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The Lansing state Republican. [volume] (Lansing, Mich.) 1855-1874, June 21, 1859, Image 4

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Trora ft w York Trigone.
The Summer day shone hot and calm.
The l-airiinier ncoa drooped herb and tree,
The cc- iais yhldcd breaths of balm,
In tilencc" sl'iuibered land and wa;
f he verdurous branches scattered shado
Above a group t-t pastoral rest;
A staUait shape la f-u'et laid
Upon the cool earth's kindly brpiit.
Another form, of tenderer mol-J,
I.-,i .V Lin tprcal a shephred's fare,
I a rippled rings her treses ro'led,
A carcloss mass of glittering hair.
"'rota r J5ti2 vescl fLh'ed with f Kd,
She ;rT'l the simple, tri.f re-pas'.
Sweet i of the olitude,
Tint cid'.t lit vi-ion as I pasied'
01. tine array of P '-- '
This lovely idyl's nai:-d tiuih
Wjj iiolliinu bit an app!."i:e.,
An l underneath aa Iii-b youth.
A r:??' d man who re-'s :.t noon ;
fi.-t led-inercd wif? "at 0:1 a rail,
AtI witched li:n, w him at lork or -;,
L"..t dinner from ai oM ti: pII.
H" at ; it p, tt-'J fiiied a P'p-,
Nor norieed her bv s'uil-; or fiu 11.
r'h? Ftoie a. 1 ap i.'! unrip?,
Shut ni th p'l'i, r-A 'v:.xA t t-rvn.
s-a; the cii-Ie idv! out,
iioin woi-ls, and :!iii.M oreih.d
Your Iau:on is a I T-.I jt l-'ut.
Your i a th unb.un.s'. '.
I ihi.i the pe t kt.uve or fjcl?
Or J ici his t-r'ht trtnoend vour title.
A.tI b-.-a'l'r f. r.a l'.' bv
A. W. 1!.
VHi: "lKitic. 1 'iiitv S'Hfti
!r; its -If i'-f r j t!i r;es.f t!..
by r t"i -I r ir t- any iiir. whl-h .n'J I
off.;iiJ !. : J !iit ; - -iimIj;!!?;.:, o t'li? Aii i- j
t:i si.T,v-fr:. i r j, w t ; it. f.-r rrar t. i'
tuut, ;!; r.it-.', tii- v !.vl tii. t"?-!
f-.'ia r.;:-l 'i-.-ilif Ii of t hut -i.i':. i;t!y .J. j
v .? I i-- if 'i.ii-'ii!l ? .:n:i s, ;t-'
t!:'v aro r. ir.I -.l ! y Df. A-!i .; I. it if
? '."in I'm wj v.. r.; i:ii-t;;:c.i Tin' ..n-t': :
..t tli? ".!oi! i , in !.u: .m. !. ,.!,' t!. j
Si it'iro i (7itizru, fi n;!-. t!i" Vr -icf -irl ki j
vvitli j;At flT 111 l.y. W ' l!iUf,!lli
i.' JiT I pirn '-- ' uii JcihV t tiio s-l.vi - (
! : Kt--, I1:" Ti?;i't .S-.-icty f.iM a .
farther. It .!,:.ij!t :i!iriljn i's -r. !. i
j-(?;t....i .ff . .ti.:!i.v, will ;i, f I ? y.'lt r ,
in lb' :-t.-rti., 5 .'u. ! :iy. " U.-1
;.h1 J-:vii ; ' an 1 if tiV-y irtl!
ii. ji;; to
taiK.f ir-omi; : tt- ' p) ir:ir. n i t uuri?!;t
e tiiv-y n: I i a s.-r:os of
lr i"ti, c!.4!i iri'-tii1; i'lTv.itf? theory of
Dr. A' .:n ; in ri .r-l t.- tii ; iaitrumoiit ility
. .i.iv.'iy :.!! I t'io i'avv -tra i m mis.-iuii-ary
S'hei.i -i ti.r t'i? ..pn:aj of ti;- t'l-.-pl.
TiiJ S',u'.lirrt Cid'e -iys:
" Tli' Tr ict yy.vly in N'-vr Vo; !:, &j
Wi Lava nlr.-u'ly rc-vi-il,'., Li:i- wLole
s.jtiiely iijia Jtul ( f t!ii .r'.-fi's of Sjtlion
trtJc, lately rt-fjioJ to (mi.Lixij in thy;
sciit ni'1 of it -j j'-iljlioatir.rs a s-ys-tera of trx-ts j
aaiust .Slavery, or even anir.'-t tlo Atii
t-au slave-fraiJo. ?'.t tLat tlio i:oinl'r-:
approve of tho instifit i.-n. or of tbi traJo
m l that tliry fv-L'i anything -:, than thi
uLt joui abii'm nco ur Sunt)iT?i lif'i a:il
cuuvtrsatioii, aii-1 rnau's jiropcrty in n;.in,
atij ' trnilio in liu; in fiesli,' 'c , Sic; oat
o-ily that they dinkier it jv,liti they, a
Christian soci:tr, instiiui?ii i..r t!i.- proino
tijn t.f ro'ii.Mi :i:.l virtu1) to lot tL;t par
t'o.jl.ir t'hn - f uiucatlieJ to rail
I'jri-r.isl'; ain-.' a!i s.tfts of sins escopt
ivily in1, n:t; r. i' in fact that fin pays.
X .y W' ."vnt'K'rn roa lor.s to fully up.
pret.-iatj ih? vnliw of this f..rLiearanc
Krcn t'V ! j i;ri.a:.? in tho North vrhi:h
approval tho adiuta (or n:n-ac!i.n) of tho
Tract Society, t wk care t let us know
that it wa ti.t because aiiy tncinhpr of that
Society Nort'a apj-.rovcil of .Slavery or thj
" We an wholly ngaicst such a com
mercial nvl jtettif.iiginj Tract Society;
religion anJ moraliry, wLich have a tingle
eye t iQrLern custom, .o not suit us ;
sua, on ta wiuie. m si ii:.invMj.tflr..e wtu Vum?nc with all cmipetiioti, 1-t tho piicr? be
rathor approve the proce Jure of tho JSoaton what it mra-. All kii o! pi...lace and occa:oii
men, S3 vou tuiy s'-'O it in this paragraph I a :or" wa,'on, watch, or f,o.d ca.h note
f.f n(iwj i
..Tul't .. r. . ci, .
x iu .viuerieau i r:ici oniriuy ot nii-'on
voteJ yt-iterJay to separate from the New
Yotk S.'C'u'ty, of whi.-h it L.n iieen n
traach met aa-J by a resolution ex-pres-ic
J its approval cf tha putlicntion, un
der its au-.piec3, tlaricg the ctrrent year,
of aav woH-wriuoa tract aain.-t the slave-
It woaM bo invitlic-us t) surw'sj that tho i
honesty cf the Boston Tnctanana n.av be j
zuiriouicu to tuo circjaistaaco tuat tiiey
have less temptation; they kno-v but litt!
in Boston of the itnnioiuo profits which
Xe.v York Jcrive? from transactiur South
ern LuiibeiS anil hariiliin j Southern money.
!.,. 1.. .1 t .1 t. -.fi
xjui. ie urm iiae iu'j laeru, cuca aj it is, i
cf resolving to speak o j. their sttipi l n-.!u.l.'' j
TI"ftii. Era.
Slrciitl of tin- Hostile Ariulii.
i . e .' 'n- I
A corresponicnt ol tnc ri.nes, wniiD2
. ,. -, . . . , r ;
irorn limn, .nay l.m. states mat ir.e l ieu-(
- t i- t . i
inoote'33 army, inci t lin volunteers, nam-
hers S'),Wl) effective men. lie savs : ' The !
ffontfral Wif seems to hi that there are !
trims ir.fnronll.-in c.n a-bl.b I r.T r- I
now rrenca in xm .-aran.an, iut Certities Ac, i1rcu!,rs, to ,,e Doardiilg UouseS, and private faunae wotiM do ' ' ;rCtti , ff f T.,or, M " 1 J' " "'yZuli, - ' .... t,,!..-
States lhere may I more, bat I do not ; had of Druggists a:,i Medicine Dealers generally. ! wcn ,0 Scatter ion i C0,V f t'f? f o t' 1 WouI1 nnst fMr announce that he will : . .Vt ;u!."t iM n '
think there is lers. They are still deficient For sale bv R. THAYER, Acrx ' I " t i . t ,1 a:icti0n at. ho Co"rl IIc'J.e 1,1 ,Uf Tl,'Ji visit Lansing on the fourteenth dav of tv. rv . t -,t u-,. u, -i , ae. ;.. -., ....... ..a, t... j
incivalrv artil'f-V nud ci-nn eeoiinn j He has thanks to give for pan patronage, and 0f Maw ia mm county, . tne Jd d ,y ..f i nioTith for t, &f mth,S patients ; t- ' ' - ol.. ! - '' "
incava.ry. artil.c.y aui camp eijuipa., . , A f I M p f f ' strong hope, of Mill creator for th future. July next, A. D. 1VV, a. one o'clock in the t fl;cvM,Vith Tronic or Lh-riii" Dis.--,. t n-.! 7. .1. t. .ic.ty nuo. .,
At Lyona a treraendoa? eicge tram is -re-j ALL K U rJ 1 IU tl ! ! i s 1 . r maivv 1 afternoon of that dav, tie Lnd in 9.id decretal , , , ' ' . ,
:.-T. v k nu v i.v I ivumlmi i Lansing. Jan. 1. is.-. h . :,v.;.nl;.,,:..,;,i r!r r..... . :,. i.t- : . .-. v ; a 'il '.;;;. r;. ;:;:.:": , .
