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Tl KWI.a MumncsKPT' IfcSl.
oh Ht our opponent in the State of New I
Yorkat 10 foilow, but to hun the'r example.
They have ll.e-e a large and powerful party, but
their own wa.tof tnvtual forbearance and Self
control combined with tl.- rapacity of a-piring
jit ' iiM-rupua.M I... !., ha "bailcred thoi'
trengiii, d'.-intcirrated their org -wiat.on, and
left them Ike Prime Ruperts drop touched
by tK- point of a diamond. The history of the
Iviuocratic party in New Vorl, from the Jays ol
t'lit.ton, Tompkins, Yale, Van Burcn, Throop,
and along down to the present, covering a
space of forty year or more, Las Iwcti a history
of warring .pi.it, mutually arrayed in hostility,
Hupportcd on either hand by their respective
i.im-e of friend &" Democrat, but all at each
other' l!.rat.
lj'".iig much of the icriod marked by diwd,
to which allusion has Wen made, the ponderous
u.iwieldy Mrcngth the powerful preponderance
of the Democracy over r-'I oppoing element, in
the State of New York, has enabled them to
quarrel and yet to conquer. Hence they have
gone on piarro!i ig and conquering belligtre it
yet t.iumphari. urtll the lea informed and en
'ghtened among the active partisans, supposed
tiieir iadomiVable Ktreugth at the poll really lay
:i keeping up a mutual battle beforehand ;
doubtle upon the prnciple that in order to
win, it become neceasary to fight with Homebody,
and that inasmuch a the opposition, even though
combined, wa no match for them, that for drill
and discipline it become a line tjt non to grap
ple with each other. Time, however, which ad
justs many a mistaken assumption, and mull'lio
many a fale ostuhiie, at length exposed the
tact that the party wa becoming, not very grad
ually, weaker by the process of Bel.'-hardening,
a id the experiment came into disrepute w".ih
most of the Bound men among the Democrats ;
however, some kept up the hallucination, and at
t'ie late Syracuse Couvoutlo.i enough were bu.id
to give the o'd jtolicy one more trial. The ex
ample of the New Yok Democracy i note-wor-iny
to us Republican in Michigan, not that we
e in a qua. rel, o are disposed to enter upon
one, but to cause us to bo advised how fatal i
ntorial d:seord to succewt, and to be circum
spect, fo.bcarant and discreet, in handling all
topics connected with State policy, with nomina
tion, either National or State, and with r'l other
subject upon which differenced are wont to
Attempts at foreotit'lirg ti e anion ol Convei'
t:ons, has been
" Ttie ili-r .il piin or wes u tiuiul -J''
to New York Loeofocoism ; and as that thing is
treason to the majority, it follows that if perse
vered ia it muit b.enk the ties of party. This,
also, it would seem, is worth noticing by all who
call themselves Republicans; and, to make a
long Bto-y sho t, it wil pay best, no far as possi
ble, to do ia a'l things exactly different from the
Democracy of New York.
'I'll T rrtlorlal tturalloii.
The Con.' it kI ion, a d-rect Buchanan author
ity, published at Washington, conta is an answer
fro.n Judge Black to the Douglas-Harper article,
upon which tho Journal oj L'vHin?rcr, of New
York, comment a fu'Iows:
very able article in the Washington ('ontituthH,
a reply to t'vt of Senator Douglas hi the ht
nuuilMT f lla per's MagaMie on ihe Territorial
yuesiioii. u e have heard its authorship attrib
uted to a very hiii soii-ve ; but whet,le cor
rectly or lt, we (MTinot say. It take tho true
Democratic gnnniil, which refes the iuest"o'i ol
Slavery in a Te-.-itry to the decision of it in-
habita its when they enter into tte I limn as a
State; nut hi the'.' untledged "ourttion, when
first orgarvzed into a Tcrrilorv. It also repudi
ates Mr. Wise's doctrine of Conjrre.-'-io.ial inter
When ilortors disagree, who shn'l dec-de:
The Albany Evening Journal say: The art'eh
to which the Journal of Coniinrrcf refer, i at
ributed to Attorney tleneral B'ack. It occupies
several column of the President organ, and is
intended as an ollic'al manifesto of the poviion
of the Administration oh the Slavery qucsio:i.
It fully endorse tho Dred Scott deeis-on. It
scouts Mr. Douglas' v'cw in regard to Popular
Sovere'gtity a "absurd." His position, as I.i-t
defined, seems to be that S'avery naturally goes
!nto every rew Territory and exists there, umv
the people of the Territory abolish it, and that
Congress ha no power to interfere with It.
Judge Black goes Ptill farther, nd aver that
Slavey naturally exist in every new Territory,
ami that neither Cong-ess nor tne people of th
Territory have any right to interfere with :t!
Both argue that the Constitution protects the
Slaveholder incar-ytnghis "ptpertyw whenever
lie pleases. Both take the ground that any at
tempt to exclude Slavery is unlaw ful and uncon
Btitutional res;stance to law a judicially ex
pounded, and imply, thoug'i they do not say,
that such attempts a v to be forcibly crushed by
tne tieieral (lovernincnt. These ae the p'at
fo-us presented for Democrats to choose be
tween! Acco-dng to Mr. Douglas, S'avery is
an existing institution aga'nst which, however,
the Ter-itoral Legislature may pa laws. Ac-
codi.ig to Judge B'acli, Slavery is an existing
i.istitut'on which can only be i.Uerfe.-ed with by
a State Leg'slature or State Corstituiion. Each
fortifies bra arguments bv historical reteronc
but both omit to account for the fact that Slavery
has actually been excluded (in the way they say
it cannot be) by act of Congress, from 0h:o, In
diana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ore-
can, Jtc., while thov wore Territories! It these
new interpretations of tl e Constitution be ac
copied, the framers of that document d:d not
what they meant by it, fid did not walk accord
ig to it.
Tuk Tiict CxriiK.e. The Albaav Jour
nal says that the Conference proves unable to
unt;o the Cordis n kno: submitted to ii. The
qcestion of the Duchies g-ows more instead of
less complex. Tle Coherence was to settle
peace on the ba:s of the agreement at Villa
franco. The ViUafrarca agreemeat was that tho
Dukes of Tuscany and Modem should be allowed
to go back to their to rone. But it did not
settle who was to put them back. The people
of the Duchies ray they wi'l no. The French
Empe.or aavs he w''l not th trian Em
peror probab y cat-tot. Napoleo.', it seems by
recent declarations, takes the ground that he did
not promise to rtslcre the G-acd Dukes, bet onlv
to content to the'r restoration. This throws the
control of their destny, in great measure, into
the bands of the Italians themselves. If tnev
resolutely maintain their independent stand, and
refuse to accept any ruler either at the dictation
of Austria or of France, it is not easy to see how
any power can force one upon them against their
will, without incurring the condemnation of
A Wilcowx. W. E. Robinson, (Richlieu,)
late of the N. Y. Tribune, was at his home in
Ireland receWed with all honors.
.t- m !
Michigan' Ifanka.
In the month ol Augcst last, the Peninsular
Baak of Detroit, ret-red and burned up notes
nt circulation to the amou-t of and on
Monday la-t, they retired arid destroyed J7,-j
Tne Insur-nco Hank n "tol and destroyed
i 2,i::S, and on Monday la-t .t,llit. Tim,
in the course of a fc weeks ha ? I"2,:;i'. o1"
orr already scanty circulation, been withdrawn.
Mr. Sanger, who visited the Capital on Mon
day, on behalf of these two insi.tution, norm
us that the entire circulation will le rcti-ed a
soon as possible. Tin operation is highly favor
able to Brokers, and is owi.ig to their cer
tions in running, combined w:th those of other
busines men, ihe incentive beirg fu-iiishod ri
the depreciated Western many in ci-culatlon.
Whin acornmu..:-T tie up its ow n I an Is a
J!;chi"au doe, in rc-ptct to cl-calalio , it will
11, ,!;.-.! will' the worst which can be fcind
in other State-.
L'tnil I.i'ter.
Bv special dl-patch to the New Yo-1; Tri
bune, it ,:pM-ar that t'oti!r s-t hairg, at thr
last 'f-ioi adopted a re-;.ut;.a ca-!Tg upon
the r..stma-tei -Ce.i. -al to report at the next ses
sion w hat further 'egl.-latioii, if any, ii necessary
to dir:.i::i-h the m:::.!er of .had letters, o. p o-
vide f'r a retem of the eu'in; tol'.iewr teiS
the'eof, th:it fu'-ctioaary has eni circula-s upon
the subject t the postnrtst -rs of the country.
