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Tome Track Meet
1 mill' tin* most favurahh
liilmiis |nK-,ilili', the 14th a 1 1 1 11 1 •1 1
Toiiif I iiicr>rlnila>l in moot was rim
off. Every! Ii iiijr wont along
snnxitlily, ovom after i'voiil passing:
without the least hitch. There was
ahonl lliirl.v schools in the meet,
which I'ad i' all the more p'tnark
nhlo, since Iho Vttle anil IVnn In
terseholasties were run nil' on the
same day. The races wore handled
liv the most capable ol'lieials olitain
i her lit’l ll hnnilivd spectators
ittel■<lc<l ill' 1 meet, the Snsiplcliail
mi. which run-, hetween Baltimore
am II ’■ irt Deposit each yea r. I>eil 1 tr
crowded ; i the capacity, the records
showing that close to nine hundred
people were on the hoat. Many of
the s|)cctalors cainc also hy trains
from the \ort Ii ami South
To ,\l r. I )nnn is due the credit
for the I rcnicniloiis success of the
meet He made every possible of
fort to make this the host track
moot ■•vei held at Tome and he cer
lainly snc.-eeded admirably, Plan
nine far ahead of time he worked
right np to the finish of the last
An 11111 !s 11 : 1 1 thine vv a-. more e. r.
Mia! the neel st arte, I on time. The
clock had just si nick vv hen I h ■ tenn
tired for lifsi event the high hur
dles. At lh '.line time the weight
events w.-ro heentl ill the space be
hind the ciijic. Fro ii then on np
to the time when the javelin throw
was finished at about half-past live
the tweney nine events were run oil’
in 11 11iek succession.
The team from the Staunton
M Hilary Academy came to Port
Depost wl l h high expectations of
winning the meet. In Dent/, the
husky weight man. Staunton pbn
eil most of her hopes. Nor did
Rent/, fail his school, for he won
first place in each of the four
events he enlereil and broke his own
rd, which vva> 111:! feet, in the
disens throw, by hnrlitnr the plate
10H feet ii inches, Thoinrh Stann
ton sin Med in ftillillimr her e\-
pecl at ion-, yet she was kept on the
jump lit Tome, and it was only the
Virnan,a school M siipr ‘l ll a •\ in lit"
weight events that cave her the
victim Itallimofe Polv was . x
pecleil ' , do a Il'e than she did. blit
sh" fell down iii ever;- hinir but tln*
Held events, in which I ‘.none was
seenid in all the weight events,
t I'ilman. e. mi in a here with a lea n
•whose ar-neth lav in the running
events, was third in the meet.
Tim :mli\ idoal winner was. a*>
'.ls ".II I lent/, of S .mill 111. \V •! I
a total d' twenty points, he was far
ahead of *\ ery one eMe,
Tli" heanl tfid silver eip t hat the
Hub otl'eivd for the Tome ho\ who
seored the most points was won by
litiden .who seored a total of 5.7
points. He was closely followed by
Rnekle.v and Olivier, with s points
b’eeords hy events :
E vent No, 11 i’ll "t anl 11 nrdles.
Open, Ist, Connelly. S. M, A.: 2d,
Porter, t lilman : third. Loehler, Mc-
Kinley; fourth, t'allard. Towson.
Time, I S see.
Event No. 2 lot) Yard Dash.
First, Krebs, (lilman; second,
Wheelwrighl, (lilman: third,Hanm.
P>. •' <; fourth, tlorman. McKin
ley Time, 10 I see.
Event No :l TO Yard Dash.
Comity Schools. First, Steele.
Newark llijli School: second. For
aim l . ('he.sa peake City: third.
P. 11. S, Time, 8-1 see.
Event Ni. I 70 Yard Dash. No
vice. hirst, llieks. M. I’. I.: second.
Olivier. Tom", third, M.-Nabh.
Tech : fourth. Edelson. H. ('. ('.
Time. S see.
Event No. 7 Mile Hull. Open.
First. ( 1 foss. MeKillleV M T.; see
oinl < 1 re, I , S M A . third. Ste\
eos. lb ' '. I ' ; fourth, White. Tome,
Time. | 12 1
Event No. C MO Yard DaMi.
(•pen Eire, Skinner. Ib ]•’ s :
second. ,\lallsoll . \V. 11. S : third.
Seliv, a iveidnieh. 'I S ; fourth.
( 'mile. Tome. Time, ."it 1 see.
