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The Lansing state Republican. [volume] (Lansing, Mich.) 1855-1874, September 20, 1859, Image 3

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11 O S .TI E K & K K It It
Jne copy, by mai lor otherwise, per year, 1
Eleven copied, to one address, " K
Twentj " 44 . 44 " 44 n
Attheahovtrate$,tnjiexVltin alviHfc.
rJT Job-work promptly and neatly executed.
Order for Printing and Binding of every des
cription, are aolicited. lu connection with ttie
Bindery, the facilities of this estab'ishnitnt ar
Hutu of A4lvrtilns.
Our Square of IDlinea.t I for the 6rt inarrtioii.aud
SO cent dirwh mlwe.iuent puhlu.ation,for any period
andcr three month.
3 WKTII. 6 0T!l
I Square, S
1 Column, H 30
i' 12 20
m is
V " 9 12
I trrak.
.. so
.. H
Yearly Ailrertinnieru have the pritil. je uf three
ehanrea. ....
Th Yearljraieiapplyto regular and ordinary
b in urn A-lTartimnenta, unlj. All others ehargeiiby
the 8-iiiare.
Tuesday jIorniDp.Stpt. 20, 1829.
I'ekkesiiin;. After a long drought,
the cpioii3 ra;a from five o'clock P. 51. o.i Sun
day, until morning, wa.i ple refresh! g.
A Uni Arri.E. U. Kverctt, our Fuper-
tisor, Lands us a sample, o Gilliflower np,!e,
plump xiiteen inchea in circuferencc.
Jink I'ri it. 1'roiii tin; fine orcharJ of
Col. Whitney Jones, we have a couple of bas
kets of delirious S.kel pairs, very jury mid
Faii: in Clinton. Notice is Lcit-Ly
given, that the Annual Fair of the So h iy will
be held at St. Johns, on the 'g?.d day d Septe-n-W
mst., to continue one iay o.dy.
Com We Ii.ivo Ii.nl a few warm days,
but on Monday nignt, ti.e wied changed aliout
to the X. K., -id the w eather Lccomo at or re
fit 'or Ieemb';-.
I'lrb .Icics. Wc are favored ly r.
Thayer, ilh a cocph; of ImiUV.s of " pure ju'ce"
Po"t-'i", kept ly h"'i for ined'cal pt"ioses.
We c;" recommend it, having tried it :.i cases
of feve' by peiSo'M !,i o.i own fai-dy.
Kcvit-w an i lNrEc-T. On TLurj
ilay last, a ntim aitd inspection of 1'ie icier
U'lifo.'ined companies of Iiiiiain cnuirty, toiiU
place at Madon. The coiiia';:es were inspected
br Gen. Cur.eiiiu', Adjutant General of tiie
State. Tiie rani.s were not Tu!', and the excr
CJia the ma.iu i! was not pei fcct, nevertheless
the t'oops marched we'I, a. id in re.-pec to sol
die1" Tke drport.ieMit atel appea vnee, the Oidti
pne a c. "id 'tab.;.
Sickness at 3Isov. Much sivkuos.-
evilA at Mason, commeacin witii dyseiitcy
and teruiinating in dropsy. A few days fiice,
IIoo. J. V. Phel s lost a daughter ; and on Wed
nesJa last, P. McKci.ian, Fs , lost a win, fif
teen nio-.t'ns old; a'id oi; the s.i.iie !ay, Hon. O.
M. Iia es, anotlier member t the bar of Ing
ham, lot his eldi.-t daughter, a:i i;it ;t'tin;jf
child of alwut 'x years, a mot heart-rending
Ie.-e4rt'mei;t. Mr. Eddy, as we learn by vtvbnl
epo.-, It a chil l.
A. L. Si T. JI. II. II rj wavd of thir-
teen niHcs of tiie road-bed on this l:"e betweon
Owoso and Luis'ng is row ready for lies, a.id
th? ties on ti.e sjor. The track, in addition is
narly finished t'lroui'li the "llig 5larh," thee
north-east of tlnsOity. Th's nixrdh is three
Bis aero?s. lMn the whole, the progress d
the Tae is ijc.ite eneo'i-ag'r.ig. Keek el, one
of the contract ois on the wor1:, has give.i u?
V.i connectio I thcewith, and (Sen. Gilsoii o
(Vo spec -rds him.
Hacbas Corm's. A dangerous inebriate
was Sentenced to lie imprisoned, a few days since.
iathisc'ty, by Justice l a Kue, and was put in the
lock-rp. The City Clerk, who acted as counsel
for tV prisoner, undertiHik to get him released
npoo HalMi-s Corpus. Owing to pome cause or
other, delay occurred, a id before the writ was
g -anted by the Com n'ssioner, the sentence was
expiated, and the prsoner set free. The C'ty
Clerk, tfcen, i: his capacity of couasel for the
lite prisouer, sued out a writ for false imprison
ment agahist JuslVe I. i Rue, upon the ground
of imperfeccioji in the Ord" lance tin I. r which
the prisone.- a- coniueUed.
A Pout an. Joi rnai ist Deal Leigh Hunt
iio did what no other man could do, slander
(forge IV., died two weeks ago in F.ngla'id
lie wrote Abou Ken Adhem.
iioca TkmpiVs tiwsKK. The annual income
of Mr. Win. Mac lonaU, the owner of Flora
Temple, is said to bo $iimi. He resides in
9fTbr fo'.li.nr.ng c iiiniuiiiOttixn ironi on? of tin-12
tanj m-t iulluem.ul mvn of tin- toruhip oi f 1 v in ut!i
vn c-u!ity,r.i.o.,t ril t-i cumin-nl it-elf tlir
f a;i mil.. ji( iuii'rly alllir!eI
Tmx.h te, 2ilh A-iii-t, tw
l4 Tuir i.'V .Vi,-Ai f'iri fia II. all.
Diia frH ii r.iy iluty t- roniiiiuiiicn'e tin
jour jMirnal the l ilUibj fact, not only an an et
rnion my fjinLf ilnfM t- lr K-rm..tt -f your city
umij..e nalVrin .nn like ili-e-.- nriv Inow
h eo'fj u. 3j 1,,,,, gmtr.
nToo la Mure-h, I ha 1 i.u'T.io.1 for .-.rerl
MU from avliun an 1 bionclietW. Purine tb-
Matui. mf.loja wvrrM of cur regular t oM schoil
ajia-w, brt th iV.-. jra.iually watel me away
' "rct.ttf. grai q-ian!;t of .lark fetid matter.
1 .r-al attjek- of blee.iin- frjm my lnn, had be
r ar ir !ue- l that 1 a not able to leave my
n,M4eb;'and fever with night sweat, in fct,a'
r r'O'ieeJ m in the 'Lit xtarr o." ei
mtUii an.J a U-tira for tfte grv
- uin u:e 1 mn mrormej tti.it I'r. K --inott
lp.i.s Mr. n,j Mr- ,!jtu f .vj., : thl
" iry were ereatly mluce.l. I fe t re.I-.a-.
1 ia. Mr biin-t went to Ivtro.t mil irnnicht
. mT uanr, he, a ter a ri rful exam nti
ir. i. .. mf tho-e vet t.eie in my cas
r7,J-.a4 .'.er -r-S h - me.ticin.-s
im. wvl.i.-l, ..,- I sra:Ua'' reiniiwd rov
- , I .li's-barej, ;,, f. .5iy lia,-i y in tiie
' n. .. if,- i;. !.!,....,;.,. i lh,t
' .-..t.-a.y v, s!,.. ,. ..,
i f all
" ' at tli.. t;.,..
, iKiR(;K M'oTr
fii.( ,i, uw ,Vrlv t tie treat
. eI"", r tut ti- di.-ees.an.l will vin-t Ijm
- the the l:;,h ... j Uth t ,Tprf
Prrr,"' of ttfe oiumoii Cwunrll.
JI.H.lay eveiti-i;, !ept l'l0i, 1S.S.
f ".IK 1 rwt .,
The .(,, .
nrsint U aioonimiK nt.
i-i'il 1 I:..-1. . 1- i,i: i .1
-r ren
r wi re presi i,- ..l an. re'.-rrr-l t propel
e-T,." "f U"r'r T J Rrt". - '
ie.ne. f. eommnt.-e i n rHiu !.
trH.''-!!'.nlnS0 ,, ',l S '', w app..int.a
tha e.,Jl r "I't"'" f "in the nsse-ment made by
r-r -t. . ","''r ' " "hieton A enu ; also, of Tur
. I'. " Oirand Kiver ro t '
'"w w-ax pa-ied appo ntinit Tatar-!, or IVffistra
AiTTi """ " "H"1 1" i"1 1 !5li:wasse. street.
s Sly" W fn'rnduced. amen-'atorv M -. veral
ol wTe &mM eonimifee on p dice,
m.vti., the G.nne.1 a.l joi.tneil.
KO. A. ARXtsmONT,, Ci'y Clerk.
a .
In Delhi, three mile from this city, o.i Friday
evening, Sept. 1 1"., 185', Mr. Ltw is Wrht,
aged 4 i.
The deeea.'cd waa a native of Orleans cou:ity,
X. Y., and ha J resided in this State less than
three years. lie was an estimable in a i, and
ninth regretted !y Ins rcghbo-s. The fcueml ;
, , ,
ceremotiies were co;idtict.-d by I.- v. C. . :
Ki:ieker!actcT, oa S;indav, t o'i- o't liK-k P. M.
U disewe waa co .geioi,, oned .,y d.:l!,.
He wan in the c;tv m laic an Monday, a.ter '.!;:2 '
, !
lO OU-llilt'gS.
On Sunday, Sept. llili. a-. Wiii aiito.i, Mr.
Km I.okanokr, aged about !i yeais.