Many of inese pot.n:isters havj ..uready repor
ted, agreei-ig with the views of the Department
that most of the letttr reti" .n-d as dead were so
returned bv reason of niir.nke or impe-fections
in the direction, and f.oni tiie "ct of t'ne ex's
tence . a large tio.V.hig populat"o.i in the 1 oii'i-
As the lst-ilie(; D. partmetit app . eheri-ls
that the tal i'ig of htte- from the general box
es, and the trans.'ertifg of tho-n to the adve-ii-sed
list, too often prevents their th-llvery, an or
der is about to be giren reqir-ing that no leii. r
shall be advertised u itil it has been i'l the gener
al bo-te at 'east one wctL'. In the largesi cities,
the duty is e '' led upca postmasters of nukiVg
p jer search loth amo 'g the letters fiat are
not advertised, vo matter what the add'tional hi
lars that may be 'n:i.-sed. A circular has been
issued to postmasters eonta :-"ig some .iftceii
section relating to dead letter ; also, a 'orm of
circular f.oni the dead-lette.- oilii e to postmas-
ters, in'or:n,ng tiiein 01 tne p. esei.ee mere 01 a
letter of interest to ihe person addressed ihoi'gh
not contaiieng valnabh--, a-id inquiring if he
could bo found, a id was willing to pay postage
for the return of the l.-tte, with one cent addi
tional. Tite number of dead letter yea'ly re
turned to the Department is two a-:d a quarter
million. The number containing valuable "
tweniv thousand.
T::b Cimcagu Naiionvi. Fait.. This gie.it
exlebit'on commenced on Monday, Septemlwrr
12th, and with the concon -e attt in!:iig, formed
an interesiing speciacl-. Althmigh called a
National Fair, yet, says tin- ).fo;t Ttihiiw,
"th;s ! mo. e of ari Mlnoi .-'tate Fair than a Na
tional one, by all odds, sli.ee iiine-teMln of all
the entiles are. f 0111 the Sucker Siate.
The number of eiitries on the ti -st day lapsed
85nni somewhat, and among them were a nuui-be-
f-om this State, m-h herd of Devoiw, C.
H. W:l'.:ains, Coldwuter ; Si i'Iion. "Biaek Hawk
fJlenn," F. E. Fhlred, Det:-o;i; Spari-h Merino
Sneep, by Thomas Spo.l'ord icid olnev Chap
man, Detroit; Essex and Suffolk Swim-, by .1. S.
Tibbett. N,k;ti; Floii- fro-n P.e.l Wheat, i.y
W. V. HuL'lie. Havion Mi"s: Po.ato s. (Jeo.
Shoeeraft, Sturgis ; Leather Wnai-not, by M
P. S. (irannos. Kalamazoo; Jarg-J lot o Agt.eul-
Jaekso-i; IVi.iing-Mill, by M. iti'i and Chlaiid
Nile: Edi'o To..'-, bv Bve.-s-.-i Mo-. Mus
kegon; Kevolv'ng Wax Fure, I.'. secimcn 0
Artificial Teeth in gold, bv P. S. fir.umes, Kala
m.i.o; Passei;er !.oeoiini"e, Freight I
motive. Case Patent Sl-o.iite Cir. Droveis'
Car with sleeping e niches, by the Mich. '.-.it
U. II. Co.; 1mi bn-!ie! White Whiter Wheat, by
II. Case, A'legan ; tira'u, O it: and 1 a- Seed
Separator, by A. Pawner, UinNori. The display
... milker and dairy-Siock was quite lerge, aid
among their a herd of fori." AUernej , f"'
Southern Illinois.
The I.roising . j-ii tent liad a reporter m
attend. irice, in the shape of the foreman, who
give u woiidjrl'u' accoift of n" he lu a-d and
saw, but a he whs too busy ga.l'ig tottoo
write, we a v comjielled to take hrs word f
what wa said a'l 1 d 'i.e. lie sav ll look a'.o.it
an hour and a ha!'", every imeiorig, to co ne
down to break's- f o'ii the o-Ue'ne lolivloi-
mi: w.'ih wli.eh l.e wa !aimslieI, an.l, t airy-
thing, rather longer to get up again at i:is,iit.
A V:n:niN m tiik I-Kmi :. Cen. W:,ifield
Scott ha co io to the Pacific. Ho d nr-ted t' is
The Was;ii"".oii ti !.-jr;i!.!,;e co-re!o id. -it of
tho N. Y. Tribmn, under F.l lav's date s:r
lien. Harnev's character for belii'-erenev is sec'i
that the Administration would hurry off L'eat.
(Jen. Scott to the Strait or Georgia within 1
hour it 't could, lie to sad for accrtamtv on
Tuesday, accompanied by Assistant Adj. il
Tnomri-, LieJt.-l'ol i. W. Iiy, and Assistant
Surgeon Charles II. Crane. Fpon tien. Sctti"s
arrival at San Franc'soo, he i. to be fo-wardod
on to tho seat of di'li cities by hpecial steamer,
unless the resular one for cai' ving the mals is
ready to depart. He i also empowered to con
trol the movements of mail stcanie.- a'icr reach
i ig his poirt of destination. Tho President has
vpeated'y said, i:i conversation, that our title to
the Island of San Juai is good, but other officials
. uvt .fuUv .-w vlv. U llie ?uljeil, and it ii
almost certain that the Senate will rot press an
extreme claim at the hazard of w ar ; hence lien.
Scott's hand arc no; probably tid up with in
struction, but a largo margin of discretion will
be given him, looking to a pacific solution or a
procrastinating policy.
IIonn K ttr.tLKT's Auvic? to Cal kokm ins.
Horace Gree'cy ha.l addressed a lette to his
poi:ical .ends, urging thorn to vote for McKU-
bon, the Anti-Lccompton Domoc-atic candidate
fo" Coaj, ess, and advocai:'ig a fusion of r'l the
opposition elements 'by combining on the best
candidates, w;thort regard to po'ilical antece
dent. This course, ' e believed, would render i:
practicable for tho Opposition to carry the e'ec
t'on, to the tot.'' discomfiture of tho AJ:nia;stra
lion Democracy.
Township Kkg-stsrsj. Township ctliccrs will
please note the fact, that the prortetnr of the
Ifrjifhl t C" ikt'r or-I oro fcr
Blank Keg-'sters, of sizes to sr't, and at tho low
est prices. As they make 'iot a cent upon them,
they wish ' y have them oiTtheTr hands'.
ists. The UrivcrsaJists are to hold a United
States Convention ?n Rochester, commencirg on
Tuesday morning, September 2'th, and continu
ing three davs.
Bat C ty Tmss. W. A. Bryce has started a
handsome and we'I edited sheet, of the above
title, at Bay City, Bay county.
Goon. Brooklyn i t have a monster park
as well as New York.
Deatla ol Mra Jime AV. Sanborn.
This most estimable lady, vhc wife of the
Commissioner of the State Land office, breathed
her last at To.-t'ind, Me., on Sunday, Sept.
11th, 15l'J, at the age of 41 yea--. The fatal
shaft of death, then pierced a lovir.g aid benev
olent heart.
Mrs. Charlotte Sa:iboru, was a woman ot r.o
ordhwy virtues, ot a hr.e iliscrmat ng 'auvect,
and of the hhtat moral and re'-ilous princ'ples.
She had si'eagt-i to bear a cheerful hc:;rt, even
while her frame was racled w:th d;sease, aid to
mat.e the home which her i resenca adori'ed, a
loved spot, to her husband, her children, and
the many f: lends, whom the cotubmed lospi
ts,:tv of herself and her husbaud drew toward
it. 'subsianti:'', though not showy or ostentf
tiotis qu:'lt:es, marked her course through ll'e.
She was practical, a;il not demonst.-rt've,
pro:npt in every detail of domestic duiy.
co.i-tv.tly cu'tivat'ng a charitable and lovely
iplrit, toward all who caae ?i Contact with he.-.
llav-'ig ci joyed the l.ospiulit'es of tne ele
jmi hiene ol the deceased, aid having so
lati'v parted f-om her, in cheerfulness and com
parative health, upon the eve of the last jonr
nev of her Tl.', we take a m lancho'ly p!easu-e
1 add'ti" our own slight a-id imper'ect t-lbute,
to he" worth and cha-acter.
The funeral id' the deceased tjk laee at I'ort
Huron on Wednesday last, the rcmav.s having
ben b-uiiuhi thither by the bereaved husband,
from the place of her decease, to his desolate
Ma!l l?ir ?lnlnr iuttloii Im- imv fill !"
The Republicans of Maine ca-iicd " the pre
viou question'' by a pai'hunentary majority on
Monday last, ai d thus cut of a!' lebato on th
pol t:cal standi ig of that State. The A'bur.y
Journal of Tuesday says as she lead, may tho
rest of the Fnlon follow. Her election yester
day resulted in a sweeping B. publ'can triumph
l....-f vear she polled a heavy vote, eleci:ng th.
