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JAMES TURNER, Agist roa Incham Co.,
W..I .usur- .'.a-t lo-sbfire.attt.." lifl I;''"
,t. . adjust the V- prnuii.tly. J1,
,,.,w.llbe.et...-ii-.u1c FAKVI IMLSM .ndlO-rfl
Itsrns, and tlr'.scLcl ds-ell.iit.'i
Application to trant.ict the htuintu of Jiff
ranee, under the art of Ft brwtry Yoth, 159.
T. (Ac W, Ik Scruy :f iheStaU "f Vuhfin:
fi'll!-. A.'il.lC.sllN of M-teaauUi' luaiiraiicetouipinr,
1 l lirt!.d,iutuesl.tleot';.uo,c;:cut, lespecil Jl"jr
,!, tbtt tUr are au lo.ur.ina- Cootuauy, incorporate.,
baut uu-lertne Us ol theu! .-I Connecticut, an-,
ti.al Uses are n- actually en-!"'"! iu tl business lo
wucm Aud Ui.-y h-rru. a'J L.r a eeitmcate autUot
ull.'WlHit tlie business of In-urauce in the
,sui . 1 U:Uinn, as profiled t -t au 1 autte'r.zed iu He
art entitled - an act to reuUte 1'ire, M.tnue, Lite ml
ll-sUll hssurauce Cutpsnie-, an I tbcir agents, a-soe:a-lu.iM,
partnerships and indiveluas ln.u, ri e, Marine,
Lite aud lirailli Insurance busmecs, not u.c r "rted by
tne SUte id M.ci.uaii,"' appiovcd rcbruarj litu, Jlj'J.
Ti-y further aver aul show as f.llo-s, :
I' Ibl the itaiufc of said CMupany I .l.-rch.tnts Ii.-u
rsn.-e Company,. H irtfort, and that their place o
business, in lltrtioid, in said rHate of Connecticut,
where they keep and in.tinUin their principal nlhce.
U l Tul the amount ol their capital stock i tlie sum "I
two hundred thousand dollars.
. Tbat f M1 capital stork, th sum of one hundred
aud fifty llmit-aitd ant ninety dollars ha actually been
paid op by lite sbickliolders of Mi'l company.
V.lt That the a.--ita of said company consist
I. Of Milt ou uan-1 at Uf.t buMiie, tu-
uia of tiire kualr-l lum-t.i-ii aul e truly t-ur ur bun
rtrclilm tr. ra in t!t b tu-ls of iln a ut-. of Mi l
otiupaiiy, tlie nuia of llirro lii.niaii 1 f.ur huuiirl bfiy
wvrn aa'i tifty-oiM) our buii'lrr'illn i.illarn, ra-li iu uU'l
of prb4 ulitrr lli-tit to a,.-ut ol hi t couipmy, but
iuclii'liu bink an I bmkrr, t'uw tio ot twruly f"Ur
Ibouiaiad cilil Uuu'lreit tlt.ity uiua au-l lom ly ur liuu
lirtbi ibillara.
2i IH rr tl rstatr, whi.-li i-i uuilirumlxTrJ, bn.
a. I rf boit'U now ownr.l by a:'l omiuauy, amounting
iu actual valu lo UiK miruot i lratt tilty io tb'.u-iiii l
rrn huu-lre l an t Usu l"llaM, thu ratr of iutrrrf.t uo-m
wbicb bonli ia ait .rr cnit. l(.4-t inf ownr.l l-y tt
company, u:
l'ar v:il. M irkrt tal.
Mituri SUtr w-r ct bn l,xu $t,4)i
1 J,lHi
tlm "
lltrif I C ty,
lUrtior l 'i'y.
(K. n.) i .".,!
(I'.tii; !,
Total b. m U t'.t ,lim f 67.7 1 I '".': 10 U"
4th IH' .lrbU lr.iy iliie to llir nail company, aii.l
Curr.1 by mrlr, other llun tuMriubrasl iu the l.rr
Kuini uuiiwrti'.a,tlie muiii of at lat tbirtrrit lbou-au.l
6th Of JbU lrl y Jii t nai l rompaiiy, Mirr.l
otbrrwise than by iu...-lK'r, bul n -t Ju br rriii,uiii-,
thv min of at lr-t mxlrrn tliouttn I rtn hun.lrr.l r
a au l mg Itty tt dm hun-lrr-ltlt- tl illtrt. la-bt othrr
wiiw iH9Crr.l, loau on nbwln, vis. :
Ain't W:nr l
l'ar tal Mjr. al. Uirroil.
Ida ! litnk f H trtfur l
County, Htrt..r.i,... $.',-J'
7 aba Mrreaulile U k, lltr.
M sh Mrch tt M lonf ip-
turrra' H'k, ll.rtt..i.l, ::,io
aha Kuckmllo It L, lba-k. l-,Jo.i
15 " Irv mr Kink, V Y , 7i'
10 u .Klua Uank, Hart , 1,1
& 44 KarinrV lli-chau-
lV Bank, II tr.locl.... MW
abarh'iruix lltuk, lUri., ))
(.-t H.'tfMt ki
ilXi IK)
1,705 II
h,j5 ii
jIMI (Ml
iM fa)
477 j
J4,iW0 t-lfAxS
TitUl amount lo:nr.l on tlie above itock,......$l'",707 'M
rith "f drbt.4 lri;ally due to fyi-i rotnpauy for rroii
auu, th sum of at lr:iit arreo hun lrr 1 u.urty ri'iit au l
forty eifrhtoue liuulrr.ilh tlollara.
7tia 4f a. I othrr rrcurili'-t anl inon.-n, tin- uin if at
lea-it nnx lnu lrr l twenty -it tlrm-ian l ow Iiuuirr4 srv
rnty neveu aa-l tli.rty lie humlreitilM il.'.Urn. All other
rcuritK an :
1st. IWnk K'.ock4 owue.l by the company, x.t :
l'ar t il
5-ISliarr-i.lni Kchane IUiik.N'. V. ,iai M
M.r. val.
5,7ini on
5.j'i) oo
MrJtrouoliUn lUuk, N'. Y. i,mn lnl
C.nrtrrOik Hiiik.ll.rtroril,5,0i tKf
Kw.:lin? llmk, ll.triior.l,
2,.".0 no
.tliut Utnk, lltitl-irl. l(i,i).HI.I)i ii,si immi
ar. M.!t. Itink, U.trt , 5 (Hhiixi 6,7001m!
riveni litnk, lUrtlonl, fi.lMtt) IMI ti,in,il l0
Ml. tMiii iltnK, 5,IKi0tK 5,UVHHI
Ct ll.i.k, lUrllor.l, 6,(MI0 IMI 5.MKI tin
HiiU .V lat!ir IS'i.l-Mtmi, l.oon IK) ,.!:) (Ml
Vit ontl lUnk, 111. ,t. ill, .r,onil ih 6.1()ik
l.-!y Ki.u I 1 1.1 ok, lU-ful, i,mil (Hi &,HJ 0J
$'.700 0i) JTIJ.VMH)
Arrttr T tlio of t!ir aH-ivr ktoek, 71,f;-0 00
2d. Stuea mill-son uiirn-.-l, f r UaUure ilue on
atock, r.,.lU Oi)
31. luterent aiyrue-t but not ttne, 4,u17.ol
5th Tbn amount of lianihtie.-i of K.ii.l company, now urn-
by aaiit cnmpauy t j b toks, or to other creditors i f nai.l
company, oone.
The amount of tiabtliOs hen:iflrr to becoim iluo by
! company, to lnks or utlirr cir.liti.rs, niiw
Cth The amount of looses by rai-1 ci.nipnuy uo ailjustnl
nil now ilue, mmr.
7th The amount of livs.srsa.lju-.te l but not yet iliie.nnnr.
8th Thr amniint of liises of sai.l company , un.vljustrl
at the present tiuie,il.K not eneeel the um of twelve
humlretl dollar-
9th The amount of Ukst in mispen, w titin fr proof,
loth The amount ol ail other c!ai:ns avinst usi.l com
pany do not amount to more than bvr hiiu lre.l .l.!Urs.
11th An authenticated copy i f li.r Charter, or Act of
Incorporation of rouipauy or ."-uti'.?i, is lieretn
annexed, markeil S-hediile A., an t aUj a true ropy of
tlie.r Ity ljaws, marked Schedule II.
(USMO: If the company be a partnership or joint
atock company, atrike out the List clau- and say :)
1 1th A true copy of the Articles .f A--iti n. ' '
nershlp Afteeiuont ol aald company w hereto annexed,
marked Schedule A.
rcrtlfc-0.'iill of te almv Sl'tlmltl .its r.-.xiVf- hy S'i,in.
