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-irri)imin> —Mr( arns.
Til cm c* \vaa a pretty wedding; at
Leeds M I* parsonage* on Wednesday
evening, IhaaMnher *J I, when Mildred
(trace. youngest, daughtre of Mr and
Mrs. Alexander ?'.*( ‘arns, of near
Lewisville, le<-arne the hride of Mr.
Paul I ' ■ on Met oinnn n . an of Mr'
and Mrs Amor Mn’ornmoiis, of Provi
denee. llev. V Miller, pastor of
Leeds M. I', Church. officiated.
The hi ide wore a suit of Pekin blue
silvertone with h.iek picture hat,
trio res and sip )•>, Her houepu t was
of while orchids Miss Alice Mc-
Cain . T Newark I>. 1 , aunt of the
hride, \ a.s I• i .<l< add She won. a
dress ol gecli '<Cn eharmeuse, trim
med in ■.■.!.! I•. e. Iha houpiiet was of
a.;::}; A* ;. >hr. T. 1 lai IMett,
•oiisin ( T (I; ■ bride a Med as i.es* mar
The ' onno- r- nple will ■ C 1- with
> h In id *s parents until March 1.
hi The Churches
1,11,1 oil Preslij !-, n .iu
i • ’ :oe V. •; t i;
■he l’a • i t. i . .till,
id | ■ • am!
' i
' '
Ml,i- i 1. ■ hodist !■ (.■ copst
lal i'.ii*. S -1. ■ , i suitable
lit li ■ i. g. -i mg w .1, 'bin
day a • ■! m,y . vi! : . ■ ■ . ved
t 'hur.li hi ii i'i" 1 ei;i■ .g 7 ;:;0.
Thi. la ,• . an
fa-: .-hip Ii ■ i ■ Lcgi, the New
Year v.d !. ,s, . id Ui .1 1 jj ring.
liiiiily Kpiseopal.
.la: .. y I. I • 1 ..r.| S ~,0,,y of
lei 1 In . 111 is Su'i day
1 Tlool; I • in i n \ 1 n pnn 11 .■ .1.;
meet , in (i n I' . > .h ! Inn ... t, • p. m.
Head n[ I '[u i*. 1 1:111,1.
I:I n! 1 1 1 ■•; II- r, |> .1. ~
ship, in 1 .1 a in
Weekly Semi'me ‘".Vo tlu ccen'.s
of our linnt ■ mob- .1i -■■ • >!' which I
ftp may ,n ,i, h.i‘ ■>. n1 : lie win.
has in 11 h fnin Makes 1: hi
life.".! >:n j ,
C■ an I inins ! f ■
Till" I-mu teiodh 1 ■■ i'i. r a,; ( t nil -
"f ill.- 1 I Stab . I ■
I Tid< - ■ iiic Mi 1 1.1 ■ in .■ •; 111: o'
I'ranf Wrightson, Supervisor "l
*!in I- 1 v -i.,, dintrii 1- I 'I iryland,
letis.is 1.1 ■ t>> 1 .inl Kill ..all at every
'lweliin hulls, in tic. emmonlty tu
secure the inf n ma'hr. tie -e-ary to
hi, "i. 1 J‘i ■' >!. .1: 'll., ; * the
in!. 1 ,11 , , .
t>U 'll iMV‘ || : 'tn - "'I. wj: '
l.oi.'n. Mill 1... ,r m ...y ;,e
;i ‘ ml ml i-it iln.
I '.dor in 1 i e ;
.'■* ai In, I lortlid •y:
W he r
or divorced;
Dirthpki | n .1 cl :.-r;.t• I
-'lid I• 1 ; 1 1; > i... . ,r !. 1 he; ar.i 111 n her.
Kivil i .( I" {' .try and pi
villce i r I*' 11 .* i n‘l; ho M ,
I>. e ( I inn. s|n '.it; ;■ ■■ • ,„| 0 nr
pedes mi. at-n indu-d 1 yin which em
ployed '
Whe*l e* 1 :11 ' ■. . i lie - *
Whethei aide to icmt;
W het her abji In will •;
Whether aide " .peak Kngh-I.;
Whethe I- ns owned ..r rented,
and If owned whether home is free of
t ncuml'i an or is mortdaired :
IV -sons of fe-eicn hirlh will he
asked 'ineslioin coneerniiiK these ad
ditional points:
'leaf of immie-ration to the I'nited
Whether naluralizc.l, and If So the
year of naturalization;
Mother tongue or native lart'uage
Kvery Kurin Visited.
Census enumerators also will eall
at every faim in this community to
secure the information necessary to
lill out live ifuestions contained "11 the
-igrieultii e schedule.
