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JAUES TURNER, Aoor ro Igha to..
Will toaura aaiost Ium fry Art, at tha liwt poihl
rat, a ad avljuiit th !- promptly, fart euir attni
tk b ir;n tu inuria fAKVl IML3KS aodfm
Barru, and OtUcWl dlLii.
Application to trantact the Ltuinest of -.
ranetMH'ler th act of February llth, 185.
3b IA l-mnralie, Ih4 Srrrtary vf tke SUM f MtcUj-in:
flHE Ar-WJCATloS f lleieuaota' laauraucoCoinuany,
I ot Hrtf.l,mtlJ."4uUofCuDiw:Ucttt,iepetflil.y
that th.y ar aa lourn" Company, morirtr.l
ay awl whrtht bi of thStt of Coutt.-ct.cut, and
I bat tha; ar d actually eo,ral io the buaiueaa f la
iuimi. Aad ih.y hrby apply for a et tioeat author
mag lhara to Utawct th buioa f lnuranc in the
BUI ,f Michigan, a procid! for ao-1 autuorued in th
actaatitlad "an act tu rulat tire, Mario, Ufa ami
Haalla loauraae Company, and their ant, oCia
fcoaa, prtnrhip and ta.liidul doing Marine,
Life aad Health IjMuranm buaua, not uieorporatd by
taadtaM of Micbitfao," appro'! bruary lath, IWJ
Tbay further ayer and how a follow, t
la That tha aama of aid eompaay ia Merchant Iosu
ium Company, of Hartford, and that their pUceo
taaioaM at u Ilartfoid, io aaid HUto of Goowct.cut,
wkwra Uy keep and maintain their priueipai office.
ad That aha amount of their capital atock m tna aura of
two huadrad thouaand dollar.
Sd That of aaid capitaT atock, tha aaiu of one hundred
ad fifty laouaaad and ninety dollar haa actually been
aaid ap by tha atoeknohier of aaid company.
la That tha aU of aaid company eon.it
1. Of aaah oo band at thir aaid place of buiD, the
aja of three hundred nirwUwrn and aeToty four one bun
dxedlha dollar. t'ah in tha hand of the aot of aaid
aompany, the an of thrvo thouitand four hundred utty
ma aad fifty on oua hundredth dollar; cash in hand
ml aaraona other than the anta of aaid company, but
taaluding bank and bauker. tha auut of twuty four
Uavuaaad eight hundred thirty nine and ninety oue huu
4itha doilara.
ad Of real eatate, which I unincumhred, none.
84 Of boola now owoed by aaid company, amounting
la actual ealu to the eumof at lt hfty aeen thouitand
a, hundred and tea dollar, the rate of inlerext upou
which bowl ia an percent. lioada n..w owned by the
company, tii
far ,!. Mark! al.
Miaaouri ?Ut i-r ct bond. $1 ,' ,4'io
Michigan "
Ohio u
Kentucky "
Hartford City,
(R.R.) 15,ioO
(lark 6,JO
ToUl b-.ul, $it,0UO $iT,71Ji7,Tl i'JJ
4th 4 if drbu legally due ti the aaid eimpany,and
aaxad by rtifApvi;her than thoeembraed in the fniw
guiag aauawrabon, the aum of at leaat thirteen thouiaD I
6th Of debt h-catiy lue to aaid company, ur-l
tharwia than by iuurtiif, but not due f.r premium,
tha aunt of at letut ailUx-n thouand "ftro huudred aev
aa and eighty two one hundredth dollar. IVhta other
wiaa aaeurel, loan on atncka, ix. :
Ain't loaned
I'ar l. Mr. al. tlx-reou.
10tt aha Bank of Hartford
County, llartfiwd,... j,
7 aha UercanUb H i, lUr. ToV
D aba March AM.inufae-
turara' B'k, Hartford, 3 ,"
123 ah Kuekrilte U k, ICock. li.M
IS " Imng Kauk, M. V., T5it
10 .tta Bank, Hart., lxjo
ft 44 Karmera' & Mechan
ic' Bank, Ilartfoid,. &N)
Caharhoenia Bank, lUrt., oiK)
iyn ul
1.T'5 11
i'M if)
477 U
$J,0UO iH&xi
Vutal amount loaned on the above atock 111.707 20
0th Of debt h-Kl)y due to aaid company for premi
aM, tha aum of at leat aeeen hundrfd ninety eiht and
lurty eight one hundredth dolUr.
7th ijf all other aecuntte and moneja, the sum of at
laaatone hundred twenty ait thoiiund one h'ludred ex-
ante aeen and thirtr Mie buu-'.red'.h .lo.lar. All otuer
aecuritM are :
lat. Bank atock owned by the company, ; :
Tr vl
AO Sham Am. Ktrlian? Rtnk.S. Y. i.Viaal INI
Mir. vl
$ ,Jim ia
.',,;ini in
J.o."i0 Ol
lll.S 0 INI
i,lJ( IXI
6,'HI 0-1
5.MNI lit)
i,5ln W
6.1U0 IMI
5,1'IH Ot)
Metronohtan lUnk. V Y. i.'KW Mt
O. trterOak lUuk.lUrtiord, &.iMX
t -li ne llank, ll.irtn.r 1, 2,.Vni i
.ttu lUnk, llntfori, In.iaiO.iiO
rar. X M-rli. Iltnk. lUrt , 5 ikmi imi
I'h.ienix lUuk, liitrllord, n, w
Me.. UI.ii H.iiU. 5,aMKI
My lUna, H iritor.l. i.ooO KO
H. le l-eatherlt a.li-Ht..n,!l.0.ai (HI
Nutoual rUiiK, IdnMii, 4 inn)o0
Sttety r'ulid kUnU, ttton, 6,UK)0d
7,5O)0lJ Tl O.eMIO
Area;e talue of the ahote atock 71,'XO IKI
i. Stuck note on iutrret, Vn h.iUuce due on
,tuck, -t'l.t-WOn
4VL Intere; accrued butnol due,., ........... 4,111711
Itav The amount of liabilitie of aaid company, now due
by aaid company to bank, or to other creditor of aaid
oeapany , none.
The aowmnt of liabilitie hereafter to become due by
aid company, to bank or other creditor, none
Otb The amount of kne by said coiiiiAiiy now adjusted
mail aow due, none.
7th The a mount of lime adjusted but not yet due, none,
tth The auiount of lee of aaid company, una.lju.led
t the preaent time, doe not exceed the aunt ol twelve
hundrvd dollar,
th The amount of Km? ia upeue, waiting for proof,
10th Th amount ol all other claim aint aaid com
pany do not amount to more than bre huudred dollar.
Ilia An authenticated copy of the Charter, or Act of
Incorporation of aaid company or a.-wociatioa, i hereto
annexed, marked .Schedule A., an t alj a true copy of
their By-law, marked .Schedule H.
(HtMO: If the company be a partnernhip or joint
lock company, tnke out the lat cUue and nay )
11th A true copy of the Article of Aociation,or fart
rahip Agreement of aaid company ia hereto annexed,
narked Schedule X
Vtrtjkaivm Iheabore &.aViaveajf, rmVnf fcy Saturn 1.
Bran or CoiaVTitTi,
Hartford County, j
K. Thoa. lb.lell, beiu duly ru, on hisoitli depo-w
nd aay that he ha read the forest. iu autemrut, and
kaowa'th content thereof, that tin depoueut i the
fWcretary of the Company or Axaociation therein men
taoned, ami i well ae-juamtel with their aflaira, and that
he ha good ieon to be'.ieve,ao l d.-.- verilr believe,
aid auument to be true. K Til- H. I.iiltl'tU.
Hworm and aubaenhed before me, at Hirtf r t, in naid
8tate and county , thia nineteenth day of May, A. I
And 1 do further certify, that I he thia day made a
raonal exam nation of the aet in the hand and po
aean in of the aaid Merchant" Insurance Company, and 1
aa rally aatuHed. from euch peronal examination, that
aaid Company are the bona tide holder and owner of
la ae-reral atock, bona-., mirtitairea, ana otcer property
Of -which aaid Company L represented to be the owner
la the foreiroinz atateraent and exhibit ; and also, th.it
la aeTeral loan by aaid Company, and the aecur.te
there-far, are aa a bo-re stated ; which aaid eecuritiea are
fall aad ample for the repective loan male thereon.
