : t and sor.th t " r'"'tt
Ilivcr, a' the villain' of I.-ipecr, in s:ii,l cnuntv.
S; :d im 1 vy;,l be let 't sectiors of .i; m;,.
wi ll, to ! completed wit 'uoi-.e ver-. The road
11 to l.e u;lt r ; fo'V.ws:
To l.e puh'ied th'ty f.vt wide, r'!.l cl.-ar. d ol
all loos.- t'tiilt.-r, l.rttsh a-e! s' .nesf.nir n-.'s wide,
i ud :i" that poition of ?a;d road w! ;. h is laid cut
six rods wide is to le ci.oppi d out three rods mi
c .rh side of the centre. And the whole mad ;s
to he turnpiked ei such a n.;it-ner that the cent
ot the road w;" he two feet l-:;;hcr thai the stir
face .if the uroun.l on cither side, or t ;') ii-rt to
form a dry road h d.
A'' Causeways to he l.u 't of tanh. r not I r ;
than s:t it chts it; o'amctcr, rixt -.-n feet lone,
and covered with i:nh one foot :,i depth.
Ami a'l eulvcus to lt(. lm"t m.t K ss than f..i
h ct wide end twenty f -ot Ion-;, r i.l t !.e .nered
with three inch pkit-k.
The tiumher ot fide I'trosou cacli s cti.i:i, the
length ff each, the iiuuih. r ol ro.ls f cus-wav
to be built, the mir cr and tieof each culvert,
together with iH-c--siary " 'one tt"o;i, w"! Ik'
riv a on the uay cf letrn.
The ahove work 'v.ill Ik- pa'd for : i in u.ev p id
sw; nip "ids, in puiiui ico of an . t ttfiit'ed
" An Ai t tj provide fur t'i,- d aii a.v jnd re 'i
ma'iouof sw.'mp :mds ,y tui-. is .t S. i:- ro-i.is
and I' tdies." appi..cd Febru-'v 11 t'i. Is.",..
Lexinc.on. June '2, Is;,:).
ST1 LF.S K. N F.T 1 1 KT IN. t
HAVIH IT ITKU. ' t :,, U..;. ... r
JulI.N ; P.. WIT stir;. ti -m
)Y virtuo of a t-r.t oi1
d out o.
I ) and under the -al f in" I ait Conrt f r
the county of Incham, to nic t!-eted a" 1 Mir
ercd, I have levied upen all ti e right, til'.e and
interest of Fii lFby, iu an 1 to th" ...I' taivg il.
scribed Imds aad t--neuici.ls, to wit: I ; No.
i(7. -?ven a: d (lc'cht "ub' a No. ll : v, xy
lene, :u the . . it i.r".s',-, ac o. .!"; .he I
j C-ir .led plat .'-L-:i.or. b "ng 'j vo ! ;
:rane tv wi-t, iMcnty of J"-;h- r
Miehi-an, w l ;ch I s!.. " c.vpi . lor .-.
.h, fj
1 vendue, to the b'gh. st bidd at ' .c I'.mt:
iior.se, in t!,e v isage ot si3sii, ia tuo-i county
mi nursiuv, t'.e ..a my oi -uga-', is.,-.', at 1
o'cioi k, p. Im.
Dited, M.uon. June 11. is;, i. 'wil7
I I l-l
.'..It inn
r.,l kino
Great Gliancc for Barirains
thi: kntip.i: stock of ijoii
Of the Late E. P. BoswelL
win. i:r. sfii.D loi:
C A S EC ,
At l!:iraiiis; that will suit i.vkky ju-r-s.iii
who will tin- St.iM' a Call. '
Tlir Stock has to hv ( lonl Out !
Ainl all wantini; (itxiJ.-s in this line
rit tra'k-.can mvo a lanre or c-'iitairo
ly i-uivhasiiiL Ironi this Stock, which
is m w, aii'l ju-t oj-cnoil this Sjinrii.
D'nf, as hvn tufoic, ly xK rioncol
Work 11 11 11.
L.w.siNi:, June l.Jth, l V.h
CL 0 30 S n
.11 sr ai;i:i at thi:
J- ul Ln JL J
A N I Wll-h 15!) ,OLI
Cheaper than the Cheapest !!!
o l.i:issinu Tliry S:ik for
TIm'IHM'I . It nf Im I iil'i -iail.
: f Uvy mil-! Im Sol. I.
TUST o O 3L. w
in r.xciiAXi:-: rou cash
T. ii. iuij,i.;s.
Ii si.;, Juno, 's.V.I.
