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tiblished Every Saturday, Whig
Sniffling, Corner North and Whig
Streets. Elkton, Md., I>v THE
Entered as second-class matter 1880
At the postcfflcc at Elkton, Maryland,
under the Art of 187’*.
NOTH Ailiirt-s, iui ci.mmunicatinii- to THE
NOTE Make flierks anil all other remit-
It I- well that in this workaday
world ore day in the year is left fot
most of us on which to east away dull
care and enjoy to the full the pleas
ures of Christmas time. Amid a.I the
world’s peoples we have, in the after
math of the World’s great tragedy hut
shortly closed, the strongest urge to
thank the Hirer of All Hood for the
marked blessings bestowed upon us.
True, in the reaction from the
world’s great struggle, in common
with the victors and the vanquished,
we have given rein to the spirit that
prompts men to live for the day with
little heed of the morrow. That spirit
has ever marked the world’s great
crises; but it runs it- course, n, it
soon will in this one, and, when it
does, we will realize that Cod has
been good to us beyond measure.
Then may we resolve to face the fu
ture with its duties and its problems,
with ear:n st purpose in perform and
best effort to solve them
In contrast with mir waste for our
selves in the past two years, stands
our marked bounty to our own and
the world’s afflicted, showing that the
spii ii of brotherhood abides with us
and warrants the hope :hat the time |
will come ere long I
"When ;l ■ common -eiis.. of most.
Shall hold the fretful realm in awe
And the kindly earth hall slumber
lapt in universal law.”
Hon. Stevenson A Wi.lianis. re i
spending to tributes paid him at tilt ,
complimentary dintiei given in his
honor by active Republicans of liar- |
ford county, at Helair on Saturday ;
night, spoke of the spirit of diseon (
lent prevalent in the country to-day.
deprecating ela.-s rule a- follows:
"111 cine : illlo, with the i-VO'cn ~ |
prudence and caution, this diseon
tent •• 'll -urely run it- coarse, on :
!e .. siaio injury ha- been doin' to'
■.: c gca. ■ aa.iina.i al system, and 1 '
Mieh is found 11c 1c the ea-e it will
I. nan sse.i y to c'C deep and re j
nice, the nails . i| ;- wed to b a.*
1.1 urn 1 how-A can ; i.it elm- - legis
apt I') promot" di • nten thaa to
allay in ici Cr- •onneid'oi the
mos' ....... r; a • . '■!'■• o r pa ity t
a f 1 • • ' a 1,1. I? it
(■in , 1 -. f o’ • nat ii n"! g< v I
ernn. The' a 1 i" inn nt is rep. j
.a* n, ; .is, ■„■ i, ... was ■
d a; . a-.ii’v way ;; ■' not j
• he maim" I and undo,
iT threai n The oarty
- -nn.ti' e und a stanci that tlu
1 go 1 mu ' tin ■! above
.■he ■ t ersisti are a"'! per he m
’1 p. 11. n t t of l.iv inn ,s an in
dispni i ; I act annul which e,; r,\ 1 idy
complains vociferously and indig
nantly. And the general disposition
is to - insider mg business and little
busin. -s the etimiimls prmcijia iy
n ponsil.ii 1 In-re are .n. au s on
liners, of ..al se, but at the
i elm t - n the tax, r 1 i v.e i"-
s. I,i vv- i t are a area .any .-a
se: s hi : ■ . State who liav ■ ' rneitv
to burn'' in pleasure, and who are
really not much worried by high
price-. According to the figures given
out by Internal Revenue Collector
Joshua Mi es. Maryland.a - during last
.April -pent 81,1(10,00(1 for theatrical
and other entertainments, including
movies, races and baseball, and 8811,-
000 foe se ft ill inks and ice cream.
There is no way of finding out to
what ekisses these generous spenders
be.onged. Though perhaps the ma
jority belonged to those rich in prop
erty op ra h in high wages, we should
discover, if it were possible to analyze
til.- returns, lha i early all classes
were represented in the luxury lax, to
some extent.
