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VOL. 78 NO 41

• , Mumiav -t • r.ii hirniird Ki'jiuidi
<a* . uiithi ••I !'rmi! ail par'..' of the
State in (U’r: • rate the -•'••!ion of
i I! aiuhlk . amluiatc * v I ,n;i* !
i.i'-y, a.ireads .; n<- iwa d. :u\> n*i m**;
wit li a ••m • ii.. i (it .'Hi. Sot )i ■
hiy | i < . a i ■ aiip iinK’Hl v
~js■ ion t! a M \N i >
-.int up. • s.
(m 1,. N \V :. \\ I!!duns. .. ho in
l rodia c<i i I' l.ar’S M !hr |ri*
■ :
. .m-Mlll v [., •: a! '■ i! dill c- - v. In r* ,n h• • i
■ ijM it it. \ ami * ■ i
ia •. .i -1 >a ul ilk 1 1 tin j
cal;. I fni tii< -it i ■ ‘ Iv■|u i i 11 1 •; i
\\ a ni. H■ ai -a lainam i the I y rami:
.•.a iH- th . lii C\ i-I!• .1, '-on ;
I'ram* tjitlun ha- a- atm* 1 j
autoi- ~ta.- rule ol tlii Republican I
party i ■ tin. Sian*
Edwb (I. Ila.'tJri foil v. .(I II
calm a.j'icai n". i'*u o| tin- p-diucai
ii’inaads upnc tin dee! m a!• ii these
er .. i;. j ' , me- a • >i a e.oln • • }<•*} d di- j
Tory a:. 1 ■ ‘li. ■;
\it • r '1 ! ‘mil.. !, • ( a. !
land, wild "a ‘he candidate *i* V 1
iormy (kiKTal on the ticket, whereon j
M - \\\ lie; wa- ih andidate for (io\
■.• e . '..i..• ,i appeal for la *
puldieao , ie.•(•-,- le the eoniiny elec I
lion. U'ilieli Slice. he thought < tuE(l I
<Hi I y i* < ■ : li.i \ed l>\ a unit ed part V I
Sack of a andidate who will ennimand
n*t only his party’s -upper: hut lh° j
lara. lodepe *!■ ■• t .... • ; Maryland. I
“Tom” I*a ran made a eha racteris' j
tie speeeh. Haying he w.i eUinc tireu j
of i.oiny *m. year after year to work !
for tin- par’ y•*n 1 \ ' • u ■;. ■ , II i
>a d he •• •: iecd t hat :in iit tie n i*oiip j
of miilior.au.- who chmoe,! to own j
: he party e. aid not control their own
I ‘ 1 ■
crate-. W.. oo.leo i s I• ran. and
Ualtin oi t . : i.- I)• am ear,. . an !
lho-e arc the ll'iivi* v-oua ie- whore ivi
i R -pai , ■• i. nuii.ena ”
I .a a 1 . W . am.- t-.howed ana .Me
i*a; ■ ■ 1 ■ ■ aim ’■ in
up. m.i mun.” “No.’ -am; ,\l, Wil
Jiams. “hut a cold a- tin.- theatre in
i heap ah I cold* a ill ;• out >i\t\ .-ec
onis.” and then .Mr Williaui.- pro
efCdocl tO emptv hi- 1 ticket of K*c
wales on l.t* a.-'SeinMy hy leoiny them
'he\ were ju.<l “shooting hole- in the
auntil they uol down to i.rass
'.ack- and . eaiizeii that Ik Weller
•lae' France oaitk-n dictated tie
party - polii i. • and candidate.-, he
cause* they own it; “they put up the
money I’m i! ■ campaijun- and eiain,
therelry he rijrht to >a\ who -Imll hi
. i■ ■' ; i t ■
tion. nit the Repu . . ■
1\ • * pon-i.de foj* i! ; at ev< r> electio
it 'Hi's cap in hand to Jackson. Weller
and I’i’ance, who put up ihni lourllm
of the entire lampaiyn funds; I know
from the inside what 1 am talking
ahoul. and until the Kepuldican party
is prepared to cut loose from it- finan
cial subserviency to these three uei
tlernen, it can reasonably expect noth
ing- e >e than their domination.”
John Murphy, editor of the Afro
American, said he wanted to warn the
Republican party in Maryland that
moie representation must he given to
the colored voters in the dist ihuiton
of ofllces and in the party councils, or
the parly must not expect to hold that
l>ig colored vote solidly in the future.
