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Jlxje Chilian.!
Saturday, - February 10,1900.
LONBNECKER BROS., Editors and Proprietors.
tl.BOper annum—ln advance. Postagepre
paid. Wo subscription taken for
lets than site months.
The Umted States sells more thnn twice as
much as it buys, Germany buys $250,000,000
worth a year more than it sells, and Great
Britain buys twice as much as it sells.
Hon. Murray Vandiver, the new Treasurer
of Maryland, qualified before Governor Smith
on Monday and at once assumed the duties of
his office. He succeeded Gen. Thomas J.
Shryock, Republican, who had been Treasurer
four years. Mr. Vandiver bonded in the sum
of $200,000.
M n—— u.._... —. Hn. flaht
against the admission of Mr. Roberts to the
House of Representatives some ill natured
people said that she did not know anything
about the merits of the case. This assertion
would seem to have been without foundation,
for Miss Gould has presented to the New York
Library the Berrian collection of works on
Mormonism. including 450 volumes, 300 pam
phlets and several volumes of newspapers.
Two of the largest mistakes made by Gen
eral Buffer seem to have been his remark
concerning a Christmas dinner at Pre
toria and the bulletin telling his soldiers that
there should be no turning back. General
Grant had a habit of declaring that he would
do this, that, or the other thing—as, for in
stance, his famous “fight it out on this line’’
exclamation. Grant, however, always went
straight on and did exactly what he promised
to accomplish, while Buffer has so far failed.
Governor Smith is having a lively time just
now with the office-seekers. They flock to
Annapolis daily and they and their friends
besiege the Executive at every turn. It is
doubtless a very nice thing to be Governor of
Maryland, but when we think of what that
official has to undergo in one way and another
the office is robbed of much that would other
wise bepleasureable. But Governor Smith has
been in public life a long time and no doubt
knew what he would have to endure in his
present position.
Mayor Hayes, of Baltimore city, has named
the new School Board and it must be admitted
that it is an exceptionally good one. It is
composed of Messrs. Joseph Packard, Daniel
C. Gilman, Thomas S. Baer, Alcaeus Hooper,
Charles H. Evans, A. B. Cunningham, James
H. Phillips, Rev. Dr. Wm. Rosenau and Mrs.
Samuel D. Schmucker. Mr. Packard, who is
a well known lawyer and president of the Re
form League, will be president of the Board.
Mrs. Schmucker is the wifeof Judge Schmuck
er. She has rendered excellent service as a
member of the Jail Board.
"" Gen. Thomas J. Shryock, chairman of the
Republican State Central Committee and ex-
Treasurerof Maryland, was being prominently
named as one of the finance Commissioners
for Baltimore city, but it is said he declined to
accept the office. He is a personal friend of
Hayes. To have the head of the Re
r publican party in Maryland accepting an ap
pointment under a Democratic mayor would
Uiiil-nO WWbt Mht'or
Hayes would have been fortunate to secure
his services.
The stock farms of the late William M.
Singerly, in Cecil county, beautifully situated
within half a mile of Elkton and containing
together about 320 acres, were sold at public
sale on Monday for $10,850. These properties,
the buildings, covered track, etc., cost
ffejr late owner over SOO,OOO. They were
mortgaged for $40,000. The sale was made by
Mr. Jesse Slingluff, of Baltimore, special mas
ter, under a decree of the Circuit Court of the
United States for the district of Maryland. It
will be remembered that the late Mr. Singerly,
who owned the Philadelphia Record and was
supposed to be a very wealthy man, failed for
a large amount of money.
On Monday night Mayor Hayes, of Balti
more city, sent a number of nominations to
the Council, among them the following: For
City Engineer—Benjamin T. Fendall, salary
$4,000 a year ; for Board of Park Commission
ers—Thomas R. Clendinen, president; Douglas
H. Thomas, Howard T. Williams, John B.
Ramdanmsay and Edward L. Bartlett; for Commis
sioner of Finance—David Ambach ; for Board
of Fire Commissioners —A. Rozel Cathcart,
president; John H. Sirich and Edward M.
L Parrish. Mr. Clendinen, president of the
L Park Board, is a well known lawyer and a
L personal friend of the Mayor. Messrs. Ram-
B say and'Bartlett, two of his colleagues, are
Canada, it is noticed, made a great increase
in its exports in 1899 as compared with 1898.
The prosperty which has come to the United
States in the past two years has helped its
Northern neighbor also by creating a larger
demand here for its goods. Canada is prosper
ing, and there is no good reason why sheshould
1 not be in good commercial and industrial con
dition. Europe, too, is having considerable
business activity recently, though, of course,
not to anything like the extent which is ex
perienced in the United States. Canada is in
great luck in being situated so near the United
States, but Canada will never take a prominent
place among the communities of the world
until it becomes a part of this great republic.
This is a truth which will become more and
more apparent to its enlightened citizens as
time passes.
Mr. Arthur Sewall, of Maine, who was
the Democratic nominee for Vice-President on
the ticket with William Jennings Bryan, in a
newspaper interview a few days ago, expressed
himself freely on some very important sub
jects. He said: “I have always favored the
acquisition of the Philippines after the Paris
treaty. The United States should stand with
the administration in all that is being done to
hold the Philippines. They are worth retain
ing. Mr. McKinley will be renominated and
re-elected. Mr. Bryan, too, will be renomina
ted; but I fear that he cannot win the goal.
The fact is, the country has been too prosper
ous to warrant any hope of a change in the
national administration, and people are slow
to take up reform measures when times are as
good as they are at present. No, lam not a
candidate for the Vice-Presidency again. I
believe it is poor policy on the part of the De
mocracy to select any candidate from the East,
where no electoral votes may be expected;
and, moreover, I am not ambitious to make
the race again.”
A bill has been introduced in the Marylaud
Legislature to rehabilitate the old Eastern
Shore was repealed by the Repub
licans after Mr. Wellington was elected United
States Senator. On this point an Annapolis
correspondent says: “The effect of this will be
that Senator Gorman, who would naturally
be the candidate if conditions remained as
they are, will be rendered ineligible if the bill
passes, and as another result Governor Smith
will be the most available man. This is in
the air and there can be little doubt that it is
correct. The Democrats are on record for the
Eastern Shore law, and it is hard to see how
they can get out of passing the present bill.”
The Legislature of 1902 will elect a successor
to Senator Wellington and with the old East
ern Shore law again in force nothing would
be easier than to make the present Governor a
United States Senator. Much stranger things
than that have come to pass.
Special Correspondence Baltimore County Lnlon.
State House, Annapolis, i
February Bth. 1900. I
Messrs. Editors:— People who imagined that s
the old ring was dead would not be pleased were ,
they to visit Annapolis to find that it still exists ,
in all Its former vigor, and is doing business In 1
its time-dishonored, corrupt manner at the 1
State House, Just as it did prior to the defeat of ]
1805. It is true many of the former members, i
who made the biennial sessions of the General |
Assembly a reproach and disgrace to the State, ,
are not here. Some of them are dead in fact,
while others are dead politically, but their sue- '
cessors and representatives are on hand to do ,
the work they learned from the men who, un
der the 25 years’ sway of Gorman and Rasin, 1
managed tho State for their own selfish and cor
rupt purposes, regardless of popular sentiment.
as well as regardless of decency hnd honor. Mr.
Rasin is not present in person, but he has on
band a corps of able and unscrupulous lieuten
ants, under the direction of his personal rep
resentative, ex-Comptroller Marion de Kalb
Smith, who has developed into one of the most
adroit lobbyists in the State, and who is a thor
oughly competent successorof the late Je3se K.
Hines, whoso pupil In the arts of political ma
nipulation ho was as well as his half-brother in
the flesh. Ex-Senator Gorman is not present,
but be also is ably represented by his favorite
pupil, the Hon. Murray Vandiver, State Treas
urer of Maryland, who learned the arts of the
lobbyist in that school which has made the old
State House famous throughout the country as
a model for tho education of “statesmen” in all
the intricacies and corruptions of managing leg
islation so as to make it yield the largest divi
dends to bosses and political manipulations. No,
the ring is not dead, and, judging from its pres
ent activity, it was hardly scotched by the blow
it received in 1805, when so many good citizens
"Tonißytmf TTiinry iTSttcrca themselves that it
bad been finally killed. Some of the faces may
be new to old-timers, but the methods are the
same, and those of the old Dosses who are afraid
to show their faces here arc no doubt laughing
to themselves as they see how easily the people
are fooled when they do their work by deputy
with quite as much satisfaction and profit to
A considerable number of county politicians
were here during tho week looking out for
offices for themselves or others. Several called,
with Senator Hubner and the Delegates, on
Governor Smith, in tho interest of Dr. George G.
Everhart for State Vaccino physician, and Mr.
Elisha R. Parks, for member of the Live Stock
Sanitary Board. Prominent among the visitors
were ex-Congressman J. F. C. Talbott and Mr.