Ibis i- mn lo say that high prices
do not 1.1.101111111. a real burden for
persons of moderate fixed incomes.
The, have ii economize anil econo
mizi closely. Hut possibly even t hey
would be surprised if they kept a
strict account for a single month of
luxury expenditures, or expenditures
n"t a!..-.Mutely necessary. The wolf
may p rhaps be descried in the dis
tance by ma"y, but n is actually at
the door ~f comparatively few.
The High Cost of Living is largely
an tiler ",'ime for the high cost of
loafing and the high cost of squander
ing. Industrious and frugal people
are ne ■ '.-arily affected by the indo
lei i i- and the prodigality of the loaf
ers and the lavi-h -ptiedi re The for
mer reduce production and the latter
help to keep up the high scale of
prices, by encouraging exorbitant
charges. If the whole producing pub
.o-operated in producing things,
and the whole consuming public in
sane economy, the price problem
would not long remain to vex us.
We have been calling on the Gov
ernment to soli'ii this problem, when
it has been evident all along that its
real solution mainly depends on the
people themselves. Another disap
pointment awaits us if we expect to
cure the trouble by the alluring prse
criptions of political platforms. In
economic diseases wise political doc
tors may help nature to help herself,
but there is mi specific which can lake
the j ace i f natural laws of health.
Pit. on from the harassing and
i bill a ing attacks of rapacious pro
'iiee - *'i ..pi unfair combinations,
I iom : till;-ally produced conditions
may aa,i should be provided. Hut
ueitei'i Presidential candidates nor
plat f. mis can invent a panacea. The
people must be their own salvation
army fi : the most part and their slo
gan must l e work and save. There
lias never been a day of miracles for
the reckless and improvident,
Slate \ > Wallace MeHowell was
argued in t ourt before and after the
n.i'.ss last !■ i iday and was given, at
- b m to the jury who, at T.:;o p. ni..
returned with a verdict of not guilty.
Ibe criminal docket having been
cleared, the suit of the E. A. Strom
earni Agency vs, Mrs Cora Goehring.
former owner of the Ragan farm, neai
Conowingo. was heard before the
• ourt. 1-.. Kirk Hrown and W T.
Warburtoii, for plaintiff; J. E. Evans
anil Aaron Simon, of Baltimore, for
ilelendant. The plaintiff sought to
recover commission claimed to be due
repivsentativT-, (E'ed .lones. of-
Darlington, Harford county, in whose
bands the farm had been placed foi
sale He bad found a customer,
< harles W, Drew, of Detroit, who had
elfered Bi'..i(lo for the property, but
the ntli : was declined, and the farm,
which had been listen in several agen
cies. was withdrawn from sale. The
•8: nuit Agency claimed it had not
been notified of the withdrawal. Eat
er the farm wa, .-old by the late T.
I Herbert < ummings, as agent for Mrs.
Goehring, to Mr. Drew, for kai’ali. Mr.
i ummings receiving his commission.
He had learned from Mr Jones Mr.
Diew ’s address and afti r continued
correspondence had effected the sale.
! The plaintiff claimed that Mr done*
I having found ’he purchaser of tho
i farm, wa- entitled to commission. The
, ( ourt, reserved d'em.-ion and later
awarded the plaintiff s inn,
■Noi man I uci and Pedro P, Rice,
| eiiloi id, convicted of larceny, were
j each -i ate: cd to 18 months in the
lb : it’ l'"| e> ' op. he Court n fus
j ing ; new t. .a! f-r tin ..am -r. ,
i At a night session i ourt heard ar
incut in Stale - ,l Wesley M■ \
jli l"!'. ‘'inner Sherdf A-'istant At
• tea ey Gem . \ W W. W leoek
fee the S'ate; Mr. Clayton for the
jdi I' mi;,nt. Tin -:;i: was to deti r
mini' to whom fines for violations of
ibe M .'in \ ehic i. law ha:l be paid
•and whether Sheriffs are entitled to
fees for collection of fines. Charles
i 1 ohee wa, fined 801111 : the Septlll
Vet del S It
’ A ' r ■■■ ;. ’ He paid half
- '■ 1"'- edit coma -sum.
