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VOL. 5, NO. 15. WHOLE NO. 223.
M' H WI'VKR, '..Tero.r.
' KJiAlUVh K rAIKrllJ1. Ijeu'eii-mt ."nnr
.Nr.l.soS 1-lir.l.l.. .secretary .f state.
KI)IS A. TlldAlMv;f l-Miir
IKMKI. I. TA-K A lu.-r Oer.eral
7HJ'SM lh..4t 1 .
JiMN M.KIN0- i, -ia--Tie,',re.-.
Ulr.ol -OKE H'.'M (K, l--utv -I-JollV
M t.i.H.or.Y, ii-rui'.-n.!Mit Eii'.. lii-'r jrtii.n.
ol.n.M II -lUi'ON-1, l-i.ut l
JtSU-S . Wit V ;iiiiiii-i-i'.fir s'r.te I ami Ollim.
JtiliV II TKE.IE.J.. l-iiit
JAIOIIAI llolV 'tf.it, AO .Ti.-y '..lien...
I KKHr.KI' K AV. I 'l.'i'rMI , A )j an I Ma.ter Oen
i.eoiu;k MAiars. .if Jn-nre.
HAA: IV CilKI-ll A Y, A.1 "'l l' Ju-t e.
JAAIES V . .Ail lihl I..
KtMo!JII MAWIMi, " j
l.t lh-t CM AI!I II '. II.iiV.
i. .NAlllANiH. HOox
a-i i-. ii ttiuiri.i 1 1..
4-ti " rlAVI I.WVl.r V I
but ' i;e i am; r i.imU'
.ih " 1 -M-o;i M Oi.l I v-
Ttn J'i ii :t iE!.
HOl I.Ol Is S. I l 1 I I .
uh n..vu s i urn KK'iiv
l-nh- .aii.iie.ie Wooi.aaoi.ih.
f,.,r t'rnim.il-t, lA'li l.'.oo;,. V
JollV K KH.U .., I
i.E AAi.l.A:n, '.
w rrrni J. 1:1x11:.)
i:.ri it yi.i.jifn.
It Pl.t. Iir.x.1. I. t. .XIH:. i
a.l " J K A-l M A Joll - '. ,
.--I " LEVI :l-ll'i
ilh " ! Al.lt IVY .1 .
R.. yt.fi i f tlx
.th E I.Ae.1. I'i.oAAV, '
.th Hr i'.Y AAlliilM..
;t'. I I KK II I-.vK-ov-i. I
Mil " OIJA El! I -I'Al'l :-IV.;, J
I'.evjamin im;:.-.
I I. I E K V.
A) lumf- r lie.it, li
T. .'.
iilian-l li'iu.l
JKRrMIAII P o ,l t CY, 1
I I HlrK II TtlA-r. , I
.im. rin iiei:. i i
t llvni.ESf a.i,F-llM .
haniei. i.. i-KArr, i
A'l luin f r the !:l .oi Kitl.i
.1 -il.'m
J AtrS T! K'EH, I
III Mil KT It. sll ,W. I
UlOK-.E W. I EE, j
CIlA-t. A. THi'.Mt '.iH.K, I
t.KJi-tiii: w i .ei:,
, nr. i t '
II tr.l.t.-. i Kirr,
ami onto, i- sii
VI h sEAToN. A"
I i.f ll.e .-tat" I'l
-tat l.lhl ttmll.
AiW p.ia.T. )
i.rnirK ii Ti:.v--k', -
ciiari.es m KrY, l reVt s-ntu .v.' uitntal Sn-i. tv.
k. f. jousi.y,seeret..ry .i.. .!..
i.. R h-k. rr. -.,.i. nt ... teiT. ..ri-, rr..r ir ( hemiitrT.
ILKVEI.AM Al'.IIK. lurtru' tor m C.vil EnimriP?
l a- inll.T AT . .. . I . ...:..... i... ..r,l. t.r4
C A Q I C HOTEL ' fcU,j0- suc poel''y M at Margate! We
HV I H fcilll' KI-'IS 'larc sure our readers will say with us
Ia:iiis-iiiir, - - - - M ifhir:iii.
ji. iii !-, pitOiMtiirroic.
WW. I. llort'K, I'LKI.K.
Stagos leave this hoi.-., .i .ilv for J .icksou, St.
J.h..i V.r.,.t,a:.d .,.t. r. lute ,.!aet s i
; :
"wl. 111 iilll S'tW ISl.la. j
1 1 Tnl'l ll IVL-llOM TUP l'ITI7rV ill'
Y i ti.-.. i... 1.. ......I, ....1 i ;r4.
Stihlo, wit i ' lull stmk of le.'t-t, well broke ;
Horses, coinfoi table l'lties, Iouhle i':irriat;e3 !
mi.l Sleighs, an I liyrlov utteniiot. to hus'uie-s
"T v "'"-siareo ,.,,,,c patrone. ,.. ; tliro,.y K,rt. , Jlim a ,.roflt 0f.but intont ,, the one great object ..fa
Ijvnsiii';, Noveuiher ::o 1S..S. , , , ' .. . ." , ,
- --: - 5 j-- - - ttti',----: ! three to one. the dulcet tones ot the Sig- woman life a hiiband she let no ,.p-
I. VW AXI) "'II VNv'i'UY ItrsiXKSS LansitiR ! ,uru of t,,c r,K"u3 woro often eclipsi d by p(.rtunity pass of reporting that herself ami
Midi. J. W. Lotiv-!tr,Oii'.ii.iiH-iio.erfortIie ' Mrs. l'.'s shake, vt " go," as it is called Theophilus were shortly to lie one, fully
SutitfStw Vork." oiHecoverl?iiIey'iHank-; Our readers may be curious as to the name j convinced of the fact, that though mar
niivtiil EscIian-ieOnicf. fty ; of the " Sicuora." It was Mrs. Nobs by riasres may bo made in heaven, there is
i. I., i. Ti:i:ti ,
J0ilice;uliis1,wi,l.r.0,ll, Wrin.I-itreet.e-itetlT
"MVin'iV'''"! is'
1Vl?".g' .""tll''-L
Wiiifurnh'vh t' ' U ITAI K i:n,.!''AN':
at Tat Sitle., l umra n- Title., I'rxcurin
.a-e, uocaur..; ifc.unry i ,n.i w arrant., iw.i.inu if io.i
I'elenNea tf
l.0'l a..l. for r-. aa.l wi!l t.k a l.eneial Suierri.-MiD
u( all lAa.Uentru.l-al to their char.
""-,'rt:rular attenti.to ir-u to Uut p.tynieuti'f Tae
aa.1 collectm-i a,f .lebt-t.
i-wan. w. am Kit
wa. w.xviH.r!i.