Charles A. Councilman. Mr. Talbott’s friends
here are especially pleased at the outlook for
his nomination for Congress this year, and it is
believed that the opposition to him among the
politicians of Harford, Carroll and Cecil coun
ties, which prevented his nomination in 1898,has
died out, and that he will have no difficulty in
attaining the honor this year.
Col. Milton W. Offutt made an argument
against the bill to require the United Railways
Company to sell six tickets for twenty-five
cents. While the argument was an able one, (as
all Colonel Offutt’s are,) the chances seem to
favor the passage of the bill at the present time,
although there may be a change before final
action is taken by both Houses.
The following bills have been introduced by
the county delegates:
By Mr. Sandman.—“An act to repeal and re
enact with amendments section 40, of Article 3,
of the Code of Public Local Laws, title ‘Balti
more County,’ sub-title ‘County Treasurer.’”
Also, by the same, “An act to authorize and em
power tho County Commissioners of Baltimore
county to change the grade of the public road
in the 13th district of said county, commonly
known as the ‘Washington Turnpike road,’ at
and near the place where the same crosses the
Baltimore and Potomac Railroad at grade, for
the purpose of doing away with such grade
crossing, and to provide for the construction of
the,bridge or bridges that may be made neces
sary thereby.”
By Mr. Mann.—“An act to repeal sections 137
to 142, both inclusive, of Article 3, of tho Code of
Public Local Laws of Maryland, title ‘Baltimore
County,’ sub-title ‘Justices of the Peace and
Constables,’ and to ro-cnact said sections with
amendments, and to add new sections to said
article, to bo designated as ‘Sections 142 A, 142
B, 143 C and 142 D,’ and to repeal chapter 597 of
the Acts of 1890, entitled ‘An Act to confer ad
ditional Jurisdiction upon justices of the peace
of Baltimore county,’ and to repeal chapter 496
of the Acts of 1892, entitled au Act to repeal and
justices of the peace of Baltimore county.”
By Mr. Choate.—“An act to add an additional
section to Article 24, of the Code of Public Gen
eral Laws, entitled ‘Costs,’ to be known as ‘Ar
ticle 10,’ and to provide that the Supreme Bench
of Baltimore city and tho judges of the Circuit
Court of the counties be empowered to pass
rules and regulations providing for the giving
security by plaintiffs for counselor’s costs in
actions brought by them.”
By Mr. Stewart.—“An act to amend an act of
of the General Assembly of Maryland, passed at
the January session, in the year 18C5, chapter
172, entitled ‘An act to incorporate the Warren
Manufacturing Company of Baltimore county.”
Also, by the same, “An act to declare the sanc
tion and consent of the General Assembly of
Maryland, to two bequests contained in the last
will and testament of Rebecca Jane Jones, late
of Baltimore city, deceased, one of one hundred
dollars to the Fourth Baptist Church of Balti
more city, and the other of one hundred dollars
to the missionary societies belonging to the
Fourth Baptist Church of Baltimore city, (to be
divided among the said missionary societies
The county delegates have under considera
tion a bill to appropriate the sum of S7OO, in ad
dition to the $2,000 now allowed by law, to en
able the County Treasurer to employ additional
clerical help in his office.
They are also considering a bill to allow addi
tional assistance in the Sheriff’s office and to ap
propriate the necessary funds to pay for tho
same. Paul Winchester,
William Goebel, who was fired upon by an
assassin and shot through the body as he was
walking towards the StateHousein Frankfort,
Ky., on Tuesday of last week, after a most
heroic struggle, died on Saturday evening. He
was conscious to the last. It will be remem
bered that after he was shot the Democratic
members of the Legislature declared that he had
been elected Governor and he, while suffering
intense pain, took the oath of office. Governor
Taylor, who was the Republican candidate
against Goebel last faff, and who the Demo
cratic election commissioners declared had
been elected, was then occupying the Execu
tive chair and, to all appearances, the State
had two Governors, and for some time it look
ed as though riot and bloodshed were immi
nent. Happily, however, better councils pre
vailed and both sides have practically agreed
to refer their differences to the courts for a
peaceful settlement of the knotty questions
that have been raised.
As previously indicated Governor Smith
this week appointed Col. John S. Saunders, of
Baltimore city. Adjutant-General of Maryland,
and he was promptly confirmed by the Sen
ate. Col. Saunders, who was an officer in
the Confederate army, has been connected
with the Maryland militia for some years.
This is the office for which Col. Charles B.
McClean, ofTowson, was so strongly backed.
A remarkable action at law has been com
menced in Kansas, where Mrs. Catherine Smith
is suing the city of Columbus for $15,000 dama
ges on the ground that through the neglect of
the proper authorities to enforce the prohibi
tion law her husband has become an habitual
drunkard. The case has aroused much inter
est among the legal fraternity in the West.
Mr. Geop.oe E. Loweree, who succeeded
Mr. Richard Dallam as Secretary of State dur
ing the administration of Governor Lowndes,
has been appointed to a position in one of the
departments at Washington. Mr. Loweree,
who is a member of the bar, is a resident of
Prince George’s county.
The rude, untutored Boer has no foot-ball,
no base ball, not even a croquet game to while
away his hours. His only athletic diversion
is fighting, and the whiskered fellow appears
to have cultivated his abilities in this direction
to a really disproportionate and exaggerated
In dealing with the South Africa crisis Eng
land has withdrawn two hundred and four
steamers from commercial service. Mr.
Chamberlain is frequently reminded in these
times of his big mistake in estimating the na
ture of the task ahead.
Japan not only favors the open door, but
has decided to exempt Christian churches from
taxation. The people of that country have
been apt pupils during the comparatively few
years that have passed since they were a her
mit nation.
Correspondence Baltimore County Union.
Baltimore. Md.. February Btb, 1900.
Messrs. Editors:- The law regulating the ob
servance of the Sabbath was not so rigidly en
forced last Sunday as It was the previous one.
Many ministers have been debating the subject,
moat of them desiring the enforcement of the
law, as they want the workingman to have his
much needed rest.
In one instance during the past week the law
relative to expectorating in tne street cars was
enforced. The man arrested for the offense was
fined $1 and costs. Being unable to paythe fine
he was sent to jail for thirty days. This law
should also include public buildings and street
pavements, for by its neglect that dread disease,
consumption, is propagated. Some ladies with
their long trains sweeping up the filth of the
streets unconsciously assist in the same direc
tion. When ladies wore dresses that cleared the
streets and hair becomingly arranged, why did
they not keep to that fashion ? I fail to see any
beauty in eitner or in the old style revived of
wearing black patches on their faces as beauty
marks. . ,
Last week Rev. Dr. Maltbie D. Babcock preach
ed his farewell sermon In Brown Memorial
Church. He has been called to New York. He
is an earnest preacher and I don’t wonder at his
congregation being loth to give him up.
Gov. John Walter Smith visited this city a few i
days since to consult a physician relative to bis j
ear. which has caused him some anxiety. It is j
very much to be regretted that the Governor, as
well as Siayor Hayes, should suffer from ill
health. Notwithstanding his delicate health
Mayor Hayes is leaving no stone unturned, but
is doing all he can to benefit the citizens of Bal-
A gentleman near Baldwin Station, B. & L. R.
R„ in the 11th district of Baltimore county, ad
vertised his farm in a unique way in one of our
city papers. Fifteen years ago he secured the
professional services of a physician of this city
for the removal of a polypus from his nostri.s.
He wrote tho Dr. that the treatment was very
satisfactory and he was always glad to recom
mend him to the afflicted, and in return requests
him to introduce him to a purchaser for his farm,
giving location, &c.
Mr. Max O’Rell lectured on Monday evening
last at the Y. M. C. A. Building. His subject
was “Her Royal Highness. Woman.” He com
menced with the French woman and ended with
the American woman. In tho course of his re
iwinnfr-" mi 4 ‘‘wbH iiw? Vrunch. girl maarriea
she gains her liberty; when the English girl
marries she loses it; when tho American girl
marries she retains it. Of all the countries in
the world where woman was queen ’twas France
and America.” He said “the American woman
has all the charms of tho women of other nation
alities. She is allowed almost every liberty, and
she takes the others.”
The Zoo is still a great attraction; hundreds of
peoplo congregate there day and night to wit
ness tho performing animals. A bear and dog
are the new features for this week. The bear
walks, marches and drills like a soldier. He is
dressed in gauze and spangles, like a Turkish
dancer. Ham, J r., the educated ourang-outang,
is still there. The dog performs many clever
Since my stay in this city I have inspected the
new Court House. It is thought to be the finest
building of its kind in the world. Its highly
polished marble, its broad stairways, finely ap
pointed court rooms, ail costing millions of dol
lars and occupying a whole square, I cannot
faithfully describe. It will well repay anyone
to visit it.
1 am glad to see that there is a pospect of
broad-gauging tho Baltimore Sc Lehigh Railroad.
This enterprise has been agitated for some time
and I hope the work will soon be consummated.
I am very sorrv to learn of the death of Wil
liam S. Keech. I believe a good man went to his
reward when ho passed away. His family has
mv sympathy in this sad bereavement.
