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VOL. 5, NO. 27 WHOLE NO. -235.
S i A TI-: oFUcFli.
MOSftS V.I-M-.K. veron..
J-.MI-Vl.i". rWlKKI'. I.:e.e.o. C o.v..Tri..r.
sVl.oN I-ia.l.!., swtwr -t
r MlA Tili0.ll-Oi. l"J'U'-
t.M. I V- A '! ".r t--.o
jy.Hi.-Ar !-;.-o
JollS U i-KIN'N'r i , I rm'.K
Ijfr.olaiiUi . IllN.'r.K. ! -
M .::r."HV. i;a-.. -n !!' ... 1'iVHirt. .11.
...CU-iNt -rrl:!!i.N,l-!
J-- -A ii V. r ,mi.i-i"f. r -t.i Ijtn.t -foUS
II TKK WHJ.. If.nt '
j,(.l!l ii OA A't .r.,.y l.en.r.1
RKilH:l K W ! Ilft-Nlt V'.j alitor. Vu-i.rO.-n
jcstwks of sFrnKMK ot:i:r.
.K..K MA-'.I'JV .! f J .-ti'
SllCI' 11 ii-TI W V, In.o.s.
J MK- V. Vi CH I ,
JUIKi'r: "F TlliTrlUCUIT CO!' UTS. ;
t I i t. H'WAMi I! . wn.jN. i
v mi 'H. Ito ou
V.t.sj r. II Wllilri.H I.
,0V. IN I.l'llIrV r
I'.VN I.WiiN K .iAV
m::i u .i:n.s.
l.ol I . IXVH I.
H.AV l J I 1 I'll r.loii.N.
wniintr Von.-.oUr:l
Cf-r v.V. ''. I'AMiK ( I
JoilV It KHJ.'..-,
.1:1. : UIIXAIIO, S- .W Hu)vn
win. k J rwr.'k.J
i.t u.t. vi 1. r.vxrm. i
M I H-IVI IN .lullN'"V,
t i ' 1.1 VI ei-II H'.
t:., l.li v. ISTVKK,
'.11, l.lklv IIW.VN,
1:11 llrNUV VVIIiriM..
7t . ' 1.1'kK II I'OIsoV-.
I ai-viaCy
Vr. " ollVrl! I. I.' IN'i, J
J IMRJ A. W U .H:. 1 T
.. .1
i:kv.iavi riK.ti'.. -
I I'. l.K K' , ) I'ntf, .m ' Hltn-I
KM". It. M I AV. I'm.. !"'
A-!uni f.-r Ifc-af, I1 ii.i'h'i ' lt'irj-1 fr"itrr .
JrRFMIAM I' tV.t-'.!'.l KV.
III M'.V M'iMW.I "' I
I.l Him II Tft t-K, f
.ISA IITI IIU!, I f. .'.. Jy.'f
tiui:i('n...K-iivii. J
li.lMH.l- l"rtIT, )
Almii I r tl." Iiiani" K li 111a '
jamk- n r.sv.K, i
III 1.1:1 KT If U WW,
t.r.nltl.K W I rr, )
HriMKS t il!i:n;i is,
11 a. ti:m ist:i;.K.
.rH.K V l.rK,
ril;:lw riinv,
VII.HrKI V -'IKi:.
riiti:x 1 !.,
H.Hlf.tit l'.,tr.,l
lt,;. i t i:,r,
WW. I. KT'N, A.-dI .f th Til "ii
J. H .K.K IhSM.V, -UT ljhrrmn.
AM'HKmir, I
1.1 run: 11 tivwc, '- r ,-i. ... ... v.n
?nn n i". Vr i:i,sii;,t s- ir -t.ip rBi
I IIARI Mi'KtY. I rr't '..t Ari-i-'tuml rWi-lr.
IL . J!IN-roNK,.-.-rt tr)( .1. '-
I.. R KISK, IV,:-!--i)t (. tiiiioif. I'mf. of niiiiitry.
Al.VIN TK V, 1'iof. M M.th.iu:i:i.-.
T C. AIIItuT, IV. f of r i.li-h l.it-rat.ir.
TRVr.l..M Al:i:K, luitru. tor in Cull Knin.'rii)
K. 1'. J ll N'ST iK. ;-i-ral Siiriutni.tnt th Farm.
UV .1. H.SIli: AIII.IC,
SUs- for SI. X l.t;-,.l icU.,11, IVtioit uti l Mrs!iall. !. 1
1:.,, h...i- .U.'.r
M ichi.iraii.
vm. r. uort'K, clf.uk.
i.iom l-.i.? tlii- liiMto for J.ick.-in, St.
JuIih.J, Ih'troit, :iii1 iiitrroo-liot. l'cn.
Lati-itt, April 1. 1 .'.'.. ly
m:v 1.1 y 1: u v sTAiti.i:.
IVX . T . XA.T0-I33XaiJE.
? T LitiMiri, t!i;U lie li;H oponnl a now Livery
SuM. with a Stall nNx-k nt t!i-t, wt-II liroko
ll.)r-'-i, ..uiif.irt.iKlo I'uijics, lioulIo Carriaea
vhl Slfili, a:i'l ly i-Iimo atti-ntiott to liusinrri
hit'i t. n.i-rit 1 f.itr sliarc .f pur!io p:itroii;i?i".
Ij!isiii;4, Novi'tiiiT :;,
l.AWVKWS. l.:nisiu:, Ii'li,;
1't-Efr,SrnH.! hh.r A'-.rJi "' otfrr. j
UK. II. TIN KN Y. T. J. K AM-DKI I., j
.1. uT iaTj viaTit, i
Mich. t'iin.iii!--iiii!i-r fir tli State of Vow
M i:riu: .noici:noi Ki:,
la-l.ii na!i ISis.f tl e-iviVer. I! ' nil I lioe. cue
stai.tly n 1; sr.. I, i t n:,l to or,lr on -hart iiotir. xtti'
mt rea-.-n le
pii:--. Ail ai.ik nrrnii'el. .lnpneaTlv
TI"-", j
l-.ti- n.-. M ch.
-li.iitxn Avi-ntie,
iviao v u im:v, ;
AttornoTit anil t'lmu'llnrsi at Iaw an l Solieifor-t !
iu Oumvry, Liming, V Oilioe in !
t'owI-'V IH.iek.
WHO. I. PVR-I.IN-I. 1. c. WII.RY. '
N. H. 1. C Wil. y will ilofont criminal casoa J
t heretofore. j
1. li. I J A T la IS .11 A 1 a
0l5ceithiri.wi lone.Mn IJnn.btreet.exactlT '
stofthe Capitol. ;
Laasiing, June :, !85o.
corse A. ArilllroilS, Attorney nd ;
toanswllor at Law, Linsin?, Michigan. Otlict?
omJTmio the post ofliee.
rrcEtJsoRs to j. tt. ri.oss, j
JobWrsof, ami Retail Dealorsin, all kiiula of
I'aper llniiiiiM.