1, a r.i inrire !.. irn n-snepr r.yri.i n-:. 1 1 mi ! .1 ui 1 i.iiiiu 1 n 1 . . 1 lv "... t m ........ . . .-v. . ..... . 19 m r- " .. . - . . .... -.-.,....- r-".!.'..-. ...
reliance, and which is up to the mostrc-llO
cent date, states their in whole f ree Italy j Ar
it aoont J-O.UJJ men, distributed ?.s ft-
103: at Anco.ia, t.W'J, larra, 4,000,
Ycnis?, 12.000 to Ij.uOO. Lenaoo, 1,000,
Matua, 4.00(, Verona, G.000, Teshiera.
U00O, Piaccczi, 5.0, Brescifl, Milan,
Bergan.0, Cremona, and other places in
that diitriet, 20,00) to 2-3,003. Besides
these?, within the last day or two, about J
120.CC'") mn have bwn concentrated about '
Pienzi. :;.in-Pornlatar.t3 and sick nre !
et dwn it 20.000. Inclu-linz the 20 0 ".) i
ei uwn at -j.wj. Inclu-Jing the 20,000 j
men tha have just been withdrawn from it j
au-1 assembled rvar.d Piacoczi, and 4,i00
. Ana .1 . , , .
t o'W td tt are at Pavi i, the eSfeciive !
strengtu o: the Austrian army in Piedmont
is about 130.000 men. I have strong rea
son for believing the abive figures snhstan-
7 met.
Camels ox an Ai-kama Plantation.
The Selrca (Ala.) Sentinel of May 20,
says: ' Th-; camels purchased by 3Ir.
YvV.lsoy from Capt. M ichado h-t week
p-jcru to anther many useful purposes
The other d ty one ef thi auimaN, wit'i rid
er, brought twelve tusl-cls of shelled corn to
. So one camel, in milling alone, will I c1 fiham, ani State of Michigan. Dated,
rer th, pnrpos of a wawn and tn,,p., rW'c
M. We uadersbnd that thev Lav, Com. of Ingham Countv
..... . j -
Deen iriea in tne plow anJ answer the pur
pose admirably, bein? docile ani casili
I JxnwUf', '-.. ' . A,r-:.r '- i'i'.!. fl-t$ f tK;
Kvt- .., t.r ''u-i.c ' i i -.y f "i a i i.e.
j rr M' nt u.
ji-i it hk ; i!r.i: ;.:. 11 1 i.i'n-- ..r B.o-l to
! H-i I. A-fi.'y ' la-: : i.i -.j. Nm-j, Iifir;biKn,
! I :f -t 1 r I !. I u'.H'-i - r .":.: ?ht ia tt. .t.nirh, A.'cr
I KruoD, .vi'.t.i'.' or Klu'.tT.o at lt 1'it -t lh Suta
t :!ll:nIl f 'U' U- 1, Jl'iml eu l liT.on't u.rtth
' nt. I iitt'-r t ' il ..it. Ch-t::i i't -'J-Al'.u --en
3tn.'ii- ir.'.u in t Ivm '.:nte. lftiiiUf cf Yiuun. l""t
I cr Weil- f-: 'if tl,"i,-.M, J'trvcr fir l &:n m li.e
i Jift. ' -i:rv ( tVr-?!ra!,"u, Yilon of U.--
j an K-.eJ, l . in 1 - , I'-. :., h'-?, I.ir.iS. .Vc, .-u 1
.l-ii ft-a-'a-i of t. tiirn:-!; in tl " r;eh. ..rctant
I -. in at o:ho t tLe stij';ff
j.fv-i-ir ... -.. f.-l n.; !.(!. l.tuv-t
.1 :i it-i v.; ! i: : ! ! 'ptut t tw i
it i - r- i'i
ii- a': 1 i.r.'iv -1 af! ! . bit r.; that l.a ',,mi
1 .i' A i . - ;i ft; -' lr. ! x I t:;f Amni'.tu .- ie,
. !,;!!.'. :.u t ar uur .! jr any uttuiiar
, ,f . K-Tiiiir rxr in II- f.v r r
. i' 1 . .-.i I i t. I !i-!-i..u ;.is 5 in iiwii'.iS in
i.l ;! . . l.T.ry - ui ii-ii , ! !. . p-la
il'-.'.! , in., n'l.i'i.il ilii itliv U t:... .ri f.e
i : !. i.i 1 . f.'.-i a. i. j! Lh An", Ltr t but
u'.-t .-;-: .l ;it I'M rfnii i-t teVf 'ia.
. - i-f.' -..'.rit .t '.!. iii.l". ltT'J
! i.
w:iiii..-ri:ii:Y ( i ; t. ok
tti, j'.it i.H-ji'-i, Itiatisiz iij th-b !
i-llii-l fi O'.i C-i'df, ..' ('"tsiiiHp
, .rr. ' I--T fili't ic if" at all
f : -i
o f I 'it-ff$ of
r l. r .l .4) i.t .l;ras-i-
..t,.r l.i L.cii
, .:i-.ntv. l r Jl- i,
I ..iir in i..l..:iut-
' 1 x'r. f ..tin-r
'.it tli-v oiVr in
i tiy ti-'u I.. -U
-n o-m t:."
? " -; ' f -
ji iv
i J''
l.y i:
1 . 1 -Il
...C. I" H.iiir.'t .D.ar.INVw.
i r- ;ii:t.tWo l. ui.-.-ts .n tho
', 1 1 :
IliAV F o.i h i id and l r .i! . Iarre and t ell
. s-hc'.vl ?-o. !: of
a ; . u m n j: ji .
Kiab'ac'.ii all the uaT- rent t;i Lne-.-es and qual
ified in jrei.ei al u-c. A I.u : e 1m of Sized Boards
f:r Gothic I (.ue9 aal bari..-. Any amount of
lir:t, second at:-! cemirani inch, i:-t'i aud a f-sutth
l!oorin;r, which I o".cr very Ii.v f.r ea-.h.
A'", U i ',"0 if ft itf .5:ji'.'m anl J .',
of nil lenllis an I rij.j," Ii )ot Bo.irds, Bjaidand
Slick l a !i. l.i.i-r ! ol.e s.'utved .'nie Phin
srl. A larrr ' .. iK-utitof lle-v.-d Timb.-r. Bass
and W )o l I.-.tcb'T, A - and B i-ivood
The abtive. lumber will be ?..!d roagh ordr,-?.-e
1 i'. i desired, as I have
A i'iainiiii; .'i:n-Iiiui'
and c ail f .! aii bi!U ol w oric :md material fvf the
entire fa" :h:not ho-j;-.. A" ro iiiann sizes of
1 .ae W ti.tcyoo I lmoi; i-.r sale low.
Tho e in want of hoase? or buil jiae: iuateii.il
.1.1 a-. .11 t,. . ... a ,- .!' f ,e I n. l...n I l
iaac:i i-iji.ui ia n.r i-ii i iaii; it nouse. a:
L.4. ' t'.C. IMIDCF.
part pay
I.a;Hir-, J liiar.r
i'o:c SAf.c:.
IToUEand Lou 1 and on block 1 1?, city of
a - Kan;ing, a:;.t a i-ai:u iii il.-' to-.ii,;..p ot Au-
re;ius. Loin-tho north 1, V. of .he noith-weU
eiia: ter of section two. Tcrr.il ia-y. Enquire.
IL La!i;inr, an. I a Farm in the township of Au
cf the pubstriber, atinv'i' if
r.i I'Ujir.oss.
Lviiir.-, May 1, J
TT i it- 13 7'
Veokta - Mn:c;:.-S;, manufactured
oniv bv
Dr. J. Y". Keriaott, for II. M. tiidaian ., Co.. at
their stcrc, Ko. 1 1 CoKgrcs. st., Detroit, 5!ich.
CoiirorNo Extract oy Wili.ow, a positive
and nvei-faiiui ciire f;r Ajrto Chill Fever and
I.i.uous Di seases. It is a mild yet powerful tonic
in !! ripa nt' Lb!';?rv !.i.iM-.t :r. .1 t-o-.rv:
. . - " ' --.,
an I weiUnef? ot the s;oiuach.
Covpocsd M israke, or Aperient Anti-Dil-
'L'y': l''"1"5' l'-t purcvive now known. These
, ,ii3ui).no power itU mildaesi ot action, and
j ia no case prouu-v sub-.eii.ient consiit.ation.
Lxtract o? BLACttDERitv, a vecretable Summer
r.1n.,:,;n. r Ir,. Ti, , .' ,? -uijratr
-0:-Vuml ca'e. lue omy certa.n remedy iu
Iiv - entery, Hl.-lyFiux, Cholera, Cholera Uor-
i f t .
ou. tramps .Vc.
