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VOL. 78 NO 15
President Wilson, in an addie-- to
the American people on the occasion
of the signing of the Peace Treaty,
made a plea for the acceptance of the
tnaty and the covenant of the l.eagm
i f Nations without change or reserva
11 1 - n Ssnne Ui\ ■ V 1 1 by Secreta' V
Tumulty, said:
“My Kellow-Couiilrymen: The
Heaty of Peace ha- i-.--i sign -1. If
jt i- ra>died and ai-teo in in full a".I
sine, ri . 4 t cation if i ,- n-1 it wiM
f-.' i.i-li H e eharlei for i.eu oder ' '
•i ■' i ■ . , m woi I i ■ -• severe
treaty in the duties and penalties it
imposes upon (lei many, but it is se
vert iy been Use great wrongs done
by (lei many are to be righted and re
paired; it imposes nothing that Ger
many cannot do; and sin- can regain
her rightful standing in the world by
the prompt and honorable fulfillment
of iis terms,
“And it ,s much more than a tre-ity
ot Pcnec vith Germany. It lioer.i,o.-
great p.copies woo bait* ne,e- l-efcii:
been able . olio,l the way to liberty. It
ends, i.me lor all, an old and intoler
able older under which small groups
of selfish men could use the peoples
of great empires to serve their ambi
tion for power and dominion.
“It associates the free governments
of the world in a permanent league in
which they are pledged to use their
united power to maintain peace by
maintaining right and justice.
“It make- international law a real
ivy supported by imperative sanctions.
"It doc- away with the right of , 011-
quest and rejects the policy of annexa
tion and substitutes a new order under
which bam. ward nations i- pi l.u ions
which have not yet core Hi political
i-Mis.-e -c-ncs- and peoples who are
ready (■ i ;; dependence, but P>l yi t
J I • (■ a■i ■< 1 di-pen-, • with proieetien
and gnii-aaei shall no more he sub
jicted to the domination and exploi
tation of a stronger nation, but shall
be put under the friendly direction and
afforded the helpful a ) istance ot
governments which undertake to be
responsible to the opinion of maid inn
in tin- i-xe, ,tion .)' their ta-k in a
ciptifg the .iirevti". of the H agio •
"li i-i-i-o • 11 :t• s the inale ■ -,• ■ i-• rights
e* nationality; the rights of minorities
and the -am-lity of religious i.elief
and practice. It lay- the basis for
convent bom which shall free the com
mercial intercourse of the world from
unjust and vexations restrictions and
for every sort of international co
operation that will serve to cleanse
C.-e life of the world and facilitate its
conip’on action in hencticent service
of every kind.
“It furnishes guarantees such as
were never given or even contem
plated fir the fair treatment of all
who ltd or at the daily tasks of the
“It is for this reason that I have
spoken , f it as a great chart -i ft r a
new order of affairs. There is ground
here for deep satisfaction, universal
reassurance and confident hope
Public Stuck Again
An official report W’ls us that at a
recent sale of government property
1100 standard -1 airplanes were sold
for S2OO each, about four per eejit of
their initial cost; liilb J N 1 planes
brought S4OO each, or eight per cent,
and “libs Curtiss motors were sold at
S4OO each, or 10 per cent. The Curtiss
company bought the entire lot. Coin
cidentally with this announcement
comes the news that the general board
of the Navy has recommended that
$4(1,000,000 js neeesi ary for the naval
air program for the coming year, al
though with the strictest economy
that sum can be kept down to $-'!o.
1)00,000. Secretary Daniels urgently
recommends that at least the latter
pt.'in be al.owed by Congress.
The sale of 2710 airplanes and 400$
motor- at m<-h ridiculously low prices
proves one of two things Kither the
equipment was practically worthless
in the beginning, or there has been
gross incompetence in liquidating the
.surplus stocks of the Air.-,;,-.
Arrested At Perryviile
Too much hilarity, booze and gen
eral high-jinks took place at Mrs.
Owens’ boarding house at Perryviile
on Monday night. When the local an
thorities failed to quell t'he disturb
ance. Sheriff McAllister was phoned
for. <>n reaching Perryviile he ar
rested five men and three others es
Those arrested were lodged in K1 k
ton jail where Magistrate Lewis gave
them a hearing on Tuesday afternoon.
