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Death of Hon. D. C. Broderick.
It las long been known that the Administra
tion party ot California had compassed the death
of Senator llroderick. The manner of their ac-
comidirhmcnt of this deed was that David S
Terry, a ruffian from Texas, whose bloody hands
once held the scales of justice, as the first Chief
Justice of California, Denver and Gwinn, should
challenge the Tictiin in succession.
The telegraphic account of Senator Broderick s
death rtatea that the occurrence created deep
icitement in San Francisco, and well it might.
Wherever aa Anti-Lecompton Democrat is to be
,....l il...m ;!! be found a man who will regard
the death of Broderick as a willfnl murder.
The hate which followed Broderick was as
deep and bitter as that with which Burr pursued
Hamilton. ai.d the pretext for the duel which is
offered by Terry and his apologists, is startlingly
imilar to that which was offered in the case 01
.v- ,.e,.l..r ,.t Hamilton, viz: that the victim
had emrcssed a want of confidence in the l.iii-
cal integrity of the challenger.
Well did Mr. Seward remark that the pro-
slavery feeling is deeper in California than in
Delaware and Maryland, although the first is
noininallv a Free State, and the two latter legal-
he slavery. In every sens; of the word is hen
tor Broderick a martyr to the political principles
which he embraced, and his blood will add itself
to river already shed by the advocates of free
dora, and the victims of pro-slavery wrath
From the death of Ix)vejoy at Alton, not a year
hat passed without memorable instances ol the
slaughter of anti slavery men. The soil of Kan-
as is drunk with it; and Washington, the Very
eat of National Government, has become odious
for acta of bloody violence committed upon mem-
beiw and Senators " for words spoken in debate.
The death of Broderick, as he fell P,tfrt"eJ
throurh the Iunzs by the bullet ot Terry, on the
16th ult, adds but another victim.
Materials for a Rovanck. Twenty jyears
ago, says the X. Y. Trihun, a woman seduced
by a farmer in Albany, gave birth to a little girl.
She afterward went to Columbia county and
married a mechanic, while the farmer also wedded
and prospered. In courso of time the girl came
to this city as a servant, and a short time since.
married a young mason here. The firmer com
ing to town with produce, was attracted by the
girl's appearance, and led to a course of inquiry,
which resulted in establishing the fact that she
wan his lost daughter. Flis wife had never
known of his criminal love, and he dared not
reveal it to her. For several months he wrapped
the secret in his own breast, till at last paternal
affection would no longer allow him to remain
ailent, and he made himself known to his daugh
ter, told Lis wife all, who wisely forgave him.
and consented to receive ber as one of the fam
ily. Tho daughter is happy in the possession of
a father's lore, and will be joint heir of his
A Uarleoti! Course M. Yioleau distin
guishing lietween economy and parsimony tells
the story of a poor widow of an innkeeper, who
wept bitterly while her neighbors arranged the
body in (its coffin, frequently murmuring
They vc used a new sheet ! They've put a
fine linen shirt upon him!" When left alon.
ahe took from her ctiploard a harlequin's suit
left for theii score by a troop of comedians,
opened the coffin with all possible dispatch, and
exchanged the dress for the fine shirt and new
beet. The husband, however, was only in a
Late of coma. The colli n-learers were on their
waT to the church, followed br the weerun- wid-
ow, when a strange noise was' heard, the corpse
mOTedtthe norters drooned the coffin, which
broke, and out stepped harlequin in his six-and- u"i:u,on Vl ,u,,"c "PP"' 1 oumeri. at
thirtv colora. I ten,!d to force Slavery into Kansas by fraud and
Lit 0r Fast. The X. Y. Tribune of
Wednesdav states that authorities of II .rrf.,r,l
hare decided that the voung man who killed an
other with his bayonet, on the day of the foolish
parade in honor of Mr. Seymour's return from
Kuasia, was not even guilty of an impropriety,
and he has been set at liberty. The indictment
against Dr. L. P. Brocketf, who lately committed
extensive forgeries in that city, has just been
bought up by his bondsman, and he is also enjoy
ing the blessings of freedom. The expense of
itisfying the Hartford Judiciary and Prosecu
ting Attorney on this occasion was, be belieTe,
3,0tX. It is not yet known whether residents
f Hartford who have neither friends nor monev
can commit murder and forgery with
Frobably, however, they cannot.
St. Locm Fair. The results of the Annual
Fair at St. Louis, which closed October 4th, were
highly satisfactory. The display of animals was
never perhaps equaled in this or any other
country. The array f machines, agricultural
implements, textile fabrics, and specimens of
handicraft generally, were unusually comirehen
ure; while tho varied fruits and tlowers were
Tery creditable to the horticultnral progress of
the West. The attendance on the grounds
during the entire seven days was unprecedented,
and the receipts amount to nearly 150,000. The
Directors contemplate the removal of the present
uphitheater and the erection of one double the
capacity. I
rtl4?" Lscort. The Allegan AVer. Us
tatea that at Allegan, on the last day of the
air, a norsebacis procession, consisting of four-
Sucu nu as many iau.es, preceJea by
Dn AanJ, escorted Senator Bingham from
his etopping place in town, to the stand erected
for him nn thA oM,i,..ia a..i,.
- - fe'""""-''- - i ue luiltilisioil I
of his address, the procession was re-formed and
Hewaainl k tnnn ..l,..i .
The caralcade Presented rerv nir n,l i,,.
viniuucu UUk iu IU1II. I
m appearance. I
CAliroRsiA. The X. Y. Tribune of Wecnes-1
day says: "Letters overland from San Fran.
cisco to the 1 2th ult. inform us that the entire
Lecompton State ticket anil hoth rnniliilatoa f.r
ConirrMn rf tht t,; v t..
Lenslatare is th. : v v.
V , 3 u",'lura
Xne reopIa Keform ticket was successful in
Ban Francisco. Jild-?e Terrr and Senator Ttm.i. f
rick tried to haTe a duel on th. in
left, but the police stonned it. Th. no.nln.
later from thc Boundary rcion."
Kct r off Heps off. The rreat cricket
atcQ was resumed yesterday at Iloboken,
lwrer concourse of spectator, h; ,.
i the previous dav. The Eleven nnt or
foe the score of lbC, leaving lis for the Twenty-
tA Ia -. .. . 1. 1 r . .
- t-- wwc menisci .cs irom Deirg de
tested in one innings. They had only scored S5
wn xne loss ot 14 wickets when the day's play
-.tus. m .ViOnUSV. Ur-tniwr t
elecuons were held m Georsia. Misaiasinr.;
a llonda. To-dav. in rennsvlTmnl.
ladiaM Ta , " vu,vj - j
Minnesota Pro peel.
