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II os hi: it & ke K'
Ju copy, by m.ilor otherwise, per year, 1
tencopjes,to one address,
r" Attktho9eri,itiMf in advance.
rJT Job-work promptly and neatly executed.
u5efor Printing n4 Binding of every des
ription, are solicited. I a connection with the
Bindery, the facilities of this establishment ar
Ral of Advertising.
.t...iiureof l.Mioes.iTfo'rthe r.t insertion. nd
40 Zn tot'l .uee..uent publication .for an, period
,ndr three month.
3 ?7 w , U
I Square, v
I Comma, . 3i
i " :::::: 2::::::
Yearlj Advertiainentsbav. the privilege of three
There.rl,r.t..pp'y. regular and ordinary
JLtJ J .rtiiWnl.. only. A U other. ch.redb,
tbeS-ioare. . - - -
Tifs.aj Mornlnfr, Oct. 11. 1859.
G.JOD Sizei. Mt'RiMiiEs. Mr. learin
left at the office on Thtifday; two pink-rye,
one weighing three Ita. and the other three ai.d
a quvtcr.
Laboreks Wanted. Mews. Thonip-,
n & Hunter are in need 'f from twetty to
twetity-fiTO IaoreMon the Wthin-t..n Avenue
Srn.oL. The Second War J l-'nion
School will open on Monday, the 17th of Octo
ber, under the direction of V. Kutell, Prin
cipal. Nkwhro's Si rin;s. We liave lia-1 an
opportunity of eiamiuins Allerinan Newbro'a
newly invented carriage-iprin:-. Tha invention
it ingenious, and appears to work well. If they
are nufficiently durable, theio can he no ipjeftion
of auccew.
Newbro's CiitRN. The principle of
Sewbro'i uprin has teen applied with great
.access, as we judge by inspection, to the churn.
It works with great ease, and will repay farmers
fur a trial It can le aveii at this office.
Kxplanatiox. Wc have received a
note from Mr. Wm. A. Thomas, in which he ac
quits Mr. A. X. Prentiss, and Mr. . V. Haigh,
of all participation in copying or sending to the
presa the resolutions of the Cincinnati! Society,
published by us last week.
Rettrsed. Mr. J. Hilliard, uf lelLi,
btii returned from Salt Lake, and like all other
travelers, has curious stories to tell ol that region.
Mr. Hilliard saw and conversed with Miss Clapp,
whose letters have been published in the Repntf
(ran, and it would be pleading to our readers to
become acquainted with Lim.
Ingham Cocntv Fair. The county
Fair came off on Thursdaj and Friday of last
week. The second day was quite stormy, and
the attendance was probably less on that account.
The address by Hon. E. Lawrence, is highly
spoken of. The display of horses and cattle,
and fruits and vegetables was highly creditable.
Baptist State Cosvkstiox. The Bap
tist Convention of the State of Michigan will hold
its 24th anniversary in this city during this week,
at the Hall of the House of Representatives. A
preliminary meeting of the Board will open for
business on Thursday, the 13th, at 10 o'clock
A. If., and preaching at 7 P. M., by Rev. J. A.
Clark, of Adrian. The Convention will open on
Friday, at 10 1-2 o'clock A. M., with an intro
ductory sermon by Rev. J. S. lioodman, of
Flint. Meetings will bo held during Friday and
Saturday for business and public worship. On
Sabbath, the 16th, the new house of worship ot
the First Baptist Society in this city, will be
opened for public worship with appropriate ex
ercises. The pews of the First Baptist Church
wi3 be sold Saturday, at 3 o'clock P. M., with a
perpetual title to those who have made subscrip
tions for the erection of the house, and to all
others who may wish to buy, subject to an as
sessment of ten per cent, on their appraised
value ; such as are not so sold will be offered for
rent for one vear.
PreweedlHga of the Common Conor II.
Mon.Uy eieiiiim.Oct. 1'hh, ls.'.9.
Couucil met pursuant to a1j mriimt-nt.
A communication wa otiVre.1, and read, fmm the
The claim of C W. Farraud m ref.-nJ t'j committee
ea claim and a-counr.
The claim of A Horer and wreral otheja were al
The claim of II. Anel w. referred back f.r correction.
Aid. K'.W, from cjnimittee ou cUim, c, reported
weral claim.
Aid. KerTolIered a report and relation in regard t. a
idewalk on Allegan "treet, which resolution wa lint.
The branny of appeal f cma aiXMrnvut on Turner street ,
a adjourned to next Friday evening, ct. 14th.
Tbe aeeinnt roll, aa corrected by the special com
anttra,and vetoed by the Mayor, ,n pawl by a two third
The anaeaainent en Grand River road wu confirmed.
Ua moUna, the Council adjourned.
tiKO. A. AKM?TKO.l, City Clrrk.
MrThe following conimunieation from one of the ol I
eatanl OMxt inauential men of the fciwnhip ot Plymouth,
ia "yoe county, cannot fail to ommen 1 itelt to the
attrotioo of all who ate aimilarly alllicted :
livjicrn, 20th Auint, lof.
tii lluor f iKe Mukijin Christian HtralJ:
I,M I feel it my duty to communicate through
JWir journal the foilowinij facta, not only aa an ex
f" t my thankfulnea to Ir. Kermott or your city,
but that thaw turTerin,; from like dweawa my know
he cured aie after all hope a gone.
P,"Ka' March, lis, I bad auffered for aereral
oethi from Khma anl bronclie i. Ihirin; the-
oatha 1 empkiyed neTeral of our regular or old nehool
hpiciaa, but tbe duea.e gradually watei me away.
I npeetorated great quantity of dark f.etid matter,
ad leTeral attack ef blee,iinj from my lun,;, had be
w far re-lueed that I ti not able t leave my
had ehiUa and fever with night sweat, in fact, all
he aaw me pronounced me in the Ut Ue of eon
mptieo and a victim for the grave.
At thai time I waa informed that Pr. Kermott wa
Mping Sir. Servian ,nd Mr. Bnth of di. of the
when they were greatly re.luce,L I feit auiout
My brother went to IVtroit and brought
to my hou,e. when, after a catefal exam nation,
toM there waa yet bore in mr ca-. lie
rW f, . f er taking h medicine ais
h. dunnj hich j,,,,. , gTamllj rin,,i my
ta, I waa d acbarge.!, an I am t- day happy in the
uJyt of h t bai.ig will add that I
been eilrf4 eimtrar, , ,n ,xH.ctmtj,in f t
w me it the time.
ever grateful, I am, your. A ,
W. Kermott debtee hi. time eluirly to tr.e treat
"j hp,oie r lingering dias.. ;i ;,it un
Ltt WU "u,, 14th ""y month.
tathis City, Sept. 25th, by the Rer. L, II.
Joore, Mr. Jauxs C. Mowrt, of Delta, and Mrs.
Gows, of Lansing.
On Monday, Oct. 10, in this City, at the rest
of his brother, Horace Angell, Esq., Gro.
As aged 25 years.
& flattering was his disease, which was con
wapuoo, that he rode op to consult Dr. Shank
J th day preTioua to his. death.
The ladies Benevolent Soe ety of the Ei st Pre.byterisn
Chu'Ch of Lansing, will meet at tbe h u-of Mr Eo-ter,
at the Kef rn School, on Thursday eren.ug, October 13th,
Saixlay School Convention for Ingham Co.
