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The Nashville (Tenn.) Banner, of the 2d, says that
t no period of this season, which is without a pa
llel n the history of the country, has theheatbeen
ore oppressive. Our vegetable market presents a
orlorn aspect. The tomato vines are dead. The okra
talks are dried up. The cabbage plants are with
ing away. In a few days the potatoe will be the
ly vegetable visible on the stalls of our market.
The Boston Times argues that the great drought is
ndoubtedly caused by the extension of the telegra
bic wires throughout the country, which the editor
rms operate as a repellant power on the clouds,
d as a proof of the truth of his theory, asserts that
those sections of country where no telegraph wires
e up, there has been as much rain this season as at
y former period.
The anti-slavery conference at Manchester, Eng
nd, was a failure. The Liverpool Journal says so,
d remarks, as benevolence seeks opportunity for
ercise, perhaps the speakers at the conference
ight find employment in looking after the condition
the white female slaves in Turkey. Two ships
11 of beautiful women in concubinage were recent
A Washington letter writer says that within the
largement of the congressional cemetery, repose
e remains of George A. Gardiner, "a name familiar
the world." The inscription, impressed we sup
so by fraternal affection, is simply "our brother."
he honor conferred, by assigning to the remains of
tor Gardiner a place in a national cemetery, is
rhaps explained by the epitaph. For, from the
pular estimate of congressional honesty, and the
inerous committees raised to investigate charges
ainst its members, the acknowledgment of those
whom the congressional cemetery is dedicated,
t this unfortunate felon was "our brother," has a
elancholy and satirical significance.
It is stated by Raspail, one of the best French
emists, that a solution of alones, washed over the
unks and branches of trews with a brush, will de
troy all vermin on plants and trees. In order to
lear sheep and other animals with long hair, they
ust be bathed with the solutioni or well washed
ith it. It would be humanity to try the process on
any of the poor poodles and other animals that
now no rest night or day from the annoyance of ver
A married man was dragged from a carriage, from
e side of a frail, fair one, by his lawful wife, and
undly horsewhipped in Cleveland, Ohio, a short
'me since. The crowd cheered her on, and voted
at she was a trump, and right into the bargain.
Dr. Orestes A. Brownson, we learn from the Bos
n Pilot, has concluded, on receiving a second very
attering and pressing invitation from doctor New
an andthe directors, to accept a chair in the Irish
university in Dublin-on the conditon, however, that
is engagement is not to interfere with the editor
hip of his Review.
WASI.iOTO.v, AUQLST 29.-A special election was
vld in the first ward of this city yesterday, and re
ulted in the election of the know nothing candidate
y seven majority.
Mississipp.-In the county of Calhoun, in this
State, a villain named Phillips, was arrested, and his
onnection with an organised band of outlaws and
obbers fully traced. Their rendezvous was in the
almost impenetrable forests in the forks of Yallaboo
ha and Loosachoona rivers, where a negro woman
-as found who had just been decoyed from her own
r by the robbers. The jail at Pontotock was recent
y broken open, as it is believed, by these banditti,
nd two runaway slaves were abducted. The man,
Phillips, who is now in jail,had applied to a black
smith to make a key for the jail at Coffeeville.
Stores and dwellings have been robbed, the outlaws
evincing a reckless daring, which has led to their
detection, and the breaking up of their camp. The
excited citizens of Calhoun have taken to horse and
arms in large bodies, determined to rid the county
of the . old and dangerous villains from whose de
prodations they have suffered. [Paulding Clarion.
The Jackson (Miss.) Flag of the Union, of the 1st
inst., says, some person unknown, shot major D. M.
Fulton, of Canton,on Friday night last, while fast
asleep in his lodging room at Cooper's Wells. Al
hough shot in the head, the skull was not fractured,
iid the gentleman is doing well. The assassin left
he pistol on the bed, doubtless with the design of
reating the supposition that major Fulton died by
is own hand, had he carried out his intention of
The ex-postmaster of Boston is in Germany. He
sends home an account of a dinner to a railway con
gress, at which a locomotive appeared upon the ta
ble, to which was attached a train loaded with the
choicest and most solid food. The succulent train
advanced slowly, in imitation of the passenger trains
upon all German roads. After having made the tour
ot the table without stopping, in order to give a view
of the good things with which it was freighted, the
train again started, making a station in front of each
guest; permitting him to fill his plate according to
his appetite and fancy. The trains followed each
other in quick succession for two or three hours, de
parting each time well loaded with edibles, and al
ways returning empty to the depot. This is exactly
the thing for our American eating tables, where the
fashion, according to English authority, is, to gulp
every thing with railroad speed.
The Buffalo Express states that the body of a Ger
nan woman was laidout in a house in that city,and in
accordance with the custom of the people, a lighted
taper was placed in the hand of the corps. Being
ett sume time withouf atchers, the candle was
found to have fired the vestments: of the deceased,
n. arly consuming the body before the occurrence be
came known.
Captain Klockgether, of the ship Windsor, which
arrived at Baltimore from Bremen, a few days since,
_met quite an incident on the passage over. When
forty days at sea, the weather being clear, an open
boat was described in the distance, with, as was sup
posed, no one in it. The captain immediately bore
down upon it, when, on examination, it was found
to contain four human bodies, or, in other words,
skeletons, as the flesh had been entirely stripped
from the bones. 'The boat was filled with water, but
being of a light, airy structure, had continued to
float for days, perhaps months, upon the turbulent
deep. In tybtbat were a large number of fish,which
no doubrf.reyed upon the bodies. A few remnants
of clothing were found in the frail bark, but so much
torn as to preclude the possibility of telling whether
they belonged to seamen or passengers. There can
be no doubt that the bodies were those of some of
the many unfortunates who were wrecked in some of
the missing vessels. Is it not probable that they I
were a part of the crew of the missing steamer City
of Glasgow?
Gen. Harney, of the United States anny, who has
recently returned from Texas, will, it is stated, soon
leave for Europe, in order to have an opportunity of
viewing the large military force now assembled at
the seat of war in eastern Europe, and of witnessing
their different manoeuvres in battle.
The great fire in the woods, in the north-eastern
states, has gone out. The damage is estimated at
near $3,000,000.
A man was recently tried for forgery, in Ireland,
but it turned out that he had forged the signature of
a man who could neither read nor write, which the
judge ruled was no forgery at all
The Toronto (Canada) Colonist says, we are in
formed that no less than eight persons have been ad
imitted into the lunatic asylum in a state of insanity
occasioned by consuming camphor to prevent chole
ra. Some of them carried it about in their pockets,
and kept from time to time eating small quantities
of it. Others took it dissolved in brandy. In all
cases where it was taken in any quantity it produced
insanity. It is a fact well known that a compara
tively small quantity of camphor will set adog mad,
and that he rill soon di,. -
Paooi---Did you say progress, sir? Aye progress
sir, and will prove it so. Jno. M. Weare, of N. H., has
obtained a patent for holding cows tails still during
the operation of milking. The machine is fastened
to one of the animal's ham strings, and the fail is
compressed. Mr. Weare politely styles his discovery
the "milker's pr r." Cows, we presume, iil
now live for ever, it patent, machine is daegn-i
ed to prevent the bmclk et."
Joppa g, o. 74, F.
.,2-. Po , Sanr. 14th, 1854.
I . was repoi th the lodge that the Supreme
T~ Ruler of the Uaiverse, in the dispensation of
His s providence, had taken from his
sphere of usefu atnd labor, our esteemed and most
exceillent brother, L. DocoLass, district deputy
grand master of the of Louisiana:
Whereupon, on repWort,' committee, appointed,
consisting of brothersJ K. P4 sons, M. Watson, W.
G. Kerley, and L. P. Orain, it aa.
Resolved, That by the death of our esteemed and
excellent brother, Harry L. Douglass, .the masonic
order has lost an active and most worthy member
society one of its kindest and most useful associates,
and the country a good, true and valuable citizen.
