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Iss.--Tlhe know nothings prove to be a terri
ble source of annoyance to office-holders and
democratic aspirants. The one appears to
dread being ousted from their snug berths,and
the other to anticipate that their fond calcula
tions for promotion on the ground of party fa
voritism, may be seriously interfered with by
this new organization. There is manifestlv no
lo e between them, and office-holding and office
I seeking gentlemen have taken the earliest op
portunity to wage a bitter war upon know noth
ingism. .We could not fail to observe the tri
bulations into which they have been thrown
since thi° party made its appearance.
But, despite all their opposition, the know
notiings continue to triumph. They quietly
pursue their course, and after the elections take
place, coolly count their majorities by thousands.
All the opposition that has been made, and all
the denunciation that has been heaped upon
themli avail nothing. They are a lucky party,
and seem to flourish the more in proportion to
the extent they are abused. Candidates for
office, so far, have made decidedly a bad in
vestmnent wherever they have pitched into the
know nothings. They have found themselves
rather unexpectedly retiring to the shades of
private life by way of a trip up Salt river-with
the only comfort left to them that they have
been the victims of their patriotic and disinter
ested opposition to the know nothing party.
We shall not be surprised to hear of a few more
of them learning a lesson, by sad expe ience,
that the least they have to say on this subject
the better for them.
We notice already that .a number of our
.democratic cotemporaries are much more dis
posed to handle the knowD nothings tenderly
than they were at first. We shall' not' under
take to inquire whether or not it is owing mere
ly to the discovery of the fact that the know
nothing vote counts up at the elections consid
erably larger than the foreign vote. Perhaps,
it is to be attributed to the more charitable con
viction, that s°o far as the know nothing organi
zation tends to counteract the practice of dema
gogues in courting the foreign vote for their
own selfish purposes it very properly meets
with tic favor of the majority of American
citizens, and cannot fail to commend itself to the
good sense of our foreign population.
[Richmond Examiner.
A SHARP GAME.-A negro lately escaped
from Missouri, was caught at Indianapolis, not
identifi'%d when brought up before the commis
sioner, and liberated. A correspondent of the
Indiana State Journal gives the following ver
sion as to how it was managed, as told by the
The abolitionists of Indianapolis privately
managed to steal away this°negro out of jail,
and sent him away to Canada by the hands of
men who returned and swore that they had
seen Ellington's negro in Canada:-. In his place
in jail they substituted Freeman, a free negro,
and sent to Georgia for testimony, to prove his
freedom. By this adroit but rather costly ma
nceuvre, he has been tricked out of his negro. i
There is an unusual small quantity of ship.
ping at New Orleans for the season of year.
General Intelligence
NEW YonK, SEPT. 19]-The steamsh1i
arrived with Liverpoul dates to the, i 'lltih
cotton market was firm. Flour haid liest.
She brings no political news of i.,*m rtea
fortress of Boniarsund lhad been blow 1)tnTI,
I dloned by the allies to prevent it., ruccupa TIa .
Rtroians. A portion ofthe allied isqualal
ed Abo on the 31st ult., but the result is 1nb
A\ squadron of the allies was off Ledu,, t ta
ilRussian steamer b.'aring a flag oftr uca, a",tn
Another engagement is reported to have ta. . i. th
Sbetaveei the Russians and 'lurks in ia tP
the former retreated.
The Russians captured a T'urkish ve
B lack Sea, and got safe into Sabastop,1i jtsl' it
All the Turkish vessels on the Asiatic
been ordered to rendezvous at Varna. ' o. a tLat
The czar rejected thie i ultiimatu of Astriar
the ambassadorus oa' Sweden and Austrji have a, a
recalled from Russia. ,ai u
SlThe cholera continues to make great ihae
the ex edition in thie Bi ic, aiid it is s iiii
I rentcl part of it had been ordered to returl h't
The cholera is spreading over Europe with .
effect. The fatality at Barceltona is awful er
It is announced that queen Christina, of l5ain,l,
become insane. Pi
N ew YouaK, SEr'. 12.-The steani.hip St L
has arrived here from Havre, via Caves an. .tl
amnptorn, with intelligence to Wbedneesda t9eŽ
ult., four days later thani that received by the i
The reports of the Liverpool cotton imarkete t l3'`.
by the St. Louis announce that conitlcerabl b
prevailed, and the quotations mark an adctdc"
I d. iin prices. The quottations of the lired a
arket shiow a decline in flour of froim" 9d. tol,
Sbarrel. Indian corn, ihowever, had advanced 1ip
ho ar I u.Te weather had bccoiiteimore f
for haravest, andI prices of breadstuqffs we re c
q uently inc!ining downwards. r
Tiree WAR.-The total loss at the battle of Kap
reported as as aiounting to 5,000 Th. The positive ui
is i Iunknown.
The Turks will evacuate lesser Wallachiah
will continue to occupy Giurgero.
ThI Austrians are expected at Krajova earl,
IWe haie dates from Varna to the 211th ilt., b'h
St. Louis. The allied fleet had n.i then wvei'
a ,'nher.
N),w YOR:, Scar. 13.-The Cu.,ard Rea,,<S
ag'ara, arrived at Halifax, with dlate:s fr, Lir,
to the 2d inst., reports an active derna- for
in tIhe Liverpool market, with ,ale- fur tle VreC h
ceding her departure, of 65,000 ha le;, i
S8,(00 taken for speculation, and 7,000 for e
Prices had advanced about I d. durne', th
thie principal improvement being the etter a
i-ie. lilligan, Evans &d- Co. quote as fuolalo .
Orleans, 5i ,d.; middling Orn ans, 5c1 , " J
N othiig is yet known of the cimliarkatiu, of
expedition for the Crimea. MIar-ihal St. Arnsa:idw
to have left Constantinople ont the 2d int., fr.
purpose of taking command of the expedition,, the
i supposed to have arrived at its destainion.
'1 he emperor of Russia has formially rjcted i,.
invitation of Austria to re-open negotitii.is.
Queen Christiana has been , xpelled from Spai
and her property confiscated:
IB.tTIMcroai'i Suear. 18.-A very malignant fever,
ninafested itself at certain points in this city
s aympl :ns resemble thu=e of yellow fever, a
p-re-ence has created nch alarm. Its apIpeatra
was first marked on Saturday laI;t, and it, vir':i
has since rapidly increased. At h'ell's Point t
have- bcen ten cases and six deaths.
'ansuiixNTNo , Sr'. 18.--The Evening Star, f t.
cily, in its issue oft to-day, states thal tht t Cer:
Ameri;can question is to be negotiated i; Ln,del:
Mr. Biuchanan.
I 'he yel'ilotw flver hias becanme very inalipirant.
fal veston. 'There were fifty deaths for the is lil.t;
enbing on .the 15th inst.
IThe cit : council of lerutphis, on the 12th i ,t -
a vote f ! to L2, agreed to accept tihe:avy yard du:..
ted to them by congr ess o
On the 1201 inst., there were fliti -ev, n internte:
in Savannah.
A destructive fire occurred at Columibus, iti..
lhe thl inst., by which fourteen houses were to:;:
Sr Lots, SePT. 12.-I fitoruain of an :atnhar..
nature ha-s been received here, that lieut. t'lern:.
awith a party of twenty men, had been Itas.sa'cred:,
the [rIdians, near fort Laramie. The lieut. and 6.
party 1 ft the fort in pursuit of somte Indians, e:,
had kiiled an ox ,elonging to an emigrant pac
and it is believed, by a preconcerted phlan, wait..
ticed into an ambush, whrn lie and his whole a prt
w'a'ere ii;ulrdttiredi'. Fort Li ra litc was surrouneldrr d ..:
lndid .s, and there is realon to fear that i: hal.
tet nroyed.
The Indians had proceeded to the Ant .rica, :
i'omtupany s -ration, which they hind dce,,",tda:
:carricl flf goods t " t.., ... tft'e-t itt,u-:ii di..
'A dific':lPl ha.D
rmajors W erig }nai
the flrmer killed a
Thie ciit ir t ofChat
bya hurricane onl , . .1 i,:i
lcwer part of Ihe t .
ously injured the
a great dt al of oti, i::. ,
the los from the ...
ric e in (t; or g ia l ... ':>, : " ,
ideedJit can onl , ,: .
the rice iell s flu' . . ,.-;
c n:(·, sweeping o"
itettl, ant deItro
i'::at tt p.ao., ali "
th-_'e bos also be - . . :
groes on those plllnt:itiois, fromi the overtloin,, a:a -
w.a'tshing away of Ihouses, boats, etc. Jlust afitv a.a
ago 'yesarday the coast of 'Georgia wtas visited liv i.