Hi -dd Nice’s recent defeat for tiov
oni' was largely due “•> the failure
h i ’ i Hroening admini-t rati* u in Hal
timore to recognize the .mimed vote
in official appointments.
Mr. I'ownall, of All eKUiiy county. ;
tO*-k ;i whack ill the (liUty liisscnsiou
aml ;i! the failurtt of the Rc j
pulilieau party in Maryhuui to hnv,. -i j
parly organ; when n num roads tie- :
Baltimore American he can’t tell half I
the time whether he is reading a lie ,
in -eratie or Republican sheet."
This shot brought .1. . m km;m Hoyil I
to i.is feet with a tearful defense of |
the American and General Amui...
And so the discussion (lowed on mi l
the hour waxed late Finally <*x- Guvo
nor Goldsborough got the floor and
made it stirring address, r< pmliating
any talk of his own eandidacy for
United States Senator, and appealing
for the burial of factional differences
in the interest of the election of a IT
publican Senator. He wound up with
presenting a resolution, authorizing
th ■ chairman to appoint a committer
of 27 (one for each County and one
fron • hi. live district of Haiti
mor 1 ay liberate on the selec
tion a u . ale without, if pos
sihh prime,i \ contest.
A ' o?r ttle discussion the
res. leoi w.i ' issed and the confer
ence adjourned
I .j man -;| a tree it. looked as if
the assenii led hosts had bravcly
ma fled up the hill- and then march
ed e An agar This observer is from
Milsoui io- . t comes to appraising
the i*- , lue of the gathering
l.t'S'l <> ' -ecemher Iti, on road
froi de\i Mechanics’ Valley, to
Hoi.el.cliL . , eno string of colored
beads. Liberal reward if returned to
Cecil Whig or to owner, Mrs H. T.
McVey. .’!jan It
Ki* 1 1 11 llouvi i -, of thi
Hi-ri y \ lilo Jt -cylhi ian (’hui-t li. was
.-• ■• 11 I a\ ( ; .a. *
hy li 1 ' i! i j i *ga ’'• i- aml .1 iemls in
\\i t y villi’.
Si\ y.iiiin-’ info nt' Xuiih Ka i cap
il > Sikh aV St a m t.. * I • - i
Sut n. i! i ton. i’.-inlay *■ \ i in ■. I
a v ’.ha: Maiy.a,i-i
l 11. -i . H
Ihi 11. iff I arm. p.u li\ u ain th**
In r. .1 MU*:- Si;i. :ir -I W. A- y M**Ai 1i s
: ■ p*. 1 1 >" into
|mi ihi i lot -•. nil of • 1 1‘. -Is
A pplet< 111 Soi-iai < hi:, wii, hold a h..\
• v > pj>lc* n Hall. I ■■ ui •- am a: <1 cm ■ j
|vi’ f* for .I.- K , y!--iy in' hi d I
I I a*lit - jn- a r !,’•;• .w |... ••• -
Tin- Ha- ~- ; Ridge ; 1-- : ■ re I
j 1 h i;.' ,1 to. Tlkhh is \\ . .! at- wa- I
IW. \\ - T.ew'directo
I ier. e ne. I. added to Ihe hear i.
AL -1 'earl M ill.-i. .. 1’ \mi...v 11! , i
Gecii , .einty. we .- m- t rried le. ■ ml.-.
I • Mi Montg ~ a -a.,s |
11 i
W ,1 I - \v!i. h:
j epee of the ’ -is ■ n the Ka -tern |
1 Uhoi-I- -I Mart ia :;■! ha - n.-mi -d lln ■
■ ■ 11. / '! I a ..a (ii
M. iMaVaa 11. It I'.. ■ . ii A A I
' Walt, -a Cl” li lain -v. W W I
I -i< bn-.m, U .!• ■ Man in,U- 1 i Alex- |
|at d- Kilp.it - -a. Walter I. Smi'li. W.
! V 11u!It-1, .loin, Rowa'i., I’riet !