A1! is-r-s n friend y to the Sunday Sch! cause in thin
County, r invited to meet in lonven-i a at Masrn, en
Tnus-lay, the 27th in-tt., at 10 M'cWk A. M , at the
M-t(,.li,t Episcopal Church, to l.esr rpo t f.om tl.e
an us Sun lay Schoo's iu the coun'y, an I Vvi.e the
h-l n.tn of exerting a mnal influenc m the Kit
lbMind children who are fount living in :L. county.
It is Imje I that ail Superintendent of .Sabbath -tehouls
in this county II be. there prepared to repo t.
Moo,Oct. lOth.lSoO.
II. Ik FULLER, Pastor of Baptist Church,
N Al HAN M l'NT, 1'a.tor M. E.
HENRY Pastor Presbyterian
I . B. HLNTKN',Sup't 1'oion-J S., Mason,
S P. SIROWE. ' S. Yevay,
r W. IU'NTikjV, " " S W. Vevay,
.eo ii. sirrs, n w.
A CP.-O.N, S. S. Missionary, Lins'ng
M 4 advertisement of Pr. Sanford Liver luvign
ratr end Eamily Cathartic I'll!-", in another column.
5al Ir J. W. Kkhxott, Eclectic Physician and Sur-j-jn,
ri u d iat reopectfully announce that Le aill vi.t
.-t Julio on the l.'.h, Iu-iii? "a the l'itb and 14:h, au 1
II w-ll n the l'th of every im nih, wLere he will be hap
py to lux-t bis old friend, and especially lliue who are af
rlirtel w,'1i chronic and Underline duvaM-it.
IliflluiitHt loit ol lltr Ejr,
Ijke nil oilier inlt.iniinatH u, M cau"ii by lu punty of the
bt.-iel, a h.ch cause all eruptive d. a ?iUt Kheum,
Scury, lijiN, Sore, I'lcen, kc. The bioiid bein un
healthy , and of an impure nature, also occasion lrop
ie. Ilie blool becora:ri olr-tructed in tbe ve il., the
wjN-ry part of the in con-iu-nco U thrown out
ffoui their eatrttmitM-i, and dr-piy i the rnult. Many
time i. i occaaiooe 1 oy :inj.i oj rt iK-ttuuiit of aon.e
foioe-r ei.t-aef aul ila vt-.i-l. tM.ing nilej by wiuu, bu
iuti iu-tead of bliM-1. In-.' t-iacu iti n.n by th' -e pilla,
oj.ru tl.e jat-Hge into t!.e biad ler an I Cafry oil tl.t cor
ruj.tt-1 liuinoiit, and ieu-w tliem with pute anl h althy
b!iH, a Inch will dr.te out i f the h xly a:l in U'jmatioii,
t.v liT with eruptions of tli- .in,aul ail dropsical
eoniplaiu. Tliey wi'.I I a shield to evey form of dii
ri. to rd and kevp ymi tmiii lb- cold ri ii hand
of drath, and cau-e life and itn li.;tli to l' iu n, and the
e oin'i n in :e tu brighten with the hltanu of lieauty aud
lir Moi- In lian loiot IMN an-sold ty al! dealers iu
lie ! i;Ua3
; a)-The mot terrible foe we hae to eueounti-r in this
couiitiy is .' iisuiii.tioii. First miu.fes!;u ite f in the
form of a slight co d, it gains "tr. nth whi its victim is
uiiHU-pieioiis of danger, and n smer or later, in nine cases
out f leu, terminates fatally. Among the various reme
dies before the public f r the cute of th;s terrible disea,
nobe i,- (.ial to 11m tland's l!Um c (' r dial, l.vi n this
nisy n -t cure you ; but, if the dis-'a-e is not ts far ad
van. I, you may confidently rely iiin it. Try it
tepaied only by Ir. f. M. Jackson, X. 41 S Arch at.,
I'hi adelphia, and for aaU by druggist aud storekeepers
throughout the I'uited States and Canada. Price 75 cts.
per bottle.
Another Caae of Oyapcpsla.
IUiliwisViiiK, X V., Mtrch 4, 1H5.
I'K C M. J-h ZVae Sir : Having received great
benetit fr.'in the use of ilootlau 1's tierman Bitters,! think
it my duty as a friend i f mank nd to let them kuow it. 1
had f Mr yeata been alllicted wi'h I'yspepsia, ans iig from
an alfection of the I aver and deraugement of the stomach.
I was under the care of the Physicians of this vicinity, but
ohtaiue j no relief. I was induced through the advice of
a friend, to Commence the u of your Bitters, aud took
faithfully, according to directions, three bottle, which
entirely cuied me, aud I now find uiytelf in a good
health as I have ever enjoyed.
Respectfully your,
Ask for li.sitlaud's German Bitteis. Take nothing e!se,
and see that the signature of C M. Jackson is ou the
wrapper of each bottle. These Iktters are for aale by
druggists aud storekeeper iu every town and Tillage in
tbe I'uited States, Canada, Went Indie an 1 South Amer
ica, at 75 cents per bottle. 2w232
X. Bingham, a celebrated Physician of Ctica, X. Y.,
say ' 1 have treated ease (,f Intlammatiou of the
Brain, Inflammation of the Lungs, Inflammation of tbe
Bowel and Kidneys, Inflammatory Rheumatism, Child
Bed Fever, with Ir. Trask's Magnetic Ointment with per
fect success, even when all internal remedies have failed,
also cases of Croup, Scarlet Fever, Canker anl l lcerated
Throat and Lungs, with like success. In the Epidemic
known a tha Putrid Erysipelaa, by which so many valu
able live were lo-,t,I tested it freiuently and never failed
of effecting a speedy and certain cure. In eases tf Burns,
Sprain, Bruises, Frozen IJmb, Chilb'ains, tc, it cures
like a charm. No 1 hysieiau or family will be a single
day without this medicine, after becoming acquainted
with its power to cure."
Sokk Ijrx, CinreKO Hasps aw CuiimaiM, are com
pletely cured by two or three applications of the Magnetic
jaT Read advertisement in this pai.er. 3m2o
Celebrated Female Pill.
PREPARED from a prescription of Sir James Clarke,
M. !., Physician Extraordinary to the Queen. This
invaluable Medicine is unfailing in the cure of all those
painful and dangerous disease incideut to the female
It moderates all excess, removes all obstructions, aud
bring on the monthly period with regularity. These
Pills should be used two or three week previous to con
Anement; they fortify the constitution, and lessen the
suffering during labor, enabling the mother to perform
her duties with safety to herself and child.
Thw I'ilU sVnoVi wot be rolen fiy frmalrt during thr
FIRST TllRKE MOXTIIS of I'remattrii, a th. . are tur.
to bring an Miscarriage, but at any vthrr rune they art
In all eases of Nervous and Spinal Affections, pain in
the Back and 1-otus, Heaviness, Fatigue on Slight Exer
tion. Palpitation of the Heart, Lnwnes of Spirits, Hvs
terie,Sirk Headache, Whites, and all the painful diseases
occasioned bv a disordered svstem, t!iee Pills will etleot
a cure when all other means have failed, and although a
powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, antimony,
or any other mineral.
Full directions accompanying erch package. Price, iu
the I'nited States and Canada, One Dollar.
Sde Agent for the l'nite.1 States and Canada
JOB MUSE, (Late I. C. Baldwin Jfc Co .)
Rochester, X. V.
X. R One Dollar and 6 postage stamps enclosed to any
authorized Agent, will ensure a bottle, containing 50 pills,
by return mail
For sale by R Thatxsj. Lansing. 150yl
LIVES now in this City, (on Sycamore streef,
first house west of Allegan street, Middle
Town,) and isreadv to give instructions ou the
In Singing Thorough Base, and in the German
Language. Pianos will be tuned and repaired
thoroughly. A lirst-rate new Five Octove Melo
deon for sale, or exchauge for small city property.
