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IIOS3XER & 14 E ft R ,
whom all tests oonncaiCATtoitsBocLO
Jne eopj, by nuilor otherwise, per yeAr,
Eleven copies.to one address, ' '
Twenty " " '
A i ikherates. inflexibly in aJtanee,
1 1
rsr Job-work oromDtlTAnd neatly eiecuted.
gordersfor Printing and Binding of every des
jription, are solicited. In connection with the
Bindery, the facilities ol tin estatitisnniein r
Rat4 of Advertising.
OtieSinsreof I'lUnes.tl forth 6rt insertion, and
AO MIH foreach u.beiuent pabiwationot any period
ander three month.
3 awns. C aorta
I Square,
1 Column, W 3
U - 12 2
2 10 IS
u 14
. 30
Tserty Advertiarnenl have the privilege of threw
baft gee. ...
rtTTha Yearly retesapply to regular and ordinary
uwuee Advertlamenta, oely. All other chargedby
tha Square.
Tiesday Morning Oct. 1, 1859.
Lansing Brass Band. The Lansing
Brass Band, are making these pleasant nights
more delightful, and are keeping themselves in
fine practice, by frequent serenades.
Spring We Lave heard Aid. N'ew
bro't spring highly recommended, but never hav
ing seen ie, of courae what we say, is upon the
recommendation of others.
Spring Bed-j. We have purchased a
pring-bed from Mr. Deal, who is to lie found at
Mr. Buck's, which upon trial, we find to be the
beat we Lave ever seen. It is a perfect pallet n
of ease, comfort aud durability.
The Aireuus Mi-rder Case The
lughani Air sajs that C. M. Wheeler, who was
arrvsted for the murder of Li wife, lias been
committed to jail to await hii trial at the lie it
terra of the Circuit Court.
Resignation of Capt. A. Walker.
The Ingham AVrs says that a meeting of the
Curtcnius Guards on Thursday, September 15th,
Capt. A. Walker tendered his resignation on ac
count of ill health, which was reluctantly ac
cepted. Nigut Drpeedatohs. Niht depreda
tions in Lansing hare become common. Some
acts of this kind, arine from wantonness and
sport, some from apparent malice, and some
from a desire to proCt by the theft.
On Saturday night, the clothes were all stolen
from the yard of Mr. F. Savage, the fence
round Mr. Wood ho use's garden was thrown
down, and a herd of cattle driven in, which de
stroyed it. The gates of Mr. Kerr's garden and
Mr. Weller's opeued to let in the cattle, and Mr.
George Grove lost six bushels of Rambo apples.
In the fun and mischief line, a heavy business
hat been doing of late. Signs have been taken
down and interchanged, Larbere' poles put up
where they did not belong, the State House
yard decorated with emblems of various branches
of industry, with a variety of similar freaks.
A heavy chain cable, belonging to Burr 4
Grove, wa stretched across Washington-Avenue,
sustained by boxes in the middle, and made fast
at the ends, for the obvious design of injuring
whoever might ride or drive through the street
in tbe dark. It is high time for a night patrol.
The cellar of Mr. Slocum, who lives on the
east side of the River, was entered, and his po
tatoes stolen.
Cattle were turned into the garden of Mr. S.
Chapman, and destroyed it.
Resolutions on the Death of E. II
Kisa. At a regular meeting of the cLcinnatu
Society f the Agricultural College of Michigan,'
held Sep. 30, 1859, the following resolutions
were unanimously adopted:
Whereas, Scince the first lime sciuce the or
ganization of the Institution, the angel of death
has entered our midst and forever removed from
among ua, Edgar II Kiug one of our number,
JlesolweJ, that in this death our society has
uk an aii ana emcient member, and the Col
lege an honest and devoted Student.
JtetolreJ, that we deeply sympathise with the
parents and friends of the deceased, in the great
lots which has so sudenly and unexpectedly come
fallen them. In our acquaintance with the de
ceased, we had learned to atlmire his amiable
disposition, and respect hia uprightness of char
acter, confidently looking forwanl t !; f.i.M
as one of triumph and success. But death has
interposed and claimed his victim, thus forever
ending those bright anticipations and cutting
short all plana of future usefulness. Though we
may no more meet him in these Colleg halls, or
on these College walks, yet his bright example
remain with us his virtues are ours to imitate
Retoleod, that we tender our thanks to Mr
and Mrs Lane, our worthy Steward and Steward
ess, for their kind and unceasing care of the de
ceased during hit tickness
Retolwtd, that these resolutions be offered for
publication in the several newspapers of Jackson
and Lansing and in the Michigan Farmer, and
that a copy of them be forwarded to the broth
ers and friends of the deceased
Ia respect to the above manuscript, as to all
other, the printer's rule has been followed, to
follow copy, if it carries the compositor out of
n window."
J"Ibe followinf ennmuDicatioa from on of the old
eat aod atost inflacutl men of the township of Plymouth,
Vaya county, rauaot fail to wm4 Haell to the
etteta of ait ho ate aimiiarly afilicted :
l"lnoiTi, 20th August, ISM.
I t Mdilar (ke Jfirktn Ckrutia Herald:
fsua Sia I feel it my ,aij tu eommunicate through
jonraal the f jilowiog; fet, not only aa aa e
iwaaioa of ny tbaakfulaesa to Dr. Kermott of your eity,
at that tkoae su3erin lrum like diseases may know
eared mm after all hope waa gone.
PtT1u March, 18M, I had eutfered for several
oatba from asthaaa aod broacLe i. PmiUl tbe
watht 1 employed several of onr regular or old school
taya-eiaas, but the dWase gradually wasted me away.
Inpaetofatcd great qaautites of datk CxuJ matter,
sereral atUeks of bleeding from my lung., had be
wa as far reduced that 1 was not able to leava my
bad ehilUaad fever with night sweats, ia fact.aU
bs aaw ae praaoaa-ed me ia the Ut suges of eoo
jnea and a v ctna U the grave.
tbia tiiae 1 was iafoimed that Dr. kermott was
J"! Mr. Setviaa and Mr. Booth of diseases of the
bea th.y were greatly reduced. 1 felt anxious
ate him. My brother went to IVtroit anl brought
Jy bo,e, wbea, after a capful eiarniuatka,
J"r- WJ tbere was yet hope in my case. Be
jbed fo, utt9r ukiai h s
haaltk t4alif "hieh 1 "aKT regained my
, I waa d-tcbarged, a ad am to day happy in tbe
of Ifr aad it. kte.ungi I will add that I
a eared contrary to tha expectation of all
me at the lime.
Evei jtratefut, I am, yours, Ac,
w. Eenaott devotee hie time exclusively to tbe treat
ebnoia or 1 ngering diseases, and will visit Us-
' th of every month.
ffsTJatu W" Kam' Eetie Physician and Sof
jJjV"W ptfally anaouncw that be will vaut
BosiD Wtt 12thf LaBinc lh" 13'b aad 14th, aad
rT M every month, where ho will he hac
"Macldfrist. -.i :.. . .
wymatmif liaai WOO BIS) ai-
earatt aad iiaayia.
To tlx) Cltliena of Michigan.