:•a,,t frilhtfali hurricanet that Ichad been kicwn a:,
the settl ttenla of the State. It is remarkablt that li:
ga!e, whicht now shakes the building iin ihich t
}rite, and is unrootfing the town, prstraaina, t
aml chimneys, acnd destroving vast ;ramulnts itf
pertt shoulde occur jlust ifttv vears to a dciY
Thecre have hbeen tlhire deinlths from eholt::i
IKnoxvilleI, Tennessee, ini two weeks. The i1::
says:--' The picture here is one of gi!tIta--t1 l.ea'
c-I consternatiton prevails. The cit- i~: tltuilt.
niitn and day, they are tl-ing in e'erv d-irv cti~e -
The ho'la's :are closedi. T'o ttseOle i t iit:ti
maiils, and return to the cotintr' ittmediattt'. \tr
have scarcely help eiotigh to lasy outi the :ad ti:
buriy thea. All basine-s has nealy ceased.
PIutatr:..rmi, SiEPT. 3.--The cholera has brk:
out with great violence :it Colhumbia, in this R;j.
Since Iridlay last, there hlave bt'een as IltlV a ias .
ty deaths, ancd among the victilnms is dcct,;r Cochrl.
lthe oldlest phlysician of tle plce. o
Dis lteha.s received here to-day aannoutce i''a::l.
disease has appeared at Martin.-rrih " in 'ita
andc is spreadinig withl great violence.t
We lhan.., (says thlt Picayune) ' ltIhat , a'-r:: .
of ariiller' of the largest calibre, a lc .....'
tite thlutt aid Itoumids of pow'der hartt I,.- .
here, untder ordters from the war tlpt' ; r:'a.t . t .
pint iupoa the Irloridaoast, Tatim;a 1,:, ,
or thle T''trtugas.t
A elispatch frtom WXa bhina,.toin t 'a. :::,
hitye been made to charivrli col. t a:t r
,)osttma-ster, for decailating the I'no ' ,ct i .'l
Cii ,iLrSTON, SIP2T. 13l-The steintir ;1v ,:
le has arrived here, bringing date< froen Iliu
th| 9th intt. °t fer advice state l ta' t,:t .
b ent has been produced in Havana. : a "
tion issued by captain general Pezutla. -
restrict lthe expresion of rejoicing upon At. A:
of his successor, Concha.
The Mobile Register, of the 14thl in-..
we learu from a private dispatch, l h:u the iil:'i
Prut1ction insurance company, of wliich thie: ,i
agency in this city, has suspended.
DEMOCiR.ATIC Ecoxo~rv.--According to an iJ"
in the Washington Star, the a'griegat if ixl
ho be spent by the United States tlis yar, ::
appropriations' of standing laws or theucJný,d,' r:'"[
present congress, ie'luding the Mexican ga::.:
seventy-five millions of dollars.
oSTE.MrnIOAT SINK.-The steamboat S. F. J.':
from St. Louis, reports having fallen in x i.1
S. Chenoweth, bound hellce for St. Louis, :''
shoal water to her mnain leck. She ha .
snag, it app ears on the morning of the i' ithi
The S. F. J. Trabue took offi her deck Iad. '
broghit it to this port. The S. F. J. Tra.l r
having passed the Henry Lewis and PDavid :
also apparently sunk.
No ELECTIONtn-No polls were opened itll
yeS=terday, and consequently, there was n:: '
for either senator or representative.l hre I
king commentary upon the neeessilv lhat de, ur
upon all officials to discha'.ige their lel llti'
to the uttermost fraction. The ac ouiirnllnt ' '
communon council will cause the city of Necw Orlea1'
to lose the services of a senator and repres'"a:'
du~ingl fully one half of the clinuijg sissin.' u ' ix
legislature-at least until a special law, n1';
case, is passed, and a new election ordered Landx
It is very possible no material interests of th s
will suffer thereby. But that does not slhift th
sponsibility from tle shoulders of thosle wh"i '
failed to discharge their duties. They haid rl:
to conclude contringencies woulld not occur that "..
require the exercise of their pub!lic ft':ti'' I
There is no justification for them. Wni i.i'
hereafter, we shall hear no more of sutnllllu an.,
nerits. The practice is injurious, ill. ,.a .
ought to be bandoloned.
oThe New York brokers are re'fuin, th n
the bank of Milledgeville and the M31he'ch;La: i: '
of Macou, (,Corgia, but only as a prudential Inai:
Major D. L. Wood, democrat and lhcal ull ai
for Cleveland, Ohio, has been decapitat'd. I 1ie'
suspected of being a know iothing. I'. i cp',
son, an Englishlan, his been appoinlted in hi' pl,
The New York National Democrat s:ays th
pletons, who received the copy righitof col. :ent':
work, gave for it a check for lhe sebii stantiaIl un"
fifty thousand dollars.
Gen. Duff Greert died recently at Falmouti.,li"
The caloric engine invented by Mr. Ericsson.
been abandoned, a result which practicacil ime 11
long foreseen would finally have to be subhmittell',L
The New York papers state that the caloric "'ip
is to be taken oat of th- steamship au:i a fpa
boiler's put in.
New YToRK, SEPr. 14.-The steamship Benjamin
'ranklin has been seized in this port, under orders
mrou the government, on the ground of being engag
d in violation of the neutrality laws of the Unitedl
tates. She is said to have been fitting out for an
spedition against Venezuela, under gen. Paez.
A great race came off yesterday over the National
otrse, in a match for $5,000, half forfeit, to carry
05 lbs., two mile heats. The contesting horses were
he chesnut colt Logan, by imp. Trustee, dam by imp.
ri:un, named by J. B. Mounot, and the brown filly
laid of Orleans, by Bethune, out of Lexington's
am, named by John Little. The former won.
Great excitement is reported by telegraph to be
revailing in Chicago, arising out of the arrest of a
gitive slave. After he had been taken by the au
orities he was rescued from them, but his captors
ught resolutely in the execution of their duty and
ovrered him from the mob. Pistols were fired in
e course of the conflict, and one citizen was shot.
CHARLESTOS, SEIPT. 13.-The damages along the
't bty the recent storm have been very great. The
Splantations along the Savannah, the Cooper, the
hblcy and the Courbahee rivers have been ruined.
CINCINNATI, Seer. 7.-The fine Brenaren church
the course of erection at Wooster, Ohio. fell in to
v with a terrible crarsh. Twenty or thirty work
en were employed on it, of whorm twelve were bad
injured, solvejatal'y.
W.AsINrsrox. SEPT. l2--The wife of ex-senator T.
. Benton died last night.
WASHINmGTON, SEPT. 9.-President Pierce has re
rued to the white-house from his trip.
BALTIMORE, SerT. 9.-Dispatches just received here
nounce the death of capt. Pegram, U. States army
d formnerly one of genr. Scott's aid de camp. He i
ed to-day at Elizabethtown, N. J.
PrirLAADLrrA, SEPT. 9.-There have been seven
en deaths from cholera in this city during the past
There are two democratic candidates for the Madi
n, l ndiana, congressional district, Dunham and
endricks. They met in debate at Queensville, very
tely. Dunham charged Hendricks with making
lse slatements. Hendricks rejoined that Dunham
d, at the same time taking him by the throat and
oking him.
We have reason to believe, says the National De
ocrat, that Mr. Buchanan will resign his present
sitiou and return to the United States within three
We learn from tile Nashville Whig that Ephraim
Foster, formerly United States senator fron Tell
see, died on the 6th inst., at the residence of his
ther-in-law, Win. Nichol, in the vicinity of thati
A clerk in one of the departments in Washington,
charged with kidnapping and fraudulently selling
yes left as collateral security for the payment of
trote. Tire ase excites much interest.
Thlier(- was a riot bietween the Irish and Germans,
?the 13th inst., during a fire in Algiers, (opposite
ew Orleans,) in which tihe former were worsted.
On Sluday afternoon last, as our friend A. J. Mc- 1
onaeid,.q., wtas returning from Skillet fork, he I
is overtaken by a shower, which, strange to say,
as thoroughly impregnated with salt. Two op
sing clouds seemed to meet directly over his head,
hen a deluge of water descended for a few moments,
which he was completely drenched. Thle soli
Or of salt was quite stronr. fSa-lm flit i AI
-At a succession sale, at Clarksville, Texas, last
ik, corn, in lots of 100 bushels, brought from $1 to
25 ) bushel; wheat,$1 50 ) bushel. Cows and
ves, $2:2 50: and yearling mules, $6!. The Mes
ger says that the principal farmers have reported
eir corn crops to be much better than they had ex
ted. A great many will average forty or forty
e bushels to the acre.
:Amount of the light house appropriation bill,
viding the country into three sections:
or States north of the 'Potomnac, - $662,0t38
South of the Potomac, - - 598,34
Western St ate-, - -256,000
Total, - $1,518,378
n tha Western States, California, Oregon and
shington territories are included. This large
ount is devoted to building new light-houses dur
one year on the sea-coast, and was approved by
pre.~ileint as constitutional; while lie pronounced
bill granting a few dollars to improve the Mis
sippi unconstitutional.