REFERENCES Miss A. C. Rogers, Principal,
Miss Segur, Music Teacher, Female College;
Mrs. Smith Hunter, Lansing Hou?e; Dr. Trico;
II. C. Guest, at Rep. Printing Office.
Orders may be sent through the Tost-OlSce,
or left at the Republican Office. 233w3
City Clkkk's triat,
I-an-Miig September 13, Is.'i9. j
Statu of ViniKJas,
City of Ijinsiug, )"
To I'hilo C. Avers. A. U. Burr, Wm. 11 Chapman, Deums
Edgar, John E hott, Charles Fox, S R. t.reen, Myron
Ureen, I. It Hitih.trd.il- linrersoj. Wkitcey Jones, S.
Lansing. V ti. Warren, A. W. Will am, ant all other
intereste-1 in the fillowing described pr-p-rty in the
City of I.an:ug, to wit :
One bait of block 1J9. kta T, 8 and 9, C, 5 and 4 ; block
135, lots l. 11. lit, 1, -2 and 3 ; bl.-ck IA4, lo's 10. 11, Z,
1.-J.3: bl ick 13', lot 1,2. 4. 4: block 133. Wit 1, 2 .
block 132. M- 1. 2. 3, 4, 5 ; block 131, lots 7,, 5.
VoU are hereby ut tied that assessments aie about to
be made upm you to defray tbe expenses of gra-hog kal
amsxm street, from Wa-hington Avenue to the east lice
of River street ; that a.emeut rolls have been made
in the premises, In. h are ou Die in the ottice of the City
Clerk, where ihey will rema n oen to your iD;eMw ri un
td Friday, the Itth dy f October. lvt), at 7 o'clock
P. M , when an 1 where you may appear b fote the Com
mon (Vun:il of said city and show cause, if any there be.
why the said a-se suient should not be made and collected
according to law
By order of the Common Council.
2w232 C.FO A AKMsTRONti. City Clerk
Office over C. S. Hunt A Co.'s Store,
Residerce, the second house north of rresbyte
tian Church. Lansing, July 12, 1S5U. 220
inuday School Book.
THOSE wishing Sunday School books or peri,
odicals can be supplied on short notice, by
applying to the subscriber, or his secretary,
corner of Capitol Avenue and Lapeer street.
S. S. Mintlonary.
Lansing City, Fee. 16, 1859.
- CAUTION. All Genuine Pill have the above
Indian on Horseback, on each Box. Merchant) and
Irader will be on their guard and not be Unpae4
poo by a Counterfeit of Mane's Indina Roet IliU
igoed A. B. Moor. '
DR M0RaE. tbe inventor of Moras' Indian Root r Jls,
has spent the greater part of hi life in trae ing,
having v a.te.1 Europe, Asia and Africa, a wll aa Norm
America ha speut th:e tear ain.og the lo4iau ot
ar Wtern country it was in tin way that th Indian
Root Pill were hr.t discoveiel. lr. More waa th first
man to establish the fact that ail d.seases arose from Im
purity of the Blood that our strength, health and 1 fe
dt-r.-ud-d upon th vital tluiJ.
M'cen tee various pasag- bee me ekgged, anl do not
act in perfect harmony siili the different functions of the
tMHiy, ti e blood lo-s iU action, become thick, coirupted
u l ci--.se 1 ; thus causing ail pains, iekne and di
tie.ut ot ev..-jr nvme , one streugth ia etnauated, our
het.tli wr an- OrpriveU or, aud if nature ia not ass.atel in
ttiioamg oil tt.e stagnant humors, the blood will become
chokni aud t to a tt, and thus our light of h e Will
foirter 1st b.oan out. How important then that we
sli'uli k.-pttiM van in passages of the body free and
optn An t how ie.aiii to us that we have it in our
p .wr to put a me-liciiio in your rra.-h, namely, Moise
Indian Kt pnl, inkii jta :iuie I f in p atirs an 1 nsila
wh cli grow around tli uioiiutaiiioa cl fl in Nature'
gar tin. for tbe !.. th anl ieco-ry of dase 1 man.
I'ni) ul tLe ro .ts from aiuch tlo-s- IM's aie ma. e i a
udonric, wh ch opens tlm o.n-of tl.e .km. ant as sis
Nature 11 ttiioa ing out the liner pa! ti o the cor: up ion
it ti n !! vc n t is a j laiit wn ch 1 au Fecto.ant,
that 0eu anl oiicl'ys tl.e passage to the luUa, anl
thus, 111 a soot!, ug inaii ner, M ttoi ins 1 a du'y by tuioamg
off ptilegiu, an I other huiuoi from tl.e luu4s, by cipiou
spit'iug. 'luethtd s a Hiur.tic, which g es ejae au I
inuo e .-t length to tt.e kulney , tliu rucourage.1, they
lira Jare aiuoirirs ol .inpii ity friui the biOt.d, which la
ll,. n !'- ii out 1 11 itul v l tte ii', nar, or water oaa-
;ii', mi l uiii t-u..l lul i,.i been Uis lial'grd in aliv
Other wav. llie fmith 1 a Cathartic, and aucouikau es
tie other props', lir of the Pill while engaged in pur if ting
the MhI , tlecoai.--r partic e of impurity Inch cannot
pas bv the other outlets, are thus taken up and eonveyed
11 111 g eat iiaiiTiii ny me uoaeis.
rr.nu tio-.boe.it I sliiwn that Ir. Motae'e Indian
Kist I 1 lis not i n y enter the stomach, but become umtod
it la tl.e b.ood, t -r they 611 1 way to every part, aud com
p.elely mute out and clean-e the svstem from all imuuntv.
and the hie ol the body, which ia tue blood, beaoiue pr
fe;t y healthy ; c ibseijueutly a.l mekne., aud pain I
uriton irom me ys-.em, tor tin y cannot remain when the
body be i,e. s . jure and Car.
lue rcavu iij people are o d.stiessel when sick, and
why so many die, ta tsi.-ause they do 11A get a medicine
which will La to the affected parte, aud which Will open
the natural pa-sage for the disease to be east out ,
hence, a large iuaiitity of food and other matter is
lodged, ami the aiomacb an 1 intestines are literally over
rloamg with the corruptel mass ; thus undergoing e.isa
greesb e feriu. utatii.n, constantly mixing with the blood,
which throes V e corrupted matter through everv ve u
and artery, until life i taken from the bouy by disease.
lr Jl rn- s I ill bate aJ'led to Themselves victory upou
victory, by restoring millions of the sick to blooming
health aud tiapp nes Yes, thousands who have been
racke t or toimeuted with sickness, pain and anguish, and
w hose fveb'e frames have been scorched by the burning
elements of raging fever, aud who have been brought, aa
it weie, aithiii a step or tbe silent g'ave.now stand ready
Ui testify that they would have been numbered with the
lead, had it not been for this great and wonderful aaedi
cine, Morse's Indian I'.mt Pills. After one or two doses
had been takeu, they were estonisheJ, and absolutely
surprised, in witnessing their charming effoeta. Xot only
do tl.ey gie immediate ease aud strength, and take away
all s ckuess, pa n and anguish, but they at ouce gu to
woik at the l'ouudalion of the disease, which ia tbe blood.