Tlie deceasd wa a member of a' o!d and re
seect.ible French family, who r-o scattcicd
throi'h Wayne and Monroe count'e ' He was
an estiiiiaMe a'ld u'eful ciii.-n.
la M:iion, September 17, 1"."'., li'i: 'i C;.
VEBS3, Eq., ttZ'-l Ti't years.
Mr. Con vers wes a :iatve of V wi.i.ni. lie
wa oi'f of the first s.tt!ers In I.i.ain cou::ty.
He h-ft hi iia.iveS.ate ;n s', or 7, a:id in IS.'ii
he moved to Mason, ITcii w:n the'i a wilder
S'es co.iLtry Mideed. Here he exjior'enetd all
the privations and I:.idsh;ai3 ;neidc:u to setiling
a iew country. The f;:t year he buned hi-i
wife, at: I as left alone with a family of small
children. Twenty years have fliuce paed away,
and tiie I'-oneer l;vud to M e h iiiie! iie-s and
the i!i,:iry places ma le f;'ad, ard to "rejo'ce
and b!or.soiii the rose." Ilia children have
ryown up to respect aird i-onor, a.id now the
Pilriiii ha. pone to h"s rct, l.'aviii a wife a.id
children, tki we1' a-i iieihbo'-s and c'tizes to
ntnrrii their lo.-, and revere and chcrWi his
And th is it N,
1 a't r !
ri.ie m ii '.-- i
11. at i t
i.r !,.
l.i Midland ri ( Moiehty ll.e .Mil in:-t., of
coii-iimptioo, in 1'ie tii jei '. tier a'", Mai
tiia Asiimin, rel'c of the itie lion, iltnry i'.
A t! I in I n . A7 'n ml S-ntiittl.
V K C I A I N O T 1 C K S
r)ioo! KililMMtiti
t:i.- M t "iV..il I
i.r- t . . v .-
. -I..-. ... ii., n.
! !-! ;.i .i n nl S.i--
lillt I..- Hill 1 .- t
I '. Ii itn l II li. ii. I
I - M -ri,M.
' iln- h are i
-iMiil lilut I
. : -.l.l-.'.T.
.1 W. LKuM-nr, I I- ' -
.-.I a, ii M in-wl r - '" i! v ai:i. un
. J. It us on t!i- Utli, Iri-i'ii,- -ii t'i
II ..v.;ini tie- l.ltli .. every in".;'!:,
.y to in 1 h. M fri.-n'-, n t.i it;
II i -t. 1 f h i lirnu c an. I imwr!i. J'-'
I Im llai 'i ! ;et ii.i i:itl rt
Millll cl On i.i
.1 c
1 :
., Si'.- In t-;.ii Ti.r tin- ali' 1 ,ii a ' '.n ' lJ
:. 1 l.e.e .-uJ.-.e 1 u -LctiieJ m :'. , mi 1 lit li'i"
j.i.y tin -- in a I ke c unliii n. l i.t I 1 c 'mm'Qi.rJ
Wi.j; V iur I. !(?! . a-t f ,n..ia;r, I - n i n u
i iMii ' t.r h. ii ij t u.iauv c. ii 'leinl'V len.-th of
I; I. ;. I liJ l.it.ii tl.i' H l !'tt 1 I :i '
'i-l ii v.i , i '.it lia 114 Ciut ( i. ' t u . : t'n iu I -r
rt t me, in tie . - - t : m-f yii, Itui '''
.r l.aidevi- .l..y. T - .y tl - ' i-i, ! !. I l.air
r.-vl mi. re fcrriIit l!ie lit.-.- ti.m a 1 o.li. r
liinc iif-. I liave I un. I lt.i.- i n y i. . i..i
un.- lf. lmt L.v.-e k v-. i i.:i'' ...,! t.ar- . t( u-.tf.e4
t!m-e C.-Ill j-lii. Ii
"lii-laii.t ,
iiu-t in i --ry en --, t'i-y t- ' m- f
i n:. I
l.en. iiC'al as tlm !' 't-
IV-pHtufVi""- .
i : S Aroi
I'l.-prue,! t.ii'y l.y I':
.l'ii: . -ts
:in i f.i:i
l'bi'ail--I ltia. an-', t'lr :
tUroui--iit f i I'n. el .
A I'l-riiKAii IVii;m
M J.u'wnt: A almrt tin.
mill i i -I
vere sore throat an l I." iri- n- , ri
most ilis' if' iinlvi"'. at c.i ;li, vt'iu h iick.1 ioy ; -t'-m
ter.'.Wy. I u-.'l v irion- rem.-'!i- s witiiout ol'tainin
f, anl linaliy piirrha i K.o I. ..H. of ll.u.ti ami -
liat-aoiic Ciirilial, on t.iki'er wlor'i I w.i- eieio eiu. l.
We have saice u.-e.l it for oilier mein!- .- " our f niii'.y,
an-l tin I that it never l.e'. V.e oel. n, m ;t a i tin- tt-ty
Im'-I nieilicine in th" worM. It- -i -tt ' i' y your--.
InVAil I'O'.iiS.
NontK.wu.X. J , Mat J . , 's..-
lliiilrt nil the Kacc, ami skin l)iases,
A' e generally c:in'l by .Viimai-ub- hiii-Toii.;lie.l in the
kin. !r. Trak' Mi;netic Oiatn'eot.hy il- poitnliil mi l
I-enetratin iinalities, lie iroys every v.--; so i f them, ie
rloinii; health an j beau'y to Ihe -kill w eii'tor sj'pl'e.l ,
reniiivin Tan au-l Freckles.
lKl iti?ii ok 'oi;k I't . A.ii. f ii-liin J, of sV n'!i le-u l.
o l.,!ays ; "The Ma;net Ointmeiit n the en.y r- ine-iy
in u-e brie for .li-iM t v '. .be A ol l ir ... - ir --iiu t
lia o inio-h faith in its etira'ive power- i - 'ti's 1 .. ,
that be not nly lrirhly r.-coiimvn'i a it. b-it o.i.-r t-i f t-
leit the amount pnl ir it in eacli ea--e,if it i.ii! i of a i-,i.i'.''
I'lLi'-s. I'iies, which are ai this mm-.. n of (in- year par
ticularly troiiiile-ome.aie cu-e.l at once by Tra-k's 1:-;-
netic Ointment ; appiy to th parts nt'. et.'.l am! uniill o!
the bark.
Xkkvoc.s ou S;. k IlK.tn.teiiK. Apply the Hii.tmeut fi.a-'y
o the f--reheaa ant temples, au l bac'-. -f ; ic r-tk, ai-"
to the laiU'Sof the n-et anT p.Vin ! the hr.ii li w.V
o'a-ve the severeJl henl iche iu fairly oeiintes. K-' .il
Wert'M-nient i'i 1 Vs psper. oin tl
Cm fiiiiVs
l.m .. r. S it- --iher l' 1
?Ttl or MieilloAN, (
I ity of Ian-. n,-,
T.t I Jiac Town-. a.! aul a'l others inb- e-tcil ;n
ih.. f..l
i . r t'-
;nwini descnh-'-l property, v'.z : The north tracts
rth west ii'iarter of eeclam , c.-iii:i'ii,iii I'.'ai I.
ii t ha
You are herel-j iiot fit-il that .t-i sinn-ahs a'e ab'iut to
nia.le up.in von to -lefr.iv th- exiieii- a of n-pairioi;
liran-1 Ititer ioa-1 fr.wi tna west e:: t o o. t.h -t'eet west
to the city limits; tbat a e.snient to 1- have been mint
in the pn-mises, wlucti ai.- on n.- in the oiiice i t the i ity
C- rk, where they will r. ma.n ttyi n to ymir iii---i?;iou un
til Friday, the OCh day t tepteu.tvr. Is.'. at s u flock
P. SI., when and where you may appe ir beto-e the -in
ovm fouucil ol said city and uln-w cau-e. ;f iinr there he
why the -aid a-.-'--lui lit - louid uot he inadean lcor.ected
according to law
liy orilerot tri.-c imm.m i ninr.i,
IttSti) lll.O A AKM-TTK ";. fity Clerk.
Ctrv Clkkk'm inrii-E. i
Ijn'n. September li. I'.V'. )
xl.Cl.i OF MlCliKi.lX, ?
C.tv of ! usnir. i
To Wil'-am Il.rman, Oe. XV. I'eck, John Thomas -J. I;
XVilc.n, Ihina l Johu-u-n, F A. Thomp- u, V - A J Cut
ler. Fa J ines. Mai ler lii-. t. 11- li.nl, r.. True.
O C. XViswrll, F. F. Ki;s.-. !i. 11. XV. :; ' i, iuarles Fo,
W. Jjnei. J J XX hitman. J. C. !i-!-y. .iol,-i li.-uch. r, A
W. William. :. XV. XVanni.S. K i f-'to, M. l Fd.'ar.V.
Mamm. State of M-ehisjan. J. A. lti-cm, M J. liar;. 1-,
Vuri.riv li.bl-i' d. J M. Hie.i,-r. 1 s a. ..( K. V. IVooteil.
J. ;. I'arli ', M I t r .'v: U nman, V. C. I.rl'-i C. I', ihi-ii.
II In2Tl!, r-' f f' ! M-.-l.uie, A.cu'a h:-. lt-nrett .V
Co., II. I. uan!., t !ar,l t-U.o.i, I -u i .v. r.-au. n.ls,
John XXBileU-y.Janiea w !oi- y. A. .v I., n.-. i. bu ..ni-
r he n, I H ltiitMilornew, XViii. H. C.n in.,11, . i k-iei,,.
l. XV. Puck, XV. Wuo.'lio.i-e,.l Il.i. . W li. I .e. k .et .