We art sorry to know that Dr. J. 8 Wood la about
leaving ua for Lsnsicg. M eh'gaa. We fear that his p ace
am njj a will not soon be filled. M Mt cheerfully we lay,
that fnm long aeqaa ntsnce wi;h It. W , both prof
siona'ly an 1 aoeialty, we Inom him to bs eminently quali
fied a tu (kill aod integrity.
11 ha Ion? enjoyed the rep station here, of " The lest
Dthtid i Albany." We congratulate the e tijeus of
lam n that be is to be one of th-lr numter.
Albany, X. Y., April 21st, lSi..
I". O W.gft'ow, M. D.; J. 11. Arni.ky, M. U , Professor
Albany Medical Col'ee ; B. t". Romaiue. IA. and i'ub
Aroer. Sp-e ; O. C Alexander, M Ii.: i. E ton Je, M. I
VTm It lUiley.M. It ; Jaiuts L Babrock.M I. . Wm. W,
Wulfor.l.Kso,. ; Iivi Moore, U 1 ; John swenboru, M I ,
Robert lor.an, R-g-ister Bauk It;. t ; K And ews. Ext. ;
r an.irrws.Lso,.; J 11 lt-l.ainsi.jr, II. 1 I.. Tucker
td. end Pub. Cull ,C. ti. A A.
5.e adeertN'meni tf Ir. f'anford'j I.iver
ralor an ! Family Cathartic J"il', in another c!nu o.
4 a The out terriKe foe we have to eneouu'er in tbia
ciout jr i C. tiurul'ti in. First inan.festina- it-f in the
lorm or a s-igbi e.i, it gaits t:cn;ii wbi.e rictim u
unuii:cioii of dng.-r, ati-1 W)n r ir la'er, in n lie caa
out f t.-n, terci na'n Uta ly. A:n,n tii Tariouiieme-
rfe the fub!ic f r the cur' if thii trrrib!e disease
hoae it e-jual to llx il toi lU.s.mN- C rl.al Een tbia
may n .t cure you ; but, if tbe d f i,..t t.j fr ad
vancad, you may c nfi.iently rely upon it. Ty it.
freparej on!y by Dr. .'. M J-km, S. 414 Arch at.
Pbi a-leli.hia, and for aale by dru? '. nd n'.orekeepera
tbrougboutthe t'nitel tate an 1 Cjn ! .. Price 75 ct.
prrb.tt!e. 4Wi34
Another C'aao of I)eM-pt.
IUi i-i.-n ii ! r, X V. , M , cb , 1 Si6.
IR " M. J k.") l'.,jr .Sir: lUv.cr r-ceivrj great
ben?3t from the u-te of II .(.Uanl j Cetmin P.ttera,! thiuk
it my duty as a friend ol uiauk u 1 to let them know it. I
had f r yeare been aifliite 1 wi h I'vq ep-ia, arU n from
an affection of the IJer aod d.-raoement of the stomach.
I i under tbe care of th l'hTUn -f 'hid vicinity, but
obtained no relief. 1 .n , duu-d tmub theadricecf
a friend, to e nin.fure the us i f y.jur U tter-, aiil took
faithfully, acw-rd n 1o dii-?t;, , lhre b .tt, which
eu'.iiely cuied me, and I o . f.n! i-,j.If in a good
het!tli a 1 have e'er eajnted
Kijrfuliy j i.iir.,
JoilV vrEEN.
A-. for II ttndN t.-riinii II t!o Tak.- u..')iiug e'he,
and ee that the aiiiture i f C M. JnckK.ii is u the
wrapper I eicU bottle. Tl.e llitfr- are for na!e by
drug:-, and Ht'irekeei4-r In etryt,.au au 1 Tillage iu
lLo I'ii.i.-.! Stale,, Canada, We.t In 1 an I South Amer
ica, at Ti lit. .er b-r'.tie 'Im'Wi
N. logliam. a celebrate 1 I l.tucian i,f I lira, N. ",
ay ' I have treated ca-c f li.tltnini.tn u of the
Brain, Iultammatii.il i.f the I.uui. Ii tUmmatx ti if the
Rove:- and Ki'!n-v, loliniimattTT l:heuir.ti-ni, f luid
Bed Kevi-r, ith Ir. Track's Manetie O Ltuieot ith per
fect nurce.4, even when all iotei u.tl reni.-1 e h.ire (ailed,
alv ea-e-i of t'roup, Scarlet terer, Cauker an I L'Iceiated
Throat and I.uiiiri, with like .ucre.. In the 1'uidemie
known in th Putrid i.ryiiel.i, by wl.icu w niacy valu
able lne e( lost, I eted it f . e.ji.v-nt 1 nI i-er f''el
of ell'Ctui a t.l) nilierU nfurt Iu etse-i.f liurna,
pram-, IltuUei, Ir.zen Llruln, t'ta.lb a.u-, &: , it eurei
like a chaiiu. No Ihysicijn or fjin Ij w.ll be a inIe
dT wi'bout th.a luediciuo, af'er ti c.inina' acquainted
with ii powf-r to cure
Nunc Lies, fmrnii IU.mh asu Ciiaituo-i, ai com
pletely cuie 1 by two or three aj.i l.c it.on. f the M.gnetie
H' Kead advert iemrot in thi. a er. 3m3'i
unfailing it the cure of Coccus, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Hoarseness, Dirri-
cclt Breathino, Incipient Consumption, and
Diseases or the Lcnos. They have no taste of
medicine, and any child will take them. Thou
sands have been restored to health that had
before despaired. Testimony given in hundreds
of caes. A single dose relieves in ten minutes.
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers the ori
ginal and only geniune is stamped "Bryan."
Spurious kinds are offered for sale. Twenty-flve
cents a box. Sold by dealers generally.
JOB MOSES, Sole Proprietor, Rochester, X.Y.
For sale by R. THAYER, k Co., Lansing.
Celebrated Female Pill.
IjRKPAKrlD from a preeription ol Sr Jame Clarke,
il. !., Physician Extraordinary to the Vueen. This
invaluable Medicine ia unfailing in the cure of ail thoe
painful and dangerou diaeaea incident to the female
It moderates all eicesa, remove ail ob-tructiib, and
brings on the monthly period with regularity. Thee
Pills should be ued two or three weeks previous to con
finement; they fortify the constitution, and leen the
suffrricR during labor, enabling the mother to perform
her duties with safety to herself and child.
Thng filU tSimld wit he takm hy f'imtUi during tr
FIRST TliRKE MOXTHSof prnamy, as tAe, are sure
to bring an Miscarriage, but at any cih-r time th-u art
In all eases of Nervous and ?ina1 Affections, pain in
the Back and Loins, Heaviness, Kat'gue on Slight liter
tion, PalpiUtiooof tbe Heart, Lowness of Spirits, Hys
terics, Sick Headache. Whites. and all the painful d ineaHes
occasioned by a disordered system, these Pills will effect
euro when all other means have failed, and although a
powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, antiinonv.
or any other mineral.
V1I A. i .vi. pKur. liK-e.lu
the United States aod Canada. One Dollar.
Sole Agent for the I nited States and Canada
JOB MIKE'S (Ute I. C Baldwin A Co.,)
Rochester. N. V.