It developed at the hearing that the
affair was a drunken brawl and as it
was not the first offense Magistrate
Lewis imposed a fine with costs on
each of the offenders who are Verdine
Owens, Russell Devine, Gordon Jack
son, Frank Messick and Joe Tomlin
War Time Prohibition
With the ending of June, war time
prohibition went into effect, to con
tinue until the ban is lifted by Presi
dential order at the conclusion of the
demobilization of the army. It is
thought that demobilization will be
completed in about ninety days, in
which event about three months of
“wetness’ would intervene, until Na
tion-wide prohibition goes into effect
on January Hi, 1!)20.
For the present its “in the sweet
dry and dry,” unless the Federal Gov
ernment lies down on the job of en
Kvorythir.fr is ready for the Fourth
of July eelebration ami reception i.
KlKton today (I' riday I. And the peo
ple of the county, with of eonr-e an
t‘\( t pi ion hei r and there, are waitin g
lot 'hr oppor unity to hone-- Mie men
of the service ai:d rejoice thcti
i etcrn.
A i eeonl i rowd is exported t
it .the, in the old county seat and so
far pus.-able, arrangements have
lieeii trade for handling th: crowd
■ a'ely . ini for seeing that it i- pro
vided with the needful comforts. Thu
committee rejrrets that tents will not
he erected for the shelter of the peo
ple, as was planned and expected in
the projected arrangements.
The other arrangements have gone
through without a hitch and in the
rest of spirit: pretty much every
body being willing and anxious to
contribute in any way possible to the
welcome to our hoys.
All tin men who have been, or arc.
in tin service, will meet in the A.m
*o > e. i!y in the morning (the public
being occluded therefrom) to .urr ri
fe para Mug.
At tin close of the parade ♦ ’•m ser
vice n en will return to the Armory
for d nner. having the room entirely
t i then ,vi for he ei ii>> mmt ■ f
ll di llll < : itheir vn wav and at
ear - Leery man who has in the
service a expected at dinner whether
h* reecived h:s notification card er
not. a., smite cards seem to h:->v pone
Afi ■ dinner the men "ill dispose
of tin mselves at their own sweet -.vdi.
They " i l l he welcomed to toe bail
game without adt.’issV,;-. eha’ge a,-
the ! ests of the people
•After a light collation in -■ early
evening, serve.i by the ladies, there
will be a reception anl dance : nthe
Armory, with a Haltimor., r k>--t'-.i
furnishing the music.
It will he a big happy .hi; ‘‘a
everybody in the eoin ’y i e er;
non!, and c u-ncr thereof.
I.llst week the (Veil W ,
e-pecia! attention t 0 tin- in n. -.
i lent on | agi a, with n fere cc to the
- ied War Portrait IJis'o ,>f
<eii I I O'lnty boy . who ha - ■ . h
■cislec. Thus far there has bee- vine
li'ile :i •House to the propnsp, aid
so far as we are concerned w. do ■ t
.I * a 1 re never ■ any
We nave gone to the t.-ide o
i tpense of preparing and -o r;, irg
the page advertisemeni; and we : w,
.'."'• - *-d to accept and forward nl] . u;-
pons, photos, etc., to the Pan .-hira;
House; simply because wa- have
thought that such a History in ywirs
to come Would be a most \a! at" !e a‘ • 1
delightful possession to our people.
If. however, they are no* interested,
the matter of course, will drop win re
it i We are going to wut i bit
long* i to see if there are resp vises or
any other real indication of in'er-M.
And then, if the people remad i■ ■■ i; ■
lerent and unresponsive, we '-had i
very glad to be relieved of a task,
which would' lie a pleasure if it met
the people’s wishes, but not otherwise.
Every Evening Sold
The Kvery Keening made the fol
lowing announcement Monday:
“The K stale of Samuel Han croft.
•It.. Inc., the owner of. the majority
interest in the Kvery Keening Prilli
ng Company, has disposed of ;hi- ii ■
i ■ -t and lias no longer any connec
tain with the company. Joseph Pan
. "ft am! John P. Pird. its rem-eset.ra
tives oh the Hoard of Directors, have
resigned and Ju-iah Marvel and
Henry Ridgely have been fleeted to
ueeeed them.
“Ksta'.e of Samuel Paneroft. Jr.. Ii ..