J XV.il.lh.iuer, U-Thayrr..! Hv.'.e, I I. U ji i". K :.
IS. W. Shawhan, Hoxnier -t Ki-r . W.n. .1 e-o. F M.
Cow!.-x,S S. CtTve't, II. li. S. tb, li tViIrox. l.o:.,r,
T I Ikllinju. J- H II-.'iti.-s. J. i;.-t,e,t il ixk -, s.
XVri-Vit, F I i n-jear.
J II. Il'i1.'v..l.!"t w. Im .ei.-.'.
I , Jit". Bern l.ankln, F A t n
i: II
liama.Folly Mevis.M.--. b.i-an I.C Aim-i.
. aiier,
pry, I. llVasi". J l t w x. u l r -ons. n" 1,. -.j,',
11. Cousen, J. XV llopk n.s, Xi's. Aneii, Jii Ti i'ijl in,
A. Cassit. A. IS XX atkm. Chi: vr, i: J hns -u, Ai son
Kimball. Oeo. I.awis. A. I i:ae. W.J Itti her. Ma v A t' - at -
er. AU,.--n.ith.xt.C.r,l,.F.c.rk... o T. ker",rs Fmt.
K.N tirdl-y, A XchoN, C Cran-,J.ix Ua-w ck, Ibta'. o
SeTm.Hir. Job Tooker, Jas liiajr, and a I i'! er t r-t :
nie.-es'.ed in 'lie fo:lowin deac-ibo I p.
... ,
Itlocks. half of at ,32, 3 !, ha'f rt 34. ha!' i
of 44, haT of il . ai!, ;V, 1 f of h.fl
halt of 63. ba f of r". bat' f 2, halt
of I, ballots, halt cf lort.lulf of lei.ha'f -f lto, iu'
of 111, half of 114. ha'f oi llr.. ha'f i-f !, i t!i..r 2-'.
hilf of 136. half l lSi, h.il.'M 14'. ha!l r." 1 .'.-. :,tl- . t
157,hal''ori:S,ha'for lTl,l.afof KJ.-vn-l h-u '.., 10, 11.
13. 14, IV block 177
You a e her. by notifi.-l that i'- '.n";! an? aht.ut t-
be ma.U ujhii yoa to defray the tji n-es el' nnl'ii;
XX'.islmi'.ton Aveuue, from Frank! u itieet to Xl.iiu tr'-et;
that asuei.-merit ro'i- hate ba -n ma ! oat -u tiie pieiuiM-s,
which arw on fi'e n the nffif. of the Oty C'--k, where
they will remain open t y.uir 'n-pectlon until Fiidy. tre
30th day id" September, ljli, at 'ckcls. 1". M., when and
where yrn way appear berote the Ooram--n fenne.luf said
ei'y n-l hw can-e, -f any tliere be, why the -aid a--
m-nt should not be ma le and c-llectel accor.1. n; t Iww.
Hy order of the Commrn Council,
GO. A. ARXJ-TRi ii,. C.tj Cerk.
, l'atMin Rilr.l, an t c r'i.'jt nr ii'y ri. -..-;! :
r tjol l. n tiate, O il 5-u A, John l , '..th ant j
r. ' t!.-i'ac.fif M:l ?t-aui-l... (..ui; i!.. I', a.. .
I -ect lo A-J. nll. ll' !-uti.i a in -!, j. -
tax b-ii -t:r.-!y r eat:.-! nl a ! i ;. !
in '.!!, hi. hfif!-r lun a atve, lea m: t
, ,): 5tu ni ;h i.f-ch n -nth,i..m ii. : 1
Nurt" K'4er-
R 'L
tuiU:p CMnj.auy' m l-u ficut -t.-m -hip.
hi Tr& i. si- --, ana miiiiv ),'.. r
Tb. y will be embark--1 ti-.- of eij.rii f;i in i'.o m l, n
iLe tciiipany avamboat IAIRiA.
A-i exp.-iii :i-e.l urjr-Jo i- at:-lit.l t - . ..; .:;
Ftr. r-.ii"M fuunl in c.'iLf J jnoi-':, I. . :
an l at;en !aiic--. It i b.-lierej that it..- ae-r.Kii.-o ia.. i.
aforil. J by the ab--- -b.pi are uu-v; n- . : ! : . .. .
tli-? wori.l. i..e pub ic a e in .rm--.i it it :. M .-.
d , a.--y haie o.N'E Oil WiUl i i il MrA-;..:-y-uj
at 1'aiiiiua, T.-a-ly f w -.-a, to -! t any p !. r
leiiti n of rs-. ii'r- t-r M i ii. kii-1 1 w.'jj k. tiM-i. . i
i;er by -T--4ml-uat.
lor pa ... 4- apj-'y at tie ! . tfiee i'..- I ' n , y , -th-
wi.art tovt ot ta:. ii U-et,N..rth l:.-.. r. t
iml&O Wll.LlA'-l 11. UeKri.Wi.
i. tUe Ittinmicd Kleclor-. cf Hit ( liy (
Nolili- I-. li. :i V.- j:. n. Th it th- -e. A i. . i .. u t!
tin -"-.i.'ral wa:U.i, acliuz a- a II..rJ : l-::r...n.
in- ' i.n-l I la : ot an acl eiitui- -1 A 3 a -;t ' .i" :i- r o
i.'f . ri- !j.' ;i'i!y i.f tc!...u. ai.l t ir 1 a::i-t t:i
i Lit'.. - I.:- 1 am-h;e. by a rej a t;. o v.! -,'
ij.-r -. --. le'-i ... v 1, 1-i ni.il cu M .n.iT, ti." u .l:it
. ;.-h-r. 1 ''.. li i.e.- o'clock in th-- ioi.mjii, i,.... : it;
he i .1 oo.ax plan. - in 1! 'i i--(ctie war-l-.f: Ic
rn -
i i in;: 1 1 -;
la Vie'.
.l.li.e, :
I, e . y i,
111 -t oi J.. '
I l ,
nt lo ill
.1..1, Ull llll.- j'.-'
.e 1 ill th - Male too .ir it
If wh i I
lei ii. 1 b.-. iiit- iit on 14 al.in -a.'l.mi 1
V Ci
,M'- l.inl-.t lilt of III hail de-o ul, a II lt.e l, U,e
tit- ., m l riot a n- mt e i f any tube, -i a'1 an
ii 1 euiit'e I 'ii v.i. i- '. but ii iciiiz n or inh iti trint -n
n.r o en'i l- T to tfo,- at any eiect.i n, u i
ail 1m- i'i.h if U. n!v i i,.- teal-, an;
1 .ii l!..- .a!. th'e in n;h-, an 1 in the t..i,
i ii l ii il. i i I ..Mei - L - le Ivn et - I.- ! i,
nrh i-n" or. "
lb o-i'.-r . I t'.e . of V ration
Sl't ' I.K. A. AKM-li;-.N;, ity
li.ii-. : I I '.ii, ijJ
ie-. -a
i'HE uiido'g.ied, Commissioners of the Port
Huron, Kay City and Lr-ibing State Koa',
he-tby give I otice that they will proceeil t let
tiie o U on Haid road to the lowest responsible
n'dder, as fi.llowi: AH that part lying in tin
co j1! ties of St. Clair and Sanl'ac, at the La-m-1
Home, in the city of Pott Huron, on the I lit.i
djy of October, A. D. 1S.VJ, ciuumetici.ig at
o'clock A. M. All that pint lying in the coun
ties of Liipeer and Tuscola, at the Vassa- Hottl.
:.i tiie viil.-ge of Vassar, Tuscola county, on
Monday, the 17th day of October, A. 1. 1
at 1 o'clock P. M. All that .art lying i-i Kay
a d Saginaw counties, at the Sliernii"! House, in
Khv City, in Thursday, I he dav ol October,
A. I). lb.V. at 'J o'clock A. V. All that part
!t tig in Midland county, at the Midland City
Ho. el, ::t Mid' nd C-ty, Midland cotiiitv, on Mon-d-iy,
the Jth day of October, A. I. 1."'., at
o'clocri A. M. All tliat jiart lying in tiratiot
( 0.1. ity, at Coins toek'.s Hotel, iu the village o!
li'.i-ica, on Thursday, the ' th of October, A. I
l:: at '. o'clock A. M. And all that pan l.
ig in Clinton cou.ity, north of the village of St.
'ohn--- at the American Hotel, in the villa".' !
t. Joiins, oi Monday, the .'.ls-t day of Ociohe",
A. 1. ai. ' o'clock A. M.
Coi tracts will be let to rii't bidde-s, but no
coiitntet will be considered for less than one-ha!'
a ir'Ie. Tin- road to ! cut and e'eared four roiN
wide, whit biidges, s'u:ce-, ;-tches li"d sM
draliis snilicie'il f- iMity oil' all .-.itfe-.- u-..
a'jd doss-ways where re-iuired, i ross-waj h i-i Ii.
twelve feet wide, and covered ei-'ht it.cl.i'S 1
or more. The sriecili aiions 'or buildin-' In i 1
aeeos-t the Chinpewa and Klack rivers, au-l ali j
n -:u i... .i... .!.. ... t. !
I- 11.11 V ...ll-l -l.l IM j.H'1'Vll ULi M.l,.-w.
'i'lg, together with Midi fu-tlu r in'oi umtio!! :i
in it l.o required.
The above eontr-"ts w-'l be let i'i pursuance
of an act of the l.-'g:s!ature of the State of Mieh
L'lii, entitled "A:: act to provide 'or the d-.-ai:.-age
aid reclatm-tio'i of Swiuip I.a-i-1-" 1-v no a: -
I. State roai an-l .i:: T...-," ..( i.. .e i i'. i., v
la-.i'KLN M(Ci;i:i:uv,
Sept. I S.V.i. 2w :".' ' -;.'..,.
