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VOL. 5, NO. 25. WHOLE NO. 233.
il of Forfeited State Land.
,HS WISS'LR, 'i"fr.ir.
E'iMiI H FAtlttTF.H, Ijutuut to.keruor.
,LSon' ?-e'ary -f "
A. TUoMi-SOX. lputy d .
WMHL CASE. AjJt.ir-n-rl
ZmkJmi . la-paty do
J.iHV WrlilN'N'KY, -ta-Tra.-i!er.
TII"rt-'K- HLNTr K. iN-jiuty .L
JOHN 11 OlitOiM'.Y. Siperiutul -lit Pub. Intiuti.'0.
4 0KTLVNI B -TKISBIXS, larputjr !u
JtMrS W SA ', Cnnuiiion.r Put Land Oflne.
J VUH HoWAKO, A-t.iry tieoeral.
FBElrtJUCK W. tll'.rtMlS, AJj and gr. M-wu-r d
fttOW.E MAP.T1N'. Oii-f Jitiee.
lAAC K. CHKISTIANfY, At ci t Ju.t:c.
V c.ll'i:UJ..
Ut IH.t. H'WARli H r. W!LA.
Jl'lil.lO NOT1CK u beieby pi.eu, tnat the following
ce-toitw-i rrira.ry rvnooi, :" noira n? ni rump
111 1, iutel mtbf wumi or ix.iiam, loro-Ueil
f..r ii .ti p jr m-nt of hrerett, will be uttered for ale at
tlf oMI.-e, at pa l e auction, im Wednewlay, the Cth
lay of October ueat. at 10 o'elork A M , unless prvi
uvy i-end according to la
Primary School.
4th "
5th 14
6lU "
Tth "
Mh '
llh "
ri.vvis' i.vi:km k
ltt.SIAM!N r IJKAV.--
J All ll'KSK!'.
lilt I. IjOVKI 1..
h.aviisj i.irnJ:iN
f?r Vaiaitto, liA.Ml.L '! W '
J. i: AXTiJt.J
JolIV R. KrXLooi
t Iit.
Jd "
1th "
Vh '
Itb "
t '
Ith "
J f ASIMAN J0ll-O,
I--o.AI.li vj.-ISTYl'.K,
V. I.AKIS iniowv,
Hr.SKY Wlllliv;.
M KKII l-Ait-oVS.
OUVr.K U .if A1"I.WN';,
I I. I.t K'V. J l.if, I'hmI ami Hliivl.
RKV. B. M aV. Pri.in.l
Aiainf.r IVaf, I umb an ) Rliiid Kunt.
uf n e 4
n uf u w t
Q i.f n ?
4 Of f4
Of i
.' f n J
"f ' '
i.f ;
of 4 a? 4
n ',i.lni
r ; t of u .'4
.'4 "f w
'4 of II l4'
n ' of
'4 f 4 W .'4
li W 4
II 4 Of S W '4
U '4 f W 4
n '4 Of II 0 4
1 '4 t f n e 4
m '4 of u w
j A I? I4 of n W 4
i .', II '4
j e J4 of II 4
Jaw 4.f-l4
j w .'4 ; s w
1 .'4 of '4
! .' f n "
I , of 4 " I4
' it i f n i
j n 't t
i v ot n e '4
I ..f 4 W 4
1 m 4 til 11 '4
Mtvamp I. a ml.
1 n
J a
- n
H n
4 a
:: o
1 a
4 u
4 u
4 u
4 n
4 u
4 n
'2 u
i u
4 11
4 a
- u
4 u
1 11
1 e
2 e
1 w
2 e
wife. After a court-Lip of a few months
1 they were happily married, an-i lived togeth
er tur more than fifty Years. Mr. I 'lied
i the 25th of March. 'l, and Mr. U. livt d
t till April Tth, IS 17. Tor sixty years, per
' Laps, they were both uistinpi'hed and uso
, ful members of the Mtthod:st Episcopal
I Church.
'1 V
1 f
1 m
How goes the money? Well,
I'm sure it isn't hard to tell ;
It goes for rent and water rates.
For bread and butter, coil and prat, cesful io ocuring Ler coti.nrLt to visi
IlaW, caps ard carpet?, hoops and bf- ' a an, a,J,ire,s .r n the
How goes the moiiey? Xay,
Don't everyboJy know tL ay,
It goes for bonnets, coau and capM,
Silks, eatins, mulins, relvets, crape,
Shawls, ribbons, fuia and furbelows
And that's the way the money gixs!
How goes the money? Sure
I wi.h the ways were noinethin fewer !
It goes for waes, taxes, debts,
It goes for presents, goes for bet..
For paints, pomhahe and ec m-rose.
And that' the wny the money goes!
How goes the money N'ow
I've scarce leg'in to nieMimi how ;
It gix'S for mx , f..ati:er, rin,
Tnvs, d-jIiH, and th r b:i!y tliintr-.
Whip, hi-tles, and Wowa
And that's the way the ino'iey g. e '.
How goes the miiuey? Coin,-,
I know it did'nt v,J ,or rum:
It goes for fchooU and Sabbatli chiine.
It goes for charily juimctiuie,
Fr ini.iiii s a'id iuh thitig s thii!"c,
Aod tlie llie li: ! !''i'S '.
How goo the money ? There,
I'm out of patience, I declare ;
It goes fr p!ay, and diamond pins,
For public aims and private eins,
For hollow i-hanis and silly shows
And that's the wav the nionev goe!
arose in Ler heart as soon a Le came into i'c of cherry txunce. Thia the performer : legalist that he would hare to pay dearly
Lis presetee. drew to Litn and drank amid thunder of for his knowledge, as Mr. Martin seemed to
Mr. It obtained the pleasure of an inter- applau-o, the Calthumpians meanwhile J make the most of his part of the contract,
view with her that eveniti?, and wa euc- rlair" " A little More Cider." The feat i Lwyprs. whether voun? or old. Lave
visit lier wns suocessfiiiiv T-erformed. the latter por-; leral nchts. and so the voueir man beean to
ect of tin Leiri acctmpli.sLed on all fours, thus thick of the (.tudy of self-protection. It
marriage. lie, Lowever, did not ten ner in t eanv .ir. Jiionain au noiiow. lie wa : ran tnrougn an creation l omtuon to ani
drcam till hLc had ensirod to teeumc Lis niM-'ht up at once on the shoulders of the i mals and men, it was a noble instinct not
frantic multitude, headed by Col. Lum to be disobeyed, particularly where the
."-'mith, and as he disappeared in the Ter- hotel bills of a lawyer were concerned,
rapln he was heard to exclaim, with a i The subject daily grew on the young man.
wink so intense it save one side of his face , It was all absorbine to the mind and inx-k-
the appearance of a paralysis,
(Ire) boy-"
Boston, July K.!'.