N. U. Ooe Ikdlar and 6 postage stamps enclosed toany
authorited Agent, willensurea bottle, containing.!) pills,
oy return mail
For aale by R. TaaTta, iAnsing. ISOyI
CTTT Cikrk's (trrire,
Lansing, September S, ISotl I
State or Michiuav,
uiyoi Lausmg,
To William Iliomao, John Tliomu, Geo. W. l eek, D V.
Bell, A. t Wel er, E. K Memticid, Loiiyear A l'srt,
John A. Kerr, Daniel Jobo'n, S R Wilcox. A. W. Wii
bams, Wlutney Jones, A. M KoUe, S. Bender, Burr A
Grove, II Earl.W. F. lav.s,S K Greene, S K. (iieeiie,
Ageat, T. N Henderson, Wm Woodhou-, A. B
Payne, Mrs. T. W. Brownell. P. C Ayrei, A Miattuek.
R. Gordon, Mrs. Baldein, J. Haywood, K. Hwmer,
Theo. Hunter, and all ether pers n interested in the
following described property, iu the City of Laiis.n f :
All that portion of the Third Ward of aid cty contained
in blocks, lots an l parcels of Ian J, as ioiiows. vn : I! o-k.
lit, 156, 16, 157, 16S, 159, loO, lt9, K0, 171, 17J, 17 J,
174, 17, 176, 177, 17S, IS7, 1SS, 1S3 ; alio, land,, n u resi
dent, being parts cf tbe northwest f. e mial quarter f
section VI, and laying dnertly --ura ol bl ck IX, and
eaatof block lS'J, aud north ct lands owned by Geo. W
Peck, and bounded east by Grand Kver, ct utmo.ii tluee
acres of land ; mW lau 's bcioniog t Gt-. W. lvck, as
follows, vii : part of tne no'tawet rrac?n nil quarter of
section 21, bounded north by lands of C. P. Hush, De
ceased, east by Grant Kiver, soulu by lands of J. hn
Thomas, and wet by the eai-t hue i t' 1'owiiseiid .treet.
containing three acres of land ; a!o, I.nds owned by
Joba Thomas, bounded as follows : north by lands owned
by Geo W. Peck, east bv Grand River, south bv mill res-
erration, west by lands of Wra 11 umau, beinx part of tbe
northwest fractional quarter of section 11, and containing
two and 97 lCu:h acres ct land ; a n, lands of W in H u
man, being part of the uorthwe.t fiactional quarter of
ection .1, and Doondel as t.liows ; n rib or ru oert
atieet, east by lan is of Geo. W Peck and J-hn Thomas
south by mill reservat on, an I et r-v iau is o! A i
weller, containing io and 66 tooths acre j of land; al-o,
lands known aa Is mis reserved f r hydraulte purposes,
belong ng to John Thomas, Geo W. i'erk and William
liioman, hounded as follow- : nith bv l.n-ls rwned bv
Perk, Weller, H uman an I lb mias, sutti and east by
Graud River, containing hre acres t .and.
lou are hereby notitn-1 that ase-ments are about to
ba made upon you to defray the ex.ei of roui iLg
Main stieet and bujun ay ea-t f naloal street : tut a
aement rolls have been made therefor, wh eh are oa tie
ia the office of fie City Clerk, where 'hey mil remain open
to your inspection until the Htu day tf October, lji,
at 7 o'clock P M., when and where you may a; pear before
tbe Common I unci! of said ci'v and sbowcauce,i anv
there be, why the ssid assesnieDt should n t i made
and collected according to law.
Bv order tf the Common Council,
2332 GE'I A. ARM3TrOXU.CitvCWk
Crrr Clekx'3 Ovtict,
Lsnsing September 13, lSS1. J
SiaTi or MirfflGAS,
City ol Lansing,
To Pbilo C Ayers, A. R. Burr, Wax. II. Clispmxn, I "eon
Edgar, Joba I. hot t. Charles rot, S IL Oreen, Myron
Wreen, D. B. Hibbard, IL Ingersidl. Wbitcoy J n-s, S.
Lansing, W. G. Warrea, A. W . Will ami, an t all others
Interested in tbe following described property in the
City of Laninf , to wit :
One half of b'ock 1C9, lot 7, 8 and 9, 6, 5 and 4 ; block
135, lot 12, 11, 10, 1, 2 anl 3; block lot. Ivs 10.11. 12,
1, 2. 1 ; block 13 ', lots 1, 2. 4, 4 : block 1C3. lots 1,2;
block 132. lots 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 ; block 1C1, tors 7, , 5.
You are hereby notified that a--e-s-men; we about to
be made upon yon to defray tbe expense of gralirg Kal
aoatw street, from Washington Avenue to the east line
of River street; tbat assessment lo ls have been made
ia tba premises, which are on ale in the cilice of the City
Clerk, where tbey will rerca'n t en to your :ca; ection on
til Friday, tbo 14th dy i.f cctober, at 7 o'clock
P. It-, when and where yon may appear before the Com
aaoa Council of said city and show cause, if anv there be,
why the said assessment should not be made and collected
eaording to law.
y order of tbe Common Council,
Sw234 GEO. A. ARMSTRONG, City Clerk.
Crrr Cuas Omn,
Lansing, SeiemDer 8, j
Sttt or Micmoa,
C.ty of Leasing, J
To Aust.n A my, J. C. BaiVr, CLapmx-. Charles
Vox, H.Uiaid, Raius iimer, M.C.ure.Csi
W. resk, Knor, Wm 5W..I,J W Thomxs, A
C Winter, A. F Weiler, A. W. WdUams, Isaac lowo
sead, and all other peraoce interested in tue following
desTribed property, to wit : j
Blocks 161, 1:2, 163, lot, 165, 166, 167, 16$, 173, 10, 1
1J, 1S3, 114, 1?5, 1, Idu, m, ru, ; also the lauds !
of Augustus F Meiier, eommenc ng at ttie ake tbul; i
four and 4W HO.hs rotls west of the west 1 oe ot losn-e-iit '
street, on tbe south line of Robert street, theure eeveuty- j
e ght rods to Grand Hirer, thence wc.t eloug .a d ririr I
tiiirty three and 57 lOOins rues, thence north Mrveuty two i
and 1 lUOibs rovis to Robert stieet, thence et a uu-'
sata Lne ol aa.d street to tbe place ol beg.tin:i g, con '.a u
ing a.xteen and 31U0ihs acres of Uni.in e.-t.ou iil,
town 4 north, range 2 west ; aU the Uaj of G W
Peck, as follows : part of tbe north we-t fractional qaar
ter of section XI, bounded north by Robert street, ea-t iy
lands of A F. Waller, south by Grand P-ver, and wrst t jr
the east Lne of section 21, cuntamog s x e-i. aces i
land; a'.ao, tbe lan.lnof Uaae Townseni, as foi. , t.i
tto ca.t tractional half of (eetiou vu, except e evru kcirs
off tte southeast comer of the n rti.eat quarter -f arc
tion .0, ctu'.ainuig 157 an 1 il- luo;bs acre, ol laud ; a.
eleven acres uatii aouiheast coim r vf the nortLcast
quarter of section 20 ; aisj,non-rea Cent !an-s,asfo.U.ws-the
east half of the a-jutheast quarter of ecti. n IT, ani
the west half kf tbe aoutL'ast quarter of re:t.on i7.