To font i;i-i.
VoTICE is hereby given that the Commi-sini,-i
crs of the Newaygo A. Northpo. t Slate Road
will be upon the ground on Tuesday, the Istii
daw of October net, to receive biN for build
ing that portion of the road -outii of Newavgi.,
coiumeacing at, or near the corner of Real
County, thence along the li'ie heretofore survey
ed by said Commissioners to the Mu-'kega!! R'v.-r.
Distance, about ten tn-'es.
Said road, to be cutout six rods wide upn.i a'l
unimproved lands, and where the same is -H-Kb-d
ami imjiroved, four rods wide. The e'itii.'
length of said road, to be cleared of f olen.
or standim: tinnier Ae.. lour pimm wde, I'v-t lv o
f the same, to be well grubbed of all s: units
itid roots, and tur lii'ked. with "oodand oiflieient
liiches t carry oil' ad sirf.tee water, t -nti r :
ro.t-l to te laise-l not less than two leet atuve
the 5crf..ce of sa'd ditches, whore the nature oi
the ground issucu as to rcpi're it. Where Slui
ces may be necessary, to be built in a good rri 1
substiiiitiiil manner, of pound hewn tiinne .
I'pon Swampv, Marshv, or wet ground, said
road must .be constructed with thnber, ool l.-s-than
Eigiiteeti feet wide. Said timber to b.
hewn, or tlattened on one side to form the sur
face of the road, aid the sides sutllciently
raiirhtened to form cose and compact work ;
the who'e, to be spotted down upon good and
snbstaiuial Stri iirei s, so as to foi m s s-noo; n. i ,i
level surface.
The above work will be let ia lectio. is of one
Mile or more, to t-'uit bidders. No bids w;P be
considered, for less than one mile.
Payment for the above work will be made iu
money or Swamp Lands, at the option of Con
tractors, subject to all the provisions, and condi
tions of an Act, entitled an act of the Leai-'ii-tureofthe
State of Michigan for the drain.i .e
an-l reclamation of the State Swamp Lands by
a svsteni of State Roads, approved Febua-v 1 J,
5 W ilU I (. '( n i s.i : i 'T .
To Contractors.
"Vf OTICE is hereby given that the letilng of the
il Contracts toe clearing, grubbing, causway
ing and constructing of Bridges o i a part of the
;cs hereafter described by v:t;ue of the Act
entitled "An Ac: to provide for the drainage
and rec'amatien cf Swamp Limds by means of
State Loans and d;tehe- approved Icbruary
12, lat will be at the pu'eic house, of J. S.
BARCLAY, in Bay City, on the loth day of Oe
t'lber ret, connnenc'ig at I'i .Y'ock inthej
f.ire:.oon. !
Beginning nt the point, where the east u:;d west j
rptaricr ?'ction Tne through section U", " l town j
si::p 1 1 north r range ." cas; " itersect the west
bank ot Saginaw River, thenee to a point te--,...
l.i- ' r o.h iv,-., - ,.,--.
w.i o . I- . I
i oor corner ii one iieiwee.i t-c-.tis oi ki
! on west bank ot fi.ud Liver n town-lup nnmN r
, ..- norla cf range nutnher . oast. Distance 77
i T-S miles on the line surveyed by the Ct.mmis
j sh-ners. Said Road to be cleared cf all standing
i Timber, brush and fallen Timber, f e:r rods i t
i ... I . r . i . i . .1 . '
I dh and t,'i feet ea-h 8!.I.. r. th center o,
sail road, to be well grtl.b.'d. lue eeavat:T.
made bv gr-.lbliiilg to be t.:ed CVell W :t I the ir-
if.ieeoas to form a level road bed. Al! sw.-.m-
4. pv and w
gnvund to lecaue waved w:th vm-d ,
thnbvr cut not less than It) lei t lorgweli spotted
down a, id I.r 1 on substantial :rii:ger. whore
.1 i . .1 i
- - - '. -
I. til tl t-Jll
oni be i.. Culverts will Ik reo-j-re l .f a ul
st int'a! nature rot
less thvi 1; fett in length
where the A:ne artf i,V: ss -v. A" --. to!-- t'; M.'-r; --a-.l hi.-h-ay .-a-tof XVa.nut .tr.-t . ;l.at a
be bridged wiih eui-sfal'tl.al Tirn'o-r H. i --'.-a not ' it r.-!l- hare be. n rrd.'"at rn th- T"--r-i --. hi.
less than g'T feet i width. Further --..rn.a'iou . -"w4: -a v-" v""'r v t! nty.Vrk, where they -
, . , ! ter.aai '.peii t. viir tii-i-c'.msi uiit-l JI -iidav, r-pt- c b -
obtained of tre nnders-gre 1. - . -',,,i.V m . .i,.a ,.i ,h-r.-
V .-.- .
t onni,on'rt.
Saginaw, Sept. 10tb, 1S5?. 423-
last otici:.
IrEING te.m:n..-l i-h ! u;. i'....- rasp lu
nes lTi thi cii:i.?y. r!! pvr.r inilebted to
m eiiher by ubsorip,i":!, ; 'e or areour.t, w"!
do we'I t ra'l at tl;e p. h o ::..-.? i i t! i- city and
s-ettle t!i p '' inii:i-'dlao!v. T1i j !:;bscriber
to wlicin !i i; h&ve ! .'"-r- wiii be Pvated
: l t.ie stu:-.' HMTiiier a tiuu'li t!uy had actual
ly received tfi' ir lil ip
i 7t ;
i-t . i .
r 1 , 1-
T.i f.
A. -il
. v
r. , A , K .i
iv i: u
i . j n-i.
.1. ii
a,K i!n:
- i. : .- J- 1 :.,
-. ie. la-t.r.
i-l tiie tl-''-
. - p on r rar '-'.'.i
ail 1 h.ci..i .:
... c 11. -
rn-r of !;
A 1.
. .-, !"t ' . !l t.' Vk II,
I a ; of b .i-L- 1 'a, : 1.
: a ,-iue!i are a'- t '.
!.- e.f.-6-e .f i-'fl'l li. I V
: ' j North St-e-t ; thi: a
the:. Iur. wircii are i-u al-
iier 'Ley nl remain r
..ii .lay ii S'l.'.enit-T. 1-5".
i.-letv L
j I l i
: .1 fie 1
t- :i :
'.! C .
i i.r. ! wl.e.e v.-ej may a; pear N : ' e
( i;uci. of i J ei'y au-l cu-e , i "T
y ti.e I. i a- emel,t hbouia II Jt l" lill'l.
arc- r ! ; : t- la-t .
It'l C j.l-Cir
r f :he Cm-ti-"i C-ij:ici;.
I !.. A Al;M-Tl:N(i.(..!r fiei'..
iirral :tl f lnirov'tl l.mitU
at Auction.
frilEKE ili be s
i on ine liitn h
sold at Ad n'n-st ato.'s S i'e.
lay of Xovetnber next, the
whi le o' tKe (iM "Kay ton Farm," located in
I'.ot.i. r.ii' ii en- ity, conipr:-i:rg two hundred
a.id to i Bv'.cs of tiie original farm, and two
i in 1-eii ae.-cs of oi'ier lan-1 in the immediate
vii-i-oty, ail exce' e.it farm land. There is one
hundred a id for:y acres improved, with enoug i
oood meadow to p-oduce one hundred tons of
hay per :tti!infii. The w hole 'arm is abundant'y
-.t -ie 1 'ti'ti i: l"v;ng -springs, and a stream of
pure water rui: tin- en.i-e k-ngtii of the farm.
Tlice i-i also a good o. ehard of choice t-ees, a
sp.ieiou-4 farm iio'i-i-. well enclosed and painted,
and a log ba'-i ai.d other out-build-'igs, with a
v.isiety of soil which makes this otic ot the best
gracing farms in the Slate.
The sale will commence at 1 o'clock A. M.,
on the fam, at Helta Center, four miles west of
Lansing, and will bo soi 1 together or in parcels,
to -i!t purchase;-. Thoe who wi-h to purchase
reel estate will iio well to b pre-se-it.
S. W. l-'o'vVLEi:,
Adm'rs ol" i. ie e-t..;.' ! L. C. Holly, d.-e'd.
Si it. 1 2th, I " IwiJ'.i
un: ics:ss' ,; uu;ai virr.
nil.VMt VALLEY I ARM, coniaT.iiig on.
VT hundred a -d li;iv-live aeri'-, a id divide'
near toe center by t!e
TraviTse Kay Ral'.-oad,
whole or in pari, at a p: i
th-- etreine f '" -.-..
Aiiibov. I.:i!isiticr and
i olVeted for f lie, in
e so low, co'isidering
-oi , cligo.iliry o- locA'ion,
i- i.t :, as to make it -;ui-.lb!
- con.-idetation o," ail
i-. l.ivo.-.iiile iiivcstm-. nt.
!ie:i !v
tent o' leij iov
wortiiy tin- f .
monev for s .t
Tl a', portion Lli.g imit'i c! the Railroad survey,
covered with u lu.iiii:i: ; growth of beautiful and
valuable timber, will be mi! 1 for twenty dollars
per acre. The portion lyi.ig south, ou which
ate the bu:Jdii.g-, Oii liard, and li'ty acres of im
provi iiient, is olV-i.d ai loi ty do'lats. r the
whole -my be l:;.d at ihhty d.il'ars Jn-r acre; or
it, be i!'-.:.h d in aim. -t any f.ina to se't, an 1
I poi-tiioi i f ihe p;;ich;l-e ll!.,i ey reiiiicn on ti:iie.