E5 3 .
Mi.W .V FAVtllMTIl KOI 311
East and North West.
holroil and .llihraukf,0 KailHay,
(Open to Lake Michi-j.ill.)
StrUt hni'-f'riiif '"-.s-f7.(.v St'tiHter
lly I. l.iiul," nn.l (It vcliiu.l,
f, Thorn i.rhiy ie!ii!e.l ,,r 0,,-i rn.ite.)
l s'.O, P.is-en:er Tr:
MoNIi.VA", .lane f.ih.
'rains will run as fnllo .:
oiii? "iV'l :
Mill M.vej
.n iri.r
1 I- I. I
I t-J'i f:
S:i-n- I'r-!-;-. l' art.
' lO-lr-it, .l.-part
-! .l.-hti-. airi.e
I ran 1 HtpMi, a.ii-e,
.Oanl M..-. o
l VI. I l M. I-. M.
Ti- 1 s.
!o ; -h'l 11 :..
laiii Ias :
l-;ie-lilne:.'s I !.:.; in lie...-! ,' l.r.r, I H,v. n.
it... I-..- i'-.-.keo:, svirr...v s c i
f-r sat iir 1 1 v Sight's 1 tor- r-t'.-r-ei hx' .1 i.
M train will v.r If .-v Si oi ..
Ti- r. leave t-rnt :.t -luiy . S ii, !m . j.te,! .
Tile irl.K.JP. n I IMi i- ii. . .. r i i .. I:i
- -s.
O iVVFiTI'-Ns.
Al ItfTItoir ;reat WV'V.u IU i iv t .r a:l f.o.i,ts
Ki-t M.ciii-an I Dtrai an 1 M chi; in ,..at'.nii l!.,ir i-ai..l'-e..:.nl
Lr- Ste-.me:-
T ; ?:.N I !! WTN M" -i. I T i : n' s. ,T..,.r , , r n
c.l -.. ,v- ,v.
Al lii.WAl KKK Tirh the M --i-m i. I.icr... i
... Water'.. n, an l H .r
it,!v We-t an '. N. it!
-r. ni l w'h St.-aiiie's :
'ii i.i.iro
t. ar. !
i n t!.- M.-i ,j ,
l.ak- Mih n.
l'l--. :--.-rs for i.r.-at We-t- i R lway .m th- Ra l
wav r- irv St-ani. r. at ll. .t . K. IVh.o. 1-avin kk at
s oil A. M. i mi N'oon. an l T - n I'. M.
M'.hT Til'Ns iu; j; ! .! TiNi. I Al- AT-
TA lir ii
Th- I' tnpany' T m Th--etn K h i t rit any
the St.l'l. t.
W. K. VI "IH.
f. M. R. I.fficec, .!,i,,e. s-a
n l S.ij.'t.
('oiiiuii-K.MMn-rV .oli'o.
ISTATL of Wm. n. Thompson, d"vavj 1.
Ji State of Michigan, county of I:i-!:a:n, es.:
Tiie undct signed, having been appointed bv the
Hot:. Wm. H. Pit.ckney, Judje of Probate lor
s.tid eountv, coiiitrpVi tiers, with lu'l wc -d
t....:. --- .,--. a.tc a:.ii a-fiUft ad cliurus
and ib.-man ls oi au persu is i:t.?t the ct.-t ol i
Win. K. Thotrpsor.,.;. en a-od, htJ of the State of!
.y,U 'M ve.1 's' t
v-r'- i I M.re.
M-iee-t.n-t...... . ...I l"r'?i.. i S'l-."on
; i I t I e. i
.;ran-l Hat-en. .' -art j 5 o..' .(ej.- i , :;n
!..ai. I i: ..,.U, .11 - e J 1 jo: :. : j I
1 ' vi
.I-f.. .at, ve. ... I ..4' I I la
i : .''! ii -! -:'.m
ltr. o. - ; tl 4o, ii . .. ..
' I .. -s i 1-. s
s"'i. la .l.-e, t -i ! i .' . tin ;, i
Texas; and six months from the second day ofj j,1
May, A. D. ls.'i, havuig U-cit aiiowej ,v s.ii j ! -
lu teot Probute to the iritiit'trs cf said fsttte.
retnt'.rs ct sai ! .-stAie.
to prc-ent their claims to the unj-rsli-pod, com-
nusMotifrs, lor aoowanee : Notice w then-lore
hereby civv-n, that we wid nictt on Mtturdar. the
.i..n.l day ol July, and on Tuesday, the f-coud
oT.uav oi auitl:;! next ensmnrr. at i m Uv
irmikiiu Mi.a-, ia ice f;lT ul Uli;.D7. ID !ai.li
county of In-zhani. at lo o'clock, A. iL, ich
' .oi .Liy. tor tne afMire name.1 purjiose.