Witoe my hand and eeal of office,
tl iiKSKY u. w. wnni,
Cemm -Koer of the State of Michigan,
in and for the State of Connecticut.
Sworn and nberibed oefore me, at Htrtforl, in aaid
eoaaty and State, thia twenty fourth day of May, A. 1.
lSJtf. liKulloK S. OILMAN, Notary I'ut.iic.
rrtder the Insurance A4 of February IM, 1J.
Omra or ma SantrraRT or St t, I
Lanain:, Uich May -J5th, ISj'J.
To au. io wnoat rnasl rKa.cxr snau coaa :
Wkertai, Purauant to the pronion of an Act of the
Mat of Michuran, entitled "An Act to reculate lire
Marin), Lit and Health laaurance Companie. and their
Agent, AteociaUona, Inirtneraaip and in lixiuuala aoing
Ire, Marine. Lite an 1 Health Inmranee bua ne., not in
arporataxl by the State of M ehiitan," approve. I Kebraary
U, 1SJ, there waa en the twenty aim aay m nay, a. l.
la&t.farniahed to the Secretary of the State of Michigan,
ad Sled ia hi tHfirw at Lan-un, a atatement of the In
araaaa Company known a tb Merchant' Insurance
Company of Hartford, which Company i an incorporated
Uampaay wader th law ot the Mate of Connecticut, ae
awapanytaic which atatetneBt. and constituting a part
thereof, we evidence eatiafactory to aaid Secretary of
State, of th inxeatmeat required by aid Act, together
with a reaolaUon nn.V-r the aeal of aaid Company, a-goed
aeeordiwc to aai.l Act, and bearing date the nineteenth
lay f May, A. 1. ISA J, aathonim M.UILOX A FhMkST,
aa Ajrent of aaid Cotopxny , to acknowledje seryic of pro-
aad of derlaraUon ia behalf t.f aaid Company, a
arcandea by x ACV
Ifoarfaaxxt ye. That the axid In'orance Company, actinf
ww aad throah atAHljli 9. KU?r. iu Airent above
aaned, aecord.na; to the prortsno ? aaid Act, aad the
aai Agent, whi actin aa auch for aai-1 Com (any, is
hareby aatbonxed and empowereil to tranaet Iruoraoce
laalwaaa ia tb --tata of Micbur. an, aa pmriJe.1 by aaid Art
abject to all the proruuan, reservation and hmitation
taaaad Act contained.
la TeetiinooT Whereof, I have hereunto aet my
hand, and can-d tl.e Great Seal of the State
ill to be affixed, th day and yexr flrt above
written. . If. I?lIr.I.L,
lyWl Secretary of State.
JalM. TTRgR, AKeat for Ingham Coaiity
il BER WA00S for sale or to trade for a
tood horae, by
Lansing, Aug. 23, 1859. 224
WALL PAPER a splendid stock of Pprin
Styles, just received at the
TAO T0TJ WANT Window Shades and Fn
aV tares ? Yon will find a fine stock at the
DOCTOIl no o r A . I ' s
, Zir-
A'f'a'V', Hfl ail li."" a i- ir.y f U--r-i
fijeh a- ..n-i.!i Ineard I'.;--. rn.i- -r M'x3 to
the Head, Acidity oftrie .t ...mcii. Heartburn,
In-iruil for r-od, r nine. . r .-y!.t in the M-ur.arh. M.ur
r rueatioo. .inkiii or Flutter iu at tt.e I'.t ! tiie !-U-m
acb, !w;mui:ii -f tha H-a 1. 1! i.-r.el an 1 lU!.cu.t rJ:eth
ing, 1 luttenn t the ll-art, i.L..kn' or Sulevatiuj "t u
aation when in a lv.n po.ture, l.ii,aes ..f V.-wu, I"1
or Web tt-fore the ai,'ht, reer and Pud fr:n in the
Head. Iiec.ency "i I et-pirat.-u, elione.a ot tne ?-.n
and Eye, I'am iu the .vie, tUck, tL-t, Ijmtm, .Vc, !-ud-denluhe
of !!', ISuru.u in t!.e lleh, Cou..tut
Imainirir of K:l au 1 reat Ivj re..i. n i f plt.
Tue pr .jin-t.-r-. in cl:it-g the attention .f the public
to th..t po-j' irti'-n. ft with a !-. n' l l:.e utmost
eonndeu re ia ,t urtn. a'i l U;t4..'.ii lo the dna-e
fur which it i refomiiieii'led.
It n ti'i new au 1 uu'.r:-'! rt:. !e, h it tht La
the te-t of a ten j'uri' !t.; le-l-r- trie Am. r.i in l-e-'-f .
and it leputatiou and .tre uui.i .'! l an.v Mini r
preprti n etaiit l:i ;e. na m) in :.-i wTi-'ni
proiu.uen'v an l we.i in n I'liyoiCutu an 1 .ndiv ! t.t :ti
ail pit of tlie c intiy i. tmtiieii-e, ai: '. a ci-f.il p-ru
ald the Al.iian p.i0u.hed aim wl.y by tl.e pruprie
tor, an 1 to he had irraii. of any of hi Ak"-n'., cannot h it
atify the m"t nkrj.tical tht till remedy I really !
erring the irreat ct-lthr-'y it ha ..btiin 1. lvl'.C
on. nooriA.ivs
H ill THf: Sl-KfUY ( l'i:K k
Vo'vjli, Cold, wm, t'rmj,, ll ir."i.,
bronchitis, I'tUHHi'M't, JtiAiiix if thr Iiitifi
tl ariinj from '! It, Im-'.iit n! 1'tuwaf
tior.tand f-r t)i rihrj and i'-J itt oil n.tni
Me) cure of l'aU-n's in adr ; :.i.;ttf
the latter diti.
Thi celebrated preparation. Mi-1 1..- I! ii.v
Contldently relied on. It la te.iiflied -! i" o! -
e more i?eiir.ti air! more !.tal l.iai, :nv ...i.. i i nin.'ti
the teoi, f th: comtry ar nh;eet tie -e et.riiini
from a !i:'ht cl t.-' Tin.
ay : ' I ill not tht
what the I'l A'.l K aul illin.
Countrie ; hut, I Cn avei r
ilie... of jjrea'er C"on;d i-.i
A f.lltl.er proof . f the i r
t ii.i.e i.l D'.her
t I hey uher in
i t v ti'i IK t'..--e
r-Iltly til
I 1 111' r-
.Til.- le flt.i .
f rn iv te
'lit from a ",.,,,,, ,
the f.,1 ..w:. atati-ttr
Uatr lof il-.U'.iii.l l'l.i
niot healthy ir,i it.e,
K.l. T'dul death, ill I
ll,ed of l ..ii-.iin
all oiher
II, . .
T-t ll deiflr
Ihed ..r-. l
T .Ul di
ll.. I I.I
-1 1 ,M4
1 '.V llle
From Ihee fl.'ure, it
fourth ol the t-ilal ! f !i in t n- nr t v
CoDHumption, to ay U'.-!.i i' t e r. i :.. r..
ea irinni from a "!i:i' ! ! '
1 mil trille with yo.ir he,;i : l. ,t. il
couirh or cold on the lun., ;i ofl- ot I
UA1.M!: fiii;ll and v."i in..y -.. lv
cure. Thou.an.l. h tve i"i - . ' U
wonderful elfect.
tlljh Millietm.e pree ! t u -!.-T I !
pept:.-.tate i.f tl.e .t.iin o-h, v., ;.: li ..
Il.f.ers .hoi,l I lie l-e,. In n .1 ..!:
era! debihiv o! the -t.'i.i, r -il'-iir I.
ted conh, 1. e ll.-rnin lllie , - l I.- !
bene lit.