Tneiefore, it will be shown, especially by those who ass
these Kills, that they will so cleanse and purify, that
disease that deadly enemy will take its flight, and tbe
flush of youth and beauty will again return, and the
prospect of a long aud happy lite will ehensh and brighten
your day..
a) - All genuine Pills will hereafter have the name and
gnatuie of B. Lake Judson, ( accessor to A. J. Whit &
to.,) on each box a&
B. LAKE JCDSON, SJ Vmpridnr,
10 Leonard St., New York.
Ir Morse's Iuliau Root Pilla are sold by all dealer ia
Agents wanted in every town, village and hamlet la the
land. Part.es desiring toe agency will address a above
foi term.
Pi ice 25 cent per box : Ave boxes will be sent ou ie
ceiptof $1, postage paid.
Far sale by S. 1 ewbro& Bro , Lansing, and by ail
drinrirista. 233-rim
tin ilkk a in-Mi a, 1
loosing, September 8, 1859. j
Stats of Minm.a.N,
City of Ijiiis ng, j
To William II urn in, John Thomas, Geo. W. Peck, D V.
Bell, A. F. Wei er, E. R. Mernfield, Longyear k Part,
John A. Kerr, Iaiiiel Johnson, S R Wilcox, A. VT. Wil
liams, Whitney Jones, A. M. Rolfe, S. Bender, Burr &
I. rove, II Karl, W. F. Iavia,S R Greene, 3 RUreeue,
Agent, T. X Henderson, Wm Woolhouse, A. 11
Payne, Mr. T. W. lirownell, I. C Ayres, A. SMietluca,
It (ior lmi, Mrs. litldain, J. Haywood, K. Hosmer,
Tlieo. Hunter, and all i ther persons interested in the
following describi'il property, 111 the City of Lansing :
All that pot t ion of the Third Ward of said city contaiced
in block, lot and parcel-of lanj, as follows, viz : Bocks
lot, 155, loO, 15T, 15s, iiuj. nn, 170, )71, 172, 173,
174, 175, 170, 177, IT!. 17, lvS 1 rj ; also, lands, non resi
dent, being part of tbe northwest fracional quarter of
section XI, air 1 laying tliiectiy south of block ISS, and
east of block lv, su l north f lauds owned by Geo. W.
i'eck, and bounded east by Grand U.ver, containing three
acre of laud ; al.o, lands helouing to Geo. W. Peck, a
follows, viz : part of the northwest fractional quarter of
section .1, Doiinleil nortli by lanils of C. I . Bush, de
ceased, east by tirani R:ver, south by lands ef J. lin
Tbomss, and west by the east hue f To en sen I street,
contaiuing tln.e acres of land; also, land owned by
John Thomas, bounded a follows : north by land owned
by Geo W. Peck, east hv Grand Kiver, south bv mill tee-
ervatmn, west by land of Win Human, being part of th
northwest fractii nal quarter of section 21, and containing
two and t7 1 Oth acres ot land ; also, laud of Wm 11 11
iuuii, be-iig 1 art of the northwest fi actional quaiterof
se-i ou .1, ami noun .ei as tolioas ; north ty Kolmit
tiet,est by Ian Is of tieo. W Peck and John Thomas,
smith by null reservat on, and west bv Ian 1 .. I
Weiier, containm.; and 6 ls);)is arte of land; also,
lamls known as UnOs reserve for hvdrauhc ou'ins
lieiongng to John Thomas, Geo W. Peck and William
ll.umafi. Iwunileil a follow : n nth by land owned by
Me.-h, Wrller, H uman anl Tlioma, uth and east bit
Gmnd hirer, containing five acres ol land.
You aie hereby untitled that asso.smetibi are about to
Is iiia'.e upon you to oefiaythe expense of re.ai lug
M nu stieet and hinhWiiy east ot tt alnut street ; that as
se.sment rolls have been made therefor, which are on Bli
in the otlioe of tne Citv C.erk, when' they will remain ooen
to your insK-tiou until the 14th day of October, lS5v,
at 1 o en r m., lien anil whore you may a pear before
the 1 1 mmou C uncii of said city and how reuse, il anv
thete be, ahv the stid asesnient should lint be made
and Co Iecte) according to law.
By oilier i f the Common Couneil,
2i'.2 t;F A. ABMSTBOMi, City Clerk.
i:ksoli:tion to extend shi-
1 V AWSSEE STREET. A'. 7.f by the Cummm Vimncil
ft the rVy linsoi'i, 1 hat it is bv them deemed neces
arv t" extend Shiawassee street in a direct line eastward
fiom Grand street to Grand River, and of the same uu.forui
width as the sal 1 Shiawassee street now is, so aa to make
the same one continuous street Irom Hie west line of nee
ti n siteen to the ground of the State Reform School ;
and that they intend to take private property therefor,
which property 1 uescnbeil as lollows, viz: A atrip ot
laud olT fiom the north si le of lot nine (u), in blork six
ty-six t.f"). m the city of Ijin-ing, extending from Grand
stieet to Gratia Kiver. iiiii w south bv tbe south bound
arv line of Mrawas-ee street, extended from Grand street
through said lot nine to Grand Kiver; and also another
strip ot land eft from the south side of hit eight (),ia tad
Id sixty s x (. extend from Grand street to Grand
Kiver, an I b inn !ei north by the north boundary line
Sliwase stre t, extended from Grand street tbiough
satil Mil e gut (S). 10 i.rsinl Kiver; an l that they will,
the 14'.h day of Novemfier, A 1. 153, at two o'clock in
tl.e afternoon, apply to the Recorder' Court of the city
of Iansing, at the Common Council room of said e ty of
(jins.ni!, (that b-ing the place for hol l nj said court.) for
the drawmg of a jury to ascertain the necessity of using
the property so mtenitea to te taken, and to ascertain
the jut damages and compensation which any person
msy be entitled to if such intended improvement be
made, acd to ascertain and assess such damages and
eompeu-ati n to and upon a 1 lots, premi e aud suhji
v.sions thereof, which will be benefitted by such im
provement. I lone at the common council room, thia19:h day of
September, A. 1. Iso'.r.
Ckkkk"? Ct: e, C.tv of Lansing.
I, Geo. A Armstrong, Clerk of th city of Lansing, do
lierebr certify, teat the above resolution was ad bted
by 'he Common Council tf said city, on the 14th day of
eptemrsr, A. 1. isoa.
Witness my hand and the seal of tbe
I. S.J City of Iansing, this 22d day of September,
A. 1. I'Si.
4ai'.2 GEt. A. ARMSTRONG , Ctt Clerk
1'robatc Notice.
STATEOF MICHIGAN, County of Ingham, sa.
At a session of the Probate Court for the
county of Ingham, holden at the Probate Office,
in the village of Mason, on Monday, the Sd day of
October, in the year one thousand eight hundred
and fiftv nine. Present, Wm. U. Pincknev,
Judge cf Probate. In the matter of the estate of
Levi Westhtll, deceased. On reading and filing
the petition, duly verified, or Aaron westfail,
praying that administration may tie granted upon
said estate to Lydia Westfal!, (widow of deceased,)
and vour petitioner.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Mondav, the 7 th
day of November next, at 11 o'clock in the fore-
noon,be assizned for the hearing of said petition.
and that the heirs at law of said deceased, and all
other persons interested in said estate are requir
ed to appear at a session of said Court, then to
be hoi Jon at the Probate Office, in the village of
Mason, and show cause, if any there be, why
the praver of the petitioner should not be grant
ed: And it it further ordered, that said peti
tioner give notice to the persons interested in
sId estate, 01 the pendency ot said petition, and
the hearing thereof by causing a copy of this
ordr to be published in the Lansing Republican,
a newspaper printed and circulating in said coun
ty of Ingham 3 successive weeks previous to
aid dav of hearing. A true cop v.
3w2SS Judge of Probate.