. AI . - LLs,
t21 i RANKLIN" LaIU'E,
Datfl. t'tv f lanainj. June 6lh, ljO.
(Ont'll & Jcnison
VRK now receiyinj direet fr.vn New York,
llosi.m, au-1 Phiiu-ielpl.-a, one of the Lr-os:
sUK ivS Ol
! DSYG 0 0 B S,
i t'.roeeric s, R-ots, Slsoes, Crvl;.-ty at-.d H.,rd-'
w.ir, .-ver l...'f...re orlere-l iu tl .! r'"y, t ! ". '1
tl-.ey hl;e the attt-ntto;i ot a ! t jr.i-rrii.-J. i
Kiiuwini thit 1 '?' i t '. ! ' r or - ;
i.-cii '.010', a::d tl..it peopl-.' ti.ihk !:.r-e f t'n.-ir i
"liine-" tl.an il.ey .J.j of r.: vtl.-.-j . 1 a:-. 1 tl:..t '
t'..c i:r-at al.sor'.ii:i' iit:e.tio:i ;st "Wl :.' cx. 1,
tra ie the eheape.-t, ami t!.ero'..y s.iv the nsost '
:ii"!i- v ".'' we ai.s-a.r as f.-w wr l a- ; --'.!, j
t! :-.t tl.ls is j
tiie r-UAci:, !
V, !, .-re yo.i e iti iave- t your ta.viev u-. l i.-.ialo
1 or- O'v -us 1 r a uV.'-tr thin a: a:.y ntl,. r Store
in tow ,t. We hue a.I..pt.-.S t';. r. iiv- sV---teiu.
all 1 o are d -teriiolied lo 1.. ike it 4;: o'.
.! lor ALL who uih t pav t .r their
u'OO.Js to trale witli us. A d.Ker, :;1-e of :,t Ka-t
twenty-live per e. r.t. (iti ftvor if .. :r -wto'.ner-l
will readily l.e s.-.-:i, b.-t--:i ..-ii- jti..s nn-1
those who trust. AVe mean nh.it we s-.v,
will siti-fy all who call o-t us, that it H a
We parti.-ularly i:n he th- I 1 tocx-i-in-e o,ir
stock f f li.Mutifa! '
Silks. (iloy.-a, s;,.i-ls j
Challies, iiauntS.'tts-. Sko-t.s, j
Pel.aines, MhN, l".-i.l. iei k-,
Cashtneres, llori.-ry, Lit. ens.
Morion's, Tlioinnii 'i, l o ler-lee-,
MuMins, K.i.it.ui-, (',::,,
ti:n.'ha:i.s r..'.t-..ls, rem-i,
C.ltlil.ri. s, llooj,,, IVn:-,
A::de.t,ls and st . -i s ... -,,...U, t.,., :.- j
oi;s 1 1 metitioti. I
To th' (! nt!' we would tu o,.'v ,:.IV i'j 1; I
we are doine .;e in the ckithiti' hne. an 1 nro-
pos,; to clothe ii man all over in ,i !iape and .;t vie
that his shadow won't b-aft ii I tot'-nlow him.Hnd
To Ihr Woi-M al I.:ir
We ?ay pVo ih a call and sat'siy yourselves that
there is one .store in town where yon can pet th.'
best of goods at a-tonishi'ie low prices, as we ave
di-t.Tininod to s.-!l rroo-is clieap- r that thev were
ever before sol 1 i:; this in r!;.-t. No etaiiiihrn-:',
or charges made for ehowini coo ls.
Store in the Ilohnen . Wii-l t l.lo. k, one door
south of Loirr & Crove.
oiiviii.i. v .ii;mso.
Latwlne, Mav 1 ii,
Shcritl ":i..
IV virtue of one execution i-sned out of the
) Circuit Court for the county liieh;tiu.
State of Michigan, to me iliieeted and delivered, in
f.i.or of John Kay tier, niMimt Wili.nu P. II az
aid, 1 shal .,.H a: ,,i,j(. auetioii, at the Court
lloueein the village of Mas..n, i:i said county !
Iniih .ln, i.ii Friday, the 1 ,Mh day of July," A.