So. JeiTeron Avenue, lefroit, Mich.
i. MMiiii:,
. tStflt illCniOAN,
. idtarnish Plans, SpeeiScationsand Estimates
a the be,t style of workmanship, and designs
M-h'irch-t,S r'lrt ,Iou',,9. Hotels, Private
Jwethngs, ie., and will contract to furnish raa-
'rials and build any tiling in the line of Buildine, :
superintend the same on reasonable terms.
nease give me a call.
Lansing, January lt, 1857.
Attorney and Counsellor at U and Solicitor in i
t. nance ry. Vinianston, Ingham Co., Mich. !
DR. J S. WOOD, late of Al-
a-an, . . now r.-a t, t att. n 1 1 1 anr i
IT,..T . m twitt lire tear in IVnt.atrv
V m,'rt. Cll. ls.s-.
"U(s.fn blia-t ril':r..i. - i . I
M noAnnnt; 1101 si:.
R- JAMES R. CHILIS would respectfullv
invite all persons wishing Board, br th'e
w or Week, to give liirn a call, at the OniO
Sr I? n Wa?In Stree opposite the
House Square. Fine Rooms and Good
wM caa be obtained on reasonable terms.
nmg, Jane 13, 18S9. 216
- CAUTION. AH Oemim.. I'll: I,- tl. ,(,
I...; an ,n i!..n-ick, . ra, Mcrchanta ao!
Irl.-i, t ,,n t.ir c,r,j ,,j rt 1U)p.,j
!-.o .jr a Cnantfifeit of M'tra ! 1W Hvl iflta
D.l M lr, ti . .i,t-t,t'r i f M r - I. .'.itt K-ot ri!'.
hi- en-nt tti" ; pi. rf ;.r . iiV m tra?.-'in,
li.v.n v ..-.1 Knr A- u 1 a ?'!:. - V"tt!i
k wnra j-iit ttirt-e i.-t iwiii,- ti- Iu"imsk l
ir tt. -lro coautrj it . in t . ;i, i t,, li.liti j
ImI wi-if hit rtc..v-:t 1. Ii M.,"(... (.. ft ft
man t . ' -lt,;..'i ti f.:t tl. a'l ! 5n..f fr..;n I v
liriTv.t tli- liii'l that our -tt.nt'Mi, I., tltii au.li:.
:. j i-.i't.-1 u-in th iti l!u. 1. j
tii- rarioun ji 11. r!' !, :iti l !n nut 1
ct a j.-rrt l.:riii!iV i ) th'- .lill-r u: 'inci;-n ti
Urijr, ii.c (! x-rt lu-i-i il, v t. 1 tu-- tli.r . tin r'i t.-i '
itn.l ; thus c.iii 4 Mil .iinn, -. . i n 1:.., ,
ti.-, very iitRM-; otir i- fVu 1- -.nui! I. ur '
!. tti iir 'lpnv-l 1111. 1 it ntny 1- i.t '-tt-1 in i
tiu. mi lit! th- -tan!,! lum tli- bm i.l will b-..m- ;
ili'fJu4i-( l a t, n I ti.1.1 i.r 1 'it l tii-mii
f..-.-.. r b'nati ! !! 1..,. -t n" m n Jt wo
-h nit li -p tt..- n,ll- .. 1,. H.- !,.!
;ii An I ho .-.ii.iMl to 1,-, tint iv Ikii' t hi 1 ur
ji m to (..it a tin- 1h:iii- .11 ..iir ri -li, 11 1111-, M. -. , i
In ) ..11 K.Mit I'll-,, iiij- 11 it 1.0,..,. 1 f , .,, j, . 411t r.ot- i
I. i,. ... .1 .in,.,!- nit- tu ti:-" '
i'li.l.n. lor th l. .ltd mil .. ...-, ..f .t -.-., 1 ,..,
t .t lh- ! .t lr. 111 inr 11 ti,. -- ri: ar m.i-.. i .
-ii t-.nt:.- ah., h ..i.-. 1- th- . r.- ..f t' - -Kii.an-1 --,,!,
N .tut.- .11 thma
itl. il II..- -.,im i a i.lmii Min i. 1. ;
(hat ,.- an I i.ii. I. I.
th 1-, ,11 A i,t u 11 ma mi. 1 , j ;. i in- 1 - .
oil lii..;m. nn ! 1.1 hr Iiuiiioi- r, in 11 . 1
m lh- fill it l .nr.fi., a Ii , t,
I, ,il.;.- -Ii.-.ii'li tut'..- k, :li.- . . I!. 11. .
. :1,1m
1, I l.i
II. U - aiooiin ol ,ni. n nj i:o:,i !l, Ii ,. .1, v I, 1.-
I . u th oUt tH.i.n it ii k hi ll. 111 . 1, art or mat.r
-1--, an ' litrh poi.l.t not i:.-.f I- . u .,. I,.;r '! m .i!,r
th..,- af 1 1,.-f .iiTth 1-a il h.tiiir. ;,i, 1 : n,..in .
tl coll,.-. .ru-lirnl th I'llli h .-rll.. ! 11 (Hi'l'tlli
Ml- hi , -I l r -.T pirt.l- - i.l Il.ll.11r1 V a l.o-li i-aliii. i
1,7 tl. oth. r ontl. t, an- tlin- !.il, 11 lij. ;. 1, -, c. nvrii- t
..it in . 1 ux 11 1 1 t,v -, uf iu- ih. :-
r.ni I In- alf.i.-, it is .hian Ihat I r .f......'14 Inii.n
H ! I 1 t not i.n'v 11'i r th.- -toinai ii, l.ui in- Tttrfi miM
1M1 h- h.l, for th.y fin I w.iy t . n.-ry in.an l c in
.l.-' ly i.' i'o.it an l .'ifati- I -v-t.-m Iioiii I iiiijuir t ,
an. I th.. !i ..t tl..- l. i-!i 1- t- h! .l, h - r f. r
:t J l,-.itfiy ; cNi-a-,.iriit:y a I -;.-l.i -- an I a 11 1-ritt-ii
(ifin th.- -y-Vin, 'or th.-y c i t ; n:i n wi.,-n tl..-h-aly
i om.-s (.uirsn 1 p tr
I. .. i. :i- ii ah. j.-o(,( m- .0 .1 -' 1 v. I.. -1 -,. k an 1
i.l - . many li-, 1- U- -.tn-i- tl.i y i! 1 n t t. : .1 in, ,!., i,,
at, eh 1! . ti. the altvch-.t a"iis, anl lnn tr II o, , 1.
ill-, n.t'u.'.ll .a-:. lor lln- i to l t-a-t i.u' .