One tii-u-.iii I ilniia-s will lie lei-iiired in haml to
ntci-t, l-iei'.ii'i-.iiie l. A' '..'? hi flsr
IlK'll'ee of Woodli"
ubscrit.er on i':e .r.
i: i.
f th
S' .;t. V,' . i ':':.
I !!!?.
::. il.-Jii.-.-l ..i i.ii '..
::t e.i'.i lie- a: e;i.;.. i i
I ol ii :il kiji.i, l l in- f".
th-it we i'.v i
,l;''r u;
ihe follow i
Lots 1, ." a"d ii, iiloik 1.".." ;
Lots a 1 i d o, b!;,"l. 1..-;
Lot J, block ".
We want to sell the ab ve ail at r,--c(t
:l,1v, I'"!- tiis i. li i 1 in t our bids, rent1 ii-."
V. V.. MARK 11 AM .V SON,
oMiJj'.' Cn'.iwater, Mich.
it Cm ,. ii.- i:- i.. i
A i'. i. i.r.
. .1 .:,,.
, S It ...
, tVh.'n.-v
! ' -ho I ,ioi: -!.,- r,
ii.li li lih..e.l. II I i.e . ., Wh.'ii. t .l.m. S
'. .', W I. V... , A U . til.. 1 ,,tl.-r.
T li..- I ,i, .a...; . . -.'l,!-! i
ii in.-, to
i .1 of h'oi-k lj-i. T, s mil ''.r.. r, mi.i i ; 1,', ck
I' t 1-'. 11. in. l.-.a-il :v: hi i. l it,!..!- I i, II. U,
1 1 -1. k l ei. lot, .o, 4.5: bock li';, I -t- 1,-J:
s i i. t- i. -j,.;, i, .". . le.a-k i.;i, lot -;, ;, ;.
"tl ai- ii.-i.a.y u'-t li- 1, that n!-aie ab mt to
i. a e .!.-..) you t" ih nay ihe 'v-i.-.- i f -ra i n Kal
: ... i t, liom W a -!i,n'ti n Avenue t ti.e .-a-t hie
i t." -:: I , tii.it a - - -m-'iit toii- hate been made " jt
i pi-nil-. -, wliu-h no- en l.le in the ofiiee ot th- Cii t
i..:iea tin 1 w he-.-th-y w iil remain ia-n f.r y nr
'i"i.i i, mil th- 'J'ith ilny.f septenib-'r, ls.V.i, w h. n
ar. ton ujit appear tn-toie t:.e I lnnH.u I .uncil,
-how cau-e why the -aid a- - in nt .-hoi l 1 u it Le
an 1 e ll-c'e i af : ir.iii' ! law.
. - . 1 i ;.- C in i ai-,:. -un -tl.
hr.n. C Al;M-i oUNl.. i-v C:. :k.
l Ail-itl S p-.'i
nmi ii,
l-Cl li, 1-
ill....-...-. J
u-'.ii Aluiv, .1.
ii ,.;.it,i, It.,
dev. Chapman, CharV.
as lio-iner, M-A lure, ;-... XV
ii. M.-1'.i:i,.I XV tli una-, A. C. Win
W. Wiil'atu-, I-.etc T.- c- n l, an 1
--."tin !',.(.,;! i.s.!.-er.bed pro-
i- Well. -r, A
- . -ons in;.
v. .,k- i i, I '.i.i :.;. i"i.l'0. 1--, l-;, i,s, 17;., i-o.
I--'. 1". 1st. l.'..1si, I.'o, u.i, uc, pi.; ; a;( T;!t. iaI1 ,
... ; i- F. Weli-r, Coniini'iic n; the -t ke tlnrlv
I i i i -ii' l-).hs rod- we-t ot tiie we-t line of Towii
: ie,-i.oii the -.,u h iim- of Kulieit xTri--?, thence
-, ie -e.irht rods to t.ran l Kiver, t hence west aioni; sa-d
i ti - ,e. : t , three anl liUjths rials, theuce n irth xeteii
i;. 'a . au-l ''I lOOths rj.1- t-i K-.b-rt -tieet, theue ea-t
ii - - II I i.lir of '.! x,eet to th- place of bejiliuil.g, C'-o-M
i. li l -A'.een an I 1! 10 itbs acres of land, on -ection 11 ,
-.an 1 i.".t i, rai.t;-' Z we-t ; al-o the hoil- of lieo. XV.
i' . .a- t Iio- i pait o! the ii'ithe-' frart onal .juar
;.-r i t - l: i ii ll , bounded n rth by K i i rt s!r---t. ea-t bt
laa-S , I A. F. XV.-ll. r, -outti by liran l Kiver, an l we-t by
th- ... t line of s-cti'in 1, coi.taii:ini sixteen acre .1
tia-i : also, the iaij.'x f aac T-'ii-eiiT, as follows, vi
til -eist ti.icti.inai lull of -ection kti, except eleten acre
n'.l t outheaT corner of the nnrthea-t '(uaiter l section
i'i, containing and l'aitlisaci. -f l,nd , al-oeleven
acre- on the Kniithf ast corner of the u irthemt iiuarter ot
s-ctun 111; a'-", n.m resident lauds, ax ("lows . the cant
haltof the sonthei t .juar'er of -.-ction 17. and the wel
ha'f . f the -juthea-t .,.irtvr of M jti.ju 17.
You a-e hereny n.-t.ti. d that a-es.-tuents are about to
! made up--u you to defray the expenses of i. pai-
.M tin ftrte-., . -- o: ttamnt -treel ; that a--.-sineul
roli-ha-.e I u in td-' out iu the premises, w hich are
he in tl..-1 the-' of the tiry Clerk, wk-re th-v will reins, n
i.jen for your m-peclion unt 1 th-- Joth day of eptember,
.,i., wi,en an l wtiere you may apj ear beiar- the ' un
nion Cjuncil, m tie- C )iiii;-1 K.Kn uf-v l citv, an 1 .-ho
ciu', if any ther- ts-, why -id -rsmi-u'. sli .uld not be
made and collected aceor-t-n to 'aw.
i'v .rder f tue C'mmnn C.iuocil.
i.n. A. Ai'.X'i-TKoSi,, C.:v Clerk.
C.tv Clkkk's fvii k, I
laioi i j. r-'ept.-mb- r S, 1-.'.:' i
Sr-TF of V;Kin.iv,
C;;v of Iain n;. ) "'
To"V !i;m 11 unitn..! :,n Th mas, li-o. XX". P. ck, I. V
I-n. A F.Welier.i:. K. XI rriMe.d. Lu -o ar I'a-t.J .ha
A Kerr, Pan e! Johnson. S. K Wi.e. A. XV. XV.iliaia-.
XVuitney n--. A M li.te, S. ft n J- r, B ir.- .. loot.-, 11.
F-.-', XV. F i'a-.i-, S II .re. n. , S. K. ..reen-. A. rt. T.
N 11-n ler- n. XXiii W.' ii, u-e. A. V. Fat i.e. XI - . r.' XV.
1'i-oau. li, l " Avf"-,A slialt jek, it. .or.lon. Mr-. Ilai i
w.n.J IUv.'!, tl. i.'.x!.'-.-. Tli-o II:e,l.-r,a:il a.l other
p- ii- ::,t-i.-t.I :n tl.- t'o'lvw !, dt-cuV-d p-i -.- y, ii.
th- I'.tyof l.-n-'.:i-
AU ti,-.t i - rte n of t .. T!.:t-I XYai.Jvf ;icity evntvtx '.
n I-'...--. 1 it- en i pirr. of '.and, as follow U : 1.1.. .
! i:. I'.'., ivi, ir., 1 ai. 10, !..'., 17U. 171, 17i, 17.-.
I.i. it ., IT-.. 177. I '.l',,l'VI'J. al ,Uu.
lay v.i
: n f
hw--t frvc'.i. nil
a VI.
i.-k 1-
til 1 It.T r. i'" il.i ii nit! art
' i-.- : i j I, ' W. leek, a- i.ihw
i"; ,
: I v:!;onal ,u:".ertf s.-c:in
- . f p ii -h. e.-. a i. -a.-t
a irthw t frvc'.i. nil u.iarter I i - . - ,
1 red !v K-iu-.li.f hl.srk lvx.au i ea-t I aeo-l i-ce w-..M.nl-own-i
bv ; W. I .-.-I., ! 1 oeg.jii.rit .op, th,
i f -tji.oTa' mas, and w--t l
.i.i II n.mu. '- n ixi -:.t the north e-t fracti. nai -ice-
r ef-...--.ion '.l.ari ni i. , a.- two a:.d J7-I'i:hscre-1'.
i-l -. al- n. Ia:-. i- - f XV m. i! -".van. he in part of th- notrii
r-t tra.-'. ooil ei.etr n' t fii..n 21, an l bnnnd,d a f !--
, lerlii hv ie.l rt -T- - t. e-i-t bv lands of tie j. W.
V k -.
--t h
11. 'M'-t . :." -'.tVr'. i;.e7
. . i r L;ii i . a.-, :..nts p., ,n a- k.ni tt-erve!
irauhe p ir' -e-wjiii.' to JJ.a Th-'Tiia, G- J
t b ir
. i ,', .- a.i t o i. i on itnn.'n. r;uri:-. ; as io.iow, B'r'i.