Ih 1 s o ', at one o'clock in the afictnoon oi that
lay, the lollowiii'r ileseri'ted i.-:d estate, to wit:
all that tract or pare. 1 ot land situate hi the
township of L.-IJ.iv, county ol iitohaiii, St.it .' ol
Michigan, bounded as follows : hc-iuiiiii at the
"outh we-t corner of faction ;.-c!i 7 in said
town-hijt of Li i;..y, and running i.ottii thirty
:.' tods, ii..-nce ea-t t W elity-t lit i ( jiij rods,
thelico south to th.' v-Olitll hi;,. i( s i d s.-i-tlotl,
thetiee wesL'.o J,,. pl iee of Itcsiniti'.g, containing
fo::r at.d "lie hall" acres r,5 laud.
KlV I5AKKII, Sh. rilV.
Ly I. II. VANDEnCooK'; rmierShciiil.
Ihitcd, May 'Si, lS'i'.i. tovjl .
Miciiti Saic.
J V virtue of two writs f x-- .tion i--md
) out of tu.d under tlio s. a! of the I'ireuit
court for the county of Inehatn, t. me .lit.-cte-l
and delivered, 1 have levied upon :ill the light,
title, and interest of John McKau:h, in ati i to
tint following described lands a;id leneineiits, to
wit: the cast half of the south we-t iia:ter
of g-ctiitn iiin. tecii l'.'j, in town three :; north
of range two 2 west, in the county of Ingham,
and State of .Michigan, which I shall expos.; for
sale, at public auction, or vendue, at the Court
House in the village of Mason, on the Jd d.iv of
Jalv, at one o'clock P. M.
L'DY I.AKF.U, Sherifl.
Ly II. II. DL'NKS, Deputy.
Dated, Lansing, May 13th, 1S.. TwCi
BY virtue of an execution iasm-J out of and
under the peal of the circuit court lor the
county of Itiithiim, to me directed and deliver-d.
I have levi'-d upon all the rieht, title and int-'test
of Austin P.iine, in and to the t .l!,uiitig .!.-- ti
bed lauds ;ii), I t.-!i. liiei.ts to wit Ti nth pal I
of th.-tioitli i-n-t .jii. it'ef id S tilth w. -t i'.l it.-i j
and the 1...-H, p ot .,!' m.-i'!i . :-t ,:!. t ..! -tiotl
C',l ) thittl-one ; a!-.t, all the right, till.-, nit 1
iiiteii -t ol 1 1. M. tl.it!., in and tt tin- south ca-t
(U:it i'-r ot the north w. -t .t jait. r of s, ci'.m
t:i! i thii tv-oi,e ; al-o, .-.li the ri-hf, till , mi l in-teri-l
ot .l,,i.n M. Ilti. I-.. n, in and t . the .-o-it.L
part ot the -a t half .f li e -oi.th v..--0 ij'i.nt. r
and the south paitof the we-t hall' of foii'Ii
east iiiart.-r of section IM thisty.t-.e. All the
above ih-e: ilied 1 n. l being on s, . j i ,.,-.
ty-one, in township 1 1 i i...rth ol ra:):re ( 1 ) w. -!,
county of Ifirliatn, St it. of Miehi-j in, which 1
.-ha'I cios,. lor sale at public vi-lue, to the
I.L'hest bidd.-r, at the court hoiie, n, the village
of Mason, on the 7th d.iv ol July, A. P., Is
at one .. Mock P. M. D.if.-.l, M.i's.m, M i 17th.
is'. '. f.dv i!Ki:i:,si.. i iii.
MM-iitl Sale.
1)Y vittue of i-t x.ciition i-siiod nit of
) ate! Illid-r the seal of the t'ir.ilit t'.iiiit for
the county of Ingham, t- y,.. ., t, , .,.,, ,. a.
cr d, I have ti.i 'la v l- i.-d ui"li.lll t he i i-ht , t il h
and iut'-re-t of John Iiillool.;, in and to the fol
lowing real -tale, t. wit : t' e w, -t h ilt of the
north we-t iuatier of section tv i-nry . t.'l-t, ( ?s
and a!-.., tl e . ist hall t,f the -..nth ea-l iU art. r
of r.-ction fit tity-tiine, to, I.r,-!, pieces ,f Lnd
bt-ltig in tow n thri . i i in :h oi ran'e or,.- ( l
ea t, couiilv i.f Itt'thai i at-.! State Mlchiiin,
whi.-h I -hall expose for sale at pnMir auction, at
th.- Court llone, in th- village of M ivill, iu
said cunt, y oi liroii ti.:( oti Satuiil iv, ti e :;..th
lay of July next, at ot ii.-!...-k iu tl. at'. rn.o-i
ol said dar." Dated, Mason. Jane l-!. A. !. I -:.'.