Iiii..-, a aio,, .j.i.rifity ol I i ant oil, .- m.tL.-r 1-
lo.Uii, a: .1 th- siom.i. h ati 1 tut--. aw l.:-a'!y t.t :
tl a .1,4 i;h tl.- rrrii;. l 111:1--; Ihm 1111 l. ivoin i!t-
i,o.-.-al.- ! mi. iitall ll, n n-iaiit! llin.n with ll hi al,
hu ll thi-.a- t' rrrii.'t I m.itt-r til i;!i -v- iy 11
an I art.-rr, until 1 1 fa- is t!,-n from th.- ho: hy .i.-. ao.
iir M.r..,sill, l,at- a.hlr.l t- thnm-rit-s tii-t-.iv upon
tH-tory, hv t.-'ortiia in limn- "I u,. .-,, . i.'.w,,,,,,,
L-tltli ami Iiapp n--s V-, ill lu-.m 1- alio hatw la. n
rat k.-l or tor utM a i'h -i.-l.ti- s-, i.asn an I tn u -h, an l
ll--.-fvs-61.- t allica lillr la. ll voirl,.-, hy thf hjrnill
.!.-in-iils of tain f-rr, an I afco havr b .-n bru.ht, a
it 1-, aitlnii a st. p of th. s I. nt - mi',11.. s'an l ti .!
to t.-ttly thnt tin y ajouM Iit t.. . ii nutiiN :.- ! aith th
'. ,, ha I it not b. -n for th:- irt.-at anl a 11 1' r ! ti I in-.h
fin,', Mor--'- lii'han li a.t 1'ill-t Aftf-r 111 or two ios
lia-i lai n tak-ii, il.i y ei' aatoui-h-I, an I alwnluti ly
-utpii- .l, in aitn.-s-.il th-ir climin ni i ll. trrs. Not only
'lo tht y Kit." iimiii- l;t- .- an 1 ati.-nth, an I I l aaay
all cl.ii--, pam an l anui.-li, but tht y at i nrf en to
wmk at 111- tutilti.m of tha Oi-ra-r, ahicll is the blooi).
Tt- ''or, it will I ahoan, t-prc ally by 1hi.- who u-a-th.'-i-
lllls, that th.y will -. i l. an-.' ai: purify, ti, at
.!!.- that -l.-adly n-rov Will tat- ils tl tht, an l the
II11-I1 i f youth an I Iwauty will aaiii r-Iiuii, ami tti-'
.r-a-ct of : I0115 an l lippv li'r .l. cl: rli an l liii!it.-n
your .l.iyi..
ti' All g.n;iir. IM1- In-ivaftfr li.Hf the n"n-,- an 1
siiTiiaAuie f l Like Ju.is .n, (s.ic-.---.r to A .1. Wh'tr A
... ,) n .-ai-b Ib. 9
IJ. I.AKK .It lSi-,.v,. fo1.,i-l..r.
f.0 Ia- nanl St. ,. w Vol)..
Ir M-r-a N lnliaii R.a.t I'nl- :i? l l ! all .leal, ri hi
Ah-ii'h w.mte.l in . i-rv toan ti;ii;- mil l;aii;l t in the
lau-l. l"art:-s l.siriii the onrj ail aiMi.- as a hove
fm terms.
ti ice -ft c uts, p. r boT ; five Ian.-- I-- M-nt on ic
ceipt ol $1, pif-tan- patil.
KarKa!e lv " R.o . I s.,s;:, s ml t al
.!iniri-t. iio-i.ni
Are now ri'ftiiviiii
Their Fall Slock!
ri:i( i:s aki: lovi:is
Than ever lt!'nif !
Th in evr-r lifort !
wi: mii am, hiii.i, rni:;i
All kinds of Produce
Laxsixo, Oct. 1st, ISo'J.
From .,. V.- r.i: K-
P I L A T E'S W I F E'S D P. F. A M .
I.T LOnE T. VI( KP.nY.
One flickering taper'a fetbie ray
Streamed through the cutely plm-m,
When to and fro, with p)hv.q f. 1 1,
A I.n'v paced the room,
iSiit sotrow f-rooded in ti t-ye.
With j.-iy so wont to ! -irii.
As f.-atJ'ioy she i:iniul tipr.:i
A strar.g, n;y'riius drea'f,
A vane, uiifartily dream.
And, li'ahin from th casement no,
She hears t!:e watchmai.-V cry,
And ii,'i' the l.iir Atlanta li s)
I .(!; f'i',y fioni the ky :
Tiii i.. with i ia;.cd hatel and trenil!it:2 lip-.
She tiiiil'luiM.-d teteielly,
'Hii, Plate, '.u! l that I could feel
Tlo.t vtrt- Hi-il with thee,
Kurev.-r II w ii tl t!i- e '
"Sh.i'i I iiwa'x.- I
Tl:i- fi-i.!i i:.
At;d me. t thy -i:
I kttm in.t w!
hilt !
1:0 ear,
, Wtlill I
I !:'
Nil. f-!tin.l
I on
, I wii! no;
n. .-!.-'
:i iny 1 . 4rt t;
roniill Mm,',
l.il!iuiii..-.l n..i
The nf t!tui
Tiimiu'h li.-avv
Th.- 5.-l:-e '..f
S-i!iii- IirW, tl
'''.(. lu'.ii' I i! i It:'.' c .1
Tlml i-re the coiiiiuir dav.
:t:, i h..pe
Th. ae 1. am. ting, pliantum tears 1ih!I l-e
Forever tied away!"
ll'-r head i-t r,n the pillmv j.re-i0'l,
Iler di'k evf-i ehi-ied, jind then.
Far throtiijti the mvlic realilis tit !-l ep
II. t -i t if. i-traya azaiu,
Wi'iiderinly strny airaii.
And s-r-i th.- cirfh, ad beautiful
A- t: -h Iti.in chaos Lur-t,
At d tl.e ile. p Lively, as the Luid
.Mnvtd uti its w.iters tirj-t.
While iiiHtt arraved with inr.o-etn-e
In a moat hleHl atjode,
Win rv li tiL'thetiin atiadoAH rtdflly crept,
t'nhld alk, and talk with (iod,
K'eti with the Eternal Jod.
And ixt !io sees, where en that s;-ea
A mournful changn Lath lucti
For mi l-t the peace of Parndiaa
The hid oih lot m (A pin
Had come, iu serpent truise, anil waked
The lenient of strife,
And Eden banished mm had d4red
To pill the ftream of life,
E'en tal; e liii brother life.
Then yc-- of darknrM followed year
t daikiieaa, ace on asf.
Till earthly life but herineJ to man
A .liwm! lo-ritai'
Hut fur the hope, by pmpnets 'in
1)" lne, whorie arm ti) ave
Was iniphty, e'en to con.juer sin,
And triumph o'er the grave,
Toii'd tate, but spurn the grave.
Then brightly, brightly, rosj a star
St ir of the heavenly morn
And music-breathing words eang sweet,
"The blepsed IJabe is born."
The (.kies grew beautiful, (he a;r
Was swept by anirel wins.
As lordlier nn-ic, wakening.