This lovely weather, so balmy and springlike
after such a cold snap, makes one who ever had
any faith in the ground hog theory lose it. It
seems to bo more like April than February. I
fear the wheat crop will be injured bv tho ab
sence of snow, which usually assists in keeping
the ground moist. Occasional.
Property Transfersinßaltlmore County.
—Deeds, Leases, Mortgages. Bills of Sale, etc.,
received for record in the office of the Clerk of
the Circuit Court for Baltimore county:
R. T. Paine, Jr., et ux„ to G. V. Pierpont, lot In
East Catonsvillo, S3OO.
J. J. Ryan to M. L. Kirk, lot in Kenwood Park,
15th district, $5.
Alice D. and Charlotte D. Garrett to John W.
and Robert Garrett, certain leasehold estate,
partly in city and partly in county, $2,403.94.
Charlotte D. Garrett to John W. and Robert Gar
rett, grantor’s dower right as the widow of
Horatio W. Garrett, $2,491.16.
Albinus Schuck to John Raab and wife, lot on
Foster avenue, 12th district, SI,OOO.
W. E. Culver et al. to J. M. Erdman and wife, lot
in 14th district, S4OO.
J. L. McDaniel and wife to Northern Central
Railway Co.. 99>i perches near Lake Roland,
9th district. SSOO.
Isaac Gommeringer and wife to Henry Selller,
8 acres in 15th district, $1,400.
Safe Deposit and Trust Co., trustee, to Isaac
Gommeringer, 8 acres on Philadelphia road,
15th district, $625.
J. K. Matthews and husband to Elln B. Wheeler
and others, grantor’s one-seventh interest in
285 acres, partly in Bth district and partly in
sth district, SIOO.
T. K. Adreou, trustee, to J. M. Berry, Jr., lot on
Second street. Canton, S4BO.
Mary A. J. Aull aud husband to Juliet McE.
Birckhead, 5 lots on Alhambra avenue, near
Govanstown, $1,350.
It. H. Smith etal. to Union Railroad Co., 6 1-10
acres in Canton, $9,000,
C. Morton Stewart and wife to M. S. Atkinson,
5X acres in 3d district, $0,550.
Ella M. Lee et al. to T. I). Riggs, 182 X acres in
Green Spring Valley, $21,000.
E. F. Uaphel, trustee. La. Augustus Brown, 2
joim i-TinOiicouin et at. tor;, n. eorman, m acres
in 2d district. $2,500.
E. F. Itaphel to P. S. Brown. 5 acre 3 in 11th dis
trict, $281.53.
F. W. Feldner, trustee, to Christina Stauf, lot
and improvements in Catonsville, sl.
Pauline E. Biome and Christina Stauf et al. to
Elizabeth C. Whiteley, 186-100 acres in Catons
ville, $7,000.
Henry Black to Susan C. Black, lot in Govans
town, ground rent SSO, $5.
Noah K. Bailoy et al. to Frederick Hauff, 1 acre
and 8 perches in sth district, $22.50.
Jonathan Bailey and wife to same, 34 square
perches in 6th district, $lO.
Jonas Bailey and wife to same. 34 square perches
in 6th district, $5.
John E. Bahn and wife to same, 3 acres and 114
perches in Cth district. SIBO.
Ella B. Wheeler et al. to 8. F. Bosley, 108 acres
in sth district, SBOO.
Valentine Lechort and wife to J. J. Dulski, 28X
acres on P. W. Sc B. It. It., 15th district, $5.
J. J. Dulski to Agniszka Lechert, same as above
deed, $5.
Henry Wildberger and wife to Frena Wildber
ger, 4 lots near Belair road, 14th district, SIOO.
Frena Wildberger to Henry Wildberger and
wife, land in preceding deed, SIOO.
Mary E. Smith and husband to C. S. Smith, lot
near Glyndon, S2OO.
John A. and Mary Murk to J. A. Bowlyaud wife,
lot in Ist district. $l5O.
Albinus Schuck to Frederick Ditrich and wife,
lot in Highlandtown, ground rent $27.60, S9OO.
Elizabeth Leaverton to Canton P. B. A. No. 1, 2
lots in Highlandtown, ground rent $35 on each,
Same to same, 2 lots in Highlandtown, ground
rent $35 each, S4OO.
Wm. Flint and wife to Albert Linz, lot in Catons
ville. $390.
Roland Park Co. to Myra L. Johnston, lot in Ro
land Park, $3,750.
J. E. Cook to A. L. France and wife, 16 acres, 3
roods and 16 perches in 4th district, $1,300.
A. I). Pinning and husband to C. J. Fox, lot In
Highlandtown, ground rent $47, SSOO.
Emma Neckerand husband to Andrew Marx and
wife, 5X acres near Putty Hill, $276.
Baltimore Brick Co. to Maryland Trust Co., $5.
A. W. Shanklin, late Treasurer, to County Com
missioners, 37 lots sold for taxes, $1,965.11.
John Baab and wife io Germania P. L. & S. A.,
Edwin Forrest to Provident Savings Bank, $3,000.
11. W. Marchant, Jr., and wife to Loyola P. B. A.,
I. M. Appel and wife to Sycamora P. B. & S. A.,
M. S. Atkinson and wife to C. M. Stewart, $7,500.
T. D. Riggs to Ella M. Lee et al.. SIO,OOO.
Evans Duvall and wife to J. H. Preston, trustee,
P. T. Horan and wife to T. B. Gorsuch, $2,000.
C. R. Forman to Lemuel D. Offutt, $1,600.
G. R. Morris and wife to B. F. Jordan, $750.
Frederick Dcitrich and wife to John Barnicle,
George W. Burke to A. H. Burke, $350.
S. F. Bosley to Kinsey Kemp, SBOO.
J. A. Lawrence and wife to W. E. Graham. $5,000.
W. It. Ennis and wife to Wm. H. Curtis, $775.
C. S. Smith to Glyndon P. B. A., $l5O.
E. B. Wheeler et al. to Kinsey Kemp. $1,6C0.
M. L. Johnston and husband to Roland Park Co.
Charles S. Fox to Charles H. Green, S3OO.
E. C. Carrington, Jr., to M. E. Stanton.
J. H. Blocber, &c., extra., to Sarah A. Burke.
Christian Mooyer to Charles H. Knox.
Tho Forestell Mfg. Plumbing Co. vs. W. L. Dail
and Anna B. Pinniug et al., S6O.
John L. Shaw vs. Gustav W. Giesler, $122.82.
John Greif to Martin Homberg, S3OO.
11. F. Zentz to E. G. Wheeler. $445.51.
J. M. Shipley et al. to David Meekins, SSB.
C. S. Smith to E. D. Selby, $325.
Baltimore Trust and Guarantee Co. to Roland
Park Co.
Occidental P. B. & L. A. to Edwin Forrest.
Sycamora P. B. & S. S. No. 1 to Mary Kramer.
C. W. Slagle to G. T. Joyce and wife.
City Block 15. A. No. 4 to W. C. Groh and wife.
Germania P. L. & S. A. to G. C. Wolf.
Baltimore Trust and Guarantee Co., trustee, to
Roland Park Co.
Reisterstown B. A. to Mary S. Austin.
Warren P. B. A. to " in. U. Ennis.
Fullerton P. L. A. to Peter Diepolt.
Glyndon P. 11. A. to Mary E. Smith.
Carney P. S. Se L. A. to Emma Necker (partial.)
—Tributes, <fcc., IO Cents Per Line.—
M A RONEY.—On February 5, at the residence of
her parents, Huxton, Mary Margaret Maroney,
aged 3 years and 6 months, infant daughter of
Dennis' F. and Susan T. Maroney.
DALLAM.—At her residence in Baltimore, Feb
ruary 3, Mary Goldsborough Dallam, widow of
John Paca Dallam, of Harford county.
MOSHER.—On February s,at her late residence,
Lauraviile. Wilhelmena H. Mosher, aged 32
years, beloved wife of John Mosher.
LOWE.—At his home near Delight postoflice.
4th district. February 3, Alfred Lowe, in the
95th year of his age.
ELDER.—On February 6. Robert N. Elder, of
Green Spring Valley, aged 64 years.
PRESSTMAN.—On February 2, George R., son
of the late George and Mary A. Presstman,
formerly of Govanstown.
HALBERT.- On February 2, at Timonium, Wil
liam Halbert, in the 75th year of his age.
GIMPER.—At Buffalo.N. Y„ January 29, Almira
Bourbon G imper, aged one year and four days,
only child of Wm. S. and Carrie Gimper, for
merly of Towson.
FLANAGAN.—At City Hospital, Baltimore, on
February 7. Margaret C. Flanagan, in her 25th
year, daughter of Elizabeth M. and the late F,
Patrick Flanagan, of Towson.
Prospect hill cemetery, tow
the SECRETARY, Towson, Md.

JJeur JMluertisjcmeuts.
A FARM HAND by the month or year. A
young man of good habits preferred.