Are now receiving
Their Fall Stock!
Than ever hefort !
Than ever before !
All kinds of Produce
Lansixo, Oct. 1st, 1S.VJ.
Are now opening, at the Old Stand, on
Washington Avenue, I,:iniiiu
Fall and Winter Goods,
Comprising a complete assortment of
Secured with care, and laid in at low rates, which
they offer for sale at as reasonable prices as
(ioods of the like quality, can be bought
at any establishment along the
line of the
Amhay Lanaiuj and Traverse fi-ty Kanrrtd.
This Stock has been selected with reference to
the wants of both
And will be sold at a small advance upon coet
and transportation, for
3 jl S
Or Approved Credit.
The Old Customers of the Old Firm, are es
pecially invited to CALL, EXAMINE AND PCY.
To the Citizens of Lans;ng, and Farmers in the
vicinity, generally, we pledge ourselves to st-11 at
as low rates, and on as favorable terms, as can be
obtained anywhere, and solicit a share of their
Lansing, September 26, 1S59.
MAY be found constantly on hand for sale, at
the residence of the subscriber. Some of
the latest publications and standard works of the
denomination. C. W. KNICKERBOCKER.
Lsxnsing, July 19, 1859. 221m3
NOT having disposed of our lots in Lansing,
we again call the attention of speculators,
and the rest of mankind, to the fact tkat wc own
the following lots:
Lou 1, fi and 6, block 1 IS ;
Lots S f nd 6, block 1Z'.;
Lot 2, block 160.
We want to sell the above all at once, or
singly, for cash. Roll in vour bids, gentlemen,
to W. Y. MARK HAM k SON,
Sm'22 Coldwater. Mich.
BEING determined to close up the map busi
ness ia this county, all persons indebted to
us either by subscription, note or account, will
do well to call at the map office in this city and
settle the same immediately. Those subscribers
to whom maps have been r-fered will be treated
in the aaae manner as though they had actual
ly received their maps.
Lansing, Sept. 17th, 1155?. Im25?.
m:vi:ii ri:uiLiTATi:s.
IT I- uir iCVftrl IXTlrlELY FROM GCMf, AND
fa.-t, a ManiarlVlel.
a ei I f ail that hare us-d
0 with o ni ten loa'a the
aw if; mu)eti :el
a witnin the lat two years
hoi-- of reiief, as the
cerli!icate ;u my piwses-
a lapted to the tempera
taking it, and used in
aa teutiy on the Rj.eia
WJ jutgtaent eauie voa in
? INViGviuri'S. and it
BITl'AL tosnESS,
t il d.EKA It O R B I" S ,
NEKS, anl mav be
as "r.'ir.aiy t'jmtly V-.li
j-J HEAltAUIE. (a thous-
. minutes, if two or three
at coniint-ncemeat of at
w iDg their tetimony in its
Mouth with the Invig-orator,
. to act
lm'f o-ir
tne u ' tt.. l.ltFR
.ure l.iw:.-; km
T.VK'. l'V-ifr. t'sl A.
l MMr.-t 1" !'!. a!NT.
--n: .-T'MVil, li.V
I 11' l.!t .IIli.K RA,
(IP :: infantcm,
i'l' K. rr.WAl.h W KAK-i-e!
.uc-es.tuiiV as s-1
Uw.,1 cure ("K
ii U can testify. ) in UO
teapoonf a. Is aie taken
tat k
A.l who ue :t are giv
y M x Water in the
.iti l .wal ow b -til tok"eHer.
f'rire $ ! ( per B -ttle.
S A . F o r n ' s
Oiitt'ul M'Klt HIOM
I'urr Vttyl-i'.le Extract, and put up in Gla$
(txf, Air Ti'jht, and "-i'l kerp in any climate.
t'.e. but ai-tue Cathartic,
u-e I m h ptacti more
Trie coii',.in,l lucres
who ,ae G-t. 1 the
ti.-li a tiii-li al: Apre. in
If -l.lt-.- 1 111- t pi Ii e
T'l ARTK H1.L ts a g-n
which the propr-tor ha
than tweu y rears.
iu ihniand from those
w I 1I.1. au I the Katl-fsc
regard to their ne, ha
, tliem within tte reach
know that different Ca
iHirtion- ,,f the bowels.
aa UlARTlC PIU.-s, has,
this well e-Ublished fact
varie y ot the purest
which act alike ou every
. canal, and are g.sslanl
Cathartic is ne-ae 1, such
BS Stomach, S Ie e pi ne ss,
Loin, Cootiveuess, Pain
whole body, from suddeu
if neglected, end in a
Ia of Appetite, a
y Cold over the body, Kest
weilit in the heal, all
ri in Chillnn or Adulz,
Pr-l. o,, well
es ai t on liiiti-ieiit
F A M 1 I. Y CA
d ie . eien-.. to
ompoun h-t fiom a
table Extracts,
f the alimentary
;! in all eaes alien- a
as Is-raiigement of the
Pains in tl.e Back and
anl Soreness over tfie
Cold, which freijiieiit'y ,
'i ti,- coin-- f lever.
Cleep.ng Ss-Ustlon !
le-.m-.-, Hea'.li-I.e, or
1 ill mm J'ou 'l.a...-.. I
t:iriin i!i?m . a irreat I'uritier of the 'of, aud many
h-ese-. to which ll-.h i heir, too numerous to mention
in this adi eitix-uft nt. lK.se, 1 too.
t l'. Tt.e Liver Iuvi.-orator and Family Cathartic Pills
ate retailed by Hrugcists generally, and soi l whole-tie by
the Tia.'.e 1:1 all the larje t wns
S. T. W. SAN FORD, M. I).,
Manufacturer and Pioprietor,
1227 io5 Kroaifway. Mew York.
l. MV IU:i AlaT.H:Ts.
J Selling all kinds of Uoods at their honest,
cash, market value, at L inform Prices.
Received in each Department.
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
M.x 01.
(iVuni or .S fond J-'l'jtir.)
Bonnets and Millinery Goods.
Till It l.
Clullis, Caimcres and Vesting,
I Ol K i ll.
Carpel Hall on Second Floor.)
Carpets, Oil Cloths,
Paper U .in sings, Window Sha les an 1 Fixtures.
It will lie the object of the proprietor to keep
.it all times a stock of Goods, that in eitent and
attractiveness shall not be t xcelled, and to offer
them at stieli prices as shall secure the Cash
Trade ! both city and country. Oil customers,
new customers, citizens and strangers, are re
spectfully invited to Iwk through our Newly
Arranged and Newly Christened Institution, and
to patronize to the full extent of their pleasure.
ii. i.ei:iisor.ia.
Lansing, Oct. 1st, 1&..9.
XKW lATi:.T sIKI..
I WOULD call the attention of the public to
my New Spring, patented Sept. 27, 18o'J,
and which, in the words of the patent "may be
used for bed springs, for chairs, lounges, bug
gies, carriages, or for for any other purjo$t$
vhrre tpriHgt can be employed."
Town, County and State rights for sale or in
exchange for other good property.
S. D. NEWBRO, Patent'.
Lansing, Mich., Oct. 2d, 1S5V.
I have examined Aid. S. D. Newbro's Spring,
for which as vet there is no significant name,
there being no spring described in the Science
of Mechanics similar to it. It is substantial, du
rable, and as clastic, if not more so, than ordin
ary eliptic carriage spings, and possesses advan
tages which no other spring possesses.
.".m23:i Practical Jfachinint.
City Ciiek's fjirn, 1
I-s.n-.ng. S-jv-mter -, l'.V?