“Jn.-eph Pancroft. Pre-ideal."
June PHI).
The Kvery Keening Printing Com
pany has lieen reorganized. Th,
en; otlieers and directors are in fi.
lows: Jo-iah Marvel, pre.-id'";'.: I-n-I
--cMrh Pradv. vice pre-blent • ! -ede l .
K Kej hold Wil
Mel ten. treasurer. I lire,-;, r-: .1 -i,H\
Marvel, I ede. i,-k Pradv. Frederic
h Revboid, William K Metten Hem .
p.de dy.
American Legion Pledges Support
The following communication ha
heen forwalded by the A meric, m Peg
ion to the Hoard of County Commis
sion, rs for this county;
“The American Legion, which i- the
National Organization of foil: ei ser
vice men. soldiers, sailors and mat
it es, pledges you full support of loth
the National Organization and the
hranch in this State, in vour elforts to
maintain one hundred per cent Ameri
canism based on law and order. This
support is particularly pledged you
and all those associated with yon for
■mod government, on this, the f:.--t
Independence Hay after having finish
ed the job for which we entered our
Country's service.”
Wheal Reports
The only threshing report w have
is that of tin ri turn id Mr. Andrew
At . I n’s ida- e ,n Hu l-'irst distrH• •,
where the yield was lids im.-hels from
7! acres, or an average of IS !-i bu.-,
to the acre.
In view of the apparent failure of
the wheat crop this year, the farmers
in that neighborhood are much en
couraged, hoping the yield may I e
rather better than they dared antici
The <‘aunty Commissionei i , -
•im last week, made the levy for the
coming year and fixed the tar rate
The items of the lew a'
Hcrais atei Britlet-s. < ...n.-fn I ,
'•'i;ntv i' •nimi-M , >n'M - (’<urt. , . . T.on.
' •• Hinltlmc-i ■ *. 000 ■
Hoar,| • H .Ith i.* ...
'■ ...... M
I*iiv-.lit (’..art .1 irr. ■> 000 •>
; I •; rt VVif.n •—..-., •
Sl.oritf 7
Hailiif an i (' . r,o.| ■
"it i.;. hi-,.t ■■ o
J*rin • inir I ..*■•••
<*iiv .i’ < .. t, t F• -. ...... mi.
• Fv .i' (’..art si or v o, i. *;*•■) •■ >
t’iiv'iit F.ojrt Mi-, -.lari
< *Il •table t
Or. ‘ art I i
I’llllpiTi I,’i.Hl.M*.-
County Aui'nt •■ i ■
>■ \ 1
IntiTf.-i or itdn-U !!,0..0 ■>
•tir ti.- of IVlf ■ J Ml. m
Out , . M.V* MO
Inquisitions . .. 7VMM
lifilucti.n - an<i In - it. 1 o mi.•■*
I’.-ii'i- Malui '
t nion Ho-pital . 1. • >O." •
Sinking Fori.l 7 '.'• •
I) tick illi? I’ >: f* , ‘ o o
ei. rk of C irt.
I' . joo.o
C.onii vn-m Fin.i . .. :j'
H. t. • ; W'• ■ '•. ■
T:i\“s ii.J in £>** • 1 ,*.i 1 •
' ' * .in • N •••k F'mil I '■"! 0 )
Fi • ••■ I V, - -orul
' “• j ■ • i / • ' l ( ? .. ■ • • -
Oa -hi.!f Haul. S* - K
By Popular Subscriptions Only
' hairt., : Hays o! :re Repub’.i
Nation..' 1 .rnmittee 1..,- annour eu
: nat no • nltia.on .• • han i ■
Ih’i’is.iin. iolhl! - vo. I ; i cii" ■'
1 '• t plan ’• ir .a <
y the Rep party’s t li
upponents. The new plan, .V
H," - announced. involves the (levee.
■ . ’.all.>:; oj‘ ;oo ra bug in;o the
v. y mallest . i iitrihu! ions i'ci.m lie
-mallesl anils el' teratory. Tin -k T.: -
ii'an will (lai'.n.e the lew plan ;• de
tail at a •oi.fei •■(.■■e with the Hem 1
ear: State Chuirtmi:..