Friend liAnaisoN : My friend, Charles
T'rall rifiht i et. A week elapsed, and Mr. Mart u was
i ready to return to Baltimore. So wa? the
; young man, but not on the same stage with J
j his illustrious teacher. j
j Mr. Martin approached the counter in
tue nar-rooui. inc young man was an I
anxious spectator near him.
"Mr. Clerk." said Mr. Martiu. " my !
T n E BAliY.
Another little wire
lrKn the sea of life.
Another oul to aare.
Amid it toil and airite.
Two more little feet
To walk the dusty road;
To choose where two paths meet.
The rarrow or tte broad.
Two more little hand
To work for good r ill;
Two more little eyr ;
Another li'.tlo will.
Another heart to love,
K eeiving love again;
And so the baby came,
A thing of joy a:;d pain.
The Toronto GbJ gives an account of
the f-c-riU -f Sarah Jane Ciiddings, alias,
Voung, who about a month 5ince, while at j
the Kails, concluded to leave Ler mistress' :
II. Morse, Ks i , whose zeal us a elector of 1 service, and fled across the rirer to Canada, i
, autographs and relics of the olden tia:e i ' Her ma.-ter, not di.-jsed to part with Lis ' CTervthiE" h
well kuuwn hereabouts, has put into nn " j rop-rty" (. likely and fine looking mu-j lH att
, hands a c py t-f the Uorton Caztlte and latt. woman. --! years of age,) in this man-; jjSVC aircajv La,
ZKA l'IT Hir K. I
A-ylum f t Itv Inan Kalamai
Hl l.lirKT B. MlAN'K. V
I.HtKoK. W. UX, j
lUiiwri'f 1 'iirrrcliim
A'nfKj I rimamiiium
t'HA. A. T!SfWHKII.:
i;m;KW i.r.v.,
WM. I. SEATOV. Aut of llie SUt rii-m.
J. ILliENK TKSNtV, Stat Ijbrari.m.
ln.rttrs SliU I'rivm
.Ntxs-A w. i.i:k, j
StMrFtP. E Vl.3upt. St Mar a fall Skip Canal
FHAR1.M I'H'KhY, I'm ! S'at Ak'ricultutal Society.
R. I". JOllN.-ToN'E, Secretary .1.. !o
L. R FTSK, I'riMi'i-nt p' tmr. I'rof. of Oif mintry.
CALVIN TRA Y, I'rof. -t M it I win Vie.
T C. ABItoT, I'r. f of Koiflib ljlratur.
?LRVH.A.M AIUIK, Inrtrurtor in Civil Koi;ioiricr
K. r. J1IST INK, (irnrl SupriutDlent of the Farm.
nv j. Ti.siiiMKi:it,
SUge for St. JobiH, J.ickin, Vtroit an-l Manball, l-a
thin hou dailr
Laiisinur, - - - - Michigan.
Stages leare this house daily for Jackson, St.
Johns, Detroit, and intermediate places.
Lansinir. April 1 . 1S.VJ. It
; i.
' l
; i..t -i
I lot S
; it it
. i..t ii
! i.t i
i i.t i
j lot O
I .t 1
lot !
Io. b
tot i
lot ;i
l.t 4
lot 4
1 t
lot i
i .t i
lot -i
lot -
lot 7
I t H
lot VI
lot II
lot 4
lot t.
it -
h.t -
to - I
lot 7
lot 11
lot 1
lot -
kit a
lot 4
tot 5
l.t 4
lot 4
lot 3
lt 10
lot It
lot 1
lot .;
lot 4
lot 12
f T Lansing, that he lias opened a new Livery
Stable, with a lull Htoek of tleet, well broke
llorses, comfortable lluggies, lUmble Carriages
and Sleighs, and by close attention to business
hopes to merit a fair share of public patronage.
Lansing, November 3, 185S.
Mich. Connnisi-ioner for the State of New
ti:iiii: .nouciiorsi:,
Fahionab! Hoot ar.l .hiei'kr H.Kit an. I Slios con
atautiy on )in.,or m.l t oi.Vr on short notic, and
at rpa-on:iMpnT. All woik warrantttl. Ski'pnra'ly
oppiMit VUiV, lUnkirii; 'cr, Wa-hingtoa Aveini,
" IM K!O.VscV "IV 1 "i"E 1
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law and Solicitors
in Chancery, Lausing, Michigan. Office in
Cowle's Block.
IO. 1. PARKINS. . c. WIL1Y.
N. B- U. C. Wiley will defend criminal cases
as heretofore. " 223
I. I. A.TKItTlA.,
Oflceathis-esideneeon Grandstrettt.eiactly
Lansing. J une 3i, I S5.
weor . Arilltrous, Attorney and
counsellor at Law, Lmsing, Michigan. Office
one door south of the post office.
Jobbersof.and Retail Dealersin, all kinds of
aper HaninffM,
oofixo pater andprinters'fcrnishino
o. 210 Jefferon Avenue, Detroit, Mich.
lot 1
lot 7
lot 10
kt 3
lot 4
kit 11
lot 4
lot a
kit 1
Lansing Lot. !
Kiork. I!l.k !
114 k.t.T -i' I
i:W lt 4 '-S
l:, lot 5 -iJ7
i:;j lot i loa
r.-i lot j;i7
Wi k't 7 ',-,
j;:7 k.t 7 131 !
S'A lot 1 h4 !
1::h lot 4 'J47 '
l !;'i lot 1 j;;; I
l.vt k.t 2 j:ifi !