Ueors A. Ariilwt rous. Attorney and
Counsellor at Law, Lvasing, Michigan. OtBce
oatf d.r south of the post office.
successors to j. n. ki.oss,
JobSer-of.aad Retail Pc.ilorsin.allkin.ls of
P A P F! IJ Si T T I O T P R Y
Iv:lll. I lI'lllirillirK
aooFinr. p.vrER ANnrRixTERs'pcRMSHixu
N'o. 81 o JetTer-K.n Avenue, Hotroit, Mieh.
ti. i:i7in:i:
terkU and buiUAUTthin in the line of Buildiiig,
neas nmn ' th :,!n l lv'lun -,',e t',"--i'-
e pre me a call.
'lnT3 I--.. vo
readr to atteinl to air vi!i i.iu ...r.j,:,..
TA. xr . . . . - v I""""""'
i. n;is na.i aa t-speru-nce ot more than twen
7 DT years m Pent.-trv
call and m.
CIi lrzcs nio.lerato
v i 1-,. . . . -
InparcU to suit purchasers, lAS mile Vest of
niaire liOt lor JSato.
the city. Oiricr- ami U
tesid.-rtcr on Mock fittv-six.
I Sagjnawr. street. lyo
; iidi'i.
nrnerof StTnii.iirand
iii V AMh-s U. CII I LPS would respectfully
ItX iiiTke a!l persons wishing lUard, bv the
Hnr-r Week-trt "lve h!,n th OHIU
H'JC.sE, oti Washtenaur Street, opposite the
fte House Square. Fine i:,M.ms and (.ohI
xt& ran he ot.t.iined c.n reasonable terms.
nsing, June 13, 18.9. 216
yy;nr,,!Ji. .... .- " ....
for Churches; Court Houses, Hotels, Private j a beginning not to bo desp,std.
Dwellinic.. and win contract to f.iriilah n.- Jcnniugs ktoked contusion over her
flCKVx. Mi,!,., oppost.oN C ll R Venot widow had a mind above trifles. Thcophi. , hornet ; so lie put on Lis hat and sallied letter, prettily wordo 1, and headed. "Jen- - 'weenu... their way, h-re by the Earner on Monday last from
Bt.TANT.i.S- '.t TIFFANY. "(Jc.'.eral fiu4 lus was tempted what man is not at times ?; forth, leaving Mrs. Jennings iu undisputed nmg vs. Hullfinch." It was notice e-f a?- the a sornaants ot . irs ater-on, oi j i- fr jcfentc t,f i, jt;Htn ariIi are tJf. w,t,. fj Mii-.-rpi, wh're they had
Jwaithj-ll.,,,-,.. " and paid for Mrs. Jennings. The first ' posses-ion of Lis led. Whether this ar- tion for - breach." vY y !"rm:r Wlt" l "e. ' Uke 'X deadly hostile to all the institution- of He- been sbve. and were matiumiftcd by th
J...VT. J.K.-ti:i.i.,Atton.evs -ne was hid, and the widow saw the j gucd a want of tate. or was only a chrL-t. n-; Tremble, oh, yo 1 aehelors ' and oh, ye ' .-tphalirt. are in the way ot bemg cm- mocraCjr ; j.j fif t)(,T mv.T wi,odtl in Hccoml-?r
an.lCouns,ll..rsat I.i--, and Solicitors in Chan-1 tho church already built, the eloor open, .an 1 j ing of the spirit, we will not .attempt to de- spinsters, smirk! in the hope of one day P0-0'1- 1 he r!)Fro- has oherei to make ( sfru-Mo g-s on in Kurej 1 st Mo-t of theru ar- "-d lo"kir" young
u7:!rM?n- Allbusinoswentruiu th pawn's hand in the Kime inviting io-ifinc; but certain it is. he wont out; and Convincing the world you ought t-. hav'e br son Jerome alaa-, and her crand-n yu lhti actual war was aid women, ft f-rservic. Several
(See r sUi0' Th 0"injr. Ur Jennings. ; the widow finding her efforts ineffectual did , ln married. Mrs. Jennings was r-f the Jerome who graduated at es I and , u a ( . k f M ( n
floor North of the V. o ' tl-c bacbclor, and the mutual Jncnd, j the d.tto. , same opimoa ; an d m a spirit of justice to H. r;,,w 1 111 V , ' may Uc:tne general L fore you read this w,o f-.ur.d thf opro-tim'ty a A ,n- hotb
inrnnan' V T II WCrC t0 Pr:lul'u,3te tbe fields, or rather1 Days paed and so did Mrs. Jennings , her sex. put her into the hat.ds of WIttl tIta',c c the 1ml f r to r-sr reis their U-n-vob-nce'ar.d to secure
r.R.J.S.V,-oOD.1atiM,rih4.nT y" i,.. corn fields, and numerous of the " .paality" I the bouse ; the servant maid, with a pru-; Messrs. TavisI & Strainer as resfctable a r,1.k"' wu rmaiiy renounce au cau$rs of xrar crc cvcnnrhcrc. I: is e,,,j rvants cheap. The remainder of
Fr m C'limSr' Jourcml
Ih-druoK r all mulllod ; tl. bi' are Mi'.l :
Tlir'i4 a pu iu llio al.r) liu-h th- hill :
A ill hrii UDlil'Utfri but aitli a tlir.il
Wlirr" .! lh t l.ar ll.p ;
Fur a 1 it-it liWI in r-aj-J, l.ravt-u x iiartn-r t- hil,
AU'I rXrtn drata huUlo hit hartr-t In iir
7t.-:- a Toice -n th id J lik a .iiit'i !w cry
T tli um!cr roll uD'lio ai.il .. i-lull i -t-l
.r ttioe lio- wao lacr k1" wt"t to ll.r rky,
W iiti rr btrl ko traofal an ! l:rn!y ,
A. tl-y wait tliat lt trump l.irli tl.y utny Dot -la-'ay ;
Vln tibaiU cluWh lJi nwitrd'hiit irnu.ly.
Ti.a b.ava lirada, Ut liftnl, art- tolmrniy U nr.,
Aii'l tti ri-ii- cliiifr naul fi'iiti-iiuj aiil cj.1,
; ili ll.r b jtial juiein n clmlitnl alou'l,
imux 1 1 liie ilcatli snicLen alroobiii ,
Wiii.c Uif rt ty 1 k ii, l.kr a ijutt-n, .l n 1 1 ruul,
AVli'i a ail tin I i morrow lr cin u nfc'.
; Titer i- no morkiD LlaZ'D, ai r!aT i.L In rlay
' liw .mp f the jac lim ai ail rr.t aw y
lu tl.t- t ri.b,e lac cf tbe lr-a I ba!ti- 0y ;
Nor r.Uiu ur hlirou-iiiufi are Lei ;
Oi.ly n-1 en that lay wtieie lhnkrt th I. a
1 A inn caKae aul a bea!9 -jear.
. Ear away, tramp tn tramp, .paU the march
I. a nirm vave a retrt-atiiiff peiit, bUul au l
.lb i.i.'l i.ke thi-.r i-piiitt lliat I lit ai ll.ry km
I'.y you reij lowiu river tliom wuirM
liail uikeb Willi ai.rrow tli lau'i trre tliey t..w
l Hie eya ( lucr Jraulate 1lau4l.t1.Tn.