KIV P.AKKK, Sh. r i!
Lv I. II. aud-rro tk, I'nder S!ier;lh
Si . i :. v t
wiv.s v vtj:t v.
I' U:Ti.H I S I'AliM No'. , i.i V -
it :ias i:vs.s ."i.i.vi:n ami :m; -
loi; '-i !
i r i i i::v, nn: ,
I'A-T !1 V e.T -.
mavitm n -ii., v.u n tin - ii;-ir -i i..
... V. . rtA-.TM IT. l eer!
J w. t: i:; i.itt,
K I" lH '.o INS, ,.er.t,
!! Ill .oIVS,
i.K V. 1 H i.rTT.
t.M !' .- :,. N. i ',
T :t u iii.t.Vt.,l !,.'.i.
S. ith . ,B?.nri..'i
N-if.. f.U .St. I.
IT V.' ...'S-..' s- I- ;
A---r.c., - a- t..':. e-ta'-i-l
in ererv i.a'v 1
out tie lni"-l States A i-e.-atits ! r a--nc.. wt?I si
! . i-'.-r . ' i he aV t- . ii- - . v. i.icn it. p- p,;e.. t .
ii.t ft'-'i' . a'.l ..t-l-r- fir V eh".i---, w! o',e. , e ... .. . !
s-d : fur a ci",ci-. w,:h cut, .1 '.,
o! work.
A'l letter . t-i on 'i.-e -.fe- ;. . i --. i a r'ta-
Pstar. -l--4i
rT,IIE CMmbin.-d Map r I;-,'..,.
JL ! '.. -.,'."- is row r..ad ." for 'lokvi-:r.
Subs.'ri"k'crs wl'l pt.-as.-- take t'Otli-e anda.-j nc.-or
d ti.iv. ;;:il, iiaiilkv. sivf.kd.
May lo. 1 S '.'. til 1 tl
i.i.l-i . ,i i.jT.-.i. Tr
f I Styles, r.-c-iv.-d at the
t ITV Ijfhit; sTuRK.
'lTi:s, :tt the
itv r.i k t::f.
a SPLENDID asaortment yvf Ittbl.-.e -,.
LrV P.ook. Wall Pc- Cn-?a:n V.-r n.eh
i Si..-..!,-. C-iruIn Fixture, Faev Goods, r-rfu-n
: r and To'h-t sVnn hst r,..ir. ,l - Ti
" ""' !. im rrn.
J .liy -f May last, riven to rnr ?ort, II :;h Ll
: k, his time, ar.d tbat I eha'l n t. after that da-e.
claiai any ct his wa.-s, f.r par anv debts of I.i
contrattlr.!:. WILLIAM LLAKLKV.
Inshan. Jur.e 7, 1 4wil7
wi: ll thi:ti
Thiin :utv ..tli'T St..!- i:i tin
firh.-r nl I '). . r..r .,,Wi r'r
V t in
.x l!.. I.:-,,
', 1 ii:Ui r.i'i
boiM-l lit
!! Citv.
Wo JiYi.-lv M;i.l,. ('!
Wesfll (M-.ths.
W Si ll lLiint'stii' ( J I
Si ll lltlts: (';,,,..
W'v Si ll 1 J o ! uii.l Shin.':
Wt si-11 'nfik'.v Nuii.iii
V si ll I I.iriluaif.
W Sell ( I l'llCl-l ii .
Wf lalii- ill 'cii:iii-.' rr.nli.i i'
We :UlVtIlill''ol' ( Vis?,,. u i- I,
W.-Sldl hot !.,' lUl.h tv.i! 1.
... . ' .
' Sllltll l-ffl- .NlU'lionilsWei 1.11
W shall IlilVO i'i fV :ntii !i'i';!l!i il l..f.
H sh:ii! :tt all times; , ,Vl. (,,.
1i Sl M'Ct iVilli).
Wi: SHOULD lilrt.. l.ave
l' I's-'i.m :tll :i!nl sin-Diir st.u'lc.
Wo know w can j.h'ast- vt'rv ImmIv.
N shall sell iinui' (J.nnjs than aiiv
it her St on-, ht'caiise we ,-hall sill
('!i':ijier. Call at
A. TURNER &(7o's.,
I.'iwer Town, anl see.