Vwetablk ITluosaut Pals vxt, a safe anJ j
"ruiacure lorwu-is,toi.is lloaraeness, Itron-
Anairy.light, Killi;.rl Uot...., with two
Tabtes, Ivothnewand'-llrst-Rate
A coavcuien:
au ordom , wen sappiioi suit ;
TX S Gr Tdl O O AXS !
Where will be foin-.l s'l f'ne ii.li -Lieies of the sen-
"M) "hh a coihimiu supply of Fresh Oysters.
iu "'ensise G-occrv Lstabli-hmcnt, ith a
Stock. Confetiior.crv, and other articles usually
Swck, Conf,
dl'1 in 1
p fb'"
eimme for
. thai I:ae.
jitc are respc?ifullv invited to call and
for themselves. H 3
Clsaiifrv a!t.
virtue of a d.cretal ecr cfthe Circuit
JJCourt fir the countv cf Inrham, in Cliance-!
rv, made on the 25th diT of 4' "."' I
in a eau-e mnii-ui uau ! uoai 1 is complainant
and Stephen S. Giuncy, Eliza Gi lacy, George A.
Wallace, and Earotus W. Barnes, kre defendants,
I will c.-ll at public auction, at the Court House,
ia the village of Mason, in said countv ot Inr-
harn on the 7th day of July next, at one o'clock
in the afternoon of t! at dar. the lands in said
n.:.. ; i
o . .; .!.!. l.4 j
1 .-. ' . :. ii i !
a. . -r ii -. . I
. .it: : . iimi
'- u.'-u
if i.' il. ..., ., if t j ,-r. i':..t B.ar!y .i.;
: So n lU A t'..- !. i:4 ia rua rr ii c iu 1 h
co:.ii;.ui'.i.-. I iv i... !:!.. r ' f I' e I. Jra-.-r .in '! .-iii
, .... 1 i-i a j
I i. : ii .'4 H..: !..- .!:.'i . ii --i i r.i: f. o.a
! .. i -Mi. i -' Lia--. .- a : -i li "H.Ai''s
' !I II -fi-. ').:! , -, j.... s.:"! ruiiir .,11 a I
: r ii. . - ... - 1. 1 r . i .. p-i nil ; t-i in
' - ... ' Mi-- : - I f-1 M 1 ;. r 1 : a ":
; r-l 'fa . f t. e : m i i:i u i t-1 !!. 0:uao
1 l!.tt.-r !.. i! ! I. ..--!. j.i . -h ,.f v.! ii.--. ..f t:i
-r:u .i--i. .-y .: t'.h .- -.'-ii. r.'f i. .ii l..iiia j.iniur )
! ' i.t.'- .;. I; :: v-.il .- (.Till if !! ;
b-iii-c. ;
.vi.-!..-. .1 . an I -r - :.; -. irn -: :.n I fj.i!J ,r j
-ii.-.' ii.rt I ..in-I .---t.-. ..n 1 c.in.!a. i'nea 7;-
s. Asthma, Spitting ot Iilood. ic. iorming, losetnt-r, a stocK wbicn Hotel keepers, 1 1"""'""' . ........-,, '".-", r-i.. ni... ..: .....1 i.- j t i..r...i.i ur -r ;. r ' .ut a-... a .. i
decrotJ order ie-enbed v : two, (2) three, To lhe TRADE, everv article in the Fur-
six. C) and seven, J, in block No sixteen, n;tu Cbai rpho,?tryt Hardware and Willow
(1M ia the vi.l ige of .t?ckbridge, m the county J Ware line, with a eood varietr of fiunerior var
ji it
DO YOU WANT Window Shades ar.d Fix
tures? You will End a fine stock at the
SPHING of 1859!
m mm & b.
BEG LEAVE to notlfiv tltt'r I ileiiJs ai: J Cus
tomers that tiioy aro now lectiTiag direct
froia N'cw York, a I.ir', coinp' to, arvl well
lectcJ stock of
f every Jcscriptiou, suitable to City and
Couutry Tratle.
Of !
Our Stock Consists
For Spring finl SarsiuuT.
A Great Yarietv.
cloths, cloths, cloths.
Superfine, Meihmn, atil Ciai;
tZmitwT t. v '..rtw.vT,,,
A L.H'ire Stuck.
Hfy' it vt;' 1TT
r V r . '
! 1 1 ATS, II ATS. 1 1 ATS. '
V-.!. :,.,:,,',! 1 .,,. !
I'nnTv; WT irriL-vl '
roots and siioi.
Fine ainl Coarse.
or a
Lansing, March 15, IS'iO.
JLTi.iyr.lAtXl A JLSxXJX. X 1 ij i .
A .
k a . ii i: v ,
Ienii-iiel ins mock
With a full and choice selection of -vtrv kind
of goods ia that line, invites the examination of , anvI,aU U,"erc,.'t ; r.nw, ih.-retou, n-.tice is l.ore-honse-kecpers,
before supplying tliemelves. It j by'-'iv.-n, that by virtue of a power of sale con
is liis aim to keep no articles hut thr b't. In , tained in said indenture of inortae and of t!n
addition tn the GROCERY TRADE, he will, as statute hi i'ucIi ci.-;e made and provided, the said
usual, keep a constant supply of
f i I ii I 11 ' 10
7 j ee
Poult m, Mackerel and WhitcFhh. i
J '
He his in st,ir,, the best articles ia the line cf !
ALSO a choice article ot dried Pinnes, a ood
substitute for Apples.
tr. i i .
ii isai ire &2iiim'.'i.i oi
t 'l-TTI !! T TlTr!--irT 3
If 111111 1 111 lw "llOliniIfil
" vVv,v
Block, 111, Jeffeion
To all Furniture Buyers,
1 oflVr to tLc Public b-T XT the freest and most
complete assortment ot
jAoiifGlatuf, H'l.Vvir- Wa re, d'c.
That can be found west f New York city, all of i
which was selected with the greitest care, and I
with paritcular reference to the Haterial, Ianu- j
facturc, Qualitv, Sttle, Fashion and Price.
rjf" The ime will be sold at 23 per cent, less
j than ever offered ia Detroit, .jgj
1 Tarlor, Dining, Bed-Boom, Library and Office
T .
in tv-
Kosewooo, unognv, wainut, OaS. ilaule
and Cherry, with any covering, plain or fancy,
that may be desired! Also,
Painted Enameled Bed-Room Sets,
a great variety of styles ccnstarttly oa hand.
BoJJic. Curled Ilai'r, Moss,' Huk, Cotton and
Unrin - Ar-mr,. '
nishes. Japan, Veneers, Mahogany, 4c, 4c, are
offered at a t'nalladeaict from cott.
All Goods Warranted at llepreatnted.
N. B. Goods bought from this establishment
for Shipping, securely and properfr packed for
transportation. J. W. TILLMAN.
Detroit, IS 59. 193.
Sheriff Mile.
virtue of oae writ of execution issued out
and udTthe soal of tLe Circuit Court for
the coui.ty .f Iuhara, to me dlrt-cied aiii de
livered, I Lare levied upon a'.l the right, title and
interest of Williat:: T. John?. a, ia and to th.
fallowing described L.r.Js and t.-r.enui t.-, to wit:
the entire block li'in.ber i.Tht. in tl ? vilu.; of
Stockbridjce, a:;d county ot L:;:Lani and
of Michigan, bich I ?diall expose for sale to
tie hi;rl.e?t bid-IiT, at public v. r.duo, at tlu
Cert iloue, ia the village of Mason, on the
K'.h d.iv of Julv, 10?, at l'.. "clock I. M.
Dartd, Mason, Mav 7th. A. D. I ;.-.. Cvr2!C
TmT'T T bavins b.-r-ii rriiL in tl: Cun.litliL.n
U f a certain Hn.rtgie eiccutcd Lv G.'urjre j
II . -
V.". I'err to Jofcn 5s uuole.beai in ' iUtc April .:5ih
A. D. 1?57, and recorded in tlie oilnv of tl.e
Ueciitcr of Ireds of ti.e cou:.ty of Ii.krl.-ni, j
State ot iiichijT ii , Auguv iib, A. I. 107, in I
liber y of rnoiti.'e", on ije o.'b, wl.ich Mid i
mortcait'i has been July j id to a:l i row j
owned bv nic; i:;-or. whk-U there is .iow tl.;;!neJ
to be due the su;u of Mity eiht dul.ai s, and no I
proceeedinc? at law Laving b enirutit-ted tor the
recovery i tio same, notice i therefore hen by j
givvii, t jat sail n.otL'Ui, be toieclo-e J Ly u
6kl, of sa'.d n.i-r j. 'ed preinis. . s, to w'.t : the
s.iuth ha!t of out;i-et i'iart.r .f t--.-etlv.ii thr.e
(C) in township o:.e ( 1 ) north of rane cne wet,
(Leslie,) iii the coai.iy of Inpl.uin, .State of Mich
igan; at public ten 1j at the Court Uoue in
Mason, in said county, on the ?".:it!i totu) d.iy of
August i:et, at one o'el'V.U ::i t''- afternoon.
JOHN W. rilELl.-', Assignee.