1 n Is oie 1 br i'..-'.. XX u-r,II:n-nan and Tii "icas.x .I,
- , ai-t '-t by ira.i-i kivce. e0n'a:nniz tre crea..f iAa
I . " h""l TIT::T'T",.ui
I :.n 1 itv, -, xou-h t-y ' ei !-. r.'ji.oTa' n-.as,aui w. -t lt CirCilTlSta'icea, e itii. lv lv.. d tii-'ir er..itr..l.
tin -i-thi-'-tT - :i -t--t cr-a i.r, - tLr.'e acre-, ; r...We.l t ir,.jw.',V fr to carrv
1 a'i ! ; a-. 1 j.i- .s ou t - 1 bv J. 1 n Tooma- boiiiid-r.! a- I . r r
f.lows: i,o:t!i by l.i:.1x w:e-l by lieo. W. I'eck, ea-t ty I Odt t e.r ore2'n.i' !? ., n-erein g for th
Uranl Itv- r. i y r:i ' e rvati.sa, we-t by lao-1-of . adru'x.-:iia of fith .xea; and for tie nre-e: t.
j -a de -y.a:id .w can, if at there I, why the -a.d
I a -r-Tn nt 'honH d; he made an4 r jiSeeV a--eer-'iri,
P !V or r of the Cm-non Counril.
' t,Eu. A.ARjl?TRi.'SG,'Vjre-r'..
Jll I t A N '
: :h- :..i.r - i
i .- . ,
i" !. il V.i
cit: a:i:?
u niy po
s Uj te-.l to the teiE;.ra
taiv.nj it, a't I u-'i '-i
.ei. !v rn ti.e !'- :.
;u i-n: '.e id
1NVm..i;;aI'H. ka4 it
IT.IMS. il'.:.!"ii.s AT
ni?.i .VIC MaRSIIiVA,
l'V-KrKRV. I'-MOY.
i '.'l Al. ta.-r: t. xFSS,
t'U'l.K-tV ViiI'.lUS.
H.V.l!i:iK JAl'S"
Nt-s-.-. a i.i rut 1-
lit . . liK. (a i;i,.u.
til... -.-e-, t. ;AO .
a ; e- rcu'-n.t a, 1 1 at
LAIN ! -.
:i. Hi
i!A! -.
Vtr t-v
M r. V.'t
IV:. e f 1 no frr
A I -li,
S A i F O It I) ' S
tlM!t'N'l YM ir.n.M '
I'are Vtaftti'.le Kstrcctt, atd j ut hi
f'.w, ,li"r Ttfhl, and trl'.l kfp in aw c'lm.iir.
ii.e K A M 1 1. V r.
t'e but ac.u I'j ihart c.
U..-.1 iu b - p-acti-. m -re
T I - CODiaiitli ni,-rea-
lio have I.i-i' U-.-1 the
! 11J.
Wh.cil the !..,..-I
lli..a twi :i y tea,
ini iI.'.ujo I I i.ii
l il.l. i.i 1 ti.e ,
r- jir 1 t i th. ir u
I It-in a..h'.n ti..-
... ha
1. li" h
i i. t Ca
ti-'-i teiii all
in I are 1 ire
et .1 I
Ti..- I'r --en well
;!. irtic- act e.i .!,;,,. , ,t
The KAMI I. Y fA
w.tu i!m- le'er.-n?.- to
le.-n compouti.'..' 1 iioai a
Vegetable Kxl-ct-,
pari of the atln-'I'.ary
-a! 'ii '.! c:i- - wheie a
Ih'-a-uemnir-of the
li. - 1.1 t'e I'l-W a-1
an 1 S-.'i-ii s ot.r the
i- I I, Vl'll oe.,.-. nut ,
;"ti i ru.ii -. .' It-.i .
l.i. i
I 1 Ihe !. ..'-.
TIIVUTir III I-i, ha-,
nrr y ot the pure-t
winch act alike on erery
canal, an l are piKul an 1
I't'bart c i nte '. 1. Mich
Sln-rai'h. S I e e p i i, e ,
I '..ii-i, f.- iteiu -4, l'aiu
ho'e b !.':v. i.i. in -lule.in
i." ii- oec-.e.", er ! in a
!.-, ., Api.etite. a
I--,.'. ' I!
. ?.Imi.. l.'e. 7
I, (',! ,
-lil.'l O. I .1 '.lot. . '" . tl '.'1 , f
.' i-i;- ' . -n tne 1 . 4 -.. ail
:.-. o-. i;..r,Mj .i. Cl,,l.:nn er .1 ( '',
. treat J-;rii,.:' t.; the .'-. mi.1 many
eti tl i i. h.r, too iiu-i.. u;, 1 . i,:. :i 'a
eineii: I , l
I'iM'K, TiU:n: M '.li -.
er lin : ' a'.jf a-i i I.e. L-IV h , , !Y : .
11 ,1,-L- -Kfl'-.l! V 1,1 win '. . e hv
M the I....- 1 n.
, l r
1 1 sr.
r P 1 1 E C - A RT N E IS H I P H K R KTo i Rt. II -
L i-i.' b.'tivee.i tin- .-ubc: ibers, i::id.'r the
na'fe o! John Tito n. is ,V Co., is dav (lis.-ol-
Vcd by Hi.it n.-il corse-it.
The i ii-..'it'e.l aec't!.!t- of t'i-- l.ite film will be
adjust d by A. 1'. Wviler, with whon t' e books
(f aecouTU, I'oo-s and claims of the same, have
been leU, lor se:.leiient and collection, and to
whom all debts due them imir-t be paid. K.it-d
Iiti-it'L', Au';n-; 17, lvo'..
Ji n. ' E. R. MERR1FJELK.
MH ! II.
1 ted l.y .I'lliU 1 iioluaS Ato., ttill bereiltter
!e carried o i fiy the subscribers, at the ol-i
taiid, under the name ol" I'.-ck A. l.'rnfieM.
CEO. V. l MfK.
h.i.'-.i Lii.-ie", Aii-oi t r,, I j.;- ii.;
riVUS b.ainitul Vurserv h
I J ,.( lANSING,
,1 i:i tl..
f .....
v.i.'. is r.'E.r ALI.F.ii i a:iy -.oc". of tr. -
East or W-t. It ha - b-c'i liii-' -l h- re, wit?
especiil rtteiel.ee to ti.e WAMS of t,.
gr.iw-rs and f.u niers ,. Michigati, and
oi Iririiv v ii't-tlex, on. I, ,.) t i i -a cli'ivi'
- ratt -
d fro, a beaiiie' tie. s, ;;nd is row i'i thriilv
li.ie Oil iilioi lor li.i!i-,i!. lining.
All loose ih'-iions nl iliH''lig orchards, will
find it to their ;i i'.'ii'il.le to purchase trees at
t'-ls Nur-erv. in-t.-.id ! liom Eastern specula
tors uiili w Iniii lin-t ait' l. liiic.pl t'litid, as the
prooi ietoi s
To be tin; Viliiciies named I'.v llie'il, will S-ll low, j '
and take a'l kin-is id l.u m pro luce : at cash pt i- j :'
ces in cttiuiii'i' fir tie. s, a id give a liberal 1 '
cr'dit ti ii-poii-ible pun ii.isets, il des'red. j"
Tiie follow itir is a bti.-f li-t .f prices: ! "
' i
Apple trees, I' to 'Jo cents a( li
Cherry " ii to :;.'.
Plum " :.u to 1 "
Pear " ceiils each.
Straw 'oei ri' S, : I per )oo.
Cuirants, it .,( per do..
Scion-1, 'l 'Ji per lono.
We biive also r ,i.i:i:u'ty of eve 'grc "S an-l
Lansing, August I 2JiwS
f .TnS OriDEST
Furuiturc Hnrciiouse
Coiitiiil i:io'k. 111, Joffcr-ton
Ave tin i'.
To all Furniture Buyers,
I ofcr to iho oubhc by far the Isirgest and most
complete assortment ot
lAtokinij-tHai&re, Willow- It a; f, tv.
That can be found west of New York city, till of
which was seloccd wi.h the gn aiest ca'e, and
wiih paiitculitv reference to the Material, Manu
fiic.u e. t'iali.y, Style, Fasliion and I'r '-rr.
The wnitf will oesold at lia per cent. l-s--than
ever oil'e- ed in Detroit. 52
Parlor, Dii.itiir, Bed-Room, Librat v and Olhce
In Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Oik, Maple
and Cherry, w iih atiy coveiiug, pl ihi or fancy,
that may be lesired. Also,
Paintcl Ena.nrlcl Bel-Room Sets,
a great vavieiv of siv'e constantlv on Land.
Bedding. Cu. led Il.ii'r, Mo--, H.-ss, Co-ton ard
Spring M.utresses.
f o the TRADE, every au'cle in the Fur
niture, Chair, I'pholstry, Hardware and Willow
Waie line, with a good variety of superior var
n:'ies, Japan, V-tie--rs, Mahogany, ic, Ac., ar.
ollcred at a s;iia!l'i j -jiicr fru sxt.
All Coiwls AVari-.mtt .l as Itcjiress ntl.
N. K. Goods bou'Jit fioin tiiis 'St.ib!iahmeM
for Shippitig, secur. lv a:id fo-ope.lv r.iek.-.l for
transpot t.ttiot,. J. W. TILLV N.
; 7111 IlllitX AS!.l .M Hill T1IK ltXF.
. j OFF!" 7. I'?' TI'S Tcr-ThFS, )
1 1 K'.m:oo, A'Jg. g.'th, l5-:,-.
h a provis"-ri of the a-t of
I a o-.i I'.'-ii."!', i-io ..iim oi iru-o'- i-i hi-
Michigm A-'l'iru n.r f'-e J:.s,.. f..r..,.- ..ire
' n-.lle- i f t'-- ''- i:i-' of tlo- I istP'jtii.ti to t!
- l. j ' '-'''' '
b I recention c f nat'enta.
- t ! CircilTlSla'icea
fem ilts te.ly can Ih? re.-r-vL
Cii.ty Superintend-nts of the P
Court Conni.issioriera, an-l .t!ser d
s'( url ig adrnissiioii for pat'et.ts, can p-
1 'ees-arr ir-formatlon v addrcs.-ing I'r. E.
f..r J X an Oeusen, AIei'Crii ure rinten'tent.
