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r— —- -i' .t'tr*
i. \ i K.i i’ i i iir.K'N M-nvs.
Anita! of I in l ]}rill;niiii.
France is, still the theatre ofcom-tldi-r.
• Hie confusion. A report was spread in
the course of (he sitting of the National
Assembly on theSth inst., that the police
were in search ol a high personage, ar- !
lived in the morning at Paris hv the dll- ■
igence from London. From informa- j
tion believed to he correct this per-o,uage i
has been arrested. The personage here I
alluded to is the Prince dc Joinville.
Prince Louis Napoleon i; niuler-iooii ;
to be in tor Paris, lie will probably oh
tain three returns besides that at the rap- I
ital. The government of course will not
dare to molest him.
The European Times dales that “the |
resignation of Lamartine and Ledru L’ol 1
lin was openly tallied of in P.ui-'. and;
suspicions are expressed that Laio.iriino ;
was a party to the movement ol the ]. r ;h j
of May. Cm:.' id i re, late Prefect oft in' '
jt’oliee, ( barge ; Lamartine with Iriviri-/'
supplied tho arms’to Soul.riere, v. liich I
enabled him to get up tin* eoiiMiiraev. i
Lamartine’s friends all allege that I.i |
aim was by making n popular demon
stration to avoid a collision in I he sir
of Paris, M I'idvrs is reported as not |
unlikely (o supplant Lamartine in w;-
The Repeal Association and Orange
Confederation have at last IValerni/.i il.
A new society to he composed of tied;
members of Loth these bodies is to he I
formed. Ji i- to assume the style and 1
title of the hi. h League,
it is to he managed by a committee ,
chosen from the members of both the I
late societies, and to agitate (he question ; '
of repeal bj constitutional means, alone . j
Doubts are entertained by many whether i
such materials as the proposed league 1
will contain, ran work harmoniously to- 1
gather for any length of time.
The government have not yet made I.
any move to re-endict Mr. Smith O'lJricii 1
ami Mr. Meagher. Sympathy for Mrs. j'
Mitchell and her children is still ex
pressed, and the funds collecting in their
behalf are daily increasing. j
The 1 ri-h Confederation have \ rued a j
very strong, and, to say the truth, disaf- j ]
fee ted address to the people of Ireland, j
The billowing is among the more impor
tant passages. The address is signed by
f-'inith O’Wfien. : 1
“We will not conceal from the Cov j i
eminent that nothing hut the most siren ,
nous exertions of our council prevents;
the outbreak ol an insurrection. Last
Week thousands of brave men had re sol- 1
veil that .(olin Mitchell should not h ave , ;
the Irish shores, exoept aero- llieirdead ;
bodies' . |
Ktiglatstl j'
Trade has been slightly depiessod during
11.0 lasi week, owing to the revival ef j o
i.licaljagitatioii both in England and Ireland I
anil,a less favorable tendency in die .mni- i
nental advices. Tin- produce nnnkels
Lave been It s. Lnoyanl. holders are i.ill.ei I
’ unxious to realize and purchase, eunsoquetii- 1
ly a declining tendency. There is aim ;j '
Luther decline in the value of cotton, and J i
the sales arc limited. j j
Tho present aspect of commend il ulfahs | |
<mi the Continent continues dull and unsul- i
isfacloiy, but in some respects, a slight in;- ' c
proveroent is perceptible. Thera is a fur- ; I
(her increase in lire supply of money, and I i
lire rate of interest tends downward. ! ,
Death of Judge Archer.
We are greatly pained to he called on
to announce the death of the lion. Sr :- A
x nxsoN Aaciii'.ii, < hief Judge ol the I!is!i I <
Court of Appeals ol Maryland. Jl<•
•riled on Monday morning, at his resi
dence in Harlord county, alter an iilm ,
of about (wo weeks, which, from it:--: 1
violence at the commencement, left but i
little hope n| his recovery. i
The death ol Judge Archer is a great; ,
public loss, and will be fell with pec,ii-| [
liar force by bis associates on (he bench. [ •
void the members ol the bar generally,'!
i>y whom he was beloved and respected • {
tor his high l- gal attainments, his learn- i
• (land lucid opinions, his constant cour- 1 ,
i esy, Ids generous and social fluidities of
Lead and heart, and by hi- faithful dw- '
charge ofdiity. lie strove to He, in all i
Iris Judicial relations, an upright ray ,;
and never did any man nun ■ truly i
lahlisll Ins right to that ehuraeii-r than he 1 ,
did, in his long service on the bench ofi'
the Highest Court of the Slat ■, which he .
adorned and illustrated i.-y his learning ■
and his virtues.
it will he lor others, his associate* on !
the bench and the members ol 1 1 1 ■ • bar, to ;
propose some pronertribute to bis mem
ory. It is only for us to lament, ns v.v
do, his death us a public calamil •..