BAR.srs i lit.MiNGioN, Att'ys,
Dated, Mason, May C, A. D.'lsiy. 1112
iIorJr;io suit'.
DEFAULT having beea made in the conditions
of a certain inonpae executed by Samuel II.
FX"her to -., U'i.haiu Seoit, beating date the
lVth d.y i May. A. 1. IS.'."., aii 1 r. corded in
the olhce of tin Jt-2'?'. r of D. ed.. of the r-r.un-
ty e f Ing'.i..ra, .StaM of Micl-igan, 0:1 the 1st day
of July, A I. lS-'.C. in I.i'.er "j t mortjrae,
i n pa-e i upon whieh Pal nioitae thete is
now claimed to be 'l ie ihe i;m ot one hundred
and thirty dollars. (13o) a id no sii't or proceed
iiii; at law having lieeii instituted for the recov
ery of the s uae, in. lice ii therefore hereby pivt-n
that said rr.ortjri.ge will be lurecl-wed by a sale of
said niorts'sed jreui'.s- -, to wit: Tlsc north
.a-t quarter of the south west quail, r of sec
tion twenty one, in township three north of rane
one west, (Alaicden) in the county of Ingham
and State of Michigan, and cont.iini:. lot ty acres
more or Ie?, at public vendue, at tho Court
HotHein the village of Maon in sai l county, en
the li-th day of August nevt, at one o'clock in
the afternoon. Dan'J, ilav IStli, A. P. l.vV..
WILLIAM S.CMTT, Moit.-i-ee.
IiiKMS A; HrsTiNOTO.v, Attj's. 1
.D" "
AULT Lavinjr been laa-h? ia i!,e payment
a ceifain mortg.ij:-'', exi-cuted by William
j i'. H..-itou and ivnue'a, his ;re, of Mahm,
! V-1,4 J111' tA Y T V"k'
t third, JsiG, and recorded January l:h, it....,
; ia ,i,e in.ixa iWrMy o oiii.v, in l kt
, of nyroriig.-', on p ie-i a.. .J 2lo, i.j.i.n
I Ahich iii Tt'ae ti.c.-o i-i c!..:;: el t- be due at
the date of tiii.- untie.', the sum el lour IrandreJ
,fiai ttn;v-eic lit do'"a:-s and tw.l.e c-nis, (i2S
i 1) and so Mtit or pioeoeui: .s at law l-aving
j been in.-iii.iu-. J to r.eov.r i.r.y j.att then..:, i.o-
tico is ther-fore hetc-by pvi n, mat on Ti..-m1..v,
the thirti-th ilav of Aes:ur, at to o'.-l.n-k
!iam countv Com t llou-e, in the viiliueot Mason,
1 1
hall sell ut pub'.i'.' auction t the lushest bid-
(or .
the pi;:i!i;--s ! sciibed in sai l taorta".',
much s-'i t b.; liei'i-i-; iry to ;-ali-ty the
amount due cu sai I n.ra t-.i-.-, tt.ether bh in-
terest at ten per cent., ciJ ;;'ii oxpeies anow-
od by law, loset'ner with an ii'.toii.ev fee ol
j twenty-fire dol'su-s) that is to av, the m-t
of the north we-t quartrr d" .-nio-i thiity live
iu town to (2) no. th ofiuue i.vo(2)uc't,
J (eXCi ptin l.e aei'f, i:i s.juare Imii Ooini.oiih
! wes:. coi rn.-r of ?:i-i I l-l-l) CCi.lainii.T si've:itv i.i; o
j r.eri more or I . I'at.-d .fun.- :.id, Is'.
1KA l!A KM OKI, Moit IM:;
Wm. J. Warm'jAV, Atty, Detroit
loi!:iy' SaS'.
DEFAULT iiaxinp b."-eu m i ! in the pay nietii j
of a ci i t ia sum i f i:io .ey s-. cured to t e J
pai 1 bv an indenture ot mot f ris tr ', bearit,-; date j
the tweniv fifth dav of Nneeaib. r, A. i. l.'.l, !
execu'ed by Aaeon Xo: i i and Ln:i-a Nor: e", I i
wife, to David (1. jlcC'.lie, and lecoidc-i i i tin-
ollice of Ib-ister of I...-i's fi the eoniifv of
In-ham. in the .State of Mi.
the H.tS
ibivof Hecenit). r. A. D. I'T. I. at H :.el.. k A. M..
in liter seven of iiiortL-airi:-, on p i'r. i f.4 and
'ir, by which di.faulf the power to .---11 coutaan-d
i'i said niortj;Hjje, ha? become operative, on which
indenture ot inort-fj- ai.-l toe note ptonnssory
to secbre the pay ii.t-iit for which w:H given,
there is claimed to b? d ie at the date hereof, the
sum of two hund.a d and twenty-one dalla- and
seventy cent! (i2"2 1 7o), ar.d no suitor pioeeed
iinr" bavin? been ir stituted .t la-v to recover the
.1. i. s.....!.-'....! Kf e.ii.1 !r..ln:i-.lii. ..f i..ni-l.liT.. ...
mortgage wni oe lorecio'-'ee: oy pnonc s oeoi me
moriirawd preml.-ei, then iu described a' fol-
! lows, viz: a'! those certain pieces or parcels of land
situate ia the township l L. ii.cin, and iiescnb-
d a? follows, vi: L.ts number ?even (7) and
i.;nt (si, m oioctc nuiaber twonty-one (i l, in
the vi'JacTvi (now eitv) of Lai. sin?, according to
the recorded plat tin .-of, be-in-town 1 north ol
lange ii west, cout.iv of L.J.Hm anlStat.-ol
Michigan, Hill bo sold at publ.o auction, t- the
bigheit bidl-r, at the Court ilou.-e in the village
of Ma-on, a the tonutv of I..guatu and State o!
Miclitjan, on Man lay tne fnt day of Au2u?f,
A. Dio ', at '2 o'ei jck 1. M . of s aid dav.
Executors of the la.t will an 1 te-r.auient of
DAVID G. M-CLURE, Deceased,
Wit. II. PlSCCNEV, Atl'v for moit-ja-ee.
Dittd. Mav A. D. 's.'-v. .:.w211
4-1i:iiia''' ?-;!
BY VIRTUE of a Dec-vfal O-d r of the Cir
cuitCnurt for the county of Iridium. in Chan
cery, ma le on the "Jl't u :y of April, A. D.
ltj'.b in a cause wherein Alono Dennett, a laiin-
iatmtor of the estate ot All n ti -nneit, decet-ed, j
is couiT'laiuatit and Daruev J.jhn-tone ana irah
township one (1 ) north if raaire two (2i we-r. in ;
i t'.e county of InL'i.aai and Mate of Michigan, con- j
1 tainin? one hundred and sixty ares of land, ex-1
jccpiing and forever reserving bom the nbove !
described lai.dfortv acres oil lrom the -outh sile
I thereof, heretofore! deeded to Marcus Johnstone.
: Circuit Court Cjmriitonrr,
I ri25:ow.l 7'.''.i Co., Mii'hiyin.
L. CaarvAV, .o! r fer Compl't.
Dated, Mason, June 3d, 1 ;?.
"liai''rv Sal.
VIRTUE of adeefeta! orl rof the Cir.
(.'hancerv, made on the '.'lit dav of April, a! D. '
jea -i:1'a' certa!u caue tiiereinV'adh-.c. h herein j
p0ter B. Lxai:s is coffiplaiuastt.ar.d'Henrr Jick-'
cu.t Court f.-r the countv 0. Ingaam, n
Sarah E. Jan. his wife, an-! Pet'er L;n- i
'i div cf JuU next, A. D. l.b at one o'clock I
ia tr.e atterufOu v. ... . n; ,.
fcribod land, to wi. : Commencing at a point
twenty-four 2 1 rods cast and twenty-two 22 j
ro-ls south of tne quarter post between sections
twenty-one and twentv-eigrit, in township nuaa-!
. - , f . r.i .
berone north of rant;e number one l west, run-
- .w. ri i -s .i . .
Xs I t 1 d ?. , . .
the mill pond, thence north until it s.,a:l be ten '
rods on a line, ther.ee wet to The pU-.-e of beric-!
' . . . ,-
nins, exert a certara piece out ot the northeast ,
- e t r.t i . i . i u r! '
corner, four 4 rod cast and west avi three ? :
rods north ad south, and, also, a eerta n niece
out of the north-west corner, two 2 ro-ls north
and south, and three SJ roei? et w l wst.
G'rctiif Court Cvnn'r, Iijhn Co., Mich.
ErGESi pBtyGis, SoIr for Corr.pl" t.
Dated,Mason, Jun 1, 1S59. 6w-215
is couipl-uaatst and liaruey J.,hn-tone an I Sirah IIK, . li Kit flOT'I'. .. - " JvL I'.V:. i'i :"'' ;',r'""""
. . . i-t 1.: . :f.. .. .I.e.., .1 . tJ I l 1 ' I ' ' ' " '
I son,
dermau are defendants, I. the sabs-nber, the Cir-1 ririivra i.om .u.iit-. r -r. ,
I cuit Court Commu-stoner lor tr.e sn:a countv ol ! . 1 , "'-n 'i
i Incham, will s. li it public aucion, o the highest LlTOr K,lIr'.TS. an J Cancers, all impun- j
'bidder, at the Court liv-iis ia the TilUg of tM of the hiood, and all iicc9 of W o:ne ai.J ; (V
ATniftn in s-.!,l rntintv r,t r.fhiim. on r rul it. t h v.u.i. .., ..t.v. -.-.u.. . .