C imm, )
Hartford County, J
K. Thoe. Lohdcll, b-in duly w.iu, on hisoatu ipo
and aaya that he has read the foreom,; ltemut, aud
know the contenta thereof, lli.tt this depoueut is the
iiecrutary of the Company or Association therein men
tonel, and is well acquainted with their all iirs, and that
behasiovtd iea.soa U believe, an 1 d s-s verily believe,
aid aUtemrnt to be true. K. TlliK. lxitlItfc.l L.
Sworn and subscribed before me, at II irlfor :, in said
State and coauly, this maeteeutb day ol" Mav, A. 1
And 1 do further certify, that I have th day made a
pers mal exam nation of the assets m the hands au 1 po
esision of the laid Merchant' Insurance Csimp.trjy, and 1
am fully ati5e.l, from auch persoual evaminalMn, that
aaid Company are the bona tide holders and owners vt
the aeTeral stocks, b,ad, mrtiaes, and other pr. petty
of which aaid Company is tepreeuted to be t!ie nwuers
in the foreom etsteinent and exhibit; aad als, thxt
the sever l loans by Ktil C.iiuj.tnr, aud the ecunt e
therefor, are a a?ove st.kted ; whicli itid sei'iirine are
full and amtle for the respective Ivans mvte threon.
Witness my h ind and eal of otlice,
t. s. J I1KSUY K W WH.CII,
Cemm i.ner tf the Stat of Mu-liiin,
in au.l fir tl.e St.ite of Connecticut.
Sworn and uheribed bef -re me, at lltrtfi.rd, in said
county and Slate, this twentr fourth da of M -. A. l.
1H.V. CRiCC.E S. til!.M., Not.trv riil-hc. j
t'e-fer f.V Insurance Ad tUmr$ 15;.'i, li'i.
tTU' r TllK Sk. Kkn.tHY or ST TK,
Lansing, il eh:. U.tr -.iii, lsj.t. )
T ALL TO W TllftiK iVRsKATs SHAl.l ClUK :
Wkemxt. I'ursun t the prviv.ns of an Act .f the
State of Miehian, entitled An Act to regulate t ire.
Marine, Life and Health Insurance Comi-tmrs, aud their
Amenta. AssoCiaUons, lartneriUi:a and t'l-'.it i.Iuils doitvj
Kire, Marine, Meant Health lusurnnee busnese, not in
corpora led b the Slate MichivTan," approvisl lebruary
li, lSi-.i.tMere was en the twealr tilth Uv uf II ir, A. ii.
lj:. furnished to the Se.-retary f the Sute of Mu-hi.ta,
and nie.1 in his 4iSHt at Ltnsm;, a statement of the In
auraacs CVui-.pany known as the ISerchants' Insunure
kHnpany ot Hanf rd, which Com piny is an iie.'orpnrated
Company uu ler the taws of the Slate of Connecticut, (V
eompanyitt which ststement, and constituting a part
there..f. was ev.dcu.-e stUctor- to id Secret.tiy of
lltate, of the mvestmwt reiuiie t by ssol Act, together
with a tesolata w under the seal of rud Company, siiroeil
eeuritin to siid Act. and beann date the niaelersith
iy of M, A IV !tyi, authorii u,; M.VHlA" S l"Rif
a Agent of sad Corapsny, t. acknowledge serrice of pro
eesa ae-t U tleclaralnms in behalf of said Company, as
ar.ride.t by said Act
.Vntetaj" JK, Tnat tht said Insurance Company, acting
by and tUroogS M ttij0V y. VKH-T, its A nt ah-ive
tvamed, accord. n to the provisions ,4 ..s,id Act, and the
aid Aeewt, whie aelit? a such foe said tompanr, 1
hereby autltotixed and empowered to transact Insurance
business in the tate of Michirtn. as provided by a;d Act,
aubject tm all the provision s, reservations and iimit.xTons
ia said Art contained.
- I Testimony Whereof, 1 have hereunto set my
hand, and rtused the Ureal Seal f the state
sti to be affixed, the dtT and je.r ftrst above
sriitn. x, isilFJX,
J20' iVovtarj of State,
As. TCRXER. Agent fur Incham Conitty.
ii. BER WA(;)' f,tr te In, P..1. r. .
rpod hone, by
Lanni;, Au. 23, 1859.
WALL PAPER aplendid stock of Sprin
Styles, jtiat receired at the
V YOU WANT Window Shades and Fix
J ttww ? You will find a fine stock at the
ff.0 Ifilrii-ZJ-.ifr
-llSMVF.: - rm
saw -eisca s, .., r : ilW
WJI.f. KrtK' !TA1 1Y Ct i:E
Jaunt!, L'nr"tiv- nr Aernsu Oiituly, Ovtiif f-f the
A'tJwyi, ui'i diM-i-vt 3 in'-j ! a Ctfor.'.rroi Inf
er or h.
Sncti as 0.u-u:i!i.:i .:. lus.ir 1 1 1.-.-. Kuit-- .- .r:i.ii to
the Ika 1, Aci.;ty ot t:. rtii.ia;h. No- . ll.-irt&nrn,
lli(at lor lu.nl, l ulu-si r e.!i; in tin-.-t.T.acu.Pour
Kruoations, Sihkm.' or riuller.u at t:ir ra .1 iLet.-io
ach, S iuiiu.n of the iUn.,liurr.el aii-1 lMlicu.t ilieitd
uikC, r iiitter.ii, t the iir.irt, I uok.iii; or Suti -catiutf fs-u-
.,. Ivir .. i-,.;,ir.. li.n.ness i.f Yisiuu. lh.ls
or Webs bi f-.ru tii uijt, lever and Iiull pa;n m the
Head, lehc.ecc ol er-pn.ti.on, lei.owness oi ,te aiu
and Krs, Taut in the M.V, lUfi, Client, Limbs, kc, Sud
drnHu-li-s of il.:it, 1: ,ir u.i iu tl.e 1 lesli. Constant
linSifUHhK- ot Kwl aud rr.ti tes-iwi of Sp.ri's.
li e j toj.rie'oT.s, in titl. i.? ttif attrut.ou i.t the public
to tins 1. 1 r..: !, w wiiii a l.s :.n. ot the utmost
:. 1 .
f.r a I I'
ll Is le
r htid '
I tr'
.t ii:e !hat hi- stood
ti e A'n-r.c in pet ;.!.-.
the le-t of a tctl J.-.I.M
a I. 1 lt-i te;.ittt;--ll n.d
prep tr.tir.it ext in?
pron..!.. -!i I .1
sal . I tii" li iiiim-'.
;ire uni.t iii-1 . :-iiV .nniir
.e-i-i. hv in it- t'.ttor fiv. n by
-.cull-. ..n 1 iudr..:u:i:s -u
c. iti'f. .mtneii-e, ai.-l a car-!'.il ira
u-f. ,...'j..-:i.-Uauuuai:y Uy t;-'- !-ru-r.r
!.!. - : m of Ins A i:'-, c i:.n..l h.il
t -kepTi.-al that this feniedy i . rr-tliy
tv.-l.r.:y it li.i ; obi tin -!. I. ''i
t-r, ku-i t.. I
ratifv tl.e ii
erv.ii.' the .
In!: Till" Si-l i I'Y l IlKlir
CiHUfh, t'-tli!, lifluftZii, t'fu-ip, 't-ir' nrst,
I'.f'ortiil, t, 'it'it;,fi--i, ..'. t.i ji ft the ';'
til art.'i.ij fro, ii ..., li.rij.it ul 'onxmtiji-tion,an-l
for tin- nlirf ,n.i ot all j-omi-b'f)enrt
'f l'ai'-Hiti n .il xl.t.jm .,J
the laftir dl&tair.
This celebrated preparation, tiki tl.i- u
eaxtbdeiitly rehed on. It le-i ! t -r n-. .-
es more general an t more tit.l ti. ia i.li.. r ei.ieli
Ihe peopi.- .f this country ars Hiitij-ci th.c-e i- r.nio.'
from a "sliiit c .1 1.'' 1 ;ii eiu:ii-ut Hutu-oity. lr H- I.
styii : 1 will not ay that CoHs are t our inh tb t;in;
wiiit the -i ii.i K and Yl I low KavaH aie to t!n..-e of other
counters ; but, I can aver c.n!i-!eiitiy that tli-y tisiier in
liiieasss f gre4jr co-iiplioity au-1 nioi tultiv timu these
A further proof of the t-iiibie f.ttt'ity i f di-os-es re
suit from a '-cuiiinimn c -Id" msy be -cii l.y a nice at
the f..low in st.tti-tus, taken from fir rr-j.irils of the
llo:trdof lle'tlth ot l'lola !. lilM, e.,1.1. - . i y one of tile
most he titby iCC.-llit.es IU the III. on .
l5i T.-ta! .ie itli-in Pliir.ih .l.i t, !o,-.'.l
I i.e. I of ron-iimption, I 'tlj
all other diseases ( J'.u iu mini-
Is5.1. T.tut denth-
Ihe.l of -n ii ii i ;.' i' -n
:tli..t!.er .h- .i',
IV-4. T .tal de.,tl,s
I'ied of Consumption, ....
all other tir..sei.