1 iwy ate tiej tliey are ,n ; but, "h ! not 11 they came
lu the .nl .f Hi.x-e uuuitwri they atakel the ame,
Never ni' re khall they atauil 10 the TaLiiari tt lauie,
Nev. r l.fl the Kla.tii .1 awonl w hich they liew ,
Never iun. ha;l they bn.t of a kLiiiik uame,
.Neter roaich With the leal aL'l the ti se
(heti the n-k nf iur rW,lm Iiy s'ritii le l mi l tin,
1 hey iii in our rauks in li.e umlv ! the uii 11 ,
Lke the k ant i t li.m Iwtt ni.-nai it vt . - i-:,- i,
Eie lhn-e nmii ht l ml J u ) t the i-k ;
Fri-iu the U fli i't our Mte-i a i.,-w .1 ty treitk -eeiue.1 lnt n,
A e ij.r.41 If up 1 r'n..,ner I ! e.
The tumult oiii ri. e 1 ; tiie ..i- :ne r.i-t ,
An l the linen ,( t..t 1 me iUik.Ii. i 11,4 II. . 1 I,.'.
I e i:ieiu 11 y 1 11 p.ir 111 t a I r. n the i .t '
mi.. I ,e ti, it i ii. e n. ne, ll y l.iai,
Ye,' In- IlifM 1 nui in i.nui I .o le.l li.-.f e p.... I,
All't I kI'" a keil ml (Mil- '
, From Uelitlej's Mi.-ecll.tn v.
. lia. .It ltii(4 ; 4. Wlio tt mil. i moiiii Ii.mI v
Iii ) arr fur llr."
Theophilus liitlliiiiclt was a bachelor,
middle-aged, and suiiiicntly stout to (M.k
' respectable A spare man convey, a f 1
i ''o t ''pfiieness in all things. The eye
never rests so contentedly as on a fat, and,
what is generally termed, a " comfortable
lookiud" personage. . stout man carries
i an iiiearaiic! of wealth in the folds of
his t-o.it, ami o lid Theot hils llulilineh.
Hut alas! although temntatioi. fell not in
his way, he fell in iw way of ."'Irs. .Jen-
nine?;. t
'Time tells a tale;" and we behold
our bachelor located at a watering place
no less famous fur the civility and unim-
losing character ot iu inhabitants than
i the select nature ot its visitors .Margate.
This, we a re turo. no one will venture, to
'deny who has "toaioned'' it for three or
fouriuoiitlis. The kindly feelings of its
inhabitants are perceptihic. even in ass-
drivers. W here will VOU lilld Such f.lth
erly boys to their donkeys, such yellow
! Theophilus felt this, and ventured a trin i
and a nousc ; ior ne ijught one, urged
thereto by a lady ae.uaintance, by name ;
Mrs. Palaver; a lady who drove not on-1
ly her husband, but a pair of ponies, and 1
astonished the eyes Loth ot ".jtiality" and treaties thrown away, anl her ginger
" natives" by the way she did the genteel ;; cakes likely to be in the same predica-
that is, as far as he ponies went. iV.rinicnt. she would, in the liberality of her
hersa lf, she had n soul altoye mean appro-j
l,af,OI1. Among the Select at the libraries,
M rs. 1. was tho ruling star, nnd to judgo,
not only from the redness of l.t-r face, but, ;
! as her husband could testify, .Mars in petti-,
'coats. She shilliiigloo'd, and one in three "d, !
vcn to the hindrance ot "the concert ' but '
n'- 10 'N,re interruptions . f this nature;
with so much philosophical sAveetness as
Old lloiios, the proprietor; and as the
day, Signora N obi no at night. And sueli
a voice! I'he little lioys in llawley Square
heard as well as the company inside in
i.ii i . i jLiiir ni'LLer. 101 Liiev i-iiniiii.iiiii'ii oi
. ' . . . - - 1
its being a Uetle too forte.
Uut although Mrs. Palaver put down
! shillings, she picked up friends, dear souls
of the newest importation, and among the
1 rest Mrs. Jannings. Mrs. Jennings was
a widow, " who vanted soie!ly to care
J'r her. r.e had a small independence,
j aud, if may venture to judge from nub-
events, a very .small independ-
once : m iuct. it might ne UouL'tcd lt it
' . - . c-j
were au independence at all. She was
tall, scraggy, aud thin we use a homely
simile as a pancake; the effect of griet, i
i doubtless. She had lost a husband, she1
i said wl0 doted on her: and havi!.r lost
so great a treasure, can we wonder at her
i unwearied exertions to obtain a fresh sup -
ply of affection ? Theophilus was a man
j of money. Mrs Jennings could not boast
j of the same goldcu fruit; and, as she wan-
lted " soiielofy to care for her,'' she fixed
i .it-r eye a t.at inie ui
J r t
I They met," not in a
i a tea party, at the mutual
i Palaver, where real cightcc
aud diamond-cut sandwiches
i and thinners of a three-cornered note, in-
dicatcu the geiitiiuy ot the laaye-t the house.
land vovved her heart must fall to this kiog
j of clubs. Theophilus blushed ; she sighed,
. i intnt ution a tirir fiitur. lost tho rub-
i i. ... ti. i.:i.... : J e. i:..,-.n'. .1.
vara riritVin.T nto.irr ti..-. JhI-p ..... I j nn nr.
eiiuestrian tour: asacs were at a nromium.
.....1 rmmi. ln.li' li rrr,,' ., n IWiin .1,., 4.;.- 1 1 .Tiei. m a ro.l trill .t f!,A
party wended their way, and .Mrs. J. talked
j ?f ,he da-vs wben he a,lJ Mr J-Tnrid" ljvo
j 'n a eorn field. If the had 01 ly somcbtdy
tocarc for her ; and Mrs. Jennings s.ue-
j zed something very like a tear into the cor -
ners of her eyes. We know not what of
feet they might have had en the dear
departed; but to our bachelor they appear
eu me essence 01 aneciion preity nuic
drops distilled from that great alembic, the
heart. Theophilas, we have before hinted,
was unused to the .woet wit-!i rv of wo-
muiliinJ, aij"l, in the siurliritv t t Lis sou!,
tlought tears inu.at l.o a natural ir.dui.n we: .1 Lis n ; wl.ii.- !l faritnee l.r.J ti.riiy. Lis cjm upon the flxT, and Lis! To al the tiocxi Peore W the Turntit- wlre tne IVntifox wont with lleatlion
Ltt lift the wio iu the lore .f iiiatritnony etaMd ta le :i ir;o ' v.w. J vtnitaucc n bai.d tVeliuolv t hood in Lis tv-eketa. Ho Jl-J'r ism : and one l v fiie the dtMtims of the
laugh at Lis inorai co Thot j.l.ilus wa a
He was touched Ly this nnesumr l. d.
jrmf of, to Lim, afiliction ; and. drawing
p. t -m-.r...-.ii :.-
himself into closer rroxinnty with .'Ir
Jennings than he Lad before ventured, be-
gan :
My dear madam, don't di.tre-s our-
pelf; men are like cars tf com."