: Si Jcha's Cozgi and Coassp'Joa J
T'0 Btt'f4 of f rrap ear ! Mr. F. P. Fif. Btvr,.
0:.i- -f a ojkU iri l p.a ia IkT .iie at tt.rtr rar
.tfi.im. On t.nt'e cunvl ttn? wi' of C. Z-romerroan. F-j .
f".).u'!iUn'Urr of s-nia rountr. Ol". of a cvuch a;i j
p. i n :n hT i iv an.l hrra-t f tnn'e y.ir.' un. :ir.
.. l'..t::-4) oarl Mr.Jo)ia 11 . . v o!fcr- i. t .to
l f ic--uivt. lt(t cr Piia in 1 tr si.ic a,n 1 t're.Tt,
. t t. Tr.r' t niiir
K ur I.v.;Im curJ M. Cr. W. ZeiflT. Frt Pn.-4
O:. . of a C'l-c'i. p.U ia t-cr i.i and lreuan.l a.-.i.
r.l .trhihty. f ur yr' taai.;. s"ie ba un-
j itrr c ire . f five p.. 3.. ..-.., t.f j; ...a pr.r. 'a:i.r4
! t-rc.w ;n;ir'.
I T i l--ttlf car.J Mr
-ns". c f r"-rt B .'!. O'-i
' tvrnty . ..:' : an in:r. j-iie t ...k it
'.' aftr
: j ,;..n m.: irr V. t
r-'ly af:i-r baring l.a.l ii.e in-l4).
1 a .v. -unit .alv ri the tim f of M-.
0 ip. er?o Co.. O . ..I a c.a!t
I p t p.'-.M a nt i f t.i-ri. a; h ii--ut - far" :n.M.i-.
. i pptr-ntiT cpon O e rr:s .f fie ?rT. il. r
t.'.vii.-ita aii fn- n I exp-w 1 ii- w.vil 1 a- :i ii. n l
f- i- at r.e 1.- "lij-u . I to bf lt I.
t n-.-i- t.-'il.-4) c j-i-J Mr K. z .l'.U t'ampho'.l. an 4 t
la !v w.-my ye .r of i.'. i--ip.. lino, of a c..;:; .
v .i -1 'n 1 j-'-r.u.: cv.'ral vjr.
h .'il.- r.j- 1 L. J 'inso:i. E-q Oa.'erf ?'...
F-ii--1 c'nui.'y 11 of a eivjih nn.l (t-neri! tM"!i'y "I
vm1 in -;.ti.' ,nting. w..io!i il ra Var I w.-aU
t-T ii :i ;V ia tons iii:pti -i.
liar- l. v.ti cur.-1 0 K. H' ,t.-in. M:i b' of r.mr. 4,
fr-i: i .!.. il- w..'- fr .m W !.i:ntf;:i 0 ty t .. tn.
1 y : in'; : I m-- -ycprv otie b..t: -r '..i.-i'i
t".. iiii mi -1 C .iiiiiivO"a fvrnp. wh'ti I want l -r .
fr.r;.-l. I ,..- ! i-tii- 1 ol t.i nc.l the il.-.y 1 l.-'T l .- uc. ejr.
lav Vi-ry -vnf rii. .a-t :.! f ir.l t fr.t-:'. I."
u:: - i .. c K.?t r.-iia.-oi t irtif.lial l.ra'.tu. a .la
. r . f M. l.Hr. . v'. l:.w-:a. J. .'iir irj. i.V. . - I
ti H i i i,ry .' '! r- c .'. i p r. i.r f : Sa i:r ,;x
tu -i.t1
I ia irs b -o orrnl Mr. J S!-.i!T-r. rr ir l--.-r..
ca-iti-. l' i . of .li-" a- i . tf.i- e ynar,' m tr.titu-. o- u
pr.-nf. I friii l.u i.ra o-k !.Vf.ie.:t
.! vl.iiil l.i a f -r .i -p-'?-ia. i.'i-t aa -t.. r f jr i-.-.p
ti m. 'a itl: hi' .iff r l.nj Any ?'n .
J .lin'-i C-Mia'i ami t'.inf.vtk.n Sfrnp." iy :'
inilaky 1'r-rr w-r.,t. " i. aa f xo. I i-nt r-im-.iy " e -u-.
iin.l f !!: iu fact, w I i.ot ktin it il. N i nt r.-m
C-C4 f.ive c-:ne ii::Jrr oar oli-c. vat. j;i. in '-:. ii thi?
pa: tat. kpiar-ut:y -uii:.ni; unicr e mu;ai: - -i. Ln
bt a r-t irtf-l to ln-aliii v n-i u -. V'. l.vc U.--I it m:.'i
g.--it i.' -.'ss In our axn fin !y."
S.x l:'lp-i Mir-l lir. "Mil -r. a rirl"','i,'V c' i -h. l
.;.y4l -i in. of Ori-c 0..i- II i torn ir.-':.'.. .- -a-t-.n-J
t- lu !l iih a .iiaOa e ..f th-.- lui.a S -i- i
plij..ir-; v:-i.t.-i '.;-u, u:.J ..frel in ft? ie:ir! :i
e .ul I n t if.Mvur.
CaaaCTiCUt-Mr. ri.var-1 l. Kayl.-r.New t?v.-t..
C.u.v - ii. TV.e l,-e. 1-. K: " lUt'iiitf tr... ! -!
t'ir u .;li a rrt r 'rt. ia of th W.-s'-rn foua'rr. I t.--c;i.:i-
a.'iii.iii:' I w.th vo ir p-ipuUr V -uc'i n I f. -i-sinii.tioii
tu;i. i. .ery rtt.ii.ly n.i ia
e-U'ti ' -rl.l. I -'. o. kniwr If yvtt b:.v- ::n
txei.i'v ia N- '." V " U t.ty ; if y m ..-y. pi-a-.- iat.na me
by iriiiru iu i'.i. wi.. j. y ur jut. .n i w'.cr.". I -. i-ii
..n:? l- r :uy-- f a:. l fi.. n Is. ,i-e ll".-ni Wii'i
e !.-. .m-lc li If yon I. iv r.j agfiicy ia Wb Vi.'k.
1 .'. til .-i; I ti.e u.i:,- t . y-.ii : .; a .-a-.'. IVd-f it;; .r; .
i..i' wl it . .11., li. ad-i,. :- n,ri'-- .L.zi-n H'iili b.t.
i:t- iitfLirit- I hi .V-w-k'nrk Cry. My lu-i!ir 14 n.l
r I.ajt " il V-.rk hi..I Nc il.ivru lUUroa.l. I
t!..i.k y --ur yr.:;i t!.- liMtot ar'.el- i.i ti.i? r.ri.l f .r
'ii. ati i c.J.ls. My wifi- - iyi . k:ioi it o iy,-.! i.. r
li'-- '1 Mi-:-, i' i-i, a!.-i m j-i -I -i.'t to l.i-ti'!.
at i: in thi- l. ju-e."
I0V. Mr. I!. tV. Br ... n. l! known rn!thy ..;.
t "a ol V t .ri. I..W i. ,u.l . tl. piopnetor of M. .1- dti
..;.-'i . :. i i.. i lauipnyv Svi ap: " 1 wi.fi you w.m! I ..
t:i'..a-ii '.'Kkfiiiy in uur piHi-s !..r thf sal of your .n i:p.
I t-.i-i-i-ii-r i! rri a:iy .-upt-rior t . a;.-y pi ri irtion iu li.
.'.!..r.lw;ii.liri.i,i. It i.n-. ivrii li y I. ft- a i l
r--;-): -. rr..- f..ii;: l ait-i r .bu-t lualtli. hI.pii I n - ..
f:.r .iir- iih r.i:..iiiipi:..u a t l- i-..i.si..-ic.! vi.
t!.. I .. t:nr-:i.-.;-. If y..u ib.ri't e-.tablib a l -i.-n. I
ia ir .'.i.v. 1 will carry l. i. k .;li lue a sui.p y I r r.y
- h an. I .-.-:i.,l of tuy irii-inl. V -u n.u-t u-.t 1. -.
tl :i ...4. ,.fi large l.ttlt I e..a!t H t).-.' M.i ....
I: y my- !: "
llllCCIS M.-,.. U .lii.iasi A lv;. of H .i :.y. I I .
wr. Ap. ;l 1. !".-: ? a. i n, a t,i.al'i - f ji ' 'ii .
nn.l t' .ti.aii:pti.,:i Svrtj.. W arent-rely out. I - i - .-:
ii ii n-1 by in..,.. u-i., bavi- n-a i a tif ver,- b.--t
t ia.- n. i:i- u..- m iijr."