Event No. 7 220 Yard I )adi.
('olinl.v Schools, l-'irst. St eele. N.
II s Hid. Lake Chester 11. S :
third, I oft its. S |>, 11 s ; ton rt h
Miller . C A. II S T 2.7 see.
Event No. S titlo Yard linn. No
vie". f ir.st; Rnekle.v. I ome: see
-:: 1 1. Rod oil/, I! (' ( third. Neel.
D i 1 . 17>n rt h. Ila riniaii, \V. IF.
s. Time 1 do.
Event No. 'I 220 Yard Dash.
• >pen, Eird. Krebs, < lilman : sec
ond, Wheelwright, (lilman: third,
Coiw. Tome; fourth Stock, s. M.
A. Time, 2d 4 see.
Event No. 10 at! \ ard Dash. 80
Eh Limit. First, Robbins, Ib ('
('., second, Krastel, C. (' IF, S.;
third, Jeffers, E IF. S. ; fourth.
Wolf, Ib F. S. Time,
Event No. II—(JO Yard Dash. 07
Fib. Limit. First, Chesney, R. P. F.;
second, Freiifjnt ,R. C. ('.; third,
Zander. I!. ('.('.; fourth, Hamjisoii,
T, 11, S. Time. 7-2 see.
Event No. 12—70 Yard Dash,
117 Eh. Limit. First, Stillman, P>.
(C,; second, Mae Lain, J„ R. C.
1 ; lliird. Tower. R. F. S,; forth,
('reightnil. R. F, S. Time. 8 see.
Event No. Id 220 Yard Hurd
les. Open. First. Foster, (iiiman:
ml. ('oiinelly, S. M. A.: third,
lioss, P>. C (; fourth Woodrntf,
S. M. A. Time 284 see.
Event No. 1 I SSO Yard Him,
Open. First. Oraham S. M. A.;
second. Burgess. Tech,; third. Kcp
liHirer. W. P. 11. S.; four Mi. (Ireeeh,
S M. A. Time, 2 0-2.
Event No. 17—8s 11 Viird Ron.
Comity Schools. First. Foitraere.
M. 11. S,; second, Thompson. Tow
son 11. S ; third, lil l yii ear, M. 11.
11. S, : fourth, Frantz. Towson.
Time. 2 11 1.
E\cut No. 11l 110 Yard Relay.
80 Lb. Limit. First. P>, F. S.; see
mid, I!. I f C.; third. (1 ilnnili : Ith.
EI kIo 11 11. S.
Event No. 17 110 Yard Relay,
07 Lb. Lindt. First. Ib C. )'.; see
ond, ('at. 11, S. ; third. Tome : -Ith.
< iiiman.
Event No. Is ssii Yard Relay,
110 Eh. 1.1 in it. First. 1!.(.(.; see
mid. Tome; third. Ib F. S. : fourth,
t lilman. Time. 121 I.
Event N lit Mde Relay, Open
Ei fst. Tome : second, (lilman: dd.
( "tester 11. S. Time, d Olid.
Ev ent N'. 20 M ile Relay.
Comity Schools. First. Towson 11.
S : second. Newark IF S.; third.
Dupont 11, S. Time, d7( d.
Event No. 21 Pole Vault, t ipen.
First. Stewaf’. S. M A.; md.
I)eihert. E. IF S, ; third, Ltnlen,
Tome; fourth. ( Tayeroft, Tome.
Ib-iirlit. 10 ft.
Event No. 2d lliirh •Innip. < >pen
First, t>l ivier. Tome ; ml.
Porter. (iiiman : tbird, 1 Intxler.
P s ; and DMbert. E 11. S
I(eight, 7 ft. 7 in
Event N ■ 2d llmad -Imnp.
Open. First, Linlen, Tome ;seeond<
Wheelwriirht. (lilman; third. New
man. Ib ('. (’.; fourth. Edelson. P>.
<’.('. I Jistanee. 20 ft.
Event No. 24 -Broad Jump,
i unity Schools- First. Iriirlit. ('.
S. : second. Four 1 ere. M. 11, S. ;
third. Hoover, s P H, s : fourth.
Terrell. E. 11. s. 0.2 In.
Ev nit N 27 II minier Throw.
t>| i-'irsi. 11 ml/. S. M. A. : see
ond. Boon". 1! I’. I. ; third. I.a tvo.
T ime : foil rt 1 1 . Morrison. T emy
Di't a lie lli f'e-.