Resolved, That whilst we submit to the decrees of
divine providence in calling him from the scene of
his earthly labor, we still deplore and lament the
loss of our beloved brother and friend.
Resolved, That in token of our sorrow and regret,
the fraternity will wear the usual masonic mourning
for thirty days.
Resolved, That these resolutions be published,
and that a copy of them be conveyed to his family
with assurance of our sympathy with them in their
unexpected and distressing bereavement.
Resolved, That the committee notify the grand
lodge of the demise of our late deputy grand master.
Wu. H. Dasrzaa, sec'ry.
Shreveport Perry To Let.
(-3 TIrE ferry across Red River, at Shreveport, will
be let to the highest bidder at public auction, at the
market house in said town, on SATURDAY, the 21st day
of October, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M.,
and 2 o'clock, P. ;, for one year from said 21st Oc
tober. The amdunt of rent to be equallydivided and
paid quarterly; one-half to the president of the po
lice jury of the parish of Bossier and his successors
in office, and the other half to the mayor of Shreve
port, for the use of said town. The lessee to give
notes with g peo al security, payable as afore
said, and als bd tShe a omthree thousand dol
lars with g t i., ff Iient scurity for the faithful
performanca~hdidtieas a fry and dfor rthe
payment of any damagps szbj baetained by
neglect et ~ oro
n Ithe 4th inst., at the residence of Mr. John Car
naian, ilt the parish of Rlpides, OsCA, aged four
yers, younget son of Mr. H. and Eliza Howerton
of t~xis place.
(n the 13th inst., after a short illness, col. Hnaar
L. 1i ~ orLAs.s, aged 63 years, late of the firm of Green
&- Douglass.
On the 9th inst., near Summer Grove, Caddo pa
risli, Mr. Hivae Joassow.
iet onr of n tte5s.
MAYOR'S OrFICE, SEP. 7, 1854.
Be it remembered, that at a regular meeting of the
board of trustees of the town of Shreveport, held at
the mayor's office in said town on Thursday, Sept.
7, . D. 1854, the following members were in attend
anc(., via: J. W. Jones, mayor; C. Olaflin, L. M.
Nu t, J. C. Beall, L. P. Crain and L. Knox, trustees;
H. l'unsicker, constable and collector; and R. S.
Car ies, clerk. A quorum being present, the mayor
call$d the board to order, and proceeded to business.
C O motion of trustee Beall, the treasurer's report
for the month of August was received and referred
to tjie finance committee.
J S. Chipman was allowed $45 00 on his account
against; the corporation for $87 50, as recommended
by the street committee.
J S. Allwine's account for $55 00, was on motion,
alle red.
COt motion, G. Rooney's account against the corpo
ratiin for $5 75, was allowed. Also his account
agaj st the corporation for $118 50, was on motion,
allk. ed.
T ae treasurer's report for the month of June was
rece.ved, and on motion, was ordered to be spread
upeo the minutes, which are in words and figures
as ftllows, to-wit:
Dr. Dew S. TALLY,
i In account with the corporation of Shreveport.
June: 1st, 1854. To amount on hand as per statement
ren'd, in par 'unds, $1,027 57
"' To amt. received from H. H ansicker
in pair funds, - - - 450 45
" in scrip 52 50
Cr. $1,530 52
J.ly 7, 1854. Paid draft in favor of B. M. John
son in par funds, - $100 00
By amount paid J. W. Jones,
mayor, in scrip, - 52 50
To this amt. on hand
in par funds $1,378 02-1,530 52
" To this amount on hand
in par funds, - $1,378 02
DEw S. TALLY, treasurer.
OJ motion, the committee to whom was referred
poli :eman Allwine's report of fines, &c. up to the
Ist f August, was allowed further time to report.
O t motion of trustee Crain, the report of the street
com nittee was read and adopted, to-wit:
To the hon. the mayor and trustees of the town of
Shreveport, in assembly convened:
~me, your street committee, hereby report to your
hon board, that in pursuance to a reslution passed
at tl e last meeting of this hon. board, authorising
the nayor and street committee to contract with E.
C. I art, to grade Commerce street, &c. We have
contracted with and authorised the said E. C. Hart
to gade fifty feet in width of that portion of said
stre t between Messrs. Oglesby & Griswold's ware
hou e and judge Jone's residence, from the lower
line of the samtn, by digging or cutting down the
hill n the rear of his new warehouse,now in process
of e ection, and filling up that portion of said street
beti een Oglesby & Griswold's warehouse and the
foot of said hill, to the grade of the same recently
esta' lished by the city surveyor, J. L. Kirkpatrick.
It is expressly understood and agreed that said°Hart
is nI t to go beyond the said established grade, either
by . tting down or filling up any portion of said
stref t, and that the dirt taken from the hill is to be
used in filling up between Oglesby & Griswold's
wart house and the hill, and that he is to grade the
sam at his own expense, without any charge to the
corp ration for the same.
Wt ich report your committee respectfully submit,
and pray may be received and the contract made by
thent with said Hart be ratified.
Signed., J. C. BEALL.
O0 motion, the street committee was authorised to
stopathe Wash at the foot of Cotton street.
Policeman Allwine's account, was on motion, re
ferriod to the committee on claims.
TI e constable and collector's reports for the months
of J:ly and August, was received and referred to
the t nance committee.
O r motion, G. Rooney's account against the corpo
ratioh for $10 00, for repairing culverts across Ed
wards and Texas streets, was allowed.
Tr istee Beall submitted the following ordinance,
of which he gave notice at the last meeting, which
was, on motion, read ard adopted.
Bel it ordatined by the mayor and trustees of the
towniiof Shreveport, in lawful assembly met, That a
direct tax of five thousand dollars be and is hereby
laid Ind levied on the real estate within the incor
poraled limits of the town of Shreveport, for the
year .ighte.en hundred and fifty-four, and that said
tax : assessessed on the freeholders, householders,
slav( olders and on the slaves hired in the limits
of thih corporation, for~theimprovement, comfort, and
well regulation of said town, including in the as
sessiient thereof, the value of all houses, fixtures
and ,mprovements of every kind not valued thereon.
Be it further ordained, &c., That an advolorum
tax elf one;-sixth of dne per centum be and is hereby
laid fInd levied, and all capital vested or employed
in tr lffic, trade, merchandise or any kind of com
merc$ , on all carriaees or vehicles kept for pleasure,
use ,r hire, on all horses, mares, geldings, mules,
mile l cows, and neat cattle, and all species of per
sona propertv and effects whatsover, in the limits of
this lorporation liable to be taxed upon the assessed
valeu t hereof.
B,. it further ordained, &c., That the town clerk
shal inimediately after the passage of this ordi
nan, | notify the assessor of the levying of said tax
and hat the assessor shall within the term prescri
bed my law, proceed to assess the same according to
the :.iws of the State and ordinances of this corpora
tion.[ J. W. JONES, mayor.
R.I- HAD S. CAnNES, clerk.
Ti ustee Claflin submitted an ordinance relative
to a public weigher, &c., of which he gave notice
last neeting, which was, on motion, laid on the table.
T, ustee Beall offered the following resolutions,
whip h were read and adopted, viz:
B13 it resolved by the mayor and trustees of the
towti of Shreveport, in lawful assembly met, That
the resolution reorganising the street committee pass
ed ahd adopted June 1st, 1854, be and the same is
here ,y repealed.
Be it, further resolved, That from and after the
pass ige of this resolution, all contracts for work and
repairs, tobeý done on any street, alley, public high
way wharf) or landing within the incorporated lim
its o this town, which amount to over twenty-five
dolljrs, shall be let out at public auction to the low
est I dder. The contractor to give bond and securi
ty to be approved by the street committee for the
faitl ful performance of his contract, and those under
that amount shall be contracted for and ordered to be
domw by the street committee.