Proclaimed Him Kiii ol kit:g,
IJod's Son, and King cf kings.
And then she sees a meek-browed mau
The plains of Judah tread;
His life is love, yet has he tmt
Whereon to lay his heal;
He hea'a the sick, bestow the gift
Of sight to sightless men,
Has walked the waters, and reei'Iei
The deal to life again,
To mortal life again.
Has taught new uncii-mes, u-i t
The reign t i'hn-t begun,
While God's owu voice has said of him,
"My well-Moved Son:''
And yet, what FeolTers round hiat crowd;
E'en at this hour they cry,
" False prophet ! vile, blanphemitig one !
'Tis time that thoti alioiil.Nt die,
0 Pilate, let him die."
She starts, she wakea; this i fio dream
"My husband, where is he?
lone, then away my messenger,
And tell him this f.r me,
With Jesus in thy ti'a' La!.',
Wh'i wai'S his iJ.io::i lr,jm thee.
Thou m ist l ave naught to do; 't is
Ileven'-d in dreams to m
1 i t:o-,ih!ed die. m. s to me.
Itut Piiate'ti words ar- r;:!e:i now,
Written beyond recall
While not one voice fur Ji
In that Sanhedrim 1, i!',
Save thine, O o:n i:i! in
US pleads,
(so dream.
Tiie wondrous vision c.on";
Itiif b!-sl tiioii ait, who iu that hour
Hi, 1st own thy Saviow's iam,
Thv Saviour's b'e-ed natne.
mh"V- ,MUM,Mns ol"",,,K u,,Kvr to exhibit pa.r;on or emotion of any kind;
let subdued, though a pris- i;r ; lutc.lm,
The following record of the arpearanee ' grand, and strong within herself."
and disappearance of the wheat midge in think th public will agree tint she
variou parts of th country taken from has successfully embodied this high ideal
Hind's Essay. It furnishes a tolerable idea ,,f h-r snncrb subject,
of the extent of this destructiv e insect's Are you not glad a woman has d t. th !
ravages on the American continent : I know y.u are, or I would i.it have r. r;t:en
! 1J0 Wheat midge tir.-t appeared in , t you of my own delight in this great rcr
1 Western Vermont. ; formane of our gifted conntryworinr..
1'7 Occasioned loeai injury in Athen This gmnd specimtn vf modern scuip
Co., Ohio (?) ture i? t-ow at Home, in the Acudvmi.i dci
IS'JS Committed extensive deprcda- IJulriti. It viil be exhibited a short
tion in Northern Vermont, and the frontiers time in London, and thn brought to thi
of Lower Canada. country L Mkia Cmtlp.
11?1 'Ireatlv destructive in c rrm nt
and parts
of Lower Canada and New
lSJi' Appeared in Northeasters N. .
ls.11 Considerable injury in Eastern
New Vork. ! non ball form the Navy Yard at Charlt stn,
ls:VJ Very destructive in Eastern N". : Mass , an-1 with much trepidation and more
Y. Cultivation of whfat abandoned. I headache, carried it away in that universal
1:!I Commenced its depredations in pocket of you'h. winds up wi'h the f..l!- w
the State of Maine. First appeared in I ing r flections, which though hilosophieal
numbers in Lower CanaJi near Montreal ly trite, are conveyed with much f.rce ar 1
l.'i 7th or Sth July, 1 :).'., I dis freshness:
covered the fly on my wheat in myriads. When I reached h one I ha 1 i:rti ir.g 'o
They disappeared on the 1 1th or TJth .Tnly. do with my shot. I did not dare to show
They appeared to be depositing their egg it in the hou-o, nor toil where I g .t it. and
in th plumes of the ear on the 7th or sth after one or two solitary rolls, 1 gave it a
July. Six or eight days suhseuoLtly live i way on th same day to a I'rinee Streetcr.
maggots were r reduced. The earliest : il-jt. after ail, that s:s-po'.tn-Jr r-lle l a
wheat was all destroyed A part of ray g vi deal of sous into rny skull. I think it
; wheat that was not fully in the ear when was the last thing I ever' stele, (excepting
the ny arpeared was not
1 he tops o;
' the lower part
from the wh
lS:ti l"y seen June ll'-hh, anl com -
f the tar hnj the maggobs, but ; it gave me a notion of the f ..by of eovotii g ,w , ,,.,,11 r..r. 1,;, a.,,,.. ,t.,t ,e (n;.;,n i),r.;. t.;n,fi,-. f " OM man. that's n.o.," sai 1 k en Ln,
that was not shot out was : more than you can erj w. w! ich has rr.nd L i" 1 'j., U a Sr,nU he'd ,t'.Wn h'i on W'rlr,, f g rascal.
(Evans) Consrlerabie injury ; my whole life hajpbr. It was rather a- ; mi,U.0 fir a in Lira hst week, f t ihe jurj of examining' " Did yours have a Iclc in it ' -ked tl
eat midge on the Is. and ot Men-, vere mode of catechi-ing. but e:h:e rubud n : ..a: .1 1 ' - . t? 1-- old rrent crnau
tacneed depositing; eggs in Lower Canada ! Hut I see men doing the sarxe thing
ou the 4th of July. Wheat on the Island ' into underground and dirty vaults and gi
. of Montreal greatly damaged The fly ex- J thcring wealth, which will, when get, roll
' tended its ravages we-t anl northward of , round their heads like a ball, anl tot be a
Montreal for many miles. j whit tof:er because it is gold instead of iron. :
1S4'2 Appeared in Western New York. though there is not a man tu Wall staect .
llo Very d''ntive in Western , who will believe that. I have seen a man
New ork put hiruelt to every humiliation to win a ,
1S4' Approaching Sen?ca Co , N. Y. proud woman who has peen t.rn above him.
IS 17 Destructive in Township north j and when he g-1 her, h walked all the rest '
; f Seneca County, New York. of bis life with" a cannon bill in his hat. I i
Co., N. V.
Mlt-l'ffi,!:.; rivaj in t!.- o.
of l.ertii. s. 5 . r ';.-. ; ; i I'nvile
Aillinvij. IIi-t:ii', ..J ir ii-i i,:, .
an,f :,r, -l f'"!" Mvi:ir -- r,,utity. N V.
trie-five in rr f .irtv. N. V
,Vii;4t i:. jresfiv incr.
itl lite
r C
1 :.:il
t r 'fti ti.e lt,i:
Uti If t ! M It ZKUi5l..
"ur ttitert.-ut j .urn:il s-ld. :n LU
in c
r-i;'tl ree.'-;ri:ti
Tl (! W.'iriteVt. f iNiJlcV
prvre iv- ter. lt r.'-'.. s ;n th e-bint:
and ch.-ir..t.-r f w..-:.on. T!:-.-r-re. :
."tti'i-.t .. .th--rwi; than t: ?-rct.
in U irrict I !..
r, FpTitUTl.y t:,. t
tor of K V,
- t y
a cr'ii
v-m sroiidViiN lavlr mvf -rtiid
live'y sketch.