Kepuhlicaii (lovernor, Congressmen and Legisla
ture, leaving ap;iareiily 1.0 room for improve
ment. Yet s.io has improved on it t'r J ear
bv recording a still more emphatic verdict b fa
ver of Freedo'i".
tlovereor MorrTs majot'ty in about hi'' the
State is thirteen hundred more than u the same
loc.i':t:e last year. Ia ti e entire State h. will
have nearly i.' not quite 1o,imhi majority. Ti e
Le"isLuii-e w;H be Kepi bl.ca 1 111 both l.iam lics.
l ive N.-w F i'and States have now held Klec-
t'ons this year. Before they occurred. Hie I'e-u-or-i-t-i
!. !:de it'y p-ed:cted that the Kepubli
ca 1 moveiiienl had reached lu climax there first,
1 that there fi.st would beg;n ttie re-action
r.' a ' tst rt. li e revor.-e proves to ie mo :tei.
I'isiej-d o" diminishing, the sucngtn of tbc 1U-
... . tl - V, .... V ..rr
put. In 1 i I arty is il:C-easi ig a . uu-r
U'XK ..-t it", ciivo ; o,f that it u s it power
wis. lv. a-:d that in p inc:p'c3 have taken a deep
hold on the he.- 't of l'.e people.
triiit Itlot al M:n.liolii, M. II.
Mam tiFsrur, N. II., Sept. 1.".. Ib-V.'
Ti'e un;- :e- of bremen m tin city is a great
:i id exeiti. atlai-. cinbiaein 75 co-iipar'es and
tyibamlsof n.oslc. V ith the crowd of visiter
to the show, were numerous goi.o! -s, l.ctween
whoucid the ti-e ne t some i.oiio'e oicurred
abom. 11 o'clock !a-t night, w ni. h l. d to a so
1 "ous r ot, in I.Vh Seer.-' balld"!r.V weio par
t'.r'v d. inolisli, d and othe- prop.-rty d sf oved.
" B: ti i:;:
BrodetVk I .
K co.
S." lio.
o'ti i "a" '
Davd C
a said in
h' -pet eh : t Pi iee v'' e,
" I have I'vcd r-uoiig . on mo e t'mi i :e yea..-.
From the coii'tuevccn; ai d ii i-'. g t'ie p." od
when tl.e gr.,ss v'ce of pub'le ii;en vv. -c winked
j. j - T ' aveoe.'t ol ;;e ;e".Tal l.l'.ity
by ;he pree ee of ii ! .lou x. -i'iieii. i;o man, 'iv
ng o dead, ever saw ii" al a nirir.' tal.V, in
in i a iirothol, or u ', the i'.lb.'e.'ce of 'hpio'-.s,
or fVe'l I.. lew itie tovbl-e to Jeiv a 1 !io;!e-st l-'l'.
I V t -liome'il a in pro'onge.I eiiee:i,.g. Vii diii'f
ever hired to oh:""ge me w'i'i tg it'llueticed
by pecuniary eo .s -derations i'i :fy vole whieii I
.mve. C.-ri my traduce say a- .ii reii -"
SrxirM o. AnsnxKM k. A ';ti'e jirl f sx
years, tl.e d-iughter of Hon. Henry A. Sliiw,
Speal er d ti'" I'ou.' of llenre vn. :;iive?, of
Eaton It ipid-, hrd lcfu-cd " solid food, f-om
August tiTih tvi September '.'th, r'd stdl co u"'i
ired to rc.'use it. T'ie Eaton B.ipids Art hs, says:
"We :i'o to'd by the family that the little girl
tool. :t into her Vend th::t she eat s'fe woe'd
be .-:e'-. and since the '111- n't., ii.i persisiei:lly
refused evcy t'erg in tiie shape o'- 'olid f-0 I.
She comes IO the tab'.' egu'at 'y w 't it the re!
0" ti e l-tnii'y, d'i'i' s her te.i o Cdff.'C, but de-cl;iie-i
;ill food with tiie exptv-slo'i, " It w;'l mal e
mo s:ck.'" She docs not fa'l away i I tle-h, is
live y and fidl of play, but cannot be md-ice I to
taVe fod of any kind, ii(it even ripe fruii."
Si. i.e.Ti.V Stride!.. Poo - Preutieo of tho
Loicsviile Journal, i a formidable joker, stVk
ing sharp s.icLs into h; antagonists ; hence he
provoke such attach as tin following, fro.n the
N. Y. Tiihttnc: " Vr. Preut'ce, of the Louis
ville Journal, who knows a well a any man
the virtue of "old Monohrrahela," envies the
Pittsbttrgher their glorious supply of Id favor
ite beverage. Ho says r "Tho Pittsl.urhers
are fo-tunato; they get Cndr delicious, pure
drinking water from the A'lcghany Biver, which
Iroutid one side of their city, ami are suppled
with exhaustles qriant'tic of Monongahcl.i,
w Inch lave the othe ."
Fir.s ix C.iTAoo. The City of Chicago was
visited by lire oa Wednesday ii'g'it, ami proper
ty to tho value of J.iiv,'WO was destroyed.
This wa the most exter.s've fire which has oc
ccrrcJ tl.oo, o!n i8ji. several large lu utrci
yar.Js were destroyed, the Hydraulic Mills, Re
formed Presbyteria.i Church, two foundries and
machine shops, and numerous though small dwel
ling houses.
CoNTitAcT. Th A'lega 1 Jon mil o' Sept 12th
say the contract for building tbc Swamp Land
State Road, rurc:,ig f.-oai Marquette nearly
soi'ih to tho Liu Bay do Nopiet, a distance of
sixty on" trde. In bee t let to Treston M tchell,
Es'i , if MirsiiaT', fj' the sum of $:.$,0o..
AtsTit'AN LosaK.. AcCO.':Iig t 3.1 official
retura of tho Anstra'i govermieii, 'Ml pal
lishod, the total los of the Austrian rrnsy in
Ita'y .;nk:'!cd, wounded and p-iso-e-j w ' 1.161
officer fid 4.s,ui'0 men.
AwrrL. Mr. Jsmos Byran, of Thoraville,
Lapeer courrty, says ihe KepnllUau, irapa'ed
himself cpon. a sha-p stadd'e, ia junrpi-ig from
a f.j'o, anj .fit.l on tlio Second dav.
Bi.rxsi to Death. Thoaras Coranaugb, so
the Jackson Cilhen is irforraod, was burtted to
deata oa Friday moru"ng at Psrma, bv the coc
thigraiion of his house. Fie was a sober rr..n.
i:rr Lax?s. LsmJs given away, under last
winter's Liw for the benefit of sett'erswa S,?. 13
-t7-l" during the fi-st sixteen days of Sept.
Swamp I.asps. The amount of Swamp Land
sold, from Sept 1st to loth inclusive, was 3,14 4
10") acres.
Trscota Fioikr. Mr. Bartlettbas procured
a new and handsome dre&s, for hi ueful pap"-
A Bleated Son
Pistols, clubs, fisticuffs atid cursSnj, se-e tue
o-der at the Locofoco State Conventiou at Syra-1
cu?e, on Wednesday. The following a-conr.t c' '
the f'acss i extracted fro u the N. Y. Triiimt. ,
Two Conventlors were orga:iized in the sa
IiaIL botls iroinz at once. The fouble
... ..... ' ,..
of a double set ofdeh g v.es from New York City. ;
Mr. Cochra-.e offered the fo'Iowivg:
l:.-nJ,-l. That. re"rettin2 the d; licult.-' 1 11 e i
DeToo'otic pa ty n the City o io f. s
mver-.on w !1 not dee Je 1 po: t:.e re 1 .r:.y
ot the two exist-n organisations more, ...ii
he'ebv a ln-its to seU bot'n ot the ucYr.tt oris
frou tiirt city, with cqt;a! t'ghts upon th s Vuur.
Ixud and ove.powerins Siiouts of "tj.ict!. '!
juestion !' "(i'l .-t'on:' from all parts f the
Tiie mail o. etm of the Convctalo , who
state! tnat 11 now wanted I .mtttrros to 1
ui'ock no e emere'i t.ie -.
.11 1 . ... 1 . v. . 1 ,.0
M-. t'ocirra'.e toos t'ne lie: r. ;
This was the s'gna' for a row, aUnot.gli r-'l
eviou irotlv.es had been rrshod through :it: ;d i
t!io mot iiitepse e.ei.e;iie'ii.
The Wood nu n a' oeeiip;e i the ro:it of the
hall, promiiient :m;oig i'ie:u tH-hrg Beijanrn 1 le.
Andrew Mieeuan, llee'ian (ti e W.-Ttia l-oy,
and other poweriel nu-n.
Mr. Wood wa cool, but very p!e; arid Mr.
Alvord iu the chair, was the w-y imiiersoimi 1:1
of firmnes and determ'-iat:ei.
It wa evident itwtavtly that f. p-o;n rirrne
wa to be cabled out, through .ry c:rcun. ri
ce, and regardless of consoquerc :.
M-. Cocltra'ie, a soon as ho s.ke, was sur
rounded b" a crowd of adversaries, but, p.-es"ng
forward to the oi l ot the Convention, ho s'oo I
on a 'eat, ar.d preserved until filerco was parhi'V
restored. He denounced in severe terms the
wmde jiroceedingj. Tl';s, l e said, was not a
Conventl n. I.o"d cries of " Down!" "d.wn!"