Apply to W. H. KIDDLE. I Ti
Feb. 10.-lt Fork, Md. (
■ — | c
| r
I will arrive direct from Kentucky on Febru- !
aru 19th, 1900, AT H. B. McGLONE’S TI
MONIUM HOTEL, adjoining the Timonium ! 1
Fair Grounds, on York road.ifc. j i
with a car load of
YOUNG MULES and several 1
MARES AND HORSES, where I will remain j 1
for a couple of weeks, and offer at Private Sale i ‘
tho above stock at reasonable prices.
Respectfully, etc.,
Feb. 10.-2 t. JOHN T. LYNCH. . }
John 11. Richardson, Attorney, 234 St. Paul
Street, Baltimore, Md. j
THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri- '
; ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of
! Baltimore county letters of administration on “I
| the estate of joH jj KLEIN. M
late of said county, deceased. All persons having
claims against the said estate are hereby warned 1
to exhibit the same, with tho vouchers thereof, i
to the subscriber.
On or before the 13th day of August. 1900; i
They may otherwise by law be excluded from all
benefit of said estate. Those indebted to said 1
estate arc requested to make immediate pay
ment. Given under my hand this Oth day of
February, 1900. CAROLINE KLEIN.
Feb. 10.—4 t. Administratrix. j
By Slade A Rlsteau, Auctioneers.
Work anil Driving Horses. Mules, Cows, i
Fanning Implements, Etc.
The undersigned, intending to relinquish l
farming, will sell at Public Sale, on the “Spring- j
field Farm” of Mr. Thomas Peerce, in DulansßaJ
Valley, about 2 miles northeast of Meredlttfs p*
Ford Bridge, on
Thursday, February 22d, 1900,
At 10 o’clock A. M.. regardless of weather.
1 Black Mare, 12 years old, good leader; 1 Black
/fPe Marc. 17 years old, loodm<M
fpjS&sL- worker and driver; 1 Sorrel
) Horse, coming 7 years old, yyjf
good worker and driver: 1■ i 1 ■■
Bay Mare, coming 7 years old, good worker and
driver; 1 Roan Mare, coming 8 years old. good
worker and driver: 1 Bay Mule, Yorks in ail
harness and a good leader; 1 large Gray Saddle
Mule, 1 Young Mule, coming 2 jears old; 1
Brown Mule, good worker; 9 good Milch Cows,
some will bo fresh by day of sale; 2 Yearling
Heifers, 1 four or six-horse broad-tread Farm
Wagon, in good order; 1 Top Buggy, in good
order; 118-foot Hay Carriage, 1 Missouri Grain
Drill, good as new; 1 Farmers’s Friend Corn
Plnntor, 1 Field Roller, 2 Champion Steel Walk
ing Cultivators, nearly new; 1 Champion Mow
gy., iog Machine, good as new; 1
\\ u 22-Tooth Stevens Arch-Frame
N*£^P =z “tspring-Tooth Hat
e!2saHeaEßß6>row. 1 No. 40
Hand Oliver Chilled Plow, good as new ; Single
and Double Shovel Plows, Cultivators, Forks,
Hoes, Rakes, 110 feet Manila Hay Rope, 1 large
Meat Hogshead and Barrel, lot Cow Chains,
Fifth Chain and Spreaders, Single, Double and
Triple Trees, 1 Bramble Scythe. 1 set Buggy
Harness, 1 set Lead Harness. 1 Wagon Saddle,
Collars. Bridles, Halters, lot Plow Harness, lot
Chickens, and many other articles too numerous
to mention.
TERMS OF SALE.-All sums of $lO and under,
cash ; all over that amount a credit of nine,
months will be given, purchasers giving notes,
with approved security, bearing interest from
day of sale. Notes made payable at Towson Nar
tlonal Bank. No goods to be removed until set
tled for. GEORGE H. BURK & BROS.
Feb. 10.—ts*
By Robert J. White, Auctioneer.
Horses, Jersey Cow. Farm and Garden Im
plements and Tools, Wagons, Harness,
Household Furniture, Etc.
The undersigned, intending to relinquish
Aft, market gardening, will sellnmn
iflßgTiit Public Sale, ON
6§3P a 'P PREMISES, on tho Harford
road. 5K miles from the city-'* " •’“*
limits, and half a mile north of Carney Post
office, on
Wednesday, February 21st, 1900,
At 10 o’clock A. M.,
1 Black Heavy Draft Horse, 1 Dark Brown Mare,
suitable for work or driving; 1 Bay Mare, 5 years
old, suitable for riding or driving; 1 Thorough
bred Jersey Cow, now fresh ; 1 two-horse Spring
Market Wagon. 1 one-horeo Spring Wagon, 1
Dayton Wagon, nearly new; 1 Top Buggy, 1
Basket Sleigh and Bells, 1 two-horse broad-tread
Farm Wagon, 1 Horse Cart, 1
XX —Whiteley Mower.l Tiger Horse
Nggg&x “Rake. 1 Belle City Feed Cutter.
either hay or J£||SBB
fodder ; 1 Double Action Force
with Hose and Sprinkler; 1 Hand Cider Press, 2
No. 40 Oliver Chilled Plows, 2 one-horse Oliver
Chilled Plows. 4 Iron Cultivators, 4 Double
Shovel Plows, 2 Single Shovel Plows, 1 one-horse
Farm Roller, 1 Syracuse Spring-Tooth Harrow*
2 two-horse Spike-Tooth Harrows. 2 one-horde
Harrows. 1 Now Model Seed Drill. Small Pardon
pwflpK-uApPbBB' 'H'nmtwUr net' Sillgife' UHTTIBbe
Harness, Plow Harness, 1 new set of Cart H
ness, and a largo collection of other articles.
A iso. a lot of Household and Kitchen Furnitul-e,
including one Antique Sideboard. Bedsteads,
Stoves, and other articles. Also, about 30 bush
els of fine Green Mountain Potatoes, lot of
TERMS OF SALE.—AII sums of $lO and under,
cash; on sums over that amount a credit of
eight months, purchasers giving their notes,
with approved security, bearing interest from
day of sale. Notes made payable at Towson Na
tional Bank. Nothing to be removed from tho
premises until the terms are fully complied
Feb. iO.-ts.
Osborne I, Yellott, Attorney, J'iper Build
ing, Towson, Md.
Fine Farm in Dulany’s Valley, Baltimore
By virtue of the power contained in a mort
is* gage from Emma M. Jessop and Charles XSS
Ball >l. Jessop. her husband, to John I. Yel-*ql?
lott, recorded among tho Mortgage Land Rec
ords of Baltimore county, in Liber L. M. 8., No.
159, folio 265, etc., the undersigned, the Attor
ney nnmed in said mortgage, will offer the mort
gaged property therein described For Sale, AT
THE COURT House DOOR, in Towson, on
Monday, the Btli day of March, 1900,
At 2 o’clock P. M.
The mortgaged property is one of the finest
farms in the famed Dulany’s Valley, fronting
directly on the Dulany’s Valley and Sweet Air
Turnpike, about one mile from Meredith’s
Ford bridge over the Gunpowder, five miles
from Towson, and about four miles from Luther
ville Station on the Northern Ceutral Railway.
The farm contains
Is in a good state of cultivation. Improved by a
Large Stone Barn, Corn House, Stabling, Wagon
Shed and other buildings, and also good apple
There are daily mails to the postoifice within
a short distance of the farm, a public school
house on one corner, a mill on adjoining farm
and churches in the near vicinity. The soil is of
the strong limestone quality for which Dulany’s
Valley lands are noted, and the farm has upon
it an abundance of wood and water.
ttS'The farm will be sold subject to a mort
gage of $2,000. which can bo paid off or allowed
to remain on the property as the purchaser may
prefer. All interest on this mortgage and taxes
will be paid to day of sale.
half cash on the ratification of the sale, and the
balance with interest twelve months from day
of sale, or all cash at the option of the pur
A cash deposit of $l5O will be required of the
purchaser at the time of the sale.
Attorney named in the Mortgage.
SLADE & RISTEAU, Auctioneers.
Feb. 10.—ta.
By A. M. Ituby, Auctioneer.
Extensive public sale
Horses anil Mules, Jersey Hull. Milch Cows
uml Heifers, Wagons, Farm Imple
ments, Dairy Utensils, House
hold Furniture, Etc. .