Hail. Vi.l. I
77i,0 Iht Tf'i I‘nuii l —At r i.in
ner in New Orleans, given in December t
last in honor of Oenefal 'J’avlor, he i ■
ponded to a compline i.lary -■■ntiment '
bv (leclaring“that the joy and i xuit.ition
of the greatest victories w-m always rt
ter the heat and excilgment < i t ! i■ • : "; A■
succeeded by feelings of poignant nor-;
row and pain; and war, alter all, was a !
great calamity, and his the greatest glorv 1
who could terminate il ”
'fur; Vv as-iiincto.n I’xiox says ofihu t’u,
ca Convention dial llio whole spectacle is
offensive and disgusting. Well, die Davn
burners say the same 11 1 iusr of Hie Italdninrn i
Convention, so there is a “pair of sperm- i
■Akoi.iiion \otk-. " —’l mw Wabiington
1 nioii prates gamdousiv {it the V\ idg and
Abolition vole as synonymous, and that in
the very paper i lieu- it ;.vc..ds dm pro-1
•’codings of die ureal I.hSa-j Al".iaio:t
Convention at 1
■ Cjv.. t - 1
B-liLSSTiKV, •lid.
Saturday Juh i IS4S
-1 rvMrow.;-v;vr.anaww. vaamn, .Witi
lf/iijs JS'omi w li i-.
Foil Pur.- o vr
REN. ilaliv TAVIAR.
I’m; Vin; Prt:-i hunt
j ;voiuro.vjii* ) j: rr * • >Tvt>*rv T r -r, m
U e want to do all we cun for' (leiieral j
i lay lor and the \\ I; *■ c ticket generally;!
■ so v. e make Ihe follow ing pro) isiti n
; Uv '' ill tun Idi f.i • t i.eii. Wsi |i-to
I no'.v until alter the l’n < , . ! Jc-ft
itom w ; 1.,., cribeis in clubs id ,n, or mo:e ;
j at/;//.; cents each, ca ll ia ;uivan; e.
\\ e intend to iiia'.eil • ;;i I i:i the ,
i e;.u .e us we can, and otir irieml.. .
" ill rand us >n a great many name: at j
the above rates,
j SnLsi-ril.se, gi.-ntleir.en. for vonrrelvc.s t
am! have it sent to yom friends who take 1
C/cocv ■■ —Kerne ofmii' I.:-ndsof* 11*.* leenttf.-e !
irc it ft! ciii Gliiclliiif hunts ol i liOllil-'S lf.nn'2’.i v- j
lor over to C ’.isr?. \V(>. (.Link tJ, ( * tyj>cs mtisl have
ir*l ii.vfisril som;• how, I’.ir our *inl<n i itioii on
ilts sitl jocl Jc'.'hlh ns to Lclicvo llni arc ;
li:c oil:ii r way. StiH, tills is a free cniintn, nn.i
rr • y ihoy loave, we lioj ■ y may
itO allowed t- ;;0 ,sr I'f JV'-c
Fi V'Tlio vnnnrfthln FutLer KilHiio oftlie U' !
n a (.a - his luiiit!?? Full, just now'. Ho hns xlopt
nblthiiiir Hen. 'l’a v |.>r H*r a wliil.*, tr i. • tide i‘ h’s
I minor Isaviiipr Jleon turned toward M,*. Martin
\’a 11 I’.nren. I let w ■•) Ilp I .a: i.leirnt :s, :i rid t hosts
nt hiHjnrty who i// vole tvf lien. 't yi>r, he h
in a jiceL of tron!;lt k.
Wo cor.timio to iceeiv e lurae mim
boiscdiicw snhcciiheis. Our friends liave j
uiir lliauks for the iiitciest they lake in be-)
half of Tho V. Ids', t'i e e.io, for tin! earn, i
)>aigii at the head ol dii-; columti.
T’iiit I’lioM'ia is. T'no pn-spe,-;-; of'i'uy-!
lor and 1 Plmore, so Jar as wu enn judyo
from lie* inlcLie.ence which reach u
llirongh oniT'Xebaiige.s tiom every . uaiter
~,... , , ’ i
ol tin; t nii.n, aro emnundy di 'er.iig. In ;
I lie I’ o 11 11 i e 111 .-lati-s'llm imminadon i■■ r ;v 1
e.l with an enllmsiasm which is sweep’,i,;;
over them all like bro over a praiie. .In !
ihe West d;u T.r, l.ir -)iu 11 jirevails ulsolo!
a svaieely less oxuint, a.cl llnuuh the ,v■ iunit•;
bn'.'id a lew Kail leal (who would have
bet-a ju-A a-, ii.. v iiu : .Mr ( i.e. I .-en noni
is hoard, it r lapuliy d) lug away
and in ils woi-st s'ale n was mine than met i
by the Inn i ale -..: me Crowds who \v; e i r-li I,
mg <o II." standard ol Idd Rough and ilea- I
dy’ ftoni tiie raiil ol locolueoism.