Senator Bingham, who has been aiding in the
Minnesota canvass, has returned, and writes to
us encouraging!1 of the prospect. His letter,
which bore date at St. Paul's, did rot reach us
until too late for last week's P'publiean, it bar
ic been delayed tomeirhere ten days on the
Senator Iilngham adds : " I left Chicago on
Saturday uiorning, taking the horthwestern Rail
road, through Janesville an! Madison, to Prairie
DuChien. The country had been dreadfully
parched with drought, no raiu Laving fallen for
three months, and there was no sign of green
Tegetation except on the very lowert grounds.
To t0 t ;a caiamity, the frost had been very
an,j I did not see a fitld of corn from
(jt;cag0 to the Mississippi that I think will have
sound corn enough to pay for harvesting. The
corn crop 0f Northern Minoi, and all Wisconsin.
L-J neai T an CQtire failure. The same may be
8aJj 0f j,oUtoes and buckwheat, the first failing
from jry weJtth. r, and the last from frost. A? I
KSn,i,,i tilP Mis-is-inni. the frost has been
lighter: and lure in Minnesota, upon all the eh1
Tatc, l:t,,. l;,nd-, the corn is both green and
very hiavy.
"Business is vcrv dull hen
The new State
f;0vcrument sU tl' in the most citravagmt
styl, appropriating nearly I'V'"" UiC IirM
year and thev nr.? now about to levy their taxes
people that are distressingly poor.
"Mr. Bjchanms swarm of tiovernmetit ofii
ccrs have been preying like locusts upon nil im
poverished people, who arc waiting till tho 11th
I ( October to vent their indignation to di-qii.C:
, . ,
m ariil sub-titute honest Ii'etl. who
must immediately institute the most "i-''d
firnv ir the tide of c'hi'r.tti'i!! will be
t'fOill instead of t Mintic-n.t:i. I'mm :!1 that lean
hear, I think there c.i. 1- :! litt'e d.mbt that
the entire Kepiibhcrui State ticket, with mclirWtS
f f con,,rw.,t :in. majority -f t!
I.. ei-laruic,
us :i:n.tln i
w;m i(f ,.i,.,t,;d. That will
,.nHlr f ,i.e T,.).t Mmi in Con-'n-ss. 1 know
I it r,.j,(;(r the hearts of thou-ands towel. onx
w ,. K,it.. ,. ,.,.,,,., sister on this side of
tjiC ;(),.j,r Mountain, to the family of Republican
States. In all their political meeting, tl
I Libit an enthusiasm which reminds ine of tin
r ,c, which it seems to me n a certain
I augury of success.
"Mr. Hale, Mr. Grow, Mr. Colfax, Mr. Fari-s-
worth from Chicago, and the eloquent tail
churz, are .penlii-g to larev and enthusiastic
La Moi ntain iikai:i Fu-f. The balloonist
sends the following note from "ttowa:
" Lost all. Landed ''' miles north of Wafer-
town, in the Canad.t wilderness. We "ere four
davs without foo.l. j:roi:Tht out lv Indian
guides in canoes, , l'lcr.-e ii,(.nu mv wife.
Signed. J!l LA M'M NTAIN.
The X. Y. TriUn :vlU:
Ottawa, W., M. ::, ls.V..
I'rof. I-i Mountain and Mr. Jla !dck came in
to (Utawa to-day, having liii-Ied !."' in h-s north
of Ottawa, in the great Canada wildcrms.
Thev were brought out by Indian guides in
bark canoes.
They traveled in their balloon ;; miles, and
were up in the air only Horn lour to live nonrs.
For over four dv they have been in the wil
derness, without food and with no means of str i
king a fire. r
They were rescueil most providentially ly a
Mr- Cameron, wh. was hunting timber with In
dian jruides.
Slavery in MissorRi. The Xew York Tri-
Inthf s;vs that slaves aie b iii'r moved out of
Missouri with great rapidity. The owners are
selling them to the South, and very soon whole
counties will be without a single botidrnrin. This
is not surprising. It is certain that tin? State
will soon provide, fry law, for the emancipation
of all tho negroes within its borders, and the
proprietors of that species of property naturally
Preftr to 80,1 t!uMn f,,r tho !,iKh 'rkvs ,,ow Pre
linS in tht? " r:"'"'r 'J' " m
"hcn ,rom "irm a ?',r or "once ai tne cs
violence, is ncanng me i.u sseii iruits of i.urert y.
T,l "irrepressible con l! it" is peacefully advan
cinji toward its conclusion
Tiik "Conkioknck" Ticket. The Clarke
.u'rw.i, published at Berryvi'le, Clark county,
Va., nominates Mr. Hunter f ir President ami
Mr. D. S. Dickinson for Vice President. At the
same time it sivs that " t!ie next election is to
be conducted on the simple principle of Conei
PiNcr." Accordingly it supports Mr. Hunter
as the greatest confidence-man in the country.
The onlv thing that can be brought against him
is his votes against the Homestead bill, and that
the Clarke .A.r'i gWt s in as a great conserva
tive vote.
Doestu ks Be Tk . When lWsticks visited
Rhode Island, he acquired an appetite for break
fast by walking a couple of times round that
Mate. But there is a printer ia Ctic.i who has
just finished walking six hundred miles before
breakfast. He commenced 17th Anril lat. and
has walked every morning, before breakfast,
from two to ten miles, the average being four
miles per dav, twenfv-five miles per week, at
the Iea"t "'"i0"- " gained both
and strength sience he began.
Only Partial Scvcess. The Alton (111.)
Con rier learns that five slaves recently cscajed
from Missouri and made their wav across the
f'TPi i,!t0 Randolph county. ( n Sunday
n,S"l i?tu insi., tneir pursuers overtook mem
i djjout five miles from 1 hester, and fired on them
thev attempted to escane. One of them fell
mortaflv woun.b .t witb .ibont two hundre.l shot
in , boiir an1 di.l on Thursday morning fol
jowin?. Two of tll0W whl 05CSpCd were also
woun - hd.
Thk eatmerko Rack at the X.I.I air.