1.1 lot 4 'iti
14J k.t 5 -4
1-H lot 4 ;4
ltl lot H 144
I i'l lot 11 5
l' i lot l K5 j
l.Vi lot 11 l.M
I..1 lot 1.' l.M
"i7 lot 3 .4
l'4 lot 4 117
1)14 l it 6 117
l.ij lot l.M
1JO lot 4 "J44
lilt lotll IIS
1-0 bit 3 155
1JO lot 11 1J4
l' i lot 4 ll'i
104 :ot 1J 144
147 lot 1, icei.t lot! 1
147 off -Kt J
ll kt - 76
:i lot 4 145
141 lot 5 145
1.14 lot 4 lo7
1.15 lot 3 144
14H l it 4 144
153 lot i 135
14S kit 10 14
3 lotH 15'J
144 lotl 15'J
1J4 lot H 114
1J4 lot 7 114
71 lot 7 14K
71 kit 4 H4
71 lot W S4
M k.t 9 145
i-:o lotl 74
74 lot 7 5'.
74 ktS 59
74 1 it 5 1 J-J
74 lot 9 S3
247 lot 10 S3
74 lot 5 74
M lot 11 145
W lot 1 154
W lot 3 rod a an 1 a by I
84 i loil autl w, en v 130
l'J4 a w coinv r lot 1, j
Idlng Land LanaliiK Lot.
Block. L'lock.
14i k.tl
149 lot 9 -J J3
its lot io ihj;i
ITS lot 4 loo
1-J1 lot b loo
1-Jl kt 4 13
111 lot'J -Jll
Jll lots -Jll
111 bit 4 -JU
"Jit lots 110
Jll l it 3 140
Jll lot S l .iM
J-Jl k.t 9 199
J-Jl lot ID l'.9
J14 k.tlJ l.9
J14 lot 13 "J14
:14 kit 14 'J16
Weekly Journal, uf luenday, ovember per. followed Sarah Jane
-U, 17.rt, which, among other curious items Ib.use where the 1
of Massachusetts, history, C"ntaius the fol
lowing udviiU.Tcment :
" Han away fn tu Lis master, William
IJrown, of Krarnitigham, on the Ilotli of Sep-
! tember last, a mulatto fellow, about 117 years
J of age, named Cripu. well set, six fi.et two '
- I inches high, short curled hair, knees nearer
j to -ether than common. Had on a light eol-
the folWine account of a sinui-1 oreti . tr9kin fat, brown fustian jacket, i
to the Clifton
A IMit l.li; DUF.A.tl.
lar dream from the Western Christian I Iu T luckskiu bre-che, blue yam tno king,
Mr. II Lad been twice married, but was
left a second time a widower with six daugh
ters and otie son. After these lereavements,
Mr. i. it ferred the Lord did not design
him te enjoy tLe Llesning of a wife, and he
reniilrpil tn sfifrifiip all terun;l rnnvpnifn-
ces and ei..jmeittsof the conjugal relation, ouH H11 corrjiiit-tiiorati
and never attempt to select another partner j cre' l.-"arc" 1 v 's
;n i;r. ti.;- .li.tlur, , Ea..,o.iiw i-.t : I'-l . a crandson of
and a checked shirt
" Whoever shall t:ikf
and convey him to his :i
Kraiuingham, shall h ivi
tetmr, reward, and nil
It will be romeiiibt i
up n:ii'l runaway,
IxiVt? said mater
7 n I'ouu'ls, old
t!ecsarv ehnri'f-s
Maxwell P. Crladdis writes to th lavton
young friend, Mr. , will rcttlc my bill, i Journal, an article eti the temperance
agreeable to the engagement." j movement, concluding with an anecdote
The young man said nothing but 1 vked that will shock and amuse aWut ciual por
tions of the communitv. Here it is:
ttend to it. Mr Clerk, as e Tm: rraxdv sacuamext.
Iready had a definite understanding i The article ceoied bv vou the other dsv
on flio ciiliif- IIa i r.1, .1 i r..f. vw!iin. ; ;., . 1 . . .- : . 1 t, .1 .
d obtained employ- . I- U.1,.,,,1 to r.ar i..r t.ill " h l.urrie.llc 111:.. .:, u.:. .. e.. i. :1
menr, and attempted to induce her to re-, r,,-,,,,! - e i t j
,r:i t.,, f.. tt; ,(r u repeated t a painful wcurretuv. which I witnessed at
turn with him. In this efiort. it is said, .. 'Lr .... ir, ., Vkt..i ,t,. w . .... ,..., ....
., . c .t fiv. ii -i j - -" ine .i-uiii iu iui' witter oi ici at ine
the rroj rictor of the t lifton House, aided . ... . . . , . ,
, . ' , ( u i ijcungman. I ranklin 31 K. Church in the city of Mo-
tho .Sniithprnrr so f.ir as ho could .and vn ! t- -i ... , i . . . . . J.
. . ' : r.vmence : sneerea .'ir. .j;trun.
cntrapjed the girl, with a design to surren-1 .. pa,d lLtf aD, j..nuirc.
der h-r to her former owner. Sarah Jane ! lv .. Atcays U sure nf your rriteMCt.t
tel s her fory t- the Ivlitor of the i,tuU, . ,; ('n ..... ..mvol,,. -
Mr. Martin saw the snare, and pulling
out his pocket iKMik, paid the bill, and with
grct eood humor aured the young man
" VtiU will do sir, and get through the
world with your prof. ioit without advice
from me."
i d that, at the
II of the lloston !t!3-
,) Samuel II Urottti,
tiie above William
as Io! ows :
n Satmday Mr h ar re'jue-ted Sarah
Jatio to g to one of the cottages adjoining
the H.-tfi. for the purpose of clearing it
out, aecoiepanying her him-lf to the d Nr.
A- s '!! a she entered she found to her
great ..nmemeiit her old maer waiting to
r e ie In r. lie immediately locked the
door, and, putting the key in his pocket,
plied every po.-sible art to induce her to
cross, the river. Kvery offer. Lowever, was
rej' Cti d, the girl preferring Ler freedom to
slavery, with all its promised advantages
He ke; t Ifr here for -me time, refusing
t'j let her threatening violence, if r.e-
i . io t ... r. .. iirij
ixii( iiK.oi i:a KI.OIMM; with
nil) 'iw-iMM.i:!! ! iu;tni(;
I mi (VKI.S.
The oung Hiawatha wh eloptd with
the fair daughter of a respected citizen of
Horchester lias been heard of by the father
of the girl, who, with his friend" and neigh
bors, has leen hercliimr and le i-marlnm? ..- .. ...........1 .1...