! a-1 Mr- Rose G. Whit,
1 IT e Hast mast <■ ■ A ssoi t ■ ' 'la- I
j Ma -.e-ie i haler ..f Geeil county have ;
I ea i-led th. -’ office, - for the ensuing I
i .veai I I S. Ji.iyle, Hoi; H po- i |
ini e-id'-nl ; Thoma- jt Md .i , Kikton. j
\ ice - dei : I )r. iLa ws. Chesa
I-•■ilk, 1 'V. -ee. :.a vice o .--ideiit:
; .loin I- M liirlein.* I’.. ; Hep., it. -ee
1 , ( . | (',.•j jj * • ( ~ ,
■• M i hi*

I . lie W.i fee. m I -it h : |l. .I■ i ■
tl , fhrisli as
Tie la w heard of: traste- ~f th. |
pool an.l i: ;.ne '■ . ('. ..ait;, haw
me.-id -n’, .!. IS IA-on -I . eta r. . In. |
’ll ~i M. Knight hi. pity I, aan !
to - u ted him.- .-If at •he i; -tit -at ion. j
Ri i. -I. H. Ilallo.’l, past, , - West
Xoltingham I’resi.yteriaii Church, has '
Reel: notified hy the trustee- of hi- I
ehur.-h that ie, r ' .njij., uii;, . i-w* 1
>e,ii hi- sola > wil l.e ,in■ i as. .( fron I
sihon to sjdoo ~ year.
At e Christmas treat U the scholars :
at l-aii'lee (.-uidic ,-choo: se\eral of the i
children ware made sick hy eating j
non op canny. Rel.e.-ca, ;ln young |
aughtei o William . loodman. ha - j
hied f oin the poiso.-ung and three ,
others are critically ill.
The i ominis.-ionei -of ( ceil county I
mi Saturday will sell another lot of
'-’ll.Olid ho; d-, th. money to he used ii
improving it- -.mils.
Whi repairin' an automobile at
Warwick, liar- Harris. <.f that (own,
wa- liuiaied hy a ga-oline tank ex
Re\ 1 1 II Kenney, secretary and
' i ea-uia-i .-! The National Local
U-eacher- ( atnpmceting Association,
nonnci ■ that (he next annual camp
meeting .ill Ie held at Leslie l.egim
i ing on .! ulv 24, next.
The collection for 'he Armenian
T ml . tile Her yville I’n--l.yti-rian
: i hurt'll a mounted to sT-'l o .-ash and
: >T!I in pledges.
Miss Margaret K Vieutz, assistant
j pnn.-ipa! at We>i Nottingham \cacl
I einy. has resigned and u-turned to her
j holm at Lilt robe, Ha.
Henry G Chaffinch, aged 70 years,
'■os found de.Lci ni the wood- on the
I Wilhan. ii" farm, near Harmony.
1 Heart trouble is s ; ,id t ..have caused
I his deal!,.
With i h i.eginr.ing of the New
7 ear Klk'.m jitneys will increase their
passengei rate within the town limits
front 2a lo a() cents a person.
H. M Hoyd. of Virginia, through
■John ( Hindman, real estate agent,
has aoug'iit the Little farm ol* Ha acres
m ar Risiiig Sun. for $11,500: also the
W. I. Hitward farm adjoining, con
taining 1,12 acres, for '14,000 Mr.
Hoyd al-o'took an option on I. H. Rey
nolds’ farm, KH iicres, for $12,.’150.
Miss Per.id Krauss, of Port Deposit,
has resigrff-d her position in Philadel
phia and iu cepled a position as steno
grapher with the Stewart Ward Co.,
Rising Sun.
The Ri.-m'ig Sun National Bank has
placed a la’gi electrically controlled
clock above the main entrance to th"
bank. Kleci’.ric Ib'hts have also been
installed on either -life of the door
way. The (Hal of the clock is Illumi
nated hy electric hg-ht at night.
Tin- dim-tors of the Newark Trust
and Safe Deposit Co. at a meeting
held recently! declared the usual 2 per
cent semi-annual dividend and an ex
tra dividend of 7 tier cent payable .Tan
1, to the stoirkhoTders, This is an in
crease of per cent over the preced
ing six months and is exceeded, it is
understood b>\ only one hank in the
State. The Trust Company has also
paid over SII,OOO in inter,- i to de
Sparks from the chimney ignite!
the -oo| o! Middle Neck sehoi ise
lh.. lire was discovered in time t ■
save the building.
H base been a--cepled at Ham
! -”.g f : the eon,t rnet mu of ihe road
-in New London through Kembles,
i. e to the Ibdaw.ire line. The see
, a !’ ..adWav mea-.ir.-s 1 I fee).