Thc All,iin-T J"ura a-v of thtf P"ltr.T. the
xair, u is inexuausiioie. mie oi me lancicrs
EuraKr 15 h'h M ,!urt-T l lon' vanotlc
... . .
ua"iiji"u""uiiiiij: ui'i iruouiiit-nun. new
and la discarded and in vogue barren and
frntful beautiful as pheasants and uglier than
Shanghaes noisy and voiceless and from the
cnJ" of t,,e Earth
icipk or .Major I iiapma.n at Olo Point
Comfort. -By intelligence from Old Point Corn-
ort, the Washington Ktj.nhlic learns that Major
W. W. Chapman, of the United States armr
and connected with the artillerv st.-irione.l t
Fortress Monroe, committed suicide on Tues lav.
l ine lon l,-v cuttin5 n roat with a razor.
He wai" nati7c of Massachusetts, and enter
ca ine service in 16?
Drumming whils Tfiet Stat. XotwithstaEd-
inS tae cf th South Carolinians to go out
tbe 1 mon the-v are remarkably willing
to take
office under it. There is a hot con test now going
on between a General Ayer, a Captain Elliott, and
a Mr. Owens, for the seat in Cor,- Mch
Keitt has promised to vacate two rears hence.
Black Locofocos. Anthony Barns, of fugi
Uta r.tA.;... 1 ..v . 1 . . .t .
nt. - ,rt r . 1 n..r.. u :t.
.twi; .v r
- vvue vcurwraa xnreaien, u ne comes, to
enforce the inf.mn.w .i.v v-
vv .'tV I4W Wj.'VU titUl
TbIeTea and Rufliana appointed to be In
spector of Election.
Thk OrrRAGf. Wc notice, with much satis
faction, that the press, weekly as well as daily,
hasalai'st unat.imouly denounced the outrage
perpetrated by the Board of Supervisors, in ap
pointing certain ill-fiined fellows to the position
of Registers. Some of those so appointed, and
so complained of, are fresh from acts of ruflian-i-ni,
which have made their already notorious
names more intensely detested. If any thing
were needed to render Taainian v Hall more odious
and contemptible than it is, the part of its pro
gramme thus carried out wuuld le too weighty
disgrace for it to bear. .V. '. tit$.
The Albany J:amnl ade's: Such is the com
ment w hich even a Democratic journal feels com
pelled to make upon the late action of the X. .
Democratic Supervisors.
Xor is the picture at all overdiawn. We are
informed by those w ho have heretofore had oc
casi n to deal legally with some of these ap
pointees, that among the Registrars appointed
for one ward is the man w ho assaulted the editor
of the News, a mn associated with tho Bill
Poole murder, and a man now under indictment
for obtaining goods by false preter.eesl
Such are the men whom Democracy delighteth
to honor! Such are the men to whom is to le
entrusted the business of stuffing the ballot boxes
of Xew York with fraudule: t votes, in the hope
of overruling the honest sentiment of the masses
of the State!
Fhki-hov National Slavflv Sectional.
Thi- was the motto of Mr. Sumner's great speech
in the Senate, in 1S.VJ, against the fugitive slave
law. At that time it was regarded as treasona
ble by the Sham Democracy ; but in Hj the
sentiment is re-echoed by the organ of Senator
Dougla. The Chicago Tim', in commenting
upon Mr. Dongla-'s Magazine article, says:
" Formerly it was the doctrine of the party,
that Slavery was t!n creature of the local law
not a child of the Federal Con-titution to
c..k. r.ctit Httirhfre xar . virtu of local
l t '''t' f'lthrr in Sin!' r Tr rri!orir$.
This wa- the rcognised doctrine.
"Senator Dougla-'s declarations, then, on his
head, recall the party to its old and invulnerable
We commend this to Mr. Douglas's Southern
friends. .
Tiik Si ate Fair. The'State Fair last week,
exceeded in interest, attendance, and money re
ceipts, all its predecessors.
The address by Gov. Banks, was a most gifted
pel formanee, and elicited the warmest approba
tion. We i egret that it is too lengthly for our
chIuiihis. The following officers were elected for
the ensuing year :
President II. G. Wells, of Kalamaoo.
Secretary R. F. Johnstone, of Detroit.
Treasurer Benj. Follett, of Ypsilanti.
Keci;tie Committee K. X. Wilcox, of
Wayne; .1. B. Crippen, of Branch; Horace
Welch, of Washtenaw; K. II. Thompson, of
Genesee; Frederick Fowler, of Hillsdale; Geo.
K. .Ldmson, of Kent; Chailes Dickey, of Cal
houn ;j"(.Lne- Birney, of Bay.
AW'KrS i-.y Hon. J. R. Williams. The
Consta.itine Mtrcury, publishes the Address of
Hon. J. R. Williams, to the St. Joseph County
Agricultural Society. It will occasion general
regret to be informed that Mr. Williams has
been laboring under 'seiious and protracted ill
ness, of course he was unable to be present at
the Fair. The .l-rery s.tvs: The address is
jut what the public always expect from Mr.
Williams, an able and thorough treati.-e upon
practical agriculture, such as only could have
been produced by a man of his keen sense and
close attention to the minutest operations of an
occupation which hns long engaged a large share
of his,"attention.
It was voted liv the Soeietv, on the lift dav of
the Fair, that the addrdss be published.
Lous Km-Lains And this the way he does
it. According to the X. Y. Tribune, the article
The M,,nitfur of the yth of September on
Italian affairs, ascribed to the pen of Louis Xa
poleon himself, and which has called forth so
many comments is neither more nor less than
the Kmperor's apology for the treaty of Villa
franc;!, followed by a confession that so far as
the settlement of Italian affairs is concerned, it
has failed entirely of the results which he ex
pected from it, and by a warning to the Italians
that since they have not been willing to accept
his arrangement of their affairs, they must make
up their minds to see Austria resume her old po
sition of hostilitv to Italian nationalit v.
To SrriRvisoRs. Supervisors throughout
the State are reminded that thu school tax of
one mill on the dollar, was changed by the last
Legislature, to two mills; and the Supervisors
are now required to assess two mills on the dol
lar instead of one, as heretofore. This additional
tax is not an increase of taxation in the aggre
gate, but takes the place of the dollar on each
scholar, which Districts could raise, but which is
now abolished.
ill editors throughout the Mate please
notice "
Prompt. The Albanv Journal savs that Hor
ace (irccley reached home during the night of
the 2tUh. Last spring hs promised to deliver
an agricultural address in Wyoming county on
the "-'th, " if he was alive." To keep his prom
ise, he took the cars immediately on his landing
not even taking time to visit his family ! II
delivered his promised address at the appointed
hour! This was characteristic of the man.
Blooi'Y. A sanguinary and fatal duel was re
cently fought in the new diggings on the Color
ado, between E. Warren of Indiana and G. W
Harrison of Virginia. Both were candidates for
Justices of the Peace, and Harrison was elec
ted, from which arose the difficultv. Thev
fought with Colt's navy revolvers, at f fteen pa
ces. At the second fire Warren was killed,
thc ball penetrating his heart.