“Kvcry ore re. og: in's tat*
sity of meeting lesfitim.i'e 'airpaigt
. ipenditnre'-." - .id Mr Huy- “There
is • ■ i~t one way for lids money to hi
provided, and that is l.y means 1
i all -’ •I il :tiel> : e t ■ re-' t
membership of the patiy This nia
will l.e followed completely A gen
eral committee of ways atai me a--
will earry this work into each s; ite
The purpose will he t.> get sn all
eontrihutairs from a meat many
members ijf the party It is the plan
to have these sustaining eontrihutioi -
run from year to year and in .mount
from one dollar up. N’o contribution-.
of more than a thousand d-d :.r- wi ! i
he reveiv.nl from anyone”
I hirn an Hay aided that the fii
ai- ing of the Republican campaign
would be an open ' and that : '
w. a-cord with the best -pirit < :
the campaign ’publnity lav. s of : '• ■
i t ion and the stal es.
Dynamite Demonstrations
1 icin'.rstny. . - in n .-1 .pp g.
ditching, digging veils, stump and iog
' i.i-ting. will be held at following
pi; Itupoiit - in cooper.itior. with
■Mary.ami Stale’s bieii-in Si',l...
ci: the following dates:
•luly s at In a. v . on farm of 1 'aiik
K Williams, tl'.ie. mile, soi.tl: 1 K
111 ' ‘
■J y.y ■ . . {. ’•> .5 . . fv.- r(u-iltoii. on
! OU(i : 1 "'ll < m; lowa 1 i
> i • 'iifi a> r; . cr,
J il;. !th. •: jj. n, . i-i-.cr :fisi < *s i f
•I.; y lull . ! t. :• . limit . • n .-v
v\ OS |1 l)|
<. A. llutihin-. .’if :mii.
of Kisiiiir Son. o , -tout* nnui njur
lii-ii.u Si:f t<• l**;irminjyrton.
‘ unity Am : t KnoiU* i i a!I far
to a:tioal tlii -f
Many Uauln mor: i.i aui i-olt me
av “Dynan.f v i- a> important
i.J 1 arming as the plow.”
Those dt-monstrations moan ar in
•ri*4is* in vo!n ■-} up average, anil wf! -r
von a.ia t.ikintr yen frinnii; ovor v ;r
f . ni it will not causo you the imm! a'-
'aslimi t of *x})!;inin*_r rr.tVrti ■■
• ill \ M ! . I ■ ;
'. l ommstrations will Im lu 'd .•
of I'.cij Poster...
Vessel Not Sunk
Three homes in Chesapeake City
were gladdened Sunday when i cable
iicssage was recciv.Ml announcing 'lu
safety of 11, W. Kibler. a voting far
mer of tin Second district; I. 1) < urry
chief engineer, Missouri Norris, assist
ant engineer on the steamer harnam.
which w;is reported early in the week
as Icing sunk when il struck a mine.
The vessel arrived Saturday at 'loth
cnbirrg and will leave there on duly .1
for Kngland. Tho Cecil count bins in
their cable state there w r as absolutely
no 'ruth In the report and they ex
oerienced no trouble whatever in
crossing the Atlantic.
Mr-. Spencer AAeiant.
KH'I • AA leant, aged •’$ years,
’’ “ , ■'! >i"-t J. Wi.-ant, of Newark.
N J., die.; on Monday at the home of
sister. Mrs. George R. Ash, neat
...kto>; ,M' -. M leant hud been in in
■ health Hr u i-onsid, r.-H-le time,
an i iei math w-.s not unex; ected.
eta service- wen held on
Thu- aiay mm i.i-.g.
AAibiam B. Wilson.
AA i 1- W iison. -ut far
n]' ’ oi ;:;c Second district, this county
-bed suddenly o; Sunday night about
1 lo'clocl , while d.rivit g his automobile
>’n Hi l-nr'-nvr and Summit
Mr \A Rs i' a- .1 a ■ arty mnpi -ed of
Ids wife his sis',er in-law. Miss A■ ne
■ - 1 • y and K F. Hudgens, of
• oinim m. S. i wore returning to
Mi Id - ’ >\v - after a trip, when M r
AA -o; , ,v ■ , v. is at the wh -cl. was
sc" , to k control of the car and
it ran mto a I edge, the motor slop
nil g. The -at- i-ould not be gotten
ark oft,| ;he road immediately, and
”"t' , ■ • a,; Middlet-iwn was
■a’--.i a d Mr. Wilson taken home.