T.i'-t ' . wa- .1 I
■ i lo Wb. -l ( I I itt-'or i
widen convened at Haiti
M. Naudam has ml h;
t t*n - ' - at Sintrcrly. tu \! 1• ■ t
■ ‘h*l , . St
f.H- sin (MM*. \! • Naniiaif w.i! n*tir
ft *'n farm if .„*.
• ss *u;\ (iridip let* h-c. - ii;i\v m-.h;
I wi
The ‘pul d -. i 100 is of the court v
I -i- ii*n|)iii Mn?i'.ia\ munimy. Ij.rriarN
• * Sh\vii a < iii a 'll !*■ . Uii*
j Jay • \ I'liiim January ■. at th.* lioim*
j- i' Mi- Martha 1.. . .i. near Hark
da .•,
Henry A W • I Rate’s
i ’-i i.e\ . eel, vi ; a-Minie the doties
| - f ii.at office n. it Monday. .lanuarv 7,
••• .!< -hua i lay on. K--; . who
| was appoint -d by the G-uirt to lib the
m expired term of Charles H. l-'uiTev,
j Ks'i .r- - nod.
Uii iy, in-;,- on .*’ M,. ■, | Mr.-
H-. nry A. Warbiii-ien, wa- pan fall .
j 1 " and brui.-ed over the eye .a,- day
' we. k when, hi- • led eatiwi him
I under a wire fence while eoa.-ting.
I. th. wire wa - -.traigi - ml r,..t
| .larbed, so i ■ pe -manent injury i,
The Him- Rani:,.l a,. of We- la- - i
'I sia Ia v -i-hon . Mis- Ameli-1 I
jT . ;h-lil. teacher, will hold ab, x social
t the chanei - he e\( ion of hue
- ,
! fi r sale If tormv. m-xi fair . -t
Lad please' brii
Ibe I lei -a! As . inbly ~f Mai ylanri j
. Al r .a. |. * • ■ U, ,|
day. .boiaa: > . C.-.-ji wa. .■ i■ j
’ ' Dei i-rat a’ml’ i
■I . I!-.- e i m
■at: S. Ralph A,Grew and 1 ~„.k ;
B Rc-l - - ■
i la- heari'.L- of (1. il. CitjloWav. ■
I shier of the Stevens, j|| ( . Hank, aim
W I i I ■ iwe, charged with eing eon
-''•‘■'lt’d \\itti t In* 'hortayr at that hank. '
-hi - *- ■ * (m Mm i*d .nt -I . d.iry 17 ,
I'hc ii'HiaL’c in. th.- hat I - 1
; it*n • t dualcd in t la- •■nj Id mrh i < •!’ j
7", ; MMI.
Tin* nim-lni' -if flu- Sini;vtA lie |
i ( f rnpaiiy n Ivlklun. ~i thnir im-cliuL:
I I .i-siiay i- i 1 ninjj of la>t Wim-U. dn
• ’di'u in m de,- from the Aha 1* nv i
a. ' 1 ()
.an A'ii"iis I• <X ( umliinal ion (
11“' n I ruck and Runsii r I’ump. T.'.n j
( L'alluus capacity, plunge?* piston type, j
’o hi* (Iclivcicd in lin days l! was i
| also decided lo sell the old truck !• I
i *he Aherdcen E ire ( mnpany.
I lie annual lurke> dinne, and
| , ’hristmas treat was driven the inmate
• uf the Alms House Tuesday of last
j week. Ainonir the donors were K. H
1 razer. Stanley Kite, Andrew Miller.
M s. M. 1.. Th ompson, John Quein. I
George MeGnrmiek. George K, L.
lies,-, Taylor V Reynolds, James Kar
aganis, Harry Heers, Dr Ashhrook,
M D. Hi ia a Vinsinger ,A Hippin,
( buries A Ib-atzig, Lyman K. Spence,
J. 1., (,oiu-e. I*. H. Hriee. Harry Hev
low. Walter Houldcn, la. W. Taylor
Well-' Drug Store, S. T. Simpers,
Sturgeon Hr.is , Mi s. C (", Bayard, W.
( Harvey. Harry Perkins, T. ( , Me
I raeken, Mrs. K I. Janney, \ndrew
Reynolds, Joseph Ii Simpers, W. K,
Blake. T M, Tyson, Dr. V. 11. M’
Knight. JosT-ph T. Tyson, J. l-rniv;
Blake. I, A MeNamee. Keys & Mil
ler Lumber Co.