.. .1 r.i t 1 ' " ni r-' iv.'iaLi'iivuai umt ka i iiu i I tin D at iuah
ecs-ary rorium.if ty . some 01 tne cotorru ; constantly since the infatuated girl disap
waiter noticed that all was not right, and, tH.-rP,p The romantic utim ladv who
at'rer receiving no satisfaction from Mr. j
Shais, to win .in they communicated their!
fears, thev resolved on rescuing their friend :
was so anxious to Iw'eome
red skin was attending s;-!n
for nearly three years, when the arguments i Urown. was present, and narrated t ) vera!
and counsel of the minister of the'eircuit, I'";" the tra liti. u extant in tho family
in tLe State of Delaware, prevailed on Lim j relating to Crispus Aituekof his polder,
to change Lis mind. TLe consideration of j lewder-Lorn, c .
Lis numerous family of daughter reouiring , " ni that ( r.-pus was imbued with
so much a mother's care and instruction, 1 1,12 l'mt j'.'Lerty in thus declaring mde-
a nr.A of the stron. reasons that 1ih,1 in-1 rcnuence 01 ui master, lie subsewuently
duced Lim to admit that his resolution came toJius,op. ar,J worked in a rope-walk j thcmselvt a. Sallying out they broke the
miht be founded in error. The minister. al t,,e 'ort!l where he rallied the men window, entered the room, and carried tiff
encouraged by the -rood impression Le Lad 1 to lUft attacl 01 11,0 1'rt"'i" i- rces in King heir priz", taking her to Drummonville.
made, and tLe influetice he Lad gained over 1 WIUS " "rl m lTliT Vn" . wiiere tney kept tier tm -Monday, aud sent her ..urcLanea before the mornin '
Mr. U , took the liberty to name to Lim a f1"'4") m,that rtrugglt! which resulted in . K.r off to Toronto. The GMjc says, she , as ue WoUij otherwise bo obliged"
.-.aies securing 10 , nrnvcd saiely m ttiat city, aud will, no ; ftct tue business at the noon recess, 1
bile. I was assisting the venerable lr.
i 1
rtercc at a very large sacramental tnect-
ing. The Hoctor and myself were kncel-
itia, at the commuh n table in the altar, and
the railing outside was filled with devout
j worshipj rs. When the prayer of eonse
i oration was ended, Ir. l'ierc partook of
j the tread, and then Lauded it to me ; Le
j then took the cup. aud after drinking, pass
j ed il to me, aud I partook of it likewise.
! Ho then paused a moment, and came to
ward me. Hud u ith a Ittok that 1 ihall
never J or set, he sti ; " Brother G., I
tear tee hare ten deceived; there is
certainly something tcrnttfi this tvine
has i strange taste and smell.' I
tasted it again, and ei tired at once
that it iras Lognac trandu. IheDoc-
bride of a
iu this city.
lady residing in a certain neighborhood of j liberty to the e Knited
l,;- .I,,..,; n-lmm I. thono-U oroulrl mnl-n tllC DOOn WtllCll
tiim nn Avnallnt trioofiri.1 "l rrru A nonttior f. .r I Lis rSCO
Lis childreu, and appointed the time and
place for Mr. U. to meet him and le intro
duced to Ler. Some occurrence took place
which prevented Mr. 11. from meeting the
minister accordiug to appointment.
The minister, intent upon L19 plan, pro
cured Mr. B.'s consent to meet him a second
time, and the appointment was made ; but
they have denied to
It is somewhat remarkable, that although,
the impetus to the American Involution
was undeniably given 011 the ."th of March.
1770. and so regarded by the orators and
doubt, be perfectly secure. It was reported
that her ma-ter was at the K -ssin Hou;,
and some of her colored friends were on
the lookout for the gentleman. She is
iiiite destitute, having left everything lie
hind her, but she will not want friendi in
jxiint and explained the had predicament to
the audience, and at once dismissed the
congregation all suj j-osiiig at first tLat
the stewards bad be 11 i mooted urmti bv
aud ou Thursday morning la.t site procured ; S01UC wa?giu or wicked li.pior dealer, who
five dollars of her father to purchase books J K.rliaj.s W:4H f.J t,f getting a good jke
with. She also left home at an unusually upoll c4riMiaIlSf ete.; but the following il
early hour, in order, as she said, to make tl)C truc iution t,f this uni.Ieasant and af-
scssion, : ilictive occurrence :
1 Hrrither ( ,iia of tho " atewarda."
ana tnus
to trans-
; who had alwavs t.rocured the aaeramental
U deprived of her dinner at home. wjt)e ,iaj M ,(U. jtM11ijoUll ou
.N .thing was sup,'c!ed. and flu- ea..,e in-, tLe evcll;,lg bcfore u ,l0 c0t in
to to 11 .arly. where sh.- nut h. r Indian ; prt,xi,uitJ to the old u if low entered one,
, lover, and the twain started upon the cars whu.u Culitainej Lis old French brandy for
from tLe Wort-Lester Depot. ILey pro-! f.ln,:tc ,1S,
i i....- . r -I - ... !'..! J '
1 ceeueu 10 ttarreu, a icw mnes irom si
ik. .1 . . . c 1
writer f those time vet bv .. nerson ' i... I.. II., 1. ' V. , , , V ' 7, , - " ! ynl iav "ccaaiuii anovc reierrea to, in
j J e . i"'-1 " ,v-' " ,v,j rvu' jsriMjiiiieio, wuere tne atxiriginai nas iwo
at the present day, this great fact is wholly onr. was born of a free woman in l.rothcrs residino- six miles from the rail
igaiureu a or lusiauce. . j . w. . j Mrtey, , .eW orK City, Out WllOtl oni iweiv
a well-known artist, has recently drawn a
i.-ll- -.1 I , I! .
IJ. from bemo- there at the time. They llc Ul AAiugio" a"A vuuwru, uu e.i j- t , iu lmg, wun wuom, we ueiicve, sue uas
made a third arrangement, and Mr. Ii. ll"u 1 ir -l ' 1-,'' 111 since itve i. M:o Iongea tor iree.iom, site
d, if life and health permitted, he l'oric auoi me ciaic nouse is io oc seen .ys, and it lias been providentially arran-
meet Lis fiend, and uC lu.e cannon lie,1Mca lo -"J"r 'onn im-. ged that she should at length gam the boon.
an unexpected Providence again prevented I fine American historical picture of the Hat-
would certainly
made acquainted with the lady recommend
ed. Before the time arrived, however, Mr.