1 'ii
II, si 4
From llie-e fiiurr--, it will U seen ih tt nearly one
lo jrth of the total de.ttlis ,n !'i-cnin!rv aie csu-rd by
consumption, to say it'.ttiioj of tl e iiuiii- rii is other dis
eases springing; from a "flurbt cold. "
! not tr.tle with your health : but, if Mih'erin-r fiom a
eoiiirh or cold on the huis, huv m Lottie ot II ml l.AMi
BAU-AMIiM-OllMAl., and . i nny f-ly cunt on a
cute, "f hou--;tu.!s h.tve lioi-e -., :tnd hsv.-eertirted to its
wonderful e licet s.
Coughs sometimes proceed fiom a di-oi i. red or a dys
peptic st.ite of the stonnch, oi li.eh c.i-e the (Iciinau
iMters shoii'd " used. In ca-e of w-tkne-s, or kcii
er.il debility of the sy-tem. re-.ltin from a piotrac
ted coiih, the Ce-rm tu ll.Me wiil be f.iiiiid ol jf re tt
bene lit.
rrepare.1 only by Ir C M J n, lis An.li Street.
Riilndelphia, aud for sale by lnnr'ests an I S'torek-epers
thnniK-Uinit the luited Sutes and Canal.i, fr-ce
cents per bottle.
lorsale by R. Tiayer '.., V.. i Ilultinton. and New
bro Jk Bn., ijiusin;, and all re-.in.cts hie Imi.-1s in the
I'uion. ll;i
Da. J. W. Kkrmott's ('ei.kukatkd
VKiKTAnLE Medicines, iiiuinifucturoil only ly
Dr. J. W. Koriimtt, lor II. M. (Ji.Iiiiiiii k Co., a!
tluir ttloro. So. 1 1 Cotu'resa Ht., li-troit, Mich.
Com pur m Extract op Willow, a posifive
an.l ncvcr-failitio; euro for A true, CliiJl F-vcr ami
Iiiliiotis) llisi-.-isi-s. It ih :t milil y-t powcriul tonic
in all carets of del:!ity, inilii-iti-it), (hvpojt-uit,
ati.l woakia-.s.-s of tlu stomach.
CoMPoCNtt Masiikakk, or Apcriont Anli-Itil-
iom Pills, the best piir'itivt" now known. These
pillrfcoinltinc power with inililin's of action, aii'l
iu no case produce Htioseipteitt constipation.
Extract ok ISlackheukv, a veeLiMe. Sunnner
Coiiijilaint cure. The onlv certain renu-ilv in
Dysentcrj, liloody Flux, i'iiolcra. Cholera Mor
bus, Cramps, kc.
Vegktaiilk 1i i.monarv IIvlsam, a safe and
certain cure for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, llron
chilis, Astlnihi, Spitiino; of Blood, Vc.
For Certilicates, kc. nee Circulars, to l
had of Drujists and Medicine Dealers generally.
For dale by K. TilAYEU, Agent
An airy, light, Milliard Room, with two
Tables, both mnvand '"First-Hate." Aconvenieiit
An orderly, well Kiijiicl suit ol
Where will be found all the dvlijacies. of the sea
son, with a constant supply -f Fre!t Oysters.
An xteti-iiv.e tlrcM-ery Kstablislmu lit, with a
Stuck., Confectionery, and other article" wstially
dealt in, in that line.
The public are respectfully invited to cull and
exikinine for themselves. 1 '.in
Furniture Warehouse
'on:iut E.lok, 111. .I'ff'ri.ii
To all Furniture Buyers,
I offer t' the public by far the largest and most
compu te assortment ot
J.oolin.t-(r'ut.xfrt WilloufM'ire, ((-.
That can le found west of N'ew York city, all of
(slucii was pi ii-cteil Willi the greatest care, and
with pariteular refi rence to tho Matei'nl, ! itiu
facture. Quality, Style, Fashion aud Prier.
IS The same will bo pold at per cent, less
than ever offered in Detroit.
Parlor, Dining, IIed-Uom, I.ibr.ir? and Otlice
In Uoscwood, Mahogany, WaTnut, Oak, Maple
and Cherry, with any covering, pi tin or f mev,
that may lo' desired. Alo,
Painted Knamehtl U'd-Ilonm Srts,
a great variety of styles constantly on band.
iK'dding. Curled Hair, Voss, Husk, Cotton and
Sprin-r Mattresses.
tTo the T1IADK, every article in the Fur
niture, Chair, Upholstry, Hardware and Willow
Ware line, with a gd variety of superior var
nishes, Japan, Veneers, Mahogany, Ac, kc, are
offered at smo'l aJr.inc from
All OosmIs Warrmitrtl as Krprrsriitevl.
X. Til. GMds bought frota this establiahment
for Shipping, securely and properlv packel for
transportatioa. J. W. TILLMAN.
Detroit, I $59.
latnt 1 11 urns and Valiiu
.rARUAXTED to give perfect satisfaction or
M no sale! These michine surpass all oth
er now in use, for simplicity, durability, utiitv
and execution without the slightest iritirr to
clothes. We will send these washers for tr'ul
to the houses of those wishing to purchase, as
they retpiire to be used to be rightly appreciat
ed. Also, constantly on hand or m vie to order,
all kinds of
c o o p i: i: w o i; k .
Trass Hoops, Cisterns. Tacking Parrels, rutter
Firkins, Wash Tut. Well Duckets. San Rurkets
Ac, at prices to suit the times. One door north
oi tne tpiscopal Church.
Laming, JicA. Iy2f9
A . IS . I A G L i; V ,
Having IlVleiiislici liis Stock of
Willi a full and choice selection of every kind
of goods in that line, invites the examination of
house-keepers, before supplying themselves. It
U Lis aim to keep no articles but the bet. In
addition to the GROCERY TRADE, he will, as
usual, keep a constant supply of
Fresh and Cured Provisions,
Poultry, Mackerel and WhiteFish.
lie has in store, the best articles i:i tin line (f
ALSO a choice article of dried Prunes, a good
substitute for Apples.
He has a large assortment of
oiiio s roi:-v
forming, together, a stock which Hotel keepers.
Hoarding Houses, and private families would do
ell to give attention.
He L is thanks to give f,.r p.it patronage, and
Mroiur hopes of still greater for the future.
Lansing, Jan. 1, ls.V.
Having removed to his Ncic and Com
moilia Store, on the corner of Washing
ton ami Miehiijan Avenue, directly
njij4,te the Hanking Office of
J. V. Hailey dr Co.,
T I 7"OlLD announce to the citi.ens of Lansing
t V and vicinity, that he is prepared to supply
them with the most complete stock of
Wall Pajier, Fancy Goods and Perfumeries ever
brought into this market.
entsfic. Miscellaneous, and all the various
kinds f-f School and Hlank Hooks in com
mon use. Letter, cap, commercial note,
and fancy Stationery, envelopes,
cards, card-eases, gold am'
steel peiis,rewardsof incr
rit, pen holders, pen
cils, port monies,
Mirrors, hair and cloth brushes, slates, flavoring
extracts, cologne, hair oils, pomades, hair dye,
fancy toilet soaps, black, blue japan and
carmine inks, mucilage kc, albums,
fans, lithographs, steel engravings,
gilt moulding, cord and t.i.-sel
for picture frames, cur
t:'i'is and fixtures,
oil canvas and
Ma tenuis for paintings. Also,-henp publications
of all kinds ; Harper, Godey, Graham, Peterson's,
Mrs. Stephens, Arthur, Knickerbitcker, Emer
P011V& Putnam's, Eclectic, Frank Leslies, Hallnu's,
I'oltar Atlantic and California Magazines, Yan
kee Notions, Nic Xax, Ilro. Jonathan, N. Y.