M'. I--')!! l.att .i.il. K-ten !..:.-!. ip. J. i.-a o.. '.. i
i-a-'i-.l o! a cnai.'lt ofti-n le.i -4 ftHn l .ii by t,...- ii4- .-I
J .1 ..'s C. . ji:!i a:i I Con- un.pti in .-y. u j.
e'V-Yirk I "a tr .-n.!. -1 ti a very 4vi-i . o.- .'.
U" !i. an.'. . l.-ir-e a- t be unai.le t . --
v.- u.v bitatn. I i i.oie u ml ive'nl sm ill buttl.-
ol 1 I. '. JoMi' r.-ii-i:, aa l .'i.nui:ip:i jn Mrup. at.
wi. n.iori reiir-ve.l. II. .-on..- ,'ieii.-..- nt the p.-.-.y r-T -f
art -ntr-! in my ..wn i; i-e. h:i 1 trie c -n-r.il b.iuii c' .-ii-.i.T- r
of tai me li. I'.e I t-Ve p -. .--ire In rei-nm i.t. ihi i .
Vt ai :.! of K'--t .. . K. A Vill -.
J. I'. ..1 fine;. V.
l v all M- ti.-itie I'.-i Vr. wn.. uisl ,irii . M.
..liir. A'Mian.- cr'.. I I . I ii . t. 1 II. i.
City. . i;-."4l .-:i'- f. i i. . i, .-: .: 4.
Haling re moral to Jits AV.v nwl
in'nlil StOff, on the c fni r ul )'jhi
ton aid Micii'njiiii J.vniv., oire- ii
ujiji ''t' the li itilinij O.i, of
J. r. a.- t'....
70ULD announce to the cMIeus i f L-i-I m
and vic'uutv, that he is tirer.ared to si:o; '
j them with the i.KKt coiiijile'.;' stock of
i Wall 1'apiT, Fancy (iew.ds :ind F if iin.'ii. s t v.r
j bienght into this market
ont-lic. Miscellaneous. anJ lilt tin vaii'ii-
Li.i 1- of School ati l Illunk Hooks ia omi-
limn use. Letter, e:ip,eoiu:neici t! net",
and fancy Stationery, envelope,
cardi, card- ase., gold a:i''
bti.'l pens, rewards of m..r
lit, pell holders, pe i
cils.p-irt moi.!. S,
al.iiotj ba.r .Video! li brus-ios, sia'.ei, i! i
i it r
extrac t?, cologne, Lai.- oils, pom ide", h sir d-a-faucy
toilet soaps, black, b'uo japati .ued
carmine inks, muci'asre c, alf.ii'i ",
fans, lithographs, steel ':igravingj,
gilt moulding, cord and t.is. I
for picture frames, cur
ttin? and fixtures
oil canvas a;.d
M-tteliais fur p.iilit'.nuS. Aho.chc p pui.!i.jatio:i
of all kinds ; Harper, Godey, Graham, I'eter-ns
Mrs. Stephens, Arthur, Kniekcrb-x ker, Eun r
non'ri Putnam's, Eclectic, Frank Leslies, 15. illou's, t
Dollar Atlantic aud C.oif.'rnia Ma-iines, Yan
kee Notion, Xie N'a";, !?ro. .Innarhav, N. Y.
Ledger, Meicury, N.Y. Wckly, Harper's Wi t k
ly, Frank Leslie'.-. Hail u's Pietoiials, I 'icay ine.
Police Gazette, Scientific American, C!ipper,lYr
ter's Spirit, Flag, Novrletie, ii .Tin ta Leslie, Spir
itual Telegraph and Waverlv.
Thankful tor pat tavor, we hope to receive
a share of public f.atronage. Iyl7 1
."M'v I'i rm.
THE subscribers having r ce;itly ius..eiafod
then; Ives together under ti e r.a'ne of the
Laning Planing Mill Company, for the purjrfi.e j
of m luufacturii.g Sash, liiinds and Do..r, also,
I'I uning an. 1 y..itcl.ii)g aii Km. is of lumber, and
fill ins all bills of work for the err ii e tiiii.shing of
hou-es, would respeeifully ii.vi'.e th :tte:itn-.
of all having buiue.-S in our lit:e, to five u a
call, as we are now pnparod to receive nil
ders, and do the work in th" bet possible man-
r.i-r. Shop opposite the Prebvt"r!an ehurch, on
the river. Middle Ton.
0. C. DoDGE,
Ji. A. 1! A I LEY.
Lantirii', June 4, 'i.7. D'3
froni, and is permitted to refer to htir.dreds of ;
gentlemen of high standing ar.d re.-pertabihty,
in Detroit, London, Toronto, and o'lu-r cities and
town, who, having been reduce-. to th: border ;
f the grave from Liver Complaints, Dv:p pia
and e.th.-r diseases, and l.avir.z tried in vain li.eir
phy-leian's prescripUons, and most of the quack
nostrum f r the cure of those disease, re notrf
from the ue of his Vcretable M.- Iii :i-.-, in the
enjoyment of perfect health.
Dr. Kerniott ha, in the cities of Lond n and
Detroit, daring the la-t seven years, adiaintered
the different remedial agents of the Vegetable
Kingdom to thousands of patients, in clmoit ev
er" variety of disease, with t;np:ira!le!ed success,
'3 radictnes are exclusively vegetable, r.r, 1 r.e h
a- are Sae aE fScaciouia the cure of dls-.-ase.
without entailing on the patient any of tho-
ur- li-rmo" 1:11 J1 experience :n u.s-
eases cf the Chest and Ner-ous System, runti?
fcanureua oi ct-. y. .n.-ea n.curabie by other
rr- n. t- . ..- n . -. r
Hr Vr. Kerniott s residence, Detroit. En-
, v , . n
trance to J.spenSArr, No. 14 Congress street;
entrance to otnce.Grliwold .tree-t, fir-t door from
onPTesa '
r. r, mj . n a .1 u.v '
Ur. Kermott wilJalso y.r.t Onor.Oaithc Ilth,
t-,, r. j . .t t...i i t .i V
i-iton Lipids tn-i 12t:i, and .-Tason the l.rhcf
ererT m!rjlh ' j
i l M. M. CAliR, has moved h:s stock one Jjor
i li . u , t. , . c- ..
north of Bazlev a Grocery, on ashigton
Avenue. Papers, Maga2ines,Iiook3 and station-
err. Call and exaxine before Durchasine e!e-'
I rP HE undersigned are prepared to furuih at
i J. short notice,
j t a t i 11 a r y 1. 11 i 11 v ,
jlilf (Jduifig, V. 'are House
; Hnivinc Ayjkiraf is,
j And all vatieties of Ire:: Work. I'epair-Woik
j on Troj oiler, 'icair.c:s and S-m Mill- executed
; p.-on.ptiy and th.crouirh'.y.
. 17tlare prepared to t-vet ute eu.h-is et any
j M suo lor uud I'ourpo-i'iev Cu:iiiis,
(ill lli'S, Oil l 'i I'll! Ct S, Juiil Hilt
! t oys.d'tw f Ci- r'.s ViiUmhrCi'iks,
i '7 I! h st!cffor S'c 1 1 ;Vwfj,
ji,; f if turns, !t a. nr..
Oil'! I.t-'"l.i :tift'S.
ivon iliiilhij; X Verasidali.
M7i. are piej ared t- e. cute a".l ind.-if lor
Vi IKON" K.VILINCS, for private buil".i:.;,s
Chun i-s rabiie S.juait , aud Ceuu-teiy Li:..
J?:" Co:ner of Fiftk and Woo da: i.lpe t.inet.s
optiute Macliine s!.o; of Michigan Cenita.K.iil
read, I'etr.."'. Miv '..:.!!..
Gi 1LI.KTT still 1 as on !urd a tin- a...ur.cM
T cf liu" ;! 1 and Silver c-.i -cd Watehrs, fine
Jei!iy, Cam. o. Mosaic, riorentim' and tJulii
fit:ie Unioehe-, l.n ks i ahno-t every .li-u-ip-tioi..
hich :;:.;ii't L.I to tuil custom.-! .
Tankee Notions,
i f all kind-, !.ich v il! be c..M ehe.i'i l" r n t lv
V;4t4'lt , 'ir!a. A. .5cvt'l v,
repaired, and wa; rar te 1, on ,
:c JTicc;;-
UII.LLTT has now i:i hi . nij.'ioy, Mr. 1".. W.
PAUKK, late from .bickson.
Aii ovk e;. trusted our cate will b. pro:upt!y
Xi-cul.-.l. .es1 .-i :i"L.i'.v,
" I. C. If. LOT, Jr.
Lan-ini.', May 1st, 1 l.'.h
FOll tTTiT 1 ALii Tlx ADioV "
M1K UNIH-iKSIUNTI) j,,-.. dalK-n , eh; n-ad
ditions to their at.iek, nnd p-cj' trcd to
Wholesale and ixctail.
Aalare and comprehensive ass.n inieiit id pux"-
m their line a can be tound in the We-t.
Their stock of Boot embraces:
Scientific, M.-diial,
Classical, rLrpi,
Seheiol, Ap icallc.i .:!,
Thet'li'SiCa!, Hi-ti-ri'.'al,
.1 u vi ile, M isccltalioou.-.