XV. The l;rtlit--d eAtet:! .f I'-COinmoda'ion
. t
- ; - . I :'
neary in cr.-ey
i r.w.
T. it Ti'vL- p-mi.ti .
! ;
. - t I
WM. KRiniixS. SeTeM-v,
T. P. WOoDP.rRY,
riiAS. cogi;f.SIIALL,
-w-w v! o.,
CAN, f a.rs, at
v.-I'v-.' I' -
For riiiltlrru Tcclhii:.:.
wh'c'a irr-a'.ly f-c;'. ta'.e-i the pr..fen f te-.b lz
en lie ira-u, .e-'.-O'.r 1 iiil'icira. o-: . I;
1 A.N an '. :.-: jKl.; ac.. t. ') 1
.-i is to !.: - ;i l at:: ;:u: r- i n
fviei l u, ii i:, ci-t'.----. t ''. te i.-.t I
Wc h.
.t ac t - '. 1 t'. art ' ' ' .
ci c 3-. !. n-.' i.'.-i t.".:':i f I.i
3 r.
i: f i t r
t.aie',' '.(-kn.-
t.a-y. a:i are
HI!.. 1" : -L.
ri- . i :il t
("." a:te-- :
'.a: oil e-r ti e
in- .e-y i-i
j iu a: .1 h
!. - va :;;.
tii- l i -t i XI"
. 1 a. .. ii
n i.....oi, .
Tii 'l -A!
.1. I U
in I i
an l . n t ;
tei ete
;!'.: ITS',
an 1 over
t u 1 i o I! ..
not ,e-;
IV T : ! i-" i: 'Wii v
4' El I is ti :
te:e:t m:;.
i relit
ir-..l,,n a.l
M.Xll K aud I ! OiKli'K t -u I'l.oUll r. . 1 '
lftll LU. it tr- 'II !-l V oilier r -ll e t
every mi iher h) h.n a -!i l ! t- ai,-l.-i.
i; ..ii -; ci-inpUin: .in n-t V t.-,ir p'
(Ie .1 i . e. . f ..;h-.-. -'un I b, 'A. e i t
anl ti.e relief tt't il be -1 lil-'te
.-I'liK to!olo tl- n-a, l ti.i. lil-'.e .
I'ull ihrecinu- l.-r lis n ..t a- e. nj
V, n Lrf-nulne. iiiil. ti l.o - ...i. e:
-. II T ihe
-I l : I 1.1
.i e V li-e 1
. 'I l ot I.-
i- a n ::
KINS. ,,. , . i- tIl(. ,,;., v ,,. ,
S.1,1 by iTii-i-ti. throu.-li'. t li,.'
i KiMTi Ai. i u k. n,. u 1 1 1':: ,-i i'i r.
11 lie only S't Out, r ilnttlr
Worn h Kinirs
I Et APSE it is the oi
) tirovided for all n
ir hiujicrors.
I l.'.i.i IlialSell
R. .id r. al
so bri-inly i:,
r .- -;ii ki.t'.g.
tin Mich the re-e tii.iv bluota i v i
the gl-iwing diet k, the eve i-.- v.
the teclh be th- s et pe ol.-i, ; t
reft ol coVi ri'i", t- t i ':
shrive!, d, Ifli-fh .nl .'',
1 is be
ll an 1
spiinkled with gr.it . n it :i e n i, l.x.- i.
halt her charms. l, I. U , 1' ; ;
tive.il ti-cd two or thr. .- tl-;t.- -..,!.
Store ami pel ma'.iei. !y : i i ei ;.i .ill - . ,
liamen;. J:. .: 1 the i 1- ..:d e; I
writer ot' the btst is ii. ,. l.i.i;..!
Th ill.,--. :
New Y.-t... ill iv,
hr. Il'.-h . lh.tr , . Peniiif ii:
T h.
to ex
Tor the
1 color.
I'nile I
Ive," it
- t,!:':i.
press to toil the obiigatii.i . I
entire restoration of mv !i::ir
About the time of mv a.i'
i ii-,
States it was rapidly lie.
the api'lieation of your
Mio-i reentered i:-; n:!.'
ytnir Ri-storativ-' as a t- i
.pi''e. Iliea.'iotiS ;l- Weil ;i
I ii'.i. d.-tr i
Tli ! : ! gl
ll.'i R
.a. I. I.'.
It oti l.'l '
iigro. a'-l.
t : : 1
! i. I
n ho c-ti-at
! i ' t i!-
1 to
I t'vit
a d "n
i 'i !'.: t i.
1 -J "" - :
0 l lie-
1 - i. h
; ' -i-
l A HI
J , ... i !. l!.. ' W .', -..''!: I ...... I
ii'du: 'lne.i d M": -;,i"; -(,.; . ..'--" the
m..-t . ,! - a,;'.'' I , v r - : r.s-.,.
your II. .'r R. -i"!Miit
Ith" ll iter,- id'liOrt wl
Hi V
a. d :
i!-, h:.te '-liohiallv
laik ; i.'id I mi.1 f.-, I
i olili'i. Iit ti'.i! ;i few Ill-lie
e tiier.i to tlo-ir natural
'eve.! ii. of :.!! d.u dre.tl
, -o .eiin-ei .tiioi: per-
oplieatiot's will res't:
.'.i.e-. L i-'s,, , I s ,
I'd i:t p'eiis.ii.t ii el, if :
ons w no persi.ir.' !i . . !t .
.i ;. kii.p.y.
l',o, If, ,.,--coin'!
ei eed fall'ie
!':t-t i.ecomio'' bj
i. .t Un ve.it- io i.i y hail
oil' a' d turiiliig gia ; I was
'I, a'i 1 l:.l 1 tl ie I m.ltiV n me-
dies lO I:il t Ib et. I ci.'"!:.
stora'.ive in Jiiieiniv l.isf.
i'.-d t;slig your R
A few a:: !:e;ii'iii,s
faste'u-d my I.-.t fnilv. !t hfg.'iu to till
griw out, ai d turned I.e. k to i.s firmer ei-lnr,
ibiaek. At this time iti i fully ivsiored to i.s
o i.ii.al ctlor, hciilth, ami appearance, and I
ei.i ettilUv leC'.nrii'-i.-l its i,-e to a'l.
J. D lInES.
Ci h lo, 11'., M.,y J, Is.,;.
The Ri'.-.i-r.ilif.- is t ut ;., j., bottle-, of three
si.' s, vi.: I.i:,', l.'ied :;iii ami -:u i!! ; the small
holds OM- I. a"! ,i l i' t, a id l i ' li's foi mil' .foliar
per bottle ; th - -. dii-to I o! s at !.-:;st tne'itt
per cent, more in p: ojiot tion th.i'i t! small, and
retails for two dollar- per bottle; the large hoi. la
a p::irt, -I'i per c. nt. mo.-.- ia pr-po.-t:o;i. and
reiails lor :;.
O. J. WOOD .V CO., Proprletou. Mi K-oad-way.
New York, (iu tho great N. Y. Wire R:il'
ing E.-t.'ibl'.-iim.'iit, and 111 Mitl.it st'-.r. St
Louis, Mo., and sold by all god i u-.-a- d
Fancy Goods Dealers. i j''.ni1
AN i
OF. RATH his j, it lec-iv.d a log- an.
.-cl.-cteil ur-s. i : riciit ot Jewe'rv, al
1 Well
at hi
d.-or S.eith of 'oryc'iV J. i.iso: -, c-.n-i-t
of rill ti e ;,it-"t s'tlex nf
ll i
Jewely.GoId & Silver Va!ches,&c.
II -1 V i I : . II t li.:-ci iu Sick li
tirtlv iu the Ea-t. rn ma;k t, and f r "-.,, Iilat-
i t--r iiiys. ll that I cm " !! i.-t::;l;!'? .!. 'ry as
j c'o.'ap r.s ..i' v i -ti'.l.li-liiU'O.t w. st of ii .- 'iv if
New v... ' I ,!, p, ! -;
j ',o ;.-! r I'.-rj". ,' an-l " -l-;-r S'.v'e: .'
!Ii at;r g h id it l eig -. f
I am t'e - .: ,i'.'i"l to pi; i !,
t'--'e, a" i co-.:. .j r-'ii'- :
'I t
- b i
'M V.
j i
j t
,' I
:.! 'i:
i -i I.
: i.-r
-t iti :n
, to f vc p,.. i f i f..r- rvi
(..,-,-..),;.,.. l:,. . ,,,r' i.Y. RATH
one door South ot C.nyil'.v. Jom-on, Wa-l:":.'
ton Avenue, City o! lati-inj..
I keep a lirst clj-swi.rkm.il, and om-ieirti
te.t lei.e-l a! W.iT h .pairi'.w v i-.t wo. J;
ti an i.i tin- cou'.'rr. ii s work , v. l-T'i' i.' l t.
I. - ,-.-r;',r t'liint e! ivv I 'l.'-r ri-r emploT".
i.i I'iri-;f'g. -rV" V .i ..- I es :.r ' ".v ' rerei'l
a". I Wa-r-i-.i. 1." I. S I ff'tl.
r;,,, A ' - - '. .I-..-1.V 1- ".
Lansing City Foundry!
IS V TIIOMIli1 aV ..
l inn tv-i..-ir ng-, X...-l . t-, Ludl
will : l-so-s .f t'io rr-'e-r
; ImprOVCl! f'attrr.l.
i M i ie t order rt notic-. Al-. P'-'.
i t'u'tlta'oe.-, .-.1,1 a'! k'i'd- fd
r.tlUl IT2 5fa!:i2i:.TS?
!-, I i-.d r,r i;u.lc tr. .r. r. Eiigii.-satr ! T' rUh-
g Mae! it.- repair don short notice.