The undersigned, Administratrix of Uriah
yriSkCox, deceased, will sell
rfW&O Public Sale.ON THE PKEM- VWgSB
feSsP® I^) ISES. situated on Chestnut yf nil
Ridge, in the Bth district of si iM,
Baltimore county, on the road leading from the
Dover road, near Hoffman’s Old Tavern Stand,
to the Falls road, at Ridge M. P. Church, about
2 miles south of Shawan and about 4 miles north
east of Brooklandville. on
Wednesday, February 21st, 1900,
At 10 o’clock A. M., Sharp,
3 Mules, two of them large and young and will
work In all harness; 1 Bay Mare, a fine and safe
driver ; 1 Black Colt, 3 years old ; 1 Jorsey Bull,
7 Young Milch Cows, some will be fresh by day
of sale; 2 Heigers, will soon be fresh; 1 four or
six-horse broad-tread Steel-Skein Wagon, good
as new: 1 three-horse Wagon, 1 large two-horse
Market Wagoo, 1 one-horse Spring Wagon, 1
Dayton Wagon, hand-made, good as new; 1 No-
Top Buggy, 1 Buckboard. with top ; 1 Farm Cart,
](k 1 Basket Sleigh, 1 nex*^
n&m Hay Carriage, 1 large
Yy? Corn Bed, 1 Field Xqxjrv
Roller. 1 Hay Rake. 1
Champion Binder, 1 Bickford Sc Huffman Grain
Drill, used two seasons ; 1 Empire Grain Drill, 1
Single-Row Corn Planter, 1 two-horse Corn Cul
tivator. 1 Stevens Spring-Tooth Harrow. 1 Buck
eye Mower. 1 No. 40 Oliver Chilled Plow. 1 No.
20 Syracuse Plow. Double and Single Shovel
Plows. 1 three-row Corn Marker, 1 Corn Coverer,
1 Ohio Cutting Box and 4-horse power, good as
new; 1 Cider Mill, 1 Corn Barrel. 1 Grain Cradle,
1 Post Auger. 1 Broad Axe, Maui and Wedges, 1
Cross-Cut Saw, 1 Grindstone, 1 Corn Sheller, 1
Grain Fan. 1 large 80-gallon Iron Kettle, 2 small
Iron Kettle, lot Barrels. Hogsheads, Chains,
Single and Double Trees, Mattocks. Stone Ham
mers, Rakes, Scythes. 2 sets Breechbands, 2 sets
Lead Harness. 1 Wagon Saddle. 2 sets Single
Buggy Harness, hand-made: 1 six’horse Lead
Line, 1 pair Check Lines, Collars, Bridles, Cart
Harness, Halters and a lot of other Harness.
Also, 3 dozen Plymouth Rock Chickens. 2 Tur
key Hens, 1 Gobbler, lot Dairy Utensils, In
cluding 1 Delaval Cream Separator, 1 25 gallon
Stoddard Churn, lot Stone Jars, &c. Also, lot
Household and Kitchen Furniture, consisting
of Tables, Chairs. Bureaus. Bedsteads, Stands, 2
small Stoves and a lot of other things too nu
merous to mention. <S“The above goods are
all in good order.
TERMS OF SALE.—AII sums of sloand under,
cash ; on all sums over that amount a credit of
eight months will be given, purchasers giving
their notes, with approved security, bearing in
terest from day of sale. Notes payable at Old
Town Bank. Baltimore.
CORILLA K. COX, Administratrix.
Feb. 10.—ts.
IJjcut &(tu£utisements.
Towson, February 9th, 1900.
The undersigned have rented their Meat Mar
ket, so long established In Towson, to Mr.
GEORGE E. WRIGHT, who will take charge
on Monday, 12th Instant. We solicit from our
many patrons the favors so long enjoyed by us.
Having rented the long established stand of
Messrs. Collings Bro., I will strive to serve the
many patrons of the old firm and my friends
generally with everything the market affords in i
Prime Meats, Butter, Eggs, See.
Feb. 10.-21. GEORGE E. WRIGHT.
Have you over tried Bolgiano's Stock “Great
B. B. Tomato?” Your neighbor has, that’s
why he Is not discouraged growing Tomatoes.
They ripen clean up to the stem, weigh heavy
and are free from blight. Packers give them the
preference and pay more money forthem. Bol
giano’s celebrated New Queen Tomato greatly
pleased the Patapsco Neck farmers last year.
We also have the finest stock of Livingston’s
New Stone, Favorite, Paragon and Tropliy
Tomatoes, and are fully prepared to fill any size
order from a pound to a ton. Send for our Illus
trated Catalogue. It will tell you about the low
prices we are charging for Strictly Choice Seed ‘
Potatoes, Sealed Alaska Peas, First and Best,
Triumph and Extra Early Morniog Star Peas,
Yellow Danvers, Wbite Silver Skin and Red Ber
muda Onion Sets. We want your trade. We will
treat you right. J. BOLGIANO St SON. 28 S.
Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. LFeb.lotJunel7.
Robert 11. Bussey, Attorney, Piper Build
ing, Towson, Md.
Mortgage sale
—OF —
Valuable Leasehold Property, Situated in
the Village of Texas, In the Eighth
Election District of Baltimore
By virtue of the power and authority contain
rfßSsed in a certain mortgage from Maurice iftti
r£*Elwood to the Cockeysville Perpetual Bill
Building and Savings Association of Baltimore
-County, dated February 20. 1896, and recorded
among the Mortgage Records of Baltimore coun
ty. in I.lber L. M. 8., No. 184, folio 63. &c., I will
sell at Public Auction, at THE COURT HOUSE
DOOR, in Towson, Baltimore county, Md., on
Tuesday, February 27th, 1900,
At 12 o’clock M.,
Situate in the village of Texas, in the Eighth
Election District of Baltimore county, on the
public road leading from Texas Station, N. C. R.
It., to Yorktown Turnpike road, and described
in said mortgage as follows: Beginning for the
same at a point on the north side of the road, as
now laid out, leading from the village of Texas
to the Yorktown Turnpike road, 65 feet from
the southeast corner of the lot deeded on the
19th day of November, 1868, by Alexander Mur
dock, trustee, and others, to the Northern Cen
tral Railway Company, and running thence
about south 80 degrees east and bounding on the
north side of said road 75 feet; thence at a right
angle to said north side of road 135 feet; thence
parallel with said north side of road 75 feet;
thence 135 feet to the place of beginning, con
Bubject to a ground rent of S3O per annum.
The lot is improved by a
in good condition, and small Frame Stable; fine
ornamental shade trees. Also good pump at the
door. The property is at present occupied by
Mr. Maurice Elwood.
TERMS OF SALE.—One-half cash, and the
balance in six months, with interest from day
of sale, or all cash at the option of the purchaser.
deposit of SIOO will be required of pur
chaser when the property is knocked down.
Attorney named in the Mortgage.
CHARLES R. BUSSEY, Auctioneer.
Feb. 3.—ts.
Horses, Mules, Cows. Farming Implements,
See., at Glen Haven Farm, Near Cor
bett Station, Northern Central
Railroad, Haltimore
County, Mil.
The undersigned, having rented his farm, will
sell at Public Sale, ON THE
ZrTfX PREMISES known as the
v, Glen Haven Farm,” situ
■i i 4 ated one-quarter of a milo ■
from Corbett Station, on the Northern Central
Hoil rnn H nn
Railroad, on
Wednesday, February 14th, 1900,
At 11 o’clock A. M„ regardless of weather,
2 Bay Horses, 1 Young Draught Mare. 2 Large
Mules, excellent workers and one a good single
driver: 20 Cows. 1 Bull, 2 broad-tread Wagons,
good as new; 2 large Corn, Wood and Lime
Wagon Beds. 1 one-horse Wagon, 1 Farm Cart, 2
Hay Carriages. 1 Woods Mower, 1 Woods Binder,
errsfal i new Drill, only used one
son ; 1 Spring-Tooth Harrow.
iriiisiwiFurvmT Plows, Corn Sheller. 1 W
Sleigh, Single and Double Shovel Plows. *•
Drags, Double and Singlo Trees, Shovels, Hoes,
Forks of all kinds, 1 new Hay Tedder, 1 Woods
Horse Hake, self-dump; Harness of every de
scription, consisting of Breechbands, new
IVagon Saddle, Bridles, Halters, Housens, 1 set
Single Harness. Cart Harness, Chains of all
- tolls, (iroif Sacks. Grain CraiUuu
found on a well-conducted farm.
TERMS OF SALE.—AII sumsof sloand under,
cash ; on sums over that amount a credit of six
months will be given, purchasers giving notes,
with approved endorsers, bearing interest from
day of sale. Notes payable at Cockeysville Na
tional Bank. Nothing to be removed from the
premises until terms are complied with.
SLADE & RISTEAU, Auctioneers.
Feb. 3.—ts.
By A, M. Ruby, Auctioneer.
Valuable Personal Property at Glenmore
Farm, on Court Road, Near Rockland,
anil Adjoining the Farm of Mr.
Wm, Fell Johnson.
The undersigned, intending to relinquish farm
ing, will sell at Public Sale, ON GLENMORE
FARM, on
Tuesday, February 20th, 1900,
At 12 o’clock M.,
1 large Bay Mare, 7 years old, works in nil har
ness and a good leader: 1 Bay Horse, 7 years
dfftb old.slrcd by Jay Bird, works
in all harness and a good
saddler; 1 Bay Mare, good JK
worker and driver and per-— itmailm.
fectly gentle; 1 large Bay Horse, works in all
harness; 8 head Grade Cows and Heifers, several
fresh by day of sale, ail first-class milkers : 1 two
or three-horse Wagon, In good condition; 1
Binder, nearly new; 1 Osborne Mower, been
used one day only; 1 Grain Drill, 1 Spring-Tooth
Harrow, nearly new; 1 No. 40 Oliver Chilled
Plow, 1 Bissell Plow, nearly new; 2 Double
Shovel Plows, 2 Iron Age Cultivators, 1 Deer
field Corn Worker. 1 Spike-Tooth Harrow, 2 sets
Lead Harness, lot Plow Harness, Collars,Bridles,
Halters. Forks, Shovels, Mattocks. &c. Also,
lot Corn Fodder, lot Itye Straw, about 20 acres
Wheat in the ground, lot Seed Potatoes, be
tween 40 and 50 Plymouth Rock Chickens.