Yuu ate hereby niUBel that asiw.sxenu are aciout to
be made upon you to defray the ex;cnsOi of ropa rii
Maji s'reet, west of Wa.nut sue ft ; that as.e..nteiit
ro Is Lave been made out in the premises, which are i n
h e in the irtiee of the City Clerk, where they wilt
remain op-u t j your m.pection unul the Hih day of Oc
tober, Iti'., wl.ru and woere yon may ar pear before the
Couiuiou Jouo:il, in tte Council Room ot said Citv.knd
show cause, .f any there be, why the said assuuient
shouM not be made and collected accord ng to law.
i.y tiner o: the mm' n Louncil,
23i GtU A ARM--TPJING, City Cerk.
BETWEEN the Lansing House and the Episco
pal Church, on Stndar, October 2d. 1-iSSJ. a
lady's large White Lava Breastpin. The fiiidcr
ill be liberally rewarded by leaving it with Smith
Hunter, at the State Treasurer's office. 1 1 m
I WOULD call the attention of tbe public to
toy New Spring, patented Spt. 159,
and which, iu the words of the pateiit "mar be
used for bed springs, for chairs, lounges, bug
gies, carriages, or for for any other jurpoxe$
vchere tprinyt tan 1 employed."
lown, Count r and Mate rights for tale or in
exchange for other good property.
S. P. XEWBRO, Patentee.
Lansing, Mich., Oct. 2d, 1859.
I have eiiuniiicd Aid. S. I). Xewbro's Serin?.
for which as yet there is no tignificant name,
tbere being i.o spring described in the Science
of Mechanic! similar to it. It is substantial, du
rable, and as elastic, if not more so, than ordin
ary eliplic carriage spings, and possesses advan
tages hich no other spring possesses.
3in2a2 Practical Jlaehinint.
Omci or tub accrraKT Stste, I
1j.vs:.o, October vd, IteJ. y
N'OTlOg H IlfcHKBY GIVEN, that putauant to the pro
visions d Act Ns. 13 of 1851, separate sealed !1o
posals will be rece red at this Uie unt I Thursdav. th-
26th day of November next, fjr do ng the Printiot; and
ts.ndmg lor tbe Mate, and furnishing i uel and iationrv
for tne term ot two years from the first day of January
next, in the manner fallowing, to wit :
Bid So. 1. 1-irst ror liin:iOK tbe 1-awt.Jonrna's aod
Itocuments, and all other Printing ordered by the Legisia
ture, to be performed ia atjle, manner, and in all resoee's
equal, .to the priotmc of a hke character, done for the
Mate in the year 1?17. The whole work to be done with
promptness, and tbe laws to be pr.n'ed aud deiiveied to
tbe b nuer witU'O forty day after the close of each ses
sion of the Legislature
second ror rnntiug B anks and Circulars for the I x-
ecutive departmeu's. Tbe above to be mc'uded in i ue
bid, and tbe flist to be estimated per thousand ems, au 1
the second par ream of paper, whether printed ou one or
both sides.
B.d No. 2. Find For Budicg the Laws, Journals and
Documents, to be done in every respect equal to that ot
tbe laws, j lurnala and documents of tbe year IS 47, to be
e-t mated per copy.
iseeon ror If j ni and Tressmg tbe heets, to be esti
mated per hundred s guatures, aod for Folding and Milch
ing fauipLlels and B.I s, to be estimated i er en hun tied
laird For Ruling anl Piess'ng Blanks, to be e-tliu.ilcd
per ream, whether rule I on one or both s des.
fourth ror Binding Blank Bxks for the Kieeuti-erartUH-n's,
arid the manuscript laws aud 'ournals, 10
be estimated er quire. The price to be stated f r ol
umes lull tMiuu I and half bound. The whole work to be
dooe promptly, aud the session laws to be b mod, and
deliteied at this office, within thirty days af'er lecciviuj
tbe sheets from the printer. The woik embraced in the
ah ve bids to be done at the sat of government.
IU1 No. 3. For furuish.ng 200 reams of Printing Tarer,
21 by 30 inches, 40 lb to tbe ream, with good naish, and
x-pe p'opoition ot wtii'e a'-ck. tain pies ma be seen
at this office. To be delivered at Ijnsiog 100 reams in
October, I860, and 100 rean in October, 1V1. Tbe
qTiannty to be increased at the option f tbe Board of
Mate Auditors.
Bid No 4 For funnelling for the Fxecutive denart
ments Hinting aud rit -Office Paper. ALso, loiter.
Kul d and I'iain Cap, riat Cap, folio I'o.t, Crown, lie my
and Medium, also,Ss-almg Wax, Farmer's pencils, Siainje t,
eit Sealing an l I'iain rnvi-ioi.es, Waters, r. K J Aru ld s
Chemical Wnt.ng Fluid, Meet Pens, Ivory Folders asm-
pies to accompany lne bid lne quantity to be uicreansd
at tbe option of tbe Board of State Auditors.
H d -o 5. ror furnishing 40t cords good sound Uly
Wood maple, beech anl hickory to be delivered either
at the Capiiol or Stale Offices, as the Bwrd of Auditors
may diiect. Fifty cords to be delivered bv the first d:tv
cf January, IHrio ; 150 cords to be deiiveied by the first
day of March, l! 0 ; 50 cords to be delivered by the Hi -t
if January, 161 ; and 150 cords to be delivered by the
lotn day ofrebruarv, lSbl. lbenuantitv to be rner--a sed
at the option of the Board of State Auditors.
two or more responsible suteties w.ll be requuel for the
performance of each contract, and in cases whe-e the
espons.bility of the individual offered as sute vis nm
known to the membersof the Board, th certiftcat.- f h
Circuit Judge iu whose disti ict he resides, .f h' te.p .ns:
Oil ty, will be lequired N. ,. ISUKl.I..
ts 2i. Secreta-y of Mate.
J Selling all kinds of Goods at their honest,
cah, market value, at Uniform Pricps.
Reeived in eaeh Department.
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
(Room on Stcond Floor.)
Bonnets and 3Iillinery Goods
Cloths, Cassimeres and Veslins,
(Carptt Hall on Second Floor.)
Carpets. Oil Cloths.
Taper Hanging, Window Shades an i Fixtures.
It will be the object of the proprietor to keep
at all timet a stock of Goods, that in extent and
attractiveness shall not be excelled, and to offer
tnem at turn pneet as shaa secure the Cash
Trade of both city and countrv. Old customers
new customers, citizens and strancers. are re
spectfully invited to look through our Xewlr
Arranged and Newly Christened Institution, and
to patronize to the full extent of their p'-easure.
Lahsiso, Oct. 1st, 1859.
Are now receiving
Their Fall Stock!
Thau ever before !
Than ever before !
All kinds of Produce
Lansing, Oct. 1st, 1S59.
Are now opening, at the Old Stand, on
Wn lii net 011 Avenue, Laming
Fall and Winter Goods.
Comprising a complete assortment of
nuuiS AU ouono,
Secured with care, and laid in at luv rates, which
they oner for tale at at reasonable prices as
Goods of the like quality, can be bought
at any establishment alcg the
line of tbe ,.4ka,
Ainloii, Lansing and Tracers Baa Railroad.
This Stock has been selected with reference to
the wants of b th
And will be sold at a small advance upon cost
and tranrportatio n, for
D j&l tS 3HE
Or Approved Credit.