Mi \A 1N,,-- is survived by hi- wife
; Ho ■ --hi (Pen Mare Vaughn Wil
so- . U am p. Wilson, Jr., and John
| AA'il-'in; three -is'--;--. Mrs John
I B"b> : Smyrna, Mi Mol lie Wil-
I - . of MindVtown, and Mrs. Kd.
| Hr: r. -■ \A a-h:gton; t’nree brothi rs
John I’. AA Ism - f I ’ei-ilton. and
■ rgi Davis VVils m. of Middle-
I town
. \\ 'hi
; iav afternoon, with interr..en' in
Beth, ' -, -■ y,
Mr-. Surah l.oif-a Kwjn;.
•A f- i ut i."n\ et iog -, period
j ' ' d months. Mrs. Sarah I uisa
■ .of W ville, di, i -1 T! .. -
nay ,-k. at the ■; ma -.■> per
ghter. Mrs W .>. Kwing, of
| / m. wit - v hon had 1 een staying
a: --.•!■• ■ - \vi lr- d- • Mon
Mrs S irah !’ U illian,-.
. i\ ev \\
' i'-;r‘io> i -gh* a; her home n Port
Well ■ ■
j beaten her eighty-fourth -.irlhday. She
- ■ sun iv -. tl • step-daugi
M: -. Nellie = 1 Mid-. and M■ - - !■,
A mini,i a. . Mae Wi ium- a- -I ine
■ -■■ .AA ■!’. AA - iia-
AJr-, M.irgaril >. linglu'-
. i ■ Mu’ cat el S;nq ei - lluglies
a-iow of 1 hpaias Hughe.-, d’-.-n Sun
day a : -■ v- ek t h ■ ein North
Lot, ni , a'.e ii.n.ge.-tion, ;n her sq-u
year Sin- .i, a daughter of h.- late
John a d Sophia Mauldin, --; K!k
Neck. Her hu.-i-and died a few years
afte; theit marriage, and Mrs. Hughes
for a time en aiueled a millinery bust
■ ■ r Philadelphia, and later lived
eith i.or i rot her in Montana, but for
t*.e past twenty years had made her
i. me in North Ka-t She is survived
; Ritl en h
of Nort !... : , I , ithei, J inn
.'lauldm. K-'|.. of l,iis Angeles. Cal.
( lue funeral was held AVednesday of
a- week with interment at tin- North
j I-.a-' M. 1-i Cemetery.
Thomas Hailey.
Thom ~-, ti’.e ten year old son of Mr
•--oi Mrs i li. Hailey, of the First
I nislrn-t. pu-.-ed away on Saturday
nortung A-. ecession of di.-eases.
’. ■■ ’ s tk.e tlu, rhe-jmat i-i.n sen Get
iev. 'ml dropsy so wea-.-ne.i his
that although the iit.'e fellow
, .mu!' a r.. - .•• 'ight foi life de uh re
s'.. '. I .i- ~ •■■-.e state! on Saturdav.
F'o'-i.H -.-rvi.-e- were he! i from
| th- !-■ e f hi- pare-,; - ’!'-i --.i i,- uf
j’■ not o w il-. interment it. i-'initowii
I 1 i met cry.
Anna Mar\ < ali.v.•.
•; Mi.'a Ai mi .Mai y <a I i;c. - im-d on
1 I! .i' :. > ■ ; j't week at the home of
i\v, Kilwii I>. Carhart,
( Some ir..> 4 .:hs ayo she .-til -
: • a ik ra yt if -! nl;a It<. ll hu h
fully rocoviM’eo. a.i i !ik s
j •- w:i. laker, ill. iu*Mr
'-a ..J• •; ■ .•oi'.A. ie Sh •!- sup
i pm i-y a -i-ter. Mrs. I.ouisa C . hail
•>f /t r. whom she or <1 a
i< tlu • . Vhtao* < athiu -. of l!ak< .
J ill. a. s- *• vii , e> ’Vt ie hell at her
\ tl,* iu. Moiu'ay afterti n. with
j inierniLi tii a- • iha-- vie , reim -
u*i y.
t o!. Mfnd L. Aiiwcou.