Bt it further resolved, &c., That no contract for
wor) and repairs as aforesaid amounting to over
twer ty-fix e dollars shall be let out, unless ordered by
the ourd of trustees, and that the bond to be given
by t ei contractor shall be equal in amount to the
amo.'nt of tihe contract; provided, the amount of the
sandu be not, fixed by the board of trustees in the or
dcr :fr resolution requiring the work to be done.
T: ustee= Crain submitted the following ordinance,
whi4h on motion of J. C. Beall was read and adopted:
An .rdinuiu:e to punish Slaves for harboring runa
w ty slaves.
BD it ordained by the mayor and trustees of the
towri of Shizeveport, in lawful assembly convened,
Tha, any sliave who has been left in charge of her or
his Iraster's house, or any other, or any leased pre
mise,, shall in the absence of their owners from the
prearises hýarbour, conceal, or feed any slave absent
fromi their, waster's house or possession without a pro
per pass, ori due authority from their masters or per
sons'having control of them, said slave shall on con
victi'mn before the mayor or a justice of the peace, be
punished with stripes or whipping, at the discretion
of thI, justice of the peace or mayor trying them, and
thatll the master or person having control of them
shall be sentenced to pay the costs of prosecution, or
in de 'ault ithereof the slave shall be further imprison
ed f r saiI misdemeanor for a time not exceeding
fortyjeight hours. J. W. JONES, mayor.
A1~est: IR. S. CARNEs, clerk.
Tristee Crain submitted the following ordinance,
which wal read and adopted, viz:
Befit ordained by the mayor and trustees of the
townlof Shreveport, in lawful assembly convened,
That the Wharfage on all steamers built in the limits
of tr s corporation shall be remitted for the space of
twel e mouths after they are launched.
J. W. JONES, mayor.
At est: R. S. CAaR-Es, clerk.
Tr stee Crain presented a memorial from col. H.
L. Dt urlas., president of the Shreveport Fire Com
panyi ] o. 1,1which was read and ordered to be spread
upontlthe mihutes.
Be it ordained by the mayor and trustees of the
town of Sireveport, in lawful assembly convened,
That he five engine belonging to the town be plac.d
in lh possegsion of Shreveport Fire Co., No. 1, duly
incotr oratsd, for their use, in trust for the town, and
that t ey ramain trustees in possession until further
actio of the board of trustees, under charge that they
shall ~eep and preserve the same in good order, and
returil the same to the mayor and trustees on their
Be eit fu 'ther ordained, &c., That the necessary,
quantity ofihose be purchased by the mayor, with the
adnis4 and assistance of the finance committee.
Be t further ordained, &dc., Thatthe mayor and
comm ttee be, authorised to purchase and turn over in
trust ?o said fire company such axes, hooks, ladders
and ot her eqtuipments as may be necessary for the full
eqm ip:;ent Wf said company.
Be i, further ordained, &c., That the mayor and
said c!anmiPtee be and are authorised to make the ne
cessary fintmecial arrangements' to carr_ into effect
this oiclinaitce. J. W. JONES, mayor.
Atttst; R'. S. CAnars, elk.
On 4motioa, the board adjourned until the aA trg
aarm et'ing October. J. W. JONE~ ,ayer.
Att est. i . S £atirs, ck.
New Orleans Market.
SEPTEMBsE 12.-There is some enquiry for cotton;
r the sales of the day amounts to 500 bales.
Inferior, - [email protected] Middling, - [email protected]
Ordinary, - 6 Good " - [email protected]
Low middling, [email protected] I Mid'ling fair, [email protected]
The receipts (includina' 26,868 bales on hand) since
the 1st September, have been 40453 bales. Exported
during same time, 12,289 bales.
FLoU-R-$7 75; 7 [email protected] 8 00 ' bbl.
PoaK-M. O. $13 50; mess, $15 [email protected] 50 ? bbl.
Bacox-Sides, 7%[email protected])-c; shoulders, 7/[email protected]
LARa--No. 1, 11; [email protected] j lb.
[email protected] ^. bush.
COFFEE-Rio, 10t4, 103;@11c. 1 b.
SuoAa-3: 3; 3%; [email protected],'c. lb.
MoLAssEs-Reboiled, [email protected] 12c.; choice 12Lc. gal.
BAoGGING&RoE-Bagging [email protected]; rope 8/, @9c.
WHIsKEY-Rectified, [email protected]; Dexter's [email protected]
LIME-At retail-Thomaston, $2 50;Western, $200
SALT-Liverpool, fine, $1 [email protected] 60; coarse, $1 40
' sack.
CATTLE MARKET, September 12.
BEEF-Western, fine, - - - - [email protected] V lb net.
Texas and Lake, - - - 4% @7-- -
Hogs, ------------ - 7%@-c. -
Sheep, - - - - - - - - - - $2 [email protected] 00 1. head.
Milch Cows, - - - -- $25 [email protected] -00
Calves and yearlings, - - - $6 [email protected] 50 -
1i THE proprietors of the South-Western beg to
inform their patrons and the public generally, that
they have recently received from the foundries a great
variety of new and beautiful type, comprising nearly
all the latest styles, which makes their Job Office one
of the most EXTENSIVE AND COMPLErE in the south west,
(and unequalled by any out of the city,) and that
they are prepared to execute with despatch
Plain and Fancy Book and Job Printing,
of every description, from a handbill the size of this
paper to the smallest card, in a style of pnsu-rpassed
beauty and elegance. and
Printed on the shortest notice, and in a manner un
Printing in Gold, Colored Inks and Bronze.
Those wishing to have printing executed will find it
to their advantage to give the South-Western a call.
U. S. Mail---New Arrangement.
GRAND ECORE MAIL-Two horse hack. Leaves ev
ery Monday, Thursday and Saturday, at 4 o'clock,
A.M. Arrives on Tuesday,Friday and Sunday,at 6 P.M.
JEFFERSON.--Four horse coaches. Leaves every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 11, A. at. Ar
rives Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at 41%, P.a.
NEw ORLEANS-By steamboat. Arrives and departs
irregularly twice a week.
NAcooDocHEs-Horseback. Leaves every Monday
and Friday, at 7, A. M. Arrives every Wednesday
and Saturday, at 5, p. a.
MONROE AND ARKANSAS-Hlorseback. Leaves every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6, A. II. Arrives
on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 8, P. M.
ALBANY-Horseback. Arrives on Saturday, at 11,
P. at. Leaves same day, at 1, p. at.
OFFICE HouRS-Week days-Open at 8 o'clock,A.M.
Closes at 12, at., for dinner. Opens at 2, r. N.; and
closes again at 5. for the day. On Sunday-opens at
R. and closes at 9, A. t. L. E. CAlTER, P.M.
R1 e THE most confirmed cases of the most distres
sing diseases, oftimes arise from indigestion. All of
us more or less are troubled with this annoying symn)p
tom, still as it is a general thing, we do not attempt
to medicate until something serio s intervenes. N e
would as a public monitor w ii all our readers
against the sin of neglect, and at the same time re
commend to their notice dr. Hoofland's German Bit
ters, the original preparation as prepared by dr. C.
M. Jackson, No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. We
have seen cures effected through its influence.-Scott's
Weekly. s6-4t
THE meetings of JOPPA LODGE, No. 71, will
be held hereafter at the new lodge room, over
Roach & McCarty's old stand, on the corner of Texas
and Market streets, formerly known as the Club Room.
Wx.t. H. DAsm.rr., Sec'y. feb22
TIHE regular meetings of Neith Lodge No.
S 21, are held on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, at
the old Caddo Lodge, oti Spring street.