AH wwrk; wirri; u -i charges rnielerat-
Take them and Live !
Hi oiii a nil Iic. j3
lil.KKuX'S S'l'OAK (VaTHt IIUS
aw K.1P STKKNi.tiiiiMXi; llaj-TVKa-TiKS.
TTien- uui-iirpauH-d rm
ihe have, t y ct-mnn-n ci-nsent of
ir n, k. ii i. N-en p aceu at tiie 1 eaj
ol a'.ls'mur rei aratii-nn. I.ei -luk'l
Xeeial ie I' .ie, U utiiteal
ji,'w, Mtety ana cer:a u-y m
the cure ot the varieim ilmwi of
mn, eicel a.l o'hei. acd their
aa e um;uestt.carif ia irei-ie mil
of a'.lo-.htr k'.u.la. la full deM-a
ibee ar acioe ta'.hartic, ia
nia ier iWi J.mi. ,tu cieac nr
n all 1'j l.. u lonipla.nlis t-irk
ieaJache, laver I.M-a-e. Ki-lnee
erarTUM-nl, Munucb l-i-T-irr,
anJ Sk a A"et n, they
t-.re as if by m.t.v. T!.-
. '. are ureiv r. , - can I
akenat auy t n e t v ,ii.v e ,
t'...;it ctiai i..' iu 1.10 ' i : . ti : i t
'r( W ! i a -. .i nn . -ii-
ten J '. ;! v i.-. i. I tit I en
.. .. , , I tMii I. .
n : i -i i m:.
!lrrtirIH I. id Miitultiitm
; .e " -i ! t ' ,.i'T rure I aoi. -kue - an ! . -
t!, -v t- ( i!
. t' at t
..- I'r. 'pi
i- -u c
the;,i pv,
i.eia V -
ol I ui 1 1.
I.l'l .1.-.
o.i!ie ci-ri.
rfvt enre-l..n-
will v
iiea tl r;r
m o-l t-e
l- ItM-
, Hstle'a M.iiiulln t'aliaiiH SniirT.
lailie.l all . lit i.t'.iie lep .i t li . -u ill t
rure .-! a
1 .f v.
all I tli. -.-
m lllie-.-. i
; lii.l luilaai- '
, re-rlu'-ijjil I e
, pu-e I. v't
1 iil-aii that u-e
i,......' I !,.u V -
-dle4 ti all f.i.t er e.'t.i
I :iee. ! . -1. ..'! .1 r .
. I I..
It AIIVK.I.I.'H l Ml llll io ih:u.
1 .. e ill e.rv'l -Le.l I'.-w 1. . ..w-ll i nm at the
in- 1 -I.ii. t et'- fio-. , , a-il-!t ii -oiiiieii-e
;t!ni'-"e tic ''tti '! V.-l lie an ' ta-tetti Sl.ti- tor t'.e
v-1 -et.n te.ir, c.-iii i.ne to e -rl a'l . ther k.ti I-. in
ii-e.-i-.f - an t " ' t!i.-ir e--' .-!- i aci.n. i
- c-ee. ,-v -."rli'V f'.ie, coii-.a'n ii-'Henir injur on, the
eimiiil i--.il I a- w.ikel while lee.l.n' liiein ; aui le .1iree
li- i; mi'itii'li fi. t l. , an I i."- -t t i -emeu are mt it
1 t-- t '. f.e.r trine, ant jn :. . I t :u ir lft
.!::! I' K A'.K". -". 1 1
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l.l.i'i."-!"!! 'ie l"n 'el -Tate.. I .1- l 'a - allit Sil Amei .
, rt h"!' --'ie I'. .1 I ;i -e 1 -i,- -1. Ill the I r'liri; a
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l ...V -t - an ! Can 1 1 1 'haul ' i here.
it. ii r.w : o. .-.i 1 1 . '
!Jcatl I lie B'amphlcl.
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1 1; s-i'i i t
J At I'll .
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No ii:o :
' any km I --r i.aiu-e in i.
- ri.-'ih.-iis names! I.teir
i; -..ii their mmi'iiil
pe;-. n rn a.ili's them
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It Is
nr i not. .1.
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lid lor l-vrl,
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Cut op in
A II. II. F.r
vi :
Con ell iV Jcnison
VR-1 no leceiting direct I rmi New Yolk,
Kos.o.i, at.-t P! i .i h 'd.i.i, ot t the 1aege-.-t
ill &
t.',..i e-, K-.:, Shoes, Coel.ety .'.'id ILir.f-w:t-e,
i-V t b. '.-ie .nT-'Ie-l iil this city, l- which
I'u ; . t'e' htt.'titioti f all Concei lied.
EnO'ti.ig that I'f.H'U l lhr-jrr.lt U f T l.f I
I,,.: i, o.7 o,.., n:.'l that j. oph' think li.ore ,, their
"p in V 1 1 ,,i I ll.et ill ot ant linn !ie, mollh tt
t--' gr.-at absorbing .juestio'i i-, "Where can I
fade the V.iip.'.-'t, and th.r.T.y cue the m..-t
m ei. v ?" we answ. r in tis few words as jw-ssible,
tii.it this is
the rTjACiij,
Wlii' i- ui'i r.i'i iiite-t voir money- and .btan
mttrf (hul l f-.r a -l ."'tr ' . r.i a' any other Store
iu tie.. , i. Vt e h ve ad...t-1 the r-a-lv pay sys--;-m,
au l we aie d-'.-t tiiiio-d to in ike it an ob
ject for A LL w !e wi-h to iv down f.r their
g. ". d to tra 1-.: wl'.!: Us. A d.R'.-r. lo e of at l- a-t
la.-ii! t-iv.' jii r -i'iit. tin f iv.,r of our i iHliniK-r-T
willr.-el iy Ik- c ' ii, b.-tivi-.'ii ocr prie.-a. r.nd
those w'.f, tru-t. We mean what We -.-;y, a.'nj
will r-a.ti.-fy all who rail on u. ttiat it i a '-,'.
We partieiili.ilv i''viw ) , La-b-s t ei'iiiiiii.-o-,r
sfek d b miii';! :I
Silks, Gl-ive, Shawl-,
Coalite-' ;.-:r"l-t'--. Skirts
D- Lv-. ,
.'.i-h'tier. ,
Tl iill HI'!"
limb; ,;.!..;.
Lin. .-,
I'i, , i-l.-.
t. ..It'-I;-,
P: o,!-.
L'o-eia fo-l re
-l(:,1;t1--s, Il....
At,dca.-!s a:.-l stacks of otl-
o;s to men.jori.
7h thf (J'ltlli u.ru we wf.idd iin.-r !y -jy tint
we me doing . iri ih r ciothing htie, arid pm-
te.-e to i -Jot he a man all ov r in ;; sli.-ine ai.i! 1 1,.
i i' a! his .'.adow won't b ah ld tof-.il.. hini.a't.d
; T I lie World nl la.irr
' W' far g;v- v. a call an J s-ei-ly yo jr-lve tl,?
i tl.er - i " e -tore in town t !:. reyoii can get the
j i,--t of o ! i at nst'-.'ol.-hing !-,w j tices, ;t. we are
teiii.il. -d t r II g'M.de I .-aj.-r I hiit tin y wer
l ever bet-.r o! 5 i.: this marl., t. No g-iJI'iiiling,
or cVarg"? nctd" f.r -.bowing g'e.l-.
(Siore in tie- Holm. ;, iigi, b!K k. oro- i!rn r
, iitiiii of Burr t,v.
j ro.tv i i.i. vV .3i::k(.
j Lansing. May l", ':.:.
mm! tn:ir t:o.miAi.vrs.
j Viz : Diarrhea and Cholera Morbus, and
I Fl?".r-lent. and Spasmodic Cholics.
j It "ii-. t N,-i 'A-t'. 'tn. i ne t r ,t al iea.- a-t,
; -.. I ' i ' i.i - A -i: . .- oil l and e.r-.
i r n I n- . e. .o 1 i.-t- w.:o'-s 1 '- -Jtl..ia-ir tt-f, it, eir
i '" .ii rn i; i-LP'trin-rol.t- A I IF
!.:: -', id i : oi- A a -el il l F .A V';:13 .. in
, l. I,:
. ,-. a -:i ... . . - ( ,4..i
i i. A t r i VTI I X-. - tl.. re e- t v ,-.,.,-
t vi. i ' ... a. i,n '... - th . ,;-.
-t iti'' er t.. r i.e ' i r-h-i .
XV Tr! o I.C'--7 Kant Anixirti.
I I F' . i'yrr,. I O '.:.-.,. I,i;..
I 1 r; . VtTe. !. J K. ; r A .er,e-.s.
-. ' .V 'B . Yf i a L i:.-!,;i . I r a Yar .
s i' .I..- At; --a r.O-h K .i ate. r-'iracj-e.
".V .-'.- v- -..0. i'li.tifi ! ii n o ,a-tr.1
!..; r..--.l.-r. 11. i. ...!. ,.,,e-vel:ti
T J'-e.F'..-e-. ; W.rta.l.'A 'a.
i i :,'!,. . 1. .:ie-t K-nj'vii"-.
I. 11 .-a. Fee .-t. r. Iirvr.tllfj ,
N I: i: : e,i, v M-rul tol uIU KlN :a TKrTH
iV. as it a.i.iu a-itatioo, iniore. nv-a e pr-tvrra
'.e'li. and pT'xiu.-ex l'-. .
t.'m&iP hi Turoriyr- c'txrRaLiT. Frlce i. Centa
Trr.r.'t C. X. IXTTI-K, ,!stjX J jrnt.
Aabcrc, N. Y.
-"! tia3iAl.
. , .: i - :: . t . ' . Jierr.c
; .: i i ' ' ''' t.

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