The Old Customers of the Old firm, are es
pecially invited to CALL, EX A31INE AND BUT
To the Citizens of Laos:ng, and Farmer :ln the
vicinity, generally, we pledge ourselves to i ell at
as low rates, and on as favorable terms, at ca n be
obtained anvwhere, and solicit & abare of their
Lansing, September 26, 1859.
Commissioner. Notice.
VVTE. the undersigned, having been appointe i
v ? by the Judse of Probate of the count "
ot Ingham, commissioners to examine and adjust,
all claims asainst the estate of Hiram Cransoa,
deceased, notice is therefore herebv given that
in pursuance of tb e said order, we will meet at
tne nouse or Joh a Sherman, in the town of On
ondaga, for the purpose of adjusting claims I
against the esu.te of the 6aid deceased on Sat
urday the 5th dav of November, A. D. 185', at
nine o'clock i M., and on S. ittsrday the 2Sth
day of Janut ry, A. D. 1 S60, r,t nine" o'clock A.
M., and six months from the 15 ih day of August,
A. D. 1359 , being the time limited' for the pre
sentation c f said claims, notice it also hereby
given that 2 claims on taid est ate not presented
within s d time wlill be barre d, under the etat-
4w2' 2 Commissioners.
A i be found consuntly on hand for tale, at
ilL. the residence of the en .bscriber. Some of
the latest publications and tt andard works of the
den ominauon. C. W. KN ICKERBACKEK.
Lansing, July IS, 1S5. Slim
bs bes'tn- in estabiishe fact, a ttan iari Mei -
due, ka iwn and if n
r 1 by all that hare ud
with eonSdence in all the
1 ee Jiniuen .V a
witnin tuc last two year,
hopes of relief, as the
certificate in my posses
It.aal is n re-rtelt l
d.sea-- f.ir which it is
it baruredthu-aa?
ho hl gvo up all
aumeiou. uuwl.citel
n .how.
The d Blast be
.ot of h- ml viJual
-h qusu'ijet as to act
lt tt.e lictatr.of mur
adapted to the tempera
takuig it, anl u-d in
feu-.y on the Bo.e'.s.
ju'igtneat guide jou in
IVViGoRAToR, and it
Biri'AL cuenVEESi,
CH Jl.ER k MuRBl's,
Fl. ATl'IJCVCE, jacx-NtSSr-"',
ant mav be
Tdarjf fimu) Utii
JlKAl'ALili!.. (aa thous
tninutes, if two or th ee
at commrncemeat of at
ing their testimony in its
the use of t: 1 IV FR
ill eure LIVtK M-
TaCK'. liYifKISI a.
1'MKr.H 0M 'I IST-,
SolR .-InU(M, HA
CHotJ-Jtt IVf'AVrCM,
I 'I' F, ILMALE Wi.ik-u-ed
siicre.sfaliv as an
e It wdl cure SICK
nlicia te.tilr,) in -. i
teaspoonf j.ls are taken
All who use it are W-
lavnr "
star M.i Water in the Mouth with the Iuvigorator.
an t swallow bth toif.-th-r.
Price S 1 0U per Rjtt.
Pure Vepeta'-le Extract, and put up in Glat$
l ate, iir li'i'it, ana nil keep ia any climate.
T4ARTIC rlLI. is a g-n
which the proprietor nas
than tweu'v years,
ing d-tnaai from those
I UX4, aud the satisf.e
regard to the.r , has
thmi within the teach
know that different Ca
portions i f ilt,. rxiw.-ls.
THaRHC PUJ.sl, has,
this wellestabli.hel fact
varie y ot the pureat
which act alike on every
eaual, and are 'd an 1
Catbart c is neeje t, such
Stomach, Sleepiness,
Lo us, Cotiveues., Paul
whole b-xty, from udden
if neglected, end in a
Is of Appetite, a
Cold over th" Ikk! v. hest
we'aht in the hed, ail
tie. but active Cathartic,
ued in bis ti'arii-e mre
Theconstautlt increas
who have long u-s'tthe
tiou which all express in
induce 1 me t place
of a I
The Prfe!.'ou well
thartics act on ditfert-nt
with due re'erence to
ben couipouu lei f.om a
egetable fcxt'acts.
pari of the alimentary
saf in all cases where a
as Derangements of the
Pains in lie iia.k and
and Soreness over the
cold, which frequently.
lour eoiir if revr.
Creeping Snsaton d
essne, Head.iche, or
InfiammlUiry thxitti, W.inut in CAoVfivn or A Jul:,
lihrumaHtm . a great I anficeof the lilnr.l. and manv
di-ese t which rtsU i li-ir. too numerous to mentiuu
in this advertisement. !' e, 1 to 11.
t-The Liver Iovi; .irator an 1 Fam-'y Ca'liaitie Pills
are retailed by ITuftrisrs feneral y. and tld wbolele by
the Trarie in all the large I wns
S. T. W. SAN FORD, M. D.,
Msnutsctorer aud Proprietor,
1?J7 M15 B-oawav. N-w York
isting between tbe subscribers, under th
name of John Tho.na Si Co., is this day di-iil-ved
by mutual consent.
The unsettled accounts of the late firm will be
adjusted by A. F. Weiler, with whom the books
of account, uous and claims of the came, hare
been left, for settlement and collection, and to
whom all debts due them must be paid. Dated
Lansing, August 17, ISM.
ted by John Thomas k Co., will hereafter
be carried on bv the subscribers, at the olJ
etand, under the name of Peck k Merrificld.
Dated Lanting, Augur 17. 1 S .'.. 2'jr.mU
THIS beautiful Nursery is situated ia the citv
Junt South of the Cclar Jihjr,
And is UNEQUALLED by any stock of trees
Ea-t or West. It lias been raised here, with
especial reference to tin wants of the fruit
ferowers and farmers of Michigan, and consists
of hardy varieties, adapted to this climate, graft
ed from bearing trees, and is now in thritty and
fine condition tor transplanting.
All those desirous of planting orchard, will
find it to their advantage to purchase trees at
this Xurery, instead ol" from Eastern specula
tors with whom they are unacquainted, as the
To be the varieties named by thcm.-will tell low,
and take all kinds of farm produce at cash pri
ces in exchange for trees, and give a liberal
credit to responsible purchasers, if desired.
The follow ing is a brief list of prices :
Apple trees, 10 to 20 cents each.
Cherry " 25 to 35 "
Tluni " SO to 40
Pear " 50 cents each.
Strawberries, $ 1 per loo.
Currants, 1 50 per doz.
Scions, fl 25 per looo.
We have also a quantity of evergreens and
Lansing, August 23, lr'.. 22r5w8
To Contractors.
J 0TICE is hereby given that the Comutission-
11 ers of the Newavco L Northnort State Road
ill be upon the ground on Tuesday, the 1 Sth
daw of October next, to receive bids for build
ing that portion of the road south of Newaygo,
commencing at, or ncur the corner of Kent
County, thence along the line heretofore survey
ed by said Commissioners to the Muskegan River
Distance, about ten miles.