1. 1 i!e‘ Nm :keiM ft.n. ", there tin* a few ,
demnnors to the nomlas'.liM of Taylor, bn! ,
more on the opposite party as ,ur-1 the nnm | .
ina'inn ol ('a-s. Tie Wbiu- of Now I’nv- 1 •
land are rat■> iou:. ’ ■ . a:.il.ird |
ol our iiomiiiL't s. and tinn 1 who cavil, and i,
I ’
talk of S' 'lltliern i’ittaciiee. f.c, aro re minded [ ;
that although in 1 '.lt', the :!i in oo ,ivu ■ 1
;i>or stood by Mr. Clay in eleven btdlolings. '
and .ns. not;; ive ono vi to to I.! cue. a I ] larri- !
sun, yyi when tiio nomiiiatio i w as n.a le, ev | j
c.v:- mtheiM Whig went nobly for tho old .
General w.de.mt ask in ;• wlioie ho was from : ,
wlielhor from a slave Slain or a free one. i
And nobly di I licy support him. Ken'nc- i (
ky Ms ( ;,j '.s own Si.ite j ave iiiin la.iicu !
me j, and M.iiy land. N." ('arolinn, Tcnnes-'eo 1 (
Gcoreia, Lmii-.„na aad M. s-ippi. gave
him a be. ter si.ppe. than they over gave a| ;
Sonllieni man. The " laei.s aio p.esonted
to the an'n slavery men, and appeal 1 ;
rounded on ii. rn eaniKU be in vain 1 .
The no. nation ol Mr. Van i'n.c.". lil .j ,
i uiic by li)G i•tu'iiburnsi'Sj Lives i!:• • vuirj ■ ! .
! ii le. nil h
11..,' J jhi • ''ii 1 iieve is i. . j
i v l!to locol’ocos. ho that a fyctM’.al vlow 1 ,
i 1 1.; to the h i Mill-' 'f 11.0 lio’.o ol’ liiiona Vi.s‘si !
ami *os 1.1. .1. ov.iy liu.icc ih it on ii. ;j \
•lit at hi0..0 ,1 !.. A..V ■;, 1 M‘ :. 3\‘, he wi.i ,
.... I
_ . I
, . ■ ... Witjj iliU - ........
s . ■ i'l 1 iiO
; Tm le ; r. ,i: . : jecls In dm 1 '
\ ni“ j!.x>y Oi’ lis*<iii tipi *■ ..nit ..li* V ass. j
1 \vi:l ilo h' o.v • .1. Vi.o Va.gs cousailt j
1 j I'evci. : i in beta's than eore.
: 'j'i'i: i'o..r: roi.n ( ...
, mm 1 , ii .di be ciui.lidato Cass ..mi h... live '
; is, I! m•! n, kill- Ft le, liiig mid |
a. 'J ~e ji;u...;u. n's aie lhal (j.i v.'.l! j
i ■ ;,. c n:a. ..;J ab av., \an lj a
jrvu'ui 1- di.
A vs. 1 1, A;ni, 1 1 . iI. i loros protest dial j
i leu. Tavlos 'vus in maia’C.l simply on die
■ ' *■ :■ ..I in. u liibili Iy. tic i. t ass was iinli..-
i ■,t’ d i die n.n ml of bis parli/un snl.soi
i ieary—and simply on that M.urc. W.neli
; attitude is lie.) best'
f ian . pr.ii n.v to < aaa.y/e and i '
a / .Mr. Vun /.‘fiii'ii ■ . ;ic i Ic't a ; ■ ay.
I Timl le tor lias cm up die I nimi dic.ullolly.
■ ‘‘ieeme and nii .at.suict.a . a lliu c la ,
seems , > think it. - '
A M:i.it.\t. Tn i.isi,— Vim m!v Itvr
Genera - 'ho locos arc a Ira id of are General
T i'. end Gcueiul Result
• i ■ .... Ain •
For The Cecil Whig*
The SExettslivt*.
Jt'illiinorc, June 2ii, MS -
Mu. Editor:—Our government is one
of“checks and balances ” The different
departments have each their allotted
j task nicely delined by the Constitution,
land on its legitimate exercise that con
| stilutbm mu: t stand or fall, 'i bis is a
|/rand but delicate feature in our reprt-j
. "illative system. Jf the obligation of;
rejiresentive to ennstitneiit beheld sa
cred, and the administrative functions be
de charm il by v. i-dom and integrity, the
n.dimi mu t move on harmoniously as
ebi k-work; but when the constitution is
1 r.imjdcd on uy an unwise administration
■cr wilful t'lipitude, we n lapse into a
j w. i' e state than despot ism, b cause hav
! iia: on lb" vi rv of heaven to serve the
i devil in.’’ AL’.-rule is a great curse to
, ' nv ■■ \ eminent with "ranted or implied
I p iwers, an !v. i:! seriously endanger it >
j exist; nee; much more so in a Republic, j
; where ils effects are doubly dangerous,
rand abiding, Cur constitution once do I
; liberately hr d.n, i virtually torn into
: fragments, and applied ns fin 1 to the pil-
Ibus of State. The ranke; I despotism that
i evi rdefaced earth will have power and
j a degree of prosperity, if the reign- ;
ling authority is not made to transcend
: the limits mark: d out by general *xpec-;
tat ion and the popular will. Let our ru-(
lers inver.-.o this principle hy garbling'
! for sell: Ii aims the glorious charter which
"inanated to 'in the A meric,ui people, and
tin xv 1 1 icli the li .p . vi that people are
grounded, and the government is fit only 1
as a football forkings. This clanger is
greatly enhanced by an error common
j to tin' people in till" country, of reposing 1
too much confluence in our public, men.