Emancipation. Harriet Ashe, a colored wo
man of Washington has succeeded in raising a
thousand dollars for the purchase of her son
The Era s ay : The benevolent persons who
contributed to the worthy object will be gratified
to learn that the effort in his behalf has been
successful, and that the boy is now free.
A Strange Sori. The Port Huron I'rr;
says :
"OUR Vessels in ErRorK." The Brig
Dhxck JIairk. that sailed from this port with
staves ia June last, was in Xewcatle, England,
on the Sth inst., bound for Constantinople.
A few years ago, Mr. Scarritt, you would not
have been believed, had you published such a
Teachis. The St. Joseph Traveler says:
"The peach season is over. The past week
about twelve thousand baskets have been sent
to market, but the crop is now nearly harvested,
and only now and then a stray load comes in.
At an early day we shall publish a statistical
account of the number of baskets of peaches
which this region has produced the present
Patriotic. At the annual dinner of the An
cient and Honorable Artillery, Oct. 4th, it was
unanimously voted to subscribe 1000 toward
the erection of a X'ational Monument at Lexington.
n..hlnr of Arm."
A writer in the Tort Huron C&imerei!, in
relation to the long-agitated aad thread-bare
discission o the Collectorship of Shoemaker,
launches out rather vindictively at the editor of
the Fret Pm, and the probability of that gen-
tleman's accession to the vacant seat of the
. , . . . r. -. t i . fTi.
Jackson vienm. The Detroit 7r,Ae of Thurs-
day attributes tLe authorship of the artu ie to a
nominee ou the last Democratic State ticket. It
is a bitter and discriminating article, and well
calculated to provoke further discussion
a'I ;.,
the family ! I lere k is :
" We doubt his qualifications for a popular
Collector; that is, popular with those who will
have business transactions with him. We more
than quetio:i, too, whether his peculiar tact as
a politician points in that direction. But how
ever this may be, it is probable that those who
are urging him to the post, have been forced by
mere "stress of weather" to take shelter under
the lee of the Free Frtt. Xow, as a paitisun,
we object to any such "unholy alliance" on the
partot the Fne Pre. Mr. Storey would leave
a position w here he can dothe party great good,
to assume responsibilities which w candidly be
lieve are beyond his capacities; we mean that
his appointment would involve new discords,
beyond his capacity to harmonize. It is believed
by many that he might have nipped the whole
controversy i:i the bud. As editor of the only
"city organ," his silence under the grave accu
sations against Mr. Shoemaker, a personal and
political friend of years' standing, was construed
against the Collector. The article from the
Jackson Patriot demonstrates that this silence
wis not because there was nothing to say. Mr.
Shoemaker publicly alleges that Mr. Storey and
other "friends" repeatedly advised him against
making any ex-e whatever, until after an in
vestigation. It is also assumed that the Free
Pre lias carefully copied every little paragraph
bearing against the Collector from the Wa-hing-tou
correspondence t,f its exchanges, ami as
carefully excluded everything favorable to him.
" Xumbers of Democrats are so uncharitable
as to assert that Mr. Storey would at any time
risk party peace against personal gain. We say,
we regret that Mr. Storey has become personally
identified in the controversy; and we regret it
because the position jrives a deep color of truth
to nil such allegations, and to the not very hon
orable sequences resulting from tlu in. We re
gret it because Mr. Storey was beginning to be
quite well thought ot in the country, w here he
has never been remarkably popular; and by the
countrv press, bv whom he has (-en t-ordi illv
Si pplk-i n!'H Rrktrcrk ! 1 The Xew Yor k
correspondent of J,,urunl of Mie,
says there is a " bautil'ul girl" in the chorus of
our Academy of Mn!e. Here is tho descrip
tion :
"She has ringlets of the most bewitching
'charachther,' and a nose a little t:ny bit sugges
tive of pug, to be sme; but, nevertheless, one
of the linet noses of mo lern times. Her place
is on the rii.'ht-li i;,d fide of the stairc as you
look from the auditorium, and, not being riccus
tomed to the frotlights, she stands as straight
and stiff" as a statue. 1 think that she has no
joints iu her limbs for sin? never moves her arms,
not even to make the cufomary pump-handle
gestures. I think if she goes to Boston with
the Company, you will lecognie her and join
with me in 111 v admiration. I threw a bouquet
at her the other nL'ht, which fell near her
feet without attracting the slightest notice from
Iter, and w hich w as picked by up a lady in red anil
blue mtlslin, and cork-screw curls, uhobun-h-d
it, with an excruciating smirk, to t'ortesi."
An Actor's Gauion. Burton, the comic ac
tor, has a garden at (ilen Cove, X. V., of which a
news correspondent says : " Ilisgtnleri is woith
going miles to see. Plants, exotics, II. overs of
the richest, rarest and mo-t costly description
here luxuriate, blossom and bloom; the finest
green velvet it not more soft than its grass-plats,
and the nicely boxed boideis of his flower bed
show thc exqii-ite ta-te of its owner. Apple,
pear, peach, iiictarii.e and plum tries are here
in numbers, and he has, at a cost (f sonn
15,ooii, erected a hot-house that looks more
like the Crystal Palace than anything I have
ever ecn. U'n grape-vines aie really wonderful,
and the grapes are super b, and as big as the eg'.s
of a pigeon."
Free Soil in Virginia. Tlu- Wheeling -
t(Ui(j'ncfr has the following :
"A gentleman sen-ling us a subscription,
yesterday, from Faufax county, in this State,
writes :
"Two articles copied into the ,V.r '-.?- Km,
of the Mh instant, from vour paper, have re
joiced thc hearts of thousands. We were not
aware that any where in our State a pul.Iic man
had been found to utter such sentiments as Sen
ator Caldwell t xpicsscd i:i his speech.
Assure him that he h is the sympathies of many
of us here, and that we will watch the proceed
ings in Richmond, next winter, with the renew
ed hope that others besides him may be found
holding to the principles that were wont to be
advocated in our Legislature in
Xew Senators in tiik Next Comw.kss The
following named gentlemen will take their seals
for the first time i:i the I'nited States Senate, on
the first Monday iu Becember next, on which
day thc first session of the thii ty-sixth Conre-s
w ill commence :
Hon. Willard Salisbury, of I', law.ire.
Hon. James W. Grimes, of Iowa.
Hon. Lazarus W. Powell, of Kentucky.