U'i.-n"! pn-: -.1 JV "i M;
!t r return t.. i: !;;. in I
wri- 1. fry f.e.-tipird wit
.-'at'iti li -iii.i.i'i in cli t'i.M.
11. ni.-r. ft
t'atiTiir. a
d ;i the tr.iiti.r.hal vr A-i ..f A
H r-ot -i! 1 .-oitv ,o: 1 r r-'id !
1 h- r
I was
L'r-- r M v
r i
;i i hi ; i aOi - -i;
'Stilt!.? t t
;u- x'r'-iiii l I"
'ses JJat th.' f t:
saw in' ny 'uot-.-The
action f wa!
' t
iu th way r f g i.v-.. s
2 wotj'd of;vi"'ti-lv
r gract -fu'ly and t. it
: 1 it rnjuired peiiius
Jy the (sj.rr.-si,,ii Mj:f
f 1 'alnr, ra iir.'h r su-.-h
s I t.-iid t-i m olf,
very difficult t.
ur.ii'v iti marl.
to r.incciYC and ,!
able to the Maj.'-'y
, paiiii'u! circiiins'.-.in
" If my onto! pri - nir : i, i
friend aecon.p!i.s!,.-s tli--. '.:
as-un d'y ! i v- a l hse.
ti-r 'etl? "U':'
ihe world's
w.! Iain
t verLct, if
the coHiplc-
fr-in it'tii;e
She Las a i:rj.:.-!.
. sure that would . n
you could sv a j h-1. -fr
t- d stfitue, whieh I r--.
!.i-t week.
Siio has w.irk--.l ,.f ti.
su.-h intensity ! i urp
if h . !'
. iVcl
-, a:id
; riii uhijr, tiiat iis:c::!! s sent i.cr iuV
l Switzerland to kivo ie r iif.-. The produc
i tion is worth all the o-n.-nt rated tiioui.ht
bestowed uji'ii it It !:;r h;irpas..-.s any-j.iji..ps..i..u-i.:.i.a-..
........ :l.iV wotiien.
, it tliey Lad av'coniplishi-l halt as mujii,
would think they t l l u right to put up at
: tiie Hotel do 1 I t.ivt rs, aiid do nothing du
' rinir the remaitider of their natural lives,
but repose on their lausels, an-1 be lionized
J by visiters Kut Mis- Jh-mer i n-t one
lot' that stamp. I lor sou! is so absorb.-! by
an intense love of art. tint -lie wi'd te-vt-r
be satisfied with any s'oppin-j ha-.: n the
la id, r ?' exeeUi iici-.
l'he statute of -iiohia i- !arr" r than
life size. Th' hi ad is covered with a hcl
' met, fashioned like a tiara in front, sn.'g -ted
by a medal of the I'alniyrean i en in
! the llritish Musuui. I n ler t!;i-, m keep
i in with the royal costumes of the Ivit, i
1 a jroneral iillct. the ends of whi.-li fall a
t tiKing her curls, and m 1 1 iti a pleaing
j line, the ornamented cint;- crors--.I u .-n the
i breast. The left hand el arches the chain
j fastened to her wri-t hv mil in the
shape of l-raeekt. On ho right arm.
j which falls naturally and easily by her si-h-,
i is visible a thin sleeve, looped up in the
I Atnai-mian fashion. Over this tir.-t dr .-
: is a shorter robe ol thicker material. The
.unt ie fold of a rich mantl", fastened on
tiie sh uld t witli p-:i:a. breaks up thf.
monotonous out'ino ol' tltC more c;.is.dy-fir-itini'
,'artueiits. Th whole .--.-".runic i n
i charming; eombinati.; n of (irecir.n u"aee
w itii (.neiitiaS ningntticenee. In the posi
tion of the feet and limbs, the artist seems
to have accomplished the exceedingly dilh
cul: task of making a ju-t poi-i. between
action and repose. It indicntes precisely
the slow, measured tread natural t a state
ly person walking; in a procession. The
; expression of the beautiful free is admira
bly conceived. It is pad, but can. nnd
verv itou 1 ; the cxrressi u of a groat soul.
i whiw rogal majesty r.o rtu.i e !!
' dethrone. Miss Ib-S'iier, in a h its r ae-
i companying the photograph, writes :
" I have tried to make hr l .k too proa 1
A Cinn.jn Dai.!. i Tii;; II vt. An an
otiymous writer, g.-neraliy upt-o.-l to be
i the Hv. IIexry W ash Hi r.c nrn. aft r
i describing how, when a b v he st-.'e a can-
! at all,
1 s 4 A fnrir. i in St
so rauca injurta. , a i.ttie matter oi neart n,-w and then,) and . fil- 4 i. v., rrfrmed kut a A Sweet Man. A Council of Minister, a l ,n Vi' T'-'1-
. , , , , , i) prorno-.e oeaee, train, ie.iy aiei 11.110:- iijio evfiaiii r;iiri! ;;tiiijsi. jtev. . . t. , , . , .
j tn with six pound shot ar Wttcr tlian none .:'t .,.1 ,r.i c 1 i'i;., s..-m. ti. v i " 1 t-f. replied the -thfr, smartly.
lr,.- ii vi.yrj men errich themselves by ! T,,E D'Kfa betwf.kv buodeuick J Kmtb- .t.!ci..t.
j : Mire in tLetii- war, rarir- no fains. A" ILKI' ! MKi.AnLY nnTiioK a v y. Jicn-
hti: llu ut ti- M-.-riiiwof f rincij-Ic, for the ; I'ixcisxati. Osi. 10, 1 ."'.).
-iki- !' :.: L-t .-trnir a burden wbicL no , The aa lrancioo Tines f tie Htb 1 are called upon to-thy to record one
r:. -.!'. e i-i b, :-r : uU , ajtbat in acvrJanee with our antici-; of the most melancholy instances of wf-d'-
A;I t!:c w. rlJare buY in striving for rat'ns cxjected duel between Socator i 'ruction that Las ever occurred in the city.