J. G. McWitiT.r.tts, See'y.
A LL persons having claims against me, will please
preseit them as soon as p rssible at my residence,
(immediately in rear of the Academy,) it being my in
tention to leave Shreveport ii. a few wieks.
s20-2t* A. D. DONOVAN.
Its undersigned offers his services to the citizens
u of Shreveport, as Copyist and Accountant. He
will copy deeds, petitions, wills, etc., and bring up and
adjust mercantile ledgers. Terms moderate. Apply
at the City Hotel. [s20] JAS. H. MclNTOSH.
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter.
JVERY description of work promlptly attended ti,
and executed in a workmanlike manner, on mo,.
erate terms. s20
O N hand and for sale a large stuck of mess pork,
1 ribbed and clear sides, shulders.sugar cured and
plain hams, dried beef, lard, beans, rice, coarse, fine
and table salt, fish, etc. etc.
Furniture & House Furnishing.
THE undersigned will sell out his
Household and Kitchen Furniture.
with every thing he has in the house
furnishing line, very low, either in whole or in part as
required. -ALSO
A good Pliano, from the manufactory of "J. Chick
ering & Co." A fine 30 day Mantel Clock, (may be
seen at Burnside's.)
A library of Standard Books.
A gentle saddle and harness Horse.
One large Wooden Cistern, (can be easily mno ed.)
Cabinet Maker, Undertaker, &c.,
At Vieary's old stand, Texas street, Shreveport.
TIE subscriber, having leased the
premises nccupied by the late
J. C. Vicary, begs to infoirm the
public (and the ladies in particular) that he is prepared
to manufacture inl the most workmanlike manner, at
the lowest prices and with despatch, every description
of plain and ornamental Furniture. Being a practi
cal cabinet-maker of much experience, he feels assur
ed in saying that he can guarantee his work will give
Every description of furniture repaired, cleaned,var
nished, and made to look as handsome as when new,
at the shortest notice.
Mattresses of every description renovated or manu
factured to order, at low prices.
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to.
Particular attention paid to all kinds of jobbing.
A share of the public patronage is respectfully so
licited [s20] HENRY FFLUNG.
A few days ago, a griffe girl, named MILLY,
aged between 15 and 16 years; of middling or
rather slight size. She is well known about town, and
ifany one is found harboring her, they will be prose
cuted to the extent of the law. A liberal reward will
be paid to whoever will return said girl to mne.
s20-3t Mrs. S. W. BROWN.
To the Planters.
ROM the solicitations of many of his planting
friends, the subscriber will give his personal and
especial attention to the Sale of Cotton in this market.
Refers to the merchants of Shreveport generally.
Shreveport, Sept. 13, 1854. D. S. WILDER.
]tT The Marshall Republican will copy six mtonths
and send bill to this office.
General Collecting Agent,
Shreveport, La.
W ILL give prompt attention to the collection of all
claims entrusted to him against persons in
north-western Louisiana, eastern Texas and southern
Arkansas. He will be assisted by J. C. Beall, attor
ney at law, as legal adviser, who will in his absence
give any information desired.
Reference-W. W. Smith, E. H. Jordan, Shreve
port; Oakey & Hawkins, J. Burnside & Co., New Or
leans; Wood, Bacon & Co., Whelan & Co., Wolfes,
Ballard & Co., Philadelphia; Neilson, Wardwell & Co.
New York; hon. H. M. Spofford, supreme court of
Louisiana. s13
Groceries and Provisions.
E are receiving by every boat additions to our
large stock of Groceries, Provisions, Wines,
Liquors, Plantation and Domestic Goods, Boat and
Bar Stores, Salt, Tobacco, Cigars, Candles, Soap, etc.,
all of which will be sold on the most accommodating
terms. SLEEPIER & Co., 13 on the Levee,
s13 Opposite the steamboat landing.
$35 Reward
Wttl. be given to any person who will
deliver to me, at Bellevue, La., a small
Sorrel Stallion. He is about 7 years old.
Sald annaal escaped about a month and a half ago.
September 13, 1854. lm*
SUGAR-On hand and for sale, Havana, Louisiana,
loaf, crushed, powdered, clarified and granulated.
Sheriff's Sale.
I TATE OF LOUISIANA-Parish of Caddo.-In
, . the District Court, No. 3334. A. BAUMAN, vs. W.
JE.KINs et al School Directors of School District No.2
of the Parish of Caddo. By virtue of an alias writ of
fieri facias issued out of the honor. the District Court in
and for the parish of Caddo in the above entitled suit and
to me directed, I have seized and will proceed to sell at
public auction at the court house door in the town of
Shreveport, parish of Caddo, on SATURDAY, the 7th
day of October, A. D. 185, between the hours of eleven
o'clock, A. i. and four, r. at., the following described
property, to-wit: One acre of Land in the south-east
corner of the north-east quarter of section one (1) in
township seventeen (17) of range fourteen !14) in the
parish of Caddo, State of Louisiana, contained in the
following meets and bounds, courses and distances,
to-wit: beginning six chains and nine links north from
the south-east corner of said north-east quarter of said
I section one, and running thence west three chains and
sixteen links, thence north three chains and sixteen
links, thence east three chains and sixteen liuks,tlhence
south three chains and sixteen links to the place of
beginning for complement. Seized and to be sold to
pay and satisfy the writ issued in the above entitled
Terms of sale-Cash, with the benefit of appraise
ment. M. WATSON, Sheriff.
Shreveport. September 5, 1854. [s6-pf.$8 1O
T Sheriff's Sale.
TATE OF LOUISIANA-Parish of Caddo-In
District Court, No. -. F. R. RoAcH vs. S. W.
BRowNe, Administratrix. By virtue of a writ of seizure
o and sale, issued out of the honorable the District Court
in and for the parish of Caddo, in the above entitled suit
and to me directed, I have seized and will sell at pub
lic auction at the court house door in the town of
f Shreveport, parish of Caddo, on SATURDAY, the 7th
a day of October, A. D. 1854, between the hours of 11
o'clock, A. at., and 4, r. at., the following described pro
t perty, to -wit: the Slave Lewis, a yellow man, about 25
years of age. Seized and to be sold to phiy and satis
fy the writ issued in the above entitled suit.
, Terms ofsale-Cash, with the benefit of appiaise
Smenri. M. WATSON, Sheriff.
Shreveport, September 5, 1854. sG-pf.$4 76
Wholesale and Retail Grocers,
And dealers In Wines, Liquors, Plantation Supplies, &c.
No. 14 on the Levee, Shreveport.
AVE just received per steamboats Runaway and
Cleona their fall stock, comprising one of the
Slargest and most complete assortments ever brought to
thtis place, among which will be found:
Plain and sugar-cured hams, clear sides; shoulders;
Mess and prime pork; leaf lard;
t Mess beef; mackerel; herrings;
Superior St. Louis and Ohio flour;
Brown, loaf, clarified and crushed sugars;
Re-boiled and sugar-house molasses;
Rio and Java coffee; fresh teas;
Coarse and fine Liverpool salt;
Virginia chewing tobacco, of all qualities;
Havana and American cigars; smoking tobacco;
Soap, candles, starch, indigo; vinegar;
Dean ..nd Wayne, old Monungahlea, old rye, recti
fled, common and other whiskey;
Choice old cognac and champagne brandies;
SPre Holland and American gin;
r (ld Jamaica and N. E. rum;
Madeira, iherry and port wines, guar.n tied genuine,
Claret and champagne wines;
a London porter, Scotch ale; cider;
Brandy cherries; fruitsin brandy and their own juice;
Cordials of every description; syrups of all kinds;
Ketchups and sauces of every description;
Pickles, pie-fruits, and sweetmeats;
Raisins, prunes, preserved ginger, almonds;
t Sardines, lobsters, salmon, shad;
Pine apple and goshen cheese;
Olive oil, olives, capers; wine and other bitters;
f Rice, potatoes, beans and peas;
Sperm and lard oils;
SSoda, butter and water crackers;
Yeast powdrrs, matches, blacking;
s Pepper, mustard, nutmegs, cloves, allspice;
Powder, shot, and lead;
Brooms, buckets, wooden-ware;
Dcemijolns, bottles. jugs, jars and stone-ware;
Plough and clothes' lines; trace chains;
Castings, spikes, nails, brads and tacks;
A general assortment of Fancy Groceries, etc., to
gether with a choice stock of
r comprising all the favorite brands of pure old brandies,
v wines, gin, ruin, curaeoa, absynthe, peppermint, bit
ters, syrups, bar furniture and fixtures, etc., etc., and
an endless variety of other articles too tedious to enu
merate, all of which will be sold at the lowest prices.