ST.ini of M:ni!'., f 4
C.ty of l.auiiig,
T Austin A my, J. C. Raik-y, Cliapman, tXarle
E x. H;ii;ard. Ilafu 11 .rar, M-J.'.a:e, Oco.
W. feek. Ka nor, VVrn M.- a 1. J W. Thjrna. A
C. Winter, A F Weiier. A. W. W.iliam, Naae Town
s. aJ. an.; a.! o-.her i-rsoi. mtere.t.-1 ;u tte following
:.-s;r.!ie.l pr-.pe.-ty, to .t :
Hoicks lei, 1..2. 1'-;, 1-1. I '.5. ls U", in, ls).
lsj. lo. !. 1 '. 1 1. 1 J. 1 -: aio the land,
of Angu-tu E We.r, c n.meiic ui at tte .take ttiy
fouran l 4s it O L nsis west the et hne ot Tjwnnl
street, on the utn l.ne of Kotstrt street, thence seventy
e tit r. -i- to rand Kiver. thence we.t a;cg .aid rivvr
th.rtv tl.-ee an l i l'"'th rod, theo;e north seventy -two
an! InO.h ro-!s to P.-'iri street, the nee east ai
said l.ne of sa.d street to the rlace of tsv.mnD.', CoLta:u
ii.g ixte-n anl C-l'S'th- acre of la:i-t,ou section VI,
town 4 n :th, range 'i w. -t ; aia the .anl of te-. W
Peek, a fiiiows : part f the north we-t frattiooal qaar
t-r of section il. b .un i north by Ko'--rt street, ea-t by
ian-i- "f A E. V!r, -ourh t,y i.rsc 1 Rver, and wr-t by
the cx-t i ae of section kl, CoOtamng n' D acre ol
land ; a'--", th ian:. of lae TowneuJ, a follows, v.i .
trie east fractional La'.fof -eetion an, except e.even acre
o.f tte aouti.ea-1 e -mer of the n trtneat quarter of see
t -n ., ccn'a.a.ci iT anl Z2 lis'ths acre of land ; aiao
eteven acre on tt.e scu'heast corner cf the northeast
.-jaarter i-f -ctirn Jtl ; aio. uon re dent lanCs.as follows
the east half of the son-beast quarter of wuus IT, aroa
ttie west ta f 1 1 the socthea-t quarier of sseuon IT.
You a;e hrehy ntifiel that as---n.ents are about to
be cade up n oi to -iefray ti exp n-es of rpa:nnf
Ma n T"-t, wet of Walnut -j-eei ; that as-e.-a m
ru.ls bae ma ie out in the premise, wh.ea are on
a e ia the t-rh?- of the C.ty CVrk. where ti.ey mU
remain oi-n I yoar inspecun until tlie lilh day of jc
toVr, lsj'.j, wtea anl wsere yr,n may aprar ly fore the
iVinni'iii tiLx.,ia tt. Coi.Qcii Kis-m of siid ei'y, nl
show cause, if any ti;ere be, why the sa,c assisament
should not be ma :e an i eoiiettel accord ng to aw.
Py orier of the Ccnr toon Conned.
:Si G a A. AP-MiTSONO , City Crk -
An exjs-r.eneed N arse aud Female Physician, presents to
the a;:ent on of mothers, her
For Children Tec 111 in?,
which greatly facilitates the pres of teeth'og. by ft
ec aitne gums, re.iac-.og al inriimaiation wiilal.ay AIX
I'A.N an 1 spaaisodie actioi., an l is
IVjod upon it, mothers, it w.'.l g ve re-t to yourselves,
and y.'. U y itr Inina
W La put up an 1 sol 1 this article f.-r over ten tears,
anl can sat, in coaSlrnce and truth ( it, ht r have
neer beeu
a Me t o sav
f anv other
ine-l cilc,
IT Fa:iKi. l
sTt k, r o
tlld, when
Never d,d ae
stance lit di.
by arv one
NiikK Hs
Errtcr a
tiuieiy used
kuow an in
sat.si action
H1RI l
Do ue-l it.
On the c.
trary, all are iel -ghted with ita operatmcs, an I s(.-k in
term ot h.ghest c.irnmmJat.on ot r. nia.-ical et'ecU and
me-lical virtues. We speak in th.s maltrr " uh u ux to
4"wo,'' after ten vears' evyerience. and V-t.-e oar teru
lation for tlie fu hiiineut of what we here declare. Ia al
I every instance where tt.e infant is sutler n trm
paio andexhaua'.Hio, relict will be found iu fi 'teener twenty
minutes after the syrup is a.liuims'.aie I.
this va uable preparation I the prescript iovi of one of
the most KsperasLced and Skiiiful Nurses in New England,
aud has been usel with never fall. Hi auccess in
TllofSAMis of Casus.
It not onlv relir-s the child from ram. bat inv c . rates
the omaeli and bwrl. corrects acidity, and girs tone
and ene-gy to the w hole system. It w.ll aini-t instantly
IX THE HJWE1.S. AM) WIVH t i'l.lC.
and over
come c n
V U 1 S IO 11,
n"t iedi
V II I la II R E
1 roie
ieath We
th- best
etv in t'ie
ra.e.. I'V
die 1, end in
beheie it
surest rem
world, in ail
sasTKKT and Pi ikkii.k in Children, whether it arises from
teething, or from any other cau-e. We mi'.I sa to
every mother who has a child suffering from any of the
foregoing complaint do not let your .rriudice.,"nor the
prejudice i f others, s'and ltweeu vour nitf.-rm rhn-t
ali.l the relief that wid te M UI- ,s. All-Jll I If 1
I RE to follow the u of this in-dicmr, it time'v use I
Full directions for us ng will accompanv eaeh Is't'le
None geuuin, u-iless the facsimile ot CIK11S A I'l-K
KIN', New Yolk, la en the out.ide aisi i-er.
S.ild by Irui:gists throughout the woiid 2Jii
I'rlrr only -t t'rnts M-r Mottle.
Worn by Kings or Emperors.
What f Why, a Beautiful lhad of Hair.
EECArSF.it is the ornament God Himself
provided for all our race. Reader, al
though the rose may bloom ever so biiohily in
the glowing cheek, the eye be ever so sparkling,
the teeth be those of pearls, if the ln-a.l is be
reft of its covering, or the h.-iir be snarled and
bhriveled, harih and iri. or worse ti!L if
sprinkled with gray, nature will lose more than
halt her charms. Prof. Wood's Hair Restora
tive, if used two or throe times a week, will re
store and permanently secure to all eucli un or
nament. Read the following, and judge. The
writer of the first is the cel. braicd Pianist,
Thalberg :
New York, April 1;, lsr8.
Dr. Wood: 7Vir .N'l'r, Permit, mc to el-
press to you the obligation I am under fr the
entire restoration of mv hair to its otiinal color.
About the time of my arrival in the United
States it was rapidly becoming gray, but upon
tho application ot your " Hair Restorative, it
soon recovered its original hue. I com-idor
your Restorative as a very wonderful invention,
quite efficacious as will as agreeable.
I am, dear sir, vours trulv,
lrye!i a'r ;yi edydct."
Welsh Newspaper OHicc, IS Nassau St., )
April 12, 1S0S. (
1'rof. O.J. Wwhl: lfiir Sir, Some month
or fix weeks ago 1 received a bottle of your
Hair Restorative aud gave it my wife, who con
cluded to trv it on her hair, little thinking at the
time that it would restore the tray hair to its
original color, but to her, as well as mv sut prist'
after a few weeks' tiial, it has performed that
wonderful effect by turning all the gray hairs to
a dark brown, at the same time beautifying and
thickening the hair. 1 rdronglv recommend the
above Restorative to all pers'His iu want of sucl
a change of their hair.