" I know it," cried Mrs. .Jennings, twist
ing one round Lt r linger as she sj oko.
" Jaike grass, n.adam ; and Timo'.s
Iscjthe mows down husbands and fathers"
")!,! oh !" .bbed the widow,
j ' Is there anything I can do to cmf nt
; you, lua'atn ?" asked Thooj.hih.s, inijui
rindy. ! Mrs. Jennings looked assent, aiul kj t
' twi.-ting the ears of corn.
' A goixl wife, ma'am, is a ii-w-l the
tears are Kill in your eyes, and will you
allow me to make you an offer
"An offer?" said Mrs. Jennings; and
the tars, sr.ite of herself, shrank back as
thong!. asLamt-d tf what they were doing.
'An otter ! '
"Mmy tianuKcrcmei, sani i neopni-
A clover field is a dangerous thing to '
walk in Philosoph-rs may divine the
, eatjs, wv only know it is so. Sentiment-
is not f..r 1 In; highway, love and clover x
ar- riynoiiymous. Mrs. Jennings knew .
this, and I lotted the unsuspecting, uiunilia-.
'.iim i:i 4. 1 1 :
leo 1 in opi.uus 11110 one accoruuigiy. . 1, iuu seraia n u 100:1., auu. jook- accuse me ueienuani 01 seuuciion. 4.o,
j I'opj ies, we do not know why, do grow i ing at the muddy fo..t-t f s ou the stair car-1 gentlemen, the lady whose case I am plead
in clover; an 1 Hul!nch he was fond of; pets, uttered M.i.dry pretty little sayings , ing is too fair a flower to he hurt by his oa
' b.taniz'ie; plucked un one, and, lament-1 a!out " dirty feet,' the trouble in the mom-! lumniating breath. She is "hero TLe-
irgthar violets were out of bloom, gave it
t .Airs, .lennincs. Ihiiwai enough ana
.she whi'pered to the lady who was doing .
thin! if, " '!! must mean nomcthing."
The town residence of Theophilus Hull-!
(inch was i; one of the S'piares in the '
in;i"hborhood of the Museum. Hut what
i, n hoii-c. if it wants a woman's smile.:
s tlu'tight Mrs. Jennings, and she let no
opportunity pass of "Kipping in." Wc are ;
grieved to say the popping was all ou her
side. Sh? would call as she was passing '
the day was go hot to take a rest ; or )
the day was so cold, and she wanted j
the truth must be spoken a warm. What ,
could Theophilus do ? With a grim web j
come or. his face, and a "d n the wo-1
mat." it. his heart, he grumbled out, :
"You'd 1m tter take a chair." Mrs. Jen-!
nings did, aud anything r-lso she could
cet. H it cettinc was a point not easily j
arrived at ; f.r, if Mr. Hullfinch h.vcd one 1
thing more than another, it was himself,
Shi would brin" liim Lv w:iv t it trcnt.
wr.ir.red in the crm r i,f ,r tuu-L-et. hntid.
five or six nico little cmer
cakes, o ' her own baking, of a size and
bearing a strong f.tmily likeness to what
children call sixes ; but finding all her en-
s-.ul, take them into the kitchen, by way
,,f present to the housekeeper who
j.shaw d as soon as h. r back was turn-:
od, and, cnlarinc ou thi merits of her i
own ginger cakes, gave them to tho maul, ;
and she they went in further; servant
maids have cd appetites. ;
What woman could lx-ar these slights
f fortune tamely? We can take upon
ourM-lves to say .Mrs. Jennings did not;
; nothing like speculating upon them on
earth ; and hoping no doubt to discover
i the true philosopher's stone, that "turm th
i nn rit (to ii i iworiin 1 114 tvrw n tn-i-i i.r
r- 1 " - v "
j wealth ; she left no stone unturned to get
! him : and to pive thin-rs an arnoaraneo.
she sat herself down Ave tremble as we
write it in no less a place than his led-
j room, determined not to ipiit it until, as
she observed, "there was an understand-
' ing 1m tween them." I heophilus was hr-
ror stricken, the hinsekeejr no less so,
and the servant maid all .bitters and rib-
. " Oh ! oh !' grasped the widow. " You
- - i n -
base man ; a weak woman as I am
Ycry," grunted Theophilus.
The hniisekocT.cr hrr. interfere. 1
WUt'. tho n.-. ..f nrtinrr nl-.tit
oui ir. : aa ny
y else ?"
3 . ,
; " vou don t
' -
...:.- mi
don t you look after someKidy
; " Ah ! sobbed tne widow
; know what's atwixt us
! " I wish the street door was," thought
j Hullfinch.
' The lady was inexorable. "The pop-
i Theophilus was at his wit's end ;
; something very iiKe a damme was at his
tongue ; but "nursing his wrath to keep it
Mrs. , warm." and echoing the words of an has- and belonging to a similar industrious call
hand, ; tern Sultan, that " ho who finds himself in . ing he was a laAvyt r's clerk knocked at
a fire ought to be resigned to the divine
will ; but whoever is out of the fire ought
to lw n-irefnl nnd keen himself in his han-
ti.... c i. .i i . it.
wt.t.,eT- ir.fitx-.-.e'n, tlirt .1 4. .r in ttia
I nrea r.;il!fir.ch (in a monev-trettin'-' lane
j Co. written after it) was a merchant ; and
' a5-5:1 the &Ty exurse of things, it
necessary to emerge into the streets previ-
ously to reaching the plaeo where mcr -
' chants most do coiigregite," what was to
be done ! for never did a cat watch a rat
, hole more patiently, more hungrily, than
- j the widow the dooway ot his house,
modesty was not wiaow-prooi, ana the only
way to shua her was by a ba?k-d.)or which
j opened into the mews. Patiently keeping
lire ai d j-traw, uij
wnl w- ai.d j-.j j i m,
TLoi.jhilu-', cuirii
theMrt its
mi a i , .i u iv u -z-'ui aim sj iriMi,
the Mreets runnn nvi rs, and tue r.ier
l l;: I. . i'. . . i .. .1 .
7,VU,V"- U'T V?" 1 "'" I -
tlnpj iiig, ur. i cl.u l'. ai.-l the new juliee,
all lvc and t i!kiii, slif'tt-ring thems lv s
urn?er doors and ::,hvas, j
. .i i . i -i
at l im ntiilus
1 i I I i
iu;i:iiiL.i, j.Miutrr. hi ins c-i? in.iir.
r.suinre. in his ca?v
1 1 ilift niii the LiiiZf
warni Lre
-treets, ai..l thanked J leaven, which had
sent the fruits t f fortune for his .lueking,
at d given him that which make life like a
lull cup, that he could drink from, not live
of. H sat in contemplation sweet.