1'repare.i only lY I'r I". 1 .' ., 1. :i, I!-,
rhtladf Iplua, and h.r ale hw llrii.-e.N and
thronifimm the Lulled ut- oi l t.uii.!
cent -er bottle.
'orale by U. Thayr ft T.... K Pil!in -t
b-o ,V llro. , Iju-iii. an ' ill -e ; ki- i ,
n- f,o,.. h
"ml on h
i iil .
J)k. J. V. Kekmmtt's Celeijrateu
VnitETAHIK Mt.lIClVKS, i:i:tnif.icMirel only by
Dr. J. W. Ki-rtiiott, for If. ?!. lii.hiian .V a'i
their store, No. 1 t ('onri-s -t., Ih-troif, Mich.
CoMPorNf Kxtkit oj Willow, :i jio-'ifive
ati'l ncver-f.iiliiiir cure l'r A'i--, I'hiil Feri-r ninl
Uillioiis ise:ffS. If is a mi ;1 wt pow-rl'ul ton'e
all casi-s of il.-fiiiiiv, imliirt ti in, ily 'pi-tiMia,
anil weakness of the stin::t-h.
CoMPOCMI MtMiRAKK, or A'-OI'i 'l.t .Alili-llll-
ious Tills, the best purjc ilivo now 1- tiou n. These
ills eoiubiiio pnv.i r inihlne ' d action, ati l
lit no case pro-luce iiisciU.-i.t -oi..-!:jia::o.i.
Kit R act or IJi.ackhf.rky, a vep l.iliIeMitnnu r
Complaint cure. The only certain remedy in
Dysentery, lilmxly l'lux. Cholera, Cholera Slor-
bu, Crampa, .Vc.
KiETAIlLK T I'LMoN ART I.U SAM, a Sate atlil
certain cure fur Coughs, Col l-i, llo-ir -'ene.ss, l!ron
chiiis. Asthma, Spitting of ll'oo.!, Ac.
if For Certificates, c, see Circulars, to lie
had of Prujririst.; ami M iicine Healers generally.
For sale by li. Til AYF.1I, AsenL
Anairr.lL'ht, ISillinrtl ICooiil, wiiii two
Table:, both new ami ''Fir-n-Uate." A coiiVeiiictit
n orderly, well nupi'linl suit tt
Where will be found all the delicacies of the sea
son, with a constant supplv ol Frc.-h testers.
:i extensixe (Irocerv Fstabiir-hnieiit, with a
PKovisiox stori:
Stock, Confectionery, an l o;h. r ano-h-s ns-:aily
dealt in, iu that line.
The public are respect! uuv invilevl to cail and
examine for themselves. l'.3
Furniture Warehouse
Conant Itlot-k, 111, Jt'f C4'i-ii
To all Furniture Buyers,
I offer to the public by far the larj:et and most
complete assortment ot
lAMkiny-0!'i.rf, iilow H ir dr.
That can be found wt st of New York city, all of
which was selected with the createst care, and
with paritcular reference t the Material, Manu
facture, Quality, Style, Fa-hion and Pricr.
J3j The same w ill be sold at 2"i per cent. less
than ever offered in Detroit. &J
Parlor, Pining, leJ-Uoo:n, Library and 0:!ice
In Rosewood. Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Maple
and Cherry, w ith any coverinjr, plain or fancy,
that ruav be desired. Also,
Painted Enameled Bed' Room Sets,
a great variety of style constantly on hand.
Bedding, Curled Hair, Moss, Husk, Cotton and
prtn Mattress1.
afTo the TRADE, everv article in the Fur
niture, Chair, Upholstry, Hardware and Willow-
are hne, with a gol variety of sun'rior var
nishes, Japan, Veneers, Mahogany, JLc., tc, are
offered at a amnllaJratct from sot.
All Gomla AVarrantnl a Krprvarntrd.
N. B. Goods bought fnjra this esubliahment
for Shipping, securely an 1 properly packed for
transportation. J. . TILLMAN.
Detroit. l!5'J. ii5.
l'ateiit I lium unci Valiius
ArARRANTF.D t give perfect "atisfaction or
It no saie I Tnese machines surpass all oth
er now in u?e, for implicity, durability, uti'tv
ana execution - without tne slightest injury to
clothe. We will send these washers for trial
to the house? of those wishing to purchase, as
they require to be used to be rightly appreci.t
eJ. Also, constantly on hand or made to order.
ail kinds ot
Trass Hoops, Cisterns. Tacking Barrels, Butter
Firkins, Wash Tubs, Well Buckets, Sap Backet
sc., at prices to uit the times. One door north
of the Lpiscopal Church.
TnoMrsox nrxTEPs
Lansing, Mich. yoa
li A li
i r. v ,
Stock ot
Il-ivnu.' It''i'!t'iiiii.-(J
Willi a full aid choice oloctiou of every kiuJ
ol pH)ii in ill at iitio, iuviics the examiuatiun of
houJe-kecptra, before upilvin. theiustlves. Il
Lis uiiii to Woi'p r.i articles but the best. In
ail-iliioii t.i the GUOCERY TRADE, he will, as
uu.T, keep .1 constant supply of
Froash mid Cured Provisions,
Poultry, Mackerel and WhiteFish.
He h? in -tre, the lst atille in the line of
sricEs. &c.
ALSO a choice article ot diicJ I'rurierf, a pooJ
substitute for Apple.
I!e bus a huge aurtuient of
onto s roi;-v aki:,
foruiiiig:, together, a etock which Hotel-keepers,
i;.;irili!i Houses, ahl private f.iiniilej wouM Jo
wi ll toive .ittentioli.
h s thanks to pvc for pu.-t patroiutire, ami
r'H! hopes of pitiil preaferfor the future.
A. B. HA(iLEV.
Lansing, J. hi. 1, 1
llaiin t f moved to his 2few and Com-
ci..' m S'-rr, on the corner of Wanhimj
I'.h and Michigan Avenues, direct hf
opposite the Il'iiikinj OJic of
J. C. Haileii d: Co.?
Uul'LI) .ttmoiince to the citizens of Lansing
to i I v'k inity, that he is prepared to supply
them witii th.' mo-t complete ftrnk of
HOOK, ?IAli, STATI01ii:ilV,
Wall Paper, F:ui y liiM)ds and Perfumeries ever
brought into this market.
entific, Mi villaneous, and all the various
kin-is i.f Sc'.on and ISlnnk l'tuiks in com
mon use Letter, cap,commcroial note,
and f.ttioy Stationery, envelopes,
enrds, c.ird-cases, gold atn'
pe!is,re wards of nier
rit, pen hol-.h-rs, jen
cils,jiort monies,
Mirrors, h.-rr H;id !th bnishe-, slates, Jlavoring
extracts, cologne, hair oils, pomades, hair dye,
fancy toil, t roups, black, blue jtpan and
carnii;c inks, mucilage Ae., alliums,
fins, lithographs, steel engravings,
irilt ti.oulditijr, cord and tass-l
fir jiiiture frames, eur
l.'.'if and fixtures,
oil canvas and
Materials hr paintings. Also, cheap publications
of all kind ; llatper, Uodey, (iraham, Peterson's,
Mrs. Stephens, Arthur, Knickcriiocker, Emer
son's & Putnam's, Eclectic, Frank Leslies, ISallou's,
Dollar Atlantic and California Magazines, Yan
kee Notions, Nic Sax, Uro. Jonathan, S. Y.
Ledger, Mercury, . V. Weekly, Harper's Week
ly, Frank. Le-!ie's, Lallou's Pictorials, Picayune,
Police IJa.clte, Scientific American, Clipper.Por
tei's Spirit, Flag, Novelette, lierinaii Leslie.Spir
iiua! Telegraph and Waverly.