It was trot, ho repeated, a Convention. It was
pretended to be org.i!i:e. i.l a bo,; us inariner
before the time, ami ho den.vicevd w ho look
part ii1 the shameful proceeding-.
Th- Chrir reoucste.l him to col lide l.l-ii-e'f ;
the question oeiore the Cor vcU'oi'.
Mr. Cochrane den'ed the right of tl 0 Chnir t
ca'l h;m to o'der lie contTined to :ir;:ee
warmly lor some t:me. and concluded b; luovii- '
to lav the resolution on the table.
Mr. C. D. Murray rose tospenk.
Mr. t.'ochraiie I call the gchllo.na.i to o ice.
Mv motion is not debatable.
Chairman Tho Chair does 1 o; fl . l at liberty
at this stage of the proceeding to re. 'use to.-iuow
a motion to lae on the t:.ble to be .! luted.
Mr. Coch'ane I apoeid from the decision of
the Chair.
.Mr. Alvord Tne Cha'r recogiiie ro linn
riuht to appeal unt:l the : , -uhir orrnry-itioti i .
The dec'.-loil c-eate.J meat eltem iit.
Dorcan S. Magee pimped on .1 b.m ti ad-
d-essed the Con vent '01 at tl.e sa lie lime 'th
M-. Mar-av. tl o Cbair ravr.'.e- th. 11 to o;dcr,
and not a w ord said by cither be: g ao.H.'e.
At this ii'Slarit 1'eo-r Casger i;.peare I 01 the
plailorm wl;h 1-is watch ! 1 hi- h -. .i, and s .id:
ieIlt!cl!l-"!S Of the Co ivclltio I Th'" t.e !i. if-
n.-ilvi-'l for ll e organ' a; 'o i tt.i !: v. n
tioli, I move that ,b.(::i Sr vi;. r. ( i n -'d i, be
temporary t 'ha'i nia'i.
Ye'ls, chee.s, iind lie tl!(1.l d-':!'eii;ig h.r:
grected tl 's luotli.i, r id.-ri-i-f il :;! I.- -I i-iaed-ii.lo.
Vr. I 'ag- ", fier i"-v- , stood cooilv ,! ti.:e;v
Up IO th edge of ti;e Iti.iifoMit, uhiV .1 C oW,
began to gathc n.end h; ii oi' i.i.i-t v .' ; .
kind, at ii- eM.t.
WilV-l li'.e !iotl..ii w.is p..t, a h i;l i. '
the ariiunat-.ve w., !;,..-.! ab.-v . e d . ar.d
Str her. c
that of M:
the See-. .
Tiie p..
s'.io.t .
Mr. ."
. A'v
1 V I
t. .!.!. I
- .1 . :
. and
! prole, am r
naming Mi
o' Wvomii
I Me'aM'm;
ll.pol ;.. V
s s. Il.'li, ol Scl
lis t' M.po-.irV
. Mr. Mm av wi
let llit S.
I I add.es.
; eoiili'.iii
j A'vo-d, Mi
.i( ; .11
order, rv.d M Sti via r w
olle.ed bv Mr. CaJg-r.
Suddenly, Benj.niii.i 11 .
form, ami il-r? I'o 'v- ioi"
and prcs-ed for'a'd tow
heard above Tie .h;:,
W. -e c .'ed 'U i . , ' ! !
M r. Woo I havi imer,
poa-t -net't ol a -"Nimh:.
A'vo'-d tm: li'e ;
-.vl.ile Mr. Stty er ;;
t ee ijll. st iotl Oil the ! .
Mr. Woo l n,..v. d t
e..-h jiidie'.d di-t.'e! "i p
Mr. Alvord decibel
Stryker decided th .t it w r
The exeifclil.Tt had ti
io ;,.- j. ,
ke-'- d
d the .p
d d-
I. lel- M
.,v t..,.' .-.l
a 1.
hee.'iit, a-id as Mr. ;ryl
his Voice better heard, a
Wood-, said to be inn'..
I t .. so a- ia
man l.ii'ce l
ed ill the lilll.li-'
.(!'. i.
o- pii-ii.-.l hi. n (r
be'.i ..l, a.id I.
violently tor.var.1 ji.lil the
live tee't Idr!', to .tie iloor
The pet Keti a: oi" of t'es cow. i
r.l'l 1'o'n tiie pi. lit.. i :t a: .! I
mi, wh'.-
'. i."M.. dl
I -..',..
-t- .
lied I i
aid 011 ii.
Ci chrai.o in I o.he : id on nod"
!v te:
tho plat Io' t i.
Clio o "Sli.ltl'o!" " a.,.;" tcoe .dt
t'trOKgfl ihe had, I'i.- W id '.'. - j.e.d i l d
nti.iei;tr:o! !'' the act.
M-. t'o. h-ane ro-e o ' ii so.it, and
to Speak i t letllltii i.lt 'ill e-
1 thllliiv
murderous a-s-o'lt.
At t'.i i.ista it, ,n-n ..il ..! t o W.io.J i. e i
made a rus'i fs Mr. tao..-ane, and w e . eon
fronted by t'apt. I-a'i'i Byn i.-s. lint w..rds
passed between Ryuder and Slieeha i and Ka,
and two or three blows wo-e streci: in the ctowd
but without etVoct
M. Woo l niado toward t'ie c-enl. itai't-, w ;.et.
J allies Carriran. loaning over the be-:che-:.
rushed to Mr. Wood, and, shahi or hi list ia hi i
face, ei.cl.rmed, "rt .p tl.i- light! Stoa ;f a
once, I say, or jo i -' :'! :".'-: for v:i be-,; i
l: Wo"d ei.o-i 'he cut of itiier R - or
Sheehau, a.i 1 p'slled him out id !". c ow,!, c'l
ing on l.i.n to desist.
At thi time t'ie wildest ecitc:ii' 'it prev.t;Iod,
several pistol wa re drawn, aad oue U to
'nave been pointed at Ilruder. Wood ha 1 -vl-
i , .,.'.- ti,. ... . . .... r.. . .... ct ,
concerned. i
Mr. Coch.-a'ie, witii a 1-w re:in:ks, ahont the j
disgraceful scene, moved a.i adiourr.inei,; ti'l one j
o'clock. Nothing could be h.-a-d, bat Mr. Strv-
ker declared t'ae niot:0T ear. rod. '
The largest portion of tre Convciiio l tnen j
withdrew, but a crowd press--.! f rw an, ami it
wa i.nposs'ble to t-'l how ia it.y delog iN -o- j
malned in the ha".
Peace was then restore J. '
. . . i
itie resu.t will Uo a dvu;.;.. - - t .
tho Charleston Conve itio.
s to I
O.vr. Hi m.ke: am Fiukts Vi ai The !
Detroit Tri'-uuf ..f Tht.r-drj it"- of an oil:
woman, a hr't breed, be;-ig tl.- d i" .''.a.-r of!
French ami Indian parti.t, wh died rtCetiti.- in ;
ihe Poor-House of Wayi.o con rty, ng.:! Hat
years. S ie was tho re'ict of Frai ci Xletev'e, a
French resident of I'et oi; many years d ue, a:: i
a sjld'er of the la-t war. Mr- M. was born in
tho city, and has always rVcJ ihc.e o- in the
vlcialty. Per husband has been dead far a ovz
tl oie, a:. 1 far some years past .-he 1 a- resided at
the Cocniy-IIoii-e, bcirg w! ollv .K-st'tute. Sue
d'c i of no pa-jtcuh- uiser.se s'rrp'y old aio r d !
i.si corsCj'Jcrt irfi: .r.i'.'es.
Two Nor.:; JssrES. McRae, a Candidate for
re-election to Congress Ml.-slsspp:, :s s.un-p-ng
bis distriet Jn fiver of the reop.: i:lr. of ihe
Afric.n s'avo trade, an I of a d;s-..!utiort of the
ltj!on i.i the event of tho electron of a R -f obli
can to tho Prcslde.icy. The J.' "..-; ;'-fi ray s:
' So cT.t'rcly da taesti views accord w::h the
sent:mrnts of the people ia the filth dtrict, that
Governo McRao is running for Congrcs without
the shadow of cpj.osltion. A like unsriimity
upon the great is-ue mertioT.ed rrTa!!s in all
the districts."
Cmir. Fine peaches arc pnty at A'
at two shillings pr hash-"
Corr---pD.'.f of lb X. Y. I n"
Soulr on Buchanan.
Oli Po:st Coufoet, V:rg:mi, )
Wednesday, Aug. 31, f
The leal:r.g feituro of the news from this
point is the arrival and sojourn here ol the Hon.