" Whence conn s that kiiockinc ?" he
might have s u.J, had the servant maid
saved him the trouble, by s ivinc a yout'
man wanted to sec him
" Mo .' " j litil.-ited Th.ophil.i.
" 1 u " w i-the reply ; and alter much
scruoning ou int- .loor-mai, in a vain enaea-
; vor to rub hi- 1mk s clean, the ii'mnp man
was shown uj', s.. -ike I to the skin, and drip-
ping like a wattling pot.
Theophilus op tied his eyes ; tho young
man took the same liberty with his month,
and imjuired if his name was JJulIlinch.
ine an-wt r wmii th. attirmative. a chair
. t . .li'. . 1 . .1 1 1.
ing. A...., and related her complaint to the
gouoess 01 ti.-Kitchen.
The young man eunimnneed by saying he
had brought a Utile account.
"And a great deal of wet," gently mur
mured I heopibis. "A lutle account :"
ics, sir; ior noara ana loagiug.
Hu!!finch opened his eves still wider, and :
echoed, " board and lodging." i
"The bill, sir, is four and twenty '
Another echo, and still higher uplifting j
of the eye brows. "Wheie do yoi come ,
from .'
" Illackheath, sir "
" Hlaekheath ! what, through the rain .'" '!
The young man returned a smile, as he i
replied, ' No, sir ; 1 wish I had."
"Hoard and l.Mb'inc vou must Lave
made a mistake."
"Oh. no. sir." sal 1 the v. hin man. " hi re
is the bill ' Twei.ty-f..ur"vveeks. at a p.,und
a week, as a parlor" boarder at Mrs. Twi-'.s
ostahlishiiii-tit fur vihiikt 1
Tl.fni.ln iu I.41.1.. .1 ..i. .r. ...
silver si.oons, and eyed the bell roi.e. Hut
a new liht seemed to break in upon him at
the mention of the Word "establishment."' as
he replied :
" I am afraid, my g 1 sir, the
nieni you c ine from is in St
1'ield-. I a parlor boani.-r t a
yotinc la
dies' school ? '
" .No, ir ; not . you
" ho then ? cried I l.c.phi
" Mrs .Jennings, sir."
luill.mch sank back into his easy chair,
"Mrs Jci.nin.rs! Mrs. I 'evil !" and in the
bitterness of hi spleen, he deemed her t
less a personage. ".Airs. " Tin
word, like Mucin th's amen. " stuck iu hi
There was a pauw. At length, plucking
his courage by the cars, he continued
" And do you expect me to pay for this
oiu o - : i v omu me worn, no laoy
admires being likened to a dog.
" If you please, sir, I have put r aid '
to the bill."
" That's lucky, for it's the ..nlv way you
will ever have the satisfaeti-
n ot seeing it
1 ;
" 1 our and twenty pounds! not so many
farthings!" but the uoodness of his dinosi -
tion got the better of his anger, as he added,
" unless to buy her rope."
If is needles to dwell longer on this oc -
ourrenco, further than by saying, that the
young man. litnling tho bill net m a way of
- i-eing settled, or 1 rs Jennings, either, took
his beaver, or wc like to bo particular
Jus iour-and-niiio-pohn v. lid longer a hat.
but a piece of ornamented brown paper, in
a Cue state of docompos-tmn, an.l w.is m
the act ot Joavmg the room, when rat-tal-
tal ! went the door, and another young man
l :.i. t :n , e . .
was auuouueeu, wan ;i uui o. aceer.iance,
drawn by Messrs. lutestring A ( V, for
-i. ii i i- i- i . at i
silks, flannels, Ac , supplied to Mrs Jen-
I . 'r i
nigs: Monsieur Ionson was nothing to
' this. Another knock, and a female was
ushered up with a yard-long bill for milli-
ncry, ivc, done for Mrs. Jennings! Ihe
a poppy !"'
ihe loiiowing morning, a suspicious
looking person, ot a pick-pockety exterior,
the knocker tf Theophilus HulUinch, and
with that gentlemanly ease and acAuuplish-
ed manner mr-euliir to roun men in the
i i ,i...i . .1. :t .
firm fli iirnr tit ..l.irt. .1- o V.......h r,f r . ...
' ise case."
If n.v..lV .-. .., ;.-..,!
processes with kerning cxrd;tion. and
is Hullfinch, sorely galled, mastered Lis antip
aty we cannot but think a very fi.lisb on
' and applied to an attorney, in the hops?
' men catch at straws that an .attorney
m .attorney
! thatap'or-
e more wis-
; might Im? an honest man. Alas!
; son of his y ears should not have
llisjdom. lt , perhaps necessary to inform
the reader that the damage were laid
five thousand pounds.
The day of trial arrived. Theopoilus,
Lis w.iv tlirctih inire at d .1 in
tresn "stir. m,u-u svoing his wine, and. nation, as birds feel when look ins at wr- i.. i iV. i n.i. :' .. rei. arc the results t.f that Mrucslo:
it. the ii.riMi.g,. h.s heart, wishing con'u- -;i,ts kej-t thctn fiied--i.aleil to the eyea OUUjforoDCO who stnl un l,f,.ro v. u as I'.titntu.nal tlovemment of hngland
s,;- ,-. ... ..w, tievoung .i iu, oi what reined to him his evil genius ; the unit (if mcnmTCt , ll!U, a ihm ' lt. t :d and .New. are the trmu,, hs won m that
i? ,!"' I':tr',0U':ir coiideu nation ot whilst she, with a bland look of injured in-: nierit that X ,houl(1 I10t U with vol. linlilv l':i,tJ Alas, the tight must .vntinuo for
.lrs. .It-tiiui-gs. J.virv now and then Iu rioeenre. lerkcd a few tears into her ovos i . . . .i r v. .-irs l.:it.- ir t.t rations. Uut tsaco
. ,i in . it- i , ... -j-., ai i(iUr next annual ineciirs: ior i men .' i . -----
east an eve to the t atting rain and floating and taking out her Tcket-handkcrclnet a f. it.i,., ,trri,,,., ..fth . vi! 1 ; -1, i,-n is suio t como at last, lnthn.crcatl-.il
v'vh n MusLinc face and tremulous heart, j
f.juuzvd l.iinMif into a tsoat lieside Lisat-i
fancied all ets Lout on Lis, and smarted
nn.u r UH-in as it tnev were Lurnmir cia80S. !