There were 8'22 deaths in New York for the week
ding on the 4th inst., including 116 from cholera.
ve hundred and sixteen were children under ten
ars old.
SThe council of Pass Christian have passed an or
m:lnce prohibiting the sale of liquors, merchandise,
allowing the playing of billiards, nine or ten pins
Sundav, under the penalty of five to twenty-fire
llars for each contravention. Merchants and store
d] ,- :.re..rhiL ,' 1 fronm opening store or di:so
i ,, t:-Lr .>o wares and nierchandise on that
S it. I ,-ligencer says that the crops i i
s ii,.-oiri will not yield one-fourth of
:ri.. Flour iii that section is now
S.. ir barrel, and cornii meal one dol
. . . ,i i, ts per bushel.
-1 t Banner, that the total receipts
:":;:,a te duqng tah year anding the
, m:,nt ,d to 1,i67 hogsheads, against
- -- eason, being a reduction of
, . lh stock on hand is 60 hogsheads;
c:! "softs" at Syracuse nominated
a ;s :w eo' , notwithstanding his positive
i. n , uriin ation. The announcement of
: ivt:d with immense cheering. The
,: as sublequently, however, reconsider
. It - rostponed. A split in the con
~ l. ea ý ble.
esterdav afternoon (says the Cincinnati Gazette
the 29thi ult.,) Andrew Giffen, late president of
city council, and a leading democrat in this city,
th bell in hand, rode through the principal streets
the city, crying out at all the intersections, that
i. "personal property" would be offered for sale
the new court-house door, at three o'clock precise
At the hour named, about one thousand persons
d assenimbled, and were waiting for the auctioneer.
nally, Mr. (Giffen mounted himself upon a pile of n
ne, ald calling the crowd around him, he announ- i
the "personial property" to be nothing less than
exander P. Millar, the democratic candidate for
e board of public works. Mr. G. then inquired,
ow imuch: ' "How much?" A bid of one cent
ois ffered, finally three cents was bid. The "prop- 1
wy" was finally knocked off at three cents.
5iorth Bend, rendered famous as the residence and
ial place of president Harrison, will soon be con
rted into a town. A considerable portion of it has t
in ipur'hased by some capitalists,who contemplate
ing it out in town lots and offering thenm for sale.
he captain of the chain gang at Cincinnati was
t week robbed of twenty dollars by one of his
soners, while asleep in the office of the jail.
wo lquestions have recently so much agitated the
man lutherian denominat ion in Cumberland, Md.,
o have caused a schism. These are as to whether
odl fellonw ean be a good christian, and as to the n
,per method of administering the bread and wine
ithe Lo:d's supper.
Jr. Solomon iBuffington, of Jackson county, Va.,
recently bitten by a rattle snake, but, upon
liking a quart or two of whiskey,was relieved from
fatal tendencies of the poison. So states the u
kersburg Gazette. ti
'he chairs, tables, and fixtures &c. of the common b
iicil chamber of Cincinnati have been levied on al
the sheriffto pay a judgment of $1,500, obtained
a citizen for injuries received by him on account tc
the bad conditiou of the streets. Dl
,in. Avery died at the Boston lunatic asylum, on h,
1st inst., of general paralysis. He had not walk
fed himself, or spoken for six years.
lie Richmond Dispatch says, intemperance seems
be on the increase among the lower classes of our
izeis. A great portion of the time of the whole
police is spent in arresting drunken men and er
men, and the mayor has but little leisure to attend A.
any other business. Until the city has a work- I
isein which to confine and employ such creatures, i T
ere they millvy be taught lessons of sobriety, we "ri
e no hope of seeing a reformation brought about.
e Mobile papers can say the same. [News. ir
L very singular occurence took place in the town
Hlamburg, Erie county, New York, a very short at
ce since. An Irishman was engaged in digging a ar
11, and after gettinug down to thedepth of eighteen
t, found signs of water very perceptible. At last M
struck his pick through a thin layer of slate, and on
at once, and with a noise like thunder, sufficient
louid to be distinctly heard all over the neighbor- P.
dl, a stream of gas and water burst through the
fice, instantly killing the unfortunate man, and Cl
ilng the well to the depth of ten or twelve feet with ch
tcr. (las still escapes profusely, and the water is R.
constant violent motion, resembling a large caul- i
on of boilinlg fluid.
he mlost intense excitement existed at Fall River, i
saclhusetts, on thie 1st instant, in consequence ofI thi
ravag.es of the cholera,and thelowerclasses were In
Ipletely panic stricken. Hundreds had fled to Or
aerilnt neigluborinlg towns andt cities and to the La
isos, leaving the dead and the dying, in many in
-nes, wholly uncared for. In one house the mother ti,
a deid child was· found alone with the corpse, the du
ainder of the family having betaken themselves
tw woiods.
The Philmdelphia whig city conference, which met
d nominated a candidate for, recorder of deeds, i
ed the following preamble and resolution:
Vhereas, inasnmuch as this is styled a whig con- I
iion. and its candidates are presumed to be whigs !
- whligs only, be it therefore I
tesolved, That if any nominee of this convention I
11, bcfre the fall election, show any connection 1
th klnow nothiiigism, or any other secret political ]
ociat ion havingfor its object the proscription of ter
citizen on account of his religion or birth, then
in this case the members of the convention shall !
at full liberty to vote or oppose him, as they may
k proper.
he Limerick Chronicle says that Smith O'Brien
accepted the queen's pardon. Mrs. O'Brien was
meet himu at Brussels. E
e New York Freeman's Journalairms that the 3
tuber of catholies by birth or baptismin K. Ys6lrk C
nearly, if not quite, one half the population of the I '
n The Warwick baptist association of New Yorl
s a, its last meeting, administered a just rebuke tothe
3 (3t0 political clergy of New England, who recenth
n atun li to lhei-clves the authority to speak thi
n i c: the A n rhty, concerning the Nebraska bill
S1 ae q, the folinu roo g from a report adopted by the
SWe utterly repudiate all fellowship with those
e w ho inpiusly assume to protest in the name oef the
h lnigh.' God against the passage of laws for the
or'ikanzat ion of territorial government, or other pur
p s se.,:d :i his name to fulminate anathemas against
tn. i represetatives of the people in the adischarge o
Ithnir otrrial duties. And we regard the assumption
Stht any body of men are divinely instructed to sit
i ,judsament upon all questions of a moral and re
liitious nature, as one which, if recognized by the
Speple, is calculated to destroy every vestige of civil
and religious freedom, and prostrate all the institu
tierpis of our land at the feet of an irresponsible and
ariogyti:I priesthood.
'ihe Roman catholic bishop of Buffalo has directed
that no more than five carriages shall accompany anv
cotinselo the church or cemetery, and the cath.olic;
ihae, with few exceptions, shownl a disposition to
ob, thi order cheerfully. The bishop deservese
prm se f,.r this order, and it mirht with mouch pronri
etv: be imitated by the protestants.
.Jmdge Bulloch has decided that the corporation of
Lo'aisvill, transcended its powers in issuing bonds
for 300l,l)000 for the purchase of a wharf and basin
i i t;he lower end of the city, and that the ordinance
umi.,r which they were issued is null and void.
The Knoxville (Tennessee) paperseontain the fol
losxing mixture mdnder their matrimonial head:
Snarnnli,, on tilhel 10th July, in IKinoxville, Tennes
seev by Zach. Boothe, esq., Mr. Patrick Welch to Miss
Saralh E• Davis.
lin,, in Knoxville, on the 24th July, Mr. Patrick
3l ,tiu:D, on the 12th August, in Knoxville, Ten
nestee, by W. . Seay, esq., Thomas Collins to Mrs.
Sarilh E.' Welch, relict of the late Patrick Welch.
'l;his is a progressive age.
: correspondent of the Newark Daily Advertiser
wri es from Florence, that, several American vocal
ists are niw studying hre with reference tothe stage.
3lisp Phillips, of Boston, has already made a most
saci-essful debut at Bresci; Miss Hensler, also from
Bosonl, will make her's at the royal theatre of Turin,
in October next, and then submit herself to the se
venr ordeal of La Scala at Milan-that West Point of
rnu .cal cadels, whose diploma is a sure passport to
future success. Miss Iill, she too a Bostonian, is
preparing to follow and is said to have as fine natu
ral iifts as either of them. We are sorry to find so
marny of our fair countrywomen anxious to b,-come
public singers and ballet-dancers.