Ih...ol;;l lor pa.-t favors, we hope to receive
a share of public patronage. 1 y 1 7 4
iiri'TiiTKALL tkade;
''piIE rXDEIISlCNT.D arc daily receiving ad
1 diiions to their stock, and are prepared to
sell at
Wholesale and Retail,
As large and comprehensive assortment of gooug
in their line as can be found in the West.
Their stock of Hooks embraces:
Scientific, Medical,
Classical, Legri,
School, Agricultural,
Theological, Historical,
Juvenile, Miscellaneous,
Works of Science and Art, and Standard Poet
and Prose Writers, in every variety of style and
Citizens and strangers are respectfully invited
to call and examine our stock.
We have also a large stock of Letter, Cap and
Note Paper, Envelopes, Ink, Slates, Blank Books,
Fancy and Staple Stationery, in qualities, styles,
4iul prices, which cannot fail to please.
Our arrangements for obtaiuing stock from
first hands, and on the most favorable terms, eu
ables us to offer Country Dealers, Teachers, Li
brary Committees, and others buying ia quanti
ties, liberal discounts from retail prices.
In connection with our establishment, we have
I Bindery Sr Blank Book Manufactory.
Using the best of materials and employing com
petent workmen, w e are prepared to till orders in
this line, and can safely guaranty satisfaction in
all cases. RAYMOND & SELLECK.
13u !' Woodward Av., Detroit.
t H-nmAdit Imti-'uti-m t&jlJisht-J lj tpcijl rrvloarme
nnt I iri. int ami Ei'ilitc Oitrasei.
'T'flE H'iAr.H AvSH l.TiuS,ia Tiewcf tbeawfal Je
atrucli'ia of Uuiuaa l:le, cauej by arxual diM-a,
an l th ilfeeptien jiractict-il u.un the unf-Ttunate ric-
tim. ! ui-h Ui- pt yuacks. several yar lit dire
tr.l tU-ir Consulting Surnn, a a OURITAULE ACT
rthy of their ntui1, tuopeaa li.rn.arT I'lrtbtri-at-
mt-nt f tiii c. if li8,, in all their form , ami to
cue Mr l'k AL AIVICE(.R.Tl to all who apply by let
ter, with a iltiacription -f their cm litx.i. (ae, occupa
tion, tab.t i.f liv. e.,) anl in cae of f xir-rne pnrer-ty.t-
ueeil'.e- to a-i l t!.t the A-iciati-n C".umaL.U the Lub-
e-t MeJioal nkiU of the .lie, an-t ii! fnrub tiie ni-l ap-
proTeu lum'.era treatment.
The .'.irector ol the A..;mti..n. ia Their Annual Report
up n the tretm nt of riii 1:... pn the h.h-e-.t
aatif.ietion w:t'i the uoce hich na atten.le.i
the lahi'r ut their Sur;i n in the cure of r-'r-rmator-
rh.-e. S-miL.Al Vjikue., i.i.r.nrri.i-i, Olret, the ice
f Oiiim-tn it .S'il-ub'i ii'l or '.er a ront.nuauce cl
the me piau for theeau nsr v-ar.
itiel'uector-i.en a renew ol the put, aurej that
the;r labor in th; -p:i-re ..f bv iH-rolf nt e:ti rt hate t-ea
of creat U uiit t.j the aiii.eu-i, e-pcialir to the T"un?.
anil tbej hive resolve ! t i il-v.e.tf ;i.ei.i'.ve-, w.th re
ne.i ie l. M lUi-ery uuportant anl much Vi.p:e.!
An a imirt'l Ri-.-rt on iermttorrh' --a, or luminal
Weakr,."-, Tt.- v. i.fihwsin, M i.-turba,tio. or S-lf-abue,
ati-1 other J.M'i.i f ti e m-icI oran-, br the
Cin-iultin; ur.-e- n. w:!l h -nt bv mail liu a seale.l en-
relopei, rKKh K IlAiii.K, on receipt of TWOSTAMi'S
tor pt.-e other lu-!rt ami Tract on the niturean i
treatment of exual di-ea-es, .net, :c , arecti.-tantly be
as puhli-lie.l for irrat jitoj it.tritiutii-n. an-1 w.ll be ent
to theaitl.cte.l Min-iil the u w remche aad raethf-J
i treatmeu Jic-Tere.! d jr.n tha it year, are of ireat
A.idre. for Report r treatment. Ir. J. ?KII.LI
Hol'iiHroX. Al'Iidii Mjrv"n. 11. ward Association. X'. 2
Siuth Ninth Street, I'hiia.ielphi. fa. I! -rier the lh-
rector EZIU H H RTWELL. Irei.)ent.
lie.v FaTRiUlt p. Secretary. feblirl
GILLF.TT still has on hand a fine assortment
of fine Gold and Silver cased Watches, fine
Jewelry, Cameo, Mosaic, Florentine and Gold
Stone Brooches, t. locks of almost every descrip
tion, which cannot tail to suit customers.
Yankee Notions.
of all kinds, which will be sold cheap for ready
Watches Clocks & Jewelry,
repaired, and warranted, on a scientific principle.
GILLETT has now in his employ, Mr. E. W.
BAKER, late from Jackson.
All work entrusted our care will be promptly
executed. Kespectfuuv,
Lansing, May 1st, 195$. 158
licrill alt.
BY virtue of one execution inc'l out of anJ
uml- r the Peal of the circuit court for the
' count v of Iticha'.!!, t trie liirt-cteJ :t:i i J -!:vi re.
I have leviei Lpon all the rij.ht, till- a:; i:.U ri ?t
of Truir.aii Hacon, i:i an J to the t .llo;i: ; Jj
scribeil latnls and ter.cii;i.:.ts to ult: tl.-south
ixty acres of the torth e.ne liur.Jrel n:A t ;
tv acres of the nortii wtt ijuurtor : section
two i:i toarn four r.urth of rat.C" two wt-t, ali.,
thirtv-five atid a half acres o'T the t-ortli -t
piarter of Fection two, iu to a four north i f
range two west, aio, the ?outn i-ast !ta:: r d
the south west quatter of section thiity, i:i to:i
four tiortli of range cue west, iu the ci.ut.ty o!
Ingham an l State of Michigan, which I hal! ex
pose tor sale at p'it,;;c Vfiiaue, t- tl.e ..!.t
bidder, at tne court houe, in the xill.ijv id M i
son, on the l.".th ihiv of IKtoS r, A. 1 , l'.'.'.
at one o'clock in the a:"teri;t.:i. iKitv.l. L.-.n-in.
ept. tth, 1- V.i. EIY r.AKEIi, Sh-rliV.
Uy II. H. I'l'Nii, Ih-pt'v.