-Purchasers are invited to give us a call.
Particular attention will be paid to putting up and
t carefully packing all orders from country merchants,
planters, and other persons residing at a distance.
We will receive additions to our stock by every boat,
and by that means be enabled to keep it complete dur
ine the citire season. anu30
T E. copa:rtnership heretofore existing, between the
T undersigned under the firm ofS.T. GoodwytI& Co.,
in the town of Starrville, Texas, has been dissolved by
mutual consent. S. '. Goodwyn having purchased
the e.itire interest of C. M. Mlartshewa in the concern,
thie bsiness will hereafter be conducted by S. T.
Go,odwyn and J. Boyd, the=remaining partners, under
the name of S. T. Goodwyn & Co., who assume all
the liabilities, and are alone authorised to collect all
debts due the old firm. S. T. GOODWYN.
Auiusl 24th, 1854. sept 6-3t
Fresh Beef. Mutton, Fork and Veal,
Tur. subscriber, haviig taken the coriier
stall ill the market, begs to inform his old
firiends ard the public generally, that he
w i al litreaiLter carry on the butchery business ia all its
branches on his own individual account, and that he
will spare neither pains nor expense to at all times sup
ply his customers with the very best Beef, Veal, Pork
and Matton, that can be procured in this section of
country. Thankful for the liberal patronage hereto
I fore extended to himn, hIe wiltl request his old frienids
ti, bear in mind that hie is not now it any way con
nected with any other butchler, nor itt any stall except
the one he in person attends to.
Steamboats furnished with Fresh Meats on as libe
ral terms, and with as quick despatch, as by any othlier
butcher in town.
Great Bargains! Great Bargains!!
i S twe intend closing our store in a few weeks, all
-L those in wrant of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats,
Boots, Shoos, Groceries, W'ines, Liquors, etc., etc.,
will find it to their advantage to give us an early call.
As we are SELING OFF AT COST, extraordinary in
ducemernts are held ouit to purchasers, in fact such as
were never before otTefired in this community, and fanm
ilics, planters, country merchants, and all others, will
be satistled on examiining our prices, that we sell at
fronm 3 to 30 per cent. eheaper than any other house
in Shreveport, and lower than the sanme articles can be
Ipurchased in New Orleans.
Ladlies are respectfully solicited to give us a call.
They will find every article tlhey may be in want of,
and we guarantee that they will acknowledge they
never before knew goods sold as low.
aug2 E. & B. JACOBS, Texas street.
4 Runwayf
FRaox the plantation of the subscriber, on Red
River, opposite Shreveport, on Saturday, 12th
ijst., a negro man by the name of Smith, about 6 feet
high, black complcxion, prominent eyes and well mus
cled, and between 28 and 30 years old. He took away
with him a brown or mouse colored M3ule. He will
probably attempt to make his way out west, for the pur
puse of getting with the I!dians. A liberal reward
will be paid for his apprehension and delivery on my
plantation, or for his being lodged in any safe jail so
that I can get him again.
aug 16 M. D. C. ALEXANDER.
**'T'he Jefferson Herald, and Austin Gazette will
copy three times, and forward their bills to this office.
Committed to Jail
IN the parish of Caddo, a negro man, black conm
plexioned, about twenty-four years of age, six
feet in height. Calls himself RIaLL, and says that
lie belongs to Levin Wright, of Texas, living on upper
Red River, about 150 above Shreveport. He was ar
rested in this parish, about 15 miles from town. The
owner of said negro man is hereby notified to come
forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him
away, or he will be disposed of as the law directs.
J. S. ALLWINE, Jailor Caddo parish.
Shreveport. August 16, 1854.
Committed to Jail
IN the parish of Caddo, anegro man, black com
plexioned, full six feet high, and about fifty
years old. Calls himself TOBY, and says that he
belongs to Arnold Adorn, formerly of Tippah county,
Mississippi, but now a resident of Texas. The own
er of said negro man is hereby notified to come
forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him
away, or he will be disposed of as the law directs.
J. S. ALLWINE, Jailor Caddo parish.
Shreveport, July 19, 1854.
For the Ladies.
SUPER figured and plain Silks, Cashmeres and Al
Super merinos and de laines; Bareges and crapes;
Bonnet and neck ribbons; Gloves, of various di.
scriptions. GREEN & DOUGLASS.
PURE CHEMICALS.-Quinine, Beeberine, sala
cine, piperine, prec: ext: bark, chinoidine, tanin,
iodine, hydriodate potassa, nitrate silver, chloroform,
besides a large supply of other chemical and pharmacu
tic prepamations. Just received and for sale low, whole
sale and retail. WM. B. MILLER,
ml Druggist and Apothecary.
ASTINGS-Larve wash pots, mediun and small
do. Ovens of all sizes; spiders do; extra oven lids,
for sale by [j7} WALTERS & REDUS.
Trm ABUE & KLINE are just in receipt of a large
. stock of Silk and Merino Vests and Pants. d1A
Cash Advances.
.i. E will make liberal advances in cash on cotton
stored with us, and to be shipped at our discre-.
tion. [febl] DOUGLASS & DASHIELL.
Cash Advances.
on consignments to William S. Donnell, New Orl
jl No. 14 on the Levee, Shreveport.
COTTON FACTORS and General Commission
Merchants, 48 Carondelet street, New Orleans.
Cash advanced upon cotton consigned to the above
house, and cash drafts upon them sold, by
jan 4 E. M. MATTHEWS, Agent.
C ASH, Bagging, Rope, Bacon, Flour, and Salt,
o given in exchange for Cotton, by
o27 L. E. CARTER.
TI-T HOWERTON is my duly authorised agent,
I3" during my absence from the State.
Shieveport, July 26, 1854. - o [aug2
A LL those hating claims against the succession of
Joel Wadsworth, deceased, will present them to
me, at Bethany, Caddo parish. Those indebted to
said succession will please make prompt payment to
aug2 curator succ'n Joel Wadsworth, dec'd
A LL those holding claims against the estate of J. V.
Brantley, deceased, or Sarah M. Brantley, will
please call upon me immediately for settlement.
jan 4, 1854 Agent for the estate of J.V. Brantlev.
Business Notice.
rHE business of GREEN & DOUGLASS will be con
1 tinued without interruption by the undersigned,
who will be glad to accommodate our old friends and
cust)mnlers as usual, to whom we return thanks for past
patronage. We are now opening a select stock of
Goods suitable for the season, which we will be pleas
ed to sthow to them and purchasers generally.
Shreveport, Feb. 22, 1853. H. L. DOUGLASS.
lIE copartnership existing `heretofore between
t1iHALEY & IIOWERTON, was dissolved by limi
tation on the first day of January, 1854. The busi
ness will be carried on, at the old stand, on my own
account: JNO. P. HAILEY;.
Shreveport, January 11, 1854.
Notice-Receiving & Forwarding.
I AM compelled to adopt the CASH SYSTEIMin my
Warehouse, and from this date cannot deliver
goods until the freight and charges are paid.
[email protected] L. E. CARTER.