Also, Household Furniture, &c., consisting of 2
Bedroom Suits, one of oak, built by Ericli; 3
Mattresses, 1 large handsome Mirror, with Mar
ble Bracket; 1 Hanging Lamp, extra large ; lot
Matting, Rag Carpet. Window Shades, See. Also,
Dairy Fixtures, consisting of Churn, Stone
Crocks, Jars, Scales. See.
TERMS OF SALE.—Sums of S2O and under,
cash; on sums over that amount a credit of 12
months will be given, purchasers giving notes,
with approved security, bearing interest from
day of sale. Nothing to be removed until terms
are complied with. Notes payablo at Towson
National Bank. J. C. PROCTOR.
Feb. 3.—ts.
LEVY OF 18911.
The Treasurer and Collector of Taxes for Bal
timore county is prepared to RECEIVE THE
TAXES for the levy of 1899. commencing
Monday, May 15th,
daily, AT HIS OFFICE IN TOWSON aud also
all back taxes due and unpaid on the levies of
former years.
—Office Hours—
April Ist to November Ist from 9 A. M. to 5 P. U.
November Ist to April Ist from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
OF 1899 ONLY,
BANK. N. E. corner of Baltimore and Liberty
Streets, Baltimore, Md.
Treasurer and Collector.
■ptOß SALE.
A Rare Chance to Purchase a Valuable
Carriage aud Wagon Manufactory.
We offer at private sale a very valuable CAR
RIAGE MANUFACTORY; business long es
tablished aud very profitable, with a growing
trade. The property is also well suited for a
Country Btore, and a large business could be
done by an energetic man. Address,
Nov. 9.—tf. [No. 258.] Roal Estate, Towson, Md
A. F. Se A. M. /V\
A stated communication of Mount Moriab
Lodge. A. F. Se A. M., will be hold in THE TEM
PLE, Towson.
First and Third Tuesday of Each Month,
At 8 o’clock P. M.
By order of the W. M.
Oct. 7.—tf. Secretary.
ING GOOD BUSINESS. Has trestle and mod
ern car dump 180 feet long. Apply
Saint Denis, Balto. St Ohio R. R.
Jan. 20.—1 m.
lin at SI.OO per dozen and 75 ets. per half dozen,
at the office of “THE UNION,”
Aug 20.—tf. Towson, Md.
A w l?K moh¥ ”w.‘ , B” SKiSST 1 -
F*b. B.—it. Lauravlll*. Harford Road.
J&aUs Jdf 'gX&VZKt'Q,
D. Meredith Reese, Solictor, 311 Courtland
Street, JBnltimore, Md.
j Valuable Leasehold Dwellings, Nos. 223,
225, 237, 229 and 233 Claremont
Street, Hlghlandtown, Bal
timore County, Md.
By virtue of the power and authority invested
in the undersigned. Attorney, by a certain mort
al gage from Henri Wiegmann to the As-AiS
i ftiinsurance Permanent Loan and Savings IfcA
| Association of Baltimore city, dated May 19th,
1896, and recorded among the Mortgage Records
‘ of Baltimore county, in Liber L. M. 8., No. 184,
: folio 590, Ac., the undersigned. Attorney, will
j sell at Public Auction, ON THE PREMISES, on
, Monday, February 19th, 1900,
At 3 o’clock P. M„
Beginning on the south tide of Claremont
street 223 feet east of Highland avenue.extend
j ing easterly on Claremont street 14 feet with an
1 even depth of 108 feet and 6 inches to an alley 23
feet and 6 inches wide, with use thereof in
| common.
At 3.10 P. M..
Beginning on the south side of Claremont
! street 287 feet east of Highland avenue, extend
ing easterly on Claremont street 14 feet with an
even depth of 108 feet and 0 inches to an alley 23
! feet and 6 inches wide, with the use thereof in
! common.
At 3.20 P. M„
Beginning on the south side of Claremont
street 251 feet east of Highland avenue, extend
ing easterly on Claremont street 14 feet with an
, even depth of 108 feet and C inches to an alley 23
i feet and 6 inches wide, with the use thereof In
j common.
At 3 30 P. M.
Beginning on the south side of Claremont
street 265 feet east of Highland avenue, extend
ing easterly on Claremont street 14 feet with an
even depth of 108 feet and 6 inches to an alley 23
feet and 0 Inches wide, with the use thereof in
At 3.40 P. M„
Beginning on the south side of Claremont
street 293 feet east of Highland avenue, extend -
ing easterly on Claremont street 14 feet with an
even dentil of 108 feet and 6 inches to an alloy 23
feet and 6 inches wide, with the use thereof in
Each of said Lots being improved by a
and known as Nos. 223, 225,227,229 and 233 Clare
mont street, respectively.
J3fr-Each Lot subject to au annual rent of
TERMS OF SALE.—One-third cash, balance
in equal instalments at six and twelve months;
or all cash, at purchaser’s option ; interest from
dav of sale on all deferred payments.
pi?/ - A deposit of SSO will be required on each
Lot from the purchaser at time of sale.
PATTISON A GAHAN, Auctioneers.
Jan. 'Si.- -ts.
By Harry Bosley, Auctioneer.
Valuable Personal Property, Estate of the
Late Charles H. Holmes, Deceased, on
My Lady’s Manor, 10th District, Con
sisting of Fine Horses, Mules.
Cows, Wagons,
Harness, Farming Implements, House
hold and Kitchen Furniture,
Growing Crops, *o.
The undersigned, administratrix, will offer at
Aph Public Sale, ON THE FARMmm
,rffißg?£.OF THE DECEASED,PB®g9|
*w“*xV‘Bellefleld,” on My Lady’s JjTTf
-Bo**"*Manor, on the road leading
from Monkton to the Old York road,
; Thursday, lStli day of February, 1900,
Commencing at 10 o’clock A. M.,
1 Jersey Bull, entitled to be registered ; 4 Heif
’ ers, two years old, will be fresh in summer : 3
yearling Calves, 30 head of Milch Cows, eight
fresh bv day ofsale; 2 Mules, one a saddle mule,
the other a good leader; large Black Horse, six
Sears old, work in any harness; 2 large Bay
lares, well matched ; Black Mare, suitable for
‘ riding or driving; Bay Horse, good rider or
driver; Brood Mare, Bay Horse, well bred, two
years old in spring; 2 yearling Colts, one of
them a thoroughbred; 2 four-horse broad-tread
! Wagons, in good order; 2 Hay Carriages, Corn
1 Bed, Stone Bed, Market Bed,
X~Y _Cart. Milk Wagon, two-horse
NSTc I Dav ton in good condition, 2
Buggies, 2 Cutter
Sleighs, Buggy Pole. Double and Single
Harness, Express Harness, Lead Harness,
Breechbands, Plow Harness, Bridles, Champion
Mower, Hoosier Drill, new; Grain Fan, Corn
Shcller, Deer Corn Planter, Stave Holler. Hock
ing Valley Horse Rake, Thomas’ Hay Tedder,
“A” Harrow, 2 No. 40 Oliver Chilled Plows, No.
40 Bissell Chilled Plow, 2 Double Shovel Plows,
Single Shovel Plows. Cultivators. Deer Corn
Worker, Champion Binder in good repair. Grind
stone, Forks, Fifth Chain, Log Chain, Hay
Ropes, lot of Milk Cans, Bee Hives and other
small articles too numerous to mention. Also,
Household and Kitchen Furniture, such as Buf
fet. Dining Table, Dining room Chairs, Porch
Chairs, Kitchen Furniture and 2 Sewing Ma
chines. Also, 18 acres of Wheat, more or less, in
the ground ; 50 barrels Yellow Corn,9 tons prime
Clover Hay, 10 tons Timothy Hay, 4 tons high
will bo given, purchasers giving their notes,
with approved security, bearing interest from
dav of sale. No goods to be removed until set
tled for. MARY V. HOLMES,
Feb. 3.—ts. Administratrix.
Robert H, Bussey, Attorney, Piper Build
ing, Towson, Aid.
House and Lot, in Fee Simple, Near tlio
Village of Warren, in the Eighth Elec
tion District of Haltimore County.
By virtue of thepowerand authority invested
djain the undersigned. Attorney, by a cer-JQfi
Hjiatain mortgage from John R. Morfoot
and Mary K. Morfoot, his wife, to the Cockeys
ville Perpetual Building and Savings Associa
tion of Baltimore County, dated January 4th.