Ev-eo; No. 2ti s1 1 o• Pm. < • in:v
Seh*iE >• Me, N wark II
S.; see,.ml. MeKadden. E. 11. S ;
third. Deiher. E. IF s : f, mh.
Rob M. I! .8, Dista - . di; {•■,
It i11_
E\ eii' N . 27 -lave! Throw.
'> pe 1 1 , E Item/ s M. A.; s ...
d. It .one It P I " o-d It I M
'ey. Tom- . foiirtb. (1 1 ! pin. T ■ • ■
117 ft. lti.7
Ev> : ' No. 2s shot Pm. <ip >n.
First. Item/. s. M A . second.
1 to..in-. R. P 1.. third. I, .elder.
Tech.: fourth, (lilpin, Ton •. DM
lane.-, ii ft. 1' in.
Event No, 20 Discus Throw,
• •pen. First. Rent/. S. M. A ; see
mid. Boon It. P. 1 ; third. Morri
son. Tome: fourth. Folia. Tec'll.
I list ii nee, 100 ft. (i in.
Summary of winners;
Open Events. First, Staunton
M. A., 17 points. Second. Tome.
II points; third, (lilman. d.d points.
Individual Cup Winner Ren - /..
of Staunton M .A.. 20 points.
Rural I licit School Contest—lsr,
Newark High School, IS points.
Tome Iml i vidnal Clip I.mien
—8 7 points,
Terrible Suffering From Headache,
Sideache, Backache, and Weak
ness, Relieved hy Cardui,
Says This Texas Lady.
Gonzales, Tex.— Mrs. Minnie Phil
pot, of this place, writes: “Five years
ago I was taken with a pain la my
left side. It was right under my
left rib. it would commence with an
aching and extend up into my left
shoulder and on down into my back.
By that time the pain would he so
severe I would have to take to bed,
and suffered usually about three day*
...I suffered this way for three years,
and got to ho a mere skeleton and was
so weak I could hardly stand alone.
Was not able to go anywhere and had
to let, my house work g0...1 suffered
awful with a pain in my hack and I
had the headache all the time. I just
was unable to do a thing. My Ufa
was a misery, my stomach got In an
awful condition, caused from taking
so much medicine. I suffered so much
pain. I had just about given up all
hopes of our getting anything to help
One day a Birthday Almanac wa*
thrown In my yard. After reading
It* testimonials I decided to try Car
dui, and am so thankful that I did,
for I began to improve when on the
second bottle... l am now a well
woman and feeling fine and the cure
has been permanent for It has been
two years since my awful bad health.
I will always praise and recommend
Cardui." Try Cardui today. E 78
(Held over from last week).
.Miss Clara Ward spent a few days
the past week io Jersey City, and New
A ork.
Mr. ami Mrs. K W. I’lumley spent
Monday last in Baltimore.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Jackson and Air
and Mrs. Hugh ( alvert spent Sumraj
last at Windsor Hills. Baltimore Co.
The baccalaureate sermon will tie
preached to the graduates of Perry
ville High School in the M. K. Church
Sunday, May 10. by the pastor, Key.
G. W. Hastings.
Air. Charles 11. Owens attended the
annual convention of the Alary 1| ;m
Postmasters in Washington, I). C., on
Wednesday last.
.Miss Naomi Ryan spent last Mon
day in Baltimore.
.Miss Ellen Boyd spent the week end
with Miss Ella Jackson at Windsor I
Airs. Norman McMullen and child- !
ren spent a few days the past week '
in Philadelphia.
The commencement exercises of the 1
Perryville High School were held Fri
day evening, June 4, in the Perry 1
Point Theatre.
Air. and Airs 1.. ( , Goodrich and \
daughter Alberta, spent the week end
in Philadelphia.
Airs. Harold Cooper spent Monday
last in Baltimore.
Air. Arthur E. Jones was a Spar
rows Point visitor on Wednesday last.
Air. W. ( Owens and Air. A H.
\ Having Sold Six Carloads of Silos j
in the past two years, i want to |
| i
I announce to mv friends that I |
| 4
I still have the Agency for the 5
t !
I The Best Sil oon the Market \
I . J
| See me before buying this season and 1 |
II will give you full particulars, prices, etc. 4
{ 4
I lan 31-4 in Ci ALENA. MI). 4
Make Preparations for
Warm Weather
Rising Sun, Md.