Said road, to be cut out six rods wide upon all
unimproved lands, and where the same is settled
and improved, lour rods wide. The entire
length of said road, to be cleared of all fallen,
or standing timber &c, four rods wide, and two
of the same, to be well grubbed of all stumps
and roots, and turnpiked, with good and sufficient
ditches to carrv oft" all surface water. Center of
road to be raised not less than two feet above
the surface of said ditches, where the nature of
tbe ground is such as to require it. Where Slui
ces may be neceseary, to be built in a good and
substantial manner, of sound hewn timber.
Upon Swampy, Marshy, or wet ground, said
road must be constructed with timber, uot less
than Eighteen feet wide. Said timber to be
hewn, or flattened on one side to form the sur
face of the road, and the sides sufficiently
straightened to form close and compact work ;
the whole, to be spotted down upon good and
substantial Stringers, so as to form s smooth, and
level surface.
The above work will be Ict in sections of one
mile or more, to suit bidders. No bids will be
considered, for less than one mile.
Payment for the above work will be made in
money or Swamp Lands, at tbe option of Con
tractor, subject to all the proviion, and condi
tions of an Act, entitled an act of the Legisla
ture tf the State of Michigan for the drainage
and reclamation of the Sute Swamp Lands by
a svstem of State Road, approved Febusrv 1
5w230 Csmiiionrr.
"DEING deterniined to close up the map bui-
lJ nes in this county, all persons indebted to
us either by subscription, note or account, will
do well to ca'l at the map ofEce in tLis city and
settle the same i tnmeiiau;.y. Those subscribers
to whom mart have been onered will be treated
in the same manner as tnougn tbey had actual
ly received their maps.
Ut.lL, UAULtl, X 21 hllU
Lansine. Sept. 17th. 1S59. lm2S0.
n i i l i i f.
AM PREPARED t furnish n.iterials, arid
build Houses, or anything pertaining to the
Builling business on short notice, ar.d on the
most favorable terms,
Lumber, rough or dressed, and doors. Tine or
White wood, for sale low. C. C. DODGE.
Lansing. September 20, 1859. 196
'ANS, Fans, at the
Aa ex;.-ieecej .Vurse and IV a al Phys e an. presents to
tLe attecitioa of mother., Le."
For Children Teething,
which greatly factl.tates tbe process if teeth. oe. by sot
ecsf tbe gums, teduciog al inrixmuutmn wutal.ay AlX
PAiN anl spaarrcslic actuju, and :s
Depend ujsn ir, mthe-s, it will g-rere-t t j..tit-'.e,
and Kdtef an l Il-a'jk U yr Im:s.
We have put up and oid tuis arl.e e for over ten jears,
anl can say. in coaaieoce anl truth r( tt. wht we have
never ten able to ay
f anv other W twi ned cue,
Xnvw Bs -aaw. irFaiiw. m
Errici a at-wrBBBm IKK, when
tunely u-ed UUl III.ll Ne.rrdidae
kuow aa in aw-aaa'a-n .lanceofdi.
action a. a . r- arv one
woo used it. ni thv con
trary, all are tV. ghted w i'b its o;ra'i t,s. an t is-ak in
erms ol bigtiest eomrn-n 1at.cn ot rs Oiscrcal efV.-ta and
med.cal virtues. We speak in this mat .er " svA.it re tio
tnoav," a'.u-r ten year.' eijsf r-nce, and p'ed-e our repu
tation for the fa.&ilmeut ot what we here declare. In al
most every mttance where tbe inlant i- sutler ng ir m
paio aodexhaus'.iwu, reliet w.ll befouu 1 in li'tn-im twenty
minutes after Iks svrap m adiuici-tere I.
This va liable prrnaraliou is lli- orescrlnt ""'il of ouecf
the most Lxis-rieoeed and ?k;l:tj! Norses in New Fn,:!an !.
and has been u-ed with never failing success 19
It uot only relieves the eh.l 1 trcm ia,u. but tnt rau-s
the s omacti and b- wrls, c rtr-cts aciditv, an t ivrs tone
and energy to the w hole .y.teni. 1: anl oui.-t instaotiy
v u Isions,
not ue.:i-
died.eud in
i II 1 Ia R R l:
lies' h We
lb- best
f.lv 111 t' e
belie e it
TEETH I. la'.
sure-t rem
world.in ail
SKstKKV au 1 DuUKihKi in Childn 11,
tietl.ee it are-e tioiu
Me w u!d V to
in; from auy ol the
r prejtldics, u r the
our snit. rmr eli U
teetniug, or from auy other caii-.
erv mother who has a ch.ld utVi
foieg.miii complaiuta not V you
prejudices f other-, s'and between
at.d the relief II. at wi t be .-I KK es, Ali-sil.l'll l.V
'RE to follow Hie of this m-d.c nr. it t mt ! uel.
FuU direc'.mis for us ng w in aeeoinosny ech Nt le
s.. ne genuio-, uule-a I lie facsimile ollliills 1'fK
KISS. New Vo-k, is en the outside ia per.
Ssild by Druis-s th-nujh o,t the w ill V-5
Price only Cents per ltotlle.
KICIIIT iiaii:?i
Worn hy Kings or Kmperors.
Whatf Wh v, a lirautihf ll, l of llur.
BECAUSE it is the .:iUmo:,t G.d Hi.nklf
provided for all tur raee. Reader, al
though the rose may bloom ever so brightly iu
the glowing cheek, the lx ever so sparkling,
the teeth be thosv f pi-:iiis if the head is be
reft of in covering, or I he hair ! Mint It J and
shriveled, harsh and Jri, or wor Mill, if
sprinkled with srr.iv, nature will Iwe more than
half her charm. Prof. Woi ii il.tir Restora
tive, if uso-d two or three tinira a week, will re
More ami permanently ceiire to a'u t-uch an or
nament. Read tin- following, and jud;'. The
writer of the first is the eel hraU-d Pianist,
Thalberg :
New York, April 185.
Vr. Htxx..- Ifar Slrt Permit mc to ex
press to you the obligations I am under for the
entire restoration of hit Loir toils original color.
About the time of my arrival in tie United
States it was rapidly bei'omi.'ig gray, but upon
the application of your " Hair K.-Morative,' it
soon recovered its original hue. I consider
your Restorative as a very woti-lerfid invention,
quite efficacious as well as agreeable.
I am, dear sir, vours trttlv,
s rii i.j:r.n;
lnyh a'l '. ;' t.' j
WeWl XetsSliaiMT Mi;.v, 1 .1 -siot t )
April J. lV-S. f
Vrj. f '... II ot :' r Sir, Senile month
or rix weeks ago 1 received a bottle of your
Hair Restorative and gave il my wife, who con
cluded to try it on her hair little thinking at the
time that it would rotore the -rjy hair to its
original color, but to Iter, as well as my sui prise,
alter a few aetLV trial, il has performed that
wonderful ellVet by turning all the gray hairs to
a dark brown, at th s.nue time beautifying and
thickening the hair. I rdrongly recommend the
above Restorative to al! Lcl sons in want of such
a change of their ban.
New Vwk, Jly 2 5, l?.
Prf. . J. IIW: With coiinleiiev do I
recommend your Hair Restorative, a l.eing the
most ellieacious article I ever saw Since using
your Hair Restorative, my hair and whisker,
which were almost white, have gradually grown
dark ; ami I now feel confident that a few more
applications will restore them to their natural
color. It also has relieved me of nil dandruff
and unpleasant itching, so common among per-
eoe. who perspire Ireelv.