: l.'iV. that cive little r leasure and brinjr , lroderi?k and Jude Terry, took j hce yes-, 'rLe deceased, a man of wealth, ititcllit i.ee
: ' '. i-urc; and I a:n aecu-tomej in my walks terdiy !:iorn::i in a small vallev ten miles a,: ri fiiietnenf, preat'y beloxr d in j t ivate
iiieri, n .tii-ir. their way and their frorii Merced Lake. The j arties went out ',,e under the intltience of an it.exjMtoal'V
: 'ly. t-i think, there's a luan stealing a can- of town the night previous, passing the niht Jerarenient ha suddenly take", l is v tn
ii- ii ball; or there". a man with a ball on his in serara'e localities. At 1 o'clock linxl- ; life, when iu the very prime ! his cxit
! ad I ki.uw it by the way he walks, crick and Terry arrived on the pround. at-' 0IU aJ surrounded by -:r titi -miuvs most
1 m-.ney which a c!t rk jurluitis for his
t.c!.,t. at la.st p-ts into hi-j hat like a can-
I'rid', bad temper, selfishness,
i it j a:. i- wi.l r il a man as if he had a
i-.:! !! hi h-.-a 1 ! and ten tin iand men in
.i-v itk vM die thi t nr, mid as each
fills., 1,; I ;i h il! eeti.e
V., ai d cut wi:l
cnrs i' has
:r, n
'i i,i
w rn i
in carrviti.
i .mi:i. vi:nTKlts (ofksuii 4v
'T". '
miih, of C.n.enrd. X. II.. hr.s rnt
to . ur f.ati i th fallow b tt. r of Im
' Webster to ibv. Th'.nias Wiircctt-r,
rtii'-r'y ja-' r of the ' :igregati,.ur.l
Lurch in Sal-bury, N. II, whie! is ac-
".'iu'i with a eonf-snion of hi reli
both of whieh are in his own ban 1-
i.v.o seen Mr. Ucbstt-rs
name i i iiu- i
f thrt eh
III .-S-
bury. nr. iii-d rt'ie-iii: it
m:-ta'-:e t, about t"v tin.e
b.ars -It'-- lb1 reui-tine
tl.;.t rlrireh till hi death,
-t.f. ri were never b
Tl,. v ;,r :.s f...!!..ws :
me"ib, rs, if we
lie- h Iter bcl.uv
d a iiu inber of
TliC letter and
dor published
low .wi:n, August s, 1',T.
1'i:au Siu 'Ihe other day we were cm.
vcring; respcetin cotifir.:on of fith.
.:m;tiiiie ago 1 wrote down t r in v own
u-e a few propositions in the shape i arti-. ' "'f t""' , U" , " Uc'"1 WS,,,,nM,,- UMr '"IV ' "Val
ehs. intending to exhibit a very short futtv ; 'f' lZy "' "'hi per-; nH relation that cul-i ittith.r.r
mary U' the d-vtrines of the Christian rc ' f'1,''. k'in ,MI,h;i1 1 ?',,J -'r well ; smd, a d-bion.
ligioii a they itm-nss my min-I. 1 have 'lfl linu ' 1,n'3,.ru'K "M , . ;;rJay. from nine o cl.cn ,,, the m-r-
taken the lib'ity to cncio-c a cpy for vonr , ; tlm- al ,lM i . il.Uir il " . "fit
. I H'l "U ;
i-ru-a ! 1 am, s.
w.tfi respect, yours. Ac.
' -
I. WIlIiSTKIl 1 -i:-'i.oi. -a OIliT, ..v....... t...s ...oo
I i : , ,i . .-".,' i i . atid padually presenti-d in.. re of his biidy to . donee, anil seatei! hini-H-lf to dinner wi'h h s
I brieve in the existence ol Almighty .... c i . i i. ..i . t
iod, who created and governs the whole ; lhe. bro of. Lls h" Ml 'fl'1 n"rT r- -
world. I am taught this by the w.,rks of ,llfr,?7kward-' "'.x-""'n' . M.r, 1 ( of .eneva New ,r.
r,..t.ro .., 1 ill., re, P i , c "i..; hiuiselt he O'ice or twice turned the wrist called in to pass an hour while wai'ing lor
nature an l the word ot revelation. i . . .i I i -
I believe that (.'od rUts in tl.'ee ...r. ,,f ,,IS I""1"1 arm to ,1k 1 ',lt '" l"S ' l'lT e "a'1 "' C pn V low
or.- this I learn fmtn rev. '-iti..,, , .
.or l ll any oojecuun i ui.,01,,,
cannot comprehend how one can bo tlttre
. i ; 1 1 , j , , ii-
or time one. 1 noM it my duty to believe,
vi ('('tt rnc. iw.n ii ill t vai.ti in uciittc.
not what 1 can comprehend or account for,
but what my Maker teaches mo.
I believe the Scripture of th., Old a -1
New Ti stameiit to be the will and word if
... 1
I b. Sieve di sus Christ to be the S. n of
b;d. i he miracles which he wrought es
tablish iu my mind his iirsonal authority,
and render it proper f.-r me to believe :
vvlh-.tever In Os-rts ; I believe, therefore.
Lis declarations, a well as wh n he de
clares hin. self the Son of Iod, as wheu he ,
(b elar. s nriy other proposition. And I be
lieve triere is tio otner way ol salvati
ll.au throiig'i th merits of his atone
I believe that things past, present and to
com -, are all cpiully present in the mind
of the I'eity; thst with him there is no
sUCS.-i.'!! Ot tillie, lior Of ideas, that, .hero
fore, the relative terms past, present and
future, ps used among men, cannot with
stri.-t j r priety. be applied to Deity. I
believe in the doctrines of foreknowledge
ni:'. prd-v:-fi mat ion, as thus expounded. I
d . t ot believe In tliose doctri-'e.- as irano -
sin- any fatality or ecefi,irj on mens ac
tion-. r aov way infringing free gency.
i b. 'ii vu" in th ut'er Fn-ihirtv of any
in.- to work out his own salvation
WOO ,ut t
c r.stant aids of the Spirit of
U flievo "... th-se great i.cculiarities ,.f
the Christian religion a resurrection from
the dea l and a d ly of judgment.
I believe in the universal I'rovidence of
b.l; and leive to Kj.ieurus, and his nior
i:i.r asoiiable f.ilowers in modern times,
the iucoi.s's'.cncy of believing that God
ma lea World which he does not ts.ke the
trouble of gov. mine
Although I hve grcst frefpect for some
of j-T f.rm- of w.r-hip, I believe the Con
greg .ti' ;;al mode, on the wh 'le,fto h prf-
( ra
T'l'l I'- t I "i" V OtiiC
I 1 elve ' rcli- iou to b a matter not of
lem-ms-ration. but of faith. Gol rcouires
Us to give credit to the truths which he re-v-
a', not becaus? we cm prove them, but
because be .I , elar -thm. When the mind
i- reaor,ab-y convinced that th IJible is
tl word -f lf.-i, th only reu aitiir-g d :'7
i to rve:o it
d---r.ee f ti'.-lr
i.oCr!US. T.ltl il!l Co-:Ii
r iri., a:.l practice th.;;
w;:-j a pure i.art.
I believe that th IJible is to le under
?aood and received in the plain ar:d obvi
cn meaiiing cf i's ra-sages; since I can
not periUad tr.v' If that a l-jk intended
f -r the instruct i.-n anl conversion of th
wh"?.; v?u 1, sleju'd cover its true meaning
in such mystery nn-1 doubt, that r.or.e but
erities ard hilo n her can disecvor it.
I believe that tb cxp?imerit8 and sub
tli t-es of human vis-1 ;rn are more likely
to i.b-ure thra r enlighten the revealed
will . f 5 -d, an ! that h-- is th n;! a.?om-
pli.-l.ei Cori-tian s
e.bicrel a? th- ?...