Tie Worcester (Mass.) Spy states that great ex
citement was lately produced one evening among
the people gathered under a tent at the camp mneeting
I in that city, by the sudden appearance anong the
kneeling worshippers of a horse at full speed. The
anin al had broken loose fromo a wagon to which he
was a:ittached, on the outside of the tent, and being
bad.:., frighlened by the harness which kept striking
his ,ides at every biound, hlie pursued his mad career,
daslmhing over and knockin, down the people, until
lie camlie exhausted ant was secured. Several
pers'"lms were hurt,.
An artist of Sheffield, England, has discovered
that ionap is an excellent substitute for wood in en
gravnng. A drawing may be executed with a hard
point. on a smooth piece of soap, aluost as readily,
as frulmv, a,'nd in as short a time, ms aan ordinary draw
ing v ith alI:ead pencil. Every touch thus produced
is clhar, sihai"p, and well definmed. When the draw
ing i.- firshid, a cast may be taken from the surface
inl pl!tster: or better still, by pressing the soap firm
Iv into heated rultta percha II gutta perrcha several
impr,'ssions may be taken without injuring the soap,
so as to admlit of "proofs"'' being taken and correc
tions mnade--a very valuable and practical good qual
ity iti soap.
Thl' New York Courier and Enquirer, very point
edlv enear'lks upon the veto of the river and harbor
bill b"y prsident Pierce:
'I"Hi, I c,.spelled to refuse his consent. upon con
dI stitutional grounds and from conscientious scruples.
I He cal aski for ten millions of dollars for the pur
r-pose ,x f e, ibroiling the country with Spain-hie can
v colnlllit an' act of open war without even the advice
ad nd crnsent of the body which was the only consti
- tutioi;al p iwer to declare warm-he can give his con
sent t the enormous appropriat.ion for the purchase
k of bar en a:eres, fit for nothi ng but to fight Indianr
on; bit to .'ive the nat iolln's money for the encourage
n ment uid increased facility of the commerce of the
natiou, is alike agai nst his inclinations and hi. con
stittiiuial vi-ws. He pronmises a longer imessaig, in
the wnIter session. Let htim head it-n-millions for
war, 1l it not ,ne centt for conlnerce.
The1'Waihtilgton Star reiterates its denial that any
treaty lfor the. annexation of the Sandwich I.,lands
has bx 'n rectived.
t Married
On tIe 71h iinst., in the parish of IRapides, by the
Srev. J. I1. Ford, Mr. Tunotas H. lMoius, of Shreveport,
to Mis M3ur W..'re SIBLEY, of lailpides.
On the ]-1th inst., at the resideince of Mrs. Beattie,
Red Rm ver county, Texas, i, the rev'd Mir. Corley,
ir. JA uis .1. iunrirt, to Miss Ma3Tln. H.aiuiix, i all
s of Jeff rson.
t Died
Ont tIe 20tlh inst., at .the residence of Mrs. Cole,
Caddo ipairish, Tar.YOt COLE, (aged I month and 0i
days,) Infant oant of Edward and Palestine L. Jacobs.
E On tle 2dld inst., JAMES, son of Jamnes and Lucinda
E. Peil,:e.
On tine 22d inst., of spinal miningetis, ATrcusos G.,
(in hi i3th year.) son of Giles S. and A. B. B. Taintor.
Religious Notice.
iu- r Irv. . I). AuiSTlttosc,, of ltasrop, Deo Volente,
will prach in the baptist church, in Shreveport, on
Saturdi;v before the third Lord s day in October. He
will thiL is send the third, fourth iand fifth Sabbaths
in October, antd the first Sabbath in November, with
reverentls Jes:se Lee and A. J. Rutherford, whlerever
Stleyv ni y think proper to make appointments.
f$hreveport Fire Company, No. 1.
i I' IE ifficers and members are requested to at
tend a regular monthly meeting, on SaTr-rotaAy EVEN
iNtt, 301 '1 Inst., at 5 o'clock, in tihe courthouse. Punc
tutd at' tndance is required.
( J. COLLINS, foreman and pres. pro tem.
G. 'i DiLLalin, sec'y. s27
Shreveport Ferry To Let.
iCL TtiE ferry across Red River, at Shreveport, will
be let te the highest bidder at public auction, at the
market 'iouse in said town, on SATUmnaY, the 21st day
of Octoitcr, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A.JI.,
and 2 o'llock, P. M3., for one year from said 21st Oc
tober. ;the amount of rent to be equally divided and
piaid quorterly; one-half to tile president of the po
ice jure of the parish of Bossier and his successors
in office and the other half to the mavyor of Shreve
port, for the use of said town. 'lThe lessee to give
notes w h-. good personal security, payable as afore
said, anrI also uond in the sum of three thousand dol
lars wit` good and sufficient security for the faithful
perform, nee of his duties as ferryman, and for the
paymen of any damages that might be sustained by
neglect cr nismanagement in crossing persons or pro
pertyat baid ferry. He is also to provide his own
ferry bt. JNO. W. JONES, mayor.
lID '1'ýE I.most confirmed cases of the most distres
sing disuases, oftimes arise from indigestion. All of
us more br less are troubled with this annoying symp
tom, stir as it is a general thing, we do not atttemnpt
to inedicrte until something serious intervenes. We
would ac a public monitor warn all our readers
against lhe sin of neglect, and at the same time re- I
commeno to their notice dr. Hoofland's German Bit
ters, the!original preparation as prepared by dr. C.
M. Jackmon, No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. We
have see o. cures effected through its influence.-Scott's 1 I
eek.ly .i .G-4t .
.. . . S `Mail---New Arrangement.
GaAn lEcoals MAL--Two Jorse hack. Leaves ev
ery Mot;!ay, Thursday and Saturday, at 4 o'clock,
A.x. Arrives on Tuesdav,Friday and Sunday,at 6 e...
JEFFEI, o.---Four horse coaches. Leaves every
Tuesdayi Thursday and Saturday, at 11, A. .. Ar
rives Wcdincsday, Friday and Sunday, at 4, P. Mr.
NEw OhLEANs-By steamboat. Arrives and departs
NacoChoCnEs--Horseback. Leaves every Monday
and Friday, at 7, A. M. Arrives every Wednesday
and Satun'day, at 5, p. M.
Mosxo An AnKANfAs-H-orseback. Leaves every
MondayWcednesday and Friday, at 6, A. .A Arrives
on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 8, p. M.
ALBAn-.--Horseback. Arrives on Saturday, at 11,
P. M. Leavet same day, at 1, P. x.
OFFICE HoUss--Week days-Open at 8 o'clock,A..j
Closes at 12, xI., for dinner. Opens at 2, p. M.; and
closes ag tin at 5, for the day. On Sunday-opens at
R. and cl ,ses at 9, A. M. L. E. CARTER, P. M.
New Orleans Market.
SE.rEMRIER 21.-The demand for cotton is active,
the sales of the day amounts to 2509 bales.
Inferior, - - [email protected] Middling, - 8%[email protected];
Ordinary, 6L.®-,71; I Good " - [email protected]
Low middling, 7 @S- Mid'ling fair, 9)0--
The receipts (including 26,868 bales on hand) since
the 1st September, have been 61247 bales. Exported
during same time, 15,55.1 bales.
FLoen--$7 75; 8 [email protected] 8 50 ? bbl.
PoRK--31. O. $14 50; mess, $15 [email protected] 50 bbl.
BAcoN--Sides, 7,(@8(r;c; shoulders, [email protected] -c.
Lan--No. 1, 12; [email protected] "y lb. "
Coax- 0(75c. 1 bush.
COFFEE--Rio, 10Y. ,@104c. 9) lb. New, 11.c.
Scaa- 3-: 3,j; 4; 416; 43 5c. b. lb.
MoLns:s--Reboiled, 12(@13c.; choice 14%zc. Fgal.
BAGNc4& ROrE--Bagging [email protected] 4c; rope 8, @9c. I
WIs.iSK,.-Rectified, [email protected]; Dexter's [email protected]
LIME--a t retail-Thomaston, [email protected] 00. Wes
tern, $2 00
SA Lr-i iverpool, fine, $1 [email protected] 60; coarse, $1 40
CATTLE MARKIET, September 21.
BE'---W.estern, fine, - - - 8- @9c. lb net.
Texas and Lake, - - - [email protected] -
IIogs, - -- --- ---- [email protected] - 1
Sheep, -- - - - - - ---$2 50 head.
Mich ows, - - -- - -- $25 [email protected] -
Calves And yearlings, - - - - $6 [email protected] 50 -
There id a moderate supply of stock, the market a
pretty active and prices firm. b
I]I THE proprietors of the South-Western beg to
inform their patrons and the public generally, that
they have recently received from the foundries a great
variety of new and beautiful type, comprising nearly
all the latest styles, which makes their Job Office one
of the most EXTENsrvE AND COMPLETE il the south west,
(and unequalled by any out of the city,) and that
they are prepared to execute with despatch
Plain and Fancy Book and Job Printing,
of every description, from a handbill the size of this
paper to the smallest card, in a style of unsurpassed
beauty and elegance, and
Printed on the shortest niotice, and in a manner uun
Printing in Gold, Colored Inks and Bronze.