Pierre Sojle, f-csh f ori tho South. It ;s evi-
- .x tx.-.tt t:::s d:".iruished contleman designs
aucg v. rv act velv m tne coming 1 resi-
vas. and isaVeadv loud in his denun-
'ciaiio:. cf the Fcdo...l Adiu'iistration. Tl.e
oiiie - est irivoctive I have over heard ho pours
foe h crji. a:ry, ard says ti.at although .Mr.
!. :e la'.sn mav not be. conscioJ of any pa.-peu-corrnpt'on
on his own part, ho knows will
tl-oso who ir.tliierice and co : rol him, and ho
kr.ew s them to Ik- inerrable o! an honest act:on.
Trie whole policy of the xtiailnistrailon, ho ihar
"es, h.s been one of corrupt speculation, both
at homo a-.d ab'oud. 1 no pages of history,
whvli record thi Pa-agoay Expedition, and the
n.ov. -men' ol the Adtu'tii-tration a respects
t :. Mo- no t uar," b-i I the "Oregon cli'm.,"
Mi. Sou'e sts wi'i !o the blickost ever jH-nned.
Faer, I say-, ;rre yet to co.re to fight re'.at'vo
to these ;ii:ngs, w h'ch wi'.' sliock tho moral sense
of tne whole country.
Wi'' the De-nocrnro party in Cotigre sup
port or '".dorse the po' ev or Mr. Bntha .au?
M-. St.ulo s:iv? that this is tho all important ques
tion. If ti e co--urt, swindl nir, deceitful and
iutr'g.iirvr policy o'" Mr. Buchanan (a ho term
it) be iudo.sed. the1!, says tne g oat I.ou's aman,
tl Domoerat;e nir:visio-t b.votid redemption;
but the Ad!!iiii:sti it'.ei be etitire'v ignored.
. tarf-'l ,)) bat passed bv a :f it existe
not. t' en he has strong hopes. I'poulhe act'on
o" tho next Cong-es. ho ih'nks, the next 1 rt
d- lilirl co. -test elit:'e'y depend-'.
A Ci:i tm Sr !.n. wit. i a Bit i.iot s Attai it.
Las! Sabbath w as tjiiaite' ly Meeting of the M.
E. Church. ;oid, us usual, on such occasions, the
Sacrament w as administered. After the meeting
a liourued, the members went theit nevoral wavs,
some to dine with friends in town, some to their
homes :n the eour try. In about an hour tin1
d'H.ois were in reo'iisilion in everv direction;
tl.e whole inonibe'sidn wps seized with a s;mul
! ta.ieoii " b"'bou attack," and tho demand for
' uedi.il a-'et:t vvas enc-;.!. Tne first smell of
! tiie su.i'ptuoii d: mers piavod provoked sudden
, : . I ii.vohin.nry iuciatioii on the pari of ad the
lottholox members ot tl e respective farm!
!The vetie.able Peter Cartw r'jht. Presiding El
! dei Iu- whom extra preparation had, of course
I been ma le, retired iro.il tiie prospect a dinner
c. sine on, a little bent over, win IhiiIi hand
Tl.ioed below Irs vtst buttons, declaring that "he
il'dn't feel like eat'i g." One brother is sa;.l to
h ive made for h house, ha' bent, and, with a
roan, tumbled on to the bed, ami iu reply to
h"s wi'e's " What's the matter?" ocIa'iiied mi
desriairii-2 tone. "Oh! I've cot the choler?
I Tin- fpidcinv sp-ead n'i th-oiigh the country
I ec:t t; eons'tle able al.i tu :,-nl occasion. n
; 'e iei.it casi
j subsided w !
i w'ne ( v! I
g up o. accounts. Ivut the panic
I it wa :wcei a'. led that antimon'al
", bv nT'take, a-lmiii' 'tcred to the
whole bodv l comriiia.'ieutus ! Wo understand
thai I'm l" Peter s:"d, 't wa- the first time he
ever knew :"i "attempt to voi:;t the devil out of
the church. Ahhougli it was a serious matter
the s' i:i. oW'Mir to tl.e 1-ardiicsi til their
he;: I , did l.lUgll. II ,,uhtcr (III.) I L,:.
Tn i,v::i;.-r t.Tt: is til-: V.'oict.n. A mon
: ir .; for the Sault Sto. Marie Canal is rcailv
oN.ph'tcl at Newport, t'lit ty-tive nrle above
th;- chv. ll ;s Ki feet wide (that being the
widdi oi' the ca-.al) Vl 1 - I I deep and lliiMy-H-..'..c'is
il.ii k. The timber used :n it con--t
i , tiori. t-ut i ito i ich boards, would nv-.'Hiire
a! .on ' i, :,,! anJ Itrtttti tlmusaaj fnl.'
I; be'h vc ! to be ihe largest pale in the world.
I. l'. is a iv daubt on thi-i point, it weight,
iii-mrhe ''ii i.eiise 1:i.n:tity of i'ou attached to
ii, . '", ihi'.w a'1 co'ajiet tois i'i the shade, ihele
b.-:i a!" it ,'".' ; o1 ::o-i us,-. I in binding
it. It !! .. livis'i. ,i f-i.ui" time li.i wi el:, when
It Wl.l I e i..i.. I io i VIV- a'el s..,,; r, w ,-d to i a
.se p
of wot! is bei.lt: built for
is. - - Ib.hiie-i 'dark. The
'. - oi the wood wo.k every parti
: is o-ih is i!,.it skilfiil and ia;ns-ta--,'e.
V -. S! -w:i't McDonald, whoso
ample 'ji'.ai.-'iilee that tie- wotki
:...-"t. I. -' . ';"....
- V
J. man t' llued
; i" II. C. U'liU,, r'-i
i. s p-i-'t, "fid for a
l sun. l it" position i'i
i i lies eh v, w as aril-1,
lai.ea to Flirt
ii t.ecicd lot sone-
.1 I
w ..t F-i-h:
I He v.a
!:, . . :,,.- ft.
1 i.d. ed
el, p
L- :
h' :
"Ol .. I ft I.H.i. Olll Ot" llllll.
eh !
d i.
It rones -'idd. .. if . mid ordered
. nt oa a';...- liiiu, -l having b-eti .le -
Was loj.ped at I i:lit ."Hid opened,
' en :!.,! .;b. il! S..1.1 wot'th of choiee
I '.ret o. ell .'ll oil.. ! I'l.'ll l!.c store
eo.i-r.ible ,vs dispatfhed to S.i"-
,. w is 'mind. !! ha-i hitherto
o . l.i a. to -, but tiiete can bono
s p. font on' l. I'e is aborl lSvea-
Tr.l.xf, 1 h.
, lo. '.-I.oir-h
AMI s. 11 1
.III rl;t! o 1.
lb. .. I-eac R.
iber of ( 'ott'jrc-'S
I -Iter it ubh-hed
.as wt
ii of-
n a
tl I
w I deli be S IVS tbe
.l P'e-i.ir
t cai'te-t will be b. tween (Jov
;i i I .ludre H n.'.d is, and tlmt h's
ie e;4).., ,,, ,f1(. lt',-r. Well, we
h'l.g better ol ldm. lbs .uorhod
-. -'. liw.'Vi--, is wiothv of pat-
The-o :i-e Io- i- ie! wo,-.lr
r iJires lit. iv be made uti in tbe
pP'H I H i
,,-er.d ,.
staling I
ul 1 1" Cope
" Wlritev
N(.""t;i, lie t e- West, ami wha'eier lnottK-s,
t.l IV be i:;-e; 'bed l-'l il . 'r la:i'n", Wo, of the
So.lt'i, will have to ehoo-e i.i'n'-tiu Srir.irJ, A'xt
;;,',,.;,, wl;h l'o'i'red.ei: ' ju'-'-dh-tion, or S.'a
i r;i '-fl '-.e.,,iv. nor. -intervention by t'origre-s,
w-1; 'i .ho peopio deei Ie "
I'v'M; l'' l l l:".-M'l.. We are i' forillcd
t':.lt a dlU'jhter of Jos. p'i Spencer, F-.(. of (lib
h; '. . -ity, aired o years an I I month.
wa- bit in I to death on Thursday last. She had
.rt.. d I .--rn s, ',.,(.i, 'Abeti ii. r mother left
rh.-i -e f t'.v.i yourigei- ehi'dreti, while
t ! a i.e''ibor-, so'iv i-i-h?v to j di-'-
' the mo'l.e-' tetiirn, she found tho 't
v'i.' i.r"''i a lour.e, wi.h In r clot !,. eti-
! t.i it.
! ti.ely
it.t;e tl
r ' air -, ;iud he, lio ly shook'ngly burned.
Was ll. sensible to p''1 thfll, but siill able to
that in r dress took fire from a coal that
red ti'ion it fro.n the stove: that fehe ran
to the La, .. Im help, and finding lion", returned
to the hone,, ami sought the lounge. She died
mi : ("' M'k in the evening. This ,-v oe
neo h.e- f.c'.-n with a severe blaw upon ihe
1 parents. Tu--o'-t Pioneer, 0.