Lansim;, Aj.ril L'Ist. 1S.i.
I'.K.M'TV. STY lilv r ASH ION A-
' 'oMiLirie.l, rttiil within t fa. - reach of Al.!.'
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Ap;.!y rit I N . lli:s iLIS. evmiiti"
loOils an l I'riees, aicl si , whether t ' Ki'V
linl.Y kecj s llio
Ckl;irvstSlork in tliH'ilv,
oi: si:ij,s- thi: rni:.pKsT
Li-i:, May v t'n, l -;...
it v Stat i : r rii o i: i t
-I A i-TK: I"
Vivv InMirniit'c- I.clui" vlx .
' harCr Pcrtfuit.
r-t mt'Tii
" Mi "
r. I. I.'lJ!s. IVe-i !et '.
!! i.'H f.'.i;. S -'-etT.
W : I S' . (" n-.re.-.C,
V. .".I! I , o-neril A.-.i.'
-il A- i
a toe p-'n-'pa! Ci- aa! T-t into"
Mix-!. IMtMITl.l
I A.i ; 'i'j :a e - . -n I'.-.-j-... j;ie 1 itiijn
! i;.-" a Ai:jl-.'.."N'., a.'h,!,
-1h rill s S.iU .
I) V VIP.Tn: cf a writ of ci-cut; -n i
.'d v.:- i. r the M-al of the Ciren
i- icvl out
it I'ourt
l ;r li e coi.r.iy oi iiii a., i ; vi Miu,.i..i,,,
to r:te direct i-l atid ii. -ivcred, I have levied tipon
all the ti?ht, tl'le an Iif.ter..'-t of V. la ar l j::iiott,
ia an i to iii' followi: tie-criiw-J Ltids ami t..-: r-tiiL-tits,
to wit: the buiiJng on the i-outh for'y
foi.r t of Jot slv, (a:. 1 the lea of the
g-ou.ud th'.-reoni i.n bi-ick o::e l.uadn-d and
t ,.tcV, r, and lot rl.y,n, in birvk one hundred a:.d
....,. ,..t ....,. .:. t.v i.
i c-l.tv-tkr.-c, sa! I t-r ..rtv --lr.; rituavd i a the
r ... -. " ... t. .- i
I i: I f o . i ., i ...... i t
! W
I i m
W. :ia- ul o:ir Sutii! " Stock ui I H
H B m Bl B a, II 1)Y ML
su?tio.u r vendue, at the front door of tl,e(o-;rt
Iloii-.-, in t'.e villiro of M.i-jn, n ihetwrntr
ti.ir'l day of July, . . J. 1 s.V. , at or,..- o' io k P. M
ofaa'.l ihv. Dated, Lans'nrr, Mar g.r,th, lSi .
EDY IIAK KI:. Sheriff,
7wil', Lr H. H . DI NKS, Deputy.
Take them and Live 1:3
I?, thoiii and 'mv. 3
' s'urpassea rente,
.tie. hate. by couimen consent .4
eiankml. Un pLiceJ at the heaJ
f sinn'air reparat..m. Iter
r.c' efetat.:,-1 a.. . U:trtvl
j,'.in.-.-..-, kav.y aoj cerUii.tr n
the cure of the irieuei.-; ol
.-.Mi. ej.el all other-, and their
a e uu.iue-ti.ir.ab y t trh!e that
! aUol.-.r kinU-. In ('
try are a.-t:e C;hart:c. in
l'U''"T"",.a"M"' ''"'a-l Ceao- n,-
.i i ..lion I..IU1.1.I!!., i lk
-Hea.laclte, JVer ,S-e.e. k..i
Vrxot en:-, st.ni.rh n,'
iflJ 1 If ' H "' ' Sk ! Atec'.i. u.. they
jiij A'.n ' v"'" ' ''."i i
awJf I a-ot any time t-., ;,, ,
U-r 1. l.ut wtien
i a I . . t h umtc'-a!
:" KiL.
:- ! C - Vvve lie t
aa '. a ',.11.: i mt..
a I n-M b,
- I., !..
tt-te .1
i I. r- . i
.- I'
- . -r. 1 VI I V 1- l S. t
' : I ; I ;
IIti i Iiitl slr'iim;i':i' im
. :l h -
, ,!i-t-.
ll-ll. '- l.lllllli. ( Itdt-I It .-lllltl.
I- t!! Il
I Ii.
f r-
ii ic v r.
i l
(llirtl IMUIU'IK.