The Red C ross rooms- will hi* open
this coming Monday afternoon, and
tin work er *• are expected to lie pres
Miss ( ccdia Potts, fop several year
t-mplnyed hy the Kikton Rankin K ftnd
"I rasi ( who resigned several
day- ago. entered upon her new duties
in the county clerk’s office this week.
Remember The Horticultural iMeeting
Two outstanding features of the
meeting of the Peninsula Horticultu
ral Society in Chestertown, Maryland,
January (>. 7 and , are the buffet
luncheon to be served to the members
and visitors at Washington College at
noon on Tuesday, the opening day of
the meeting, and the moving picture
film showing orchard demonstration
work in Maryland in cooperation with
the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
This film is the first of its kind in the
world and was first shown at Hagers
town during the meeting of the Amer
ican Farmers’ Congress. This film
will he shown on Tuesday night at
Russell’s opera house.
Letters from fruit growers and
market gardeners from the Peninsula
and outside indicate that this will in
one of the best meetings in exhibits,
papers and discussion, and in attend
ance, that has ever been held. No
progressive farmer should fail to at
tend. Ample hotel accommodations
have been provided. Meals will be
served at Wa-J. College for (.7
cents and hotels and hoarding houses
can easily take care of the lodging
and breakfast.
Mis. Sydney \\. MahaffA
M - Sydney , MahatTy, v..;V of
William Mahaffy I. rk of the I . S
1 - 1 - 1 1 i■ i Co-irt. WUmii.gi. ~ died -id
Hi niy lie enihe. 2*., at ne. home ; •-■ ■
He I.> Hill, fo'low gan attack of
MI • MahalTv ’-. f ,r, h, ■ ma l iage
: M' . •
w I- -ley < .-liege, at d c w . onnecled
b l.e St:.!.. S -i -.ey, a d Rodm-md
' M. ball y, who - ■ • .id. i t at ITin
(' •■>,: Cnive ; •, \ o,|„”. If .
D. W 'I:-, and two <i.-t , M Clai
C Hi!: and Mi-s < bail.ate ( 'Veils
Mr--. ( jara l 71 earns
Mi Clara V. Mean s, widow of the
L’C Char!.’. T. I- .Me..”,,-, died Mon
day I ii; nl ol ba.-) Week aboai s ~',jock
■ : r home at Zion, win she had
cully noved She w; 2 yea :
age. u•; hel .re marriax ras a Miss
'he . - -a: vi \ed 1. ■ ; hroe ehil
-1 ire! Uli-ita. w , of I I lie cs. of
a dary ,! t'ha
i•• "•(■:.! -ei 'i. e i | I M.iay
■ a (• at lue N-o-th K . M I-. (bna b
N, • i. M‘
Ills. Joseph Sinillt.
At’*.* . lingtring - Mrs. Lou
a Sin h, wife of Jose® Smitfi died
at in r home . .■•, W , ■, i, . i Jnvii
•let hm-band. ,-leven children and Uv
brothers are aft n her l ath
Robert M. \\ i lm-u \.
I tiicr. Ro M. Wail
j R"‘ M and Ma- a,■- H n.iW lie
\ ".V i . W
...... 1
j ili.ij . - ’f. j ill ,\ i• \\ ( Plea!
- iffa a years
ben g p cut lie 1 .. i iiai
i daugllte
John I V\ ilTamson.
■Jol, T. 1 T „ -,n.v
• efiii if a-t w •’■ . at the Ii m e of
: iii' d,-right, r, Mr-. Hairy (~ Kidd, at
alven. from (ironic hronchit.- and
eia ral debr i. ae d s". . ear- If,-
twa ma - rie. i. )i.- 11. st ■. M j c
Sarah Jane Davis, leriving him nr.-,
j -luiigliter-. Mr- Ki.f.i, M . Harriet
| Abt an . -f 1., -lie, and Mi Margaret
: Richardson, of Wilmington, Del The
, -ee.aid wile. Miss Sarah Hutton, is
I living in Newark, Del . with two sons,
i .-.,i key and Philip Williamson
The funt ml was held Saturday, with
nt t:. A • No-,la- ghan i erne
I lara Sheer Smith.