I:: o!:a r Cok.-sion. The -! ;n a
l:::o i-sne sp.vd i g of th- Hog's.. -v Law, make
th.- f..'"owi,i2 impo tar.t conh fion :
'" I ' eve'. 1. iiar-r::t t-. es to it that hi t'S liO
:- i.;.n tl e ' 'j's..t, Irt-'iir w"'i ro'' up la r ac-o'1-r..-ned
Th's sa. s in sa r. w ord that the lies'.
.rv Law doe riot rest' ict the richt of xoti-.e.' .-
bear Wi
. rs - - ,-, , 1 Mi Jiil.lt I . 1 1 r. .... OA-.- 1 I . U-i 1-
ispecu' opp-ss ve'.csuponl)e."nocais.,,,r) p.-.-id. .,t R ich.van se-.t ,-. Stat kton's
. - -.. r t: . y c.-, vote a- tiiey a'wa.Vri i A4 Mlid-ter t ll'.n..'. Now, th.- Commo-W
i i.ie j ivc a majarrtt (; I. ai voters
!. y .;! . , ct t ht candidates, but thov t tn iot
-o i'.'e-d vi.; rs. In thi I.-t o.'.ly are'tney re
t a" .-.I, u::d to arse.' aga: st such a rfstrpi.it
v' ic-s rrsua! political d.-pravity. Iei. 7rl.
Ri-i. 1 nr-j o Tkav rL ovra the I. in.
M. Ilvuv iv. The travel orr the Detroit and
Milwaukee Railwav, we are g'1 learn, ha
tnoretLai d-, :',!'! s'-ice the now soanish:ps
wo e p.;t on the tran-'t between th ? city and
irarrd Haven jus: o::o week aja yesterday
an 1 the ir. die it ions a-o tint it will corit:nu-?to
incrc. for every o.,o who has or. a ion to pass
orer tiie route o.rr u i.-e to continue patron
!:n ;t, ti J ta reet.m-nnd it to other. J(7.
V -.: ,. I.
A-: i Too Mrca. A tnii.'ste.-, noted for
cen.b' jlng the sor.i-what 'iconrruou3 prfjfessions
of preac'uc and mor.ty lender, was offering a
pri.-or, in which w-., the fa'lowir.g petition:
4ra:.t that wo rna- have more intere-: in l.eav
.!.'" " I-ati't do It!" exc-la:med of the corrgre
ga:io:., "da.i't doit! Tho oil sir;rter get rive
I'cr c-r.t. a mo:.:!i now, aid that's ecough, the
Ir I L":.ws !"
or Mes. Dkowmx; . Tie Eostoa
Tra,i,.t learn from private letters that Mrs.
Elizabeth P.?-ret: Browninq i ly'n; rioaIy ill
at Lor homo r.ear Hrence.
What Locofoeo Say.
Forney of the Philadelphia Press, speaking of
the revival of the Slave Trade, feels confident
that this hateful busliu ss, :n the sight cf fiod
and man, is praet:oa"y recommended. Demo
crats, this is not tho opinion of a fanatical Black
Eepub'ieati, a a'i freemen are called, but ot one
of your own fellowsh'p- Hear Idas :
" My information f-om the South, authentic
aid recent, is to tho effect that not only has this
ir-.lV..' I.eeTi rp-or-.eiie.b but it is iow vioroolv
and thic; mt!y condocted. Some of the tirsi
ion of the South a-e encrased in t, ami u is as
sorted that a number of vessel have been char
tered at Savannah, an! av absent "or tho pit'-
ose of landit g cargins before t'ie bog" rang o.
Winter. 1 "obear pivng the names 't ine
leader in l iterpr;-o, ntt because they taeni
selves refuse t speak of their connection w th
it, but f.. other reasoris not isce .,.-- to 1 1 l-
A verv srron set.timet:t is crow In i:p a iainet
the law i.rohibiri-.iir th:s tridllo. a id 1 am assured
at a:.v attt mot to I ilhet it pen:- ties w ill tie
s'sted on tho rpot. I repeat, upon mo-t ihsiim t
authority, that the tra:hc is vow igoioudy prs-
CCJ.e.t, ari.l tnat I'll . -cits el .x.rica'is are oo'ng
landed on the Soulla r t coast. Hwlngtothls
tale or things, the Admi'.ist at-on have cauod
it to bo OStoutalioUslv aiilioenecd t.i:it a ei-.l-t
guard i to bo established from Cha-l.-stoa t.
New tb leans, a. id that apart of tho Pa rag lay
cot will bo sent int the tin If for tho purpose
f enforcing the law. Deputy Marshal a,-e to
o stationed at s'l avai'able p.ents from Cli olcs-
toji to Mobile."
I'lods I'.lt sOII
i.M' l..l mt 1 ' mv
Parson Brownlow is s.i'l at the Yirglt 'i
primr-i, seeking a restorarori of health, lie
has almost entirely lost hi voire, but ho says
ho intend to raie it aaiiis! l.ec..'coi-.m as
It ii r a he can, ami when he ca'i no longer
speak, he intends to make 7c r.m
callit concern '
MtKi'F't Trial at Mickinac in the c:se
of The People c. Augustus I'o id befoio the
District Cour;, Ilo-v . K l.v'i. Presiding
Ju.Lc the testiiti.inv closed Motidar atternoori
at o'clock. The argument on tho pat t tit mo
pro-ecurio i was opet cd by J. W. MeMath, lls.j .
Proscc.tii.g Attorney, in a neat a id ery excel
lent spcecii o' "eatlv two hour dur.itlo.1. I io l.
Ah x. W. But I, o' Detro't, olh' .1, oa ihe pa' t
of the defence, in a very able v.rz. line it of Iner
hour iu length. On Tuesday forenoon, I.icht'd
Butler, Ej , made the eloi-ig arg.imeiit on the
part of the prosecution ; it wa a very Si'ioc'LiN,
and ho had as ps t tl ht ain,: : ;i lie a .lum
ber of la IVs.
Tne charge of Ju ie tJuodw-! was give:1 to
tin' jury late in the r'.er leu i. ' t v. : a clear
ami able c: t.ositio-: of i'io U npj.he-.lde to the
c; se, occupying :.bo.;t i I hour i i.s ii.'1;n-y.
Tee jury let' id al l.'.Ui P. M., and, ;n:c
being out all iiiht, i :: si.- i';to i em i a--S::'o A.
M. U1 Wcdtu sd lV, hiiV:lig tolli.d the ,":o:.it
guilty of icai.sl inhte".
Yoste -day niort.i- g Judge (.'. xlwiii n-M t. . .!
rot-1 to tuit .-... '... . t o l. e.l Ul.e
i I the Slate Pi-sou af .l.iek-ov. S a r!:v Vii;;a-
and the pt'.-oaer 1,
ea'-lv thi niieie t:
J. r'aU, .;.'. b.V.
rout lie- Bt-ff-'o
e. !:, !;.
! ..- ,l..-
A Los.; Sih.i.. A iiec.i i
te -, Vermo ,t, tnini-l'-'iv we.
.IS a pli.e, .". eoj.v .; WeOstei"-:
l;e;iotiary" to t'ie oi-c of the se
public sefeol ; i i t'ie toA a w l.o -in.'
it,! .!.ii.," Sewcii si 'i.x
iig'y re-r -. iiteit, ai d al...a. -i
and a It go -owd of s;e,
w he. i the iri.d tool. !a -e, tm .
o ,o I ial to be h;id o,i a wo
fo-lunate v. I o liii--e.l lli'i-1 ;.;ke
Eighty sebo'a s con:, st.-d for th
Noi : ii Cht-s.
si-ce oi:," .1
I ..'.abridged
eats hi a'l the
mid "sji.-M !
c .-.I
:.'..t u loaerei s
we e pte-eti!
tTitn eh. o ''.v
d, at;d the u i
l.is n her s. nt.
l.o'ior and ihe
pt 1 ', a:. I a.i. ' live l.o i-s' iria', five
ma'iied sta idieg, a id ihe e:ith.'-last"c
soon tsii-ied ttiO ii 1" til to pereb i-e e:
o! the ' .. -.1 " rnabri-lre l."
audi. .py
A ll-i t ; ii v M. m: ! -i k :
While a Kepij!eie.,'i usee. "!' w... hi .i'".' v
at li e " P.-opleV Tl.e.u ' at St. Paul, ..-t Thnts
i' -In. . s. ..T..f ,,p ,., A,'.cU Mr. Co!:.ii, ..t
indi cia v.i- ej.,-il ;..-, u-.. - . ( d to be on
fire. A pi":eaL o. c. s a t lie i.e I . lice, a-id
he I ..Use v;,j ,.1,1, :,! y . d, wit'l'.C.t " . i j r -
to ut y body. T e b.-'l I n" v. i; .1 1 -1 m. . 1. ll
wt.s a f'raliie s i ue, i: -.- aid the !-. ;- i...; verv
.id Mr
title i--,-,, t'.e
l.-W.tho Ti e
rv and oth
e.l l.'. have be
,- ile a .. " itie "
nil the .!-:
ti a
p .
j 'pi,,. (
! '..., I. !..-.-.,
-u,.,'e-i, "
' ttMi.., .
ll 1"aks a L.tnv 1 t.