BY virtue of one eiecution i.-siu d out of the
Circuit Court for the county of J.tck.-on, to
me directed and delivered, I have levied ujiou
all the right, title, and k.terest of William Jus
tus, ia and to the following described lands and
tenements to wit: commencing on the batik of
the Grand Kivcr at the cast end ot the river
bridge, on the south line of tcction seventeen
town one north of range two west, i:i the county
of Ingham and State of Michigan, running thence
ea.-t two chains seventy-live links, thence north
twenty-three degrees, cast, seven chains, thei.ee
north fourteen degrees, east five chains, thence
west four chains to the river above named, thence
upon the bank ot sai l nver to the place ot be
ginning, cont tiiiin? five aL-n s of land, more or
less. Also the follow ir described lands un the
the west aide of lirand Itivcr, tin the same sec
tion, to wit: on the south cast quarter of seven
teen, afartsaiJ, commencing at tl.e centre of wa
ter street, twenty-five feet south of the south
west corner of the grist-mill situated on said
quarter section, thence easterly paralel to the
west side of sai 1 grist-mi!!, eighty-eight feet,
thence noitheily paralel to said Mreet, ninety
feet, thence westerly paralel to the line tii-t de
scribed to the center of water street, eighty
eight feet, thence along the center of said street
to me place ol tiegiunitig; aisn, commencing in
the centre ot said ater street directly opposite to
the center of s-ii-1 water street directly opposite to
the center of said mil!, thence north along the
Center of said water street two chains and eight
links, thence weetcily at right anuh-s with -..ii-1
street three chains, thel.ee southerly lour chains
siiteen links, thence t a-leily thiee chains to the
center of w.VtT street, thence a'oiig the center
of said street two chains and eiirht links to (la
place of beginning, coiitait.it g one ai re of 1m l,
bo the same more or less, all of which I .-hall ex - ;
po-e for sale at public vendue to the highi -t bid-;
d-r at the court house in the village ot Mason, t
on the thirtieth day of November, A. 1., 1 at :
one o'oclock P. M. Hated, Mason, S. ;-l. Mh, j
10'.'. i:iy i:ur.i:, sheiii. j
r.wj:;:; '
C1HANCKUY SALL. My inu. ,.l a-l cietalj
I ordt-r of the Circuit Couit lor the cour.iy of;
Ingham, iu Chancery, in a c;i!:-i; wherein Uriah '
Coulson is cotuplainaiit, and Ahm-r K. llichardson i
and Khjah Kicliardson are de!', n.iaus( ,-u .1 ma i.- ;
on the ii I day i t Aj n!, A. I. b.V.i, by vitt i-'
of which said decretal older, F, tin- s'.bsciiber,
the Circuit i'ourt t'ommi-sioner of t'ne sai-1 coiin- j
ty of Ingham, wiil Sell at publ c aueiioi-, t, i the '
highest bidder, at ihe Court House, in tl.e village
of Mason, ia said county of Ir -liaiii, on tl:e(M
eighth day of November, A. 1. 1.".'.', at o.,e o'- j
clock in the afternoon 1 that day, the! tads and j
premises described !!t sai l oid.-r o! :
lows, to wr: I il'ty (.'.) acres )!' th,. i,,.tt!,., a-t
corner of S'-eiii.u eighteen ( 1 I, in tow n numb. :- j
four (I lioitii i.l I :iiX ( ! Me-t. itl ll:e toAti j
of Meridian and county of Ingham, and Sfate it I
Miehigan.it beiiej a jior'ion of the i-ie- land
that was purchased of liovd by Kl j ill Kieh.i' .!- !
son and Abm-r K. Uichaiilon, ih e l lmi!i !:od j
to said Ilichatdsons is recorded on the reco; d ; in
the said ciutitv of Ingham u id Slat.: of Miehi- '
?.m. " ii:iFFIN PAHDKCK,
I'll f 1 1 1 1 Mi KfKXAX, Cuct.it Coi: t iilii'i.
Solicitor tor comi l tin it.t. j
Hated September '.', 1 s .".. 7w.'::l j
l'rol:ife li '.
iJTATK OF MICHIGAN", Couniy of Ingham, s. i
l) At a ses-ion ot l!ie Probat" Conit lor tiie I "... I
of Ingham, holde.'i at the Pio'iaU- Mli.e i:i l!,e til-j
lageof Mason, on Saturday, ihe'ilih day of Sept., j
in the year one thou-atid eight hutidred at;d
fifty-nine. Present, Wm. II. I'itiekney, .ludg.-'
of Probate. Hi the ina't.-r -f ilie . -t .te ol Wi.i. i
Phipps, deceased. O.i reading and tiling the,
petition, dulv verified, el H.ini. l P. II. ill, Att'v j
of Peter Phipp-, a huiiastr it i;
praving amongst oliier tliiag
sell the real e-ta e of said d-d
Thereupon it is ordered, that
day of November net, at 11 n'
noon, be assigned for tin.' heaiia
f s.i-1 -lee-tor
a iieei;
'di.nday, th
lock in the
! iai.' ol said pet
aid deeeasei!, a
Said esta:e, ar
-ion .l said
and that the heirs jlI law ot
Other persons intere-'.cd i
quired to appear at
nit, I
then to be holdeti at the Probate 0;!ice, in ihe
Village 01 llasoii, ami snow cause, it any t.'ieie)
be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not j
be granted: And it i forth-r ordered, that i
naid petitioner give notice io the p.-: -oi,.s inte-es j
ted in said estate, of t!n- n h-ni y o! s lid peti-1
tion, and the hearing therei I, by causing a co, y
of this order to be published in the Lan-itig .'-
puhtienn, a newspaper ptinted and c-iicula'.ing it
sahl county ot Ingham. succes-ive wccks pn-vi
0U3 to caid day ot hearing. A true copy. I
UwG Judge of Probite.
T Contractors.
"VfOTlCE is hereby given that the letting of the
Contracts for tl-.
ar:ng, grubbing, c iuswav-
and constructing
t biulges o i ii -;nt ul too
as hereafter described bvtiiii:.- o the Act
entitled "An Act to provide lor the tiiu'.nage
and reclamation f Sw.i-.; L-n i- t.y m--ans of
State Koads and ditches," ati; tove February
12, lSo'., will be at the public hou-- .,1" J. S.
BARCLAY, in Hay City, on the ;,th ,1 lV ,,t ih -tober
next, commencing at lo o'clm-k in the
L C A T I O N :
Beginning at the point, where the ci-t au-1 e-t
quarter section i.n t-.rougn vr::o:, -..n, t.ovn -
ship 14 nottli of range a cast ...tersecl.s t..e west
oaiiK oi saiiiiiiw jivcr, wiener in a i ; i . i n-r-
m;,.tr.., tt . t 1- . f ,.' iv,-.,,,, , ,
der corner iu line between section 3 i'l pl:ir''l'',,I"u'''''(r'"'
on west bank of said Kiver in township number I w.,'rV?:" .,, , . . . , ,
23 north of range number 9 east. Distance 77 ! .. 1r- K-nuott till also v.s.t Onondaga the 1 th
7-S miles on the line surveyed bv the Coueuis. j M"" 12th, and Mason the Utl, of
c; l t . . i . . i . . .i ' . i .".f .ii.-, ...a;. every month. 12J
sieners. aM lnj.i.1 to oe t iratcl ol ail sta:nli
Timber, brush and f.ilh-n Timbi-r, fur rods in
width and ten f-et each si ! of the center of
suei ri'ii'i, m i'e "in s.1 U.M1---1, i.ie iv.ii.ii.ra'!
i i . . i .. .. it i i. l .1,
i --avat.otiS
ii it- .i n i -.i .i
made b grubbing to be fihcd cvvn with the stir-
face so as to form a level ro td bed. All swam-
py and wet ground to be causewayed with sound
timber cut not less than 10 feet long w. 11 sr.-t..,l
down and laid on substantial stringers, w! re
the character of the ground makes jt .e,-5saty,
with ditch or ditches su!hcient to draui the
roadbed. Culverts wiil be reqiiitd of a sub -
Stantial nature i.ot Ie th in lo f.- t in length
where the same are necessary. All stream t
be bridged with substantial Timber Bridges not
less than :M feet in width. Further information
obtained of the undersigned.
Coin m i io ntr.
East Saginaw, Sept. 1 ah, 1 ?.'e.. 4 2a'
5lew Firm
THE subscribers having recently associated
themselves together under the name ot the
Lansing Planir.g Mill Company, for the purpose
of manufacturing Sash, Blind and Doors also.
Plaining and Matching all kinds of lumber, and
filling all bills of w-ork for the entire finishing of
houses, would respectfully invite the aUeLtlon
of all having business iu our line, to give us a
call, as we are now prepared to receive a'l or
ders, an'l do the work 111 t:ie best pos-:We man
ner. Shop opposite the Presbyterian church, on
the river. Middle Town.
Lansing, June 4, 'S7.
ted by Jehn Thomas k Co., will hereafter
be carried on by the subscribers, at the old
stand, under the name of Feck & Merrifield.
Dated Lazs'iEg, August 17, 22'm3
Great Chance for Bargains
Tin: K NT I UK STUCK ni- KOdiS
Of the Late IT. P. Boswell,
V1I L I;K SCI.H Foil
D & JE3L
At Iar::u!:s that will suit i:eky pcr
t?un who will jrive the tore a Call.
Thp Stork Lis to be dost 1 Out !