Clara Sheer Smith, wife of Samuel
C Smith, died on Sunday. Deeeml
2S. of pneumonia, aged iii years. A
most estimahle and lovable woman has
gone to her eternal home. (liu- whose
love, kindness and sympathy extended
over many miles To know her was
to love her. "The silvei cord is loosed
and the golden bowl broken at the
fountain,” hut the memory of this
loved one will always he fresh and
sweet in our minds. She k- survived
by her husband. Services were held
at her late home near Greenhurst on
Thursday, Januigy 1, at 1:20 p. m;
interment in Rosebank Cemetery
Mrs. Flmer I . M > u*u
Mi' Mayhew passed away at he:
borne in Town Point, Saturday even
mg, December 27, after an illness of a
few months.
She will be remembered as Miss
Lima 1 ayloi, ol l eeilton. before lire
marriage to Klnn-- ( Mavhew Dee
20, Iti 17.
She was the faithful teacher of the
Town Point school for five years, due
ing which time all in the community
learned to love and admire her.
Her husband, baby daughter, mo
ther, father and brother feel their
great loss deeply.
Funeral services were held at her
own home Tuesday, with interment a!
Cocilton Cemetery.
Mrs. Charles Keinheimer.
Mrs. Carrie Keinheimer, wife ol
i harles Reinheimer, died Friday at
their home in Camden, N J She was
a daughter of tin- late Marks Lvher
man, of Kikton. and was about .75
years of a*e.
The funeral was held Tuesday with
interment at .Ml. C;t inel Cemetery,
Mrs. Robert K. Rawlings. Sr.
Mrs. Sarah Delia Rawlings, wife of
the late Robert Kerr Rawlings, died
suddenly at her home near Woodlawn
about K:2I) Wednesday morning, the
24th It was a great shock to her
family and friends. She was •!;! years
old and leaves the following sons;—
Messi - Roscoe. Le lie and Robert,
and four daughters Mrs. Rufus Jack
son, Mis Howard Barnes and Misses
Mary and Grace, at home. A brother.
James II Maxw.-II and two sisters,
Mr . Rachel 11: iekley and M i M.un
ice Reeder, survive.
Tuiu-ral -e -vices were held Satui
day afternoon in charge of the Re\ '
Mr. 11 a I i. leb. pastor of We Nott ■ ■ 1
ham H. ( Ch reh. of w hie’
the deceased wa- a member, and -. I
loi i lll *r pa.-‘or. Re- Mr Huffman, of
iHa timore. Interment wa. beside her
in. and in Hopewell Cemetery. Tb
:a 1 1 i .ea sa , In M oore. AT, ■ -.
' • a and Carroll Cartier.m, Clinton !
Tin in, W R.
Re\. \lf red Seai-li.troti" It.
i ( ania mieaU d I
nan of tin Hi oles'lant Kpiseopii
1 I .r h. and - f tin- Re\ . Ri.i.e.-; j
LI : Gold - ougb long time R. e ;
:oi f Trinity Cb ireh, Klkt u , died nl j
ihe lion T his daughter. Vli . I' ■ ,
R Gi itlith. Bridge ’ onn.. on the I
evin in j ICh 11 : i s 11: iy. Thed ea 11
wa due t,. hea rt i rouble. Mr. G -.ld ■
iiol .llgh will Ie l lllemb.’led as visi :
tor :u Kikton will in recent years. Of j
ills posit am, iii - depa ting will In -a.
He f. iHi I led a lone |
active ministry in connection with
churches in New V- rk. New Jersey j
md Cot li. it. He leaves fo ,
: hi!.lren, three am- and one .laugh j
Th. funeral Wii htdd ft -an St
|an being .n Gin aw .....I I ’.-mi-lei 1 . i
j Brook'yn.
Randolph Moore,
Randolph Vi, t. r. y.. Hugest son of I
1 1 \N Myra Mo.ne
died of hear; 1 1 ■ Wediie-day. I >.-■ ■
I ember 21. ,n ids ,72d year. Mi, M
1 was an upright, hard working man
a) the 11. T-ert hipya J. af: ■
j moved theii yard i.- ( he-a peak.- (it- \
h. wa - -mployed !.> the Chai Wa
1 .of Wiimingt Del. 11. va
dig i fellow .’. mer
.■ Ills "inploy. i’s say there was ii" j
! l a. 1 man to - i.-k i > hi- job and <h
And. oi Iss7 11, i- sui
I'vd y hi - w i.| , andllie children. 1
: M (ha I llai’kii Ms! eo .!