Hon. Kinhy S. Bingham, of Michigan.
Hon. John C. Ten Fyck, of Ne J rs. y.
Hon. Thomas Bragg, e-1 North C.oli:ia.
Hon. Henry B. Anthony, of Rhode Island.
Hon. A. O. P. Nicholson, of Tennessee.
Hon. J. W. Hemphill, of Texas.
The Oystkr Disco iky. Five fishermen, liv
ing at I'arien, .oim., latelv o:scovcie'l an im
mense bed of oysters in Long Island Sonnd, near
Eaton's Point. The secret leaked out, notwith
standing their mutual oath to k cp it, and row I
there are one hundred and
classes on the ground. This bed grew- from
thirty bushels of oyst r ihown overlKard in a
gale twet.tv vears a-.
Mont? Filliih'stkrino. The gtav-eyed man.
Walker, has got away from New Orleans on the
steamer Philadelphia, w ith a party f-f one hun
dred and fifty filibusters. It is given out that
thev are bound for the Chiriqui diggings. Pres
ident Buchanan, who had personallT attendtd to
rr.,t,.e i,t . r...?c to
.' J ' " . ' ' ' I
denies the soft impeachment" of be;
a freebooter, by aJtnittlng himself a robber of
A Savin.;. The expense of running the ca-
loric engine used in 1 riming the Cincinnat I
Penny Pre', has been for six months but fifteen j
dollars, while that of steam, with the necessarv I
. , , , . . . ", i
help, for the same t:me, wou.d 1 are ce-t upward ,
of four hundred dollars. I
FosTHi"iors. A new volume by the late Mar- ;
garet iuller D Ossoh, ent.t.e 1 " L;f-; Without
and Life Withia," will .n be issued by Brow r,
Taggard & Chase, of Boston. It i prepared by
her brother, the Rev. Arthur B. Fuller, f:om her
unpublished rranuscripts.
A PotTLAR Actoi:. The New (Haven Pt-jU-
let relates that an actor at one of the theaters
was called out four litres one evening not long
ago twice by a sherilF, once by a tailor, and
once bv an irresiiible desire to take a drink.
The Same Old Stort. The race in the Ah-
bev Tark. Oct 4th. T.-twen Flora Temrd.v Pr!n. 1
cess and Ike Cook, was won bv Flora in three 1Io2', Joh Thompson, of Poaghkeepsie. It de
straight heats. Time, 2:25 1-4. 2 25 1-2, and STr, -
-0,- tonsfifurion t article, for it is based on broader
J ground and higher principle.
"The Boot on tne utner wg
The wrong nian it seems went overboard when
; John Stryker was knocked from tho platform at
j Syracuse. Mr. Woo J, who makes the following
j affidavit, is a Custom Bouse man, and political
j friend of Stryker:
City at.J Cnty f -W York- Cornelius
ood, being dulv sworn, doth depose and say,
j swltfnie w iu tlie Jmb.
j ,;c prcs whh rcftreccc to occurrence at the
; ;lre Democratic State Convention at Syracuse,
, a:.d finding that injustice is done to many per-
sor.s t.v an act ol ins own. in wr.scu -nr. .iinm
crvker was pushed from the platform at the
Convention, he is induced to make this depo
And deponent saith that he went to that Con
vention as a r-o'.iticiati. to Participate w ith others
in the excitement which alwavs exists at such
pla-es ; that, holding an office at the time under
McEntyre, Bixble Jfc Co., the contractors for the
Government Public Store labor, he thought he
could be of service to be present.
And this deponent further rays, that he re
ceived a ticket to enter the hall w here the Con
vention was held from a person whom he knew
to beloi.c to the political interest opposed to
Mavor Wood, from the fact that the ticket was
signed bv Peter Cagger, ami that he has reason
to beheve was sent to him I t l i ter taggfrtr
Isaac V. Fowh r. and that he considered himself
as belonging to a party cf 11 en who intended to
have a f:-lit and brink up the t onventiou it di
rected to do so. but in which the deponent did
not intend to participate.
An 1 this deponent futlhcr says that when it
Wicting Hall, after the Chairman was made.
great confusion and noise took place ; that I apt.
Ryn-lers commenced the row, threatening to
iK-at some of the Xew York delegates; that
during the disturl anccs, the deponent resolved
to go upon the platform and push the man ott';
that this deponent did so tupposiug, at the
time, that he was doing right, ami getting rid of
the man who had no light as Chairman of the
And this deponent further says, that if he had
known that he was doing wrong he would not
have done what he did ; that he has no doubt it
was the intention of the person who told him to
go and puh the Chairman oil the platform, that
he should push Mr. Alvord oil and not Mr
Sirykcr, and that he did not know one from the
other, and supposed he was aiding th Cagger
side of the question fn what he did.
And this deponent further says, that ho does
not know- Mayor Wood personally; that he had
no cot.nection with him before oral the Conven
tion, and that he is not inanv manner connected
with the Mozart Hall political organization or
Sworn to this 1st day of October,
John J. Asi.evine.
Xotary Public.
Caniii. Mr. Storey, the editor of the Detroit
Fne l'rx, who expects a pair of slioes of Shoe
maker's wearing, says, with the utmost candor:
"It is perhaps proper that we should state that
certain parlies are wholly misrepresenting the
case f if Mr. Collector Shoemaker, now pending
before the Treasury Degartmeiit. He has not
been attacked because be was appointed from
the countiv. Tin; allegation that he has been is
without color of truth. If he shall be removed
from ollice. it will lie in cotiseuucnce of malfeas
ance in ollice not justified by any precedent. If
he is not "iiiltv of such malfeasance he will cer
tainly not be removed. His case will bo dele
mined upon facts, and not upon influences, fa
vorable or adverse to him, ft 11:11 whatever
quarter. U e smcerelv ti 11st that the determi
nation may be that he is blameless.
This much we deem it our duty to say at this
I 1:1 1'EMi al. Among the resolutions intro
duced at the icci-nt Western Virginia M. E.
Conference, we find the following:
Whtrm, Bi other Claw son has up to this time
been disappoint) d III his expectations of antici
paled fortune, ni,.l uhr,e.ix, his anticipations
l.a.'c been the means of producing financial diffi
culties, .V.ir. .'., t.irt'of. That this Conference ear
nestly solicit the brother hereafter to incur lot
further debts 011 the expectation of said fortune,
until developments shall be made siillicicnt to
warrant mi assurance that said fol tune will abso
lutely be realized
Polemic A Boston paper tells us that the
countiy has been cursed with the slavery issue
more than twenty-five years. J lie (.o-jmI men
tions the case of a woman who ha I an "is-iiie"
eighteen years ari l rhe coul 1 be cured only by
Divine interposition. .four, f.'oii .