Iiy decrees hi tiiuiditv abated, and. at the .
t,u.u. ooeaoinea t.y the Ju ?e coming ,nto
cuurf, Lad s.j lr sumrut ned courage as to
1 . 1 . . . .
raist his ees
fhev met "centlv beam-1
,, , .-, , . - ,
ii g the ces ot 3lrs. Jennines. who was
" i . ,,
M.auti in I n rr-i ,rr. llr u-.iti .1 ritl.p
clean olio, fir tl
focnsion w.'t f tl.nr is
she appeared to do so. Hut a woman's '
tears, like l.er ornaments, are not always
Mie looked, and HullSnch. spell-bound. '
uh t her caze: hut. as a friend ot ours once
said, "ho cave her a look
. 11., I
The rroeoediu'rs comm. need
cd counsel opened the L by cnlarcing ;
upon tho enormity of the defendant's crime
and the plaintiff s unprotected Mate ;" " a
crime, the iarnea counsel went on to say, j
" unparalleled in the annals of the law ; a i
crime, my lord and gentlemen, which
breaks into the peace of families, and takes
from the lovely and the virtuous that jewel
no wealth can barter Lcr reputation, gen-
tlemcn, her unspotted, Lcr uublusliing rep-
utatiun. .Not that 1 would be understood to ;
.1. 1 f i . e 1 . v 1
jophili! - uttered a word. We are grieved
we cannot repeat it ; but the oilieer of the
court bawled ' silence " in so loud a tone as
completely to drown it. The learned coun
sel continued :
" Yes, my lord and gentlemen, the de
fendant 1 blush, centieu.cn. I blush." and
the learned counsel was evidently overcome
with the novelty of his situation. "The
defendant is a man," he resumed, "past the
intoxicating meridian of life, when the feel-
ings of youth fluth r like bees sipping flow
ers of the fairest hue. He has proved him-
self" another ciaculation from Theophilus.
and again the officer silenced " he has
proved himself a monster of the blackest
dye. a reptile that ought to be crushed off
the face of the earth ! Oh 1 gentlemen, did
vou b-it know the lady as I do have
known the sanctify of her private life, and
thenal nature of her public one ; In r love
im. s-, her virg.ti excellence, i.eioveit !!
id ilie-J by b. r family." j
Tne ladies in the gallery were visibly af- j
fected. and l.H.k.tl ila-'-'eis at the blUte of.
d' on. 1. int. The -oiinsd,
-Mimed :
' I hi-, ntli men, is the 1
a pan st
M-IIlC 1
ir whom
I an. P. plead. Kmrlisiiu.en will. I am sure,
The jury-box felt tho appeal, and looked
proudly dignified ; and after d.vellitig for
iavo h.-iirs and thrce-i-u .rters, on " the vil-
by a have hmkod on a wolf's, but a sort of fasci-' ...1.1 '.-... ...A- , 1 ' i
lam, Who, by his insidious Wiles. I he-
Iiiniseit int
i-.. i. ..n ..... .... i ti..... i
h it !w r. a daisy .m the stalk to
I lo called upon them as hu-ban is, "think I
of your wives," continued the counsel ;:
(they evidently did, and looked anything
! mt ph ased.) and urging then. :.s fathers
; and as men to give the plaintiff such dima-
,. as tho enormity of the crime and the
; wealth ot tho d-tenaaiit warranted, the .earn-
I (! counsel sat down, evidently to the s .ti
! f-.ction of himself and all who heard him
' It U needless to dwell longer upon the
Intere-timr trial, as tho criiiiisk- inclined
may read a full account of it in anv n avs-
. .. . , t 11... . 1 .. .. . 1 ti. ......... .1..... .-.n .....
: I'-'j . oi m.- uau , .111.1 in. ii-iu iik j noi ree
slated in evidence, how tho mutual friend
!... witn.. to Air P.nllfmoh i. ;,!.;.. u il.
! poppy, and paying for the widow at card,
i i hcophilus had often accused himself of the
! folly, and sun. lry other t cetcras, " Uut nu-
.melons to mention." The housekeeper,
being cross-examined, also ln re evidence,
, though much against her will, to the inti-
inacy of the paities.
MM : i : I., .1.1 1...
i lie.: 111.1 Ml ouii ll i u .n 1.11 'i v imiia i't
f.(., other always considered master
v,,fr 10 Mrs. Jennings. The jury seemed
to tiillk tlK an,i rotUrncd a verdict of
T,0.,r,t1;ilis never recovered the shock five
hundred pounds.
- i . i t i i i t
e elderly bachelors, and ye bac
, - ,i i
1 all degrees, Lear this, and pause.
i ' .i -
i j i i ii-- rii' i i .i 1 1. nil' ' i - ii o 'ii- ii
ophilus looked patiently uncotwious of liisj,,,. plashing-of ihe uneasy J.ke.
I 'on Juan accomplishment-'-' had wormed js rj,., ,v :irt, and bears eiiorii.o
are specks iu the sun ; can you. in the van-" V &' l'J JireJ 1 M, H vti :i..r.j w;,s sh-t .lown by the as
ity of vour hearts think woman more im-1 rrJV,ce; t"- ' vcry I rc-nch victory
maculate ? Alas, the error ! Pause, then,
After all." said TheopLiIu, as ne
wrote a check for the amount of damages,
and another for the costs, "even this is bet-
tcr than being bothered by Mrs. Jennings,
f. . J n
ospcciallv as she wanted .somebody to care
e-fr- J
"r '
Settlemcst of the Honaparte Fami-
I.Y J noi'DLE
It paid that the d'fficul
CiUlinS lO 1446
re-t it is further stated have
, 1,' t;j,...;r 'a w
mder consiaeratien, ana it
parties in int
the lliattCr UH
to te ltje "np-eion ot taeir Iriena
. r - r
- 11111 Uie P"'!" - w,il w. aceepiea.
1 r-EMCTiov. Napoleon the enjoyment of their natural rights
sai l en St. Hek-ci and how strangely ha . on the other are the cecWiistical and ps.it- of 81"0 f -rwar b d to l- distributed
time ma le good his prediction " When I ral dynasties which now the sv-ats among them on their arrival here. They
am in the grave I shall 1. for the enslaved 0f power and the weapons 0f authority, 1 drew their money a day or two ago .San
peoples the polar star of their rights
at name shall be th2 war-cry of their efforts
the signet of their hope. I shalllive again ! mu5t end. Human instincts are a constant j "r" The New York Tribune was IS
1 in the acts of ejthers." fjree, continually active, never wearing out, ! jears old on tbe 1 wth of May last.
Tbrodur Parkrr on the Italian W mr.
MosTRErx. Switrorhnd. Juno -J.V :
Pic-Tiic a stem! Jed :
v., ... i w Mi. .ml
w .. -1 i . i'' a -. i i ;
tt saIute ,ou fj, to t:KV in it ;
;.i t i
" k-iuk l. h. mir- . 1 .11 .n iu .
i ' ..."i .. 1 -i:...
11 in v- n,w uur wfieeiiif ami iaiiiui.tr
,." . i Ii. i i i
un j, .iini fun iiific wuai mhi i;.iit im h
i- . - . .
wu.rih lr,.ui tho vjlt f;ttigu, s '.f that
f..wi .n'ir n,,, t .1:1' tl. , ,1...,. ,i.;.,i. ,i,.
wLeu vou sLould acain Ub at Wellington
Uijj "joo t,r ;( "tWt Li-'i the 1'irdt'
ir...- in m... .... 1 : .1. .1. . ... .