Col. Alre 1 \. A ■ w, a promin
(•■:* \V: . ■ i•.l'- ’’ ;:i'■. died U i -it -day
•? la-, vm k at t:‘.* home of I'M
iowM’diiiN Vour.L. i Atlantic ( ty
Bond Bids
Tl*. ■ a! tv Commi-'kii! cis on I* ri -
;.v of a t week opened hid-; for road
bonds to the amount of stfO.OOO. Tlu
id- were a- follows:
The Halli;u >re Trust Company and
llamh’etou w Cu. of Baltimore. $-.0,000
and accrued interest plus a premium
,f slis'.“o.
Tow? -end. Srott and Son, s' 0.000
and a'V/ued interest, plus a ple.n'u n
>f *■ 1 -00
The F.lklon Mankinu: ami T*u>t t •.
Roliert Carrett cV Sons. s.yO.oot)
and accrued interest, plus a premium
of s i i id
lhe •or ds were awarded t th .* Gi st
hiddei's mentioned.
i' l ’■ Ash.-rook has closed his Ann-ii
■in Dental Parlors in Klkton Cor th.
month of -Inly. lie will return in
KJkt n on Monday. August 1 fc • pi
Dean Marry Hayward, who has loa n
in I - ranee since early in the winter, on
specie., eu'Jcathmal work am- ng Ihe
A. I-., sailed Cor home June ,’n from
-'host, o- the Battleship Montana.
M l -. Hayward received a cablegram
from i in yesterday, animoni'j.ig jhj.t
he wa, sailing and wool! la-d in
New i ork i ity. IK' will assume his
ii lIK < a- i ead of the ayl ieidteral de
par , 'n.";i : 1 lelawarc ('< . 1 1 •■ u■ as soon
-s he arrives home. Dean Hayward
i is no, -( an excellent record as head
-if an airrvulUiral school at A. K. F
l mversity since goi mg -.1-road, and
ii cut y was decorated hv 111.- I- I 'reach
■ ernan ; Cor ocmmendi.hl • e.la-a
Don work amonit the soldiers
A festival will he held by' Mrs. |{,
M. Heed and her Sunday school class
"n Mrs Reed's lawn at Leslie, Friday
evening, July 11, for the benefit of
the Centenary Fund and the Hay View
Sunday school Cakes, candy, ice
cream and fruit Cor sale. Come and
help a good cause.
Ihe Women's Second Seventh Dis
! riot .Auxiliary of 1 nion Hospital w ill
ho d a hake at the home of T. Morgan
Dwi'ns, I'erryville. on the afternoon
of Wednesday. July d,
1 a plain 11. I A kers, of Ihe < he-a
peake Ibi'- police force, saved nine
persons when the pleasure yacht F.lfen
l Wilmington, Del., hurned to the
water edge at the mouth of Worlon
creek The life boat was too small to
hold all its occupants when Captain
A. i is came on the scene and saved
'.ln lives of , onu- of the men.
Lieutenant .1 Alexander ( m!h a-.
win. has 1" 'eti in France for mine than
i a- ha- returned to Cam;. Meade.
Thomas Reese is suffering IV. m the
edicts of several broken ribs and m
mi ■ 1., hi back and arms. Wild ■
■' l : r boxes of ran at tin l I 'ol mu
con. vnni ry. Reese made m misstep
- :(e l f/'im the box on which ( was
.- 1; 'd: i v
While returning from I'erryville on
M-n dav i nch! with a ear full of ar
■ 'ted men. Sheriff .1 Wesley Me
\ -i i imped laimachine into some
icnis that were loose on the road.
nnichin.l was ; ■ a■ 11;. damaged hill
i one of the occupants were hurt
' ’n the hi.ee lii-on/.,' table' -hat was
in ■ Sat -i l' v tin Mai yl.and
Casualty Company of Ilaltimore, to
i "limn inora: the service of the com
pany', ollleiais and employees in the
Army .'ii" Navy during tic world w '
: v ■- oi' the I Til names stand alone for
iho vho answered the country's mil
: ■ c; at • saeritii ■ one ol
vii I, is the name of John linger, -"ii
of fo mer -In rill’ Henry 11. Hager, of
< 1. s.i |ii"i ke t 'll y.