I We are delighted with our beautiful .-ys
[lem of r"pri ' enlalmu, — we look round
on our field ; and find tb in ripc •.villi har
vest frail, —v.v see our children coining
io manhood beneath (be shade of Acade
mies and (lie music of tiief burch-going 1
bells, and the; e make us i e! secure, while
at ibe same time a corrupt Executive
may be paddling with monkey grin over
the people’s gold, or biding beneath the;
mantle of vaunted honor, the bloody!
;C"ptre of' ambitem. The Executive, 1
I."gi.d 1 1iv and .Indicia! demirlmenfs, i
. liouM each w.iUli 1 1 1 ,• other, and the
p" ipla :bonld critii illy watch them all. 1
Willi" it tbi cun "native feature wind ,
is our government but an organized an
j ■ t wle n the Whig parly saw tit to ; !
enquire into the constitutionality of c.t-j
tain acts done by the Executive during,
the war with Mexico, they Were laughed , 1
at am! branded as traitors. Laugh j'
while Congress and (lie people arc throb i 1
tied almost to death by the greedy fin-
ii ers of James K. folk. Laugh I while!
■ '
the American flag is wet with guilty
blood, and trampled in the dust by the,
iron shod feet of war-horses. Laugh 1 *
while you are changing the government
into a v.’oiv. r of , lirmuls and a builder j;
of coll:-is. If lb!- e • H qniiiiicanisiii, we
can find a heller charter by groping a-j •’
niong Hi e rotten pigeon holes of Asiatic
ib" \ otism.
.1 am gl ad the whips have taken a ib- |
(tided stand on tiiis subject, 1 am g!a:l
.hat even amid the uproar and smoke of
batti". they took council tog. th ; for the 1 ‘
Nation’s good. Thu repeated acts of in
' 1 . j
justice by the pi ";. ib \dininis!r.ition in
the exerci e of the v go power, has pro- ;
yoked it and Ll ■ : 'lit down i;a rited tils-! <
0 ace on their ow .In . ils. Their b ider i
•Hvr pi in tii ■ ;o!i l: ; of Ins own origi- ;
nality,” bid defi.mee to ! mgiVM, only t..
■ ••!< for, a ‘f.o',l,p, re|s,italionat the tan-1
nun's i..jutb.” I’.' : chon, Improve- ;
ment, law, a , or , r, were drowned by i
II deep roiling drum, and the heavy jar!
of preparing cannon. Tin; i’r. .
like a S"C mil Nero, i, blled gaily on hi- , 1
In airt rings while tbs capital was 1
crui.ibling down piit.u* by pillar. What 1
gp-aier provocations than these could be
asked for, to create in the soul a resolve j
■I ver lo iv fail” until the (foihs and
vk.tid,.;; are driven out. and til,- oil of,
pea. / and gladm p air 'd plent-o’i dy '.
over the land. '! !i ■ \\ lugs have taken
th at r, -or,e. They are determined the •
eoia liUiliuii .-ball do its p rfect work, un
trammelled by political intrigue. They
; are d termined to bury tlie sword deep
jin tl.e earth, rml plant an olive-branch •
over its rusty blade. Through this salu
tary influence the country is cheered in !
advance by returning hope. Already I
lit lo im an 1 shuttle quicken their mo- .
, lion,.— 1 .!, workman's j-ndegrownbright
"i’~the’ farmer roils out larger volumes!
of smoke from his eve ling pipe, and the I
busy mart thunders with reviving trade.
Let me ask you, readers of Tile Cecil!
j A big, if you favor the.sentiments i have
; > feebly expressed* For whom are
1 your vote.- to be east in November next*
) ' i
• •• •> - -r~z z vr /on rrfrßujUk'winvr - ,•
j fan you give them to Gen. Cass, who
j has repeatedly declared his attachment
ito the party in. powert Every vote cast
I for such a man, would be a veto upon j
the prosperity, honor, and integrity of
the Union. AVi 11 jounot rather give
them to Gen. Taylor, who comes before
you bound with no rusty shackles, but
free to consult your own well-being and
j that of your country* I anticipate the
i answer. All American patriots are!
moved by one pulse, and that beats (rue ;
to the hero of Buena Vista. This march j
10 the highest office in your gift js cer- i
fain, and though no flourish of drum and !
trumpet announce his advent, a well
earned civic glory will light his foot
steps through the hearts of men. More
anon. E. C.
irrer K nranvr*
I\r The Cecil Whiff %
Cluiltom Jc\ j: 20. 18-18.