Woik-- cf Science it:d Art. and Standard l'oet
ar.d Ir.re Writ, i s, i:; evrry variety of nle :;:.d
C.tiii i.3 and t-l ai'tf.-rj at- r. -pi i il'ul! v i'lkib-i
fc ci!l and cxnmii.e our .-t.vk.
We huVvabo a 1 irj'e stock ot LtlU r, Ca; ain
N'e-le I'aper, Law lopes. Ink, :, Blank B,nks
Fata y and Staple Stationery, in uia!ities, style.-.,
uiid prices, whi.'h cannot tad to please.
O ir ariaiiif''!nnt. tor obtaining fteK-k Iron
first i-ands, and tu the mon favorable term-, en
able-, us to oiler Country Dealers, Tearlu is, la
biary ("I'.iiiinit'ei-s, undoil.eis buyij; in .piHiili
ties, liberal di-etmnts from retail jiiiei-.
in eonin-cuoii wiut 'fir o-i:;!.i:s!ii;i. nt, we i.ae
A Hi mli ri lllutik Fn-nk Ahiniijiittunt.
L.-l::Ztne ' St ol m:.ti-l ial aid eiiiT.iov Hi!? ;:t:-
pi-teiit Hnikiui-n, tteaie pu paii-d to till orders in
thi-lino, ami e..n s.it. lv pilar. u.t v salislaetioii ii.
jici-.'4. kaymonda i:lli:ci;,
! -' .( WiMi.lw.Hi d A v., Dei..i!
kSSaCi'fatll to r'4'Ei8:.S'a.
''til 1 C"L ,",,lK!1,f
i V t f .- ob ;t'!.-ir..u, Iiien.lir-.-
i . . ... ...
i-s ainl 1 a:'. lei II. i,-tr i.:.l n,n
er used.
The ciui.bii ntioii . I' in-red
f .-( i-t.ti i-i these Powdets is'la- re.
St. It o! a lulig and .-Xtelir-lv
prai t:ee. Tin y are iiiild i
I l.i-ir iili-! hto.ii an.! eert.-..;i i i
Lf co-reci all iiioirultiitie.
j i ..n.l.il .vieii-f uaM'.i;;, n.oving u.lobRtruiiio
; H'.et'ier Iroiti cbt ir o' i. i i , lea !;.et.e, pain
j in the rude, palpitation of the heart, disturbed
i sleep, wlnca anse fions mtciruptton if nature.
These po'i.l. tj. are invaluable, a-i they v. ill biing
em the monthly period i'h regulaiiiv. I.adi.
w!io have be. n eti-iH'p: intc 1 in the u-e ef oiln-r
m-;dicla tan i.I.ice tin1 oinii 't ci.oudeiice in
jDi. Witt -'iii's Powder tilling all ti.ev represent
1 to d .
! Norici;.
I Tlule iii.ne CiC.diti.iii i f thi lelil.ile lystein in
I which the Powder cannot be takeMi without pro
! dueii.;.' ;4 PKc'ULlAR RESULT. Th- endition
lr.feM.1 toil Pllf.GVAN'CY the nsulf, MIS
j CARRIAGE. Such is the incistabh1 tetidency
j of the III. fieille to It -(..;-.; the sexual fill-etii)l
to a normal condition, that even tin repn.-liif tivo
power I ::. it'o.' :.'. net re-i-t ir.
Warranted p :rely T.-efable, an I In e from
ar.y thin : i.'i'uti. mi-;. Exp'i direeiior., whi'fj
-hou'd t. a l. aec'.nipa-iv eacli j a' k.i.'.-.
Price, nt by in ol to any p.ut of the
I mi. -1 State-, seeute f r!t lot:L, ri.r'ib.. rvatiori.
Addie-, W. R. WATSON', M. D.,
No. 7, Ha-: Geiies.'eSi., Svra"Ue. N. Y.
j .1 . .- ; ' V ,. n i l il 'i h .t I I .i i,' .l4.
'j'dr- b
. Av' UIn'V a. ..- ) t....fc-.,i
t .
-..1 !.4.4
.1.: e :;il...te i ir
i .14 hj .'..r.-r
:.ir.i:i. .'-
try !-r tl.-t.ea'
: I- I ir-. anl b
i' i ; y t v I. '
t. ' . 'I -- i j .i
I "" '
.i.v ! ;i' :: ,
! I,
j '
' r
j ' ,;
j t'..
! . t
. ..- !
.! i".
f a., t .
- !t K
! li.l i-t 1 ;-. nr.,
. H'i:".'-:t VH !
i i:
A-..-.- 1
11 I
nt !.r !
n a .".0 -I 1
: .: 1-.
r. a; ii
:! r ot 1 UW. ,t , ..
il.r P' 1-1- mu
tt .1 lo.-lAMi
4 on l!,; o' i.-.
wa.il.b4--. a?.i. ..
f..r .Tr .' T.VttT
il v 0- -',:i;
U.i l' -' cr
Z ; 0
2 . i:
, s r, ,,'- fe V-' ..
Co.. and s. D. Newajro, Lansrg: and C. Gratton,
.r.'r 1 o -
' . . .
,rA-LL PAPLK trom 6 ct. to 75 ct. per roil
,r attn
y.r 1 t
Ague Cure,
Intermittent IVvor, or Fetrr m'.d A,jne
llenuttrnt I'cver, Chill lever. Dumb
Autio, Periodical Headache, or Dibous
Headache, and Ililuu I'cver, in Jcd
tor the Aihole rla of dieust-a orii.
nating in tilinry dorangcnient, caused
by th Malaria of miuMuatic eoutitrie.
No one remedy is loude'r ca'Jed for hv th
necessities cf the Amciiean pevple than a ran,'
ond safe cure for Fever and Ague. Such a
tt rac Jy a e nre now cttal !el to o Jcr, w ith i
p-Ti'e't certainty that it will eradicate the di.
c:c. ar.d with asvursnce. founded on pr '
that no liana taa arL-c from its ue iu xt.v
'lliat which protect fnv.i cr prevents th
tiisord. r must lv of immens? tervice ia w
coiaiautiitiis vhcre it prevail. I'ter.rh i.
l-ettcr thua cure', fer the patient csaw ihe
ri.-k wl-.ich he muit run iu vi. hvt attacliot
this baleful distemper. This Ci-.e" cxicIj
the ini.i.-:natic jvi-kin of Frvrn :,ri Ac.tt
from the ytcIa o:.d prevent., th elevcloii.
ment of the disoae, if take-a t n the llr a'i
proa h of its premonitory t-yay. n,s.
n.t only t e Kst remedy ever v.; dis.vvtr.-d
f..r this da- of complaints l-t ul th,
ehi.ipc?'.. Th.' large ijuantity v e tupj,Iv fr
a eh ilar brings it within the re-u-h ti "v.:-y
ldy: and in tilious district, v. -ore 'iLI;
ami Ae.fi: prevail-, t-ry boJy I...ui2 have it
r.n l n m' it fntly Unh fv cure end i u ievtieu.
lt i h ; v.l thi price will place it witl.ii; thi
reach i t all the poor as well ai t' " rkh. ,
?nat s'.:jh riority .f this renieef iver .v.
other ever d:ovoTod for ti e rpiciiv aid ct:
taia cuie e f lutcrmittcnts i, tin.: i t)li 4
i t juiniue or ii.iiiera!, coi..uei-,Iy it pt.
d . c no iu:.nim r tlier iviu'. a, of!.-.',
vl.atevcr a: j n the eov.-tit'atina. '1 ! e n led
by it are lett a healthy & il" they lutd n y r
had the tlisca-n'.
Fever find A cue is not clone the t ..atSiuei..
of the laia-iuatie iUon. A ertat r.. tyuf
d.s..rd. rs aiie fn ta its irritatt -n. urioor: v. luoh
an- X.urukia, PheumatiMu. (b.t.t, li.-aJu.'he.
Blind iev-, Ti tl.ael e, Marache. IVtsnh, Ath
nia. ri.liiitatir, Pair.tul At'iM'on tf the
Spleen, Hysterics Pain in the Bow. JN Ciie.
P.tiahsis, and lUTangcmi at tl the Sttunoit,
a'.' ef wlaeh, when oiighu.ta. in thi caw.
put iu the intermittent tyje.ci htc tut ; period
ieal. This u:e" tvp.IitiiC fi,m
the Hi4.nl. and const e;uer. tiy c.in tiirrn rll
alike. It is an invaluable protect nm ta ia.r.a
cr:mt ar.d persniis traveili.ig or li u. narii)
tt fialtig i t lhe in.i'...ri..u-ih-triit-.. If taU:.
i a a .a-a.i:.:i'!y or elaily vl.il. e p.-v J M tl c i".-f.-efio!:.
tl.i.t ai'l K-1 ret el fr ;n ihc !--.-t.T..
arid eai.not :.ceun.til.:te i-i .iitl'.eu-it qur.i.ii'j
t- lijK'it into l'.eaM'. llei.ee it :. ten r.ii i
vabi..l le f-T pri-tor-tii'ii than, Ci.re. bw vill
iv-r n;Tir liom Iiitin.u te'.;N u'.i avail
th. :i.-ehs of the jrotevtiwa ti i-' s'i !v at'
Ayers Cathartic PDls,
a.e s.i ciiiifotrd thpt ili.ease witnia tin :... -f
their action can tartly v ii!-.stftiid er '. th'.n
I heir pciu trating proi -rrl.' ; t-x h, ard i 'i si.m.
hi.. I invieorate very j.rti..:i .." the lm; . ..i.i.-i-.ni.
dim et'i.fc its il.se.i d . t oa, air. I - si utt
it i healthy vitalities. A : ".l' rem r.oe t' ti.'tw
pi. .p. . tties. the ii. Valid vi.i i. l .i'.t fl I'oun vita
pa. il "I pl.j.i. .-al ileliilltv I- .. -.il.l.md l:-;-l J.:,
Itii.l'lioi ii.etv Kjtoiid l :. i.i.a.Ii .1 ei:ic -.j
sii:iple i.il.l IHM'ilip.