Ledger, Mercury, N. Y. Weekly, Harper's Week
ly, Frank Leslie's, Rallou's Picloiial.s, Picayune,
Police Gazette, Scientific American, Clipper,Por
ter's Spirit, Flag, Novelette, German Leslie.Spir
itual Telegraph and Waverlr.
Thanklul for past favors, we hope to receive
a share of public patronage. 1 y 1 7 4
FoiiT Ti 1 KLiri KA ITe.
rpiIK UNDERSIGNED are daily receiving ad
A. ditions to their si(H"k, and are prepared to
sell at
Wholesale and Retail,
As large and comprehensive assortment of gooiii
in their line as can be found in the Wet.
Their stock of Hooks embraces:
Scientific, Medical,
Classical, kegri,
School, Agricultural,
Theological, Historical,
J u venile, M iscellaneous,
Works of Science and Art, and Standard Poet
and Prose Writers, in every variety of style and
Citizens and strangers are respectfullv invited
to call and examine our slin k.
We have also a large stock of Letter, Cap and
Note Paper, Envelopes, Ink, Sl ates, lil.mk Hooks,
Fancy and Staple Statiotierv, in qualities stvles
sun 'ii u er, I111 11 .inula i;ui to piease.
Our arrangements f.r obtaining stock from
first hands, and on the most favorable terms, en
ables us to offer Country Dealers, Teachers, Li
brary Committees, and others buying in quanti
ties, liberal discounts from retail prices.
In eotiucction with our establishment, we have
Bindery $- Blank Book Manufactory.
Using the best of materials and employing com
petent w orkmen, w e are prepared to fill orders in
thii line, and can sal'elv guaranty satisfaction in
all cases. RAYMOND Jt SELLECK,
130 W Woodward A v., Detroit.
iiovAiti axmVciTCtIoS
A "-nrJi' lmsUiittn rst-iNkr-l J.y .vWaI rn.Uiiir
forth' N'!u f 1 l.'it .N'i. k ar.l i'rr.i,u, aiuid
tri:h iin.hi.tOhl -i.-mic I 'is. Ams'
'rilK Il'.ll:i A-SiN lAliON. in tia . ! i!, fl rl-
strui-ti..n t liuiiuiu 1 ca.iv.l l.r rt-vnal li-..es,
an I t lie .!.-. cpt.ua rito-..te.l nju-n tiif uotort unai? vie
tim.s !' Mi.-ft J. yra 1X IJ lacks, n-vi-rtl vi-ars ki LreC
t.l th. ir ..'tviiliiu - .-.":rj -i-n, as a ril'lKlTAilLK AlT
worthy uf thi-ir minr. (..i-.i i.'-nr"r livr tin- trt-st-iii'-r.t
. f tins c:a- -t in an llinr i-rir)s, aa.l to
i-.ii- Xrl'liML AI'VICK l.K.kllS n. '.! li.. aily tr l-t-tir.with
a .li.r;ptnn ef tli.-ir c:: !ti n. orcupa
li.'d, l.atnts of l.;. ;c , an l in cases of fxtn-mf -r-tv.t.i
HUNL-il Mi-Jiii INrs 1'KHli tK UfAliOr- It is
ui-.-.i.. r a l l that Uie A-iciati.a P-i.-aniat-U lu Lii;h-."-t
Mc i.ral -kill of thp s?, an 1 .11 fum.!i tl.e nvml ap
jinned m.!f rn treataioM.
Tb.lirctirs n' the A?-ciat "n, in their .Annual Report
u;-.ii ti.- treatrm-nt i'f Sxul Iie.-e.-, trs.ttii- hitfh-e-l
sati.-fcti"D with the success which Las altcDk-2
tl.e labnrs f their Siir-je.ni in the fur i.f Sr-rms.tiir-rt.nt-a,
St-m.oal Vekiie-s, t.. u..rrlif.s, liiret, the vice
t Ihiauisiu nr ts-lf abuse . aiet "r.l r a ci-ulinuatice .i
the same f.Un for tVensuiiif ye.tr.
llie Ihrt-etors.nn a rev- .f the pst, e.-t assure-1 that
their l.tb..rs in this ;.";, re of benevolrtit et(-irt have hen
ol cr-;tt UrB.-nt to lli ail.ictej, t ss-cihily to the younj,
an-1 they l ave res,.'.ve t t.i devote tL-mx-;ve-, with re.
newe.l zeal, to tli.s very irajsirt.tnt an l inu.-!i le-i.i.l
An a luira'j.e lj-;s.ri o t'ermiirrl.(ic.i, or Semiual
Weakuc-s, the v.ce ot luii.-..i, Maturlt.oo, t.r S-:f-ahue,
an.t other d;-e--sff t!,e fexual or -in., .y the
Cmultinr Snr.re.-in, will he sent v mail (in a '-alH.J en
velope), ViVt.i. OK I'll VRiiE, on receipt of IWo STiMrN
fr i-st;i j" ther Keju rts an-1 Tracts on the naiurean-1
tr.-atroenl.f sexual di-aes, 1:et, Kc . are coa-tantly he
inu puhli-he.l f..r irratuit 'os lli-mbuti..n, nni will l sent
to tneatllictej. some trie new remedies an.l rn.-tho.is
of Ueattut-nt .".iscoverej during tlia I.tst year, are ot -reat
AMress. f..r Repcrt or trernient. IV. J. SKILL'S
HoLtJHToV. Ajtinit Surgeon, H-wsr-1 Association. N-. 2
Siuth Ninth street, riiiladelpl.Ia. I"a. Fr or ler the li
rectors KRA U. H A:VTWFL, Pres-lnt.
titai. KatscmiP, Secretarr. feb!5rl
GILLETT Mill has on hand a fine assortment
of fine Gold and Silver cased Watches, fine
Jewelry, Cameo, Mosaic, Florentine and Gold
Stone Brooches, i locks of almost eTery descrip
tion, whieh cannot fail to suit customers?.
Yankee Notions,
of all kimls, which will be sold cheap for readr
Vatclir, Clock, V Jewelry,
repaired, and warranted, on a scientific principle.
GILLETT h.as now in his employ, Mr. E. W.
BAKER, Lue from Jackson.
All work entrusted our care will be promptly
executed. RespectfuII.
Lansing, May 1st, 185?. 158
Sheriff Salt.
BY virtue of one execution Usued out of a: d
under the seal of the circuit court ft,r the
county of Ir.2l.an1, to me directed and delivered,
I Lave levied upon all the right, till- and h.tcrcs-t
of Truman Hacon, ia and to the follow de
srr'iJ.e 1 lauds and teiu metits to wit : the south
sixty acres of the north ote hundred and twe:-'
ty acres of the north west quarter of section ;
two in town Jour north of range two wot, also, ;
thirty-five and a half acres otr the Lorth w. t ;
quarter of oectiou two, ia town four north ot ;
riuge two west, also, the south east quarter of .
the south west quarter of section thirty, in town
four north of range one west, i t the couMy ot ;
Inixham and State of Michigan, which I shall ex
pose for sale at public Vei.du -, to the I.Lhtst
bidder, at the court house, in the vii'.aj. of Ma
son, on the 15th day of OctoU-r, A. D , 1.V.,
at one o'clock in the afternoon. I'ated, Lansing,
Sept. 5th, 155:. EUY I1AKER, Sheriff.
22s wi) V.r II. II. iTMvS, It pt'v.
Mirritl ale.
Y vittue of one execution issued out ot the
Circuit Court for tha county of Jackson, to
me directe-1 and delivered, I have hyied upon j
all the riu'ht, t.tle, and mtere?t ot V I'l.am Jus- j
tus, in and to the folio in - described !an Is and !
tenements to wit : commercing on tne bank ol
the Grand River at the east end of the river
bridge, on the south line ot section seventeen
town one north of range one w est, in the county
of Ingham and State of Michigan, running thence
east two chains seventy-five links, thence north
twenty-three degrees, cast, seven chains, thence
north fourteen degrees, east five chains, thence
. r. i..- . .u.-:.. i i .1..-
west lour ciiams to me rit er aoot e iKtuieu, lueiu e
uron the bank of sai 1 river to the olace of be-
ginning, containing live acres of land, more or
less. Alio the follow ii'g described lands on the
the west side of Grand River, on the Mine sec
tion, to wit: on the fnuth east quarter of seven
teen, aftrosaid, commencing at the centre of wa
ter street, twenty-five feet south of the south
west corner of the grist-mill situated on said
iiatl'-r s.-ction, thei.ee easterly para'ef to the
wet side of said gri-t-mi!!, eighty-eight feet,
thence northerly p.ir.iM to Said street, ninety
feet, thence w ejterlv paralel to the line first de
scribed to the Center of water street, eighty
eight feet, thence along the center of faid street
to the place of beginning; also, commencing in
the centre of said water street directly opposite to
the center of said w ater street directly opposite to
the center ot said mill, thence north along the
center of said water street two chains and eight
links, thence westerly nt right angles with said
street three chains, thence southerly four chains
sixteen links, thence easterly three chains to the
center of water street, thence along the center
of Paid street two chains and eight links to the
place of beginning, containing one acre of land,
be the same more or less, all of w hich I shall ex
pose for sale at public vendue to the highest bid
der at the com t house in the v ill .ore of M rsoti,
on the third day of November, A. !., 1 .".".'., at
one o'celoek P. M. Dated, Mason, Sept. Mb,
1S5".'. EDY HAKER, Sheriff.