Those wishing to have printing executed will find it
to their advantage to give the South-Western a call.
THE meetings of .IOPPI LODGE, No. 71, will
be held hereafter at the new lodge room, over
Roach & MlcCarty's old stand, on the corner of Texas
and Market streets, formerly known as the Cllub Room.
WVr. H. ])astIELL. Sec'v. fel,'2
. O. 0 . kF.
THE regular meetings of Nelth Lodge No.
; 21, are held on WVEDNESDAr EVENaNus, at
the old Caddo Lodge, on Spring street.
J. G(. tIcWtt.rae. . s. See'v.
( .1OMIISSIONER OF DEEDS, &c., for the State
of Aliv-issippi. Shreveport, Sept. 27, li54.o
Shreveport & Alexandria Packet.
" '. ', Tie new, very light draught, fast run
, ning steaimbout I FANNY FERN,
- -- _.Io.v Hon U SToN, master, will leave for
Alexandria, on Monday Evening, 2d October, at five
o'clock; and continue to run during the season as a reg
ular packet between this port and the falls, making a
trip every ten days. The Fanny Fern was built in
iShreveport expressly for the trade, is entirely new, of
very light draught, has large-and commodious cabins,
and In point of safety, comfort and fine accoinmoda
tions is equal to any boat on Red River. IHer officers
will make use of every exertion to please, and solicit
the patronage of their old friends. Particular atten
tion will be paid to receiving and landing gassengers
and freight at all points on the river: s27
Private Boarding.,
1 lE undersigned can hanndsomely accommodate a
few getitlmenct boarders, on moderate tergis. AIp
ply at the Ice Cream Saloon, Texas street.
e27 tII. P. SAVERY.
$50 Reward.
RU~awAY frolt my residence, in Up-hur coun
ty, Texas, on the 1 th inst., a very light coni
lexiuoned girl, called VihLrTTEr. She has light a'ir,
blue eyes, and is rather stoutly made. \ henI last
heard of, ite was in the neighlborhood of Shreveport,
disguised in male attire,cotsistiig of a blue cloth tdress
coat, blue pantaloons, black h-at, slipper shoes, (no
heels,) and white shirt. She may hie at first sight ta
ken fir a white person. The above reward of $50,
wi;l be paid to any one who will return said girl to the i
iundersigned, or place her in prison so that he can get I
her again. A. AM. MOBLEY.
Upt-hur eouniy, Tex;t, Sept. 27, 18b.54. 2r*
-.trayeil or :Stolen,
-7- A rAot'r the 21th instant. a Blood Sorrel
' Horse, about 15 hands lieb, heavy built,
Sinclined to be Ihgg.d lbac-k The luIt
fore le ig a little swolh n frol anwim l gall=.
I will be tihankful for any ithormtitior in
reslpect ti the above nnitial anid will reward any oite
who will return hiim to me, at Shreveport; or giveiuchi
inttlligence as will enaible mii get hirm again.
s-27 F. M. WAL<DRAN.
To the Plauters.
RO1 thle si l o it'1ti0ns of many of his plaltinl
S friends, the subscriber will give his personal and
ev',ecial attention to the Sale of Cotton in this market.
Ref rs to te in irchants of Shreveport gicnern/ly.
"Shrecv'ort, Sept. 13, l.4. I. S. WVIL)DER.
:1_'i The Marshall Riipublican will copy, six months
andl send bill to this ofice.
\ LL persons havingcllaims ag,,inst me, wiii ph'ase
i 1 present them as soon as possible at imy re=idencte,
(immediately in rear of the Academy,) it beinag rmy in
tention toi leave Shreveport in a few wee.k'.
s2ll-2t5 A. D. IDNOVAN.
pIIE undersi rned efflrs hisi services to thle citizens
of Shreveport, as Copyist atrd Accounttant. lHe
will copy deicds, petitions, wills, etc., and: bring up and
adjust merentile ledgers. 'Terins modcrat,'. Apply
at the City Hotel. [,201 JAS. II. 3MlINTOSH.
Hlouse, Sign and Ornamental Painter.
VEiRYI description of work promptly attended to,
1J and executed in a workmanlike manner, on io -
crate term-. s2(0
SN hand and for sale a large stock of mess pork.
Sribbed nd clear sides, shoulders.sugarcured anrid
plain hams, dried beef, lard, beans, rice, coarsD.fine
and table salt, fi--h, etc. etc.
Cabinet Maker, Undertaker, &c:.,
At Vicary's old stand, Texas street,. hre, epirt.
THE subscriber, having leased thed .
premises ,cctpicd I.b the late ___
J..C. Vicary, begs to inform the
public (and tile I:elrd s in particular) that he is preparced
to IIanulactiure in the motrt workmanlike maInner, at
the lowest prices and with despatch, every description
of plain and ornamental Furniture. Being a practi
cal cabinet-maker of nmuch experience, he feels assur
ed in sayieng that lie can guarantee his work will give
Every description of furniture repaired, cleaned,var
nished, and made to look as handsome as when new,
at the shortest notice.
Mattresses of every description renovated or manu
factured to order, at low prices.
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to.
Particular attention paid to all kinds of jobbing.
A share of the public patronage is respectfully so
licited [sO] H1ENR Y PFLUGN.
General Collecting Agent,
Shreveport, La.
1\TILL give prompt attention to the collection of all
, claims entrusted to himn against persons in
north-western Lousiallna, eastern Texas and southern
Arkansas. He will be assisted by J. C. Beall, attor
ney at law, as legal adviser, who will in his absence
give any information desired.
Reference-W. W. Snrth, EI. IL. Jordan, Shreve
port; Oakey & Hawkins, J. Burnside & Co., New Or
leans; Wood, Bacon & Co., Whilan & Co., Wolfec,
Ballard & Co., Philadelphia; Ncilson, Wardwell & Co.
New York; hon. H. M. Spuflbrd, supreme court of
Louisiana. si3
Groceries and Provisions.
I 'TE are receiving by every boat additi ns to pur
laree stock of Groceries, Provisions, \\ ine,
Liquors, Plantation and Domestic Goods, Boat and
Bar Stores. Salt, Tobacco, Cigars, Candles, Soap, etc..
all of which will be sold on the most accommodating
termn. SLEEPIER & Co., 13 on the Levee,
s13 Opposite the steihmboat landing.
New Goods.
JUST received per late arrivals,a well assorted stock
f) of DRY GOODS, of the latest patterns, consistincg
of: kerseys J; brown Lowells 4-4; brown sheetings ;
cottonades assorted; brown and bleached linens for
summer pants; brown shirtings; printed French lawns;
some handsome robes, new styles; a handsome assort
ment of spring and summer prirta; chintz; some beau
tiful spring ginghams; bleached domestics, Turkey red
for curtains: bird-eyed diaper; cotton do.; Irish linen;
linen checks; mosquito nettings assorted; some hobi
net nettings suitable for mosquito bars, and a number
of other articles too numerous to mention, which w
offer low for cash. WALTERS & REDUS,
my3 Texas street.
\ H1ITE china cups and saucers; do do cover'd
do do plates; [dishes;
Do do fruit stands;
Do do pitchers;
Do do bowls. To which we invite the
attention of housekeepers.
B'UTTER AND CRACKERS-5 firkins Goshen
Butter; 5 bbls butter Cra,'kers; 5 bbls soda do.,
just received and for sale by
Bagging & Rope.
A GOOD supply of Bagging and Rope, always onu
hand, and for sale, at the lowest rate, by
Ox Wagon and Oxen For Sale.
O-NE large Ox Wagon and three yoke of Oxen, for
sale cheap by [j14] E. & B. JACOBS. I
RECEIVED per steamers Caddo No. 2 and St. t
Charles: 100 bblssuperfine St. Louis flour;
50 bbls molasses; 30 half bbls do,
40,000 cigars; 50 boxes tobacco;
and a new supply of fancy and staple dry goods suita
ble for the season. [ap26J E. & B. JACOBS. if
Sheriff's Sale.
S TATE OF LOUISIANA-Parish of Caddo.--ln
the District Court, No. 3334. A. BA.Uia, vs. W.