Several Hundred [Mew Straw Hats
A large anti varied assortment with which to begin the .straw hat
Sennets anti Fancy Straws, $1.20 to $4 00. Soft Mackinaws and
Panamas, s.‘{.oo to sti.oo.
Tropical Suits at Special Prices
Palm Beach, Mohairs and Cool Cloth Suits in light and dark colors.
Prices, spj 50 to $20.00.
Styleplus All-Wool Suits, $40.00, §45.00. §50.00, $55.00.
$ ! ,000 Worth of Shirts just Received
Beautiful patten neat stripes plain an dfaney. Madras. Per
cales and Silk.-. Price, $1.50 to SIO.OO.
Extraordinary Value in Shirtwaists
When \ou can buy a Waist for $1 it means a big saving in these
day-. Lovely Voile Waists at $2.00. $2.50, $2.00, $4.00. Crepe tie Chine
ami Silk Waists at $2.00 eto $7.50.
Well Tailored Wash Skirts
Mudv of Gabardine and Phjui*. Prices, $2.00. >2.">o, $2.00, $4.00, s’•
Wonderful value in Wool Skirts at $ -.lL'. Color.- blue and black.
Stylish Oxfords and Pumps
Pattieulur mention of the popular mahogany styles i ; men and
women. Price, $0.50 to slO
Also full line of Patent Leather Pumps and Mahogany Oxfords for
( •mfortable Porch Rock is, $4.25 to $7.50.
. Split Wood Porch Screens, widths 4 ft. to IS ft.
Wood Porch Swings, $0.50 t,> $lO.
Porch Hammocks, sls to §25
Screen Doors and Window Screens in popular sizes.
Refrigerators and lee Chests, white enamel lined Well made —
$10.50 to §45.00.
Closed at 6 P. M. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Other
Niahts at 9 P. M.
E, R.. Buffington {3 Son
£*=s3 POWDER
Look for the
UUmIiiUCA P tin
lAKINO —sixteen full
?OWDO ounces The
powder with a
- food value.
Go buy it today
Owens were Balitmore visitors Tliurs
dav last
Cut This Out and Take It W ith You
A man often forgets the exact name
of the article he wishes to purchase,
and as a last resort lakes something
else instead. That is always disap
pointing and unsatisfactory. The safe
way is to cut this out and take it with
you so as to make sure of getting
Chamberlain’s Tablets You will find
noth]■ quite ,so satisfactory for con
stipation and indigestion adv
In Women’s and Children’s Shoes
10 Per Cent Off
714 Market Street
(Second Floor)
Walk a Short Flight and Save Money
Z MARCH 1020 I MARCH 1920 \
x OC )NCE’S \
\ \ New Waists Have Popped \
\ \ Into Our Store This Week |
A A fresh shipment of White Waists for ladies, high X
I or low neck. Special price for Easter, $1.79; would X
X be very cheap at $2.50. X
y Women ought to he here at once to take advan- X
X ta ß e tllis bargain. On display in West window. X
<V yards of Dress Linen in white and colors, to X
II retail for 50c a yard. Such linens make the finest X
I X Dress for Spring and Summer wear. You will miss a X
ly tfreat bargain if you fail to get some of these linens. X
j*r ( * ur s b)t'k of Groceries is very near complete and X
<fL prices are lower. 20c Karo Syrup in cans now 15c. X
I I Some 55c Coffee for 42(, steel cut or pulverized. X
I / Baked Beans 9c a can. X
I We are offering this week Chick Feed in 100 lb. X
X hags only for $-1 79 a bag. X
I X Elkton, Md. £
I I II . —— - I I ——l ——
6 3
5 Rcadv-Trimmed Hals 3
O o
’ J.
I 1 lals Trimmed to Order 3
2 S
| “ . . s
.2 Silk Stockings HandkerrliielS 8
O r *’
i ?
.< Mourning Work a Specialty 2
t - ‘ 1
I $
o Elkton, Maryland o
Dealers in
Automobile Accessories
Oliver (.hilled Plows are scarce. We have a lew both
Walking and Sulkies, together with full line of Repairs.
\\ v claim tlic distinction of having satisfied customers
Pennsylvania Grain Drills Oliver Chilled Plows
Garden Tools and Farm Implements
Goodyear and Michelin Tires and Tubes
Gasoline, Cylinder Oils, Coal Oils
C. & P. PHONE--PORT DEPOSIT 53 m, isVmo

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