Mr. Editor.
• 'la the tun; npproicliort for llm !
election of;i itl’ Tor (V:cil C’ounty, ii imiy not !
I’fl uniisd lo ask our brother \vhir in the (’cun-1
tv. not to forjjft (vvi.iV !u>kinir around /I>r nMii
-1 table c tudihilu !•-. r (hit. otti.e,) tin* ciu ims t'lic
I’irsl I.liMt.uti Di.-lrid. Wc; Itavo among 1 us i
j many ’..cotl ami true wliipv, who hnvo always {
i iloiu* their duty when vol iri tr whs to ho done, who
1 nc-vn linked, recciv-d, or e.vjt;rtpd office, but who
'in -V now think the} old Im t tit led to
| the nominal i fi, and more to the lull support op
■?i c* pnrly m tin? County, which the first dislrit t
it as a !.- a v ; it to every candidate prearnle j
to hcr'hv tho NVhiir Convention. ! would on I !
1 a.-k (an any man now living l p ll when we had ft I
\\ h.;m candidate lor that oliico, who rusidrd in j
tho Hrst district. Vn'l'liP.-
UpHit’slic Stems.
I 'i itc Ir fi ith r iiml the. crops. — We bare!
had a great abundance of rain lately, which
I ha* been again?/ fie harvest operations
■ of tho farmer, but a! the same lime has more
| than counterbalanced that evil by the great
.■ .vaiilug" it has been to the growing crops"
Tho Wheat lias generally been boused or
Macke 1. and the crop is a full one—the corn '
fields abound with promise, and bay and i
oats will bo nmcli more abundant than last I
„ i
i tjj fi ,!in::n:n'c. — Tho Cadets of
Tempniaiu'O in Miktou have been organized
little more than two n ecks and already mini 1
ber upwards of thirty, witli a jirospeut of a I
large increase.
•S' .. . if Temper:me. —The E'.kton Di
visoa of the Sons of Temperance, number
about, fifty members.
F.liiir.j'Uin Singer;. —Mr. Trevor’s band I
ol niinsli'cls performed here two evenings
Ibis week, and we believe their concerts
we re very vatisficlory in those who enjoy
negro melodies! The band were much
more icspeelable in appearance ’.ban most
of tho wandering singers who pass tins way. '
Sf . . CJusifl —We have been requested
to late that the Shores in idlkton will be eio |
sed on Tue-day next the dill inst.
d ‘Mr. Ca-bo, builder, is nu oo’g for-j
ward rapidly towards completion, Air.-.. Hol
lingsworth's r.ew Haase, nt F.lk Landing,
which is being creeled in lbs stead of the
i.ne destioyed 1 y lire during the winter.
It will be a rplendid residence.
4tfi of July Celebration
The following rcgelalions, and erder nt
c.xciciscs, for the cetobr.uion of the Anni
versary of oar National liidopeiubmcp. on
the ilb inst., by Ibe Jiiklon Division nt me j
hons of Temperance, and the viuion-t lb
visions and friends of the cause who may'
join them, have been adopted.
Chi'J Mum! i V. Ricketts.
Ai<‘ —i. :oc!i fi a neb, i..f in end ib owa Jr.
T..e Division to meet at their Room at:
!;.d! p,..,l b o’clock, on Ibe morning of the ;
I'icre.ssion lo j-t.i; t ior the grove at In.
0 eioi'k, preceded by a Hand of music en-i
gaged for (lie oeeasinn.
Arrived at the grove. William Torberl]
11 ; . j resident of die day. will call the i
iiioeiing I" order, when the ether necessary
oilier i-s will be appointed.
The exercises will cvmmcnce by singiug
an appropriate hymn.
PaaTna —Uy Lev, Jlr.-Molntire,
Mi/ le.
H 'id big of the Declaration of 1 '.(dependence I
by Andrew Me.lntiro Jr. Esq
I’ncscNT.vnox (/' Tin: finer j
I’.pscnicd i'V die l.adips of Elklon a d. vi-
I'iniiy. bv dip bands i.t lb" Rev. Air. Elliott,
io die Klkton Division of Sons of Tempe
.ai'co, itecpivp.i on the part of the 1> i vision ,
by I’. t’. Ricketts.
Okatii'X. —fy Jitim Cooley, Esq.
Ml Ml .
'.'"n ■ Aia Tirss'.rs. —V.v All . Wvi'.'lil,
rf ibid orp Mr Riggs of 1 le.lnw.ire, and if,
min’ - ui!- 1 v Mr. Wi liner of Port Depcs- i
it. Up Mr. Elliott, and others.
in will bn prepared on ibe ground I
by AD • - urge \V. Veils, and nt die proper j
boa. exorcise--, will be suspended for the
pnip a if dining.