Kach farrm 1 will he asked luestions
oonceniing the acreage and value of
his farm; whether h. owns, rents or
partly owns ai I partly rents the land
he faims; the the huildings,
machinery and implements belonging
to ins farm; the oiian ity of all crop
raised on hi., farm during the yea"
>! * 1 ! *; and many other ((Uestioii.s which
cover all possible farm operations.
\n ahsoltilely accurate and com
plete census vitally concerns the wel
fare of this community and of every
person living jo it Tlu- ollicial popu
lation for (I: ■ next ten years ill be
determined l.y (he census of 1020.
lie ready with your answers when
Ihe census man calls at your house.
Really Doesn't Know
Myrtle K. (Irube, of Lancaster, l l a ,
was legally informed Wednesday hy
.'•'tale’s Attorney Joshua Clayton that
she is the wife of Isaac Charles Irwin,
of Chadtl’s 1 or.l. I’a. On May 2!l,
1!>17. the couple visited Klkton, were
granted a marriage license at the
county court oflice and on the same
<liiy were marrii-d hy Rev. -I• >hn Me
Klmoyle, nl the Presbyterian manse.
After returning home Irwin was call
ed into the service of the country and
.n few months ago was discharged and
immediately went to Lancaster to
.claim his bride.
The woman stated -he was not t
married woman, had 1 o recollection of
visiting Klkton and cannot recall any
ceremony having been performed. She
states Irwin has been persuading her
to live with him and appealed to the
Klkton authorities for the record of
her man iaae, claiming if such is true
■he will gladly take up the duties as
wife, companion and helpmate to Isaac
Charles Irwin.
Signs Of Oil Near Havre De Grace
The discovery of crude oil on the
surface of the Susquehanna River and
tributaries rear Havre de ('.nice, has
attracted the attention of New York
capitalists to such an extent that they
have bought or leased large tracts
near that city on which they will bore
for oil. Promoters of the enterprise
are further encouraged by geological
evidence that the rocks which underly
Havre de Hracc and vicinity are ex
tensions of the strata in Lancaster
county. Pa., from which there has
been a small flow of oil. Operations
are being carried on to reach the
large deposits believed to exist under
the surface.
Sonic of the property owners near
$2.35 Offered for Wheal"
\V 52.-I.') |'nr \n. 1 WlumiS.
Lower gratirs will in* bought on it<
Merits, u.-irg ■•••. - hcM uidgmont as I 1
“!.• value of same.
I i-den to tlu* ollum* fellow’s hid
I II I N >l,l. 1 S.
We \vi:: -i:.: l.\ Parcel Post in N r
ITire ItiicKw ie at I lour.
n .1 1, -..t P.- s per pound prepaiq.
Pure Hiifkw heat I lour a ;
: • none
I I KTO.N. Ml).
.' S.- Speeial prieev to (iioeers on {
.ankuhvat Hour. ".jaii-J |
I>.IVM( IANS’ Mllfritt'Lr 01
In Effctt Jamidrv !. 1 020
■ Mi-- ’ < all - i nit :■ imuin I S 1.00 I
, isits I nHome> 1 .50 I
\ i■'iTs I'nnu 0 :t 10 p. m , n. town _!.Od
'i i -i lo j). in,, in town S
1 'te ’ie ('ase>, in town 20.00 I
M.slet'.ie ' a-e . out "f town... 20.00 j
- • ■ ■ Night
a toWI t ■ ' " • ! i OJ)OI
for North East. j
Leslie 2.0.1 |
1 ■ ■ x " w j
■ Mechanic.- Valley and Kd.-r. -J.r.O !
i I ’nion .'1.0(1 i
. i hat ic-tuu n 2.."i0
ll.icoi; Hi!: 2.50
Irishtowt 2.50
1 ai c’s t :;.00
' C.lk itivi la l.alo I i net (.00
-. j. \cc:. o Shawr.ah School. S'' :
To l: go's Store ;;,50
ill iwn's :: to 1 I"' 1 ox's . 1.110 |
;• Tori.ev point 7,50 |
A: aesthci c 7,5" j
i" ngs. Pressings and Special Work.
K\l ra.