IJ. was admonished in a dream that the
woman so favorably spoken of by the min
ister was not the one he ought to marry,
and Le was conducted in a vision to the res
idence ot the young lady who would be a
suitable helpmate, and that Providence de-
lhe distance was sixty-
miles, and Le Lad only traveled twenty
directiou. let the map
road was laid belure h!M
mind, and the way he should go so distinctly
marked in his dream, that ho seemed per
fectly familiar with all the road. He
dreamed the distance, the name of the young
woman, and the name of her step father Col.
Vickcrs, the appearance of the house in
which ho lived, how it was painted ; that
i. . m i
years oi age was laseu to icxas, wnere
she was made a slave in the family of Mr.
miles in that
of the whole
trict and uapt. Isaac I 'avis, tor their ser-, If 3Ir. Shears acted the disgraceful part
vices at Concord Bridge, April lUth, 177", ; which is attributed to him, he isexceeding
on which is inscribed, " This was the begin- K reprehensible. Surely h-jcIi tecues as
nmg of a contest in arms tnat ended in thc above are fitted to convince the apolo- aoout it.
American independence." gits of slavery that thc pn uliar institu- j jie fa
wiriinur tne lenst itesirf. to iiisr.:irn.e ... ... ii.n .irr.r ti.n.i, w timi' t.ix. i . . i i r: i
- , . i -n- "t io ..v.. ..uj j.j w...0 ...v t-.v Vy Ulj acquaintances, ana a great ueai oi ,lirUti-n l'.r..th..r
tl, nfliionn of tho L-.tt p of I.eTinfr..n lit,. I U .1... ..!, 1 ... r. J ., t . -ft . . CUTISlian. IrulUtr
r " . i :r.r r. t: :;.i.:;:;. : r.:. :r; i r , , , - , , - ;i ; 6jTattiy expressed tor mm. me gin not tLc on, lueih,
uiiL-n uj'ui. iuv iiiniiuuviiaij .-1. , i in'ipie.-s gin, rcsi-inig a.iK'; luinux uim
.-tea 1 of attending to this matter in person as
heretofore as he afrj-r wards informed tnrt
road. It was at tirst supjK,scd that the ill-1 lje Lai dOIu;Le had commitNil the filling
assorted pair Lad gone to W arren. and a up of tLo cLurch K-rvice" on that sacra-mcss-
nger was dispatched thither last ! niental wcasioiI to an 0,lrt.J woian
'I hursday, but ho could find no trace of the j one cf tLo LoU9e rvants-who was uuablo
fugtmes. I he telegraph was theu put in 1 10 dncguied in the dark, and Lad iuno-re-iutsition,
and messages were dispatched j .j out tbe l)ranj it,wU.aiJ of tbo
to all the rail road de.ts w.th.u a Luudred , whj(.f auJ carricJ it mvr lo tLe church.
miles. At length it was ascertained. Sat-1 iirvllCT IuaJc this explanation in pub-
urday alternoon, that they had alighted at f ,ic ; tL(J eu.uinRt anj vrvUim J10 WoUja
. aircn, auu to-uay tuut uiu.g w.u uc uouc ..offenJ no ni0re" Jtll,j tLat lie WoUl,j 1,,
I fiirever from hid familv an nrtila tdat liail
iv.i ... . e .t : t. . .1 i . . J
, j ue idiucr oi tue gin is mueu csicciucu , ,.. b .. ... . ... M -
of the South, is
not the only memU r of a christian
i nni to inre r.een nuvars eorreer in lier i i i i . . .
they cannot with justice be called the scenes ,,ribes, oast heiself upon strangers in a ; dor,ortmcilt an,i has W011 he recard of all i Z' : .L
be was courted by a
iu this city. It is proba-
of the Jirst blow tor Liberty, unless the 1 'Jth ! strange land, preferring liberty to all the j wbo tnew bpr
of April, 177"), precedes in the calendar j sensual enjoyments which a tlaveholder ; y0Unjr merchant
March 5th, 177U.
Yours, for justice to Crispus Attucks,
William C. Mkll
could offer. All. Journal.
Hi.omv 0V1IEKK.
The fat local of the Cleveland Democrat
takes off tho account of Mons. Blondin's
' rope walk" over
was situated near a river, with a warehouse rich style. Those
near at hand. He dreamed, also, that there ! ticulars in the papers will appreciate it :
were five young ladies belonging to the same ! "( n the morning of the l ourth the Io- to show in the story
I editor of a prominent evening daily pa- lr. Martin was on Lis way to Annopo- comforts of a civilized Lome.
,ni ; accurately described in his dream, that he per in JJullalo accomplished a leat winch l,s to attend the Supreme Court of the
ooiil.t i.ftdill' illt lli'0!ili h. r Irom tlin other i r.l;ieeS .1oT1S lilondin S tl 'l.t rot'i act at Vfi.tr, t.J'f .rv t...jci nimr via in tl.A
four " jNiagira quite in the shade. He crossed with Lim. and, as the weather was j Any one who l as lived in Cincinnati :
In thc morning Le awoke and thought Main street, thc principal street in Buffalo, ; extremely cold, thc passen-ers soon resor- i ("tcs Brads) for ten or h.tocu years will
nothing of Lis vision, except as an ordinary ! on a crosswalk that the aforesaid local had ted to conversation to divert themselves rememner i. ., me taiior. one w
l .rtnirilO .Vin i ri nlnmonl ' all' L'vSl "I 1113 eic.lL, 13 wtll lliv ivi.ivsi, ;
aud rather remarkable dream
uight Le Lad precisely tLe same
Oniet or thk Skcrptarv or Stt,
Lavsiu, October 3d, ls5'.. )
'V'OTICK IS HEREBY GIVEV, that pursuaut to thr pro
j3l viion ot Act No. Ic3 of l"il, m-rat. sealed I'ro
Haui will b rvcriTeJ at thi cftice not I Tlmotly, the
-Jbth day of NoTmber nt, for ilo.u tli Cimiii.c and
II n'lm tor tli State, and furninhiuir 1 uel and Statu'iiery
for tho trim of two ;ar from the tirm lay i t Jauuaiy
nit, in th manner following, to w;t :
Bid No. 1. tirat ror Priming th !., J..iimih's n.t
Doeunirnt, and ail other I'rintinii rk'id ry tli Iji-i-ia
tur. to b rrformea in jte, niatmr,aiiii ui an r-iuc' ; .. . . : . - , e ,. , ,r :.....:.. l.:t.. .