(leorge Jackson, colored, of Haiti
more, for train riding, drunkenness
and disorderly conduct, has been sen
tenced to four months in the House of
Correction by I’oliee Justice 11. Win
held Lewis
Little Klk Tribe \o 50, Improved
Order of Red Mi n of Cherry Hill, will
on the evening of July 1 11 tender a re
ception to members of the Tribe who
have been in the service, their moth
ers, wives, sisters and sweethearts.
I here will he patriotic addresses,
music and refreshments.
Friday, being the Fourth of July
and a -National holiday, banks and
public offices will be closed, and the:*,
will be a general cessation of busine .
The two-ton truck assigned to Cecil
county for road work by the (Jovern
ment has been brought to Klkton.
A distant Treasurer I’. M Craves
went to Camp ilolahird for it and
rode as far as Baltimore, when he
"jai 1 i d up” the job and the truck was
brought on to Klkton by Stenivn
Kdward M Jones, son of Rev, (ieo.
I'. Jones, of Klkton. has been elected
•"iptain of Dm Wesleyan baseimll team
fo ' Ihe -ea "ii of 1 P_’o.
lob: 1 - Shannahan, Cermral .Agent
"f the I "Mtiaental l.ife Insueane ■ I n„
■ eillg unable to rent a borne in Klk
ton. has mmed his family ti N'c.vai -
Dr. 1 ■ Burton I'earson. of Klkton,
■xpeets to move Id- office to Newark,
Del during the early part of July
and wiM practice his profession in that
Sund _ even ■ u Ceorge Washing
ten Harris. colored, who was driving
■■■ i" e horse load "f furniture from
Baltimore to Philadelphia, being in
toxicated. lost his way, winding up
■ i arr Creel i ■ a slate of utter en
la | e. Sheriff McAllister and Bailiff
Potts took him and his team In the
'nil. where by Monday morning he
had sobered up sufficiently to resume
hi: journey, after paying a smab fine
and e< -ts.
Sunday evening, oil North st.-ct.
J"hn W. Mi'Cool, Jr., stopped Id ; an
tomohPe in the street to allow his M'
tie girls to get in. Dollie, three years
old. toddled around the ear and was
struck by a ear going north being
knocked down and her head cud Kliza
beth. aged eleven, tried to roach her
little sister and was also knocked
down, one leg being severely out and
bruised at the knee. The drive of
the >.n stopped almost instantly and
w; ited until assured that tn- children
were no: seriously hurt.
The Second District Memorial So
ciety held ;1 meeting lot Kridny even
ing in th" Firemen's Hall. Judging
fro.p ll.e reports of the coni mil tees
hev will he aide to erect a very suit
a'ib' monument in honor rf the leys
who look uni' m the late war A
special i '(pieat is made to the eili
/. ms if the Second district to <• intri-
Inite tn this cause. The Hex - meeting
w * e 1 i-'d July 18.
The open season for bass started j
' ..V /
t, ■' j - u_
pr n
r H
WHOLE NO. 3.998
I) yo —Ha Itlerslon.
Myi t A Haldcrslon, of Colora, has
r <**i vc*l a cablegram announcing the
Marriage *f her daughter .lane to
i'.ra- Sheets l) w ve. of NVw Mata-
Ohio, fhcy wa re married by
I* ri*n<2s ceremony at the
M< tin<LT I louse at (hengtu, West
( t-ina, in the presence of a large
number ' I 11 u*ii• foreign and in ivi l
friends. They wen* attended by
Newton I). I laves and Margaret Im
two of (heir co-workers. A wed
di 1 g rerQption was given them at the
k me of K. Huntley and Kathleen f)a
v;,ison, with whom the bride has made
her home during part of her r.-ci
h 1 e in West Chinn. They had gmJ,
old - f ashioned fruit cake, made by Hie
bi -d* several months ago, a sample
• f which was much enjoyed ly I lie
I ks at home. Ibe Pride wore white
Chinese silk crepe trimmed with lace
from America. Inrni diately after the
reception the happy couple left for a
honeymoon trip in the mountains.
How ers—llespcv.
Mis Helen Hessev. of IMiiladel
idiia. but formerly of the Karieville
section, and Mr. I>aniel A. Rowers, of
Malvern, Pa , were united in marriage
Aedne-day noon by Rev. Edmund
1’ rk, Ph.l).. Rector of St. Slcohen’s
P. K. Church.
The bride wa> becomingly attired
u. white georgette and was given in
1 ■arnat/e by her aunt. Mrs K G.