JExKINs et al School Directors of School District No.2
of the Parish of Caddo. By virtue of an alias writ of
fieri facius issued out of the honor. the District Court in
and for the parish of Caddo in the above entitled suit and
to me directed, I have seized and will proceed to sell at
public auction at the cburt house door in the town of
Shreveport, parish of Caddo, on SATURDAY, the 7th
day of October, A. D. 185i, between the hours of eleven
o'clock, A.M . and ftnr, P. ,t.. the following described
property. to-wit: One acre of Land in the south-east
corner of the north-cast quarter of section one (1) in
township seventeen (17) of range fourteen 14) in the
parish of Caddo, State of Louisiana, contained in the
foilowing meets and bounds, courses and distances,
'o-wit: heginning six chains and nine links north from
the south-east corner of said north-east quarter of said
section one, and running thence west three chains aiid
sixteen links, thence north three chlins and sixteen
!inks, thence east three chains and sixteen link .thence
south three chaiies and sixteen links to the place of
beginnint ftr complement. Seized and to be sold to
pay anid satisfy the writ issued in the above entitled
Terms of sale--Cash, with the benefit ofappraise
tment. M. WATSON. Sheriff.
Shreveport. Septemtber 5,1 t54 I. [sh-pf.S. 10i
Sheriff's Sale.
I TATE OF LOUISIANA--Parish of Caddo--In
. District Court, No. -- I. R. ROACH vs. S. W.
roows, Adtmini:oratix. By virtue of a writ ofsi izare
and sa, issued out oflthe honorable the Distrlict Court
in and for the parish of Caddo, in the above entitledi suit
and to mie directed, I have seized and will sell at pub
ic auction at the coulrt htoue door in the town of
Shreveport, parish of Caddo, on SAT[LRD.IT, the 7th
d;iv of .ctoher, D. 1) 854 , Ietween the hoir.: of 11
o'clock, A.. .., and 4, r. , the following desribi d pro
perty, to -wit: the SlaveLeumis, a yellow manl, about `2 3
years of aoe. Seized and to be sldt to pay and satis
fy the writ issued in the above entitled suit.
Termns of ale--Cash,twith the benefit of aplraise
ntent. M. WATSON. Sherilf.
hreveport, September 5, 184 sl -pf4 76
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
And dealers in Wines, Liquors, Plantation Supplies, &r.
No. 14 on the Levee, Shreveport.
I A\V just received per steamiboats Runawav and
S1 Clea their fall stock, cuomprising one of the
largest and most complete assortments ever brought to
this place, among which will be fimid:
Plaitr and sugar-cured lhats, clear sides; shoulders;
Mess and prime pork; leaf lard;
Mees beef; mackerel; herrings;
Superior St. Louis and Ohio flour;
OBrown, loaf, clariied and crushed sugars;
Ite-boiled and sugar-house molasses;
Rio and Jiava coflee; fresh tens;
Course and fine Liverpool salt;
Virginia chewing tubaccP, of all qualities;
Havana and American cigars; smoking tobacco;
'7Sop, candles, starch, indigo; vinegar;
Dean and Wayne, old MononaChe'a, old rye, recti
fled, common and other whiskey;
Choice old cognac and champagne brandies;
Pure Holland and American gin;
Old Jlamaica and N. E. rum;
Madeira, sherry and p)rt wiine, lguarantied genuine,
Claret and chamIpagne wines;
Liondon porter, tSc,.tchl ale; cider;
raly che rri es; fruitsin brandyu nd their own juice;
Corditls of every description; syrups of all kinds;
Ketchups id;hd sauces of every descriptiot;
Pickles, pie-fruits, anti sweetmeats;
Raisins, prunes, preserved ginger, almonds;
S;ardines, lobsters, samion, shad;
P'ine appl9 and gsheln chec-e;
Olive vil, olives, cipers; wine and othler bitters,
Rice, potatOas, beans and peas;
Sperm and lard cils;
Soda, butter and water crakers;
Yea.t poiwders, nutiches, blacking;
Pepper, ntu-tard, notitegs, cloves, allspice;
Powder, shot, and lead;
lroutis, blckets, wooden-ware;
i)et:;jio s, bttles. u .ts, J:ar anid stote-ware;
a l'tgh and clutl'. lines; trace chains;
( ting-, -spikes, nails, brad, and tacks;
A g'lnerlii aRsortiecnt of Fancy Groceries, etc., to
cethcr with in choice ,tck of
eoml;iisingu all the favorite brands of pure old brandies,
wins. gin, rumiii, curagoa, absynthe, peppermnint, bit
ters, syrupis, bar furniture and filxtures, etc., etc., and
an endless valicty if other articles too tedioius to enu
ier:ite, aill of whic. will be sold at the lowiet prices.
Liurchsers are invited to give us a call.
Particular attention will be paid to putting up and
careftjly parking atill orders frum i country merchanti,
pIlantrs, and other petrss residing di a distance.
We will receive additions to our stock by e very boat,
:ini ib\ that mieatns be enabled to keep it complete dur
in th, entire season. autt3il
. . . . . . . . . . Q . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .
Great Bargains! Great Bargains!!
S we i:tenl cil sin our store in a few week-a, all
L th -e in want of Dry Goods, Clothing, lints,
oo,;t., snoes, Groceries, WVines, Liquors, etc., etc.,
is wItii find it to their Rlvant. e t to 'ive us an early call.
cA-.s we are SELLING OFF AT COST, extraordinary in
dlducemCents are held (11it to purchasers, in fact such as
wire never before o.l'red in thiscomtnunity, anl fam
ies, planter.-, country m erchalnts, and all others, will
be sati.ind on examining our prices, that we sell at
from 23 to 30 per cent. rchaper thtia any oither hltase
in Shreveport, and lower than the same articles call lie
, purchased in Sew Orileans.
Ladies are respectfully solicited to give its a call.
They will find every article they may be in want oft;
and we puarantee that they will acknowledge they
never befire kniew goods sold as low.
an> E. & I. J.ACOIS,' Texas street.
Fresh Beef, Mutton, Pork and Veal.
-- -a Tin'.l subscriber, having taken the corner
Sstll in the market, begs to inform his old
fliends and the public generally, that he
swill ihreafter carryon the butchery business in all its
branches on his own individual account, and that he
will sp ie neither pains nor expense to at all times sup
ply hi, cwustoniers with the very best Beef, Veal Pork
aid Mutton, that can be procured in cthis section ofi
etuentry. IThankful for the liberal p:itroiage hereto
f-fore extended to him. lie would request his old friends
to bear in mind that he is not now i ally way con
nected with any other butcher, nor in any stall except
the one lie in person attelds to.
Steamboats furnished with Fresh Meats on as libe
ral terms, and with as quick despatch, as by any other
butcher ion town.
A few days atge, a grifle girl, named NELLY,
aged between 15 and 16 years; of middling or
rather slight size. She is well known about town, and
if any one is floud harboring her, they will be prose
cuted to the extent of the laIw. A liberal reward will
be paid to whoever will return said girl to me.
s2 0-3t Mrs. S. W. BROWN.
F. na the plantation ,of the subscrier, on Red
River, opposite Shrceeport, on Saturday, Ii2th
iist., a negro man by the name of Smith, about 6 feeto
hlig'h, black complexion, prnminent eves and well nius
eltd, and between 28 and 30 years old. Hie took away i
w'th him a brown or mouse cdolured Male. lie will
probably attempt to make his way out west, for the pulr
itse of getting with the Indians. A liberal reward
will be paid for his apprelhension and delivery on imy
plantation, or for his being lodged in ant safe jail so
that I can get him again.
n-g 16 M. D. C. ALEXANDER.
*T'l'he Jefferson Herald, and Austin Gazette will
copy three iimes. and forwtard their bills to this office.
SCommitted to Jail
Is thocparieh of Caddo, a negro man, black com
plexioned, about twenty-four years of age, six
l net in Icight. Calls himself RrAT., and says that
he bel:mgs to Levin Wright, of Texas, living on upper
Red River, about 150 above Shreveport. He was ar
rested in this parish, about 15 miles from town. The
owner of said negro man is hereby notified to come
forward, prove property, pay charges, and take himn
away, or he, will be disposed of as the law directs.
J. S. ALLWIN E, Jailor Caddo parish.
Shreveport, Ainust 16, 1854.
Committed to Jail
Is' the parish of Caddo, anegro man, black corn
plexio ned, full six feet high, and about fifty
years old. Calls himself TOBY, and says that he
belongs to Arnold Adorn, Farmerly of Tipah county,
Missisipsippi, but now a resident of Texas. The own
er of said negro man is hereby notified to comed
fotrward, prove property, pay cLarges, and take himn
away, or he will be disposed of as the law directs.
J. S. ALLWINE, Jailor Caddo parish.
Shreveport, July 19, 1854.
$35 Reward
Wr.r. be given to any person who will
deliver to me, at Betlevne, La., a small
Sorrel Stallion. He is about 7 years old.
;tLt anrtial escaped about a month and a half ago.
September 13, 1854. Im*
For the Ladies.
SUPER figured and plain Silks, Cashmeres and Al
. paccas;
Super merinos and de laines; Bareges and crapes;
Bonnet and neck ribbons; Gloves, of various de.
scriptions. GREEN & DOUGLASS.