The Albany Ketuiioj Journal adds, Thomas
Jefferson said "the Almighty had no attribute
in sympathy with Slavery." In the event of
Divine interposition," therefore, the result
would be a lvcr- to the institution in such favor
with the .Iituru-il ." Cmiimerre.
A Vn;i Vkrhant PuocunrKK. The Demo
crats of Minnesota did a veiy foo!i-h thing a few
days since. They undertook to pit a Mr. Rothe
a sort of second Land German iti dtbate
against Carl Shur.. The result was as might
have been cvpccP-l. Mr. Rothe was oo com-
pletely used up by the gallant Republican, that
he rn-hed from the hall, exclaiming, "You
brought me here, and I knew il would end just
sol"' (r'riirol Kajii'h KaJe.
A Si r.--: T;i:v;oN it. In his Augusta speech,
in rp-akiiig of the Po-t Odice Appropriation Bill,
Senator Toombs of Gcoi gia said : " .'. r.'(
its f'lte in ,,i Imn-l, aiol I ntaiij,el it ,. r
Coat Tails. Col. Benton once said that Mr.
Boijglas's coit tail was too close to the ground
for him ever to be President.
Tiik La-t R'unf.mint in Bisinkss Dri vi
vinu. The financial editor of the N". Y.
referring to some of the modern f xtrav
agnnes practiced by jobbing-houses at Boston
and elsewhere, in the wav of courting custom.
says :
We are reliably informed that a larg.
firm in this citvhave now connected
wnn tt,e:r establishment, in 1:111 i.iasr, a well Mr
nished eating, drinking and smoking saloon.
where the customers of the houe are reularlv
introduced at certain hours, and, if occasion re
quires, at intervals, several ti.Tes between." The
"institution" afore-said, it is remarked, is highlr
apprciaed by tbe " tra le," an 1 works "admi
rably. It sonic! im s happens that the custom.
ers of this popular house,' in consequence of
other engag int-nts, a'0 unable to call upon the!
di:!v. A 1. etc is made of such absence, an 1, i
;t 5 trt protracted, a young man is dispatched
'''' th cning to the hotel, with a bottle of
W1I1' to
'jog the memory " of the delinquent.
I Like Enolgh. A few days since, two men,
o::e a champion of Bourbon whi-ky, and the
1 other a ratron of brnri 'v ipm rl'jpn;n
respective merits of th-e Po-jors at the Burr e:
House, in Cincinnati. Finsilr. as a clincher, the
Bourbon man cited a well known Lexington
.".lo.iei, no r.a-j drank pure liourbon freely
since he- was fcltee n vears old, and who is now
,; , , . , . , .. ...
rare for that" reston,!e',l th I.Mn.lr 9,UwstA
triumphantly ; " if he'd drank brandy "he'd ben
eighty by this time!"
A Theiftt Neoro. In Memphis, Tenn,, there
is a negro boy i,ie years old, who weighed at
the time cf his birth sixteen pounds ; now three
hundred and ten pounds. His height is five feet
six inches; he measures ten inches around the
smallest part of his wrist, twenty-four inches
around the arm above the elbow, and sixty-four
inches around the shoulders. He is able to'carrr
T ea-e, inree nunired pounas
:.. -1 ..t 1 . , .
j '- "riiii, ana ra;e i.-ow ine carta lour
hundred pounds.
SijCATTER Soveriigntt. A Duceerit and able
review of the article of Judge Douglas La liar-
P?r's Magazine, has been Published recentlT br
The Old Bargain and Corruption Charge
Thurlow Weed publishes the following inte
resting matter in the Albany Journal:
Joun Otinct Apams and Hinrt Clay.
The Fret, in its obituary notices of the late Al
bert II. Tracy, refers to the old charges ol bar
gain between Mr. Clay and Mr. Adams. Though
this accusation is not generally believed, Mr.
Tracy's testimony may, just now, very properly
be introduced. We therefore submit the follow
ing extract from a letter written to us by Mr.
Tracy, dated Washington, Feb. 21, 1S25:
The Presidential question is of late becom
ing more spirited and interesting. Thc develop
ment of Mr. Clay's views, in favor of Mr. Adams,
although perfectly understood by some of us from
the Iteginning of the session, has produced great
consternation with both Jackson's and Crawford's
friends. Both suffered their own unfounded
hopes to delude them into a belief that he would
take ground on their side. What renders this
event the more gratifying, is the fact, which I
know to be true, that Clay's course has not been
1:1 the slightest degree influenced by any advan
ces or arrangements of a personal character. He
and Mr. Adams are in precisely the relationship
of intercom se that thev have been. It is alto
gether the result of the public state of things.
Indeed, it is hardly possible to conceive a pol.ti
cal man's acting with that perfect independence
which Mr. Adams docs. I am entirely 1:1 his con
fidence ; and I speak, therefore, with positive
knowledge, when I say that he neither has made
nor thought of making an overture to anv poliii-
tal man living. He rests his expectations, with
the most composed confidence, on the course of
events, turning neither to the right hand nor to
the left, to seek or avoid.
A MiiiiIh a at llir l.-t;llaf nrr In acrou
Willi liurglara.
Berlin, Ionia Co., Sept. 27, ISu'.l
Wednesday night lat my house was ei.tered
by one or more persons and the propel ty de
scribed below ws stolen, to wit:
2 I'uiUlu I'.its, liur4 with .mVu rl-ith
rlii-r' rosi mith Murk . Hi reln-s net triiiiine.1,
at nit 11 cine anl i'mc- ct n!fofi- mrl.-.1
filler ll
fa 11,; atti
f II 00
1 It iv Sr
itout'V blanket
ri with still
Mm- mi l it- )
1 ct Kanir el r l.-i
:l. r, ...
1 I ITU- 11'
b-.i-'er. ...
g Hi-. s'iM-kiii:
g psir h'itif m
1 -ir 1n ,
1 I. x te . ,
reetl 111-11
ith U,.t
g i
I em
: j am, ( 1 . 1 . .
hi white i
i- an t lnt nuxeit,.
, nem! f.mte.t.
nt-, fhc'eil hn 11 aiitl alut.
IwvV latent c,
( it) .'Ml
Also the follow ing
man, to w it :
1 po jr sai-k ci-at, rn,
1 razor, new ,
1 tliZ-T,
I n-Let Imn.lkeri-h f,.