Net only .l.i they cure the -:y- r ioiirt
of tv.ry l-ih, l i.t hbt i.iii.y f..tu idatdo tint
ihine. r.n.s .i-e.isis. '1 In? t.i!.t lnew t..mii i it
plea-id 1. 1 fi:ini"h (rrntis iny Anr-rlci.ii A'ii.ii '.'.
.i.i iit.iii t- rtiii.-atei. f their cure .,naua' Ii.j::
fer tlnii le e in lhe foil.iv u.(r e-oinplaiut : '."i.o
.'i IK ,v I 'mt n, Uftlt'llCftf ai tsiii-j fioui u. r-j t . J
Sit ,h u Ii, San 'i. lri!if.'tnn, I'ain in a n' W. rW
-a .. u i-t t'.r liouili, I 'Intuit net. I.Oit rf A; ,c
th, ..'....... t-, and other Limbed cotai .u,
nii-ii from a law Mate of the body ot obi.ri.-V'ti
t- fni. rtii.no.
Ii.i i.e.t Ih- pt.t e.if by unprin. ijile-d D !er w.ih
e. e ether pill thev inckc n.ie profiler. .&
U r An i: Pi: ls, ai.d titku nothing e!e.
Aycr's Cherrj Pectoral,
rot mi: inriu i r.c oi
. .ii:h, ('. lib, Infltici.a. Ilareucs,
4 'roiip. Ilrone bifi. Incipient iio.:'i)i
lioii, uiid for the rt lie f ol 'Hi-i-i i. tivr
I'.tlicnts in ivtlvnnccif stneos -. tbr
iS i-iutse.
.l wi.le ii tl.- t'eld of it. i.i- fi.an.'s r' vi ru
tie!; I.-. ;i'e tie . a-e., wi ii, ':. I ml idli'i-!
.in t i ii.-n l r.i:iitry abii.i.il :a p i 'r.i. j-.W
,:. h l.t.eui ,ln have l en r -'ri-1 fr 'in wlernii; x
i .in i!i-tr:ie il:-. nrt .f thr lu"i l il
in . V fx n i nee tried, l' nut r"T ver fVi-tl
.th. r 1. 1 iii. in ol it I. on! i , too i.j p;tn! M i-,ikv
..'-ei.,'i .i . .iti l vhneiH A.it'ie, alt- l.ti i n, :.e
., j, , be-lt.ite t Itt.tid rte to tl.el J
t. tr the ili-i'n --iT.l; i lai do I en u lil!fel.o. ul li
:...ii i...: iv .. a-ii. li-'-' I.' t' oi.r li.iiii.".".
'!.;. i,,'u v ii..r i.-ttu lhrnt.t u;'ti lU
...'i.t e.i.ilv taie fail, d -til t"ll i'iatib-(l, till
i.a . ' .1... .'l fi ; l.i i v V rv tr.a!, . ..l.tVtfed beu tita
en X :.t)I.. f . .1 ttiev ii i v r f 'ti't, nd io
.0...,; , :, . ii. ti.. r. -.. .il."l !. It1liaikt! t
l e r.i.. ;t. ..
I t: i i-Atii i;V
fis. .j. c. avi:u a. t;o.
P.. THAYER, Larndi p ; J. W. Pl.Jpi 1 Co.
Mssi.n; Nalh. Champ, tii.i.nJ.ipa ; I.rnnch i
Son, Sto d-.bri Ice ; and all del rn ia Uedirinc
.".eiywl.ere. Whob sr.b-by Eaiiai.d 4 Wleit
on, Petrolt. " lyl74
A Ntw Woks Kfi.ktiiiLV ii.litiij (iTki
airc s'.krui...i or iiiLr ifM riui T u
wiikc ox t.ci.iorT.ii:TALjti.-.vu.ir--e.'
i vut)Th rt aur, ia tin. luy.i'iLi ,' ! ..'. iOr.i:
I'kfUcBiariy m'i va wm
i f btiUi tr, ti4...tii'i
Plaib Emusa tht t-t
tmrj U ksAV rui.i(. W V
aatmtiv Ji--.tr- tt:
timetnl ti iu:. liTf.rw
fiiM npoa B..I.J wi llfui
ftll tmruui mo tdI'1 ILrs
tikr et.utrft iur n C,
kew to 3-e r;-j n-J '
Ijuq ecr. l-., . i.UJt
u.ny imiArtAOt I.ilU tcti :U
t f.mnd nx- to tho
dut4 l.i", tt wwi Try
;',.ect kr.on in tb ra'iiogu of biuiJ. ..!, M
ra-.i. r o'.:.r Ajjii ot tl; fiUJ t txx-j.
it W.irrj, )liun.r, IuiMl', oJ trrf rrm
tr.-trf o:i.r t"( ar lrvatv-1 :tli !: ti r.fc "
a.ctt U. J lli-i urULOr dtiuii' it tiiHC ,rX
p.s'e i 1 ,-v-U.l .jrk on tie l'hjiolml M-t rf
la bi-a ti J frna.l aTv'vm, aa4 i'l I ulii
ij.j.j, towiT fri Vtt '-tlcl at l ii .(!
pn.- of 1 Wi.Sti'-UVE tEVTo, vt ro;-l, fer
A'JKNTS WANT! D in ttrtrr t', coat .-, o'f J 'ii-
in th f 'nit.i H'V i.l Cta.K
;r. I'.t VNOJl.IH r-.tjDi In l.tn ti
rrr. l.- lo tr.' H!.ict4 will srrt li.mM-. .t V
iir tr;t. ir.t ojo t!.rty ycr of roui tp
r3 ,r.4 f -wtir in li irt.ti"0. Nt I-i r In
tr-'jnDt L.f -ari. Ilc.nr, t, tt ofit
faction, inr.rrb, Git, 6.' (ituaa, s'xxHun, tfopirt
t ...n . f tb? V.KLft ia f-:ca.ti. ir, 'jr-f(jil)r titi'H
Vour.? wen. niin Ij W.a'giht in wtt l.ria,
e..trv:t. tl.nt ..al-auMuiDit. ir m-pritra'jif . Iir4
,'r. Tir.g ti-, iiou!4 '; ly to It:. I'.M ttU'l .Ui.t
Id tb, a a a'.J ctlir ef ' f a vt3.
Dr. HrJot.t. ,n.a,ri4i an a-iy aj.f.iieuon; a4 ith
wtin Taai.fr cr aj.. ration, Jeo.ji w tat that a
Ith.in U. rarti .4 raortU aid iiavU rr f w
without a rtr or aatalarti.D ) r..
li w - of fmj.iif ar,1 itln'rxnt !f-aSW
b inm rr ccr, tat twr '."-!. It. K. ia -It
r;-- tiib.e 1'hvucj.t. in U.a ct wi.r. tl
.'.! t.rji mlirilf to tt t.-ea'.fnit ot of
Yr- natir. (Tl.a affile 1 o:i 3oJ Inrt
r.oui-ii bvf.ir cxi.mIi; la H t.tif
i. a cl'r.j It. P.' rreti nn a '.!.-t;";'. it.- !?'
.n t'i. ';n r,4 ti,a Bn'-u-n Pr.,yi4.
N B !-. I.tnol j ia aoia A.--t I-' Lt. VeL'a' '
M allly K
Ati.'.r.jU. uaj.j J-Jii-'W
l.i?( 1'ii.p annoaliy not tut cou.t i.ct I ai ,.t '
u ar-unt t.'.m. Lai.a ia a r-jt.r fi'ir'.i at-ai
r...t u' tLeir.: tL i..rucc!ara of fc.fl. al
1: 2tA is
tea a.r-tiui.a arc..mrj.aTir.r ''"b ' - IV
'r t.J. In ar.y jwrt of tia worn.. Ber cf i. .j
Xiitr ar irl on at aa otiir p'.ar.
l.tr dacrio4nf r, nrjT,tjC. tT'-'i
;.T. ,-lr a'tn-1'! V., and t. iinr.M it-rr.rU f
lj4. ria'ior, tnl to a'.l yxr'P T tli -'.r.i.
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X oiical can be eupplied on hcrt E-!r 'T
applying to the subscriber, or hii recr-7
corner of Capitol Avenue and Lapeer tret.
S. S.XUtiay.
Uztxg CitT, ftk, 1, ni9.

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