S _inl Commiileoß will receive tlielti-,
, vl.-i.-,"- mi other plncpa as they arrive,
1 A: : einck for abnnl dial hour') a pre
! Pl> o.,i. , ; V" formed and rnarebod tbrongli j
; .Ri. i . The point of disbanding, and i
i „the mgemeios that may be necessary.!
1 will ' ' d'.ed on die day.
| \. "ns will bo allowed to so'l any kind of
p ; -.'.is on o’- near die ground ojccopl |
V l(> ';:v's and It i;ll J -
I . . lev ol the Di vision
Tims. C. Ciiorni,
I’. (d Rickktts,
\V i. II Eu.iott.
( 'ommitlcr. \
1 i
The Louisville Journal of the 20tD inst
Some busy Locofocos are telling about
town, that Mr. Clay lias written a letter
; or letters, expressing dissatisfaction at the
nomination of Gen. Taylor by the Whig
Convention. All such statements are
falsehoods and base slanders on Air.
c *ay-
Gi;.v. Taylor, in Fi.onuul — The fol
lowing extract from a report of opera
tions in Florida, made by Con. Thomas
S. Ji‘sup, then as now a supporter of the
Loco Fuco Administration shows the es
i timation placed upon Gen. Taylor’s mil
j itarv services and talents before he be
! came the Whig Candidate for the Presi-
I deucy:—
Washington City, July (i, IS3S.
* * * “Gen. Taylor was di
rected to proceed from Tampa Ray, open
a road in nearly an eastern direction in
to I ho heart of the country, established a I
I road at Reuse Creek, another on the Kis- j
| siinmee ai;d attack the enemy ill that
1 quarter. ]lu came up with the enemy:
| on the doth of .December, attacked them,|
. mul in roe rflhc"hrsl fmigkl wtinni known lu i
; our hisloni pained ti lomph.li' ritloni, though
I with a great Joss of o/licers and men.” |
(icKSTIoss. —A correspondent of the Ibd-j
liniore I’atriut,* propounds to the editor of
ibe W ashing Uni L iiion the (allowing i\npor
I unit qiiesiious
J si. Difi no; Gen. Cass, whilst Indian A
gen,l uecinniiialed a large Jbrrurie!
: L’d- Was mil said lorlimo made by the
i purchase of’ lands out of bis proceeds as
| Agent.
flid. Did not John C. Calhoun, then
Seerfelary of War, relnso to accredit or pass |i
(ho accounts of ibu said (Jen- Cass.
■till. Did not Con, Cass, whilst tillin.zr the
station of Secretary of War, pass tho ;;e
--ctmiit.s of General Cass, Indian Agent?
i I such facts be proved; would they not '
go to show. that (fen. t-'ass the nominee ol
i the loeofoco patty, lias enriched himself by 1
| passing accounts of his own, which ibe jin-;
| honest, and laitlifnll servant o! Ibe Repub- \
j lie, John C. Culbonti, considered as illegal? i
; The people should examine tills mnttei
I thoroughly, AMICUS JDsTITIE.
MnHU av jam ;tk.w
We invito aitor.licu to tli
1 brief paiUL'raph fioni ilih Now Vork K\-;
• pri’.-.s. a paper ilml earuoally mul ably &u p- j
| purler! M r L’lay:
1 Tin: Allison Limthu of Gknkr ai. Tav* :
i on, i-j one of Hit* most beautiful exhibi
tions of pure Whig principles, that any wu
• tor lias ever pul forth, Uis our erred enn
! solidaie.! in a low words. licomprisos thai;
for twenty years wo have loen st j
lor—and it it wero the only letter from (.Jen.
Taylor, nola fJ'liig coald*li -p a word ayaiiiol;
Hovgh and Heady Chdi <—\ club has been (
0 ijurii/ed by'lhe if Wilminijtoii mi
lder the above name. Tho following gen
| tlonien have been elected ollleers.
President—Kv.\n C. Sd tfsi ntliig.
! Vice Presidents—C'lnules Warner, .hmio* :
j itlnrdock, jr 9 . Iv.iward (j. liradloril. Xeuas
| J. (Jla/ier, Ih- J. W. Thompson, ileeoid
i ing Secretary—Johii’A. A llderdlee —(Jor
: responding: Secretary—Ed wind CEbbons. I
Tie a.• are r—Denjarniii S. Clark.
A eon rspandeiil if' the N- V. Express, i
writing irnm Wushingion snvs:
“Mr Van lliueirs Idler, and tins position.
lof bis fliends. is deemed an unpardonable |
cfl'enco among U.o Democracy hto at the
I capital. Tho wrath does nut übato, an i the
| organ fore-slnldinvs Du', a faint idea in'the
! line slate of public opinion. Tin .e nm\
In: s one disalieelion among Ihe W rigs Die
| iio’diing like ibis bus been seen before wiili i
| any party. The I.ocol’oeos look aleaelipob
ier amazed and wonder xvha. 11 all means. |
I.New Voik is roundly uhnsed. aid men of D
■ IDu dominant parly aileel to le mote puz
zled than ever ovei ilie fiehoofof ooldieian' 11
,u the Empire Slate. ’’
Col. E. D. linker nas bei’U nominal' I
i tor Congress uy the M bigs of liio Sixth Dis
jliict of Illinois, and will sweep ibe district.