II V i Will I I 1.,
t . 15. (H 1,1 NS
H M.-K Mi. II I
fa |i
V V £A wl IS
Your Money? |l !
in II
Is it hidden in a sock under the mattress? Is it buried
in an old tomato can under the butternut tree? Or is
it safely deposited in our bank, drawing interest and es
tablishing credit for you? Wise farmers use our bank
progressive farmers who read wisely and well, and
who know how to follow the good advice they find in

In the January 3 issue of the ing agricultural weekly will cost
Great National Farm Weekly, you only SI.OO. which we’ll
J. M. Henderson, Jr., a farmer gladly charge to your account if
met i stockman-banker of California, you say so. And it will pay vou
*s' t^SC ' I SC ’ * lc ® an^er as ato invest the dollar. We know
Farm Leader. We’re interested the big coming issues will give
the copy in that article and a good many you new ideas for your far m,
j everywhere G f the same sort to follow, and and we believe they will help
we d like to have every farmer you to make and to save more
hereabouts follow them with us. money. Come in to see us —and
Fifty-two big issues of this lead subscribe today.
Costs Only $1.00; Mav Save SIOO.OO !
The National Bank of Elkton
• I
1) Because you know me, enter my name for Thß COUNTRY Gentleman for one year amt i ~ I
, the cost, $1 00. to me. I
• or mil I
’2) Here’s my dollar. 1 want The COUNTRY GENTLKM AN. Sendittomc. I nnf
■ , ■’ Name)
11 1 ■ r ■ XJdress)
1(1 1 (State)
SI avre de Grate, it is reported, are so
optimistic over the prospects of dis
covery of oil and of it* successful
pumping that they have leased their
properties on a royalty basis. Others
have sold their lands outright. Alto
gether over <IOO at res have been pur
chased or leased.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he I
is senior partner of the firm, of F. .1. I
Cheney A - Co., doing business in the 1
City of Toledo, County and State '
foresaid, and that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for each and every case of
I atarrh that cannot be cured by the
Sworn to before mo and subscribed
in my presence, this Cth day of De
cember. \. D„ 188 b. ,\ W. Gleason.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall s t atarrh Medicine is taken in
ternally and acts through the Blood on
the .Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Send for testimonials free.
F, -I. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O
S i: 1 1 by all druggists, 75c.
Hall’s 1 amily Pills for constipation.
Mary Pick lord
I \
Amarilly of Clothesline Aliev
* j
Chinatown, as it was some years ago. with the big
dance halls of the Marharv Coast and the motley crews
from the fleets of the world anchoring in the Golden i
Gate, making the most of their time ashore, is shown in j
this pictute
Matinee 2.30, 17-22 t.; Might, 3 shows, 22-28 c.
Thursday, January 8, 1920—D. W.
Griffith’s Special Production
“Broken Blossoms”
Mr. Durney Oldham, of Baltimore,
is visiting his mother. Mis. George
Mr. Henry W. Davis, of Wilminstoi
spent several day - recently with hi
mother, in town.
Miss Blanche Brown, Fayetteville,
N. < ~ is the guest of her parents. Mr
and Mis. W. 11. Brown.
Miss Hilda Oslroni. or Washington,
D C., spent the holiday with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Erie Ostrom.
Misses Helen and Emily Blackburn
are spending this week with relative:
near Kirkwood. Del.
Mi-, Fmmr Knock, of Philadelphia,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. A. M
K noek.
Mr. and Mrs, -lame- Humphrey, of
Wilmia • o:,, I >el , I,atbeen gu< t
of Mr and Mis, Wade,- Nickerson.
Revival meetings will begin at
/ion M. i.. Church this week.
•Miss Carmen Prii e of mar Bethel,
is the guest of her parents during the
m ildays.
\raoel Crawford, of BeaeoniV F
I •.ta..*.**.*.**,*.*.*^
j Chesapeake City Department I
Introducing a new custom in this
town ( hristnias was announced hy
the singing of carols on the street
Just belore midnight. The idea was
suggesti ■/ by the teachers of the M.
K, Sunday school and it is their idea
to make it a community affair.
An epidemic of typhoid fever has
broken out in this place. Four cases
have been reported.
The Masonic Pastmaster.s’ Associa
tion ol ( ceil county enjoyed the an
nual brinipn . on Friday evening. The
te d I
ensuing year. President, Dr. E. S.
Hoyle, of Port Deposit; |i -l vice
|Uesident. II Miller. of Elk■
ton; second \ ice pi > sident. Dr. t llifton
• . I aws, of Chesapeake Cuv; secre
tary freastirer. .1. F. Mohrleit , of Port
1 lupus it.
Flipfi nletiden of Si hools Hugh W.
1 aldwell. Pm , pal Guy John.- on. Mis.
i Brice, | tor, and Hi
Heinmr Smithers aUemied the annual
neetiiu tile Mar; mi talc "1
ct- \--o iatiou, which vas In id i;
Baltimore la.- nrst of ibis week. Sti
pcrinU-nden Caldwell, who is seciv
tnry of the As social ion. addressed t!..-
teachers 0 n Tm sday.