College of Fis'.ern
I I,;!-.-.-.--' t'.at :M
in :?.- heart and t'r
thcref-T, all erred
falill le and ur-f-T'a
-h ?ar who
hith Wen
x:, in the
religion e.-.nvts
tin, and that.
is are
I ir.aiX I t-eueye tint Lrist has impo
d on all hi d:--'ples a life of active le-
:ev,l r.e ,-, that rcfraics only frrm wh.t
vtng tint in the gre- day which is to come, g, acx-rding to the Warren Telegraph, 1 ' tCQ 11 lu,r,c: 1 "ll ' 1 1
there will bono other V-anhrd of merit, ' re : The publication cf an unchristian jam- gtleman. thee mu,t learn to I a link
no other criterion of character, than that phlet ; making false representations to a , eharj-er next time.
which is already established, " Iy thir
fruits v shall Know thTrj.
A Puma Each Case. ".Mn, dil Mrs.
! ea get the medicine I or dere 1':"
" I guess so," replied John, "f:r I iw crap-;
on the door the next rr. orbing."
The Doctor cleared his throat.
tended by their seconis and phvieians, the
Hon. J 1 MeKibben and Mr Coulter for
lndi ri'k. and Calhoun llenhani and Thorn-
as Hays for lorry. :i descend ir. fn mi
'heir carriage, the parties eeme 1 t bo in
the bet-t fpiiit, neiUier at ti nrin arxioti-s
or nervous a to the r, si'i
AKtit half an h' ur wa
eut ied in the
arrariLT- nM'td. Ten rao were marked oir.
and the principal t.K'kthtir p.'it.-t)s The
H'tMttds divested thetu of their out-ide cats,
white collars, an 1 other arf.-ie whi.-li mi.dit
be prominent t trir- ts, als.. , f their watches, !
and the coin in thier p-s kets One of the pieioiis of hi friends in regr-.rd t- his s;m
wcniels then read al. udtlio rule duello, lfy
which occui-ied a shi.'rt time. Mr Couhcr
th.-n addressv d the two , -i.t. .K it, taiio
he wished i; tv bi und- tmo. ! that he should
count "one, two," :,ft. r tl.e word - fire,"
after wliicli Lj woui l say, " st j .' i. . o -i
must be fired after that.
Purine this time th principals maintain
ed their t-ositsons. nnd listened with eomro-'
sure t.i tin se detail .Judge Trry s;s.id ' er in-law, Mr. Ib W". Lee, he ob-t r d two
with hi head thrown slightly back, looking policemen ou an o p site seat and whisper
toward his antagonist. Kaeii held a pis'ol 'd in alarm t. bi eotnpaiiioti that t'-ey
in his hand, po.nt.-d t the ground. Ilaeh were dogging his faits'ip liven when
was dre.ss.-d in black clothe and w..r a , 'he poMi-emeu h ft the c ar, Mr le nt p w a
slouched hat. Mr. ln d -rick stood erect, not at cis,. Hh ft'ispieioiis iininediatelv
but with his head rather iov n. The jmsi- J fell upon another passenger, who, he de
liot; of the two were somewhat ditVerent. ; clared, was a po'iei man m disguise. Thue
I . . . .1 .... i- ! . 1 a
r . , , J . .
,f... e .i .,r..l..- I 1
han 1 as cnleavr.ng to comply
with some rresciU'd directions rreviouslv
" some iircscoH-u oirecin
Pvt' v.. n t ,. i
his eves until the Wold was
. J.. . , f f
' given lain. ti.. t ,. j,e nll ,u-ia,.
riven to lire.
. - . . f i
I hl lfr"rt,un
I ,1;j0- wL-'urr' Mbboii replaced it
' :'""'"." f 1 erry. th, ugh he :t,-,mied
in i?e j t.i.-iie.-,i in motionless attitude, foon rtvovereo. ins a.-iioii ouruig oiuik r
was not one j .1 more thai of an irei-uervid , time were such hs to aroiis.. the anxiety of
man than was that of l!r.deiick. i his friend. During; the m. al, Mr. I.. upp
At a ipiaiter In-fore 7 Mr. Coulter pro i repuest-d his guest to remain iu h nis.- all
iiouneed the word. "Are you ready f" ! night, adding that he wished particularly to
"Heady," responded Terry, and "Heady" ! have a talk with him. As M r. I.i upp's mau-wa-
uttered by Un-d'-rick Immediately ; ii-rs were so Mngul ir and inexplicable that
afn r, "Fire, one, two," was pronounced in i Mr. Ci'k frit it hi duty to t. main
in i I rately ij ii.-k time. l!ro b rick raised j Aftr dinner Mr. I.euj p w. id up st ,ir-,
hi pistol, an i had scarcely brought it to an j and his daughters, with their ri. v h
an !. of f .rfv-five d. . Tees from its tlown- drew to another anarti! -td While ont'a-
IJjl" vai 1 po-itioii, vvhen, ovving to the d.-bcacy ged there in conver-.';- ., Mr l.-upp en
i ' ' of tiie liair trgg-r, it was discharged, the ball I tercd, hastened to his 1 igtht. r-, ni.br . d
entering the ground four pa- es in advance
ol him 1 erry tired a f.-w mutants later,
ti'.king d-'Iiberate aim There was a er
eeptible interval in the two reports. At
that instant Uroderiek was observed to clap
his left hand to his right breast, when it
was seen that he was wounded. I Io reeled
slowly to the t nt, and before the seconds
. 'xl'd To:iCl1 , lo ,!lC Pr,,u,"J. l'srfiW
! U il"nU'' xmlr ,1,m!.Ml" 'WS hw
"K , V" "l";" th ' nr-'r'" hU I'14"
t,,!' U''1''1 his l'a,"i.,ut JJ ""ve from
, m'
Hnnlerick's seconds ran to his
iid, and Dr. Lochr commenced to staunch
: th wound 'I he liiilh t etitr red iust f.,rarir,l
the wound.
. of 'hu ull'h anJ 1'J'1;-?,, as wai
under the left arm. lie was soon afterward
borne into town in his carriage. his friend wis at his Iif- was rpiit.-
I'revious to thi, Terry and his friends 'extinct.
hff th field, driving rapily into town, and J - - "
started at one from th n.-rth beach, where j Down with the Dot. The Cournr
a boat was waiting, and proceeded to Oak-1 Hints lints inf -rms us that au in
land, where they took a private conveyance ; genious lVm-h chemist at Lyon ha ju-t
to IJciieei.i. O i tle.ir arrival at Uetiecia , Lit upon mm xpodient whi h j.romi" to
they t -ok an overland conveyance toSacra- make thc"duty highway " as. hi ;j ,
no t;to j the past as the " blazin- hearth" ha Le-
Mr. llro-b-rick wa- tak u to the house of come tineo th roaring backlog; gave place b
I.ooMdas Haskell, at JiacK loint, where he
I 'a,.; .,. ..., uv. ...taiv a u.lll, nine. 11
V i" v'--t'"' 'eiring the day by hundreds of
lU ir"u'h- lU W:H uh 'nk 'J',rir:-
me ait. rriMin, our, t.wong ij io- wouti'i.-d
i n gt. I.;s articulation was generally in-lis- sj rinkling hy dro-chh rie acid on th- i.i o a
ari l uninf.. Uigibb- . datnized way. After a baj ti-m of thi o-.rt
Th- curresp indent of 7VV Cin- tnnnH the m rtnng, the soil of J'i o-c IVlh-c.iir
Tij.ts says that at '. ths(Mth) Mr. I trod- at Ljon, alihojgh very light and rav.ily.