I Sivm.vn yi’wiru tiu: Sk,.;. —In niiio it
' i? said that when a Loeofoco is beard of Wlio
is disposed in boll on Cass, an otiiee holder ;
i is sent to ntieml lo him, and they call it sit
ting ■ J) v. ilb tl e: i< k!” Tho ••sieknoss” is
spreading to a fearful ex lent, and the grunt
lest alarm is felt among ibe office holders '
| les llicir shall not be “well ones enough to
' ;ukc euro o! the invalids!'’
I ‘ im; Nahon.u. S ak.iiimr iloisn.—
I’hß expression applied to die Diiln lelpbia
; Convention by tho editor of the Tiibnno
I si ims lo atlracl liio alieiition of llie l.oeos.
i'iio lerm was probably suggested because I
the result "f that Cotivenflou bus ueen and i i
wili eonlimie to be, the killing off of a vast I ;
mimber of Ic-of' eas
j Ax A mom.—bold.’' says a western ed | ]
I ile.r wuh digniliod empiiasis,-I bold it. as a .
il-evident principle, that no man should |
mice n newspaper three eoiisecniiva years]
wiibout at least making ai apology to the j
I editor lor not paying for it.”
Florida. — I’bo Floiidu loeofocoa demur 1
iio tho iiominalion ol Cass. The Jackson-
I viflojVews denounces it out and out. Fiori!
da is the scene of one of ( ion. Taylor’s i rim
paigns, and will probably give him her
I vote.
Adjocrn.mknt of Conukbss. —Tho .Va
| tloiial Intelligencer thinks the term of the
present session of Congress is in a fairway ;
1 toex'eiul itself into the month ol August, it
| not of September. Tho bailie of the I’resi
! deucy is like to occupy much ol tho ro
• mainiug time,
I'anii.R and Son ' —ll is one of the oddi
-1 tics ol the Utica Conveution, dial Martin
| Van Ruien and bis sen John, were both
j Candida es before ibe caucus at the I'tica
Convention. The lather received (Ui voles!
the son o If the father resigns John enn !
j uiko the uomiuutioii.
rr„-.—3 I — wyii.wnu i C.-.T. I ■ M*>r - ~ •- T
vuon iwtaiio
New Orleans June 22, 1818.
( The Steamer Palnaclfc> arrived yesterday from
j Vera Cruz, bringing dates lo the Ittih from that
Mr. Sevier left Mexico on tho 12 instant, ami
was expected to arrive m Vera Cruz on the 19th.
On ins arrival the Custom will be given to the
A conspiracy had been formed at llm Capital
t<- overthrow t he government, and assassinate all
favorable to peace, but had boon detected. They
were to he headed hv Paredes and llarata.
i All the American troops were expected to
leave the capital on the 23d insi.
1 [Telegraphed for the Baltimore Sun.]
New York, Juno 28—12 M.
mu. v,7.v nr it kx’s .icukptanck.
The lion. Marlin Van Huron lias formally nc
' cepted tlm nomination of the i’arn burner’s Con
vention as their candidate for the Presidency.
Van Hcrev’s DisxiNonsiiKn Ciiaracteris"
tics. —Tho New York 'J'ruc Sun, a democrat! 0
paper, supporting what is termed too ‘Hunkers 1 *
in a severe article against Mariam Van Huron
defines his characteristics as follows:—“Mis course*
j is deplored, principally, because it reveals Ins own
■ otter mi worthiness—proving the truth of the old
i federal charge, against tho farce of which, every
; w here, the democratic presses and orators have
i struggled for years—viz: that Mr Van llurcn’
J distinguished characteristics are selfishness and a
propensity fur intrigue.”
(Y\V AN!) IJoTTS FOR TaYI.OR. Tllfl JjUriFll
nf (-'ommereo bus authentic; information Hut
) Mr. (day is abonl to give! in his adhesion to tho
nomination of Cloneral Taylor, and call upon
I Ins frionds to enlist under the'Paylor limner.
, Mr. Hot is has staled that this is Mr. Clay’s do
• icnniinilimi, und there could ho no better author •
1 ity than this- Mr. Hotts will himself, it is said
j soon '*omo out with a letter addressed to llm
i Clay Whigs of V irgmia, in which he will give
j reasons for coming finally into the Taylor eur
| rent.
A R\meai. Partv. Tho Carrot Smith parly
i take /he ground that slavery may he abolished
hv Congress, in both Stales and Territories. It
I goes lor free soil; an inalienable homestead; a
! gainst the liquid license system, secret societies,
I tfee.; Hi*' nni\eisal snfiVnge—females included;
i for low postage, the election of postmasters, and
all other ofiicials, and against government inter
il'.rence, in support of schools, making roads, or
; doing any tlimg else that the people can tie with
out such aid. This is covering all the disputed
topics of tiie day.
i Kenri ik y I • >S. .Senator. A despatch lo
i the Pat riot announces that l*'.\-Cioveruor More
-1 1 cad, has been appointed 1 . S. Senator from
Kentucky in ph.ee of.Vr Crittenden.