.'lllll, 1 1 -,-" JI.-VI lili:U, MII VUI Willi MIOW,
.li.in.T tin, K.t ti. .. r ...fl, . , r or...
" would seem as near to i... ll..w little do 4 - tUi U :m arguments n r u. sjaaism ami a
ie learn- -n,lw ,nt -.l.n l.-.r.... t. 'n,.. ..n cninst a Hit uMie. No doi.bt Austria is
monnti..t r,m,. s n,r ..,l,i.. ; tto- M. -
r ,. f... ;Po' - 1 1 -
j., ..'. af. , , ' ,.
wbite in the surroundim darkness then
hWhe-i n.r reil ns iiu.niin.T ,.,,11,, m. tim.
Lky. Tho suow shifts and" varies ou its
j t,,p aI)j tides from day to day ; but never
j wholly disappears, 'tis said. I cat. throw
j a walnut from my chamber into tho hake
j t,f tJeuoya, whose blue-Teen waters are so
fair ai j.lv Handsou,e vineyards are all
. ' J '
around wc here; vet their crop is not so
fair as our own Indian com the Pocahon-1
tas of the cereal crasses. Tho chateau
Chulsn is within fifteen minute' walk
built on a rock in the lake a few jards from
the shore, where the water is ." feet deep :
they say. It is very old ; there was a
castle there, used as a prison iu N0, and j
the present structure was put iu its present j
shape in llM '
v ......... .;. . i:.ii.4 ..:n 4.ii.v.vi i . 1
.a i oui.iiiiie linn; t iu.i"e, tun oi oiu .ions - :
t i ti
v i, n.iu lis rii-i none .mien, is peiiui-i
. -, .
on iu.- riurm -.ii--iij-juiii.hu one o. inoiiuu- i
i e , i i i t . . : . . .. .
un u it,-- . auutc nit neau. ."i"si i ieiuii siiuc
.i , . - i 1 ,
are the pleasant places where the lines of i
my present lot have fallen to me. N ck ,
comes out of evil !
'I'l 1,4 I...... .. i .... 1 i ...
i in; wi'ii- unu wt'iii luiii' iuiu Jin. ii.i
.... I....I. :..tu:... . .....i . . .1
pi. UUU IUUIl lUL-JIll' 111. .1IK1 t 11 I 11'ltlS l4l- I
' J , . c , ' . 3
work less than wo. &i rr mart it ml rint'
rri .--1 .i 4
tiore. 1 he country is rich, not liv nature,
but by the toil of many generations, l'or
while in New Kngland, our last cultivation
oi the son isriot.H years o., here you
count the tii'iinphs of industry by th.u-
s-iimIm t,t' -ar-i. I think; the vine was cul
tiVr,ted lo re beforelhe time of Julius C.-e-
s:ir llt ,,, y, (.,,rn ,,,K.r ti,(n
i.., whi.-h human toil w.-m-.. out of this
sunny land js-rhaps ',!' 0 or l.i'HO years
ac. The soil is poorer than vhat you
, 4.t ,ii.l m .iii.l iM.,1.
Money, too ; the slopes-
i .t r ,h, , J, nl.r, .1..-.....,.
i , ' 1 ,, .(
about vou. Hut latxir Ci.n.ni. rs all : the
; . , ;,,,... hh.s :in. , Uvii iltlt,
r-,ecs. whose sides are protected bv the
stoiie-- which once cumin r. d the ground :
the shores are Lned with stone lo u itl..t:ii..l
.ke. The .-oil
us crops i f
oosiiy craiies i i.ivc to sec ine inlian
: C(irn st.;,ttcred h.-ro and there among the
i vines. N'othinc i lost : no font of soil no
r;,y .,f sunshine, on a wall, but an apricot,
a T,taeh, or a grape is i ijning there. I so
h-is not driven l.e.nitv oil : men nr.. i... t
L,tent with the sublime of nature, th. y
,Uf.t i,avo the Land-ome ai tilice of fl.iw.-rs.
; piks, hollyhocks, marigolds. giIlvllower.s
, J . ,i i
end the ouet nly rose bio un m all the little
I i t .i i i i
gardens. In the homely windoAVs tt a
I ,, ,. 3 ...
I L, ...a....... ;.. ,1 . e M ...
! ,r(.v v..,,"uil! f.n.l , Ii,,,, !., , ....
! .... ,i...f. ..11 ....... ....... .
-,. its i.n.u.I -mil I i7v
II-.. II
r" -
ii n:i i iii iii eiinanv
. .1 1 .1 ...
; ine.-ipanio ati'i regar-uess 01 peauty. lit re,
i t,M, all is peace it is the incidents of peace
I t i'.... 1..... r...i..... ..c ..i ....
i miles off, as the crow" flies, are oiitpo-ts of
j the Allies; two armies, iiuiun.r:ng ."!',-
iiimi men, are drawing near to kill each
! ,,ther. and before these lines reach you I
suppi.se they will have reddened the ground
with dreadful murder. No doubt the Aus
trians arc the 1). vil to Italy ; their name is
Legion, aud they have jmssessed it many a
sad year i dam tint i ledrsrlu, as tho
I.-i:.,4 . .,..11 .1 V t Ill
iiiiuau.- -..in 1111.1U. -ii-.ii'-ni in..
. ., . r .1 . i i- n i .i
the Prince of that class of Devils, the very
, . . , ... .
Heelz'jbub comes to cast them iut. It is
,. . -, e ,, . . ,, . ..
good to get rid oi the oll liirimin t!vtl.
' - i i . rr
of even is a new I rench one turns him off
el I .. . .....
Thi-.m;this rouga fashion; it is of a kind that
"crej o . , , .
j 11 P ua,f enance tor ireeuotn,
ica ; none has great a c-ontradiction
the national consciousness. The spirit
i --i- " - -v-- . " '
i Sr.-ifis lit A r.f-ri-"i : ...illllllll t-rirM.iiMera
despotism has
i.i ....... :., i i.-.,
' ' , .-' "'' '
keep 4.X0,m in a degrading b-.nJage
j which Europe only knows in her ancient
: h."'!aJT?T't Ur'
- ,o,""" n juhir, enirencfji-n ixu;nj
me coneccs, courts, markets ana cnurchf -
l"e grcat tatl'e nYmb against institu-: them will ljk Lt employment, and find it
t''jDS which once helped, but now Lin ler ' soon. The master of these saves was Mr.
, r . . , . ... . ... . ,
1 iuc iivi; -.si i uuuiaiiiiii . iiullij:i iiatui'
4I . , , .r .n,4.;i.. 1 ... . . 4
3,., the limitations of human history, shves thus manu-nhted we're connected with
stincts of the race, demanding development Lis will they were sent by the cxecntor9 to
My and s.iv to mankind " Thus f ir. hat no
i tW ' Wo all L-nr.- Low enr-h nnarrr
j wLo rJvnatios porisli, and art' Hot ronowod.