laal.toth printin of a lik character, .lone f r the lamiiy, Iia i ILC one SCICCieu lor Uim SO eai euuor oi pruuourio. i euuig u.uiy j-a-
Mal in in year is.i. id wuuir wora io n none wun
piompln!a, aud th lawi to tm pr.n'el aud delivers to
the b uiler within forty days after the clone of each es-
nion of the lenlatur i
SeeoO't For I'nntiu Biaoks and Cireu'ar for the 1 -
ecutiv dparttnnta. The above tn be included in on j
bid, and the hiat to be numated per thouund em, and )
the aeeond per ream of paper, whether prated ou one or j
both ules.
B.d No. "J. Firat For U.ndiog th ljkw, Journal aii'I
IXicunent4, to be done in every respect equal to that ot
the lawn, journal and document of the e.-r 1317, to In-
estimated per copy.
Second ror ltryin? ana lle.'.ng the snt., to oe esti
mated per hundred aiitoature, and for Koldingand Stitch
ing Pamphlet aud Bil a, to be estimated per tue hundred
Third For Ruling and Ptenaiiig Blankn.to b etini.it-d
per ream, whether raleJ on one or both !".
Fourth For Binding Blank Bk for the Fiecutive
department, and tbe manuscript Ui and 'outdhIn, tn
be estimated per quire. The price to be stated f r vol
nme full bound and half bound Tbe whole work to be
done promptly, and the aeimon law to be bound, and
delivered at thia office, within tbi'ty da nfi. r ieceiv.u
the Kli.-ei from the printer. The work embraced ui 1he
ab.ve bid to be done at the at of goveinm'nt
Bit No 3. or fuino.h ng-J00reamot Prmtittg 1'ape'.
24 by 36 inche. 40 lb, to the ream, w ith good haish. and
a 'a-ge proportion of while uck. Sample m be en
at thi office. To b deliveied at l-aiint g loo ream in
October, lSoO, and loO rean iu tcti'ir, lSrl. Tli
iiantity tit b iucreaed at the option of the lt"ard of
State AuJ tor.
Bid N 4 For futnhing for th F.ecutive Ji-fiart-nh-nt
Blotting and Pot iflice 1'ape-, Alo, I!t-r,
Ruled and Plain Cap. Flat tap. Folio Pot. Crown, lemy
aud Medium; a;, scaling Wax.Faber' PrnciU.Slampe.l.
Self Se.Iing and P.aiu Kainloij, U afris, P. X J Arnold'
Chemical Writing Fluid, S'eel IVa, Ivoiy F.-ldei m
A Cat's Ccnmxi;. The family of
Capt. W , of Salem, Lad a cat that
was a great favorite, and was much petted
. by them. I'uss was allowed to spend much
Lie that the romantic descriptions of the
i Indians which our novlists and poets have
indulged in Lave so operated upon thc poor
It is probable that every lawyer of any ! girl's imagination that he was eafily fas- of Ler time in the parlor, and was always
note Las Lear I and read of thc celebrated ! ciliated by the cunning young red skin, who I uneasy when shut cut. One day the par
Luther Martin of Maryland. His creat ha been living in tents with his brethren j lor door oiued and the servant entered
was wanted, as
mistress replied
111. Not man
history of genius are important, as we Lope appearance of an Indian lodge and the oily I days after this, was repeated, to tbe no
tongue ot a wily copper face to leave tbe small surprise and bt wildermcntof all con-
unt of Mons. Blondin's effort in the case of Aaron Burr, as well in Dorchester ard Q lincy for several weeks; and inquired if anything
Niagara in thc following ;ij b'13 displays in the Senate of the Cnited j pa.-t. She will probably repent bitterly ! the bell was rung; th
who have read the par States, will not le forgotten. Trifles in the ' that she was charmed by tho picturesque '. that the Lad not rung tLe I
Haven't iot any of Voun Size."
the ineletnent ' al"1 '1 11,5 cralL- " vtu il ' lnv i'Jl
knew Martin by! always as realty taKe a j iUo a-to give
a lawyer, the ' 'u.c- " l" - ,
ns to his t-tore for articles at variance with
eerned. The bell would ring, the servant
enter thc parlor, but no one there would
know anything of the matter. Here was
a mystery which no one could solve. Was
the houc haunted ? Was thc witch time
coming again ?
At length the lady of the Louse resolved
on discovering thc bell ringer; and a for
tunate observation finally led to tha detec
tion of thc rogue. The lady Lad remark-
The next 1 been employed in seein? the old Kourth of from to,, much enir.ilitc to
I 1 .L- V ..-.t. C l.t.. ir. J .- a !
vision re-,uuiy out auu tue new i ourui oi .iuiv m. air. i lie young man Knew .Martin uy
peatcd, and the same things presented to his some idea may be furmcd of the undorta- sight, and as he was alo a lawyer, the
mind in a still more vivid manner. Mr. B j king. The crosswalk chosen f r the dar- thread of talk soon began to spin itself out
then began to think that there might be j ing teat leads trom Ihomas Saloon to the : 0f local matters. ! , w 111 ,v" : " ak i e,j that on more than one occasion Puss
some indication of Providence in his dream;! 1 errap n Lunch, lhe sidewalks on each Mr. M.rtin," said the young man, 44 1 w,,dl u"Ui) A r : i Lad cornc into the ty,m with the servant
and all that day he made it the subject of i aide ot -Main-street were crowded with spec- am just entering on my career as a lawyer ; ", '-" " r'"- who was mysteriously called: and she
i .. .t.. f-.t 1 1 .... .. l -r. t . v ' . ... -i -e i.eiied on" dav. as one ot tho rartv alsive . J . J. .
siucere ana aruei.i praya r, inai t.ou m.uiu , 17 m iuc pcwci imuiwi lviu ou ean you ten me me secret 01 your great 1 t . r .1 t"gun to supeet that her i.et had some-
direct Lim in the way Le should go in a the side on which the Jerrapm is Jca- ..ulcers
matter so grave, and involving so much in-1 ted, they being sustained and soothed by experie
terest toinmseitanu nismoiueriess cuiiaren :n uiuaneriug wum m uis aoimy per- Uar, t w:n ----------- - vat,t to rut the oat out of the rjorn and to
That night he Lad tLe vision repeated the , form it and his willingness to treat when !
third time, and he determined then to follow Le got over. Numerous star strangled ban-:
tLe direction furnisLed Lim, aud fully tost ; ners were flying in the air and the numcr- wLi!