I!- a- M.,- ai'U
Offenders Resist Arrest
’ ’
I day night ..f Inst week by Sheriff 1
I• w A Seth. It seems that (ar
I . con and Pool, and several other 1
1 '" 1 1. . ii e.iiii|inni.a.-'' had been di inkin'
' reely, and about Id o'clock Deputy
Sheriff John Seth -Girted t<. un in \
I'.mil.- far distui .nig the peace. Ikon
'ei-..:, undertook ;o interfere with the
office' and a g.-neial inix-up ensn.-d. ;
, Same ni... lull l ie.i ni the jail a few ,
j yards away and called the Sheriff, wh-. 1
lost no time getting into some i
' clothes and rushing to his brother's ,
l rescue. He had to hammer Houle and .
. 'T.un- se\erely before they would
! submit to arrest, but finally landed j
them in jail, where they w.-re ladled I
out in a few minute- hy Joshua Clay
A hearing of the case against the
men was fixed for Friday afternoon
at t o’eloek before Magistral' Gov.
S. Seotten.
Another Bad Smash-Up
Seventeen freight ea s. nine loaded
and eight empty, were practically de
molished in a wreck at North Fast, on
the Maryland Division of the I’.. H. A
W RaProad, about o'clock Sunday
moriiii.s. No ..i .- wa, injured. All
four tracks were blocked, and ip until
noon express pusseng-.-i trains were
being run over the H-' .more ,V Ohio
The wieek was due to a wheel on e |
freight car breaking within a short, 1
distance of the North Hast station.
The long freight trail) which cam'-
ll.nn the Delaware Railroad via H.li
ter’s and Newark, was going south at
a moderate rate of speed when th
wheel broke. In a Tew seconds tlie 17
cars were piled up. Lumbe -. coal and
general merchandise were scattered
all over tin four track's It Was no'
until shortly after eight o'clock in the
morning that even one of the tracks
was cleared by workmen, and the
other three tracks were closed until
nearly noon. To clear the tracks, him
her and other freight and parts of the
wrecked ears were dumped into a
The wreck delayed travel between
Kikton and Wilmington for consider
aide time and commuters living south
of North Hast did not get through un
til near noon. The first early morning
train due at Wilmington about <i;2rt
o'clock did not get through at all as
if is made up to accommodate passen
gers between North East and Wil
mington, reaching here at 8,20 o’clock.
In the meantime it was necessary to
make up a special in Wilmington for
Philadelphia for the accommodation of
Atlas Powder Company employes and
others who generally use the 8 o’clock
Articles incorporating the Good
Sand and Stone Company haw been
filed for record. The company mines,
quarries, sells and deals in stone, sand
and slag. The principal office will he
in Havre de Grace. The capital stock
is fixed at SIOO,OOO of Ihe par value of
SIOO a share. The directors and in
corporators are Ezra M. Good. Cecelia
M. Good adn Leslie H. Leffler. of
Havre de Grace.
WHOLE NO. 4.024
1 -‘I ."in Daniel Bratton. of Hamp
ton. \.i,. u',i r an Elkton visitor last
'' l >l. II" 1 apt:ii• i !i: • t .<•.->i t rails
Mr- A. \V. Mitchell is visitin'" bee
I >l l; It" rt ! . .Mitchell. in Balti-
Diorgo AleQuilkin
■ li > h .mi son Key
r . . . .rit..-..in#
i. ■ r. a- ii- i. Thin -day
■i 1 oon il' (hi week at In Inane on
i K. Man ,i n,i
M ! mak I!. S. ai and Mi, and
! M '■ . i' AM' ll !!i. i•; h Walimley spent
l l■ • ■ ' inn -a nil Elktott ivlati\in
-M l"l B. I>• an iid Mi , ■ Eva
! ■ ,! ' • I’ n a' NVi 1 mi• -ion. spent
I ('Ill’s! uni- with V| End 11. I . tiler.
M I: l: i -I.On - ami Mr. -I.