Prf. Wood: A!out two years ago my hair
commenced falling oil' and turning gray; J was
fast becoming bald, aud had tried many rente
dies to no effect. I commenced using your Re
storative in January last. A few applications
fastened my hair firmly. It began to fill up,
grow out, and turned back to iti former color.
( black, i At this lime it is fullv restored to its
original color, health, and appearance, and I
cheerlullv recommend its use to a I
ctiieago. 111., May 1, 157.
The Restorative is put up in bottles of three
sizes, viz: Urge, medium, and small; the small
holds one-ha!f a pint, and retails for otic dollar
per bottle; the medium holds at least twenty
per cent, more in proportion than the small, and
retails for two dollars per bottle; the large holds
a quart, 40 per cent, more i:i proportion, and
retail lor f 3.
0. J. WOOD k CO., rroptklors, 312 Broad
way, New Yoik, (in the reat N. Y. Wire Rail
ing Establishment,) and lit Market street, St
Louis, Mo., and sold by all goo l Drugelsrs and
JancT Goods Dealers. 22'm3
ILSi wsf "-Li.
RATn has ju-t received a large and aell
l). selet
cted aesortwent f Jewelry, at Ini
One door South of Corvell k Jerisor , consisting
of all the latet styles oT
Jewely,Go!d & Silver Vatches,&c.
ILtviny: purcli:is;d mv .Sfock en-
tirefy in the Eastern market, and for Cash, I nat
ter myself that I can sell Genuine Jewelry as
cheap as establishment west of the city of
New lork. 1 deal m none but th.;
Choicest Varieties and mot Approved Style!
Having had a long experience in the business.
I am thus enabled to purchi-c the centim ar
ticle, and consequently nore other are offered at
my counter. Knowing that I can s.-!i a btt.r
article fr a Iea priee than any other establish
ment in the city of Lansing,! invite all who wish
to invent in my line, to give me a ca'l before f.ur
chasirg elsewhere. Riun.tl.er ! D. F. RATH,
one door South cf Coryell & Joni-on, Washing
ton Aver.'?, City of Lanvng.
I keep a first claas workman, and one who can
not bo teaten at watcn repairing ov anv worn-
rr.an in the country. His work is warranted to
bo superior to that of any other eror cmploved
in Lansine. XT Watchea and C!rks repaired
and Warranted. If. W. ICAXII,
Cify tf Lansing, May 15, 1""51.
Lansing City Foundry!
VT Iron Saw-Gearinza, Wood Sawg, Building
Irons of the mos:
Improved Psitteni,
Made to order on short notice. Also Plows,
Cultivators, and all kinds of
On hand or made to order. Engities and Thresh
ing Machines repaired on short notice.
f-y All work warranted charges moderate.
ly212 JOHN T00KER.
Take them and Live!
ZT 'i;lect them and Die.
Hatuucx'a r-rcaa Cos ran Ilixa
ai ku mvxsiotuxmmj IXaSTxas.
twksl These uaurp.d reme
dies have, by cotamoa eoaaeat e4
auaukiad, bee a placed at the head
of all similar preparation. Mer
rick's Vegetable t i.U, id universal
vnmfacn, safety aad certainty in
the cure of tbe various dasewsve of
nan, excel all o bet, and their
aa unquestionably treble that
of all oihsr kods la full doeea
thev are actire Calbart, in
mailer dwea 2dv, and cjeasaiaa'
n all lb lieus Csaiplauta, twek
Meadaclie, Liver IWa-ew. Kidney
vrasgemeiits, teasarh I'isor
lrs, and Skin AftertHsia, tbey
ure as if by wvj -v. ii.esa
Alls are putrly treUiiie, raa ts
akea at any time ry eld er
ithout Chance m enip eywient oe
L if-nvj is a ir-a-a niH?ioitio
Ubra piop'i-y a-i, but whea
s-nns-uuoed iu a IV.' f. r uuireral
je. U lf - V. tn-f f i t beriefis-
in toe ra-itnt. lbrnca's Su;ar loale.t fi;l. have oevt
er bern U 'srsj to iTo.Iw.-e s. re nieutj ai d sctung j snts,
as rae x'irw others. Therefore. pius ia waatrl a
faro.iv nil. p easaut to Xi..ciU.o to cuie, aad used by
m. U'n. w.l cerUinly U k tor no other. loose I'.h. sre
rovere.1 W!th a r-ating of puie e!,i:e :igi . no taste of
Medicine about them, but are . r.. 1. tkkeu as b.la tf
c .nfret onerv. KAM'.LY 1WM S. Vi llAls S HUXKS,
tAi: itiiR.
ll-rrikS Kid Mrviitf Itieiiiuc
Ttiese rn.wned l".a-'-r cure pains. wrakneM aad die
tre.s, in ti e bark, aides and bieast, in bve Atti In
deed, x certain are they to da tin. tt at the IVop'ictnr
warrants tl.era Spts-a i'fnm res ns. la sani. and gums,
en bt-autilul Kid lther, reuders llreui sculiar y aJ.pt
e. 1 to the wants of tma'.et anl others kach ltater will
sear tr.ui on tiisxr months, and ia lUurostie com
paints, rprams and .-wcs. frequently rfleel cures,
wLi:-t a 1 other remedies fa.led. lull direction will be
f. .. I in the back of e-uh I'ubhc speaxer., v.alista,
ui'UisTorsof ttetvs(e an I others, will slreur'hea tl eir
tunes ant improve their elces bv wear ng fk oa the
f. ra.-i I'llli K Crr
Ir. t astle'a Mearnolla Calarrti HnatT.
lis. ot tained anentiabU reputation iu tie eure uf Ca
tarrh, L ss of Voce, Ikrafness, V atery aad tutlawed
l ies, aud those liag eeab.e noiss-a. resembling tle
w'hui na- ol .team, distaut w aterlalls, etc ; pu:e.y veget
al le, cornea with lull .tire.-tMWi., and deiia-htall that use
t. : at a snercne null it cannot be ou.usst I'K.Cfc &
Cr srs
Tl.e e eld e.tsblisliej IVwls-s, (o w.ll twmew st the
L..og .!and iVa-r Cw, X Y, ao 1 sd t ia imsnense
quautit:es through the M.1 He and (astern Wales toe tbe
past seven vears, coot oue to wxcel all other k oU ; in
diessm f .csr and t'o-'ie their excelLtiee I. ackwowl
eej ret vukerc Trie, contain nothing lajurwne, the
animal cau be worked while feeding them ; ample nre
go with each y-nAaor, ant od h"imsn ara lav it-
e-1 t tea- tririr virtue- and ju.'ge ol their jsleU
LA RoK I' ACK Ai.ES, 24 C:T-J
js)Tre above ariics ar wold by CT.OisJ a feat
thn.uicbout the l'nite.t Mate., Canada, and South Auiert
ca, at whol-sle b all large lruag'.t in the principa
cit.rs. HrBRIl K A BfUiTHkRs,
rerfwal IVmuU, A'lsiae, .V. T.
0- SoM at lans ng bv all .lea i rs ia Vied riues, aa 1 by
Drugg sts and count r VlerchanU eerv where.
k 11 PAI.Vi-W. tUn Ajmt.