Ami all want in; (imm1 in this line
f trade. can save a larrre jiereentaire
ly jiurclsasin I'rom this Stuck, which
is ih-w, ami just ujieiu il this i?riiir.
D-die, as heretotuie, hy t'XjK rieiiceil
Lani.g. Juno l."I:h, l'U.
i 4. Ellison, iticoKi: rooi:.
balanre f that large Slock of (Imiods re
iveil iu May, is now offered to the public at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
ui ill 4 '., ami .flaiiy f llu'iii
I Ilia ii C' !
lollitigs !irop.i. s to in ike prices that will sell
the Ih.ols, without lefereiiee to cot, as his ob
ject Ut for the next, forty-five days, to convert
ail the tloo-l pos-il.J,. if -t the Hoot of .as
le w willing to run the awlul i i-k ol ge'ting too
large a stock of the Kril liout, having experi
enced intieli evil for the want thereof.
Old and young, rich and poor, tm is the ti
to etitich yourselves
As Kiiiing. will til ou out with a bigger bundle
of I.' igs and Koval Phmdi-r for a dollar, thati
f.i;p our.f i-ity ever yet witnessed!
ISilItiiui ii ":( in;; up Saui ! ! !
T. !. 3Jiri,SaS.
Lansing, July
"int. .i7
i(!'.lic i,ii)ici;in and Surgeon,
Would most resnectfullv announce that he will
visit Lansing on the fourteenth dav of everv
nn nth, for the purjiose of meeting patients at
theted with Chronic or Lingering Diseases.
Ritoms at the fansin House.
lb. Kcrmotl ha iu his possession certiticates
from, and is tierinitted to relen to hundr-ds ot
t gentlemen of high standing and respectability
i;i Iletroit, I.on.lon, Toronto, and other cities and
I town, who, having liecti reduced to the border
of the grave from Liver Complaints, Iivspcpsia,
I and other disea-es, and having tried in vain their
! plii sieian s irescrijitions, and most ol the qu.u k
I no-!i urns lor the cure ot those diseases, are now
! from the use ol hi- Vegetable Medicines, in the
' enjoyment of perfect health.
! Or. Kermott has, in the cities of London and
I Detroit, during the last seven years, administered
the different remedial agents of the egetabh
' Kingdom to thousands of patients, in almost cv
! ei v variety of disease, with utiparalleled ucees,
i Ii js iii.-.Jicit.e- are exclusively Vegetable, and suei
as are safe and ellicacious iu the cute of disease,
: without entai.ing on the patient any of thus
i mi-eiies experienced from mineral (loisonrt.
! Chronic r Lingering Iiic.acs of the Lung
i Liver, Kidneys, and Scrofula Cancers, all itnnuri
! ties ol tiie biiMi.J, and all dise:ises of Womet and
! Children, treated suces-fullv.
I I'r. Kermott has had great experience in dis
i ea-i-s of the Chest and Nerou vstem, curm
i hundred- of cases pronounced incurable by other
J physicians.
; Ni) rHA;(iK y0i t JOXSVT LT ATlON
j Ker.nott's resi.let.ee. Ih-troit. En
- . . .. , .
trance to Uispenarv, No. 11 ongress stiect
ry month
i it o r o i i it i
" TVUF. under
ied are prepared to fumih at
; I
-a- suoi i nonce,
. - . - ' ,
t .1 I O II .1 I V L II I II V
I Mill (inirtnis, II are lL,vr
; Hoiitimz A pixi raf us.
, . -
; Ar.-i all va:jetie- of lion WorL. Repair-Work
! 0:i I'roi.elleis, Steamers and Saw Mills executed
! promptly and thoroughly
i " L.
mtAs ror.Mmv.
lfE.Te prepared to execnte orders of any
if sie for Bri-s and omposition Castings,
Oil Gli-'ies,0if Cups, Yalta, Journal
Bozes,Gau" Cocks.Cylwder
Steam Whistlesor StrahiUdits,
IsK omotivcs 4 Mills; Bells
f or Fartories, Steamers,
and Locomotives.
Iron Itailin? V Verandah
fE are prepared to execute all orders for
IT IRON KAILI.MjS, for private building!
Churches, Public Sjuares. arid Cemetery Lots.
J" Corner of Fifth and Woodbridge streeti.
opposite Machine shop ot Michigan CehtralliaoJ
real, Detroit, Michigan.
X isting letween the subscribers, under th
r.atr.e of John Tho.nis i Co., is this day diss.il
ved by mutual consent.
The unsettled accounts of the late firm will be
adjusted by A. F. Weller, with whom the booki
of account, notes and claims of the same, have
been ielt. for settlement and collection, and
whom all debts d ie them must be pai l Dated
Lansing, Augun 17, 1-59.
I ivoini In
Fire Insurance1 Iiilui-fly.
Chtrter I'rrjetuil.
CASH CA1MTAL - s4l)U,000.
S. 1. I.'aiMIS, Prr;.Ii.t
II. Kr'l l.'Hiti, s'wiHaa.
VI W. j.l st , i'locainatti
M. MOUJ..irorral ilnrnt
r.-auch (i:Bc. ;i t
Agent in the pnne pal Citie and Town in th I'nioii
App!icalioii" reeeive 1, an 1'oliei- i-ue.1 ai.d iciiraed by
t.MI. A. AKMMr.llXO. AfUt.
l.ansn,:. Ijl-
v i avokiti: itoi ti:
East and North West.
Urtroft and Milwaukee Railway,
(Open to Lake Michigan.)
S-ritt LoicFrewire Fir$t-Cliis Steamer,
t'lly of flearlaml, ami t'lr vr ImiiiI,"
(rh.ir..i:.'h;v ietitte.1 f .r this route,)
1 S5'., Pas,s.nger Trains will run as follows:
i Mai lM.xC. V"fl't.
" I j a.
Sunii llr. 'v, -rt, . . -Hj 4 .! 10 -JlI
Hetr-it, .l. .rt T " 1 ;
"hki-H.,Hr,i I'l.'iol 7 4" 11 an
r. a I am.
St J. !n.. arrive Ull" V :.U Igllli
I l.
I. ran ! Hn.i is, an tf , 3.1o - i "!.'.
oral. I ll.vu, . 4 00 4.:n: 4 U
a M NiH.n i Niii.
MiUallk.. alio. -'.Ol lgltlj lJUO
4aiiie lt! :
I Wiil
I r I ir-
ukiM". iV art,...
rari'l llatrn.
laiet U.i.U,
4 -Jo
ti 4ii
7 f.:.
1 1 l'l
P. H
lu i
11 -I'
trial, ....
r.ri.liri", a-rivr...
a. m. I
4 (Nil
4 So
aiu-fr-limeii? llavl m IVH.tat Uraml Harm.
Iltwili leo Mi:aukf on SAri'KOaVS at I M.
f.-r satuol Nik-lit s r r--ia-wnifrr .t, hut .1 A.
trin ai;i ! mo: Si M'Ats.
Iran;- !. termini -Wilf, Sao l f icet-.l.
Tl I K Tl l.i iiltAl'll t.Wr. ISO- i.n f-r l'l Bile Hi i-
AT M-ni'.Mll leeat Wr-.teru lUilaay f'-r all .nilit
r-l Mie)i:-ail I eutrnl srel M rtiiau Stmtlii-rii lutilroa-l
au( llrri-lan't I .hi "f So-amrr
AT liKAMi II AV KN WitU Hunni" stn,.r ti.r tin
, .lit. .V:
AT MIl.W'Al'KKK- With tl.e Mi-isiii. Iacr.N, ( hi
caff", atertnu u, an.l iMticen liaurna.ia, iir an im iiri
an: piiint-W-t an.l Ninth!, auJ no tti Mit.iMffi
K:-r, an l wi'li .teauit-r fur Port en l-ak Mlrlnan.
Pi-s'iiv-. r 'r;t Wtrn Riiaf K' "a r''
v li-rry MrHii.. r.at II. .V M. K. Uck, l.-avui lax-k at
iai A. V . 1- oo Nis-n, an-1 7 P. M.