: -1 r
l.e M.'l i
. -1 I ti ., -n t tl
i, t . i -
it i
-. t: -.urer
tl r .a I-
,-rk- t I ,'e te- l.n.' t!..
h f'l I l;. . a .t l
t i. , !. earh !
I to t. f.er ,.t!l
l.li'.t' l'A 'KAMI'S, ..,il rs
I,-., f: e a;,. i- :.it, 1. - ar M hi .
I (cent
tl.r-i..-l..oit l'l- I i: !! S! Ce-. I ju kIu yui N-atti Aui-ri
. it ;.! i Iv a!llai.-e l'l u.-g i :n the principal
-t - . ii. oRK'u .v. i:i:.i.t; i.s.
.;-.....'.-. a .v i
tm' S--M t l.a.i- n l.y a,! .1. lier- ,n M.-.i,,- t,e. a i 1 bv
. nit
t: II I' U VKiv. To
l 1 (
l.ilt'til 4 Im iii-ami aliinu
' ALII AN TF.D to give p.rt.vt satiU tion ot
j M " V""' Tt.ese,,,,chi:,es siup:l 4:,1,
! rs t..w in u-e, lor st iirthi ! v, ihirai.il tv, ut.lt v
1 an 1 .v.-.-iitio . will,.., it l..wl-,. ,'. i'..
Wcwills.-nl tin s., wa-hets for trial
to th.- I..
i t, t!ios- At-iiitig to purchase, a
to l.e used to be rightly apprcciat-.:i-t
citlv on ban I or in id to order,
j t.i-'V l-i-.iuir,
id." Also.,
al! kind - ol
! CfHil' I! K V (I ; K ,
:Tt.i-s Hoops, ('Uteins, I'ui'kiug lleril-, It.ittcr
j Firkins, Wa-hTuUs, Well Luck.-ts, Sap F.ucket-,
j e., at pi'e'i-s to riiit the lim-s. tine door north
' of the Kt.i.-copal Church,
j .iMi-jto, .!. '.. lyjo-y
nl". 1IATI1 has just icr.ive 1 a large an.l w.-il
selected assortment ol Jcwdrv, at his
One ihior Siiuth of t'.trvell.v, Jetiisoris, cotisi-tinrr
of all th.' latest styles ot
I laving jiuri hii.so'l tuv Stock mi-
tiiclv in the F ist, ru to i: . . t . 1 f. r ( I llat-
t-T mvs. if that i au J-
heap a- . i -laol'-'iia
Ne-.V Voth ' I ! ;1 ; . 1
!:- J '
ll.ii in- b.l . I.- ; . ;
I ..' i thii-1-,. I'-l. i i ;.'H
ti, !,-, at.d is,: i, l.v !
i.i v -. n i.t . r. Ki.o -.i i'
n .i i Jew. Ii y as
' ,i t c!' the cit v ..f
l.m ,l.
.f, ;: 7 Sf,.!r, '
! I.-'-.- 1 ill- l.Msill, -4,
!-..' I.VMIVr ;f
..' o r aie oleicl at
.! 1 . an -vil a better
ai :!.-! ! .r a I. -. p:h tl. i.i acy other -t.iMi-li
m.-nt in th-'chx -f lm-hi",! invite ,'! whoni-h
!o h.io I i 1 1 iv Ir -, to v t,,., a c .1 before pin
ch.a-i:.tr.K -.v'.r.-. I: ,.'er ' D. P. KATII.
uie lioor S ouili of ' .-y .-II J.-io-on, Wa-hiue-lou
A v.-t.ue, I 'ity .! 1. iti-hi'..
I k.-.-ji a lir-t t las w ot km m, and ; who c m
liot b- Inafc'i a' watch repairing 1-tJfiv work
mat: in thi-contiti v. Iliswoikis warrant.' 1 to
be sup. t '.oi- to l h it ot any other ever clltpiovcil
iu I.an-iiiL'. lies a id I'lo is r.-pair.- l
and War. anted. . 1 It TII.
r;,, i.r I i ii. -'-.', ii 1:., I . ..
4'li:iii'4'i'l Mle.