•Mi.-s Alailalyn Sleeie entertained
number of : riend at ca sis on ( hri -I -
M • -lohi Hopper, of Boston, ha
he< ii \ i.-it ing hi- parent Mr. an i
Mr. . Janie 1 lopper.
I’i ■ Ih lmar Sinit hers and Mrs.
Sinithe, - en la■r ta i i a-i 1 oi Sunday Mr-,
'baric. Hollii, s\\ ~,-tli. Mi-s Roberta
■ ngi vorlh. M and Mrs. Robei
Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs John
Young- and M-. .Jam. Y .-ung. of B-l
Mr. and Mrs. ('larence Ri -hard
"■ ' anni' - , .\ .1.. Inn men t hri<tina
guests of Mr. and M: Nathan Me
i 'oy.
The wedding of Mis- Anna Wilson,
■f M iddn-town. Del . and Mr. Rogei
V\ illiams, of Bohemia Manor, will take
i kicc o' January •
Mis. De la May Gi ii’ith. -if Hu hi.
visited M Re'g-i . \\ altt
Mr. i iiarie- Stapp. of Piiiliub 'phi ■
■ms la i-ii a holiday guest of \p |
Mr. Fdtta i( Stapp.
( Mis Ka nSi lnu fi rv,
;;tin at i*ani> on Saturday •.
U". \\ 111>::iiU!' -n, I spr;.: t,h hull
dtiy- with Dr, and Mr.-. E \, ( raw
: ‘-rd near town.
■ M John Maillot and Mi.
M Pliain T Alrler-on. of P.altll ore,
Mi-- Blam lu- ..ml M.i-u-r John A1
on, of Piestou have bi en v'.-iting
Mr. and Mrs in. wood Pad-lev.
Mi Dauiias Boulden ami family
na\t nio'.ud i. i..- farm tu-ar town,
ucated hy M William McCoy, and
Mr. Met ov im- niowd -o the farm
vacated by' Mi. A. B. I\. by.
Considerate and Prompt Attention Phone 39
nnv I - j'>l• •-! \ r
Bargain Cars
Have ready for immediate delivery and at
|l. 1920 7-passengcr, 8 Cylinder Oldsmobile
2. 5-passenger American Six
3. 5-passenger Baby Grand Chevrolet
1 4. Oldsmobile Economy Truck, Express Body
RALPH H. REES, Chesapeake City, Md,
) For Fall Apparel we are offering in made-to-fit S
S Skirts and Dresses the following exceptional values c
I f All Silk Poplin Skirts $6.00 ?
) Novelty Silk Skirts 8.00 /
) Messaline Skirts 9.00 S
S All-Wool Serge Skirts 7.50 c
r Silk Poplin Dre sses 14.00 ?
) Novelty Silk Dresses 21.00 )
) Messaline Dresses 21.00 to 30.00 S
S All-Wool Serge Dresses 17.00 to 30.00 C
\ Select material and style desired. We do the (
\ rest. Styles to meet every individual taste and a c
/ wide diversity of coloring and fabric. #
Mr. Roy Bloomer spent Tuesday
•md Wednesday with Mrs. Benjamin
{ arpenter.
W Joseph Bryson and Miss Kdna
J lorence < rossland, of Middletown,
w,, ’e married in the Presbyterian
( 'hureh at St. Georye’s at 1:30 o’clock
Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Milton
iit ter. Mi.' I ranklin McCoy and Mrs.
1 VValwotth, of this place, at
tended the wedding.
o Great \c| ol Heroism Required
If "Hie liieat act of heroism was
neeessary to protect a child from
( , ‘‘* , Jp. i • mother would hesitate to
l' lo,( ‘ci ber ort->,,nn>r t but when it is
" n, y , ; , ,M • • ar\ to keep at hand a hot
! * liandu l inin’- Cough Remedy
; ‘ ll d -i'e if n>. Mm as the first indi
? are
: ' ' ' ’ K'leet it Chamberlain's
" R* l.v i ait lib the reach of
■ > 1 oi) 1 • i and < fl't-ctual. adv
Charles C Banks
Kuneral Director
Che?.as)cjke Cit>, M<J.
Auto Service if Desired
l>r. Delimit-Smithers
in M IST
>i Mary tan i
Office over John m. Reed’s Stori
\ entie
i in svn \ki i it v. >i a.
Joseph Schaefer
Grocer Sc Ship Chandler
AND t 1 r. A I KR IN
General Merchandise
Smoked Meats A. Specialty
•Chesapeake City, Md.
Phone No. 20-II

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