New York, Jul v 25, 1S.7
J'rrf. tt. J. W;ifl: With ronli lenee do I
recommend vour Hair Restorative, as being tho
inot t-flicacious article I ever saw. Since usin
your Hair Restorative, mv hair and whiskers,
which were almost white, have gradually grown
dark ; an! 1 now feel confident that a few more
applications will restore them to their natural
color. It also has relieved me nf all dandruff
and unpleasant itching, so common among per
Bon who perspire 1 reel v.
J rof. Wufd: About two years ago tuy hair
commenced falling off and turning irrav : I was
fast becoming bald, and had tried many reme
dies to no effect. I commenced using tout Re
storative in January List. A few application
fastened mv hair firmlv. It began to fill nr
grow out, and turned back to its former color,
(black.) At this time it is fullv restored to it
original color, health, and appearance, and I
cheerfully recommend its use to all.
Chicago, 111., May 1, 1857.
The Restorative is put up in bottles of thre'
sizes, viz: l trge, medium, and small ; the small
holds one-half a pint, and retails for one dollar
per bottle; the medium holds at least twenty
per cent, more in proportion than the small, and
retails for two dollars per bottle; the large hold
a quart, 4 per cent, more in proportion, and
retails lor f .'!.
O. J. WOOD k CO., Proprietors, ,12 Rroad
way, New York, (in the great N. Y. Wire Rail
ing Establishment,) and IU Market street, St.
Louis Mo., and sold bv all good Druggist and
Fancy Giiods Dealers. 22Cnio
RATH h:u just received a large and well
selected assortment of Jewelry, at 1
One diXr South of Coryell i Jer.ions, consisting
of all the latest styles of
Jewe!y,Gold & Silver Watches,&c.
II;tviii purcbase'l rnv Stock en
tirely in the Eastern market, and for C'-isA, I flat
ter myself that I can sell Genuine Jewelry as
cheap tu any establishment west of the city of
New York. I deal in none but the
Choicent Varieti' and mt Approved Stylet!
Having bad a long experience in the business,
I am thus enabled to purchase the ofm im ar
ticle, and consequently none other are offered at
my counter. Kbowing that I can sell a better
article for a less price than any other establish
roent in the city of Lansing,I invite all who wish
to invest in my line, to give roe a ca'l he-fore pur
chasing elsewhere. Pituemf.er .' D. F. RATH,
one door South of Coryell A; Jenison, Washing
ton Avenue, City of Laus'iiif..
I keep a first claa workman, and one who can
not be beaten at watch repairing by any work
man in the country. His work is warranted to
be superior to that of any other ever employed
in Lansing. Watches and Clock repaired
and Warranted. I. F. ItATII.
City of Lanting, Miy 15, 1S V..
Lansing City Foundry!
T Iron Saw-Gearings, Wood Saws, Building
Irons of the most
Improved Pattern,
Made to order on short notice. Also Plows,
Cultivators, and all kinds of
On hand or made to order. Engines and Thresh
ing Machines repaired on short notice.
All work warranted charges moderate.
Take them and Live!
Z& .lfeglect them and Die. 1
IlmuucK'a Stua Coarwn Pnxa
An km frKXVo-THKVlsli IXaSTBSB.
w:ks. T"l:e unsurpassed reme.
die have, by roiaiuoa consent of
mankind, bevo placed at the tiewd
o: a'.ls-milar prestation. Her
rick a ecetahle 1'i.ls, ia universal
I'.-, aatety and certainty ra
the cure ot the various disease of
nian, excel all others, and their
a unquestionably is treble that
of all o-.hsr Innd. In full dosae
thev are active Cathartic, is
mailer de f ,svu-,aed rleanainf
n all Hi lious Complaint. Stcfc
Headache, l iter lseaea, kidney
Vratgemeots, Stomach iHaor
lers, and Sk:n AtTectesas, they
ure as if by u'. Ties
"l is are puieiy r,Viiar, caw be)
akrn at any time by eoi ir y ,,
v.thtwit chance IB euip aieut or
i t V ei l" , is a g.ssl nis-diciu
alien piop.tiv us-1, Cut when
.impounded iu a I .i' ' r uu.versal
utf. Hilt ft '. ssr..l.f ol ts-lletis-
ing tdera'ient H-rnck a .su;r l.-aie I I i i uae nevs
er been tsossn to orisli. sore uioutti ao.t a 'tueg j.snta.
as have some other. Therefore, n'i'u' m wantola
fain lv Pill. i eaaot to fai'. ceitsio to cuie, and u-d by
lions, will c-;taiii'.y 1.. W t r wo;.er I oe-e INiis are
vere-t r.:h a c vxtliigof p l'e aVle .e.'. II' taste f
me.t;i-ine at-. -it tr.eni. t-it ate ei., i..k'ii a oos
cmlert oi.eiv MUil ,,il, ... II l. J l'll.s,
I'NE lH'U.Ari.
Ilrrik Kid ImiKllioitins.
The renowned Pla.ler cure pa ns. weakness anl dis
tress, m the tuck, si tes an I bieast, iu live Ant, lu
te!, so certain are they to d tins that, the Froprietof
w srrants them- pis-ad from ieius, La.sams anj gums.
n heauti'ul h.d lesther. lenders IIn-ih s-ulinv adapt
1 to tlie ,io: of r'-m i2 an 1 others Each I'U-Ver will
wear fiom on t. no u'lis, an l in rl.eumti eom-
s-.nts, rp'sms and .'.-iok, frequently eltic: cures,
11. st a lo'f.er remedie I, led. I ull d.rectiou wiil be
i.sj en the t.-k ot eri. PuMic s,s-akers, .aiisU,
minister ot tlie le.si.. oi l o:iieis. a ! sireuv'iuea nw.r
unc and impiioe their .m-e bv wearing tkem in the
-er PRICE lv tlS
lr. t astir a Mai;iillai t'wmrt Ii nurT.
lis o'tsmed sn cnvivMe reputs'ion in t(.e cure of Ca
tarrh, I. s of Voce, Is-a'ties. Watery and InnaioeJ
and tho-e disa eeat- e noises, re-uitiling tlie
w tn,n of steam, distant w at. rfsl.s. etc , purely veget
hie. come, a th full tirectioa. an t delia-ht all that uae
. as a su-ei i.g auutt it csuimt -e ryiulr I I'K.CE VA
Tlie-e old established Poa Vis, ao w-il laoasx at the
l.ug Is'an t A'a.e C.srir, N. Y . an l .4 1 in iinnieu.
ijiiaiititie thiouh the Mid He an I Ea.tem Slat-a tor tbe
! seven nr., contiune to excel ail oilier k.u.l , iu
ill-ease, t f iriri an t I 'o.'..r their evcci.ence I. ackuoal-
e'ged rrvrys re. Tue, couta.u nothing luxurious, the
an.malcau tw worke,! wlule tee.lni lt.eui ; ample owee-
ons go with each fii-U, ant g.snl horsemen are invit
1 t test tlieir virtues and jude ot Uieir y"i4
I.AKi.K PACK A,E. '.jll NIS
tWTl.e above arti.ies are sold by '...tlisj agents
throughout the I nited Mates, I au.tdas aud South Auen
ca, at wholesale bv ail .aik-e IHug.staiu the pnnciSX
ritir,. ' iir.Ki.l. k .V mtoriltUS,
frjiti.a.' t'hemult. A lniny, .. 1
if Sold at laus ng hv all .lea er. in Medicuiea, and by
lrugg;ts and country Merrhanta every wliere.