; Pkvnsvev am a. Tho whrgg of Huller eoimlv
(have iioni mated for Congress, Ceo. W. .Smith.
In Washington e unity the loeotbeos have noin
i mated for Congress, Cuh Win Hopkins. John
i /,. Daw son. loco, and Charles Ogle, whig, nio
: the candidates in the district now represented by
.7mlrew Stewart
-1 (Iks - . T.w ion’s Oumovs. NT r. Weed Iho
' editor uf the Albany Evening .lonroal, s.ivs that
he knows.’from the must unquestionable author
-1 iry, that (len. Taylor is decidedly and uneqniTo*
callv opposed lo any act or movement of tov
j eminent in favor ofiho extension of slavery.
V\ mr. Mf.eti.vu in Ni* w V oc.k. —\n immoPßo
' Whig Jlali/ic;. I ion Meeting was held on Tuesday
evening, in front ol National //ill, New York
'city, ./nimalmg speeches were del vered hv
j Messrs. Dayton, of New .leisuy, Ogden Holfman,
! Thayer, and others, during which the enllmsi
| asm was tremendous. Kesidntions ratifying llm
, nomination of Con, Taylor, were read and timid
nmcii applause, li is estimated that 20,000 per
sons were present.
. \n.7mei;u.w Frenchman.—Mr. KaSUh, |of
the firm of Theron and Mai Marti, French impor
ters,] of New York city, who visited Pari non
{business a short time ago, has been appointed
predi • I (•func oft lie de/iai'liiiun Is of France, with
a salat yof It),000 francs, between and
*>B,ooo per annum.
I HuiriMi Tyrawt—'The latest act to exaspe
: rate the people of Ireland, has h*. cn lim refusal
| id'the Lord Chuf > admit Mr. Dmnmaiul
Dr. Cray, ol li o’* } urn.il, to the pro
■ lessiotl ol llm law, t . • v. , 1 , .; ,, 1: llieiv tale-ois em
inent iv entitled them,] hceause they were it*-
: iimlccb!
The W avium ion National A/oncmi vt. —
.'’early ss 0,000 nave alia.nly received toward*
llm ereciion of the National IFaKhingluti Mon
uineiii. til WashiugUm. It is eontomplatcd to
rear thu stinctnre, eventually, to the bight of
live hundred feel.
Wisconsin.—The Senate of this young Slate
passed, on the 1 t\h ins!., resolnlu ns instructing
their Senators and Congressmen in favor of a
Wilmot l‘io\isn. in any new territorial bill that
may oe brought belore ihem.
Tho Prince do Joinville will probably
come to this country lo ii’si-lc. S says ;i
Idler Irom London (dJuno 2.1, Thorn is
plenty oi room lor the whole family.
Co.;:; hack with a i i.ua in ms x:au
Fpon tr.e e.\anii:iitlioii olSir Henry HnlwoFs
ear on Ids arrival in Hnglainl 1 • *>in Madrid
(Fsiysnao of tin* London pupei-) il wa* found
to contain a Ilea of mud gigantic propor
.b '.it Van Huron says that ilio conservatives
having killed Cass: they arc now - taking
hid body body home byway of lliu lakes.”
Dr. Tying in a Temperance lecture says:
--It annually costs this counliy , one Imn
droil millions of dollars to destroy the lairest
and best of our sons."’
There is nothing dangerous in a tumbler
containing mint, brandy, sugar, water and
ice. but add a straw and a •‘sucker'’ at tho
end of il, and “there no telling wnere it's
going to end.”
.V., Loss. — 7’he loss sustained
bv Mr- JMtpciti. by the bursting of his fac
ury near Wilmington, on Sunday night
w eck, exceeds, 3 otto ; upon which there
was no insurance.
T.\r. Ok m ion, to be delivered a( the lay
ing o' the comer ol llie Washington
National Monument in 11'ashingtoii city
will bo spoken by K. L* \\ iulhrop ol Mas-
Tin: Dai.a.vot: ov Tkaue* —A writer in
Hunt's Merchant’s Magazine, estimates
tlm balance of trade against the I idled
Slates at tho close of the present financial
year, will not fall short of $>10.000,000.
(hi the 2-M inst., m Philadelphia by AM J.
A - Dikii.ton, James M. Mfi.fouu, F.hj . of that
city to Miss Emelie h. daughter of Dr. L-
Foard of Flklon, Md.
it.imii . | |r |£ Jyi s.
Wliual 1 10 io 1 -0 Corn lo tw lo l ’ als
:ii to :i3
WILMINdTON. —I'U’iir sf> 2;. 'Uicat
ISI lo; Corn 47 ols. Outs yjels.

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