1y n Ii ..f a .ecr.'e of the Ciieuii I'o.i.t
J) f.r the county ol I irjh.lPI, in I'liatteeiv,
maih'o i the :.:-! diV l Dec. ml,, r, A. D. l-'.S,
in a i , it. .in au-e thi i' iu J-i ti hn.', wh-iciu Lti.i
Dii-i- c-.mpj i'oi int. at.d Sawver J.Lockool,
Hcui.Ii II. I '. vo 1 1 at I ,l.o!,.a Chi.. Hte.le.
t--ndi!!fs, , the s'li.o-rlltcr, t'in-uil 'ouit fotii
lill iott. I for !'ie -i lc ..it. v i t I C.l, W iil "ll
at pil'ilie an-I on, 10 ti lii .'h.- t I 'd h i, -it th
t'ourl Hoi;-.' iu ih - i o! M . in tail
. ountv, on l'l M iy . ih l.'.tu .1,, of .1 .Iv next, A.
D. ls.". , at on-' oVi.i' k i.i t' e .,'f u:.o .n .f m'.
lir, th- f . l., ; .. ,!. .-,!.. d Imd., to wit : Allol
the north !ia:l .l the soutii ii iif ol M-ciiitn .-igh-teeu,
iu ton ii .ne, iiot th of r ing..- ..tie . ast, con-
t lillUlg siyf y .it; 1 oo,-.?, il.' .-.T. i, aecmLiie
to th. I". S. .survey, Lc-hci n.i:t!i, town of
Itu.ik-r ll li. a id s-'t-.te of Mich'f .n
i . r...,rt r. , ..,,... .,, ,1 ,
i:-i.lv A I "mi v. Soi r f .r .-ti :
In-.-!, M ,:- !!. M iv l- . wji..
iJi Till-: sI'IM KII:Ki:S Ws
OOUU. to . icph.y :m acti-..- i. -..'..
in 4 -v 1 1 y 'i:-i:y, to 1 1 ,v- 1 a t I I i',
! rs bv
- in.p f'-r
A 1 1 TL ''t". W.;I pr. a .1 . v .1 "' to
ssi I p f i.-ir, p iv.,'.1 l:i-eif' !. . I : I'ep'e
t"d f'th i .I'tienl irs, h 1 lie's
ki:i t.n: k i'i:r.-i'N. T . e.ooN's
oa.!if I V't'oo il.l -tieet, Vi.'k.
i li;iit-'i' al.
I)V vi:l..- of . d- i..i i:d a ol l;o 'ii. : t
) ' . a' t .r !, -v ..I I : i . ... i . 'i,c-
f.,! i. J- Ih- l! i I dtv ..I !. c. ... I . l-,i'l
a -.u-- w h. i. i'i -b-'-.-i ;.h ': - oinpiaioatO.
and HoT.'-e S: ith at d Ila:ri. f. V. fu'r.H are- .Jc-f-j.d.e.ts,
I, the . .t.'. i, ti .- Cii.-uit ''"irt
Cili.nc--, y..i r lor ill coi .tv of II .Joj :. :; ! State
of Mn login, wi ! 11 :.t p ihlie a ; ',' !;, at th-t'on-t
Ho'tsw hi th- vi'lar- of Mi,ti, in -:cd ro';r
ry, on tiie J2 l day of July, A. D. l. t c
o'clock i:i the .-.fieri. oon of that day, the land
m. ntioM- I an I d-.'-eri'M I iu said ih-rreta! rd r
as follow st v:: hi the town of le-iili, rouiity of
Ltgliani an 1 St it- of Michigan, o.nni'-n' in:' at a
point tw. n'y-f.":r f rll rods cat and thirty-two
south f the ipiatter post between .-ctkri
twei:ty-om: f'Jl ) and t w. nty--i-ht is,, in toirii
ship No. on" ( I ) t.OItil it laige one (l wet,
rui.i.itij t'.-t.c i a-t -iv'-:, (J.:, i..!', th-tice
south six a' i ro.'s. t'en-e -t .-lit. -:i I L'l rods.
ijer, t l.) r-el-i to the phi of ber'n-
liito.. I!. I FUN PADD.K,
Ciren t C.u"t I 'oinnii-'-ior '-r.
J.,:tN?'. & Ihr.v.v, SvJ'rs f-,ri':.i.
D.-.t.-d, Mi on, Jun- 3, 1 '.wj:!o
T.anqing City Foundry!
Ill 'I IIOIlIiwV t'O.
I LIST ANISW VILf. 'iEalUNi;-;, M L Li
'i Ir..n Saw-.eirit:gs Wie-. Si', Iht.l hoc
Irons of tiie mo-;
lnipro.ril K'atfcru-,
Mi ! to f.-d-r on r".ot notice. A'J' Pi
th.Itiv rt'.ois, atid all kinds of
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