K. II CA1 Vl-K, r aii.atf A,imi.
I. cat! lltr raiiililt't.
'HE only real purifier of the b..l iu existence. Eor
Wrsk.y tema.es or 1 ouiig t uii.lien w tio are Scrofu
lous, it is ruairal. Everv s-rsou kn s that il his b,oo.l
is pure he must he well. Now, a.l this professra to do
. St IJ IIATE rstlU I
any kiud or nature in It.
LlYEIt t oMI'I.AlNT.
Pains ix t.ik Hack ok Siok.
KIl'N'l Y -r st.
.f.tl'MHi E.
It Is Usrranlid.
4 a)-No nea -piper ptitT or fictitious names 1 Every
person from whom aeeit firate ia given their names aud
number are published. Any -er n caw address tbent
by mail aud satisfy t liemseues.- a
Any person alio tne lite syrup will e n oiscover us
iislities. and recoiniii. il I it Ii tiW. It is only just lotro
l.ioed, au I Lot .n a siluie caisr lias it failed vet Weakly
lr-oiis, ou-y 1 1. 1 11, anl -.u am noi re-iei in rial.
Oil some peopie one t.iltl i.luces magical results
with others it regimes nve or sis U tiles.
al-l.eiHi.l spot. No. s Washington Aveuue, Al
bany. t.-TKY (LAKE'S SYKl'P, the great Hood l unfler,
for ( hills and lever.
ea-Ti'.Y i l.AKK S SYiU P, the great 1II.sk! Purifier,
for l')pep a
-TRY I.VUK'S .-YKI'P, ft an, I"eh.ate lema'e.
ai-TllY l.tUK S SYl.l P f-r .vi"iu .J tun lice, Ac ,
or any bld iti-e-r.
-ARK'S SYP.n, in all ris.nl Se(u. li.capac
itv, or rliM-ases of the Siin :. I hulo.-, is mai-iral.
Try It
e1.AKK'S SYRl'I, cnar.ges tl.e : condition of
the 1.1. -ol, an I kill the j.-irou whi h leerts the tire of
diH-ase .
fl4-CLA!.i'S .s-YRCi is all ve-tab e and no utiueral,
anl lhat is a list the humau lil'.'t n.-eds.
C mm CLARK'S SYKl'P f ir S.re Ti.n.st is magical.
t,-(l.tUii'S SYKl'P for weak'y.delica'e remak-s, or
t en, puny I'lu'iJren, .s sure
Bf LARK S SYKl'P i all l'-ts aod no Minerals;
f jisi w.ll Is- g.ven for any gram toiiud in it.
ey CURE'S SYKl'P cures any weakness in lemales,
or ssciotiilous tiiMien, lilsif raliv.
aTCEAI'.A".- Yr.l"P Th.s womlerful preparatma I
woiaing woo.ter ah over tlie wori.t, and for Ijver,
Wo in lis or s-i'ipuU I 'ompl lints, and kerns 'e WeakneMiee,
(General U li.l ty, it is -eitrr'lv magical Put up la
ijmrl bottles, aud i- I ke wine to .Irink
e-lor sale in Ijii-iii,- liy 1. II. tt II. 1. Itartholo
mew. 'Jl 7-1
( or vp 1 1 & Jcoison
VRE now receiving direct from New York,
Boston, and Phi adelphia, one of the largest
Stocks of
Groceries, Boot, Shoes, CrfK-kery and Hard
ware, ever before offered in this city, to which
they invite the attention ot all concerned.
Knowing tli.it imtneif in the rjr'nt lever ft f hu
man act'ou, and that people think more of their
"ilini'-a" than they do of anything else, and that
the great absorbing question is, "Where can I
trade the t-fieape-t, and thereby save the most
money ?" we answer in as few words as posii,)r,
that this is
Where you ran invest your money and obtain
more . f,r a dAlar thuti at any other Store
in town. We have adopted the ready pay sys
"tcm, and we are detennim-d to make it an ob
ject fur ALL who wisii to pay down for their
goods to trad with tu. A dillereiiee of at h-ast
twenty-five p r cent, (in favor of our customers)
will readily bo seen, between our prices and
those who trust. We mean what w; say, and
will satisfy all who call on us, that it is a F-ft.
We particularly invite the Ladies to ei amine our
stock of Ix-autiful
Sills, Gloves, Shawls,
Cha'lics, Gauntlet!-, Skirts,
De Laities, Mitts, Krnbro.deries,
Cashmeres, Ho-iery, Linens,
Merino s, Trimiiiin.';, 1 ndor-leeTes,
Mu-lins, Ribbons, Collars,
Girgharns, Parasols, Cottotis,
Cambrics. Hoopi, Print.
Andcerds and sta'ls of other goods, Vxt iiumer-
ou to mention.
To t he (Jentlctnen w? won! I inerclv say that
we are doing wine in the clothing Inn- and rro-
poe to clothe a man all over in a shape and fet j le
that his shadow won't fx; afraid f follow him, and
To tlie World .it l.arjjc
Wc say give us a call and satisfy yourselves that
there is one store in town where you can get the
best of goods at astonishing low prices, as we are
determined to sell good cheaper that thry were
ever before sold in this market. No grumbling,
or charges made for showing good.
Store in the Holmes & V right block one door
south of Burr & G rove.
coin v J
Iansing, May 1,
n n er von pi. a i vrs,
Viz : Diarrhea and Chclera Morbus, and
Flatulent and Spasmodic Cholics.
1E, THE rviiEtl-K.VEIi. has. f. r sver; yar.
If s.ld If. lU-s.ATE S AoiVE OitolAL, and du
ring this pere.l hate ,tw-til iu .aiutary eifecU ia eor
icg the .li as.- f .r wh-'h it I" reiiiinier.ie.,x.i : ACUTE
and ni?."N'!i; Id vi:r.ilr and CHU.riA MoRl.'S, ia
ourowa.or in the faru.i.es of cur c ii'tomers, and Lav
a. sr. seer, it. ) r-.'il a 1m u.-traviou in Cases r,f CHOL
Ei'.A IN EA N'T I'M. We do. tuen-tore. cn.Mmy reeom
men ! it to ail thiee wh may be a:" cted With those d -Ue.s.ng
and dan-ruu eotnpdonta, a oSeims; one of the
best means for the.r cure or reiwf ;
W Rri-tol, t'tlca,
J J. Knot, tiamiiV-n,
I. Parens, Wee'.Celd,
. White St Sn. Krdon!a.
A P. Curtis, Atuc.
W. Sver A Shi. I t tat la
J C. Barer, I Eoy.
T liraitrf-. Elm.ra.
A J Matthews. BiL'alo.
I- R .-wan, Rocte-tef.
T M Hunt, Auburn.
J th. tyu , Tsj-neea t alls.
I. K'iiey kin., M-neva.
I. Kedoy. Penn Van.
K.tch kihl aye, Syracuse.
J Owen A Co , Inrtrott.
H. A E a lord, Ove last.
t, Wil'.ar l.'Ashtabn)a.
I. ii. Oil.et. kincsville.
trr 4t Bro., Erie.
iaW LJJ-lj
S. B. It ia partieu ary esefil to CHILI 'FES ia TEETH
IN'ii, a it a. lay ir-ilat-n, in-iuces moot: a perspira
Uoo . and pr'jduces
a " S- ''-J rr l.rte-iL-T" ctvoutiT. Price 25 Cents.
4to.4 C. N. TTTTII, Ccwcrol Jtmt,
Aoborw, V. T.

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