1899, and recorded among the Mortgage Records
of Baltimore county, in Liber N. B. M., No. 204.
folio 433. &c„ the undersigned. Attorney named
In the mortgage, will sell at Public Auction, AT
timore county, Md., on
Tuesday, February 87th, 1900,
At 12 o’clock M„
Situate, lying and being in Baltimore county, in
the State of Maryland, on the north side of the
county road leading from Cockeysvllle to the
Warren Factory road, and described in said
mortgage and in the hereinafter deed as fol
lows : Beginning for the same at the southeast
corner of said lot, near a branch crossing said
county road, and thence bounding on the land
of Arthur McAnally until it intersects the line
of Benjamin Howard's land; thence bounding
on said Howard’s land to corner of lot sold by Z.
Poteet to Josephus YiDgling; thence bounding
on the last named lot to corner of George Mil
ler’s land : thence bounding on said Miller’s lot
south 25 degrees west 18 7-10 perches to the mar
gin of said county road ; thence on and with
said margin of road to the point of beginning,
being all and the same land and premises con
veyed by John W. Hedrick und wife to the said
John R. Morfoot, by deed dated March 10th, 1894,
and recorded among the Land Records of Balti
more county, in Liber L. M. 8., No. 202, folio 513,
&c„ and of which the said John It. Morfoot is
now in possession.
The lot adjoins Georgo Miller and othors, and
is improved by a
in good condition.
TERMS OF SALE.—One-half cash, and the
balance in six months, with interest from day
of sale, or all cash at the option of the purchaser.
fST-A cash deposit of SIOO will be required of
the purchaser when the property is knocked
Attorney named in the Mortgage.
CHARLES R. BUSSEY, Auctioneer.
Feb. 3.—ts,
Boarman Jb Lindsay, Attorneys, Towson.
—OP— ‘
Valuable Real Estate in the lltli District of
Haltimore County.
By a decree of the Circuit Court for Baltimore
BCounty,8 County, sitting In Equity, passed in a JJ*
cause in said court therein, the Trus-jSp
;sof the Waugh Chapel of tbo Methodist Epis
copal Church of Baltimore County are plaintiffs,
and D. Hallowell Twining, >ames J. Archer and
others aro defendants, the undersigned. Trus
tees. will offer ut Public Auction, AT THE
COURT HOUSE DOOR, at Towsontown,
Tuesday, February 37th, 1900,
At 12 M„
Situate in the Eleventh Election District of of
Baltimore county, binding on the Long Green
branch of the Baltimore and Harford turnpike
road on the west, and on the main branch of said
Baltimore and Harford turnpike road on the east,
containing about _
and being all the land of which John Geddis, late
of Baltimore county, was seized and possessed
of at the time of his death.
This property Is improved by a large
Situate on the Long Green branch of said Har
ford turnpike road; a large Bank Burn, Wagon
House, Carriage House and other necessary out
buildings ; Also quite a large TENANT HOSUE
on the property.
This land is situate mostly on the said turn
pike roads, about 10 miles from Baltimore city
and about 2 miles from Notch Cliff Station, on
the Baltimoreand Lehigh Railroad. Thequallty
of the land is unsurpassed, aud It Is considered
one of the finest farms in the neighborhood, and
within easy access to Baltimore by rail or turn
pikes ought to make it very desirable.
There is quite a large collection of fruit on the
property—an apple orchard, pears, grapes—all
in good bearing.
There is excellent water on the property, and
it ts convenient to churches, schools and post
TERMS OF SALE.—One-third Cash, one-third
in six months and the balance in twelve months,
the credit payments to bear Interest from day of
sale, or all cash at the option of the purchaser.
A deposit of *3OO will be required on day of sale.
property has been surveyed, and a
plat of the property will be exhibited on day
of sale.
JAMEB J. ARCHER, ( Tru|lto „
D. G. McINTOSH, Mrustees.
SLADE & RISTEAU, Auctioneers. [Feb. 3.—ts. j
For sale, about 200 LOCUST and about 100
CHESTNUT POSTS, first class.
Jan. 27.—3 t. Towson, Md.
SDlendid chance to make money. Address or
call on Mbs. ALBERT BARGER,
Phoenix, Baltimore county, Md.
Jan. 27.—8 t
Notchcliff Stock Farm,
JOHN K. COWEN, Proprietor.
■ a I Sire—Allerton, 2:094 ; champion sire of the world, having 66 in
I n imi I vU .11 the 2:30 or better list: at 13 years of age 5 of his get took records
■ J g 1 —OTt J. •} • in 1899, as follows: Elloree, 2:0814 ; Gayton, 2:0914 ; Alves, 2:0914 ;
1 Precision, 2:10k, and Altoka, 2:1014
Dam—Flora McGregor, dam of Elloree, 2:0814 : Locha, 2:2614 at 2 years of age, and Hoover. 2:2714.
2nd Dam—Bella, by George Wilkes.
Jarl's dam sold at the November, 1899, sale, in New York, for *3,000; his full sister, Locha, 2-year
old sold for $3,010; Elloree, 2:0814, sold for $4,700; Keller, 14 brother, sold for $6,200.
Jarl was foaled in 1895; color.nice brown: 16hands high, will weigh 1.100 lbs. when matured, is
very stylish, fine actor, very quiet disposition, best legs and feet and a level-beaded trotter. He
was sick last season or he would have had a good mark uow.
£gr*He will be allowed 10 approved mares to breed on shares. Season ends June Ist.
the world for 2 miles;
time 4:28. Col. Kuser is one of the most indefatigable horses ever on the turf.
DAM-Queen Red, bred as a 2-year-old by King Red, son of Red Wilkes, who has 144 in the 2:30
find better list.
2nd Dam—Flagoelet, dam of Fife, 2:1314, and Flask. 2:14 4, and dam of Picolo. dam of Alligro, 2:144.
3rd Dam—Zither, by Jay Gould, record 2:214, and sire of 31 in 2:30 or better.
Admiral Kußer was foaled in 1897; color, black; will be 1(1 hands high and will weigh I.loolbs.
when matured. He is a strong, powerful made young horse, fine style, a grand individual and a born
trotter. Breeding to such a horse is putting money in the bank.
will bo allowed 5 approved mares to breed on shares. Season to end June Ist.
& I T*/ 1 ! 1 I I I ~Sike— Alcantara727.record2:23; cham-
BVIII I 1. H1.1 I ► t 9K7 9 Q Pion sire of the 2:15 list and better, and
| | L-i I I J i I I I has 130 in the 2:30 or better list.
Dam—Nancy Medium, by Bayonne
TRIAL 2:28. Prince 2939, record 2:2114, and dam of 3
that can beat 2:30.
2nd Dam—Belle Medium, dam of 3 in the list, by Happy Medium 400, sire of Nancy Hanks, 2:04,
and 94 others in 2:30 list and better.
Notchcliff is a bright glossy chest nut color, 154 hands, will weigh I,OCO lbs. Fine looker, elegant
feet and legs and his offspring are all fine lookers and good size.
53^*Service Fee 825.00. Season ends July Ist.
m a ■ || | -v Sirh—Cabttsh, record 2:274 ; winner of
* KoJ S\ U In V '4 Jill} 20 blue ribbons. He was so well known
LjMOMul | |a wrf "D aIM/j j n Maryland that he needs no further
r comments.
Dvm—Marcella, by Sir Walkill 1547, sire of 12 in the 2:30 list or better.
2nd Dam—Valley Belle, by Mambrino Boy, record 2:26; sire of 13 in 2:30 or better and sire of the
dam of Allerton. 2:094, and Axtell, 2:12. ,
Cabash. Jr., is a solid bay color, 16 hands high and weighs 1,200 lbs. He has great style and
action, perfeetdisposition, best of feet and legs. He won 2 premiums in the coach horse class in 1899.
As a high class horse, for all purposes, his equal Is not often found. He possesses speed but has
not been developed. His colts are large, good colors, stylish, good dispositions, fearless and show
speed. They are the kind that buyers are looking for. Service 815. Season ends July Ist.
jgyThe usual return privilege allowed. Terms cash at time of service or on approved note,
payable at Towson National Bank, August Ist, 1900.
df-Highly Bred Young Horses for sale. Horses taken to condition and train for racing,
and Colts taken to break. Terms moderate.
The public is cordially invited to call and see our Stock and facilities for werking same.
For further particulars address,
WILLIAM LAKE, Superintendent and Trainer,
At Notchcliff Stock Farm. P. O.—Glen-Arm, M<l,
Feb. 3.—tf. 212 N. Liberty Street, Haltimore, Md.
All find * n our CATALOGUE FOR 1900 ALL the information you need In
TT || TT it contains the result of fifty years successful experience in growing
■II I I and selling Seeds-in using and manufacturing Implements—and In select
! | I | I ing the best obtainable Agricultural Supplies.
_ —_ ___ it is the finest Illustrated Catalogue issued by any Seed and Im
-11 I ■ 111 plement House In the United States. Follow same and success is
l| H 1 | | certain. fjVWrite for it today.
ii LiLil
205 to 213 N. PACA STREET,
Feb.lOtNoy,!!. . BALTIMORE, Md.