Tie Portsmouth .'.....
eedote of tbe Ilo:,. Win. I.
bc.i'i ciiudidate fo liaviano-
s.. i. T.i.x.;.
' - a p! a-i ig aii
lisa... the l.'epub-
i oi,:... iio H.i-
.id lr"is't'g a l.i-ge crowd up N.'ilh it. which wa
t.ti- proportion of lad 'e". lie spoke beyond
tho iiinit :iss:L'i!ed bv bim-e!;, and tiirnieg to a
.,el. ill the bl't' er ct d ol tho l a!' 'el'larl cd
that the t'm. M i l p i-s. d ll. -dy lint he w 1
altaid that, he w i-tivi-n; the p .tiem e t.r" h; :ii.
Ii. 'ice. "lio oil, '. oil," Was l:e.i .1 .'o:ti cv erv
put of the .,.i-i , U'ltll the sperd.er p. acceded.
i At this moment, w i eti ev. rvi!ii:i wa- fi'dl, a
pu tty lady aro-:.- i i tho nud-e :' , t ...k .' n thick
vill, a'ld piielly w i!l:;i.i ta t'e- c'o. !, ,ti J cover-
j ed lip the ! il phde.
M.N Shot at. a t.-itiii-ti-r was condng ,m
j ta the plank Road, near I'i-h's Mi.!, ci sali"d.iy
j iiiorni'ig last I.. I.I e day !-;!., twa siiee. silvo
ti. ts we'e made at him, bo h m's-iu.r their aim.
The mail whs s-lt;tie ei 1, i -s wj-.ei, :;ud d'S-rov-en-d
two m.-:i Jtt t!,,. -' ! of t',.- roi l m ar h'm.
who tied alt. r the s ,:. I .-!)..'. w.-:- fi e l. Ti. re
is evidetit'y a g'ig of so'iuud 1- bin r g iiIkiii.
the wood- l.e- 'i,.e River that I iehlv ') .-. ye
hanging. ''. ';. Irr.
N'o S", k. i r v i v; Airowi
. I:
i I r ma iv p ir.-n-, i to 1 ike th
t.ti e
: camp ii)ect;t.;r, ad fo p
it c
tle p op ! I, ivo Ik k. IS paitH 1 to t'.e r dre-,
with the numb, rol the t-Mtl .y '.- jy Wltcn
thereon. At the recent camp meeting at .Mx'
tha's Vi-i.y ird, :i b.i-ht ti' tie lid wti observed
amo'.g the thro: g oi v;s:ta n ;, v, t t'ekcud
thu-: "T.r.tNo. II d u t ;-'it li.h lov riv
eat dy ." 1'. ' 7 ra.--r.'y '.
Mm.ks Sta'.ih ivt.i Au.viN. A youn;
idood of Ib.fl'ala r eut'y " woo'd and wot.' a
fair damsel a'! o.i the s y, and iud n-.cd her at
length to consent to a rie.away mateh. On th
day apj.ointed f-r celebrating the nuptial ho
set a ;-ii'y c iparisone I hack driver aft. r l.'s be
fall..'.!, who succeed. .1 in ;r -''!'iat:ug tilni-e'f
iu l the good grac- of tiie vourir: l.idv to tl at
eitet.t f at t
l our after s.
IM'..f'l f
ir hi'n.
h tl.-l !
..T... t...- . t . .. .
i- urgiiig the Aarcticj i t-f New Jersey ta i.om
irrto 'i it. dej cut State Tieket! It wa-a states
man of very great expe-ienef who declared that
"every man ha !: pric-." R-;t sorr. men i-W
themsives far'..-- than o heM ; and sotne f.re
sold at j rivato sa'o wh'lo others -i- sold at nu
tion. Alb. J..ht.
Co.WKTf.!'. At the latp term of tho C'rcult
Court of Shlawa-see cour. tv, John R. IV -ker wa
ser.ter.ced ti the State IVson for two vea-s, for
the crime of forgorv; 1 Pi,:r;:, J. Dotr fo-
obta'Tiirg p-operty on fs'sc pretences, was sen
tenced to pay a fine of fitty da"ar-, w ithin thirty
days, or g- to the Srate Prison far one ye-.
Cot sir Fa. r.. The Annual Fa:' of the Agri
cultural Society of thu Countv cf St- Clair wi '
bo held at St! CLvr on Wednesday, Thu-.-dav
a id Friday, October lr.h, IStii and 1 itl.
On Fridav, at 2 o'clock P. M.. Hon. Robe't
MeCiellat.d will d l'v r the anneal Mri--..
At three o'e'o k on Frdxy tiie annual c!ec;on
of o'Fi ro.s will ule place. Pi. Hnr;n Prr.
Hae T:-ts ami. Iirii'KriA'.r. A Democrat
in M.nne.jU tLtnk L a party will be Uate i, i
wcause the ttincs are so l ard ibn th candid
jate Lave r.o money to spend for whi-key."
Who expoeta a wstch ta go without a n
'School lanu finally to l Han
som ret.
We presume many of our readers w ill recol
lect what we said some two years ago. altont a
story then current of a " School Ma-m" havir.g
been settt to State Piisou for l"fe, !or whipp:m
a chil 1 to death, a;d her father having offered
ar.y got.l lookhig young man twenty thousand
do ars to marry iht out. v c also pubhsheJ
a letter from a patriotic young gentleman ma
king sundry iuiprnies and proposit'ons cor cor
t;irg said school nt.vni. But that young u..n
w.-ts a It lie t. i hicken hearted .ti.d tinal'y
" ilew the i-aeL." Here the matter ha rested
until recently anotho- a.ip'icaiit has appeared
for the IiJy's hand. Ho w.t ii town on Thtirs
d.:v lasi; but the Aei:t bt ing absent from town,
did t o. succeed ' i rr.i!ig;i:g matters satislat te
r'v, but htt a 'eiler for the Aagcnt. of which
tho follow i.'g is a copy :
'' i'it .' irj.'r ( 'Ar ' .i '. 1'ftfon :
1 wa' l i nu-ry the girl you have ia Pris
on for whipping the child to deal!. 1 will
give live p.iht s u r.iai ry he,-. I am a rc;vt
table Man and have a f :ri of one hundred acres,
don't let anv one c'e have her and 1 will come
out to the Ian rn I it 1 cu rais.' the money get
Jur o.:t th. u. I Cvnild many g rls Pete but I
jon I oci.eve tne siory a.oui ner uipp ng ia.
child to death a purple tuo she noght k e
some ta bhune. now h.it let any one have
her .V I w'il be sire ma ry her out a. tie
!a t'tiie. 1 ' e ei r.! !. or Patch .v is she
good hndti-ig. " JAMES ASllBAY
I'lc.ise .ii eel la Portage Lake Post otlice.
lh-' y o.iii'4 man, Ashbay , cal'cd at our office
tor " lorrn.itio". and aid in tho 'natter, and wo
gave liiiu such as the iietos.-it'es and -!gcr-ei.
s of the ao rfijoired, so far as we weto
able. Ho i rather young, plcaat.t, pr'e, hr
light h.air at'd eyes, and bands that betoken dV'y
t 1 1, and a pet ft oily honest countenance. He
seems to sympathi.e deeply with the ie'to lun.-s
of the lady, and ' nj paicntly i.ti;o willing :
run almost any risk to rcci:o her bbcity arid the
twctity thousaud dollars. We can do r.i ii
than wish hiea all the suec. s bis ard. r.t and :n
s.diisiicttcd hea. t deseixt-s. J.vl ..- 'V -. t.
Ill till! Of l.t tl Ult I.
Wo have received t out S. R. Nt ttleto.i, Estj ,
who lias itei-ti spe.'i'ihig a few weeks in a..d a
round lli''s.l.i!e. the loi'oA'l.e. ''dul ct..t li,Uf;-
a. ion :
"Our Head. Ihn id I'utt. -, l:cd o- Wc.l-.cs.
lay, Sept. 7th, .'g. d ti yea-s. Hi disease was
Tvphoid feve-; which he thought lie con: -acted
din i ig his so v ieo as "t iiiiiiisianei' h i tne l.e
it.Ltoa l'i:t Ever Boa. I. as Io wa coiisidt ir
blv u iwc1' sevetr' day s bebuo ierving Lexington,
;r'id was Ink. : daw i -.ton - .er "i n' ivr' at
"I da not ihii k ih itf i' ol'. r lu.-ti in ll; l
dale, it taken away, woii'd be so generally mis
e.l as I u.t. r w !'- be. liming hi sickness the
syn j.arhv a aai est. d fa: l.hu exceeded ntiyii.inu
' llie I hid I in- w iie.v-e.l. Lis btici:Jw:
i.e att. :'ii. d la liioin.n (I'i day, at lloci.vl."