Copartunership Notice.
r.lIE undersigned have associated themselves to
I gether, for the purpose of doinlg a general retail
Dry Goods and Clothing Business under the name and
style of TRABUE & KLINE, at the new store, on
Texas street, next door to Mr. E. H. Jordan. They
solicit a share of the public patronage.
July 1, 1853. J. J. KLINE.
Cash Notice.
k LL ptersons having claims against the estate ofJ.
-A W. Morrist are requested to present the same for
payment, and those indebted to said estate are notified
to come forward and settle without delay, as the af
fairs of the succession must he wound up.
fceb2-ly TIH)S. H. MORRIS. Ex'r.
SLL persons indebted to the undel-igned, either
by note or open account, will please come for
ward and settle without further delay; or we will be
compelled to place the same in the hands of ani officer
for collection by law.
may 17-tf ROBSON & KIMBLE.
Our customers are respectfully requested to bear in
mind that as we are forced to pay our journeymen
promptly, we are unable to allow extended credit, and
hope that hereafter our bills will be settled on presen
tation. *R. &.K.
J. N. HOWELL & Co.,
Receiving and Forwarding Merchants,
On the Levee, Shreveport, La.
H TH AVE leased the well known building recently
i occupied by Messrs. D.)uglass & Dashiell, on
the Levee, (at the steaniboat- landing.) and are now
prepared to receive, store or forward cotton and mer
ehandise of every description. We are also erecting
contiguous to the preserit building, and immediately on
thu banks of the river, one of the largest and most
convenient warehouses in the country, which will
render our facilities for storing cotton equal if not su
perior to that possessed by any other establishment on
Red River.
We are prepared to make liberal cash advances on
cotton or goods sent to our care.
Cotton will be shipped without being exposed to
mud or rain. All goods will be promptly forwarded
according to orders; and every attention will be paid
to the interests of our patrons. iang9
Gentlemen's Clothing & Furnishing Store,
I Texas street, (adjoining Miller's Drug Store, and im
mediately opposite VanBibber's IHotel,) Shreveport.
H AS just received from the north and east, his large
I and well selected stock of GENTLEMIEN'S FtIN
etc., consisting of the following articles:
Coats, pantalouons and vests of every description.
Lineni andi cotton shirts, of every style.
Kid. plushed lingd, buck, cassimiere and Berlin gloves
English and American hosiery, i fine article.
Dra wers and undershirts, of various qualities.
Silk and cotton umbrellas.
Cravats and Handkerchiefs of every style and de
scription, together with every article required for a
I gentleman's wardrobe.
Velvet for ladies' Talmns and cloaks, together with
velvet ribibons, gymnps and all necessary trintnings for
makling the saime.
Also keeps on hand a fine article of French cloths,
cassimeres and vestings, which will be made up at the
Sshortest notice and on the most reasonable terms.
r1I-iE undersigud retires from business; having dis
Ssolved his connection with that of Green & Doug
lass, in which he beca:me initerested after the deathi of
WV. R. DorLrass.
Robert Green, who will continue the business, will
retain all the active means, of both the houses, in i
Swhich him and the undersigned have been partners, and
will pay thie debts due by either and collect those due
them. II. L. DOUGLASS.
May 09th, 1854.
i WILL continue business on my own account, at
1 the old stand of Green & Douglass, and shall leave
in a few days for the north to make the usual purchases,
and will be pleased to serve my old patrons as usual.
Desiring to start a new, I leave Mr. P. H. Rossoaj
with full authority to collect all accounts and notes,
now due to Green, Douglass & Co. and Green & Doug
lass, and under POSITIVE instructions to put in suit, any
one unpaid by the 1st July, unless satisfactory assur
ance of payment is made at some specified time.
May 29th, 1854. R. GREEN.
formed a partnership, commencing the 1st March,
1854, for the purpose of doing a
Ieneral Dry Goods and Grocery Business,
nn 1r i.` style of WALTERS & REDUS. They intend
to keep at all times a general assortmntntof Dry Goods
and Groceries, which they intend to sell as low as any
other house in the place. Having made ample arrange
aments to keep up their stock at all times they have no
hesitation in saying to their friends that they may ex
pect to get goods as low of them as from any other
house in the place.
We hope, when our friends visit our town, they will
call and examine our stock before purchasing else
where. All orders promptly attended to.
March 22, 1854. THOMAS J. REDUS.
lIE Feeling grateful for the liberal support I have
received from Imy old friends in Caddo and Texas, for
the last ten or twelve years, I hope by strict attention,
to merit a continuance of the same to the new firm.
Choice Liquors and Wines.
9 CASKS Castillon Brandy;
S. 2 casks W. S. Florit Red Cognac;
4 casks Imp. brandy;
10 bbls old Monongahela Whiskey;
10 do old rye do
10 kegs Tuscaloosa do
2 casks Duff Gordon's Sherry Wine;
2 do Woodhouse's Madeira do
2 do Pastina do do
2 do family choice do do
Havana Cigars.
[10. .000 SUPERIOR "Habanna" Cigars, on
consignment-alone for cash.
Derrenger Pistols Warranted.
A SUPPLY, just received direct from the manufac
tory, and for sale by
augl0 J. W. MORRIS.
0O CASES of genuine Wolfe's Schaidam Aromatic
F Schnapps, just received and for sale by
ap26 L. E. CARTER.
EAS-Just received and for sale, gunpowder, im
perial, young hyson and pouchone.
1500 saleAIR best oak tanned RUSSETTS, for
TONS assorted Iron, just received, and for sale
25 by (ap26) L. E. CARTER.
G BARRELS and 20 sacks of Irish Potatoes, just
4 received and for sale by [a26) L. E. CARTER.
T H IS Institute, situated about two miles from i
Shreveport, will commence its second session on
the first Monday, 3d day, of October next.
The design of the proprietor of this establishment is
totafFord to parents and guardians in this vicinity ad
vantages for the education of their sons and wards,
equal to those afforded by similar Institutes in any
part of our country.
To this end he has, through the aid advanced by ma
ny who feel an interest in such matters, in process of
erection, a commodious and well arranged building,
112 feet long by 56 deep, with seven neat cottages, for;
the accommodation of pupils, and suitable out-door'
attachments, for healthful, manly, gymnastic exercise.
Arrangements are made for erecting an additional
building of brick, thirty by fifty feet, for tle accommo
dation of pupils, a philosophical apparatus and library.
Thegovernment and discipline of this establishment
will be administered by the principal, with a kind, but
unbending rigor.
The teachers will consist of the principal and such
other professors and adjuncts as the interests of the In
stitute demand. Occasional Lectures will be deliver
ed by the clergy, and members of the legal and medical
faculty in Shreveport.
The principal will, in future, give his personal atten
tion to the recitation of all the classes int the establish
ment, assisted by Prof. ELIAs HALL, A. M., So. Ca.
College, and Prof. T. HEMPsTEAD, A. B., Delaware
The course of study will embrace t-he fundamentals
of a thorough English education, with the Latin,Greek
Hebrew, French, Mathematics, Philosophy, Rhetoric.
History. In short, the whole round usually pursued
in the more thorough Institutes of the kind in other
parts of our country.
For the common branches, per session of five
m onths, .......................................... 20 0
For any of the classics, or higher branches,... 25 00
For French, V month.............................. 5 00
Boarding, ..............:.................... 50 00
Washing, fuel, lights, attendants, in common
room ............................................. 10 00
The same in cottage, or separate room,......... 15 00
Charges must invariably be paid half in advance,ex
cept in cases of those who hold receipts for stock paid
in the Institute, and the balance punctually on taking
away the pupil.
No deduction of charges will be made on account
of absence, except in case of protracted illness. No
pupil will be received for a time less than five months.
No pupil will be retained after a clear manifestation of
disregard to the order of the Institute.