1 friet liai;
property Ik-longing to hired
Si 00
I .'
2 00
' v..
I ttust the boner tuav give them the cholic
the shawls and robes a sweat; that they will cut
their throats with the razors, and then hang
themselves with the woolen yarn, before they
have time to wear out the old" clothes. But as
the property may not serve this desirable pur
pose, and as it should not benefit tho thieves, the
person or persons who will return it to me id, all
receive a reward of fan, ami the like proportion
for any portion of it. Any person or persons
who shall furiusti information bv which the crim
inals can be detected and brought to justice,
shall receive an aiMitiona! reward of on con
viciion 01 ine inievcs or unci. Also any person
that will restore to me the feelings of rafetv and
security that I have enjoyed here for twenty-four
years, a portion of the time surrounded by iiri
ijes, and is nothing more than every man is enti
tled to that is willing to live by his own honest
labor, shall receive a reward of f.'iH. Cntil
that time I notify thieves that they had best
confine themselves as heretofore, to outdoor
practices, such as eating fruit, which is equally
mean and criminal, while attended with less
hazard. They shall not enter mv house without
an exhibition of more skill or more noise; mid iu
the end if they succeed, I will endeavor to give
them the reception they deserve. All honest
men w ill do well to guard their propel ty and be
011 the alert for thieves; the time has come for
Ixilts, bars and locks.
Mn ilHJ AN Coal. The coal beds cover at least
one-third of the l.ow. r Peninsula. The mines
near Jackson, on the Michigan Central Railroad.
already in operation, are very productive and of
excellent quality. On the Shiawassee river, a
hhaft sunk twenty-eight feet, passed through one
vein en.'fiteen melics. ami terminated 111 a vein
feet iu thickness. The quality is said fo be
equal to the best " Briar Hill." Coal has also
been found 011 the Cass and Flint Rivers. Pro
fessor Challis, an experienced geologist, found on
the Cass river Urge deposits ot excellent quality
caimel coal. He also, discovered a line vein of j
iron ore on Flint River, which will pv for work
ing. Son e of the specimens contained To pr
cent, of pure iron. Good specimens were also
btained by him on Cas River and from tl
shore of Ottawa Bav. On this bar he found
large deposits ot plaster, verv line and white
There is alro on the shore of the bay lead ore of
$u-nt purity. Ci'r. Am. A'j.
A Diskrvko Ri.iti kr. Old Prof. S. was one
ol the instructors at Dutmouth College years
ago, and wa withal a!xut as blunt and straight
forward a specimen of humanity as ever walked,
being considered a little crablwrd by intimates.
One day in the i-arlv summer he was taking his
usual stroll around the village, keeping his "eye
out" for atry "fast" student who might le off
duty, when he chanced to meet Mr. Page, a
r'turday farmer Irom ha-t Hanover, with a load
of wood, trudging along the dusty street bare
footed and coatless ; but he was a fine reprcta
tive of "I'ature's noblemen. "
" Hullo 1 Mr. Page," growled the Professor,
" I should like to know il all the people at Fast
ILti over go bare-foot"
" Part on 'em do, and tli te-t on 'em mind
their own bu-iiies, ' s the rather rettlin"
Tt ply.
Cool. The motion for a new trial in the cae
of Thornton for the murder of Mr. Charless was
overruled When the prisoner arose, and was
asked if ho had anything to say why he should
not suffer the penalty of Ins crime, he simply
answered " Nothing," in a firm voice, and pro
ceede-1 with the utmost calmness to refresh him
self w ith a di ink of ice water. His Honor then
sentenced hirn to le hung on Fridav. the 11th
day of next November, in the performance of
which solemn dutv tie was d.w-pv moved. The
general officers of the Court and many spectators
were also effected to tears, but the prisoner was
irnperturable throughout. A'. I'. Trib.
Rti-niLUAN SrccF.ss in Kansas Ai-oi-th.n
oi the State Constitution. Dispatches from
Kansas announce that the election yeterday re
sulted in thc acceptance of the Wyandotte Con
str.ution by a decisive majority ; the Republicans
voting unitedlv in its favor, and the Democrat a
opposing it. It now remains to be peen whether
they will push their hostility to her admission ai
a Free Mate to the extent of attempting to
d-.feat the Constitution when it comes before
Leaven worth gave 231 majority for tho Con
titutiori. Atchison a small majority. Albany
Great Slacghter or Drcks. Large flocks
of teal duck now come swarming into our Lav
ous from the North. Last Thursday J. E. Sti
vers, Esq., bagged fifty-one in three hours, and
next day (Friday) secured forty -four in less time
by twenty minutes. Col. Bob. Gephart, of
-i.es, on Saturday last, killed eventy-tour d k
in the bayous near here. They were tnostlr of
the teal species. The Colonel is an excelled
shot, as the above figures show. Sportsmen are
Laving fine times killing them, and everybody in
fact can feast upon this species of wild game" by
taking the trouble to go into the bayous and
shoot it. .Vr. Jvteph Traveller.
"Don't Stand on the Platform." Such is
the notice usually stuck up on the platforms of
railroad cars. It seems that railway coach plat
forms are not the only platforms that are dange
rous. The following incident, which occurred
while old Sam Houston was addressing a large
audience in Nacogdoches, is an illustration of the
Houston "I Lave told you that phitforms,
when they are used to blind people to the designs
ot men, are dangerous." Here a part of the
staging erected for the audience fell down, bring
ing a number of the sovereigns to the ground.
Houston, resuming "There! did I not tell you
platforms wen dangerous."
Reawatnaof Sir John Franklin fotnJat lrt
The arrival of the Canada brings intIi;
that the screw steamship Fox, Capt. McCIinioct
sent br lady Franklin to the Arctic rr7
search of Sir John Franklin's FtnT"
dition had returned to England, having been
completely successful At Port William on th
iionu-wcrji cvmer in rin William Island, a
record was found, dated April 25th 18t
signed by Capts. Crosier ami Fiti James. The
record says, the Erebus and Terror were abaa.
donea mree days previous, m the ice, fir
leagues to the north-west, and that th eurri.
vors. in an amounting to io. were proceedinc
to Great Fish river. Sir John Franklin h4
died June 11th, JS47. and the total deaths to
date had lecn nine officers and lb men. Many
interesting relics of the expedition on the we,
tern shore of King Williams Island were ob.
tained from the Esquimaux, who stated that
after their abandonment, one ship wa crush
ed in the ice and sunk, and the other forced
on shore, where she remained. The Foi was
unable to penetrate beyond Belloit Straits, and
wintered in Brant ford Bay. Minute and inter
.tiiig details of the expedition are published.