Mol a- \1 hi -le < '..mini -- loner
; •’ ‘ ■'inn: M a" , half "■ ta. I 'e-iK olllitv
I Pit ■ l.il.rt A nation
v i-:i n of :bo Stai •• kv.v of 11)18, re j
ferred tin matter t" the Af-iiiey 1
G m ral, win. direo'ed the -uti to ’ne
brought lo ileterrnb,.. i nth the qtie- ■
ci ■ 1 ' Se. i II:.' I . , 1 held I I '■■ ■ 1-asi ■
Tin- G.mrt ovei ruled motions e |
uuash ; I;aehnun:- 11 the eases of
I r dl. 1 anile 1 and ' b ii. ge 11, Wills
tier the Pure Tale and Mining Co.
The Mills of li. \V 11 ml■ 1 ■ Jackson and
• ! lion K. .Miller, vs. the 11. A- 1 1. R
H. were put on trial before a jury.
John Barton Payne, Agent, named by
the President und.-r the Transporta
tion Al t, bet; g -'.instituted for tin.'
railroad company - m e any juilgmen'
obtained by the plaintiffs would be
i evil wed by the Court of Claims in
Wa hingti n. 1 'layto for plaint iff’.-;
Wal lin 1 ton a d Wai" ir-.> fi r de
Tin. plaintiffs had cows pastured on
tin Coudon farm, tieai Aikin There
i- a el■ ■- - ing frnin the field over the
railroad and a gate then fastened by
a chain hooked to the post. A cross
wire fence, which tin- company is
required to keep up. runs along the
right of way. On the night of May
HMD, a number of cows pastured
in the field got out. either through
the gate or a break in the fence be
low .he eros-ing, and a train killed
one of Mr Jackson’s and three of Mr.
Miller';. The plaintiff- proved that
the fence was rusted and broken for
several pane] length-, and where the
I'l-vvi- were killed tracks were found
on the in-ide ami mit-al • of the fence
and hair upon the fop wire, which
vv; - not 1 ' "ki >l.
Til" tramn ■ wo; hat they ilrove
the cow. that. We:, mil killed or in
jured up 1 hi- id. f the tracks and
into the t-.-i.J, thro-ith the gate which
they found open and which they
in. eii. Thi . i.giiie..; -aw two rows
pa over the ry ~,d thought
the track wa- . lea' tint within a
short distance of the spot where the
cows were killed, he saw a hunch of
them which got in the way of tho
train too late for it to he stopped.
The plaintiffs claimed that the cows
trot through the fence which the rail
road was bound to keep in order and
the defendant that they came through
the gate over which the railroad had
no control. Trial of the case com
tinned until Monday afternoon, when
it was given to the jury, who found
for the plaintiffs, awarding Mi - . Jack
son iflho and Mr. Miller $1112.50 dam- |
r . 1
I ui sclay
The ease of H. Boyns Crowgcy vs. :
Joseph W. and J. Klwood Zeldey, on
a promissory note driven for cattle
bought at bis sale in I‘Jl‘J, was put
rn trial before a jury. Joshua Clay
ton for plaintiff. Albert lb Mackey
for defendant.
The defendants claimed that tho
j plaintiff was to furnish papers for
tin* cows purchased by Joseph W.
! Zeldey, and that lie failed to do so.
i The plaintiff denied that papers were
j to lie furnished.
The ease was given to the jury at
■J p. m. and at .*1:40 p. in. a verdict
was returned for Mr. (Towgey foi
The ease of Howard N. MeFadden
executor of Margaret K. MeFadden,
vs. William C. Brogan, adminislrato!
