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I News In Brief
The yacht of I'. K Curran, of Kas
ton, vihile oa In.- way to i I■•: ala. \va
blown ashore iicac Ti-dclv.-st-. r, wher
it remained until a few d:r.s ayn. 1;
was pulled into deep wat r with litlh
Mrs. James Durham, who lives on
the Deai. farm in 11 ar f ii < ■■< nt y . who
cut he - throat m ■■ eral day- ago whih
mentally deranged, died on Friday.
The Perryman Wonie- 's f’luh ha
been organised with Miss Winifred
Kmmord. president: Mi-- Hessi,. )■ ore
wood, secretary, anil Miss Mary Ford,
While W. E. Jane ' was in Kidgely
Saturday night thieves visited hi
fa m ai d carried o)T all his turkey
ready for the markets.
The Eastern Shore Trust Company
is looking over the to-., ns of Kidgely
and tlreenshoro with a view of estab
lishing a hraneh hank 11 the town they
should seler t.
Heavy, impure b.ood makes a mud
dy. pimply eomplexion. headaches.
nausea, indigi - lion. Thin hi make
you weak, pale and sickly. I• r pure
blood, sound digestion, use BurducK
Blood Bitters SI.Jo at a.I stop -. ad
Charles Bond, whose home is in
Vi a.- hingloi .1' I , ami who wa- a
brukeman on the Oetorari Hraneh, bad
both legs ,-uts i,if Tuesday of last
week in the tunnel. West Philadelphia.
It is supposed that he slipped oft the
coach platform, lb* lay on the track
for some minutes and was half con
scious when f n.d. lb- wa- tak n to
hospital when he died : a few hmr ■
Bond was over in i- 1 ■■■ -. made a ■
iVc-S d and tame • aei: without
scratch, lie ran nu the a. 10 p. m.
passenger train through Oxfi id evi iy
other day. passing thr •ug'h a-l Mon
day. The train he was o when the
accident oeeo ■ red was r inning fr.
West ( heste .
Children Cry
0 A S TO R I A
•i**st*ph H Mihiit, : >1 '.wo yc;i i • sec
retary of ill Knight' of Co’urnbu?
in 1 met* ha etui * It* h*i
Havit ii< Grace.
Capitalbts frni I * mi-} ’vi.nia vi~
ileti ii:l\ ic df-t -r• a t v.i-.-k, leak
ing over lhi- town for the location of a
cigar factory to gk.* employment at
the start t* scvtial humic*! work
1 'or any iivhi: g -Kin t rmibl*'. ; lie-,
eczema, salt I inn. hive'-, it h. >call
h* t*l. herpes. .tiiiijtoan’s tln.t
mel t is highly !•-■<•< mmemhd. •'• >• a
Two unknown negr*'*' wer* 1 arrest
e-1 near Sternn:er'.- Hun last week a'
rusni-rls wir- -hot ami i i!:**d Detective
Li ■ ••■it; ten day at S
( n .
After spending thf years in Spain
• . i • ■ K f \•
Thompson ha- arrived ;.t be* 1 1 <.in'
at ( ent evillo.
.More than 10 00M p*mnd> -f turkeys
wer*. shipped from ( Vnt revj!!- in ■
- :i\ markets last week
Children Cry
0 A 3 “h O R 5 /\
1 i orporation papers have been lilt I
at Sa isliui y He- the W,, omi. ■ p .
lishiau Company whien will place i
mac newspaper ill the I: Id to
- - lie “Wie . 1
It will be a weekly paper of HJ page-.
7 columns each, and w ill make it -
initial issue on Saturday January 1
William M. < impel has I i b ate I
I resident of the new company and
• larence W, Miles managing editor.
. : DICTIONARIES ere in use by busi- I J
* ness men, engineers, bankers, I
1 : ju lc.cs, architects, physicians,
I farmers, t i
gym- n, hy successful mt.n and
women the world over.
Are You Equipped lo Win? I
The New International provides . ■
: the means lo success. It is an all
: knowing teacher, a universal ques- -
I tion answerer. :
If you seek efficiency ni.d aci
: win cement why nor in kedaily
* use of t his vast fund ol inform
• at ion?
■ 400,000 Vocabulary i i-rms. 270* I‘.*;'.ps.
t (>OOO I Musi rations. ( i|orcl I'l.u* s.
- SO,OOO < iSuk'jt'ils. 12,000
; UioHraphicul jjilntti.
I Regular and India-Paper Editions. r j
,—Wi hel"rt-pfo- I
Siil •> ■ i ■
i lit •
W T _ ■ & ' WSSh :pi" I
; £: \ ; g. &c.
-:r; |; *?' co.,
t. |i- Hass. ■
Miss Marie de Goll, aired IS years,
who disappeared from her home in
Havre de Grace several weeks ago,
was located by her parents in Geor
c;a. traveling with a show that visited
,he ■w n -ome months ago. She ha *
• (•• return*d io her home.