C111ANCERY SALE. I!v virtue ot a-Iecrel.il
order of the Circuit Court for the county of
Ingham, in Chancery, iu a cans.; wherein Uriah
Coulson i complainant, and AhnerE. Richanison
and Elijah Richardson are defendant, and made
on the "2:;J d.ry tit April, A. D. 1.V., by virtue
of which said decretal order, I, the su!.ct iber,
the Circuit Court Commissioner of the said coun
ty of Ingham, will sell at public am-lion, to the
highest bidder, at the Court Hou-e, in the village
of Mason, in said county of Inghnm, on the (s)
eighth day of November, A. D. 1 .".'.', at one o'
clock in the afternoon : t that day, the lands and
premises described in sai l oiderof sale, as fol
lows, to wi;: Fifty (") acres off the north-cast
corner of section eighteen (IS), in town number
hvir ( I ) run th of range one ( 1 ) west, iu the town
of Meridian and county of Ingham, and State of
Michigan, it being a portion of the same land
that was purchased of Hov-I by F.lijth Hiehnrd
son and Aimer E. Riehai dsoti, dec! 1mm Hotd
to said Richardsons is recorded on the records in
the said countv of Ineham atid State of Miehi
gan. ' tilllFFI V PADDOCK,
Piiii i ie McKkrmn, Circuit Court t'otu'r.
Solicitor for compl.iinar.t.
Dated September 5'., ls.V.r. Twi"!
I'rolKifc .itir'.
T ATE OF MICHIGAN", Countv of Ingham, ss.
0 At a session of the Probate Court for the Co.
of Ingham, holden at the Probate Office in the vil
lage of Mason, on Saturday, the 2 1 ill day of Sept.,
in the year one thousand eight hundred and
fitty-iiine. Present, Win. II. Pinckirey, Judge
of Probate. In the matter of the estate of Win,
Phipps, deceased. On reading and filing the
petition, duly verified, of Daniel P. KciiT, Att'y
of Peter Phipps, t 'inii.iitrator of said deceasird,
praying amongst other thing-, for a license to
sell the real eta e of said deceased.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the 7th
day of November next, at 1 1 o'clock in the fore
noon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition,
and that the heirs at law o said deceased, and all
Other persons interested in said estate, are r e
quired to appear at a session of said Couit,
1 hen to be holden at the Probate Ollice, in the
village ot Mason, un l show cause, if any there
be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not
be granted: A til it in further or.it red, that
said petitioner give notice to the persons interes
ted i:r said estate, of Hie pendency of said peti
tion, and the hearing thereof, by cau.-itig a coj.y
of this order to be published in the Lansing 7.V
pnWcan, a newspaper printed and circulating in
said county of Ingham, i. suec.'Ssive weeks previ
ous to said (lav of heating. A truecopv.
:,iisii Jtld.'e uf Probate.
To 'ii tractors.
VTOTICF. is hereby given that tin-letting of the
il Contracts tor clearing, grubbing, cauwav
ins and oonsiruciinir of Uridines o i a part of the
east saginaw k sauhlk state road
as hereafter described by virtue of the Act
entitled "An Act to provide for the drainage
and reclamation cf Swamp Lvnds bv means ot
State Roads and ditches," approved February
12, lSo'., will be at the public hou-e of J. S.
BARCLAY, in Ray City, on the ;,th diy of Oc
tober next, commencing at D o'clock in the
L O C A T I O N";
Beginning at the point, wher the east and west
quarter section lin.j through section Jo, iu town
ship 1 1 north of range .1 east intersects the wet
bank of Saginaw River, thence to a point ter
minating on the bank of Sauble River at mean
der corner in line between sections audio'
on west bank oi said River in tow n.-hip luimt.er
2 north of range number V east. Di-unee 77
t- miles on the hne surveyed by the tomims-
sioners. fcai-1 Road to be cleared of ad standing
Tim!t.T, bru-h and fallen Timber, four rods in
width and ten feet each side of the center of
said road, to be well grubbed, the excavations
made by grabbing to b tiled even with the sur
face so as to form a level road bed. All swam
py and wet ground t be causewayed with sound
timber cut not locs than 10 feet long well spotted
down and htid on substantial stringers, where
the character of the ground makes it neceary,
with ditch or ditches sufficient to drain the
road bed. Culverts will be required of a sub
stantial nature not less thm lo feet in length
where the same are necessary. AH streams to
be bridged with substantial Timber Bri-L-es nut
less than 2" feet in width. Further inform itiort
obtained of the unders'iroed.
East Saginaw, Sept. l'lth, 1S0l. 4w2"")
Psoaiiia lUurtmii, ao-i ci-niy-ct Ui tuV with 'Vm
-rs Gui.'-n G.i. G .-v:i Ar-. l bu I. St- j.lnis ulS
n .ra,ifth !V.fic fal Stssir.-hip C.mnsnr at I'scsmt,
dire-t to A-ipinsriJ. ili sKii.t -!,-m-n f-
bavii,; been fnUrs-iy teatt--J an i a-upu-l to tL- !:f..r
ua tra-V, m.ii lirra.":. r run s it-atm r tuis (t rt
on tUe l:h arii rf c!i la -arh. fr hji tl.r : .t i.a..l
Slrt t, orth R;rer.
Pasinrss;s an 1 mxils mi'l h f irsrsr If.', hy : imt
lUur stj, ant eutio-ct at t'arnma W;ta ti.- l'.i.: !;'
steamui& CJinpaov's aua-jea; s:.-aiu-u:p. i.n?:i n;l
hf iu rsa lin--, aal l--at..- im-ji.-.l.a: j l r sa r ra:.c.sc.
Th-v Will be emark-t frf"f -rin fim Ht'.r- l.y
tLe lutnpany's .-'.famb-stt l AlSd.A. '
Aa xpr-nee.l Sarrn is atiarhe.1 t s-li -.t
Sterac l"a--s,az. rs fc.uo ! in roo4e-l provisos. t-!iur
an t atia ianee. It i U-isvei ttat tu a's rt!i r'-:at. ns
atljr-j-l br the b.jT h'rrs are ua- m i--: anr :n
the worM. The jxil.ie are jtrVinrw-.t hst tb- t' M
Cj.aw.v Ute u.NK OX VJoKK iXISA STAMKh.s
Ijxj: at 1 aaauta. ra4y f. m-, tn aeil hit pi-:t) e rt. "
WntKn tf r"a.sv-iigrj or S!ali. aad t-maik'tht-ir tasrn
gers by sV amboat.
for passa;- aPP at th- to! 2; f tho r0mp,r.j, on
toe wLarf foot ot Canal tret. Vo-th Ri-rr ta
Great Chance for" Bargains
f 11 K
Of the late E. P. Boswell,
u j t, t -jj jt
f x '
ft ill llO Will pVO lllC btore 11 t all.
Tin' Stork has d ho Closed Out!
Ami all waiitiiiir Hoods in this lino
. ,
ol trade, call KUC A laiO Jer CClltaW
lv l'lirchasiiiijiVoni this Stock, which
.. i -1 ... i c.-:.,
IS IH'W, IlIHl JUM. OJL'Ilt'll 11113 Ojilin
Done, as luTi'toioiv, by experience
Lanmx.;..Iluio 1-Itli. 1S51. lil
iY.i:iisoM, it it ok i: loom:
The balance of that large Stock of Gooods r
reived in Mav, is now offered to the public at
Greatly Reduced Prices
soiiis- nl 'ol, and Many f llieni
lei than Co !
UilliiiL's proposes to make prices that will sell
the Goods, without rcterence to cost, as ins oo
jeet is, for the next f.irty-tive das, to convert
all the Goods possible into the Koot ot
he is w illing to run the aw fid risk of getting too
large a stock of the AV7 AW, having experi
enced much evil for the want thereof.