Each pupil, on entering, will bring his clothes pro
perly marked; as also one pillow, two pillow cases,
two pair of sheets, a pair of blankets for a single bed.
and four towels. No pupil will be received except as
a boarder in the family of the principal.
Each pupil will be expected to attend public worship
on the Sabbath, and to recite lessons in the Holy
Scriptures, or attend lectures on the Evidences of
Recitati:ns will be held every day in the week
with a recess on Saturday, fromt 12 o'clock until 71 in
the evening.
Every effort possible will he inadc by the principal of
this Institute.for the mental, in Sral and physical health
and advancement of those who may be committed to
his tutelage and care. i
Any parcel or message, designed for a pupil, must
be addressed it the care of the principal, as servants
are not allowed to go upon the grounds w ithcut his
All requests for leave of absence must come from the
parent or guardian, either in person or in written fornm.
REv. S. P. HELME, A. M., Principal.
*,* Subscribers to this Institnte will please pay in-c
stalunents, when due, to E. 1H. Jordan, Shreveport,who
will receipt for the same.
August 30, 1r(54. S. P. HELME.
Valuable Property at Auction.
IT ILL be sold at the Market House, in the town of
.. Shreveport, on Monday, 4th December, 18541, at
public auction, at II o'clock, A. at., the following pro
perty, to-wit:
Ten Acres of Land, in Caddo parish, near the One
Mile Hou'se, formerly owned by J. W. Evans, dec'd.
Also--One and a half acres of Land, -adjoining the
above described 10 acres, with the improvements
thiereen, at present occupied by captain Leonard.
Also-Two Lots of Ground, in the town of Shreve
port, being part of lot No. nine, (9,) in block fifty-one
(51,) described as follows, to-wit: commencing at the
corner of Market street and an alley, running thence
north-west along Market street 20 feet and running
back for depth 40 feet. Also, a portion of said lot No.
nine, (9,) block fifty-one, (51,) commencing 40 feet
from the i'orner of said alley, running thence north
west 20 feet, and running back for a depth of 40 feet.
Also-Three Lots of Ground, in the town of Shreve
port, known on the map or plan of Messrs. Johnson &
Cutliff, filed and recorded in the recorder's office of
Caddo parish, as lots Nos. one, two and three, (1, 2 and
3,) of block sixty-seven, (67,) formerly owned by c. J.
$ Terms and a more accurate description made known
on the day of sale. II. HUNSICKER, Auctioneer.
The above described property will be disposed of as
above, unless sold at private sale before that time.
Persons wishing to purchase, will apply to H. Hlvs
siCKER, Shreveport, or to Ros'T. B. SCOTT, Jefferson,
Texas. jyl2
Printing lMaterials.
HIIE proprietors of the South-Western, having just
renewed their stock of materials, offer for sale at
extremely low prices, a great variety of Second-hand
Type, ec., comprising:
LONG PRIIE-a-A small font, half worn.
NosrARIEL do. do.
SIALr.L PicA-Large font, cast expressly for pamph
let and law work, with accents, superiors, piece-frac
tions, medical signs, etc. Good as new.
Scntr-Great primer and double small pica.
PIcA-Two fonts, but little worn.
GREAT PEiIER--Fine font, half worn.
Fonts of Double Great Primer, Canon, and other
large letter.
Thirty or forty different sizes and kinds of card and
small Ornaniental and Fancy Job Type, comprising
shades, tuscans, outlines, gothics, antiques, blacks,
German text, etc. Together with a great variety of
large and small flowers and borders, job and newspa
per cuts and ornaments.
CHassEs-Wrought and cast-iron book chases, (8vo.
and 12mto.,) and an assortment for jobs.
The fonts are all perfect and in good order, and af
ford a fine opportunity for country papers to obtain
materials cheap. j28
Great Attraction
TUS F received per steamer S. W. Downs the larg
t est stock of FANCY DRYT GOODS ever brought to
this market, consisting in part of the following, viz:
Brocade silks; fancy do.;
Embroidered silk tissues;
A new style of flouncing barcgce dresses;
Printed jaconets and lawns;
Printed linens; brilliantines;
Scotch ginghams and gingham muslins;
A large assortment of Mourninug Goods of every
Plain Swiss muslins, dotted do.;
French embroideries, of the latest style;
Splendid sets of ehemisettes and sleeves;
New assortment of embroid'd hdkfs;
Collars, sleeves, chenmisettes;
Rich jaconet and Swiss worked bands;
New trimmings, richest patterns;
Irish linens; pillow case do:
Linen table cloths; towel and table diapers;
Fine linen napkins; French silk oil cloth;
Fine English thread and cotton hosiery;
Silk and hair bonners, of the latest styles;
Misses' and children's hats and bonnets;
Fine parasols; corsets;
Perfumery, direct from Paris;
Ladies' fancy port monnaies; shell combs;
Fans; gloves of every description, and a great
variety of fancy goods, too numerous to mention.
Also-A large assortment of gentlumien's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, etc. All of which we will sell
cheaper than ever.
We invite the public, the ladies especially, to call
and examine our new goods.
myl7 G. M. LEVY & Co.
\¢TIIITE china cups and saucers; do do cover'd
do do plates; (dishes;
Do do fruit stands;
Do do pitchers;
Do do bowls. To which we invite the
attention of housekeepers.
I ECEIVED per steamers Caddo No. 2 and St.
Charles: 100 bbls superfine St. Louis flour;
50 bbls molasses; 30 half bbls do,
40,000 cigars; 50 boxes tobacco;
and a new supply of fancy and staple dry goods suita.
ble for the season. [ap26J E. & B. JACOBS.
B UTTER AND CRACIJERS-5 firkins Goshen
Butter; 5 bbls butter Crackers; 5 bbis soda do., I
just received and for sale by
Bagging & Rope.
A GOOD supply of Bagging and Rope, always ou
hand, and for sale, at the lowest rate, by
Ox Wagon and Oxen For Sale.
NE large Ox Wa\con a:,; three yoke o"f Ox: n. ',,
sale cheap by -tl E. & A-. JAC.t-.
Havana Cigars.
FEW thousand HIi'.ana Cigars-variou- brands
and qualities-for sale low wholesale or retail, to
close the consignment, by [jyl2? E. B. SM iTLI.
Fine Brandies,
O LD Sazarac, Otard, Dupuy & C(., cand Ps;adt, Cay.
tillon &, Co. Just received a pure acucle uof the
above favorite brands and for sale by
jy5 E. B. SMITH.
Chewaing Tobacco.
A CHIOCE article, comptising all the most fa ori'e
tA brands, fot sale by rmSJ L., S. ~MiTIL
Shreveport & Alexanadria Passei~r -Pa
ke.t UNION.
; .I.I TnE entirely. new- (and'lightcat draetrht
boat above the falls) steamer ItNRON .,
R. EnwAIDs, master, h8f cnmmenced
matking regular trips between the falls and Shrevepor;,
running through in firty hours, the best.and ,lickest
tithe ever made in low water. The Union will con
titrue in the trade during the entire low water seuson.
and being in every respect designed for a iary ilgih:
draught packet, with superior accomcmodati:ns for 85
cabin passengers, we respectfully solicit tle p1trunage
of the pnblic. The Union eonnecti with the N. v
Orleans packets below the falls. s13
New Orleans & Red River Packet.
,¢t~f~i THE new and fast running Qteambo t
SYDONIA, Wat. K.Y, Mntt ter, wit
run during the low water as a wecv'y
packet between New Orleans and Alelaqdria, whe:
she will connect with the Shreveport packets. 'T''
Sydonia for speed, comfort and good aceotnt,dateiu:
is unsurpassed by any boat in the trade, and pari,::;.
laht care will be taken to promptly forward a2? .o.d.e
shipped by her either to upper Red River or l:,tdinrs
on the Mississitpi. For freight or passage, ap:i , ,,
Shreveport & Alexandria Packet.