Slade C- Itisteau, Auctioneers.
Fine Horses, Mules, Cattle, Farming Im
plements, &c.
Having relinquished farming, the undersigned
will sell at Public Sale. ON THE PREMISES, at
Glen-Arm. Eleventh Election District of Balti
more county, on
Thursday, February 13th, 1900,
Commencing at 10 A. M.,
1 Gray Horse, 9 years old; 1 Sorrel Bashaw
- jNk P.Ll v i'i€ Mare. 6
to be fast; ITlrange Chief Mare, 5 year? old,
good driver and speedy ; 1 Black Bashaw Mare,
19 years old ; 1 pair Brown Mare Mules, 4 and 5
years old, will work in ail harness ; 1 Gray Mule,
good size and good worker; these are first-class
mules; 4 Grade Jersey Cows, three of them 3
years old, some will be fresh by day of sale; 3
Grade Jersey Heifers. 1 two-horse Market
Wagon, I broad-tread Farm Wagon with set of
springs attached, 1 Hay Carriage, 1 Top Buggy,
1 Road Cart, 1 Buckboard, 1 Cutter and Bells, 1
Johnson Binder, 1 Champion Mower, good as
new ; 1 Sulky Harrow and Cultivator combined.
1 Spring-Tooth Harrow, 1 Single Shovel Plow, 1
a. Double Shovel
3 Cultivators, 2 Oliver
TT* Chilled Plows. 1 Corn SQK ‘
1 set Hillers,
1 Roller, Single, Double and Tripple Trees, Hay
Knife, Scythes, Forks and Shovels, 1 Grain Fan.
lot Cow and Log Chains, 10 Milk Cans, 1 Reid
Creamer,2 sets Stage Harness,2 sots SiDgle Har
ness. Plow Harness, Collars, Bridles, Halters,
&c., 1 improved Johnson Horse Rake, used one
seasou ; 10 tons Hay, 30 barrels Corn, 250 bushels
Potatoes, 75 Plymouth Rook Chickens, 4 dozen
FURNITURE, such as 1 Antique MahogapySide
board. Cook Stove, Parlor Stove. 1 Oil Cook
Stove and Oven, and many other articles too
numerous to mention.
TERMS OF SALE—AII su ms of sloand under,
cash; all over that amount a credit of eight
months will be given, purchasers giving their
notes, with approved security, bearing interest
from day of sale. Notes made payable at Tow
son National Bank. No goods removed until
settled for. A. T. STREETT.
Feb. 3.—ts.
A Good Business Stand.
STORE, DWELLING and all necessary out
buildings at Belfast. Baltimore county, Md.
THUES for sale. Postoffice goes with store.
Good reasons for renting. Possession given as
soon as required. Apply to or address^
Cockeysville National Bank, Cockeysvllle,
or Belfast. Baltimore county, Md.
Feb. 3.—3 t.
-Send for prices. £ A q^CLEY.
Bagley, Md.
Oct, 21.—tf
The Annual Meeting of the STOCKHOLDERS
THEIR OFFICE. Sparrow’s Point. Md., on
Wednesday, February 14th, 1900,
At 12o’clock Noon.
Feb. 3.—2 t. Secretary.
Containing about 140 ACRES; fine im-ll|!
provements; land very productive and well
adapted for the milk business or for grazing;
within ten minutes’ walk of a station on the
Northern Central Railroad. For terms and
further particulars, address,
No. 317. Heal Estate, Towson, Md.
Dec. 16.—tf.
The HOTEL TOWSON, corner of York turn
pike and Joppe road, Towson : one of the oldest
and best known hotel properties in the county,
now doing a flourishing trade.
Apply to or address. JAMES KELLEY.
Attorney at Law, Towson, Md.
Jan. 27.- 3t.
Farm containing 50 ACRES, suitable forM
Truck or Dairy Farm, located on Harford turn
pike. 54 miles from city limits.
Jan. 27.—3 t. Carney. Md.
I offer for sale a lot of CHESTNUT TIMBER,
suitable for Building Purposes, Posts, Hails. Ice-
House Logs, etc. dawes
Jan. 20.—4t* Brooklandvllle, Md.
suit. Apply to JOHN J. TIMANUS.
Attorney at Law,
Nov. 4.—tf. Piper Building, Towson, Md.
Any person desiring to sell MORTGAOES ON
chaserbyaddre.in^ ogToFpicß BQX
May 30.—tf Towson. Md.
One sum of S6OO, one sum of SBOO, one sum of
sl,ooo.onesumofs2,ooo 6HN p qontrUM.
Attorney at Law, Towsontown, Md.
May 4.— tf.
To a first-class tenant, with references, a FARM
on York road. Address, Mias C. PRICE.
Jan. 27.—8 t. Timonlum P. 0., Md.
Feb. B.—2t. Towson. Md. |
gcgal Vertices.
Boarman Lindsay, Attorneys, Towson,
Aid,, and Vansant Building, JC. Lex
ington Street, Baltimore, Aid.
of— | Circuit Court
—OF— | Baltimore County,
SMITH D. BOND, J In Equity.
The undersigned, Trustee in the above cause
named, pursuant to anorderof the Circuit Court
for Baltimore county, in Equity, passed on the
22d day of January, 1900, hereby gives notice to
all persons having claims against the trust estate A
of Smith D. Bond, to file their claims, properly {
On or before the 37th day of March, WOO,
or otherwise they may be excluded from par
ticipation in the proceeds of said estate.
Jan. 27.—4 t. Trustee.
John F. Gontrum and John S. Biddison, At
torneys, Towson, Aid,
THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri
ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court
of Baltimore county letters testamentary on the
estate of
late of said county, deceased. All persons hav
ing claims against the said estate are hereby
warned to exhibit ttao same, with the voucher*
thereof, to the subscriber.
On or before the 6th day of August, 1900 ;
they may otherwise by law be excluded from all
benefit of said estate. Those indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment. Given under my hand this 30th day of
January, 1900.
Feb. 3.—4 t. Executor.
THIS IS TO GI YE NOTICE, That the subscri
ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of
Baltimore county, letters testamentary on the
estate of
late of said county, deceased. All persons hav
ing claims against the said estate are horeby
warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof, to the subscriber.
On or before the 30th day of July, 1900;
they may otherwise by law be excluded from all
benefit of said estate. Those Indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment. Given under my hand this 24th day of
January, 1900. JANE A. HOWSER.
Jan.27.-4t* Executrix.
Condition of the Mutual Fire Insurance
Company of Baltimore County, Md.,
December 31st, 1899.
Total income during the year ... $18,823.00
Total expenditures durlngtheyear $43,338.21
Due company on premium
notes.... $ 20.717.68
Cash in office and in bank... 3,392.46
Cash in bands of agents 649.24
Other assets premium notes
$322,227.35. $24,759.28
Furniture, fixtures and safes , 750.00
Total assets $ 25,609.28
Net amount of unpaid lossess 6,420.74
AU other liabilities, viz., bor
rowed money 21,500.00
Amount, of policies in force
in U. 8. on 31st Dee. 1HWt...54,969,343.00
Amount of policies written
in Maryland during the year
1899 321,765.00
Premiums received on Mary
land business in 1899, cash. 8,550.14
Premiums received on Mary
lnnrl bnninnq? In IS9O. W„tee 30.050.24 '*
Losses paid in Marylaud dur
ing 18119 13,342.56
Losses incurred in Maryland
during 1899 14,095.74
State of Maryland,lnsurance J
Department, Commissioner’s Office. V
Annapolis. January 31st, 1900.)
In compliance with the Code of Public Gener
al Laws. I hereby certify that the above Is a
true abstract from the statement of the Mutual
Fire Insurance Company of Baltimore County,
Md.. to December 31st, 1899, now on file in this
Department. F, ALBERT KURTZ,
Feb. 3.-3 t. Insurance Commissioner.
In order to settle an estate we will sell at Pri
jttyate sale that VALUABLE FARM MM
Eaknown as the "BROOKS FARM,’’situ-*S~
ated near Timber Grove Station, on the Western
Maryland Railroad and near the Hannah More
Academy, Reisterstown. The farm is well loca
ted. contains 111 Acres, 3 Roods and 20 Perches,
more or less, and is improved by Dwelling House,
Barn and necessary outbuildings. For further
Equitable Bußdinjr, Baltimore, gteeg
Herald Building. Baltimore,.
Nov. 11.—tf.
J. E. LLOYD & CO.,
Real Estate Brokers,
6 East Lexington Street, Baltimore,
Jan. 20.—tf. and Oovanstown, Md.
buildings, situated on the Northern Central
Railroad, at Gray stone. 27 miles from Baltimore,
lot contains *of an acre; excellent water near
the house; nice lot of choice fruit, making the
[No. 267. J Real Estate. Towson, Md..
July 18. —tf, or A. A. SPARKS, Parkton.
j BLERS AND HENS; Gobblers $300, _
, Hens $2.00. Miss C. PRICE.
Timonium, Baltimore county, Md.
I Jan. 27.-2 t.

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