I unc. Mand to vour oargain tow,
nIs and huil.l : en. .-.
sapennten lthe same on reasonat.le terms.
Laning. Juntiarr 1st. ISA?. 0
Attorney and Councilor at Uw and Solicitor in
wjlliamston, Inpham Co., Mich.
kNine. X y
T K E T II .
J. S WOOD, late of Al-
X Y , ia .w .eadtr to attend t anr
eall in hi pi.fe..ion. Ir. W hi had an
Ckr,l!r""y m r,!,, twent.T fi.e .car ia I rnt try.
v .I?,d-r,,? Call and -ee '
wn,,, .:. 139 aere in parcel
ut parch.,,, hat' L, mw. ,D),
..tn Wncknrjy-".con,er of Seymour and Sagi-
JS'r- T Jm tt-KIl-, Attorners
counsellors at Law, and Solicitors in Chan
rr, Lansinjr, Michigan. All business entrus
J? to their care will be promptlr attended to.
"uiceoTerE. P. Bos well'a Shoe Store, second
22LNorth f the P. O.
the circumstauces of Lis dream by a rracti-'ous bands were playing the a:r of th
oal examination, and see if the result wo'd Star-Spangled Banner, while a Ca'itLurn
be developed as he dreamed thorn, lie im- j pian band were j utting ou airs generally,
mediately sent a note to thc preacher, in- j At about $ o'clock the local emerged from
forming him that Le Lad changed Lis mind, TLomas' Saloon, and was greated with inl
and must decline meeting Lim at the time ' mense cheers by tbe crowd on thc other
Mr. B. started ii the direction ; side, who were impatient to Lave Lim come
by the vision, and after passing across and treat. It was really a treat to
ty miles he wx ac painted with, Lis come across such er.thu?ia.ic fellows
r.ia nlr- roi,l.. li niri.ru. ! flefore nt f i" rtir.ti n In irn.a lo rurfrirme.l
M.... II. ....I. I.. Iu .1.1 ..r.l K. IL. frit li.r 1 '" ' " J f ---I I I
of January, isJ: ijo cr.'. to w deavetei b th 9rt had . difficulty ; for the map t f the road numerous wonderful feats, such as toiling
j.;; iiV an Avidly impressed upon his mind. . the time ot day, walking a crack in the
? If. sir. you will give from your rm,um V "a w ,su,,! luc,"' 'a ! m.-Hion w th this uriseeountable lell
r ,. , . j;-7innt;.n JJurnett House, t.e tnounterc'i a specimen . . c-i.tr j- . i
nee, the Ley to distinction at the ..... . . . f ..' . ringing. She therefore directed the wr
J ! of Kentucky, who enquired of him where . . e . .
w:n . , . vatit to rut the oat out f the room and V
Will what ?" exclaimed 'Martin. ' c'u "T, tf- . P . t ' u.ovements. It was not Lmg be
..-I t -,i he was dirfcted to h store, as the estab- . .....
ny. sir. i wui lay vour oxpenat-s . ...... t ire the i nr or 1- ranp. as u-ua . and
: r- .. , ment where tn-'V Ket t trie largest asort-1 . .
e you are ai -nnapoii. . , t! . fi ' running to the only place where tbe
,r- tMIS,
"oiriiisn I Mns,s,peeiticationsand Estimates Vh to aecomrany tne on ine .jaaniiiy to r mcrea-e-. -the
best stvlc of workmanshin ,n.l .tiwiiia tba . f the B.r o(St.-e Au ht..r. . indicated
J)T Chifv e. . . . '. " Hd.oa. or ni-niso n wi cora g.M a un 1 o.vi
1. 11- ' tourt Houses, Hotels, Private Woo.- mp!e. beech an I hukoiy to be de ivere 1 ei.her ! the tWCTi
-'weiUnS. Arc an.l will ....,...... f...: U 1 , r.n. ..1 or S:t Ihfice. th Kar l i f Autito;' 1
nOARIilin imrsr
JAMES U. CIIILDS would resieetfully
mTite all net-son vih;ni. n .,.i ... .i,
)rwrek,l re him oal1' at th HI
all others The gentleman whose name was ,' .V.c. The cross walk about feet in length
given to Litn in his dream Le had never seen and in order to make it steady Le Lad ta
or heard of. II ; knew the farm as soon as 1 ken about thirty glasses of Bock Beer as
I'OiiV. .. .UUU OJ oral uaitaiu liurt, ; , . . , ,
I ll furni,h veu with the great secret of fritn11 r-ecd-d at once to the place mdi-,
suc,ess as a "lawyer." c,ttf, f",UI,J h hy t,,e 7' '.
Th. your, man aW..-d lr W,m an ,nilfaT?1 01 Tee7V
Ve'rv weli," .-aid Mr. Martin. " The ' l"'S on a r. bating Lis ;
whole ..-crttof my ,uecess is contained in : - wa3 Ittclyn quested to w-wait a,
enc little maxim, which I eirly laid down ; mo-momcnt. f. r .le-j.atehmg Lis
to gttide xuo. h vou follow it;V..u cannot business with the aforesaid cu-U-mor, Le .
f..,; t.u,- t-,l. U i- thi: "IVIv.t gravely approached Kentucky with a pair
sure of ,ur evidence." ' i f.h ' f rvcd m a Te !
The hsiener w:,s very attontive-tniJ rc,ld ton"' " ;N 'ha11 t0 1 t tz
-threw himseit back' in a philosophical Jour niuu.-mum-taca;ure whereurn he ;
retire, and gave Li brain to th? analysis : I th strttcbtr mto Lis mouth, sj read
with tru- lawyer pallets, of " Aiwa be ; cn l countenance full extent
c,-r" f yo-'r evilence " i " ';rit',n' an - Wlt" a '4Ce 'r'dioating
the utmost seri )ones, remarKee; to me
loth oay of February, isol The quanti'v to be iocrvaed i that he was able to distinguish his road from side-walk, seeing a hole through a ladder.
at the option of the Bmrd i r stitt Audit .r.