>f Mary F. Brogan, was next put on
trial before a jury. Albert lb Mack
. y for plaintiff. W. T Warburton, for
The ease was for a claim of $(00
alleged by the plaintiff to have been
i or re w id from the late Margaret K.
Mel'adden by the late Mary K. Btck
\\ c(lnesda\.
T :a: of the MeFadden Brogan case
was resumed. It was given to the
Jury in the afternoon, and at F. 1> p
in. a verdict for the defendant was
(•turned. Judge Wickes then had
('ourt adjourn until Monday. JarUK
ary •*!.
Personal Property
the W ml
Tuesday, December 2Sth, 1920
\T El I N I N < ( l.m k \
9 Bead of Horses
- ■ :• ami ilrivt r
N< , ■ K;ii. . 'i. m. • , \ ...
i. I it re. <m
7 Head Cows & Heifers

•w . ■ • ..I .. •. . ■it J. :..!(. ■■ , N. A \V. % ,
j •; v . iii .-t..•, na it>\v, .I-.hn I• , .
. • Wiini plow . .1 n. w .
N ' ■:
HARNESS, Kie t wau.m luuu. . , •
ha •nt win k In ill< . 6 \voi k I
U. r- . - t • i'fiay.* hliflu-ss. -nu-l. - Irit-s. two.
1 an.l I<nir-h.m-,- livis, 2 dial ft.ov.-s, ou>
I li. j.rlv in w ; hay fork, deiol.oni. -l. ivh. 2
• ipvimr -. hay hs tin- ton.
Chickens (reamers Cans
I. iv. in- R.oiiif. am*!ima-ny
Kola. Itoui’li. i.i*, l lark. ISilit-2
Howard house
MRS. M. A. WELLS, Proprietress
— oo —
Hus been thoroughly renovated and
1 ly fumh-hed with up-to-date steam
heat, electric lights, hot and co'd
water and baths.
.1 "T OF ME \I.S AT VI.I. 11(11 Its
Christmas Menu:
Oysters on Half Shell
Consomme. Fried Rabbit
Roast Turkey. Jelly.
( reamed Potatoes. Peas,
(hiked Sweet Potatoes. 1
I.ctiuce with Sliced Tomatoes and
Mayonnaise I Iressing,
1 '"!ery olives. Salted Peanuts,
Plum Pudding. Mince Pie.
Ice <'ream. Cake. Fruit
1 Idee :R
We Have Rag Carpets For Sale
Call or address—
Lutlon’s Corner
Cherry (till, Morvlan
A Worthy Character
is composed not of one hut of many admirable qualities
A Dependable Bank
in much the same way is made up not of one but of mans
desirable features
This Institution
for example, possesses many advantageous features—
strong resouices, efficient facilities, a live organization and
membership in the Federal Reserve System—which make
the sum total of what it is
A Dank that merits \(H It pat/unage
The National Bank of Elkton
l-a-KTON, Ml).
v h VI -^l7
bik it*- & Jifc. to. a- & / s. a., t- bi
f r
lIITTTT T> “V>, vvp : r|
■ JI I I f r/ '. fv4 r <>*• *|H
J -**
s’ im ,U' i / V : -;' • -'if / r\T \* if~ :}r
In <i
Ws y - 'S’ - v-,
p into IMG p
**< jLJ\ 4 .;? Tlivnvrrv ■
'i on will be surprised to see how fast they will grow if you become a member of our jjjft
A _ II
* Christmas Saving Fund \ y ‘
and make a deposit weekly. It’s keeping at it that counts—save a little even wetfk.
f* Phe weeks fly and before you realize it your little coins have grown into \ jr;■■’■
i ü ßi< Round Dollars”
y \ ill
Everybody can save if they just make up their minds to do so and stick to it. A child "a
as well as an adult can accumulate a fund for Christinas giving s d||
y a Kvcrvone—Old and Young-—is Invited to Join y
rt i*gr.i •’***! ?m ■’*- ’ ->■*■* ■’*
h4fc fc. sit kJk. ..lit t. . kJV fc. t k <

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