Tl.e 'iiiupan a Tim Ta'ile ran ! haa at any
! s'tatM-ll-.
W. K. MriK,;u,lr,up t.
i. l. It. I'tlu, Jun. 1 ."..
HiK lM-l.' l:il'iil 'Irlalllr Tip,
l-KSIi.NKIl I.SPKUAI.1 111!:
ICv Vii1Iih aiil 'liillr'ii
VS VUi: 'i!rNr !i- Urn .l.. to H-ta and
Sin--, t. h r.li a -ainii.1 -ii- lh Ci
iiirr.et ! llnr'l-, ii real -l, t-f ac:u.l .-naint
i hk in
i - j of ;. -rr ir ,,-l.er 'U'lr-"ii;titi ma
ul.i.'Kt i lelf.iil ' ti.fth i ' er le.
i. ii a i -i i i.l-t- i-iil ti.m. TL a intrnti' n i win
i i,'.. , t.i f.i.l.'i, -i t!i f - kinwl 1. -f Oi-
prm ii : ut !it , !, i l-n i-tt nvrr ti )r, amJ
l-t ti'l i.ii! t" iijrr-l tlie io a')!, l"r
( il!:. !:l V fi.VS' A. Y UriHs' JiKTS k SlluKS.
T'. nii.' r'ai." "f tbi iDTi,tiia h riily ir
!!. a-i' 'l k'i"n that rliti n iulil iy war
it th-ir ti s.'s Hie!
rlK'f AT THK TiK,
anl, i'h l hi- i.io''iiih, tli- nl UL-nti an aviatf
-nr t l-- : . t" t h t!iu "-nic a 1li "1.1 t I,
M r,ii- i
h r a tkih.k MuiiK.
T a- ii. wi :--n a .'. -.riiltr p( I cl.l-I" M ora'
an '. n'l n a'Wii -ctini th f i ! Uot
i h-'- vtij; .ir ero.
M- rli .ii--, ' ii thi uM e iriiialit , wi'l th im
ir a - f "'t mi li It- k'"'I injiii1iatl , th
r .'i-p-ii imI, t. r i ii". a', u-. '. ' ui W all ellr kib'ta
1 f-i !- !. m i.h'airi.l url. all tl. holraal
a -r ;n id- .inicijl nti. i f tli 'i scnr,
I'liw-lel th ia'lit ) e.ru-4
.S T 10 A MSI1II' C () M 1 ' A N Y.
')l.i. IT IK III,', it i.il IJVUT'lsAN' I'KAM :-S', ia.
r.i:j.i i. lUil'iut 1. an-1 c'iiii-ct ii milt ii'li t-arn
i - iiKl'fn iii'e, ! I in A-, l-iliri I. st-'t'n anl Si
hi. f tie- I'.icitic Mail st-.4in., i I o!n.iiy at I i.ara,
r-i-t t. A-p in .11 liu- nlil rt. tni-hijis
n i.-. h -n entirely r.-ritt. ! anl '.ai'rl to th al.fir
alrai'..! Iiifii'r i.n a al.t, Irarmz tin tort
n tlo- .'itn an ' -Jirli ! erh riioiith, fr irn the foot of (anil
s-- t, N iitu r.ner
4at Pa-eii r- an 1 iu 1- i ! Ik- f .!n:l by i aii4iba
iliiir a 1, an I r'.iiwvt : an in a.ilitl.e I'a! tic Ma
iT0-ii 0 C nvaiiv'-i ui.'U.tlo-nt nteamship, hich i.l
n r-!i'l ii-, ami l-.v imrne-lia'. V 1 r .-an rratjric
Iliey :; U t-rr.turi,-1 (fs- i,f -n f i.in lUi.navl, bj
tie- I r iii:.:i!i s -.t'-mti"lt 1 AI A.
An i i-ns'l .Surirem i alta'-h-! to ach ahi.
-ratf i'-ijf r, tn.n I in e k'l -r j i-ioi., tp-iii.ii
I al'n ianiv It f U li.l tliat tl. are nniolat i tn
ir-!-l b tin al.nr b f are uri-urj- 1 T.y any in
worM. ill iuli e a- iritorma Tl.at th P M . r.
, a .r hate iK nit M'lKK r.MKA .-TEA Whit,
if us at I'antn.a, r a4 f r s a, t-i a..i-t any frin-ih rl-
iit.i-n l'a--eii-rt or Mi ls, and uiark U.ir (.a-ie-ii-rs
t J 'Viib u'..
r'.ir a n''.' ft !' ! IIi-5 i f t L- "niauj, on
1.4 rt f r .t ol I '., II V tiet . N'otl P. XI', f
;;m-:Mi wii.uam ii wkt;;iam
riIIIS bt-autifiil N'tirserv is situate'l in ihe itv
X '.f lanis;.
Junt S'.nih of the ('t-lur Riv.r,
And is UNEQUALLED by at,y stock of tre.-
Ea-t or West. Jt has been raised here, with
esjKcia- reference to tl.e watits of the fruit
growers a:id lariiic-M of Michigan, an l conist
of hardy varieties, adapted to this climate, graft
ed from bearing trees, and is now in thrifty aiid
tiue condition fijr transplanting.
All those deirou. of planting orchards, will
find it to their advantage to purchase trees at
this Nursery, instead of fiom Eastern pecula
tors ith whom they are unacquainted, as the
To be the varieties named br them, will sell lo
and take all kinds of farm produce at cash pri
ces in exchange for trees, and give a liberal
cren;t to responsible purchasers, if des.red.
The following 15 a brief list of prices:
Apple tree, 10 to 20 cents each.
Cherry " 25 to 35 "
Plum" " 3'Jto4 "
Pear " 50 cents each.
?trawberrie, f 1 per 100.
Currant?, f 1 00 per doz.
Scions. 1 25 per 1000.
We have also a quantity of eTergreens and
Latshg, August 23, Uii. 226w8
T!iouatiJ w!ie l.av m.i use of th: trrtt rtmtiw
bliye it i far auin-rier le ar jr trrparail. n new known
for ii cur of Comum-pf i'ti.i.'ouich an.l I'ul.K AsOima,
rlrMUCtii'i. !pitlii t ! i;le.l IVeii an.l Sorrn of th
Hrrast, lloar-ur-s. ILs piin: t..u-x roup. Ptittnau-.etr.
Km ( ttir eun. -! ol. .1 t- t!.i ni-.l c J.r air ot a ro.n"
aurpri-u.a: mi.l ..:i l. if.il i-' irn-ti-r; rt tl.nt h,
bn Kitrii up I'V rtii.i t :.t p-.i-iii a it i-uriM- i,r
matiy yrr. Oftce ; t t ,.t rv-pe, tl.lri.l.yir.o.
Iii a pri'iieU:i I it . ur ii.1 !., -rvetl ly' -u i.a.
TaririMai of lari-tit -v..n' st m l'ii- Nonr. tirre
forr. h.., rr lei a O t l or Ki ii a"ln :e.l. .) ul,j
pair until t! y t ve K- i' strt rt-n.r.:jr a tr-l
r hrl r. In ,-.'Ui.u -ti ,-.i::i an.l ,S it i a'r: ,t. i(
oot i)U tr. li.fi iil.h ; ai ! ii u.n t.tti .-..- out .; lari.'i
el, lr.1 pr-niiieueus'jr fn ;n an..: a e t.o arr rmi
idrml l H':-rou ami im-ur.l-!.-. i! ar.il "TreI arur. It
inaf I taken ati i-t-rt.- t ti Lv per.n. of tl ato-l
drlioat rou-titutioii. Il is pan- j v. r. '.ilnr. and i k
plraMiit. l al'.li. an.l nit ia..ral.r.a t.'i'.c
f, ,n il V- r. 'i
Pt Na : Vy iv
r.-uu1'. aiel U-t fill
Mil- li I ii I Jir-i-an.l
-I I hit
in r- f r ln-r. s" - t
mi I i .'i-uli'l'- .'ii S
is ai.lt- l. 1.- r a
t; .7 . .1.: .ii iv
. rri riT'.clr I tir rl rj; a
ii. l.-.l. n-t i ir-.-to.l t.. I i--t
I n-ra. rt ar.,1 Tr,
i.-.a-i l . ii.i no-:, r
ueii-ii. . t.iiinj .,nr '..'i li
'" I A '-r u ' t livr l..'t
,.n i: i i
other fin-
It.ithvts Ian- It
tl tl 1 1.
l-l Ir I
U-t in- .1 .-. i.- '
it. My
t..., ,-,.l. .1.. ii..