W "Ss THE new, substantial, very lkibt r(ir,;,,
steamboat RUJNAWAY, Ce.:'-ro
master, (having been thorow:,ht:yr o.. r
hauled, repaired and renovated,) will resui . :he
on or about the let September, as a regll:r ws, '..
packet between Shreveport and Alexandriu a:t ,! iFh
place she will connect with the New Orleanr s tt ; ,-r.-.
thus affording pssengers and shippers a ti -.nvy: li;r,
to'the city without detention at-the falls.
The Runaway was built expressly for th, r,." . ti ,r
boilers, machinery, furniture and every tlt u
entirely new, and in point of safety, speed :.rI :.
modation she is unsurpassed by any other
the falls. Particular attention will at time: .
plantation and all way business. Thankful ". t , i!:
eral patronage they have heretofore receive:!, i, .
cers solicit the favors of their old friends, p a, it:
do every thing in their power to merit it.
To Steamboat Officers.
O FFICERS of Boats runningin the upp, .. !:d R,%.
er atde, are respectfully informed. tha.e n ,
leans Newspapers, of every description, c, r, . ;:,.
nisited to them, in any quantity, by sendish or: :,,
W,. M. DECAMP, Reporter, No.3 Front t v
low Cania street, (over A. & H. Block's :i,
grocery.) If desired the natne of the boat :
will be stamped on each paper, anid the pa,.e.g,
worded as per order.
Cotiter of Texas and Edwards streets, SL -e
r.HE undersigned, having purchased the t - ,
. Messrs. VanBibber in the above well . cs
tablishment,and put it in fine order, infortim tii, -.nud
and the public generally, that they are prep':,' t,, '2 -
commodate thetm with saddle horses, bugrih , :
ages, etc., of the best description, and on t. ., .
bit termts as they can he had at any othe. ':t, -t
ment Horses will be kept by the month, . ,
oir a single feed. Gentlemen from the cotm . , ,
ing to visit New Orleans, or any point on tl :.;,
leaving their animals with us, can have tht' :
ly and faithfully attended to. Our ostlers ' .::;
enced and attentive, and are ready day a :.
tattend to tlt" wants of customers.
Horses botght atl sold. Horses and Mt :, .
Thantkful for the patronago extended to th I i.:
of VanBibber & hitchcock, we respectfull ./.' a
continuance thereof, pledging ourselves to d I
power to merit it.
SPRING STREET, Shreveport.
E3No connexion whatever with any H.,>,;. _::
A. BOARMAN, would respectfully intorno:
-- public generally, and travelers in part' tea,. l.,
Ihe hl. just had his stables put in complete or i :., 9
fully prepared with a thorough and extensiv.- P: i,
Saddle and Harness Horses, Hacks, Wagon:t, h
which will be let at unusually low rates. Ile sv.f
rant his stock to be, in every respect, equal io an\ ti
the country. His hacks are mostly new, an: car, ,S
safe drivers are sent with them, when requir. 1. lHe is
determined to accommodate the public fu;:i in, thit
line, and to an extent never before attentmp, ii this
city. From and after this date lie will kee, ho,'ces b t
the following rates:
Horse, Wf month,...,$13 00 Horse, W day,
• " week,.... 4 501 nigh-..:'
Iorse. ,' feed, 95 cents.
He respectfully solicits the calls of his fr't
all who wish accotmmodation in his line. Ii,
are not in any way connected with hotels.
The Caddo Gazette, and Flag of the Un. .
de rson.) will please copy.
Tots establishment, long know
[Bibber'. Hotel, has been lea
undersigned.,and is now being
ly repaired and renovated, and will be open n: ' ,
accommniodatio'o of boarders and the public g rai ',
soon alter the slt inst. cas possible. The t,,ictor
takes this occasion to tender his thanks to .r-.,,
rous friends, for their past patronage, while iP :,
son House, a::d assures them that it is his c., erni, 'i
tion to make the City Hotel equal to any hc, i " t!:.,
south or west, and no pains or expense wil: , .:ri
to etlect that purpose.
Hits friends in the country may rely up. ::
their horses well taken care of.
C. T. NELSON, late of tle NeS! . :.
17'The Marshall, Jefferson anld Mansi.
stop at this house.
N. B3 The subscriber is desirous of rent, i ,
her of furnished or unfurnished rooms in ti,!
House, recently occupied by him. Also, ti',
dining rooo, suitable for concerts, balls, etc.
-, Boarding.
The subscriber is prepared .
and will accommodate in go,
reasonable number iJ,f day b,
his residence on Travis street, next adjoini
tist church. Price, $16 per month.
nm3itf CG. S. TAI
Boarding House,
CorneroflTexas and Edwards streets, (opp.
Bibber & IIitchcock's Livery Stables,) Si.
T~ ItE subscriber having thoroughly re .
i 'il renovated the premises, is now preps,.
I comninodate in the ;best manner boarders I
week, or month. The house is convenient -. -
to the business part of the town, and tile tab.
at all tines, supplied with the best that the
Rates-Board and lodging, i' month, , .
without lodging,, $15 4f month; board. If
board. 4' day, $1 50; single meals, fifty cc
mn5I--lin J. TALLI.
The handsomest building Lots ill u
L OTS 7 and 8, in block 21, on Travis
twoeen colonels Johnson anid B-attle.
credit will be given. Apply to SAML
.2 I. P. Ci .
Valuable Farms For Sale.
SO Acres of Land, situated iin Caddo pi
miles from Shlrevepurt,adjoining the
of Mr. John Walpole. There are
buildings on the premises. The soil is its gc
iuplands in the parish. A portion of the lan
Scultiva:ion,, and the balance hicavily timberre
Also-One Acre of Ground, with good cabl
c: hoice variety of fruit trees, situated on it'
road, 14 miles from the steamboat landing ·1
ing the residence of captain John Graham
Beilng determinied to sell great inducemn
ofl.red to purchasers. Posssssion given it.
Apply on the premises. T. M. G
jvo6 trie 1 At t
_For alie.
'i ITIt two story brick store oculpi'l ed , '
six years.by the unuler-iunied. situated on 'I
near the corner of Spring. It is covered
thoroughly finished in , cry respect. Ir
the store is a fine warehouse, which mniakes
the nmost commtodious nitd convenient butll
wholesale and retail business inl town. A:
has no superior.
Also-A Dwellrng House, and three lots .
attached thereto, situated on Market street.
contains five rooms, well finished, and there
ens, servants' rooms, stables, a well of good
every other convenience necessary to the
a family.
The above property will be sold low and
rnodating terms. Apply to
jyl 1 E. & B. JACOBS, Texa'
For Rent.
". A convenient dwelling house, on Sprn - ,
possessing every convenience for a small
R.ent only fifteen dollars 'tY month,
Also--A new and neat cottage dwelling
on Texas street. Just finished. Rent onl
dollars f month. Apply to L. E. CAl
For Rent.
a I have a lquse that would, wi
slight alterations, make a co e ,,,n '
boarding house. With the r ..
chanc'es theer will b about tfifteen rooms, auu it it
<' :{' it t r. . - - ' .:. , . .'i , , "_. . ! : h. . "'i,
' iu.. ed.h n S iiilisapp .
- ST re;iv d per .,',.. :trrival-, a i'resh supply of
ii Wo!t'.- Ti icedan:, .rmatic Schnapps, wrtrat't n
ptire an..;d.g nuir e, direct f-0111 dir' ma d !.en nunter.r. P ,u
up in ualrt r t ,i pint bottles. L. 5. CARTER.
lHairana Cigars.
(1t0 .00 0 HAVANA Cigars, of various qualil
ties and brands--some of 1hem vet'
filu--,il, be sold unusual low to close the invoice.
119 OCUr:By & GRIWOLT.D,

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