PURE CHEM1CALS.-Quinine, Beeberine, sala
s_ cine, piperine, prec: ext: bark, chinoidine, tanin,
iodine, hydriodate potassa, nitrate silver, chloroform,
besides a large supply of other chemical and pharmacn
tic preparations. Just received and for sale low, whole.
sale and retail. . WM. B. MILLER,
ml Druggist and Apothecary.
ASTINGS--Large wash pots, mediun and small
do. Ovens of all sizes; spidors do; extra oven lids,
for sale by tj7J WALTERS & REDUS.
Cash Advances.
INTE will make liberal advances irfcash on cotton
,- stored with us, and to be shipped at our discre
tion. [febl] DOUGLASS & DASIIELL.
Cash Advances.
on consignmenta to William S. Donnell, New Orl
jl No. 14 on the Levee, Shreveport.
C.OTTON FA'CTORS and General' Commission
SMerchants, 48 Carondelet street, New Orleans.
Cash advanced upon cotton consigned to the above
house, and cash drafts upon them sold, by
.in 4 E. M. MATTHEWS, Agent.
CAY,. i, Bagging, Rope, Bacon, Flour, and Salt,
given in exchange for Cotton, by
_.27 L. E. CARTER.
J. HOWERTON is my duly authorised agent,
- during my absence from the State.
Shreveport, July 26, 1854. f[a g
_ LL those haing claims against the succession of
1 Joel Wadsworth, deceased, will present theta to
me, at Bethany, Caddo parish. Those 'indebted to
said succession will please make prompt payinent to
ang2 curator suce'C Jot I Wadsworth, dec'd
Notice. o
, LL those holding claims again st the estate of J. V.
L. Branlle, deceased, or Sarah M. Brantley, will
please call upon tme immediately for settlement.
jan 4. 185 I Agent for the estate of J.V. Brantley.
B!Isiness Notice.
r IHE business of GREEN & D)GI7LASS will be con
tinued without interruption by the undersigned.
who will be glad to accommodate our old friends and
customers as usual, to whomII we return thanks fur past
patronage. We are now opening a select stock of
Goods suitable for the season, which we will be pleas
ed to show to them and parchasers gercerally.
,.-or-.n , lrt _ 10.. cO 1 o s' I T Tl. lATl ' .r A
i-rereveport, ret.. 1. 5riol. ti. L. IJUL'A tmNi.
r IIE copartnership existing heretofore between
II.ILEY .& IIOWSTERTOTN, was dissolved by limli
tation on the first day of Jan.ary, 1854. The busi
ness will be carried on, at the old stand, on myv own
icellunt. JNO. P. IIAILEY.
Shreveport, January 11, 1851.
Notice-Receiving & Forwarding.
I AM compelled to adopt the CASH SYSTEM in my
Warehouse, and from this date cannot deliver
goals until the freight and charges are paid.
my 4 L. E. CARTER.
Co.art-1ershihip i-otice.
CrIj E tindersirned have associated themselves to
L gether, for the purpose of doing a general retail
Dry;ý,oods and Clothing Business, under the name aid
style of TRAUlIJI & K(LINE, at the new store, on
Texas sIreet, mext door to Mr. E. II. Jordan. T'ihey
solicit a share of the public patronage.
July 1, 18531. J. J.. KLIDNE.
Cash Notice.
ýIL persons having claims anainst the estate of.T.
l \V. .Morris, are reqluesteld to resent tile same flr
paymenllt, and thoee indebted to said estate are notified
to come forward and settle withoug delay, as oht af
fairs of tihe suiccessiotn iiist Ie hiwound np.
febh2-1v THOS. H. ZMRRIS. Ex'r.
LL persons indbterd to thle indiersigned, either
by note or open account, will please come for
ward and settle without further delay; or we will be
compelled to place the same in theonands of an officer
for collectirrn by law.
itay 17-tf ROBSON & KIMBLE.
)Our ('ustn)ers are respectfully requested to bear in
mind that as we are forced to pay our journeymen
promptly, we are unable t i allow extended credit, and
hope that hereafter ourtills will be settled on presen
tation. oil. & K.
.,it N. towEi.L. HAmtITON S. HIOWEti.t,.
J. N. HOWELL o& Co.,
Receiving and Forwarding Merchants,
On ?he Levee, Shreveport, 101.
-_AVE leased the well kiunorwn buildirn recently
Loccupied by Messrs. Do.gl,:ss & l)ashiell, on
the Levee, (at tihe stenrmbat landing,) and are noriw
,'urepared to receive, store or forward cotton anit llt IIr
chandi e of' every description. Ve are also erecting
colntrgu-s t., the present buildling, and immrediatelyo l
the banks.of the river, one of the largest andt most
contveliento\:lwareiurl)lses in tile country, which wide
render our facilities for storintg cotton equlll if not su
0rerior to that possessed by any other establishment on
Red River.
We are prepared to make liberal etir advances on
cotton or goods sent to our eare.
Cotton will he shipp)ed without being exposed to
mud or rti:t. All goods will be promptly, forwarded
accorditp to orders; and every atten:tiitn wjill be paid
to thie ite'etts of our patrois. atn9 o
---r-- i i i ýT " n or .ý 4 -
Gentlemen's CIothing & Furnilhing Stere,
I e'xas street, (ad.loinint Miller's )iru. Store, and im
iImediately opposite VanBibber's Hotel.) Shreveport.
I -AS just received from the north and1 east, his large
Sand well s(cleetid stock of (G.E. rtr .::LEC;' FINE
I\\'1TER CLrOTHisN, F1eNtisisa (Goo00 n, lIoOTS, SIHOES,
etc., consisting of tie following articles: '
Coats, pantaloons and vests of every description.
Lilen and cotton shirts, of every style.
Kid, plushed lined, buck, cassimiere and Berlin ,loves
English and American hsiery, a line aricle.
D)rawrs and uIndehrshirts, 0o various qualities.
Silk and cotton umlbrellas.
Cravats and Handkerchiefs (of every style and de
scription, together with every, article required for a
gentlemano's wardrobe.
Velvet for ladies' Taltans and cloaks, together with
velvet riblons, gymps and all n:ecessary trilming.s for
making the same.
Also keeps on hand a fine article of French cloths,
cassilieres and vtctings, which will be -made up at the
sioOiest inotice and oil the imlst reasonable trl-tlls.
r7-IIE undersignd retires from business; having dis
.solved his connection with that of treen & ;v;g
lass, in which lie became interested after the death of
W. R. Doioutrss.
Robert Green, who will continue the lhtIiness, will
retain all the active Imleans, of both tho houses, in
which himi and the undersigned have been partners, and
will pay thle debts due by either and collect those due
them. . 11. L. DOUGLASS.
May 29th, 1854.
I W\ILL continue business on my own account, at
the old stand of Green & )Donglasse, and shall leaIve
in a few days for the north to make the usual purchases,
and will be pleased to serve my old patrons as usual.
Desiring to start a new, I leave Mr. P. H. Rosson
with full authority to collect all accounts and Intes,
now due to Green, Douglass & Co. and Green & Doug
lass, and under POSITIVE instructions to put in suit, any
one unpaid by the 1st July, unless satisfactory assur
ance of payment is miade at some specified time.
May 29th, 185-L. R. GR EEN.
- J formed a partnership, commencing the 1st March,
i 1154, for the purpose of doing a
General Dry Goods and Grocery Business,
tunder the style of WrALTERS & REDUS. They inteng
to keep at all times a.general assortmentof Dry Goods
and Groceries, which they intend to sell as low as any
I other house in the place. Having made ample arrange
mnents to keep up their stock at all times they have no
hesitation in saying to their friends that they may ex
pcct to get goods as low of them as from any other
house in the place.
We hope, when our friends visit our town, they will
t call and examine our tock before purclasing else
r where. All orders promptly attended to.
March 22, 1854. THOMAS J. REDUS.
117 Feeling grateful for the liberal support 1 have
received from my old friends in Caddo and Texas, for
the last ten or twelve years, I hope by strict attention,
to imerit a continuance of the same to the new firm.
Choice Liquoors 'nd Wines. ,
9 CASKIS Castillon Dlrandy;
- 2 casks W. S. Florit Red Cognac;
4 casks Imp. brandy;
10 bbls old Monongahela Whiskey;
10 do old rye do
10 kegs Tuscaloosa do
2 casks Duff Gordon's Sherry Wine;
2 do Woodhouse's Madeira do
2 do Pastina do do
2 do family choice do do
S Havana Cigars.
"0o000 SUPERIOR "Habanna" Cigars, on
con ignment-alone for cash.
Derrenger Pistols Warranted.
A SUPPLY, just received direct from the manufac
I tory, and for sale by
angl0 J. W. MORRIS.