\ moving van loaded higher tha .
*.v head bridgis would comf<4tably
admit, came down the pike from •
('oatesville oi Munday. It contai ed
the household effects of a Mr. Gross, •
.■ ay to S pai rows Point. :
Mr. (iro-s is itiinus several chairs, as ’
lh< ovet head bridge at ' Hlpin’s Hock
mowed them off, the goods being
packed too high to pass through tha'.
'ti ncture. On entering North Hast an
• . trie light wire was picked up in
-•'Mil. manner y the load and it was
whipped along fur some distance.
Charged with stealing an automo
bile. Kdwa 'd H. Sterner, aged 18
yt ars. an alleged deserter of the U. S.
Navy, wa.- arrested in Chestertown
a'.'i taken lo league Island for ex
The Brotherhood of l ittle Britain
Fresnyterian Church has been organ
ized with more than one hundred
members with K. K Walton, presi
dent; Samuel Steel, -ecreta y; Frank
S filt, treasurer.
Mi’s. Adelia Bow* - has been com
;.i-;-i*in d posimistre-- at Millington
and taken charge f the office, which
pays ■'l-ofHi a year. She succeed*, the
■ W. Finley ('ollins
I or a mild, easy action - f the liow
-Is, try i loan’.* Keg iet . a model n
ar.at • ' at a ton ad
The I nited St. ;*- Housing Cor- I
P.ration i- new olfering for sale the !
Imhi-•(,s built at Aner<?eei during the I
iMiergeney peri*ti. Present tenants
given firt hance on cash ■
Ue m- of Hi [>cr ce*.. down and 1 per j
ent e .
The Sti 1; Pond Kpworih I. ague has '
•on pi **d and pu:di.-hed an Kastern ,
e re -
• ir.ls gathered from the best house
keej/(-r> on the Kasteru Shore.
.deivjiic iki.ver. -..n Mr. and M; n |
H* , fer* Baker, of W.-m (Jrove. and
Kdith C,)c'i. daughter r M ' Walter 1
I’. Pennock, *-f Cheste ’ iile. were mar- i
•i*d in Elkt( ih er 1 Fhey will ’
1 •■ their home in West Grove.
M ■ . Walter Canv-, o . who onrly in !
mer went " e, foi
1 ■ ■ ■ • ■ . ■ tl ri'tu nu‘d I
•S ui: on Wed
•i'--iiay nf i:.st wi'i-k, • the pic I
(•.hi ■ f hual-.h. Mr-. 1 nn.-mn weijfh !
(■•I ID' pounds h• ■ m -m- left for- th- i
m-.ir.lulu- 'hi- spri'if. and after tak- ■
11. y the re-t cm. ha- retui'ned to her
: iniiiv ai.d friend- in the jest of I
health, with a train ■ tiv-nt-' I
* l
pout i- in weight.
At- rd ha- a b .1 fact< ry. M. ?. j
1.1-V and Sol - haviti" e.-taidished j

I: re- -t iiiaiuifaet- < ■ -traw hat- I
' ■ ’ ' ' h Bal !
timo e )
—— ■ - " "
ff _ .*■; 1
II f iJ i;
i / mtfa m Q P\ * || y
Ml I M I |i
' T V*?< f"* p
JS 1% ..: They Win You On Quality! |
V 11" 'V\ ') ° ;\ Your enjoyment of Camels will be very great
y l-v- "y. *1 'l'i'l because their refreshing flavor and fragrance w
P L. rK!S /: •' ; '■'•■ !C I'% arid mellowness is so enticingly different. You a
1_ Jfb'" never tasted such a cigarette! Bite is elimi- ■
|jj .i..*- - ** - *- nated and there is a cheerful absence of any W
■ j unpleasant cigaretty after-taste or any un- M
- - n Camels are made of an expert blend of choice fit
i , .‘-I Turkish and choice Domestic tobaccos and are ||t
Z'. smooth and mild, but have that desirable full- Jm
..’ body and certainly hand out satisfaction in H
1 I generous measure. You will prefer this Camel H
f blend to either kind of tobacco smoked straight! B
* * \ Give Camels the stiffest tryout, then H*
| \ f v '* compare them with any cigarette in t|
y' f >V the world at any price or quality, g
} 1 V<. J* * Ns. flavor, sal i naction. No matter M
|\ h° w liberally you smoke ||
n* ,• ‘ * i ™ Camels they will not tire Ha
\ f your taste I
I Kill Wlilli. EEKTON, MARIIaNU HA I’tRDJ I JAM AliV 3, U>2o.
Children Cry for F3etch£-r*s
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over over 30 years, has borne the signature ox
— and has been made under his per-
Cs jC S(mal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good ” are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children —Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTORiA
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Caster C:l, Par,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; Haying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Panacea —The Mother’s Friend.