. ilie 1 Vn ,,,s v ""Miamiy wu po
Lines will vit 'd to the tvustitntuiiml tivt rn-
nionts t-t tlio t t
i ft ward! p.
ward !' is I. ds w.rd tf ct'Uiuiatid
thrones-, all mark. t a: churches wn.cn
and in 'he wuv, will U t redden under
, , , . ,
f t of men ! The j-ast life of mankind is
a sfrujirle with the eh inenrs. ai d a battle
its own rult is; but the handsome inevards
of witrtrhnid. anl the vat citusof Ku-
ropcan Mrile I lnul no man d ues appeal to
America for tncoiir.sgt ment Her l.t'OO,
M.'O hlavc.-, lur attiintts to revive the Atri-
4 " I I t
'an 'Ve-trade. h. r pi.ncipies wn.en .ay
waste the principles 1 1 IV inoer.ncv and Ju?
tico. L r churches leairiud with tho stealers
the hindmost Mate ot rhiisiiau Kurojv.
tho most n..di.val and despotic ; light en
tors l!n"'i, t.J i wc'.mih.-, wl.ilo Auiri
Is the dawn of day. Hut cveu this
despotism has n t a slave while democratic
America chains ono-scventl. of her opula
titn, and sets I.immi.oOiI n,.-t, fr Kale!
1'ranc'- is tie ally of rising Italy; America
the helper i f Austria, which would hold
back the Woild Iaci. in )oiir festiviticj",
dear friends, 1 Kg you to rcmenilT this.
and not ic urnum-iiui oi what we owe tne
w"r--1 1 ,rut 3,,u Wl!1 -"J".v he by be
i-n-you. an., rc.t.r.. ..oi..,- ,. . r .or jour
delight. 1 know you will believe me
faithfully yours,
E.m l'.e s, .1 V., W,.t,.llT 5.1
A t. WK it. I I.I.n Ills I't '111 II sK.U.
Alout dusk, evening before last, two
yoiinc Hit u who Work for Thomas Hubbard,
- . - , , . . ,. , e
residiii'' atKitit four and a halt mile from
. . - . ,, . . . .
this city, on the Kochester roa l. were sitting
. . .
on the fence n ar tho house,
i hen ono re
111.111 iri
marked that he beard a cut. go off, and
. . e v .
....... 4... tt. rti-ir. . i t.nir i.r li.irvi a Inr.
- . , 1 ., . ,
ssed to a bn'v came walkmc alon
't-hmlv. coiniiic west. lhey started to
,- , , . i t i
i ...,(. .1. tl...... ..i .l i. ilii'v tn-.iri-il tln l.ii.trr
, 4 . I . I :. I 4.
they discovered m the Inborn of it what
J .... . .
. .114 .1 ... Ill, - J - 1-- t
they siirsed to lo a di
i . -
iiitiKcn man, Put
! who. upon closer iiisj-ecf ion, proved to In
V. M. Wright, in a dying condition. 1 !
was not i-uite dead, though barely gasiitig,
as they took Lot. nt '. the I ugy into tho
house, win re in a few minnic more be
breathed Lis li t Instantly, one if the
i young i.k it inoin.ted a Loi-c and came to
ibis city fir a ci n ner, who ascerlained the
cause of tho death to ! 'Von, a pistol ball
' t nelr:iting the skull almut one inch iil-ve
i the ear. and raii'-U'g forward. lie also s-
''rtai..ed that ai-ut a han an i,..ur is i..ro.
! Hrs. Knodo and ' haml is. of M Joseph,
I . ... .
Ii-d th.- ! n V r -x 8 .mi..
some three iniie. luitle r on tne roaa anu
when lhey pass,.." it, Mr. Wright and a
stout 1 1 '.to man AActe in it, Wlight sitting
oil the hit s'i.;,. villi l.i- e. : ill, the liegro
. ii the i iv.Lt side diivn g "ung Mr. 'as
tie aii-1 oihi I- "iu tli tn :il -lit he s.-mhc
time. Af ihe mi!!, Wii-ht and he negro
i stopped, and Wri-.-l.t asj.id the negro if Lo
j would have a .!iit.l. I' W 't. t The negro
said " no," Very insolently, and seemed t.
b it bad humor.
The trace of blood Was discovered fol
one hundred an I sixty yaid.i from the house,
and a f -w yards still further back the ssk
and IK.t of one t.M.t were loitnd it. the roa.i
, , , , i r i i i .i
In the buggy wa- a bundle of i-od-oMhe
, . r . .,
i iK-IoiiTing to th" negro I jm.ii the mur
d lKt ot one foot were found it. the road
! I- I"".-!"':-' ' -' r-""" 1
. '-' r"1 :'!' JM'rs"n r" '
: L'W ,,,,e-'r" wa1 f'-irohas,..!.
. i :.. i I.. ..
Ot.l .1 It Ml"ll O' I'
that Mr. Wright bad
h ft this city the .l.iy f. ic to l.aik at SotlH
negriss w it tt a view to buying.
The only pap. r discovered was a letter
from .. licattie A t'u, of thi- city, ad-dres-i-d
to a firm in "entry ville. Mr.
Wright was iu the habit of carrying his re
vo'ver in his coat piH-l:et, arid it is preMimed
that when his coat wi-s oil, the negro, while
carrying it, stole the wcajNitt from bis jsN-k-
t, and s creted it almut Lis own js rsoii in
order t jx ri-etrate the fiendish purpose at
a more favorable time. I ton the ody of
'.ei..--'l e-..-, .."...-a .... .. V . ,-
.t .i ....i .4-.. i. ...... 1 ti... .r ci
: . i
v l IM but lo wcat.tis, an I ie pritnrs t-x
. .i i .. i n i i . i
cept the letter kfv allul'd to I rom cz-
'. . - .. . t ... e
' animation it appeals that .Mr. . wan af-
... , , ' 1 .- .
- llliU'i Bill lino ui'jii in- i-i, .iii'i a I-.B-
u. ., -.- . .i . i . i i i .
so.. :.,le sui trositio u is that be took Lin lioot
, , .. . ,
and sck oil 'o give it some attention, and
Ju j
of his arrest.
MANCMMTr.n Siaves rr.ovi Missouri.
i .... . ff I .
a lew uays since i ooscrvea a si-ectacie
... c,... ...,...,..,..1 ... .1. , TI
. tutn3;
were assembled on the paverrent in the ti-
cinity of the Teh iantejc Shipping !ora-
Vf' at thf; roril'r f, ?1'AVJ
s.ul .;acKoTi s;rfets, piuc i or 'zf male
s and iemale colored rr-'hs. who arrived
x- . e ii .1 . "At!.. ..j i
.xf rinyi. iiii.u-s ci"iu.v. 'iiss.. ana 11
ju. ; Lj3 house hold. Hy directions contained in
; California, their passag-. raid, and a draft
fr -
Francisco Cor. .V. O. Pfayune.
- U

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