Itt-.nl the Isiiupliletj.
'I 10' oalv real purifier i4" the b'.okl i
1 Weskiv leiriaesor Yolinif Cli.di
.1 in existence Koc
ea wtiowe tssrofa-
lous, it is maan
Ktery pe' kn wa tbat U hn a ooa
well." Now, ad this rofeses to 4
is pore h must be
s to
UYsi'. tsia.
mm toMr i-AiNT.
I'aix l.v 1UI Rain oh Sine
ri)H'l ' TliK FACtv
tu tl 41 'LA.
It le Warrantee!.
NO I-Utl
NO K'U H tTr: s0PA!
Of any km ) or iatu'e ia It.
aar'o newspaper puffs or fcutem. name. I I very
lrr-n from wl.nin a cert bca'e :a ytveu tUeir names and
numbe rs an. out. .i-lil Auy ersm can aCdreae ttlem
by nisil n 1 a'ify tr.eniselves t
A y n n wnotres 'be syrup w.ll a a aiscover ita
jusi'tit".. sn.t resjtt:n ent it h g'y ! is only just iwt'o
Oicet, sril i n a :n g:e cs-e hiitfi'kd)rt Meak
rsj'O. niy 1K1 11. ni you wm am reerei lis ei
i -onie ieo. e one l-.tt'e p o'.ice. niaitical result;
i h otriei, it re quires We o- s-s Isittle.
;--(..oii..j ti la-pot, No. M tVah ngton Aveoue, Al
ataTTRY Cl.W.K'.S SYRfl', the ereat H v4 I'uilner,
for hilts an l lever.
faT Ti'.Y " LACK S syttCP, the great n o. ruriSer.
for t'yspeps'a.
Atg-TltY CI.tRK' SYRl'l', tor any fVlieate I'ems'e
Atjr THY CLtl'.K'S SYRUP for icrorula. Jauolice, Ac.
auy blood tlt-ea-e.
ai-( I.A!UC'S SYlll r, in all row it Oetual lucapar
itv, or diseases of the Spine and ki.toeys is sn;iral
Iry it
aaVCLAF.K. A SVRCP, chafgea the who e eoaditt m "t
the 1.1. ol, an l ktU tha pulsus wUi' b feed the Ore of
d wase .
4n.AliK'S SY'HIV is all vegetable aa. 1 no mineral
an 1 tbat is what the human bl.xl nee.ta.
a CLARK'S SYRUI' ft Sue Throat t at eaL
tarCLAUK'S SYKUPfor weakly, delica-e lemalea, or
sick:), puny Children, a sure
Atarn.AKK S SYRUP is all Ihrota aad no Minerals;
$ioo wdi be riven f.ir any gram lound la It.
aj CLaKK'H .YHUP cures any weakness la Females,
or sc.ofulous t 111! Ireo, magically.
aV0. ARK'S sYKt'P This wondeifjl prepsratma ie
woiain woiolrrs al over the w,rfl, and fur Liver,
U'nuitia or S.'ropula CniplsmU, aud lemalw Weakoe-eea,
(eneral I-bil.ty, it at perfectjv magieal I'ut up la
quart bottle., aod I. like wuia to drink
0- lor eaiv iu ljumbt by I. IL A IL I. Bartholo
mew. 2i:-lw
Corvell & Jcnison
ARE now receiving direct from New York,
Boston, and Phi'adelphia, one of the largest
stocks of
m m j'jk
Groceries, Boot, Shoes, Crockery and Hard
ware, ever before offered in this city, to which
they invite the attention of all concerned.
Knowing that mmey i the great lexer of h a
man act ohm, and that psHiple think more of their
"dimea" than they do of anything i-lse, and that
the great absorbing question is, "Where can I
trade the cheapest, and thereby save the roost
money ." we answer iu as few words as possible,
that this i
Where you can invest your money and obtain
fnorc (jo'rln f,r a dollar than at any other Store
in town. We have adopted the ready pay ays
stem, and we are determined to make it an ob
j ct for ALL who wish to pay down for their
goods to trade with us. A difference of at least
twenty-five per cent, (in favor of our customers)
will read'.ly b see-n, between our prices and
those who trust. We mean what we asr, and
will SAti-ify all who call on us, that it is a Fact.
We particularly invito the Ladies to examine our
stock of beautiful
Silks, Gloves, Shawls,
('bailies, Gauntletts, Skirts,
DeLaine, Mitts, Embroideries,
Cashmere., Hosiery, Linena,
Merino's, Trimmings, Undersleeves,
Muslin, Ribbons, Collars,
Ginghams, Parasols, Cottons,
Cambrics, Hoops, Prints,
Andcwda and stacks of other goods, too numer
ous to mention.
To the Gentlemen re would merely tav that
we arc doing some in the clothing line, and pro
pose to clothe a man all over in a shape and style
that his shadow aou't be a' taid tofyllow him.aud
To the World at la arse
We eay give us a call and satisfy yourselves that
there is one 'tore in town w here you can get the
bet of goods at astouehing low prices, as we are
determined to sell goods cheaper that they were
ever bef re sold in this ma'ket. No rrumblinz,
or charges ma le for showing good.
Store in the Holmes k right block, one door
outh of Burr k Grove.
Lsnsinz, Mty 10, '59.
Viz : Diarrhea and Chclera Morbus, and
Flatulent and Spasmodic Cholica.
I"r:.THF. rNI-KH-IONt.il, tav- f. r s-ve al ye... pat,
W ad it F -ATF.'S AN-'.'iYNt OORAaL, and a-
:m thi I'.! have witoeed it. sa. alary e?'. ia ear
i tb f. wb-eh rt is i.w.t4rt,Vt : At CTE
m i tHiNIC i!Aojie.A and CH "LE-tA V'jittCi. ia
j'owj,r ia in xm ls d cur eu. om-rs, ao Lava
aisoseen ta .aeesful admimstrao. a ia c.sl of CH-L-
KRA INt A.NTVM. We ao, th-refure, coo fide, t y reoonv
n-ui it vu al th we wh' mxy be aCeted with In av. 4 s
irrssinz and dinro j compiats, a oleimg coe of tha
be-t meats t r rre-r cure cr rl er ;
W Brnrt' 1, Utiea,
T ii Hunt, Aubtra.
J UWhd, "-na tall.
L K l!ey A Co., eneva.
L ResMy. rena Yan.
f itcn t'llil aye, ryr.cuae.
J O.eo A Co , Detroit.
II. A OayLe-d, Cleveland
ti Villard, Asb'abala.
ti G. billet kliOfsviUe.
Carter A Bro., Lna
J J toot, iiamoton.
I. Parsons, WV.hM.
r. br at S.o. Fre-ls.n.
A P. Curtis, Attica.
W. Sever A Son, Betavia
J. ti. Barieer. Le
T B-sd e. Rmira.
A J Msttbews. BitTalo.
L. B Swan, Rochester.
N. B It is partien ar'y aef il to CHILTKEN io TEETH
ING, aa it a.iav tr-itauon, uvtaaes BKxera e perspira
tion. and produce ep
4aT Sold ft Imxvaan CivXEaLiT. Price 25 Cents
imZA C N TUTTLE, Ccweral Agent.
Tru Tn) w . rra m, m w
II n I..V l I ITT. Illl Illl I

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