Old and young, lich and poor, now is the time
to enrich yourselves
As liillins will fit vnu out with a bigger but.dl
of Itatrs nd Royal Plunder for a dollar, than
our votm;; eitv ever vet witnessed!
ISillin:; i sdlim; up Steam!
Lansing, July "25, 185'..
mi. .1. V. KKKJIOTT,
LVledic Physiciau and Surgeon
Would most respectfully announce that he will
visit Lansing on the fourteenth day of every
month, for the purpose of meeting patients uf
llicted with Chronic or Lingering Diseases.
llooms at fJw Lansing House.
Dr. Kermott has irr his possession certificates
from, and is permitted to refc" to hundreds of
gentlemen of high standing and respectabihtv
in Detroit. London. Toronto, and oilier cities and
towns, who having Imh-u reduced to the borde
of the grave from Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia.
and other diseases, and having tried in vain their
physician's prescriptions, and most of the quae
nostrums lor the cure oi those diseases, are now
from the use of his Vegetable Medicines, in tl
Dr. Kermott has, iu the cities of London and
Detroit, during the last seven years, adminislert!
the different remedial agents of the Vegetabl
Kingdom to thousands of patients, in almost ev
ery variety of disease, w ith unparalleled success,
His medicines are exclusive! vegetable, and sucl
as are safe and efficacious in the cure of disease
without entailing on the patient any of tho:
miseries experienced from mineral poisons.
Chronic or Lingering Diseases of the Lungs,
Liver, Kidnevs, and Scrofula Cancers, ail impuri
ties of the blood, and all diseases of Women aud
Children, treated eucessfullv.
Dr. Kermott has had great experience in dis
eases ol the (. best and Nervous Svstem, curin
hundreds of cases pronounced incurable by othe
tW"" Dr. KeriuottV residence, Detroit. En
trance to Dispensary, No. 11 Congress street;
entrance to otliee,GriswoM street, first door from
I ('OI n-re - '
fa Kenolt willalso visil
Kat0TJ j. u t,,e am,
it Onondaga the 11th,
Mason the U'.tli ti
everv month. 129
4si-:tt Salt: of Improved f.and
at AiM-tioii.
rPHERE will be sold at Administrator's Sale,
L on the Kuli day of November neit, the
whole of the old "Dayton Farm," located in
Delta, Eaton county, comprising two hundred
and forty acres of the original farm, and two
hundred acres of other land in the imruedia'e
vicinity, ail excellent farm land. There is one
hundred and forty acres improved, with enough
good meadow to produce one hundred tons ol
hay per annum. The whole farm Is abundantly
watered with Cue living springs, and a stream ol
pure water runs the entire length of the firm.
There is also a good orchard of choice trees, a
spacious l inn house, well enclosed and painted,
and a log barn and other out-building, with a
variety of soil which makes this one ol the best
grazing farms in the State.
The sale will commence at 10 o'clock A. M.,
on the farm, at Delta Center, four miles west of
Lansing, and will be sold together or in parcels,
to suit purchasers. Those who wish to purchase
real estate will do well to be present.
Adm'rs of the estate of L. C. Holly, dee'd.
Sept. 12th, ISoi. " 4w229
Hew Firm
TOE subscribers having recently associated
themselves together under the name ol the
Lansing Planing Mill Company, for the purpose
of manufacturing Sash, Blind's and Doors" also,
Phtinin? and Matching all kin-li of lumber, and
filling all bills of work for the entire finishing of
houses would respectfullv invite tho attention
of all having business in our line, to give ns a
call, as we are now prepared to receive all or
ders, and do the work in the best possible man.
ner. Shop opposite the Pre-byterian church, on
tne river, Unlaw; Town.
Lansing, June 4, 7. 163
i j
i Lvoaiiio
Fire Insurance IsXcluivrly.
f 'A.rr.vr lrj t !ntl.
CASH CAPITAL - s 100,000.
fjrsi.Iei t
II KHJ ';;, M ,-""ta-y
S I SI . f nc.siuatti
It; at.ru Mi e, 1
M .(.ILL.t.i-urril A?
in iLe prnifia; t'ilies tul T.ns hi the Uiii.
Aji lioat.us reos-ive-l, an 1 liii.- i-t.ui.i ao.l it-Us -l
GIO. A. .r.!Sl. it:, A-nt.
at Lsns-n;. lt'.'r.
Iiiiliurlnnt to fi cnialc.
ONE of th
best medicines
tructitut. Irregular
ities and Painful Menstruation
ever used.
The combination of ingredi
ents in these Powders is the re
sult of a long and extensive
practice. They are mild in
their operation, and certain ia
correcting a" irregularities,
Painful Menstruations, removing a!! obstructions,
whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pain
in the side, palpitation of the heart, disturbed
sleep, w hich arise from interruption of nature.
These powders are invaluable, as they will bring
on the monthly period with regularity. Ita lics
who have been disappointed in the Use of other
medicines, can phice the uinicst conti.lence in
Dr. Watson's Pow dt rs doing all they represent
to do.
There iione condition of the female system in
which the Powder cannot be taken without pro
ducing a PECULIAR RESULT. Tl.e condition
referred to is PREGNANCY the result, MIS
CARRIAGE. Such is the irresistable tendency
of the medicine to restore the sexuid functions
to a normal condition, that even the reproductive
power of nature cannot resist it.
Warranted purely vegetable, and free fiom
any thing injurious. Explicit directions, which
should be read, aeeornpany each package.
Price, sent by mail to any part of the
United States, secure from danijeror observation.
A ldres, W. R. WATSON, M. D ,
No. 7, Ea-it Genesee St., Syracuse. X. Y.
ass 9.
,i:u' av
I' U OKITi: koi ti:
East and North West.
Detroit and Mil wanker Railway,
(Open to Iike Michigan.)
Swift I.oit-l'ri"ire -CAM Stc.imtr,
lly f C'lt-vt-lAiitl, am! C'levi ImhiI."
(Tln.r.uilily rt-lito-.l f.ir this route,)
ls.V.ij Passenger Trains w ill run as follows:
taoine VtVsl :
j Ma,l lyiM.!''''.
t f MIA M A .
Siisp liri-K'i-, l-.art. . .
iVtr.it, .Impart,
Imim.s , arrive,
St Jolins, ai live,
Gran-! H ii.i.ls. ihm-
iirsl.il llatea,
r. a.
h (Ml
l'l .'Ml
t. M
11 w
:i.l..j .
a t'O 4 :
l. M V..
2.M 12'
;i 5
Milwsiikts-, air v-
dioiiis I il
.. ' KMhi
i. ti. i a. . r. tt.
:: isi t- i t .M
4 -ji 5 :j' lo uo
j a.
, in tt :..i i is
7 ii 11.-" - .'
..! 11 4-1. 6 . .
: i- M I a v. r.
j .i 4 Hi' 4 .rU
Milwaukee. 'rt
:raii'l 1Ii-ii, .Iviait
liinml lUpi.is, arritt-
S. .Inlin-, arr vt
tMtn.it, '
: is tr mV-. a ri-,.
i!-fr!;iii-nt II
lt..at wtlt li-tte M.I
.1 in Iw-rs't at i. ran I lim n
nisi-..ii S A11 KHAV S at s V M.
f..rsat.ir.1. Niu'litV Kt.n-n .t
XI. traiu nT I tK .-I Mm
Tisir.s l;tv ii-rieiui iltily s'un.l'
THE Tl LUGKAril LINK i- n-
I. r I i ,
AT I'lTKnir-G-iat U.-l.ru Ki:.iy l .t
I'a-t M;.-lni;ii i -i.tral ai.-l Mit-lttn .-'"i.tli-i
in. I n-u Ul Lin Msni.-K
AT;K.MII l .-.V W '.tii -Hui-.i. ' str.ii..