.!i-ii breathed his laf. ' i loom an I s-o row is f mad at high n.sin to r. m:.in as sviid
p. r. ei-the w'o.'e Com tt. unity. Elagi are and moiht a if it had ji-t b-en abundantly
a? i.aif m t-t, union down The store arc watrd, and the wit.d fiili t . fm it
rvi n private hou-
: l-lhlic buillil
' .are hung and
g, ,nd
.ti tiiourmng.
!!::-action- ' TL infamous outrage of
the N. w York FJo.ard of Democrat i? 'iper-vi-'-rs.
-n ap"t:.fitig Hegi-tTs exebisivcly of
it- own I '.arty, ar .us r.a it ought, a wave
of p r ular iodignation in the County. The
M -nroe C. unty la-publican Convention a
! td the following Hs.!ufion:
7,Vcrr7. l int the rent s'lameftil rut-ri:-'
p- rp'tratrd by th DeniO'-r-ii Supervisor-
of the city f New York, in I?l:be-rat-lv
nrranging f r the nuMifk-afioR cf the
H"g 'rv Law and the perpetration of frauds
upon the ballot I- r, and the approval thre-
d by Dem-vratic organs, is an alarming
pfrj.b. t- wards a b.tal di-regard of all laws
which j M'ect tic citiz-n in his right", ar.d
baked and i-uni-Fie.I will substitute
I i..'3io -ritic rufiian rale f-r the , :'vernmcu,
found; d by cur fa'.Lcr?. Alb. Journal
Lristol church in order to hurry it into
closing a bargain ; borrowing a fchirt and
not returning it ; sermon
vert!ing for a wife whiJ
.i-i i;-;
A finewman, says the New York Post,
like a locomotive, drawa a train after her,
; scatters the pparks and transports the maila.
: favorably calculated t, in tk.' "t. - d
' of days.
I.'-ir t, r
Mr. t'harles M. I.eupp, : n f. : -ie leath
er merchant. Join-; bint:e t r f". ity -treef,
shot himself last evening", at ah i.t li.ilf-pat
six. at his residence iu the south. -a: ri 'T
i f M.idis n avetiu-? and Twenty tilth street,
lb' wa a ruin f nercu ai l excitable
temperament, atid ubj ct to ir.fi rvaN f
so ere met taldi pressioti For the pat f:e
or ix weeks these have increas. d in fre-
juency and hive been attended by tr.in.:e
halhieinatioiis, which had aroiw d the mis
Attiuns Mr. I.eujp fincie! that his
h.-use was unsafe, and would tumble d.in
on Li ln:id. lb' a!- faiiei. d that I: a
th object of s tm mt.-ri. is conspiracy,
in. l m one occas'u-n ii s;-,ted th..t t v oli. e
njeii were hid iu hi h us all t.ight to w.t -li
lis tnovemetit J Tut !t f..r h a .. wlide
riding down t uvn in the car w.ih Lis Lr th-
... I.t. - ... - 1 ... I I.. I ... I
.. . A . i
lo -J It.. I!. ..ii ii-.,t.t to. t .d .i f . h,- r.o. .
. tram. Mr. Leupp invite, h.m to join
, at the dinner table, and Mr Cook "'- d n,
. l.t tUa lot..r l.wei., nlrendy J.ned no rely
wt . -1-
if ale. I'ilhng it he jo-ularly
1 .1 I t.l t . .
1 l'nl"$ tl hnhh 'W" vt
responding, however Mr. I., u, p g;iZ,,l at
, h.m with a peeu liar 1-k. and .ho-.gh h
jtlieni wildly, and hurried away J. :t a few
i moments atter tins the discharge- o!
wat heard. Mr. Cmk ran up vf.air. and
found that Mr. Leupp had slct himself, :.n I
that death had immediate ly followed.
Mr. Leupp's bed notu is in th north a.-l
i corner of the house, atel is connected with
a dressin-pM.m, a:sn furnished with an ap-
paratus lor naming, in nu.s inner room
'"rete ,. r-
?n. L,s ,,ack'. .W1,,h:1 i uL.ltf ,'arr"1" '
lying acrosn his ls.y. It is supposed that
Mr. Leupp, while standing placed th muz-
zle of the gun against hi breast and touch-
ed the trigger with th ramrod The shot,
pan-d directly through his heart, and though
! it was but a minute after ine t port, before
: the black furnace hole in the Il.or. J Lit,
im" lll.tl b I UI lid. J llUiVJ 111 tUV 11. Ml. M liin
expedient has already boon tried with great
: 1,1 Uv "f t,,c ,ea',!U ''t'-r;.s
,t tb Inge nty ot Lyons it c. n-isi in
th. lirie du-t whi- h -. the JI
f all great cities in h -t w. a?
oi p!.io:j
it appear to b- !i ee.-ary t.,.it :i. rippbrali n
nhould l-j very often io.' d. ; ;i.i i
ougly etturati d wilh lie- w. th-- ;:round
shown each morning very much tic- fnu. !.-.
antl neatness which follow a h-'ar fr t V.
eannot at this moment wail ti.e r.-im of
any leading politician iritiiicity who i en-
gag' 1 in tbr; cLHiicul Liie- but if there bo
any su -li person among our mast r-and ru
ler, vc would humbly suggest t ru the
possibility of a g -'I j l f r himself ?- the
re.-u't ' f a t icc-.-.-f j! cxprrimi-nt with thi
new artificial rain. Such a j ,b vould in
deed have peculiar advantages f r the job
Jr. Tormented as we are with filthy str'-tts,
the man who can jut our du.-t down literally,
may be that nobody will object to our com-
g figuratively down witn the di: t lor Lim.
Tw Shari-s. An old man pi -k- 1 up
. - . .1 - .1 ... . . 1
Coknccticct Election. The Town
on stealing, and ad- fceJns were heel on Monday They re
ile hi, third one was , T? rb!j f,r -the L-ubiicans
tLan ever netore. t jui 01 i"oion iin
from, the Ilepullicans v. ere tuceef-sful iu
' G., the Administration in '.'. and in the
balance the result was cither divided or oi l
j not depend upon j-olitics Alb. Jour.

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