To it mote repon.ible saietie w II be re.juire.1 for the
pe;forniauce of each ctniract, an l in case wl.e-e the
rep nubility of the individual eflered a s-ure'.y i no:
known tn the mem He, of the Hrd, the ertiaeat f the
Circuit Judje in whose dist ict he reside, of h' ie-p..n- :. Tim Ii.mhh .n,l amrrtlimff Unt I mtr thus affording finn mir t.t eih fvt
biHywiu be ,eaui:e.t. n tatc I . rcJ preei;W,y a, they tt bcn pre- without meutionintbe ' (tuvs" on the op- d im. ando the r romisin- adept in maxim ' hav'ent Srrot any of y-you r if it roa.t i, ued for . purpose which they
sen ted in his vision. ! posite sidewaiii who were standing tv in
11 A 1 i yV. f i-v.l fw.n l.Ij li..a-w r..l rr.ro.l i Trkitlt?i-iTl r.f 1 .lrirl- I mnr,r i.fl.r.e
V Vf n .V . n 1 ,.;nnA 1 1. .. T.. r.',T r 1 116 CtllUHU I1U1LI 111"? LI'Jl . HI. i VUfc-l.VA ; a . -i v . w . v u . . . ...... W.ftV 1U.U VH.'.l
by the Judge of Probate of the count 1 the beautiful house. The personal appear- performers, he was dressed in tight, Lav-
It wus too cold a night f ,-r anything to be i
made pecaniarly out of the old man' wis-
ronisbed Kentuckian, '' Y-young man.
of the U-ll cirne within reach of thc cat.
there wis Mis Ius with Ler claws at work
on tLe bell wip-s ; by pulling which she
had di-covcred she could call the servant,
and thus get access to her favorite lounge,
the parlor carpet.
IIi'.M Ex'!tew ist. The good jk-oj ! of Mar
tlin's Vinejard are greatlj exrc-ie-;d jut at the
t.ree:.t relative to a ball propd to Oe (jiren at
West Tisburr. The coiit t tas reached the
colemns of tf.e Vinejard Haz'ttt, and wais
warm. It is alleged that the re resentatiotia iu
v Ld-.-d to show that the people of West Tisbury
were in favor of the " jrand hop" are untrue
and that a large majority of the people are in
fact d:cid:dly oppo-ied to it : and some of the
mot itiCuei.tial t-i'.izns have eij.read their re-
cret in r.avir.z contributed to the erection oi a
Coininiswiouer If otire. j
:7T tl... nnJjKii,ni.l li.rinirluAn nnninl..1 '
which b:
of Ingham, commisaioners to examine and adjust J ance of the young lady was so vividly im- ing been tight for two weeks before in pre- word-?, ' Aiwa
St,- n ahtenaw Street, opposite the
House Square. Tine Rooms and Good
-o can oo obtained on reasonable terms.
Laa,ng, June IS, 18B9. 216
all claims against the estate of Hiram Cranson, ; pressed on his mind by the vision thriee re-1 paration for Lis feat. Only twice did
deceased, notice is therefore hereby given that j peatcj that he readily recognized her in betray the slightest irresolution, an l that
iLTrs usZtzii;ii jfj tew, u , . -i.,
ondaga, for the purpose of adjusting claims , m the same family, lie soon ascertained mense concourse on the other side waiting
against the estate of the said deceased on Sat-; the name of the young woman, and found it for Lim to treat. Scorning a balance pole
urday the 5th day of November, A. D. 185 at , to be Sarah T.."according to Lis dream I he steadied Limself a moment again-t a
niue o'clock A. M , tml on Saturday the JSth j ThJ . j h j acton,imcd. and bad lamp post, and then amid the breathless
day of January, A. D. I860, at nine o clock A. . . , , ,, -, ' e ti .t . . i
M., and six months from the 15th day of August, often said, she never w.u.d marry a widower, attention of all the spectators commenced
A. D. isso. rwincr th time limited for the ore- i Miss T. said the very moment she first saw . Lis terrible wak. W hen about half way
sentation of said claim
given that ail claims on
within said time will be
utcs. JO:
4w232 Commissioners. I that a sudden emotion ot anection lor uim icrrap
Lims-lf to stage dreams, in
knocking and pushing Lis i Flora Temple The mother of Flora
way through the worll by the all-powerful Temple was a quiet, clean-looking, gentle an invitation had b e:i extended to all the minis-
hi sure of your evidence. , family mare named I!ly. the was owned t. r to t pn-ent witn in.-ir lamniet ai we oaii,
believe would eventually prove injurious to the
morals of the outh. In reply to the argument
brought forward on the side ot the Ilopiies that
ti ...4 t- t .,;,. .t-.. :o. r.,:i- v v t aa lor reniies tnat lor iiirus'ii ne would cot
, . , , ' , m . , . , , , . l . azaia I stc-n to that tiim!-r voice from the sa-
L:s f net seal student, took rooms at the best : U9ed U be driven two years ago by a cier- cred de.k mho tliOXld tT(:ieut oa such an oo
Lotel in the city, The only thing peculiar : gyman, who liked the animal for Ler stead-; Cvion. Abie pens are engaged on both aides ;
to the hotel, in the eves of the young man, ' incs3. Her owners once offered Ler to the j and pending the issue the U-iptist Society in Ed-
wa that the wine bottles and the etceteras clergyman for $7o, but she was afterwards i partown projsc aa enterukiment a: the Towo
of fine living seemed to recall very vividly I !dlt a fig-ire somewhat higher than that i
the maxim about the evidence. ! Two years ago Dolly was alive on a farm in ' "
The young man watched Mr. Martin. ' that county. Whether she is still ahve we ; yinz IIitek Bainot. We are informed by
Wherever eat' ng and drinking were con- do not kn.w. Aive or dead, we suppose i Mr. G. G. Mowry, that the Bridge across the
s, notice is also hereny .Mr. ii. she felt a strange tremor rass over . across ne prodaced a Dan o: twine trora Lis cerncd. he was indeed a man to be watched. I &he is m utter umoranee of tbe great achieve- -Mapie ruver, on tne l.ne oi tne staw noaa naa
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