ý0 CASES of genuine Wolfe's SchAidam Aromatic
SSchnapps, just received and for sale by
ap26 L. E. CARTER.
SrpEAS-Just received and for sale, gunpowder, im
1.. perial, young hyson and pouchone.
1500 PAIR best oak tanned RUSSETTS, f}r
i sale by
9 W TONS assorted Iron, just received, and for st:le
r by [ap26) L. E. CARTER.
25 BARRELS and 20 sacks of Irish Potatoes, just i
received and for sale by [a26] L.E. CARTER
STTORNEY AT LAW...Office oni Market street,
Shreveport; La. d28
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Shreveport, La.-Weill
i practice in the courts0 of the parishes of Caddo,
Claiborne, DeSoto, Dossier, and in the supreme court,
aj Monroe. aug3-ly
STTORNEYS AT LAW, Shreveport, La.--Will
1 practise in the courts of the Parishes of Caddo,
Bossier, Claiborne and Bienville. sl-ly
-1 Shreveport, La. Office in the brick bouilding, op
posite the clerk's office. s29-ly
.t will practice in the District Courtsoof Caddo,
Claiborne, Desoto, Bossier and the Supreme Court .t
Monroe and Alexandria. sl-ly
4 TTORNEY'AT LA.W, will practice in the courts
S1 of Caddo, Bossier, Claiborne, and Bienville. Ad
dress, IIOlIER, Claiborne parish, Louisiana. [jnn 12
STTORNEY AT LAW, Mansfield, (DeSoto Par
± ish,) Louisiana. Will practice in all the courts of
the judicial district, and attend to the collection of ac
counts, and settling claims in the parishes of Dcesto,
Sabine, Caddo, Claiborne, etc.
\ TTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Agent and
I Collector of foreign Ilaibs on citizens of Texas.
Will act as agent to transact any land business forp
persons residing out of this State.-Having had an ex- i
perience of 13 years in a Texas land office, and being
a good land lawyer, he flatters himself that he can i
givle satisfaction to all persons that entrust business to
his care. lie is well acquainted with nearly all the
eastern portion of Texas, and the inhabitants thereot,
and can be mntploved in any court in that section of
Texas. lIe will also locate land claims on good
termsn.-?usiness address, either IIfen°erson, or Gil
-mer, ''exas. o n13
(Late of New Orleans,)
0 FFERS his professional services to the citizens of
i Shreveport and its vicinity. Office, at Wm. H.
Miller's drui store. i i12;.
T-IAVE removed their oiffice to the building lavely
_1 occupied by judges Roysdon and Spofford, e~r
I Market street, nearly opposite the mayor's office.
WVhere one or the°other of them can at all times, day or
night, be foinid, when not professionally engaged.
January 4, 1854.
Sffice, No. 5 Market street, (in Mr. Mil
' ler's ew building,) offers his professi
onal services to the ladies and gentlemen of Shreve
port and its vicinity. sl-ly
Commission & Forwayrding MIerchant,
E. C. Hart's brick warehouse, corner of Commerce
Oand Milan- strees., Shreveport, Louisiana.
Keep for sale, on consillgnmenrt:
Liberal advances made on consignnsents ofcotton
and mercl?andise. Every description ofgoods received
Oit sturate oin moderate terms. o1l
S. T. GOODWYN & Co.,
I) EAL[ERS in fanic and staple Dry Goods, Groce
ries, IIHardware, Cutlery, Glassware, Crockery,
Readciv-nade Clothing, Boots, Shoes, IHats, Caps, etc.,
Starrville, Smith county, Texas. jan4
Notc of l)issolution.
S'r [IE firm of Silvy &oBurnside was dissolved by mu
Stual consent on the 29th January, 1854.
o J. C. SILVY.
Shreveport, Feb. 8, 185i . C. I. BURNSIDE.
r. IE undersigned, havin" purchased the interest of
Mr. J. C. Silvy inothe \Vatch tRepairing and Jew
elry business, will continue the business of the late
fi in, at the old stand of Silvy & Burnside, Texas st.,
Shrcveport, La. Having secured the services ofa com
potent workman in the watch repairing business, the
public may rest assurevd that all order!s in his line of
business will be attended to in a superior manner at
short notice. [f 81 C. H. BURNSIDE.
Notice of Dissolution.
rfjl-IE firm of Clallin & Rolbinson was dissolved ,y
limitation on the l-t 'oi Januarylast, and the na:lne
of said firm will be used only in the settlement of the
flauirs of the fbu.-. CLARK CLAFLIN.
Shreveport, April 5, is54.
r illE utldersigied ,Pill continue the busioness at the
- old stand. with Mr. Rob't Ballantine as his fore
'nn. C. CLAFLIN.
Carpenter, Joiner and Builder.
(Of the late firm ofeClaflin & Robinson,)
IT AS opened a shop on the corner of Milamt and
__ Spring atret-, adjoining L. E. Carter's wnre
house, where lie will be at all times prepared to exc
cute every description of Bumilding. Carpenter and
Joiner Work, in the nleatest and mitost substantial tIin1
tier, and at the lowest rates.
Stores fitte: up. sash, blinds, etc., imanufactured to
order. Jobbidg attended to.
lie respiectfully solicits the patronage of his old
friends and the public.
(O::zette and Democrat copy. anp5
Is now receiving, and keep°s constantly on
hand, a larce and well selected stock of
Cooking and other Stoves, selected by
him with great care, expressly for this and -the .Texas
Will keep and manufacture all kinds of Tinware,which
he sell at wholesale and retail, and warrant it not t:,
leak. Any article from his establishment may be pur
chased with perfect safety.
Ini tin, coiper, iron, zinc, etc. Roofing, guttering, etc.
substantially and promnptly execut d.
.IJ" Letters cut for cotton brands, in beautiful style
and at moderate prices.
Shreveport, February 13, 1854.
i ERE MIAII J. IIO()LDRDGE is prepared to exe
ScutE House Painting, Sign Painting, Wall Coloring,
Paper Hanging, ke., with neatness and despatch.
,Mixed Paints, Varnishes, Boiled Oil, Lead, Putty,
Window Glass, etc., can be procured at all tiens at;
his shop, on Texas street, first house above the office
of the South-Western.
Iis friends aled the public arc) invited to give him a
call. ijye2t;-tf
Copartnership Notice.
1 AVING taken Mr. Joseph Levygas a partner in our
business, on and after this date the firm will be
known by the namne and style of G. M. Levy & Co.,
consisting of Gabriel M. Levy, Henry Levy and Joseph
Levy. Thankful to our friends and customers for
their past patsonage, we shall be pleased to hrave them
call and exanilne our new stock, unsurpassed ill ally
southern market, which we offer for sale low for cash.
Shreveport, May 1, 1854. .jyl2-tf.
To my Customers.
H AVING repeatedly invited all those indehed to
tme to come forward and settle, and notified them
that if they did not I would be forced to bring suit, I
hope that they will neither feel angry nor chagrined at
my Conrmeocing legal prosecutions against all such at
the ensuing term of the district court. I have heavy
payments to make, and cannot do so without money.
A large amount of my resources is in the hands of de
linquent custoners, and not wishing to share the fate of
several of the distinguished ilerclhants of 1-. Orleans,
I ani forced in self-defence to place all my otutstanding
accounts in the hands of a lawyer for collection by le
gal process. [ijune 8] M. BAER.
2) SACKS old Java coffee; 50 bags Rio coffee;
,) 30 bbls extra flour; 50 bbls fancy flour;
1(10 bbls superfine St Louis flour;
50 half bbls fancy do do;
25 bls choice sugar;
10 half bls butter crackers; 18 bxs soda do.
Just received and for sale by [a2ti] L. I. CARl'TER.
T HE citizens of Shreveport, its vicinity, and parish,
with all others desirous of examining pretty, fash
ionable and good GOODS, are invited to call at the I
subscriber's. Co "numerate a stock so large and gen
cral, would be a failure. Please call, see and buv!
'Q00 SACKS coarse Liverpool, Salt, for sale il
eJ lots to suit purchasers, by
92 BBLS S. H. Molasses, for sale at 20 cents .
:. gallon, by WALTERS'& REDUS,
Negroes Wanted.
WANTED to purchase six likely negro men, from t
V 18to30 years of age, for which we will pay the
money. [sfi] OGLESR~ &- GRI.:.VOLD.
TAILS.-75 keis N:ii wre:C from 4d t~ ud,
i- fsr ailec Iv r V IALT Rl , R EDU1f . "
- COTTON .: SC:\I-F'~ls, j.irst re'.cie:u' ald . r
10 sale by p:ji L. E. C\REI'.El
S UGAR-Oni hand and for salt, a , Lo.:i.uia,
. loaf5,crushed, powder, clar;d ad rand ?.r.::--1. - i
-6 OGLESE~ P & GRIW(,iL, .

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