all ..,l.ls
l..r t l.i
( sir-.. Ac
At Mil WAt'KKl W,0, tl..- 1 -s,..,rr. Urr.. , l.i
rtt-j.. M atrr..wu. au-i ll-.tiri'.-i llsilr.ijs, t.i- all in.ps.rt
an- pintit- tr-t HWl ...ill.t-fi, i.u tl.e ,i
Kivrr, an-1 :Oi .s-.-siiii-i- f..r 1 rts . n Jjt! M.rli
TaswiiL-rrs 'i-rllii-tt We-trrn Rs
rttr l-irr s'rnii.tr.at Ii. M. K
H 11 A. M , l i 'si V ..n. ami 7 : I
!sv i.n the Kail
l-s L. I. t i. Ihrf-k at
MGliT ti;a;ns have ij:i-is(; cars at-
Thi- I'mnpanj 's Time T.t'"l' s ran r l.a-l at any .f
the SutM.i. M
vr. k MriR... ri"i.sl)p't. y
1 1. A: M. It. oflirrs, ,lm,r, l-.Vi. X
MNI Ih II'-. Ialiiit lrlalli Tip,
Miii.SKK i:-rri.lAl.I.V H'K
ICt Youth and 4'liihlr iit
N IMPit iVrMi-VT h is I. fu i.i!i-.! t I'.s.ts ai,.l
n.-, l)T tth rh a trii. !( r;"ii- roa-
ii'i.rr, .-f In thinis, i ral-ir 1, iy a.-.'u..! rti.rrn.n.t
T H K l!r"
..r-;-t. .f a .irs-e .f r'."r rr ..'lier ifi.rs-rurt;r!e ma
r.l, ,rt J U-tfo-. t" tie I he Hn.t or
f '.ii.itfa c0.n4.lrt- firot-rti o. Tl s mTQti..fi is now
p r l.tr.l t." tl.r .i,t!w. i;h tl.efs it-s kb"S)lrtKe tf Its
.rrtiral utility, lisnr.r rs-en t-t1 ..rj-r t trars, and
I- it.-sM.e-! ri,ilr.lt T.iu(Jl'.. tLpfV -tr,f.r
cfm.:r.f .v- iiys k yofiMs- wiots a. :ior.-
Tl.r ltn.i rtst. :r -.f ti.ls lirr
c.stl.-it a i-.l kii. au ths
nit tl.rir ti.ts an . -'.is-s
..' o-.;.: nie
1.1 n iiits'-.st'v -ar
HKsT AT Till, li.i;,
11.', tvilli t'u.s .iee-'.i.u, ti.rr , u..n an tfinr
f .r it Lin t , I . li.-r- ti-ii-s . i,,ri-r . tii ..LI ! I,
a i,e r,s-li-v is
ki t a Titin y. :.ioi:f:.
Ti.is ,uto rin .s -t, -(::'? (.( 1 i,,r t.. M.-r-ra'
It--.'-, anl a I c!-a s:;.)ii u-,r-ir, t!.r t-v ..f tlir l.t
or -U.ss ti t-r cut or si.irif
MrrcLao's, si1 the 'uM.e prueralty, w,'i vr tti im
or aiire i.f f.nts'n n hr-e .is .ai.-.- imtr! . , as tl.t
a.r r.r.ne, r !:! u-e, 'r. ni;rT--V atl.ll.r Wj.fi
Tte evts nti N il sin-4 o. nr;t all iLe bo!r-le
draiers id tl r-oc!(.l or of the suWnVrs,
kft-rii IN
lOtt t.t ifce l"aent C-n.'fH
CoiuiiiisisiioiifrN .o!i-'.
TrE, the undersigned, having boon appoirited
coinrnissioner to eianine and adjust all
claims against the estate of Wni. Wt-bb, deceas
ed, by the Judge of Probate of the county of
I ogham, notice is therefore hereby given, that
ia pursuance of eaid order, we will inert at the
house of Mr. Hunt, at Delhi Center, for the pur
pose of examining and adjusting claims against
said estate, on Wednesday, the 19th day of Uc
tober, on Wednesday, the 1 Cth day of Xovem
ber, and on Wednesday, the 'lih diy of De
cember, A. D., IS "from the hours of 9 o'
clock, A. M. to 5 o'clock P. M. on each of said
days, and six months from the 1st day of Au
gust, A. D. beini the time limited for the
presentation of said cliim, notice ideo is hereby
given, that all claims on said estate Lot presen
ted within said tim, will be barred under the
statute. J0I1X FERGUSON,
223 w 4 Ccmmi$ioer.
. LL.ftJoha'1
v; Condition Pow-Vii'dtri.-Tlie.,
K.warn are Urli
in very l.ih esti.
mati.si for lierses,
in rs of Ma.
IKMI'IR. loss
or AKprriTt
PL AiNT. ele. -Ttirv
are rtrer
lent l.r rattle
tliat are rrnwa
nn.I DiatUTsrait: ami will cure COWS of itivmc rsivsst
miik Tl ev als. increase thensntitT of milk. wHratlie
t-i.sr it.-iirral csxlitiitit l lJ TUt prlrit-ter has issr t
a urr l Hist tls If are uperi.r t.i an tlnlicrlse iti rax-s
..t ll.iil.iw Hi.'n. Tare l-ouM v rarrcisr.1 tl.at 10a ,
ta:ii M Jot.n's genuine I'ow.lrrs. anj ii(Ti-r uut nur
sr.v.sto 1-.- I Hiiils:itr.l Willi tlir aseiti"n ttt t.ir
tli.i.i; s-l-c i jut a K-khL
-.s,i 1 WniUhn 'iirrri:'.V .v,i te, lKio.
My tiorse was w.rke.l ati.l Jriti-n . l.sr.l. tlit Le
sernitsi c-imi Wtcly a.-rn out su.l u-J up II lit" wa.krj
a f. yar.lv lie would trr n.Me all t-vrr. He sremtsl en
tiir'jr wcrll.less ami atvMii to .lie. 1 pw him tiri.sts
m.,1 -ui. s. Mit t rv si-ti" "f n ."tirlit 1 tlnalif cate
l.im 1. I- S'T. JiHi t'OMMritlS rOWl'Mis. Ii,
rat-i.lly i-nr.'e.l until he .rene perfts-tly well. I tm
vMU han enr liuiulre.1 dollars. I". L A M Kr U
Fifteen Hrtrtes in one PUble Cured of a Cough.
- Vr. James Vt.-tr.i. a d. alrr 111 li.Tses. t 'U. ljf kn.ian in
..rthwrt.rti!ii a)': I t-.avr mail ux of I. .. Ht.
J.iliirs I'.'iidit on Powders f..r I'ouli. Oisien-rH-r. W aiit
of Awelitr. etc. 1 coiisnlrr tlirm an artu-le of (teal
talur. and Ilie .-st l.orse nte.ti.-me with whieh I am ae.
qua.u'.rd. 1 wa some Ume s lice al tlie litrrv-sttbie t
I'siiK'l Coinmit. of M. suture City, and Usltld Ins Lei -s.
tift.-rti in Mimlf r, aft'ie'rd with a cmicii. I a.lirisrd l.im
t.i K;ve tii.-ni M. J.. tin's Condition Poadrrs. In fiitM or
ten day. I learned lie Lad toll.'Wr.l my a.lti-e. a.l Ihsi
Ins I 01 wire tlirn r., tu. i y writ.
Hallow Hern, ttc- 1 li.iv.- s, J M. J..!.tr Cw..L
t:.. ii Powders sevr.al fir Uur l.ersrs and rattle, snj
liat.- t.am.l tlirm rx.eil. tit m dilri:iprr. and tlir otl.,i
I'uip .-rs tiw l.i.-Ii tisrv are rro-tnmt-nilrd. I hte
f urn I tlirm 3 en at nw-.li.-mr ton-attle lavim tlir 1 1.. I
i'W Horn. llK.rtlie l.om, i.prn the hole Hvsi..nsdj ,
and I. ."I tli.-in M.Joliii s l'.-i..l:ii 11 l'..,l.-i- I L itr
t.rnm-iit'y mi.-ii tin m t.t cows t'.ai Isseaine t.M-a-sNt.
and I il.-d in k i;. ill. :k T:re Powdeis l.ave aif.
s..n rlTt-.-ted a riirr. and aisdr tlirm aye tt nr m lk
M-H!V.HUI. '.!.!... S VMl I L Ol Nti.
Blood Milk. F.tC- Mr J.mrs 0r..!..ete, thatr.
Oi.i... -ai.: I I id a I r-,- l.s.Cv s tl 1-1. .1 witli d -'.-it.
prr. and tt tve lit m M J.d.n's '.n.li(i..u I'oa.l.-is Tl.rj
l-r il.-.l like a . I.rii ni. . tt s tii.c a cine in a f. w .1 .t.
1 lire are (ritcti to . ..as in our nr nl.ii.-rl.i-sl a illi er-'-lent
. if. . I. iii ;' .nit 1'i. ir l-l.. i ai.d iii.pr.-t ma" it
ri.i'.lili hi. i.s . .1 v I.. iiH-re.isr ll.e r .I'isiiliiy of
m Ik tlir Ii id ll.r C ti K-t. wl.u-ti .g .- I In I .(ill
I I y n.ilk. 111. e ,i s....ii i ff.-, ir I Willi IV. -r I . s
Ml.ni trav.ll.111r at t'.rM. -t. 1 ti. l a talusl-le liot-e
tt.l. k' .l Willi llilllli.llinli f Ow lUliK - His ,' Sl
,. w..r-e t' iii I I. sir ever kii.'Wn a due in Uiua oc
l. It.nt Ii . ' -. II 1- .' 'i.t I - mrl.ll' s II as. ii
mr .iiireia- t'.r nir.. Mr tii- "-Is t-.H.-i.lrrr.l l.liu
.ur.l.l. , tnd I a I 1. ..- tik. 11 1.. 1 1 r .toils' l.r I im.