Kyncii. matron of lionov.
Alter the ceremony Mr. and Mrs.
P \ver> went to Klkton where lunch
■" ed at the boric* of Mr.-.
I ->' * h I hen thev left for a tiip
Heile Grilhth.
Pm I uesday afternoon, dune 21. at
" oVlock. Miss Miriam Griffith,
daughter of Mr. and Mr- Charles
Griffith. and Mr. Weimer H. Heile. of
Pal -na. Panama, w. re married at the
home of the bride’s father, in the
i • sence of a f w intimate friends, hv
P‘‘ T R V:m I>y 1 *•. of tin* Method
ist Kpi copal ( hurch.
'1 he bride wnre a "own of orchid
georgette M*jth hat lot matich and
'•.arried white w pea*, i.i’t'e Miss
t eleste Henson, • fb>w*r girl, wore
orga e >f
pink sweet peas.
Immediately after the ceremony
the young couple left for a motor trip,
and sailed op Jul\ for Panama,
j'-dn r*' the groom hold- a government
, posit ion.
( iuii lc- V* \ll a>o ll , Rising Sun, and
Miss Mary Kli/.aheth Pritchard. Phil
! adelphia, were married on Saturday
| ; v Rev. Hr. ( ourtlar.d \V. Robinson,
I 111
Philadelphia, Tin l groom is a sales*
man at Rising Sun Harage and the
oldest sun nf Mr, anil Mis John lira
soli, hast .Nottingham. They will lie
at h lac to their friends after .I 11. JO
in Rising Sun.
Alonzo W. Davis, of Wilmington,
spent Monday with his mother, Mrs.
Dnella Davis,
Misers Kl./o'ieth Howell, of Char
h tow,■ ;ind Rebecca Clark, if Wil
minjft a visit'” l the Mi.-sv- Sparkiin
this week.
Mr uni Mrs, Harry Rouse, of Phil
adelphia. an,l Mes-rs. James Paul and
Herman / on ni.gh, of Vi r!:, i a.. so< nt
S inda\ the home of Mr. : . i Mrs.
P. ter ('ll
Miss Mary 1.. Rudd is ip Muling the
s ii*'mer with her sister at Carlisle,Pa.
Mis Sa ■ii II Potts is • isitinp her
nieze Mrs. H. II Arri ‘a. a Hart
ford. (Una.
Mis.- Hilda McCool, daughter of
Mr, and Mrs, John W. MeCool, Jr., is
seriously ill with typhoid fever.
Miss Klorenee Hudson has returned
■o In r home ai Chesapeake City, after
spending two weeks with Mr, and Mrs
C. H liuekworthy
Mis K K. Curry ami daughter. Miss
l.idii of I ollinsfswooil. \. J„ are the
gue.-is of her mother, Mrs. John C.
-'airoo at North Hast.
Captain Thomas M. (iarrett, of the
A. K has arrived at liis ho’.:, in
I’T.'o iifti r a year's sendee in
!• i i i i . win e In won promotion from
I’dr.-l I.ii•,i 1 "na 1 to Captain.
New Industry Organized
Perkins .A- Perkins, of Klkton, the
well known in;, ul’aelurers of soda
fountain supplies have keen ii eor
norated for SIOO,OOO Dy John A, llar
teasline, Charles il Dennison, J Will
Perkins, David 1.. Sloan and Joseph H.
Perkins. The ollieers of the new eori
i any are: Joseph 11 Perkins, presi
dent: Charles 11. Dennison, vice-presi
dent; John A. Ilartenslinc. seerelarv,
J. Will Perkins, treasurer.
July 1. The Octoraro and .Susque
hanna are high and muddy. On the
same day the season for frogs opened.
They can he taken in daytime only.
To catch nr kill them at night with the
aid of a light is now illegal.
Mr. K. M. Drown, of Baltimore, has
arrived in town in the interest of the
rew survey. He has been in consul
tation with many of the town and
county officials and proniiiv'm citi
zens In i-ogard to a plan which will he
of grent benefit to the community, if
it can hr earth'd through successfully
There will he a meeting of the Xi m
Ci.il of the Navy League at the h me
of Mrs. Alfred McVey, Calvert July
.A. All members requested to oe

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