Several skeletons of Franklin's men, large quan.
titiesot clothing. Ac, and a duplicate record up
to the abandonment of ihe ships was discov
ered. Si icti'K vr a Yot no Jmyks. o,, jltJ
of August, a young Jewess, named Thica Hel
moti, committed suicide in Stockton, Cal. The
following letter was found among her effects:
Sr.H kTON, August 1 1th, 1S.V..
Dear God f rgie me. The step I am going
to take 1 am Vrced to. 1 have erred, and I do
not want to see the day when people shall I
renting after me with their lingers, saving, the
pood ; 1 had not thought she would do' anv-
thing ot the kind.
Don't h t my parents know anvthing of this.
I U'g my uncle and aunt lo frrpve n;e Mv
other courin will lorgive me that 1 know.
You here iu this i.ouse, 1 beg of you hundred
times to forgive me. I w as in hopin to h ave this
house in a difbVtent way.
Oh, dear , cull your child Uck. I have
tasted all the happiness on earth. 1 have loved
and I have suffered. I'LRICA.
The deceased was a native of Prussia, and aced
21 vcurs. h
AnAmiku an " Gkit Eamken." The sail
ing of the droit K,ttertt revives reminisce tirici
of an American Ship very neatly her size. Slie
was launched about thirty years" ago on the St,
Lawrence, nnd w as called the " Baron of Ren
frew.' She was .' feet long, and was conio
sod of long log of timber clapped together in
the roughest manner. She crossed the Atlantic
safely, and immediately on her arrival in England
a broken up and sold. She was, in fact, an
ingeious expedient to get lid of the timber dutv
which was then excessive, and was a sort of mag
nified and finished ccau raft. The government
would not allow the experiment lo be repeated,
holding it to be a violation of the Revenue Law
Alb. Jour.
A TtST. The following is a copy ol the let
ter addressed to Mr. Douglas, inviting him to
visit and address the citieiis of Indiana, which
is now being circulated lor signatures through
that State. It has been very numerously signed
in Mil ion and many of the central counties. 1 1
is supposed the letter will lear twenty thousand
names. The signitg ol it is made ihe test of
Anti-lA-comptoti Democracy ly the Douglasites :
l'o tbe Hon. &t'j.htn A. Pouijlat :
The undersigned. Democrats of County,
Indiana, representing the wish of the masses of
the Democracy ol this locality, earnestly request
that at vour earliest conveyance vou will visit
our State, and address the people Uhiii the olit-
icai topics 01 ine dav.
China ami Ev.lakp. The overland mail
brings important news from China, the war with
the English and the French forces Laving Uen
renewed. The allied sqadron having attempted
to enter Pciho, with the English and Fiench am
bassadors, the Chinese aast-mblwd in trreat
strength and defeated the attempt; nearly 4mi
Ifniisli are reported killed and wounded. M of
their gun boats being loci. The allies wera
filially forced to retreat.
Mm m 11. or AccioiKr. On Saturdar Iat. a
little daughter of Mr: Joseph Tromble. of Ban
gor, opposite this place, aged alut nine years,
while playing on the dock with some other
children fell into the river, and before her posi
tion was discovered, and assistance rendered, she
was drowned. Mr. Tromble is absent at the
Sauble Fisheries, and the intelligence of the loss
of his child will be a heavy blow lo him. Uatf
City I' re.
Rktriiiction. Dr. Robeit If. Graham was
killed in New Orleans on Monday night, in a
shooting affray with Fmest Toledane. Mr. Gra
ham is the man, we believe, who was nearly two
years since concerned iu the stabbing business
at the St. Nicholas Hotel, in this city. X. Y.
Soarv. Baron Liebig says that the quantity
of wiap consumed by a community is a good test
of its civilization. The principle holds true of
individuals also.
Th old enquiry,
Soap," has a meaning.
liow arc you ou'l for
For Tir Son it. -A drove of aiity or seventy
negroes passed through this place lor the South
() a few days rince. They were collected in
the upper river counties. Kicbrnond (Mo.)
The Atlantic Mnthly. From the pen of
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holme, wC have in the
October Atlantic, the following tasteful stanzas:
Her h inds are col I; her face is white;
No more her pulse come and go;
IL-r eyes are abut to life and light ;
Fold the white vesture, snow on snow.
And lay her where the violets blow.
But not beneath a graven stone,
To plead for tears with alien eyes;
A slender crrs of wood alone
Shall say that here a maiden lies
In peace beneath the pca-eful akies.
And gray old trees of !iugt limb
Shall wheel their circling shadow g round
To make the scorching sunlight dim
That drinks the greenness from the ground,
And drops the dea l leaves on her mound.
When o'er their lioughs the Squirrels run.
And through their h aves the robins call.
And, ripening in the autumn sun,
The acorn and the chesnuts fall.
Doubt not that ahe will heed them all.
For he the morning choir rhall ring
Its matins from thc branches high.
And every minstrel-voice of spring.
That trills beneath the April sky,
Shall greet her with the earliest cry.
When, turning round their dial-track.
Eastward the lengthening shadows pass.
Her little mourners, clad in black,
The crickets, t-liding through the grass.
Shall pipe for her an evening mass.
At last the rootlets of the trees
Shall find the prison where she lies,
And bear the buried dust they seize
In leaves and blosoms to the skies.
So may the soul that warmed it ris
If any, frn of kindlier blood.
Should ark, What maiden lies below?
Say only this: A tender bul.
That tried to blossom in the snow.
Lies withered where the violets blow.
j-acn.iji 1 II, tt irixinM t y tKe Ciaaavia) CavmcH rf A
Cttg rf Laming. That it abali br unlawful t-T any ri
to n-lr, k-at or iJne any an mal r tram 00 aoy a:4r-k
w.th'B tie e ty f Lan. usr.
sre. 2. Any prraon - c3oi djt. a ia thia art provifl.
ba!l tt j-eir.t 1 jrailty vf a roriiMii r, aod uoa m-
ncttoo ttrr f.r, .iiait roifrit ao-1 ay to aum r 001
lar, 00 half to be Laid to tijr treraoa eotnclaioiAf , tb
other ta.f to be paid in'o the eity treasury.
ree. 3 Aty Jj-t em tt the Peace cf xkm eity f lan"
aLail Lave juriadietimi cf eomaa'B?a aririoa; wader Uu
Dim at the emnmoo eowoeit room, th JJ cay M
October, A. I). IL II. fatriH, Mayor-
Oso. A. Aut-frt'iyo, Clerk.
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