I .r.-urt I ..me ot I. I sT JllSsi.Tlli IV'W
!l.l:. and t-ste I. 111. Tim i d.s led a ll. .r i s.
cur.', and 1 11. t slur dim at -'' I i-li t rauy tl iu
sis- iv - with no- Klin ti avriliim ll'i int oau tr.va. ait.1
w.ui'd rt-Trtiiiinend it!.. rs toil.i so I Inir iin.lr u-r id
M..11.'-. M. i. l.si.t'-, i.i.d t tn. s o-'.rr ItisTM-poWe.-f.
I. lit irive.sr Ji'HX'.s the d.-rlilfd .r.fi r. " -e
Xk. A. Sismv pi...nrt'.r ! a l.v. i sisl-k-. Tdlia.
Ill, i.. s..v-. J.lt Til.. 1-n. " I .-sll K tf t l a Kit tl r-.-..im...
i.lsti.i. t.r t-ur I'tNi'lllnV PoW IHtiS. I
I, nr 11-rd tl.'-iu d.ti ii.- tl.e I- i-l l -nr '- i. and .l.tni tf
llltl t.illt- I11V li tl -. - I.st r Itf-t'rr llT rrtf Wltti ftistrltlH-f .
til lo. 11 't. It Ii t- a liuinl ' r ! t niies irrt Slit . I t u n ivrlr
ir i.n.i iiw Tim e el n.y lt. r-rs arte re.-rtit atts.krd
Willi .-..'in!, d.ll 1. I tin- preV.llrll.T of ill-trliiper ill Ih.-
it. is-l.lusl I. Tlu-r rr rti l. ntlr urttii.c the di
tr.-.f-r II. It'.. 11 v-ur iiNUI I UlS "i lit I'LKs. nd
IUri .i thrill prelect 'If IU tsod.ys.
Mk. Wiiu.k Kisii.iii, intnliant. Fvsii-prt. Ol.m,
wi.tt-s. Au-' . !" I am "it out " I y.-ui t't.ttdiih.ii
l". w l.-rs. Tlir? ee In.- nest tlt-l. ti.-n of al. horsr
int ,!..-. in- I 1 v. r :.! Il v -'i . an s. n.1 in.- a U.uv. d-
S.1 lllltllrd.lt.lv
Uorsa ni arlv Dead with Dutemper. Mr. I.. .
Nye. i;.ed I'.'Wiisl.ip. Sen-. .. 1. ad a ltor-- ai
I. s.l v attti. trd wild tlidntto-r. lliat the horse d s-Wirs
t . .t.t him t" t ike I.. in I-. ll.e w.hI. I-, he cure was
rll. ci.-d t.y ait itiC hnn l.r.-r p. pels t.t hi. J.tl.u's tsuidi-
II. .11 P. w i.-r-
horsr d.s-tor ciin-.l a Inirsethat teemed used wp and
si.. ii I to ill.-, as Irs. .ill-1 l.-.l est. y u the P..W
tit r. prepared liv puttinsT li.em l..r a h.-rl linie in mI
niv ..trr. and I'.ni it miihii: tli.ut d in fi.tn a l-oltle.
This i- tlie only s .v ihev cn l- adimiinlrre.1 wlten the
horse wiil li"t f it
Sil.l Le all M. .1.. HO" Ih I'rrs. wh.i will f.irni I. SI,
J. .nits Alniauaes mstts I. L St. J .l.li A Lirtiaj
Vit. . (reiier! Atirius lor tl.r Urslrro Mates.
'PKY tliis rrniatkahle and liiost iiiterrstiiitf rrnirilr. It
1. is eonii.osnl tf the eoois-titrated Jutrt-s of the nt
(stwerfulaud tl.e most mmiIIiiiik Itant.aod ItnoUia nature,
rliemiealW eotnt-iw-tl and insula'ed iu well sealed Rlaas
bottles. and rhar.-eil t. a ts.werful Lattery. TLua
M-s-intr in al litioti to lis sn-ti..r nie-liral tirtues, strong
Matruetie am! 1 lectin- .r.rl es, .n.l..uu.lljr is-netratin,
and eininei.tly qus-tinK and sootliinir. It relieves r-aio
and lulUinuiatinn at orire, (alit-u firelf a-ilied.) relal
inif the straliw-d mu-s-les and uertea, fit ine new life and
sitalitt by Its .ile t!"""f 'inalitH-s, tu parauxed arts and
rhnmr or Ion; stan tin ciii Units, and weaknesses, al
lay io( nerrous id. (Neuialina ) irritatH.n, and remirit
obstruct ns Lke a ri.aini. iudred, all situ liate used il,
l-ak of it as truly a won 'erful niedu-ine, and esteem it
l.y far sus-rttr to any aud all ' Iter external ree.edies its
um. I: ai.lied in M-ast.n. it is au utilailiuir reusstly lor tlte
( roup. Sore l lir'.at. Itiflsmuiation f the l.unifs, Ik. ar s,
Ijver, kidneys, and tdher tneans, Hlieumatism, Spinal
Irntst ..n, Ar.ie in the Hreast , and at all tiniea care
bervuu ll.-a.larlie, Neuralif s, s e eyes, ear ache, tith
act', atroe in tl.e fare, Piuiples aud MuptH4is f all
ainiLs, i'e, KruiMsd and Sprained Uinhs, ILirns, f rote a
parts. Chilblains, iudo't-ot ami lotif eUmlios; Ptwea,
Wounds, fcc, Ac. It will also lestore the Hair to tL
IU1 1 Head, and fret, nt the Hair frmo fsll.u Th Msr
tietie Omtment Las teeij et'en-ively used upon Canal and
lirsuflit linrsea for iinlls, Wounds, r'pra'iis and lameness-,
and is a sure euro, w l.r a at plied Lot, for the scratches
on Lorx-s, and fowl All sheep. All tl pro.r.eors ash
l.ir the Magnetic n n'nw-iit is a fair tnal.miin.leut that all
they claim for it. ai l lie f Mind true t..the letter la tl.e
ueiv;hb.iriood a L'-ie it is uiaiiolsctured.many fss lebsy
it l.y 'lie ..iisntit) , and it is kept and used by alues-t erery
iiinaonantss a t auseea r i il... uuuieious painsand aches
every family is more or le s al!lietd a-iik. w. talw
Try Dr. Trask'i Magnetic Ointment!
None remiii,e unlei sipned l!ell," with Pen. Hsw
I'amt.liiets et-ctaitnr full directions around each Bnt'le,
an-1 c rents rs lelt with ar-nts Price 2 shillings fsr satali
and .'I shnhi.s lor lsre Kt.ttles.
Kt.r sa'e by N'eahro k Brother, and Thayer k Co , Laa
n'.or, and all other Itroirr sts In the eonntiy.
UtT All rders s-K.uid W a-'.d'eW to WM. Ml W.E It
, larlv-lie, Madosst Co., N. V. '-1
2 i 3
1 0 a i
Ti 1- Ct l.t
Sold by D. E. (Vossiiian, Ingham; Thayer k
Co., and S. D. Xcabro, Eanaing ; and C. Gratton,
Williarii-Un. Iy-207.
f fl
i n o i r oi,RV.
THE undersigned are prepared to furuisb t
short notice,
Stationary Engine..
Mill Gearing, Ware Houtte
Hoisting Apparatus,
And all varieties) of Iron Work. Repair-Work
on Propellers, .Steamers) and Saw Mill executed
promptly and thrroughly.
WE are prepared to execute order" of any
the for Rra-'s and Composition CaetingS
Oil GlrJjcs, Oil Cups, Valves, Journal
Bozes.Gauge CorksJCylinder Cocks,
Steam WUixllesfor Steamboats,
IsKomrAitcs 4 Mills; Bells
for Factories, Steamers,
and Loromntives.
Iron Railing V Verandah
WE are prepared to execute all orden for
IRON RAILIXGS, for private building,
Churches, Public Squares, and Cemetery Lot.
J33f Corner of Fifth and Woodbridge street,
opposite Machine shop of Michigan Central Rail)
read, Detroit, Michigan.

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