There i e tioi a Yw hc;e at'd ,:viug he-r .i.e
1 ne ot the . id, w i.i w i',1 be deeply gih ed
le:t-h Mr. Culler's tr ,' ii. lv d. at.i. Ihe fi si
tnii l e ever vi it. d .1 "s pail of ihe S.ale wa-
when l e met 1, s ;--s..ci.:te ('...nil i. -i.'liers h. re,
the f si ; Ma t Ii l:.-t. Si . then lie has Im-ou
Willi Hi Se.-:;d li'tlel, tlttelldi l- t.l his fl'u t
duties, u .1 l.i kind r-:. sy hipat lu-1 if hoiirl,
cailplcd willi It"- get'.lcil atrv be.- 'ng nud l.is
bu-'i.cs- I.e. iil.ic o:i far ioni wiii Sr'ei.dt
wh, rev. I Ids bi.- . ''ed l.im. We h: e
-pent itia. y ph-n-a.it a id politnb'e hou s w:;h
him, and it i w' !i l -.id u that we
cl.roiec'o hi- ca'y dea.h. .-d wo .ii.iv add, ihrt
ail of Mr. Cm'.Iit's aetpi i .ila ice I ic, when iht y
leeivo t'ie s:cl tld ';, viM deep'v Milan. I. '.
Vl ''''' a.M'cN d 1. m lv si..! n-,..;s in lie's.
Mr. Ut.e le he-e e M w. on tl-e 1 'J
Au"ist to:- tie- l-.-i :!,.. s.. .f . : the 'i-
:i: g o'" j '1m oa ' :r Sure l.'..i I. since wh'., '
ll. lio! t.ceu ll'e.' to alll tld io bll h e-' Hi '
.; :,.Xe. StiHtl ic -' -f. r.'on -'.
A Pi ki'v.im M ;i ; Avieo; iir: ni S.ia r
lloi i.s. A sharp ie V. u-ed person, of dim nutiv c
st .lire, v.a-i yesterday a'o r.HMi'i ii.it by a Fn-t
Ward poiicelll.tll ia the OfghlMi: honl " ll..- lio
t. I IValieais, Cedar s.'cet. makhrr the ni..l
I't'd nioveni' nl s, and ti'i.inr iwity willy in
e. i-.'li to'ieue. The pol cciiia i Corn 'uded that
t In- person iiiesi bo eruy. lio lii, r fa- - iro
I. .rilled h'm '.rtt he li.il-t aoei it.ji.itiv I n.. A
' -,'de bo ol boa ds tifiee'i 'in ben I. ng a' . I tea
'ii'tii-s s.juiire at ihe cud, Wloeli the s.r.t ige 'iidi
v idua! tieeiiic. I to r.- i -.1 will, math ca-c, was
picked liji and take i alo.-g ta tl.e Ciiy U' P.'-
!:ee Court. A Wclhd fssed at. 1 lib-IoilU'l. d
yai'l'g irein, ul.n tnuM n.tin r- wit It the st'ici
' er, aceoiiijum'cd, and the iu I'.-'stialo was iu
tanne lth.it "l.eie .b;i . I..J) ni.Ci I a ing a li
.'u'l of money." The hit j! t. r of the I'n' i e
Coil.t I like. j wi h t'e .Mi.cl ( "eigiicr, a d,
;'t. I .1 few 'I'o.n. i' s, t'l "li .1 to t e .ccri-1 .l! ,
akii:;' the ri---vf that ihe li.au :s j.,, im..,'
17V than liiiu-. 'I. lie w t aa 1 ;.'iati, bu.
s,iol e l'reri b, a.'d h::d just relii' tn .J at ivitc; b;
the Si ll ot tho W. -t, f'oai the miii l." ilisti it l ol
I'e-u, Mtid hail been swindled and :!l-treted at
tne liatel Fialieu' in Cedar s;"ect. lii Ixm
wa filled with p.' I at d s iver ore, wl icb being
I now . i to the l.o'el men, he bad been subjected
io every s.ci. of :;tiemi.l ta switidle. lie bad
been charged '-' for two meal and a Im-I, and
s.ib ep'-i,ly t i' . a '.a thteeor four ticket oilice
by the olTn iaus hot. I 'nea and tin i' tuut e, ,
who bud a'leiiipte.l to m ike him buy a t' I t I for
Fiance, w'lhh. r ho wa , oaig. Re'.usitig la bjy
a t:c!.ot i'liiiie d'a' ly, they had el arg.-d him ten
dol'ais for t ikl; t b in fi-oui.d, and atteinpled ta
mate l.hu pat n. Ald. rni.ie Iti n ly, luliy e.u-
p "ehetidiiig the rfV.il W ii V the-o w.ts Bo ttin h
i.itere-t taken i'l tl.e ' e-iv" Peruv;an, ttnttu-d:-alely
dispatcbed :rt t.tlieer to nrre-t n m.-itiy ot
tl-e iart;,. implicated a he cou'd brii'2 along.
X. V. Trilnne, t'riil.r-1.
A I'A-.fAitu Favi.iv. The Jn .oral of the
R-v. 1 homa Ncl t'Mk plae.; m, TneiMUy Ia"'.,
?t IJurl'tigtan, V. J., and wasalti tided by a large
cotiroer' i if people ineludii g promiiient tlielti
b rs or the Metbol'-t Cl.ercli, and a lod.ro of
IV.-e Ma- i:.-. Father Ne.d, a- b: wr. f on hai'y
d'ed, was, at the t:me of hi death, ;n I i seventy-ninth
y ea-, and had be. a 'ti the iic'.'-rry fif
j;- y.i,:,.. yi-i's, having e it- i d it i-i 's,,-,. Jii
term ol sevce aa aetuailv o-m tali ye ih .lister
e. tend, d ov I tb'fty-ov.-li yen'-, .p'tilig which
)a-ri)d lie t-ave!e. exO-.-ively "i y irio-i psrt
..( tho eiei'itry. In le yo'inr'- r of-', l.r S1
legaid- d a n -.long man, and I -is !'ie:oi,t and
-I'-rlfi'-i .ig labors ( i.-nt'-ihute I hr-.-'y ta the sul
cus f Method . m i i N w J.-i-y and !- here.
Ho was hel l i i gn at e-te. tu by the church of
whi. b l e wa-a l.iiiii g lejht, a'-id l.i deith i
widely luMir..cd i'i . oti. A". '. Jrib.inr.
Timli W.t. When S'-r Wa'ier Scot l a at
"chod, a boy iu ihe sail e la-M was -sked by ibe
dominie what jout of fpe.-ch '.7 wn. "A
noori, s"r," sa'd tho lov. " Vo'j j oirt.g bluck
load,'' cri-d the jdgogu"', " what fxan.pk' ran
you g ve of fiit-ti a thing?' "Itai te'l yoo,
si.-," rnter tipteij Soon. Vou know there'i a
vers..- 'i the IJd'.; wl ieb ,v, '.hey ba'i'id S--H-
on w'rh lr 'tthi "
A Ni.vv Ar.vt. A rew repr.-att:ig r.,ot gun !m
b.-f-n ierf.T'd at ''oh' armory, sr d W''l .rolr
biy be soon i-i m- L. t. It i- rn.ele 'or fitre char
g. s, can bo h.i I-d a id -r:ir;t w -th .great rr
p'l ty. Ptoi-i-lori -mad" I t n'.-ty, r"0 that ;t
can "be c 'j, . tii ougli tl e iie; de wood
w'liiotit 1-irof acc'detit.
i-Tl.c Coh'fia M.artr, i:.iU;c, Adriatic
and Arlirtie, have f'sr-u purchased by the North
AtVitie Suan.-ii'p Cn.p it. v. They Live bet
. . ...i ! ...! ... ... i ..... . i .r.fe.I to thr
. ' '2 ' " 1 ,
j C'' orn,rl tr'1"' T'" " 'e 'V
I ciot:, z:A w " vcr.t'V.ed, a: d the fact oT t-ie"
be'n? placed upon Vr route, wi'l undoubtetiy
t-rel to ir.crcaic tho trav. l r Ca'ifonila. I'a
. f.gers i.ow have a s.x vdy trai.slt on th Iaih-nit-s
Road, and ti.e siearner ou the Pac'fic de
are aW-o-Jy favorably known. The whole Hi'
now- we" juipp d, a:d the e itirc voyage caa
I bo made with t! c grca'ert comfort and safety v
hta'th, and without dete.u'on. It is anticT,u
that tiie pa-isag" wi'l toon be rnad! in eight"
dare, p, t a irtr tlsi-tiH i't.
Tkn RuoKfK'd Vissiv.9. Kr. T a Brocck
s:ates, in a private letter add'. ised to a frieral
;n Meinphis, that hi total whining, since h.
present j"vri i'i Fr.g!atl, hare amounted W
4 P ,"!. i, to j-n which he ha orly risked
i l i I

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