Baltimore. -pent
' in. a i \I, (In.ar 1 1 (' -i.irn-
M M-. ■ •• i: ; of the
jl’.. II A U, It. It. at Elkton. enter
| I aim i: In- el. an al !'. a • .a I his home
| he day even inn
I ..in (i i i moi oi Bull inioro,
■ a ! Mi-- M • 'din,. ,i Washing
am, mm 'a: ,-im.a with Mi-se- Li/-
<•> M -11-
Mi Klizaln h H -. " entertained
j a lame : nml.e, f her ( mads Tuesday
i ald I -noon a! the horn, -C lea I rather,
I \E. 1 las a) Ei alt.
I.i ■ event I iyf the
, 1
}ll 1 ; ai ■ E i \\ heeler ai dMi
I.a i 1 Me William E Brooks spent
ion..- with Mr. and M-s. C C
\ mm' Mee , i bisDnas 'v:i -pent
|U• !e mi . .a' VI-• ..nd M II Holt
lat \. M: I. ; t when * hey had a reun
-1 nai in tliia! familv The party con
i' V. la.a i - K. Holt. Dunkirk,
V,: Ml and M. i ; I I „ es. Ed;
N' Mr. .■ d Mi Willett Ewing,
’'onto villi-. I’a : M , and Mrs, Harry
E Wil on. Elk X. k; M Washington
[IE '■ Tien'..: , .E; Mi 1 E "ii H.. t,
.I e . Eel dil v Ea ; Mr I Tim aa- Holt
| I'!. • id. Ipii M H !; a |", in
lid '. at nm \, v,
'Mi T !■: .1 dr -..1 , It mi; .. villi.
; i’t'en -i rioi.slj El for -,.ni,. time, is
| sll'-'litly improved and In r speedy re
aivery e\ period
Mi's Mae Ele.ee. ef the Ninth dis
, trie!, a graduate uu -e ef Delaware
j Hospital. Wing ’ ■ hi n ised
her friends by annul: -r her mat
- ■ iai.e to Mi. Deorge Mci ioiiaid, of
1 1. -mere. Dm The eer.■irony v.i- per
1 in! r,n■.I on Septemi n*r ■
Dr. Howard Bratton on Monday af
i le'nooi at I nior 110-p 'a! sustained
'an opmatioi • i the removal of gall
! stones, by in, Jo-eph ( , Bloodgood, of
15a11 iniore, as'isti'd i.\- Dr Davis, ot
j (hat city, ami mem; .-r- of the local
stall Dm Bratton - recovering slow
ly loti satisfactorily.
The youiie met of K kDiti gave a
New A ear - datiee in the .Armory on
Wednesday evening The attendance
I was la ye and the music the “worst
ever"- -according to the verdict of a
"young thing” that ought to know
Miss Pauline M. Bennett is spend
ing tlie holidays with friends in Jer
sey City and New York.
Mis. .1 Ernes; Solway and Mrs.
Crank i nrney, of Wilmington. spent
New A ear’s with Mrs I'em Clay
Mr. \ ictor 1 lark. Bowlnnd Clark
and M' s i nance . f Wilmin-’ton,
spent New A'ear's with Mrs Alary E.
Relief Work Progresses
The people of the county are re
-ponding' generous ly to the appeal for
the relief of the -ullcrour people of
the Neat East.
Some little agitation was experi
enced Ey the committee for the Thirl
district, when it was learned Monday
morning that some parties, repre
senting themselves a.- from Blythe
dale, had men a n\a -- mg for the
cuuse ;ii !■!,ist Elktoi territory whieh
should respond only to the collector
appointed by the County Committee
for this territory.
The suli-chairinai f■ ■ ■ the upper
districts of tin county arc as follows
•Mrs, Howard Watson. Perryville.
Airs ' I Benson. Port Deposit.
Al - Horace Duyckinck, Rising Sun.
Mrs. DEie l.indcnwood Rising Sun,
R D.
AD- Norman Wrmhl. Rising Sun,
Woman s Club Anniversary
The Woman's Club of Elkton will
celebrate its seventh anniversary on
Tuesday. January ii, at p. m.. in the
Parish House. Dr. Ella I.onn, of the
Department of History, Boucher Col
lege. Baltimore, will make an address
on “The Alost Vital Problem Before
America Today.” Dr. Bonn was the
speaker at the anniversary meeting a
year ago and will be remembered as
one of the l.est who has ever appear
ed before the club. Besides her col-
U"“e work, she i- delivering a course of
lectures in Baltimore, which is largely
attended, and for which students of
John- Hopkins Cniversity are given
special credit in their studies
To this meeting each member of the
club may*bring a guest.

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