!- rnrr.i I
in tt.i- ni-- iv.
ol fie !V'IP I
riii. I Im ri"
run- I a- .iil I ri
ll,, t.-l t . I ii
It M l!r.!.i
Life of a KrmWr nf th l-.d mil lei'wli'
f -I . r '..
V.-iir- '
I 'If A
.it.r fr
I r !
I.-I 9 II.I
rr il il. !
i.l N..I.I ,
Jletu trk 1 1 e ''as
I l.i .-.ril..- f. if
iii.-i.U'i ..' i
'I. rl 1 -IV-
V. uii: au.f P..iti
Sttnliu ' a e I I
P4iii ei mi -i l i I
1 r.,,1.1 -v.-l ;
lent i-:.e e
Inf.iUt C'lH
It t.- a - r.
i .SIKH i-..litn i
ntM'i tmir-. r'.
rifty -f 1 1 - l. i
U.i. lit I .
rnrri l.iti ii . -'.!
e ! -a
i n.!
tl M t.lt'.i Ml it. I 'tin O
i , ' ,!li- i f. r .-. k, .1.1
'PRY thi n-roaikah! au-1 ni"t intrrr-tiiiK rui1r. It
X i reriii i-e.l ,. tl. c-iii i ii'iati 1 Jmri of ti; nn;
irful an-1 th iihmi! Mth:iitr l'lriiai.il IIih.u in natur,
clieinn ally rnitiiii and inu.a in ll reale.1 plaa
bi'ttle. and rharir) hy a rfu! lattery. Thu o
"irif in ad tition to it Mi-iMr in-iral i.Mun, mn'ii(
.Virntic aiid luster -n jrrt , rof.tin!ljr r.ftiat.iiK
an l mniiit'jr u.. t.i.n ari l -i--i I. i.l.' It rUi a m
atnl -lillaniniati. 11 at oni-, ( a In n I - !y at hfil.) ri-lai
ini th traili"sl nur;n aiel i.et -, aria n if riat life an l
vitality hy it l.t eiring ii ili-: t.. i.ra!.rl t art and
rhr.-me or lou stn-liri roriit ia-nt. and arakni al
lay inr nr".ii n, ( N-i:r a ) irrili. to n, aiel rnio mj
di-trurt n ik a marm. lu-h e.1, a'l lei hat UM-d It,
-ak of it a trill a en ' iful tii'ilii -in, aud ol.rm it
hy far ii-ri'.r to any an1 atl o-Ur t mal ruidir io
It aril U'l in M-iM.ii. it is an iii.failuii; rniiy for th
I rm.p, S.r Tlir sit, li.ttiiiiiiati" 11 ol ih 1 uuy, ltor'.a.
IjTr, h1n), and tlir gnu, i.hrurnat.Mn, inal
Irritation, A(u in 'h llrat and at all time rur
rn-rmu Ih-ailacl.i-, Ni-uialj a, .r r.ar arh,tnotu
ach. aim in th Kar-, I'mipVa and I ni.li..o of all
kili't, 'i.7j, HriiiM-d au'l Sj rane il I irulo, linrri, lrorn
f art, t.ilb'.ail., iL-l'i i-nt and I-i t tanl here,
1,- , It :il also r. -t l, Hair to th
llal l Head, a:. l ev-i.t ti. lU r Ir ru tall 1h Vug-
uti tlintrnent ha U-:i -'ni.vly i n-. i.,i-n anal aoJ
lirauicht ll-ifm fr .li, W..1.11 1. s ra n and lanin,
and ia a ur nrf, la a- :--d le-t.f-ir th r-rralrh)
d liiir,kb lhxi Ail 1 o !. p. All th irot r tra ak
fur th Miirm-'i-1 i.n'e-n 1- a fur f iai. rnfidrl that all
thy rla m fur it, 1 I ! t un 1 tm to t, ltr In th
oiKhhorhood m -- it i ir.n..1rtiird,nuny iM.i.kr buy
it hy ti quaiiti'j-.an I it ik(t aud ud ty aln-try
intialntaiit a a I anara f r th niimroi.a r.aiti and aclar
vry family m ni'-r r-r I a!H.-td with. W aay aK-a:n
Try Dr. Trask's Magnetic Ointment !
Noli friuii.- uit- re 1 " S Unll," .!h I r
1'aini ln' ri-n'a l.ii ir f i.l '. rt-rlH-ii around ra-h liottlr,
ao.i rircnlar Ult ar.tli ar- I ik- 2 -l.iii n, lr unall
aud 3 lnll:i r lor larir llot'.li-.
K'T a1 liy N l,r fc l".r .t!.-r, an I Thayr r k fv, laa
:ni, an 1 al! tlir I Tin- t- in tf: untr y
a" All 1 i-Vr. 1 r.. a M s-h J to A M. MI'UiK a
f , Harlr ll-, M l...,n . V V Via
T C'ontrarfor.
VOTICE is hereby given that tin; '.niuiiiion
i ers of the Newaygo A; Northxitt Htaf Road
will be upon the ground on Tuesday, the lath
daw of October m-yf, to len ive bids for build
ing that portion of tbe road south of Newaygo,
commencing at, or in-ur the corner of Kent
County, thence along the line heretofore rurvey
ed by said Cotiiiiiis-.ioiiern to ihe Muskegan River.
Distance, about ten miles.
Said road, to be cutout nil r'U wide upon all
unimproved lands, and there the r-.-.m is settled
and improved, f iur rods ide. The entire
length of sai l road, t.i l: cleared of all fillen,
or standing timber Ac, loiir rod wide, and t0
of the game, to : well grubln-d of all 6tunip
and rKt. and tui titiiked, with ritodand auflicint
ditches to tarry off all suifaee water. (Vnu-r of
road to be raised not I j-a than two feet ator
the uifae of said di'.ebea. where tin nature tf
the ground is .-ucli as to n ouite it. Where Slui-
ees may be i.ecessary, to be built in a pKd and
.b-tantijl manner, of smind hewn limber.
Upon Swampr, M.ir-hv, or wet ground, aid
road must Le oiiiftri.eti . ri:h timber, not lea
than Eighteen fei-t wi'Je. Said timber to be
hean, or l!att-ned on one i lc to form the sur
face of the roa 1, ar d the -id-, aufflciititjy
straightened tolmm c!ose and compact work;
the whole, to b.; fp'itvd down 11 pon good and
substantial Stringeis. an as to form smooth, and
level surfaee.
The above woik will le h i in aectionsof re
mile or more, to m:t bidders. No Lid will b
coiiftidcred, for less than fine mile.
Payment lor the above woik wiil be made lo
money or Swamp Lard, at the option of Con
tractor", subject to ail the provision", and condi
tioru of an Act, entitled an act of the Leri-'Ia'
ture of the S'ate of Michigan for the draitoga
and reclamation of the State Swamp Lands by
a system of State Road, approved Ftbuary 12,
A. II. W A'i. "ON,
5w220 im,uiiitner.
Dl'llilll ii
I AM PREPARED to L-mish materials, ari
build Houses, or anything, pertainirig totb
Bliiding business on short notice, and on U"
most favorable terms,
Lumber, rough or dressed, and doors. Pine V
Whitewood, for .ale low. 0. C. D0IKJE.
Lansing, September 2), 1859. 16
k --iv y iiii ii
AN 3, Fans, at the
I i'

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