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Hind You Have Always Bought
! baby',- croup. Willie’-, daily eut
and bruises, mother’s sore throat,
tii ami'iia’s lameness Dr. Thomas'7c
■ He Oil the household renc. dy. ".U
--. :d i'iOc. ad r |
The demand for more room to tic- !
commodate increasing: husine.-s has
• d tiie Fibre Specialty Mfu r of ,
Kennel; Square to let a contract for \
:n erection of a jcu f: daylight two- j
-toiy l.uildintr.
Tin- lanre mink Tarn of Henry t . ;
S hillinyer. at Hry Branch, Harforu (
co'inty. was destroyed by li 'e lasi I
Saturday i iyrht, with al its content- i
The loss i.- iot limited at si;.non, with ]
hi insurance of only si.non thereon.
W illiam K. Keel, ,1 prominent ean- j
ner ■ f W’icnmieo county, has been ad- ;
judirid bankrupt; hi- indebtedness is
•aid lo amount to SbOJHKI, ;he lareesr I
: edit • M ine Mi >-r W illiam \.
Itobii.son A- ('o.. of Bclair.
A Word To Disabled Soldiers
Every man who was in the military
• . naval serviee of the United States
dm me the late ear. and who on ac
lo.int of such service is not physical
tted to enp atre at i nee in a vrain
t'.d occupation should at mice notify
the Hnivau uf War K:-k Insiiranre in
Washington, I). C,
I nder Hu' law this Bureau Is eharg
. ■ • I with providing for scrvico men dis
] eharged because of disability incurred
I in active service in the line of duty
I compensation and free medical treat
; meat until sueh time as they are re
| stored to physical fitness 1 luring tin
■ summer of I'.Mil there was a general
eonming out of tho military training
j ■ amps of ; he
j a ing up the standard of physical fit
| i • >s, ami many men discharged at
j that time may be unawate of their
i light,, tinder an net ■ f Congie-s p
| I'onipensation for disability and medi
j ■ .'• i attention and hospital treatmeiiX
| where neee.sar.v. All cam's of ni
j or a like nature should lie brought
j immediately to tile attention of the
i Bureau of War Risk Insurance
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years*
Always bears
Signature of
Our fciSs Goods /De Anivmg
Consisting .1 Hlll.s.s (>)(i|is Maid- and Plain Colors;
•IT!.\C !• LANNELS a.,.! ! ! \ NXELKTTKS. PERCALES and
i. IN< ill AMS.
Muslin Sheeting
In all widths H-ady mad SHEETS. BOLSTERS and I’lL
needed for tin- Fall and Winter.
!• or Men. Women mm! < h:!d:*•. n, and the prices are right on
Our Men’s burnishing Department
( •insisting of HATS. ( \ps, SHOES. UNDERWEAR, TIES,
( Old.AltS and SIIIKiS. aadv with the up-to-date styles.
We sell for Men th. RALSTON HEALTH SHOES and the
EMMCoTT. JOHNSON A ( o |,ine; for the Ladies, the CIN
-I'EREI LA, and f-.r tin L.ttl- One. the LENOX and any of
(hern are hard to beat.
Our Grocery Department
\ c keep our • nicer\ Department titled v\ ith gfnvi: things
and ;is cheap as you can buy any where.
January Clearance Sale
Rising Sun, Maryland
All departments contribute to this sale to make it a worth
while event. We mention a few of the man', things olffciin
Special lot of Children's Hose, 25c pair.
Special lot of Men’s Hose. ISc pair.
Trimmings Braids, 5c yard.
Men’s and Boys I.inen Collars, lOe each.
Remnants of Laces, Hamburgs. Ribbons, Ginghams, Per
cales. Shirtings, White Waistings, Wool Dress Goods, etc., till
at a saving.
Several good numbers left from which to make selection:
S2O Coats, now $15.00
SIS Coal s, now 11.25
$lO Coats, now 7 50
Like reductions throughout the entire line of Children's
and Ladies' Coats.
Good bargains are to be found in the Sweater line. $lO
Sweater now SS. $S Sweaters now $0.50.
Overcoats and Suits of broken lines go tit substantial dis
counts. If in need it is worth your w hile to examine and
embrace the opportunity presented.
One Horse $45.00
One Horse 05.00
One Buggy 45.00
One Carriage 75.00
One light Delivery Wagon 10.00
One heavy Delivery Wagon 25.00
Closed al (i P. M. liif’ridy, Wednesday and Thursday. Other
Nisbls al <) !>. M.
E. R. Buffington Son
Graduate of Eckels’ i mhalminq College of Philadelphia
Funeral Director and Fmbalmer
I offer my services to the people
of North East and vicinity, among
whom I havs lived for 14 years
Efficient and Accommodating Service with (ip-to-Datc
North East, Maryland
'ltv 1 1 111

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